Top 49 Games Similar to Banana Warrior

Lara Croft: Relic Run 1.10.97
Lara Croft: Relic Run is the all new action adventure fornostalgicLara Croft fans. When a shadowy conspiracy threatens theworld,only Lara Croft is equipped to unearth the truth. Run,swing,drive, and swan dive your way through beautiful andchallengingenvironments, uncovering ancient relics to discover thetruth andsolve the mystery. There’s no time to waste, but how longcan yousurvive? Key features:· 3 incredible locations – JungleTemple,Desert and the new Mountain Pass - each filled with secretsanddanger.· Progress through the campaign map to collect relicsandadvance the Relic Run story.· Endless mode for non stop actionandthe chance to rack up big rewards.· Power up Lara’s arsenalofweapons and engage in frantic combat.· Use parkour moves tocreatedeath-defying last minute escapes.· Master fast-pacedvehicles likeATVs and motorcycles to give Lara more ways to conquertheterrain.· Epic Boss Fights – defeat iconic enemies includingthereturn of the infamous T-Rex!· Swap and upgrade equipment togiveLara the edge.· Choose from a wardrobe of classic Laraoutfits,each with its own gameplay perks.· Earn bragging rights ontheleaderboards.· Outsmart and sabotage your friends by CursingtheirRelic Run Each location features unique gameplay elements andbrandnew challenges! Download for free today!
Dungeon X Dungeon 1.2.4
Arcadia 's best treasure hunter Luke is a dungeon hunter topreventthe resurrection of the Great Evil! Dungeon x Dungeon isanauthentic side-scrolling 2D action adventure game featuringconsolegame feeling on your mobile device for a long time. Weinvite youto the world of 'Dungeon x Dungeon', which is filledwithinteresting stories, interesting encounters with friends,actiongames that will defeat invulnerable monsters and usevariouselements to get through the dungeons. [Game Features] -Adventureelements using various items and fierce battles to getthrough therough dungeons !! - Attack enemies by upgraded weaponsthat matchtheir style! - Sometimes, let's kill the enemy with abrilliantwide-range skill! - Monsters attacking in various patternsin meat,sea, and ball! - Good game without in-app payments!(Advertisingcan also be avoided if you have good skills !!!)
Call Of Modern Warfare : Secret Agent FPS 1.0.13
DGStudios is now offering "Call of Modern Warfare: SecretAgentFPS", a latest action adventure game. Get a chance torescuehostages by eliminating terrorist group. Kill terroristleader andall his gunners; destroy their communication andsatellite station,cut off power source and hack enemy serversystem. Abolish theirtanks and pick enemy important records. Takedown all terrorists inthis modern war with latest armory. You are afront line soldierwith heavy artillery of assault and sniperrifles, shot guns,pistols and revolvers and rocket launchers. Youare equipped withmodern military weapons in this first personshooter. Chase enemyleader and exemplary kill him for all enemygroups. World peace isnow in your hands, fight against evil in thismodern warfare. Inthis latest combat game you face off enemy who isequipped withmodern weapons and war tools. So fight like an elitecommando anddefeat your opponent in this special mission. GameFeatures :•Different types of pistols and revolvers includingGlock, DesertEagle, Sig Suaer and Taurus.• Multiple rifles,shotguns and rocketlaunchers. ( M16, FN SCAR, PDR, Striker shotgun,KRISS Super V,Milsig M17 SMG, Magpul PDR, RPG, Mini AK 47, HMGEcho1)• Moderncombat field and story based game play.• Advanceenemy AI in whichcharacter can go to cover, sense fear and callother companions inemergency.• 3 difficulty levels (Easy, Mediumand Hard).•Adjustable resolution normal, high and ultra-qualitywith shadows.•Pick enemy weapons and ammunition's to increasehealth.In thisaction packed shooting game, you are an army commandoand it’s yourduty to counter terrorism. Serve your nation andrescue your peoplewho are in danger. You are a sharp shooter; killthe entireterrorist groups and their commander to bring peace inthe society.Call of Modern Warfare: Secret Agent FPS is the latestinclusion inaction adventure. Be like an elite commando with modernweapons andtactics. You are a secret agent on a special mission onenemylines. Fight like a hero and show ultimate war skills todefeatantagonists. People have full confidence on you and you areone manarmy. Install "Call of Modern Warfare: Secret Agent FPS" nowandenjoy a wonderful experience of modern combat. Don’t forget torateand review it.
Crazy Stone Age 7.3.2
Let's gp adventure with stone age in order to protect villagesandpeople from dangerous dinosaurs and tigers which want todestroytheir wonderful home.Key features:※ Action Adventure classicgame※Super easy to control※ Fun music and sound ※ Five differentmainmaps※ Amazing different styles of stage
Kitty Quest - Cat Adventure Game 0.90
Digital Mind
Travels with Kitty to the ancestral world of Màthair, whereKittymust save the butterflies with the help of small magicalbeingscalled Beags, and defeat the evil Baalh. Help Kitty in aincredibleand epic adventure in a dark and beautiful world,crossingplaceslike The Awake Forest, Dreams Cave or Bones Canyon, all fullofdangerous creatures. This cute cat needs you for saveMàthair.kitty Quest is an action/adventure game with incredibledesign,animation and detail. Install it and enjoy the adventure,it´sfree! Features: ★ Incredible and realistic cat animation. ★yes!the hero is a tiny cat. ★ Awesome and immersive graphicsanddesign. ★ Good performance and simple control of the cat. ★ Anepicadventure with a very realistic tiny cat ★ New content andlevelsevery week.
Oddworld: Stranger's Wrath 1.0.13
** PLEASE NOTE: Rockchip, Broadcom and Amlogic devicesNOTSUPPORTED! Requires at least a 1.2 GHz dual core CPU, 1 GB RAMwithAdreno 220, Nvidia Tegra 3, ARM Mali 400-MP, PowerVR SGX543MP,Intel HD Graphics or Vivante GC1000 GPU. Runs atvariableresolution based on device capabilities. Performancesettingsavailable in app."A stunning and exquisitely realizedmasterpiecethat delivers a gaming experience unlike any that we'veseenbefore" - Game Informer"A wild, beautiful and exceptionalactionexperience" - IGNTouchArcade 5/5 Stars "every bit as awesomenow ona mobile device"148apps Editor's Choice 4.5/5 Stars "it’saconsole-quality adventure"Prepare to immerse yourself in 20 +hoursof action-adventure.In the dusty, undeveloped wastelands ofWesternMudos, cantankerous townsfolk find their settlementsbesieged bybelligerent outlaws. Along comes Stranger, a drifterturned bountyhunter, with a unique double-barreledcritter-firingcrossbow.Stranger’s Wrath has been passionatelyupgraded for thisall-new release with all exciting new controlsthat make the mostof the mobile format and improved visualsthroughout.Features:*Fully configurable touch-screen controls letyou move & re-sizeindividual buttons to suit your play style*Scalable virtualjoystick for fine tuning sensitivity of movement *Explore livingtowns, lush forests, and massive industrialfacilities* Seamlesslytransition between first-person shooter andthird-person platfomer*Scour your surroundings for live ammo* Workwith a range ofstrategies to surprise, stun, lure, blast and bagdevious outlaws*Meet incredibly odd, funny and smack-talkingtownsfolk, enemies andnatives* Fight dozens of varied bosses withoutlandish arsenals andoutrageous names Plus:* Complete"twin-stick" HID gamepad support,including specific control setupsfor Shield, Moga (HID), XBOX 360,PS3/PS4, and many more* Intuitivetouch controls + a redesignedmobile interface make playing &navigating a breeze *Incredible visuals that harness all theadvanced graphicscapabilities of today's mobile chipsets* Ahilarious script,theatrical soundtrack and compelling storylinewith a shockingtwist* English, German, Russian, French, Spanish,Italian,Portuguese, Finish, Swedish, and Polish languagesupport*Leaderboards, Achievements and Cloud Save
Robot Bros All Stars 1.1.0
108km Tech Ltd
