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Denny Timer 1.0
Ikoni Online Oy
Denny® Timer is a visually instructive, animated timer thatteacheschildren how to brush their teeth properly and thoroughlyduringthe recommended 2-minute time. Denny® Timer also makesbrushingteeth more fun!• You can select a regular or electronictoothbrush.• Denny and animations guide you during brushing teeth –aproper, careful brushing keeps your teeth healthy! • You cansetDenny® Timer to remind you to brush your teeth at the desiredtimein the morning and evening – Denny is a handy helper for thedailyroutine!Denny® Timer has been developed in co-operation withdentalhealth experts. Our research results highlight that 90%ofchildren, who use Denny® Timer, learnt to brush their teethbetter,longer and more carefully!
Baby Panda's Toothbrush
Subscribe to BabyBus Kids TV ►► teaches your children the proper brushingtechniques.More importantly, this app is designed to help childrenform ahabit of brushing and maintaining their healthy teeth. Letthemsing along with the toothbrush song!Fun features:- Sing theteethbrushing song- Play and practice techniques- Cheer on friendsandsee great results!Children often think of brushing their teethas atask rather than a habit. They tried it out and stopped. Withthisapp, you will see them form the habit and fall in love withit.Play it and start brushing!—————BabyBus provides intelligentearlychildhood educational content online for children up to 6years ofage. BabyBus have developed early educational games, songs,andcartoons focusing on language, health, science, society, andart,all based on Montessori education theory. BabyBus believes"joyfullearning" is the starting point of education, and aims toinspirechildren's delight for learning, to support happy, smartchildrenaround the world. —————Contact us:E-mail:[email protected]:
Disney Magic Timer by Oral-B 4.0.7
Bring more fun to your daily brushing routine with DisneyMagicTimer by Oral-B!Now featuring twenty-three of your favoriteDisney,Marvel and Star Wars characters, use this app toseamlesslyencourage your kids to brush longer. Longer, happierbrushing foryour little one is just a download away!All it takesare threesimple steps:1.Download the Disney Magic Timer app byOral-B.2.Scanany Crest or Oral-B Pro-Health Stages product.3.Revealmore fun andlet the brushing begin.See how itworks: inthis app:• Olaf• Elsa• Anna• Darth Vader• Yoda• StormTrooper•Belle• Ariel• Cinderella• Rapunzel• Thor• Iron Man• Hulk•CaptainAmerica• Lightning McQueen• Dusty• Doc McStuffins• MickeyMouse•Minnie Mouse• Tinker Bell***Compatible with any Crest orOral-BPro-Health Stages products.This app will use your devicecamera forscanning any Crest or Oral-B Pro-Health Stages product tounlocksticker books. This app also allows content to be saved toexternalstorage. Before you download this experience, pleaseconsider thatthis app contains in-app purchases that cost realmoney.Havingissues with the app? Check out our help site forhelpful articles- – Use –
Brush Teeth with The Wiggles 1.3
Australian Unity
Australian Unity and The Wiggles have developed a FREEtoothbrushing app to assist parents and their kids with the dailytaskof tooth brushing.In a dentist-approved song, kids can performthemorning and night task with the assistance of TheWiggles.Keyfeatures- A unique song/music video performed by TheWiggles-Create profiles for more than one child- Each profile canfeature aunique notification which will remind parents of thedesired timeto brush their child’s teeth- When a child completesthe task afterwatching the video, he/she earns a reward which willbe added totheir trophy cabinetAustralian Unity is a nationalhealthcare,financial services and retirement living organisationand a MajorBrand Partner of The Wiggles. Australian Unity and TheWigglesshare the ambition of enabling young families tothrive.Theservices Australian Unity provides are at the epicentreof thehousehold of every young family. The ability of AustralianUnity tobring valuable advice and support is a key message TheWiggles wantto champion.Australian Unity operates a number ofdental centres inVictoria with services available to both membersand non-members.Australian Unity health insurance members witheligible Extras orCombination cover are entitled to special rebateson selectpreventative dental services (subject to yearly limits).For moreinformation about Australian Unity and how they can helpyourfamily visit
Brushing and whitening teeth 1.10
Get perfect smile with "32 Perfect teeth" app!!• Did you knowthat50% of people say that the first thing they see in otherpeopleit's their smile?• Do you had think about how you learn brushyourteeth in the past? Are you sure that you brush correctly?Do4-year-olds child have any idea of how to brush teeth inrightway?• 90% of the population does not brush your teethproperly!• Doyou brush your teeth directly in the morning when youwake up? Donot worry, you are mistaken with another 84% of thepopulation!• Ifyou have children this is the perfect app to teachthem how tobrush their teeth properly!• Using the app, and you willnot missany part in the mouth that has not been cleaning!• Turn thetimebrushing to enjoyable experience!• Find out how you will avoidbadsmell from the mouth!• How to choose the brush and yourtoothpaste.What will you get from the app?• Get a guide thataccompany youduring brushing your teeth• What are the times forbrushing anypart in the mouth• Get a tooth reminders throughout theday andweek• Listen to music during brushing for limited time (forfree)•Get valuable and relevant information to maintaining healthyandclean teeth• Teaching your children how to brush theirteethproperly* The sole responsibility for the use of theapplication ison the user
Emily Brushing Tooth 1.0.5
bweb media
Start Emily’s day with brushing her teeth! Make sure she will haveaproper care for her teeth and help her achieve proper oralhygiene.Assist her in doing this to achieve perfect smile and playthisgame!FeaturesChoose a beautiful clothes for Emily.Help herselectthe mug, water and mouthwashGargle mouthwash to removebadcavities.Help her floss her teeth.Brush her teeth and clean thegumand teeth.Maintain Emily teeth fresh and clean.
Tooth Fairy Pillow Princess - Clean Teeth Brushing 1.1.0
Do you enjoy gifts and surprises under your pillow? Come with usandenter into a new fantasy world magic adventure with our toothfairyprincess! A tooth fairy with thousands of gifts to give tothe kidsthat behave well! The better you behave, the more giftsyou can haveunder your pillow!Our tooth fairy princess considersthat cleaningand brushing daily your teeth is an important habitfor healthychildren. And we all want to see tooth fairy princesshappy... Joinus in this teeth brushing game where we will show youhow importantis to have clean teeth! Learn everything about toothfairy princessclean, healthy teeth in this educational tooth fairyprincess game:- Free funny tooth fairy game for children- Makeyour own toothpasteand brush your teeth- Treat milk and wobblyteeth- Lots of funnymini tooth fairy princess games: Show yourtalent with puzzles,drawings and surprising creative mini games-Learn the importance ofmouth care- Leave your baby tooth underyour pillow and find outwhat kind of gifts and games the toothfairy princess bringsyou!Let's dream about what surprises awaityou after leaving yourmilk tooth under your pillow!This familygame is appropriate forchildren of all ages. Let your childrenlearn about mouth care,brush teeth, toothpaste and mouth wash in afunny way and discovertons of activities in which your kid canexercise the mind andcreativity!Help your child to grow up withthis important healthytooth fairy princess habit and above all,have fun playing!Enjoythis girls game for free! Play now!
