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Battle Me: Rap Maker and Hip Hop Studio. Community 2.28.1
Battle Me is #1 rap app for Hip Hop fans and rappers. Over1,500,000rappers already use it. Rap recording studio and hip hopcommunitythat fits into your pocket. Hot new raps daily! Recordraps onmobile like in a professional recording studio. Battle Memakes iteasy for any rapper to create music and collaborate withotherartists. You are the rap maker! Record freestyle over beats,holdrap battles and take part in weekly contests. Get discoveredwithBattle Me by record labels, DJ's, promoters and radiopersonalities.Earn money on BattleMe Rap Tournaments. Grow yourRap Career. Dropfire bars on BattleMe rap booth. Let fans heartracks and rapbattles on BattleMe and crown the best MC.HIGHLIGHTS • Choose abeat from a rich library of FREE beats. Gethot new beats from topbeatmakers and industry producers. • Findthe perfect rhymes for youlyrics with BattleMe built-in rhymesearch helper. Spit rhymes offthe top of your head or spice up thewritten ones. • Advanced RapStudio. Record your track or videofreestyle over beat. Mix andmaster your recording with just a fewtaps. Apply sound effects likeautotune, reverb, equalizer andsynchronize. No music equipmentrequired for rapping. • RapProfile. Every MC can showcase theirhottest rap songs and battles,links to social media accounts andcool stats on the apps (views,followers, battles won, contests wonand more). • Top Charts. Getmore likes, plays and comments and makeit to TOP CHARTS. Battle Mehand picks the best tracks and battlesand features them on HotFeed. • Rap Contests. Get exposure and wincash prizes in ourweekly hip-hop tournaments • Hip Hop Feed. Keepup with rappersthat you follow, discover new content, and read thelatest hip-hopnews. Thousands will hear your raps on BattleMe. •Hip HopCommunity. Chat with artists and fans in a public chat orsenddirect messages. • Share your track or rap battle onYouTube,Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and other social networks. •Createyour own rap crew or join an existing one and become a rapgangsta!Be like Drake, Eminem, Lil Wayne, Nicki Minaj, Jay-Z,KendrickLamar or Snoop Dogg! NEW SOUND EFFECTS Step up your rapgame!Introducing PREMIUM sound effects (available forpremiumsubscribers) -Autotune. Polish your raps with auto tune.Auto-tunecorrects your pitch and wavering notes. Make yourrecording legit.-Duet. Create a second voice track with a pitcheffect. TheBattleMe community has recorded and uploaded more than2.5 millionsongs to date. Join the global platform of upcoming andestablishedartists. Make the first step to Rap Fame! Pick up thePhone – Dropthe Mic!
Hip-Hop Drum Pads Guru 1.07
Make beats with ready to use professional Sound packs and samplesinHip-Hop Drum Pads Guru!Compose! Compete in finger tappingbeatmaking skills with your friends. Construct your own presetsbyusing Custom Preset feature. Share you recordings to friendsandDrum Pads Guru community!Creation of new masterpieces withStepSequencer or live playing is very pleasant and easy.***Hip-HopDrum Pads Guru key features:- Big wonderful sound librarywithHip-Hop samples made by PRO DJs and Sound Producers- NewFreePresets released every 2 weeks and frequently- FlexibleStepSequencer- Create your own Presets in Custom Presetconstructor-Record you track and share with friends and community-Editablesamples pitch helps you to make different sounds- Editablepadmodes. You can chose between Hold and Tap Mode- Video andtutorialsfor beginners- Notification about new Presets- Supportsall screenresolutions and devices- Easy and intuitive interface-It's Free***Join Hip-Hop Drum Pads Guru community and follow ushere:-Youtube the music!
Drum Pads 24 - Music Maker 3.5.4
Paul Lipnyagov
Drum Pads 24 is the best all in one drum machine app: drumpadssampler and beats music mixer. Over 15,000,000 beat makersandfinger drummers already use it! Hot new music every day!Youcanmake music and tracks on the go with this epic DJ mixer andevenmore:★ Performing live★ Beatboxing★ Fingerdrumming★ Playingloops★Creating sounds★ Mastering your beat maker skills★ Recordingandsharing music session Are you a beatbox maker? Use our PadEditorto record your own voice and sounds and make perfect beatsmusic.Doyou like hiphop or rap? Use Drum Pads 24 as rappersoundboard appwith ready-to-use and high-quality sounds.Are you abeginnermusician? Watch our video tutorials and master your beatmakingskills step by step. Lightshow will make your practice evenmorefunny and stunning!Are you a beats maker pro? Create your ownsoundpack with our Pad Editor, share it with our huge beatmakerscommunity and grow your fan base. Or take part in our battlesonour social channels!Drum Pads 24 is one of the best dj appsformixing music and making music apps. It’s the key to havefastfingers so that can be epic on any drum padcontroller.Wecollaborate with popular music producers and producesound packs inour own music studio to provide you with music indifferent EDMgenres: ★ Hip-Hop★ Trap★ Dubstep★ House★ Drum-n-Bass★Electro★Future Bassand more!There are 2800+ high-quality sounds inourlibrary of music create app. New sound packs are releasedeveryweek. Use Drum Pads 24 to create your own music or mixtapes.Makingmusic beats is really easy for everyone with our drumpadmachineapp. Tap colourful pads and make music with drum pads 24everyday.Record video, collaborate with friends and share yourmasterpiecesto Youtube or Soundcloud.★★★ FEATURES ★★★- High qualitysamples(uncompressed 16-bit, 44.1 KHz)- Popular EDM sound packs,new freeupdates regularly- Keep up with beat makers that you followanddiscover new content daily.- 24 pads in two scenes- Pitchaudioeffect- Step sequencer to make beat loops or use it as ametronome-Pad Editor to create your own sound pack with our samplesor yourfavorite song.- Music session recording and sharing-Videotutorials for mastering your skillsDrum Pads 24 is madebymusicians for musicians. It’s a perfect rhythm app approvedbyprofessional beat makers!Our team is always hard working toprovideyou with the high-quality app and sounds.Watchus: Likeus: (and take partinbattles!)Enjoy playing Drum Pads 24 and become a member ofhuge#drumpads24 family!