All the robots assembled here! Robot Bros All Stars is acombinationof action-adventure and puzzle-based side-scrollergame, whichdeveloped and published by 108km Studio. This versionis acollection of all the creative elements in "Robot Bros"series. Nowyou can play with all kinds of robots for the ultimateparty. Thisgame features challenging physics-based gameplay andcooperationgame mode. You may unlock new robots by playing throughthe levelquests and compete against the challenging puzzles.CompleteAchievements by collecting stars, it's much more based onyour playstyle and strategy.--------------------------------------------Summary of Features:-------------------------------------------- -Co-operation gamestyle you might have never seen. - 8 differentrobots with uniqueabilities. Get them help each other. - Overcome60+ immersivepuzzles in a stunning world. - New objects andtriggers that helpyou solving the levels. - Sci-fi 3D visuals andawesome soundeffects. - Amazing unlock characters and skillsprogression. Dozensof hours of gameplay. - Universal App, optimizedfor phones andtablets. Robot Bros All Stars is sure to delightcasual mobilegamers and action gaming fans alike! Search on GooglePlay with"108km" to get our other games. Produced by 108km -
Oceanhorn ™ 1.1.1
*SPECIAL LAUNCH SALE*You wake up and find a letter from yourfather.He is gone…The only lead is his old notebook and amysteriousnecklace. What happened?Explore the islands of UnchartedSeas, aworld filled with many dangers, puzzles and secrets. Fightmonsters,learn to use magic and discover ancient treasures whichwill helpyou on your quest. Use all your wits and skill to unravelthemysteries of ancient kingdom Arcadia and seamonsterOceanhorn.Oceanhorn combines captivating storytelling,breathtaking3D visuals and exciting gameplay into one massiveaction adventureexperience you will never forget. Enjoy anincredible soundtrackfrom the best video game composers in theworld:Nobuo Uematsu(Final Fantasy*) and Kenji Ito (SeikenDensetsu*) Master the gameeffortlessly with accurate touch controlsor controller.PleaseNote: Oceanhorn is a free to download premiumgame with a singlein-app purchase to unlock the full version.Youcan play the firstchapter for free and test it on your devicefirst.FEATUREOVERVIEW:* Customizable Graphics Settings* Requires1GB RAM- Musicfrom legendary Nobuo Uematsu and Kenji Ito- 10+ hoursof storydriven gameplay.- Master magic and swordfight- Find ancientitemsto help you on your quest- Game Services Achievements-AccurateTouch Controls
Trap Dungeons 2 1.61
Clancy Studios
Traps, Traps and Traps. One of the best new game of 2018 and oneofthe most popular adventure mobile game.Start Playing TrapDungeons2 Adventure game today.Trap Dungeons 2 is a simple 2Dactionadventure crazy game where you have to go from one point totheother. Just beware of the traps.WHAT'S YOUR NEXT MOVE?Features:*2Dcrazy adventure game* Multiple levels with increasing difficulty*Awide variety of traps * Easy to use controls* Puzzle game withlotsof puzzles to solve using your brain* A bunch of surprises thatyoumay or may not like* New levels are added every week* Specialhardlevels for hardcore gamers* No Internet Game - one of thebestoffline games* 8 Bit Game* Free to play ,Say NO to Pay towin.*Adventure game filled with frustrating Traps* Run likehell.Running is the best step you can go for.The infamous TrapDungeons2 is finally out on android.Follow the levels of EpicSagaAdventure in Trap Dungeons 2 which is loved by thousands ofplayersaround the world. Compete with friends and please don’t ragequit.Be vigilant and aware of your crazy surroundings.Trap Dungeons2 iseasy to control 2D Adventure Game but hard to master. TrapDungeons2 is a symbol of retro platform adventure games Trapdungeons 2 isan action packed, 2D adventure best offlinegame.Caution!! This maybe the most hardest, irritating, frustratinggame EVER.As writtenabove, Trap Dungeons 2 is VERY STRESSFUL.Youmay get so irritatedand frustrated that you throw your phone outthe window.Even afterreading this you are still eager to try thishard game - TrapDungeons 2, then go ahead.And may be someday you'llget out of TrapDungeons 2 . Though I doubt it.Don't you get boredfrom all thesefamous games on Android play store like any famousgame or any topfree games? Well, It's time for some change. Beginthe era ofhardest games on earth like Trap Dungeons. ThroughoutTrap Dungeons2 you will get 2D cubic adventure with extreme hardlevels.Followus on your favorite social network for moreinformation and othergamerelatedupdates:
Caveman Adventure 1.12
STEM Studios
Caveman Adventure !!! is a 2D action-adventure side scrollgamedeveloped by STEM studios. It brings the memories of our oldkidgames like Mario and Islander game, with improved graphicsandsound effects. The story follows a caveman's kids are taken byadinosaur and the caveman starts to search the kids in thedinosaurworld. Our caveman have to face a lot of wild dinosaurs intheJurassic jungle. In its pacing and structure, cavemanadventuregame is similar to a old Mario and adventure island game,with 4worlds that contain plot twists. The game itself consists of20stages, and the adventure is continued by 4 specialworlds.Together, caveman adventure make the best adventure game ofthemonth. Additionally, powerups and the effects in thecavemanadventure game makes the gameplay exciting and addictive.cavemanadventure is a simple 2D game with relaxing music andaddictivegraphics. even a small kid can play this simple run game.cavemanadventure has support for almost all android devices. Don'tworryabout the space in the phone, this exciting caveman adventureisjust 5 MB almost all can afford for some entertainment.Goodluck!Features1. Have Four different adventure worlds.2.1 HaveOneperfectly designed fly background.2.2 Have One perfectlydesignedcave background.3. Have 20 levels to reach the BossDinosaur.4.Have lot of enemy Dinosaurs in the land5. Have 20Dinosaur birds.6.Have 1 Boss to defeat.7. Have checkpoints to savethe progress inthis adventure world.8. Have cool sound effects& backgroundmusic.9. Support SD card installation.
Ludo Fly 1.5
An action & addictive game from the makers of Ludo King!Didyouthink that the only thing you can do on a Ludo board is playLudo?Well think again!Introducing Ludo King Fly, a whole newactionadventure game from the makers of Ludo King and inspired fromthepopular game as well! The objective of Dice Fly is simpleenough,you have to fly a dice through the stacks of Ludo boards.Make sureyou don’t fly into the stacks or its game over. How manystacks canyou fly through before you die? Can you beat yourfriends’ scores?Find out in the leaderboards. If you love actiongames and if youlove Ludo King, then Ludo King Fly is the perfectcombination ofthe two; and a game that you’re bound to love aswell. So, why notgive it a try!
Kraken Land : Platformer Adventures 1.6.5
Honikou Games
Welcome to Kraken Land’s world. Incarnates a small kraken thatruns,jumps and destroys its enemies. Discover the different levelsthatcombine platformer, adventure and action. Unlocks incrediblerewardsto increase your power !Features:● Unlock amazing levelsfor evenmore adventure● Takes up the daily challenge and receivesrewards●Uses objects for more fun● Compare your scores with yourfriendsonline● Play with innovative gameplay● Up to 60 fps forultra smoothgameplay!● Improve your gull to fly farther● Increaseyour TNT formore action● Use nitro to pass the sound barrier●Quests on eachlevelKraken Land is a free game, a great platformgame but also anincredible adventure game with more and moreaction. Boss are likepuzzle to solve. Every time you die you losea life, be careful !Are you jumping far enough to the nextplatform ? Do you have enoughspace to go through this hammer ?
Epic Jerry 2 2.1
Don't hesitate just download Jerry Epic Adventures, for sure itisone of the greatest and most addictive and entertaining freetemplegames on Google Play Store, live beautiful moments helpingourmouse tom to jump over the hurdles along the road full ofcats,collect coins and cheese to get more money and get your bestscore,challenge your friends and family from all the ages's free! play Jerry Epic Adventures full ofentertainmentyou will get addicted to tom running.You know what isJerryAdventure World game, it's an action adventure game about amouselost in a scary world forest jungle full of animals andcreaturestrying to pass all the cats and the obstacles using thefunny waysto fight Tom, help the mouse to escape that world andfind theothers mouses he is looking for, it will be nice of youassist it,you have to play carefully.Features:- Totally differentworldsafter upgrades- Numerous stages with levels- Cool graphicsandsmooth physics simulation- & stages for experienced usersandbeginnersWe made Jerry Epic Adventures for you Tom, so helpthegame to raise with 5 stars & thank you.
