Top 48 Apps Similar to Cookie Recipes

Youmiam 3.12
Recipes are much more than text. Youmiam redefines andsimplifieshow you share and discover great recipes. Youmiam offersaninnovative recipe format that is very easy to post, understandandshare across the web. Free yourself from boringbullet-pointrecipes, and enjoy a new cooking experience thanks tovisualstep-by-step instructions. Follow friends and foodiesandpersonalize your home feed to help Youmiam become your kitchenallyin the kitchen. From aspiring foodies to professional chefsourpassionate and diverse community will provide you with tastyanddelicious options for everyone, everyday. Some of ourcoolfeatures: ✓ A new recipe format that encapsulates each step inavisually stunning way and makes it so easy. ✓ Beautiful,simpleinterface. ✓ Access your saved recipes from the palm of yourhandanytime thanks to offline mode. ✓ Create a personalized homefeedwith recipes from the people you follow and trust: yourfriends,favorite chefs, and other foodies in the Youmiam community.✓Advanced search : easily find recipes you crave based ontheingredients you have, your cooking skills or new culinarytrends. ✓Delicious recipes are added everyday by the community.From classicdishes to creative cuisine, you’ll find quick and easyrecipes anda whole lot more : We promise there really is somethingforeveryone. ✓ A super smart shopping list feature you canaccessoffline to make your life easier. ✓ Share your favoriterecipeswith your friends and save it thanks to the “remiam” button.✓Youmiam is a 100% free app that serves absolutely no ads.Downloadthe free Youmiam app today and join our community ofpassionatefoodies. Thanks for your support. We’d love to hear whatyou thinkso send us your feedbacks at [email protected]
Allrecipes Dinner Spinner 4.1.1
Introducing the most amazing Allrecipes Dinner Spinner appyet!Designed to delight, Allrecipes’ Dinner Spinner has beenreinventedas the most popular food-focused social app with acommunity ofmore than 30 million home cooks who play a part inhelping cooksdiscover and share the joy of home cooking. The latestversion ofthe app is better than ever: • Feed: Personalized for youand getssmarter with every recipe you save and make; and each cookyoufollow. • Improved search options: Search by keyword,ingredientsto include/exclude as well as by dietary need &ready in time.• Favorites and Collections: Save your favoriterecipes for quickaccess anywhere and create, organize and sharerecipe collectionsto make finding favorite recipes a snap. • Cookwith what’s onsale: See which recipe ingredients are on sale nearyou! We’ll alsosuggest a recipe when you walk into a store (selectstores). •Step-by-step cooking videos: More than 1000mobile-friendly recipevideos with step-by-step cooking instructionsand you can skip tothe parts you want to see quickly (Tablet). •Sharing: I Made Itfeature makes it super easy to brag about yourcooking triumphswith friends – on Allrecipes, and in your Facebookfeed. • Cook’sprofiles: Everything you’ve created, saved and made…in oneconvenient place. • Shopping list: Just tap to add entirerecipesor ingredients to your shopping list. • Updated, streamlineddesignthat’s the same across your phone, tablet and PC.Allrecipesmembers know the value of reviews! Just like in cooking,reviewshelp us evaluate what you like, and what needs improvement.If youlike Dinner Spinner, we hope you’ll consider leaving a reviewherein Google Play. Unfortunately, we can’t reply to concernsandsuggestions through Google Play. If you send [email protected], we’ll be able torespondpersonally.
My CookBook (Recipe Manager) 5.1.8
Store all your favorite recipes in one place! My CookBook isarecipe manager with search and import features. My CookBookletsyou create your own digital cookbook. Build your ownrecipedatabase by gathering recipes on the web and using theimportfeatures. It is you and your own cookery! You are looking fora newrecipe ? Use our searching engine to find a new recipe on theweb.When you have found one you like, import it into My CookBook.Thenyou will be able to view it everywhere on your phone oryourtablet. You can add your own photo, change ingredientsordirections, or add you own comments You already have a cookbook?Add a new recipe into My CookBook manually, or import yourdigitalcookbook using one of the file formats we support like MealMaster(.mmf), MasterCook (.mxp), LivingCookBook (.fdx) , ReKconv(.rk)...You want to share some recipes with your friends ? Inviteyourfriends to join My CookBook, share your recipes with them andviewtheir recipes. Or share your recipes on Facebook or by email,sms,and others. You can also send them a “My CookBook” file theywillbe able to load into their app My CookBook also includesthesefeatures : • Create shopping lists using your recipeingredients •Synchronize your recipes on different devices usingdropbox • Scalethe ingredients to serve more or less people • Usethe speechfeature to read recipes • Customize various parts of theapp suchas theme, font size, categories. • Open recipes on yourAndroidWear watch My CookBook is also available on yourdesktop: Create a free account onouronline version My CookBook Online and you will enjoytheseadditional features (in the app and the website): • Save up to105recipes and 8 shopping lists in the cloud • Synchronize up to105recipes and 8 shopping lists between all your androidapplicationsand your online account • View and manage these recipeson anycomputer or any device • Invite your friends to join MyCookBookOnline and view their recipes • Plan your meals andgenerate ashopping list for the week Create a Premium account on MyCookBookOnline and : • All your recipes and shopping lists will besaved inthe cloud More details here: The creation of anaccounton My CookBook Online is optional and the number of recipesis notlimited in the Android application. We support more than200websites. If your favorite cooking website is not supported,youcan submit a request or vote for already submitted requests here: My CookBook ,theonly cooking app you need ! Ads in the app may be removedbypurchasing an in-app add-on or by installing the paid version ofMyCookBook: to translate My CookBook to other languages: Key words : cook, cooking,recipe,shopping list, recipe manager, meal planner
Yummly Recipes & Shopping List 3.1
Yummly is your smart cooking sidekick, offeringpersonalizedguidance every step of the way. From reciperecommendations justfor you, to handy tools and helpful videos,Yummly has everythingyou need to improve life in the kitchen.Experience what millionsare enjoying on the web, free on yourAndroid device. ★ 2 million +recipes from the best of the best👨‍🍳👩‍🍳🥇 An endless supply ofrecipes to fuel your next cookingadventure from Yummly’s testkitchen and top sites like AllRecipes,Epicurious, Food52 tosmaller food blogs and everything in between.Every week, thousandsof new recipes are added to Yummly for you todiscover and Yum. ★Discover recipe recommendations, just for you 🍽️Set up your tasteand nutrition preferences and we’ll only serve uprecipes thatmatch. As you use Yummly, like magic, it learns aboutyour likes(and don’t likes). Yummly will provide you with foodreciperecommendations every day that you are sure to love. In a bitof afood rut? Let Yummly help you out with a cornucopia oftastysuggestions for cooking. The more you Yum, the better it gets!★Step-by-step guided recipes 🎬⏲🍴 Let Yummly do the thinking foryouwith our step-by-step recipes, including video tutorials,timers,and more handy tools to make cooking a breeze. ★ Collect,save, andorganize your favorites 💾 Saving your favorite recipescouldn’t beeasier. With the simple tap of a “Yum” button, yourfaves arestashed for safekeeping in a digital recipe box. Oncesaved, createcollections for easy organization and viewing whencooking andgrocery shopping. ★ Personalized diets & allergies🍉🍊🌶️🍍🥑🍓 Areyou eating vegan, vegetarian, paleo, or gluten free? Doyou have afood allergy to dairy, peanuts, or seafood? Simply hatecilantro?Yummly has you covered! We scour recipes from across theweb andautomatically filter out recipes based on your tastes,allergies,and diets. ★ The most powerful way to search for recipes🔍 Whywaste time sifting through the wrong recipes? Our uniquesearchfilters allow you to find the perfect recipe. Filter bycuisine,nutrition requirements (for calories, carbs, fat, orcholesterol),cook time, technique, and more. ★ Recipe schedulingfor easy mealplanning 📅⏰ Schedule a recipe to the exact time youwant to eat andit's instantly added to your calendar. You'll evenget a gentlenudge when it's time to start cooking. ★ Add entirerecipes to yourgrocery shopping list 🗒️🛒 With one click you can adda full recipeto your shopping list. Yummly automaticallycategorizes yourshopping list by both aisles and recipes to makeyour trip to thegrocery store a snap. Download the free Yummly apptoday. Let’s getcookin’!
Vegetarian and vegan recipes 3.9.1
Looking for vegetarian and vegan recipes? Fast, delicious,Italianveggie food? You've found it! VegMenu is an app to preparelots ofveg foods. Cooking in vegetarian and vegan version some ofthetypical and most healthy recipes of the Italian cuisine. Acookbookfull of appetizers, first courses, main courses, salads,sidedishes and delicious cakes, children's recipes, quickdishes,seitan recipes, tempeh recipes, tofu recipes. Whether youfollow avegetarian diet, a vegan diet or an omnivorous diet, youwill findlots of healthy recipes, to suit every palate. WithVegMenu youcan: • Browse through hundreds of vegetarian and veganrecipes forfree! • Cook many recipes of Italian cooking invegetarian andvegan version. • Choose the number of portions andVegMenu willautomatically calculate quantities. • Get step by stephelp inpreparing the recipe. • View the nutritional values andcaloriesfor each recipe to help you keep in shape! • Find menus foralloccasions: Christmas, New Year, Carnival, Easter, Halloweenetc...• Buy ingredients and keep them in a shopping cart. •Respectportions by using a spaghetti doser. • A spaghetti doser toalwaysrespect the portions. • Eat healthy and cheap with the helpof anin-season fruit and vegetable guide. • A handymeasurementconverter to easily convert from grams to ounces, frommillilitersto liquid ounces and from Celsius to Fahrenheit. •Search by colorrecipes to have an iron constitution, or to preparea romanticdinner for your partner, in short, for the right recipefor everyoccasion! • Look up recipes without gluten, lactose oreggs. A dietbased on plant foods is: • Ethical, because it respectsanimals. •Eco-sustainable, because it respects the environment •Healthy,because it respects the well-being of your body and of yourmind. Avegetarian or vegan diet prevents many diseases such ascancer,cardiovascular disease, obesity, diabetes, osteoporosis,dementiaand Parkinson's. For technical support or for other help,send ane-mail to the app developer: [email protected]
Cookpad - home cooking recipe manager
Best place to share and find recipes made and shared by homecookslike you. Cookpad provides a unique social and safeenvironment forpeople to search for and save recipes, publishrecipes and photos,or share privately with friends and family inour new chat. Cookingis no longer lonely with Cookpad *Looking fora recipe?* Cookpadhas tons to choose from, including main dishes,appetizers, drinks,side dishes, desserts, ethnic recipes, soups,stews and dietrecipes. Recipes for everyday cooking and recipes forspecialoccasions like Thanksgiving or Christmas. Search byingredients youhave at home or dish you want to make and startcooking at home!When you make the recipe, you can share the photoof your dish withthe recipe author and so recommend it to otherCookpad users.*Cooking diary*. If you give Cookpad access to yourphone pics,you'll see your cooking photos from the past 3 years inthe App,next to your saved and published recipes. You can see whatyoucooked this time in previous years, share the photo with familyorfriends on the chat and plan what to make this week!!*Publishrecipes*. Users can publish their own recipes onCookpad.Therecipes themselves don't need to be anything fancy, andthat’sanother reason why Cookpad is unique. Recipes are publishedby realpeople cooking at home with clear steps and helpfulphotos.*Private recipes*. Always have your recipes at hand. If youdon’twant to publish your recipes but do want to have them all inoneplace, that’s fine. Just click save, but not publish. You’llbeable to share with friends and family on the Cookpad chat.Butother Cookpad users won’t see them. *Chat and share*. Cookpadtakesthe loneliness out of cooking. You can share recipes,cookingmoments, memories, photos, advice and questions in real timeonCookpad Chat. Chat one-to-one or create a group. Your privatespaceto talk about cooking. Cookpad is the World's largesthomemaderecipe-sharing app and is currently available in English,Español,Indonesia, العربية, Việt Nam, ไทย. Choose your preferredlanguagethe first time you start the app. When you want to switchlanguagesand explore homemade dishes from other countries, go tosettings,log out, choose another language and repeat registrationprocess.We have helped many people to live healthier and discoverthe tasteof real food. Join us! App Features: - Publish and sharerecipes inpublic or private - Search for recipes by title,ingredients,meal-type or other - Share my recipe photo with therecipe authorafter preparing it - Chat with family and friendsabout what’scooking or what to cook - Have all my cooking photos inone place -cooking diary - Timeline to see what my friends arecooking andsharing. - Bookmark recipes for quick access. - Findseasonalrecipes for Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas dinners.Contactus at [email protected]
BigOven: 500,000+ Recipes 5.7.23
The all-new, redesigned BigOven makes cooking simple. Takeover500,000 recipes, your grocery list, and menu planner anywhere.Withmore than 13 million total downloads, BigOven is the mostcompletetool to help home cooks get inspired and organized in thekitchenand on the go. Featured in the 25th Anniversary Issue ofMarthaStewart Living, InStyle, Buzzfeed, and AllYouMagazine.GetIdeasCooking is social. Find recipe inspiration rightwhen you openthe app. See what your friends, family and favoritebloggers aremaking, plus get inspired by seasonal collections onyour homescreen. Save and share a recipe with a singletap.SearchSearchingis faster. Find a recipe from BigOven's 500,000recipes or searchjust your own recipes. My RecipesClip from yourfavorite sites.Snap a photo of a family recipe, and we’ll upload itfor you. Findthe recipes you've marked as Favorite or Try. Organizeyour recipesinto folders, filter by category, and view yourrecently usedfolders.Grocery ListShop smarter. Create a sharedgrocery list foryour household. Sort items by department or byrecipe. Easily markthem off or remove by swiping as youshop.ActivityGet notified oncomments or questions on recipes you'veposted. Find and followfriends and family who've joined BigOven andsee their recipes onyour home screen.Use Up Leftovers Use up what’sin your fridge.Type in up to three ingredients, and we’ll show youwhat you canmake.Pro MembershipEnrich your cooking experience withan ad-freeBigOven Pro membership. Find recipes that cater to yourdiet andlifestyle with ingredient-by-ingredient Nutrition Insightandadvanced search filters. Create custom folders to store recipesforany occasion. Plan a week’s worth of meals and share itacrossmultiple BigOven accounts. Upload an unlimited number ofrecipes.