Drum Pad Machine - Make Beats 1.4.162
Drum Pad Machine is the best beats music mixer. Create yourownmusic with the dj app in few clicks. Use your imaginationtodiscover a new world of hip-hop tracks by beatbox maker. Whatcanyou do with dj mixer: ✔ Make music on device; ✔ Compose tracks;✔Record sounds by beats maker; ✔ Share music with the world.Howdoes drumpad machine work? First, you will see colorful fieldwithvarious buttons. Each new sector is a new sound for creatingmusic.Buttons of the same color play similar sounds. Try our musicappand create your own hits! You can use many sound packs formakingmusic beats. Choose individual theme for beats music. Allsamplesand sounds are developed for you by professionalmusicians.Beatboxing is easy and interesting even for freshmen.Availablestyles of music & beats: ‣ Trap ‣ Dubstep ‣ EDM ‣House ‣ Drum& Bass ‣ Hip-Hop ‣ Electro ‣ Future Bass Drum PadMachine is ahandy creating music mixer app for playing in realtime, as well asfor creating and playing loops. That rappersoundboard app is apowerful, easy-to-use tool to get the best musicexperience: - getprofessional music samples; - try loops creationwith a sequencer;- change tempo and create sounds via beatboxrecorder; - recordyour own tracks and share recordings; - get tipsand tricks bywatching video and tutorials. Drum Pad Machine is areal piece ofmusic production. Make sick beats and create music ina matter ofminutes with drum pads! Drop the beat!
Drum Pads Guru 1.22
Drum Pads Guru - is a sampler and drum machine for creation musicinvarious music styles(FutureBass,Trap,House,Funk,Hip-Hop,EDM,Electro and others). Makebeatswith ready to use presets (sound packs) and samples!Compose!Compete in beat making skills with your friends. Easycontrol andseparation pads by color make creation of newmasterpieces verypleasant and easy. *** Drum Pads Guru keyfeatures: - New FreePresets released every month and frequently -Flexible sequencer -Record you track and share with friends -Editable samples pitchhelps you to make different sounds - Editablepad modes. You canchose between Hold and Tap Mode - Big wonderfulsound library invarious music styles created by PRODJs(Dubstep,Hip-Hop,Trap,EDM,Future Bass,Electro,Chill etc.) -Videoand tutorials for beginners - No more need update up to getnewpresets. New Presets will come automatically - Notificationaboutnew Presets - Supports all screen resolutions and devices -Easyand intuitive interfac - It's Free *** Join Drum PadsGurucommunity and follow us here: -Youtube VK -Twitter Enjoy the music!
OffTop: Record & Rap on Beats 20.75
Deep Thought LLC
OffTop is a mobile studio to record, rap, or sing, overbeats.Download today to discover beats, record freestyle orwrittenverses, and share your rap or song with the world. 1.InstrumentalsUpload your own beats or choose from our growinglibrary of rap,hip hop, R&B, or electronic instrumentals.Producers can uploadinstrumentals directly to the app to find newartists, hear raps orsongs recorded over their beats, and gainexposure for beat sales.2. Recording Studio Record freestyle orwritten verses over rap andhip hop instrumentals. Sound quality isdesigned to mimic a studioand our notepad saves all of your writtenverses. 3. Save or ShareTracks Once your done recording you cansave the song to referencelater, send it to the producer to hear,or share it with ourcommunity of over 100,000 rap and hip hopartists for recognitionand feedback. 4. Community and RewardsDiscover other artist’stracks from around the world and build afollowing of your ownfans. We frequently host competitions and giveusers theopportunity to be heard or even win prizes! Key Features:-Uploadyour own beats or pick from 1000s of rap, hip hop, R&B,orelectronic instrumentals made by producers around the round.-Rapor sing high quality vocals in freestyle, written, orrapid-firemode. -Save lyrics written in our notepad to refer tolater. -Savesong ideas as private track to refer to later. -Sharesong linksvia twitter, Facebook, and text. -Share your best rap orsong toour discover music tab -Best tracks get posted in ourfeature tabsfor other artists and fans to discover
MixPads 2-Dubstep Drum Pads Dj 4.3
By bringing together our experience and your feedback, we havemadenew MixPads 2 Meet: NEW SOUND MixPads 2 - free music makerhavebrand new original and powerful sound packs in differentmusicstyles: dubstep, trap, cloud rap, glitch and etc. Sample packswithfree beats will be updated and supplemented . Create tracksinpopular and underground music genres UPDATED DESIGN With thenewdesign navigation in the our dj music mixer eveneasier.Concentrate only on the most important things . SHARE MUSICWITHFRIENDS Just press the record button and start creatinghits.Alltracks you can save to SD card and will send to friends .TUNE UPVOLUME With a convenient sound mixer you can set up thevolume andpan for music loops . You can easily supplement your DJset withour sounds . REMOVE ALL UNNECESSARY? We have left only themostnecessary functions for creating HQ dj mixes and musiccreations .Focus on making music, melodies and drum beats WHO CANUSE IT? Youare beat maker, musician , dj or music producer ? Or doyou justwant to spend time cheerfully and profitably? Everyone canfindsomething useful in our dj software TURN ON HQ SOUND FX Useaudiofilters and effects such as delay and reverb . MIxpads 2 -Drumpads & dj music mixer for making remixes; You canrecordtracks, songs , create new music and easily make beats.Noweveryone can make music and record songs.Enjoy!
Rhymes for Rap (Multisyllabic), poetry slam/lyrics 7.0.3
A double-rhyme is a special kind of rhymes. If you are boredfromother "simple" rhyme generators, we have something interestingtoyou. Our multi syllable rhyme generator is programmed to provideavariety of rhymes for all kind of search requests. Getinspired.Here is an example for you, to fully understand what kindof rhymeswe are using: "next level" rhymes with: "end central""deathspecial" "men's medal" "twelve metal" "health mental" "bestvessel""dress temple" Either you would like to find nursery rhymesorlooking for a proper rhyme dictionary for your rap songs, thisappgives you words that rhyme for all kind of search requests up to6syllables. If you would like to know what rhymes with some wordsofyour poem, our rhyme generator knows probably a lot ofinspiringanswers. Our rhymer uses a special rhyme definition, whichproducesmore harmonic rhyming words than normal rhyme machines. Atthemoment we are supporting US-English rhymes. GB-English rhymeswillfollow soon. Most people are searching for one to threesyllablewords. Our rhyming dictionary provides good results forsuch smallsearch terms as well. But it's not showing the fullpotential ofour rhyme generator. If you type in search words havingfour to sixsyllables, it starts to create crazy results. So, enjoysearchingusing our rhyme engine and improve your lyrics or poemswith somefreaky rhymes. Using the app, you can rhyme where ever youwant to.Its great to see that the community like the rhyme programwecreated. It means to us that we are on the right track andshouldimprove our product in the exact way we did before. Supportdoublerhyme is for free and it's very important to us that it staysforfree, so that everyone can use it. Since we put a lotofcomputation power in our rhyme generator, we have quite highservercosts.If you like our project share it with your friends.That way,you make the Doppelreim app more popular. So, we can spendmoreresources in improving our rhyme generator and give you thebestexperience finding your multi syllable rhymes. As you see,there isenough space for improvement. But its only possible if yousupportus. Thanks! Feedback We are constantly you would like more rhymes for children oryou would liketo have more slang, we want to know about that. Thinkof a newfunctionality giving you more control during your search.Would youlike it if you could activate a search for spoonerisms(lighting afire - fighting a liar)? Please let us know if you havesome ideashow we could improve our product or you notice somethingwhich isnot like you expected. The best products are made by thecommunity.Therefore we would be glad to receive your feedback.
