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Eyes MakeUp Step by Step 1.1
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No matter what your eye type and color, you can wear any eyemakeuplook you desire, whether smoky for the nighttime, orsomething morediscreet for the daytime. Just follow these basicrules.A magazinetutorial for smoky eyes will tell you which colorsto use andexactly where to place dark and light. The problem is, itwill onlywork if your eyes are perfect—not too small, not toolarge, nicelyplaced, lids visible from corner tocorner.Unfortunately, not manyof us have perfect eyes, but thatdoesn't mean we can't wearwhichever look we choose. It’s a questionof adapting the look toeye shape, size and spacing.-Eyes andEyebrows on Eyes MakeUp Stepby StepYou have to be very carefulabout your eyes and eyebrows.Plenty of men find eyes the mostattractive organs in a woman’sbody. Today it has become quitecommon for many Asian women –mostly Chinese, Korean and Japanese –to go for eyelid surgery togive more define looks to theireyes.Eyebrows not only protect youreyes from dust, but also form anexotic frame for the eyes. It isimportant to keep eyebrows inperfect balance with the shape of theface. You can give a propershape to your eyebrows by threading orremove stray hairs with atweezer. Remember, not to pluck hairsright above the brows. Afteryour eyebrows get defined shape, uselight feathery strokes with aneyebrow pencil. You have to use abrown pencil or shadow instead ofblack, because brown color givesyou a more natural looks.Nevertheless, you may use black pencil ifyou have dark blackeyebrows.-Eye shadow in Eyes MakeUp Step byStepKnowing the rightshade for your eyes is very important. Eyeshadow can make you lookglamorous, innocent or decent. If youprefer to look glamorous, useglittery eye shadows. Eye shadowhelps recontour the eyes and addemphasis to them. Learn toexperiment with colors and textures.Eyeshadows come in cream orpowder. They can be frosted or mattefinished. Powder shadows aremore popular as they are easier toapply and blend. Use lightcolors to highlight and dark colors tomake the arearecede.-Mascara and eyelinerMascara and eyeliner makesyour eyesbright, giving you appealing look. After you apply eyeshadow, youhave to use eyeliner and mascara.-The FinishingTouchAfter you aredone with makeup, look into a small mirror andsee if there aresmudges on your face. Brush your face with a largeclean brush.Brushing helps you to remove excess powder or eyeshadow. these allof the Eyes MakeUp Step by Step Your beautifuleyes could expressyour mood today and make your eyes more shining.thanks fordownload Eyes MakeUp Step by Step and make your eyesgorgeouseveryday !!
Eye Make-up Gallery 1.0
Eye makeup is a type of cosmetics which aims to make the eyeslooknoticeable and attractive. It is mostly used by females, andbystage performers of all types. Eye makeup is an important partofthe fashion and cosmetic industries. The main types of eyemakeupare: Mascara Eye shadow Eye linerThe idea can be takenmuchfurther. The colour of the eye can be altered by usingcontactlenses. Glitter and other appliqués can be stuck on near theeye.Fake eyelashes or eyelash extensions are possible. Eyebrowpluckingis quite common for brunettes.Mascara is a cosmetic used todarken,colour, thicken, lengthen, or define eyelashes.Historically, itwas (and still is) usually black, but now it alsocomes in manycolours and tints. Mascara comes in three forms:liquid, cake, andcream. It is available in tubes with wandapplicators. Ingredientsin mascara include water, wax thickeners,film-formers, andpreservatives.Eye shadow is a cosmetic that isapplied on theeyelids and under the eyebrows. The average distancebetweeneyelashes and eyebrows is twice as big in women as in men.Pale eyeshadow visually enlarges this area and has a feminisingeffect.Eyeshadow can be applied in a variety of ways depending uponthedesired look. Typically application is done using sponges,fingers,and/or brushes. The most important aspect of applying eyeshadow,and makeup in general, is blending well.To remove eyeshadow, acommercial eye makeup remover may be used, though a facewash willusually remove all traces of colour. Generally it is easytoremove, and simple water and soap can be used. Eyeshadow,eyeliner, and mascara may also be removed using baby oil oroliveoil. There are also makeup wipes that may be used.EyelinerEyeliner is a cosmetic used to define the eyes. It is appliedaroundthe contours of the eye, along and above the edges of theeyelidswhere the eyelashes grow. Often applied just on the outerhalf ofthe eye.KohlKohl is an ancient black eye pigment whichsurvives tothe present day in the Mediterranean, the Middle Eastand theIndian subcontinent. It was a dark-colored powder made ofcrushedgalena (lead sulfide) and/or antimony, burnt almonds, lead,cupricoxide, ochre, ash, malachite, or any combination of them.[1]It maybe used as an eye liner, mascara or eyeshadow.The upper andlowereyelids were painted in a line that extended to the sides oftheface for an almond effect. In addition to reducing sun glare,itwas believed that kohl eyeliner could restore good eyesightandreduce eye infection.[2] Kohl was kept in a small,flat-bottomedpot with a wide, tiny rim and a flat, disk-shapedlid.[3] Accordingto images of the time, the use of makeup was notlimited to women.Highly polished silver and copper mirrors aidedthe application ofmakeup."Eyes makeup 2016" is an app that collectsimages of how tomake up your eyes step by step professionally,explained throughsimple makeup tutorials.You can learn a lot ofbeauty tips,specially eye makeup tips, you will learn how to do thefamoussmokey eye makeup, the cat eye makeup, or how to applyeyeshadowand eyeliner, and match shadow colors according to thecolor ofyour eyes, and more eyes makeup tricks.With this beauty appofmakeup ideas you will be a great makeup expert for you andyourfriends at any party, wedding, or any type of event. It isveryeasy, simple and practical, just grab your eyeshadow palette,andmakeup set , and start right now.Features:- Eyes makeuptutorials.-Classified by color of eyes: makeup for green eyes,makeup for blueeyes, and makeup for brown eyesEye Make-upGalleryEnjoy thisapplicaction by install now.
Eye Makeup Tutorials 1.0
With so many exciting cosmetic products now being developedandsold, women can achieve literally any look wanted. Today,companiesthat sell cosmetics realize the high demand by consumersfor moreinnovative solutions. As a result, new and better productshavebeen created. Then, thanks to the Internet, women have alsobeenprovided with online videos, photographs, and tutorials thatrelateto the application of different types of makeup.Interestingly, ofall searches performed on makeup, application fora smokey eyemakeup tutorial is at the top of the list.Becauseseveral differenttechniques are used to create perfect smoky eyes,having theability to look at different styles and from variousmakeup artistsis a huge advantage so you get the look perfect.Applying eyeshadowto achieve this particular look requires usingthe right eyeshadowproduct, applying the eyeshadow with the righttype of brushes, andspending time practicing. Although some womenprefer to skip thepractice step, if you want to create thisdramatic look but withoutlooking ghoulish, it would be time wellspent.Depending on howheavy a look wanted, you may or may not weareyeliner as well. Bysearching for information, videos, and photosonline, you can learngreat insider tricks from people who have beenprofessional makeupartists for years. Of course, while smoky eyesare dark and themakeup application is heavier than you would seewith otherapplications, you still want the outcome to be beautiful.When doneright, along with your eyes being enhanced, your entireface wouldlook amazing.
Bridal Eye Makeup 2.8.11
Bridal Eye Makeup Tips is a Step by Step Tutorials applicationforyou, ladies, to make of yourselves glamorous and attractive.Thefirst and only thing you should do is to keep your makeup kit,yourmakeup eye-shadow palette for your eye makeup, your makeupbrushesfor the contouring and blushing and any other makeupcosmeticproduct you have next to you, because what this amazingmakeupapplication holds is nothing but simple makeup lessonsthroughdifferent Bridal Eye Makeup pictures. In this applicationyou willfind many makeup tutorial Bridal Eye Makeup pictures whichshow youeasy ways to put on makeup, and especially eye makeuptutorials.The Bridal Eye Makeup pictures vary from contouringmakeup, to howto do your eyeliner, since women's Bridal Eye Makeupare whatattracts people the most. Your eye makeup is the main thingyoushould start applying (including eye-shadow makeup, eyebrowsandeyeliner makeup) after putting on the foundation. This latter,isalso available in this application, in order to make ofyourcomplexion brighter. You will also find Bridal Eye Makeuppicturesof how to put on lipstick (also, how to make your lipslookfuller), how to apply mascara and add volume to your lashes,andmany other fabulous Bridal Eye Makeup pictures, such as howtoapply concealer, bronzer and blush makeup. in this app youwillfind : - Bridal Eye Makeup Step by Step pictures - the bestmakeupkit tutorial - learn how to use makeup brushes - learn howtochoose eye makeup cosmetics - how to apply lipstick properly-eyeshadow palette - get the best Makeup vanities ideas -eyeshadowbest makeup ideas - Bridal Eye Makeup tips and tricks -learn howto choose the color of lipstick that you need to use -eyelinerstep by step tutorial - Bridal Eye Makeup fashion forBridal Sobeautiful women, let out the charm within you and releaseyourdivine beauty. Be gorgeous and stunning, just click and voilà!
Eye makeup tutorial 5.7
Make eye makeup is important in making ups. By way of eye makeupwill make your eyes look more beautiful and beautiful. Makeupyoureyes can do yourself at home with the help of some makeuptoolssuch as eye shadow, makeup, makeup tutorial, makeup tips,eyemakeup, makeup videos, how to make up, smokey eye tutorial, howtodo makeup, how to put on makeup, how to apply makeup, how to doeyemakeup, eye liner and mascara. By using and utilizing thesethreemakeup tools then your eyes will radiate beauty and beauty. Inthisapplication will discuss and provide information for you allaboutthe guide how to make eye by using eye shadow. Use of thiseyeshadow you can use with just one color or you can also usebymixing 2 or even 3 colors at once. Want to know how to applyeyeshadow eye, eye makeup tips, how to do eyeshadow, makeuptutorials,eye makeup video, makeup for brown eyes, smokey eyemakeup, makeupideas, tutorial make up, simple eye makeup, makeupfor hooded eyesto you beginner? For the beginner may be a littledifficult andconfusion to mix and use eye shadow correctly andcorrectly. Forthat application provides a guide how to apply eyemake eye shadowproperly and correctly so that your eyes look morebeautiful,natural makeup tutorial, eyeshadow tutorial, how to do asmokeyeye, basic makeup tutorial, how to make tutorial videos,eyeshadowfor hooded eyes, makeup tips videos, eye make up videos,facemakeup tutorial and beautiful. For those beginners who arestartingto learn eye makeup by using eye shadow, you should useneutralcolors like brown, gray, eyeshadow for beginners, eye makeupsteps,asian makeup tutorial, makeup tutorials for brown skin, easymakeuptutorial, makeup tips for brown eyes, eye makeup step bystep, howto do makeup for beginners, cute eye makeup, black orwhite.Neutral colors will look harmonious and match the color ofyourclothes and disebagian events such as parties and others. Useofthis neutral color is strongly recommended for those who arejustlearning eye makeup. When starting eye makeup, you should useasmall sponge and wide and who have thick and smooth hair sothatwhen mixing eye shadow can look neat and not messy. Because theuseof natural eye shadow only one color only then you only needtowipe eye shadow on the eyelid you are neat and slowly. Afterthat,blend to the top of the eyelid until eye shadow is notvisible.Make eye with two-color eye shadow used when attendingevents suchas wedding party or birthday party. The first step touse the eyeshadow of two colors is by selecting eye shadow colorthat is darkand light or old and young. After that put old eyeshadow coloredfirst on the eyelid. Then put the young eye shadow onthe old eyeshadow line. You can also use light and bright eyeshadow on theeyelid, then use a dark eye shadow at the corner ofthe eye. Youcan apply the eyeshadow up to about three-fourths ofthe eyelid andyou can add it again with bright colored eye shadowon the bottomof the eyebrows. To apply thin eyes, you can use somemakeup toolto make it look wider and shine. The trick is first onthe top ofthe eyelid and under the eyes you can emphasize withblack orwhite, then add mascara to help thicken your lashes. Thenafterthat choose eye shadow with bright colors so your eyes lookbiggerand radiant. You can take a screenshot of this app and shareitwith your friends through social media like facebook,twitter,pinterest, path, instagram, whatsapp, line, google +,messenger,bbm, wechat and others.
