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GPS Navigation , Earth Map and Travel Direction 1.3
Live Street View Map: Earth Navigation app is offering forandroidusers and work on 2G & 3G internet connection, saveroute onceand get offline navigation. Navigation & directionapp giveeasy driving assistance, driving directions and find foodplaces onHD visual maps. Save visited location history with date& timedriving direction, gps map accurate location finder &voicenavigation guide. You can explore all indian village &townMaps, UK live navigation map, Traffic alerts, fast way find,plan,record create and save your trip history. 3D Street view ofworldmaps is best mapping and routes finding app for cityassistance andjourney planner. Satellite view with pocket earthmaps and gettingaround places on visual maps & navigation. Seesatellite streetview of buildings and live inside street view ofbig markets, mallmap, road condition, tourist places and easytraffic updates withturn by turn walking and car navigation.Calculate car bus or bikespeed with speedometer, direction withcompass & more gpsinformation on one screen. World Street Viewand maps finder apphas amazing features: determine any location onworld map to seebuildings, find filling station, save time &money, discovernature maps street view & earth map view, streetby streetroute finder, 2D map clues, 3D map, make driving &walkingroute quest, Satellite map, shares your location and searchnearbypublic places, save your parking car location and make routetoeasy find with live street view map and indoor map. Live streetisbest route transit top mapping and navigator without internetapp.Live street view app will show you the live view of places,whereyou plane your trip with full dedication destination view map.ThisApp provide accurate direction on compass, speedometer,sunrise& surest on one screen. Get airline and hotelsinformation inUSA, India, Russia, Canada, Dubai map and planebooking accordingto tour? This app will help you as a trip guider,play view, citynavigation jps, map of Moscow and driving directionat worldwide.Get direction route of any local area, find place withearth maptools.. Street view: 3D Location satellite map appdesigned withfull great mapping features; in public places you cansearch anytourist location in any region, any direction for safeand save astraveling assistant. If you lost in another area yourjob is thatyou just tap on the current location and share thelocation withfriends, relative and family for meeting. Live StreetView Map:Earth Navigation app you stay in other cities or countriesand youwant to go in public place, and you want to visit naturalplace,Just that open app and search places nearby for example(Restaurant, hospitals, public place, food point). In lovelypublicplace, app updates you every turn by turn and road by road.In the3d street app, you can find route & road from currentlocationto destination with 2D map and 3D map. New street 3D viewapp veryhelps during the walking route time. In 3D map, you can seeAnyBuilding, any street etc. I am Proud of our team because theywerestruggling for the users, Developed the App for thedifferentpurpose with helpful features. Now you can easily searchshooingmalls, food places. car connected map. See global livestreet viewof places before go there. all Europe city map view.Features ofLive Street View Map: Earth Navigation: All Indianvillage &town live street map 2D, 3D and satellite Map See livebuildingsand streets on time map Route from current location todestinationUse amps in different ways satellite, normal, streetview andhybrid Turn by turn navigation and route update Showdistance andtravel time during route Up-to-date map User friendlyinterfacePlanning of Routes and information for lovely Areas FreedownloadsSmall size 3D Building Auto Detect the current location
Earth Map Live GPS: Street View Navigation Transit 1.3
Explore the whole world on your device, see clear Map earthstreetview with routes & navigation. Earth tracking withsatelliteview is very simple & easy, this is user-friendlytrackingapplication which gives you more feature of earth mapping,routetracking, location share and save backup history of easyaccess fornext time. GPS Live Earth Map and street map direction istheextraordinary places search with Live Location satellite worldmapview and tracking my movements with gps tracker, gps tagsmartrack,ndrive route planner custom maps and advanced earth mapis free onandroid platform, this app provide multiple map typessatellitemap, 2d custom map, 3d navigation map and informationabout all theworld places & fast track airports railwaystations, bus stop,airlines for online tickets booking. Earth MapRoute Tracking 2018allows you to explore the global world wiselocation with a swipeof just your thumb in less than time. Explorelandmarks of worldmap of India, London map, united state map withlive satellite viewof buildings. Find your home and search allplaces aroundworldwide; Favorite, tourists, hospital, business,shopping mallsor other places with live street view, streetpanorama directionsand satellite view. Live tracking &navigation earth map willhelp you get route, street map view withdistance, time calculator& indicazioni stradali. By using GPSfree Live Earth Map carnavigate and track the world location moreaccurately. Earth Maplive GPS: Speedometer & Navigation is FreeGPS navigation app.GPS Route Tracking Finder application has afacility of findingyour current location path between two givencoordinates, findtransits etc. Earth map Live GPS: Speedometer& Navigation isgenius app uses gps navigation for trackingroute with turn by turnvoice direction guidance. This app has thefeature of terrain andsatellite view Germany map, map of Russia,Dubai map location,mapa. This app is allow to track your speed onspeedometer free,very easy to use speedometer gps, velocipede inKMPH, and usecompass to locate ring gauge, true north, kompass forqebladirection, magnetic north and best hiking free compass. EarthMaplive GPS is allow to search transits, hotels for bookingandreservation of luxury rooms and flats. Core features of GPSLiveEarth Map Don’t worry about the places where you want go, justseelive 3d view nav free map of that place with earth live mapviewapp. GPS Navigate free direction with live traffic status,vehicletracking system & marine traffic or direction onkompass. Seeclear 3D mapas view. Carry it as traveling earth mapplanner andDrive assistance. See the world map view with Edinburghstreet map.3D earth map with navigational earth rotate feature.Live streetview earth planner. Determine earth location, turn byturn autore-route facility. Discover natures and 3D street view ofearth.Make safe, easy and shortest driving route. all famouscountriesmap, Europe gps Map, map for India. Map for Brazil. Mapfor turkey.Map for china and many more countries are listed. GPSLive EarthMap is android auto Driving assistance app because speedboxfeature is speed radar is most accurate speedometer trackingautoyour exact you broken speedometer of your car with GPSCarnavigation. Earth Map Live GPS: Speedometer &NavigationFeatures: See the world in update point of view Drivewithspeedometer Updated Satellite status Show accurate direction ongpscompass Available all local languages Determine autocurrentlocation Auto reroute function if you forgot take sharp turnSeeall countries map and boarder of all countries Find youraccuratedriving, railway and walking route Available free on playstore Upto date gps live earth map Speaking and written distance,timeinstructions Satellite view – Enjoy the view from the space24/7Maps, Traveling Routes, Navigation, currentlocation&Directions uses and Open Street clear Map
Live Street View Navigation Map: Satellite Earth 1.1
Best live street view map and default offline routes navigationappwill guide you about routes and navigation around the world.Thisapp will allow you to visit virtual 3D building view ofallcountries, Europe Live Map, India live map, UAE live mapwithnavigation, direction and exact date, time &Distancemeasurement. We introduced “Live Street View NavigationMap:Satellite Earth” app allows you Determine and inhibition theLiveearth Map, Live Building, Traffic status, satellite map view&3D Map view.You can see any visiting point as a live GPS viewandnearby public place and satellite views with Live StreetViewNavigation Map: Satellite Earth. Live street view earthnavigationapp is all in all because you can see that point whereyou want togo and make a 2D & 3D shortest and easy routesbetween twodestinations. You can get your exact current locationand sharewith family & friends. Free Download the Live StreetViewNavigation Map: Satellite Earth App and enjoy the earthlivenavigation satellite view and route guidance &Directionfeatures on your android mobile and give valuablefeedback.LiveEarth Street View Map & Route Navigation app hasability toshow you all world clear streets live view. You can seethe worldseven wonders and some new wonders of the global world.But it maynot to show 3D view of some places due to unavailability.Get easyroute & Direction to visit these wonders. Live StreetViewNavigation Map: Satellite Earth, direction Guide app isveryhelpful. You can see a live view of abroad beauty, naturalviews,earth map information, gps voice navigation, global satellitemapview and other live maps views Hybrid & normal. Outdoorandindoor map is an amazing feature of this app. If you make aplanand want to go there so you can see the visual live view,Building,traffic status before going there, and you can see andmake easyand shortest 2D & 3D route with traveling timeandkilometers.Live earth street view map provides a facility toyou.If your stay in other countries You can see the nearby placeaslike Restaurant, hospitals, public place, food point etc.Travelingapplication is updating your location every turn by turnand roadby road every moment. If you travel to other cities orcountriesand want to inform & Invite your family or friendabout yourvisiting location but you don’t know about your locationaddress,so you can share your location with them.SpeedometerLiveGPS KartaNavigation & direction application allow to use speedmeter forthe check speed limits of your car through simplespeedometer. BestSpeedometer is very easy to use. Speedometer isbest speed boxchecker and shown your speed in digits through GPSSpeedometer& digital odometer. This Speedometer application isbest forthe every rider to check the traveling speed with mostaccuratespeedometer. Features of Live Street View Map: satelliteEarth:Live map view with streets view and route directionLatestandupdated gps mapTravel around the world & easy find placesATM,Hospital, Shopping mall etc.Update your current location mapeveryturn by turn gps voice alertMake 2D & live 3D routes to goanywhereMake easy and shortest offline routeGet directions,navigationand street map viewFree available on play store.
Instant Street View - Global Satellite Earth Map 3.0
“Instant Street View & Maps” – Satellite EarthNavigationapplication can let you search Google map and see yourarea Googlestreet view both function. Similar to Google earth maps.InstantStreet View Maps uses maps satellite to fetch your locationonpanorama and gives location of your street for a 360 degree andaclear picture of traffic in your area with google earth. Itsverysimple and easy to use. It is free to download Maps, GPSNavigation& Street view . Instant Street View & SatelliteMaps app isdesigned to help you and understand your exact locationwith mapview. 3D Street view app is very amazing and helpfulapplication.Instant Street View & 3D Maps Navigation Features:• GetRealistic Street View Map with zoom capability. • Advanced,updatedand interactive 3D maps • Highly Quality Panoramic 360 ViewwithMap Navigation. • Very light in size. • View Someone's Houseoranother places Via Satellite. • Beautiful and userfriendlyMaterial Design. • Draw route using Earth Map and seeNavigationmore details. • Travel around the world and navigateusing anytransportation. • Navigation with local traffic help youfind thefastest route. Satellite View Allow you to determine Yourlocationand view building around you or in any point all over worldalsoTraffic Status And Updated Maps. Maps range from satellite mapstostreet view as well as Traffic and transit maps are available:•Instant Street view – See exteriors for museums, restaurantsandmany more • Traffic maps – See current traffic status and helptoavoid traffic • Walking maps – Explore your city on-footwithdetailed walk-friendly maps • Hiking GPS – Find hiking trailsorplan your next backpacking trip too • Satellite view from“Googlemaps” – Enjoy the Satellite view from the space InstantStreet View- Global Satellite Earth Map, provides Instant streetview forworld's seven wonders and also share Instant street viewfor famousplaces. High precision and beautiful digital compass.This compasssupports magnetic north and true north calculated usingnetwork orGPS location coordinates, which can be copied, shared andviewed ina map. GPS Speedometer can track your speed, time,location andalso can get start time, time elapsed etc. Your phoneis now afully functional analog speedometer. Analog speedometershows speedjust like your car's speedometer using a dial and aneedle.Download now Instant Street View & Maps Satellite Viewand getnews of every single street from worldwide…!!!