I am Dentist - Save my Teeth 1.0.11
Welcome to I am dentist, the best dentist games for kids for FREE.Afull version of fun dentist app you can play offline without wifiorwithout internet.Help dentist clean teeth, help dentist braces,getfamiliar with the dentist appointment, no more dentist fearwhen youvisit a real dentist office.With this virtual dentist anddoctorgames, be the best little dentist or be the crazy dentist atthedentist simulator.Game Features:- Full version up front, nopurchasenecessary to play the free dentist games full version.- 6cutepatients are waiting for the little dentist and doctor-Versatileprofessional dentist tools for dentist surgery- Colorfulbraces andpretty decorations- Simple to operate and cure patientseasily- Realdentist games with braces surgery with levels-Princess dentist modeand halloween dentist- 8 mini games to wingems and free trail oflocked dental tools! (8 mini games are:candy crush, hit it, flybird, cute jump, special one, fishing,brick breaker, darts)Wow,such a fantastic fun kids dentist gamefor boys and girls! Enjoythis lovely little dentist game now! Noone escape the dentist, elsagoes to the dentist, baby hazel goesto the dentist, here goes petdentist, there goes the monsterdentist, even the zombie dentist.Iam Dentist - Save my Teeth is adentist mania game, cute dentistgame with braces, and dentist gamejust for kids!Here you can be acute little dentist, face withkinds of tooth problems, and cureyour lovely little patients. Be anice kids dentist, little doctor!Please save my little teeth.Judyate too much candy, and can notsleep because of toothache. Littledentist!Doctor! Have you everseen a dragon chilly dwarf? His teethhave been frozen out! --- Takecare of your adorable roblox anna,vampire patients, don’t be a evildentist, be a crazy littledentist! ---Let's play the fun gamestogether now, my littledentist!Free free to download our dress upgames I Love Bath - KidsDress Up games for girls free.
QuickBrush - Toothbrush Timer 1.0
QuickBrushA great app to help your practice good dentalhygienetechniques! We all know that brushing your teeth is a simpletask,but are we actually brushing them the right way? This iswhereQuickBrush can help! It makes the whole tooth brushingexperiencequick and simple and helps you brush your teeth better.With timersfor various parts of the tooth brushing activity, thisapp willtake you through all the steps to have crystal clear teeth;frombrushing your teeth, to brushing your tongue and finally,flossingyour teeth, your teeth will be sparkling in no time!Suitable forall ages.Comes with:- No adds!- Two tooth brushingmodes- Eachtoothbrush mode has a timer and offers guidance of whatpart ofyour teeth you need to brush and when- Nice illustrationstovisualize brushing teeth- Allows you to set time of the daywhenyou want to brush your teeth- Brush tongue mode- Flossteethinstructions- Cool tips every day to help you practicebetterdental hygieneNote* This application provides usefulinformationbut is not a substitute for professional advice. If youare unsureabout the tips provided in this app, please consult yourdentistbefore carrying them out.
My Crazy Kids Dentist - Free Dentist Games 1.0.1
Fantastic Fun
Can you give all your patients their smile back?Become a dentistandtake care of your patients teeth! Use different tools totreatcaries, bad breath and extract teeth. Play fun mini games andusethe stethoscope hints in case you are stuck on your to-do list.Thegame should not affect a child in a bad way, but it is supposedtoentertain and teach something useful at the same time. Thisvirtualdentist games are not only for Naughty kids, but also forourgrown-up crazy dentist game lovers as well! The story continuesofhow a big doctor you become for your patients and how youfightdifferent kind of little monsters in your patient’s mouth.Easy tolearn and to control:a lot of patients need your helpopenthe citymap and choose the levelchoose the treatmentchoose fromdifferentdental instruments to treat the patientremove bacteriafrom themouth, brush teeth, treat decayed teethtreat patientswithprofessional doctor tools like syringes, dental tweezerscrazycooldoctor tools like mouth spray, dental pliers !Brush dirtyteeth,pull teeth, fight bacteria and so much more !fight bacteriatoprevent tooth decay !Shine up their teeth with a toothbrush!applydental treatment, remove cavities and horrible germsEnjoyWithFANTASTIC FUN.....
Children's doctor : dentist. 1.1.2
Children's doctor - we all love when people around us smile.Webecome well and happy when someone on the street gives us asmile.But for a smile to be beautiful, you need to take good careof yourteeth. This applies to your pets, because in childhood theywerefor every kid. Like people, they also sometimes need to treattheirteeth. This can be done by a special doctor - dentist. Wepresent to your attention an exciting game for children - adentist(vet clinic).  In this entertaining game, your child isa realdentist, under the guidance of which there is a hospitalforanimals. The kid is entrusted with a very important andresponsibletask - the treatment of teeth of his four-footed pups,whose teethbegan to ache heavily because of their love for sweets.  Youhave to treat them in a real dental office, use variousmedicalinstruments, such as tongs, scalpels, Burmashin and manyothers, toclean your four-legged friends of teeth from plaque,align them, dooperations, remove cavities and fill them. After all,they all justneed your help. For her, the animals will be gratefulto you andvery grateful.   Developing games for children, suchas aveterinarian, contribute to the overall development of yourchild.They help to develop fine motor skills, coordination ofmovements,visual perception, attentiveness and observation, willshow thebaby how to treat animals, take care of them.   Ourgames forkids, such as a dentist, will teach them not only to treattheirpets with love and care, but also to protect their own teeth,donot forget to clean them several times a day, because going tothedentist is not the most pleasant pastime.   For the purposeofcomprehensive development of the child, we create applicationsandeducational games for children that are aimed to help boysandgirls develop basic motor and other skills, and also have fun,funand useful to spend their free time.   All you need istodownload games, install and start playing, and in the futureyourchild can choose one of the most needed professions in theworld -the dentist   Be sure to visit our http://yovogames.comandalso we are at:Youtube:
Kids Doctor: Dentist 1.2.1
Everybody likes when people smile to each other. Smiles makeushappy. Person need to take care of teeth regularly, to makeoursmiles beautiful. You need to brush teeth few times a day.Whenyour teeth get ill, you need to visit a special doctor.Dentisttakes care of teeth. Today our beloved Hippy will get toknow withyou what tasks has dentist every day. Kids Hippo hospitalis opento everybody! Let’s meet adventures. Our kids hospital iswaitingfor its dentist. It waits for you! Every person knows thatdentistworks with problems connected with teeth. How many toothproblemsdo you know? Today we will learn about it. Kids HippoHospitalexplains to you, what dentist has to do. Today we willlearn how todrill teeth, remove unhealthy caries, set filling,fight a badbreath, give a shot, fight bad microbes and just how tobrushteeth. Don’t think that setting a filling is such an easytask.There are a lot of preparatory and exciting tasks before. OurkidsHippo Hospital will tell you about it and about manyotherinteresting facts. Help Hippo to become a dentist. Have funandlearn a bit, playing our kids educational games. This newgame,like all our games for boys and girls is absolutely for free!Staytuned, follow Hippo and make your children happy playing withthemour kids educational games!