Eye MakeUp 1.1
Hello Users,Eyes makeup 2017" is an app that have more than300images of how to give you eyes party look and professionallook.(Eye Makeup)You can learn a lot of beauty tips, speciallyeyemakeup tips, you will learn how to do the famous smokey eyemakeup,hooded eye makeup, cat eye makeup, or how to apply eyeshadow andeyeliner, and match shadow colors according to the colorof youreyes, and more eyes makeup tricks. (Eye Makeup)With thisbeauty appof Eye makeup ideas you will be a great makeup expert foryou andyour friends at any party, wedding, or any type of event. Itisvery easy, simple and practical, just grab your eye shadowpalette,and makeup set , and start right now. (Eye Makeup)Features:*Morethan 200 Images with Eye Makeup. (Eye Makeup)*More than 150Imageswhich tells step by step eye makeup. (Eye Makeup)*25 besteyemakeup tips. (Eye Makeup)*How to Remove Eye makeup.(EyeMakeup)*How to apply eye makeup. (Eye Makeup)*Eye makeup forhoodedeyes. (Eye Makeup)Thanks For Downloading this app.(EyeMakeup)Enjoy the best Eye makeup. (Eye Makeup)
Pretty Makeup, Beauty Photo Editor & Snappy Camera 5.8
Pretty Makeup, Beauty Photo Editor & Snappy Camera istheperfect app to give yourself a full virtual makeover and takeyourselfie snappy camera with motion stickers andbeautyeffects. 
 Pretty Makeup, Beauty Photo Editor &SnappyCamera with many amazing makeup effects. Whenever, wherever,snapyour candy filter selfie and makeup your photo to be morebeauty.Use Pretty Makeup can achieve the professional &beautifulphotos , you can share the photos to social network to getmorelikes. Pretty Makeup, Beauty Photo Editor & Snappy Camera ,isreally good for makeup your photos and taking selfie withmotionstickers, How powerful it is? Have a try! Pretty Makeup ,apowerful makeup app. Selfie, beautifying, motion sticker,motionvideo, magic makeover all in PrettyMakeup!----------FEATURE---------- ▲Auto-Recognition The smartrecognitiontechnology helps to make your makeup precisely andnaturally fit,and make your photos more beautiful. ▲Real-Time Real-timebeautifying effects and filters make you lookperfect in everyphoto, and the special motion stickers make yourphoto more cuteand cool. ▲A tap for Beauty  Throw away theannoying beautysteps, we provide a key to automatically beautifythe picturefunction, so that your photos are more beautifulnatural, morerealistic. ▲Hair Style and colors Bring out thehottest hair dyetrends of the moment for you! And you can adjustyour hair stylefor yourself as you want. In addition, we providemany popular andspecial colors for you hair. Otherwise , you canchange the hairstyle’s color easily. ▲Foundation\LipColor\Eyebrows\Eye Shadow\EyeLiner\Eyelashes\Blush\Eye Lids\EyeColor\Contour Except the trendof the hairs and nice colors,foundation, lip color, hundreds ofeyebrows, personalized eyeshadow,beautiful eyelashes, blush, eyelids, hundreds of eye colors andContour to make your photo morebeauty. ▲Eyewear, Hat, Necklace,Earrings Many Fashion eyewear,hats, necklaces, earrings has beensupported for your photos. Withthese decorates, you looks so cool.▲Snappy Camera\Motion stickersDozens of motion stickers, such ascat, dog, animal, love, star,etc. Pretty makeup gives you real-timeface switch experience.Dozens of motion faces are ready, you canswap with them as youlike. There must be one that will catch yourfancy! Pretty Makeup,Beauty Photo Editor & Snappy Camera : AMagic Makeover &Beauty Selfie Snappy Camera App. Share yourphoto with prettymakeup and cute motion stickers for Facebook /Twitter / Instagramand so on . Enjoy it !
Make Up Tutorial 1.1
below is a simple eye makeup tutorial, beautiful andelegant.Toolsand Materials NeededMauve eye shadowLight brown eyeshadowDarkpurple eye shadowBrush with different sizeseyelinerIf thetools andmaterials have been prepared, you can directly apply itbyfollowing the steps below.1. The first step is, apply lightpurpleeyeshadow as a base by using the brush on the entire eyelidand eyebone. Apply thinly.2. Next, mix the brown color on theeyelids ofyou who have been given the previous base evenly using acleanbrush.3. After that, the outer corner of eye shadow appliedback indeep purple with a thin using a brush similar to cotton bador youcan use a cotton bad itself.4. Then apply black eyeliner ontheeyes is thin. Use eyeliner that you usually use to make iteasierwhen applying.5. Well, to be more impressed eyes alive at thetipof the outer part of your right asleep back dark purpleshadow.Apply thicker than before.6. After that, at the bottom ofthe eyeliner applied aye silver color for the eyes look morerefreshed.7.The last step, namely, a deep mauve shadow right at thebottom ofthe eye.Well, that's simple eye makeup tutorial. Althoughsimple,but your appearance will look more beautiful and elegant.Goodluck.
Eye MakeUp 2018 Latest 1.8
ZS incorp
Eyes makeup 2018 is an app that collects images of how to makeupyour eyes professionallyYou can learn a lot of beautytips,specially eye makeup tips, you will learn how to do thefamoussmokey eye makeup, the cat eye makeup, or how to applyeyeshadowand eyeliner, and match shadow colors according to thecolor ofyour eyes, and more eyes makeup tricks.Eye shadow inEyesMakeUpKnowing the right shade for your eyes is very important.Eyeshadow can make you look glamorous, innocent or decent. Ifyouprefer to look glamorous, use glittery eye shadows. Eyeshadowhelps recontour the eyes and add emphasis to them. Learntoexperiment with colors and textures.Eye shadows come in creamorpowder. They can be frosted or matte finished. Powder shadowsaremore popular as they are easier to apply and blend. Uselightcolors to highlight and dark colors to make the area recede.
Face Beauty Makeup 1.7
Face Beauty Makeup is awesome application and photo editor thatwillhelp you achieve perfection and beautify your face with just afew"photo stickers". Being beautiful has never been easier !Applymakeup stickers to your beautiful photos with the help of thisbestbeauty app to create a stunning look like a trueprofessionalmakeup artist.The face beauty makeup kit provides allpossibleoptions for a trendy makeup. Do explore these options foracomplete facial makeover.Face Beauty makeup is the bestmakeover,Makeup with mascara and eye Color and shadow for your eyesandlipstick for your lips and blusher for your beautiful face.Createyour best makeup looks, hairstyles and change hair colormakeoverin real-time or on your photos.Click a photo, and enhanceit, byapplying all kinds of makeup like face foundation, lipstickandblushes, eliminating blemishes using a blemishes remover,whiteningdifferent portions on the pic, changing eye colour andgiving it ablurry look. Face Makeup Beauty has most advancedcosmetics to makeup your face in photos and turn them intobeautiful faces. Now isSo easy to be beautiful, Before trying amakeup on your face, whydon't you try it virtually using thisapplication We have produceFace Makeup Beauty application foryou.Now you don't more needPhotoshop to make faces pop inphotos.Take a Photo with selfiecamera and Create best lookingphotos with advanced Beautify faceMakeup tools to makeover yourphotos so beautifulTools :Face beautymakeup have a large collectionof makeover..Apply face foundationof different colours, in order toimprove the skin tone and enhanceits beauty.Change the Eye lashesfrom large range of Eye Lashes forEye Makeup Different eye colorsto pop up your photos with mascaraand you can add a Flag eyes!Change Hair Color in your photos withHair colorizer. Many Haircolors from Blonde Hair to Burgundy Haircolors can beapplied.Change your hats and queen crown and flowercrown ChangeLips color with Lipstick color selection for Lipsmakeup DifferentLipStick colors are made available to apply toyour lips in photosin case you forgot to apply lipstick beforetaking photos.ChangeColor of Cheeks for Cheek Face Makeup : brushYou can add Girlsquotes on your photos .There are so manyeffectsStickers andfeatures to apply to your photos !You can adddiamond and earrings.FEATURES :Select your photo from CameraGalleryMany realistic andnatural eye colors lens to choose fromYoucan take the pictures fromgallery and camera for editingEye colorby changing different colorand design lens. You can Applydifferent hair color shadesetc...Latest New shades of eye shadow,lipstick and blushDifferenttypes of eyelashes and eyeliner anddifferent uniqe colorApplydifferent awesome lipstick shade anddifferent type of lipsApplydifferent pimple remover shade.ApplyFlower crown with differenttypes of crown Latest eye brow styleand eye lushes shadesLatestglasses and queen crownLatest 2017 Newhairstyles and hats Applaycool filtersYou can undo or cancel themultiple stickers as youchoose. Interface is very user friendly touse so that you canunderstand easily. Save or Share Image tosocial network via socialmedia and Surprise your friends !
Eye Color Changer Ultimate 1.1.2
Ultimate Labs
Eye Color Changer Ultimate is an ultimate app for you to tryouthundred plus of eye colors and lenses on your own photo. Youcanhave green, blue, brwon or multiple color eyes! You can evenhaveone of each! Do you want to try out cat eyes? How about addingsomeflame eyes? How to do select left/right eye? With Eye ColorChangerUltimate, you can try all of these and many more colors andlanseswith just a simple click. Real time adjustment view- You cansee inreal time adjustment of eye color/lanses. ⋆ Features ⋆ ✢Simulatehundreds of photo-realistic eye colors on any photo ✢ Over200+ eyelanses (simple, electric, specs, exotic, animal, alien, andmore!!)✢ Adjust opacity of each eye color effect ✢ Upload a photofromphoto gallery, camera, etc ✢ Automatic eye detection andadjustment✢ Mono or Color background image ✢ Save photo to gallery✢ Sharephoto on Facebook or other social network We are veryexcited tolaunch this ultimate eye coloring app for FREE! So, whynotdownload it today and discover for yourself ! We wouldappreciateyour feedback!
