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Cloud Print plus 3.0.8
This app was the first to support Google Cloudprint service (in2011 ), and has already more then 2 Milion downloads. It allowsyouto print files from your phone, to any printer.To configureyourprinters you need to go to : (onyour pc) or take a look at thisvideo features:-printermanagement - Share printers with friends- sms printing-contactsprinting- print job management- print from facebook,dropbox,google drive, Box etc.- make and print drawings- mailprinting-internal file browser- webpage printing- Print fromclipboardWHY WENEED SMS READING PERMISSIONS ?- because we allow youto print yoursmsWHY WE NEED CONTACTS READING PERMISSIONS ?- becausewe allow youto print your contactsIf you have an Cloudprint readyprinter(Epson, Kodak etc) or HP E-Print enabled printer youdon't need your pc to be on, for other printers your pc needsto beON.Awesome translation team :Fabrizio Alberti aka technofab(IT),Awesome Dutch user(NL),Awesome German user (DE),roaddanfromQuébec(FR), me (PT),Dani Mediavilla(ES)
PrinterOn Print Service Plugin 1.3.6
PrinterOn Inc
The PrinterOn Print Service Plugin for Android lets youprintsecurely from any application on your mobile device thatsupportsnative Android printing without using a 3rd party app.Thiseliminates the extra steps required to print resulting in amuchmore natural and streamlined workflow. With the PrinterOnPluginand one of PrinterOn's mobile printing solutions (PrinterOnHosted,PrinterOn Express, PrinterOn Enterprise), you can easilyfind andprint securely to any PrinterOn enabled printer withinyourorganization or at a public print location no matter where youmaybe. In addition to the plugin, PrinterOn also offers anAndroidprinting app, which you can use to print content from appsthat donot yet support native print. Benefits of native Androidprintingthrough the PrinterOn Plugin: • More natural print workflowlikeFile > Print on your laptop • Print directly fromanyapplication that supports native Android printing without theneedfor app • Unlike other print plugins, you do not need to be onthesame network as the printer, print from anywhere • Securereleasecode for all print jobs prevents documents from being pickedupaccidentally as well as preventing print waste NOTE: Ifyouexperience any issues, please send an [email protected] rather than posting an issue in thereviewsection. We can assist and get you printing quickly if youcontactus directly. More information about PrinterOn MobilePrintingSolutions can be found at: Enterprise- Express- Hosted-
HP Print Service Plugin 4.8.1-3.1.3-16-18.3.80-773
HP Inc.
The HP Print Service Plugin enables printing on yourAndroid™Kitkat™ (v4.4) and newer device without the need foradditionalprint drivers. This app supports a large variety of HPPrintersincluding HP OfficeJet, HP LaserJet, HP DesignJet, HPPhotosmart,HP DeskJet and HP Envy. Easily print from Gallery,Photos, Gmail,Yahoo Mail, Chrome, Google Drive and many otherapplicationssupporting print. Just tap the menu button to revealthe printoption. Location of menu button may vary depending on yourmodel ofAndroid™ device. Discover and print to HP printers thatare: •Connected to the same network as your mobile device. •Broadcastinga Wi-Fi Direct network on supported HP Printers. •Connected to themobile device via a USB On-the-Go cable. Afterinstalling the HPPrint Service Plugin, it is important to turn onthe plugin. Thisis done by going to Settings → Printing → HP PrintService Pluginunder the General Settings section from many devicesand togglingthe setting to “On”. For Samsung devices, it is done bygoing toSettings → NFC and sharing → Printing → HP Print ServicePlugin Formore information on using the HP Print Service Plugin ordetails onsupported HP Printers, please refer to the followingURL: information on Mobile Printing in general, please alsoreferto:
StarPrint - Mobile Print App 04.01.50
It’s really simple to print from android devices to any printersviaWifi, Bluetooth, USB and shared networks. Use our print app toprintdirectly without installing drivers or starting PC. Save timeandefforts with StarPrint!¤ All print features are FREE withadsplacement inside app. You can always remove ads bypurchasingpremium package: - Run StarPrint > My Purchase >Check Price-Follow instruction, make payment and enjoy unlimitedprinting!¤Check if your printer have been supported beforepurchasing fullapp version here:¤ Help usimprove betterprint app for your need by answering thissurvey: this mobile print app, youcaneasily print out PDF books, Open Office documents, MS Officefiles,research papers, family pictures, postcards, favoriteinternetarticles, email, contact, recipes, map (new!), and menuright fromandroid phones/tablets.★ IMPORTANT ★In this version, itis mucheasier to add frames and effects before printing photosfromsmartphones and tablets. In order to use the feature, pleasechooseto print photo, select photo and then press on the 'pencilicon' inthe bottom right. You will be prompted to download anextensionapp. Please download it to use this feature.★ WhatStarPrintsupports ★¤ Wireless mode: printing via Bluetooth, Wi-Fi¤Othermode: printing via USB, network printer, shared printer (SMB,IPP,LPD/LPR), printer box, router based printer share (FritzBox),JetDirect¤ Compatible with AirPrint printers¤ 4000+ printermodelslike HP, Canon, Epson, Brothers, Samsung, Kodak, Dell,Lexmark,etc. ★ Get help for your print app (preferred English)★There aremany unexpected reasons that might lead to printingerrors. Trythese steps:1. Self-help with StarPrintFAQ: Or send us supportrequestvia Ask Expert function in app. Open app > Menu >AskExpert3. If you want to get your printer supported within 24hrs,let join our "Printing without Stopping" campaignat: Please be informed that we stop supportfromJuly 2017Find us on social media:-Facebook: more informationtoprint from android, please visit ourwebsite:http://android-print.comThis mobile print app is similar tohpeprint and other print apps. Moreover, it can print tovariousprinter brand names, and accept multi-print at one time!
RICOH Smart Device Print&Scan
================================================ ImportantNoticeSupport for the RICOH Smart Device Print&Scan app endedonApril 30, 2018. We recommend using the successor app, RICOHSmartDeviceConnector. Print Settings, Scan Settings, Authentication Settings,and thedevices registered in the RICOH Smart Device Print&Scanapp suchas MFP’s, printers, and print servers can be imported tothe RICOHSmart Device Connectorapp.================================================ RICOH SmartDevicePrint&Scan has the following features: Print -Printphotos inan Android device. -Print PDF documents stored in anAndroiddevice. -Print texts saved to the clipboard. -Print webpagesdisplayed in RICOH Smart Device Print&Scan. -Print imagesorPDF saved in cloud storage.*1 -Print photos or documentsopenedfrom another application using [Application Selection].*2-SetPrint settings such as staple.*3 -Print securely using theusercode authentication or Locked Print function. -Print usingtheon-demand print option.*4 -Print using the Location Freeprintserver.*5 Scan -Import the PDF documents and images withScanner.-Set Scan settings such as resolution and file type. -Savethescanned data on Android device to the cloud storage. -Sendthescanned data on Android device to other applicationsusing[Application Selection]. Others -Searching for printers orMFPs onBonjour. -Registering printers or MFPs with IPaddress orHostname.*1: Support cloud storages are Dropbox/GoogleDrive. *2:Itdoes notmean that you can print in the all applications and fileformat.*3: You may not be able to set parameters depending on theprintfile format, print method, printers or MFPs. *4: On-demandprintapplication to print with: Enhanced Locked Print NX V2 *5:LFprinter server to print with: Enhanced Locked Print NXFlexReleaseServer V2
KYOCERA Mobile Print
With the KYOCERA Mobile Print app, you can use your Androidmobiledevice to discover compatible KYOCERA printing devices onyourlocal Wi-Fi network. If supported by your printing device,Wi-FiDirect lets you connect directly to a printing device withoutalocal Wi-Fi network. When connected, you can do the following:•Print photos and documents stored on your Android mobiledevice.KYOCERA Mobile Print can handle a wide range of fileformats,including .PDF, .JPG, .PNG, .TIFF, and .TXT. You can alsoprint.HTML files at lower resolution • Scan your documents onacompatible printing device and save them to your Androidmobiledevice or a supported external service • Attach and senddocumentsthat are stored within the app by email • Print webpagesaccessedthrough the app's built-in web browser The followingexternalservices are supported in KYOCERA Mobile Print: • Dropbox•Evernote • OneDrive • SMB (Shared Folder) The KYOCERA MobilePrintapp is compatible with the following Android mobile devicesandKYOCERA printing devices: • Android mobile devices runningAndroidversion 4.1 or later • KYOCERA printing devices that supportPDFDirect Print 1.4 or later For supported KYOCERA Models, pleaseseethe linkbelow:
PrintHand Mobile Print 12.12
Print directly from your phone or tablet via WiFi, Bluetooth orUSBcable without a computer. Direct mobile scanning is availableforselected multifunction printers. Note: PrintHand app is NOTFREE.In order to print real pages, you’ll need to upgrade toPremiumMode by making in-app purchase. We recommend printing testpageprior to upgrade.Using PrintHand you can print thefollowingcontent:- Office documents, including MS Word, Excel,PowerPoint,PDF; - Text files and other popular file types; - Photosandimages; - Web pages, emails and attachments;- GoogleDrivecontent;- Call logs, SMS & MMS (if your mobile devicesupportsthese features - has a cell module); - Events from Calendarapp;-Contacts;- Facebook albums;- Files from Dropbox;- Files fromBox;-Files from OneDrive;- Files from Creative Cloud;- FilesfromSugarSync;- Notes from Evernote;- Content shared fromotherapps.Print to Mac or Windows shared printers, Workgroup,Domain andActive Directory. Print directly via USB cable fromAndroid 4.0 andabove. Print to Google Cloud. Share the printer withour freesoftware for Mac and PC from, and print toanyprinter as long as you can print from the computer.You canprintvia:- Wi-Fi (using a Wi-Fi Direct printer or using a Wi-Firouteras a middle man);- Bluetooth;- USB if USB OTG is fullysupported byyour device and it has Android 4.0+ installed. Pleasenote thatsome of the mobile devices are unable to communicate witha printerproperly even if USB Host mode is supported. This happensdue tospecific electrical design of the USB port. Sadly in suchcase theapp is not likely to work properly.- PC or Mac (if yourprinter isshared using PrintHand desktop client or standard toolsof yourcomputer's OS);- Google Cloud Print;Here is the list ofprinterssupported byPrintHandapp: the list of supportedportableprinters: that your printer is supported.Our Printer Setup Wizardwilldetect your printers automatically, and guide throughtheconfiguration process if needed. In a few clicks you’ll be abletoprint.You can now scan documents directly from theselectedmultifunction printers to your device. This feature isavailable inbeta mode, please contact [email protected] fordetails. Listof supported devices availableat can trytoprint test page in our free app, but for unlimited printingyouhave to purchase premium app or make in-app purchase infreeapp.Have a good print!