Survival Island Games - Survivor Craft Adventure 1.8.7
GameFirst Mobile
You are a tiny survivor on a survival island! Build tosurvive,fight, play adventure quest, control the weather and planan islandescape in open world survival games!Explore dozens offloatingislands in a new action adventure survival game with craftgameselements. Control the weather on floating islands inreal-timemode. Collect resources to make items and buildings insurvivinggames. Battle the deadly beasts that roam these unexploredlands inrpg games. They show no mercy to lone survivors!Incredibleadventures await you in Tiny Survivor Weather Lord!KeyFeatures:🍃You are a weather lord: freeze, melt or scorch at will!You'll havethree available weather conditions on every island!Control theweather in real time in survivors the quest game!💨Variety ofbiomes for a survivor: from a snowy, sub-zero climate toabaking-hot desert, a humid, watery expanse and otherislands!👷🏻Bring craft ideas to life like in a survival simulator:Makehundreds of different items using a range of resources incraftingand building. If you like craft games, you'll love this!🏡Advancedconstruction system in crafting and building: from simplehouses topalaces and castles! Build the house of your dreams andlast outbitterly cold nights in it!💡 Reveal the secrets inadventuresurvival games: there are a huge amount of puzzles instore foryou. They'll be pretty tricky to solve in open worldadventuregames, but the reward is worth it! Go ahead, tiny warrior!To theadventures!💪🏻Compete with your friends in surviving games:who'sgot the better survival skills? The league table will answerthisfor you!🏹 Try to survive: monitor your health and don'tstarve.Animals turn into truly savage predators at night, so be onyourguard! Like a true survival simulator!🤗 Intense, vivid 3Dgraphics:the most beautiful Chibi-style mine survival island gamesoutthere!Try these survive games if you like adults boys games.Theworld will be interesting even if you like games for kids 10yearsfree and minekraft rpg games! GameFirst Mobile's new survivegamescombine all the best features of the open world adventuregames.Gotany questions about this island games adventure? You canwrite toour support team on: [email protected] ouronlinecommunity for anyone who loves survivalislandgames:
A Blind Legend 1.2.3
It’s the first-ever mobile action-adventure game without video–where ears replace eyes!Discover the original, innovativesensoryexperience of binaural 3D sound.HEADPHONES ARECOMPULSORY!AUDIOGAME FULLY ACCESSIBLE TO BLIND AND VISUALLYIMPAIRED PEOPLEYoureyes will be of no help.So close them, sharpenyour hearing andyour blade…And embark on an epic, perilous rite ofpassage.How doyou play? Put on your headphones and use yoursmartphone’stouchscreen like a joystick:- to move around freely;-to fightusing your sword;- to defend yourself and protect yourselfwithyour shield during epic fights;- to repel your enemies andperformcombos!Live the adventures of Edward Blake, the famousblindknight! Guided by your daughter Louise, you must find your wayandavoid the many traps that lie in store in the High CastleKingdom,while confronting dangerous enemies!This serious game isfullyaccessible to visually impaired people, and is aimed atanyonewho’s eager for an original, immersive sensory experiencethrough aground-breaking video game. And because the player isthecharacter, it will help raise public awareness of this kindofdisability.It is free to download and was co-created thankstosupport from a community of fans who helped with thecrowdfundingcampaign ( and in aco-production withFrance Culture, a Radio France station.Thishack-and-slash game,with a heroic-fantasy flavour, harnesses theinnovative technologyof binaural sound, which delivers a gripping3D soundscape andbrings characters and actions vividly to lifearound the player –as if they were actually in the game!SOMEREVIEWS:PC Gamer:“Aninteresting and enjoyable experience, somethingworth trying evenif you're not visually impaired.”Next PowerUp:“It's probably oneof the most cleverly designed titles I'veexperienced in quite sometime.”Gameskinny:“A Blind Legend is goingto be one heck of anexperience.”AFB:“I would recommend that anyonewho is interestedshould download the game and give it atry.”Voxludicus:“The game isworth your attention if you want to trysomething different for achange.”Tapxrapidly:“The unique take ofthis game is that you donot need a screen to play, justheadphones.”Deepdishent:“Take ashot in the dark and give A BlindLegend a chance. You may besurprised at what you find when you arenot looking.”
Mushroom Heroes - Puzzle Nes retro platformer 1.06
Serkan Bakar
Trine Mushroom Heroes is a puzzle-platform video gamedeveloped.Retro platformer where the player can switch betweenthreedifferent characters.A puzzle platform adventure, withinspirationgoing all the way back to SNES,nes and 8-bitclassics(lost vikings)You have a 3 mushroom hero and each mushroomhas special abilities,some of which the player needs in order topass certainobstacles.Jumpi can higher jump and float in air.Yuppican killenemies with his bow with fire. The bow can also be usedtodetonate some walls and bombs. Dombi can blockenemiesprojectiles,fire,ice with his shield, and he can push orpull someobjects. Stop fire and ice projectiles.Mushroom Heroesbrings backthe look and feel of the very best classic platformersfrom the90's, introducing refreshed and engaging gameplaymechanics. If youmiss adventure platformers from the 16-bit era,and think gamesnowadays aren't that good anymore, think twice!Mushroom Heroes isfor you.A long time ago, there was a mushroomcountry, living intranquility: it was Boduria. Boduria was ruled byKing Bodur for1000 years. King Bodur had an allied warlock, calledGaddar. Gaddarwas also the one and only poisonous mushroom in theland. One fineday, Gaddar wanted to turn some of the mushrooms inthe villageinto poisonous ones, just like him. Believingnon-poisonous onesare weak, Gaddar's aim was to poison the the folkand become theKing. King Bodur didn't let him get away with it, andexiledGaddar.Nevertheless, Gaddar had the antidote to dispel thepoison.Before it's too late, King assigned 3 of his best warriorsto catchGaddar and bring the potion back. Thus: Yuppi, Jumpi andDombiembarked on a tough adventure.Mushroom Heroes is a platformpuzzleaction adventure game where the player can create andusephysics-based objects to beat hazardous puzzles andthreateningenemies. Set in a world of great castles and strange iceforeststhree heroes are bound to a quest to save the kingdom fromevil.The gameplay is based on fully interactive physics -eachcharacter's different abilities help the player battle an armyofundead and defeat hazardous contraptions. The player can atanytime freely choose whoever is best suited for theupcomingchallenge or puzzle.Features:• Over 37 Challengingadventure Levels• Dozens of Unique Puzzles to Solve • EXTREMELYaddicting • TheUltimate Casual Brain Teaser • Almost impossible tobeat!*Leaderboard* Lots of enemies* İnspired nes,snes nostalgia
Singham Returns – Action Game 1.0.28
The Official game for the Blockbuster movie ‘Singham Returns’of2014 by Rohit Shetty Production & Ajay Devgan Films.PlayasBajirao Singham in the official game of Singham Returns andfightagainst corruption in the City of Mumbai! Get ready to go onahero’s adventure as you run through the streets of Mumbai.Jumpover obstacles, flip cars, ride a Bullet and bash enemies intotheground to become the unstoppable force of justice in thisfree,fast paced, action adventure game. Immerse yourself instunningenvironments of Mumbai city as you journey through fromsuburbs tothe city hunting down crime. Throw briefcases, basketsand evencoconuts at enemies or whip them with your Police Belt tosweepaway evil from your beloved city. Let loose the inner Lionandbecome Singham!Game Features: • Official Game of SinghamReturns.•Simple & intuitive Controls.• 5 stunning andbeautifulenvironments of Mumbai City to play through.• Endless modeto testyour reflexes.• 5 epic boss battles.• Throw Bins, Trafficcones,briefcases and even Coconuts to take down enemies.• Hop on apoliceBullet and Zip through the city looking for trouble.• Whipout yourbelt and unleash a whirlwind of special attacks.• Unleashyour furywith the Singham Mode.Get all the latest updates, tips andtricksabout Singham Returnshere:•Avoid obstacles by jumping.• Collect Coins to buy items orupgradepower-ups• Pick up various objects scattered throughout thelevel.•Battle enemies while you run, attacking them with the Rawpower ofSINGHAM!• Wipe out the source of corruption in epic bossbattles!*Permission:- ACCESS_FINE_LOCATION: To determine yourlocation forregion based offers.- READ_EXTERNAL_STORAGE: Forsaving your gamedata & progress.- WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE: Forsaving your gamedata & progressGet in the know! Receive allthe latest news fromReliance Games, plus game updates, videos tips& more…Visit us: Likeus: Followus: Watchus:
Old Gold 3D: Dungeon Quest Action RPG 3.0.6
Gelios Software
Raid the dungeons full of evil defenders to fight againstpowerfulbosses guarding ancient gold. Improve your adventurerabilitiesalong this deadly quest. Addictive fast action rpg hasclassicsingle player retro gameplay of the best free old-school 3Dgames.You start your quests with one of the weapon like: 1 oldbrokensword, 2 tomb rocks, 3 dungeon hunter bow, 4 assassin'sthrowingknives, 5 knight's sword, 6 flicker dagger, 7 raider'smace, 8heretic's magic staff and 9 spear of doom. Your hero will beableto journey through deadly 3d labyrinths full of rare items andoldtreasure chests. Your dungeon hero will engage in battleswithawful beasts and hordes of skeleton warriors. Over the courseofthe game, improve your combat skill of sword fighting andbowshooting to defeat the army of the evil dead and destroyUndeadKing once and for all! This game is for all fans of 3Dactiongames, fps games(first-person shooters), old rpg games, andfor allthose who like - 3d sword fighting, bow and arrow, findtreasurechests, evil dead, dungeon monsters, knights and dragons,epicheroes and army of darkness. If you want to download paid gamesforfree, new action adventure and shooting games for free, justplaythis one of the top action games 2017.Facebook:
Action Adventure Shooter Game 1.0