myTaste Recipes 2.6.0
myTaste AB
By using myTaste you can find and save recipes from all ofUSA’sfood blogs and recipe websites in one single place! Createyour owncookbooks so you can find your favorites quickly and easilyon yoursmartphone no matter where you are just by using the app orbygoing to Discover cookbooks from other users andfindout which recipes are the most popular right now!
🌟 Recipes & Cooking for happier, healthy life 🔪
Search among millions of free recipes in one place. Save all ofyourfavorite recipes from the whole internet in one place.Getrecommendation from featured bloggers and best sites. ★★★★★Searchby Ingredient 🚀 ↳ Millions of recipes all in one place. 😋★★★★★ Thecookbook of the modern family 📖 ↳ Save and organize yourfavoriterecipes. All in one place and it's 100% free. ★★★★★Personalize🍍+🔥=🌟 ↳ Recipes are personalized according to yourtastes. ★★★★★Publish and store your own recipes 😎 ↳ Your recipescan be easilyshared with friends and family. How it works? 🍲🍲🍲🍲 -Searchmillions of recipes across the entire web. - When you writeyourown recipes, the app creates a video for you. - Ask questionsto acommunity of people who love cooking. Try the most fun way tosharesimple recipes with friends and family. Everyone canparticipate bysubmitting their own simple and tasty recipes. 😍 Mainfeatures: -Pick your favorite dishes and the app will give you apersonalizedlist of recipes. - Our search is fast and scansmillions of thebest recipes from the entire web. - Collaborate tosave recipeswith other people and keep them available offline. -Keep yourfamily recipes saved forever and with quick offlineaccess. 👵👴 -Great ideas for home made recipes on christmas,thanksgiving andramadan. - Simple and clear interface, no ads todisturb you.Popular categories on Craftlog : Cake and dessertrecipes. Chickenand pork recipes. Vegetarian and vegan recipes.Thermomix and bimbyrecipes. Healthy, fitness and organic recipes.Soup and dietrecipes. Gluten-free and paleo recipes. Quick and easyrecipes.Low-carb and simple recipes. Pasta, vegetables and lightrecipes.Millions of tasty and free recipes. International recipesandcuisines: italian recipes, spanish recipes, frenchrecipes,japanese recipes, chinese recipes, brazilian recipes,americanrecipes, indian recipes, russian recipes, portugueserecipes,mexican recipes, hindi recipes, indonesian recipes,malaysianrecipes, lebanese recipes, british recipes, vietnameserecipes,iraqui recipes, peruvian recipes, argentinean recipes,egyptianrecipes, german recipes, greek recipes, korean recipes,arabrecipes and thai recipes. We're hiring! Designed by Craft IncinCalifornia, . [email protected] 🌟 Recipes&Cooking for happier, healthy life 🔪 ENGLISH - UNITED STATES
Archana's Kitchen - Simple Recipes & Cooking Ideas 1.3.4
Archana’s Kitchen is India’s trusted and leading recipe andfooddiscovery app with easy to cook recipes, videos, meal planideas,lunchbox ideas along with healthy eating, diet andfitnessinformation. We have a wide range of recipes with IndianandInternational Cuisines. The recipes are are easy to understandwithfocus on using local and simple ingredients, healthiercookingtechniques and step by step recipe instructions which makescookingeasier for everyone. At Archana’s Kitchen, we are thepioneers increating weekly lunch box ideas, weekly meal plans,weekly dinnerideas with a strong focus on healthy eating withportion controladding tremendous value to the users. Key featuresof Archana’sKitchen Recipe App - Fresh new recipes added every day- Watchrecipe videos with step by step instructions - DetailedWeekly Mealplans from Monday to Sunday with complete meal ideas -Lunch boxideas for both working professionals and kids schoollunches. -Notifications for recipes, meal plans & nutritiontips -Ability to “Save” a recipe for offline viewing withoutinternetconnection - Ability to “Search” recipes - Explore trendingrecipes- Filter Recipes by Categories (list of categories below) -HindiRecipes Key features of Archana’s Kitchen Recipes - Photographofthe actual recipe - Detailed description of the recipe,includingwhich cuisine, diet and recipe preparation time. -Detailed list ofingredients for each recipe. - Each recipe alsoincludes thecooking utensils and equipments that are needed - Everyrecipe ispaired with two or three more recipes giving you ideas forcookinga wholesome and complete meal. - Recipes also focus onspecialdiets, like diabetic friendly recipes, no onion no garlicrecipes,jain recipes and many more. - The best part - the recipesare triedand tested by food experts. Key features of Archana’sKitchenVideos The recipe videos are detailed giving tips and trickstocook easier and eat healthier. Each recipe has ingredientslistedalong with its corresponding detailed recipe on the websiteThevideos are made for both experienced and beginner cooksArchana’sKitchen Recipe App is divided into the followingcategories RecipeCategories - South Indian recipes - North Indianrecipes - NorthEast Indian Recipes - Breakfast, Dinner & LunchRecipes - TeaTime & Evening Snack Recipes - Baby & ToddlerRecipes -Kids Snack & Lunch Box Recipes - Idly Dosa Recipes -Upma andPoha Recipes - Roti, Paratha, Puri, Naan Recipes - Dal,Sambar,Rasam, Kadhi Recipes - Curry And Gravy Recipes - Indian&International Street Food Recipes - Chicken & Fish Recipes-Non Vegetarian Recipes - Sweet & Mithai Recipes - Pulao&Rice Recipes - Salad, Raita & Chutney Recipes - Dips,Soup& Salad Recipes - Sandwiches, Wraps, Frankie &PancakeRecipes - Appetizers, Drinks, Beverages, Cocktails andMocktailRecipes - Party Food Recipes Indian Cuisines - Tamil NaduRecipes -Chettinad Recipes - Kerala Recipes - Andhra Recipes -TelanganaRecipes - Goan Recipes - Karnataka Recipes - KonkanRecipes -Maharashtrian Recipes - Bengali Recipes - RajasthaniRecipes -Gujarati Recipes - Punjabi Recipes - Lucknowi Recipes -ParsiRecipes - Kashmiri Recipes - Awadhi Recipes - Indo ChineseRecipes- Oriya Recipes - Mughlai Recipes International Cuisines -ChineseRecipes - Asian Recipes - Thai Recipes - Mexican Recipes -ItalianRecipes - French Recipes - Mediterranean Recipes - GreekRecipes -Afghan Recipes - Sri Lankan Recipes - Lebanese RecipesVariousSpecial Diets - Diabetic Friendly Recipes - No Onion NoGarlicRecipes - Fasting / Vrat Recipes - Eggless/ Egg Free Recipes- HighProtein Vegetarian Diet Recipes Give our recipes a try andsharethe recipes posted on Archana’s Kitchen app with your friendsandfamily and spread the joy of healthy home cooking.
Runtasty - Easy Healthy Recipes & Cooking Videos 1.3.0
Get tons of easy healthy recipes and kitchen hacks! Yourcompletehealthy food recipes book right in your phone. Want a lowcaloriehealthy treat to satisfy your sweet tooth? Need aquickpost-workout healthy recipe to fuel the gains? Or maybe someveganrecipes to wow your meat-eating friends! Pop open yourRuntastycooking recipes app and head to the market. The ingredientsfor thehealthy food recipes are practical, the cooking recipes aresimpleand your belly will be happy. APP FEATURES & BENEFITS:*40+dietitian-approved easy healthy recipes available for all dietsanddietary restrictions: gluten-free, vegan recipes,vegetarian,meat-eater, low calorie, dairy-free, low-carb recipesand more!*Calories & Macros: All easy healthy recipes includecalorie,protein, carbohydrate and fat break down. This makeschoosing a lowcalorie or calorie-dense meal (based on your goals) abreeze.*Step-by-step videos: All cooking recipes are available in aquickand entertaining video format * 7 additional how-to videos:Kitchenhacks to make your life in the kitchen so much easier*Filterhealthy cooking recipes based on different categories: Under15minutes, post-workout, less than 200 calories (lowcalorie),nut-free, breakfast, vegan recipes, healthy smoothierecipes andmore!* Mark your healthy recipe favorites: Go back toyour favoritecooking recipes so you can make them again andagainRUNTASTY EASY& HEALTHY RECIPE FAVORITES:* 🥞 Fluffy ProteinPancakes * 🍗Hummus-Crusted Chicken with Veggies* 🥗 Colorful QuinoaSalad* 🥗Steak Avocado Salad* 🌯 Avocado Chicken Wrap* 🐟 Pesto SalmonWithVeggies* 🥞 Banana Pancakes* 💪 Mango Chia ProteinSmoothieNoeveryone is looking for a low calorie meal (especiallyall of ourrunners), and we get that! Some people simply wanthealthy foodrecipes that taste amazing! That’s why we offer avariety of easyhealthy recipes to fuel your goals and all thenutritionalinformation to help you make the best choice possible -for you! Wemust warn you, it could be the case that your friendsand familywant to come over every night after they try one of thehealthyfood recipes from the Runtasty app you whipped up. If thishappens,encourage them to download the app for themselves so thatthey cancreate these healthy food recipes whenever they wish.Happycookingand enjoy your easy healthy recipes!