Brush Monster - AR Toothbrushing Education Service 2.2.4
Kitten Planet
Brush Monster is the unique solution that makes kids love andlearnbrushing teeth everyday with educational AR guide. 1. A NovelWayto Learn & Enjoy Brushing For the first time in the world,wehave applied augmented reality(AR) technology totoothbrushingeducation. Kids can brush their teeth by following theARtoothbrush displayed on their face in real time. 2.EducationalGuide During the 3 minutes, the app helps the childsqueeze theproper toothpaste, thoroughly and equally brush 16 areasof theteeth, and finally clean up after themselves. 3.Multi-Profile Evenif you have more than one child, you can manageeach and every oneof their monster collection, toothbrushingresults, and settings bycreating individual profiles. 4. Backup andSynchronization Bylogging in with the same e-mail account, yourmonster collection,toothbrushing results, and settings will besynced with multiplesmartphones. 5. Wrap-up, Selfie You can takeselfies by selectingpreviously saved monsters and share them withyour friends. 6.Brushing As a Play Please save our Brush Monstersfrom the GreenMold! Cheese, Cherry, Soda will become your family!New stickereveryday, 3 stars for 3 brushings. 7. 3D Motion Analysis(whenusing Brush Monster smart toothbrush) Built-in sensor in thesmarttoothbrush can track and analyze the data of kids' brushingwith 16regions. Check how well you did on dental report. *Instructions:1. Place the front facing camera of your phone towardsyour child’sface and start Brush Monster! 2. Select the play buttonand use atiny bit of toothpaste! 3. Check the Brush Monster thatneeds to besaved today, and start brushing by selecting on thetoothbrushbutton! (Touch the bubble if it’s not there) 4. Followthe guideand start brushing! (For 3 minutes, 16 areas of teeth willbethoroughly and equally cleaned) 5. Don’t forget to clean upafteryourself! (brush your tongue, rinse your mouth, and cleanthetoothbrush and cup) 6. Check how well you did with ourdentalreport! * After brushing, you can collect 1 sticker and up to3stars per day. * You can take selfies with previouslysavedmonsters if you select them! ♥ Please recommend Brush Monstertoyour friends and family ♥ Toothbrushing * Brush Monster isaneffective and efficient toothbrushing education methodwhichsupports children’s cognitive development by combiningaugmentedreality, toothbrushing methods recommended by pediatricdentists,and John Dewey’s ‘Learn by doing’, a cognitive developmenttheoryfor children. See latest news on Brush Monster: officialwebsite official facebook *Brush Monster is Kitten Planet’s firstservice to understand andsupport growth our children. * For furtherinquiries, contact usvia address below. email :[email protected] phone :+827076200405
Tooth Fairy Magic Adventure - Healthy Teeth Games 2.8.1
Do you like playing fairy tale free games? Do you like fairyland?Doyou like to brush your teeth with the tooth fairy? Would youlike totravel to a fairyland where tooth are magic and fantasycome true?Well if you're into some new adventures and you want tojoin thiswonderful girl, get ready because this is the place whereanadventure girl like you should be! Start unleashing yourcreativityand healthy habits in these educational fairy freeadventure gamesfull of wobbly teeth! The daily life of this kindof teeth fairygirls from fairyland are full of magical experiencesand you canexplore them all starting with the first level of thefree cleanupgames, where you will find our amazing tooth fairy ather house whenit’s time to wake up. She will need to prepare herwonderful andfantastic teeth fairy tale tooth day. You better lookunder yourpillow!Pack her stuff for the night: Learn how to grindthe fairydust and prepare the toothpaste with mint and lime, thetoothbrushand the mouthwash. Choose a beautiful box and collectcoins from thetree for the children that are waiting for you andyour magic with atooth under the pillow along the journey!Have alook now to themagic mirror from fairyland to check if the toothfairy princess isready before she goes to look your magic pillow!.Help her to fixher appearance and play awesome free mini games inthe meanwhile asif you were in a beauty salon. Brush her hair,wash her teeth withthe teeth toothbrush, prepare her somethingdelicious to eat andlet’s go!In the following free level, you willhave to take care ofher magic little cute puppy from fairyland:The fluffy dog needs acure for his paw. Take the splinter out ofthe puppy leg and apply abandage to the sweet dog. Now clean andfeed him. You only can lovethis pet! Help him with the care heneeds and make sure he lookshealthy!After you play around a whileyou can do the job that everymagic tooth fairy out there must do,that is to go at night time ona tooth hunt and find the good kidswho have placed their toothunder their pillows and switch themwith some precious teeth coins.So, it is time to take care of thebaby girl, take her baby teethand leave a toothbrush under hermagic pillow while she sleeps. Helpthe toddlers to make theirdreams come true. Fly now out through thewindow thanks to yourwings and visit more kids once they fallasleep. Let’s teach thechildhood all about the teeth cleaning andsome habits of toothhealth! Time for a break. The teeth fairy istired and needs torecover herself from the magic tooth day. Helpher to relax a bitfrom the toothpaste factory. Clean her and changeher clothes andmakeup as if she were in a facial spa. Pick up afashion dress forher and decorate the teeth fairy wings with sometooth decorationdesign and brush her teeth to be perfect and readyfor a freeadventure again!Features: - Simple and intuitive fairymagicaltooth adventure from fairyland - Beautiful fairy tales androleplaying free games of clean teeth! - Catchy music,gorgeousgraphics and lots of animations to enjoy these tooth fairyfreegames - Fun and various fairy educational activities in theseminifree games!Teeth under the pillow, magic wands, toys,healthyteeth, fairy princess tiara, special gifts and accessories,allawaits for you here! Be a part of these fairy tales yourselfbyhelping this cute little princess to explore the city and doherjob just right in this fairy magical free game!
BoneBox™ - Dental Lite 1.0
BoneBox™ - Dental Lite is the pocket-sized version of our BoneBox™- Dental app. This real-time 3D medical education andpatientcommunication tool, featuring incredibly detailed anatomicalmodelsof the human dental anatomy. It is a member of a series ofappsdeveloped by a team of anatomists, certified medicalillustrators,animators, and programmers using actual human CTimaging data, andthe most accurate 3D modeling technologyavailable. The BoneBox™-Dental Lite is appropriate for use bysecondary students,undergraduate and graduate students, and medicalprofessionals.Interaction with BoneBox™ - Dental Lite utilizes truereal-time 3Dso the user can place the highly realistic detaileddental anatomyin any position and zoom in to explore all of theanatomicalstructures. By using the interactive quizzing feature theuser willbe tested on their knowledge of the human dental anatomy.The useris presented with a random tooth and given 4 multiplechoiceanswers to pick from.
