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Tabla - India's Mystical Drum 5.1
Kolb Apps
Whether you're already a dab hand or a tabla novice but havealwayswanted to learn, this app will help you live the dream!IntroducingTABLA: the best and most comprehensive app of its kindon GooglePlay. This user-friendly app transforms your phone/tabletscreeninto lifelike simulations of tablas and other Indianpercussioninstruments. For instant playback, all you need do is tapon theinstruments. The application boasts 10 rhythm lessonswithtutorials to teach you how to play. It comes with 9 awesomeloopsfor you to jam along with, including: Sarod, Sitar andTanpura. Afun, light and user-friendly app. Ideal for anyone whowants tostudy or play percussion without making a lot of noise ortaking uptoo much space. The TABLA is a Hindu percussion instrumentwidelyused in Indian devotional and meditative music. It consistsof apair of drums, the smaller, higher-pitched DAYA and thelarger,deeper-sounding BAYA. Easy to use, play at any time topractise andtest out your skills! Live playing mode too! Check outthe Tablaspecs: - 12 pads - Studio-quality audio - 10 rhythmsamples withtutorials - 9 loop styles to jam along with - Recordingmode -Export your recordings to MP3 - Works with all screenresolutions -Free app The app is free but you can remove the ads bypurchasing alicence. Play around and have fun with the best andmostcomprehensive Indian percussion app on Google Play! Perfectfordrummers, percussionists, professional musicians, amateursorbeginners. Touch & Play!
Drums 1.6
Onex Softech
DRUMS is a free application for Android that simulates a realdrumson your mobile/tablet screen. To play it, just drummingyourfingers on the pads of the drums and the sound isplayedsimultaneously.Let's play drums in easy way! Do it with realdrumpads. True electro drums pad.A fun, light and easy touseapplication. Ideal for those who want to study or playdrummingwithout making much noise or taking up much space. You donot needto know drumming, Drum comes with 60 lessons rhythms withtutorialfor you to learn to play. Drums Also comes with 33 songs toplayalong, and still allows you to track songs live. For example,youcan give the play a music from your library and accompany itsondrums. Drums application has samples of acoustic percussion.Soundsrecorded with studio audio quality. But if you want to changethesound of your battery, you can swap crashes and addpercussioninstruments. You can also change the arrangement of thepads,adjusting your best way to play. Drums app is free, but youcanremove all advertisements buying a license! Try the best drumsofthe Google Play! Made for drummers, percussionists,professionalmusicians, amateurs or beginners!Drums Set is a freevirtual drumkit simulator app that holds all types of drumsrequired by a truedrummer! Bass, snare, percussion instruments,electric pad andmore!Every professional drummer knows thatpracticing drumsregularly is a way to success.Drum Set is made bymusicians and isaimed to help a beginner drummer learn to playdrums as well as tohelp a mastered drum player keep everydaypracticing when he isaway from his music instrument. The app hasmultiple classic drumkits that consist of bass, snare, tom-tomdrums and percussionslike hi-hat, crash, ride, cowbell cymbals. Italso features ethnicdrums like bongos and congas, and electronicpads.There is a numberof popular songs that you can play along withto improve your beat.Just pick one of your favorite drum sets,choose a song and startplaying. Such practices definitely enhanceyour sense of rhythm andtempo. The Drums app is a perfect beatmachine for those who wantto learn how to play drums and those whoalready play jazz or rockin music bands. You don’t need this all?It’s ok, use it forpurposes of entertainment. It’s not only a protool with mostrealistic sounds, but is one of the most interestingdrum games onthe market of drums and percussion music instruments.★Features ofDrums: * Multitouch* 13 drum pads* 45 realistic drumsounds* Studioaudio quality* 60 examples of rhythms with tutorialmode* 33backing track songs* Record mode* Complete acoustic drumkit*Export your records to mp3* Works with all screen resolutions-Cell Phones and Tablets (HD Images)* Free* Jazz kit* Rockkit*Dance kit* Electric Pad (Electronic or Beat Pads)* Ethnicdrums(Congas and Bongos)* Japanese drums Taiko are comingsoon★Settings:- Mixer to set all the sounds- Touch zones to helpyoulearn drums- Drum sticks animation- Drum hitting animation★Someextras:- The fastest response time without any delays- Highqualitysounds recorded with live drums- Popular songs for you tolearn toaccompany with drums- Learn to play drums and electronicdrum pad-Improve sense of timing with rhythm games- Travel andpracticedrums on the go- Spend free time playing drum gamesDownloadDRUMSapp now.
Drum set 20160225
Play drums along with your songs! Check out the new feature"SongPlayer" - you can load your songs from the left corner ofdrumscreen.Drum set comes with different drum setup variationsandgives you the lowest latency on Android. Sounds are taken fromareal drums and they give you studio quality. Lowlatency,multi-touch and cool animations in a combination withrecordingoption give you the ultimate real drum experience.You canpickbetween different drums. Each kit contains a different set ofdrumsand cymbals.App features following setups: basic, bigconcert,jazz, double bass, electric pad and Africa drum set.You canrecordmusic (beats) for each setup separately and share musicrecordswith your friends or on multiple devices. Enjoy!Join usonFacebook:
WeDrum: Drum Set Music Games & Drums Kit Simulator 3.6.0
WeDrum is free real drum set simulator games that hold all typesofelectric drums required by a true drummer! This virtual drumgameslets you play on the drum kit with drums sticks right alongwith apianist, guitarist and even a singer! No prior drumlessonsnecessary! The drum app suits anyone who loves music andwants toexperience what it’s like to be a drummer in a music band!Everyprofessional drummer knows that practicing drums regularly isa wayto success. WeDrum is made by musicians and is aimed to helpabeginner drummer learn to play drums as well as to help amastereddrum player keep everyday practicing when he is away fromhis musicinstrument. The app has multiple classic drum kits thatconsist ofbass, snare, tom-tom drums and percussions like hi-hat,crash,ride, cowbell cymbals. There is a number of popular songsthat youcan play along with to improve your beat. Just pick one ofyourfavorite drum sets, choose a song and start playing. Suchpracticesdefinitely enhance your sense of rhythm and tempo. The appis aperfect beat machine for those who want to learn how to playdrumsand those who already play jazz or rock in music bands.Keyfeatures SELECT: Choose your favorite music tune to play on adrumset from a rich collection of songs across a wide variety ofmusicgenres. New free songs are added to the Songbook regularly.GATHER:Pick a pianist, a guitarist and a vocalist to enjoy aband-likeexperience or take delight in playing on your own. PLAY:Drum alongto a song following bright dynamic hints and tips. Thebetter youplay, the better results you get. ACHIEVE: Keep up withthe tempoand earn the best score you can. Enjoy the crowd cheeringlike areal musician playing on the stage. Replay the song toimprove thescore. SHARE: Share your drumming experience with theworld viasocial media. More highlights Switch to SOLO mode to enjoyjammingand freestyling on a drum kit simulator app withprofessional Hi-Fisounds and an incredibly realistic drum machineset graphics.Here’s what you get with our app: ★ Various drum setsfor you tochoose from: - Jazz kit - Rock kit - Dance kit - ElectricPad(Electronic or Beat Pads) - Ethnic drums (Congas and Bongos)-Japanese drums Taiko are coming soon ★ Advanced settings: -Mixerto set all the sounds - Touch zones to help you learn drums -Drumsticks animation - Drum hitting animation ★ Some extras: -Thefastest response time without any delays - High qualitysoundsrecorded with live drums - Popular songs for you to learntoaccompany with drums ★ The app is a great tool that can be usedto:- Learn to play drums and electronic drum pad - Improve senseoftiming with rhythm games - Travel and practice drums on the go-Spend free time playing drum games Are you going to be thenextfamous drummer who rattles his drum sticks like a ninja? Oryou’drather stay calm and wave them as wizards spell with theirwands?It’s totally up to you! Gismart offers you an ultimate drumkit appwith high quality sounds that is designed to be handy forpeoplewho prefer drums to other musical instruments, should they betheguitar or the piano, or whatever they are. Oh, yeah..! Keep itinmind that rhythm music games like WeDrum is a perfect fit forabeginner beat maker who spends 24 hours a day tapping drum padsaswell. Plunge into the world of real drums with WeDrum!Learn,practice, play along with to your favorite songs in themostrealistic drum games ! About Gismart Gismart is a team ofdevotedmusicians and developers with a real passion for musicandeverything about it! Find out more about us: Like usonFacebook: Learn moreaboutour office life in ourInstagram:
Drum kit metal 1.4
What to do if you want to play the drum set, but you do not haveit?There is nothing easier! We offer you a simulator drum kit.Playdrums anywhere using your phone or tablet.What are theadvantages ofour app?- The minimum response delay. This is one ofthe mostimportant factors, since at the long delay you just cannot do thenormal play.- The function of playing audio files fromyour devicedirectly in this app. Now you can play the drums toyour favoritemusic!- Use the sound of real drums.- Panoramicsound. You hear thedrums as if you were actually in front of them.When you move thedrum sound moves realictic too. Best of all itcan be estimated withheadphones.- The ability to not only playhere and now, but alsosave, play, and loop the playback of yourtracks. This is especiallyuseful if you play other instruments,and you need to support a drumkit.- Editable position of thereels. You can place the drums on thescreen as it will beconvenient for you.- Hidden menu, which willnot take up space onthe screen.- Nice dezign.In addition, we planto further developour app!