Samsung Mobile Print 4.07.011
HP Inc.
Print, Scan or send Fax wirelessly from your Android phone,tablet,or any other supported Android device to almost any* SamsungLaserPrinter.Samsung Mobile Print empowers to print or send fax,most ofthe digital contents like Office documents, PDF, images,emails,web pages or even the contents on your social networksites.Letyour content be on your phone or on Google drive it’s justeasy.Italso supports scanning from your network multi-functionaldeviceand saving in various formats like pdf, jpg or png. Sharingyourscanned documents is just a click away.Key Features>Intuitiveaction bar style user interface.> Automatic discoveryofsupported network devices.> Select multiple images, tap tocropor rotate.> Supports multiple image sizes and multipleimages ona page.> Print or send faxdocuments/emails/emailattachments/web pages/images.> Supportscontents at GoogleDrive, Dropbox, Evernote, OneDrive, Box andFacebook.> Scan fromflatbed or ADF and save as PDF, PNG,JPG.> Print or Scan pagesas big as A3*.> Share to open any ofthe supported content fromany other App.> For corporateenvironment, supports securityfeatures like Job Accounting,Confidential Print and SecureRelease.> Integration support forAuto Toner Ordering Service(US and UK)> Integration support forfollowing printer's Wi-Fisetup(M2020/2070/283x/288x/262x/282x/267x/287x/301x/306x Series,CLP-360Series, CLX-330x Series, C410/460/430/480 Series)**SupportsOnlySamsung Printers*** Scanning and sending fax is supported onlyonsupported N/W printers.* Printing can be done on printersconnectedvia Print server or Shared.* Maximum print and scan sizewoulddepend on the media size supported by the device. * If youuse theCJX-1050W/CJX-2000FW printer, please install " SamsungMobile PrintPhoto" instead this app. Supported ModelList*M2020/2070/283x/288x/262x/282x/267x/287x/4370/5370/4580Series*C410/460/1810/1860/2620/2670/140x/145x/4820Series*CLP-300/31x/32x/350/360/610/620/660/670/680/770/775Series*CLX-216x/316x/317x/318x/838x/854x/9252/9352/92x1/93x1Series*ML-1865W/2150/2160/2165/2250/2525/257x/2580/285x/2950/305x/3300/347x/331x/371x/405x/455x/551x/651xSeries*SCX-1490/2000/320x/340x/4623/4x21/4x24/4x26/4x28/470x/472x/4x33/5x35/5x37/6545/6555/8030/8040/8123/8128Series*SF-650, SF-760 SeriesPermission Details:Below are thedetails aboutthe permissions Samsung Mobile Print app is using.READ_CONTACTS:For selecting Fax number from Addressbook.READ_HISTORY_BOOKMARK:For showing Bookmarks in WebPrinting.GET_ACCOUNTS: For showingregistered accounts in emailprinting and printing contents fromGoogle drive.USE_CREDENTIALS:For printing from Google Drive.CAMERA: To use Camera.INTERNET: Forany networkcommunication.WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE: To write to SDCard.NFC : Fordirect connection between mobile device andPrinterVIBRATION : Tonotify when NFC tag was read properly
Mobile Print - PrinterShare 11.18.5
Print directly from Android phone or tablet to almost anyprinter!Print photos, emails, documents (including PDF, Microsoft®Word,Excel®, PowerPoint® and other files), bills, invoices,messages,web pages and more. PrinterShare makes printing easy andconvenientwhether your printer is right next to you or across theworld! ***Some of the features are NOT FREE! To unlock them you'llbeprompted to purchase PrinterShare Premium Key. WithPrinterShareyou can easily print images and photos (JPG, PNG, GIF),emails(from Gmail) and attachments (PDF, DOC, XSL, PPT, TXT),contacts,agenda, SMS and MMS, call log, web pages (HTML) and otherdigitalcontent from device memory, cloud storage providers such asGoogleDrive, One Drive, Box, Dropbox and other applications usingShareaction. You even can print text messages for trial orlegalmatters! Print UPS shipping labels directly from browser onAndroiddevice to supported thermal printers by logging to UPSwebsite. Youcan configure many printing options such as paper size,pageorientation, copies, page range, one- or two-sided printing(duplexmode), print quality (resolution), color or monochrome,input trayand more. With the free version of the app you can: *Print withcertain restrictions on nearby wireless (WiFi, Bluetooth)anddirect USB-OTG connected printers; * Print on Windowsshared(SMB/CIFS) or Mac shared printers; * Print via Google CloudPrint(including Save as PDF); * Print 20 pages in remote mode overtheInternet. For unlimited printing, you need to purchasePrinterSharePremium Key, a separate small application that simplyneeds to beon the device to unlock Premium Features of the freeapp. Prior tobuying the key we highly recommend printing the testpage to ensurecompatibility with your printer. Premium Features: *UnlimitedNearby direct printing (PDFs, documents, photos and more)via Wi-Fior Bluetooth without a computer; * Unlimited Remoteprinting. Thereceiving end (Windows or Mac) would not have to buypages orsubscribe. PrinterShare supports a wide variety of HP(Officejet,LaserJet, Photosmart, Deskjet and other models includingHPOfficejet 100/150/200/250 Mobile series and HP OfficejetH470),Epson (Artisan, WorkForce, Stylus and other series), Canon(PIXMAMP/MX/MG and other series), Brother, Kodak , Samsung, Dell,Ricoh,Lexmark, Kyocera, OKI and other printers includinglegacynetworkable. A full list of supported printers availableat You canalsoprint to unsupported and legacy printers with our freecomputersoftware for Mac and Windows available at note: 1) Requested permissions areneeded to print contentand are not used to collect your personaldata. For a more detailedexplanation see our FAQat 2) GoogleCloudPrint requires the latest version of Chrome browser onyourcomputer or Google Cloud Print capable printer. For moresetupinstructions please read If something isn'tworking as expected, please send us an [email protected] Have a good print! *** For directnearbyprinting to selected printer models PrinterShare downloadsand usesdrivers provided by HPLIP ( ( These driversaredistributed under GNU General Public License, version 2.
HP ePrint 4.3.4
HP Inc.
HP ePrint for Android is solely a printing app and not intended asasetup, scan or copy solution for your HP printer. If you needtosetup your new HP printer or use the HP recommended copy,print,and scan app, you will need to install HP Smart (PrinterRemote) for Android will be retired soon and is no longer theHPrecommended solution. Please consider using therecommendedsolution HP Smart (Printer Remote) The HP ePrint App mayallow youto print from your Android smartphone or tablet, howeverwerecommend for best results you should consider usingtherecommended solution HP Smart (Printer Remote).
Invoices/Billing Software. 200,000+ Downloads 0.42.0
•  Create Invoices and Track Payments. •  Share Online InvoiceLinksInstantly. •  Print and PDF Support from mobile. InstantInvoicing -Momobills helps you to spend more time on the businessaspects andless on tracking invoices. You can make professionalInvoices inless than 8 seconds and Instantly share link to yourinvoice withyour customer. Momobills has World's first interactivetwo-way cloudbilling. If your customer installs the Momobills app,he/shereceives all invoice updates on his phone directly - Justlike howmessaging app works. •  Works offline. Create Invoicesanytime andsync to cloud when online. •  Multiple Invoice Formatswith detailedcustomization support. Modify formats as per yourbusiness need. • TAX, Discount- fully customizable •  Once youhave setup product andcustomer list, you can create Invoices withfew clicks. No orminimal typing needed. •  Get to know whencustomer viewed theinvoice (Double blue tick). No need toseparately send bill viaEmail if customer downloads the invoicewith the app. •  SendPayment reminders to receivers for free(Client needs to have appinstalled). Client gets automaticnotifications on bill due date forcredit bills. •  Send Estimates,Purchase Orders •  Know whencustomer accepted Estimate or rejectedEstimate •  Track Partial andFull payments for every bill. • Maintain Customer list, detailedProduct description •  Auto-sendSMS to bill receiver from yourphone on bill generation Printdirectly from your smartphone toAndroid connected Wifi printer.World's first interactiveEstimates/Quotations: 1. Send estimate toyour client 2. Client canaccept or reject estimate. You will getinstant notification. 3. Ifclient accepts estimate, convert to abill in single click. XiaomiUsers If you are facing problem withprinting the bill, go toSettings=>Installed Apps=> Bottom ofthe list=> Select"Documents" => Press "Enable" button. Forusers supportingUPI/PayTM Payments, Get Instant payments with UPIor PayTM from yourclients in 4 easy steps: 1. Update your UPI VPAin the settings.Enable PayTM payments. 2. Send bill to yourclient. 3. Client viewsthe bill in Momobills app and clicks "MakePayment" 4. Clientchooses either PayTM or UPI Option based on whatyou have enabledand confirms payment from corresponding app. Youget a confirmationof payment. Momobills is one place to manage allyour bills - billsthat you need to pay and bills that you need toreceive. • If youare a business owner, looking to generateprofessional lookinge-bills to share with your clients, Momobillsis for you. . • If youare an individual, who wants to track yourpayables and receivablesin one place, Momobills is for you. Whoare some of the users ofMomobills •  Grocery shop owners who nowcan send e-bills tocustomers for the shopping w/o hassle of anyPOS software. • Professionals like Finance Advisors, Real EstateAdvisors,Architects who send bills to customers for the servicesoffered. • Service Providers like Plumbers, Electricians to sendbills to thecustomers. Keywords: Invoice maker, Invoice on the go,SimpleInvoice, Invoice Templates, Print Invoice, Bill Pay,BillingSoftware for Retail Free, GSTR1, GSTR-1, GSTR 3B, Pay withPayTM,GST Invoice, GST Mobile App, Invoice and Billing App Free,GSTInvoice App, GST India, GST App, GST Invoices, InvoiceMaker,Invoices for Business, Invoice App, Billing Software,Tallyaccounting, Billing and Invoice for Business, Retail POS,Invoiceand Billing, Billing Software, Invoices on the go, CreateInvoices,POS Software, Bill Reminder, mobile billing, track bills,utilitybills, account manager
Fast scanner app 1.0.1
Best scanner app that will turn your device into a portablefilescanner, With fast scanner, you can scan pdf files, photos andmore…What files and docs you scan with rbgaming scanner app:Youcanscan documents, photos, receipts, reports …, you save your filesaspdf or photos. you can also share files via bluetooth or thewebwith your team. and you can print files with printerssupportingbluetooth connexion ... Put fast scanner in your pocketnow !! andturn your phone into a portable scanner. and scaneverything fromimages to files to docs ...You can share yourscanned files via :-Email.- Dropbox, Evernote, Google Drive,OneDrive or Box.- Wifidirectly to your computer.- Send fax fromphone. "fast scanner -document scanner" features :Fast FilesProcessingAutomatic documentedge detectionFile PerspectivecorrectionEdit your docs filesManageyour files with folders andsubfolders, in order to organise yourdocuments better.Use fastscanner in office, school, home …anywhere you want.Scan in colors,black & white orgrayscale.Quick search and sort scans files bydate or titleSetpage sizes for PDF (Letter, Legal, A4, andmore)Print PDF file viaCloud Print, bluetooth print, wifiprint.Small app, which make it atiny scanner, and extremely fastand easy dealing withdocuments.All features are available for free,no purchasedfeatures needed.We are continuously working in fastscanner app,adding more features and improving the user experience,If youcounter any issues, please contact us.Rbgaming scanner.Yourultimate scanner app.