Live Map & Street View – Satellite Navigator 1.0
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GPS Live Map & Street View – Satellite Navigator is worldfamousStreet global earth navigation maps view street world famousplacesmaps view determine your 3d location of wonderful places oftheworld. View satellite earth route finder map Street viewonlinelocation maps traffic route guide find building GPS routefinderaround you panorama 3d view city street view live my locationorsatellite earth love map street view every maps in any pointallover famous street world also best maps traffic Status liveglobalearth map street and Updated Maps. Traffic Live Street Guide.Street Global Live View – Earth Navigator Map View live mapsNaturehas a tendency to satellite earth map destroy because oflivestreet view satellite world map. Street view live streetmapOutdoor activities streets view world geo map locator requirestheinstallation live street view map recorder map view free.Livestreet view map driving route finder earth street map livecorrectaiming of a satellite earth smart view map. gps speedometerstreetviewer map satellite dish with live street viewer map hd.StreetGlobal Live straight view aiming the live satellites localviewmaps route view. street viewer Dish is GPS location earthproaccomplish finding through GPS location trackerleft/rightadjustments street view live 2018 and street view 2k18live mapgradual street view traveller up/down map view and streetview tothe live street view dish while goal street mounted withgpsmountain locator. GPS route finder live 3d view while manypeoplerely on a GPS travel location app street viewtravellerprofessional to provide this live maps street viewguidinginstallation with panorama travel 3d view. World offlinemaps livesatellite view 3d you GPS location app can installsatelliteyourself street view earth map live viewing 3D. Streetsview mapreceive mobile locator live 3d view live maps satelliteview 3d andlive global earth map street spy traffic streetprogramming on yourtelevision GPS location finder so long streetsviewer as you havegoogly map navigation patience and live streetview the help ofanother satellite earth map street view individualmaps streetview. Global modern street view live cannot be possibleto get liveimages through satellite view for every locations GPSlocationfinder by online with GPS true locations longitude latitudefinder.Maps street live view is relatively simple to access liveimages ofinteresting and street view important Places Street viewmap. GPSLive Map & Street View – Satellite Navigator app isdesign tohelp you satellite earth map and Street global understandyourexact location with live map view. Live Street view 3d app isverystreet view live useful and live global earth map streethelpfulapp. Street Global Live View – Earth Navigator Map hasamazing.Features: determine any location see buildings, Streetglobaldiscover Nature Street & earth view, find currentlocation, 2Dmap, 3D map, and make route, Satellite map, shares yourlocation,satellite earth maps search nearby public places with livestreetview map and indoor map.GPS voice advice navigation works alloverthe globe including USA maps navigation Brazil mapsnavigationRussia maps navigation India maps navigation ChinamapsnavigationBerlin Street ViewEuropean Live View Europemapsnavigation England maps navigation UAE maps navigation DubaimapsBest navigation much more in one app. Travel road map. Gpswayfinder. gps route maps with hd street view. GPS locationtrackerapp. gps coordinates and location finder. Gps voicenavigation.Voice gps navigation. Map. GPS route finder with voice.Directions& map. Travel route finder. Car navigation forandroid. Drivingmaps navigation. gps maps traffic alerts and livenavigation. Mapsoffline map navigation. Travel map and navigation.Road trip tricksguide. Open street map live.
Street View Live – Satellite Earth Map Navigation 2.2
Street View Live – Satellite Earth Map Navigation app you stayinother cities or countries and you want to go in public place,andyou want to visit natural place, Just that open street viewliveglobal earth map app and search places nearby for example(Restaurant, hospitals, public place, food point). In lovelypublicplace, Best street view app updates you every turn by turnand roadby road. In the 3d street app, you can track road fromcurrentlocation to destination with 2D map and 3D live street viewearthmap. New 3D street view camera app very helps during thewalkingroute time.Street View Live – Satellite Earth Map Navigationisrelatively simple to access live images of interestingandimportant places in the world, however, as a few sitesarededicated to providing satellite maps live view feed fortheseparticular sites in Street View Live – Satellite EarthMapNavigation. Street view for android takes edge of GPSnavigationand directions street view maps & latest Networkconnection toprovide your current location position on the globalsatelliteearth map, NASA and provide worldwide map information withmapsstreet view live satellite map and Global Satellite WorldMapsstreet view HD near your current location. Street View Live–Satellite Earth Map Navigation uses live maps satellite tofetchyour location on panorama and gives location of your streetwith360 streetview and a clear picture of traffic in your areawithearth map. It’s very simple and easy to use. Just type the nameofyour favorite location in the search box and let Live StreetViewdo the magic itself.Now download instant street view whichsupportslive street map with Street View Live – Satellite EarthMapNavigation support GPS satellite map goes to street andcitieslive. You can use live satellite map with world map liveshowscurrent satellite street view. With live maps view satelliteyoucan check satellite street view and also show currentsatellitestreet view. Who have been three big providers ofsatellite streetview live and maps? Street View Live – SatelliteEarth MapNavigation app download now and by using current satellitestreetview you can see real live satellite street view and realtimesatellite street views for free.Features:• Get RealisticStreetView Map with zoom capability.• Advanced, updated andinteractive3D live maps an street view• Highly Quality Panoramic360 View withMap Navigation.• Live navigation maps and street view•Very lightin size GPS maps with HD street view.• View Someone'sHouse orother places Via Satellite.• Beautiful and user friendlyMaterialDesign.• Using live satellite street maps view and seeGPSNavigation, more details.• Search building name or street nameorcity name. • Travel around the world and navigate usinganytransportation.• Navigation with local traffic helps you findthefastest route with live street view maps HD.
GPS Driving Route Finder Maps & Navigation 1.0
GPS Driving Route Finder Maps & Navigation, street view,andLive Earth map satellite view is best & most used appforandroid. Global Satellite World Map is multipurpose top ratedappfor GPS route tracking. Now find most used app like “GPSRouteFinder Navigation App, GPS Voice Navigation Place &MapTraffic, Street View Live Map” on single swipe. Enjoy all in onebyusing this latest and new era precise app. New speed indicatorapp& live street view map viewer tool is speciallydesignedaccording to the modern age needs. Main Features of GPSRouteFinder Navigation & Maps – Traffic Alerts: GPS RouteFinderLive Earth Map TrackerIt calculates multiple routes optionsto thedestination. Map Quest GPS Navigation & Live Satelliteview tofinds the best route among multiple routes and displays toyou. Italso shows the ETA (Estimated Time Of Arrival) with all theroutesand also tells which one is the fastest than others. CarDrivingNavigation, it behaves like a “GPS Car / VehicleNavigationSystem”. Turn by turn navigation guidance along the routeto thedestination.Voice GPS Driving Directions, GPS Navigation andMaps:When trip starts automatic Voice Navigation System activated.Itguides tourists and drivers on every turn, on roundaboutsandtransits. Turn By Turn voice alerts to avoid the wrong directiontosome other roads. Voice Navigation gives you a comfort levelduringdrive so you can focus on driving rather than on MAP Screen.Drivesafe your vehicle with voice navigation and Move it to theBus&Train stations without getting trouble during travel.LiveEarth Map As A Route Finder: GPS Route Tracking Finderapplicationalso has the facility of finding shortest and easyroute, yourcurrent location, path between two given points etc. GPSLive EarthMap application uses Global Positioning System fortracking route.You can search and visit all the necessary places inyour nearbye-g Hospital, Gym, bus or train stations, airport,casino, club,ATM, banks and many more places. Live Street View:Live Street viewgives you an opportunity to explore the area on theground level.Like You are on the street and walking around. You canvisit theworld famous historical places virtually. A real timetravel andtourism cost time and money, but with Live Maps StreetView, youcan enjoy the tours and trips like a tourist with 3D Viewof worldfamous tourists places like Eiffel Tower in Paris, BullfightingArena in Spain, GREAT WALL OF CHINA, Niagara Falls fromCanada,Blue lagoon In Iceland and much more . GPS Based Currentaddress: Anew and unique option, GPS Based Current address. When weclick on“My location” or “Get My Location” Button on a Map to pinourlocation as a start point, GPS will get your location and marksasa start point. But with this new GPS Map feature, Address ofthecurrent location (your location) will be displayed. Now youcanshare this address with your desired person along with thelocationon map.Live World Maps will help you to enjoy your trip andalsohelps you to manage the time during your trip. A best andaccurateCity Trip Planner.
Earth Map Live : GPS Tracking - Voice Navigation 1.0.5
GPS Global Earth Map is free app at your smart android devicesfromGoogle play store to view the world earth map on yoursmartphonemobile or tablet. it work like route finder app that youfind adestination from your current location.By using GPS LiveEarth Mapyou can find Driving Route,navigation and tracking theworldlocation more accurately.Google earth enables a realisticdisplayof what an actual satellite captures and can be used asbothentertainment and as a powerful tool.Live Navigation &TrackingGuide application also has the facility of findingshortestdistance route and easy route according to yourtransportation,your current location, get easy path between twogiven destinationsetc. This app uses Global Positioning System fortracking routewith satellite and street view.this App alsofacilitate the user isto draw route, earth satellite view, 2Ddriving route, 3D earthimages, share location, tracker andtracking.GPS Earth Map you cansave your driving route history andin list your favorite places.Take picture of your favorite placesthrough 3D earth view and editit with photo editors.GPS RouteTracker: Earth Map will also guideyou in find your nearby andfavorite places Satellite Map Earthfinder offering great satellitemap imagery, hyper market globe,live photo capture of greatestplaces around the world, livesatellite map street view, mall, bigmarket and airport inside viewperspectives, as well as functionssuch as a route planner andtrack for tourists on traveling by foot,car, bicycle or withpublic bus transportation with automaticre-route and correcttraffic feature.Live Earth GPS Maps app is justlike a free earthcam installed in your device and you can visitPlaces LikeBank,Shopping Mall,Market ,University,Gym,ATM,trainstations,casino,Collage, Mosque, draw route and takeclear 3Dpicture of beautiful and historical places with satelliteview forwallpaper.Live Earth Maps is the best earth map app to showa newplaces on earth using 3D earth and google map. Global EarthMapFeatures:* Zoom In/ Out* Determine your locationautomatically*Updated maps* Visitor and tourists path tracking mapguide* BestGPS Live Navigation: Earth Map Application on android*Mark yourimportant places in Live map * View any point in worldfrom yourplace* Automatic re-route feature for transit vehicledrivers* Liveearth greatest places photo capturing feature* Findyour accuratedriving and walking route* Available free on playstore* Friendlyinterface* Live satellite image* Show live imagegallery forparticular point* Search places location and view 3dpicture instreet view* Search with the name of any country, city,street orbuilding name* Different maps Normal, Satellite, TerrainandHybrid* Different traveling tracks* Speaking and writtendistance,time instructions* Satellite view – Enjoy the view fromthe space*Traveling Routes, Navigation, current location &Directionsuses and Open * Driving routes for Car, Bike, Bus andhill areatourist’s* Its Free GPS application available on playstore
Street View Map & Street Map Navigation 4.5
Get the unique & user-friendly world map & satellite mapappthrough your favorite app at any place. Satellite map allowmultipleview for route finder. Street view & live mapnavigation thathelps through satellite map your location with livetraffic status.World map is designed to help you & understand.Earth map yourexact location. GPS tracker with live map viewstreet live map viewis designed to help you nearby place. aa routefinder navigate livemap data. Street view live & earth mapwith your finger clicksto gps navigation. Street View Live freefor your Device. World mapapp that is very amazing & helpfulapp maps street view.Satellite map for wonder of the worlds.Street view: earth mapfeatures new map view app with street viewlive with street mapnavigation. GPS navigation helps you to seelive maps famous places.Near me view around the world & findlocation near yourlocation. GPS tracker gives traffic statusfeatures that can let yousearch live map. Streetmap view your arealive view both world mapfunction. Location map with all the travelapp features. Streetmapdetermine any location. Offline mapsdiscover street & earthview. Myplace find current location, 2Dmap, 3D map. aa route finderwith satellite map. World map alsoshares your location it is freeto download. Street view &street map navigation feature: • gpstracker maps earth mapsatellite. • Satellite maps with aa routefinder • Street view witheasy world map • Gps navigation with nearme location • offlinemaps helps near me places • Street map view HDin earth map •Navigation maps with traffic • World map find thefastest triproute • Location map interface for nearby place •streetmap routes& information • Street view live maps • Myplace& navigate.satellite map • Near me search functionality withworld map 3d •GPS tracker allow to mark point on maps • aa routefinder with nearme places • offline maps near me points • Gpsnavigation maps userfriendly • GPS maps zoom out / in • Earth map3d share with friendsStreet view & street map navigation usegps navigation withlive map features that allow to determinecurrent location. GPStracker simple to use for famous places in theworld live map.Streetmap search nearby public places with livestreet view map& world map 3d. Location map find currentlocation or anylocation around the world. Offline maps featureallow easy and fastaccess. GPS navigation view of famous buildingsaround you or inany point all over world in street view &Street map navigationwith full great features & tools app hasall required featuresof navigation & updated maps. Experiencelive map navigationwith street live view & map app that has allrequired featuresof navigation. GPS tracker allow to stay in touchwith other citiesor countries & you want to go in public place.Street viewexploration map navigation app provides nearby publicplaces likeparks. Earth map and near me. World maps with this easyto use GPSroute mapping navigation & GPS locator you can easilyfind thelocation on gps maps new world map 3d. An App for world map&street view for aa route finder and the places. Near me findthelocation map & offline maps to visit myplace & streetmaps.Streetmap & earth map application shows you live map.Myplacegps map & places near me. Earth map show famous placesandworld wonders. AA route finder nearby place to accessinteresting& important places around you. Gps tracker easy toaccess liveimages of famous & important places. Earth map usegpsnavigation to providing live satellite view for these nearbyplace.GPS navigation user friendly travelling App is dedicatedtoproviding live satellite feed for satellite map. Street viewwithstreet map navigation worldwide. Street view & streetmapoffline maps GPS maps along with satellite map.