Blue Drum - Drum 1.7
Blue Drumming available now on the Google Play.
Drum Solo Legend - The best drums app 2.0
Be a legend of drumming and enjoy the amazing experience oflearningrock and play percussion with the definitive free electricdrum setsimulator. Use your MP3 playset as background music. Playthe drumkit with your fingers (as it they were sticks) on the padsin yourmobile phone or tablet, like a real drum set. Drum SoloLegend isone of the best drum games in Google Play, it has instantresponse,and includes different sound bank sets recorded withstudio quality.Learn with multiple drum lessons and tutorials ofdifferent styles.Record your songs and show them to your friendslater. Play musicloud with headset for a superior experience. DrumSolo Legend isdesigned for everyone: children, percussionists,musicians,drummers... The main features are: - Enjoy theexperience of virtualdrumming with realistic HQ sampled stereosounds, including snaredrum, double kick bass drum, three toms,floor, hi-hat (open andclosed), splash, crash, cymbals andcowbell. - Record your own drumbeats and later, you can play onyour saved session, like a realdrum machine. Double yourexperience!. You can record, play andrepeat your compositions inthe beat machine. You can record ununlimited number of notes inyour drum loops. - Play on your own MP3playsets and play andrepeat continuously your improvisations(playback mode). - Highnumber of exclusive drum sessons to learn toplay. Control theplaying speed of your demo files so you can learnmore easily. -Unlock exclusive electric drum kit designs, includingdifferentskins for your free drum kits. - Export your saved filesto MP3 andshare them with your friends. - Play over multiple rhythmstylesbacking tracks included: Pop, Rock n Roll, Blues, HeavyMetal,Funk, Punk, etc. - Equalize sounds volumes of each instrumentandglobal music in the mixer screen - Immersion hapticfeedback(tactile effects) for a better experience - Choose between5complete audio packs: Classic Rock, Heavy Metal, Modern Rock,Jazzand Synthesizer - Left-handed mode available - Turn on theReverbeffect to simulate a live performance. - Great HD graphicsandanimations. - Double bass drum pedal available. - Animationsforeach instrument - Low latency for the beats (note: dependingofyour available memory and processor) - 12 touch sensitivetouchpads. - Multitouch drums. You can touch up to 20fingerssimultaneously. - Very fast loading time. - Drum Solo Legendisfree and you can remove ads by acquiring a in-app purchaselicense.- Use it in conjunction with the rest of Batalsoft apps(bass,piano, guitar...) to form your own band. Join us onFacebook:
Musical İnstruments For Kids 1.12
A great music application that you can play with your kids. Playthegames. Play the real games. You can experience all theexcitement.You can play the game and learn it. You can teach yourchild andfamily.drum,flute,guitar,harp,piano,saxophonegames.instruments, allfor children.
Tabla music instrument 2.2
If you want to kill time with entertainment and want to enjoyplaymusical instrument for unlimited fun,than no need to wait,Tablamusic instrument is a great app with more than 5 musicinstrumentsis for you. Friends this is the time to show yourability in frontof your friends, show them that you also can playtabla like agreat tabla players. Your finger touch can create amagic sound,sothis is time to impress your friends, family,everyone andanytime.FEATURES OF TABLA MUSIC INSTRUMENT APP:*magicalsound withMulti touch.*Instruments like tabla, gong, chimes,gungru,vibraslap, crash and tanpura.*work on android phoneandtablets.*much more. Tap on the center of the Drum, and you willgetthe base sound. The upper left corner of the drum will playa"Roll" and the three other corners will play 3 differentsoundsgiving you different beats.Please let us know if you arefacing anydifficultly while downloading or while playing this app.
Simple Drums - Metal 1.1.3
Simple Drums Metal comes with 4 different Metal drum set, andwith25 jam tracks!You can also play drums along with other mp3filesfrom your phone, just using mp3 button!Really easy and simpletouse. Quick response time. Supports multi-touch. HaveFun!Features:-Support Multi-touch.- 24 realistic percussionsounds.- 25 jamtracks.- 4 different real drum set.- Realisticgraphic.- RecordDrums- Simple and easy to use.
Real Drum - The Best Drum Pads Simulator 7.25
Kolb Apps
If you do play, or never had touched a drums before, butalwayswanted to learn, this app will you help realize your dream!Get toknow Real Drum: the best and the most complete drums app onGooglePlay.Playing it is very simple, the app simulates a drum onthescreen of your phone/tablet. Your fingers become thedrumsticks,just tap on the drum pads and the instrument’s soundplayssimultaneously.The Real Drum comes with 60 drums lessons foryou tolearn how to play. Also comes with 33 super cool loops, soyou canplay along.A fun, lightweight and very practical to useapp.Excellent for anyone who wants study or play the drums,withoutmaking too much noise or taking up too much space.You canarrangethe app your own way! The app’s pads can be customized withimagesand sounds your taste.Easy to use, play it anytime topractice andtest your skills!Also lets to play live music, so youcan feel likea real rockstar!Check out the details of the RealDrum:- Customizeyour drums: upload your own images and sounds-Several types ofdrums and cymbals- Multitouch- 13 drum pads- 45high-fidelity drumsounds- Studio audio quality- 60 examples ofrhythms with tutorial-33 loops to play along- Recording mode-Export your recordings toMP3- Works on all screen resolutions -Telephones and Tablets (HDImages)- Free appThe app is free, but youcan remove all ads buyinga license!Try it and have fun with thebest and most complete drumsapp on Google Play!Made for drummers,percussionists, professionalmusicians, amateurs or beginners.Touch& Play!
Drum 2 3.0.1
This drum is very funny that allow you to be a drummer. Youwilllove this drum set. When first played, you may not be abletocorrectly touch the drums with your fingers. Play the Drum 2gamecontinuously for a few hours or days, and you will be surprisedatthe mobile development of your hands. Drum 2 game must be playedinthe presence of a mother or father, and it is encouraged for youtoguide your kids through the game for a few days at first. Thisgamemay be too advanced for infants under 6 months old. CautionPlayingthe application too much amount of time or leaving thechildrenalone with the mobile phone or tablet pc is not encouraged.
