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mshikshamitra public 6.6
mShikshaMitra by Department of School Education, GoMP &NICBhopal You can login through you are not able to login, Please try to resetpassword are not able reset your password that is because your havenotupdated your mobile number on educationportal, Please contactyourDDO to update your mobile number. Get your attendance detailson Features:---MarkPresence (Check In & Check Out) Send 200 Free SMS ViewPayslipView Birthday Register Grievance Register OOSC & CWSNViewBugdet Allocation to your School View Circulars,Orders,AlertsViewGPF Details View Attendance Apply for leave Supports Hindi&English Languages View Near By Schools SchoolPerformance......................................................morefeatureswill be available soon.....stay updated... FacebookPage: Our Visionis toprovide easy access of information and services to Teachers&staff We are Open to your suggestions & Feedback...Pleasedropa mail to [email protected]
MP Mobile 48
Government of Madhya Pradesh is committed to deliver citizencentricservices at their door stop in efficient and transparentmanner ataffordable cost. Various e governance initiatives,projects havebeen implemented in the state for the benefits of thecitizens. MPMobile is a new platform of the State that bringstogether variousG2C services offered by several Departments/Agencies / Corporations/ Universities of Govt. of Madhya Pradeshas well as B2C services,at the convenience of citizen’sfingertips.
Indian Rail Hindi - भारतीय रेल 7.3
App Legends
Indian Railway Enquiry App is now available in Hindi as IndianRailHindi (Indian Railway Hindi). This is one of few apps offeringallinformation in Hindi. Latest update includes information onTouristplaces near major stations. भारतीय रेल से सम्बंधित सभीजानकारियांएक जगह पर हिंदी भाषा में उपलब्ध हैं. स्टेशनों के नाम,रेलगाड़ियों केनाम सब जानकारी अब हमारी राष्ट्र भाषा हिंदी में भीउपलब्ध है. पी एनआर इन्क्वारी, सीटों की उपलब्धता, किसी भी रेलगाड़ी कीलाइव स्थिति,किसी स्टेशन पर पहुँचने एवं निकलने वाली गाड़ियां, गाड़ियोंकी समयसारणी एवं किन्ही दो स्टेशनों के बीच में चलने वाली सभी गाड़ियोंकीजानकारी यहाँ हिंदी भाषा में तुरंत उपलब्ध है. The app isanimportant companion offering you various services of theIndianRailways Network as well as IRCTC & NTES all in Hindisuch as ►PNR Status Enquiry / PNR Status in Hindi ► Train’s BetweenTwoStations (Source and Destination) in Hindi ►Local/Passenger/EMUtrains between any two stations for the dailycommuters ►Seat/Berth Availability in Indian Railways between twoStations inHindi ► Trains Arriving / Departing at a Station inHindi ► Optionto query all currently running trains going towards aStation orDirection from a particular station ► Fare Enquiry /Ticket Costincluding Tatkal Tickets in Hindi ► Train Schedule /Train TimeTable ► Spot your train / Track your train including MapView ►Trains present position in hindi ► Destination Alarm forthoseearly morning or late night arrivals at destinations, weprovidealarm as the train approaches within 20 kms of the selectedstation► Speedometer for knowing the exact speed of the train ►Everythingin Hindi language!!! PNR Status Enquiry: All reservationsorbookings done on the Indian Rail in Hindi or IRCTC Connectappreceive a unique PNR identification. This is used totrackreservation status of the passengers in case of wait-listedticketsalong with chart status through this app in Hindi Seat andBerthAvailability for all the classes shown in table view form foreaseof traveler. Track train running status through Spot yourtrainoption gives live train status as well as Map View to help youknowthe train route. If you want to know the latest and accurateseatavailability status, then this is the most optimumresourceavailable. Have smart jugaad options. Arrivals andDepartures ofTrains: Daily travelers get information on all thetrains arrivingor departing from a particular station within thenext 2/4/6/8 hrs.Information on running status as well as platformis available.Trains between Stations: There are so many trainsplying on theIndian Railways network, this app helps you tofilter/search theexact train you are looking for. This info isavailable to youwithin a few seconds at your fingertips. It helpsin gettingtickets options including ticket jugaad. Hindi me RailJankari showkarta hai. Disclaimer: The info provided in this app isin Hindiand sourced from publicly available sources, but we are notin anyway affiliated to IRCTC or Indian Railways. इन जानकारियां कोआपकेपास लाने के प्रयास में हम भारतीय रेल की सार्वजनिक रूप मेंउपलब्धजानकारियों को संकलित करते हैं, इसलिए इनमे आई त्रुटियों के लिएहमकिसी भी रूप में उत्तरदायी नहीं हैं Indian Railway Enquiry AppNowAvailable In The Us Indian Railways Hindi Hindi (IndianRailwayHindi). This is ONE OF FEW Apps Offering All Information inHindi.Tourist Places Near Major Stations Includes Information slatestupdates. Hindi language at one place all the informationrelated toIndian Railways are available. Station names, the namesof trainsall the information now available in Hindi is ournationallanguage. PNR Enquiry, seat availability, live status ofany train,arriving and leaving trains at a station, the timetableof trainsand all the trains running between any two stations,information isimmediately available here in Hindi language. AnImportantCompanion Offering Various Services Division of the war,were you?Were Indian Railways network Irktk & nuts all in HindiSuc EsEs Es Vail ► Pnr Status Enquiry / Pnr status in Hindi ►Between TwoStations, Train reverse (source and destination) inHindi ► Local /Passenger / EMU trains Between Two Stations forOther wasdelicatessen Kmmutrs ► seat / berth availability in IndianRailwaysBetween Two Stations in Hindi ► Trains Arriving / Departingat astation in Hindi Running the query Karrentli option ► Alltrainsgoing from a direction toward the station and a particularstation► Fare Enquiry / ticket Cost Including instant tickets inHindi ►Train schedule / Train timetable ► Spot your train / Trackyourtrain Including map view ► trains present position in Hindi ►EarlyMorning and Late Night arrivals so solid for Destinationalarmdestinations, they were Us Provide alarm OF canes wereselectedtrain stations Automatic License assignment ApprochesVithin Exactspeed of the train was the speedometer for ► KnoingHindi language► Everything !!! Pnr Status Enquiry: All Resserwtionsand Downey'sbookings were in Hindi and Indian Railways connectIrktk app Pnrreceive a unique identification. Used STATUS OFRESERVATION This isthen used to track passengers wait-listedtickets OF Along withthese cases is this app through the statuschart in Hindi Allclasses for the seat and berth availability inthe table view, theForum for Shawn Trveler OF ease. Spot your traintrain trackrunning through status Live train status Option Gives UsHelp welldo you know if the train route map view Us. If You Wantthe latestand accurate Knov seat availability in the States, Thisis The MostOptimum Resource Available today. Needs a smart JugadaOptions.Excluded trains arrivals and Departures: Daily TravelersArrivingand Departing from a gate Information s All the trains wereaparticular station next Vithin HRS 2/4/6/8. Well this platformEsEs s Running Status Information Available. Between trainsStations:Hey So Manya There were trains on Indian Railways networkPlying,is this you? HELPS U Filter / Search the Exact you areLooking fortrains. Info Available this was the U So Your FingrtipsVithin AFew Seconds. Getting tickets in IT HELPS Jugada OptionsIncludingticket. Rail information does show in Hindi. Disclaimer:InfoProvided these were in Hindi and it is this app fromSursedPublicli Sources Available, But Not In Those Damn Affiliatedtheyhave other Irktk and Indian Railways. In an effort to bring youtheinformation publicly available information compiled by theIndianRailways, so these were not liable for errors in any way weare
Ringo: International calls
For callers in INDIA - We've paused local calling to build abetterexperience for you, but our international calling experienceis asgreat as ever! We'll let you know when we are back withlocalcalling. Thanks for all your love!Ringo lets you make lowcostlocal and international calls without using the Internet (WiFior3G). You can call any mobile or landline phone number anywhereinthe world. Now talk to your heart's content without worryingaboutphone bills or internet connectivity.NOTE - While Ringo callsdonot use the Internet, we need a tiny amount of data ONLY toplaceyour call request. The call takes place over telephone linesanddoes not use any data.Get the lowest local andinternationalcalling rates with Ringo. Our prices are 25% lowerthan most othercalling apps.Calling rates for customers in theUS------------*Call Canada for 0.3 cents/min* Call Mexico for 2.5cents/min* CallUK for 1.5 cents/minCalling rates for customers intheUK------------* Local calls within UK for 1 pence/min* Call USforFREE - 0.00 pence/min* Call India for 0.3 pence/min* CallGermanyfor 1.2 pence/minCalling rates for customers inINDIA------------*Call US for ₹0.75/min* Call Bangladesh for₹1.62/min* Call UAE for₹8.69/min* For calling rates from yourcountry, please visit theRingo website.Why Ringo?------------*Lowest Pricing - 25% cheaperthan other apps.* You don't need theinternet to make phone calls.* Make good old high quality calls. Nocall drops or choppy voice.* Friends don't need to download the appfor you to call them.* Nomonthly commitment - youpay-as-you-go.Your first call isfree!------------Download Ringo nowand make your first call forfree. No credit card required for freecall.Please note - Wecollect IMEI data to prevent fraudulent use ofyour Ringo accountand notify you in case we detect any suchactivity. This data iskept safe and will never be shared withthird-parties.Questions orFeedback?------------* Drop us a mail:[email protected]* Catch uson or
Indian Law in Bengali 4.0
Are you searching for Indian laws or Indian constitution inBengalifont ? OK here it is . This App has a brief discussion onmostessential Bengali Laws . Complete Bharatiya Laws inregionalLanguage . Read Offline . Described laws with picture .What arethe topics this App covered ? Here are they → CompleteIndianConstitution articles → List of all changes in IndianConstitution→ GST details → New laws added → Indian Law System →Penal code →Will → Theif and Dacoit Law → Child Marraige preventionLaw → Rightto information act → More and more ভারতীয় আইন সাথেসংবিধান Userfriendly interface . Easy Bengali reading . this is theperfectBangla Law app . We can call It " Indian Law Book in Bengali"