GPS Navigation Maps: Earth Map & Travel Navigation 1.2.7
Find out realistic and HD live panorama 360 view of map fromyourcurrent location to destination. Live gps street view of map,voiceroute search with navigation, shortest road reverse routeandtraffic information. Easy gps route finder and planner isreal-timedriving app for car truck, taxi drivers and routeoptimizer. Planyour trip with friends and family to explore thebeauty of nature,just make safe and shortest driving routeaccording totransportation car, bus, railway and walking track forhiking inmountain areas. GPS Maps: Voice Navigation & TrackingRouteDrive app takes edge of GPS maps & satellite Networkconnectionto provide your live current location position on Earth,andprovide worldwide mapping tools and information with livestreetview and satellite map view near your current location. GPSRouteGuide: Earth Map app has all required features of routenavigator,by the use of GPS Route Mapping navigation and GPSlocator you canfind the location of your friends, family, bus,railway station,Airways company, hotels for cheap booking and theirlive routesdirections on map. Voice navigation route finder appjust requiresthe internet connection, if you are using this app inoffline mapmode then there is no need to turn on internet. Justturn on yourlocation and take the toured of beautiful andhistorical placesaround the world through this gps application. GPSFinder RouteTracking application has also the facility of findingshortestdistance course and quick route according to yourtransportation,your current location, get easy path between twogiven destinationsview etc. GPS Live Route Earth Map applicationuses GlobalPositioning System for tracking route with satellite andstreetview for find a way to their destination & be on road.You cansearch and visit all the important and visiting places inyournearby at globally e-g Hospital, Gym, bus or trainstations,airport, Bar, casino, club, ATM, banks, coffee shop andmany moreplaces. Live GPS Route Navigation application has thefeature ofterrain, 3D image and satellite view of earth to increaseaccuracyyour exact places understanding. It will save yourprecioustracking history and best mobile locator for Android mobilephoneand tablet. Satellite Earth Map GPS Finder is updatedmappingservice navigation, draw route for better travel guidance,earthsatellite view, 2D driving route, 3D earth images, and trackerandfeatured application with advance technology. It’s offeringgreatsatellite map imagery. live satellite 3D map and street view,andinside complete map of shopping mall, big market andairportperspectives, as well as updated functions such as a routeplanner2D and 3D with voice instructions and track for touristsontraveling by walking, car, bicycle, train, or with publicbustransportation with automatic re-route and correct trafficfeature.GPS Route Maps: Voice Navigation & Direction GuideFeatures:calculate travel distance between twocoordinates/locationAvailable in all county local languages Unique2D route trackingfeature Automatic re-route feature if you forgetany turn fortransport vehicle drivers Make correct and shortestdriving routeworldwide Live earth historical and attractive placesphotocapturing feature Find your accurate driving and walkingrouteAvailable free on play store Up to date map information Spokenandwritten distance, time and route instructions Satellite viewearth– Enjoy the view of earth from the space
Offline World Map HD - 3D Atlas Street View 1.6
Get the best HD 3D Atlas with Street views of all theworldcountries, wonders of the worlds, largest rivers, highestpeaks& mountains and countries facts with both offline andonlinefeatures with offline world map HD - 3D atlas street view.Androidapp that displays a map of the world then go with mapsthatdisplays a map of the world - World Maps of all the CountriesonEarthThis version of worldmap come with a brief informationaboutevery country like nearby places, current location, routebetweentwo places, 200+ Country's detail and much more about worldcountrycapital city, dial code, country code, country continent,countrycurrency code, the country area in sq km, countrylanguages,numbers of the population and the GPS geo points east,west, north,south, geo name id, flag iso Alpha3. Check the zoom inand the zoomoutWorld map showing names of all countries withpoliticalboundaries and when you click on country its displayinformationwith map (Normal & Satellite) of that particularcountry withoffline world map atlas HD is the most remarkable andWorld’sfastest.World Map is made with almost 200+ countryinformation likecapital, the country flag.App Features :•Street-view Map•Satellite Map• Normal Map• Hybrid Map• Top 10Rivers• Top 10Mountains• Top 10 Wonders• Top 10 Peak• CountriesFact• Near ByPlace• Show Rout• Show All Live GPS InformationOfflineWorlds Maps:offline maps with gps free. offline map and navigation.offline mapnavigation. offline map and navigation app. offline mapandnavigation 2017. offline map app. china map offline. offlinemapdownloader. offline map download. offline map direction.googleearth map satellite offline. google earth offline map.offlineearth map. google earth map offline. offline map freedownload.offline map free. offline map for android. offline mapgps. thebest offline map gps app. offline world map hd. drive mapwithvoice offline. hajj offline map. world map offline hd. offlinemaplocation. offline map navigator. offline map new. offline mapofpakistan with navigation. road map with location and kmoffline.road map offline. google map with gps driving routeoffline.offline map tracker. offline map tracking. offline map with voice offline. navigation map on road by carvoicedirection for offline in india. offline 3d map satelliteview.offline map with voice. offline map with navigation. offlinemapwith voice. offline map world. offline map with gps. offlinemap2017. world map offline 2017. 3d globe of the world map offline 3d. world map 3d offline. 3d world mapoffline.3d offline map.User-friendly, innovative and updatedHighresolution earth map Atlas. Bundle of features & earthmaptypes 3d picture view, satellite view, real time routes andinfodiscussing various places on earth. Discover the entire WorldMapand Atlas with a single tap. Free world map apps. A New UpdatedandDetailed Political World Map Atlas 2017. Worldwide clearSatelliteviews and street views. Search with the name of anycountry, city,street or building name, Click on the flag of anycountry and getinformation about this country, HD Visuals and 3Dview, Find mostaccurate and clear direction. Auto-rotated featurecan rotate theglobe. Travel around the world and navigate using anymethod oftransportation, GPS navigation with local traffic help youfind thefastest trip route, Maps range from satellite maps to andstreetview. Street view .Explore the World Map on your DeviceEasily!Maps, Navigation & Directions lets you plan your trips,routeyour travel and find restaurants nearby. Find your currentlocationor search for an address and navigate using googlemaps orOpenStreet Map to your destination. TRIP PLANNER – World Maps withGPS& Location Tracker App.
GPS Navigation Routes & Street View Maps 1.0.1
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GPS Navigation Routes & Street View Maps app allows youtoexplore the world with live location, street view, gpssatellitebuildings view around the world. Route Direction Maps&Navigation Street View app provide updated maps of village&town with voice navigation routes guide, just speak thelocationand get easy Navigation & direction route on gps mapsandtraffic status at worldwide.Discover street view of earth maponyour android device with Driving Route maps: GPS Earth MapGuideapp, complete maps of US (united State), maps of Indianvillage& town, maps of UK (United Kingdom) and all countriesstreetview panorama maps and direction route maps. Voice routesearchfeature is more helpful and save feature for find publictransport,walking, biking and car navigation routes. In GPSNavigation Routes& Street View Maps app the route navigationsign will move withyour car navigation movement for real routeguides. Earth ViewMaps: Direction & Navigation application thatallows you totrack shortest route, show your location on earthsatellite viewmap, share location & routes with your friendsand family. Livestreet view of world famous places burj khlifa,Eiffel tower,statue of liberty, Indian & Pakistani foodrestaurant, taxistands and places for car parking. Satellite view& street mapapp through which you can search the entire placearound the earthmap with free gps. GPS satellite Navigation: EarthMap is bestdriving route and earth map guide application for easyand savedrive.See virtual view of visited places and capture earthspacepictures, see 3D street view of Europe and Asia beautifulandtourist places, and also provide routes of all places andtransits.And get detailed trip plan with best travelling routeguide app.Route Direction Maps & Navigation Street View appwill provideyou turn by turn navigation routes and spokeninstructions ofroute. GPS Route maps & Direction guide willalso guide you infind your nearby and favourite places Park, Hotel,Hospital, ATM,Railway station, Tomb and Airport. GPS driving path:earth mapswill show you detailed information about your destinationexacttravelling time and distance, travel with satellite and 3Dmapview.GPS Navigation Routes & Street View Maps Features:-Voiceroute direction & Street view maps- Voice search map forgeteasy route- search with place name, city or street number-Provideoffline map feature- live 3D and street view of the earthmap-Discover new places and make tour plan- Different mapsNormal,Satellite, Terrain and Hybrid- 3D building satellite viewandupdates map- Complete city map with street and satelliteview-provide different travelling tracks- Make easy and fastdrivingroute where you want to go- Best GPS Live Navigation: EarthMapApplication on android- Find shortest driving route trackinworldwide- Capture 3D images of earth- Very simple and easy tousefor all age people- Its Free GPS application available onplaystore
Street View Live 2018 - GPS Map, Navigation 1.0
Street View Live 2018 - GPS Map, Navigation app can letyousearch live map and see your area street live view bothfunction.Similar to earth maps live. Street View Live 2018 - GPSMap,Navigation app is free to download. Street View Pakistan.StreetView Map Street View Live Map, street view. Street View Live- LiveStreet View Satellite world Maps - Live Maps Street app allowyouto determine Your location and view building around you or inanypoint all over world also Traffic Status And Updated Mapquest.Just add the location on liveview and view road view of livemaps,streets, with 360 view, app maps with Nearby street findermaps,gps maps in free maps guide and online maps. Watch free streetviewcamera app, Street View Live 2018 - GPS Map, Navigationoffersvisual maps, users a chance to latest street view on liveviewoftheir street view and map search, gps maps, and realtime onroadview through 360 you can have street view of my house.Discoverworld using Street View Live 2018 - GPS Map, Navigationoffers beststreetviewmap services. How to view street view on mapsof google?Street View Maps Live gives a streets viewer offers mapview withaccurate live map satellite services of maps. Being streetviewtraveler you can see world famous places in your phone withvisualmaps by using street view live app.Download Street View Live2018 -GPS Map, Navigation to explore information about your street,worldguide, earth map, realtime traffic and live picture on maps.Findout about your street view, maps and liveview of your streetonearth delineate and google maps. Check the statesofrealtimetraffic and movement in your general vicinity. Get theliveview of maps google, earth map, location and world from livemaptrak satellite.  There is guide of each road, street andmapssee on earth outline and google maps. Simply include the arealivesatellite view and see information of live maps, live pictureandrealtimetraaffic in free maps and online maps. StreetView LiveMapsoffers clients an opportunity to see information on live viewmapof their street maps, live picture and real time trafficandmovement conditions on earth delineate and earth google.StreetViewLive 2018 - GPS Map, Navigation app is designed to help youandunderstand your exact location with live map view. 3D Streetviewapp is very amazing and helpful app for see live streetandsatellite view of places. Street View Live 2018 - GPSMap,Navigation has amazing features: determine any locationseebuildings, discover nature street & earth map view, streetbystreet route finder, 2D map, 3D map, make driving &walkingroute quest, Satellite map, shares your location, searchnearbypublic places with live street view map and indoor map. Livestreetis best route transit app.Features of Street View Live 2018 -GPSMap, Navigation:- 2D, 3D and satellite Map- See live buildingsandstreets- Turn by turn navigation and route update- Showdistanceand travel time during route- Search any place and add intoyourfavorite- Up-to-date map- User friendly interface- PlanningofRoutes and information for lovely Areas- Easily use andunderstand-Free downloads- Small size- 3D Building- Mark your pointon map-Zoom out / in- Share current Location with Family, Relatives&friends- Auto Detect the current location- Search the anynearestpoint- Not required to register, sing up & log in- Saveyourlocation histories
Live Visual Street View Maps & Drive Direction 1.0.2
Live Visual Street View Maps & Drive Direction app allows youtotrack your routes of location and 3D views of building aroundlivesatellite global view and find any routes over Global worldandinforms about current traffic status and 3D street viewsupdatedMaps. Live Visual Street View Maps & Drive Directionisdeveloped to help user routes navigate live maps data &easilyunderstand paths. Live Visual Street View Maps &DriveDirection will let you search live Visual map with liveearthsatellite view and you can see your area Visual Street liveorsatellite view both.Live Visual Street View Maps &DriveDirection app is a best GPS visual street navigation freedrivingassistant maps app for the driver. Live Visual Street ViewMaps& Drive Direction app allow to locate and find yourdestinationwhere your want to go. Similarly you can track yourdestinationroads and can use the live navigation, city trafficupdates andavoid from the driving problems during the driving.LiveVisualStreet View Maps & Drive Direction app is help during thetaxibooking, journey planner, public transit, Voice ruler,director,driving, trip & journey assistant.Live VisualSatellite map appis introduced the Area Calculator. In this AreaCalculator feature,you can easily calculate your route distance,area calculate andcan any measurement through the GPS calculator inmeter, foot,kilometer and Mile. Area Calculator is good Feature fortheTourist, walking, hiking and mountain climber.Live VisualStreetView Maps & Drive Direction app is help when you make aroutebetween two locations, then you can auto save your locationandroutes. In easy city map & find around me application,youtrack your current location through the mobile GPS locationandexplore around me public places and can share your trip&travelling routes with your friends, family and Relatives.LiveVisual Street View Maps & Drive Direction app very helpfulwhenyou search transits, hotels for booking and reservation ofluxuryrooms, bet restaurant, cabs and flats. Live Visual StreetView Maps& Drive Direction app has different modes of maps e.g.VisualStreet view, Easy traffic maps, Live satellite global viewandtransit view. Visual Street View is used to see frontbuildings,college Airport & street view of earth etc. Easytraffic viewalways tells you traffic updates, traffic condition,run time andcurrent traffic status and show the other ways to avoidtrafficjams. Live Satellite Global views provide the earth viewsfrom thespace. And transit Map, you can get road Directions,routesnavigation & Maps for Cities, countries and aroundtheworld.GPs Drive and route navigation application is a best forthecity roads tracker navigation, road condition, live mapssatellite.Live Visual Street View Maps & Drive Direction apphelp to withlive map, look around, best maps network, satelliteworld hd maps,particular time map, Earth global views maptools,visual maps gpsnavigation view. Live Visual Street View Maps &Drive Directionapplication is pocket earth map, car navigationsystem, Travelguide, Off-line Route tracking.