action adventure shooter gameReal action adventure games .Enjoyreal shooter games experience. sniper gamesif you loveactionadventure games with real shooter games missions. than , hereit isaction adventure shooter games with shooting game with gun andnoneed for shooting games online. shooting games with guns andpeopleand stealing cars with aeroplane missions . shooting gameswithguns and people and stealing cars and running away from copsandgangster games. Play like a pro war shooter 3d .***actionadventure shooter game Features ****** spider games with fullofaction in adventure*** games with action adventurefightingshooting and mission games*** all new action adventure andshootinggames for free offline games*** best adventure and actionshootinggames graphics with good quality*** shooting games withgun***shooter games for army*** shooter io*** shooter games wantedkillhd 3d*** sniper vs thieves*** sniper arena*** snipergamesmissions*** speedometer controls*** work on all displaydevices***real war shooter 3d missions
Super Smash: Super Bros Adventure 1.4
Super Smash: Super Adventure is an action adventure gamewithamazing graphics and realistic physics. Super Smash:SuperAdventure offers a series of challenging obstacles for youtonavigate and complete. The pace goes from fast to relentless intheaim of testing your reaction speed and endurance. There’s notimeto waste, see how far could you go!On the road, Super Bros hastopass through various thrilling obstacles to arrive the superworld.Super Bros will jump, run and use weapon to kill monsters.However,the weapon is hidden in somewhere of the jungle. You needto killall enemies to get the weapon.Big surprise is waiting foryou atthe destination place——— Game Features ———- 80 new levels-4scenarios with magnificent graphics: Mountain, Underground,Sky,Winter- 9 enemies: Hedgehog, spider, little devil, One-eyedbeast,etc.- Jump on the top of enemies to beat them down.- Breakthebricks to collect power-up items.- Get the powerful items tobestronger, undefeatable and be able to throw the fire balls.-Easyto play.——— How to Play ————- Run, climb, and jumpthroughbeautiful and challenging environments. - Collect as manycoins aspossible for more props and characters.- Super Smash bricksto findsecret rewards.- Eat the Health Potion and Shield on yourway toextend life.- Beat down monsters on the way to get coins’reward.-Breakthrough all levels to win the victory!Enjoy yourgametime!Join us on the Super Smash: Super Bros Adventure'sFacebookPage: us on theSuperSmash: Super Bros Adventure'sYoutubeChanel: - Real Time Strategy Multiplayer IO Game 1.15
Spinbot is the new RTS multiplayer io game, putting you inchargeof a fantasy army! Test your strategy and tactics as youcompete inthis online multiplayer game, gathering gold andexpanding yourforces as you conquer your foes. Play competitivegames onlineagainst other players and with friends. Enlist Knights,Soldiers,Archers, Mages, Barbarians and even Dragons into yourmassive army,then enter the battlefield to fight against up to 20real playersworldwide. Enjoy our adventure games for free to seewho willbecome the ultimate Lordz and rank #1 on the Leaderboards! and build your army! LORDZ.IO FEATURESMASSIVELYMULTIPLAYER REAL TIME STRATEGY - Online multiplayer gamestest yourstrategy and tactics - Compete in RTS games againstthousands ofplayers around the world - PvP games with up to 20opponents on thesame server, packed with epic excitement! - Fastpaced RTS ASSEMBLEA HUGE ARMY - Army games let you recruit 7 uniquetypes of troops,including: knights, archers, mages, barbarians anddragons - Choosethe best strategy and tactics to defeat otherplayers -Strategically split your army to move faster or defeatother lordzPROTECT YOUR LORD - Protect your hero at the center ofyour army.If he dies, you will lose all your troops! - Buildinggames let youconstruct an amazing kingdom base GET RICH - Collectgold and goldmines all over the map to get rich fast and buy newsoldiers - Moregold means more troops! - Resource management willbe the key tovictory UPGRADES AND DEFENSES - Building games upgradeyour basewith castles, mage towers and houses - Upgrade yourbuildings tomake them stronger and more powerful - Control vastportions of themap and expand the limits your kingdom TEAM-UP ANDFRIENDS - Createor join teams - Play with your friends anywhere -Make teams andclans with other players at any time during the gameto take thelead - You can also play with friends online with theparty systemCOLLECT CHESTS AND CARDS *NEW* - Earn chests  -Collectspecial loot cards to boost your troops in battle CUSTOMIZEYOURARMY - Customize your lord and soldiers with awesome skins -Equipcards to upgrade your armies - Unlock skins for your soldiersandshow off on the field - Choose between a large variety ofskins,elves, dark lordz, samurai and more OPTIMIZED FOR MOBILE! on mobile offers the same great experience as the hitwebgame, with new controls perfect for touchscreens! - Offlineplaycoming soon! Enjoy free multiplayer games with friends in anonlineaction adventure! Download today! This game requiresaninternet connection. Don’t miss out on the latest on Facebook: Follow us on Twitter:
Monsters Adventure - Action Adventure Games 1.1
From the list of free action adventure games!Play as Otis,theguardian of the magical fruits, the one been fooled by MonstersofFruitland, enter the land of mystique to restore the fruits.JoinOtis on his magical adventure, and make sure to play againstzombieand evil monsters. Stamp the monster, use the magic offruits, be afire shooter and witness the wonder jump. Play toexplore theaddicting journey of a distinct wolf in a land unknown,yet knownfor the darkness and uncertainty.At the time of midnightunder thefull moon light, guardian was in sound sleep, calm in hisdreamadmiring the mystical fruits. Soon his dream transforms intoanightmare. A shade of dark spreads all over the land and thesametime, Vald the Bat, Taal the mummy, some stupid zombie withevilmonsters jump in the action and steal's assortment of themagicalfruits. Astounded by such arrogant act primed by theassembly ofthese mystic creatures Otis makes his way to land ofmystique.Whileon his adventure, he was happy to collect back themagical fruitsstolen by evil monsters.Happiness stumbles into atwist when Taalthe mummy sees him on his way. Surprised by thepresence, furiousTaal starts the run, to destroy him and rob backall the fruits.Otis was smart and fearless, he tackles Taal, jumpover him andthen takes him down by stamping on the head. It was asight reliefand adventure jump to collect fruits continues.Not justany otherfrom the series of zombie killing games, it's an actionadventuregame to kill your free time.It's one of those different,difficultand addicting games.Stop being a couch potato, it's timeto enterthe action against zombie and his evil friends.Play thegame,experience classic style gameplay engulf with the upliftingaudiothat will twist you to the peak of insomnia byenteringsupernatural world of compelling visuals.Experienceretro,hardcore, side scrolling, platformer gameplay inspired bytheclassics, with a brand new art style.Unlike coins, candy, gems,ormushrooms to collect; help Otis the monster, to gathermagicalfruits and take down the evilmonster!Features:Interactiveenvironment with dynamic colors anduplifting musicA wide range ofinteresting monsters andcollectiblesSimple yet addicting abilitiesthose are easy to learn,difficult to masterClassic controls formovements and new art stylespecifically designed formindfulnessEarn extra lives by watchingfree videosExplore themagical forest and the action of mummies,zombie, and bat!AUplifting, tense free background music with funnysoundeffects!Collect 3 bananas to finish the level. Collectothermagical fruits to earn games point!Take down monster, jump onthehead, or shoot with fireballs!Otis's abilities: Single &Doublejump, and shoots Fireball.Exclusively on Google Play Store,Getfree download.This game is a solo development project, byindiegame developer, "Red Ball Studios Adventure Games".
Astropup 1.0
MadTinker Games
Astropup is is a physics based puzzle game with a fun playingstyle.It’s one tap action/adventure game with its own uniquecharacter.Our heroic pup discovers an alien armada about to attackEarth andhas to rush home before they get there - valiantlynegotiating blackholes, radiation, space anomalies and thedastardly alien fleet!Activate Earth’s defences and help humanityfight the alienscourge!Enjoy continuous action and adventure forover 120+ excitinglevels and face more and more complex challengesas you get closerto your goal. Slingshot your pup to the nextspace gate to get backto Earth!Power UpsMultiple power ups enhancethe gameplay with allsorts of novel twists, and you can chooseyour favourite characterto play the game with.Have fun playing!It’s our first game so letus know what you think!About MadTinkerGamesMadTinker Games is anIndie Game Studio, developing uniquegames that stand out for theiroriginality and quality. We want torevolutionize the free-to-playgame industry by originatingcutting-edge features in cross-platformSmartphone games. FOLLOW USFOR UPDATESANDNEWS
The Last Dino 1.01
Ashutosh Pandey
It is a fantasy game based in jurassic era (jurassic world),wherethe dinosaur lived.You will play as a dinosaur character inthisgame. This game has cute and funny animations. This is a2dplatformer action adventure game, in which you will experiencethejurrasic age of the dinosaurs. The cute and funny animationsandgraphics make this game awesome for kids as well as adults whowantto pass their time having fun and joyfully. This game is a musttoplay for kids and teens too.A raging meteor is coming towardsEarthand then crashed.The dinosaur species is almost extinct,except forthe last known dino family. Over the span of severalthousand yearsafter the Meteor hit the Earth some new form of lifehas alsoevolved. The little dino was playing with his mother when ahordeof hungry wild foxes attacked the dino family. The motherfoughtwith the flock saving the little dino, but seeking the chanceaflying dinosaur grabbed the little dino and flew away.Thelittledino slipped from flying dinosaur's claw and fell atsomemysterious place, where the little dino had never beenbefore.Thisgame features multiple jurrasic age enemies along withmultiplehardcore environments. Their are multiple boss fights inthis game.This is a punishing game in which even the weakestenemies willgive you hard time, if underestimated.In the intro thelittle dino(the last dino) gets lost in the jurrasic world(dinosaur world)away from his mother and now he has to find a wayback homedefeating multiple enemies and facing multiplehardenvironments.Join the journey of the little dino (the lastdino)and help him reach his home to his mother.Kids and teens willenjoythe journey too much as well as the adults.