Eye Color Changer Real
Eye Color changer Real is beautiful app for you to try outhundredsof eye colors and lenses to your own photo.Its verysimplesimulation app for changing eye color of your choice. you canpickyour favorite color or lens among very big list of eyelenses.★Features ★✔ Upload a photo from photo gallery, camera,etc✔Automatic eye detection.✔ Over 222+ eye colors (simple,marble,electric, specs, exotic, animal, alien, and more!!)✔ Adjustopacityof each eye color effect✔ Mode for placingdifferent-differentlenses on left and right eye. ✔ Mono and Colorbackground effectsfor highlighting your eyes✔ Save Image in highquality✔ Save phototo gallery✔ Share photo on social networksPhotowill be saved in/mnt/sdcard/Eye Color Changer/.
Beauty Makeup - Selfie Beauty Filter Photo Editor 4.73
Beauty Makeup - Selfie Beauty Filter Photo Editor Instant makeyourphoto be more beautiful , give yourself a full virtual makeoverandtake your selfie photo with instant face stick camera. Takeyourphoto with motion stickers . Beauty Makeup - Selfie BeautyFilterPhoto Editor is amazing beauty Filter photo editor andcollagemaker to enhance you pics art !-Get an instant makeoverwithhundreds of make up & beauty looks that you can apply inreallife just like a magic mirror.Eyes-widen your eyes andreinforcethe contour, it makes your eyes more beautiful.Mascaratoolinstantly adds volume & length to lashes.-Eye BagRemoverdiminishes dark under eye circles and reducespuffinessLips-10+kinds of color system were offered to keep yourmakeup of everydayspecial.Flawless skin-Flawless Skin & FaceEditor - Always aGlamorous Look-Add blush & remove shine toreveal a clear face,even without make up or add freckles, getperfect brows . RemoveBlemishes - Retouch, edit and even tan yourskin to achieveperfect- Eliminate pimples and unwanted spots with asimple tapDarkcircles - Eye Bag Remover diminishes dark under eyecircles andreduces puffiness- Erase bags and dark circles beneathyour eyes-Our “brighten” function enhances your eyes to instantlylight upyour features.Bright Eyes - Bring out the beautifulcontrast ofyour eyes to instantly light up your selfie with“Brighten”- makeyour eyes pop in photos with Pretty Camera-SelfieFilter Make UpPhoto EditorTeeth whitening: Gorgeous smile seems gobetter withwhiten-teeth- Edit eye color to match your hair colorand hairstyleusing custom contacts- Retouch skin tone using ourexclusive skinsmoothing tool- Fashion Beauty One click to retouchand beauty.Smooth,skin,slim,acne,hair dye, etc.Beautify SelfiesStunningmakeup effects.Live streaming make up tutorials to feedyour makeupaddiction.Make up, fashion & style talk keeps you upto datewith latest trends.Beauty Makeup 【Camera】 FeaturesAmazingFilters.100+ Amazing and professional filtres withe classic/vintage / film / lomo / sweet filters, and also to be moreandmore.Beauty Makeup - Change Eye Color and Hair .Style is anamazingapp to blend two photos together with no cropping. BeautyMakeup -Change Eye Color and Hair Style will create double exposureeffectfor your photos. Many stickers for you Are you miss the emojiandtag stickers? Surprise! we give you what you want ! Lots ofemojiand tag stickers are your favorite. Square & Collagecamera foryouReal-time filters and collages square camera, capturemoment forInstagram friends. Powerful Insta Square for Instagram.instasquare function is a way to post full size photo onInstagram.Blurbackground and 100+ backgrounds.also have Shadow、Mosaic Effects.quare & Collage camera for you Square video nocrop you video,and also provide blur and solid color background foryour video.Photo Grid300+ collage templates to combine photos indifferentways, you can customize templates to be more better!Scrapbook :freestyle pic collage, unlimited the the pic collageeffects.artist pic collage.Free collage enjoy multiple stickers,texts,backgrounds, boarders, adjust photos, pictures, imagesbrightness,contrast, saturation and layout. Multiple ratiossupported, like4:5, 2:3, 9:16, 3:4, 1:1. Beauty Face & CameraEasy Share andSave Business Partnership Mail:[email protected] Makeup- Change Eye Color and HairStyle:Insta Square, Beauty,Makeup,ColorSplash Effect and Snap PhotoText & Stickers for Instagramphoto.
Best Eyes Makeup Tutorials 1.1
Recruitment is not the time to show off your costume makeupskills.During rush it’s best to keep it fresh and natural and letyourtrue beauty shine through! Our natural eye makeup tutorial istheperfect way to look polished, beautiful and totallyyou!Thisapplication will provide the galleries of beauty tips foreyemakeup tutorial, such as: eyes makeup natural tutorial, eyeshadowtutorial, Smokey eyes, eyeliner tutorial, and more. Thiseyesmakeup tutorial will help you looks perfect without an assistsofmakeup artist. Natural eyes makeup tutorial is the best one.Youcan discover lots of beauty tips for natural makeuptutorialpictures here. This chic natural eye makeup tutorial stepby stepis too gorgeous not to wear every single day. Looking forbest eyeshadow tutorials? You can discover so many pictures of eyeshadowtutorial here. The eye shadow step by step will help youapply eyeshadow properly. Smokey eyes can add a bit ofsophisticated dramato your look. You can see so many pictures ofSmokey eyes tutorialhere. The Smokey eye step by step will help youhow to apply Smokeyeyes make up properly. You don't have to gounder the knife forbigger-looking eyes if you know how to wield aneyeliner brush foryour eye shape. There will be so many pictures ofeyeliner make uptutorial displayed on your phone. The eyelinertutorial step bystep will give the easiest way for you to haveperfect eyeliner.This is the best application for you which helpyou to apply thebest eye makeup tutorials. This tutorial makeup canbe yourprofessional artist makeup friend that serve beauty tips.Downloadand install this application on your phone now and get thebeautytips.
Step By Step Eye MakeUP 1.5.0
Step by Step Eye Make Up - It's easier to decide on eye makeup -Thebest ideas for you and displays a collection of waste with you.-Download this app and you need to do step by step picturestofollow. - You can make the most beautiful eyes and eyemakeupshades thanks to this application. - Stored in the gallery ofthecell that you want. - I hope you like it and benefit! (note:inthis photo, photo editor programs are not used. The photosarereal.)   Have fun
Nails.Makeup.Hairstyle 2.8
Yamayka Apps
Application contains step by step instructions in threebeautyareas: - hairstyle's pictures, containing step by stepinstructionshow to do hairstyle - nail design's picture ,containing step bystep instructions how to do beautiful and fashionnail design -makeup's pictures, which contain step by stepexplanation how to doeach makeup Great ideas of nail design,hairstyle and makeup foreveryone in one application!
Eye Color Changer 3.4.5
Try out many different eye colors and eye effects on yourownphotos. You can have blue eyes, green eyes, even cat eyes. Tryoutall of these effects and many more for FREE with this easy tousephoto editor. Over 9 million downloads. Download the best andmostrealistic eye color changer.Please also try NiceEyesLive. OurNEWapp for eye color changer videos.Features:• Many realisticandnatural eye colors to choose from.• Eye color changer thatmakesyour eyes look real.• Change the size of your eyes to makethembigger and more beautiful.• Animal Eye, Cat eyes, Flag eyesandother special eye effects.• Sharingan and Naruto Eye Effects.•RedEye Removal.• Try on new colored eye contacts and coloredeyelenses.• Easy to use photo editor.• Save photos to gallery.•Shareyour photos via facebook, instagram and other socialnetworksFounda problem? Need help? Questions? Have a suggestion?Would like tosee a new feature? Please emailus:[email protected]:- Access to SD card: forloadingand saving photos- Internet: for adsThank you for usingNiceEyes:Eye Color Changer from VysionApps.
Eye Makeup 2018 latest 1.6
Eye Makeup 2018 latest will help you trying the most beautifuleyemakeup for eye. It has all various eye makeup styles likeClassyeyes, Foggy Eyes,Golden Eyes, Cateye,Retro eye,MascaraEyes,Shimmery Eyes. Here you can learn easily any kind of makeupyouwant to apply on your eyes. All pics have wonderful eye makeupwithdifferent colors of eye shadows. Choose your favorite one andapplyon your eye. App has the ZOOM feature to enlarge the pics. Youcanshare your own posted images on Whatsapp or social networkslikeFacebook with your friends.