Hip Hop Drum Pads 24 2.4.1
Paul Lipnyagov
Make beats and music with fresh hiphop sample packs! Use newpitcheffect to make your beats even better! Watch hip hop tutorialsfromDrum Pads 24 Crew in the Video and Tutorials section! So doyouwant to make music like popular RnB or Hip Hop producer?Thendownload Hip Hop Drum Pads 24 right now and show your skills,postvideo with #drumpads24 hashtag! New FREE sound packs arriveeverymonth, so don't forget to check our app library! What wehaveinside: - professional studio sounds - new soundpacks everymonth -video and tutorials - pitch slider bar - new fresh designPlay onthe go and create music with hip hop drum pad andcollaborate withfriends! Hip Hop Drum Pads 24 has different type ofsamples: -Awesome wobbles - Base lines - Synth chords - Kiks - HiHats -Different Snares - Vocals - FX Don't forget to check ourYoutubechannel! We have tutorials there: version of Drum Pads 24 canbe foundhere: Drum Pads 24! Become a member of huge Drum Pads 24family!Like us: Watchus: Followus: Listen tous: Join us: us: us: Be the party hero! YourDrumPads 24 Team
Hip-Hop Producer Pads 1.10
Hip-Hop Producer Pads - is a virtual Sampler and Drum machine.WithHip-Hop Producer Pads you'll get the opportunity to create yourownHip-Hop audio tracks. You can use Loops, One-Shots and Samplestocreate melodies on the fly. Metronome will help you to keeptherhythm. Play together with your friends and create atrulyoutstanding Hit. Become a real music producer and show who thebestat party is.
Dubstep Producer Pads 1.09
Dubstep Producer Pads - is a virtual Sampler and Drum machine.WithDubstep Producer Pads you'll get the opportunity to create yourownDubstep audio tracks. You can use Loops, One-Shots and Samplestocreate melodies on the fly. Metronome will help you to keeptherhythm. Play together with your friends and create atrulyoutstanding Hit. Become a real music producer and show who thebestat party is.
Dj Trap Beat Maker Mix Pads 1.0.4
Sampler Music Maker Of Beats TrapEnjoy!
Trap Drum Pads Guru 1.06
MakeTrap beats with ready to use professional Sound packsandsamples in Trap Drum Pads Guru!Compose! Compete in fingertappingbeat making skills with your friends. Construct your ownpresets byusing Custom Preset feature. Share you recordings tofriends andDrum Pads Guru community!Creation of new masterpieceswith StepSequencer or live playing is very pleasant and easy.***Trap DrumPads Guru key features:- Big wonderful sound library withTrapsamples made by PRO DJs and Sound Producers- New FreePresetsreleased every 2 weeks and frequently- Flexible StepSequencer-Create your own Presets in Custom Preset constructor-Record youtrack and share with friends and community- Editablesamples pitchhelps you to make different sounds- Editable padmodes. You canchose between Hold and Tap Mode- Video and tutorialsfor beginners-Notification about new Presets- Supports all screenresolutions anddevices- Easy and intuitive interface- It's Free***Join Trap DrumPads Guru community and follow us here:-Youtube the music!
Hip Hop & RnB Music 0.1.2
Verorica Studio
*****INTRO***** Who are we? We are Hip Hop & RnB Music-dedicated music collective, providing copyright free soundsforcreators to enhance their original content, safe frominfringement.Hip Hop & RnB Music is a application is selectedbased on thebest RnB songs,it is very simple and easy to use .Thisapp has manykinds of RnB and Hip Hop Mixtapes, All tracks selectedR&B ofthe highest sound quality. You can enjoy all the mixright now. Beimmersed in the music you love to feel it. We offeryou the audioplayer that has the most popular and accurate musicRnB and Hip HopMixtapes, according to your taste. Best R&BMusic is designedfor the true music lover and who just wants torelax listening tothe best tracks. *****FEATURES***** Hip Hop &RnB Musicprovides awesome features as: - Playlist is divided intoclearlydefined folders under 5 category. - Good quality fullyadjustabletracks the user - Simple UI, easy to use - Optimized forall mobiledevices and tablets - This application will have goodupdates andhas a great future in Google Play - High quality musicstreams fromSoundCloud API - UI: modern and friendly, easynavigation so youcan find music easily. - The best songs, thelatest daily updated.- Top New, find current issues in one place .- Show playlists mostpopular listen and download with genres:r&b, rnb, rnb radio,hip hop mixtapes, hip hop mixtape,... -Free mp3 music of yourfavorite choice - No registration, no fees***** GENRES ***** # TheGreatest R&B Of All Time # 90sR&B/Hip Hop # Soul andR&B Music # Pure R&B Music #Essential R&B Music #Western songs # Hiphop radio # Hip hopvideos # Hip hop box*****NOTE***** * Let us know of what you thinkabout our idea inthe reviews and what could be improved for yourmusic relaxing. *Hip Hop & RnB Music may use large amounts ofdata and carrierdata charges. For best results, we recommend youconnect yourdevice to trusted WiFi networks when available. * Bycomplying withthe API Terms of Use, we do not provide caching anddownloading anytracks
It is an application designed to link sounds as you want allthesounds are as fast 128 bpm this pad has an endless numberofeffects so you can join them as you like do not waste timeandbecome a DJ EDM.EDM ELECTRONIC MUSIC PAD.