Location Satellite View 2.1
This Satellite View maps give details view of major roads&street. Requires GPS & Internet to be enabled at start.Withminimum 3 minutes interval if location is changed. Besttrackerapp.
GPS Street View Navigation Maps: Route Guide 1.0.1
GPS Street View Navigation Maps: Route Guide 3D work at worldwideonearth to find different locations Hotels for booking, Trainstation,airways and make route between two coordinates. GPS streetviewmapping application available free on play store to planeyourvacation and its work as your trip guider. You can discovertheGoa, Europe visiting places statue of liberty, Eiffel towerandmany more destinations from your current location. By utilizinggpslive earth outline you can discover driving course with voicerouteguide feature and explore the world street by street.GPSDrivingRoute Guide: Navigation Maps 3D and route tracker encouragesyou todiscover the closest place, ATM, Bank, Visa Agent, Trainticketsbooking office, Restaurants, Hospital and many more. You canseeyou’re most loved and historical place and make route withlivenavigation guideline and save route for future use or shareyourbeloveds. Through this app you can visit any area on earth andviewaccessible live 3D photos of those areas. GPS StreetViewNavigation Maps: Route Guide app will help you to find easyandshortest route, live traffic status, and update location onearth,World direction map.You can investigate better places onoutlineyou can discover your area and send your current location toyourcompanions through these online networking applications. Alsoyoucan share complete driving route with your friends andfamilymember to easily find location. Just tap your home addressand geteasy route with voice navigation and instructions. You cansearchvacationer places and view them through satellites view,Earth Maptracking app is the most common and World's speediest,running,less data demanding and easy to use earth map application.GPSStreet View Navigation Maps: Route Guide App ha differentmaptypes, 2D map, 3D and earth satellite view map. You cancapturelive satellite pictures of earth map atworldwide.KeyFeatures:Search world airways companies with flightbooking detailson their website. Route finder. Live satellitestreet view. Guideon lonely places. Places finder. Stay connectwith family. Teenspy. Search cheapest hotels for booking.Navigation & maps.Near places. Transits. Radar system. Livesatellite status. Voicedirection. Trip planner & adviser.Search rental cars and taxicompanies. Save routes. Earth map.GPSStreet View Navigation Maps:Route Guide Features: * Zoom In/Out *Live voice routeinstructions** Determine your area naturally *Updated maps *Visitor and sightseer’s way following guide direct *Best LiveNavigation &Earth Map Application on android * Markyour vitalplaces in live guide * View any point in world from yourplace *Automatic re-course include for travel vehicle drivers *Live earthmost noteworthy spots photograph catching component *Find yourexact driving and strolling route* Available free on playstore *Friendly interface * Live satellite picture * Show livepictureexhibition for specific point * Search places area and view3dpicture in road see * Search with the name of any nation,city,road or building name * Different maps Normal, Satellite,Terrainand Hybrid * Different voyaging tracks * Satellite view –Enjoy theview from the space * Traveling Routes, Navigation,current areaand Directions uses and Open * Driving route for Car,Bike, Bus andslope range traveler's * Its Free GPS applicationaccessible onplay store
All-In-One Offline Maps 3.0b
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Bored to wait for maps to display? Use All-In-One OfflineMaps!Oncedisplayed, maps are stored and remain available, quickly, evenwithno network access. • Want more than just roads on your maps?Youwill find what you need here; • Used to go to places withpoornetwork coverage? Everything will stay available; • Used togoabroad? You won't be lost anymore; • Have a data allowancelimit?It will reduce your usage. ★★ Maps ★★ A lot of maps areavailable,including classical road maps, topographic maps, aerial(satellite)maps and various layers that can be added over anymaps:OpenStreetMap (Roads, Topo), USGS National Map (Hi-res topo,Aerialimagery), Worldwide Military Soviet topo maps, etc. • Allmaps canbe stacked in layers, with precise opacity control; •Select andstore large areas in few clicks; • Stored space is clearand can beeasily deleted. ★★ Display, store and retrieve unlimitedlandmarks★★ You can add various items on the map such as waypoints,icons,routes, areas and tracks. You can easily manage them usingthepowerful SD-Card Landmarks Explorer. ★★ On-map GPS Location&Orientation ★★ Your real location and direction areclearlydisplayed on the map, which can be rotated to match yourrealorientation (depends on device capabilities). Easy turn on/offtosave battery. And also: • Metric, imperial and hybriddistanceunits; • GPS Latitude/Longitude and grid coordinate formats(UTM,MGRS, USNG, OSGB Grid, Irish Grid, Swiss Grid, Lambert Grids,DFCIGrid, QTH Maidenhead Locator System, ...); • Ability toimporthundreds of coordinate formatsfrom; • On-map grids display; •Fullscreen map view; • Multi-touch zoom; • ... ★★ Need more? ★★ Ifyouare a real adventurer, try AlpineQuest Off-Road Explorer,thecomplete outdoor solution based on All-In-One OfflineMaps,loadedwith a powerful GPS Location Tracker andmore:
GPS Driving Route Maps & Navigation - Earth Map 1.0
GPS Driving Route Maps & Navigation, street view, SpeedoMeterand Live Weather Forecast is best & most used app forandroid.Global Satellite World Map is multipurpose top rated appfor gpsroute tracking. Now find most used app like “GPS RouteFinderNavigation App, GPS Voice Navigation Place & MapTraffic,Street View Live Map, Digital Speedometer and AccurateWeather App”on single swipe. Enjoy all in one by using this latestand new eraprecise app. New speed indicator app & live streetview mapviewer tool is specially designed according to the modernageneeds. Main Features of GPS Navigation Maps - Traffic RouteFinder: GPS Route Finder/ TrackerIt calculates multiple routesoptions tothe destination.Map Quest GPS Navigation & LiveWeather infofinds the best route among multiple routes and displaysto you. Italso shows the ETA (Estimated Time Of Arrival)with allthe routesand also tells which one is the fastest than others. CarDrivingNavigation, it behaves like a “GPS Car / VehicleNavigationSystem”. Turn by turn navigation guidance along the routeto thedestination.Voice Navigation : When trip starts automaticVoiceNavigation System activated. It guides tourists and driversonevery turn, on roundabouts and transits. Turn By Turn voicealertsto avoid the wrong direction to some other roads. VoiceNavigationgives you a comfort level during drive so you can focuson drivingrather than on MAP Screen.Drive safe your vehicle withvoicenavigation and Move it to the Bus &Train stationswithoutgetting trouble during travel. Live Earth Map As A RouteFinder:GPS Route Tracking Finder application also has the facilityoffinding shortest and easy route, your current location,pathbetween two given points etc. GPS Live Earth Map applicationusesGlobal Positioning System for tracking route. You can searchandvisit all the necessary places in your nearby e-g Hospital,Gym,bus or train stations, airport, casino, club, ATM, banks andmanymore places. Live Street View : Live Street view gives youanopportunity to explore the area on the ground level. Like Youareon the street and walking around. You can visit the worldfamoushistorical places virtually. A real time travel and tourismcosttime and money, but with Live Maps Street View, you can enjoythetours and trips like a tourist with 3D View of worldfamoustourists places like Eiffel Tower in Paris, Bull fightingArena inSpain, GREAT WALL OF CHINA, Niagara Falls from Canada, BluelagoonIn Iceland and much more . Real time weather forecasts :After bestnavigational and mapping services, tourists need theweatherInformation about their location and the destination aswell.People are very conscious about weather forecast before theystarttheir journey. Get the Live info about traffic along the routeandweather forecast report. GPS Based Current address : A newandunique option, GPS Based Current address. When we click on“Mylocation” or “Get My Location” Button on a Map to pin ourlocationas a start point, GPS will get your location and marks as astartpoint. But with this new GPS Map feature, Address of thecurrentlocation (your location) will be displayed. Now you canshare thisaddress with your desired person along with the locationon map.Digital Speedometer GPS: Earth Map Live GPS : Navigation&Tracking Route - digital Speedometer all in one free GPSbasedanalog and digital head up display (HUD) androidapplication.Digital speed indicator app for android shows usefulspeed anddistance information for your journey. GPS speedometerodometer isbest if your vehicle speed meter has died, you want toverify yourvehicle speed or you just want to know your speed whencycling,running, flying, sailing in KMH & meter per hour.LiveWorldMaps will help you to enjoy your trip and also helps you tomanagethe time during your trip. A best and accurate City TripPlanner.