Ninja Adventure Time:Dark Path 6
Destroy the Leader of the Darkness and Evil in this lost city!Youare the hero with the justice sword and special forces, andyourmission is simple : kill the boss!- Full HD Graphics -Amazingsound effects- Virtual Joystick- Collect Coins to buy thegameassets- Full Free, You will not pay a penny inside the game -NewLevels are coming very soon!
Stranger Things: The Game 1.0.280
BonusXP, Inc.
The official game for Stranger Things from Netflix andBonusXP!Stranger Things are afoot again in Hawkins, Indiana. JoinHopperand the kids on a new, action-packed adventure!* It's 1984all overagain. Stranger Things: The Game is an action adventuregame trueto the games our heroes would have played back in the day.*Explore Hawkins and its surroundings. See your favoritelocationslike Mirkwood Forest and Hawkins Lab. Uncover excitingareas you'venever seen before!* Solve puzzles with the uniqueabilities of eachcharacter. Lucas can nail anything with his WristRocket. Nancy hasa whole set of bats to swing this time.* Collectall the Eggos andGnomes you can lay your hands on. You never knowwhat they mightunlock...
Slimey Infestation 1.57
Slimey Infestation is a retro 2D action-adventure mobile game setin2029. In Slimey Infestation, the Slimes have invaded Earthtoprevent us from deflecting Asteroid 99942 Apophis from wipingoutall humanity. Play as Project29.APO an agent developed by theNASAUnderground Project. He is a trained ExtraterrestrialEliminatorwith special abilities sent out to eradicate themall.GAMEFEATURES● 20 Retro Levels● Intense Boss Battle● Smart EnemyA.I.●Exquisite Pixel Arts● Gamepush precise onscreen touchcontroller●Dolby Digital audio● Intense soundtrack● Retro look andfeel forretro gaming fans●Bullet Shopping You can purchase newbullets withdifferent range & damage to eliminate the Slimesusing in-gamecurrency. ●In-app Purchase You can purchase 100000game coins foronly 0.99USD. This can be used to rent strongerbullets from theBullet Shop throughout the game.●InternetConnectionThe game can beplayed without internet connection so youcan defeat the Slimes andsave Earth wherever and whenever it ismore convenient for you.●Precise On-screen ControllerThe teamworked hard to ensure that theonscreen buttons are precise duringthe intense battle between youand the Slimes.● Slime ShieldSystemProject29.APO's Slime Shieldcan be upgraded by killing theSlimes which will improve the agentimmunity against their greenslimy spit.●RetroGamingIf you areretro/classic or an old schoolgamer you will dive right into theintense gameplay to save earthfrom an apocalyptic event**ForTransparency**Due to the upgrade andupdates required to allow newfeatures to work within the game. Theapplication now requires apermission from the user to "make andmanage phone calls". Thepurpose of this permission is to get thephone's IMEI to identifyold users from new users for game analyticsand "ONLY" Google hasaccess to this information. You can also denythis permission forease of mind.Contact us:[email protected]:
Legend of the Skyfish Zero 1.5
Legend of the Skyfish is a beautiful action adventure puzzlegamewith a unique weapon and tool - a fishing pole!Follow theintrepidLittle Red Hook on her journey with the Moonwhale to defeatthemonstrous Skyfish.Use your fishing pole as a weapon or agrapplinghook, and upgrade it as you go.Legend of the Skyfish isfilled withbeautiful hand-painted art, intricate action puzzles anduniqueenemies. Explore a huge world of 45 handcrafted levels anddefeatgiant bosses.** This is an ad-supported version of Legend oftheSkyfish. You can play about half of the game for free andthendecide if you want to purchase the upgrade to the full,ad-freeversion.Features:- Unique fishing/grappling hookmechanics-Gorgeous hand-painted environments and creatures-Original musicscore by Sean Beeson- 45 handcrafted levels- Epicboss fights- Manyitems to find and use - Various puzzles to solve-Great for allages!- Gamepad support
Little Big Adventure 1.06
Originally released on PC in 1994, Little Big Adventure (alsoknownas 'Relentless: Twinsen's Adventure') is an action-adventureRPGdesigned by Frédérick Raynal. 20 years later, a new version ofthisentertaining video game hit is being released, speciallyadaptedfor mobile phones. You play as Twinsen, a young hero livingonCitadel Island on a world under the heel of the dictatorDr.FunFrock. You’ve been having strange dreams in which your planetisabout to be destroyed. These dreams don’t make Dr.FunFrockparticularly happy, and he locks you away in an insaneasylum. AsTwinsen, you’ll need to escape from your cell anddiscover yourincredible destiny as a descendant of a long line ofmagicians incharge of protecting your planet’s secret! Return tothe originalworld of Twinsen or discover it for the first time withthetouchscreen version, which incorporates brand new features:•Newgameplay adapted to ' touch' mode, adjustable throwing andjumpingdistance (visible trajectory), simplified sections,etc…•Streamlined, easy-to-use interface• Tutorials at the start ofthegame• Dynamic ON/OFF hint system• Zoom feature to provideanoverview of the scenes• Automatic save system, with return tothelast checkpoint when you lose a life• 5 languagesavailable:English, French, German, (voices and text) - Italian andSpanish(text only, voices in English).• Over 15 hours of gameplay•A richand varied blend of platform, combat and puzzle gaming• Anentireplanet with dozens of different locations to discoverWith anepicstory, quality puzzles and hundreds of characters anddialogues,Little Big Adventure is a masterpiece of the genre.MAJORUPDATE05/2014• Improved and simpler pathfinding• New optionalcontrolscheme: virtual Pad• New manual saving mode (Areabasedcheckpoints)• Game controllers now supported (MOGA, M.O.J.O,andmore)• Controller support for NVIDIA SHIELD and Androidset-topboxes.• Minor bug fixes
Escape Tom Maze and Jerry free 1.1
Division Fred
You know what is Escape Tom Maze and Jerry run free jerryescape,it's an action adventure game about a cat lost in a scarycastlechasing mouses and the obstacles using the funny ways tofightfunny mouse running tom like super jerry adventure with aliencatand atmouse life escape from the maze adventure tom and runjerrysrunning tom run escape alien kitten tom cat run.You can enjoythisendless running game up to infinite exciting levels withoutboring!help the mouse to escape that world is mouse maze liketomandjerryalien kitten.We all love the mouse and cat combat taleswith thedog and its run escape son figth with cat such as Tom thecat andJery maze running escape from cat and mouse the mazeadventure runmouse tales spy mouse alien cat with jerry escape.This game is oneof the run escape best Escaping Tom Adventure gamesthe mostincredible one mouse tales jerrys alien kitten. We canexperiencethe thrill and fun gameplay featuring Jerry the innocentmouse withrun escape his mice and Tom adventure the naughty catwith the goodfast run jerry escape in the super life Jerryadventure escape mazein cat and mouse fun game jerrys fly withroket tom cat run. HelpJerry to collect as many cheeses in games2018 the castle aspossible for the atmouse mice and friends jwerryto escape mazeadventure run mouse tales with mouse maze withtomandjerry. Avoidgetting hunt jaha down by Tom the cat and alsoother atmouseobstacles such escape maze as mouse traps and tom catrun stonesspy mouse run jump and play free tom, spy mouse mazerunning try toscore jeri the tom cat run highest distance tom andmouses superyou cat jaha gather with games 2018 like jwerryadventure game mazerunning adventure run with spy mouse jeri runjump and play withjerry escape.Run as fast as mouse maze you canand be alert superof your surroundings adventure game is alien catplaying jerryescape. Guide jery to get exit door without free tomcaught by tomadventure. Be fast and accurate atmouse spy mouse runwithtomandjerry. Collect as many jaha cheeses to beat yourfriendsjerrys high scores today and challenge adventure game escapefromthe maze like tomandjerri cat run jump and play free tomrunningtom!Download and play Escape Tom Maze and Jerry free Gamefor thebest endless running game jeri of games 2018 with supermazerunning escape maze mouse tales tom and dog and mousetomandjerrifun wit mouse maze with cat and mouse run jump and playlike aliencat running tom!This is the number one best Adventure andactiongames ever made Download to play your new jerry arcade gameescapefrom the maze with cat and mouse.hope you enjoy Escape TomMaze andJerry free , good luck with tom adventure.Keep playing andbe readyfor the updates
The Tiny Adventures 1.4
Himitsu Lab
An action-adventure game that proceeds swiftly!Solve thepuzzlesthat hinder the way, and open the road of adventure!This isa smallgame that can be completed in 30 minutes. Please try playingit.◆Wonderful graphicsWith the cute hero, adventure around thisminimallow-polygon 3D world.◆ Unlimited retries It's okay if youfail!Immediately re-challenge from the previous.This gameusesauto-save, so even if you stop playing mid-way, you can pickupwhere you left off.◆ Appropriate difficultyThe action-basedplayand puzzle-solving are fairly simple.◆ Completely freeThisgamealso has almost no advertisements!◆ Simple to playJust usethese 3buttons:・Left and right movement・Jump・Act (hold,press)Receivingreviews will bring the creators joy as they do 10times as manysquats are there are stars.From there, they willsurely begincreating a grand sequel.If you want to play more,please review andshare.