Real Percussion - The Best Percussion Kit 4.1
Kolb Apps
Whether you're already a seasoned player or have never been somuchas near a drum but always wanted to, this application will helpyoulive the dream! Presenting REAL PERCUSSION: the best andmostcomprehensive percussion app on Google Play. PlayingREALPERCUSSION couldn't be easier. The application transformsyoursmartphone / tablet screen into a lifelike simulation ofapercussion kit. For instant playback, all you need do is tap ontheinstruments. REAL PERCUSSION gives you 20 rhythm lessonswithtutorials to teach you how to play. It also comes with 15awesomeloops for you to jam along with, including: Funk, Country,Jazz,Oriental, Pop and Reggae, to name but a few. A fun, lightanduser-friendly app. Ideal for anyone who wants to study orplaypercussion without making a lot of noise or taking up toomuchspace. Easy to use, play at any time to practise and test outyourskills! Live playing mode too! Check out the RealPercussiondetails: - 12 pads - Studio-quality audio - 20 rhythmsamples withtutorial - 15 loop styles to jam along with - Recordingmode -Export your recordings to MP3 - Works with all screenresolutions -Phones and Tablets (HD images) - Free app The app isfree but youcan remove the ads by purchasing a licence. Play aroundand havefun with the best and most comprehensive percussion app onGooglePlay! Perfect for drummers, percussionists, professionalmusicians,amateurs or beginners. Touch & Play!
Classic Drum - The Best Classic Drum! 6.7
Kolb Apps
If you do play, or never had touched a drum before, butalwayswanted to learn, this app will you help realize your dream!Get toknow Classic Drum: the best and the most complete classicdrum appon Google Play.Playing it is very simple, the app simulatesaclassic drum on the screen of your phone/tablet. Yourfingerbecomes the drumstick, just tap on the drum pads andtheinstrument’s sounds plays simultaneously.The Real Drum comeswith60 drums lessons for you to learn how to play. Also comes with33super cool loops, so you can play along.A fun, lightweight andverypractical to use app. Excellent for anyone who wants study orplaythe drum without making too much noise or taking up toomuchspace.Easy to use, play it anytime to practice and testyourskills!Also lets to play live music, so you can feel like arealrockstar!Check out the details of the Classic Drum:-Multitouch- 13drum pads- 15 realistic drum sounds- Studio audioquality-Instruments like kick, bass, snare, tom, floor, cymbal,hi-hat,ride, crash, bell, cowbell and tambourine- 60 examples ofrhythmswith tutorial mode- 33 backing track songs- Record mode-Completeacoustic drum kit- Export your records to mp3- Works withallscreen resolutions - Cell Phones and Tablets (HD Images)-FreeappThe app is free, but you can remove all ads buying alicense!Tryit and have fun with the best and most complete drumsapp on GooglePlay!Made for drummers, percussionists, professionalmusicians,amateurs or beginners.Touch & Play!!
Music Instruments: Kids
Free music instruments for kidsappfeatures.-Music maker app is totally free.-Your child will be familiar with real musicalinstrumentsounds.-Designed for kids with animations and hand drawn picturesofcolorful instruments and much more.-Teaches your kids notes, beats, rhythms and hand toeyecoordination.-Includes rhythmic and melodic instruments.Music Instruments: Kids include four instrument games.1) Drums: Do you want a drummer in the house? You will have it.Withthe drum set we have drumming will be so fun for you and yourchildwith a full drum kit of bass drum, tom, kick drum, snareandsymbols, your toddler love will feel as a drummer infewseconds.2) Percussion: Do you want more percussive instruments inyourhouse? We have it. The percussion for kids set that is madeofbongos, cowbell, wood block, all made of real recorded soundsjustlet the rhythm flow.3) Piano: Our piano for kids has the sound of a real grand pianoandexcept the 16 notes it also includes all the half notes too,thiswill make you able to play any kid songs you remember fromyourchildhood.4) Xylophone: Specially designed for kids this colorfulxylophonewill teach your kids not only the xylophone for kidssounds butalso colors.To play the musical instrument app is very easy, just tapyourfinger on the colorful instruments and feel that you’re amusicianand enjoy watching your baby play the instruments too. Ifyou wantto feel like a rock star you have the drum kit, formelodies usethe keyboard/ piano and the xylophone for kids, lastbut not leastfor Latin rhythms we have the pull which means owl in Greek aims to make educationalgamesfor kids with this music instruments for kid you willintroduce yourchild to the wonderful world of music, we are anindie game andmultimedia production company located in Greece andwe love what wedo.Have fun !!!
Drum Solo HD - The best drumming game 4.1.9
Have fun and enjoy the amazing experience of drumming withthismultitouch acoustic drum kit simulator. Play this game withyourfingers (as it they were sticks) in your mobile phone ortablet.This drum set game is free, it has fast response, andincludesdifferent sound bank sets recorded with studio quality.Record yoursongs and show them to your friends later. Play musicloud withheadset for a superior experience. Drum Solo HD isdesigned foreveryone: children, percussionists, musicians,drummers... The mainfeatures are: - High number of exclusive demorhythm presets tolearn to play drums - Choose between 4 completeaudio packs:Classic Rock, Heavy Metal, Jazz and Synthesizer -Record your ownsession and later, you can play on it, like a realdrumset machine.Double your experience!. You can record, play andrepeat yourcompositions. You can record un unlimited number ofnotes in yourloops. - Export your sessions to MP3 and share yourprogressionwith your friends - Left-handed mode - Play drums onyour favoriteMP3 songs from your music library - Adjust eachinstrumentindividual volume and global music volume - Immersionhapticfeedback (tactile effects) for a better experience - Unlikemostpercussion apps, drag your finger for different drums and playanincredible solo (watch the video sample) - Multitouch drums.Youcan touch up to 20 fingers simultaneously. - Reverbeffectsimulates a live performance. - Realistic HQ sampled stereosounds,including double kick bass, two toms, floor, snare, hi-hat(openand closed with the pedal), splash, crash, cymbal - HDdrumsimages. - Double bass drum pedal available. - Animations foreachinstrument - Repeat button in order to play continuouslyyourimprovisations (playback mode). - Low latency for the beats(note:depending of your available memory and processor) - 11touchsensitive touch pads. - Very fast loading time - Use itinconjunction with the rest of Batalsoft apps (bass,piano,guitar...) to form your own band. - You can remove adsacquiring alicense Join us onFacebook:
Drum kit (Drums) free 1.5
What to do if you want to play the drum set, but you do not haveit?There is nothing easier! We offer you a simulator drum kit.Playdrums anywhere using your device.What are the advantages ofourapp?- Several types of drum kits.- High quality sound allow youtofeel like a real drummer.- The minimum response delay. This isoneof the most important factors, since at the long delay you justcannot do the normal play.- Play your own audio files from thedevicedirectly into our application. Now you can easily play adrumaccompaniment to your favorite songs!- The ability to not onlyplayhere and now, but also save, play, and loop the playback ofyourtracks. This is especially useful if you play otherinstruments, andyou need to support a drum kit.- Editable positionof the reels. Youcan place the drums on the screen as it will beconvenient for you.-Volume of each drum can be adjusted to yourpreferences.- Hiddenmenu, which will not take up space on thescreen.- The applicationis optimized for screens of any size.- Theapplication can beinstalled on a memory card.- Nice design.Weconstantly develop andimprove our app!