HelloFresh - Get Cooking 2.43
Every week, HelloFresh delivers a box of delicious recipes andtheexact amount of fresh ingredients you need to cook them athome.Cooking healthy meals has never been so easy! In our App youwillfind: ✓Thousands of delicious recipes that you can discover,sort,save to your favorites, rank, and share with your friendsandfamily. ✓Cooking videos with tips and tricks, alongwithstep-by-step guides to help you cook your meals. ✓A flexibleonlineaccount where you can easily choose your meals or changeyoursubscription settings at any time. 👍Why is HelloFresh going tomakeyour life tastier? --We create amazing recipes-- Every week,ourchefs create amazing recipes for you that are easy to prepare.Ourmeals are interesting yet simple. And we ensure that your dietisbalanced and varied. --We do the shopping for you-- Tiredofwasting time at the grocery store? We do it all for you;fromcreating the recipes and planning the meals, to groceryshoppingand even delivering all of the pre-measured ingredientsright toyour door! --Free Delivery!-- We deliver everythingstraight toyour door. --You prepare delicious meals in your ownhome-- Withour quick, easy recipes, you won’t need any fancyequipment ortechniques. Our mission is to help you get nutritiousand deliciousmeals on the table, in no time. Everyone is talkingabout us! ⋆⋆⋆⋆⋆"Excellent!" @Consumer Reports: ⋆⋆⋆⋆⋆ "Thebest meal delivery kit" @The Verge: ⋆⋆⋆⋆⋆"this could change the way you cook athome" @The Huffington Post: ⋆⋆⋆⋆⋆ "Myboyfriend cooked something for thefirst time in 2 years" @The DailyMeal: _ _ __ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ If youneed help or have anysuggestion, email us [email protected] We'd love tohear from you! Follow uson Facebook ( andTwitter (@hellofreshUS). Ifyou like the service, please take a fewminutes to review our app.For more info visit:
Healthy Recipes 3.11
We offer to you a lot of healthy recipes: main disheshealthyrecipes, baking healthy recipes, snacks healthy recipes,healthysoup recipes, healthy casserole recipes, healthy saladrecipes,healthy meat recipes, low carb dish recipes, low carb pizzaandother healthy recipes.All healthy recipes are presented withsimpleand detailed instructions and photo.You can choose yourlikedrecipes and keep them in your favorites. You also can useashopping list. Just add the desired product directly fromtherecipe to the shopping list. In this application you can shareyourown delicious recipes and you can leave feedback aboutotherrecipes!The application does not require the Internet andyourfavorite recipes will always be with you, even when you havenotInternet connection!All healthy recipes are divided intothecategories for easy use.All healthy recipes are presentedwithphotos for quickly selection. You can find a recipe for yourmood!There is simple searching in the app by the name or bytheingredients. Easy recipes using ingredients you already have inthekitchen. The majority of recipes we offer can be both preparedandcooked in 20 minutes or less, from start to finish.We offer toyoulot recipes of: • Delicious recipes for healthy eating:easyrecipes of useful main dishes, baking recipes, homemade recipesofsimple salads, soup recipes, roll recipes, dietarysandwiches,vegetarian pilaf recipes, Bacon Cheddar Deviled Eggs,ItalianZucchini Boats, Cabbage and Ground Beef Skillet, RoastedGreenPepper Salad, Grilled Shrimp, Nice Pitcher, Sweet Twice BakedSweetPotatoes, Lemon Garlic Broccoli, Tomato Basil Soup,SkinnySmothered Burritos, Cheesy Baked Asparagus, MexicanEggplantCasserole, Cauliflower Mashed Taters, Slow Cooker BeefStew, etc.;•Tasty recipes of healthy dishes with chicken: chickenchop recipeswith mushrooms, cutlet with breast recipes, easyrecipes of chickenrolls with herbs, chicken with broccoli recipes,homemade recipesof chicken sausages, chicken breast diet recipes,Crock pot FiestaChicken, Melt in Your Mouth Chicken Breast, ChineseChicken withBlack Pepper Sauce, Chicken Bombs, Chicken and Potato,etc.;• A lotof diet baking recipes: tasty recipes of usefulmuffins, cookingecipes of low-calorie cookies, recipes of lightcasseroles, puddingrecipes, Spicy Baked Omelet, Flourless BananaBlender Muffins,Bremug Cake, Easy Cauliflower Pizza, Baked Cabbage,FlourlessPeanut Butter Cookies, etc.;• Tasty recipes of saladswithvegetables and meat;• Garlic Parmesan Shrimp;• SouthernStyleCabbage Soup;• Loaded Cauliflower;• Diabetic ShrimpScampi•Homemade Pasta Sauce• Avocado, Bacon and Tomato Wrap;•StuffedMushrooms;• Low Carb Lemon "Cheesecake" Bars;• Taco Salad;•Dr.Oz's Metabolism-Boosting Drink;• Strawberry homemade Icecream;•Amy's Chewy Coconut Bars;• Marinated Cucumbers, Tomatoes&Onions;• Brussel Sprouts with Bacon and Mushrooms;• SpinachChips;•Cooking recipes of vegetarian soups;• Quick recipes ofomelets forbreakfast;• Easy recipes of low calorie sweet cream;•Other recipesof simple and quick healthy eating and much more!Cookwithpleasure!
Breath of the Wild: Recipes! 10.10 Lying Lynel
James McNee
This app is a must have for any player of Zelda: Breath of theWild.No longer will you aimlessly throw ingredients into thecooking potand get a meal that doesn't satisfy. Using this app youcan findwhich recipes work best and see what starts each willprovide.Search by ingredient or by buff, you can also just goahead and viewevery available dish. You can also use thisapplication OFFLINEafter the first run, meaning that you can takeyour recipesanywhere! NO ADS: I hate ads too, so I don't inflictthem on youguys! This app is completely free of ads. What happenedto the lastapp? Unfortunately, due to hard-drive failure, I amunable toretrieve a file that was needed to update the old GooglePlaylisting, I have been forced to re-publish the application.
Lovely Rainbow Cake Cooking 1.0.9
This cooking game is about to change the vision you had aboutthewhole process of cooking because you are going to bake themostdelicious cake you’ve ever tasted and also the most appetizingone.Challenge your chef skills playing this game and not only, trytoembrace your artistic abilities too because you’ll need them inthefinal phase to complete the aspect of your rainbow cake.Firstyou’ll have to go straight to the kitchen to begin the processofbaking following the main steps to accomplish this recipe.Grabthree bowls and separate the eggs, the yolk from the eggwhitebecause you’ll need them in different stages. Mix thevanillaextract with the yolks and some sugar then add the egg whitewithsome salt, some confectioner sugar, flour and corn starch. Mixthemwell until the composition get smooth. Split the dough indifferentbowls to be able to use the food coloring for each one andcreatethe rainbow’s colors from it. Bake the layers them preparethemplacing them one in top of another with a layer of creambetween.Now that the baking part is basically done you have to dealwiththe decorations. Choose a plate where you’ll place your cakeandmake sure it’s a representing one, then decide if you want toput aglaze or not. Be focused on details because they make the cakehavepersonality and uniqueness. Be creative and try new aspects tomakethis masterpiece mouth-watering. Discover your inner chef andseehow much fun you can have cooking and decorating.Check outthesecool features of the game:- Easy control of the game- Learnstep bystep how to bake a colorful cake- Put a new tasty recipe onyourcooked list- Free to play- Yummy details and savory cake tobake-Entertaining music and great graphics- Develop or improveyourbaker skills
WA2COOK - Sanjeev Kapoor, Hebbar's Kitchen & More 1.5.2-20180730
Looking for Appetizers? Healthy? Quick? North Indian? SouthIndian?Lactose-free? Butter Chicken? Palak Paneer? Chicken Biryani?orLooking for you favorite Chefs like Sanjeev Kapoor?VahRehVah?Hebbars Kitchen? Manjulas Kitchen? Browse your favoriterecipes andchefs just in few taps using the ultimate recipe searchengine,WA2COOK (What to cook). WA2COOK (What to cook) has more than25,000recipes curated from world renowned chefs, recipe sites andblogsto choose based on ingredients, allergies, chefs, cuisine,course,nutrition. All Chef Recipes in 1 Place : Sanjeev Kapoor,Vahrehvah,Hebbar's Kitchen, Archana's Kitchen, Tarla Dalal,Manjula's Kitchenand many more chefs to search your food recipesfrom. All yourfavorite chef recipes in your smartphone. Now time tocook likeyour favorite chef! Ingredient based search : Got onlytomatoes andpotatoes in your grocery list in kitchen? Or allergicto peanuts ormilk products or gluten? Search for multi-cuisinerecipes thatincludes only the available ingredient at home orexclude allergicingredients. Your personalized recipe dietrecommendations :Looking for Healthy Paneer recipe? Just searchPaneer recipes andadd filters for Low Carbs/ High Protein/ Low Fatto get yourpersonalized diet. Looking to make a Quick Snack Recipe?Justsearch for snacks and add < 20 mins in the filters. Are youavideo recipe person? We got you covered! Add videos in thefiltersand just watch video recipes. Search in a few seconds : Areyou ina hurry? Use our Smart search to find your diet recipes inafewsecond by skipping the filters. Craving for a dish withyourfavourite item? With Paneer? Chicken? Use our auto-fillsmartsearch and find your recipe in a few seconds. Query " WA2COOKwithchicken under 400 cal with high protein? " Search byCollectionsWA2COOK (What to cook ) also offers to search forrecipes based oncollections. Now you can search recipes collectionsof yourfavorite chefs, be it Sanjeev Kapoor, Hebbars Kitchen orVahRehVah.Or search based on the course (Breakfast, Dinner, Snacks,etc) andsearch nutrition based collections (Low Fat, Low Carbs,HighProtein recipes) Your Cooking Assistant Now enjoy cooking whileweread out the recipe for you. Need some time to mix theingredientsor to wait for the rice to cook? Just 'pause' if youwant more timeand we'll cover up for you.Cooking experience isenhanced with ourwith easy navigation, built in Text-to-Speech andnutritionbreak-down of recipes. Nutrition : Need to cut down somecaloriesor intake more protein? No problem. We've got an ear foryourneeds.Our AI powered system calculates the nutrition infoofrecipes from your favorite chefs and blogs across the globe.Justlook at the cards and choose the recipe.WA2COOK (What tocook)offers a one stop experience to search recipes with itmultiplemodes of search and amazing cooking experience with itscookingassistant feature.
Salad Recipes FREE 11.16.63
Season of food and festival has arrived. Football,Halloween,Thanksgiving, Christmas and lot more festivals arearound. Familydining and friends party has to be exciting withdelicious saladrecipes.Salad recipes brings you all festive specialrecipes andit's simple way of cooking. Recipes that are easy tocook and withavailable ingredients . When it comes to special daysmaking saladwith chicken and pasta is delicious. Salads have aunique way ofattracting diet conscious eaters and normal foodlovers. Pastasalad and new sandwich with egg, chicken and a tint ofspicy flavoris a festive special dish. Seafood lovers like fishpreparationsand salads taste better with shrimp and tuna. Tunasalads with alot of vegetables and olives can be a party favorite.In a normalchicken or veg salad adding macaroni, cheese, spinachcould make ithealthy. Sweet creamy ice cream with fruit salad is adeliciousdessert.Occasion based salad recipes are available in thissaladcookbook. Fresh turkey salad on thanksgiving day is one of thebestthanksgiving dinner. Spooky and funky salad made of avocadoandsalmon dressing for halloween day dinner. Hot corn soup withbeansfor christmas eve and salads made of potatoes and seafood.Saladswith lots of eggs and macaroni are kids favouriterecipe.Plenty ofrecipes are so simple to prepare with lesspreparation time. Coldsalad recipe made using cheese, macaroni,beans are not just tastybut healthy. Salad is an essential part ofall fat cutting diet andcleansing diets. Grilled salad , greensalad , with lots of sauceand cheese make dinner parties exciting.Salads like Greek salad,Caesar salad, potato salad and available inthis cookbook. Chicken,pasta, tuna, vegetable can add flavor andtaste for the recipe.Chinese, Arabic, Mexican and lot more saladdecoration with bean,vegetable are available .Ideas for Christmasdecoration andHalloween decoration on salad recipe is available forfree. Green ,red , black themed decoration looks good for Halloweensalads. ForChristmas dinner with along with salad try rice, shrimp,grilledchicken and soup.For easy cooking , healthy eating saladrecipe appfor free.