MixPads - Drum pad & DJ Audio Mixer 6.5
MixPads - Virtual dj software for beat making Our music makerappisasimple way to create your own electronic music anddjsets.Virtualbeat making studio is easy way to revealyourcreativityKey Features:• 30 drum pads with original musicloops.It consistsof leads, bass,drums, voice, percussion anddifferentaudioeffects • 12 creative oneshot sound pads for thereal timemixingin your tracks and beatmaking. Choose the melodiesorrhythms,also you can use it for fingerdrumming • 4 PRO DJsoundeffectsof studio-quality: LP Filter, HPFilter, Delay, Reverb•REVERSEeffect. Reproduce any reversed samplesto diversity soundofyourmix • 8 free sample packs (Trap,ShadowHop,Big Room,TechMe,THouse,Drill Trap, Dirty El, Deep and etc) withpro quality.Itmadebydifferent sound producers specifically for djmix pads •Loadyourown music or samples from sd card in dj mix pad •Autoplaymodeforautomatic Performances and music making •Flexiblelaunchpadaudiomixer for precise sound tuning and mixing •Unlimitedrecordwithhigh quality in audio file for your dj mixes •Recordyourvoice orany foley sound from the mic, and then use itinyourmusic. Showjust a little creativity.Feel like a realbeatmaker& musicproducer • Updated database of a wide varietyofsoundpacks anddifferent styles of music • BPM and Pitch controls•Sharefunction• Adjust the volume for each sound column•Convenientbrightcolours of dj mix pads for better navigationintheapplication •Supports all screen resolutions and devices•Supportspopularaudio formats (mp3, wav,ogg & etc) for yourdjmix set •Fastnavigation through your music library •Easyandintuitiveinterface, suitable for all ages is very easy tolearn•Supportfor multi-touch • Full HD • Free full version Theprocessofmusiccreation is clear to everyone. In our drum padsallsoundsaresynchronized ,tuned and set up so that you never losetherhythmormelody. Simply click on your favorite mix pad andyouwillbepleasantly surprised with the result. You want tocreateadubsteplike a Skrillex or feel like a real DJ with an oldvinylandgroovyscratch? Maybe you are a techno music lover? With ourdjmixpadsyou will find it and be able to hold aliveperformance,record,and share it with the world. You cancreatemusic ingenresTrap,House,DeepHouse,Techno,Hip-Hop,EDM,BigRoom,Electroandothers. HeyDjs,producers ,music and remix makers!We wish yougoodmusic andmixing! Enjoy! You do not have to be aprofessionaltocreate music.Made by musicians for other artists.
Freestyle Beats 1.0
For all fans of the genre the application to do Freestyle withyourfriends on hip hop bases, trap and dancehall riddim. Alwayswithyou, wherever you are. The available instruments arecarefullyselected by real beatmakers.All the beats can be saved asringtones or phone notifications, and you can also set the songloopalong with other useful settings.All songs are alwaysupdatedmonthly.Are you ready for the challenge?Good Freestyle toall. YO!
Dj hiphop maker sound bass pad 1.04
PRO Mind Games
Dj hip hop maker sound bass pad - a game application simulatordrummachine.Feel like a real DJ, do your bit steep hip hopmusic!Createbeats and tracks with the full-fledged DJ hip hop makersound basspad on your phone or tablet! Writing and recording hismusic inreal time. Plug the device into the columns and play withfriends,partying, improvise!Features:- Professional studio samples-Recordtracks
Dubstep Drum Pads Guru 1.09
Make beats with ready to use professional Sound packs and samplesinDubstep Drum Pads Guru!Compose! Compete in finger tappingbeatmaking skills with your friends. Construct your own presetsbyusing Custom Preset feature. Share you recordings to friendsandDrum Pads Guru community!Creation of new masterpieces withStepSequencer or live playing is very pleasant and easy.***DubstepDrum Pads Guru key features:- Big wonderful sound librarywithDubstep samples made by PRO DJs and Sound Producers- NewFreePresets released every 2 weeks and frequently- FlexibleStepSequencer- Create your own Presets in Custom Presetconstructor-Record you track and share with friends and community-Editablesamples pitch helps you to make different sounds- Editablepadmodes. You can chose between Hold and Tap Mode- Video andtutorialsfor beginners- Notification about new Presets- Supportsall screenresolutions and devices- Easy and intuitive interface-It's Free***Join Dubstep Drum Pads Guru community and follow ushere:-Youtube the music!
Trap Drum Pads 24 - Make Beats & Music 2.4.1
Paul Lipnyagov
Make beats and music with fresh trap sample packs! Use newpitcheffect to make your beats even better! Watch trap tutorialsfromDrum Pads 24 Crew in the Video and Tutorials section! So doyouwant to make music like Baauer or Gucci or Yellow Claw oranypopular trap producer? Then download Trap Drum Pads 24 rightnowand show your skills, post video with #drumpads24 hashtag! NewFREEsound packs arrive every month, so don't forget to check ourapplibrary! What we have inside: - professional studio sounds -newsoundpacks every month - video and tutorials - pitch slider bar-new fresh design Play on the go and create music with trap drumpadand collaborate with friends! Trap Drum Pads 24 has differenttypeof samples: - Awesome wobbles - Base lines - Synth chords -Kiks -Hi Hats - Different Snares - Vocals - FX Don't forget tocheck ourYoutube channel! We have tutorialsthere: Full version of Drum Pads24 canbe foundhere: Drum Pads 24! Become a member of huge Drum Pads 24family!Like us: Watchus: Followus: Listen tous: Join us: us: us: Be the party hero! YourDrumPads 24 Team
Rapfarsi 2.3.0 (002B)
Rapfarsi 2.0 is out with massive changes in UI andCompatibility.Anew design that makes it easier to:•Search, Explore,Listen andDownload.• Latest Persian Hip-Hop/Rap Music, MusicVideos, Albums,Podcasts, Lyrics and Events. • Access to yourfavourites withOnline/Offline Synced Media Library.