Numerology in telugu V 4.20
Jhoshna media
Numerology is mystical relationship between a number and one ormorecoinciding events. It is also the study of the numerical valueofthe letters in words, names. In the numerology have two of the Chaldean and second one is Pythagorassystem.Chaldean system believes south countries.Pythagoras systembelieveswest countries people. mostly Indians believe Chaldeansystem.Pythagoras philosophers of the time believed thatbecausemathematical concepts were more "practical". wrote "Numbersare theUniversal language offered by the deity to humans asconfirmationof the truth. Similar to Pythagoras, he too believedthateverything had numerical relationships and it was up to themind toseek and investigate the secrets of these relationships orhavethem revealed by divinegrace.-------------x---------------=>Today situation inthesocietynumerology most expensive subject today, thissituationcreated by some numerologiests if you want change spell inyourname. they are asking high value of rupee, because lot ofpeoplehaven't any idea about numerology. so we giving here free ofcostnumerology app with full details in every item.if you spendanyvaluable amount for name change or lucky number try this apponcewith free of cost. In the app available futures.1. Name number2.Lucky Number 3. Lucky Dates and Months4. Lucky Colors5.aboutVehicle Numbers6. About Phone Numbers7. About Name and dateofbirth Vibrations8. Lucky plants9. videos about numerologyonseveral topics Jhoshna media
Learn English in Bangla: Speak Bangla to English 16.0
* This free application helps you to learn English easily. * Youcanlearn spoken English in just a few hours. * This is anEnglishspeaking course for learning English easily. * Englishconversationcan be easy if you go through the chapters properly. *And if youare wondering how to learn English, this app on Englishlanguagecan help you do so. * This app has a chapter on Englishvocabularyas well. * If you are looking forward to learning Englishonline itis better that you initially start with this application.* Thereis also a chapter on English pronunciation. * There aresimpleEnglish words as well, in one of the lessons which you canfindhelpful. * Learn English phrases and idioms easily. * Thisfreeapplication is in fact a Bangla to English speaking tutorial. *Ifyou are seeking to talk English the right way, this can be agoodbeginning. * Learn English using Bangla with effectiveEnglishlistening in Offline mode using top techniques. * This appusesbest practices in teaching English. * You can learn how tospeakEnglish fluently. * Speaking English with Bangla is easy. *Thiscan also be useful for those who are seeking to join BPO orCallcenter. * Also if you want to participate in Englishdiscussionsand debates, you can begin with this application. *Thisapplication uses both text and voice audio to teach Englishtheproper way. * Learning English grammar could be easier ifyouinitially get to know these basics. * Learn to speakEnglishfluently with Bangla. * Also if you are preparing for anEnglishinterview, spend some time learning the tools provided here.* Anexcellent beginning for a Bengali speaking person. * Startlearningthese English lessons and improve your English knowledgewith thisapplication which is for beginners. * These Englishpracticelessons and tutorials will make you comfortable inimproving youEnglish skills. * Learn English using Bengali languageand acquirethe skills which are are looking to achieve. * You willlearn somebasics of English which is important to understand beforeyou startlearning professional English. * Learn English Speakingusing avery easy and simple English Speaking Course which you canuse forteaching yourself Bangla to English speaking. * This isanexcellent Bangla to English Speaking tutorial that utilizes arealgradual teaching methodology with appreciable interactiveEnglishaudio sessions for each of the given six specific chapters.* Here,you are systematically coached to start getting commandoverEnglish language as you complete each and every English lessonthatyou take. * For confident, fluent English learning and speakingusethis simple and easy app that provides function to record yourveryown English exercise sessions. This you can do in your ownvoicefor all lessons. You can then save audio files forfuturereference. * A Bengali speaking person could also want togothrough the chapters that are completely interactive. This appcanbe coaching you throughout so that you can gain moreEnglishknowledge as you get to learn speaking English languagewithcommand. * Every Bangla to English learning lesson or chapterisprovided with solid quality information. This will ensure thatyourown English speaking fluency gets more enhanced. Here are thestepsthat show how you can use this application: ** You get to haveTextBased Bangla to English Learning ** Also, Audio Based BanglatoEnglish Learning is provided ** You can store and save yourownvoice recordings that can be used for future reference. Youcanthen track your improvement in English language againsteachexercise. ** There are six different chapters that areusedseparately for different scenarios. ** Hence you can learn howtospeak English fluently. This English language learningapplicationcan be used by those users who are preparing for: * BPOor CallCenter or English Discussions * Also use this app fordebates aswell as English job interview.
Indian Polity in Telugu 1.1
- Your knowledge on Indian Polity as well prepare forallCompetitive exams, self evaluation and learning.-EntireConstitution of India is available in Telugu - App designedto workfor all screens - Phones & Tablets- Available in OFFLINEmode(No internet required)keywords: Polity in Telugu, Indian PolityinTelugu,DSC material,GK , APPSC, TSPSC, Group 1,Group 2,Group3,bankjobs,police jobs,Please give 5 stars if you are satisfiedwith ourefforts.
NCERT Solutions - 1.6
Free NCERT Solutions from providedNCERTSolutions of the NCERT Books, RD Sharma solutions for Class 6to 10and RS aggarwal Solutons for Class 6 to 10. We have alsoincludedSolved CBSE sample Papers for Class 9, 10, 11 and 12. ThesesamplePapers are solved inaccordance with the CBSE markingscheme.Download NCERT Solutions for offline viewing. Oncedownloaded, youcan access NCERT Solutions, RD Sharma Solutions, andRS aggarwalSolutoins without internet access. Here are the list ofNCERT Bookscovered in App. NCERT Solutions - Class 12CBSE Class12 Maths CBSE Class 12 Physics CBSE Class 12 ChemistryCBSE Class12 Biology CBSE Class 12 Vistas English CBSE Class 12thFlamingoEnglish CBSE Class 12 Business Studies CBSE class 12AccountancyCBSE Class 12 Psychology CBSE Class 12 Sociology CBSEClass 12History CBSE Class 12 Entrepreneurship CBSE Class 12PoliticalScience CBSE Class 12 Macro Economics CBSE Class 12 MicroEconomicsNCERT Solutions - Class 11 CBSE Class 11 Maths CBSE Class11Physics CBSE Class 11 Chemistry CBSE Class 11 Biology CBSE Class11English Woven Words Short Stories CBSE Class 11 English WovenWordsEssay CBSE Class 11 English Woven Words Poetry CBSE Class11English Snapshots CBSE Class 11th English Hornbill CBSE Class11Business Studies CBSE class 11 Accountancy CBSE Class 11PsychologyCBSE Class 11 Entrepreneurship Class 11 Indian EconomicDevelopmentNCERT Solutions - Class 10 CBSE Class 10 Maths CBSEClass 10Science CBSE Class 10 Social CBSE Class 10 English CBSEClass 10Hindi Sanchyan CBSE Class 10 Hindi Sparsh CBSE Class 10HindiKshitiz CBSE Class 10 Hindi Kritika CBSE Class 10 SanskritNCERTSolutions - Class 9 CBSE Class 9 Maths CBSE Class 9 ScienceCBSEClass 9 Social Science CBSE Class 9 English Moments CBSE Class9English Beehive CBSE Class 9 English Main Course CBSE Class9English Literature Reader CBSE Class 9 Hindi Sparsh CBSE Class9Hindi Sanchyan CBSE Class 9 Hindi Kritika CBSE Class 9Hindikshitiz CBSE Class 9 Sanskrit NCERT Solutions - Class 8 CBSEClass8 Maths CBSE Class 8 Science CBSE Class 8 Socia CBSE Class8English It So Happened CBSE class 8 English Honeydew CBSE Class8Hindi CBSE Class 8 Sanskrit NCERT Solutions - Class 7 CBSE Class7Maths CBSE Class 7 Science CBSE Class 7 Social CBSE Class 7EnglishCBSE Class 7 Sanskrit CBSE Class 7 Hindi CBSE Class 7English AnAlien Hand Supplementary Reader CBSE Class 7 EnglishHoneycombNCERT Solutions - Class 6 CBSE Class 6 Maths CBSE Class 6ScienceCBSE Class 6 Social CBSE Class 6 English CBSE Class 6 HindiCBSEClass 6 Sanskrit
Learn English In Nepali - Listen, Read and Speak 1.8
English is also one of the easiest languages to learn, but youneedsome guidance and preparation. This app provides you acompleteknowledge to make you able to read and speak Englishlanguagefluently. Learn English within 7 days. Everything istranslated inEnglish and Nepali which helps you to understandeasily. Thewebsite of this app has been awarded with many titlesand also itis one of the most popular and trending web app inNepal. TheFeatures Includes:- English Grammar- Translation of EveryWords /Sentences in Nepali- Way to pronounce English words andEnglishSentences in Nepali and English- Powerful EnglishVocabulary-Conversation Between two/ three Person in English.TheApp alsoincludes the following Categories:- Greeting the people inEnglish-Etiquette- Expressing your feelings in english- AskingSomething orQuestions in English- Requesting politely in English.-Apologizing/Expressing Sympathy/ Empathy in English Language-Showing/Expressing Anger- Ways to Talk While Worshiping God -ConversationWhile Shopping- Useful and most common questions andanswers aboutweather- Wishes- Speaking / Conversation between twoperson in aphone callExcluding these features this app alsoprovides you afunctionality to ask any question or difficultchapters to thewriter. If you like or have any suggestion further,you can emailus at: [email protected]
Computer Sikhe Hindi Me, Computer Course in Hindi 2.0.0