Alto's Adventure 1.7.2
Join Alto and his friends as they embark on an endlesssnowboardingodyssey. Journey across the beautiful alpine hills oftheir nativewilderness, through neighbouring villages, ancientwoodlands, andlong-abandoned ruins. Along the way you'll rescuerunaway llamas,grind rooftops, leap over terrifying chasms andoutwit the mountainelders – all while braving the ever changingelements and passageof time upon the mountain. Features: • Fluid,graceful andexhilarating physics-based gameplay • Procedurallygeneratedterrain based on real-world snowboarding • Fully dynamiclightingand weather effects, including thunderstorms, blizzards,fog,rainbows, shooting stars, and more • Easy to learn, difficulttomaster one button trick system • Chain together combos tomaximizepoints and speed • Test your skills with 180 handcraftedgoals •Discover six unique snowboarders, each with their ownspecialattributes and abilities • Challenge your friends. Competefor besthigh score, best distance, and best trick combo! • Acquirethewingsuit from Izel’s workshop for an entirely new gameplaydynamic• Beautifully minimalist and evocative visual design •Originalmusic and handcrafted audio for an ambient and immersiveexperience(headphones recommended!) Reviews: "A piece ofinteractive art" –WIRED "One of the best mobile games" – The Verge"Alto's Adventuredemands your attention" – IGN "Best Looking VideoGames of 2015" –TIME
Sword Of Xolan 1.0.13
Alper Sarıkaya
Sword of Xolan is an action platformer game that includes thejuiceof pixel art style. Xolan is a young and brave man who fightforjustice no matter what the cost. Help him on his adventure tostandagainst darkness and bring back the peace and serenity thatoncewas. Features: - 30 handcrafted adventure levels - 9time-basedchallenge levels - 3 "End Of Act" bosses - Over 30differentenemies like: zombies, giants and flying creatures - 10uniquegame-cards to improve Xolan's skill - Customizable touchcontrols -Controller support - 19 Game Center achievements -Originalsoundtrack by Burak Karakaş
The World 3: Rise of Demon 1.28
Good Games LLC.
The World 3 is the official successor of “The World 2”, arefreshingAction RPG monster hunting game with cutting-edge actiongameplayand stunning graphics!FEATURES- Lots of different EpicBosses! Beatthem all, get loot, and level up!- Smooth battleaction and detailedgraphics, by Good Games and OXON studio!-Blasting impact fromreal-time combat, distinguishing every movefrom normal attacks to aheavy strike!- Innovative Combo BreakingSystem, break Bosses combomoves and counter them with devastatingattacks!There is no absolutedarkness in this worldYet demonsexistAlthough no one was bornevilKind souls have been taintedWhatcan turn a human into ademon?The truth awaits to beunveiled…Download The World 3 to tastethe best action mobile gameof the year!If you need more updates orinformation about The World3, please connect with us!CustomerService:[email protected]
Fuhrer in LA 1.0.46
Fuhrer in a LA is a grindhouse-styled top-down action-adventuregamewhich takes place around 1947, unraveling the truth about thedemiseof the Fuhrer post World War 2.The story starts during thefinaldays of the Fuhrer’s life in the Fuhrer-bunker. While thewholeworld believes the Fuhrer and Eva shot themselves in thebunker,secretly this was done by their doppelgangers. They attempttoescape to Brazil using post-war Nazi organization ODESSA, yetahorrible mix-up makes Hitler arrive and wake up in a LosAngelesmuseum, and Eva missing-in-action. The Fuhrer must nowescape thestreets of LA with the police and army in hot pursuit,trying tolink up with ODESSA who will provide extraordinairesecretNazi-technology to help out. A clash of epic proportionsawaits LosAngeles!This game is optimized for 7 & 10.1 Inchtablets!
UNCHARTED: Fortune Hunter™ 1.2.2
UNCHARTED: Fortune Hunter™ is an original action-puzzleadventurefollowing Nathan Drake's continued pursuit to uncover thelong-losttreasures of history's most notorious pirates, adventurersandthieves.● USE YOUR SMARTS to survive and solve over 200deadlypuzzle chambers.● FOLLOW THE LEGENDS OF HISTORY across sixuniqueadventures.● BECOME A MASTER FORTUNE HUNTER and collect50+treasures hidden across four worlds.● PARTNER WITH SULLYtomaintain a continued supply of valuable smuggled loot.●UNLOCKREWARDS and game-changing costumes to furtheryouradventures.BONUS! Connect to PlayStation™Network andbringmultiplayer rewards (skins, relics and one-time-useboosters)directly into UNCHARTED 4: A Thief's End™ on May10th!Softwaresubject tolicense:
Magic Rampage 3.4.1
Exciting new platformer that combines the RPG genre withfast-pacedaction gameplay. Magic Rampage features charactercustomization anddozens of weapons to wield; from knives to magicalstaves. Eachdungeon introduces the player to new obstacles, enemiesand secretareas to explore. Search Bonus levels, strive in Survivalmode,join forces with friendly NPCs and battle it out inchallengingBoss fights. Magic Rampage features an exciting onlineCompetitiveMode where players around the globe compete to see who'sthe bestin randomly generated dungeons; featuring unique bosses,exclusivenew items and content! Magic Rampage brings back the lookand feelof the very best classic platformers from the 90's,introducingrefreshed and engaging gameplay mechanics. If you missplatformersfrom the 16-bit era, and think games nowadays aren'tthat goodanymore, think twice! Magic Rampage is for you. MagicRampagesupports joysticks, gamepads and physical keyboard for evenmoreaccurate gameplay responsiveness. Want to join the beta testersandbe able to test newer versions before everyone else? Find outhow: good gaming experience, a high-end Android deviceisrecommended.
Wayward Souls 1.32.5
Wayward Souls is an action-adventure game built forquickplaythroughs and massive amounts of replay value. It wasinspiredby Spelunky, Secret of Mana, and our previous game,MageGauntlet.Procedurally generated random levels mean that everytimeyou play the game, it's a different experience. Control one ofsixcharacters, all with their own unique playstyles, abilities,andequipment. Explore and fight for survival, in combat whereyourtactics, positioning, and timing matter.More Features:-Fancycontrol scheme with no virtual buttons or sticks to fumbleover.-Unlock new areas, for increasingly punishing difficulty.- 13areatypes, all with different monsters, potential traps, andrareencounters.- Each character can find equipment combinationsthatchange their gameplay.- Victory is based on your increasingskillas a player, not solely on grinding.- Hats.- No IAP ever, evenforthe hats. All content updates will be free for ourfans.-Unprecedented scope and variety for an action-adventure gameonAndroid, maybe anywhere.Second Update Plans: MFIcontrollersupport, some sort of save sync, boss health bars, morecharactertweaks, Rogue buffs, and more! You can reach us on twitterorfacebook to give requests or feedback on thegame:@NoodlecakeGames/[email protected]/
Ghoulboy - Dark sword of Goblin-Action platform 1.03
Serkan Bakar
Ghoulboy is a retro-inspired halloween style actionplatforminspired nes,snes consoles.Exciting new platformer thatcombinesthe action-rpg genre with adventure gameplay. 2D action,heroiccharacters, gloomy environments, demonic bosses, these allseem toexcite players a lot.Pixels will be combined with other coolretroelements and the result will certainly be something that willmeetthe needs of mobile gamers. Once in-game, users will get tocontrola heroic character who will often be seen throwing a speartocreate additional platforms. To boot, puzzle and combatelementswill further enhance the experience. You wouldn’t want tomiss outon it!With the gold that you collect, you can increase yourhealthlevel, your arsenal of weapons to be thrown away.Slay asmanymonsters as you can, collect loot, avoid dangerous traps anddefeatmenacing bosses.Ghoulboy brings back the look and feel of theverybest classic retro adventure free platform fun game from the90'snes,snes, introducing refreshed and engaging gameplaymechanics. Ifyou miss platformers from the 16-bit era, and thinkgames nowadaysaren't that good anymore, think twice! Ghoulboy isfor you.GhoulboyFeatures:-4 bosses-Chiptune retro musics-Puzzles-3weapons (smallsword,big sword, mace)-3 throwableweapons-Controllersupport-LeaderboardsLanguages:EspanolGermanEnglishTurkce,TürkçeAGREATADVENTURE• Explore a magical realm of dungeons, towns,treasures anddevious monsters.MAGIC AND SWORDS• Find powerfulweapons, items andspells to defeat your enemies.