GPS Driving Navigation Maps & Live Earth View 1.1.2
Maps, Directions & Navigation lets you plan your tours,routeyour travel and find restaurants and nearby places. Findyourcurrent location or search for any address and navigate usingGPSMap Guide to your destination. GPS map Driving Navigationshowdetails the latitude and longitude according to your liveearthcurrent location. Voice Navigate map and find the shortest,fastestaccurate route to any destination in the global world. Inthis GPSmap earth view Find directions free to your destination bywalking,cycling, biking or driving.Live maps, Satellite view andopen upnew methods of staying in connect, sharing information,locatingaddresses and now, it allows you to view specificlocationaddresses from satellite map live. GPS map guide allow youto enteran address live satellite view of earth, sometimes evendown to aspecific home or building view. This technology is free,requiringonly a fast Internet connection.GPS Navigate &Direction theeverywhere with easy and find the shortest route toall yourfavorite destinations with live Location. Download now GPSDrivingNavigation Maps & Live Earth view and see fastest routesofyour location and destination.GPS Map Guide enables you tosearchand browse our current location and other differentcountries,cities all over the world. This application has advancefeatures offinding shortest route, your current location, pathbetween startand destination points etc. This live earth satelliteviewapplication uses Global Positioning System for routeandnavigation. You can visit all the important places in yournearbye.g. Hospital, Gym, Post office, bus or train stations andmanymore. GPS map guide have the feature of terrain and clearsatelliteview to increase your places understanding. It will saveyourprecious time and best mobile locator application forAndroidsmartphone and tablet.Get live location on earth withsatellitestreet view to help you explore the world, see your livelocationaddress with safe routes and live direction, organize yourtravelsby finding get around places nearby in any city intheworld.Features of GPS Driving Navigation Maps & LiveEarthView:Easy and user-friendly interfaceSpoken and writtenrouteinstructionsAccurate distance and time requiredinstructionSearchin your own country languagesGet accurate drivingroute accordingto your transportation sourceSearch your favoriteplaces, save itand share othersFind nearby places ATM, Hospital,cinema, musicclub, Bank and commercial marketsExact compassdirectionYou canfind different routes bike, car, bus and walkingrouteWorldwide mapview with clear street view
GPS Voice Street View Live Tracking Maps 1.2.7
Free gps voice navigation & street view app that combinesthebest street view mapping and online driving assistant to createtheultimate routes & navigation experience. World map anddrivingdirection app is best navigation app for visit city, findpublictransits & can be used as a family map. Follow accuratevoicedirections & route, avoid traffic jams and get speedlimit& speed camera alerts. Regular maps update, voice traffic&route alerts& Visual map of all places. Now plane yourholidaysand travel with GPS Voice Street View Live TrackingMapsapplication. Street view & routeplanner application willhelpyou to find intercity route assistant, mall map, live insideviewof building and markets. All country map London vice map,Indiavoice direction & navigation guide map and all Europecountriesand city voice street view map. Don’t worry about thecorrectspelling of the places; we have launched GPS Voice StreetView LiveTracking Maps: Traveling Guide application for searchworldwidevoice routes and places search on world map.Now you canfind placeand make direction route in United States (USA) map,India map andUnited Kingdom (UK) with just single tap on voicesearch button& get walking, car navigation & hiking routes.Free gpsvoice live street direction map app will help you as atouristplanner and free navigation & Street view map will guideyouturn by turn in all over the world. You can search bothplacescurrent location and destination with voice.Make safe drivingroutein unfamiliar territories & street view maps in topmappingapp. Share route and current location with family andfriends.Outdoor gps navigation & mapfinder app will help you tomakeeasy driving route from current location to destinationview.Satellite view of world, capture clear 3D picture, find besthotelon map for booking.GPS navigation route finder is very simpleandeasy routes app for search india, USA city to city map andwatchcity satellite view. Use offline map, navigation andspeakinginstructions of direction maps. GPS earth location finderapp issupported all android devices for route finder. Searchbeautifuland historical locations with one tap.Why is itspecial?Worldwideplaces search. Find hotels for booking. Updatedgps location everymoment at any places. Mountain hiking route.Transit. searchlocation with satellite. Direction map with voiceroute navigation.Search and enjoy cheapest hotels for roomsbooking. Offline voicemap app will provide you railway trackroutes. Drive with voiceroute finder app and save your time andmoney. Reach on destinationthrough accurate route.Find voicelocation is very easy. Voice gpsdirection and navigation. Trainstation for tickets booking. Findworldwide airways and airlinecompanies. Enhance your travelingexperience and explore the worldbeautiful and historical places.It will help you as trip adviser.Satellite status. Live maps withlive street view of earth. Planeyou vacations for go anywhere.Find railway stations in india. Verysoon we will update Londontube mapLocation finder app has severaldistinct features that makeit special.- Voice route navigation onworld maps- Very fewpermission required!- Quick initial setup: noregistrationrequired, simply install this app and launch- Quickconnectionsetup: enter your friend's "connection code" and that'sall, youcan see each other's locationsGPS Voice Street View LiveTrackingMaps Features:City guide and traveling maps viewSearch foodshops,shopping mall on mapTurn By Turn spoken instructionsWork as atripplanner and route guiderIts free enjoys allnavigationfeatures.Different route types Driving mode, walkingmode, andhiking mode in mountain areas.Searching the Locationanytime andunlimitedShare location with friends and familyDistanceand timecalculateSearch location with single tapMake driving routewithvoice searchFind your favorite and historical places
LIVE MAPS guide 1.0
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Live maps guide is designed to help you understand and navigatelivemap data. For years countries and businesses have beenputtingsatellites into space. Theses satellites are constantlycirclingthe earth with massive zoom capabilities taking real timelive mapsimages of nearly every location on earth. We live in agreat timewhen all of this live map data can be available from asimplehandheld device and in many cases without a internetconnectionLivemaps help to view a locations and receive real timedatainformation regarding incident reports and GPS routeplanning.Features of this live maps guide:+How to use livemaps+Live mapoffline connection (requires online to set up)+GPSincidentreporting+Location search+Restricted areas due to closuresor otherreal time scenariosFeatures such as street view are a partofgoogle maps and when combine with live map data enable usersgainpowerful insights to there location(s) of choice. Googleearthenables a realistic display of what an actual satellitecapturesand can be used as both entertainment and as a powerfultool.
Earth 3D
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You can have the 3D earth on theyourphone.Earth 3D App provide various earth type and manynationinformation.- Features1) You can zoom 3D earth on the your phone.2) The auto-rotate feature and the user can rotate the3Dearth.3) 3D Earth and Google Maps can be viewed in conjunction.4) You can see the borders of the country on the 3D earth.5) If you touch the flag of searched nation, you will seemanyinformation of the nation.
GPS Street View Earth Maps Navigation Route Finder 1.3
GPS Street View Earth Maps Navigation Route Finder SatelliteViewWorld offline maps Driving Direction Maps Navigation is aguidetest of Live Street View MyVoice voice navigator Locationofflinemaps GPS world maps navigation with exclusive features ofTrip DSSpeedometer Lite HUD speed meter high precision simpleLEDSpeedometer and Digital Compass radarbot. GPS VoiceNavigation& Drive Places so don’t need to find my location orsearch yourmobile location on offline maps or GPS wifi map andstreet viewjust speak out streets maps location where you want totravel roadsnavigation and GPS live view street map with the helpof worldsatellite earth route finder navigator fast navigation yourvoicelocation. GPS Satellite Live Street View have differentfamousstreet view world satellite earth map and hd map is availabletoenjoy the world famous street maps London UK live view GPSStreetView panorama route finder street panoramic view throughtravelerstreet view global live maps and satellite live streetsview worldstreet map HQ street view 2020 from your own map locationon GPSapps. GPS Street View Earth Maps Navigation Route Finder inDrivingRoute and find the driving directions of best shortest routeforyour destination with the help of GPS Maps Navigation.MapsNavigation GPS Route Finder Application is best Route Finderappfind easy route finder guide and very easy route find GPSlivenavigation, just put your destination on traffic route finderonthe free maps direction guide and live maps route planner viewwillnavigate you through the shortest path finder with trafficupdatesarea measurement. GPS Android smart 360 compass is one thebestlocation finder find Qibla direction free GPS offlineappscoordinator with Quibble street view voice Sat finder feature.GPSStreet View Earth Maps Navigation Route Finder My LocationthroughGPS Maps latitude longitude and street maps navigation youcan sendyour navigation location where am I to your friends andfamilymembers so that they can find my locations and directions onmapview. Navigation Route Finder Nearby Places Complete collectionofall nearby places of your city my places find near me on livemapsatellite GPS NearBy places way finder. Now famous places nearmearound you is just one touch away on free maps GPS Live Mapsplaceslocation and maps around me street view. Live Street ViewWayFinder Maps Navigation Limit your speed with new feature ofroutefinding application. Live street view app will show you theliveview of places, where you plan your trip. This app will helpyou asa trip guide at worldwide. Get direction route of any localarea,find a place on earth map. It is relatively simple to accessliveimages of interesting and important places in the world livemap,however, as a few sites are dedicated to providing livesatellitefeed for these particular sites. Live street view &satellitemap earth navigation allows you to determine your locationand viewbuilding around me at any point all over the world alsotrafficstatus and updated maps. Global satellite live streetviewdiscovers your area and shows constant street view with 3Dpanorama360-degree street view. Global Satellite View map tools apphas allrequired features of navigation, by the use of GPS routemappingnavigation and GPS map quest locator you can find thelocation ofyour friends and family. Key Features of GPS Street ViewEarth MapsNavigation Route Finder are: • Up to date maps• Searchthe anynearest point• See Live Satellite Map Views• See livebuildings andstreets• Small in size, and friendly interface• Smallin size anduser-friendly interface• View any point in world fromyour place•Search any place and add to your favorite• Show distanceand traveltime during route• Absolutely free to download Livestreet view•Navigation with local traffic helps you find thefastest trip route
GPS World Offline Map: Live Driving Route Guide 1.0.1
GPS World Offline Map: Live Driving Route Guide is the wholeworldcountries offline map application. This is fastest travelingmap,User-friendly, easy to use advance, updated and downloadHighresolution live earth traveling map. This offline map willprovideyou the complete India, Europe offline map to get directionsonmaps without internet. Bundle of mapping features touch on mapforselect destination for make driving route, customize yourcurrentlocation, write destination place & make route ondifferentearth map type’s 3D map, satellite map and 2D custom map.3Dsatellite earth picture view, and get real time and shortdrivingroutes with detailed information of math and places.You havelistalmost all countries of world, and download any country map atanytime with high resolution and fast download speed. Afterdownloadsearch city to city map, check your current location. Thisofflinemap will provide you the complete united state (US) offlinemap toget directions on maps without internet.Discover theentirelocation of earth Map and detailed info of places with asingleclick. GPS World Offline Map: Live Navigation Route Guide isFreeoffline world map navigation applications. This mappingapplicationis also have 3D map feature and 2D customized map. 3Dmap will giveyou the speaking instructions during driving route andmovingnavigation point with car, bus and bike. you can also findthehiking route track at mountain area. It will help you tofindshortest and easy driving route of any places atworldwide.2Dcustomized map will help you those users whosesmartphones are notsupported 3D map. this features will help thoseusers to find theshortest way according to their transportationcar, motorbike, busor walking route track.GPS World Offline Map:Live Driving RouteGuide Features:📡- List of all European, Asian,other regioncountries for offline map📡- Auto world map rotatefeature to rotatethe world globe📡- Different types of map view ofearth📡- EnjoyUnited State (US) offline map as trip planner📡- Getmost accurateand clear location and route directions📡- Plan yourtrips and getaccurate navigation and directions📡- Explore the wholeworld andbecome your mobile as pocket earth📡- Speaking instructionfeaturein 3D route map📡- Find your nearby places important andhistoricalplaces
Street Panorama View 4.0.3
Street Panorama View is a simple app; You can;-Touch mylocationbutton and see the street panorama view of yourlocation.-Searchaddress and see preview of the address, then press"Full ScreenButton" to view it in native maps application.-GameMode ; guessthe country of the Random Street Panorama View.-RandomStreet; Itis a time killer mode , a close look to the art projects, museumsand places from Unesco’s World Heritage *It needs a fastinternetconnection 3g,4g or wifi.
SatFinder 1.38
SatFinder (Satellite Finder) is a tool which will help you to setupsatellite dish. It will give you azimuth, elevation and LNB tiltforyour location (based on GPS) and chosen satellite from list.Theresult is shown both as numeric data and graphical on googlemaps.It has also built in compass which will help you to findpropersatellite azimuth. It also can use augmented reality to showwhereis satellite on camera view. Compass works only on deviceswithcompass sensor (magnetometer).How to use this app:1. First ofall,you should enable GPS and Internet on your phone. Remember –in mostcases it is impossible to receive GPS signal insidebuildings. So ifyou want to get very accurate location – please gonear windows orgo even outside.In current app version locationshould be foundquite immediately. So if you stuck with ‘nolocation’ message pleasemake ensure that you got enabled allrequiredfeatures/permissions.2. If app found your location, youmust selectdesired satellite. To do this you must find icon withmagnificationglass and tap it. On the list you will find allsatellites withelevation angle above zero degrees. Remember:satellite name doesn’taffect the calculation of angles. Importantthing is satelliteposition.3. The azimuth, elevation and skewangle is calculated foryour location and chosen satellite. Undercalculated values there isa compass with graphical representationof azimuth angle. Theazimuth angle is calculated with magneticinclination. Remember –every time you use compass – you shouldcalibrate it. Green linerepresents your phone azimuth. So if oncompass green and redindicators are on each other – front of thephone should show youdirection to the satellite. If the compassvalue is correct – phoneazimuth value will go green.
GPS Map Free 4.6
Karma Karma
Want to travel hassle free anywhere? GPS Maps Free is hereforyou.GPS Maps enables you to search and browse differentlocationsof different countries.Application also calculates thedistancesbetween two locations.In this application, you can getdirections,find places and also navigate through the best and timeefficientroutes.You can also get daily needs things like, GYM,Coffee Shop,Barber shop, Airport etc.Important Note: Thisapplication needinternet connection to work when loading map. Ifinternetconnection is slow, you may face slow map loading. So,please checkyour internet connection while using theapplication.Enjoy ;)
Google Street View
Google LLC
Explore world landmarks, discover natural wonders, and stepinsidelocations such as museums, arenas, restaurants, andsmallbusinesses with Google Street View. You can also add yourownStreet View for everyone to see. Create 360 photos usingeitheryour phone's camera or a certified Street View Ready camera,thenposition them and add connections on the map using the StreetViewapp. New for Local Guides level 6+ and Street ViewTrustedPhotographers: Try the new "Video Mode" beta, where you canconnecta Ricoh Theta V camera and create Street View as you walk,bike, ordrive. This new mode records video from your camera andconverts itinto connected Street View images when you publish toGoogle Maps.APP REQUIRES ANDROID 4.4 KITKAT AND UP
Satellite Check - GPS Status 2.71
Get information returned from the GPS satellites withSatelliteCheck! View coordinates, number of available satellites,satellitetime, satellite signal strength to noise ratio grapheddynamically,satellite positions plotted relative to your locationand other GPSstatistics. Your coordinates are mapped onto asatellite view ofthe earth and a street map. Sunrise and sunsettimes are calculatedusing your coordinates and the satellite time,and in version 2.0we are pleased to deliver a compass we're sureyou will enjoy. Ahandy app for any GPS aficionado. Translated intoSpanish, German,Russian and Chinese (traditional and simplified).Includes a handy"Where am I" feature showing you your location on amap along withthe coordinates and physical address.New:- Maps arenow bigger.-Looks better on more devices!- Improved response ratefor reversegeocoding (technical language for "address finding").Thanks toCameron Hall of Hamilton, Ontario, Canada and BasileLaderchi,Athens, Greece for some great user feedback andsuggestions.