Computer Shikhe sirf 30 Dino me, Learn Computer in just 30Days(Learn Computer in Hindi). This computer learning appprovidecontent to learn computer with very ease with Hindilanguage.Computer literacy is the most basic need in this fastgrowingworld. You must know the basics of the computer operation,how tooperate a computer, how to work on MS office and Internet aremustfor all person.This Computer Course in Hindi (Learn ComputerinHindi) application is specially designed for the people who wanttolearn the basics of the computer operations. You canlearnoperating a computer in just 30 days by using Computer courseSikheapp . This application is in HINDI and explain all the thingsveryclearly with images and simple text, so that anyone canunderstandand learn computer course in hindi. It does not requireyou to bean expert in computer programming or english to learncomputerbasics.Computer Course Hindi Application covers followingimportanttopics:- Fundamentals of Computer- Type of Printers -Generationsof Computer and Types of Computers- Types of Monitors(LCD andCRT)- Microsoft Word- Microsoft Excel- MicrosoftPowerpoint- AdobePhotoshop- Adobe Pagemaker- Internet- Basics ofComputer Hardware-Tricks and Tips for daily computer useComputerCourse in Hindi(Learn Computer in Hindi) is designed for help tomake#DigitalIndia and #SkillIndia which was dream of HonorablePrimeMinister of India Mr. Narendra Modi Keyword: Computer CourseinHindi, Computer Course Hindi, Computer Basic in Hindi,ComputerFundamental in Hindi, Microsoft Word in Hindi, MicrosoftExcel inHindi, Microsoft Powerpoint in Hindi, Adobe Photoshop inHindi, MsOffice in Hindi, Dca Course in Hindi, Pgdca course inhindi, dcacourse book in hindi, pgdca course book in hindiAdobePagemake inHindi, Computer Hardware Course in Hindi, ComputerInternet inHindi, Learn Computer in Hindi, Learn Computer in 30Days, LearnComputer in 14 Days, Learn Computer in 7 DaysThiscomputer HindiTutorial App is more related to below mention topics:- learncomputer in hindi- computer lessons for beginners- how tolearncomputer programming for beginners- basic computer training-how tolearn computer basics pdf- basic of computer knowledge-computerbasics for beginners- how to learn computer typing-computer basicsfor beginners- computer basics pdf- computer basicsquestions-computer basic knowledge- computer basics for kids-basics ofcomputer- computer fundamentals tutorials- what iscomputerfundamentalsGlobal Related search :Computer,Fundamentals,Tutorial, Beginners, Overview, Applications,Generations, Types,Components, CPU, Input Devices, Output Devices,Memory, RAM, ROM,Motherboard, Memory Units, Ports, Hardware,Software, NumberSystem, Number Conversion, Data, Networking,Operating System,Internet,Buying, CoursesThis application is freeand offline. usercan learn from anywhere anytime. All computersoftware and hardwaresolutions are listed in this application.learncomputer in 30dayslearn computerinstall windowsinstalllinuximportantsoftwareMicrosoft ExcelMicrosoft WordMicrosoftPowerpointMSOfficeTally ERP9Computer ArchitectureComputerHistoryShortcutkeyspaintwindows media playervlc playerhow toformatcomputer?Computer Course in HindiComputer Course (inHindi)ComputerCourse in EnglishComputer Course कंप्यूटरसीखेंकंप्यूटर सीखे हिंदीमेंComputer Hardware CourseRepairingcourseGhar Baithe ComputerSikheComputer networks basicsComputerNetworking ConceptsComputerDictionary
Turkey calls 2.5
Turkey hunting calls program turns your mobile phone intoaelectronic hunting bird caller . Here you will find the voiceofupland fowl and meadow fowl, as well as their image. Forbesteffect can be connected to an external active speaker.Inthelibrary of voices included hunting calls such as:1.Capercalliecall. The western capercaillie (Tetrao urogallus), alsoknown asthe wood grouse, heather cock or just capercaillie, is thelargestmember of the grouse family.2. Black grouse call. The blackgrouseor blackgame or blackcock (Tetrao tetrix) is a large gamebird inthe grouse family. It is a sedentary species, breedingacrossnorthern Eurasia in moorland and bog areas near to woodland,mostlyboreal. The black grouse is closely related to theCaucasiangrouse.3. Hazel grouse call. The hazel grouse, (Tetrastesbonasia)sometimes called the hazel hen, is one of the smallermembers ofthe grouse family of birds. It is a sedentary species,breedingacross northern Eurasia as far east as Hokkaido, and as farwest ascentral and eastern Europe, in dense, damp, mixedconiferouswoodland, preferably with some spruce.4. Willow ptarmigancalls.The willow ptarmigan (Lagopus lagopus) is a bird in thegrousesubfamily Tetraoninae of the pheasant family Phasianidae. Itisalso known as the willow grouse and in the British Isles, whereitwas previously believed to be a separate species, as theredgrouse. It is a sedentary species, breeding in birch andotherforests and moorlands in northern Europe, the tundraofScandinavia, Siberia, Alaska and northern Canada, in particularinthe provinces of Newfoundland and Labrador. It is the state birdofAlaska. 5. Partridge calls. Partridges are mediumsizednon-migratory gamebirds, with a wide native distributionthroughoutthe Old World, including Europe, Asia, and parts ofAfrica. Theyare sometimes grouped in the Perdicinae subfamily ofthePhasianidae (pheasants, quail, etc.). However, molecularresearchsuggests that partridges are not a distinct taxon withinthe familyPhasianidae, but that some species are closer to thepheasants,while others are closer to the junglefowls.6. Peasantcalls.Pheasants are birds of several genera within thesubfamilyPhasianinae, of the family Phasianidae in the orderGalliformes.The family's native range is restricted to Asia.7.Turkey calls.The turkey is a large bird in the genus Meleagris,which is nativeto the Americas. One species, Meleagris gallopavo(commonly knownas the domestic turkey or wild turkey), is native tothe forests ofNorth America, mainly Mexico and the United States.8.Woodcockcalls. The woodcocks are a group of seven or eight verysimilarliving species of wading birds in the genus Scolopax. Onlytwowoodcocks are widespread, the others being localizedislandendemics. Most are found in the Northern Hemisphere but a fewrangeinto the Greater Sundas, Wallacea and New Guinea. Theirclosestrelatives are the typical snipes of the genus Gallinago.9.Snipecalls. A snipe is any of about 25 wading bird species inthreegenera in the family Scolopacidae. They are characterized by averylong, slender bill and crypsis plumage. The Gallinago snipeshave anearly worldwide distribution, the Lymnocryptes snipe isrestrictedto Asia and Europe and the Coenocorypha snipes are foundonly inthe Outlying Islands of New Zealand.Write to feedbackyoursuggestions to improve the program. If the program will beindemand may create a hunting calls program with the voicesofanimals.
Interview in English and Hindi - Preparation App 12.0
Interview in English explained in details in Hindi as well. Thisappcontains Interview Tips for Freshers. This applicationcontainsInterview Question and Answer lessons. This is a completeHRInterview Preparation Guide along with being ManagerInterviewPreparation Guide. Improve you English for Job Interview.This isan interview preparation app. This app contains interviewquestionsand answers in English and Hindi. This app can also beused asgroup discussion app for interview.You will find hrinterviewquestions and answers for fresher - Interviews andGroupDiscussions (GD). * This free English Job Interview Guidecontainsseveral audio lessons to teach you the skills forsucceeding ininterviews. * The lessons are presented in a step bystep mannerand lead towards getting better knowledge forinterviews. * Thisapplication will help you gain the skill sets forsucceeding in HRRound and Manager Round of Interview. * The appalso givesknowledge about tricky questions you can face during aninterviewin English. * You will see probably the best questions forPrivateJob Interview and Government Job Interview. * Experiencesare alsoshared regarding how to face English interviews. * Jobinterview inEnglish english for competitive exams and english forBPO isexplained. Other points in this app are: * Top InterviewQuestionand Answers * Interview Aptitude Test and Preparation *Interviewin english for bank exam * How to speak english fluentlyin 30 daysfor Interview purpose * Spoken english for beginners forInterview* Interview English Listening and Speaking * Learn EnglishbyListening * Listening Advanced English * Daily EnglishListeningfor Interview * The tips and tricks for crackinginterviews This isan application that helps you compete inCompetitive Exams likeSSC, IBPS and IAS. The app will help youprepare for competitiveexams like: SBI, SSC APSPSC, CSAT, UPSC,MPSC, IPS, IFS, CDS, ITofficer, Post office, IBPS, IAS, IRS, NDA,RRB,JKPSC, IBPSClerk,Staff Selection Commission - SSC, CTET, UPSC,SSC, Bank PO,REET, UKSSSC, HPSC, SBI PO, IBPS SO, CTET, OPSC, RBIOfficer, GATE,GPSC, JPSC, GMAT, SSB, RBI, WBPSC, APSC exam, SBIClerk, SBI BanksPO, MPPSC, AIEEE, CAT, PCS, Mizoram PSC, CRPF, IBPSCWE RRB, SBIClerk, KPSC,RBI Assistant,RBI Grade B Officer, NationalDefenceAcademy - NDA, Indian Postal Service, Union PublicServiceCommission - UPSC, and State PSC exams. Good for IBPS,CombinedMedical Services Examination, Patwar Exam, B.ed, NET, SLET,IndianStatistical Service Examination, TET, Naval AcademyExamination,Combined Defence Services Examination - CDS, IndianCivil AccountsService, Indian Railway Traffic Service, LAW,SEBI,CDS, DelhiPolice SI, Data Entry operators, cooperative bank,NDA, SIDBI,Indian Forest Service Examination - IFS, GeologistExamination,SCRA, Indian Economic Service, Section Officers,Central ArmedPolice Forces Examination - CAPF, Indian RevenueServiceExamination - IRS and SSC CGL- Combined Graduate LevelExamination.This free app also contains offline features. Thisapplication isalso useful for: Delhi Subordinate Services SelectionBoard - PCS,IBPS bank exams, IBPS CWE exams, insurance exams, GPSC,JKPSC,Railway Recruitment Board- RRB, UPSC, XAT, SNAP, SBIAssociateClerk, SBI PO, IBPS PO, CMAT, IIFT, MICAT and SBI Clerk.DSSSB,Engineering Services Examination, SSC Central PoliceOrganizationsCPO Exam, Jharkhand PSC, Kerala PSC, NICL Assistants,UICL AO, BANKCLERK, POST OFFICE EXAMS, bank specialist officer, RRBor regionalrural banks, government job exams, AICL AO, ChhattisgarhPSC, bankexams, IFS, APPSC, BPSC, civil services, history,geography, SSCCombined Matriculation Level Examination, SSC DataEntry Operator -DEO Examination, SSC Junior Engineers Examination,Civil ServicesExamination, CLAT, NIFT, SBI Associate PO, IBPS, RRB,IBPS SO, IBPSClerk, SSC CGL and SSC CHSL. This application is alsogreat for BPOand Call Center interviews.