Freestyle Rap Coach - RapPad 1.5.2
The freestyle coach will generate a word or topic for you torapabout as well as continuously play aninstrumental.==RAPCOACH==This is the ultimate tool to learn how tofreestyle orpractice your freestyle rap skills. Unlike other tools,theFreestyle Coach can also help you think of what to say next,bysuggesting lines and rhymes.The cold hard truth in freestylingisthat you'll need to practice in order to get better. So how doyouget practice?That's where the Freestyle Rap Coach comes in.Itgives you topics to keep your brain on a roll, as well asprovidesbeats that you can listen to so that you can practice yourflow.Thenice thing about the rap coach is that it caters to peoplefrom ALLskill levels. Whether or not you're a DOPE MC or lookingforbeginner freestyle lessons, this tool will helpyou.==RECORD*==Whenyou feel like you're ready, record yourselfspittin' hot fire. Butif you're not a rapper, that's okay! RapPadis here to help. Usethe power of RapPad to help you with rhymes orphrases if you getstuck. Share your recordings with the world! Sendthem to yourfriends as challenges or even upload your recordings toSoundCloudor various other third party apps!==RHYMEFLY==Findrhymes/linesfrom anywhere, anytime! RhymeFly will rhyme any wordquickly andefficiently, on top of any app. So you can be writingyour rhymesor spitting hot fire, and RhymeFly will be right therefor you ifyou get stuck with hot rhymes/phrases at yourdisposal.*RapPadRecording is in BETA! It is strongly recommendedthat you do NOTplay music while freestyling (if you aren't usingheadphones, themusic may overpower your voice). We recommendrecording with anexternal microphone
Audiomack - Download New Music 4.1.0
Mixtapes, music and more! Stream and download the best newsongs,albums, mixtapes and playlists for free and play themofflinedata-free! Browse music from top categories like Hip-Hop,Rap,R&B, EDM, Reggae music & mixtapes for FREE on theAudiomackfree music app. Download songs and even listen offline,withoutusing your data! Audiomack provides streaming and freedownloadaccess to the newest and hottest tracks, right at yourfingertips.Our free music download feature allows you to play yourfavoritesongs & mixtapes offline, and our proprietary“Trending”section shows you the best mixtapes and songs that arehot rightnow. KEY FEATURES • Find & stream music and mixtapesthat arenew or trending. Be the first of your friends to be up onwhat’snext. • Download music, mixtapes or albums for offline,data-freelistening. • Unlimited listening & streaming - play asmuchHip-Hop, Electronic, Reggae & mixtape music as you want.•Favorite any track, album, mixtapes, or playlist and easilysearch,browse, and shuffle your favorites collection. • Browseexpertlycurated playlists by mood, genre, and much more. • Createunlimitedplaylists of your own. • Follow your favorite artists,producers,and tastemakers including 21 Savage, Young Thug, Future,and more.• Audiosnap: create a custom 15-second video or imagesynced to anysong on Audiomack and export it to share on socialmedia or withyour friends. • Go ad-free for just $1.99 per month,or stay freeforever Use of the Audiomack App, and free downloadfeature issubject to your agreement with our Privacy Policy/TOS.PrivacyPolicy:
Drum Pads - Beat Maker Go 1.9
Beat Maker Go is an ultimate drum pads sampler or drum machineappthat gives you the opportunity to perform cool beats, makemusicand tracks on the go. Create awesome beats easily with BeatMakerGo. Enjoy superb sound packs from our fresh presets library.Tapdrum pads and apply multiple effects right away. Use loops,mixthem and record your performance into something really funonlaunchpad. Use the drum pads for creating five-star music setsormixtapes. Play on the go and make music with drum padsandcollaborate with friends! The presets library offers themostrecent sound packs in different EDM genres: - Trap - Dubstep-Drum-n-Bass - House - Hip-Hop and more! So do you want tomakemusic like popular EDM producer? Get the most out of Beat MakerGo: - High quality samples are made by professional producersanddedicated EDM musicians on drum pads. This partnership helps usbeapp up-to-date and provides you with even better beats on aregularbasis! - We have implemented a number of effects that youcancombine in any order. Use up to 5 effects simultaneouslyandconfigure them in real-time. Send each effect to aparticularsample pad out of 32 pads that we have in stock for you!You canbecome a real dubstep maker so easily! - Play sessions onyour drumpads using predefined beat loops that we provide withevery soundpack. Consider yourself a pro? Take a challenge: createand overdubup to 4 custom loops and use as launchpad whileperforming live orrecording your track on drum pads. - Share yoursuccess - exportyour music to YouTube or anywhere you like!★★★FEATURES★★★: - Freetrendy EDM packs with regular updates - Highquality samples(uncompressed 16-bit, 44.1 KHz) - 32 pads in twobanks - Multipleaudio effects: Distortion, Delay, Equaliser,Flanger, Phaser andmore - Max 4 simultaneous effects on phone andno more than 5 ontablet - Real-time configuration of appliedeffects - Predefinedbeat loops in every sound preset - Max 4 customloops on phone andmax 5 on tablet - Overdub feature to add soundsto recorded loops -Built-in metronome and BPM control to help youplay well - Musicsession recording and sharing Beat Maker Go app isfairlyeasy-to-use for beginners and advanced enough for mastereddubstepmakers! Follow our interactive tutorial and go through everystepof beat making right now! About Gismart Gismart is a teamofdevoted musicians and developers with a real passion for musicandeverything about it! Find out more about us: Like usonFacebook: Learn moreaboutour office life in ourInstagram:
The PLUG by DJBooth | Rap News 3.1.3
The Plug app, powered by DJBooth, is the only sourceforhigh-quality hip-hop music news and editorial you need. Neverclickbait, never stepped on, The Plug delivers only the best newsandoriginal content about the music you love forFREE.Features:*Headline news keeps you up to date on hip-hop’slatestdevelopments.* Album reviews let you know which new projectsareworth your time.* Music industry coverage reveals thetruthbehind-the-scenes of hip-hop’s biggest artists and labels.*Original content that blows your mind, or at least makes youmoreinteresting at parties.Download the Plug App and never miss abeat.
Dubstep Drum Pad Machine 1.1.9
AGM Instruments
Create grooves and music in dubstep style. Use a uniquesamplesdesigned by professionals. The sequencer will make yourbeats evenmore interesting and performances easier.
Kiss 98.7 Rap, Hip Hop & R&B 7.08
Kiss 98.7 is Central Louisiana's Number one station for Rap, HipHop& R&B The Home of Jay & Speedy T in themorning.L-Boogie Mid-days, DJ Flex Afternoons, Plus DJ Pratt DaCat, DJBreeze & DJ Bootsie!
Flood 93 3.4.2
DJ K Yung
Welcome to Flood 93! Your newest online station, home toHipHop/Rap/R&B, House, Trap, and Dubstep. Listen on Demandanytimeon your phone for FREE! New mixes every 1st of the month.
RADIO 61 1.0
RADIO 61 - world hip-hop onlineEnjoy our hand picked hip-hoptracksand mos def of old school and golden age mixes. The appshowscurrent song information from radio stream and works inthebackground as well.bitrate: 128 kbpsfrequency: 44100 Hz
Fresh Radio 1.0
Fresh Radio
Fresh Radio, your home for classic and progressive hip-hop,soul,turntablism, classic radio shows, and live performances cangowherever you go! Our exclusive app will keep keep your headboppin'and you singing your favorite songs off key in public!Request orquestions feel free to hit us anytime @RealFreshRadio onTwitter,IG, and FB.