Dentist Pony Doctor Care 1.7
Green Tea Games
Welcome to Dentist Pony Doctor Care Specifically designed forGirls,Boys & Families . Do you have what it takes to becomethe bestHorse and Pony dentist doctor? It’s time to find out withDentistPony Doctor Care! Use a variety of real dentist and doctortoolssuch as syringes, drills and even stickers to help the cutehorsesleave the surgery with their teeth repaired. Dental surgeryhasnever been so much fun!Learn how to be a dentist today! DentistPonyDoctor Care has 8 patients that all need your help, and onlybyhelping all of them can you become the best dental doctor.Usingyour tools you will have to brush teeth, treat bacteria andwashout the mouths of the Ponies. Doing all of these things willletthe ponies leave with shiny clean teeth. Once the teeth havebeenrepaired it is time to play the washing up minigame to makesurethat the tools are clean for the next patient. You don’t wanttospread an infection! Put each tool into the sink before washingitwith a sponge ready for the next operation.In Dentist PonyDoctorCare, defeating bacteria in the mouth is not as easy as itsounds.Play the bug splat minigame so that you can be sure that allofyour patients have healthy, white teeth when they leave. It isalsoimportant to fill any holes in your patient's teeth topreventinfection. Will you be able to move the filling tool intothe holein the tooth without hurting the patient? Precision isimportant inDentist Pony Doctor Care.Dentist Pony Doctor Care hassome patientswho want more stylish teeth, so go ahead and give thecute littleponies some cool stickers to put on their newlyrepairedteeth!Gameplay Features- 8 Pony patients to help- Performdifferenttypes of surgery with different tools- Become the bestdentist withthis fun and free dentist simulator- Wash up toolsready for thenext patient- Defeat bugs to remove infection- Fillholes in teeth-Give your patients cool stickers to make them lookmorestylishDentist Pony Doctor Care has been carefully designedforboys, girls and families to have ultimate fun! Please rate usforfuture improvements and updates!Invite your friends to playthecute, magical and addictive games designed for Girls & Boysofall ages developed by Green Tea Games and challenge them to seewhois the best dentist doctor!Visit our official siteatwww.GreenTeaGames.comFollow us on or like us on to get more info about all ourupcomingtitles.
Super Mad Dentist 1.2.3107
Kiwi Go
These poor people have really bad problems with their teeth.Normaldentist can’t do anything to help them. Only the super maddentistcan treat their teeth with special tools. Do you want to bea superdentist and cure those people’s teeth? It’s a pretty coolthing tobe a super dentist. Let’s start the treatment now.Features:►Apopular dentist simulation game for kids ►Check teethproblems andcure the patients ►Use spray to kill gems in themouth►Fill decayedteeth and replace bad teeth►All kinds of crazytools to playExperience the fun of being an awesome dentist. Thisgame will helpall kids learn the importance to protect the teeth.
Baby Princess Dentist Brackets 1.0.3
This is for sure a fun medical game where you get to know whyyouneed to take a proper care of your teeth and what aretheconsequences if you are supposed to taka care of a sick teeth.Stepby step you'll be guided to understand each device and howit'sworking so you'll be able to use them on this unhappy baby.First,you are about to use the toothbrush to clean any possibleleftoverso your actual job can start. Dry the spot so it'll be ahygienicenvironment to perform the necessary procedure. Dig intothe teethand get rid off the caries, polish the ones that can besaved andthen you'll be forced to take out the one that need to bereplaced.Make the extraction, add the missing teeth and then skipto thepart where you need to put the braces. Put on the substancethat ismeant to keep the small part on the teeth and place them oneby onein the right spot. Dry it and then make sure the bracketsstickthere with that metal lines. Accomplish this final phase andif youfollowed the instructions and you've made your duty thislittlebaby princess will be happy again because her teeth are nowfixedand clean because of you. Take the credit and keep improvingyourskills by playing it until you learn how you should applyabraces.There are many awesome features this game offerslike:-having the opportunity to see how a dentist works- takingcare of alittle baby girl- free and easy to play- many interestingdevicesto see and use- get a full experience by treating an illteeth-develop great skills as a doctor- understanding theimportance of ahealthy teeth- get to know the process and learningnew things
Tooth Fairy Princess: Cleaning Fantasy Adventure 2.3.2
Tooth fairy knows how much kids love fantasy tooth games! Thisiswhy we brought you a new fairyland of health care, healthyhabitand dentist games for kids! Try now these fairy princessadventuregames and grow up as a healthy kid! Leave your baby teethto theTooth fairy!Explore this princess fairy fantasy game! Inthismagical fairyland you will meet one of the most gorgeousfairyprincess in this fantasy realm! She cannot wait to exploretheworld. Before she can go out, she will need your help choosingtheperfect clothes for the living this adventure game andalsocleaning her room a bit. Brush her teeth and her hair, washherface and use some makeup. Dress her up for the day as fancyandcolorful as you can! She likes to pick up the baby teeththatchildren leave under the pillow. Do not forget that she is afairyprincess and you need to check the weather forecast to preventherto be caught in the middle of a storm! Can you keep a secret,babygirl!? Come and meet the Tooth fairy now!In this amazingbrushingteeth game for kids healthy habit acquisition you willdiscovertons of fantasy activities in which you can unleashyourcreativity, starting from helping the twinkle princess fairy togetdress. Enjoy the puzzles and improve your healthy habitskills!Dress up toys, explore fashion, cook, paint... Progressthrough thelevels. Magical landscapes and princesses are waitingfor you. Pickup the children's baby teeth and leave them a presentwhile theyare sleeping! All these activities you unlock will makeyou happierand will show children healthy habits!Features of thesehealthyhabits and adventure games for kids:- A beautiful andengagingadventure tooth fairy story- Wonderful designed princessfairycharacters- Funny sounds and joyful music- Minigames forhealthykids: Plenty of educational activities- Unlockables andother fairyprincess secrets!- Dentist and healthy habit games forboys andgirls: Brush teeth game inside a fantasy fairyland full ofprincesssurprises!Healthy tips for girls: You will need to brushyour teethevery day to maintain healthy teeth and grow as a prettybabyprincess or fairy girl! Have fun now with these brushadventuresgames! Similar to other tooth fairy princess cleaninggames forgirls, you will surely find these fairyland stories veryattractiveand fun, children and especially kindergarten kids willadore thefairy characters and will love the minigames! Shareyourachievements with your friends in these dentist games forgirls!Start brushing teeth now, let this fantasy begin and grow upashealthy kids! These girls best games are appropriate foryourpretty girl. Let your sweet baby play these tooth fairyandprincess games made of little fantasy stories about healthyhabits:Take care of baby teeth and baby's tooth cleaning (learnabouttoothbrush, toothpaste and mouthwash), enjoy standing out thetoothfairy princess beauty with different make up and mascara(facialspa) and collect baby teeth in these girls games! Are yougoing tomiss these fairy and princess adventure and fantasy gamesforgirls?
