Top 49 Games Similar to Dwarfs World: forest fight

Magic City: fairy farm and fairytale country 1.41
Dive into the secret country of magic Smallville! Evolve fairyfarmto fairy city and magic township. Build mystery fairy town,asecret city of magic. Craft magic hay and become wizard orwitchone day! Inhabit magic country with your favouritecharacters:wizards and witches, dragons and princesses, elves andgoblins,fairies and dwarves! Create magical artifacts and helpthecharacters with their adventures. Master magic andwitchcraftcreating your own story in a fairy town. Make friendswith variousmagic creatures, wise wizards and naughty witches. ThePrincess ofthe Fairyland is enchanted, the citizens grieve and needyour help!Where is the Prince who can wake up the sleeping beauty?Nobody butyou can help the Prince to break the spell and save thefairyPrincess. Group onFacebook:
Bingo Quest - Elven Woods Fairy Tale 1.46
IMMERSE YOURSELF IN THE FAIRY TALE WORLD OF BINGO QUEST:ELVENWOODSBingo Quest: Elven Woods transports you back to a timewhenhumans didn’t rule the Earth. A time when the world was hometomythical beings such as wood elves and fairies who wouldspreadtheir magic and joy across mother Earth. The mythicalcreatures wholive in the Elven Woods look serene and beautiful -but they’replayful, too! Get to know the wood elves and woodfairies as yousit back, relax and play free bingo in a beautifulfairy taleworld.EXPLORE MAGICAL LANDS WITH 80 LEVELS OF FREEBINGOAs youprogress through our free bingo game, you’ll have thechance toexplore new areas of the magical Elven Woods. Meet newwood elvesand fairies to have fun with on your bingo journey and,with 80levels of free bingo waiting for you in the woods, you’llhavehours of fun in this fairy tale land! UNLOCK STUNNING BINGOQUEST:ELVEN WOODS ARTWORKCollect puzzle pieces as you play bingowith themythical creatures of the woodland – use these puzzlepieces tounlock beautifully illustrated artwork of the otherworldlywoodlandrealm. Collect graphics of detailed, realistic wood elvesandfairies as you progress through the game. Can you collect themall?SPIN THE MAGICAL WHEEL OF FORTUNEEvery day you can visit theelvenwheel of fortune – rumoured to give those who spin it a freerewardevery 24 hours. Receive extra daubers, coins, keys and more,so besure to visit every day and claim yourfreeprize!---------------------------------------------------------------------------------BINGOQUEST:ELVEN WOODS FAIRY TALE–HIGHLIGHTS---------------------------------------------------------------------------------★Fun,free bingo game for all ages★ Play through 80 levels offantasticfree bingo★ Explore different parts of the otherworldlyElven Woods,each with their own dauber★ Unlock stunning artwork ofthe mythicalcreatures who live in the woodland★ Spin the magicalwheel offortune for free bingo prizes and rewards★ Collect freecoins anduse them to buy power ups to help on your bingoadventure★ Use yourkeys to unlock treasure chests at the end ofeach level – what couldthey contain?★ Change the bingo callerspeed★ Play Bingo Questoffline – no internet connection required!For a refreshing, fun andfree bingo experience, look no furtherthan Bingo Quest: Elven WoodsFairy Tale. Full of beauty andexcitement, you’ll have hours of funplaying bingo with themythical woodland creatures. Why playanywhereelse?================================================================================COMEANDPLAY BINGO IN THE ELVEN WOODS – DOWNLOAD BINGO QUEST FORFREETODAY!================================================================================
Wicked Snow White - Fairytale Match 1.0001
Mirror Mirror on the wall..Who is the most WICKED of themall?Enterthe enchanted forest of 900 levels and save the SevenDwarves fromthe Wicked Princess in the best fairytale story. It'sup to you torescue them! Look out! INSIDE GAME FEATURESunique match3 puzzlegameEasy and fun to play900 wicked levelsMagic charms tohelp withthose challenging levels insideWin against Snow White tosave thedwarves and elvesSwitch and match apples to enjoy ablastingadventure against Wicked Snow White. Discover how thesweetestprincess turns out to be an evil witch inside pretending tobe thesweetest girl of the kingdom.Oh!GAME MODESDwarves Stage (Savethem!Dwarves and elves are locked inside ice cubes)Magic MirrorStage(Break the Mirror )Snow White Stage ( Out Fight against theBoss)Wicked Stage ( Google Play Services & Facebook friends)HOW TOPLAYSwipe & Match 4+ apples to make CharmsDrag and DropCharmsto Use Magic SpellsRescue Iced Dwarves and elves out fromEvilPrincessEarn coins to unlock mysterious magic forestSTORY&CONCEPTEnter the enchanted forestRescue Iced Dwarves and elvesfromEvil PrincessMirror Mirror on the wall..Who is the most WICKEDofthem all?Every day is Halloween, Isn’t it? For some of us.Thankyoufor playing Wicked Snow White - Fairytale Match.Now go savesomedwarves and elves ! Out! It’s Magic.