My Mixtapez Music 7.7.2
Free to stream music. Stream your favorite Artist, Dj's,&producers music for free. All the newest mixtapes and singlesfromall your favorite artist in the palm of your hand and on thego. +Favorite music from music player + Favorite free musicfromtrending music albums + Favorite free music from music search+Favorite music from local player music + Build playlistfromfavorite music + Favorite free music from single music list+Favorite music from recent music streamer history
XXL - Hip-Hop News, Rap Music 1.8.0
XXL, the number one hip-hop magazine in the world brings you thenewgold standard for rap apps. Get up-to-the-minute hip-hop newsandstories and share it with your fellow hip-hop heads. Enjoyexclusiveinterviews, videos, premieres, lists, reviews and gossipabout allof your favorite hip-hop artists and check out the thekicks,fashion and lifestyle that drive culture. It's hip-hop on ahigherlevel. This is the latest and greatest version of the XXLapp and wehave many more features planned so please share yourfeedback fromwithin the app by clicking the “Send Us Feedback”link in the menuKey Features: - Read the latest hip-hop news,interviews, reviews,lifestyle features and more - Listen to newmusic and watch thelatest video interviews, premieres andperformances - Subscribe tonotifications for breaking news andother topics - Purchase XXLt-shirts, hoodies, phone cases and morefrom our merch store - Sharethe latest news via Facebook &Twitter - Save articles forreading later (supports offlineviewing) - Featured fullmulti-tasking with background audio andcontrols
Country Music 0.1.2
★★★★★ INTRO ★★★★★Who are we? We are the best alternative tolistento country music from your android device, ready to enjoy thebestand most varied country releases music created byavariety of different musicians, mainly royalty-free music thatcanbe utilized on multiple platforms and services. The labelmainlypublishes music that pertains to the Country music genre aswell asother alternative themed music.This is the best music playerofCountry Music. We offer you the audio player that has themostpopular and accurate music mix, according to your taste.CountryMusic: Best Country Music is designed for the true musiclover andwho just wants to relax listening to the best tracks.★★★★★Features★★★★★Country provides awesome features as:- High qualitymusicstreams from SoundCloud API- UI: modern and friendly,easynavigation so you can find music easily. - The best songs,thelatest daily updated.- Top New, find current issues in one place.-Show playlists most popular listen and download with genres:+Country Music in High Quality. + Constant updating. +Libraryvaried. + More and more music is added. + Create your ownplaylist.+ Lyrics of the songs. + Ordered by discographies Music.-Free mp3music of your favorite choice- No registration, nofees★★★★★ Genres★★★★★Artists Country:- Music Taylor Swift- Musicfrom FloridaGeorgia Line- Music Dolly Parton- Music of Johnny Cash-Music LukeBrayan- Music Darius Rucker- Music Maddie & Tae- Manymore...Sub Genre Country:- Alternative Country- Bluegrass-ContemporaryCountry- Country Blues- Country Folk- Country Gospel-Country Pop-Country Rock- Honky Tonk- Outlaw Country- TraditionalCountry★★★★★NOTE ★★★★★* Let us know of what you think about ouridea in thereviews and what could be improved for your musicrelaxing.* NCSmusic may use large amounts of data and carrier datacharges. Forbest results, we recommend you connect your device totrusted WiFinetworks when available.* By complying with the APITerms of Use,we do not provide caching and downloading anytracks★★★★★ ★★★★★INTROWho are we? We are the best alternative tolisten to countrymusic from your android device, ready to enjoy thebest and mostvaried country music releases created bya variety ofDifferent musicians, mainly royalty-free music That canbe utilizedon multiple platforms and services. The label mainlypublish musicThat Pertain to the Country music genre as well asotheralternative themed music.This is the best music player ofCountryMusic. We offer you the audio player That has the mostpopular andaccurate music mix, according to your taste. MusicCountry: CountryBest Music is designed for the true music lover whojust wants andto relax listening to the best tracks.★★★★★ Features★★★★★Countryprovides awesome features as:- High quality musicstreams fromSoundCloud API- UI: modern and friendly, easynavigation so you canfind music Easily.- The best songs, the latestdaily updated.- TopNew, find current issues in one place.- Show Themost popularplaylists listen and download with Genres: +Country Music inHigh Quality. + Constant updating. +Libraryvaried. + More and more music is added. + Createyour ownplaylist. + Lyrics of the songs. + Orderedbydiscographies Music.- Free MP3 music of your favorite choice-Theregistration of feesGenres ★★★★★ ★★★★★Artists Country:-MusicTaylor Swift- Music from Florida Georgia Line- Music DollyParton-Music of Johnny Cash- Music Luke Brayan- Music DariusRucker- MusicMaddie & Tae- Many more ...Sub Genre Country:-AlternativeCountry- Bluegrass- Contemporary Country- Country Blues-CountryFolk- Country Gospel- Country Pop- Country Rock- Honky Tonk-OutlawCountry- Traditional CountryNOTE ★★★★★ ★★★★★* Let us know ofwhatyou think about our idea in the reviews and what Could BeImprovedfor your relaxing music.* NCS music May use large Amount ofDataand carrier data charges. For best results, we recommendyouconnect your device to trusted WiFi networks when available.*Bycomplying with the API Terms of Use, we do not Provide cachingandDownloading any tracks
The Best Rap Ringtones And Message Sounds 1.3
If rap music is your favorite genre, you must have thesefantastic''ringtones''. The best ''rap ringtones'' are here to makeyou themost popular person. Experience the most brilliant rapsounds onyour phone. This fantastic rap music app will also bringyou musicnotification ringtones for text message. You will alsohave veryloud alarm clock sounds and notification sounds. Thissounds appwill give you everything you need. Discover the mostamazing beatswith The Best Rap Ringtones And Message Sounds. Danceevery timeyou hear your ringtones remix. Send messages all day longto hearyour new SMS sound effects. Set an alarm and wake up toyourfavorite sound. You will have the best notification tones ever!Getthis amazing sound app and see it for yourself! Try them outforfree! Don't forget to share them with all your friends!The BestRapRingtones And Message Sounds features:🎧 Compilation offantasticnew rap ringtones!🎧 Variety of old school rap ringtones,as well!🎧Most amazing rap text message ringtones!🎧 The mostbrilliantnotification sounds rap!🎧 Set an alarm with a new rapalarm clock!🎧Download free rap ringtones now for free!🎧 Worksperfectly on alltablets and phones!***** Have the best melodies inthe world*****Discover the most powerful sounds of rap music beats.Enjoythe culture of rap music for free with these rap ringtones foryourphone. Club mixes, gangsta sounds, freestyle beats, we havethemost amazing instrumental rap ringtones. Show everyone yourmusictaste with your text message notification sounds. Start everydaywith brilliant wake up sounds. Enjoy the most brilliant rapsoundeffects. You will never need a ''ringtone maker'' if you getthis''ringtones app''. There is nothing better than ''freeringtones''.Listen to our amazing ringtones and notification soundsand imagineyou are at a concert. Refresh your phone with the bestalarm clocksounds, ringtones and more. Enhance your phone with thebest ringtones ever. Show everyone that you are a true music fan.Try themout today and you will be impressed!***** Get the mostamazing textmessage sounds *****Real rap ringtones and rap textmessageringtones are here to make everything perfect. This rapringtonesapp offers the best selection of beats and sounds. Youwill enjoyyour new rap tones all the time. Choose among fifteenfantasticfree rap ring tones. Adjust your favorite messagenotificationsounds. Start your days with fantastic alarm clocktones. Wake upin the morning feeling energetic and refreshed. Showeveryone whatkind of a lifestyle you like with a brilliantnotification soundboard. The most energizing loud ring tones willembellish yourphone. Spread positivity and good vibes with your newmessagenotifications. Personalize your phone in the best possibleway.Explore the most powerful sound board. Make very call andtextmessage fun with this amazing melody app. This is afantasticsounds app for all music lovers. Don't hesitate to try itout forfree! Get it now and you will not regret it!***** Fantasticalarmclock with music *****Every time you phone starts ringingeveryonearound you will start dancing to the beats of The BestRapRingtones And Message Sounds. Enjoy the best collection ofgangstarap ringtones, notification sound effects and alarm clocksoundsmusic. Try out different popular ringtones every day. Getfantasticrap notification sounds in minutes. Have amazing textmessageringtones in a click. Wake up with music and feel fantasticall daylong. Customize your phone with the best ringtones andnotificationsounds. Make every moment perfect with fantasticnotificationsounds for text message. You deserve only the best highqualityaudio notifications, so get these. All you need to do isdownloadand install this fantastic ringtones and more. Have themostfantastic notification manager! Try it out free of chargeandenjoy!
