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Whether you are a gun lover or a fan ofhuntinggames, this amazing new FPS game set in dense jungleenvironment isthe one you have been looking for. The huntingseason has begun, setout on your animal hunting expedition of theyear and hunt down wild& jungle animals such as deer, bear,goats and lions. These deerand other wild animals are very cleverand cunning make sure thatyou kill them all before they can attackyou and tear you apart.Prove yourself as an experienced andprofessional animal hunter byshowcasing your superior aim andshooting skills.

Brace yourself up and get ready with your sniper kit to huntasmany animals as possible. However, the game has a timelimitationchallenge for you that requires you to kill the animalsin theallocated time frame to successfully clear the mission. Goodaimand shooting skills are not the only determinants that make youaprofessional hunter. In order to kill animals properly you needtoupgrade your guns or buy new ones for more accuracy and betterzoomof the sniper. Kill more and more deer to earn money so thatyoucan upgrade your weapons that would help in killing animalsmorecleanly.

This amazing and unique 3D game has taken deer hunting to anewheight by challenging you to target specific body organs ofdeerlike stomach, head or heart so that the animal gets killed byasingle bullet and do not find enough time to attack you. Youalsohave to make sure that you hit the deer on target otherwisethedeer would slip away from side. The characteristic ofanexperienced hunter is that he never let his prey run away.Completeall the missions and prove your superior hunting skillsusingdifferent kinds of snipers and shotguns.

The game consists of 6 different addictive and engaginglevelsset in a number of beautiful environments. The controls ofthe gameare also easy enough for players to complete all themissionswithin allocated time frame. However, it tests yourshooting skillsby setting missions for you to target deer withprecision andaccuracy in the minimum of the time. So what are youwaiting for?Start your journey of being a professional deer huntertoday toincrease your repute throughout the world.

Special Features:
• Amazing Sound Effects
• Realistic Dense Jungle Environment
• Latest Hunting weapons
• Addictive and Engaging Gameplay
• Realistic Animal Animations

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