HP Sprocket 2.52.0 (4874)
HP Inc.
Printing your favorite social media photos has never beeneasier.Connect your social media accounts to HP Sprocket App andinstantlyturn any of those photos into colorful prints. Customizeyourphotos before you print with the HP Sprocket App. Text,borders,emojis, and more add a pop of personality for snapshotsandstickers that are totally and uniquely you. This app pairedwiththe HP Sprocket printer enables you print wherever you go.Iteasily fits into any bag, so you can create 2x3-inchstickablesnapshots whenever the moment strikes.
Samsung Smart UX Mobile 1.01.004
HP Inc.
The Smart UX Mobile app enables you to operate Samsungmultifunctionprinters from Android mobile devices. Print, scan orsend faxeswirelessly from your Android phone, tablet, or any othersupportedAndroid device. You can also use Smart UX Mobile withmost digitalcontents, like Office documents, PDFs, images ordocuments stored inSamsung Cloud Print. In addition, the app letsyou scan documents onan MFP and save the files in a variety offormats on your mobiledevices. Using Dynamic Workflow Mobile, youcan build your ownprocesses, combining multiple tasks – likeprinting, scanning, OCR,and faxing – to make repetitive jobssimpler and more efficient.*This app needs the Samsung SmartUXMobileServices, you shouldinstall it to use Smart UX Mobile appthoroughly. [Key features andBenefits] - Launcher style appproviding widgets to utilize printerfunctionalities - Copy, Scan,Print, Fax widgets provided to useprinter wirelessly from yourmobile device.- With Dynamic WorkflowMobile, makes you create yourown workflow with printer andinstalled apps.- Supports scan toSamsung Cloud Print and print fromSamsung Cloud Print.[Supportedenvironment]- Android 4.1 and above.-Requiredpermissions:=======================================CALL_PHONE:Allows an application to initiate a phone callSET_WALLPAPER:Allowsto set the wallpaperSET_WALLPAPER_HINTS : Allowsapplications toset the wallpaper hintsVIBRATE : VibrateGET_ACCOUNTS: Access tothe list of accounts READ_EXTERNAL_STORAGE : Read fromSDcardBROADCAST_STICKY : Sendsstickybroadcast.RECEIVE_BOOT_COMPLETED : Receive bootcompletebroadcastINTERNET : Access to internetSMARTUX_SERVICE :AccessSamsung SmartUX MobileServicesWRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE : Writeto SDcardACCESS_NETWORK_STATE : Access to networkACCESS_WIFI_STATE:Access to WIFIREAD_PHONE_STATE : Access to readphonestateREAD_CONTACTS : Access toreadcontacts=======================================[CompatibleSamsungPrinters and MPFs]*M458x/M4370/M5370/X4300/K4350/X7600/K7600Series*X3220/X3280/K3250/K3300 Series(V3.00.08.07 orhigher)*K2200/M4070/M4080 Series* C3060 Series(V3.00.06.01 orhigher)
Brother iPrint&Scan 3.3.0
Brother iPrint&Scan is a free app that lets you print fromandscan to your Android device. Use your local wireless networktoconnect your Android device to your Brother printer orall-in-one.Some new advanced functions have been added (edit, faxsend, faxpreview, copy preview, machine status). For a list ofsupportedmodels, please visit your local Brother website. [KeyFeatures] -Easy to use menu. - Simple steps to print your favoritephotos, webpages, emails (Gmail only) and documents (PDF, Word,Excel®,PowerPoint®, Text). - Print your documents and photosdirectly fromthe following cloud services: DropboxTM, OneDrive,Evernote®. -Scan directly to your Android device. - Save scannedimages to yourAndroid device or email them (PDF, JPEG). -Automatically searchfor supported devices on a local wirelessnetwork. - No computerand no driver required. - The NFC function issupported, thisenables you to print or scan by simply holding yourmobile deviceover an NFC mark on your machine and tapping thescreen. - Theremote print function enables you to print fromanywhere. (Yourmachine needs to support Google Cloud Print to usethis function.)*Memory card needed for printing and scanning. *Touse the NFCfunction, both your mobile device and your machine needto supportNFC. There are some mobile devices with NFC that cannotwork withthis function. Please visit our supportwebsite( for a list of supportedmobiledevices. *As the remote print function is based on GoogleCloudPrintTM, you must first register your machine in yourGoogleaccount. For detailed information, please see the GoogleCloudPrint Guide available on the Brother supportwebsite( "[Advanced Functions](Onlyavailable on new models.)" - Edit previewed images usingtheediting tools (scale, straighten, crop) if necessary. - Send afaxdirectly from your mobile device.(This app feature requiresaccessto the contacts list on your mobile device.) - View receivedfaxesstored on your machine on your mobile device. - The copypreviewfunction enables you to preview an image and edit it ifnecessarybefore copying to avoid copy errors. - View the machine’sstatussuch as ink/toner volume and error messages on your mobiledevice.*Compatible functions will depend on the selecteddevice.[Compatible Print Settings] - Paper Size - 4" x 6" (10 x15cm)Photo L (3.5" x 5" / 9 x 13 cm) Photo 2L (5" x 7" / 13 x 18cm) A4Letter Legal A3 Ledger - Media Type - Glossy Paper PlainPaper -Copies - Up to 100 [Compatible Scan Settings] - DocumentSize - A4Letter 4" x 6" (10 x 15cm) Photo L (3.5" x 5" / 9 x 13 cm)Card(2.4" x 3.5" / 60 x 90 mm) Legal A3 Ledger - Scan Type -ColorColor (Fast) Black & White *Compatible settings willdepend onthe selected device and function. *Google Cloud Print isatrademark of Google Inc. Use of this trademark is subject toGooglePermissions. *Evernote is a trademark of Evernote Corporationandused under a license. *Microsoft, Excel, and PowerPoint areeitherregistered trademarks or trademarks of Microsoft Corporationin theUnited States and/or other countries. *Please note theemailaddress [email protected] is for feedbackonly.Unfortunately we cannot reply to inquiries sent to thisaddress.
Canon Print Service 2.6.0
Canon Inc.
Canon Print Service is software that can print simply from themenusof applications that support Android's printing subsystem. Itcanprint from smart phones and tablets using Canon printersconnectedto wireless networks. Main features: - Switching betweencolor andblack-and-white printing - 2-sided printing - 2 on 1printing -Borderless printing - Stapling pages - Setting papertypes - Secureprinting - Department ID management - PDF directprinting - Printerdiscovery by specifying IP address - Recall fromthe share menu *Items that can be set vary depending on theprinter you are using.If you are using a mobile terminal withAndroid 6 or earlierinstalled: You need to activate the CanonPrint Service for printingusing it. The Canon Print Service is notactivated immediately afterinstallation. Activate it using one ofthe following methods. - Tapthe icon displayed in the notificationarea immediately afterinstallation, and activate the service inthe displayed settingsscreen. - Tap [Settings] > [Printing]> [Canon Print Service],and activate the service in thedisplayed settings screen. * If youare using a mobile terminalwith Android 7 or later installed, theservice is automaticallyactivated after installation. Compatibleprinters: - Canon InkjetPrinters PIXMA TS series, TR series, MGseries, MX series, Gseries, E series, PRO series, MP series, iPseries, iX seriesMAXIFY MB series, iB series imagePROGRAF PROseries, imagePROGRAFTX series *Except for some models * When usingthis application,the largest output size of the PRO-1000 is A3extended. -imageRUNNER ADVANCE series - Color imageRUNNER series -imageRUNNERseries - Color imageCLASS series - imageCLASS series -i-SENSYSseries - imagePRESS series - LBP series - Satera series -LaserShot series - Compact Photo Printers SELPHY CP900 series,CP1200,CP1300 Compatible OSs/Terminals: - Terminals with Android4.4.2(KitKat) or later installed.
