Top 6 Games Similar to Subway Mega Run

Super Dog Courage Adventure 1.0
We are going to present you our newamazingarcade game. Everyone wants to be a hero. You got into theheart ofyour enemy's base full of traps and you have to summon upall yourstrength to survive. Today you have a chance to participateindangerous mission carried out by a courage hero.Game is an adventurous run game with simple controls andgreatgraphics .Are you ready for this game.Enjoy the game & do leave a feedback that will helpusimprove...!***Features***1. Tap the screen to make the cowardly dog jump, double tapfordouble jump.2. Collect all the coins and run without being caught byangrymaster.3. Run and finish all the levels with three stars.4. Have good relaxing music and sound effects.5. Have two worlds each of having 6 world challengingandinteresting levels***How to play***1. Just tap the screen to jump courage dog.2. Collect coins as many as you can.3. Run to the end of the levels.
courage jump the cowardly dog 1.1
zahid chaudhary
Courage Jump takes you to an epicjumpingadventure with the help of a wacky monster! You will makethisfuzzy little monster jump sky high - download this platformerforfree and see for yourself how easy it is to jump high. Funstartshere, with this cool game - the outstanding graphics combinedwiththe red monster's cool island adventure will keep you on yourtoesfor hours. In the midst of an exotic island scenery withbeautifulpalm trees and gorgeous greenery, a fun monster begins itsjourney.It's monster fun time!• Direct the jump of the little red monster by tiltingyourscreen!• 96 Interesting levels!• One of the best fun games to jump around!• Collect as many golden coins as possible to unlocknewstages!• Three stars collect the amount of the collected coins!• Tropical backgrounds for jumping adventures!• Watch out for moving and disappearing platforms!• Jump on the yellow snake for a mega jump!• Stay away from the pesky bat that can disturb your balance!• Beware of the bird that can catapult you into the sky!• Beware of the evil cloud – it can make the screen misty!• If you take the poison, left will become right andrightleft!• Get a shield that can form a protective bubble!The red smiling chubby can “jump around” and bounce fromoneplatform to other moving or stationary – you just need to tiltyourtablet or phone to the left or to the right so as to controlthedirection of its jump. The aim of this action game is tocollectthe coins while you avoid obstacles and get to the end ofthe levelwithout falling down. If the monster runs off the platformandfalls – game over! Still, beware! This is not one of thoseusualjumping games. You can land only once on some of theplatforms,since they tend to disappear after the first landing. Andthat'snot all! Stay away from the annoying bat that can disturbyourbalance if you get too close to it and from the evil cloud withanominous grin, because the screen will instantly become mistyandblurred. If you take the poison, right will become left andleftright. Also, the fuzzy creature can make an extreme jump ifitlands on the awesome yellow snake, so as to avoid manyobstacles.You can get a shield to protect you from the annoyingbird. It isvital for the beautiful monster to collect as many coinsaspossible, since new stages can be unlocked only if youcollectenough. Since the amount of collected coins is measured bythreestars, you need 20% of the coins for one star, 40% for two and70%for three stars.If you are a fan of interesting “addicting games” and monsterpower,you need to get this truly fun Android™ game! Check outthesophisticated design of one of those unique games for boysandgirls! The playful red creature will make you smile when youseehim mega run, preparing for the first space jump. Get one oftherare monster games of stunning design, join the monster planetandset the highest score ever seen! Enjoy one of the best gamesforgirls!Whether you want to download games to kill time, or you areapassionate gamer, ”Courage Jump the cowardly dog” is ideal foryou.One of the superb free games, with 96 exciting levels, it isone ofthe most addictive games on the market. Whether the lovelyfunnycreature tries a funny jump, or not, the lively backgroundswithcolorful images will put a smile on your face for sure. Jointhehigh jump craze with one of the best funny games and enjoythehilarious sound effects for free! Download one of the mostexcitingkids games right now!