Real Darbuka 1.5.8
The most realistic darbuka,darbouka,doumbek,tabla APPFORFREE.Properties:- High quality graphics.- 7 high-qualitydarbukasounds.- 5 Oriental percussion rhythms with darbuka.-Includingmultitouch drumming darbuka for more realistically.-highleveleffects reverb and delay.-Belly dancer will dance when youplay onthe darbuka.-Ululation.Recommended - For high qualityconnect thedevice to speakers or headphones.The darbuka is a arabicdrum alsoknown as also chalice drum, tarabuka, darbuka, debuka,doumbek,dumbec, dumbeg, dumbelek, toumperleki, or tablah.moreinfo:darbukais a single head membranophone with a goblet shapedbody usedmostly in the Middle East, North Africa, South Asia, andEasternEurope.The African djembe-wassolou is also a gobletmembranophone
Drumate Free - Drum Rudiments 2.0
Delta Phi
Rudiments are basic exercises for drummers meant to increaseyourspeed, ability and creativity when playing the drums. But it'sjustnot enough to play along a single tempo track tomasterthem.Drumate lets you take advantage of the processing powerinyour phone to generate a vast amount of training patterns fromasingle rudiment. This makes it a lightweight and efficientapp,since it needs very little storage space, and it allows youtoexperiment with three practice modes: • Constant: practicetherudiment at a constant speed, with or without rests. This modeisuseful when getting used to the rudiment structure andfeel.•Steps: play for sets of steps, each at its own tempo. You cangofrom a slow to a fast tempo, or the other way round. The lengthofthe steps is adjustable and rests can be included as well. Usethismode to push you further when gaining speed.• Up and Down:start atan initial tempo that will be increased on each bar, untilit getsto a maximum value and then decreases to the initial value.Thismode allows you to practice from "open to close to open" andisgreat to cover a wide range of speed to increase yourresistanceand speed.The rudiments can be filtered by type, and youcan markrudiments as Favorites so you can filter them and focus onsets ofrudiments. It is a great tool for musicians, speciallydrummers andpercussionists. Drumate is the true mate to improveyour drumming!Imyself am a drummer and I developed this app becauseI thought itwas possible to harness the power of phones to do morethan justplay tracks. I have achieved this by creating an algorithmthatuses a single bar of a rudiment to generate diverse andadjustablepractice tracks that I believe will enrich the trainingsessions ofdrummers and interested musicians, while substantiallysaving phonestorage space.The app currently uses Android's internalsynthesizerfor playback, but with your appreciated help andcontribution wheninstalling Drumate Free or purchasing the Premiumversion, I willbe able to buy a software license for better snareand metronomesounds. Your help will also allow me to continueworking as anindependent developer to make it better, listen toyour opinionsand update it.
Electro Music Drum – DJ Mixer 1.1
All new Electro Drum Music Pad ! Make beats and music with freshEDMsample packs! Use new pitch effect to make your beats evenbetter!Watch tutorials from Drum Pads 24 Crew in the Video andTutorialssection!A Top high quality soundtrack and sound designstyle is likereal with amazing vibration animation on play.ElectroDruminterpretation will make your music sound as a producer ofpopularEDM!Playing on the road with signs of professional studioandcollaborate with friends!All new Electro Music Drum Pads Makebeatsand music with fresh EDM sample packs! Use new pitch effectto makeyour beats even better! Watch tutorials from Drum Pads 24Crew inthe Video and Tutorials section!Electro Drum is thegreatapplication to make beats and music on your phone or tabletwithyour fingers.Electro Drum Pads Applications This option allowsyouto discover your sound design style. The course is fun andenjoythe sound design.Dj Mix Drum Pad Electro Mixing your music iseasy- read this - DJ Mix Pad is a mix of powerfulsheetmusic.Electronic Drum Beat Pad 16 high quality studio sound.Thisoption allows you to discover your sound design likeprofessionalstudio sound . You play on acoustic drums, or justlearning?Try our unique electro drums. Connect to speakers orheadphones andplay your drums! Try to play electric drums beforebuying. Anotherkind, a different sound impact, but also very highquality andinteresting!Applications Electro Drum Pads works tocreate musicand songs in different styles. A unique soundtrack andsound designstyle is different.Dubstep all the best traditions, anewmagnifying glass, bits of samples! Combines music, in auniquesimulator console dubstep!Dj Mix Tworzenie MuzykiApplications Thisoption allows you to discover your sound designstyle. The courseis fun and enjoy the sound design.Enjoy Electrosounds Buttons DrumNow you can play Electric Drums. Make beats andmusic with freshHigh Quality soundtrack and sound design style islikereal.Electronic Drum Beat Pad 16 high quality studiosound.Thisoption allows you to discover your sound design likeprofessionalstudio sound . Electro Drum Pads DJMusic interpretationwill make your music sound as a producerof popular EDM! This is abeat app for drum pads, EDM pads. Playingon the road with signs ofprofessional studio and collaborate withfriends! Here you canmake music in beat maker go where beatsapp in making music withmusic pads to launch pad and helps in remixmaker to make soundwith drumpads on touchpad. To play, simplytap your fingers onthe drum. And drum sounds are playedsimultaneously. Choose aweight heavy volume as needed. It soundslike real drums.ElectricDrum Pads to help you design andimagination. Sound design ormusic. Ideal for those who begin todesign sound. It can be easy touse and allows you to evolve interms of design and style ofmusic.What we have inside:>Professional studio sounds> Newsound packs every month> Videoand tutorials> Pitch sliderbar> New fresh designDrummer knowsthat practicing drumsregularly is a way to success.It can be easyto use and allow youto evolve in terms of design and style ofmusic.Electro Drum Padshas different type of samples:✔ Awesomewobbles✔ Base lines✔Different Snares✔ Synth chords✔ Vocals✔ Kiks✔Hi Hats✔ FXYou canplay together with your friends, Electro DrumPads is made foreveryone who likes music, who loves to make beatsand rhythms andfor those ones who just wants to have fun.Thank You!!!
Drums 3
It has long dreamed of learning to play the drums, but there isaproblem with keeping drum kit in the house? We have thesolution!We present you with realistic simulator drums. What aretheadvantages of our app?- Two drum kits: Classical and Hip-Hop.-Highperformance and low latency response, which are very importantfora comfortable game.- Play your own audio files from thedevicedirectly into our application. Now you can easily play adrumaccompaniment to your favorite songs!- You can not just playthedrums, but also record and then play back your tracks,includinglooped them. This can be useful when you play theotherinstruments.- Ability to change the position of the drumsaccordingto your personal preferences.- Volume of each drum can beadjustedto your preferences.- Hidden menu bar, which will notprevent youfrom enjoying the game.- The application can beinstalled on amemory card.- The application is optimized forscreens of anysize.We are improving and supporting this project!
Linear Drum Patterns Generator 1.4
This is app is created to help drummers come up withinterestinglinear grooves and fills.The concept of linear drummingis to playonly one drum or cymbal at a time. It was introduced byfunkdrummers like Steve Gadd, Mike Clark and David Garibaldi,butnowadays the linear drumming concept is adopted in a varietyofdifferent music genres from pop music to death metal. Thoughtheidea sounds really simple, it may take hours to weeks ofpracticeto get some patterns played nice and tasty. Learning trickylineargrooves will bring your coordination and technique to a newlevel.There are lots of videos on Youtube with some particularpatternsand grooves, but Linear Drum Patterns Generator will giveyou muchmore. The app is completely free, there are no ads orhiddenpayments, just use it and have fun.