Eye Color Changer - Camera 1.0.4
NiceEyes LiveEye color changer app for videos and photos.LiveVideoMode:• Eye Color Changer Camera.• Eye Color changer for videos-change your eye color in real time.• Record a video or takeaselfie.Photo Mode:• Easy to use photo editor.• Change youreyecolor in your pictures.Features:• Eye color changer that makesyoureyes look real.• Many realistic and natural eye colors tochoosefrom.• Change the size of your eyes to make them bigger andmorebeautiful.• Animal Eye, Cat eyes, Flag eyes and other specialeyeeffects.• Sharingan and Naruto Eye Effects.• Red Eye Removal.•Tryon new colored eye contacts and colored eye lenses.• Savephotosand video to gallery.• Share your photos via facebook,instagramand other social networks.Please try all of our freeapps:• FaceSwap - Photo Face Swap• Face28 - Live Face Changer•NiceEyes - EyeColor Changer For Pictures• NiceEyesLive - Eye ColorChanger ForVideos
Selfie Makeover - Photo Editor & Filter 1.15
💄 Makeup Effects 【Eyeshadow】Ultra-glam eyeshadow to make youreyesstand out【Eye Color】Change your eye color in 1minute【EyebrowShape】Find the perfect eyebrow shape for yourfaceshape【Blusher】Add summer glow to your cheeks【Lipstick】Stunninglipcolors from famous brands👱 Makeover for Men 【Hairstyles】Manlyorsexy? Long or short? Curly or straight?You nameit.【BeardStyles】Look cool and sexy with the latestbeardstyles【Accessories】Wear customized accessories and build yourownstyle【Tattoo】Look sexy and dangerous with stylish tattoo💅PowerfulSelfie Retouch 【Skin Retouch】One tap to smooth yourskin【SkinTone】Look tan in the blink of an eye【Face Slimming】Reshapeyourface and look thin, slim and skinny【Blemish Removal】Say goodbyetoblemish today【Teeth Whitening】Fall in love with yoursmile【HairColor】Change your hair color everyday【Bigger Eyes】Getbigger eyesinstantly👙 Body Shape Editor Reshape your body, make youlook thin,slim and skinny. One tap to a perfect bikini body👩🎤CelebrityMakeup Looks Transform yourself into your favoritecelebrity🎭Awesome Makeup Mask Mind-blowing makeup mask to wear on📷Real-timeBeauty Camera Auto skin retouch whiling taking selfie📧[email protected]
Get the latest Makeup tutorials on the latest Makeup trendingstyleswith step by step pictures & Videos Tutorials.ThisGreatFeatures Includes:Baking MakeupSmokey Eyes MakeupHighlight&Contour MakeupApplying Eyeliner makeupBridalmakeupNigeriaTraditional MakeupEasy Eyebrow makeupComplete MakeupFlawlessMakeupNude Makeup and many others........Disclaimer: Thisapp isnot affiliated nor related with any of the content here.Thecontent of the app comes publicly available from the internetfromvarious website which retains all copyrights and thus the appisnot to be held responsible for any of the content displayed.Note:If you want your content to be included or removed from thisapp,please feel free to contact us via email [email protected] orphone+2347039612155
Beauty Makeup & Live Selfie Camera & Photo Editor 1.5.2
Beauty Makeup & Live Selfie Camera & Photo Editor isthebest beauty camera, makeup filter, selfie makeover, collagemaker,photo grid and photo editor app you can find on marketavailable;proudly presented by Lyrebird Studio! For Halloween 2018,withEmoji Camera - Fun Selfie Camera - Live Filters'sincrediblefilters, you can have fun with Halloween camera,Halloween filters,Halloween effects, Halloween stickers and liveHalloween emojis!Create the funniest and scariest Halloween photosand share them!2018's Halloween fun is provided to you by LyrebirdStudio's EmojiCamera - Fun Selfie Camera - Live Filters! WithBeauty Makeup &Live Selfie Camera & Photo Editor’s amazingmakeup tool, theediting you can do ranges from change eye color,add eyelash andeyeliner, change lip color, adjust nose, change facecontour,whiten teeth to add blush, foundation and skin smoothener,removeacnes, slim face, remove eyebags, enlarge and brighten eyes,etc.Alongside with makeup and makeover tool, you can edit photos,makecollages and select from hundreds of filters, picgrids,backgrounds, stickers, dog ears, fonts, scrapbooks etc. Youcanalso share a scrapbook of your memories and cool photos withthehelp of photo collages which will prove your photography skillstobe extraordinary to your social media followers. You’ll alsolookforward to share your #tbt pics! Top Features of Our BeautyMakeup& Live Selfie Camera & Photo Editor App ▶Makeup Tools👀 Eyecolor, eyelash, eyeliner 💄 Lipstick 👃 Nose adjustment 🌝Facecontour adjustment 👅 Teeth whitener 😊 Blush, foundation andskinsmoothner 💇‍♀ Remove acnes and eyebags, slim face, enlargeandbrighten eyes ▶ Edit Photos ▶Make Collages with up to 15photos▶Create Collage Boards ▶Add beauty selfie makeup ▶Add Effects▶AddFilters ▶Add Backgrounds ▶ Add Frames for Pictures ▶AddStickers▶Create Scrapbooks ▶Create Memes ▶Use Cool Fonts ▶CreateSquare fitPhotos ▶No crop frame ▶Motion Photo Stickers ▶PopularTags ▶AddEmotions to your Photos with hundreds of Emojis ▶Very easyto use▶Flip rotate crop resize ratio ▶Crop photos ▶Hundreds offrames▶Hundreds of stickers ▶Hundreds of backgrounds for photoediting▶Fancy Face Swap ▶Live Face Camera Effects ▶Funny DoggyFace, Earsand Nose with Dog Filters #photography 📱Photo CollageMaking Picksome photos (max. 15) and just place them into yourfavoritecollage template among tons of cool and unique templates,frames,scrapbooks and arrangements. Add some color and killereffects toit, choose from hundreds of different background imagesand styles,share with your friends on your social media accounts. 📷Edit PhotoCollage Photo Maker Pic Grid’s all-in-one editing tool isable tocrop, flip, stretch, clone and rotate photo, mirror effect,photofilters, stickers, doodles, texts and fonts, add backgrounds,addlayouts, change grids, add frames, etc. 💄 Beauty MakeupWithCollage Photo Maker Pic Grid’s amazing makeup tool, youcanprofessionally change eye color, add eyelash and eyeliner,changelip color, adjust nose, change face contour, whiten teeth,addblush, foundation and skin smoothener, remove acnes, slimface,remove eyebags, enlarge and brighten eyes, etc. With thisamazingselfie beauty makeup tool, your story followers will envyyourbeauty! ✂️ Edit Photo Size You can freely resize your photosincustom sizes or you can choose ratios and let us do the magic.Youphoto is not fit to a square size? No worries. Just pick 1:1ratioto make it fit square size. Lyrebird Studio’s Beauty Makeup&Live Selfie Camera & Photo Editor is the mostprofessional, thebest and the most easy to use photo editing app,collage maker,photo grid and selfie makeup app for your photos andpictures foryour social accounts. It is completely FREE to editphotos andapply collage making and share your photos, pictures,collages andscrapbooks.
YouFace Makeup - Makeover Studio 2.2.0
YouFace Makeup is best and powerful photo makeover andcosmeticphoto in seconds!YouFace Makeup can beautify your photo andchangeyour fashion style with just ONE-TAP! Touch up your selfieswithquick and powerful features and get great results. This appalsoprovide powerful pre-defined makeup styles to adjust andfine-tunedetails as you like.Makeup Editor - Flawless skin is yourswithadjustable skin tones and effortless tans- Face editorincludesskin smoother and skin whiten that restore the flawlessskin youwere born with- Add blush and remove shine for a pristine,naturallook- Change eye color and overlay makeup to style your lookup ordown for any occasionHair Changer- YouFace Makeup can try onahairstyle over any face thanks to super-accurate facialdetection-Hairstyle colors and hair color tools include allnaturallooksWanna be charming and gorgeous? Let’s make up! Youdon’t knowhow to make up? Don’t worry about that. Everyone can makeup withYouFace even if a person has never make up before. Varietyofmakeup styles are ready. Change the shape of eyebrows then makeupyour lips and cheek. We believe that you’ll be totally inspiredbythis makeup app.Beside of that, we provide severaladvancedfeatures such as SLIM-FACE, BLEMISH, BIG-EYES and muchmore! GetYouFace Makeup today and create great looking photos,yourFacebook, Instagram and Twitter fans will be amazed!Thank youverymuch for your interesting. Any questions or sugestions, pleasesendthe email support to [email protected] regards
Eye Color Studio 2.5
Eye Color Studio is the perfect app for you to try out hundredsofeye colors and effects on your own photo. You can have greeneyesor blue eyes! You can even have one of each! Do you want to tryoutcat eyes? How about adding some flame effects? With EyeColorStudio, you can try all of these and many more effects withjust asimple click.Eye Color Studio is packed withphoto-realisticeffects such as standard color contacts, exoticcontacts, scary eyeeffects, and alien/animal eyes just to name afew. It also comeswith our favorite “create-your-own” feature!That’s right, you cancreate your own eye color effect by uploadinga photo of a friend,a pet, or anything else that you like! As anadded bonus, you canalso draw on it! You should definitely give ita try today!★Features ★✔ Simulate hundreds of photo-realistic eyecolors on anyphoto✔ Over 150 eye colors (simple, marble, electric,specs,exotic, animal, alien, and more!!)✔ Create your own eye colorfromphoto gallery✔ Adjust opacity of each eye color effect✔ Uploadaphoto from photo gallery, camera, etc✔ Automatic eye detectionandadjustment✔ Brightness and contrast adjustments✔ Save phototogallery✔ Share photo on Facebook or other social networkWe areveryexcited to launch this ultimate eye coloring app for FREE! So,whynot download it today and discover for yourself why it is lovedbyover 3 million Android users! We would also appreciateyourfeedback!★ Quick FAQ ★Q. Where are the photos saved to?A.Savedphotos can be found in ModiFace folderhere:/mnt/sdcard/Pictures/ModiFace/.Q. Eye detection seems off,why?A.In order to have an accurate eye detection, you have tobeconnected to the internet.✔ Publisher: ModiFace - theVirtualMakeover experts
Eye Color Changer 3.3
Eye Color Changer Eye Color Changer lets you to change the colorofyour eyes lens! Using a unique blending technique creates aneffectthat looks very natural on the eyes. It works equally wellfor bothdark and light colored eyes.Eye Color Changer is packedwithphoto-realistic effects such as standard color contacts,exoticcontacts, scary eye effects, alien/animal eyes and more.Itsverysimple simulation app for changing eye color of your choice.youcan pick your favorite color or lens among very big list ofeyelenses.It works on everyone - babies, kids and adults a like.Enjoyhours of entertainment testing the app on your friends, familyandyour favorite celebrities!Feature:-• Select your photo fromCameraGallery.• Many realistic and natural eye colors lens tochoosefrom. • Change the size of your eyes to make them bigger andmorebeautiful.• Mode for placing different-different lenses on leftandright eye.• Try on new colored eye contacts and coloredeyelenses.• Create your own eye color from photo gallery• AdjustEyeopacity to merge with pic• Share this photo with your friendsoversocial network.
Eye Color Changer Booth - Live Eye Changer 2.5
Face Switch
Change eye color instantly by this easy to use tool.EyeColorChanger is packed with photo-realistic effects such asstandardcolor contacts, exotic contacts, scary eye effects,alien/animaleyes and more. It works on everyone - babies, kids andadultsalike. Enjoy hours of entertainment testing the app onyourfriends, family and your favourite celebrities! ★ Features ★ ★★ ★★ ★ Simulate hundreds of photo-realistic eye colors on any photo★★ ★ ★ ★ Over 100 eye colors like simple,electric,specs,alien,exotic, animal etc ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ Adjust Eye opacity tomerge withpic ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ Upload a photo from photo gallery, camera,etc ★ ★ ★★ ★ Automatic eye detection and adjustment ★ ★ ★ ★ ★Brightness,contrast and opacity adjustments ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ Create yourown eyecolor from photo gallery ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ Save photo to your DeviceMemory★ ★ ★ ★ ★ Share photo on Facebook,Twitter ,WhatsApp or othersocialnetwork
New Eyes Editor 3.8.0
Surprise your friends with unusual photos. You can try the eyesofanimals, robots, zombies, space objects and funny stickers.Applynew eyes in 3 clicks and share your new look in socialnetworks.Youwill be surprised by the large selection of theoriginaleyes!Configure filters and make stunning pictures fromordinaryphotos and then post on your Facebook wall! Install the apprightnow, amaze your friends and create your unique collection oftheexclusive pictures.
