Top 6 Apps Similar to Flock Messenger

The best and funniest way of deciding!Who better than yourownsocial network helping you to take decisions? They are whobestknow you since basically you share your life with them! Letthemhelp you and never again take a bad decision!When you closeyourquestions you'll discover who of your contacts know you themostand to whom you influence! You'll also see how you influenceonyour friends!You can chose how can help you: your friends or inananonymous way the whole world!What are you waiting for?Startflocking! ;)
Flock: Team Communication App v4.6
Flock is a communication app for teams. Packed with tonsofproductivity features, Flock drives efficiency and boosts speedofexecution.It lets you connect with your team, get on videocalls,manage projects with to-dos, polls and reminders andintegrate yourmost favourite apps. All of this and more over abeautifulinterface! Flock is already being loved by teams in over25,000organisations across the world.Here’s why you would too:Realtimedirect and group messaging, synced across devicesVideo andaudiocalling with hassle free screen sharing capabilitiesFilesharing onpersonal and group chatsViewing polls and to-dos createdfrom yourdesktop appintegrations with your favourite tools likeTrello,Twitter, Hubot and GitHub Flock is free to use for as manyusersand for as long as you want. You can upgrade to our paid plansformore features and increased user control.Follow us on FacebookandTwitter @flock
flok - Loyalty Cards App 7.2.6
flok (formerly LoyalBlocks) is the FREE mobile rewards card appthathelps you discover nearby businesses with loyalty programs andstartearning rewards. Join the club. Get rewarded.flok offers itsloyaltycard app at a wide variety of businesses including coffeeshops,salons, restaurants, retailers, and more. So wherever yougo,rewards will follow.Most businesses offer a reward just forjoiningtheir loyalty club, so you get rewarded as soon as youdownload theapp!Rewards everywhere! flok clubs can offer rewardsfor joining theclub, checking in, inviting friends to join, yourbirthday, or justbecause they love you.How it works: *Discoverplaces near you thatoffer flok rewards and join their clubs(remember - it is totallyFREE)*Get a punch on your digital punchcard every time you visit*Earn even more rewards by checking inwhen you visit *Redeemrewards whenever you want!For questions,comments, or feedback,please be in touch with us: [email protected]
Red Dialer 1.0.13
In 9 Year we have provided hundredsofstartupsa stepping stone into Mobile Dialer industry. Our focusison growthand our solutions have kept our resellers ahead oftheflock. Mostcustomers have grown to be market leaders intheirregion with astrong brand of their own, while we continue toofferthem theexcelled back end needed.• Use SIP Initiation Protocol• Support G729, ILBC, GSM, G711 codec• Compatible with EDGE, GPRS, 2G,3G,4G,Wi-Fi &VPNAccesspoints• Low bandwidth (4kbps) on g.729 codec• Improved Jitter Buffer for low speed internet• User friendly interface• Crystal clear voice quality• Flexible integration with your Phone Book contacts• Compatible with all Soft Switches, supporting SIP• Unpredictable Branded Dialer offering ondemandcustomization• Most satisfactory Anti-Block Solution• Unique RED Tunneling• Display Balance• No extra Balance server is required• Dialed/Received Call History• Call timer• It works from any block or unblock country as UAE,OMAN,KSAetc.• Best Free Net Dialer for GCC
Flock'in 2.2.353
Flockin app ti permette di scoprire intemporeale quello che accade attorno a te.Cerca sulla mappa i luoghi più frequentati e guarda come si muovelatua città!▶ URLO LIBERO!Cosa si dice in giro? Apri Flockin e guarda sulla mappa !Sei libero di lasciare il tuo urlo sulla mappa, attenzione soloper24 ore!Più il tuo shout ha interazioni più aumenta la durata divisibilitàsulla mappa.▶ PARTECIPA AGLI EVENTI:Se sei ad un evento segnalato sulla mappa fai checkin nelloSPOT,attiverai la chat con tutti i partecipanti all’evento!Un ottimo modo per rimanere in contatto ;)▶ CHAT DI FLOCKTi immagini di poter chattare con tutte le persone vicino ate?In aula studio…A lezione…La sera in giro...Con la chat di flock puoi contattare tutti i flockers attornoate, se sei ad un evento puoi anche condividere le foto deimomentiTOP !*******Flockin valorizza la tua privacy e mantiene l'anonimatoconpersone sconosciute.Flockin rispetta la batteria del tuo smartphone con unsistemainnovativo che permette di geolocalizzarti senza averebisogno GPSattivoRispetta Flockin e gli altri flockers, fai attenzione a ciòcheURLI !Flockin app allows youtofind out in real time what is happening around you.Search on the map of the most popular places and see how itmovesyour city!▶ SCREAM FREE!What's the buzz around? Open flockin and looks on the map!You're free to leave your scream on the map, only focus for24hours!More your shout has more interaction increases the durationofvisibility on the map.▶ PARTICIPATES IN THE EVENTS:If you are at an event marked on the map you checkin in SPOT,youwill activate the chat with all participants at theevent!A great way to stay in touch;)▶ CHAT TO FLOCKCan you imagine to be able to chat with all the peoplearoundyou?Classroom study ...A lesson ...In the evening around ...With the flock chat can contact all flockers around you,ifyou're at an event, you can also share the photos of themomentsTOP!*******Flockin enhances your privacy and maintains the anonymitywithstrangers.Flockin respects the battery of your smartphone with aninnovativesystem that allows geolocalizzarti without requiringactive GPSRespects flockin and other flockers, be careful what URLI!
Telegram with GetGems 3.0.2
Daniel Peled
Convenience Is King!GetGemsmakeshandlingpayments as simple as sending a text message.Why Use GetGems? Simple, Free,Secure&ProfitableMessaging🎉 🎉REWARDING. Earn free Gems by:🎁 Daily checkin🎁 Inviting your friendsREDEEM YOUR GEMS THROUGH:🎁 Amazon Gift Card🎁 eBay Gift Card🎁 iTunes Gift Card🎁 Starbucks Gift Card🎁 GameStop Gift Card★ GROUP CHAT & SHARING: Form large group chats ofupto200members, send broadcasts to up to 100 contacts atatime,quicklyshare large videos, documents (.doc, .ppt, .zip,etc.),andsend anunlimited amount of photos to your friends.★ CONTEXTUAL STICKERS: Make conversationscreative,funnyandamusing★ RELIABLE: The most reliable messaging system evermade.Itworkseven on the weakest mobile connections.★ SECRET CHATS: Self-destruct timer andend-to-endencryptionsoyour messages can only be read by theintendedrecipients.★ SHARE and RECEIVE Gems and Bitcoin fromanywhereintheworld.★ GROUP PAYMENTS: Simple to split bills with friends.★ SAFE: Hardware-encrypted protected SPV wallet.★ FAST: Send and receive payment in seconds,onlineandbetweenfriends.★ CLOUD BASED: Lets you access yourwalletfrommultipledevices.★ MERCHANT SERVICES: Bitcoin is Accepted byover100,000businessessuch as Dell, Expedia, and Overstock.★ SECURE: All your data is heavily encrypted.----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Conversations about money are already happeningonTelegramMessengeras people chat about bar tabs, splittingdinnerbills,and sharingthe cost of an Uber. GetGems helps thecurrent65million activeTelegram users to easily make payments inthesameplace theconversation started.----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Join our G+ community to report bugs, share ideas,getintouchwithotherGetGemsusers: client is based on the official Telegramapp(withsourcecode here:
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