Metrodrummer metronome and drum machine
Metrodrummer is much more than a metronome ! - Metronome(metronomebeats) and drum machine with rhythm patterns ( Rhythmmachine, drumloops ) - Rhythm functions: Start/Stop, Intro,Standard, Variation,Fill to Standard, Fill to Variation,Percussion, Ending - Timefunctions: Variation +/-, ritardando,accelerando, tempo lock, fadein/out - Ritardando and accelerandomust be editing - 12 Sectionsof rhythms with possibility to uploadup to 24 rhythms for eachsection - User section where to store yourfavorite rhythms withtempo change - Select any tempo from 40(largo) to 300 beats perminute (prestissimo) as a real metronome. -Different types ofmetronome - Speed Trainer - Perfect forpracticing any instrumentsmuch better then a simply metronome -Ideal also for solo and groupmusic practice, teaching, liveperformances, recording session -Metro drummer with realistic drumsounds - A light, easy to use andfun application. Practicing with ametronome seems like a boringand useless thing to do, but withMetrodrummer it's a unique fun.Metrodrummer: train your sense ofrhythm Video of Metrodrummer,metronome and drum more srl - Via Perlasca, 2- 76011 Bisceglie ( BT ) - ITALY
Simple Drum Pads 1.1.2
Simple and fun! This Drum Pads app comes with 32 jam tracks,andwith 25 realistic percussion sounds. It has 11 different drumpadthat you can modify as you like.You have the opportunitytohundreds of different variations.Really easy and simple touse.Quick response time. Supports multi-touch. Have Fun!Features:-HighQuality Sound.- 32 jam tracks.- 25 realistic percussionsounds.- 3Sound FX.- Support Multi-touch.- Simple and easy to use.
Electronic drum kit 1.3
What to do if you want to play the drum set, but you do not haveit?There is nothing easier! We offer you a simulator drum kit.Playdrums anywhere using your device. This app is Electronic drumkitwith cool special electronic sounds. What are the advantages ofourapp?- The minimum response delay. This is one of the mostimportantfactors, since at the long delay you just can not do thenormalplay.- The function of playing audio files from your devicedirectlyin this app. Now you can play the drums to your favoritemusic!- Theability to not only play here and now, but also save,play, and loopthe playback of your tracks. This is especiallyuseful if you playother instruments, and you need to support adrum kit.- The abilityto customize the volume of each drumseparately. No more problemswith the "silent" or "loud"! -Editable position of the instruments.You can place the drums onthe screen as it will be convenient foryou. Moreover, by movingthe drum automatically rotate to thedesired angle to be directedat you.- Panoramic sound. You hear thedrums as if you wereactually in front of them. When you move thedrum sound movesrealictic too. Best of all it can be estimated withheadphones.-Hidden panels, which will not take up space on thescreen.- Nicedezign.In addition, we plan to further develop ourapp!
Simple Drums Basic - Realistic Drum App 1.2.4
Simple Drums Basic, the insanely realistic drum app you cantakeanywhere. Choose from multiple drum sets, Rock, Metal, Jazz,and 24rock solid jam tracks. Even beat to your favorite song onyourdevice. The advanced mixer lets you customize and adjust allyourvolumes independently, just like the pros. Even add hall orroomreverb. Complete with multi-touch and super funrealisticanimations. Jam out with Simple Drums Basic today!Features: -Support Multi-touch. - 25 realistic percussion sounds. -24 jamtracks. - 3 different real drum set. - Reverb FX, Hall &Room.- Animated effects. - Realistic graphic. - Simple and easy touse.
Tabla - Desi Drum 1.12
We Provide you totally free Tabla to learn music of tabla andenjoybeat of tablaTo play it just touch your fingers to fill beat.itssame as like drum pads but its totally desi style of music.itsvery long old culture of music. This is really fantastic desidrum. Best on play store with challenge.Play this indian desi drumandenjoy real virtual tabla taal on your device. user headphoneandfeel real tabla is on your hand.Tabla is a Hindu's percussionmusicinstrument and it also known as darbukkah, darboukaanddumbak.Feature :☺Multiple touch for real tabla playing withyourfingers.☺4 different type of instrument for backgroundmusic.☺12tabla sound/bols for your desi drum pads.☺ Complete RealTabla /percussion Experience.☺ Amazing Vibration animation for RealFill.☺Enjoy every real beat of tabla the sound like heaven.☺HighDefinition Sound System☺ Crystal Clear Sounds☺ Tabla Rhythmforlisten classical tabla for free☺ 8 Tabla taal totally freeNote:For Better Experience kindly use big speaker or earphone tofillreal music. Be Musician ☺
Drum Metronome (MetroDrum) 1.3.0
This app is metronome simple drum pattern that carve preciserhythmsand sophisticated design. Even train the sense of rhythmalone isgood, it is also good to instead of drummer in thesession, Can beused anytime, anywhere, definitive edition of theAndroid app"MetroDrum" appeared! [Function] · 40 can be selectedor morepatterns! - All you have to do is! Just press the Play toselect thepattern! · BPM corresponds to a range of 60-300! · BPMother up anddown buttons of one, can be changed in the three typesof directinput, tap! · ON / OFF of the pre-count function can beselected!And stop when the fill-in can also be selected!
Loopz - Best Drum Loops! 1.5.2
Loopz is a powerful and easy to use drum machine and metronome.Itplays drum loops and you can jam along! An intelligentlydesigneddrum engine let's you change the speed / BPM of eachgroove. Thismakes practicing even more fun. Play along and improveyour timing.No boring metronome, but real drums with a human feel!Loopz canalso help you write your own song: who has ever written ahitwithout a nice rhythm behind it? You can filter beats inyourdesired style of music, BPM and time signature. From a heavyrocksong, to a raw blues rhythm and old school hip-hop to smoothjazz:everything is possible.
Electro Drum Pads 48 1.4
Electro Drum interpretation will make your music sound as aproducerof popular EDM!Playing on the road with signs ofprofessional studioand collaborate with friends!Now you can recordyour rhythmscreated.Simply make beats and music by tappingcolorful pads, eventhough beginners about music theory can createsomething sounds likea popular EDM product with their own hands.In addition, we providemany melodies, which makes this drummachine full of strong playability and endless possibility. Toplay, simply tap your fingers onthe drum. And drum sounds areplayed simultaneously. Choose a weightheavy volume as needed. Itsounds like real drums.Electric Drum Padsto help you design andimagination. Sound design or music. Ideal forthose who begin todesign sound. It can be easy to use and allowsyou to evolve interms of design and style of music.Electro DrumPads Features: ✔With different types of high-quality samples.✔ Makeyour own musictracks, train your finger drumming skills .✔ Mix manysounds andmelodies in real time.✔ Record the music you created.✔Supportshare to YouTube, Instagram, Facebook and Google+✔ Totally48pads.New Feature of Electro Drum Pads✔ Volume control, todiversifyyour music.✔ Electro Drum Pads works even offline.✔ Youcan adjustall sounds with different volume as you like.✔ Fade-in&fade-out effects, to make professional beats.✔ Save all yourbeats& music with fading effects.✔ Electro Music Drum Pads isfreeto download.✔ Support share tracks on social network.✔ Sharebeats,share music, share fun!✔ Most downloaded Electro Drum Padsapp forandroid.Electro Drum Pads music styles* Dubstep* drums*Trap* HipHop* Electro* Techno* Jazz* Drum* Bass* Loop* Synth*Percussion*Melodic* Lead* VocalWhat we have inside:- professionalstudiosounds- new sound packs every month- video and tutorials-pitchslider bar- new fresh designEnjoy Electro sounds Buttons DrumNowyou can play Electric Drums. Make beats and music withfreshHigh-Quality soundtrack and sound design style is likereal.drumpads are a free app for android that simulates vintagedrums inyour smart phones. To play it, just drumming your fingerson thedrum and the sound is played. Enjoy Electro sounds ButtonsDrums.Electro Drum is the amazing application to makebeatsDownloadElectro Music Drum Pads and become a music maker.ThankYou….