Print Extension 7 1.00.13
HP Inc.
Samsung Print Extension for OneDrive
Print Extension 2 1.00.018
HP Inc.
Mobile Print Extension Dropbox app
Print Extension 5. 1.00.11
HP Inc.
Samsung Print Extension for Google Drive
PrinterShare Premium Key 3.7
Mobile Dynamix
This key unlocks premium features of free PrinterShareapplication.It cannot be used on its own! If you haven't done soalready,please install main free PrinterShare app and print testpagebefore purchasing this key.With PrinterShare you caninstantlyprint Office documents, bills and invoices (Word,Excel,PowerPoint, PDF, text files and more) directly from yourtablet orphone (from internal memory, SD card or cloud source suchas GoogleDrive / Google Docs) to a printer right next to you oranywhere inthe world!Premium Features:* Unlimited Nearby directprinting viaWi-Fi, Bluetooth and USB without PC;* Unlimited Remoteprinting.The receiving end (Windows or Mac) would not have to buypages orsubscribe;Have a good print!
HP Smart (Printer Remote) 6.0.115
HP Inc.
HP Smart (formerly known as HP All-in-One Printer Remote) helpsyouto set up, scan, print, share, and manage your HP printer. Youcanshare documents and images through email, text messages,andpopular cloud and social media services (such as iCloud,GoogleDrive, Dropbox, and Facebook). You can also set up new HPprinters,as well as monitor and order supplies. Key Features: •Createhigh-quality JPEGs and PDFs of your images anddocuments—eitherwith the scanner on your printer (if available) orthe camera onyour mobile device using this app’s intelligent mobilescanningfeature (including automatic deskewing, image enhancements,andunwanted background cropping). • Use this app toautomaticallydetect if you can print using your phone, and then setup yourmobile device for printing images, PDF documents, and morewith HPPrint Service Plug-In. • Print images and PDF documents,using HPprinters on your Wi-Fi network or connected using Wi-FiDirect. •Share your images and documents through email, cloudstorageservices (including Dropbox, Box, Evernote, and GoogleDrive), andsocial media sites (like Facebook and Instagram). •Using this app,set up new HP printers and help get your existing HPprintersconnected to your Wi-Fi network. • Easily check yoursuppliesstatus and order supplies for your printer while alsoreceivingspecial promotions from HP. • Get help and tips forsolvingproblems you might have using your printer. • Changeprintersettings and perform maintenance tasks. Supported Printers:HPprinters from 2010 or later, including many HP DeskJet, HP Envy,HPOfficeJet, HP OfficeJet Pro All-in-Ones—as well as manyHPDesignjets, PageWide, and HP LaserJet MFPs. Both printers onlocalWi-Fi network and printers that are set to Wi-Fi Direct orHPwireless direct printing mode are supported. Tip: For a fulllistsupported printers,visit:
ListNote Pro Notepad 8.86
Pro Version Additional Features-Google CloudPrintIntegration-Disable Ads-Home Screen Widgets (for quicklyaddingspeech notes and voice search of notes)-Customize CategorySharing:You can change the separator text between notes, and youhave theoption to show numbers in front of each note.If you'reupgradingfrom the free version and already have notes, you caneasily importthem by creating a backup and then restoring it withListNote Pro.Your backups will automatically be visible by ListNotePro, nomoving files necessary.
Sharpdesk Mobile 2.4.1
Sharpdesk Mobile can receive, preview and store scanneddocumentsfrom your scanner to your mobile device connected to yourWi-Finetwork.Sharpdesk Mobile can also print the documents storedinyour mobile device to your printer, attach the scanneddocumentsstored in this application to e-mail, and send thedocuments toother application in your mobile device to utilizethem.Fordetails, see Sharpdesk MobileWebsite: trademark or registered trademark of Sharp Corporation in theU.S.and other countries.New features may require options andfirmwareupdates for printer/scanner. See your local support website for thedetail.We do not reply individually to any e-mailssent to theDeveloper E-mail address in "ADDITIONAL INFORMATION".
CamScanner HD - Scanner, Fax
CamScanner phone version is perfectly compatible with tabletsnow!We will keep updating the phone version only and havestoppedupdating the HD version. Please install the CamScanner appto getthe most updated features and experience. We recommend thatyou 1.Create account and sign in to CamScanner HD to sync all yourlocaldocs to the cloud2. Install the CamScanner phone app3. Sign intoyour CamScanner account to download all your docs fromthecloudCamScanner HD turns your tablet into a scanner.WithCamScanner, you are able to digitize any paper documents byphotoshooting. Simply take a picture of any paper documents suchasreceipts, agreements, notes, whiteboards and so forth,andCamScanner can auto-crop image, enhance image quality and createanindustry standard PDF file. You can easily share thescanneddocuments via Email, Google Cloud Print, and fax, uploadthem tocloud like Dropbox, Google Docs,, and manage thembygrouping or searching. With CamScanner you can scan*Receipt,Manual, Bill, Tax roll* Business card, Membership card, VIPcard*Agreement, PPT and Whiteboard* Note, Memo, Script, Letter*Book,Magazine, Newspaper, Poster, Coupon…… Any use cases, welcometoshare with us at [email protected] Free: With advertisements, PDF filescreatedwith watermark, limitation of 50 documents, 10 pages perdocument,and up to 3 scans every time in batch mode. CamScannerFull:Noadvertisements, PDF files created is clean without anywatermark,no limitation on number of documents, pages, or scans inbatchmode. System requirements: tablet with Android version 3.xandhigher, camera with auto focus. CamScanner is capable ofbatchscanning multi-page documents.CamScanner is able tocontinuouslybatch scanning multi-page documents, fast andconvenient, no morewait.¬ Auto-crop and Auto-enhance Image Whatmakes CamScannerdifferent from camera is its smart and advancedimage processingtechnology. CamScanner can auto-detect edges ofimages, auto-cropand auto-enhance images.And there are variety ofenhance modes tochoose according to different situations.¬ Createand ShareMulti-size PDF FilesWith CamScanner, you can create PDFfiles inmore than 10 different sizes including Letter, A4, B5,user-definedand auto-fit to get the most proper size. All PDF filescan beshared via email, uploaded to Dropbox, and GoogleDocs.Google Cloud Print and Fax are also available for CamScanner.¬Backup and RestoreCamScanner can back up all files to your SDcardand you can restore them at any time.¬ Smart ManagementofDocumentsWith CamScanner, you can easily view and managealldocuments by grouping, merging or deleting.Version1.3.0updates(WHAT’S NEW )V1.3.01. Add password protectionfordocuments2. Move and copy pages 3. Add a spirit level forcapturing4. Save the scanned image to gallery5. Add a shutter voiceswitch(supported by major kind of tablet)6. Add option to createPDFpages with margin or not7. Fax documents8. Print documentsbyGoogle Cloud Print function 9. Fix bugs and optimizetheperformance OTHER APPS by IntSigInformation:*CamCard*CamDictionary
My Cloud 4.4.10
Access your My Cloud and My Passport Wireless drives, including :MyCloud, My Cloud Expert series, My Cloud Pro series, MyPassportWireless Pro, and My Passport Wireless. My Cloud Home userspleasedownload the My Cloud Home app.The My Cloud app makesaccessing andsharing from anywhere easy. And with automatic photoand videobackup to your personal cloud storage, it helps reliablystore yourirreplaceable moments so you can free up space on yourtablet orsmartphone. The My Cloud app also integrates with othercloudservices, providing a centralized location for all yourcontent.Note: The My Cloud app requires a WD My Cloud product orMyPassport Wireless product to work (sold separately).Like usonFacebook: us onTwitter:@WesternDigitalFollow us on Instagram: westerndigital
PrintHand Mobile Print Premium 12.12
Print from your device directly via WiFi or Bluetooth withoutacomputer. Direct mobile scanning is available forselectedmultifunction printers. Using PrintHand you can print thefollowingcontent:- Office documents, including MS Word, Excel,PowerPoint,PDF; - Text files and other popular file types; - Photosandimages; - Web pages, emails and attachments;- GoogleDrivecontent;- Call logs, SMS & MMS (if your mobile devicesupportsthese features - has a cell module); - Events from Calendarapp;-Contacts;- Facebook albums;- Files from Dropbox;- Files fromBox;-Files from OneDrive;- Files from Creative Cloud;- FilesfromSugarSync;- Notes from Evernote;- Content shared fromotherapps.Print to Mac or Windows shared printers, Workgroup,Domain andActive Directory. Print directly via USB cable fromAndroid 4.0 andabove. Print to Google Cloud. Share the printer withour freesoftware for Mac and PC from, and print toanyprinter as long as you can print from the computer.You canprintvia:- Wi-Fi (using a Wi-Fi Direct printer or using a Wi-Firouteras a middle man);- Bluetooth;- USB if USB OTG is fullysupported byyour device and it has Android 4.0+ installed. Pleasenote thatsome of the mobile devices are unable to communicate witha printerproperly even if USB Host mode is supported. This happensdue tospecific electrical design of the USB port. Sadly in suchcase theapp is not likely to work properly.- PC or Mac (if yourprinter isshared using PrintHand desktop client or standard toolsof yourcomputer's OS);- Google Cloud Print;Here is the list ofprinterssupported byPrintHandapp: the list of supportedportableprinters: Wizard will detect your printers automatically, andguidethrough the configuration process if needed. In a few clicksyou’llbe able to print.Please make sure that your printer issupported.Youcan now scan documents directly from the selectedmultifunctionprinters to your device. This feature is available inbeta mode,please contact [email protected] for details. Listof supporteddevices availableat can trytoprint test page in our free app, but for unlimited printingyouhave to purchase premium app or make in-app purchase infreeapp.Have a good print!
Future Cloud 1.12
Futurenet Cloud is an app for those who are looking foratrustworthy way to store their files. Keep your favoritephotos,videos or documents within the reach of hand, thanks toourmulti-device synchronization feature. Note: The app requiresaFuturenet account and allows you to buy 50GB, 100GB, 200GB, 1TBor2TB packages of storage.