CrockPot and Oven Recipes 3.03
We offer to you a lot of CrockPot and oven recipes: maindishesrecipes in CrockPot and oven, soup recipes in CrockPot andoven,homemade meat dishes recipes, poultry dishes recipes,vegetable andfruit recipes in CrockPot and oven, cake recipes andother tastyCrockPot and oven recipes.All CrockPot and oven recipesarepresented with simple and detailed instructions and photo.Youcanchoose your liked recipes and keep in your favorites. You alsocanmake a shopping list. Add the desired product directly fromtherecipe to the shopping list. In this application you can shareyourown delicious recipes and you can leave feedback aboutotherrecipes!The application does not require the Internet andyourfavorite recipes will always be with you, even when you havenonetwork on your device!All CrockPot and oven recipes aredividedinto the categories for easy use.All recipes are presentedwithphotos for quickly selection. You can find a recipe foryourmood!The application has simple search. You can search recipesbythe name or ingredients. Easy recipes using ingredients youalreadyhave in the kitchen. We offer to you lot recipes of: • A lotofmain dishes recipes in CrockPot and oven: easy recipes of thefirstdishes in CrockPot and oven, homemade recipes of poultrydishes inCrockPot and oven, a lot of recipes fish dishes inCrockPot andoven, recipes of vegetable dishes in CrockPot and oven,bakingrecipes in CrockPot and oven, General Tso’s Chicken, CrockPotRibs, Brown Sugar Glazed Pulled Chicken, Crock Pot BeerChicken,Easy Cheese Danish, Taco Casserole, Crockpot Gumbo, CrockPotParmesan Honey Pork Roast, etc.;• Cooking recipes ofdelicioussoups CrockPot and oven: tasty recipes of mushroom soup,potatosoup recipes in CrockPot and oven, kharcho soup recipes,easyrecipes of soups with noodles in CrockPot and oven,VelveetaBroccoli & Cheese Soup, Crockpot Potato BroccoliCheddar Soup,Crock Pot Olive Garden Pasta Soup, Chicken EnchiladaSoup, etc.;•Easy recipes of meat dishes in CrockPot and oven:grilled meatrecipes in CrockPot and oven, meat strudel recipes, alot of beefstroganoff recipes in CrockPot and oven, recipes ofhomemadeburgers in CrockPot and oven, juicy turkey recipes, porkrecipesand beer recipes of meat casseroles, Crockpot Ranch PorkChops,Crock Pot Pepper Steak, Taco Meat Loaf, Oven-Baked FritoPie,Crockpot French Dip Sandwiches, etc.;• A lot of deliciousfishdishes recipes in CrockPot and oven: recipes of salmonsteamed,baked pike perch recipes, recipes of fish cakes, fishmeatballsrecipes, recipes of fish rolls in CrockPot and oven,etc.;•Homemade recipes of cakes in CrockPot and oven: Chocolatecupcakerecipes in CrockPot and oven, recipes of muffins, bananamuffinrecipes, cupcake, Peanut Butter Cookies, BreakfastCookies,Lemon-Zucchini Bread, All Natural Pancake, Crock PotCinnamonApplesauce, etc.;• A lot of tasty cake recipes in CrockPotandoven;• Tasty recipes of lush buns and bread in CrockPot andoven;•Slow Cooker Cabbage Rolls;• Recipes of casseroles in CrockPotandoven;• Recipes of homemade cakes in CrockPot and oven;• Recipesofspaghetti in CrockPot and oven;• Recipes of vegetable and meatstewin CrockPot and oven;• Easy recipes of porridge in CrockPotandoven and much more!Cook with pleasure!
Easy Recipes 2.23
We offer to you a lot of easy recipes: tasty main dishesrecipes,recipes of easy starters, delicious baking recipes, tastychickenrecipes for dinner, simple meat recipes, easy crock potrecipes,simple salad recipes, and other easy recipes for you. Alleasyrecipes are presented with simple and detailed instructionsandphoto. You can choose your liked recipes and keep them inyourfavorites. You also can use a shopping list. Just add thedesiredproduct directly from the recipe to the shopping list. Inthisapplication you can share your own delicious recipes and youcanleave feedback about other recipes! The application doesnotrequire the Internet and your favorite recipes will always bewithyou, even when you have not Internet connection! All easyrecipesare divided into the categories for easy use. All recipesarepresented with photos for quickly selection. You can find arecipefor your mood! There is simple searching in the app by thename orby the ingredients. Easy recipes using ingredients youalready havein the kitchen. The majority of recipes we offer can bebothprepared and cooked in 20 minutes or less, from start tofinish. Weoffer to you lot recipes of: • Delicious easy chickenrecipes:Chicken Tikka, Chicken Karahi, Chickpeas and Spinach Curry,CrispyFried Chicken, Succulent Chicken Goujons, Chicken Pasties,Low CarbMexi Baked Chicken, Salsa Chicken, Oven Fried Chicken, SlowCookerOrange Chicken, Easy Crockpot Chicken Fajitas, SweetHawaiianCrockpot Chicken Recipe, Parmesan Baked Chicken Tenders,CrockpotRoasted Chicken, Poppy Seed Chicken, etc.; • Recipes ofeasy meatdish: recipe of Taco Meatloaf, "Mini Meatloaves" Recipe,recipe ofCheesy Enchilada Meatballs, Hamburger Stew, recipe ofParmesanBaked Pork Chops, Easy Pizza Pasta Casserole, French OnionBurgers,Garlic & Honey Pork Chops, Taco Bake, etc.; • A lot ofrecipesof easy snacks and salads: recipe of Rice Salad, StuffedMushroomsRecipe, Cauliflower Salad, Simple Tomato and AvocadoSalad, recipeSimple Crab Cakes, Pizza Quiche, Slow Cooker CabbageRolls, CreamyFruit Salad, recipe of Ham and Swiss Hawaiian Rolls,WatergateSalad, recipe of Shrimp Cakes, recipe of Low Carb PancakeCrepes,Tater Tot Casserole, etc.; • Ice Cream Cake; • HealthyChannaChaat; • Gol gappy (Pani puri); • Chatni (Khatai); •HomemadeQulfa; • Midweek, Hassle Free Dinner; • Chilli Mayo Dip; •BroccoliCheese Soup Recipe; • Cloud Bread; • Loaded Cauliflower;•Watermelon Breeze; • Easy Breakfast Casserole; •BlackberryDumplings; • Creamy Rice Pudding; • Low Carb MexicanSpinachLasagna; • Crockpot Balsamic Tenderloin; • Pasta Fagioli andmuchmore! Cook with pleasure!
PetitChef, cooking and recipes
Cook like a chef ! More than 100.000 recipes for free and adailymenu. Put your favorite recipes in your cookbook
Fixiki Cake Bakery Story & Chocolate Factory Games 1.3
Welcome to Fiksiki cake mania! Learn how to bake a cake in thiscakemaker! Choose shapes & toppings to make cake in cakedecoratinggames free cupcake mania! 🎂💝 This is the very firstchocolatefactory games for girls and cake baking games free withThe Fixies -funny small creatures who can not only fix things butalso becomechocolate cake maker in this cake maker story! Are youready to bakethe most unusual cake in this amazing cake games forkids?Entertaining activities are promised to kids of all ages!Funnycharacters The Fixies opened a cake baking (cake making)factory andare looking for a baker in their food maker games!Features of acake maker games: - Mix dough for baking cakes ofmost unusualshapes in this bakery games for girls free! (do youwant a car ormaybe a heart?) - Choose delicious fillers fordessert maker(strawberry or banana in your cakу making?) 🍓🍌 -Decorate cakes withcolorful glaze, candy and lollipops in thiscake decorating gamesfree to make the best dessert maker! 🎁🎉 -Take photos of all yourcupcake maker masterpieces and showeverybody your cake maker story!Become a great cake master! 📷Cooking chocolate cake master is aresponsible job! Your kid canlearn how to bake a cake in bakerygames for girls free and alsocake decorating games free are a greatfun as every cake mastergame! Welcome to Fiksiki cake mania! Bake acake of your dreams inbakery story. Choose shapes & toppings tomake cake in cakedecorating games free cupcake mania! Characterswill help playersthroughout this baking games free, so even theyoungest ones willbe able to play chocolate cake games withoutparents. Colorfulinterface, funny characters and lots of candy arewaiting for youin chocolate factory crush! If your kids lovecooking games forgirls and boys, try entertaining games like thisfood maker gamesfor kids. We have a lot of other educational gamesfor kids! Don'tforget to try them out! ☑️☑️☑️ KID-E-CATS: Picnic -a funny kidsgame with the favorite characters ☑️☑️☑️ KID-E-CATS:Coloring -educational games for kids ☑️☑️☑️ Fixies Town - a greatadventuregame for children! Contact us: 📩 [email protected] tuned:🔔 Our website:💻
Candy Shop Craft: Kitchen Cooking & Baking Games 1.1
Baking games for the win! Have you ever dreamed about crafting&building your own baking empire? Become a cooking tycoon intheworld of sweets! One of the new free cooking games in 2017.Cookyourown food in the kitchen by yourself. Game for girls and boys!Bakingis a fun activity for everybody. Creating and selling yourown bakedsweets is extremely satisfying and funny!Get ready toserve yourcustomers fast - you have to make everything perfectjust in time toget a perfect score! Who knew that building arestaurant could be sotasking? Baking games like this will reallygive you a chance toshow everybody that you are the best cook inthe world!Kitchen gameslike this will tell you a bakery story witha dash of sweetness!Your exploration of cooking management willbring you to thediscovery of multiple amazing oven recipes thatwill make your placein the halls of fame of bakingtycoons!Crafting & building of arestaurant business will allowyou for the exploration of multipleplaying styles. Will you buildyour bakery story by being extremelyprecise? Or will youconcentrate on juggling tasks as fast as youcan, never making anymistakes, like tossing a dash of salt insteadof sugar? Bakinggames are like cooking - you can play by the bookor you can gocrazy and see what happens!Most restaurant games forgirls in 2017tend to have more and more complicated features thatmake you dizzyand confused. Luckily Baking Craft gives you only themost fun andentertaining gameplay that is easy to learn, butchallenging tomaster!Baking cake games like this are an excellentalternative topopular chef games that task you with building arestaurant,cooking food with a dash of exploration of new recipes.Try it ifyou ever wanted to cook your own food in the kitchen byyourself.Games with baking of pastries are so funny and sweet thatbothgirls and boys, children and adults will enjoy itgreatly!Sweetfeatures:🍰 New cooking games to discover🍰 Cook yourown food in thebakery by yourself🍰 Bakery management!🍰 Buildingyour ownrestaurant business🍰 Dash mode!🍰 Baking games for girlswithlevelsIf you want to become the top baking games player thendon'twait any minute more! Download and craft your own bakerystory!
Blue Apron 1.30.26
Blue Apron
The country’s #1 home cooking kit, Blue Apron makes it fun andeasyto cook incredible meals at home. With this app, you’ll be abletoeasily manage your account on the go, plus discoverseasonalrecipes, cooking techniques, how-to videos and more. BlueAprondelivers premium, step-by-step recipes and farm-freshingredientsin a chilled box, so everything stays fresh until youget home. Youcan personalize your menu each week based on yourpreferences, andthere’s no commitment—skip a week if you don’t havetime to cook!Key Features: - Discover unique, seasonal recipescreated by ourchefs each week. - Manage your account, scheduledeliveries andcustomize your menus on the go. - Speed up meal prepwith exclusivetips, techniques and how-to videos. - Explore ourmonthly winedelivery service that pairs world-class wines with BlueApronrecipes. - Enjoy unlimited access to our library of over1,400delicious Blue Apron recipes. - Save all your favoriterecipes, sothey’re always at the ready.
My Pie Shop - Cooking, Baking and Management Game 1.0
Tapps Games
If there’s one thing pretty much everyone can agree on,it’spie!Open up your own pie shop and you can be sure there’llbecrowds of customers craving for a piece of yourheart-warming,mouth-watering delicacies straight out of theoven!Cook deliciousfillings and bake juicy pie recipes as fast asyou can to serve allyour diverse clientele: satisfied pie loversattract more pielovers!HIGHLIGHTS🥧MANAGE your own Pie Shop and cookand bakethrough 100 thrilling and delicious levels!🥧UPGRADE yourkitchenwith chef-worthy appliances to prepare your pie recipesmoreefficiently and serve more and more clients! 🥧WIN awesomedailyrewards by spinning the roulette and get more coins and gemstokeep spicing up your pie business!🥧TRANSFORM your pie shop intoafamous bakery and prove both your cooking andmanagementskills!Offer your customers a menu filled with diversepieflavours, from grandma-traditional recipes to exotichaute-cuisinedelights!Manage your pie business efficiently and soonyou’ll bemaking crusty treats and cream-filled desserts forhundreds ofclients. Make your shop known as a cozy place to enjoyboth comfortfood and exotic recipes from all over the world!Openyour shop, getinto the kitchen and rock the restaurant scene onepie at atime!Please note! This game is free to play, but itcontains itemsthat can be purchased for real money. Some featuresand extrasmentioned in the description may also have to bepurchased for realmoney.