Funk Volume 1.2.2
A leader in independent rap labels, Funk Volume is home torapperssuch as Hopsin, SwizZz, Dizzy Wright, and Jarren Bentonalong withDJ’s and producers DJ Hoppa, Kato, Rikio, and BJames. TheFunkVolume App for Android keeps you connected anywhere you go.Withinstant streaming radio, music, tour information, videos, andmoreyou can find everything related to Funk Volume and it’stalentright on your phone.Home: Stay up to date with the latestreleasesand news by Funk Volume.Music: Buy tracks directly to youphonethrough the Play Music store.FV Radio: Sample tracks fromtheentire Funk Volume discography, play full mixtapes, anddiscovernew favorites with free on-demand streaming radio.Store:Grab thelatest albums and merch to support Funk Volume and itsartists.From t-shirts to hats, there’s a wide assortment ofbrandedproducts to choose from.Artists: Read up about the artistsof FunkVolume, and follow them on Twitter, Instagram,orFacebook.Producers: Read up about the producers of Funk Volume,andfollow them on Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook.Tour: Catchyourfavorite Funk Volume member on the go next time they’re inyourcity.Videos: Watch music videos and other video content fromthecreative minds of Funk Volume.Contact Us: Follow the FunkVolumelabel on social media, or email us and share your feedback.
Battle App 4.2.1
Battle App LLC
Battle App is an interactive short video platform for peopletobattle with their friends over a beat. It's insanely addictive,andall about having fun. So what are you waiting for? Come on now,andlet's battle! See you on Battle App!
Robot DubStep Drum Pads 1.0.20
Real Robot DubStepwith your sounds you can do mix witheffectscontains many unique sounds of dubstep in this editionbrings moresounds and better effects.
Trap Drum Pad Machine 1.0.11
AGM Instruments
Create grooves and music in trap style. Use a uniquesamplesdesigned by professionals. The sequencer will make yourbeats evenmore interesting and performances easier.
105.1 The Bounce 10.1
105.1 The Bounce is Detroit's place for Throwback Hip-HopandR&B!
Spinrilla - Hip-Hop Mixtapes & Music
Spinrilla, the 800-lb gorilla of hip-hop mixtapes. Spinrilla istheworld’s first mixtape music app, giving you all hip-hop, allthetime. Discover independent and emerging hip-hop artists andhearthe next big track before anyone else. Spinrilla puts one oftheworld’s largest catalogs of independent hip-hop in the palm ofyourhand, with new music added daily from your favoriteundergroundartists. • No internet? No problem. Offline mode allowslisteningto music when an internet connection isn't present. • Peepthecharts to see what's trending today. • Follow your favoriteartistsand get a notification the second they drop new music. •SpinrillaRadio helps you discover new music that you may have beensleepingon! • Listen to limitless music. Follow @Spinrilla onTwitter formore updates.
DubStep Music Maker – Rhythm Machine & Beat Maker 1.26
Elfiz Media
Download DubStep Music Maker and start creating your own musicforFREE now! Use our beatpad and song maker to create, discover,andshare your music. We make the music creating process simplerandeasier but with the ability to customize every aspect of thebeat.Start jamming, because the sky is the limit for yourcreativity!Have you ever dreamed to become a great DJ or musicproducer? Nowyou can kickstart your career by using your phone tomake music.With our FREE music and dub step song maker, you don’tneed tospend so much money purchasing a real beatpad to practice orcreatemusic. Turn your phone into a rhythm machine with our app andfeelthe magix as you tap on our music pad.=== GREAT SOUND FILTERSANDFX ===In DubStep Song Maker, we provide great sound filters andFXto make your music even better. We have Echo, Low pass, Highpass,Reverb, Distortion, Chorus, and Pitch. === CUSTOMIZEVISUALIZER===Customize the music pad’s visualizer. You can adjustthe app’s:-Bass Sensitivity- Bass Height- Treble Sensitivity-Treble Height-Global Scale- Sound bars=== CUSTOMIZE EACH PAD ===Youcan customizethe sequencer of each beatpad button. Simply tap onthe Equalizerand tap on any pad that you want to customize. You canalso adjustthe volume, pitch, stereopan, BPM, and other aspects ofthe music.=== USE YOUR OWN SOUND SAMPLES ===We provide some SoundPacks likeDubstep Hero Club and Rave On. You can also use CustomSoundsamples to start jamming or use your own Sound samples.===RECORDAND SHARE ===You can record the music you make with DubStepHero tolisten later or share with yourfriends.-------------------------------------------------------------Otherfeaturesof Dub StepMusicPad:--------------------------------------------------------------Userfriendly and simple to use- 8 x 4 beatpad- Stereopan- Stop andstartrecording with only one touch.- Pause buttonMastering our DubStepsong maker is not hard. With a little bit of practice you cancreatetruly awesome songs and music using only your phone. Youwill besurprised on the type of music you can create with ourawesome songmaker in a short amount of time. If you are trulydedicated tocreate cool music, you will be able to make some trulyastoundingdubstep music. Also, Dub Step is FREE so you don’t haveto spend anymoney to start creating. All you need is somecreativity and youwill be able to create some magix. Your journeyas an awesome DJ andmusic producer start here!Note: AlthoughDubStep Music Maker isFree, you can make in app purchases toremove ads and to add thelength of the recording. Please send usan email if you find anyissue when using DubStep Music Maker. Wewill fix the issue as soonas possible. We also promise tofrequently upgrade our app toimprove functionality and removebugs. Do you enjoy using our musiccreator app? If you do, pleasesupport us by leaving us a rating andreview!