GPS Offline Navigation Route Maps & Direction 1.0.2
We introduce the Offline World Map Navigation: GPS LiveTrackingapplication. Offline GPS Free Map application is reallyamazingbecause this application launched with all solution oftraveling,driving, routes, Map & navigation, and find accurateDirectionwithout internet.You can say second name “Open World MapsApp”. Thereason is that of Second Name is the open map you can seeand usethis app in every country and Make shortest 2D or 3D routesandSave your route and share your location.Offline WorldMapNavigation: GPS Driving route & Direction app is toomuchhelpful app. If you want to go alone abroad the first time,sodon’t worry Open world Map navigation app is most reliable foryou.You can go any country in the world without feel thehesitation. Ifyou stop on the highway and road is divided into manylink roadsyou can make easy and shortest route on 2D or 3D routemap. Now youdo not need to fear, internet connection and otherproblems.Offline World Map Navigation: GPS Live Tracking app has asolutionof map, routes and direction. You can save your offlineroute anduse this route without internet at any time, also opensave routeon 3D map.Offline GPS route tracker: Map and Navigationis too muchgood app. If you going the wrong way and not understandwhat isyour correct location, you do not need to stop anybody andbotherthem take the Direction. Your job is that just open theOffline GPSRoute Tracker app and get your current location becauseyou mobileGPS always track your Current location. You can shareyour currentlocation with family, friends, and Relatives or makethe shortestroute. This application is easy to the use andunderstands. LiveGPS offline route and map application free for theAndroid user onthe play store. Enjoy the free offline GPS mapsapplication andgive us the feedback.Features of Offline World MapNavigation: GPSLive Tracking:Very Easy and simple for the use andunderstandAutoreroute 3D map featureShare address with mappictureOffline maps ofall CountriesUse this app free of costSpokendirectioninstructionUse this app anywhere in the worldNo needforinternetSave your RoutesMake 2D& 3D routes Make the Easyandshortest routes
Satellite Director 1.56
Finding a TV satellite or an antenna, in azimuth, can beprettydifficult. Before you can find it with a compass you have todosome calculations using GPS location, magnetic variation,compassazimuth and satellite azimuth. Satellite Director replacesall ofthat. See tips to success below.Português: Telefones sembússolanão pode baixar este aplicativo.WARNING: YOUR PHONE orTABLET MUSTHAVE A COMPASS !!!!WITHOUT COMPASS YOU CANNOT DOWNLOADTHIS APP.Check "Satellite Locator" which uses GPS locations to findasatellite.Some phone/tablet compass are really bad so compareyourphone/tablet compass with a real compass !! Unfortunatly youhaveto calibrate the compass before using it. Metal covers/casesorcovers/cases with metal/magnetic closure will influence/disruptthecompass of your phone or tablet. Do not use these covers !!Thecompass of your phone can also get inaccurate becauseitis affected by other electro - magnetic fields or becauseitis weakened by age. Calibrating the compass may not helpanymore.PRECISION DEPENDS ON THE QUALITY OF YOUR PHONESHARDWARE.Warning:If you use Cyanogenmod / Cymod then you may runinto Androidcompatibility issues and the app may not work. Youshould thencomplain to Cyanogenmod / Cymod and not to me.This appis add-free!Help me to continue the work on this app and watch someof myvideos on Youtube. The advertising in the videos providessomerequired money (houres of work, phones to test on,satelliteequipment, etc.). How does it work ?Just enable the GPS inyourphone or enter your GPS location, select the desired TVsatelliteor antenna location and point your phone to the sky totarget(find) the TV satellite. You have found the satellite whenthewhite ball is in the white circle and the cyan ball is in thecyancircle. Align, in azimuth, the offset arm of the satellite dishtothe cyan arrow on the phones display and the satellite dishisaligned in azimuth with the satellite.Selectable audio tone,camerapreview, continuous mode (no pause), color pickers or auserdefined satellite position may make it easier for you to findthedesired TV satellite. The satellite list contains280satellites.Optional you can take a photo (resized)/screenshotbytouching on the director tab. The photo/screenshot is ONLYstoredon the phones memory card.Optional: you can get an indicationwhenyou are to close to iron (dish/pole) in the form ofangreen/yellow/red bar.Satellite positions are derived fromAgi'sdatabase. Some positions may seem not accurate (example:Hispasat30°w is at 29.96°w in the satellite list) but they areveryaccurate.New phones with Android 4: in case of a wrongcompassreading the "Settings" screen has options to correct thecompassreadings !!!!Previous versions are available from mywebsite.If youhave any questions, requests or problems PLEASE writean email. Alllanguage translations by Google Translator.3 tips tosuccess:1- doNOT go to close to the iron dish, iron lnb arm or ironpole (keepat least 30 cm distance)2- calibrate the compass of thephone bywaving it in a figure 8 before you start3- optional:calibrate thecompass of the phone by rolling your phone along itslength axisabout 2-3 turns (works on some phones)
Voice Map Route Direction: Earth Map Guide 1.1.2
Voice Route Direction: Live Navigation Map is one tap routefindingapplication. Easy and simple way to find locations, placeand makedriving route with Live Voice Navigation Map & GPSRouteDirection Introduce amazing and helpful features for you. Nowyoucan go anywhere and where you want with the help of VoiceMapLocation: GPS Navigation & Direction application. Now adaysome people facing a Problem (Problem is that you cannot typethelocation during the drive the car). So we introduce LiveVoiceNavigation Map & GPS Route Direction. Now you do not needtotype the location.You just speak your desire location, Earthmapapplication show you desire location on the map. If you arelookingfor earth current location, draw a route, find location,nearbyplace, current location, and voice map location then you hasallfeature in this mapping applicationNOTE:Check the GPS &networkis connected before you use this Voice Map Location: GPSNavigation& Direction applicationLive Voice Navigation Map& GPSRoute Direction Feature.Search Place with Voice map:Now aday typethe location and place spelling mistake is the main problemforsome people. So we develop this feature in Live Navigation Mapapp.You need to just tap voice button and speak your placeLocation.GPS voice map location shows your place on the map and geteasy andshort driving route.My Location:If you are lost in the wayandforget the address, don’t worry. You can see your currentlocationand also share your current location with family, friends,andrelatives. Make route from your current location to home. Itwillhelp them to find you home easily.Route Finder 3D Feature:3DRoutefinder and planner app develop for the bike, car, bus andwalkingmap users to make easy route. You can go where you want withthehelp of GPS route Navigation & Direction. FavoritePlace:Voicemap travelling application provides an interestingfeature. Thisapp saves your traveling history, and you can searchand add yourfavorite place in this application. If you wantre-visit and sharewith friends and family.Places Nearby:ThisFeature is very helpfulfor the user. If you are out of the city andwant to go nearbypublic place, ATM, Post office, Restaurant,Masjid, metro, busstation, airport, hotel etc easily get a locationand go there.
Street Maps 2.2.6
Quick Ways
The Fastest Map App Ever. All the Streets of the World Maps*Compass * Navigation * GPS Just 4 mb - New Skin Taxidrivers,couriers, transport companies, travel agents, drivers,pedestrians,tourists, thieves, policemen, people on the move; thisapplicationmust be in your pocket. + Very Fast + Shows Address onMap - WorldWide! + Navigation + Exact GPS Location + Exact CompassDirection +Offline Maps - Setup + Map revolves around compass +Street View -Go around in the street - HD + Get Direction; by Foot,Bus or Car.+ Distance to the Target Address (Time and Kilometers /Miles.) +The Shortest Route on Map + Directions Explanations + Thelastsearched addresses in cache Memory. + What is near? Hotels,Shops,Restaurants, Cafes, Hospitals, Schools, Bus Stops,MetroStations... Tip for exact results; add city = Cherry Street,NewYork. The good known Address Search App is now on Androidplatform.All the Streets of the World are in this small Application- 3 MBonly The application takes up minimal space in the devicememoryand downloads very quickly.
Satellite Tracker 1.4.1
App provides several search methods to track satellites inrealtime. You can search from a database of over 15,000 trackedspaceobjects, including the International Space Station, HubbleSpaceTelescope, surveillance satellites, and other popularsatellites.1. Radius Search: Specify a search radius and satellitecategory tobe used in the search. You then selected between GPS orcustomcoordinates to set the center of the search. Afterconfirming, theapp locates all the satellites over the area andcontinuallyupdates their locations. 2. Globe Search: Tracksatellites in 3Dspace. Realistic globe appearance with satelliteobjects orbitingearth with real-time satellite data. 3. Search BySatellite: Thismethod provides three different methods for trackinga individualsatellite. You can search the entire database bysatellite name, bycommonly searched satellites, or search bycountry. 4. Custom MapsSearch: In this method you specify yousearch with gestures on themap. Click to set center of search anddrag to increaseradius.Note: If you have any questions,suggestions, or complaints,email me and I'll do what I can.
Street View Maps Live Pro, satellite world map 1.7
An instant street view app Street View Maps Live Pro,satelliteworld map offers is using 360 view data about your streetintoworld map, Find nearby places with direction and a completeroadview and clear map view on gps maps. Learn about street viewcar ofyour maps street view and nearby places into maps andliveview ofyour location on earth map with map view. Useful streetsviewergives live maps and liveview of maps from live map satellitealsonearby locations with visual maps. New instant street view maplivesatellite app it has map of every maps street view on earth mapandgives Global Satellite View. Just add the location usingstreetview trekker on liveview uses street view camera and viewroad viewof live maps. A world map gps offers streets with 360view, appmaps with Nearby street finder maps, gps maps in free mapsandonline maps. Watch free street view camera app an instantstreetview offers visual maps and world map gps users a chanceonliveview of their street view and map search, gps maps,andrealtime on road view through street view camera you canhavestreet view of my house using Global Satellite View. See nowGrosseIle, MI • ‎Houston, MO • ‎Southbury, CT • ‎Mars, PA. Usingstreetview trekker : Street View Maps Live Pro offers beststreetviewmapservices alike live maps. Street View Maps Live givesa streetsviewer offers map view with accurate live map satelliteservices ofgmaps and satelite en tiempo real. Being street viewtraveler youcan see world famous places in maps street view yourmap livesatellite with visual maps by using street view live see MI•‎Houston, instant street view with live maps or world mapgps.Ainstant street view allows map view via 360 with also streetfindermaps. Offers Global Satellite View, being streets viewer youcancheck street view bg360 map of every country on latest streetview.A Street View Maps Live with look of streets and with help ofmaplive. Using satelite en tiempo real with live maps and googlemapsand street view live. New maps street view if as good streetviewtraveler on street view car with view and street view of myhouse,360 degree street view bg360 the map of your MI • ‎Houstonstreet.Street View Trekker offers street finder maps and gps maps,throughlive map satellite withle with streetviewmap, at in mapsanddirections with street finder maps. Watch free Grosse Ilestreetview camera app Install app maps exact live map satelliteservicesvia gmaps works like streets viewer in visual maps intostreet viewbg360 via new satelite en tiempo real. A street viewcamera app asstreet view traveler using 360 on road view. A streetview trekkershows street view of my house using Street View MapsLive letsusers to view data of latest street view, maps anddirections ononline maps, view Grosse Ile and streets with maplive, map view.Global Satellite View using street view bg360 ofyour street viewon earth using app maps, live map satellite tostreet finder maps,the view data of liveview of your street map,and street view car,live map and world map streetviewmap. Watchfree street view cameraapp, uses 360 to see live map satellitehaving Street View MapsLive Pro allows street finder maps withstreetviewmap.Maps &world famous places with map live andlatest street view on roadview as street view traveler. Also streetview car uses with livemap satellite to 360 degree shows yourcurrent street view. Havinggps maps with map live street findermaps on road view and streets.A streets viewer app offers live mapsatellite & street viewcar you may app maps, the map of yourstreet to 360 degree, livemap, street finder maps also online mapsand latest street viewwith on road view with map live. A reliablemap view on earth mapand google maps. In Street View Maps Liveusers to view data onfrom gmaps, street finder maps, live maponline maps and free mapson earth map through live map satellite.