World Cookies 1.4
world cookiesexperiencing deliciously yummy cookie sweets!Swapandmatch candy, win awesome prizes and clear the board.Deliciouslyadventuring sweet cookie, cake, and chocolatejounrneymap.Sprinkled with a deliciously sweety cake, fun andsweetchallenges to your traveling on this new puzzleadventure.Matchyour way in 1000+ addictive sweet match 3 levels bymakingscrumptious cookie boosters.Never-ending fun with 1000 uniquetastylevels and more to come everyweek.★ Well designed cookiesandeffect★ Play through over 120 unique levels★ Powerful boostersarefree to use★ Find big matches to create magic cookies★ Manynewlevels will be added frequently★ Leaderboards to watch yourrankingand friends★ Every day working for new fun levels★ Invitefriendfrom facebook★ Share your level and hight scoreWe have thebestmatching game in Google Play for all you puzzler fans,available onAndroid and perfect for your Tablet or Android Phone.
Weight Loss Recipes 4.13
We offer to you a lot of weight loss recipes: main dishesweightloss recipes, snack weight loss recipes, salad weight lossrecipes,soup weight loss recipes, sweet weight loss recipes, juiceandfreches weight loss recipes, low carb meat, low carb fish, lowcarbchicken, low fat casseroles, low carb breakfast, weightlossbaking, weight loss pizza and other weight loss recipes.Allweightloss recipes are presented with simple and detailedinstructionsand photo.You can choose your liked recipes and keepthem in yourfavorites. You also can use a shopping list. Just addthe desiredproduct directly from the recipe to the shopping list.In thisapplication you can share your own delicious recipes and youcanleave feedback about other recipes!The application does notrequirethe Internet and your favorite recipes will always be withyou,even when you have not Internet connection!All weight lossrecipesare divided into the categories for easy use.All recipesarepresented with photos for quickly selection. You can find arecipefor your mood! There is simple searching in the app by thename orby the ingredients. Easy recipes using ingredients youalready havein the kitchen. The majority of recipes we offer can bebothprepared and cooked in 20 minutes or less, from start tofinish.Weoffer to you lot recipes of: • Delicious diet recipes foreveryday: salad recipes, easy recipes of diet snacks, cookingrecipes ofdiet meat, fish diet recipes, diet recipes ofdesserts,Chili-Garlic Chicken Skewers, Peach Balsamic RosemaryChicken,Scrambled Eggs with Cheddar, Corned Beef Hash, Hot CrossBuns,Quinoa Pilaf with Shredded Chicken, Green Eggs & Ham,PaleoCoconut Chicken, etc.;• Tasty recipes of vegetable salads:saladrecipes with apples and cucumbers, carrot salad recipes, saladwithcabbage recipes, homemade recipes of warm salads withvegetables,summer salad recipes with grilled vegetables, NewChicken MilaneseOver Spring Salad, Baby Spinach Salad with Avocado,Olives, Fastand Easy Tofu Lo-Mein, Truly Gorgeous Dried FruitSalad, etc.;• Alot of recipes weight loss rolls: juicy chickenrecipes, usefulrecipes of rolls with cheese and herbs, delicaterecipes of rollswith shrimp, chicken roll recipes, recipes of rollswith broccoli,etc.;• Delicious tasty fish recipes: diet recipes ofsalmon withsteamed vegetables, diet and healthy salmon recipes,steamed andboiled mackerel recipes, easy recipes of hake,pangasius, codsteamed, Lemon Salmon, Fresh Salmon Cakes withAvocado Sauce,Smoked Salmon, Tomato and Cream Cheese Stack, AlaskanCod andShrimp with Fresh Tomato, etc.;• Yummy homemade recipes ofweightloss soups: cream soup recipes, cooking recipes of rice soupswithvegetables, a lot of recipes of onion soup, cheese souprecipes,soup recipes with mushrooms, Spring Fennel and Pea Soup,SpringVegetable Soup, etc.;• Cooking recipes of weight lossdesserts:easy recipes of useful berry smoothies, casserole recipes,cakediet recipes, diet recipes of puddings, tiramisurecipes,cheesecake recipes, Vanilla Coffee Frappe, Rhubarb Muffins,SpinachPancake with Sunflower Seeds, Mint Julep, Raspberry-LimeFizz,Blueberry-Cucumber Chiller, Ultimate Apple Meal, Fresh AppleCake,etc.;• Easy recipes of weight loss pasta;• Creamy Chicken&Rice Soup;• Vegetable Soup;• Frozen Coconut StrawberryDrink;•Slimming Detox Smoothie;• Strawberry Smoothie;• Goat CheesePastawith Chicken;• Baked Potato Slices;• Cranberry Goat CheeseandWalnut Salad;• Cheesy Garlic Roasted Tomatoes;• Recipes ofweightloss sandwiches;• Simple and delicious recipes of weightlosstartlets;• Cooking recipes of weight loss pancakes;•Homemaderecipes of weight loss breakfasts;• Recipes of weight lossomeletsand more!Cook with pleasure!
Dessert Chain: Café Waitress & Restaurant Chef 0.8.27
Cook and serve tasty desserts and drinks from all over the worldinthese FREE and addictive time management cooking games as adessertwaiter!I am sure you have always dreamed of having a chic,popularcafe and food business where everyone goes not only becauseof thedelicious breakfast and dessert but also to cheer up theirmood! Aplace where everyone can enjoy a great customer service inafriendly environment... Make this dream of yours become trueandstart with Hazel the adventure of turning the old cafe intothegreatest cafe-bakery ever! Hazel has just bought an oldcake-bakingbreakfast business. She wants to become a successfulrestaurantbakery waiter-chef and hired you as a dessert waitress.Help her tosettle down and start cooking, baking and serving food,breakfast,popular dessert with caramel and coffee in thesetime-managementcooking chef games and become the best cafewaitress!Enjoy creatingand baking the customer favorite's cakefollowing the owner'sdelicious dessert restaurant recipes andbecome the most famouswaitress and coffee maker serving drinks,cupcakes and a widevariety of tasty and yummy cakes! Try the blackforest cake andexperience the most wonderful taste ever! Meet everydeliciouscaramel cake you have ever imagined in thesetime-management bakingand cooking games and become a greatwaitress! As a coffee shopbreakfast restaurant waiter you will beworking hand in hand withHazel as a kitchen chef trying toestablish a profitablecake-baking and popular business in our cafeand dessert cookingand waitress games full of delicious food andyummy surprises!Become the best cake chef baking all types ofdesserts and recipesand have loads of fun with different types ofkitchen appliancesthat these cooking chef games have!Enjoy dealingwith differenttype of customers in a drinks & food maker caferestaurantbusiness, gain waitress experience points and remember:Happycustomers means bigger tips to the cafe waitress and owner'scashregister in these time management restaurant waiter cookinggames!Do not forget to claim your rewards after each level: Add newitemsto shorten your kitchen cooking time or add new selling itemstoincrease your revenue in our cafe bakery waiterfood-makergame!Upgrade your delicious coffee shop desserts andbreakfastrecipes and restaurant decoration at the end of everylevel inthese amazing time management cooking and waitress gamesthat youwon't regret to play! Start serving drinks and baking yourfavoriteyummy dessert with caramel and breakfast and help our cuteownerHazel to develop and upgrade her cake-coffee shop and makehappiercustomers in this popular cafe waitress game as a cutecafewaitress! Turn the old coffee & cake-coffee shop intoasuccessful and popular restaurant business!By installing thisappyou agree to the following privacypolicy:
Hebbars kitchen 2.2
Hebbar's Kitchen - indian vegetarian recipes collection app.Firstindian food recipe app to offer step-by-step photo recipeswith abrief square short video. These videos adapts accordingly toyourmobile screen with a beautiful background score.Hebbar’sKitchenapp has a wide range of recipes from different part of Indiaandtheir cuisines. However, Hebbar’s kitchen app is not justlimitedto Indian veg recipes. It also has to offer otherinternationalvegetarian recipes and other popular worldwidecuisine.Furthermore, Hebbar's Kitchen is specialised in instantrecipesparticularly in south indian breakfast and other indiansnacks andcurry recipes. We also help you to cook traditional andinstantrecipes, with simple ingredients readily available inyourkitchen.The key feature of Hebbar's Kitchen app is; itcontainspictorial representation of recipes along with a beautifulvideo.In addition, the other unique feature of Hebbar's Kitchen appis,it works offline with contents and step-by-step photorecipe.However, for video's you have to be connected to internet oryoucan browse from our website -’s Kitchen app:- New recipes addedfrequently.-Notifications, for every new recipe posted.- With thehelp ofsearch bar, search through the related recipe list byspecifying asearch term.- Most of the recipes are with brief andwell-presentedvideos and step-by-step photos.- Brief descriptionabout therecipe, along with detailed ingredients list and stepbyinstruction. Also followed by notes section on tips and trickstoease your cooking experience.- Dedicated section for videostobrowse and select playlist.- Save recipes or Organize orBookmarkyour favourite recipes in favourites.- Browse through themenu viarecent posts, recipe categories, courses, cuisines and evenrecipetime & complexity.- Instantly, share your favouriterecipeswith your friends via messages, whatsapp, email or anysocialnetworking sites.- Ask queries in comment section and cleardoubtsabout particular recipe.- Share your feedback and checkothercomments posted in Hebbar's Kitchen Our Kitchen app is dividedintofollowing recipes category,- breakfast recipes- snackrecipes-sweet recipes- curry recipes- rice recipes- biryanirecipes- pulaorecipes- idli recipes- dosa recipes- dal recipes-roti, naan &paratha recipes- sambar & rasam recipes- salad& raitarecipes- and other indian and international recipesOurKitchen apphas the following cuisine recipes,- South IndianRecipes- NorthIndian Recipes- Karnataka Recipes- Tamil Recipes-Telugu Recipes-Maharashtrian Recipes- Gujarati Recipes- PunjabiRecipes- BengaliRecipes- Rajasthani Recipes- International Recipes-Indian StreetFood Recipes- Indo Chinese RecipesTry out our recipesand discoverthe hidden chef within you. Also do share the recipesposted onHebbar's Kitchen app with your friends and family.Moreimportantly, do not forget to share and spread theword-of-mouthabout our kitchen - Hebbar's Kitchen app.Contact [email protected] -
Kitchen Stories - Recipes & Cooking
***Kitchen Stories – anyone can cook*** Loved by millions ofusers,Kitchen Stories adds the whole world of cooking to yourpocket.Find delicious recipes with beautiful pictures, easy tofollowstep-by-step photo instructions, recipe videos, and cleverhow-tovideos – completely FREE of charge! Learn how to cookwithexecutive chefs and expand your cooking wisdom by trying outnew,mouth-watering dishes every week. The App at a Glance: -Discovertasty, easy-to-cook recipes offered in various thematicpackages(e.g. “All-time classics”, “Pasta variations” or “20MinuteDishes”, incl. many vegan and gluten-free recipe ideas) - HDvideorecipes guide you through the dishes - Step-by-stepphotoinstructions make recipes easy to follow - How To-videosexplainbasic tips and tricks in the kitchen - New recipes andHowTo-videos are added every week – for free Special Features: -Addautomatically generated shopping lists to your reminders andplanyour dinner on the go - Collect and save your favorite recipes-Make use of the practical measurement converter Our terms ofusecan be found at
Oven Recipes 3.09
We offer to you a lot of oven recipes: main dishes ovenrecipes,meat in the oven recipes, snacks in the oven recipes,savory bakingin the oven recipes, sweet baking in the oven recipes,casseroles,cakes, and cookie recipes, potato recipes in the oven,pizzarecipes and other tasty recipes in the oven.All oven recipesarepresented with simple and detailed instructions and photo.Youcanchoose your liked recipes and keep them in your favorites. Youalsocan use a shopping list. Just add the desired product directlyfromthe recipe to the shopping list. In this application you canshareyour own delicious recipes and you can leave feedback aboutotherrecipes!The application does not require the Internet andyourfavorite recipes will always be with you, even when you havenotInternet connection!All oven recipes are divided intothecategories for easy use.All oven recipes are presented withphotosfor quickly selection. You can find a recipe for your mood!Thereis simple searching in the app by the name or by theingredients.Easy recipes using ingredients you already have in thekitchen. Themajority of recipes we offer can be both prepared andcooked in 20minutes or less, from start to finish.We offer to youlot recipesof: • Delicious easy recipes in the oven: meat dishesrecipes inthe oven, homemade recipes of poultry in the oven, tastyrecipes offish dishes in the oven, cooking recipes of sweet andsavory bakingin the oven, Tator Tot Taco Bake, Baked OatmealCasserole, Zucchiniwith Cheese, Creamy Chicken Alfredo Lasagna,Chicken Burritos,Bacon Wrapped Green Beans, Noodles and Ham,Chicken Francaise,Eggplant and Spinach Parmesan, Marsala Chickenand MushroomCasserole, Summer Squash “Casserole”, "Sweet Brown"Sugar Meatloaf,Baked Chicken, Spaghetti Bolognese, Chicken andBacon BBQ Melt,etc.;• Tasty recipes in the oven with potatoes:potato with cheeserecipes, flaky potato casserole recipes in theoven, potatoes withcheese and garlic recipes in the oven, easyrecipes of stuffeddishes with potato, Parmesan Upside Down BakedPotatoes, ParmesanUpside Down Baked Potatoes, Sweet & SaltyPotato Chip ToffeeCookies, Dori's Infamous Party Potatoes, SlicedBaked Potatoes,Loaded Mashed Potatoes, etc.;• A lot of snack andsweets recipesfor oven: cheese cake recipes for oven, easy recipesof hotsandwiches in the oven, pie recipes in the oven, potato chipsinthe oven, roll recipes, Garlic Parmesan Pull ApartBread,Hummingbird Cake, Mini Peach Cobblers, Banana Pudding PokeCake,Red Lobsters Cheese Biscuit Loaf, Bailey's Irish CreamBrownies,Slutty Brownies, Oven-Baked Frito Pie, Hazelnut (Nutella)CrescentRolls, Nacho Pie, Bananas Foster French Toast, ItalianSausageSpinach Pie, Pineapple Casserole, etc.;• Yummy recipes ofpizza inthe oven;• Cooking Recipes of baked ratatouille;•ZucchiniCasserole;• Creamy Burrito Casserole;• Cream CheeseChickenEnchiladas;• Homemade Recipes of Chocolate OrangeCupcakes;•Doughnuts;• Peanut Butter Cookies;• Cooking Recipes ofWhiteChocolate Brownies;• Quiche Lorraine;• Homemade LemonCurd;•Spareribs Chinese;• Homemade Recipes of Balsamic GlazedSalmon;•Easy Recipes of casseroles and cheesecakes in the oven;•Quickrecipes of breakfast omelets in the oven;• Recipes of simpleandquick cakes in the oven and much more!Cook with pleasure!