DJ Loop Pads 3.6.3
Mobiray Soft
Want to be a disc jockey? Now it's real. Start djing right now!Theeasy interface was made for you to create a loopy mix. Youcanlaunch pads with different loops and one-shots. Apply effectsjustpressing the pads. Run sample tapping the loop pad. Use thevolumefaders to make beats louder. Enjoy creating music. -Low-passfilter - Stutter effects - Great pack of samples - Lots offun Nowyou can mix dance tracks. The other styles like dubstep,trap,hip-hop, drum and bass will be available soon. We are workingonit. Leave feedback for us, and say what you want. All editsofsounds and sampling were made at Equinox studio. NEW!!! - Pitchandfilter effects - stutter effect fix - bug fix - removedunusedpermissions
Trap Pads 1.04
Trap Pads - is a virtual Sampler and Drum pads. With TrapPadsyou'll get the opportunity to create your own Trap audiotracks.You can use Loops, One-Shots and Samples to create melodieson thefly. Metronome will help you to keep the rhythm. Playtogether withyour friends and create a truly outstanding Hit.Become a realmusic producer and show who the best at party is.
Talking Rapper - Rap Hip Hop Rapchat
Talking Toys
Talking rapper does much more than just rap. Instead of onlyrappingto touch or simply repeating what rap music he hears, youcan domuch more with this cool rapper: play with a beatbox –complete withtons of hot beats, instrumentals and jammin sounds,scratch therecord, paint graffitis on the wall and invite yourother rapperfriends with ratchetDiscover all the possibilities oftalking rapperand learn just what it should be a great rap to be asuccessful rapartist. What you can discover with talking rapper!*talk to him andhe’ll repeat what you say rapping * discover allhis rap movements.* have him play beats doing real beatbox. *scratch the record withyour favorite rap song. * paint graffitiand send it to your rapperfriends with rapchat. Record a videorapping and share it withrapchat !Enjoy the new update! We'veimproved the application andincreased its functionality speed! Nowyou can play non-stop!Andmore… two high-quality beat instrumentstalking rapper includes twofun musical instruments typical of therap scene. 1. Enjoy your veryown beatbox or learn rapping withautotune. Learn and teach then byrapchat2. Scratch the record toyour favorite beat or rap song! Pickone from your rap musiclibrary and start scratching away and shareit rapchat. It’s neverbeen this easy!
Rap Studio
Download and Install Rap Studio. This is a premium app with focusonquality. The app is designed with lot of passion and has beentestedon multiple devices.Rap Studio is waiting for you and youwill loveusing it.Install this Rap Studio app and you will seethat it is ahigh quality app! If you liked using Rap Studio thendo leave areview for our app.
Guerilla Cross 2.8
Guerilla Cross - Positive Hip-Hop and Rap Media Source. Newmusic,news, videos, concerts, and now our LIVE 24/7 Radio Streamwith newlive shows daily as well as the official home of SPEAKLIFERadiowith Kwon Five-Nine + Twlv. Get breaking news in Positive/Christian hip-hop from artists such as: Lecrae, John Givez,AndyMineo, JGivens, Eshon Burgundy, Theory Hazit, Propaganda,Bizzle,and more. Exclusive live events, interviews, and interactiveradioprograms are featured on the live Radio and live Video links.Fullepisodes (podcasts) of all of our live shows are availablefordownload thru SoundCloud and iTunes.Visit GuerillaCross.comformore information.
Beat FM
Seagulls CO.
102.5 Beat FM was launched in January 2005 broadcasting thefinestContemporary Hit Music. It is the station of choice forJordan’smassive audience of young trend setters. It boasts Jordan’sbiggestradio personalities who live and breathe the life oftheirlisteners.102.5 Beat FM is packed with personality andcontentrelevant to its target audience, where Beat FMexclusivelybroadcasts world renowned shows including A State ofTrance withArmin Van Buuren the iconic Trance around the world andAnjunabeatsshow.Tens of thousands of listeners tune in everyday toBeat FMfreshest mix of Pop, R&B, Hip-Hop, Dance, Rock and Housemusic
E.D.M Electro House Dj Loops 3.0
Electro music Dj Loops Pads, Be real Dj, Create music andmakeRingtones, Record your own Electro house loops and Share musicwithfriends, Studio Quality Dj mixing with Powerful EDM Electroloopsand Electro House Dj Loops ,Be real Dj ,Create your own musicandshare music with friends. Make Music Ringtones with highqualityelectro loops, Drums and bass beats. Electro Ringtone muisicmaker.Best Summer Electro Dj Loops, E.D.M Electro House musicPartyMixer. Over 250 + Electro Beats and Music quality Dj loops tomix.Powerful EDM Electro Beats.. Powerful Synth leads.. Fast&Furious Drum and Bass.. Electro House Loops.. Record musicLoops..Share music with friends.. Make your own music.. ConnectyourMobile or Tablet to external speakers via bluetooth and makebestparty shows. Create the best mix for all styles of yourfavoriteElectro dance music. Choose Effects Packs Choose LeadsPacks ChooseBeats Packs Choose Vocal shouts Packs Music makes youfeel better,Enjoy with friends, enjoying the music, enjoying theatmosphere,something else, or have fun with E.D.M Electro House DjLoops.Anytime If you feel drained, stressed, overworked, or boredEDM& Electro House Dj-Pad will fix it. Enjoy quality loopsandbecome a professional Dj. Make your own music and share itwithfriends. Mix music with friends and have fun with E.D.MElectroHouse Dj Loops
Free Mp3 Music Streaming & Streamer - AudioRave 1.0.2
Download The Hottest Free Music Streaming & Player App!Whenyoudownload AudioRave app, you can search and find millions ofyourfavorite music, songs, and free hip hop mixtapes to stream andplayfor free on your network or WiFi.The Best Music Player ToListen ToFree Music Online• Discover popular current hit songs bygenre fromhip hop, mixtapes, EDM, pop, country & more• Createplaylistsof your favorite songs and audio tracks to hear later•Search andstream millions of freely available songs onlineNote: Alot of datamay be used and carrier data charges may apply whenusing thisstreamer app. It is recommended to listen on WiFi whenavailable.Disclaimer: This is NOT a free mp3 offline musicdownloader app anddoes not allow you to free music download foroffline listeningwithout WiFi of mp3 download. AudioRave onlystreams legalroyalty-free songs and can NOT mp3 music download orcache as afree music downloader. For more information, please seethe Termsof Service inside the app.
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