Baby Hazel Baby Care Games 11
Kids, here is your Baby Hazel Baby Caring games pack. This gamepackcontains 9 popular fun-filled Baby Hazel Baby Caring games.List ofgames available in this pack are: * Help Hazel about dentalhygienein Baby Hazel Brush Time game * Baby Hazel Newborn Baby *Baby HazelSibling Care * Baby Hazel Sibling Trouble * Baby HazelSkin Care *Baby Hazel Hair Care * Baby Hazel Royal Bath * BabyHazel KitchenFun * Baby Hazel Bed Time By downloading this game,you are agreeingto our terms of use which can be foundat[] and our privacypolicywhich can be found at[] 

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© 2018AxisEntertainment Limited., Baby Hazel, andallrelated characters, music, and images are licensed trademarksandcopyrights owned or used under license by AxisEntertainmentLimited and are protected by international copyrightlaws. BabyHazel is a trademark of Axis Entertainment Limited in theUnitedStates and other jurisdictions. All rights reserved.Pleasesubscribe to Youtube Channel for Baby Hazel Videos: Visit us– Follow us Twitter– Like us– Follow us on Google Plus- on Pinterest -
Hi-Dentist 1.0.2
This app is designed to offer dentists comprehensiveinformationabout • Scientific Articles (abstracts),• Informationaboutupcoming dental events/conferences,• Medical / Dentistryvideos•Patient education posters Other features of the app providetheuser with the following options Create a patient profileThisuniquefeature will enable the doctor to create and maintain profileofevery patient wherein they can upload images of patient’scasesThisdental app is expected to offer the dentist to efficientlymanagepatient data as well as keep abreast with the latesthappenings andadvancements in the field of dentistry.
TDC Dental 30
TDC Dental
TDC Dental Appointment นัดหมาย ทำฟัน ดูคิวออนไลด์TDCDentalAppointment dentist appointment online to look at the queue.
UDENZ Smile Click Away يودينز‎UDENZ Labz FZ-LLC 2.3
UDENZ is the market leader in quality real-time engagementbetweennew and current dental patients and dentists. Connectingdentalpatients to dentists through our custom mademobileapplication.Easily Just Download and Navigate your NearestDentist,Check Dentist Rates and Book An Appointment. Help you findthenearest Dentist, make appointment and choose dentalservices.Userscan search for Dentist by Distance, Type of DentalService, DentalSpecialty, Gender of Dentist, Country, and City.Users can bookDental Appointments, check all Dental Offers, Submittheir Smiles,Rate and share their Dental Experience. All only viathe Menu andMap options on UDENZ App.• Users Features:- Detectsyour currentlocation automatically.- Shows interactive map withdrivingdirections.- Tap to call the business phone number.- Tap tocheckDental Offers.- Bookmark favourites for quick retrieval.- FindaDentist Near You- Share • Dentist can download free andregisterand:- Choose their specialty (GP Dentist, Orthodontist,RestorativeDentistry, Endodontist, Periodontist, Oral Surgeon,Implantologistand Cosmetic Dentistry).- Choose your Clinic Locationand Updateyour Working Time >- Submit Dental Offers. - SubmitShowcases.-Check and Book Dental Events, Dental Conference, DentalExhibitionsand Dental Workshops.And Much More Dental Features.UDENZisProviding Dentists with a Full Dental Eco-System Platform.Note:Weare back with another important update to enhance the DentistandUser experience with Udenz. This new Version contains thefollowingUpdates :# Introducing all new Interface to give our usersa newtheme. # We are very happy to announce the New wallet systemso forboth user and Dentist. Using this wallet the dentist canacceptconsultation fee. # On each successful appointment, The Userswillget some reward points. The users who are having good amountofrewards would be getting an price from Udenz.# We have addedshortsignup process for dentists. # Phone No Verification fornewsignups.# New dentist Profile changes are there for the websiteandeducation. We have also added the tab based profile editing forthedentist so that the dentist can easily change the information.#TheNew Slot based Working time is added for the dentist who haveaddedtheir working time.# With the new appointment system the userdon'thave to wait for the dentist to confirm the appointment, Iftheslot is free then the appointment will be confirmed.
No Clenching 2.0.3
No Clenching is an app for android that brings the importance ofnotclenching your teeth. The App can send reminders fullycustomized bythe user.If you no clenching your teeth, you keep theright postureof your masticatory system, preventing muscleoverload, joint,dental and periodontal factors that can lead topain / discomfortand facial dental problems.Features:- Pages withtrivia andinformation on teeth clenching.- Customizable Reminders.You can setthe time interval, what message you want to bedisplayed and if youwant to be reminded of the use of protectiveplate night.
Dental Desk 1.0
Dr. Prasad Joshi
Dental desk is an application desk for answering thequeriespertaining to dental problem.It is not only an informativeapp butalso a platform to provide temporary relief from variousdentalproblems by using common household techniques.The main mottoofthis app is to acknowledge people regarding various alarmingdentalproblem and educate them regarding various treatmentmodalities.Thenext facet of this app is to create awareness amongpeopleregarding dental care and oral hygiene habits.In today’s 3Gworldlifestyles have changed. In olden dentistry, removing toothandreplacing it was only motto of dentistry. Today’s modernprocedureslike RCT, crowns and bridges have changedlifestyles.Introductionof RCT has saved lives of many teeth. Modernfilling proceduressuch as composites has restored teeth to normaland are quitesuperior to traditional silver filling.Morbidity dueto inabilityto eat food owing to dental problems has considerablydecreased.People were reluctant to use removable artificial teeth,but due toadvent of fixed teeth and implants the acceptance ofartificialteeth has increased.Dental implant is corner stone oftoday’sdentistry. It has considerably improved looking and eatingstylesof patients. Older people have left using traditionallyprepareddentures and started enjoying the magical effects ifimplantsupported dentures.Smile designing by laminates have madegirlslooking more gorgeous and lovely than ever.Ortho treatment canmakeugly to look charming.Gum problems are next alarming issues duetolack of nutritious diet.So this app has featured answers toallquestions to dental problems and remedy for same. Immediaterelieffrom pain is the main backbone of this app.
Brosse-toi les dents Ben koala 2.4
Signes de sens
Se brosser les dents, c'est parfois galère ! Heureusement, BenleKoala est là !Il se brosse les dents avec toi et en même tempsquetoi. Il te montre les bons gestes et c'est rigolo ! «Brosse-toiles dents avec Ben le Koala! » est une application quiaide lesenfants à se brosser les dents en s'amusant. Elleestparticulièrement adaptée aux enfants en difficulté decommunication(À partir de 2 ans).L'enfant choisit son personnage etlance lavidéo qui montre le personnage en train de se laver lesdents. Unchronomètre indique le temps qui passe pendant le brossageetpermet à l'enfant de suivre l'activité et d'anticiper lesgestes.Laversion 2.0 permet de:- choisir le personnage avec lequell'enfantveut se brosser les dents,- lire les vidéos en étantconnectés à unréseau,- télécharger les vidéos pour un usagehorsconnexion.-----"C'est la première fois que mes enfants medemandentd'aller se brosser les dents !" "La présence duchronomètre permetà l'enfant de respecter le temps nécessaire aubrossage. Cela luipermet de patienter en musique. Il saitexactement quand l'activitécommence et quand elle se termine. Cequi est rassurant pour lui.L'outil est ludique et motive l'enfant"«...les objectifs sontatteints, il prend plus de plaisir, lebrossage dure plus longtempset il est plus efficace. Il se rappelledu lavage tout seul "brosseles dents! cherche ipad!" c'est génial!que de plaisir et tellementmoins de stress! merci!»-----Application développée parl'association Signes de sens grâceau soutien de la FondationBettencourt Schueller et de la FondationCultura.Suivez Bensur: sometimes pain! Fortunately, Ben is the Koala!He brusheshisteeth with you and at the same time as you. It shows you therightthings and it's fun!"Brush your teeth with Ben Koala! "Isanapplication which helps children to brush their teeth fun.Itisparticularly suitable for children in need of communication (From2years).The child chooses his character and starts the videowhichshows the character in the process of brushing teeth. Atimerindicates how much time passes during brushing and allows thechildto monitor the activity and anticipate actions.Version 2.0allowsyou to:- Choose the person with whom the child wants to brushtheirteeth,- Play videos being connected to a network,- Downloadvideosfor offline use.-----"This is the first time my children askme togo brush your teeth!""The presence of the timer allows thechild torespect the time brushing. This allows him to wait inmusic. Heknows exactly when the activity begins and when it ends.Which isreassuring for him. Tool is fun and motivates the child""... Goalsare achieved, it takes more pleasure, brushing lastslonger and ismore effective. He remembers washing alone "brush yourteeth! Seeksipad!" this is awesome! that pleasure and so much lessstress!thank you! "-----Application developed by the associationdirectionsigns with the support of the Bettencourt SchuellerFoundation andthe Cultura Foundation.FollowBenon:
Mad Dentist 2 - Kids Hospital Simulation Game 1.7.3189
Kiwi Go
Dentist, special patients came to your clinic. They aretwoprincesses, two princes, a witch and a draft. They allhaveproblems on their teeth. Your missions are to give themrighttreatments and help them feel better. Time to show yourexpertskills and cure your patients. Features: ⊙ All kinds ofmagicaldental tools to choose from ⊙ Use spray to clean their teethfirst⊙ Kill germs hided in their oral cavities ⊙ Start your battletofight against teeth decay ⊙ Whiten their teeth with specialtoolHelp your special patients get rid of teeth problems.Experiencethe thrill being a great dentist!