Ice Cream - Kids Cooking Game 1.0.2
Tab 2 Fun
Do you like Ice Cream Maker- Cooking games, Ice Cream Factory–Dessert, candy fever, Street Bakery Shop Story, Ice CandyPopMaker, Pizza Maker Kids -Cooking Game, Potato Chips Factory –Chef,Cold Drinks Factory – Chef, Popcorn Factory Chef Mania, IceCream,Cooking Ice Cream Cone Cupcake, Ice Cream Maker - cookinggame,free cooking games? Are you ready to play best ice creammakergame, Here is place that giving you best ice cream – kidscookinggame so energizes yourself with frozen, fruity, juicy &slushyice pop candy. Ice cream game is a yummy & extremecookingfever mania game. Ice cream cooking chef will make this kidcookinga complete fun! The Cooking Ice Cream fever game is a coolandyummy game which is ideal for any stimulating cook to makesomedelicious ice cream. Now you can easily create, mixing andgrindingthe ingredients together in your own kitchen to make yourjuicy anddelicious treat.★★★★ Recipe of Ice Cream ★★★★★ Add allingredients★Choose the flavor including orange, mango, peach,strawberry andmany more.★ Now mash it, grind it and blend it★ Thetasty sundaestreat in the freezer to make it a frozen bar.★ Makeice cons,scopes and yummy luxury in this food festival★ You alsocan usedifferent sprinkle, fruit and candies to decorate. ★ Readyto eatand enjoy amazing ice cream fever ★★★★ Features of Ice Cream★★★★★Beautiful HD graphics★ Easy to use ★ Unlimited combinationsofsprinkle toppings and decorations ★ Huge range of ingredients★Multiple cream flavors★ Fun games!★ Share your juicy ice lollytofriends.★ Free to playDownload this ice candy fever game andhavefun!
Cooking Games Cafe 2 Chef Food Kitchen Restaurant 1.02
Cooking Games Cafe - Restaurant & Chef Food Fever is anewcooking games for kids which adore french cuisine oramericancuisine!It teaches you how to cook delicious dishes andmanage yourown restaurant and become a true Super Chef master inkitchen!Startyour kitchen business today and become as famous asOliver orRamsay or Nigella and dash the dinner!Beat your fevercooking gamesfor girls today and cook like mama deliciousmeals,dish anddesserts from every country in the world!Chef Worldwill teach youto cook tasty desserts and Fast Food games to anOrientalRestaurant and Chinese Restaurants, you will be able tocook andlearn a variety of cook techniques.Enjoy all the kitchenappliancesfrom pizza ovens to cake games to popcorn maker and &coffeemakers and to rice cookers.The dash of cooking games forgirls freewill make you the best cooking world chef!Serve deliciousdiner toyour hungry customers like a real super chef master! How ToPlay: -Join us and Makes your favorite Cream Ice cake making gamesrecipe!- Help Masha and her friends to cook the perfect diner ofdash anddish! - Women adore to stay in the kitchen and prepare theperfectdinner of dash for the loved ones! - Top Chef Gordon is thebossand you have to do what he says, otherwise your meals andcookieswill be burnt! - Steal some really good recipes forpreparing hotdogs or tacos and french fries with ketchup toppings!- Ofcourse,don't forget about pizza games and you'll love thepizzamaker games too! - Addicting restaurant cooking gamestimemanagement game and burger shop management! - Serve fresh hotdogwith mustard and Ketchup to make more money! - The fever cookingisstrong, so try to collaborate with your apprentices like arealstar cooking chef! - Play multiple challenging levels and servethediner in the dish or on the plates of your customers! - Youcanbake tasty food games like ramen or sushi or hot dog andpizza& extra bonus of steak! - After playing the game, you willbethe best star chef in town & you will do mama cooking! -Everwanted to play donut games or burger games or serve streetfoodgames?Now you have the opportunity to bake your own kind offoods& play some Pizza Maker games like this one! - A truemasterchief will know how to prepare cake making games! - Createyoursteakhouse and taste incredible steak! Features: - Amillioncombination of dishes to cook by selecting over 200ingredients! -4 worldwide unique restaurants! - Over 100 levels tocomplete andmany burger shop to create! - It's free cooking gamestime, Upgradeyour kitchen appliances and interior! - Decorate yourrestaurantsto bring more clients to buy fresh food games! - Createyour ownkind of cookies or cake making games & cake games! -Beat yourfever of cooking today! - Start the dash of cooking andcreatetasty recipes! - Play with tasty ice cream maker graphicsandfunctionality! - Help Masha in her cooking adventure and helpherdiscover her top chef abilities & be the best chef in town!-Start your restaurant business today and you will become achefworld! - You will enjoy this Fast Food Maker game very muchandlearn how they serve on the streets of New York or Sydneyandmaster the art of street food maker! - World chef will teachyouhow to prepare hot dog or tacos and fries with ketchup topping!-Open your famous cake making games shop and serve yourcustomerswith some tasty pastry! - Multiple clients will want toeat hotdogs or burger shop, so try to make them fast! - You willlearn thebasic ingredients for foods like ramen or sushi or hot dogandpizza! - Choose wisely your flour to make donuts with sweet jamandsugar powder! - Take control of the kitchen and demonstratetheskills of a master chef in 2017! Download Cooking Games Cafe-Restaurant & Chef Food Fever and become the Super Chefmasterof the cuisines all around the world!
My Recipes Cookbook : RecetteTek 4.9.1
Find a recipe has never been easier! RecetteTek is a realcookbook2.0 for all food lovers. The application allows you tocreate yourrecipe library and manage them easily. You can gatherall yourfavorite recipes in one application. Add your own recipesor importthem directly from the Internet . RecetteTek has a searchengine toeasily find and import recipes from most cooking WebSites.Yourrecipe is not provided for the right quantity? Change iteasily!Thanks to the different filters available (categories,ingredients,tags, favorites) , you will find recipes as quickly asa flash.Bring with you your shopping lists in order to not forgetanythingat the supermarket. Create as many shopping lists as youwant. Fromthe recipe , add the ingredients directly into the listof yourchoice. You can use your tablet in order to not to have totouchthe screen when you are cooking. You can not make yourdecision inall your recipes? Shake your device, RecetteTek willchoose arecipe for you. RecetteTek will make you forget your piecesofpaper ! Cooking will be a pleasure . The application is freeandwithout limitations :-) Features : * Search engine ofrecipesintegrated into the application * Add recipe, modifytheingredients , steps and photos, rate your recipes * Sort andfilteryour recipes by category * Search by ingredients , convenienttofinish the leftovers from his fridge! * Add favorite recipes*Manage your own categories * Share your recipes by email *Backupand restore your recipes (You can also share your recipeswith yourfriends! ) * Create your shopping lists from recipedetails *Change the quantities (automatic calculate) * Search bytags * Planyour recipes week by week * Remove ads and watermarks(premiumoption) * Export HTML (premium option) * Sync with GoogleDrive(premium option) How to import a recipe? > By usingtheintegrated search engine > Since your browser sharing thepageto the application RecetteTek > Entering the url address oftherecipe in the import function of the application You can useyourcomputer, the recipes generator (.rtk) available on our websitetoquickly import your recipes follow the news of theapplication : Twitter: Google+: Facebook:
Food Network In the Kitchen 5.3.11-release
Spring has sprung! Brighten up mealtime with recipes, videosandtips featuring fresh spring produce. Rated as one of the*toprecipe apps*, Food Network’s In the Kitchen app is yourone-stopshop for all things food. Get instant access to ourmost-popularrecipes from Alton Brown, Giada De Laurentiis, ReeDrummond, GuyFieri, Bobby Flay, and many more. Need inspiration foryour nextmeal? Or looking for a recipe that's on TV now? Our appwill helpyou do just that! Finding delicious recipes and videosfrom yourfavorite Food Network chefs and shows has never been thisquick andeasy. With this app, you can: FIND RECIPES FROM TV: -Instantlysave recipes from your favorite Food Network shows. -Spotlight onrecipes that are *on TV right now*. - Search for theperfect recipeto satisfy your meal-planning needs. Narrow down yoursearch bychef, course, cuisine and recently aired recipes. - Viewhow-tovideos of recipes so you can cook with confidence. GETINSPIRED INTHE KITCHEN: - Browse over 70,000 recipes from yourfavorite FoodNetwork chefs. - Looking for a decadent dessert, afestive cocktailor even just dinner for the family? Find a varietyof recipecollections, including: + Healthy + Weeknight Dinners +Quick andEasy + Kid-Friendly + Desserts + Top Picks from FoodNetworkeditors SAVE AND SHARE RECIPES: - Save recipes *instantly*andorganize them into your very own collections. - Share recipeswithyour friends and family via text, email, Notes, Pinterest,Facebookand Twitter. - Discover what the Food Network community issayingabout our recipes through ratings and reviews. GROCERYSHOPSTRESS-FREE: - Save recipe ingredients directly to *Notes*andcollaborate with your family and friends while you shop.CREATECRAZY CONFECTIONS USING AUGMENTED REALITY Access our virtualbakeryvia the "AR Fun!" link in menu sidebar, then pick a flatsurfacefor your cupcake and decorate with colorful cupcakeliners,frosting and wild and wacky cupcake toppers. Add abackground frameand sticker to personalize your cupcake, then snapa pic to sharesomething sweet without having to set foot in thekitchen. ARexperience powered by Viro Media & ARCore.