Trap Drum Pad Machine 1.0.11
Create grooves and music in trap style. Use a uniquesamplesdesigned by professionals. The sequencer will make yourbeats evenmore interesting and performances easier.
Electro Drum Simulator 1.5
Electro Drum SimulatorYou play on acoustic drums, or justlearning?Try our unique electro drums. Connect to speakers orheadphones andplay your drums! Try to play electric drums beforebuying. Anotherkind, a different sound impact, but also very highquality andinteresting!The game also has a DJ and dubstep! Try tonot onlyrock tools, but also club music! Write down your game, thenputs onrepeat and listen!Dubstep all the best traditions, a newmagnifyingglass, bits of samples! Combines music, in a uniquesimulatorconsole dubstep!Club DJ - DJing, put bits combine all inthe club!Take home a real club for their friends or relatives!Thankyou forplaying with us, leave a comment, it is very important forus infuture updates!
Simple Drums - Deluxe 1.4.6
Simple Drums Deluxe comes with 7 different real drum set, andwith40 Rock, Metal, Reggae, Blues and Jazz jam tracks. You canalsoplay your own MP3 songs from your device, by tapping on theplaybutton and choosing MP3, then selecting from the tracks onyourdevice. Mixer lets you customize and adjust your volumes, youcaneven add hall or room reverb. Really easy and simple to use.Quickresponse time. Supports multi-touch. Jam out with SimpleDrumsDeluxe today!Features:- Multi-touch- High quality audio-24Realistic percussion sounds- 40 Jam tracks- 8 different drumsets-Reverb FX - Hall & Room- Play MP3 From Device- DrumsRecorder-Realistic graphic- Jazz brush Kit- Hi-hat left to rightfeature-Simple and easy to useDrum sets: Rock - Metal - Blues -Jazz -Latin - BasicInstruments: Bass, Snare + (Rim shot), 5 xTomTom, HiHat (open & close), Timbales, Congas.Cymbals (crash +(choke),ride +(Bell), china, splash), Cowbell, Tambourine and snare"sidestick".
SUPER PADS DRUMS - Become a Drummer 2.6
Opala Studios
Super Pads Drums You don't need to be a drummer to make music!SUPERPADS DRUMS is a free app that has a bunch of drums sets readytomake noise, just play with your fingers! You can customizetheposition of the pads and set up your drums set the way youdesire,just click and drag! It's very simple and fun! Take theopportunityto make that freestyle with your friends 😉 MAIN FEATURES• Tutorialvideos on youtube • Multitouch • Studio-quality audio •Easy toplay • Customisable pads position • Works in screenresolutions -Phones and tablets (HD image) JOIN OUR COMMUNITY Havefun makingmusic and share your beats in the social networks withthe#superpadsdrums Join the Super Pads Want to sendus a suggestion? Send anemail to [email protected] SuperPads Drums, simple andfun!
Drums Sheet Reading 1.0.23
Apps Musycom
This is the free version.It includes:- seventy lessons-seventyquizzesThese exercises correspond to several contemporarymusicstyles for the Drum Set:- Rock Pop- Blues Rock- Jazz- Funk-LatinMusic- Fusion On each Lesson you will see a score and youwilllisten to what is written on it with animations of the beatsandthe notes on the staff. You can listen just to the Drum Setbyclicking on the light blue button or you can listen to thewholeband by clicking the dark blue button.On each Quiz you havetoclick on the red rectangle when each of the notes or silencesthatare marked with red take place. There is a maximum of 10rightguesses per Quiz. We recommend not to go further and reviewthecorresponding Lesson if you don´t get a score minimum of 8perQuiz.In the same way as reading piano music, flute music,violinmusic or guitar music, all require practice; reading drumsbecomeseasier if you practice it on a daily basis. Knowing how toreadmusic is very useful if you get drum lessons. Being abletounderstand a music score helps you to get a better understandingofany type of drum beats. Practicing is the key and this app hasbeencreated to let you practice reading drums sheet music whenyoudon´t have your drum set. Music notation for electronic drum setisthe same.Just as a piano player becomes better if hepracticesreading piano sheet music, a drummer becomes better if hepracticesreading drum sheet music.
Simple Drums Free 2.3.6
Simple and fun! This Real Drum app come with three differentdrumset, and with 30 jam tracks! You can also to play drums alongwithother mp3 files on your phone, just using mp3 button! Reallyeasyand simple to use. Quick response time. Supports multi-touch.HaveFun! Features: - Support Multi touch. - 24 realisticpercussionsounds. - 30 jam tracks. - 3 different real drum set. -Jazz brushKit. - Simple and easy to use. Instruments: Bass, Snare,5xTomTom,Hi Hat (open & close), Cymbals (crash, ride, china,splash),Cowbell and snare side stick.
Simple Drums Rock - Realistic Drum Set 1.4.7
Simple Drums - Rock is simple and easy to use. The mainmenupresents you with the 4 realistic drum kits and the drum padstochoose from: tap on one and start jamming! You can tweak thevolumeand tune of each individual cymbal and drum from the mastervolumeoptions, and tapping on the play button presents you with40different rock, metal, and jazz tracks to jam to. You can playtoyour own MP3 tracks - simply by tapping on the play buttonandchoosing MP3, then selecting from the tracks on your device.SimpleDrums - Rock is incredibly responsive to your touch, andsupportmulti-touch playing. And most importantly, the sound qualityisvery pleasing!Really easy and simple to use. Quick responsetime.Supports multi-touch. Have Fun!Features:- SupportMulti-touch.- 25realistic percussion sounds.- 40 jam tracks.- 4different real drumset.- Drum Pads.- Reverb FX, Hall & Room.-Animated effects.-Realistic graphic.- Simple and easy to use.