Fast Scanner : Free PDF Scan 3.9.6
Fast Scanner turns your Android devices into a multiplepagesscanner for documents, receipts, notes, invoices, businesscards,whiteboards and other paper text. With Fast Scanner, youcanquickly scan your document, then print or email them asmultiplepages PDF or JPEG files. Moreover you can save the PDFfiles inyour device or open them in other apps. FAST SCANNERFEATURES: +Scan documents Fast Scanner scans any type of documents,rangingfrom a receipt to multiple pages book. + Export to PDF fileAllscanned documents are exported as industry-standard PDF file.Youcan add new pages or delete existed pages within the PDF file.+Email scanned documents Just scan any documents and tap"Send"button. + Extremely Fast Fast Scanner is optimized to runveryfast. + Multiple editing support scanned document FastScannersupport a lot of image editing options so you can make thescannedimages as easy to read as possible. + Scans are saved toyourdevice as images or PDFs. + Open PDFs or JPEGs in other appslikethe free Dropbox app (or Evernote, SkyDrive, GoogleDrive app,etc)to send to clouds or fax apps. + Printing via Cloud Print orotherprint apps. + Universal - a single app that works on phoneandtablet too. This is Fast Scanner Free app but you have: -UNLIMITEDNUMBER OF SCAN DOCUMENTS. - UNLIMITED ANY FEATURE. FastScanner: alittle app that scans everything! We are committed toprovidefrequently updated versions to all of our users. You onlybuy FastScanner once and get all FREE updated version later.
Canon Inc.
"Canon PRINT Inkjet/SELPHY is the print and scan app forPIXMA,MAXIFY and SELPHY from your Android smartphone &tablet*1/2.*1: Available for devices with an ARM processor only.*2: Functionsand services may not be available for all printers orin allcountries, regions, and environments. [Key features] - PhotoPrint*3 Photo trimming is available - Document Print *4 Print PDFfiles& Microsoft Office® documents - Web page Print *4 Easilyprintweb pages from “Share” - Scan  Seamlessly scan & savedocumentsand photos as PDF or JPEG - Cloud Link to PIXMA Cloud LinkservicePrint pictures and documents from select social mediaplatforms andstorage sites, as well as crafts from CREATIVE PARKwith PIXMACloud Link from just about anywhere - Copy You can adjustyour copysettings from your smartphone or tablet Especially helpfulonprinters that don't have an LCD screen - Smartphone Copy Takeapicture of a document with your smart device and apply autoskewcorrection for a print - Printer Settings Allows you to checkyourInk levels, ink model number, buy ink, and access an onlinemanualfor your printer - Bluetooth setup *5 Allows you to easilyprintand scan without registering your printer, receive errormessages,and skip password entry when copying by a remote userinterface -NFC-touch print and scan *6 Touch your device to the NFCenabledprinter after selecting photos to print from the ""PhotoPrint""app Set a document to be scanned and touch your devicedisplaying""Scan ""on this application to an NFC enabled printer*3: OnlyJPEG files supported. *4: Incorrect print results may occurif datadoes not display properly on the screen. *5: Functionavailable forAndroid 5.1 and later. This function is not guaranteedto operateon all Android devices *6: The function available forsmartphonesand tablets with NFC. [Supported printers] - CanonInkjet PrintersPIXMA TS series, TR series, MG series, MX series, Gseries, Eseries, PRO series, MP series, iP series, iX series MAXIFYMBseries, iB series imagePROGRAF PRO / TM series *Except forsomemodels - Compact Photo Printer SELPHY CP900 series, CP1200,CP1300[Supported OS] Android 4.4 and later [Supported medias] -Mediatypes Plain Paper, Photo Paper Plus Glossy II, Photo PaperProPlatinum, Photo Paper Plus Semi-gloss, Photo Paper Photo PaperPro,Photo Paper Pro II, Photo Paper Plus Glossy, Photo PaperProLuster, Glossy Photo Paper, Matte Photo Paper, Ink JetHagaki,Hagaki, High Resolution Paper, Other Photo Paper、GreetingCard,Cardstock - Media sizes *7 Letter 8.5""x11"" 22x28cm,Legal8.5""x14"" 22x36cm, A4, A5, 4""x6"" 10x15cm, 5""x7""13x18cm,8""x10"" 20x25cm, A3, A3+ 13""x19"" 33x48cm, 10""x12""25x30cm, B5,B4, 14""x17"" 36x43cm, L 89x127mm, 2L 127x178mm ,Hagaki100x148mm,Credit Card 2.13""x3.39"" 54x86mm, Card 2.17""x3.58""55x91mm,Wide 4""x7.1"" 101.6x180.6mm, Square 5""x5"" 13x13cm,Square3.5""x3.5"" 9x9cm, Square 4""x4"" 10x10cm, Square12""x12""30x30cm, 7""x10"" 18x25cm, 11""x17"" 28x43cm *7:ForPRO-500/PRO-1000, the maximum output size is A3+ (13""x19""33x48cm ) while in use of this application."
TurboScan: scan documents & receipts in PDF 1.5.1
Piksoft Inc.
Over three million users chose TurboScan! Thank you foryoursupport! • TurboScan turns your phone into a full-featuredandpowerful multipage scanner for documents, receipts,notes,whiteboards, photos, or other everyday text. With TurboScan,youcan quickly scan your documents in high quality and store orsendthem as multipage PDF or JPEG files. Note! You can scan andsend upto three multipage documents with this freeversion.TurboScan usesadvanced fast algorithms to accurately detectdocument edges,straighten the documents (correct perspective),eliminate shadowsand set a perfect contrast - black onwhite.TurboScan boasts apowerful yet easy to use interface. Getinstant one-tap brightness,rotation and color controls all on onescreen!TurboScan also offersSureScan, our proprietary scanning modefor sharper scans(especially useful in low-light conditions.)SureScan requirestaking three pictures of the same document withthe phone camera.TurboScan's handy "Email to myself" feature letsyou send documentsto a predefined address, or even upload them toonline storagesites like Dropbox, with a single tap. All processinghappens onyour phone, and the confidentiality of your data isnevercompromised (no Internet connection needed.)TurboScanfeatures:•Automatic document edge detection and perspectivecorrection •SureScan mode for very sharp scans • Ultra-fastprocessing (under 3seconds per page) • Document naming, storageinside the app andsearch• Multipage editing: add, reorder, anddelete pages• Copypages between stored scans• “Email to myself”feature for quickemails • Email document as PDF, JPEG or PNG, orsave to cameraroll• Arrange multiple receipts or business cards ona PDF page•Open PDFs or JPEGs in other apps like the free Dropboxapp (orEvernote, GoogleDrive, OneDrive app, etc) to send to clouds,or faxapps • Printing via Cloud Print or other print apps •Instantone-tap brightness, rotation, and color controls •Compactattachments with adjustable size Tips on scanning• Make sureyourdocument is flat and well lit. • For best edge detection,includesome margin around your document while shooting.• Use flashin lowlight conditions, but avoid glare with glossy documents.• Ifyourflash over-saturates images or makes them blurry, please changetheflash option in app SettingsWe're constantly improvingTurboScan,and we value our customers' opinions and feedback. If youwant tosend us your feedback or have a problem with our software,pleasecontact us at [email protected] before submitting acommentto the store.
Fiabee 1.0.57
Fiabee provides an enterprise caliber SaaS service for cloudandmobile content management/collaboration specifically designedforSMB and individuals."Fiabee for Business" accounts haveaManagement profile that can manage granular permissions:•Denyoffline caching at the mobile devices.• Grant read-onlypermission(can't delete, rename or upload files).• Deny cloudprintpermissions.• Deny sharing permissions for individual files.•Denythe installation of the Fiabee Android App.• Remotely wipethefiles in the mobile and desktop Fiabee apps.• Create andmanagegroups for team working.• Generate a random password for oneuse,among other features.Other features available for individualandSMB users are:• Print your files from anywhere to any printerusingGoogle Cloud Print.• Backup your contacts.• Take a photo anduploadit instantly to your account.• Centralize your photos andfilesthat you have in your social network profiles into one singleplace(Google Docs, Facebook, Flickr, Picasa). • (Whenselected)Automatic bulk upload of all your photos to the cloud anytime thata wifi connection is detected.• Edit from your androiddevice yourdocuments (using any commercial editor for Android) andsync itback to all your devices.• Select which specific files youwant tostore locally and keep always synced for quick, offlineaccess.•Access, share and manage all your files on the go.• Searchacrossall your devices almost instantly, even when offline.SeeotherFiabee apps at
HP Cards 2.1 (438)
HP Inc.