Healthy Recipes & Calculator 5.02
You’re one click away from over 500,000 recipes from theworld’slargest healthy recipes website, All ofourrecipes have been tried and tested by home cooks just like you,andour app is designed to make it easy for you to whip upfavoriteswherever you go! Make eating delicious, nutritious meals asnap -all without breaking the bank.With our free app, youcan:Search ourrecipe database your way - Looking for a healthybreakfast dish?Need a low fat pasta dish the kids will eat? WithHealthy Recipesit’s easy to find a new recipe that fits the bill.Search by meal,cuisine, occasion, course, or prep time.Find recipesthat fit yourdietary needs - Whether your diet is gluten free, lowcarb orvegetarian, we have the recipes for you. Filter for yourdietaryneed and find tasty recipes, fast.See calories, carbs, and10 otherkey nutrients for each recipe - is asister siteto, the #1 healthy-living website in theUS.Knowing what you eat is the first step towards watching whatyoueat, so all our recipes feature detailed nutritionalinformation.We make it easy to calculate exactly what’s in whatyou're eating.Looking for low fat, low carb meals? We’ve got youcovered. Justlooking for easy recipes that are tasty and quick tomake? We havethose too. Save your favorites - Found a recipe thatyou love? Saveit to your “Favorites” list so you can come back toit. Want to seethese recipes from anywhere on the web? Create afree SparkRecipesaccount and sync your favorite recipes across allyourdevices.Integrate with our fitness tracking app - all recipesyousave to your “Favorites” list will automatically be synced toourfitness tracking app if you use it as well. Get a better ideaofwhat you eat and how healthy it is! And track the recipes youfindin this app in our free diet tracking app with a tap!ShareRecipeswith Your Friends - Our app offers seamless sharing ofyourfavorite recipes to Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter or email -give ita try!Our members love our app and we think you will too.Let'scook up something delicious!
NEW Cook with REDMOND 0.7
Easily make delicious meals!Eat healthier, live more comfortablyandhave more free time with REDMOND appliances. We’ve compiledavariety of recipes: rich soup, juicy steaks, delicioussalads,crispy fried food, amazing ragout, deliciousdesserts,mouthwatering pastries, homemade bread, oatmeal made withmilk,side dishes, yogurt, cheese, cottage cheese and muchmore!REDMONDis a global company and market leader in householdappliances. Weare dedicated to designing and manufacturing productsguaranteed toimprove your well-being and help you lead a happy,healthy, andsuccessful life no matter where you are in the world.REDMOND’steam of professional chefs created a colorful cookbook foreachmulticooker model. They include a collection of the best,mostdelicious recipes of various cuisines from around the world.Thisis a very easy to use application which has a list ofingredients,clear instructions, convenient headings for the type ofdish,colorful photos and tips from REDMOND’s chefs to help you findadish for every occasion!You can choose dishes byingredients,calories, and cook time. Make a menu of your favoritemeals, savethem to favorites, and add comments to any recipe!Thisapp allowsyou to easily make a detailed grocery list for a tastylunch orfamily holiday. Now you can easily remember what to buy!Enjoydelicious meals and more free time with a REDMONDmulticooker!Enjoyyour meal!
Little Panda's Bake Shop
For more videos, subscribe to BabyBus onYouTube!►► visit【Little Panda's BakeShop】and be alittle patissier who can bake soft and flaky eggtarts! A widevariety of ingredients including dough, milk andchocolate spreadare at your disposal. Bake whatever you want!LittlePanda's BakeShop features a Mystery Cooking Utensil Experience andFansyDessert Making as well as Happy Dessert Time, through whichyourchild will learn the value of sharing.---Features---【7Items】Pudding, egg tarts, pizzas, cakes, cookies,sweet bread anddonuts...which do you want to eat first?【Loads ofingredients】22ingredients to add to your masterpieces includingeggs, flour,butter, cheese, fruit and jam.【Various cookingutensils】Shapedbaking trays, a blender, an oven, a whisk.... Be achef with 16different mysterious cooking tools and utensils!【Fun-filled DIY】Arich variety of cutely-shaped trays are ready foruse! Fresh fruitjams can be added to your creation for moreflavor!【A variety ofdecorations】From farmhouse, Northern Europeanto theMediterranean...approximately 20 decorations for your livingroomwill add more fun and excitement!【Social Activities】 Inviteyourfavorite friends and share tea andfresh-bakedgoodies!----Description---3D special effects, highqualitygraphics, mouth-watering dessert recipes, detaileddescriptionsRecipe reading + shapes + problem solving willstrengthen thedevelopment of your child's recognition. Prizerewards, 42ingredients are offered to keep your child entertainedall day.—————BabyBus offers games, videos and a wide variety ofothereducational content for 200 million fans aged 0-6 around theworld!It has produced more than 150 children's eduational games,700children's songs. and animations of various themes spanningthearts, health, and science. It is dedicated tocultivatingcreativity, imagination and curiosity in children,helping themexplore the world on their own. —————ContactInformation Email:[email protected]:
Real Cake Maker 3D - Bake, Design & Decorate 1.7.0
Hungry? Get baking! Become the best cake baker in town andcreatethe yummiest cakes, in this delicious cooking game! Thiscookinggame’s beautiful 3D art will make you feel like you’rebaking areal cake! Yummy! What are you waiting for? Get your mixerout andstart cracking those eggs! Be the best cake baker the worldhasever seen! What’s your favorite type of cake? Sweet birthdaycakes?Fancy wedding cakes? Whatever it is, you can make it!Decorate yourcakes to make them extra beautiful, and take photos soyou can showyour friends your yummy creations! You can even enteryour cakes ina contest and serve them to your friends at thecakeparty!Features:> Learn how to bake the most delicious cakesEVERin this fun cooking game!> Tons of mouth-watering cakerecipesto make for you and your friends!> Use professional bakertoolsto bake, design & decorate the most delicious cakes!>Fromrainbow-sprinkled birthday cakes to strawberry cupcakes,thechoices are infinite!> Decorate your cakes with yummyfrosting,delicious decorations & adorable toppers!> Arethose weddingbells? Design and bake a beautiful cake for the bride.> Put theprettiest picture of yourself on your very owncake!> Have acake party with your fuzzy bunny, kitty and puppyfriends, cutebabies, and more!> Make the party extra festivewith your veryown party decorations!> Enter the cake bakecompetition, votefor your favorite cake, and win first prize!>To-die-for darkchocolate, cherry-banana cake or cheesecake? Youchoose - You’rethe baker! > It’s princess party time! Put yourfavoriteprincess on a cake! > Take pictures of your masterpieceto showoff your gorgeous cake designs!> Make a cake album soyou’llalways remember your incredibly delicious creations!> Tonsofadorable and fun coloring pages for you to draw in, in thisawesomecooking game!About Coco PlayCoco Play is China-baseddeveloper ofcreative and unique apps for kids and the whole family.Founded in2013, Coco Play provides rich 3D simulation-based gamesfor thewhole family. Coco Play is a subsidiary of TabTale, aleading,global creator of innovative games, interactive booksandeducational apps.Visit us: Likeus: us:@TabtaleWatchus: CONTACT US Let us know whatyouthink! Questions? Suggestions? Technical Support? Contact us24/7at [email protected] PARENTS: The app is free to playbutcertain in-game items may require payment. You may restrictin-apppurchases by disabling them on this device. The app mayincludeadvertising for TabTale and certain third parties whichwillredirect users to our sites, apps or third-party sites.Privacyisimportant to us. The app may enable collection of limited userdataby TabTale or its carefully selected providers (e.g. adnetworksand analytics) for limited legal purposes described in ourPrivacyPolicy (e.g. respond to support queries; enable, analyzeandimprove the app’s features and services; serve contextual ads).Theapp includes certain features only accessible behind an age-gatetoprotect children (e.g. restrict behavioral ads; socialnetworkslinks to connect with others while playing; option toaccept pushnotifications to inform of exciting news e.g. updates).Bydownloading or using the app you accept our PrivacyPolicy: and Terms ofUse: and permit such uses forusers ofyour device.
Strawberry Ice Cream Sandwich 5.0.0
bweb media
Bring your fantasy to life with strawberry ice creamsandwiches!Cook this amazing treat by collecting the ingredients,mixing themtogether, as well as preparing your ice cream and yoursandwichesbefore decorating and eating them. Perfect treat to eat,why notshow off to all your friends with this cooking game!FeaturesCollect the ingredients from the store ready to makeyoursandwiches. Slice the strawberry up and blend it ready to makeyourice-cream. Mix together all your ingredients to bring togetheryourtasty ice-cream flavour. Create and cook your sandwichmixturebefore adding the ice cream to complete your yummy treat.Decorateyour ice cream sandwiches before eating them all up for thebestflavour in the world.
Pakistani Food Recipes By Chef Zakir & Zubaida Apa 1.2
Injeer Apps
Now a days an important question of every home is that what tocooktoday or Aaj kya pakayen? Because if there are four personsinhome, they all have different tastes. Especially when we talkaboutbachay their khana choices are very different and mostlymothersare not able to give their bachay proper nutritional diet.So webring this application Bachon ke Pakwan especially forchotaybachon.We are confident that there is something for everyoneand weare constantly adding new recipes. All recipes are publishedforyour convenience and are both suitable and tasty enough to beeatenby anyone without food allergies, as part of a normaldiet.Thereare all kinds of food recipes, though, including healthyMorningMuffins and all recipes have full instructions andingredientslist. There are recipes that families will like, such assmoothies(with white tea and strawberries), Egg muffin breakfastswithsprouted grain muffins and egg white or egg, burritos andthingskids like.Now, cooking any dish means you have to know alltheingredients and condiments that are required for preparingthem.More importantly you have to know the exact amount ofthecondiments and the spices required for cooking them.Perfectmixture of spices and ingredients will help you to createthe rightmagic regarding the dish.Aaloo Paratha,Aloo PakoraChaat,AndaPakora,Bihari Paratha,Bohri Chicken Cutlets,BreadPakora,CheesyTandoori Aloo,Chicken Cheese Paratha,ClassicOmelette,CreamyChicken Boti,Daikon Paratha,Frozen Parathas,The mostdelicioushandpicked, mouthwatering, special Pakistani recipes inone app.Contains delicious recipes for your children. Recipes inyour locallanguage: Urdu (اردو). A must have for foodies.IndianRecipes Freeapp has the largest offline collection of Indian Foodsand Recipes.This free recipe app has more than 10000+ quick masterchef recipesspread across six major categories Non-Vegetarian toVegan,Vegetarian, Drinks/Beverages, Deserts, Snacks and Sweets.Alltherecipes in this easy cookbook have been organized and catalogedsothat you can relate the recipes by Categories, CuisinesandIngredients.Tempting Chinese and Pakistani 150+ recipesareavailable in your mother language Urdu. Free Recipes appoffersdelicious recipes by most renowned chefs in Pakistan likeChefZakir, Chef Zubaida Apa k totkay, Chef Gulzar, Chef Zarnak,ChefRida Aftab, Chef Shireen Zulfiqar, Chef Tahir, Tarla Dalal,AkshayKumar.Pakistani Free Recipes app is a complete guide for youif youare a food lover. We added many basic and mouth-wateringcookingideas in this app. Try meatballs, vegetable mixtures,chickendishes, beans, egg fried rice, pasta and many more chefrecipes.The most superior chicken recipes, salad recipes, Chineserecipes,authentic italian recipes, Gobi recipes, healthy saladrecipes,vegetarian food recipes, seafood recipes all in one app, Soyou canmake a statement with healthy and well cooked food. Therearecountless benefits to add on Beef, radish and Butter in yourdiet:It's considered to be good for health. Choosing lean cuts ofmeatis very important to extract nutrients like zinc, iron, proteinandB vitamins. This amazing app is the replacement of Recipe kitsandcookery books, get you cooking scrumptious meals Every recipeisdescribed in three sections: About This Recipe;Ingredients;Directions; Easy as that. Cooking doesn’t have to becomplicatedand we help you to prepare great foods, withsimpleingredients.Masala TV Recipes is an application which havemorethan 300 delicious recipes in Urdu and English Language. Alltheseare pakistani,asian recipes which can be made easily in home.Ifyou have little interest in cooking then you must havethisapplication. Very helpful for all who want to start cooking orforeveryone related to the field of cooking and khana pakana.DownloadBachon ke Pakwan to get yummy recipes for your cute andsweetbachay.