Real Life Motivational Stories in English Offline 6.1
Motivational short story book in english, How to get freehugenumber of Motivational Stories that will motivation and You tobedoing well. Story book in english Encourage your associatesandpeople around you. Read success stories of great people, learnandshare your own motivational stories and inspire citation fromthewhole world. Whether you are preparing for epic or dream ofaimproved job, success story motivation to work to your goalsisamazing that evades us all from time to time. Story book inenglishfor children However, approaching through those low pointsisessential to ensuring success. To help stay motivated torealizeyour dreams, look into our top inspirational stories toselfcontrol. Gain inspired and motivated in your life? Withourinfluential QUOTES serving people to motivate themselves andothersby sharing and reading. Compilation of stories and quotestogetherto help you stay motivated and focused. All we have to dois staymotivated and keep acting on our goals. Read on to find thewordsof wisdom that will inspire your mind motivate yourintelligence instructure your business, most important your life,creatingsuccess, achieving your goals, and overcoming your doubts.=>BEST Features >> READ, LEARN & SUCCESS * It hasofflineaccess to lots of Motivational Stories and MotivationalQuotes. *Easy Share your own stories or quotes * most excellentuser readingexperience * You can save your favorite stories on SDcards. * Youcan share the Motivational stories and moral value viaemail,WhatsApp, Facebook, BeeTalk, MMS, Instagram, WeChat, Twitterandother Social Network. * Compatible with mobile phones &tabletsdevices. * Small install file in size. Motivational shortstorybook in english app for you, download and enjoy. Thank you somuch, I Hope You Success in your life. Download from Google PlayStore
Call Bridge 1.0.2
Call bridge is a game of tricks, trumps and bidding which ispopularin Bangladesh. It seems to be related to the North AmericangameSpades. The rules vary from place to place, and several ofthesealternatives are described in the variations section.PlayersandCardsThis game is normally played by 4 people using astandardinternational 52-card pack.The cards of each suit rank fromhigh tolow A-K-Q-J-10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2. Spades are permanent trumps:anycard of the Spade suit beats any card of any other suit.Dealandplay are counter-clockwise.Any player may deal first:subsequentlythe turn to deal passes to the right.The dealer dealsout all thecards, one at a time, face down, so that each player has13 cards.The players pick up their cards and look atthem.BiddingStartingwith the player to dealer's right, andcontinuing counter-clockwiseround the table, ending with thedealer, each player calls anumber, which must be at least 2. (Themaximum sensible call is12.) This call represents the number oftricks which the playerundertakes to win. In this game the tricksbid are known as"calls".The player to dealer's right leads to thefirst trick, andsubsequently the winner of each trick leads to thenext.Any cardmay be led, and the other three players must followsuit if theycan. A player who cannot follow suit must trump with aspade,provided that this spade is high enough to beat any spadesalreadyin the trick. A player who has no cards of the suit led andnospades high enough to head the trick may play any card.The trickiswon by the player of the highest spade in it, or if it containsnospade, by the player of the highest card of the suit that wasled.A player who is able to play a card of the suit that was led isnotobliged to head the trick. This also applies when spades areled:players may play higher or lower spades as they wish. A playerwhohas no cards of a suit is said to be "off" that suit. If is offthesuit that was led, and there are no spades in the trick yet,theplayer must play a spade if possible. If there is already aspadein the trick, the player who is "off" the led suit must playahigher spade if possible. If the player only has lower spades,heor she can "waste" one of these spades to avoid taking anunwantedtrick later, or can throw a card of another suit.Tosucceed, aplayer must win the number of tricks called, or one moretrick thanthe call. If a player succeeds, the number called isadded to hisor her cumulative score. Otherwise the number calledissubtracted.For example, a player who calls 4 must win 4 or 5tricksto succeed, and in this case gains 4 points. Winning 3 orfewertricks or 6 or more tricks counts as a loss, and the playerloses 4points.Calls of 8 tricks or more are bonus calls. A playerwhocalls 8 or more scores 13 points (instead of the amount ofthecall) if successful. If unsuccessful, the amount of the callissubtracted as usual. So for example a player who calls 9 scores+13for 9 or 10 tricks, but -9 for 11 or more tricks or 8orfewer.There is no fixed end to the game. Players continue foraslong as they wish, and when the game ends the player withthehighest score is the winner.
INDIA GK भारत का GK 6.6
This Application will improve your general knowledge aboutIndia.Application will help you in your carrer plan and helpsinpreparation of other government exams. Here you will be abletoknow some of the important things happened, History events,Insight into Politics , Knowledge about Economy, Geography,FamousPlaces and Culture.Contants:भारत मे प्रथमभारत -महत्वपूर्णजानकारीअभयारण्य, राष्ट्रीय उद्यानभारत के विशिष्टवन्यजीवअभयारण्यभारतीय राज्यों के सर्वप्रथम मुख्यमंत्रीभारतीयमहत्वपूर्णप्रसिद्ध लड़ाइयाँभारत के प्रमुख बांध और नदियाँभारत कीप्रमुख नदियाँऔर शहरभारतीय इतिहास एवं संस्कृतिराष्ट्रीय स्वतन्त्रताआन्दोलनभारतीयराजव्यवस्था एवं संविधानभारत एवं विश्व काभूगोलभारतीयअर्थव्यवस्थासामान्य विज्ञान एवं तकनीकीकृषिखेलकूदभारत केप्रमुखदर्रेमहत्वपूर्ण पुस्तकें एवं लेखकपरमवीर चक्र पुरस्कारभारत केप्रमुखयुद्ध स्मारकभारत रत्न सम्मानव्यक्तियों के उपनाममहत्वपूर्णऐतिहासिकतिथियाँबैंकों और उनके प्रचार वाक्यमहान हस्तियों का जन्मतिथीभारतीयडाकपुरस्कार और पुस्तकेंखेलकूद - प्रतियोगी परीक्षाहेतुमहत्वपूर्णभारतीय अर्थव्यवस्थाभारतीय कृषि व्यवस्थाउद्योगएवंव्यापारपरिवहन एवं दूरसंचारभारत में आर्थिक नियोजनराजस्वव्यवस्था100भारतीय राजव्यवस्था के प्रश्न उत्तरभारत में खनिजभारत मेंऊर्जा केसंसाधनकम्प्यूटर- सामान्य ज्ञानभारत सामान्य ज्ञानप्रमुख वचनऔर नारे-General knowledge, awareness (including, Sports, Places,Events)-Indian Polity, Constitution- Indian Economics and Commerce-IndianFreedom movement- Indian History- Indian Geography-IndianLiterature, Arts, Awards, Books & Authors- Generalscience andtechnology, Medicine- Organization, World history, Indiafacts andmoreThis App is useful for improve your General knowledgeandachieve great success in following competitive exams:-1. BankPOexam, IBPS PO exam, State Bank of India P.O. Exam, BankClerk2.UPSC IAS, Union Public Service Commission, CivilServicesExamination, IPS,IFS, GPSC exam3. SSC Combined GraduateLevelExaminations, NDA, CDS, Railway Exams, Post Office Exams4.Pcsexam, U.P. Public Service Commission exam5. CAT, GCET,MAT,JEE6.General Knowledge, Daily Current affairs with Explanation,GKScience Complete Notes, UPSC, SSC, Bank, GATE, Entrancetest,Central, PSU and State Government Competitiveexaminations.This appwill drastically improves your generalknowledge about India andworld. Enjoy the GK 2016 application andwe will keep updating withnew questions in future.About India WillImprove Your generalknowledge is this application. ApplicationsWill Help You In YourKarrr Plan and other government axams OF HELPSthesepreparations.Able Knov even then I will be here you wereNegativeHppened Important Things, events History, Politics brickInsight,Knowledge About Economy, Geography, Famous PlacesandCulture.Kantants:First in IndiaIndia -ImportantInformationSanctuary, National ParkIndia's distinctivewildlifesanctuaryThe first chief of the Indian statesIndiansignificantfamous battlesIndia's major dams and riversIndia's majorrivers andcitiesIndian history and cultureNational freedommovementIndianpolity and constitutionGeography of India andabroadIndianeconomyGeneral Science &TechnologyAgricultureSportsIndian HeadPassImportant Books andAuthorsPVC awardIndia's main warmemorialBharat RatnaIndividualsnicknameImportant historicaldatesBanks and their sloganBirth datesof great personalitiesIndiaPostAwards and BooksSports - importantfor competitive examsIndianeconomyIndian agricultureIndustry andTradeTransport andtelecommunicationsEconomic planningRevenueSystem100 Indian polityQuestion AnswerMinerals in IndiaIndia'senergy resourcesComputertriviaIndia General KnowledgeKey words andslogans- Generalknowledge, awareness (Including, sports, places,events)- IndianPolity, Constitution- Indian Economics and Commerce-Indian FreedomMovement- Indian History- Indian Geography- IndianLiterature,Arts, Awards, Books & Authors- General Science andTechnology,Medicine- Organization, World History, India Facts andMoreThis appis useful for this was general knowledge and AchieveGreat SuccessImprove Your competitive axams Following these: -1.Bank PO exam,exam Ibpas Po, SBI P.O. Exam, bank clerk2. UPSC IAS,Union PublicService Commission Civil Services Examination, IPS,IFS, Gpaskexam3. SSC Combined Graduate Level Examinations, NDA,member,Railway axams, Post Office axams4. Pcs exam, UkPk PublicServiceCommission exam5. CAT, song, not, live6. General Knowledge,CurrentAffairs with deli explanation, Industrial Science Completenotes,oops, SSC, bank, gate, entrance tests, central,competitiveAksamintions Psu and State Government.Will DrastikallyImprovesYour general knowledge is this app all about India andworld.ENJOYIT 2016 application, and they will keep the UpdtingQuestions Withthese new futures.