Earth Map Live GPS : Navigation & Route Tracker 1.0.2
Earth map live navigation & route tracker helps you tofindnearest places like atm,bank, airport etc. You can tracker gpsmaproute to your destination. Through this app you can find anyplaceson map through name search. View your favorite location'ssatellitemap view.There are three map types available in this applikesatellite map view, hybrid map and normal map view. You canviewyour mobile current location in satellite map view. Searchanylocation and view available 3d pictures of that location instreetview.Through this gps earth map tracker you can draw routebetweentwo places. You can track route from your location toyourdestination. You can explore different places on map. You canfindyour location and share your current location to yourfriendthrough social media apps. You can get driving direction toyourfavorite places. You can view 3d picture of world wondersbysearching places name in street view. View places fromspacethrough satellite view. Street view live gps earth map willhelpyou to view 3d photos of famous places like taj mahal,libertystatue and Eiffel tower. You can view 3d picture of worldwonderusing street view live navigation and route finder app.Search yourfavorite location and view 3d photo with map navigation.Search foryour street view live location, view the maps for yourstreet .Through live picture street view and earth map you can findandlocate every location on map . View your favorite visitingplacesphotos in street view . You can view 360 degree photo onfamousplaces in street view and locate the location on map. Findlocationand view on live earth map satellite view or view 3d photoinstreet view live. Download street view live GPS earthmap,navigation to explore information about your location,building,earth map, realtime traffic and live picture on maps insatelliteview. Find out your location street view and view 3d photoof yourstreets and buildings.Earth map live 2017 helps you to trackyourroute to destination. You can get places near about you androuteto that places. You can get driving direction to yourplaces.Through this app you can find shortest route to yourdestination.You can search tourist places and view places throughsatelliteview and street view. Feature :** Find you location andview inearth map** See live buildings and streets 3d photos onstreetview** Track your route to destination location** Find livefamousplaces 3d photo in street view** View 3d photos of worldwonder instreet view ** Find your nearest places around you on maplikeairport, atm , banks etc** You can find your favorite placesandview in satellite view and street view** You can getroutedirection easily and quickly** search location and view fromspacethrough satellite view ** Search places location and view3dpicture in street view
MAPS.ME – Offline Map and Travel Navigation 8.4.5-Google B.V.
Free, fast, detailed and entirely offline maps withturn-by-turnnavigation – trusted by over 100 million travelersworldwide.OFFLINE MAPS Save mobile data, no internet is required.FREEFOREVER All maps inside and all features are free. Always wereandalways will be. NAVIGATION Use driving, walking andcyclenavigation anywhere in the world. INCREDIBLY DETAILEDDirections topoints of interest (POI), hiking trails and placesmissing fromother maps. UP-TO-DATE Maps are updated by millionsofOpenStreetMap contributors daily. OSM is an open-sourcealternativeto popular map services. FAST AND RELIABLE Offlinesearch, GPSnavigation along with optimized maps to effectively savememoryspace. BOOKMARKS Save locations you love and share them withyourfriends. AVAILABLE WORLDWIDE Essential for home and travel.Paris,France? Check. Amsterdam, Netherlands? Check. Barcelona,Spain?Check. New York, Chicago, Florida, Las Vegas, Nevada,Seattle, SanFrancisco, California, USA? Check! Rome, Italy? Check.London, UK?Check. TRAFFIC DATA New online city traffic maps. Checkout updateson traffic info and fastest driving routes in 36countries! ANDMORE! – Search through different categories e.g.restaurants,cafes, tourist attractions, hotels, ATMs and publictransport(metro, bus…) – Make hotel bookings via Booking.comdirectly fromthe app – Share your location via text message orsocial media –When cycling or walking, the app shows whether theway is uphill ordownhill Continued use of GPS running in thebackground candramatically decrease battery life. If you have anyquestions,visit our Help Center: If you are unableto findthe answer to your question, contact us at: [email protected] on FB: | Twitter:@MAPS_ME
Satellite Pointer 4.7.4
It has never been easier to install your television dish.Directyourdevice to the sky and look in realty augmented mode atthegeostationary satellites orbiting around the earth. You willhaveaccess to an updated database of more than 200 satellites witharesearch option capability to facilitate your search. Onceasatellite has been selected, you will be able to read a numberofinformation necessary to your installation, such asitsgeographical zone, its longitude, the available bandfrequencies,its Azimuth, Elevation and Polarization angles ascalculated basedon your location. You may then select suchsatellite in DishAligning Mode (only available in PRO version): youwill be providedwith a four steps alignment tool that will help youinstall your TVantenna easily. Features• Augmented reality, seesatellites andtarget them directly on your display• Azimuth,Elevation andPolarization angles calculated for your position• Morethan 200satellites referenced in the app• Search option to quicklyfindsatellite of interest• Weekly updated database• Addsatellitesmanually (PRO users)• 4 steps alignment tool to easilyset up youTV antenna (PRO users)Thank you for using SatellitePointer. Youcan send us your feedback [email protected] and wewill reply as fast as possible.If you enjoy the app, please let usknow by rating us five stars andleaving a nice comment on theGoogle Play.
Area Calculator For Land - Driving Route Guide 1.0
GEO AREA measurement app is a free area and perimetermeasurementapp also referred to as GPS area calculator for landmeasurement,planimeter to measure area on map, or platometer and isused tomeasure field areas, collect ground samples, GIS surveys.WHATMAKES GEO AREA UNIQUE?- Highly accurate area measurement andlandsurveyor app, verified and tested with ground data- Mappingappwith multiple area and perimeter units- User friendly- Tap themapto mark area- Use the phone GPS receiver- Unlike ourcompetitorApps, Geo Area has NO RESTRICTIONS ON SHARING your data-Not justan area calculator, it’s much moreMeasure area and distanceof anyplace at worldwide through gps without going there.GPSDistance& Area Calculator Navigation Route is a veryinteresting tool.You’re a Traveler and tourist or a explorer of thenew lands, CivilEngineering student or related to professionalconstructioncompany, click on map area and get accuratemeasurement. This Appis for you and give you the most accurate andvaluable informationabout area calculation.You don’t need to go andvisit the place forarea or distance measurement, at Basic level.You are at your homeor in your office; you can easily calculate thearea by using GPSDistance & Area Calculator: Navigation Routemeasurement tool.And the area calculation value is most accuratevalue for anybuilding area or any land on the earth.TestYou cantest our “GPSLand Area Measurement” feature live. If you know thearea of yournearby land or have information about any famousplace’s area, youcan calculate area from this app and compare theresults. All youhave to do is, search the area name, select pointsby taping on thescreen around the building or on land to which youwant tocalculate the area.Remember when you tap the first pointagain, thearea will be calculated among the all points. There aremultipleunits for area measurement. Distance Now a tourist caneasilymeasure the distance of any route or distance to thedestination.It can help to prepare a traveler before start ajourney. GPS RouteNavigationA route making is main feature of thisNavigation app.User can search his destination and the rest of thethings this appcan handle. It draws the multiple routes on the maphavingdifferent distance to the destination. Each route givesthedifferent ETA (Estimated Time of Arrival), depending onthedistance and the traffic along the route. Live Street ViewThisisan amazing feature that shows the live view of the area onthestreet level. It means you can visit any place virtually. Youcanmove and look around like you are at that place. A virtual Tourtothe world famous places even where it costs too much totravelphysically. Note: In some areas, Street view is notavailable,there app will display the satellite view at the maximumavailablezoom level. Voice Maps 2DVoice Map search is a greatoption whiledriving or moving somewhere. You can search anylocation by voicecommands. These maps will be displayed as 2D maps.GEO AREA isfor:- Land based surveys- Farmers, for farm management-Land recordmanagement- Construction surveys- Agronomists- Townplanners-Construction surveyor- Health, Education and facilitiesmapping-Farm fencing- Sports track measurement- Construction sitesandbuilding sites area- Asset mapping- Landscape artists-LandscapedesignGps Area Calculator Features :--Fastarea/distanceMapping.Map, Satellite, Terrain and Hybrid modesAreaSearchFacility.Smart Marker Mode for super accuratepinplacement.Measurement saving and editingMeasurement UnitChangingFacility.Update distance upon location changedGPS AreaCalculatorFor Land is completely free to downloadSave any calculatearea.Dragand Drop marker to place markerMost popular Gps AreaCalculator.
Google Earth
Google LLC
Explore the whole world from above with satellite imagery and3Dterrain of the entire globe and 3D buildings in hundreds ofcitiesaround the world. Zoom to your house or anywhere else thendive infor a 360° perspective with Street View. Set off on auniqueadventure by rolling the dice and hopping between randomlocations.And see the world from a new point of view with Voyager,acollection of guided tours from BBC Earth, NASA,NationalGeographic, and more.
DVB-T finder 1.65
Attention: The database contains only Polish, German, CzechandSlovak transmitters... This tool will help you find nearestDVB-Tchannels. It uses GPS and Internet. DVB-T finder showschannelnumber, frequency, power, polarisation of the signal,azimuth,channel list, elevation chart (work slow) and shows map Inthedatabase there are transmitters from Poland but the databasewillbe updated The map and elevation chart are hidden intransmittersdetail menu.
Live GPS Navigation, Route Finder & Driving Maps 1.1.2
People travel a lot, indeed love to travel. Sometimes theyonlytravel to explore the new places in the world. Whenever youwant totravel some unknown place, our Mapping application will beyourassistant. You can go anywhere in the world withouthesitatingabout the destinations whereabouts. Even when you are onthe routeto your final place, this tracking app will show you thefuelstations along the route, restaurants and coffee shops foryourentertainment. Find the Metro stations on the map and thetotalroute time to reach the metro point. Through these mapstrackingapp you can easily track all the locations and make routeto go anyplaces, street by street map, which you have visited orwant to gothere.Cargo Trucks always travel to the new destinationsand theyneed to be updated about the fuel stations, Truck Stops andweighstations along the route. Find Parking places & avoid tobestuck near the Markets. When you are in the driver seat,thismapquest application will work as a car navigation system andwillassist you about nearby places of interest. Make route withvoicenavigation search feature. Map will display the Transitsubway,Bus, Rail and any transport services nearby. Trucker (truckdriver)can get help about its location and surroundings. Bestsolution forthe cargo truck drivers.It can maintain history of yourvisitedlocations. With GPS , Maps, Navigations And DrivingDirectionsfeatures, this application tracks your mobile deviceslocation onmap and where ever you go its keep on updating thelocations. Thisis best navigational app with GPS Navigation, Drivewith Voice,Maps & live Traffic report features.GPS Drivingdirections isyour Driving assistant, When you are on drive thisdivingdirections feature will alert you about any turn on theroute.Voice Navigation (default) helps the driver to focus ondriving andspeaks about turns and roundabouts loudly. GPS RouteLocator helpsyou to find best driving routes and multi routedirections fromyour current location to your destination on map. Itwill showmultiple routes to the final location with the ETA(estimated timeof Arrival).Find the nearby car service Stations andemergencyservices centers. You can easily find online where thepolicestation is. On a rush place you can get parkingplacesnearby.Always be safe and secure while you are on the drive.VoiceAlerts help you to drive safely without distractions. Get inthecar and move it to the nearby Bus & Train stations usingthelive map info. With the GPS Location Tracking feature you cangetyour exact location anytime and share it to your friends. GPSmapnavigation is a trip planner as Travelers and the touristscaneasily manage their trips. The best GPS companion when youstartyour journey. It’s Real Time Route planner app for trip andtours.GPS Maps Lines – If there is dark outside like in theevening, GPSmaps lines will be clear and bright and map theme willbe dark toprominent the map lines.This live Mapping applicationgives youdifferent modes of map like Hybrid, Satellite, Normalmaps. LiveTraffic updates are available on each Map mode; you caneasily viewthe traffic load along the route and select the bestroute.This GPSKarte App is one of the best locator and navigatorapps to give youthe best solutions about online mapping andnavigation. Just startthe application and where we go – Best OnlineMaps and GPSNavigation are in your hands now.GPS World Maps: Routes&Navigation Features:All local area maps and navigationroutesTurnby turn spoken and written alertsMaps of world countriesindia map,usa map, china map etcEasy and bet route finder app fordrivingFindthe best driving route and go on right directionStreetby Streetmap of all worldShare complete route with othersMake both3D and 2DroutesShare your current and selected location on mapwithothersUse offline mapAccurate route according toselectedtransportation
Street View Live – Global Satellite Live Earth Map 4.7
Street Live Earth Guide – Global Satellite View Allow youtodetermine Your location and view building around you or inanypoint all over world also Traffic Status And Updated Maps.StreetLive Earth Guide – Global Satellite View with Map Nature hasatendency to destroy because of outdoor activities googlestreetview world map requires the installation and correct aimingof asatelite en tiempo real dish. Street Live Earth Guide –GlobalSatellite View maptools app has all required featuresofnavigation, by the use of GPS Route Mapping navigation andGPSmapquest locator you can find the location of your friends,familyand also track google photo decoration sphere lost smartphone. Itis relatively simple to access live images of interestingandimportant places in the world live map, however, as a few sitesarededicated to providing live satellite feed for theseparticularsites. find location on google maps with drivingdirections way onlocator app. Most amazing i satellites views gpsapps for androidand best navigation gps info on phone tracking app.Live Earth Maps2018 and Satellite maps, GPS Tracker  It isrelatively simpleto access live images of interesting and importantplaces in theworld, however, as a few sites are dedicated toproviding livesatellite feed for these particular sites in StreetLive EarthGuide – Global Satellite View. Street Live Earth Guide –GlobalSatellite View takes edge of GPS maps & latestNetworkconnection to provide your current location position onthesatellite Earth, and provide worldwide map information withlivestreet view and satellite map view near yourcurrentlocation. It is relatively simple to access live imagesofinteresting and important places in the world, however, as afewsites are dedicated to providing live satellite feed fortheseparticular sites in Street Live Earth Guide – GlobalSatelliteView. Who have been three big providers of live mapsatellite viewand live 3D street map view. Who have been three bigproviders oflive map satellite view and live 3D street map viewVoicenavigation live street map route finder app just requirestheinternet connection, turn on your location and take the touredofbeautiful and historical places around the world through thisgpsnavigation live street mapia view application. HD Live EarthMap2018 with Satellite View, GPS Tracker Features for StreetLiveEarth Guide – Global Satellite View: Updated Map. FriendlyUserinterface. 3d Buildings. Search by building name or street nameorcity name.  Travel around the world and navigate usinganymethod of transportation. Navigation with local traffic helpyoufind the fastest trip route. Route planner for cars, bikesandwalking to any global address. Get Live Maps and Street ViewonYour device. Location search functionality Live GPSRouteNavigation application has the feature of terrain, 3D imageandsatellite view of earth to increase accuracy your exactplacesunderstanding. It will save your precious tracking historyand bestmobile locator for Android mobile phone and tablet. Byaccessingthe site from which the feed is broadcast, you can watchstreetmobile tracker locater with Street Live Earth Guide –GlobalSatellite View. Download Live Earth Map 2018 & SatelliteView,GPS Tracker now and discover new places.