Kinder Jump Game 1.3
Poo Jump is a greet funny game for kids and adults. Your maingoalis the jump as higher as you can, and to collect as many coinsasyou can. Collect power ups for larger poo jumps.There aresomegreat power ups in Poo Jump game. The best one is the rocket.Itwill boost you to limitless sky. The balloon defense is not badaswell. It will protect you from nasty poo bombs. Features ofJumpGame* Coins Collecting System* Power ups* Leaderboard*GreatGraphics* Super Sounds* Social ShareAvoid the black bombs,theykill your poop and you will have to retry the jump game.Try outthenew Jump Game now, and see how far canyougo-------------------------------Check out my website for theBestFree Android Apps===> Advertising.
courage dog rash 1.0
devloper YALG
Enjoy through a fun cartoon adventurewithcourage dog and catch as much zombies as you can forFREEtoday!In courage the dog rash Game, and adventure through dog’s homeandevade obstacles in game such , zombies ledges while catchingthosepesky zombie !courage the dog Game is a fun-paced adventure game that willprovideenjoyment and excitement through an adventure! So getcourage thedog Game for FREE now!!!FEATURES:★★★★★ BRIGHT CARTOONY MAPS★★★★★ AWESOME GAME PHYSICS★★★★★ FUN GAMEPLAY★★★★★ OVER 90++ LEVELS OF GAMEPLAY★★★★★ NICE MUSIC AND SOUND FOR MAXIMUM ENTERTAINMENTTIPS: Collect all the zombies to help dog get top scores!Download courage the dog Game for FREE today!!!
Temple Baby Run 3D 1.2
Flip Art Studio
One day as a baby is like a dream cometrue.This game gives you realistic views and makes you feel likealittle baby.In this game baby is on the lose to escape himself from the BadBabysitter, the Bad Baby sitter is trying to catch him and punishhim.Your task is not let the baby get caught, Run as long as youcan andsave the baby.If she catches the baby she will put him in prison and that is notagood way to treat a child so your task is to save the baby andrunfor your life.As you run you come in the city and there will be obstacles thatyouhave to pass through. Get pass through all the obstacles andget allthe coins you can have. More the coins make your chances togetyourself free from Bad Baby sitter.The addictive mega-hit Temple Baby Run is now out for Android!Allyour friends are playing it - can you beat their high scores?!Goas far as possible and collect coins to beat your FRIENDS!Play the most EXCITING RUNNER game on the Play Store. Be a babyfora day and RACE through the city!This game is endless.Controls:Slide - Swipe downLeft - Swipe leftRight - Swipe rightJump - Swipe upwards-This game will be installed on the SD Card hence uses onlysmallamount of internal storage..Features:★ Original 3D-run function combines jumping, turning,andsliding.★ Colorful graphics and smooth animations★ One of the coolest Baby app to play with!★ Never-ending mega game★ Time change like: Night, day, sun rise, sun set and moonGet this lovely game and you will find yourself on some sortofhappy island basically a toy temple created by the fantasy ofasmall kid’s mind. Explore the child’s dream and help himsurpassall the difficulties that he is going to meet.3, 2, 1 go! Start the adventure!This is a free app - download it and have fun!Our users agree!"This game is so fun and addictive if you are having a bad dayyoushould play this"""This game is great!""It is amazing. It is better than temple run 1 temple run 2templerun Oz and temple run Brave""This truly is fun and entertaining, game of the year"*********************************************************************************************************************************Bugs are fixxed and Its more improved as per demanded byourfans
Jungle Hamster Saga 1.1
Rather than messing around with boringmonkey,Jungle Hamster Saga brings you the latest Tom the Hamster totheworld of magical Jungle. This game is easy, fun and addictiveforall ages from kids to adults.Help hungry Tom, to runway from his evil farm masterwhilecollecting all the chestnut to cure his hunger. Beware of thebigand danger jungle enviroment, dash, run, jump to avoid allthefurious animals ahead, beware of the evil mushroom and redhatbunny that petrol around the forest.By collecting more chestnut for hungry Tom, you will be abletoscore high in Jungle Hamster Saga to beat your friend'shighscores.Features:★ Easy one touch control,just tap the screen for jump★ Collect as much chestnut as possible★ Mind the gap and the obstacles and the evil farm animals ontheforest road.★ Suitable for kids from age 3 to 30 adults★ Low memory space which is COMPATIBLE FOR ALL TYPES OF PHONES.3, 2, 1 go! Start your free mega addictive running adventurewithJungle Hamster Saga today!
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