Current Affairs in Telugu 2018 1.9
Current Affairs app is useful for all government jobsandcompetitive exams preparing students. The whole app content isinTelugu only. This app contains the followingfeatures:1.International 2. National 3. Economy 4. India and theWorld 5.Science and Technology 6.Environment 6.Awards 7.Sports 8.Personsin News 9.Rio Olympics 10.Nobel Prizes ...etc keywords :Gkintelugu,DSC study materialintelugu,science,polity,History,Geography,Maths,Reasoning,CurrentAffairs,Student,Govt jobs,Police jobs,APPSC material,Group 1,Group2,Group3,VRO,VRA, Panchayat Secretary,Bank jobs,TSPSC. Please giveyoursuggestions and feedback for improvements. Thanks
Mobile operators PRO 1.76
Gleb Zakaev
Mobile operators PRO at each call show the operator and theregionof the interlocutor. Use the call blocker to automaticallyrejectannoying calls from numbers from the black list(collectors,scammers, etc.). Useful statistics will show the styleof yourcommunication and help you understand what your money isspenton.Application capabilities:★OPERATOR DEFINITIONBYNUMBERDefinition of the region and operator of theinterlocutor.★CALL LOCKER If you are tired of the annoying calls ofadvertisingagents, collectors or spammers - Blocker will help you.You caneasily configure the black, white list of subscribers, aswell asblock incoming calls by mask, for example +44 250*.★CALLCONFIRMATIONSet the confirmation of the call for calls toforeignregions or to foreign operators. You will avoidcasualspending.★SEARCH BY ADDRESS BOOK, CALL LOG AND SMSYou canfind theoperator and region by address book, call log andSMSmessages.★CONVENIENT STATISTICSVisual graphs, chartswithstatistics of your calls and other useful statistics will showthestyle of your communication and help you understand what yourmoneyis spent on.We are constantly working on the development oftheapplication. Let's improve the Mobile operators together. Youcanalways write to us at mail: [email protected]
10th Class Science Notes in Hindi 2.0
pawan panwar
This app for help of students. This is digital medium to helpofstudent inspired by Modi ji's digital india program. ThisappPowerd and Auntheticated by LAKSHYA COACHING CLASSES. this appisprovide full solutions & Notes of ncert 10 clasc scienceinhindi followihg are chapter include in this app Chapter : 1भोजनएवं मानव स्वास्थ्य ( Food and Human health) Chapter : 2 मानवतंत्र(Human System) Chapter : 3 अनुवांशिकी (Gene-sties) Chapter :4प्रतिरक्षा एवं रक्त समूह (Immunity and Blood Groups) Chapter :5दैनिक जीवन में रसायन (Chemistry in Everyday Life) Chapter :6रासायनिक अभिक्रिया एवं उत्प्रेरक (Chemical Reactions andCatalyst)Chapter : 7 परमाणु सिद्धांत, तत्वों का आवर्ती वर्गीकरण वगुणधर्म(Atomic Theory, Periodic Classification and Properties ofElements) Chapter : 8 कार्बन एवं उसके यौगिक ( Carbon and ItsCompounds)Chapter : 9 प्रकाश ( Lights) Chapter : 10 विद्युत धारा (ElectricCurrent)
RTO Exam in Hindi 1.1
Maruti App
RTO Exam in Hindi App is very useful to obtain driving licensefromRTO within India,All RTO Office conduct theory exam ofdrivinglicense on computer base.It is also useful for LearningLicense ofLight Multirole Vehicle (LMV), Heavy Motor Vehicle(HMV).Using thisapp you are aware about RTO exam and remove fear offailing andpass your RTO Driving license Test with full confidence.Application is divided in four part :- Question Bank :Includedvarious question related to RTO rules with road sign.-Practice :Practice your self without worrying about time limit.-Exam :Exactly same as RTO test, random questions and road signsrelatedquestions will be asked in this exam.Time limit for eachquestionwill be 48 seconds(Exam Mode) - Imp. Information : Describeusefulinformation. Feature : * Beautiful user friendly interface.*Allcontent given in Hindi Language so easy to read andunderstand.*Chang text size for better readability.
Sexy Girl friend Calling Prank 1.4501
Wanna rescue from unwanted situation? Nobody is noticing you? Donotworry,girls will call back you :-)!! One of the most popularprankapp currently in the market. With Sexy fake call girlfriendyou canmake fun on your friends and family by simulate fake callsfromrandom beautiful girls. Let the world know that you are incontactwith amazing lady. ★★Features of Fake call★★ ►Default calll☆Choosedifferent types of girls images. ☆Time out- 5,10,15,30,60,120 Secyou will get call based on timer schedule.☆Choose the option ofRingtone and vibration as a ON and OFF►Customize Call ☆User willhave option to set Caller name, Phonenumber and profile picaccording to wish. remaining all otherfeatures are same as we keptin Default Call option. ☆Very lessPermission required. ☆No internetrequired. Please take a second torate and share this app in yourfamily and friend circle.Disclaimer : This is a prank app and willnot provide any realcalling facility. This is to play and joke withfriends and family.
Ghost Call DX 2.3.2
[When to Use] Do you have the experience that your kids donotlisten to you? You have to say the same things many times, suchas"Put your stuff away," "Eat your food," "Take a bath now," or"Goto bed." "GhostCall DX" will help you! Your kids never listentoyou because they are getting used to be said by mom, butotherperson tells them the same thing, they will listen to whathe/shesaid. If your kids change their attitude by this application,youhave to tell them why they were scolded. After the kids havedonetheir action, you need to praise a lot so that they willcontinuetheir action. This application is not for frightening thekids, butlet them know what they need to do. Choose the bestcharacteraccording to your kid's personality or situation. [HowtoPlay/Record] 1.A scary demon, a dracula, a pretty princess, orafairy etc… From a variety of charactors, you can choose thebestone according your condition. 2.Touch the red microphone markandrecord your words to attract your children's attention. 3.Youcanchoose your favorite ringtones, voice effects, andbackgroundimages. 4.Try listening and if no problem, you can saveyourrecording by touching the save button. 5.Your recording datawillbe saved in "My Recording" at Get a Call. [How to Play/GetCall]1.Choose the one you need from "My Recording" or "Sample."2.Whenyou get a call, a 3D character will appear, so you showthecharacter to the kids. If the kids got scared, tap "decline,"ifthey would not react, then tap "anwer." 3.When you tap"answer,"the character will start talking. 4.You can use the timerfunctionand make the call more reality. If you have questionaboutinformation regarding failure or operation method, pleasecontact ( ). GhostCall DX Service Page: facebook: @ghostcalldx /
Computer Course in Hindi - Digital India 3.8.1
✓ Best Computer Course App in Hindi Language ✓ SupportsDigitalIndia Movement started by Prime Minister of India Mr.Narendra Modi✓ More than 50 Lakh people learning computer from theComputerCourse App ✓ Computer Course with Video Courses ✓ Getknowledge ofMicrosoft Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Photoshop, ComputerHardware andmany more topic Computer knowledge is the basic need inthis fastgrowing world. You must know the basics of the computer,how tooperate a computer, how to work on Microsoft word, excel andpowerpoint are essential for any professional and businessman.ThisComputer Course application is specially designed for thepeoplewho want to learn the basics of the computer operations. Youcanlearn operating a computer in just 15 days via learning fromthissimple application. This application is in HINDI and explainallthe things very clearly with images and simple text, so thatanyonecan understand and learn. It does not require you to be anexpertin computer programming or english to learn computerbasics.Computer Course Application covers following importanttopics: -Fundamentals of Basic Computer Operations - Microsoft Word-Microsoft Excel - Microsoft Powerpoint - Adobe Photoshop -AdobePagemaker - Basics of Computer Hardware - Type of Printers andHowto operate a Printer - Generations of Computer and TypesofComputers - Types of Monitors (LCD and CRT) - Various PortsandModem - Tricks and Tips for daily computer use Via this app wewantto live the Digital India and Skill India dream of HonorablePrimeMinister of India Mr. Narendra Modi and help to make#DigitalIndiaand #SkillIndia. We want to reach out to the all thepeople, eventhe one who are living in the remote villages of India,so thatthey can learn the computer on their own using thisapplication andcan have access to the online worlds ofopportunities and growfurther. Digital India is aimed to make theIndia Digital, so thatthe efficiency of the work can be enhancedand at the same we canconsume the services in much better way.Today, all the Governmentpolicies and plans are focusing electronicdelivery. You can applyfor passport, driving license, Aadhaar (UID)Card, Ration Card,Voter ID Card etc online using the governmentwebsite and henceeveryone should be able to use the computer andthis computercourse aims to provide the same. At the same time,Skill India aimsto make the people of India Skilled, so thateveryone can live witha pride and grow with the technology andadvancement. Developingthe Computer Skills are key in today'sworlds. Even in most theprivate or government jobs, you must haveexposure to the computerknowledge and skill. This application iscomplete FREE to use andyou can share this with your friends,family members, loved onesand all other people, so that we can helpeach and everyone tolearn computer. We have build this applicationin HINDI and in verysimple language, so that everyone can learnfrom this application.As India's Prime Minister Shree Narendra Modihas announceddemonetization of Rs. 1000 and Rs. 500 currency notesto curb theblack money and pushing Cashless Economy big time,ComputerEducation becomes very important for each and every citizenofIndia. Every Indian should learn basic computer, so thateveryonecan perform online transactions using Credit Card and DebitCardand can help in builidng Cashless Economy and a better India.Youcan write your suggestions to us at [email protected]
General Knowledge Quiz App: Learn and Practice 4.0