GPS Route Maps : Voice Navigation and Direction
If you tired by typing locations while driving this app solveyourproblem with its voice searching feature. Voice RouteDirection:Live Navigation Map is the free, fast and reliableapplication thateases you to find place with voice. Just speak yourdesiredlocation this app tracks and shows the location on map. Thisappprovides you turn-by-turn voice driving navigation.GPS VoiceRouteGuide: Earth Map takes edge of GPS maps & Networkconnection toprovide your current location position on the Earth,and provideworldwide map information with live street view andsatellite mapview near your current location. GPS Route Maps :Voice Navigationand Direction app has all required features ofnavigation, by theuse of GPS Route Mapping Navigation and GPSlocator you can findthe location of your friends, family and alsotrack you smartphone. Voice navigation route finder app justrequires the internetconnection, turn on your location and take thetoured of beautifuland historical places around the world throughthis gpsapplication.GPS Finder Route Tracking application also hasthefacility of finding shortest distance route and easyrouteaccording to your transportation, your current location, geteasypath between two given destinations etc. GPS Live Route EarthMapapplication uses Global Positioning System for tracking routewithsatellite and street view. You can search and visit alltheimportant and visiting places in your nearby at globallye-gHospital, Gym, bus or train stations, airport, Bar, casino,club,ATM, banks and many more places. Live GPS RouteNavigationapplication has the feature of terrain, 3D image andsatellite viewof earth to increase accuracy your exact placesunderstanding. Itwill save your precious tracking history and bestmobile locatorfor Android mobile phone and tablet.Satellite EarthMap GPS Finderis updated mapping service navigation, draw route,earth satelliteview, 2D driving route, 3D earth images, sharelocation, trackerand featured application with advance technology.its offeringgreat satellite map imagery, Big hyper markets globe,live photocapturing of greatest and beautiful places around theglobe, livesatellite 3D map street view, and inside complete map ofshoppingmall, big market and airport perspectives, as well asupdatedfunctions such as a route planner 2D and 3D with voiceinstructionsand track for tourists on traveling by walking, car,bicycle,train, aero plane, ship or with public bus transportationwithautomatic re-route and correct traffic feature.GPS RouteGuide:Earth Map Features:🌎 Available in all county locallanguages🌎Unique 2D route tracking feature🌎 Automatic re-routefeature if youforget any turn for transport vehicle drivers🌎 Makecorrect andshortest driving route worldwide🌎 Live earth historicalandattractive places photo capturing feature🌎 Find your accurateandsane driving and walking route🌎 Available free on play store🌎 Uptodate GPS Route Guide: Earth Map🌎 Spoken and written distance,timeand route instructions🌎 Satellite view earth – Enjoy the viewofearth from the space🌎 Find shortest and easiest route🌎 Livetrafficstatus🌎 Voice navigation🌎 Best route planner🌎 GPS LiveStreet Viewon your device🌎 Search your current location🌎 Track yourdesiredplaces🌎 Search by building, street or city name🌎 Userfriendlyinterface-small in size🌎 Free to download🌎 Driving routefor car,bike or tourists🌎 Search through live environment🌎 Up todate GPSlive map
Countries Been
Ever wanted to keep track of all the places you've traveled to?Orshow your friends what parts of the world you’ve seen?Well,“Countries Been” is just for that! It's a customized map oftheworld, showing all of the countries and cities you'vevisited,lived-in, and want to visit! Perfect for theadventurer,globe-trotter, and travel-minded person. “CountriesBeen” allowsyou to browse the world, its places, and add the onesyou havealready explored or want to visit to a colorful visualchecklist.You can even use the world map to explore new places andlearn moreabout them, or to see images of popular sites andattractions -useful for gathering ideas for future trips or simplysatisfyingyour travel curiosity. You can share your map onto yourfavoritesocial networks, to compare with your friends or use itforbragging rights!The states and provinces of over 30 countriescannow be explored and added to your map. We are adding states ofmorecountries periodically. Return to the app to keep up with them!
Offline Maps - moboTex 1.60
Mobotex Maps is an app that allows you to view maps on asmartphoneor tablet without an Internet connection. The app hasmore than2000 offline maps for cities, countries, andregions.TOURISTMODETurn on tourist mode to see the nearestattraction with a photoand description. Mark the attractions thatyour visit or sort themby date of visit.NAVIGATIONPlot pedestrianor car routes without anInternet connection.OFFLINE SEARCHLook foraddresses or interestingplaces (attractions, restaurants, ATMs...)OFFLINE MAPMODEFast-loading detailed map with 3D mode. Works onmost Androiddevices.STAY UP-TO-DATEConstant map and appupdates.FAVORITESAddplaces to your favorites. Send locations to afriend. APPWEBSITE
GPS Route Guide - Live Earth Map ,Live Street view 1.0.4
GPS Route Guide- Live Earth Map provide worldwide mapinformationwith live street view and satellite map view near yourcurrentlocation. provide Maps, Navigation & Directions whichlets youplan your trips, find route to travel and findrestaurantsnearby.Search for an address and navigate using googlemaps or OpenStreet Map to your destination. GPS Route Guide - EarthMap app hasall required features of navigation, you can find thelocation ofyour friends, family and also track you smart phone.Voicenavigation route finder app just requires the internetconnection,turn on your location and take the tour of beautiful andhistoricalplaces around the world through this Route Guideapplication.GPSRoute Finder City Guide provides a lot of cansearches all the places in city you live. It has thefacility offinding shortest Route.offline GPS navigation app withreal-timetraffic for Android is free. Navigation maps with GPS forcity,traffic and public transport routes. distance route and easyrouteaccording to your transportation, your current location, geteasypath between two given destinations etc.This applicationusessatellite and street view for GPS Route Tracking. Features:*Unique2D route tracking feature* Automatic re-route feature if youforgetany turn for transport vehicle drivers* Make correct andshortestdriving route worldwide* Updated GPS Route Guide: EarthMap* DrawRoute between two different locations* Four type of mapsi-eTerrain, Normal, Hybrid and satellite.* Best for navigationandexploring map of the world.* Provide Real-Time traffic whichhelpsyou avoid traffic jams.* Voice guided navigation with spokenstreetnames.* Travel around the world and navigate using any methodoftransportation.* Navigation with local traffic help you findthefastest trip route.* Route planner for cars, bikes and walkingtoany global address.GPS Route Guide:Support all Countriesincluding*Europe, Russia * North & South America* Africa * Asia&Middle East * Australia, New Zealand Note:* It is Not GoogleMapsOfficial Guide!We wish this app will make your life better andmoreconvenient.
Yandex.Maps 7.6.2
Find the addresses you need or the best places nearby evenwhenyou’re offline with Yandex.Maps. Get detailed informationonorganizations and routes there on foot, by bicycle, by car oronpublic transport along with current traffic jam information.Findthe places you need: • Access a huge database of organizationsanduse filters to narrow your search. • Look up important detailslikecontacts, office hours, service information, photos andreviews. •Search places and addresses even when you’re notconnected withoffline maps. • View locations saved in “My Places”on any desktopor laptop computer, tablet or smartphone. • See who’scalling youwith Caller ID. If a phone number is in the organizationdatabase,the app will identify it on an incoming call. Customizeyour mapview: • Tap the traffic light icon to see colour-codedcongestionon the map. • See available parking on the road as wellas placesthat other users have recently left along with the ratesforofficial parking spots. • View public transport move betweenstopsin real time on the map. • Choose between the “Map”,“Satellite”and “Hybrid” appearances. • See locations from thestreet levelwith panorama view. Routes for pedestrians, cyclistsand drivers: •Find the fastest route on foot taking advantage ofsquares, parksand footpaths between buildings. • Follow a bicycleroute thattakes into account types of roads, your preference forcrossingabove and below ground, and warnings about exits onto mainroads. •Reach your destination fast whether driving or usingpublictransport. • Choose from several route options that factorintraffic jams and public transport connections. • Step-by-stepvoicenavigation guides you along your route, telling you whichroadmaneuver to do and what lane to take. • Get notified abouttrafficcameras, stay up to date with current speed limits and knowwhenyou are exceeding them. • View scheduled service timesandestimated time of arrival at every transport stop. • Keepupdatedin real time on accidents, speed traps, cameras, road blocksand soon. Offline maps: • Download maps to get driving directionsandvoice navigation when you are not connected to the internet. •Savespace on your device using more compact maps (Moscow, forexample,only takes up 159 MB). • Browse а selected region’sofflinedatabase of organizations with office hours, serviceinformationand other details. • Get maps for over 2000 cities inRussia,Armenia, Belarus, Estonia, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Latvia,Turkey andUkraine. Information from users: • Mark road events onthe map andcomment on user submissions. • Regular updates to thePublic Mapkeep you informed about your city. • Write reviews orfixinaccuracies about any place. Yandex.Maps also offers youtheability to add a Yandex search widget to your notifications.
DVBFinder 2.2
DVBFinder is a tool which will help you to set up thesatellitedish. It cooperates with a DVBFinder dongle or a satellitereceiverwith DVBFinder dongle function. It will show you thepreciseazimuth, the signal strength and quality in real time, whichcan beused to install the dish.How to use:First you should connecttheDVBFinder dongle to LNB, or scan the QRcode on receiverwhichsupport DVBFinder dongle function.Then on the phone:1. Turnonbluetooth and GPS on the phone2. Open the APP, wait untilltheconnnect icon changesto![image](, set up the Antenna LNB/22K/Diseqc4. Follow the redarrowline to move satellite dish after GPS is available, and makethesignal strength and quality to best state. 5. The signalstrengthwill turn to Green once locked6. Tap the search icon tosearchcurrent tp and check the programsFor more detail, pleasereferto
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