Drum Solo: Rock! 2.5.3
Have fun and enjoy the amazing experience of playing rockanddrumming with this multitouch acoustic drum kit simulator.Playthis game with your fingers (as it they were sticks) in yourmobilephone or tablet. This drum set game is free, it has fastresponse,and includes different sound bank sets recorded withstudioquality. Record your songs and show them to your friendslater.Play music loud with headset for a superior experience. DrumSolo:Rock! is designed for everyone: children,percussionists,musicians, drummers... The main features are: - Highnumber ofexclusive demo rhythm presets to learn to play drums -Immersionhaptic feedback (tactile effects) for a better experience- Choosebetween 5 complete audio packs: Classic Rock, Modern Rock,HeavyMetal, Jazz and Synthesizer - Multitouch drums. You can touchup to200 fingers simultaneously. - Reverb effect simulates aliveperformance. - Record your own session and later, you can playonit, like a real drum set machine. Double your experience!. Youcanrecord, play and repeat your compositions. You can recordununlimited number of notes in your loops. - Realistic HQsampledstereo sounds, including double kick bass, two toms, floor,snare,hi-hat (two positions with the pedal), 2 crash, splash, rideandcowbell - HD drums images. - Double bass drum available.-Animations for each instrument - Repeat button in order toplaycontinuously your improvisations (playback mode). - Low latencyforthe beats (note: depending of your available memory andprocessor)- 13 touch sensitive touch pads. - Very fast loading time- Use itin conjunction with the rest of Batalsoft apps (bass,piano,guitar...) to form your own band. Join us onFacebook:
Simple Drums Pro - The Complete Drum App 1.2.3
Simple Drums Pro comes with 3 different drum sets i.e Metal,Rockand Jazz. It also contains 32 Metal, Rock and Blues/Jazzjamtracks. You can also play with your own MP3 songs from yourdevice,by tapping on the play button and then selecting from thetracks onyour device. Mixer lets you customize and adjust yourvolumes foreach drum and cymbal independently. You can also modifyany of thecymbals by pressing and holding (long press) cymbal andchoosing anew cymbal from the cymbal menu. From the menu, you willfind 9different type of cymbals (4 x Crash, 3 x Splash, Ride,andChina).Quick response time. Supports multi-touch. Jam outwithSimple Drums Pro today!Features:- Multi-touch- ChangeableCymbalsand Toms- Animation FX- Record drums- Play MP3 From yourDevice- 3different Drum set- 38 Realistic percussion sounds- 32 Jamtracks-Reverb & Echo Sound FX- Metronome- High-qualityaudio-Realistic graphic- Hi-hat left to right feature
Dubstep Pads 3.16
Kolb Apps
Create your Dubstep with this Drum Pads application style!Anapplication made ​​for Android system, lightweight, fun and easytouse. Try it! There are 90 drum pads with different beats,vocalsand loops for you to create the perfect beat and become a DJ.Ifyou already enjoys Dubstep you will love this app! If you donotknow the style, Dubstep is a genre of electronic music thatemergedin South London in the early 2000s, a style that is markedby thesound of strong bass lines, patterns of reverberatingdrums,clipped samples, and occasional vocals. An infectious beat!Thisapp is the most full Dubstep Drum Pads on the Google Play. Anidealapplication for DJs and Music Producers. With it, besidescreatethe beat, you can record your own voices and use it in themixes.But it serves very well for amateurs, it is simple, intuitiveandeasy to play. Please refer to Dubstep Pad app: * Multi Touch *6complete kits of dubstep music * 90 realistic sounds * Studioaudioquality* Like a Drum Pads* Easy to play* For DJs and amateurs* 3Examples * Recording Mode * Export your records to mp3* Worksonall screen resolutions - Cell Phones and Tablets (HD Images) *FreeThe app is free. But you can remove all advertisements buyingalicense! Experience the best Google Play Dubstep app! IdealforDJs, producers, musicians and artists.
Drum kit 4.5.0218
The Drummer Drum Kit is a multi touch drumming applicationwhichprovides the best experience of finger drumming.It comes fromatop-down view and gives you an instant drum kit at your fingertipsand includes sampled sounds of a variety of snares, cymbals, atomand a nice kick drum for that extra thumb.DrumKit coolestfeaturesare:Movable drums and percussions (bass, snare, toms,multiplecrash, ride, hi-hat ... everything what you will everneed!)Thisapp is designed for drummers, percussionists, musicians,artistsand all public in general who likes to play drumsmusicalinstrument!Submit your question or feedback on usingthisapplication to us.Email: [email protected]
Band Live Rock (drum, bass, guitar, piano, mic) 3.0
Have fun with a full band to play live music in this freeRockSimulator. Five games in one: be a hero on Drum, Guitar, PianoandBass, and mix your tracks in your mobile phone or tablet. Fromthecreators of Drum Solo HD, in Band Live Rock you have arecordingstudio with multi tracks. You can enjoy a singleinstrument, or youcan expand your creativity composing full songs,recordingindividually each instrument, while listening the rest.Record yoursongs and show them to your friends later. Play musicloud withheadset for a superior experience. Band Live Rock isdesigned foreveryone: children who want to learn musicalinstruments,percussionists, bassists, guitarists, musicians,drummers,pianists, music players in general, etc. The main featuresare: -Sound bank sets have been recorded with studio quality.-Multitouch drums with double kick bass for a betterdrummingexperience. - Grand Piano containing nice sounds. -Acoustic Guitarwith nylon strings. - Electric Bass. - Record yourown track on asession with an instrument and later, you can play onanother one.Double your experience!. You can record and play yourcompositions.You can record un unlimited number of notes in yourmultitrackloops. - Mix your tracks on the mixing table. You canadjust volumeand mute individual tracks. - With your band you canplay anymusical style: Classic Rock, Modern Rock, Pop, Heavy Metal,Jazz,etc. Join us onFacebook:
MixPads 2-Dubstep Drum Pads Dj 4.3
By bringing together our experience and your feedback, we havemadenew MixPads 2 Meet: NEW SOUND MixPads 2 - free music makerhavebrand new original and powerful sound packs in differentmusicstyles: dubstep, trap, cloud rap, glitch and etc. Sample packswithfree beats will be updated and supplemented . Create tracksinpopular and underground music genres UPDATED DESIGN With thenewdesign navigation in the our dj music mixer eveneasier.Concentrate only on the most important things . SHARE MUSICWITHFRIENDS Just press the record button and start creatinghits.Alltracks you can save to SD card and will send to friends .TUNE UPVOLUME With a convenient sound mixer you can set up thevolume andpan for music loops . You can easily supplement your DJset withour sounds . REMOVE ALL UNNECESSARY? We have left only themostnecessary functions for creating HQ dj mixes and musiccreations .Focus on making music, melodies and drum beats WHO CANUSE IT? Youare beat maker, musician , dj or music producer ? Or doyou justwant to spend time cheerfully and profitably? Everyone canfindsomething useful in our dj software TURN ON HQ SOUND FX Useaudiofilters and effects such as delay and reverb . MIxpads 2 -Drumpads & dj music mixer for making remixes; You canrecordtracks, songs , create new music and easily make beats.Noweveryone can make music and record songs.Enjoy!
Drum Grooves Arranger 1.6.1
With 'Grooves Arranger' you can create, SAVE and export drumtracksby combining various drum patterns: + Playback via soundfonts+Soundfont with 13 drum kits included: (Rock, Jazz,Dance,Electro,...)+ Over 1500 drum grooves included (easilyextendable)+Export the final pattern sequence as WAV or MIDI file+Extract thedrum tracks from "normal" MIDI song files+ Change tempoduringplayback+ Apply effects: Distortion, Flanger, Reverb,Chorus+Gapless looping + Add cymbals on beat #1 to vary a pattern+Filesystem based drum pattern browser + Examine asoundfont'ssample/key assignmentsNote: Saving drum tracks is onlypossible inthis full version, but not in the free version!...Morefeatureswill be added in future:+ More pattern/beat editingoptionsNote:Currently this app is "only" a drum player and arrangeron patternlevel, but not on beat level, ie. not capable of creating*new*patterns like a beat sequencer.But as a pattern is just aMIDIfile, you could use your prefered MIDI file editor tomodifypatterns or to create new ones.Support&Feedback------------------The "Help & Info" menu insidethe appoffers a way to submit feedback, ie. ask a question, makeasuggestion or report a bug!Please report any error youmightencounter or directly to [email protected] finally, if youlikethis app - RATE IT !Keywords: Drum, Groove, Beats, Midi,player,Loops
Drum Pads Guru 1.22
Drum Pads Guru - is a sampler and drum machine for creation musicinvarious music styles(FutureBass,Trap,House,Funk,Hip-Hop,EDM,Electro and others). Makebeatswith ready to use presets (sound packs) and samples!Compose!Compete in beat making skills with your friends. Easycontrol andseparation pads by color make creation of newmasterpieces verypleasant and easy. *** Drum Pads Guru keyfeatures: - New FreePresets released every month and frequently -Flexible sequencer -Record you track and share with friends -Editable samples pitchhelps you to make different sounds - Editablepad modes. You canchose between Hold and Tap Mode - Big wonderfulsound library invarious music styles created by PRODJs(Dubstep,Hip-Hop,Trap,EDM,Future Bass,Electro,Chill etc.) -Videoand tutorials for beginners - No more need update up to getnewpresets. New Presets will come automatically - Notificationaboutnew Presets - Supports all screen resolutions and devices -Easyand intuitive interfac - It's Free *** Join Drum PadsGurucommunity and follow us here: -Youtube VK -Twitter Enjoy the music!