GK Quiz is a form of a game in which everybody can strengthentheirknowledge by answering the questions. This is the game whichleadsyou to the world of knowledge. Our app enables you to nurturetheabilities to observe the various events in an easy way. Our apphasnumerous questions in different areas. You can take the testfreelyand able to find the important events of your life. Inthiscompetitive world, one needs to be sharp-witted ingeneralknowledge and have to be fast in gk learning, in order togivetough competition. This free gk questions and answers app helpsyouto do the same. You may avail many apps but this gk quiz inEnglishhelps you to improve your knowledge easily and fastly. Youcaneasily answer to the all g.k questions and answers in this app,asthe answer given directly. If want to be a sharp-witted personing.k quiz, you can go for practice section of this app, helps youtopractice each question with four options which makes yourbrainacute. If you think that you have read all the quiz questionsandanswers of this brain baazi app, then you can go for GKtestsection. In this gk questions section, you can test by choosinganyparticular gk topic or specified GK topics. Also, this freegeneralknowledge quiz app has an online test section which containsatimer and also you can avail four options to choose the answer.Atthe end of each online test of this free gk apps, you will gettheresults of right and wrong answers and right answershighlightedwith wrong answer questions. You can also refresh yourgeneralknowledge in the form of a daily test. For this daily gktest, youwill get the results as right, wrong, skipped, completedand notcompleted free gk quiz questions. This free generalknowledgequestions app contains the multiple choice questions helpsthestudents, candidates, and professionals to refresh well prepareforcompetitive exams. This app quiz book also contains over3000+world gk quiz questions quiz under 30+ categories and muchmorefree gk questions and gk categories will be updated infuture.Features of this top quiz app: 1. 35 topics 2. More than3000questions 3. Summary of your performance at the end of everytest.4. Avail the daily test freely 5. Bookmark option 6. Thisquize appcontains 30+ streams of general knowledge questions. 7. Awiderange of general knowledge quiz questions to test yourknowledgearound the world 8. You can take the test freely torefresh yourgk. 9. You can attend the online test, practice testand Daily testto improve your knowledge. 10. You can practice freegk questionsin offline mode. 11. In this free quiz apps app, youcan share eachgk question to your friends You can download our gkquiz app atfree of cost. 12. You can share this quize game withyour friendsvia social media. 13. You can play this generalknowledge quiz appin offline mode. 14. This gk quiz app is acompletely free app. 15.This free gk app has a user-friendlyinterface. This applicationhas a huge collection of Quiz underdifferent categories such as 1AGRICULTURE 2 ANIMALS QUIZ 3ARCHITECTURAL 4 ASTRONOMY QUIZ 5 BOOKSAND AUTHORS QUIZ 6 BOOKS QUIZ7 CHEMISTRY 8 COMPUTER QUIZ 9ELECTRICAL 10 ENVIRONMENTAL QUIZ 11EVERY DAY SCIENCE 12 FIRST INWORLD 13 FOOD QUIZ 14 GENERALAWARENESS 15 GENERAL KNOWLEDGE 16GENERAL QUESTIONS 17 GENERAL QUIZ18 GEOGRAPHY 19 HISTORICAL PLACES20 IMPORTANT DAYS 21 INVENTIONQUIZ 22 LAWS, THEORIES QUIZ 23NATIONAL SYMBOL 24 PERSONALITIES QUIZ25 PHYSICAL EDUCATION QUIZ 26PHYSICS QUIZ 27 PLANTS QUIZ 28RELIGION QUIZ 29 SCIENCE 30 SPORTS31 SPORTS AND GAMES - CUPS ANDTROPHIES 32 TECHNICAL 33 TRADE ANDINDUSTRY QUIZ 34 WHO IS WHO(WORLD) ? 35 WORLD QUIZ Other two appsto crack the competitiveexams 1. Logical Reasoning Test– Test-
Radio Arzamas 1.6
Radio Arzamas is the official app of the project.Itcontains lectures by the best Russian academics, podcastsaboutculture and various audio pieces by Arzamas team members.
Gorilla in Phone Prank 1.0
Gorilla in Phone is the most comprehensive Prank to foolyourfriends with Gorilla on Screen Prank, Gorilla Popup Prank andaTalking Monkey in your phone.Gorilla in Phone Prank comes with3main features:Gorilla On Screen - Setup Gorilla to walk aroundonyour phone screen. Walking Gorilla on screen, walksaroundentertaining you. Gorilla on Screen is an entertaining Pranktomake your friends laugh.Gorilla Scream Prank - Gorilla PopupPrankis the best way to scare your friends with a ScreamingGorillaappearing when you want the Gorilla to come roaring onphonescreen. Gorilla Screaming scares your friends so usewithcaution.Talking Gorilla - If you like Talking Monkey this istheapp for you. Talking Gorilla Listens to everything you say,Repeatsin Talking Monkey voice. If you touch the Talking Gorilla,TalkingMonkey will scream at you. Gorilla on screen is the best waytoPrank your friends
Mind power in Hindi 4.0
My Creation
Human mind is a very popular topic for all in theworld.Psychologist and scientist have done various kind of researchonthat and many amazing results are got by them which is helpfultochange human life. This app covered mind power or man kishaktirelated many topics and many therapy in simple hindi languagewhichcan be changed human life for better style. In thisapplicationbelow topics are covered. - What is mind. - Man keprakar. -Conscious mind ke karyo. - Subconscious mind ke karyo.-Development of mind power. - Man ki visheshtae. - Mind or soul.-Chetan aur avchetan mn ka sthan. - Different names of. -mindDifferent states of mind. - Alfa avstha ka important. -Programmingof mind. - Exercise of mind, Visualization, Meditation,Relaxation.- Low of attraction,Telepathy. - Yadshakti. - Trikalgyan. - IQ,SQ, EQ. - Antratma ki aavaj. - Healing power and paincontrol. -Ichha mrutyu. - Mental clock and mental calendar. -creativevisualization technique, - SQ, IQ, EQ, - SMART Goal, -telipathi, -low of attraction and more. This application hasvarious greatfeatures as like Systematically description, Mindrelated, Allsubjects are covered, Free application, To support alldevices,etc. Download this Mind power in hindi (मन की शक्ति)application toget superb knowledge and change your life...
Biology in Telugu(Science) 1.2
- This app contains Zoology and Botany related importantalltopics.- This app created specially for AndhraPradesh,Telanganastudents.- This app created by experienced persons.- Inthis thefollowing topics available... 1. Vitamins 2. Blood Groups3.Carbohydrates 4. Hormones 5. Diseases for Human andPlantsetcKeywords: GK in Telugu, GK,Science, Biology, Botany,Zoology,DSC study meterial intelugu,CurrentAffairs,Student,Jobs,Education,Govt jobs,Policejobs,APPSC,Group1,Group 2,Group 3,VRO,VRA, Panchayat Secretary,Bankjobs,TSPSC.
Zubaida Appa k Totkay In Urdu 3.0
zubaida apa k totkay for skinzubaida aapa k totkay for pregnancyinurduzubaida apa k totkay in urdu for weight losszubaida aapaktotkay bachon k liyezubaida apa k totkay for hairzubaida apakatotkay in urduzubaida apa k totkay for white hairurdu totkayforhealthzubaida apa k totkay for skin pimplesbeauty face tipsinurduzubaida apa beauty tips in urdu for hairzubaida tariq tipsinurdu for weight losszubaida apa k totkay in urdu for facehairremovezubaida tariq k totkay in urdu for hairzubaida apa ktotkayin urdu for oily skinzubaida apa tips for skinwhiteningzubaida apaweight loss teaweight loss tips in urdu byzubaida tariqdailymotiontotka to reduce weightzubaida tariq ketotkay inurdugharelo totkay zubaida tariqindian totkay for weightlossweightloss tips in urdu by dr khurramweight loss totkay inhindibeautytips for hair growth in urdutips for long and healthyhair inurdufast long hair tips in urdutips for long hair inurdudailymotionhomemade tips for long hair in urdutips for longhair inone month in urdulong hair tips in urdu by dr khurramlonghair tipsin urdu by zubaida tariqtips for long hair in one month inurdulonghair tips in urdu by zubaida tariqlong hair tips in urduvideofastlong hair tips in urdulong hair oil tips in urdubeautytips forhair growth in urdulong hair tips in urdu by dr khurramhairfallreasons in female in urduhair fall tips in urdu by zubaidaapadesitotkay for hair fall in urduhair fall solution in urdu bydrkhurramhair fall treatment in quranhair fall solution inqurandesitotkay for hair growth in urdubeauty tips urdubeautytipsyoutubetop 10 beauty tipshome made beauty tipsLahori BeefStickRecipe in UrduArbi Tikkay Recife in UrduZiyafeti kabab RecipeInUrduMughlai Steam Roast Recipe in UrduIrani Chicken TikkaRecipesin UrduSalim Raan Recipes in Urdu Chiken Tika Recipe inUrduMurgMalai Chicken Kabab Recipe in UrduChicken Reshmi KababRecipes inUrdu Tandoori Tika Recipe in Urdu Chicken Tandoori KababRecipes inUrdu
Biology in Hindi (जीव विज्ञान), Biology GK Hindi 1.3.0
Biology Notes in Hindi, Biology GK Questions in Hindi, जीवविज्ञाननोट्स App Content: Cell , Tissue, Organ System, BloodVascularSystem, Circulatory System, Respiratory System,ReproductiveSystem, Skeletal System, Nervous SystemTags: Biology inHindi,Biology Notes in Hindi, Biology GK Question in Hindi, JeevVigyanNotes in Hindi, biology notes for class 11, biology notes forclass12, biology in hindi science app, biology appLearn Biology inHindiis useful for of Competitive Exams and government exams suchasAVVNL, RPSC, SSC, Railway, UPSC, NCERT, MPSC, HPSC, JKPSC,SPSC,BPSC, KPSC, UPPCS, TPSC, CGPSC, KPSC, WBPSC, APPSC, HPPSC,UKPSC,APSC, GPSC, MPPSC, RPSC, Goa PSC, Jharkhand PSC, NPSC, PPSC,TPSC,Engineering Jobs, BSTC, State Public Service Commission,CentralGovt Jobs,TET, SSC CHSL, UGC NET, CTET, IBPS, UPSC, TeachingJobs,Police Jobs,Railway Jobs,GATE EXAM, Bank Jobs (PO &Clerk),SBIClerk,RBI Assistant,PSU Jobs, Army Jobs,NDA,CDS, DefenceJobs, AirForce Jobs, Indian Navy Jobs etc
RTO Exam in Marathi 1.3
Maruti App
RTO Exam in Marathi Application is very useful to obtaindrivinglicense from RTO within india,All RTO Office conduct theoryexam ofdriving license on computer base.It is also useful forLearningLicense of Light Multirole Vehicle (LMV), Heavy MotorVehicle(HMV).Here we have give two mode Learning and Test mode foryou tobe aware about RTO exam and remove fear of failing and passyourRTO Driving license Test with full confidence .Feature…-Beautifuland user friendly designing.