Victor de Aquino
This app aims to assist graduate students in dentistry anddentalsurgeons in the study of radiographic interpretation.TheRadioXtudy presents an organized, direct and functionalinterface,containing topics divided didactically to the study,include: •Anatomy • Pathology • Dental anomalies The app alsoincludes aninteractive area between users, as well as exercises forfixing thestudied content! I wish you all the benefit, interest andlearningin dental radiology area is increased considerably!
Photo To Pencil Sketch Effects 3.4
Awesome Sketches. is a easy to use and funny app that letsyouconvert your photos into sketches by applying differentimageeffects. None of your pictures will look ordinaryagain.Easy-to-Use interface.The Sketches effect can be applied toanyimage. Best effects are obtained by using a picture with abighead.
My child and the dentist 1.0
Your doctor dentist for your children and youWhat you canexperiencethe visit to the dentist and how it worksHow does toothuprootedwitness the pain and medications used by the dentist tonot beafraid you'll see everythingThe process of dental amalgams,extraction , installation, watched a young childApplicationdoctordentist.Free game does not hesitate to be downloaded
Aprende a lavarte los dientes y cuidar tu boca jugando conSanitasDental Infantil. La aplicación está pensada para que losniños sediviertan al tiempo que aprenden los fundamentos básicosdelcuidado de sus dientes. ¡Lavarse los dientes es un juego!Dentrodela app podemos encontrar dos partes principales: - Cuidadodelos dientes: Los niños configuran un avatar al que tendránquelimpiarle los dientes periódicamente para evitar la aparicióndesuciedad, sarro y caries. - Juegos educativos: 18divertidosmini juegos divididos en 3 ámbitos: El baño, el dentistay lacocina, trabajan conceptos fundamentales del cuidado y lasaluddental.La app Sanitas Dental Infantil refuerza los mensajessobresalud buco dental de padres, maestros y especialistas.Visitaraldentista periódicamente, alimentarse bien y cuidar tus dientesadiario mantiene tu boca limpia y sana.Learn how to brush yourteethand take care of your mouth Child playing with Sanitas Dental.Theapplication is designed for children to have fun while learningthebasics of caring for your teeth. Brushing your teeth isagame!Within the app you can find two main parts:- Teethcare:Children form an avatar that will have to clean teethregularly toavoid the appearance of dirt, tartar and cavities.-Educationalgames: 18 fun mini games divided into 3 areas: Thebathroom andkitchen dentist, working fundamentals of dental careand health.TheChildren's Dental Sanitas app reinforces messagesabout oral healthof parents, teachers and specialists.Visit yourdentist regularly,eat well and take care of your teeth every daykeeps your mouthclean and healthy.
Magic Paint Kaleidoscope 1.3.0
Enjoy magic with this kaleidoscope drawing game!A fun, simple,andaddicting art game for all ages to draw kaleidoscopepictures.There are several kaleidoscope modes, many beautifulbrushes, andvarious bright color to use, and the possibilities fordesigns areendless. You can make cool designs that looks likekaleidoscopeswith just a few swipe of your fingers. Each pictureyou make isunique. You can enjoy the beautiful drawings and get asense ofaccomplishment when you replay them like a movie. Notmatter yourage, either kids, or whole family, will find the game isa greatfun way to be relaxed. Of course, a great time pass as well:-)*More than ten beautiful brushes* Eight kaleidoscope modes*Galleryto store kaleidoscope picture and animation* Replaykaleidoscopeanimation as a small film* Undo* Share kaleidoscope viafacebook,twitter, picasa, etc.************** Magic Brush Box************"Magic Brush Box" - advanced version of this game,where you willhave full control of brush style, brush color andkaleidoscopemode.
Learn to Draw Glow Cartoon 1.0.1
We have the details drawing steps, let’s drawing theinterestingcartoon with us!It’s the best choice for you to learndrawing.Don’tneed any experience and skills,Follow our drawingdetails,That youwill finished the beautiful works.Very easy andfunny !【FEATURES】I.There’re more interesting that draw with theglow brushes.II. Morechoice: Many beautiful cartoon pages.III.Different playing way:learn drawing and coloringEasy and funny ,TRYNOW!
Little Lovely Dentist 1.1.8
Leaf Cottage
Lot of people want to be a great dentist, it's your dream, yes?Nowyou get a chance to treat those poor patients at the clinic inthisdentist game!Director of the crazy dentist office is lookingfor asmart doctor who can clean, color and beautify teeth. Are youthebest doctor? Are you the best animal doctor? Welcome todentistoffice, you have a chance to help your patients, to provethat youare a nice dentist! Gain experience to become the expertdentistand doctor. The dentist office is opening! Patients arelining upoutside the little dentist office to check patients'teeth/toothproblems... They suffer from kinds of teeth problemslike badteeth, tooth cavity, dental calculus, dentistmania...Become thebest crazy doctor, and the best dentist in town!Perform differenttreatments on your patients. Extract their teethcarefully withouthurting them and see a tooth fairy swirl her magicwand. Treatpatients at the office in this dentist games with prettycooldoctor tools like mouth spray, dental pliers and braces,dentistmania! It's a very funny dentist game for people topractice, forcreation, a sense of accomplishment! Features: * Morethan 12lovely characters in the dentist office, includingcelebrity, theyhave crazy teeth problems and are waiting for thelittle dentist*Provide abundant teeth cleaning tools, colorpainting brush andkinds of lovely teeth stickers, and make you alittle but crazydentist * Featuring picture capturing and rating tolet you seeyour work at the first moment. Dear little dentist,don't forget totake a picture after finishing your work * Not onlya dentist maniagame but also full of sense of education, makecelebrities anddevelop habit of protecting teeth. It teaches youhow to be alittle dentist! Welcome to dentist mania, enjoy thelovely dentistgames! Here you can help your patients, become a nicedentist! Youcan not only turn yourself into a professional dentist,diagnoseand cure different patients, but also can operate anddecorate yourown dental clinic, make it your dreaming one. Hope youlike thislittle dentist games, be the best dentist at this crazyfun office!Treat patients with professional doctor tools likesyringes, dentaltweezers, and more! This dentist’s office is somuch fun! You’venever been to a dentist’s office like this! Thisdentist games willbe improved continuously!