Learn to play Drums 1.0.24
Apps Musycom
Start playing Rock, Blues, Jazz and other contemporary stylesonDrums. Drum lessons are fun with this app.Playing the Drum Setcanbe easy if you practice with dedication, that is the key tobecomea good drummer. What you will learn in this app can be playedonany drum kit: acoustic drum set or electronic drum set.Withthisapp you don´t need to know how to read drum sheet music.Eachlesson shows you through animations what you have do. Whileyouplay the lessons you will intuitively understand how toreadmusic.How to play guitar, how to play piano or how to playdrums isdone step by step. With this app you begin with easy drumspatternson the first Rock lessons and then you move into morecomplex drumrhythms on Funk and Latin Music sections. This is thefreeversion.It includes seventy lessons on the followingcontemporarymusic styles:- Rock (15)- Blues (15)- Jazz (5)- Funk(15)- LatinMusic (15)- Fusion (5)Each lesson is integrated by foursections.-You will see animations that visually show how to playyour part onthe Drum Set.- You will see animations of the notes onthe staff tohelp you understand how to read music in an easy way,while youplay.- You can listen the whole band to get an idea of thefinalresult. - You can play at a slow speed and just listen toyourinstrument. - You can play it at normal speed. - When you arereadygo to the “d” section and play it while you listen the rest oftheband. You have to integrate your part to the ensemble.-Whilepracticing you can click on the bar from which you want torepeat.
Remixlive - drum & play loops 3.3.7
The essential app for instant remixing, powered by prosamples.Winner of Google Play's "Most Innovative Apps" award. Mixloops,drum on pads & make tracks in minutes. Shape the soundwith FXs& sample editing. Record great music & share it! “Averyintuitive way to make professional-sounding tracks” – DJMag"Remixlive is a breath of fresh air" – DJTechTools "I could keepacrowd happy for an hour with the Deep House pack" – DJWORXKeyfeatures • Launch loops in perfect sync. • Finger drum inrealtime. • Shape the sound with 6 live-controllable FX + 6 beatrepeatpads. • Import songs from your library. • Ableton Link: playinsync with any Link-compatible app or Ableton Live. •Advancedsample editing: ADSR, Transpose & Reverse. • PadRecording:capture sounds through the device's mic. Bringing loopsand fingerdrumming together, Remixlive opens new creativepossibilities tolay down ideas in the spur-of-the-moment. Fingerdrum in real timeusing percussion and note samples, with anadditional “Drum” gridalongside the existing “Loop” Grid. Recordpatterns to jam with anew set of original loops. With an overdubmode and an extra gridthat you can fill with new patterns, the onlyboundary is theimagination. Record live input through the device'smicrophone andcapture any sound, voice or instrument. Fine-tuneyour sounds likein a DAW production software by editing theirlength and envelope(ADSR). Launch several samples per column inmultiple mode tocreate rich and layered sounds. Change the tempo,adjust samples'tone or play them in reverse mode, all in real time!Finger​​drumming​ ​mode • Tap the beat in the extra “Drum” gridwithpercussion & note samples. • Record patterns thanks toaloop-based sequencer — with overdub. • Grouped (Link)&exclusive (Shock) triggering. • Route each pad to a mixer line—with its associated color. Control​ ​everything​ ​in​ ​real​​time• Tap Tempo and Live BPM control — with time-stretch. • Playinsync with any Ableton Link-compatible app. • 6 live-controllableFX(Delay, Filter, Flanger, Reverb,etc.). • 6 Beat repeat padsfrom1/16th to 2 bars. Complete​ ​remix​ ​toolbox • Mixer: EQs,levels,filters & Mute/Solo on each channel. • Sample editor:Gain,Pan, ADSR, Transpose, Reverse & more. • Capture externalsoundsthrough the mic. Sounds​ ​for​ ​every​ ​taste:​ ​50+​​sample​​packs • Grid: 24 pads on mobile, 48 on Tablet. • 96samples perpack: 48 loops/FX and 48 drum/note samples. • 50+ samplepacks,including artist packs by Carl Cox & DJ Vadim. • Coloredpads:16 colors to customize your grid. Import/Export • Import WAV,AAC,M4A, MP3, Ogg, MP4 files (16/24 bits, 32 sec. max). • Export&import packs between devices. • Record your performance &shareit via email or SoundCloud.
Drum is a FREE application that simulates perfectly a realdrum.Thekits have HIGH QUALITY STEREO sound (using a earphone youwillreally IMPRESSED).Very simple and easy to play! The bestdrumaround the world!Now you can tap a drum WITH REAL SOUNDSanywhere(at home, on the street, on the bus, or where themusicalimagination take away).There are ready kits, but simply holdyourfinger on the drum part to change the sound and set yourCUSTOMkit.DOWNLOAD Drum right now, and feel in a studio or stageplayingthe bigger sound.An application made by musicians forALL.Havefun!!!Kit 1 - TraditionalKit 2 - StudioKit 3 - Electronic1Kit 4 -LiveKit 5 - Electronic 2Kit 6 - Old School
Rude Practice Pad - Play Drums 0.11.0
The Rude Practice Pad is the perfect training tool for drumsetplayers, percussionists, marching bands and drum lines.Fromstudent to pro – there is always something you can work on inthisselection of drum rudiments and hybrid rhythms. From phone topador tablet – this app adapts and provides large, crispnotationtogether with easy search and navigation. From silent nightto fullband practice – select visual indication, metronome or playalongwith a selection of real snare drum sounds. From schooltoself-studies – the many ways to list and sort, together with uptodate suggestions and video lessons makes this the best tool foranydrummer. And it's social too.The Rude Practice Pad app will:*Showand play all 40 official drum rudiments, with name andorderaccording to PAS (Percussive Arts Society).* Show and play 100ofthe most common hybrid rudiments.* Show and play 96 classicStickControl exercises.* Let you select different snare drum soundsforthe playback. * Realistically reproduce even flams, diddlesandpress rolls, thanks to the new sound engine and sample player.*Visually indicate where you are in the pattern, synchronizedwiththe built-in metronome.* Navigate quickly and intuitivelybetweenrudiments and tempos. * Suggest rhythms to practice,including a“Rudiment of the day” feature.* Sort and list rudimentsaccordingto the essential, original, standard, the quadrants etc.*Sharerhythms via mail or Bluetooth. Post on Facebook. Tweet onTwitter.* Keep the tempo using the most accurate metronome engineavailableon Android.* Allow tempo adjustments between 20 and 240BPM.* Linkto textual descriptions and instructional videos showingall the 40official rudiments, on pad and examples applied to drumset. (Thevideos and examples are published itis small (only about 1 MB including allimages and sounds!),requires no strange permissions or Internetaccess, is easy to useand – not to forget – affordable.I wouldreally appreciate commentson how this small app behaves, looks andperforms on differentAndroid versions and hardware models. If youmail me at software(at) I will quickly get back toyou with updatedversions or questions and answers if needed.Ofcourse, anysuggestions for additional features, improvements andcorrectionsof the content are welcome. Use the software (at)skrivarna.commail address for this as well.And yes, I am aware thatsome of therudiments, official or not, have different possibleinterpretationsin how they are named, played and notated. In mostcases I haveused the most common form (as far as I understand), butthere isalso a trade-off in making the notation viewable on a smallscreen.If you have a strong opinion on this and think I have madethewrong choice, don't hesitate to contact me. I will do my best tobeas correct as possible.
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