,-All the content give inmarathilanguage so easy to understand.- Question and Answer(LearningMode),- Practice yourself without worrying abouttimelimit(Practice Mode),-Exactly same as RTO test, randomquestionsand road signs related questions will be asked in thisexam.Timelimit for each question will be 48 seconds(Exam Mode)-Displayresult or score sheet after completion of Exam.
PackageRadar 1.0.4
PackageRadar - is a versatile and user-friendly service fortrackingpostal items. It is enough to know only the trackingnumber toeasily find the package, both in Russia and in the USA,Germany,Ukraine, China and Kazakhstan.Before you gdeposylka.ruofficialapplication site, so you can follow the same premise thaton thesite to be notified by e-mail and other messagingservices.To accessthe app, use your e-mail and site. Allinformation is automatically synchronizedwith the site.All featuresof the application is completely free!You can track an unlimitednumber of parcels and receivenotifications without any additionalfees. We will check the parcelon the official sites of deliveryservices every 3-5 hours, so youwill not miss new information aboutthe parcel.We support more than100 postal services: officialaddress in Russia, Belarus, China,Hong Kong, Singapore andothers.Any comments, suggestions,comments, criticism? Write [email protected]! Ourapp has nothing to do with thepostal services that we monitor. Wecan not solve the issues relatedto the delivery of parcels.
Law se seedha jawab 1.0
Law of India refers to the system of law in modern India.Indiamaintains a hybrid legal system with a mixture of civil,common lawand customary orreligious law within the legal frameworkinheritedfrom the colonial era and various legislation firstintroduced bythe British are still in effectin modified formstoday.TheConstitution of India guarantees protection of life andpersonalliberty to one and all. It provides adequate safeguardstofundamental rights against arbitrary decisions. This sectionhasdetailed information about various legislations, rulesandregulations, legal institutions, commissions and tribunals. Youcanalso get information about the Supreme Court, HighCourts,Subordinate Courts, Legal Aid, Profession, AlternativeDisputeResolution etc. Indian personal law is fairly complex, witheachreligion adhering to itsown specific laws. In moststates,registering of marriages and divorces is not compulsory.Separatelaws govern Sikhs, Hindus, Muslims, Christians,andfollowers ofother religions. The exception to this rule is in thestate of Goa,where a uniform civil code is in place, in which allreligionshavea common law regarding marriages, divorces, andadoption.Thisapplication is completely work offline & Free todownload, sononeed of internet can download the app once and canaccess all thematerial without internet connection .Thisapplication all materialin Hindi language.This app will also helpyou to bookmark yourfavorite topics for future references, setreminder & easy toshare via SMS, watsapp, facebook ,email etc.This application easyto start, set reminder and move to particulardate etc.This app isvery helpful for the students who are study andpreparingthegovernment entrance exams like Policeprepration,UPPSC,SSC,RPSC,BPSC,JPSC,CPSC,CPSC,CLAT etc.Importantcategoriesin Law se seedha jawab :-.Constitutional andadministrativelaw.Criminal law.Contract law.FundamentalRights.Basicright.Fundamental duties.MCQS.Exam preparation guide.MCQs &many more categories ...Download and share thisapp..Thank you !!!
First in India in Hindi 1.1
Purva Ahuj
This app has General knowledge questions about first in Indiainalmost all fields in India.This app has a list of firstsinIndia.This app has a collection of people, groups,andorganizations that has first position.Some of the followingfieldsthat this app covers.CricketIndianStatesPoliticsElectionCommissionLaw etc.These First in Indiageneral knowledge questionsare useful for all competitiveexams,entrance exams.
Lion in Phone Prank 1.9
Lion in Phone Prank is the complete package to prank yourfriendsand have fun at the same time. Lion in Phone Prank comeswith fourcomplete features including two different pranks, LionWallpaperand Lion Hunter Game.Lion in Phone Prank - Set this prankto havelions roaming in your phone. The Jungle King Lion keepswalking inyour phone and prank your friends. This prank is morecute thanscary. Ideal prank if you want to entertain kids.LionScary Prank -Set this prank to have Lion popup on screen in biglion roar andscare your friends. This prank is scary prank andsuitable to scareadults. Use Scary Prank with caution because LionScary Prank canscare anyone. You can chose when you want the lionto popup on thephone.Lion Live Wallpaper - Lion Live wallpapercomes in thesedifferent styles. You can set your Lion Wallpaper tohave a Lionwalking on Nice Nature Backgrounds including JungleBackground,Forest Background, Desert background. Lion Wallpaperwill have lionwalking on the chosen backgrounds.Lion Hunt Game -Hunt Lion inthis lion game. Shoot the arrows at attacking lions andkill asmany lions as possible. Hunting Lions in Game is funandentertaining. Compete with friends on who huntslionseasily.Complete package to Prank your friends with Lions inphoneand total entertainer with built in Lion Game
Bharat Ke Veer 2.6
The brave soldiers of Central Armed Police Forces (CAPF) fightadaily battle to safeguard India’s external and internalsecurity.Protecting the hostile boarders in the west with Pakistanand inthe north and east with China; and facing the threatsgenerated bythe militants in Jammu and Kashmir, insurgency in thenorth-east;and Maoist extremists in central and east India, to keepus safe.One soldier loses his/her life every third day and oneispermanently incapacitated. Bharat Ke Veer mobile app isaninitiative for the citizens to pay homage to the braveheartsinCentral Armed Police Forces who laid down their lives in thelineof duty. Using this app, individuals can contribute directlyintothe bank accounts of the braveheart’s kin, or to the “BharatKeVeer” corpus.To ensure maximum coverage, a cap of 15 lakhsisenvisaged per braveheart and the donor would be alerted iftheamount exceeds Rs 15 lakhs, so that they can choose toeitherdecrease their contribution or divert part of the donationtoanother braveheart's account, or to the “Bharat Ke Veer”corpus.“Bharat Ke Veer” corpus would be managed by a committee madeup ofeminent persons of repute and senior government officials, inequalnumber, who would decide to disburse the fund equitably tothebraveheart's family on need basis. There is no limittocontribution to “Bharat Ke Veer” corpus.Payments through thisappis powered by State Bank of IndiaThe CAPFs under the MinistryofHome Affairs, Govt. of India, comprise of the following forces:1.Assam Rifles (AR) engaged in border guarding alongIndo-Myanmarborder, as well as in counter insurgency operations inthe NorthEast. 2. Border Security Force (BSF) guards India'sborders withPakistan and Bangladesh, and is also deployed foranti-insurgencyoperations. 3. Central Industrial Security Force(CISF) providessecurity to the key sectors including Airports,Metro systems,important industries in the public and privateSector, heritagemonuments, Government buildings and security toprotected persons.4. Central Reserve Police Force (CRPF) is theprimary force forinternal security including anti-naxal operations,counterinsurgency duties in J&K and North East, and Law &Orderproblems. 5. Indo-Tibetan Border Police (ITBP) guardsIndia'sborders with China. Specially trained to operate in highaltitudemountainous terrain, it is also engaged in internalsecurity dutiesfrom time to time. 6. National Disaster ResponseForce (NDRF) isfor specialized response to natural and man-madedisasters, savinglives and livelihood and prepares communities indisasterresilience and disaster risk reduction. 7. NationalSecurity Guard(NSG) is a Special Force mandated to conductcounter-terrorist,counter-hijack, and hostage-rescue operations aswell as provide`mobile security' to designated protectees. 8.Sashastra Seema Bal(SSB) with the motto of "Service SecurityBrotherhood" is primarilymandated to guard India's borders withNepal and Bhutan. The forceis also performing internal securityduties and is deployed to dealwith LWE / Counter-insurgency in manystates.