Eye Color Changer Editor 3.5
Eye color changers is a very simple app to change your eyeballcolor instantly. Make your eyes more beautiful by addingwonderfuland cool eye balls. Eye color changer contains differentstyles andcolor
Eye MakeUp 1.3
Hello Users,Eyes makeup 2017" is an app that have more than300images of how to give you eyes party look and professionallook.(Eye Makeup)You can learn a lot of beauty tips, speciallyeyemakeup tips, you will learn how to do the famous smokey eyemakeup,hooded eye makeup, cat eye makeup, or how to apply eyeshadow andeyeliner, and match shadow colors according to the colorof youreyes, and more eyes makeup tricks. (Eye Makeup)With thisbeauty appof Eye makeup ideas you will be a great makeup expert foryou andyour friends at any party, wedding, or any type of event. Itisvery easy, simple and practical, just grab your eye shadowpalette,and makeup set , and start right now. (Eye Makeup)Features:*Morethan 200 Images with Eye Makeup. (Eye Makeup)*More than 150Imageswhich tells step by step eye makeup. (Eye Makeup)*25 besteyemakeup tips. (Eye Makeup)*How to Remove Eye makeup.(EyeMakeup)*How to apply eye makeup. (Eye Makeup)*Eye makeup forhoodedeyes. (Eye Makeup)Thanks For Downloading this app.(EyeMakeup)Enjoy the best Eye makeup. (Eye Makeup)
Makeup Beauty 1.4
Fun App Logic
Makeup Beauty app specially designed for girl. Face makeupbeautywill help you to beautify your face with just a few"photostickers". Get beautiful face is not easy now a days becausemostlygirls are doing work outside so that they do not take acreabouttheir beauty. Apply makeup stickers to your simple photos bythisbest beauty app to create a stunning look like a realprofessionalmakeup artist. If you want to look more beautiful thenuse MakeupBeauty Photo Effects. Face Makeup Beauty is the bestmakeoverMakeup with mascara and eye Color and shadow for your eyesandlipstick for your lips and blusher for your beautiful face.Createyour best makeup looks, hairstyles and change hair color.makeoverin real-time or on your photos. Makeup Beauty Effects hasmostadvanced cosmetics to make up your face in photos and turntheminto beautiful faces. We have produce Makeup BeautyEffectsapplication for you. Now you don't more need Photoshop tomakefaces pop in photos.For those who like to take lotsofself-snapshots, this is the feature you will like. Oncefinishedtaking pictures, you will be able to review each beautifiedshotsand choose which picture you like to keep. InstaBeautyhasbeautiful makeup styles and filters. It is a professionalselfiecamera because of selfie filters, zoom in the eyes,stylishcollage.Features:1. Select picture from gallery or fromcamera2.Finger touch zoom used to zoom in or out to the backgroundselectedphoto3. Photo Filters and effects are used to make yourordinaryphoto into fancy photo.4. Flower crowns are used to makeyour hairmore beautiful and stylish.5. Lips sticker are used toadjustlipstick style or lips styles more attractive & giveyourlipsticks shade more awesome.6. Change eye color lens to makeyoureye more beautiful and more stylish with new eye color lens.7.Eyelashes collection is used to make your eyes more stylish andgivenew attractive look of your eyes8. Hair style change functionisused to change your hairstyle and hair color to createyourordinary photo more beautiful.9. Collection of hats, collectionofnecklace, ear ring s, eye brows, mascara, light effects,collectionof jewelry, eye lashes styles, girls hair crowns,collectionsunglasses and many more even everything used to beautifyyour faceis including in this instabeauty app.Regarding any queryrelated toany image or icon or screenshot, Please mail us. We arehappy tohelp you. Give your creative idea to us. We areimplementing it.Give your rate and comment.Share this app with yourfriends andfamily member.
Best eyeshadow makeup - 2017 1.0.55
Best eyeshadow makeup - 2017 is a popular and well-known appthathelps you be beautiful, young and sexy. It contains a lot ofimagesstep by step with lessons and advices how to makeup youreyes. Youcan find many beauty tips, special eyeshadow makeup 2017and canlearn how to make the famous "cat eye" makeup, "smokyeye"makeupand even how realize eyeshadow and eyeliner. A lotofoutstanding visagistes told us their professional tricksandsecrets. Unique options:- full and simple tutorials- dividedandclassified by eye's color: black eyes make-up, browneyesmake-upgreen eyes make-up, grey eyes make-up, blue eyes make-upandeven makeup for red eyes too. All makeup types for youpleasure:-wedding make-up- for your mom or bridesmaid- formalmakeup- Besteyeshadow makeup for photosession, love-story, vacationorholidays- nude or noir. Enjoy it with pleasure and absolutelyfree!
Step by step makeup 4.0.5
Now everyone can make their own makeup at home.Excellent ideasforwomen and young girls.You will learn how to make-up easily athomeand you will have a lot of fun looking at thephotocollectionQuality images for youYou can easily see eye makeupandlip makeup ideasThis make-up application is designed for fastandstylish lookNow you can easily make the most popular eyemakeupmodelsNow you can easily make the most popular eyemakeupmodelsMake wonders in makeup.Make your make-up step-by-stepandmost beautifully.You will learn professional makeuptechniques,your eyes and lips will now look another.You can makeall themakeup all by yourself.Easy to use and convenient.It is freeandabsolutely free of viruses.It's easier to make eye makeupdecisionsnow.The best ideas and images collection for you is onyourside.You need to download this application and follow thepicturesstep by step.With this application you can make the mostbeautifuleye tones and eye makeup.Hidden in the gallery of the bodyyouwant.I hope you will benefit and appreciate it.It's not timetoshow your costume make-up skills to work. It is best to keepitfresh and natural during the attack and let the real beautyshine!Our natural eye makeup tutorial is completely brilliant,beautifuland a perfect way to look!This application will providebeautytutorials, galleries of eye makeup tutorials such as: eyesmakeupnatural tutorial, eye browning tutorial, Smokey eyes,eyelinertutorial, and more. These eyes will look great without anassistantin makeup tutorial makeup artist that will helpyou.Natural eyesmakeup tutorial is the best one. Here you candiscover a lot ofbeauty tips for pictures of natural makeuptutorials. This stylishnatural eye makeup tutorial step is not toospectacular to wearevery day.Are you looking for the best eye careteachers? Here youcan explore many pictures of the eyebrowtutorial. Step-by-stepbrowning will help you apply proper eyebrowning.If you know how tolook at an eyeliner brush holder forshape, you do not have to gounder the knife for big-eyed eyes. Theeyeliner makeup tutorialdisplayed on your phone will be manypictures. The step for theeyeliner tutorial will give you an easyway to have excellenteyeliner.This is the best practice for youthat helps you to applythe best eye makeup tutorials. This tutorialcan be a professionalartist makeup companion to makeup beauty tipsservice. Download andinstall this application now on your phone andbeauty tips.Thankyou..
Girls Makeup Video Tutorial 1.1
Makeup often represents an adolescent girl's eagernessandexcitement to become a 'grown up,' and explore herattractivenessto peersMakeups Are Like this : 💄Bridal Makeups VideoTutorial💄Festive Makeup Video Tutorial 💄Makeup Competition VideoTutorial💄Best Makeup Video Tutorial 💄Viral Makeup Video Tutorial💄EyeMakeup Video Tutorial 💄Bold Lips Makeup Video Tutorial 💄Fresh&Glowing Makeup Video Tutorial 💄Hauls & Reviews VideoTutorial💄Basic Makeup Video Tutorial 💄Waxing & Hair RemovalVideoTutorial 💄Makeup Transformation Video Tutorial 💄CelebrityMakeupVideo Tutorial 💄Monthly Favorites Video Tutorial 💄SkincareVideoTutorial 💄One Brand Makeup Video Tutorial✔ PinkMonochromaticMakeup Trend Tutorial.✔ PEACH MAKEUP TUTORIAL.✔ REDCARPET MAKEUPTUTORIAL.✔ COLORFUL KIM K INSPIRED MAKEUP LOOK.✔COLORFUL FACECHARTRECREATION.✔ Updated Skin Care Routine.✔ 0 TO100: GRWM HAIR ANDMAKEUP.✔ GET READY WITH ME: SMOKEY CAT EYES.✔L'Oreal InfallibleTotal Cover: FIRST IMPRESSION, SWATCHES,APPLICATION.✔ SWEATERWEATHER MAKEUP.✔ LOW PONY TUTORIAL.✔ $10FOUNDATION FIRSTIMPRESSION.✔ GREEN SPARKLY SMOKEY EYE.✔ COLORFULFACE CHARTMAKEUP.✔ Killer Choker Halloween Makeup.✔ PastelEye-shadowTutorial.✔ Silver Smokey Eye + Red Lip Makeup.✔ HaloWinged LinerTutorial.✔ Cobalt Blue Liner Tutorial.✔ Melt CosmeticsRUST StackTutorial.✔ L'Oreal Pro Glow Foundation Review, Demo,Swatches!.✔QUICK TUT: Mermaid Green Smokey Eye.✔ Easy PatrioticMakeupTutorial!.✔ Smokey Blue What It Do-Do?.✔ Go To Glam withDarkLip!.✔ Cool Toned Spring Makeup Tutorial.✔ Spring AquaMakeupTutorial.✔ Neon Green Cut Crease QUICK TUT.✔ Smokey FestivalMakeupTutorial.✔ Peachy Keen Eye Makeup Tutorial.✔ Brown Smokey Eye+ RedLip.✔ Gray Glitter Smokey Eye.✔ Manny Mua X Makeup GeekPalettetutorial.✔ Spring Cranberry Shadow Tutorial.✔ Soft WaveHairTutorial | No Extensions.✔ Valentine's Day EyeshadowTutorial.✔Bronze Glam Makeup look.✔ Bold Purple EyeshadowTutorial.✔ NYE HaloEye Makeup.✔ Bold lip + Maroon Eye Tutorial.✔Holiday GlitterMakeup + HUGE Make Up For Ever Giveaway!.✔ How ICustomize, Trim& Apply False Lashes.✔ Glam Holiday Makeup +Kylie lip Kit.✔Black Smokey Eye | Smashbox Shape Matters.✔ GlamMummy HalloweenMakeup.✔ Vampy Fall Makeup.✔ How to: High Ponytail +Instant FaceLift.✔ Basic Eye Tutorial!.✔ Fall Glam Makeup!.✔Tutorial:Bright-Eyed Cut Crease!.✔ Kim Kardashian Inspired: BronzedEyes!.✔How to Apply False Lashes!.✔ Smokey Eye ft the Kat Von DMonarchPalette!.✔ Party Makeup: Glitter Cut Crease Tutorial!.✔SilverSmokey Eye: Naked 2 Palette.✔ Cut Crease Tutorial: MyEveryday EyeMakeup!.✔ Bronzey Smokey Eye Tutorial: My WeddingMakeup!.✔ 5minute Everyday Eye Makeup!.✔ Tutorial : 'Stila In theKnow'Palette!.✔ Tutorial: Naked 3 Palette!.✔ How to : HighlightandContour with Powder.✔ How to: Contour and Highlight(Drugstore+HighEnd).✔ How To: Winged Eyeliner.✔ How to: SoftCut-Crease Tutorial.✔How to : Eyebrow Tutorial.