Super Mustache- platform action adventure fun game 1.63
Serkan Bakar
Welcome to another episode of Super Mustache adventures! We´reonYear 2040; the technology has reached unimaginable levels, andthespace agency has been constructing a smart robot namedGladius,which has the most advanced artificial intelligence on it.Gladiusis sent to explore Uranus Moons, but he decides that thePlanetUranus could be a great place to begin a new regime namedUrantiaand declares it his Kingdom. The habitant creatures of theplanetare not happy and raise an army to assure that nothing fromEarthcan enter Uranus again. The army of creatures cannot defeatGladiusby their own; it seems that our hero Captain is the onlyperson whocan solve this! He sets out to end Gladius reign and trytoconvince the Uranus habitants to allow him to enter theplanet.Enjoy this magnificently unique action platformer gamethatincludes the juice of pixel art 8-bit style platformer. Nowbroughtto you as a downloadable App, Super Mustache is anabsolutemust-play for any fans of old-school 8 bit pixel art - 2Dplatformgame. If you enjoyed those classic platformer 8 bitadventuregames, then you’re going to love this. Forget to connector searchfor your old consoles, you will be able to revive thenostalgicchildhood memories on your Android device!A puzzleplatformadventure, with inspiration going all the way back to SNESand8-bit classics.** Jump Into The Deep Space Action! Play WithTheMost Fearless Adventurer, Be The Hero, and Join The Quest ToSaveThe dark Planet Now! Our old retro style addicting game will benowone of your top favorite free adventure games. As we want tokeepthe vintage style platformer, you don´t need an internetconnectionto play. Lovingly designed, we conjure up the spirit ofold schooladventure games giving an epic twist to the story so youcan feelyou´re still enjoying the most famous brothers saga onnewadventures, with new enemies and new characters in thisplatformarcade game. The controls are also as simple as thoseretrovideogames. Go through the 15 handcrafted platformadventurelevels, pass the fantastic 3 worlds: Uranus cave,jungleanddiscover a whole new world of over 15 different enemieslikerobots, leprechaun, bugs,bats,heroes and flyingcreatures.Everything you need to spend unlimited hours of fun is in8 bitretro platformer one app. Clearing all levels of keencommanderSuper Mustache world will not be easy! Try the wildchallenge &keep a sharp eye now! Be the hero and teach redrobot Gladius alesson! Thanks to its fresh Graphics and remarkableplatformersoftware that uses less memory of your device allows afastinterface; forget about crime solving games, criminal policegamesand all that adventure games that make you waste yourphone´sbattery, no more overwhelming your mobile and freezingscreens. TheKeen Captain will have to conquer. Unleash the power ofMr.Mustache, run, jump, escape and fight by jumping on yourenemieshead to smash them. Use all of your skills to avoid thetraps thatyou will find on your path, as this requires a greatprecision andtiming skill! You will count with 2 kinds of weaponsto conquer allthe boss battles! Prepare yourself to have some walljump action,take the challenge and fight to defeat the robots army!How manyattempts will take you to finish the game? Play with yourfriendscommander Super Mustache Space Adventure and find out who isthereal champion legend now! Super Mustache – 2d platformgameFeatures:- Retro Style Graphics and Music- CustomizableTouchControls - Save Your Game Option- 15 Levels, 3 Worlds FilledWithAction- Nostalgically Funny and Challenging-2dplatformerlevelsUser’s reviews Download Super Mustache SpaceAdventure NOWFor FREE, limited time only, on Google Play Store!
Evoland is an action adventure game whichtakesyou on a journey through the history of classic adventure andRPGgaming.As you progress through the game, you unlock newtechnologies,gameplay systems and ever-improving graphics. Frommonochrome tofull 3D graphics and from turn-based battles toreal-time bossfights, Evoland makes you live the evolution ofadventure gaming –all with plenty of humor and nods to moments fromclassicgames.- Play through the history of action-adventure video games- Discover many evolutions, from old school 2D action/adventuretoactive time battles and full 3D action- Revisit the starting area rendered in full 3D or exploretheoverworld with your own airship!- And have fun with the dungeons, puzzles, a heap of secretstouncover, and hundreds of achievements and stars to collectCheck out the official website at evoland.shirogames.comFollow us on Twitter @playdigiousLike us on Facebook /playdigiousIf you experience any problem with Evoland, please contactourcustomer support team at [email protected] Don't forgettospecify which device and operating system you are using.Supported languages: English, German, Spanish, French,Chinese,Korean, Japanese
Dragon Hills 1.2.8
Rebel Twins
Are all Princesses really waiting for Princes to comeandsavethem?Not this time!Take control of a very dangerousDragoninthisaction-packed adventure and help the furiousprincessonherrevenge mission. Slide down the hills jumping into andoutoftheground, crashing and destroying everything on yourway.Chasedownthe knights, conquer new castles and discovernewlands!AwesomeFEATURES: • Super fun, fast andfuriousgameplay•Fullydestructible terrain• Epic boss battles•Upgradeableweapons,armorand explosive power-ups available forunlocking• Easytolearn,intuitive one-touch controls combinedwithinnovativegameplay•Achievements and leaderboards to competewithfriends Getready forcrazy adventures with this instantlyplayableand simpleto controlgame!
Rockbot 1 1.20.069
A homebrew game freely inspired by the classic 8-bitjump-and-shootgame style with some modern features such as dialogs,stories andgraphics. It also comes with an editor (Linux andWindows) that youcan use to create your own stages, enemies andadventures.SupportsUSB and Bluetooth controllers like joysticks andkeyboards.Reportissuesto:[email protected]:
Legacy Of Warrior : Action RPG Game 2.2
Prepare yourself to dive in an adventurous journey and seekyourrevenge through the war-scorched countryside. Legacy Of Warriorisa war action rpg game that lets you immerse yourself inchallengingSamurai battles, tons of missions and fighting quests.Play as theSamurai hero and stop at nothing to catch yourarch-enemy! ⚔️FIGHTWITH YOUR SAMURAI WARRIOR Gear up your Samuraiwarrior withweapons, skills and attack combos and become the herothateveryone’s waiting for! It’s time for you to show your skillsandfight dangerous enemies. Take part in challenging battlesandmissions in one of the best action rpg war games! 🈶GREATSAMURAIWAR STORYLINE This Samurai action rpg war game has anaddictivegameplay with a great story behind it. There is animportant reasonwhy you have to complete quests and fight battles!Read the talethat goes along with each given quest in fantastic HDcomic panels.It’s an action rpg like you’ve never experiencedbefore!🔥HIGH-QUALITY WAR RPG GAMEPLAY If you’re tired of all theboringwar rpg gameplays out there and you’re in need of an excitingroleplaying game for your Android, this Samurai action rpg gameisperfect for you! Samurai Hero Fight Battles has variousfeaturesthat will enhance your gaming experience, from puzzles foryou tosolve, to exploring different environments, discovering newthings,encountering in challenging battles, and so on. Play andcompleteas many objectives as you can in this awesome and uniqueadventurerpg game! 🎴Legacy Of Warrior FEATURES ✅ Original Samuraiaction rpggame ✅ HD battlefields, open spaces and adventure worlds✅ Tons ofchallenging quests and missions ✅ Amazing Samurai warriors✅Different upgradeable skills, weapons and combos ✅ Solvepuzzles,explore things and avoid traps ✅ Fight dangerous enemies✅High-quality rpg war game elements ✅ Great Samurai war tale✅Intuitive touch screen controls ✅ Free to play - - - - - - - - --- - - - - Play as a Samurai warrior hero, defend your land fromtheevil enemies’ attacks and have hours of fun with one ofthegreatest rpg war games! Download it now for FREE and enjoySamuraibattles!