earning course in urdu 1.6
this app have complete course of earning from u.tub with imagesinurdu language.form channel to receiving payment every thingisdefine in urdu with u can easily understandTaskafterread and apply u can make channel and earn moneyhow to earnhowtoearn online in urduonline earning in urduu.tub earning courseinurduinternet earning in urduhow to earn in hindihow to earnonlinein hindionline earning in hindiu.tub earning courseinhindiinternet earning in hindiu.tub sy kamai ka tareeqa inurduhowto get money onlinehow to make channel onu.tubcomputerearningcomputer earning in urduearning course inurducomputerearning course in urduurdu earning courseearn for yourpc andmobile online in urducomputer coursecomputerinternetcoursecomputer hardware in urducomputer software in urdumsexcel inurdums excel course in urdums office coursi in urduadobphoto shopcourse in urduhtml course in urduhtml in urduphp inurduphpcoursecomputer coursecomputer basicgeneral knowledgeofcomputerhair beauty tipsbeauty earning coursebeauty parlour tipsinurduearn money in hindiindian beautycomputer basic inhindigeneralknowledge of computer in urdubeauty tips forfairskinhairstylescomputer basic in urdukeel muhase keel muhasetips inurdukeel muhase in hindiphp in urduphp in hindipimple tipsinurduenglish to urdu dictionarypimple tips in hindikil muhasekadesi ilajoily skin tips in urduhtml in hindihtml courseinhindioily skin beautygirls skinu.tub sy earningNailacneskindisorders by computer effectonline earnhow to onlineearnskinproblemshow to make channelskin problems in urduurdupahelipaheliin urduurdu riddlespoetry in urdufunny poetryfunny joksin urduurdujoksjoks in hindihindi joksurdu latifayurdu mazahiyalatifaylatifayin urduiqbal poetryurdu gazlssad poetryanmool batainin urduaqwalin urdubeauty trendsword knowledgebeauty tips andtrendsnaturebeautygenral knowledge in urdubeauty problemsgeneralknowledge inurdubeauty problems in urduskin care in urdugeneralknowledge ofcomputer
Call Bridge Offline 1.0
Call Bridge is a game that is both enjoyable and challengingsinceit requires one to look for strategies and ways in order towin.This is considered one of the most challenging card games ofalltime and this is mainly because it is usually played with apartnerand one does not know the cards that the partner is holding.Thismakes it extremely difficult to win more so if there isnoconnection between the two and if one of them does not havethetips for playing spades. There is the individual spade game andcutthroat that is played by a single player and this is perfectforthose who do not want partners.The game is usually played byfourpeople who sit around a table and this is meant for everyonetohave confidentiality in their cards. A game with partnersrequiresthe partners to sit opposite one another. The game isplayed by adeck that has 52 cards and this allows everyone to get13 cardsafter dealing. The person who is on the left side of thedealer isthen supposed to start and bet on the amount of tricksthat theyare expected to win. The betting takes 4 card rounds foreachplayer and when this is done the first person is supposed toleadusing any card apart from a call bridge.It is important to knowthebest spades tips so as to win the game since it requires a lotofstrategies and at times it also includes guessing. This ismostdelicate when partners are playing since the partners havetoestimate wining tricks not only for themselves but fortheirpartners as well. It is important to ensure that when apartnerbets nil then the other partner should bet with a highercard so asto back up their partner. This allows them to get 100points whichotherwise could have been lost if the partner played asmallercard.It is important to ensure that one has the tips forplayingspades before going for a game especially if playingwithprofessionals since it can be frustrating. Call Bridge is agamethat can also be played on the computer and more so online andthismeans that one should know how to get the spades tips thattheywill use in order to win the game. Getting the winning tricksisalso a good way of ensuring that one wins the game withoutmuchstruggling.ace spades offline multiplayer single playerfreedownload new game latest games in google play callbreak orcallbreak call bridge online card game best
Learn English in Kannada 1.1
Learn English in Kannada application is designed to makelearningEnglish in Kannada in easy way. Learn English inKannadaapplication focus on daily used conversation and words onfollowingtopics such asGeneral TalkWeatherInRestaurantAskingAddressFoodHealthMeeting and interviews and manymore.Learn Englishwith Kannada application also provides extravocabulary for dailywords for fruits, vegetables, relations,household and manymore...Kannada to English speaking makes easierfor the user tounderstand English. Learn English in Kannadaapplication has audiosupport for learning pronunciation of wordsand conversation.InLearn English in Kannada application you canmark favourites , addbookmarks as well.
Axomi: Assamese Dictionary 2.1.3
Almost every language has its Dictionary app on everyplatformtoday. However, Assamese is the only language that didn'thave adictionary app. This is the first-ever English-AssameseDictionaryapp which is a contribution to our homeland Assam, aplace ofdiversity and a hub of multiple cultures. Though there aremanylanguages spoken in the region, the most common isAssamese.Axomiis the World's first ever English-Assamese DictionaryApp. It doesthe simplest dictionary operation from 'English toAssamese' andfrom 'Assamese to English'. The database used has beenprovided and is completely for offline usage.In the'Assamese toEnglish' tab, you may type in English, i.e. usingRomantransliteration or typing in Assamese Unicode. If you havetroubleunderstanding Roman transliteration, the Phonetic Chartincluded inthe App will help you. Further, to type in Assamese, youneed tohave an Assamese Keyboard installed on your device. JustclickSearch and select the word from the list displayed.Please rateandreview the app on Google Play and our facebook page.For anyfurtherqueries, please contact us by email at [email protected]জয়আই অসম!
Cat in Phone Prank 1.2
Cat in Phone Prank is combination of two Cat Pranks, Talking CatandAnimal Photo Frames. Cat in Phone Prank is full entertainerforeveryone in the family with 4 different options to play with.CatMoms and Cat Dads love the app for its fondness to cats. CatinPhone - Cat Walking in Phone Prank is best Cat Prank to foolyourfriends. The Cat in Phone Joke has Cat Walking on yourphonescreen. Cat in Phone Screen lets you have Cat Walk on phonescreen.Cat Scary Prank - Cat Popup Prank lets you schedule when youwantCat to Popup with a scary roar on your phone screen. ScaryCatcomes up on your phone screen and roars like a scary cat toprankyour friends. Scary Cat lets you scare your friends withCat.Talking Cat - Talking is the best way to play Real live TalkingCatto entertain everyone in the family. Talking Cat hasfollowingfeatures: i) Listening Cat - Talking Cat listens toeverything yousay. ii) Talking Cat - Talking Cat talks back whenyou talk to him.Live Cat will talk back to you in his funny voicewhen you talk tothe cat. iii) Dancing Cat - Dancing Cat dances foryou when youshake the phone. Dancing Cat loves to show off hisdancing moves toyou. iv) Angry Cat - If you touch the cat the AngryCat get angryat you and roars like a wild cat. Animal Frames -Animal frames todecorate your photos with real wild animals andreal animalsdecorating your photos.Cat in Phone Prank is the bestway toentertain yourself if you are a cat mom or cat dad
Biology GK Questions in hindi 1.2
Purva Ahuj
This app has general knowledge questions and answers of BiologyinHindi language.These Biology questions based on NCERT Book forSSCCGL 2016 Exam and other government examinations.This appcoversalmost all biology topics.App has sets of questions. Each sethas10 Questions with their respective answers.
डॉक्टरी नॉलेज In Hindi 1.0
डॉक्टरी नॉलेज In HindiThis app provide the various facts andgainknowledge to live a healthy life. This application provideyouknowledge about medicine dictionary, hair promblem, SkinDiseaseand Treatment, Heart Disease Treatment,Ear Nose &Throatdisease and treatment etc.This application give you knowledgeaboutdisease and how to treat and cure from disease. Thisapplicationalso give you information about.Anatomy ( शारीरिक रचना)Physiology(शरीर विज्ञानं )Body Parts ( शरीर के अंग )First Aid (चिकित्साउपकरण )Medical Instruments (मेडिकल तथ्य )Download thisfreeapplication and share with your love one and care your loveone.
Mahabharat in Hindi
The Mahabharata is one of the two major Sanskrit epics ofancientIndia.The Mahabharata is an epic narrative of theKurukshetra Warand the fates of the Kaurava and the Pandavaprinces. It alsocontains philosophical and devotional material,such as adiscussion of the four "goals of life" orpurusharthas.Among theprincipal works and stories in theMahabharata are the BhagavadGita.Traditionally, the authorship ofthe Mahabharata is attributedto Vyasa. There have been manyattempts to unravel its historicalgrowth and compositionallayers.The Mahabharata is one of the twomajor Sanskrit epics ofancient India, the other being theRamayana.Besides its epicnarrative of the Kurukshetra War and thefates of the Kaurava andthe Pandava princes, the Mahabharatacontains philosophical anddevotional material, such as adiscussion of the four "goals oflife" or purusharthas. Among theprincipal works and stories in theMahabharata are the BhagavadGita, the story of Damayanti, anabbreviated version of theRamayana, and the Rishyasringa, oftenconsidered as works in theirown right.
GK(Current Affairs) in Telugu 2.0
General Knowledge(GK) or Current Affairs app is useful forallgovernment jobs and competitive exams preparing students. Thewholeapp content is in telugu only. This app contains thefollowingfeatures: 1. Current Affairs 2. India States withCapitals,CM's andGovernors 3. India Central Cabinet ministers 4.Andhra PradeshCabinet ministers 5. Telangana Cabinet ministers 6.Who is who 6.History 7. Polity 8. Geography 9. Science 10.RioOlympics 11.NobelPrizes ...etc keywords :Gk in telugu,DSC studymaterialintelugu,science,polity,History,Geography,Maths,Reasoning,CurrentAffairs,Student,Govt jobs,Police jobs,APPSC material,Group 1,Group2,Group3,VRO,VRA, Panchayat Secretary,Bank jobs,TSPSC. Please giveyoursuggestions and feedback for improvements. Thanks
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