Note: HP Cards will be retired soon and is no longer theHPrecommended solution. Please try the recommended solution HPSocialMedia Snapshots. Print your own greeting cards at home.Create andcustomize your greeting cards in just a few, easy steps.Connectwith your friends and family by personalizing, printing andsendinggreeting cards without a trip to the store. It’s simple touse andprint with your Android Phone or Tablet onto 4x6 or 5x7 inchphotopaper.CHOOSE:• Choose a category for every occasion• Selectfrom awide variety of cards• Color options available for eachcardEDIT:•Insert your own photos• Add cool filters to your photos•Edit thetext to make it your ownPRINT:• Print cards now on yourwirelessprinter. No online ordering!• Cards are designed toprintbeautifully on 4x6 or 5x7 paper• Works great with HP PrintServicePlugin• Works with non-HP printersSHARE:• Save to GooglePhotos •Email and SMS• Facebook, Twitter, any destination thatacceptsimages.
myHalyk 1.5.2132
Бесплатное мобильное приложение для всех зарегистрированныхклиентовсистемы «Интернет-банкинг для физических лиц» НародногобанкаКазахстана.ДЛЯ РЕГИСТРАЦИИ в системе myHalyk необходимо:1.Иметькарточку Народного банка;2. Посредством банкомата вменю«Интернет-банкинг» подключиться к услуге «ДоставкаSMS-паролей»;3.Зарегистрироваться можно двумя способами:-посредством банкомата вменю «Интернет-банкинг» выбрать пункт«Регистрация», получить чек слогином (логин присваиваетсяавтоматически и состоит только изцифр) и временным паролем длявхода в систему, или- на сайте или вмобильном приложении "myHalyk" выбратьпункт «Зарегистрироваться пономеру карты» (логин можно придуматьсамому, при условии, что он неиспользуется другимпользователем).ФУНКЦИИ:- Контролируйте остатки идвижение средствпо всем Вашим картам, счетам, вкладам и кредитам.-Переводитеденьги между своими картами и счетами, осуществляйтепереводы накарты платежных систем Visa и MasterCard, пополняйтеиосуществляйте изъятие с просмотром вознаграждения подепозиту.-Управляйте картой, настраивая ограничения на совершениеопераций поней. Также доступны функции блокировки, разблокировки,перевыпускаи закрытия карты.- Осуществляйте оплату в пользу более1300поставщиков услуг, кроме электронных квитанций (Алсеко,ИВЦ,Астанаэнергосбыт) и оплаты штрафов за нарушение ПДД, которыеВыможете оплатить в веб-версии Интернет-банкинга.-Персонализируйтеприложение, установив код доступа для легкого входавИнтернет-банкинг.- Используйте карту с геолокацией длябыстрогопоиска ближайшего к Вам отделения, банкомата илиплатежноготерминала Народного банка.Приложение поддерживаетказахский,русский и английский языки.Мы будем рады ответить на всевозникшиевопросы: - 8 (727) 259-07-77 для города Алматы;- 88000-8000-59 длядругих городов РК.Free mobile application for allregisteredcustomers of «Internet-banking for individuals" HalykBank ofKazakhstan.To register for the myHalyk system should:1. Havea cardof Halyk Bank;2. Through the ATM in the "Internet Banking"menu toconnect to the service "Delivery of the SMS-passwords";3.You canregister in two ways:- Via ATM in the "Internet Banking"menu,select "Register" to receive a check with a login (loginisautomatically assigned, and consists only of numbers) andthetemporary password to log in, or- Online https://www.myhalyk.kzorin a mobile application "myHalyk" select "Sign up for thecardnumber" (login, you can come up with yourself, with theprovisothat it is not used by another user).FEATURES:- Monitorthebalances and cash flow on all your cards, accounts, depositsandloans.- Transfer money between your cards and accounts,maketransfers to Visa and MasterCard card payment systems replenishandproceed with the removal viewing interest on the deposit.-Controlcard, setting up restrictions on the commission for itsoperations.Also available lock function, release, re-release andclose thecard.- Make payments in favor of more than 1,300 serviceproviders,in addition to electronic receipt (Alsek, ITC,Astanaenergosbyt)and the payment of fines for traffic violations,you can pay forthe web version of Internet banking.- Personalizethe app bysetting the access code to easily access the Internetbanking.- Usea card with geolocation to quickly find your nearestbranches, ATMsor payment terminals People's Bank.The applicationsupports theKazakh, Russian and English languages.We will be happyto answerall your questions:- 8 (727) 259-07-77 for Almaty;- 88000-8000-59other Kazakhstan cities.
3Q Album(photo organizer) 3.5.1
Organize photos, slideshow, share to friends, set wallpaper,puzzle,enjoy photos more.- Organize easily your photos by eachfolder!-Organize, share, edit, and lock your private photos.-Playslideshow, set wallpaper and compare multiple photos.- Previewyouralbum as slideshow in best quality effects.- Custom Wallpaper-Addpassword- Search pictures- Push to dropbox- Can use googlecloudprint-Show photo in map- Play the puzzle by selecting yourfavoritephoto- Play photo memory game-Video Folder, Videoorganize.-PhotoEditor----------------------------------------------------thisappis classified photo according to the original photo link, soifdelete original photo , cannot be shown inthisapp.----------------------------------------------------
HP ProTrain 6.16
HP ProTrain, an interactive application is putting the poweroflearning into the hands of HP promoters. This real-timetrainingplatform streamlines and centralizes all training materialsintothe mobile device, making learning convenient, rewardingandtrackable. An on-demand chat and forum feature allowsfrontlinersto network with their peers and trainers.
e-BRIDGE Print & Capture
e-BRIDGE Print & Capture is an application that allows youtoprint and scan from TOSHIBA e-STUDIO MFPs utilizing yourAndroiddevice. Integrated with TOSHIBA e-BRIDGE Re-Rite OCRsoftware,e-BRIDGE Print & Capture allows you to convert scannedimagesor photo documents into one of 22 editable file formatsincludingMicrosoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint files. Key Features:- Printdocuments (JPEG/PDF) from cloud storage services (Box,Dropbox,Google Drive, OneDrive, Evernote) through e-STUDIO MFPs -Printimages stored in Android or captured by the device's Camera -Printweb pages and emails with Android print services - UtilizeadvancedMFP print settings such as number of copies, duplex, colormode(BW/Color/Twin Color), Print Mode(Normal/Private/Hold/MultiStation*), Paper Type, Paper Size,Staple, Omit Blank Pages andToner Save - Scan documents from ane-STUDIO MFP and save them ontoyour Android device, upload it to acloud storage service, or sendit by Email - Convert scanned imagesor photo documents to aneditable format such as searchable PDF,Microsoft Word, Excel orPowerPoint by using TOSHIBA e-BRIDGERe-Rite OCR software or theOCR* function within the MFP - e-STUDIOMFPs can be discovered onyour network via scanning the QR codeprinted from e-BRIDGE Print& Capture with the scanner one-BRIDGE Print & Capture orby searching through your history ofthe most recently used MFPs -NFC features can be used by tappingthe pre-configured Android forMobile Authentication and ConnectionHandover. (only for supportedMFPs) - Authentication and departmentcodes are recommended tomaintain office security * Optional Enablerrequired------------------------- System Requirements - SupportedTOSHIBAe-STUDIO models should be used - SNMP and Web Servicesettings onthe MFP must be enabled - Please contact your dealer orsalesrepresentative about configuring this application when usingwithuser authentication or department codes-------------------------Supported Languages Czech, Chinese(Simplified), Chinese(Traditional), Danish, Dutch, English (US),English (UK), Finnish,French, German, Hungarian, Italian,Norwegian, Polish, Russian,Spanish, Swedish, Turkish------------------------- SupportedModels Please refer to thefollowing page for supportedmodels. OS Android 4.4, 5.x, 6.x, 7.x,8.x------------------------- Website for e-BRIDGE Print &CapturePlease refer to the following page forWebsite. - Before using this App with a cloudstorage service, installthe cloud storage app on your device -MFPs may not be discoveredunder the following conditions. If notdiscovered, you may manuallyenter hostname or use the QR Code*IPv6 is used *SSL is used in theWeb Service Setting *Otherunknown reasons - It is recommended toprint the QR Code in Blackand White for best scanning results -Hold/Private prints areavailable with the e-STUDIO2550C series whenan optional hard diskis installed - When using Android printingservices, the contentsdisplayed on the preview screen may differfrom the printed result- User name cannot contain "@" mark - Partof the feature may notfunction properly with your device dependingon the support levelof the service The company names and productnames are trademarksof their respective companies.
HP PrintOS for PSP 2.24.7
HP Inc.
PrintOS Mobile app enables access to selected PrintOScapabilities.- Gain control with near real-time press status -Understand trendsand make quick data driven decisions based oninsights andhistorical reports - Enjoy full production monitoringwith pressand job near real-time status for operational excellence- Drivecontinuous improvement with key performance indicators forin-depthvisibility into production site operations includingpersonalrecommendations
Hungerbox Operation 1.22
Operation app for hungerbox. This app is for operations teammembersof hungerbox.
Cloud Admin - Panel for Vultr
Cloud Admin for Vultr provides a control panel to manage yourVultrCloud Account, instances and snapshots.Vultr Cloudfunctionalitycurrently supported are -- Create/Viewservers-Start/Stop/Restart/Reinstall/Destroy servers-Enable/Disable Serverbackups- Create/Delete/View snapshots-Create/Edit/View users-Experimental support for viewing bandwidthusage.Notes - - The IPAddress of your mobile device will have to bewhite listed in theVultr Admin Console for this application tofunction. This can beset at the followinglocation. You can alsoallowaccess to all IP Addresses at the above link.We wouldreallyappreciate it if you could provide us with yourfeedback,criticisms and problems encountered for us to be able tomake thisapp better.Also, please let us know the features that youwouldlike the see the most in the app.What is Vultr?- Vultr accounts can be createdbyregistering here - is an unofficial app, we are not associated with Vultr. Wedonot own any rights to the Vultr name or the logo.
Price My Print
This app takes into account several factors when pricing a3Dprinter print.Things like the 3d printer price, printingfailures,energy consumption and other factors need to be taken intoaccountwhen you price your print.With Price My Print you haveeverythingready, plus a control over all your prints
Quick Printer (ESC POS Print) 1.4.8
Webpage: 'Quick printer'isan Android application that allows you to add and configurereceiptprinters (ESC compatible printers) through differentconnectiontypes: - Wifi local network - Bluetooth - USB (OTG)Compatible withmost of the brands like (POS Printer) EPSON,BIXOLON, STARMICRONICS, CITIZEN,MPOP etc. The most important thingis that itallows you to print the text you share from anyapplication, so youcan print your favorite texts. Support RasterMode (Star TSP100).Supports multiple commands like: bold,underline, big text, cutpaper, qr code (on supported printers),open cash drawer, etc. Alsosupports different encoding likeCyrillic, Thai, Euro and LATIN 2for support : Bosnian, Croatian,Czech, Hungarian, Polish,Romanian, Serbian or Slovak And if you'rea developer, you couldintegrate your application in a super simpleway so you can printtickets, receipts, etc. Check this link to moredetails aboutintegration: If youwant to buy abig number of licenses and you don't want to yourcustomers pay forthem or if you want to integrate de librarydirectly in your app,please contact me. Free version: - QR notsupported. - Ads printed:(Print a name of the app at the end ofthe ticket). Premium version:- All commands supported. - Allow theconfiguration of the printingdialog. - No ads printed.Instructions forintegration: Codesample(fordevelopers): onthese printers: Star Micronics SP700R , Star MicronicsBCS10 ,Bixolon SRP270D , Epson TMU220A , Star Micronics SP742 ,CitizenCT-S651, Star L200 , Woosim , Star Micronics mPOP , BIXOLONSPPR310 , BIXOLON SPP R200II , Star Micronics TSP100 , ESC POSPrinter.