Easy Makeup Tutorials 1.0
The shimmer face utilizes dewy foundations with iridescentandmetallic pencils and Crèmes. It's Also an example ofhighlightingand shading without the use of typical contouringproducts. Here,you can easily see where the light hits your faceand Those areascome forward Because of the reflective qualities ofthemakeup.Also, do not Necessarily think of this (or any otherface)in term of daytime or evening. It's all a matter ofapplication andDesired effect.Using a concealer (only ifNecessary), spot touchthe face to put even the skin tone.Applyhighlighter lotion to theface with fingertips or foundationsponge.Apply a very lightapplication of liquid blush to cheeks andtemples, blending wellwith the fingers or sponge round.For theeyes, start with thewarm-toned dark brown eye pencil. Blend intothe upper lashes andsmudge with your eyeshadow brush.Next, theburgundy creme eyeshadowis applied in a circle around the eye withthe eyeshadow brush,leaving the dark brown pencil darkest at thelashline. Blendoutward in a circular direction.The pale beigeshimmer eyeshadowpowder is brushed on the brow bone. (Incidentally,no brow pencilwas used for this photo.)Black mascara is thenapplied to the toplashes, burgundy mascara to the bottomlashes.After lip pencil isused to define the shape of the mouth,fill in using thesame.Shimmery pink lip gloss is then applied as afinishingtouch.For oily complexions use matte foundations andpowders,Followed by highlighting "powder" to create a shimmery, butnotgreasy, look.
Makeup - You Makeover Editor
Makeup - You Makeover Editor has the best face beautificationmakeuptools with beauty cam. Makeup - You Makeover Editor is apowerfulmakeup photo editor to create beauty faces with the bestbeautytechnology features. Beauty cam dynamic camera captures yourselfieand turns your face into a beautiful face instantly. For thebesteye beautification try Makeup - You Makeover Editor beautyfeatures.Do you makeup with beauty cam selfie camera for magicmakeover? GetMakeup - You Makeover Editor to create beautifulfaces with fastdynamic beauty tools and stickers of beautytechnology. Capture yourdynamic beauty, combine rich filter effectwith virtual beauty cambackground. with beauty selfie camera tosmooth skin and whiten yourteeth with insta beauty magic makeoverphoto editor. Change yourskin tone with beauty makeup blemishremover, dress up your facewith funny animal filters, motionstickers and beauty cameraeffects. Remove red eye with eyebeautification editor. Make yourpupils shine with eye makeup witha of beauty. Eye catching makeupmagic makeover photo editor letsyou remove eye circles with aninsta beauty. Change your facelooking with eye brown beauty editor.beautiful natural lookingmakeup photo and selfie video with Makeup- You Makeover Editorsmart beauty magic makeover tools. Erase badlooking red eyes witheye beautification and eye modification tools.Change eye color,make your eye smaller and bigger like panda eye.Magic makeover eyebrow editor creates glamour eyebrows with aninsta beauty. Changeyour eyebrow size and style, create bushyeyebrows or thineyebrows. Makeup your eyebrow perfect, shiny andstylish with magicmakeover eyebrow beauty photo editor. Coloringeyebrows never be soeasy with eyebrow beautification. Try beautifulmakeup photo makeuptools to remove blemish on your face. Photomakeup beauty magicmakeover selfie editor suits you best to adjustlips color, bodytone and face skin tune via beauty cam makeupeditor.Beauty cam ofMakeup - You Makeover Editor makes your makeupoptimal and givesyou a beautiful smooth lips color and face skintune. Beauty cam ofMakeup - You Makeover Editor brings magicmakeover app and eyephoto makeup selfie camera together. Takeselfies, with makeoverbeauty smart beauty magic camera or pickbeautiful photos from thegallery to apply beautify filters,stickers, emoji, effects of faceeditor. Special lips effects tomake up your photos. Perfect camerafilters with eye beautificationand facial modification to beautifypictures for beautiful facephotos. Makeup - You Makeover Editorincludes funny face makeupswapper, motion camera photo stickersand filters. Dress photos withfunny beauty cam doggy face, earsand nose with dog filters. Add eyephoto filters, stickers, andeffects on your pictures with magicmakeover beauty camera selfies,change your face into doggy face,change your eye color with makeupeditor photo cleaner acne removerwith insta beauty cam. Turnvideos into artworks with Beauty camphoto editor face live cameramotion stickers to swap face andchange eye color and lips cam makeup editor, adornfaces by using funny makeup camerafilters, emoji, effects andstickers. Experience the fancy teethwhitener face cleaner toolsphoto editor. Enjoy selfie with instabeauty motion faces and beautycam photos. Utilize beauty camselfie editor effects withbeautifying tools for motion video andphotos via Makeup - YouMakeover Editor to make up beautiful facephotos. Supernaturalself-portrait artifact helps to remove thedark circles of eye withbeauty magic makeover beauty cam. Dozensof makeup filters andmakeup stickers of beauty cam photo editoreffects help you tobeautify photos with a beauty. Shoot funnymakeup videos via liveface camera selfie editor effects.
Face Makeup Camera & Beauty Photo Makeup Editor 1.1.1
Do you want a photo beauty effects with dazzling eyes, smoothskinand rosy lips? Do you want to have beauty images, but you donotknow makeup picture editor or do not have much time to editphotocarefully? So, welcome to our Photo Editor Makeup FaceBeautyCamera with Effect app. With the integration of both femaleandmale makeup photo editors and effects, our auto makeup cameraapphas been trusted by millions of users. Key Functions of beautycammakeup app: ✔ HD selfie makeup camera free app: - 1 touch tohavemakeup images. You just need to create a nice idea, the camerawillautomatically edit: + Slim face editor: V-line fashionable face+Whiten teeth in my pictures: automatically lift the color oftheteeth to help confident smile + Eye make-up: big eyescameraeffects, eye makeup app photo editor with eyebrow + Slim nosefacephoto editor + Photo edit smile: edit charming smile, naturalfullof vitality + Photo whitening skin: smooth skin photo editor✔Professional beauty makeover photo editor: - 4 typical makeupimageeditor styles: Natural, WestStyle, EasstStyle and makeup forMen. -Over 20 colors: Brush, eyes and lips give you the freedom tocreatestylish makeup apps that make over your photo - Integratedphotofilters and effects unique, especially the smoky eye so hot ✔Funmakeup Make your photo more unique with many amazingeffects:halloween, flower, party, eye roll, fashion,celebrity...Advantages of beauty photo editor new version : -Automaticallydetect facial and beauty quickly - Professional photoeditor makeupface beauty app helps to create the most artisticphoto -Snapshots: a single touch that spoiled the change of style,expressuntil the most satisfying one. - Integrated photo editingmakeupfor men, eyebrow editor men - Save high quality and sharequicklyvia social networks - Nice interface, easy to use beautyskineditor app - Beauty selfie camera with photo editor totallyfree 4simple steps to get beauty makeup photo makeover: [1] Get thefreeselfie makeover app from the store [2] Open beauty cameraphotoeditor, take a picture or select from a collection [3] Editwitheffects and favorite makeup styles in makeup cam app [4] Saveandshare with friends Even though it is a photo makeover app,thecamera will still help to retain the most natural facialfeatures.Take a selfie is so easy now that it's not over. So, letdownloadthe face makeup photo app immediately to nose lift photoeditor,lipstick makeup photo editor or have the most memorablephotos. Weare always concerned about the user experience and wantusers tohave the most fun moments with the makeup photo editor app.So ifyou have any questions, please let us know in the commentbelow. Donot forget to rate 5 * for beauty makeup of eye lips andface app!
Face Beauty Makeup Camera 1.3
Face beauty makeup kitHave you ever thought of a makeupwithoutgoing to a beauty parlour or a beauty salon? Then you can dothisby using face beauty makeup kit or face editor.Face beautymakeupkit provides all possible options for a trendy makeup. Doexplorethese options for a complete face makeover.Click a pic ofyourself,and effectively enhance it, with various makeup optionslikeapplying a face foundation, lipstick and makeup blushes,blemishesremover for removing blemishes like pimples, pigmentationetc.,whitening teeth and skin, eye tuning and applyingblurfilters.Complete your selfie with this popular beauty camerafaceapp to achieve perfect pictures. This trending beauty camerafaceapp adds stunning looks without the help of cosmetics andmakeupartist. No need to follow beauty tips, no need to buy a DSLRcamerastill you can make your selfie photos looking astonishingwith thisbeauty camera face app.This beauty plus photo editor helpsyou toremove pimples, blemishes, wrinkles and pigmentation. Thisbeautyplus app is one of the popular makeover apps in the androidmarket.Achieve professional photos with this beauty plus photoeditorapp.Give yourself a glamorous look, and tune your face byusingvarious makeup options. Recommend this app also to yourfriendslooking for a makeup and makeover.This face editor appsupportsnatural eye makeup also. In case of natural eye makeup thisappshows eye makeup step by step. This face editor can be usedasteeth whitening app also.Key features Face beauty makeup kitorface tuning app1. Camera option to click a pic.2.FacefoundationApply face foundation of different colours, in ordertoimprove the skin tone and enhance its beauty.2.BlemishesremoverThe blemishes remover or blemish remover consistsof thefollowing options to eliminate the blemishes. Pimple removerUsethe pimple remover to eliminate the pimples, and improve theskintone, by making it pimple free. Get a flawless skin, byeliminatingall kinds of pimples,using the pimple remover or blemisheditor orblemish dark circle remover. Dark spot remover Eliminatethe darkspots to improve the skin tone. Wrinkles remover orwrinklesremoval Improve the skin tone by getting rid ofwrinkles.Pigmentation remover or pigmentation removal Remove anykind ofpigmentation to make your skin look beautiful.Thisblemishesremover also has the manual as well as automatic option,in orderto improve theskin. The pimple remover, gives you a clearskin, byeliminating all pimples.3. Lip colour changerVariety of lipcolourchanger options for makeup in this face editor.4. EyechangerTuneyour face by using various options listed below. Eyecolour changerNumber of colour options to change the eye colour.Eye enlargementThe eye can be enlarged using this option. Eyebrightening Thisoption can be used to brighten the eye. Dark circleremover Removethe dark circles around the eye and enhance the facebeauty. Eyelashes toner Variety of options to tune the eye lashes.Natural eyemakeup Natural eye makeup step by step Eye makeup pics5.MakeupblushesEnhance the beauty of the photo by applyingdifferentcoloured blushes.6. Whitening makeover Teeth whiteningWhiten yourteeth to enhance its beauty Skin whitening Teethwhitening app,tooth whitening app for photos, tooth whitening appsfor pictures,teeth whitening editor Whitening face Whiten your skinto improvethe skin tone and for a face makeover.7. Blur makeupfilterGiveyour pic a blurry look by using different blur makeupfilteroptions.8. The pic can be viewed, before makeup andaftermakeover.This is the best makeup app for a trendymakeover.Download this top makeup app for free, so as to tune yourface, byexploring all kinds of makeup options, and give your photoa uniquekind of makeover.