Haunted Scared Scooby Dog 1.5
Division Fred
You know what is Haunted Scared Scooby Dog game, it's anactionadventure game about dog lost in a scary dark castle hauntedhousehearing screams trying to pass and run all the difficultiesand theobstacles jumping above them,haunted scooby dog monstersshag. thisreally very hidden treasure map like unlock door shag andcreepycastle haunted house games, doggy love help the dog to escapethatworld and runing with his teammates creepy castle the haunted,Youlike to play it in island this game horror he eat cookie doodoodoo. this is game is like ghost games creepy castle.Ourhauntedscared scooby dog is going is a running game where alltempleScooby dog friend run game for free dooby , Scooby dash boyandescape form episode in horror games creepy castle, i lovescoobydog , scare and escape from haunted isle like eden isle itwill benice of you assist it doggy love, you have to playcarefullyhaunted game the haunted, doo it jump doggy runing!Try toscore thehighest distance like haunt and gold you can gather thehaunted.Heis be owner of cool scooby dog its like the present ofthechristmas its scooby and shag running doggy love, its likehaunteddoor escape haunted house games.This game contains An openlevelgame runing - Smooth user interface with haunted games thebestgraphics the haunted. Phone and Tablet support - Music andsoundeffects - Play for all ages (especially kids) the game isfreedooby doodoo, no purchase required doodoo. He and like toplayracing games and subway run game and like other games forkidsdooby, haunted scooby dog mod and shag haunted horror game.ShagProbably one of the most addictive games developed so far shag.NoViolence doodoo, crude pictures in the game (Suitable for kidsandchildren) No doubt that this is the number one best Adventureandaction games ever haunted horror game made Download to playyournew arcade game dooby with playing shag the haunted doodoo.Showusthe best you can doo , haunted games hope you enjoy HauntedScaredScooby Dog, good luck. Stay connected for the updates andmulticharacters dooby is the doggy love haunted games.
Gates Of Hades: Total War 1.19
22 Games
Gates of Hades is a Action/Adventure game that is inspired bytheBattle of Thermopylae legend and the 300 Spartans legendarystorywhere an alliance of Greek warriors form a defense againsttheinvasion.Take control of the Spartans as they march north tomeetthe Persian Empire that are expanding there empire into Greeceledby the “God” King Xerxes I who was known in legend as a greatking.Utilize the soldiers that you have to repel the enemy. Youhavearchers, javalineers and Spartans Hoplites. Keep yourwarriorsalive as you defend your frontline against enemy invaders.Legendhas it that the Spartan Hoplites were accompanied by otherwarriorsfrom Greece, including: Arcadian's, Athenians and more.Eachwarrior type will have there own ability based on therestrengthsthat were recorded in legend. Spartan Hoplites were greatat closerange fighting, they were the best warrior in the worldaccordingto legend. Arcadian's are useful for there long rangethrow abilityand the Athenians are great archers.FEATURES- A storymode whereyou command an army of Ancient Greek warriors fromlegend,consisting mainly of Spartan Hoplites, Arcadian's andAthenians asthey march to defend there land from Persian invaders.-Utilizeyour warriors abilities for an effective defense/offense. -Youhave Archers, Javalineers, Spartan Hoplites withindividualabilities.- Levels and content added with updates, thelegend ofthis game will be supported.- Easy simple intuitivecontrols so youcan command your warriors with ease.- Endless battlelevels withhigh score system.- Immersive Soundtracks with an epicancientbattle vibe to it.- Options to play Gates of Hades how youwant.-Learn about the actual history of what Gates of Hades isinspiredby.The Battle of Thermopylae is known widely in legend andwasfought between an alliance of Greek city-states, led byKingLeonidas of Sparta, and the Persian Empire of Xerxes I overthecourse of three days, during the second Persian invasion ofGreece.It took place simultaneously with the naval battle atArtemisium,in August or September 480 BC, at the narrow coastalpass ofThermopylae ("The Hot Gates"). The Persian invasion was adelayedresponse to the defeat of the first Persian invasion ofGreece,which had been ended by the Athenian victory at the BattleofMarathon in 490 BC. Xerxes had amassed a huge army and navy,andset out to conquer all of Greece. The Athenian politicianandgeneral Themistocles had proposed that the allied Greeks blocktheadvance of the Persian army at the pass of Thermopylae,andsimultaneously block the Persian navy at the StraitsofArtemisium.Come back with your shield, or upon it.
Jack The Wolf : Free 2D game 2.9
Get your phones ready for the ultimate action adventure game.JackThe Wolf. Platform-style games with the action of 2d shooters.Usethe joystick pad to move around and tap to jump and shoot.Usedifferent powers and Characters too!!!!!Get yourself into aminigames challenges to earn extra coins to buy upgrade andpowerups.There are lot of enemies to fight with. Get ready to tostartthe fight of this amazing jungle adventure. Shoot up!! alltheenemies and get your score up.What are you waiting for?DownloadJack The Wolf now and let the adventure begin!Features:-Newmission will be available one out of beta testing.- Use ourinbuiltdesign engine for smooth gameplay mechanism - Mini gamemechanismcoming soon.- Lots of enemies AI to fight with.- Amazingpowerdesigns.- Different characters to choose.- Amazing gameplay.
Viva Sancho Villa 2.90.4
A Mexican hack & slash action adventure platformer, play astherevolutionary hero Sancho Villa! Using your machete andlegendaryrevolvers, liberate Magico’s land from the corruptedforces of evilin this revolutionary saga of war and folklore.Getimmersed in asurreal world of music, traditions, mythology, artsand craftswhile you travel through colorful towns, dangerousfields, uprisingvillages, haunted forests and much more. VivaSancho Villa shallawe you and last in your memory forever!Its afun, unique andinnovative gameplay with easy to learn controls,letting you run& slide high hills and steep slopes, jump fatalcliffs andrepel attacks. Fight back with combos and surviveunexpectedsituations to the rhythm of fanfares, cheers, confetti,shoutingand celebrations. No one stands in your way!
Mahluk: Dark demon - Retro horror platformer 1.31
Serkan Bakar
Mahluk has a dark sword and sickle.He is a dungeon hunter. Heslashmonsters,goblins and all evils alone.Run, jump and slash yourwaythrough a vast world of platforming challenges and embark onanepic adventure! The mobile hack and slash adventure game and a2dpixel platformer, now also available for Android phonesandtablets.Help him on his adventure to stand against darknessandbring back the peace and serenity that once was. A puzzleplatformadventure, with inspiration going all the way back to SNESand8-bit classics. A dark civilisation that lived long beforemankind.And a king powerful enough to rule the devil. Kindar. Heruled hisworld with cruelty for 3000 years. He sent the men who didnotsurrender to the underground kingdom filled with pain andtorture.No one could come back. But only a mysterious personmanaged toescape. According to legend, he was an assassin. Or, anexiled kingto some. He was overcoming every obstacle in his pathand movingtowards to Kindar’s castle with anger and vengeance inhis redeyes. Evil forces could no longer stop him. If you enjoyedthoseclassic hack and slash metroidvania platformer 8 bitadventuregames, then you’re going to love this. Forget to connector searchfor your old consoles, you will be able to revive thenostalgicchildhood memories on your Android device! ** ! Play WithThe MostFearless Adventurer, Be The Hero, and Join The Quest ToSave Thedark Planet Now! Our old retro style addicting game will benow oneof your top favorite free adventure games. As we want tokeep thevintage style platformer, you don´t need an internetconnection toplay. Lovingly designed, we conjure up the spirit ofold schoolmetroidvania adventure games giving an epic twist to thestory soyou can feel you´re still enjoying the most famous brotherssaga onnew adventures, with new enemies and new characters inthisplatform A GREAT ADVENTURE • Explore a magical realm ofdungeons,mountains, treasures and devious monsters. • Gainexperience andlevel up your character. + Lots of dark environmentsand monsters.MAGIC AND SWORDS • Find powerful dark weapons,swordand items andspells to defeat your enemies. • Venture into gloomycaves anddungeons to discover powerful hidden swords.SIDE-SCROLLERPLATFORMER GAME metroidvania • Fluid and challengingplatforminggameplay designed specifically for mobile devices. •Precise touchcontrols optimized for smartphones and tablets. •Customize thecontrols to your preference. Features: - 15handcrafted adventurelevels - 3 "End Of Act" bosses - Over 30different enemies like:zombies, monsters and flyingcreatures,orcs,goblins.. - 4 differentweapons.(dark sword,darksickle,heavy sword,Dash attack)
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