Food maker - dessert recipes 3.0.1
Cook up an amazing dessert with one of many recipes. Here youcanbecome the ultimate food maker by collecting youringredients,mixing them together, cooking your dessert as well asadding thefinal finishing touches to it. Nothing beats cooking inyour ownkitchen with this cooking game! Features * Collect allyouringredients from the grocery store ready for your dessert. *Mixyour ingredients together to create your dessert mixture. *Createyour donut or cupcake dessert and add the final finishingtouchesto it. * Decorate your amazing dessert and enjoy eating itall up.
Cooking chocolate cake 1.0.9
Bring your cake cooking skills to life with this great cookinggame.Here you can really make a great cake by mixing theingredients,preparing the chocolate, baking the cake along withadding yummyicing. Once the cake is finished you can add the finalfinishingtouches with beautiful eatable accessories. So let yourbakingskills run wild and cook up a storm with this cake game.Features:*Choose your pan before mixing ingredients together.* Cutyourchocolate up and add it to your mixture ready for baking.*Bake youcake in the oven and watch it so it doesn’t burn.* Prepareyouricing and chocolate ready to place on the cake. * Complete youcakebefore adding the final finishing touches ready for eating.
Cook owl cookies for kids 1.0.2
Cook yummy kids owl cookies with this great game! Create yourowncookies by mixing your ingredients, cutting out yourshapes,cooking your cookies before creating and decorating a box toputthem in. Perfect for any day out, enjoy your yummy treats withthisone of many great cooking games. Features* Mix all youringredientstogether to create your cookie mixture. * Roll yourmixture out andcut out your cookies into shapes ready for cooking.* Cook yourcookies so they’re hot and steamy ready for eating. *Create yourbox and decorate it ready to show off your cookies. *Enjoy yourcookies by eating them all up.
Cooking chocolate cupcakes 1.0.0
Put your baking skills to the test in this fun chocolatecupcakescooking game. This cake game lets you bake cupcakes fromscratchusing delicious ingredients, such as chocolate and peanutbutter.You'll cook everything from start to finish and when you'redoneyou'll have enough cupcakes to share with your friends. Thisrecipemakes 12 cupcakes.Features:● Carefully measure and mix all oftheingredients that will go into your chocolate cupcakes.● You'llgetto use kitchen appliances, such as the mixer and the oven,justlike a professional baker.● You'll get to make every part ofthecupcakes including the cupcake and frosting.● When they aredonebaking, get ready to enjoy your freshly baked, deliciousdessertwith a glass of milk.
Cookie Dozer
From the makers of the smash-hit CoinDozer,downloaded by over 10,000,000 players!COOKIE DOZER comes straight from your favorite arcade or fairparkand onto your Android! The game you’ve spent countlesshoursplaying, now in the palm of your hand! No change needed.Pushdelicious chocolate chip cookies and treats into your handsbydropping some from your jar into the machine. Watch out though!Trynot to push them off the sides and back into the oven.Collectcupcakes, chocolates, pies and more for special bonuses orevenmore cookies! It’s ok if your cookies run out, more will beflyingout of the oven and into your jar very soon Keep checkingback tocomplete your collection of sweets!Cookie Dozer brings your favorite gameplay elements from dozergamesand adds some sugar and spice! Out of coins in other games?Take abreak and come play Cookie Dozer! There is a fresh new batchofcookies fresh from the oven!Features include:
- Yummy 3-D graphics
- 36 prizes to collect
- Amazingly realistic physics
- Over 40 cookies and treats!
- Lots of special effectsMore updates coming soon!
SideChef: Plan, Cook, Shop 3.8.3
Dinner has never been easier to prepare! In just 10 min - planyourweekly meals, build shopping lists & have groceriesdeliveredright to your door! Save time, money, and eat better(healthier).SideChef’s mission is to help you cook smarter, for youand yourloved ones. More than just curating 10,000+ step-by-steprecipesfrom top food bloggers, writers, and renowned Chefs -SideChefgives you the simple tools to: // COOK // * Cook Better:Letstep-by-step photos, video and audio instructions, andCookAssisttechnology guide you to amazing results. * Search: Findrecipes youand your loved ones enjoy that are delicious, healthy,simple toprepare, and easy to follow. * Filter & Sort: Selectrecipesfor your diet, and sort them by time and number ofingredients. //PLAN // * Meal Plan: Organize what to eat for theweek usingSideChef's recipes or adding your own. * Be Inspired:Find newcollections of cooking ideas twice a week to impress yourfamilyand friends! * Create Cookbooks: Organize your favoriterecipes forany given occasion. // SHOP // * Order Groceries: Createoneshopping list from multiple recipes and have everythingdeliveredright to your doorstep. * Use What You Have: Get recipesuggestionsbased on ingredients you already have in your fridge orpantry. *Share: Message or email recipes and shopping lists to yourlovedones. // CONNECT // * Now with CookAssist technology! Youcanremotely control your compatible smart ovens and ranges with2,000+CookAssist enabled smart recipes. More CookAssist enabledsmartrecipes are added daily. * Link your LG SmartThinQ account andletSideChef CookAssist technology remotely control your compatibleLGsmart ovens and ranges. * More appliance partners are comingsoon.Stay tuned! Features to make cooking and meal planning easy:*Recommendations for recipes and meal plan ideas * Search recipesbydiets (e.g. vegan, vegetarian, gluten-free, paleo, low-carb),dish(e.g. dinner, lunch, seafood, drinks. soups), cuisine(e.g.American, Asian, Italian, Mediterranean, Mexican,Chinese,Japanese, Korean, Indian, French, Indian), and time * Mealplanner* Shopping list * Online grocery delivery * Create yourowncookbooks * CookAssist to remotely control your compatiblesmartovens and ranges Featured by The New York Times, ABC News,Forbes,Wired, USA Today, The Guardian, The Wall Street Journal,RealSimple, Business Insider. “If you’re always scorching the stewandyou just can’t seem to achieve perfectly puffed chocolatechipcookies, let this free app serve as your new cooking companion.“ —Real Simple “If you’ve ever ruined an entire meal because ofaseemingly tiny mistake in timing or ingredient proportioning,thenwe have an app for you.” — Business Insider
Cooking Recipes 1.45
We offer to you a lot of tasty cooking recipes. In this appyoucould enjoy next:• All cooking recipes are presented withsimpleand detailed instructions and photo• All cooking recipesaredivided into the categories for easy use• Simple searching intheapp by the name or by the ingredients• You can choose therecipesyou liked and keep them in your favorites. You can savecookedrecipes • You can use a shopping list. Just add the desiredproductdirectly from the recipe to the shopping list• You can shareyourown delicious recipes and you can leave feedback aboutotherrecipes• There is a table of caloricity• The application doesnotrequire the Internet and your favorite recipes will always bewithyou, even when you have no Internet connection!There are abigquantity of easy recipes, cooking breakfast recipes, simplechickenrecipes, salads, healthy cooking recipes, pasta recipes,soupcooking recipes, easy meat and fish recipes, meatball,meatloafrecipes, tasty pork and beef recipes, simple potatorecipes,cabbage recipes, delicious snack cooking recipes,vegetablerecipes, a lot of rice recipes, casserole recipes,dumplingrecipes, homemade pie and cake recipes, simple cupcake andmuffinsrecipes, dessert recipes, cottage cheese recipes, pancakerecipes,cookie and other baking recipes, and also low fat recipes,crockpot and slow cooker recipes, recipes in the oven, etc.We offertoyou lot recipes: • Delicious salad recipes: easy pastasaladrecipes, meat and fish salads, vegetable salad recipes,fruitsalads, potato salad recipes, tuna salad recipes, chickensalads,easy salad recipes, mushroom salad recipes, macaroni salads,eggsalads, simple chicken recipes, cooking salad recipes withcabbage,crab salads, salmon salads, seafood salads, shrimp saladrecipes,spicy salads, etc.• Tasty cooking recipes of appetizers:cheesysnacks, fried snacks, potato snacks, meat snacks, fish andchips,sandwiches, baked snack, cooking recipes of cheese andpotatosticks, fried cheese recipes, portioned snacks, tartletrecipes,recipes of tartlets with chicken, cooking chicken rollrecipes,chicken nuggets, recipes of fish sticks, recipes of fishrolls,recipes of fish tartlets, etc.• A lot of soup recipes:chicken souprecipes, easy meat cooking fish soup recipes, potatosoups, tomatosoup recipes, hot soup recipes, cold soups, beefsoups, vegetablesoups, cream soups recipes, soups in Crock pot andSlow Cooker,recipes of soup with meatballs, simple soup recipeswith seafood,recipes of cream soups, cooking cream-cheese souprecipes, creamsoup recipes with pumpkin, cream soups with broccoli,cream soupswith shrimps, hot and cold cream soups, etc.• A lot ofmain dishescooking recipes: cooking meat recipes, easy meatloafrecipes,meatball recipes, meat casserole recipes, roast beefrecipes, bakedchicken, Slow Cooker dish recipes, Slow Cookerchicken recipes,grilled chicken, chicken with vegetables andfruits, chicken inCrock pot, recipes of tasty fish, fish snacksrecipes, baked fishrecipes, grilled fish recipes, etc.• Cookingrecipes of garnishes:stew recipes with potatoes and cabbage, stewrecipes with tartar,vegetable rice, fruit rice, easy recipes ofsweets with rice,dishes with rice, recipes of easy and healthyoats, delicioussemolina recipes, tasty sweets with semolina, pearlsand barleys,vegetable garnishes, vegetable stew, etc.• Homemadecake, pie,dessert recipes: cake, muffin, pie cooking recipes, sweetrollrecipes, cheesecake recipes, cookie recipes, cupcakerecipes,chocolate cake recipes, fruit cake recipes, sweet milkcakerecipes, simple cake recipes, cake recipes with cream, bakedcakerecipes, baked muffin recipes, pie recipes, baked sweetrollrecipes, baked cheesecake recipes, baked cookie recipes,bakedcupcake recipes, banana, chocolate cupcakes, etc.Cookwithpleasure!
Lunch Box Maker - Donuts Shop YUMMY TO THE TUMMY 1.0.2
FROS studios
Hey kids ! Are you ready play another lunchbox series fromFROSstudios . Let us take you to the kids kitchen where you canenjoycooking games for kids . In this little kid game you willlearncooking a cooking mama , you will make to make donut whichisfavorite princess food .This holiday game for kids is a freegamesfor kids which is holiday kids games in there vacationsfromschools . There are two portions of this game Kids donut makerInthe first part of you have to make the doughnut for princessinyour baking salon ,she is waiting for you in the schoolfollowingsteps are required in this desserts makerfood ingredientsmixingdonuts cutting frying donutsdonuts decoration You candecorate youfood as per your wish , there are multiple options forfooddecoration kids lunchbox for school Now pack your lunch food ,putall these yummy donuts in your lunchbox which is your schoollunch. Now pick up lunch and move back to school , you can enjoythis inlunchtime where all other fellows have there meal boxes . Sowhatare you waiting for , enjoy this cooking game for kids.Features:-Free making game for kids- Best donuts making game-VeryInteractive and intuitive controls & graphics to playthegame.- Cook donuts for your lunch box.- Making lunch box foodwhichis your favorite.- Make best fast food and share it withyourfriends.
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