Crime Cupid Dentist Make Up 1.0.0
Crime Cupid and a friend is going to Dentist to fix teeth.Herboyfriend will be happy to see her famous smile again!ByKiz10girls.comKiz10girls.comKiz10.comGirl GamesHairdressergirlgamesManicure Girl Games GamesDoctor Girl Games GamesMakeoverGirlGamesReal Haircut GamesDress Up GamesSpa GamesPet ShopGamesCookingGamesDentist gamesMakeover GamesWedding GamesPregnantGamesHospitalGames
Endolit 4.0.8
Adham Abdel Azim
The Endolit app has undergone major upgrade and changed from justanapp providing endodontic knowledge to an endodontic networkthatconnects Endodontists and dentists interested in the fieldofEndodontics. Each user can now develop his own profile,connectwith other users and communicate with them through textmessaging.With our new home page, users can share their day-to-daywork,discuss cases and get instant notification when other userscommentor like their posts. Through this interactive feature, userscanstay connected and educate each other. Users can also sharetheirwork on different social media. The new app address differentneedsfor users interested in the field of endodontics. Besidetheliterature and case report section that was initially present,weadded a Video section. All videos are for educational purposeandwill be available free of charge on the app. If usersareinterested to post videos, they can check the guideline forvideosubmission present on the app and submit their video throughtheendolit website. Another added features are a Calendar forfutureevents and Job opportunity section. Through these sections,userscan stay updated with future events and apply for jobs inprivatepractice or faculty positions. Users are allowed to updatethecontent themselves by submitting jobs and events that willbereviewed on the same day and posted on the app. Users canalsodelete any submitted jobs or events in case jobs have beenfilledor canceled events. The new app functions in PortraitandHorizontal mode.
Photo Glitter Effect - Kakita Glitter Effect 1.1.1
kakita studio
Kakita Glitter Effect has number of attractive effects thatmakeyour photo more impressive. For improving your photography youhaveto use various kind of effects from Magic Brush that gives newlookto your photo. Create sparkling pictures with amazingglittereffects. Kakita Glitter Effect is a powerful photo editorapp witheasy to use user interface. Magic brush has a differentmagic brushlike splatter brush, star brush, bubble brush or morebrush isprovide. Features: * Select picture from your gallery orcapturenew one from camera * Hand draw effects on your picturefrommultiple glitter dust effect patterns * Apply amazing photoeffectsEnjoy using this awesome glitter effect and share on yoursocialnetwork directly. Contactus:
Draw Glow Comics 1.0.1
Don’t need any experience and skills, follow the stepstolearn.Teach you how to draw the pictures step-by–step.Makeyourworks looks somewhat different from the others.- Glowbrushes,freely switch the colors- Drawing + Coloring : coloringyour greatworks- Detailed drawing steps to learn. teachyoustep-by-step.Learing drawing now! Explore the wonderful worldofcolor!Don’t miss it ! DOWN LOAD NOW !
Dental dictionary 1.2
Dentool Inc.
This is an application of dentists with search engine,whichexplains the meanings of almost 10,000 dental termswithoutinternet connection. This app is the first version of ouridea andwe did our best to explain the terms. App contains nicefeatures tomake it easy and quick to use. This is one of the appsof DentoolInc.Developed by,Nalamothu Abhishek.M.K. Manisha.
MySmile 1.6.6
OrisLine My Smile is the app of your Dental Clinic, always atyourdisposal. OrisLine My Smile is an appointments andcheckupsreminder, at everytime you can consult your treatment plan,alwaysup to date. OrisLine My Smile contains answer to many ofyourquestions about oral hygiene, implantology, ortondontics,etc.Thanks to the educational videos you can see how to brushyourteeth and use the dental floss or proxabrush and how to treataneglected tooth decay. Also it's usefull for the children tolearnthe basics of a proper oral hygiene. If you are recoveringfrom asurgery, you can find in OrisLine My Smile the information ofthecorrect behaviour after the treatment. With OrisLine My Smileyoucan receive the notifications sent by your dentist to informyouabout news and promotions of the dental clinic.
Syrian Med 1.0
يحتوي البرنامج على 3 اقسام للبشري و الاسنان و الصيدلة حيثيضمتحميلات للمناهج و الدورات الامتحانية و يحتوي على طريقةتفاعليةرائعة لحل الاسئلة المتعددة الخيارات (بالنسبة للطبالبشري)Theprogram contains three sections of human and dental andpharmacyAndit includes downloads of the curriculum and examsessionsAnd it hasa wonderful interactive way to resolve themultiple choicequestions (respect for human medicine)
How to Whiten Teeth Instantly 1.1
How to Whiten Teeth Naturally OvernightHow to Whiten TeethWithBananaHome Remedies to Whiten Teeth InstantlyHow to WhitenTeethWith Hydrogen PeroxideHow to Make Teeth White NaturallyFromYellowHow to Whiten Your Teeth in One DayHow to Whiten TeethWithBaking SodaHow to Whiten Teeth With Coconut Oil
Draw Glow Princess 1.0.9
With glow brushes, drawing the beautiful princesspictures!Here’remany Princess, Castle, Princess Dress, CrystalShoes, PumpkinCarriage!Don’t need any experience and skills, teachyou how todraw the pictures step-by –step.Not only teach you how todraw yourfavorite princess, but also coloring.Follow the drawingsteps, tofinished your fantastic works!Click to share with yourfriends,let’s enjoy it!★ Many excellent drawing tools: The glowbrushes.★Beautiful and interesting drawing pictures.★ Detaileddrawing stepsto learn. teach you step-by-step.★ The joyful oflearning andcoloring: coloring with your favorite colors.★ MyGallery : to showyour drawing as an artist!Interesting andbeautiful glowbrushes,Easy to learn drawing, Explore the wonderfulworld ofcolor!Each works that kids create is unique andwonderful!Don’tmiss it ! DOWN LOAD NOW !
Dentist - Dental clinic appointment manager 2.0.6
Dentist application is designed for dentists to use daily intheirprofessional activities. Dental ofiice appointment managerwillhelp you to keep information on patient visit : rootcanaltreatment, teeth whitening, braces, tmj, tooth extraction.Dentalchart and x-rays of patients will be always near at hand.