Sharingan Eyes 3.7
Visual Arts
"Sharingan Eyes" in our "eye color changer" app are perfect forallanime fans out there! And for those who want to trysomethingcompletely different in a face beauty app! Change eyecolor inpictures with Sharingan filter and explore differentcoloredcontacts. First, take a selfie, or choose a pic from yourphotoalbum and start the Rinnegan eyes color editor. There areregular[red contacts] for a real Sharingan effect, and we alsooffer otherstyles of anime eyes. Electric blue, neon green, andyellowcontacts – all here as special effects contacts! Sharinganeyeeditor is perfect as a contact lenses Halloween choice! But,youdon't have to wait for that scary holiday to have therealSharingan eyes! Are you satisfied with your eye color? Do youfeellike you need a change? If you want to try out different"contactlenses color" but are afraid of the outcome, feel free toexploreour black and red photo editor – Uchiha eyes lens photoeditor withred eye effect! Stunning visual arts effects – just likeyou are ajiujitsu master! Prepare for hypnosis with red circles!Dream statewill help you get that fantasy transformation! Get alleyes typesjust like your manga hero! Get Sharingan eyes app!Features forthis photo stickers editor : ☢ Sharingan Eyes cameralets yourotate, scale and adjust Sharingan lens editor to fit thesize ofyour photo! ☢ Share the eye images on major social networks- scarycontact lenses will amaze your friends! ☢ Don't forget tosave theoutcome as Sharingan eyes wallpaper once you create yourownSharingan contact lenses! ☢ Color photo editor ninja withphotoeffects funny is completely FREE of charge! ☢ Eye colourchangersupports horizontal orientation and works great on bothmobilephones and tablet devices! ☢ Put a sticker in photo andtransformyourself with a funny changer and makeover app! If youlike crazycontacts such as zombie contacts or cat eye lens changer,you areat the right place! Become a ninja without any combattechniqueswith contact lenses Sharingan eye camera! Forget aboutnice colorcontacts for eyes or cat eye contacts app! It's time forsomethingmuch daring! Ninja photo editor lens effect in eyes willchangeyour whole personality – you will hypnotize everyone you looksobecome powerful with Sharingan Eyes camera! We offer manyvarietieswhen it comes to this specific shape and color - whitecontactlenses and blue eyes photo editor will bring out the trueEasternwisdom in you! Red contact lenses are not only meant forremovalanymore! Now everyone wants to have real Sharingan eyecontacts!The best part is that you can turn Uchiha Sharingan photoeditorphotos into Sharingan wallpaper and match it with UchihaSharinganeyes lock screen! One, two or three black circles – swirlsof tomoewill hypnotize everyone who sees your magic camera effectsforpictures! ☢ Camera beauty effect with a twist - exotic contactsinform of face stickers for pics await! If you are tired ofregularface beauty makers, join us for something different butappealing!Cool colored contact lenses will wait you here in oursticker editapp and you will have a chance to try out a completevirtualmakeover! Don't waste your chance and explore your colorchangepics editing skills! Free download eye photo editor andmaster thecombat fighter skills with evil eye photo effect! Magiceye coloreffect and anime editor will give you super powers andmartialarts! Apply all the options in this face editor and chooseall thecool photo effects! Are you looking for photo effects appthat makeyou look like you have magic powers? Our magic cameraeffects foundin this ninja editor will make you look exactly likeSharinganRinnegan! Forget about regular face beauty camera becausethis facemaker lets you explore all magic power effects! Who wouldknow thatyou can become a ninja warrior with just a couple ofsimple buteffective face filters?
Eye Color Changer Makeup 1.0
4 mb
Eye color changer Makeup !Eye Color Changer Makeup lets youchangethe color of your eyes! Using a unique mixing techniquecreates aneffect that looks very natural on the eyes. It works forboth darkand light eyes.Eye Color Changer Makeup is filledwithphoto-realistic effects such as standard color contacts,exoticcontacts, scary eye effects, animal eyes and more.Its verysimplesimulation application to change the color of the eyes ofyourchoice. you can choose your favorite color or lens from averylarge list of eye lenses.It works on everyone - babies,childrenand adults as one. Enjoy hours of entertainment by testingthe appon your friends, family, and favoritecelebrities!Functionality: -Select your photo in Camera Gallery.•More over 400 (simple,marble, electric, specifications, exotic,animal, foreign, and more!!) exotic eyes and more in future.• Manyrealistic and natural eyecolor lenses to choose from.• Change thesize of your eyes to makethem bigger and more beautiful.• Mode toplace different lenses onthe left and right eyes.• Try new coloredeye contacts and coloredeye lenses.• eyes flag• multiple colors•Create your own eye colorfrom the photo gallery• Adjust the opacityof the eyes to mergewith the photo Makeup• Share this photo withyour friends on thesocial network.• Collection of animal eyes (cat,snake, fox...).•Save photos to gallery. Real Color Changer Eye is abeautifulapplication for you to try hundreds of colors and lensesfor yourown photo.Its very simple simulation application to changethecolor of the eyes of your choice. You can choose yourfavoritecolor or the lens of the very large list of eye lenses.
Prom Makeup Tutorial 1.0
Mintama Apps
Easy & affordable natural party and prom makeuptutorialPrommakeup tutorial will give you some step by stepinstructions fornatural looks. Here you will find several makeuptutorials fromeyes, brow, lips, and cheek.Before attending theprom, every womanwill try all efforts to make herself look beautyand attractive.One of the most important things is an exquistemakeup look. Weknow you are searching for some wonderful makeupideas andtutorials, so we’ve made this apps about the best prommakeuptutorial and ideas.Natural makeup This style is made forwomen whojust want their makeup to provide a light facialenhancement.Rather than transforming the way you look, the naturalapproachinvolves simple changes in the way your skin, eyes, andmouth lookon their own. The colors here are similar to the onesthat arealready existent on the face, but adding them can stillmake adifference. You can try to apply this prom makeup tutorialfor yourspecial event.Natural eye makeupGreat natural look thatlasts fromday to night is always a good choice for every occasion.If you arestill wondering how to accentuate your eyes in anatural-lookingway, then you are on the right place. We havecollected variousprom makeup tutorial for natural eye makeup thatwill help you tocreate the pretty, soft, and sexy natural eyes.Follow them and getthat fresh, flawless look, like you’re notwearing makeup.Idea foryour lips You do not want your lipstick tocome off after the firstdrink that you take at the prom. The allday lip colors can look abit dry and glossy looks are in right now.You can have the best ofboth worlds. Instead of putting on theirtop coat, you can use alip gloss that you like to highlight yourlips. By following thisprom makeup tutorials, you are going to besure that you will notspend all your time in the bathroomreapplying yourlipstick.Contour your faceGrab your contouringpalette! You’regoing to want to give it a go for this highlightingspecial. Thetruth is, when you’re looking to really make yourcheekbones standout, you’re going to need to sharpen your makeupskills. That meansstart watching some contour videos and get thehang of applyingblush, whether it’s a powder formula or somethingcream-based. Andbelieve it or not, it’s not difficult when you havea blush huethat matches your skin tone, two shades of foundation,and a geniusbrush set. Eye shadow and mascaraEye shadow should betoned downfor day, if worn at all. Neutral colors such as taupe andbrownshould be used. To define the eye, apply a lighter shadow overtheeyelid, then sweep a darker color in the crease of the eyelidtoenhance the eyes. Eyeliner should be drawn on in a thin linetosubtly define the eyes. Mascara is a great product for any timeofday. Curl Lashes using an eyelash curler and apply one to twocoatsof mascara for longer and fuller lashes.If you want to knowhow tolook your best no matter what your plans are then you havetofollow these prom makeup tutorials, and you will have yourbestlook.
Change The Eye Color 1.5
Al Wali
Change The Eye Color is an app used to change eye color in a minttospent some effort. Try out many different eye colours andeyeeffects on your own photos. You can have blue eyes, greeneyes,even cat eyes. Make your eyes nice free. This nice eyes freeapp ismade for change different eye effects. Eye Color Changer letsyouto change the color of your eyes lens! Using a uniqueblendingtechnique creates an effect that looks very natural on theeyes. Itworks equally well for both dark and light colored eyes.Change TheEye Color app lets you to change the color of your eyes!Using aunique blending technique creates an effect that looks verynaturalon the eyes. It works equally well for both dark and lightcoloredeyes. Eye color changer is used to change eye lens. You cancreatephoto grids and photo collages, Eye Color Changer - PhotoGridprovides you a great collage maker and photo grid tool, whichwilllet you to create beautiful photo collages and photo grids.Justselect photos and Eye Color Changer - Photo Grid will give youtensof different collage layouts and grid options. Create thedesiredcollages and grids and tap to save and your photo grid isready toshare. Eye Color Changer - Photo Grid is great forenhancing eyecolor in photos taken under poor light conditions. Youcan also useit to remove "red eyes" from flash photos taken atnight. Changingeye color of your choice. you can pick your favoritecolor or lensamong very big list of eye lenses. Many realistic andnatural eyecolours to choose from. Change the size of your eyes tomake thembigger and more beautiful. Animal Eye, Cat eyes, Flag eyesandother special eye effects. Sharingan and Naruto Eye Effects.Changeeye color instantly by this easy to use tool.Eye ColorChanger ispacked with photo-realistic effects such as standardcolorcontacts, exotic contacts, scary eye effects, alien/animaleyes andmore. Upload a photo from photo gallery, camera, etc Itworks oneveryone - babies, kids and adults alike. Enjoy hoursofentertainment testing the app on your friends, family andyourfavourite celebrities!