Print Formulas 1.3.0
This App is for grafic designers, printers, layoutdesigners,advertising artists, lettershops and all the peopleinterested inweights, length, width, prices, spine width, colors,volume andother technical property of print products.Plan yourdesign,mailing project and logistic project with the righttechnicalproduct datas.The formulary in the print field. Allimportantformulas visible and calculable at a glance. Calculateeveryimportant value for your product.The following formulasareincluded:- Number of sheets in shipment - Price of 1000 sheetsintoprice for 100 kg - Price for 100 kg into price of 1000 sheets-Thickness of a innerbook into number of pages - Calculateinnerbookthickness - Calculate thickness of a soft cover book /brochure -Weight of a soft cover book / brochure - Weight of a bookwith bookcase- Calculate paper volume V - Calculate sheet thicknessin mm -Running meters by diameter - Running meters by weight -Weight /Running meters - Calculate scanning resolution - Convertpicturesize mm - pixel - Calculate filesize - Calculate goldenratio -Convert screen ruling lpi - lpc - Convert inch – mm - Printprojectper sheet - Calculate samples per packaging unit -Calculatemaximum grammage for a product - Weight of envelope -Convert RGBto CMYK - Convert CMYK to RGB - Convert HKS - Convert P-Calculatethickness of a book- Shingling in mm for brochures-Calculateconsumption of paintYou want even more formulas?If youhavequestions or improvement suggestions do not hesitate to contactusat:[email protected] usat:
Epson iPrint
Print, scan, and share directly from your Android phone ortablet.Print photos, emails, webpages and files includingMicrosoft® Word,Excel®, PowerPoint® and PDF documents. Alsosupports Box, Dropbox,Evernote®*1, Google Drive™ and MicrosoftOneDrive™. Epson iPrintmakes printing easy and convenient whetheryour printer is in thenext room or across the world. Key Features •Print, scan, andshare directly from your Android phone or tablet •Print fromanywhere in the world to email-enabled Epson printersusing remoteprint functionality • Print photos, PDFs and MicrosoftOffice Word,Excel and PowerPoint files (Microsoft Office filesrequire accessto Google Drive for rendering into printable PDF) •Print storedfiles, email attachments, and online files from Box,Dropbox,Evernote, Google Drive and Microsoft OneDrive • Capture adocumentwith your device camera, format, enhance, then save, readyto print• Scan from your Epson all-in-one and share your file (saveto yourdevice, send via email or save online) • Copy documents andphotosusing your mobile device and a nearby Epson printer •Transferfiles between your device and an SD card or USB drive viaan Epsonprinter • Check your printer’s status and ink levels •Print withina complex network environment using manual IP printersetup • Gethelp with a built-in FAQ section *Supports Androidversion 4.4 orhigher Advanced Features • Print high quality photoswith automaticbacklight and color cast correction • Choose andprint multiplephotos • Print your email attachments and storedfiles • Configureyour print options including paper size and type,number of copies,page range and one- or two-sided printing • Printwith and withoutborders • Switch between color or monochromeprinting • Choose fromdifferent scanning resolutions and imagetypes • Optimize printquality • Buy ink and supplies for yourprinter • Setup &register to Epson Connect • Manage remoteprinters PrintersSupported See the following website for supportedprinters. * To use iPrintwith aWi-Fi Direct connection, you must allow the app to useyourdevice's location services. This allows iPrint to searchforwireless networks; your location data is not collected. *1Evernoteis a registered trademark of U.S. Evernote Corporation.TheBluetooth® word mark and logos are registered trademarks ownedbythe Bluetooth SIG, Inc. and any use of such marks by SeikoEpsonCorporation is under license. We welcome yourfeedback.Unfortunately, we cannot reply to your e-mail.
PageScope Mobile for Android
PageScope Mobile for Android is an application that allows youtoeasily connect to KONICA MINOLTA printing devices from yourAndroiddevice using Wi-Fi. It enables you to print documents andimages aswell as import scanned data. [Introduction of MainFunctions ofApplication] Print Function: The data in "My Documents"can beprinted using Konica Minolta multifunction printers(hereafterprinters) that support this application. Documentsscanned fromprinters or files attached to Emails can be saved in"MyDocuments". Supports Authentication and Secure Print to provideyouwith a more Secure printing environment. It is possible toprintEmail messages and attachments received by the Emailaddressprogrammed in this application. Attached files can be savedinto"My Documents". Web pages can be viewed and/or printed fromthisapplication. Pictures taken using the camera function can besavedand printed. WebDAV Scan Receive Function: Data that hasbeenscanned from multifunction printers can be saved into"MyDocuments". Scan Function: Data that has been scannedfrommultifunction printers can be saved into "My Documents"withPageScope Mobile operation. Intent Function: By using theIntentfunction, data stored in the Android device can be printedvia thisapplication. Online Storage function: Documents that havebeensaved in Online Storage can be printed. Documents and scanneddatacan be uploaded to Online Storage. (Supports GoogleDrive,SharePoint Online, Dropbox, Evernote, and Shared folder.) MyPrintManager Link: The data stored in My Document and OnlineStorage aswell as Mail and Web pages that have been managed by thePageScopeMy Print Manager Port app for Android can be spooled tothePageScope My Print Manager server that is designated by theuservia the application and then can be printed using a printerthathas registered in the PageScope Mobile app. NFC Functions:Thefollowing functions can be executed using NFC. -Touch andprint-Touch and scan -Touch and authenticate -Touch and registerMFPPlease refer to Help for details on the featuresavailable.[Operating Environment] The following environments aresupported.OS: Android 4.0 / 4.1 / 4.2 / 4.3 / 4.4 / 5.0 / 5.1 / 6.0/ 7.0 /7.1 / 8.0 / 8.1 Tested devices: Samsung GALAXY Nexus(OS4.0.1)Motorola XOOM Wi-Fi(OS 4.0.4) Motorola XOOM Wi-Fi(OS 4.1)ASUSNexus7(OS4.2) ASUS Nexus7(OS4.3) LG Nexus5(OS4.4) HTCNexus9(OS5.0)Motorola Nexus6(OS5.1) Huawei Nexus6P(OS 6.0/8.1) Thedevice mustbe a mobile computing device such as smartphone ortablet withWi-Fi connectivity enabled. The device must haveundergone theGoogle CTS test.(Devices with independently customizedoperatingsystems such as e-book readers are not supported.) Pleaserefer tothe following page for additional operating requirements.URL:[Supportedprinting devices] Please refer to the following page forsupportedprinting devices.URL:
Double A Fast Print 4.0.0
Mobile Print Application to DoubleA Fast Print Station withFast& Easy Mobile Print Application to DoubleA Fast PrintStationwith Fast & Easy.
POS Simple Bar & Shops Pro 9.0.8
Jaime Tortosa
Manual: is an application for Android devices that allows youtomanage any small business , be it a bar , an ice cream shop , ashoeshop a shop , etc.If you're opening a small business and wanttotrack sales, create and print tickets, manage customers andmanyother investment options with mímima, POSSimpleBar is what youarelooking for.Its use is very easy , simple and intuitive , it isnotnecessary to be an expert to point an order, cash it , print itorsend an email with a ticket to the client.It has two typesofbusiness: Bar or Other Companies .- Bar Mode : The products canbeclassified whether they will or will Cuisines Barra.- TradeMode:Ignores if the product is a kitchen or bar , it is a littlesimpler.You are allowed two types of functionality :- Cash ControlMode:have control of cash, card, etc. .. there . At the end of thedayyou can close the box and see the details of all movements oftheday . And stores the daily sales .- Tickets Mode: VTV storessales( ivas , discounts, etc. ), but has no control over thebox.You canshare a ticket directly : WhatsApp , Bluetooth, Email,etc ...Youcan print a ticket in different ways:- Go directly to aBluetoothprinter , image sharing and sending the ticket to your BTBluetoothprinter linked .- Any printer connected to a PC installedwithGoogle Chrome , the Google Cloud Print system , which allowsyou tosend the image to the cloud and print directly to the printerused.- Printers HP ePrint , you can attach and send the emailticketprinter .Or, save paper by sending the ticket to the emailclient.features:- Product Management ( photo , taxes , price, etc... )and categories.- Client Management, enables you to createcustomorders to customers.- Iva by product name Iva user (VAT, TVA, TAX, ...) defined .- Managing vendor payments ( single modecontrolbox) .- Supports 3 languages: Spanish , English and French.-Supports different currencies ( defined by the user , and ifyouare ahead or behind the price).- Reports:   -Annual report in CSV format by month and day,with their respectiveivas , discounts, payments...   - Report allmonthly tickets, each dayindicating the total , taxes anddiscounts applied.   - Report of all closingsmonthly cash .-Marketing, shipping information and updates to yourcustomers.-Calculator to calculate the amount per person changeand function .-Post comments to kitchen, for example " underdonesteak .... " . (Bar mode only )- Indicates backorders (Mark thetable with a *)-Save statistics in an image.- Indicates thequantity per product youwant , hold down the button a second onthe product, you can writenumbers with decimals.- Print anywhere,anytime with Cloud Print.-Share the Ticket by: Whatsapp , email,Bluetooth, etc ....- AdaptiveHORIZONTAL .- Display List of activecompounds , to send tocustomers.- Access to the configuration ofPOS password- Create /Restore Backups from Mobile or Google Drive-Management of customeremails : add, delete , share .- Discountrate , or fixed on the taxbase .- Sales JournalAnd many moreoptions !If you are not convincedtry the free version !