Dentist G 1.0
Gaurav dixit
Dentist G app is an application providing all the informationaboutthe dental problems . It focuses on all aspects ofdentistry.modern techniques of dentistry and their details havebeen incooperated in this . Mainly this app is divided into twospheres ,baby tooth and adult tooth . Prevention and protectionshould beginfrom very early childhood so it's necessary to know allthe factsof baby tooth . In adult tooth , all the dental relateddiseasesare explained and their related treatment is given in verysimpleand elaborated manner , which anyone read and adapt in theirlife .Main motto of this app is to create awareness amongst peopleabouttheir oral hygiene . This app features all tips to keepteethhealthy .
IndiaSupply - Dental App 2.1.1
Getting information about dental products, Events,Conferences,Expo, Dental Dealers, Suppliers, Manufacturers, bestdental dealsand offers is now easy and convenient with IndiaSupplyDentalMobile App.Features of IndiaSupply Dental App:· Get detailofupcoming Dental Expo, Dental Events and Conferences inDelhi,Bangalore Mumbai, Chennai, Pune and all over India.· Finddetail ofDental Expo, Events and Conference’s venue, speakers,schedule,floor plan and much more.· Get the direct registrationdetail linkfor all Dental Expo, Events and Conferences.· User canenquire forfeatured dental products from our featured brands.· Findcontactinformation like phone numbers, email IDs etc. of all brandsonIndiaSupply app.· With the IndiaSupply Dental app, user canfindthe detail of all dental product manufacturers, suppliersanddealers in India.· View contact details for all dental brands.Allcontact details for brands, their distributors andrepresentativesis provided on IndiaSupply- One Stop Online DentalShop.· Getupdate on best dental deals and offers.· We offer afriendlycustomer service by email and phone.
Terrible Teeth 1.4.1
Vile Media
Prepare for an adventure with bite... 9 out of 10 dentistsrecommendTerrible Teeth!*****"From the great character design tothecleverly-conceived game environment, Vile Media’s TerribleTeethdoes not stop crushing it on all levels." --8BitGamer*****Corneliusis the cream of the crop, the most heroicof all the kernels ofcorn. His field has been terrorised by aravenous radioactivemonster and all the corn has become trappedinside his mouth! HelpCornelius save his buddies from certaindoom! Use simple touchcontrols and your quick reflexes to controlCornelius. Run, jump,dodge and duck to avoid peril but be warned,the mouth is riddledwith hazards and the entire environment isalive and trying to takeyou down!*****PLAY STORY MODE!- Follow thejourney of Cornelius,through multiple levels and chapters.- RescueSweet Pea, the damsel,from the horrible Notzo Fungi, a maniacalmind controlling fungus.-Save your corn kernel buddies, collectgold coins and beat up allthe tooth fairies to get 3 stars onevery level.****PLAY ARCADEMODE!- Endless runner with random levelgeneration.- Starts easy butbecomes brutal with increasingdifficulty.- Compete against yourfriends and compare scores.- Testyour skills by taking on all ofthe challenging quests.- Spend yourhard earned coins on costumes,upgrades and items.*****This gamewas brought to life by a smallindie team of only 2 people.We areconstantly working hard toimprove the game and develop a-maize-ingnew features andcontent.Please help us out by spreading theword!Please rate. Thankyou!*****
Tooth Fairy Makeup Story 1.2
Tooth Fairy makeup StoryA wonderful and magical tooth fairyistangled in out of her fairyland ...thehuman place.Fairy knowsverywell that kids love tooth fantasy games. She wantsto penetratethetooth care habbit in kids as well as adults. Trythiswonderfuldentist fairy and do a lovely adventure. Explore hernewmagic tricks andget advantage of her magical treatment.Fulladventurous toys factory game.Her wings are not working well.Shebecomes sooooo much muddy and unable to magic. Her wand isbadlydamaged. An amazing princess fantasy deliema andtooth games.ToothFairy needs your help. Come and join fairy world. In thisamazingtooth fairy game for kids, she devlops habit acquisitioninkids.But from all these adventure you have to helping the fairytogetdress well and progressed a lot of levels.........FeaturesofTooth Fairy makeup Story-Give her a realxing spa with warmandflowery water.-Use makeup tools to make fairyagainbeautiful.-Select a best fairy outfit-Choose a perfect wingandwand.-She is able to collect teeth-Now you can put your toothunderyour pillow-Tooth fairy develop in you a brushing habbit-Shecansave u from cavity-Enjoy wonderful fairy gameNo needinternetconnection
Cusp Dental Office 2.1.3
Cusp is the best android application for the modern dentist! Cuspisan easy-to-learn, complete practice manager software for thedentaloffice. It can be installed on tablets, phones and PC/laptop(usingBluestacks). Since the first release of the application, onFebruary2014, Cusp has been significantly updated with coolfeatures andfixes. The latest characteristic is the Cloud edition,which allowssimultaneous usage of the patient database in all yourdevices.Supported languages: English, Español, Italiano, Türkçe,Russian,Portuguese, Ελληνικά, Română, Bengali, Arabic, Hebrew. Ifyou likethe app, please give it 5 stars and tell your colleaguesabout it 💕💕💕 The app contains an optional in-app product (in-apppurchase)which upgrades the app to the Cloud edition. Thisupgradesynchronizes your patients data in all your devices andallows youto use the app in many devices simultaneously. The Cloudedition isoffered as a monthly/yearly subscription at a very lowprice.FEATURES: ★ Patient folder. General profile info, medicalanamnesiswith ICD-10, oral examination, tooth chart permanent &primary,periodontal indexing. Tooth examine window with manyparameters(implant, endodontology etc.) ★ Save patient's signature.★ Photosand radiographs albums with image compression and sharingoptions ★Detailed treatment & payments history, treatmentplanning,call, SMS, and e-mail ★ Procedures and Prices catalog:Customizableprocedures, prices, laboratory and other costs. ★Patients listwith 4 types of sorting, export to csv and search withname andphone number. ★ Application password login protection. Thedefaultpassword is 0000. ★ Accounting Book: Detailed list withpatientpayments & treatments, pending payments, annual reportwithincomes, expenses, bills and net profit. Printing to WiFiprinterand export as PDF. ★ Treatment categories with statistics ★DrugsList, Prescriptions printing. Send prescription to patientviaSMS/email ★ Insurance health plans List ★ Dental materials List★Appointments organizer with table view and list view,Googleaccount calendar sync. Send reminder message to your patientviaSMS/Whatsapp/VIber ★ Import patient from contacts, add patientsinyour Google contacts. ★ Data Backup & Restore, remoteaccessvia Dropbox. ★ Import patients form Excel file. ★ Printingoptionsfor the patient's folder, tooth chart, payments historyandtreatment plans, or export to PDF document. ★ AutomaticSMSreminder (this feature uses your SIM card and works onlyonsmartphones and telephony-enabled tablets). ★ Many morefeatures...★ Frequent and free updates! Your opinion matters to usfor theimprovement of the app. ★ This is the Standard edition ofthe app.It does not require annual fees. You pay only once! Nofees, annualor monthly subscriptions. The price includes VAT. ★ Youcan(optionally) upgrade to the Cloud edition, if you want toinstalland use the app in different devices in real time. Cloud isofferedas a monthly/yearly subscription at a very low price.WEBSITE: SUPPORT - QUESTIONS: 📧e-mail:[email protected]: IDEAS -REQUESTS:
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