Face Makeup 1.8
Have you ever dreamt of becoming, a beauty queen, by wearing acrownon your head? If yes, then you can become so by using thefacemakeup app.Face makeup is a photo makeup editor, which enablesyouto enhance the beauty of your pic with some amazing faceeditingfeatures.This face makeup beauty app provides you with acompleteface makeup package and beauty accessories like thecooling glasses,earrings, crown, wigs etc.Take a snap of yourself,enhance it withbeauty makeup options like face foundation to tuneyour face,lipstick and blushes, dark spot removal, wrinklesremoval,pigmentation removal, removing blemishes using a blemishesremover,teeth and skin whitening, eye tuning and beautyaccessories.Use thisface makeup app or beauty camera Pictureeditor, to tune your face,for a makeover. Explore the beautyaccessories for a makeover ofyour pic, using this face tune piceditor and makeup cam app, orphoto makeup app and makeup PhotoEditor.Get the feel of a beautyparlour or a beauty salon, usingthis face makeup app and facemakeup salon app. Apply trendymakeup, to tune your face, using thisfashion and beauty app, orphoto makeover app and eye makeup photoeditor. This beauty cameraapp is like a face makeup set ideally fora face makeup forgirls.This teeth whitening photo app or eye makeupapp photo editoris one of the best teeth whitening apps forpictures or teethwhitening app for photos.Key features 1. Use thecamera option ofthis selfie photo Editor or make up camera app, totake a snap.2.Face foundation Improve your skin tone, by applyingface foundationof different colours and enhance the face beauty.2.Blemishesremover The blemish remover or blemish editor, provides uswith thefollowing options, to remove the blemishes. Pimple removerThepimple remover, enables us to eliminate the pimples, to improvetheskin tone. Get a clear skin, by removing all the pimples, usingthepimples remover or acne remover. Dark spot remover Remove thedarkspots to enhance your face beauty. Wrinkles remover Removethewrinkles, to improve the skin tone. Pigmentation removerEliminatepigmentation to improve your skin tone. The blemishremover orblemishes removal app, enables you to get rid of theblemishesmanually and automatically. The pimples remover or pimplesremovalapp, gives you a flawless skin.3. Lip colour changer Numberof lipcolour options to enhance your face beauty.4. Eye changerEyecolour changer Number of options to change your eye colour.Eyeenlargement Enlarge your eye. Eye brightening Brighten youreye.Dark circle remover Remove any kind of dark circles around theeye.Eye lashes toner Tune your eye lashes thereby enhancing yourfacebeauty, using this face makeup cosmetic beauty app and facemakeupediting app, or face makeup photo app and blemish removerphotoeditor free.5. Makeup blushes Apply blushes of differentcolors, toenhance your face beauty, using this face tuning app andfaceenhancer, or face makeup editor app and picture makeupeditor.6.Whitening makeover Teeth whitening Make your teeth lookbeautifulby whitening it, using this tooth whitening app and makeupfaceapp, or beauty editor app. Skin whitening The skin whiteningoptionof this whitening face app, enables you to whiten yourskin.7. Blurmakeup filter Use the blur filter options of thisPicture FaceEditor, to give your photo a blurry look.8. BeautyaccessoriesChoose your favourite beauty accessories, using thisbeauty makeuptool and natural eye makeup editor, or makeup cameraapp and eyemakeup tips app .Face makeup is one of the best makeupapps andBeauty apps for pictures, or beauty apps for women.Download thistop beauty makeup app and face makeup app, or eyemakeup app forgirls and face makeup editor for photos, for free,and tune yourface for a flawless skin.
Flower Crown Hairstyle 1.3
❤️Flower Crown Hairstyle❤️ ❤️ Add the best Flower Crown on yourfacephoto in Flower Crown Hairstyle! ❤️ Change your hairstyle inFlowerCrown Hairstyleapp! ❤️ Change hair color or change eye coloronphoto with Flower Crown Hairstyle. ❤️ Create beauty hairstyleselfiephoto with Flower in hair in hippie style or hipster styleif youlike the Flowers! ❤️ Create wedding hairstyle with flowersor casualhairstyle just in a few seconds with Flower CrownHairstyle ❤️Flower Crown Hairstyle has a collection of FlowerCrowns stickerswith floral designs, beauty hairstyles, brightflowers for yourhair, and many of accessories stickers for yourperfect makeup photomontage! ❤️Flower Crown Hairstyle is the BESTand FREE photo editorapp to add beauty Flower Crown to your changeyour hairstyle! FlowerCrown Hairstyles photo editor key Features:★ Beautiful and realflower crowns! ★ The best collection of manyamazing stickers to addto your photo! ★ Application is very easyto use and absolutelyfree! ★ You can zoom, rotate, adjust, addtext in different size andcolors! ★ Share your photo in socialmedia like Instagram, Twitterand more. ★ Save on your androiddevice gallery or set your photo asa wallpaper! If you like hairsalon games and wedding salon gamesfor girls, you will also likeFlower Crown Hairstyle app! WithFlower Crown hairstyle you willlook like a real fashion star andshine bright! ❤️Try Flower CrownHairstyle Photo Editor and changehairstyle as you wish!
Gallery 1.010
Gallery LLC
Gallery is a free, next generation photo gallery that’s acompletereplacement to your native gallery.Its great galleria,photographygalleries, quickpic, dato, sb & photo album app foryourmobile. it is the Photo Gallery Latest app. it is the galleryforyou.Gallery app provides google photo backup using. It isthephotos & videos app. Its really "Great Gallery" app.Gallery-Phone Storage App Beautiful 3D Gallery with latest graphicsinsteadof old one. Use special color Gallery 2018 for photos, hotvideos,movie collections etc. HD Gallery / 3D Gallery, GalleryVideoViewer. Enjoy with unlimited gallery video and images for showyourfriends using Quick Photo gallery.Photo Gallery is workingverysimple just click on gallery icon you will get your allimagesGroup wise ,Photo Gallery is the best alternative photogallery,photo album, photo editor and video editor for your photosandvideos.Integrate Smart Gallery with your Google Photos so youcanview and manage all of your photos & videos in one HDPhotoGallery. Fast, light and modern gallery with specialanimatedgallery looks for your phone.Combining the beautiful lookofmaterial design and the simplicity of style design philosophy,wemade the app a great pleasure to look at and to use. Set upPINLock for hidden albums. Easy to hide, unhide and viewprivatealbums in best innovative way using Photo Gallery HD.A+PhotoGallery is world’s BEST Photo Gallery app for your Androidphone.Quick pic gallery is the best gallery app designed formanagingyour photos. 3D Photo Gallery & Album is the fastestapp forviewing HD photos, video, search photos and search video&managing albums With advanced features, you can control thequalityand sharpness of your photos, so they look exactly how youwant.Gallery Lock/Pin Protection/Hide Private Albums user canhideprivate photos like girl friend photos, hot photos, naughtyphotos,dirty photos, secret photos. Easily hide or exclude yourprivatephotos and videos from all Gallery Lock apps and protectthem witha password.Play slideshow of gallery photos instantly in ahighquality slideshow. You can change the interval timing,sequencing,and how the image is displayed in Galleries settings.Photo EditorCrop, Rotate, Brightness, Effects, Zoom in etc.Organize yourphotos and videos by creating albums, setting yourfavourite albumsand hiding unnecessary albums. Hide photos &videos from yourphoto gallery and access them easily using a secretPIN code.Features- Create an photo albums. Auto-style changeonposition/orientation change of device.- Set Pin lock, Patternlockand Fingerprint lock- Selfie Camera photo albums.- Cropphotoview.- Folder Exclude & Restore- Slide show animationwithunlimited photo pics of HD Gallery.- You can set your photoasWallpaper.- Open photo with preferable apps.- Supported allthepopular image and video formats- Show photo details.- Singleordouble tap or pinch to zoom.- Able Grid Photo view.- AbleListPhoto view.- Easy to share pictures- Multi selection move&copy paste files.- Create an photo albums- Can Change Themecolorfrom setting.- Move to different Album- Hide your privatephotos-Customize Background Color.- rotate image.- Best Galleryvideoplayer.- Set Your Favorite Theme Color- Change Theme colorfromsettingTag : Gallery,Gallery Vault,Gallery Private,HDPhotoGallery,Gallery for samsung,Gallery for moto g4,MerryGallery,Gallery Lock, Gallery Private, Foto Gallery,Gallerylocker,Photos& Gallery,Photo View,Pic effect,FocusGallery,Gallery lock appsdownload,Enjoy 3D Styles,gallerylocker,gallery lock appsdownload,Gallery Vault,GalleryPro,GalleryLock,Photos(Gallery),Gallery Download,GalleryPrivate,gallerydownloadingJust download this Gallery you will beamazed, its veryeasy to use.Thank you so much for your patience andsupport! :)
Hijab Make Up Salon 1.2.2
Be creative and be inspired with Hijab Make Up Salon, this gamewilllet you choose from variety of beautifully and distinctlydesignedhijabs, and you will also get a handful choices of makeups, rangingfrom eyeshadow, lipsticks, to mascara. Be even morecreative withhuge selection of colors for your hijabs, andcosmetics.This game isa great choice for anyone who interested inmake up and hijab, andthis game can even be used as a referencefor you to apply real makeups. This app can also be used as yourhijab tutorial.Features- 10beautiful and unique hijab, each can bemodified with selectableprimary and secondary colors.- Change skinbrightness with ease.-Huge selection of colors for eye contactlenses, lipstick, andeyeshadow and more.- 4 selectable charmingmascara option foreyelashes.- 6 different eyebrows to choosefrom.- 3 Eyeshadow style,with editable primary and secondarycolors.- Mix two color gradientfor the background.- Save yourdesign and share it with your friend,or you can even use it asyour profile pictures in social media.
Indian Fashion Stylist: Makeup spa & dress-up 2018 1.2
Stylish Indian girls want to make her look fabulous with newfashiontrends. Let's start with her spa treatment. Do face spa,wash herface using the shower, remove pimples and much more. Afterthat,choose perfect makeup like eyeliner, eyeshadow, lipstick,eyelashes& Make Indian girl cheeks charming with unique cheekglow. Helpher to select a gorgeous dress up and saree to give herattractivelook- Help an Indian girl to look fabulous with uniquemakeover-Help Indian Doll to look beautiful with unique StylistHairstyle andMakeup- Beautiful & Designer Stylist PartywearSalwar Kameezcollection- Latest Bollywood Fashion dresses- IndianSarees - BridalWedding Sarees, Party Wear- Attractive outfits inIndian weddingbride fashion doll spa & Makeup- Dress up withmost amazingsarees Fashion with number of options to complete theIndianlookKeywords,- Bollywood Designer Sarees- Designer sareesforwedding- Indian bride wedding Fashion Stylist- IndianStylistDressUp And Makeup- Indian Fashion Girl- IndianPre-WeddingEngagement- Indian Engagement Ceremony- IndianPhotoshoot- IndianBride Photography- Indian Makeup and Spa- IndianSaree DressupGames- Latest Indian Stylist fashion- Indian beautyparlor- IndianSalon- Indian Bride Salon- Indian Marriage Girl-Indian Dress-Indian Look- Bollywood Style Spa and MakeupAbout Me:We are lovingto create girls game. If you have any suggestions orquestions,feel free to send us your feedback or leave your comments
Gallery.AI 1.17.3
Gallery is ideally the best alternative gallery app designedformanaging your beloved photos. It’s significantly smaller thanothergallery apps, but packs more power than any of them.It'sFast,Simple, Free with no ads.Gaussian blur effect systemminimumrequirements:CPU Quad-core 2.3 GHz Krait 400GPU Adreno330Internal16/32 GB, 2 GB RAM
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