BGPB mobile 5.15.2
BGPB mobile – это мобильный онлайн-банкинг для всех!Лучшеебанковское приложение 2015, 2016 года в Беларуси! Общиефункции: •Онлайн-регистрация ( • Переводы скарту накарту с использованием любых карточек банков Беларуси; •Платежи полюбым карточкам белорусских банков; • Мульти-конвертервалют; •Актуальная информация по курсам валют (для наличных, покартам,курсы НБРБ); • Функция поиска лучшего обменного курсапоотделениям; • Вывод на карте ближайших отделений и банкоматовОАО«Белгазпромбанк», а также партнеров. Удобный поиск попунктамобслуживания; • Связь с банком, заказ звонка сотрудникабанка; •Новости, действующие акции и другая информация. BGPB Mobileтакжепоможет Вам легко и быстро получить актуальную информацию оВашихкартах и счетах, открытых в Белгазпромбанке, совершатьмножествоопераций, находясь в любой точке мира, провести анализфинансовыхпотоков. Получить доступ к функциям финансового помощникаможнопройдя регистрацию на сайте банка и активировав приложение.Приактивации ввести имя пользователя и пароль. Активацияустройствадолжна быть завершена в течение 15 минут при помощи SMSкодаактивации, доставленного на соответствующий номермобильноготелефона пользователя. Помимо общих функций, послеонлайнрегистрации ( доступно: • Управлениеличнымифинансами и анализ расходов и доходов, • Финансовыйпланировщик, •Создание пользовательских счетов и операций; • Учётдолгов иимущества • Формирование семейных, коллективных бюджетов•Управление финансовыми целями; Если вы зарегистрировались вонлайнеи хотите больше, то можно пройти идентификацию в любомотделенииОАО «Белгазпромбанк» (подробности на сайте банка)Функцииприложения для идентифицированных пользователей, помиморанеееперечисленных: • Легкий доступ к информации о доступной суммепоплатежным картам Белгазпромбанка • Оперативное управлениесвоимиплатежными картами - их лимитами, статусами,услугамиSMS-информирования об операциях с картами, а такжеполнаяинформация о транзакциях; • Удобный контроль всех своихсчетов вбанке - кредитные, вкладные, текущие счета; • Платежи(безкомиссии) в адрес более 50000 поставщиков услуг (услугисвязи,коммунальные, электронные деньги, игры, социальные сети ипрочие) свозможностью автоматизации регулярных платежей; • Самаяудобнаяфункция поиска в услугах ЕРИП; • Открытие вкладов в ОНЛАЙНЕ!•Пополнение открытых вкладов, погашение кредитовОАО«Белгазпромбанк»; • Переводы между картами ОАО «Белгазпромбанк»,атакже переводы по реквизитам на счета в других банках РБ; • SMSиUSSD-функции для ситуаций, когда интернет недоступен; •PUSHуведомления по операциям с картами и вкладами; • Множествонастроекдля того, чтобы сделать процесс пользования сервисами банкатак,как нравится именно Вам; • Гарантия безопасности,обусловленнаяжесткой привязкой приложения к мобильному устройству итехнологиямиVasco Data Security. Внимание! Первый вход и первыезапросынекоторых сервисов в приложении сопровождаются повышеннойзагрузкойданных, что может занять продолжительное время примедленномИнтернет-соединении. BGPB Mobile – это мобильно, удобноибезопасно! BGPB mobile - it is a mobile online banking for all!Thebest banking application in 2015, 2016 in Belarus!Generalfunctions: • Online registration (•Transfers from card to card, using any card Belarusian banks;•Payments for any card of Belarusian banks; •Multi-currencyconverter; • Current information on exchange rates(for cash on thecards NBRB courses); • The search function is abetter exchangerate for offices; • Conclusion on the map nearbybranches and ATMsof OJSC "Belgazprombank", as well as partners.Easily search forpoints of service; • Communicate with the bank,the order call abank employee; • News, current promotions and otherinformation.BGPB Mobile will also help you to easily and quicklyget up to dateinformation on your cards and accounts opened inBelgazprombank,perform many operations, from anywhere in the world,to analyzefinancial flows. Access to financial assistant functioncan beregistered after passing the bank's website and activatetheapplication. When activated, enter a user name andpassword.Activation of the device is to be completed within 15minutes bymeans of SMS activation code delivered to the appropriateuser'smobile phone number. In addition to the general functionsafteronline registration ( is available:•personal finance management and analysis of costs and revenues,•Financial planner, • Create user accounts and transactions;•Accounting for debt and assets • Formation of the family,thecollective budgets • Management of financial objectives; Ifyouregister online and want more, you can go throughtheidentification in any branch of JSC "Belgazprombank" (detailsonthe bank's website) application functions to authenticatedusersthat are listed in addition to the wound: • Easy accesstoinformation about the available amount of payment cards BGB•Operational management of their payment cards - theirlimits,status, services SMS-information about transactions with thecards,and complete information on the transactions; • Convenientcontrolover all of its bank accounts - credit, loose, currentaccounts; •Payments (no commission) to the more than 50,000 serviceproviders(telecom services, utilities, e-money, gaming, socialnetworking,etc.) with the ability to automate recurring payments; •The mostconvenient search function in SSIS services; • Opening ofdepositonline! • Addition of open deposits, loan repaymentsof"Belgazprombank"; • Transfers between cards of "Belgazprombank",aswell as transfers to the bank account to accounts in other banksofthe Republic of Belarus; • SMS and USSD-function forsituationswhen internet is unavailable; • PUSH notification fortransactionswith cards and deposits; • Many settings to make theprocess ofusing the bank's services as you like it; • Guarantee thesecuritydue to tight binding applications to a mobile device andtechnologyVasco Data Security. Attention! The first input and thefirstrequests of some services in the Annex accompanied by anincreaseddata load, it may take a long time with a slow Internetconnection.BGPB Mobile - This mobile, convenient and safe!
HP Connected Photo 3.0
The HP Connected Photo App is now the Snapfish App.Don't worry,allyour Snapfish photos are still preserved on theSnapfishCloud.Check out the Snapfish App to unlock great features!
Swedbank Eestis 5.1
[EST] Rakendusega on võimalik: - Luua makselinki ja küsidaülekannetteistelt - teha kiiresti kuni 30€ makseid määratudsaajatele sisselogimata ja täiendava kinnitamiseta - vaadatakontojääki jatehingute väljavõtet - kiiresti vaadata kontojääkisisse logimata(ka töölaua vidinana) telefoni raputades või näpugaekraanillibistades - teha siseriiklikke makseid, neid salvestadaja mitutmakset korraga kinnitada - leida pangaautomaate ja-kontoreid -leida partnerite pakkumisi pangakaartidega makstes -vaadatavaluutakursse ja konverteerida valuutat -jälgidaväärtpaberiturgudel toimuvat ning teha tehinguid -kasutadaRahaplaneerijat - laadida kõneaega Äriklientidel onvõimalikvaadata oma kontode seisu ja väljavõtet, tehasiseriiklikkemakseid, aktsepteerida ettevalmistatud ja osaliseltkinnitatudmakseid, konverteerida valuutat, leida panga kontaktejaautomaatide ning kontorite asukohtiÜlalkirjeldatudfinantsteenuseid pakub Swedbank AS (registrikood10060701). Tutvugeteenuste tingimustega aadressil,vajaduse korralkonsulteerige pangatöötajaga Kaitske oma telefoniekraanilukuga.Kui telefon kaob või varastatakse, siis kustutageseotud seadeinternetipangast (menüüpunkt „Mobiilipank“) võilukustage see omamobiilsideoperaatori kaudu [RUS] Приложениепозволяет: -Генерировать платёжные ссылки для запроса денежныхпереводов -совершать быстрые переводы до 30€ определённымполучателям безавторизации и дополнительных паролей - узнаватьостаток счёта исмотреть выписки со счёта - быстро узнавать остатоксчёта безавторизации (в том числе и в виджете на рабочем столе),встряхнувтелефон или проведя пальцем по экрану -осуществлятьвнутригосударственные платежи, сохранять и подтверждатьсразунесколько платежей - находить банкоматы и банковские конторы-находить предложения от партнёров, действительные приоплатепокупок банковской карточкой - смотреть курсы валютиконвертировать валюту - следить за ситуацией на рынках ценныхбумаг- использовать Финансовый план - загружать разговорноевремяБизнес-клиенты имеют возможность просматривать состояниесвоихсчетов и выписки, осуществлять внутригосударственныеплатежи,акцептировать подготовленные и частично подтверждённыеплатежи,конвертировать валюту, находить банковские контактныеданные, атакже местоположение банкоматов и контор Описанные вышефинансовыеуслуги предлагает Swedbank AS (регистровый код 10060701).Сусловиями услуг ознакомьтесь на сайте Вслучаенеобходимости проконсультируйтесь у работника банка Защититесвойтелефон блокировкой экрана. Защитите свой телефонблокировкойэкрана. Если телефон потеряется или будет украден,заблокируйтеданное устройство в интернет-банке (вкладка меню«Мобильный банк»)или через своего оператора мобильной связи [ENG]The app allows youto - Create a payment link and send money request- check accountbalance and statement - check your account balancewithout loggingin (also available as widget) - make domesticpayments - makepayments up to 30€ to defined beneficiaries quicklywithout loggingin - save payments, confirm several payments at once- find thebank branches and ATM-s on a map - find discounts fromour partnersif paying with cards - check currency exchange ratesand convertcurrencies - monitor securities market and maketransactions. - usefinancial planner - recharging of prepaid mobilecards Businesscustomers are able to check their accounts balanceand statement,make domestic payments, confirm prepared andpartially acceptedpayments, convert currencies, find Swedbank’scontact data,branches and ATM’s. The above mentioned financialservices areprovided by Swedbank AS (register code 10060701). Readthe termsand conditions at, and consult a bankemployee,where necessary Protect your phone with screen lock. Ifyour mobiledevice is stolen or lost, immediately block associateddevice viaInternet Bank (menu item „Mobile bank“) or by your mobileoperator
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