Candy Thieves Tale of gnomes 1.5
Candy Thieves is a dynamic strategy game about making candyandprotecting it from impudent thieving gnomes. They arelegendarymisers, known for their greed – and so are the maincharacters ofthe game.You inherit a strange box that is actuallyaninterdimensional candy factory. How did this happen? Where arethegnomes coming from? Play the game to find [email protected] MAKEJELLYCANDIESWho are these cute little shapeless jellies? Whocares?Stuff them into your factory right away to get super-tastycandies!First gnome’s barely arrived, and here’s a secondonealready!Without even asking permission, the entire line grabsyourcandy one by one and rushes off in all directions.Simplepersuasion is unlikely to get them to leave. You needstrongdefenses and proven tactics! @ TRICKY GNOME THIEVESThesegnomeswill do anything to get your candy. Smash them, throw them,zapthem – do whatever it takes!Nah, none of this is fatal.Thecreatures pouring out of the portals are just soap replicas ofthelittle misers, who want to cram their storehouses full ofsweetcaramel candies. So they’re taking them from you. [email protected] ASSORTED TRAPSSo why do you need metal parts?That’s right– to assemble ingenious traps, bait, and even guns. Allin the nameof anti-gnome defense! And these won’t just prevent thegnomes fromstealing your goodies – they’ll also teach them not totake thingsfrom someone else without asking! The key is tounderstand thetactics and strategy of the game. Everyone has theirown style –including [email protected] STUNNING GRAPHICSThe beautiful detailsof the gnomeworld come alive at your fingertips. A colorfuladventure awaits.Hurry – this puzzle isn’t solving itself!The gamecontainsbeautiful high-quality 3D visuals. We decided to implementnot justinteresting gameplay but beautiful, colorful worlds thatbothadults and kids would love. @ PLAY WITH YOUR FRIENDS ONONEDEVICEHaving trouble fending off the endless attacks onyourcandies? Summon your friends! Together, you’ll have notroublereclaiming your candy [email protected] EPIC BOSS BATTLESThis fairytaleworld will be appreciated by kids and adults alike. And thebestpart is when a huge strange creature suddenly appears on thescreen– a boss! Ah... so you haven’t bumped into a boss yet? Youcan besure they’ll be the most difficult challenge you [email protected] YOURSELF IN THE MYSTERIOUS STORY OF THE GNOMESWhat amess!Our hero’s grandfather has gone missing, and a terriblediseasespreads across the gnome world. What if this is allconnected? Findout more about what happened... and fix it!XASSEMBLE AN INGENIOUSBAND OF THIEVES – coming very soon!Tired ofprotecting your candiesfrom attacks by thieves? Then assemble yourown team and planrobberies and raids! Share the sweets equallyamong yourselves – orat least that’s the idea. Too bad it doesn’talways work out thatway.X BUILD YOUR OWN CANDY FACTORY – comingvery soon!A genuinecandy factory! That’ll make you a great candymagnate! Hire somegnomes and organize the most efficient candyproduction line!ALERT: Candy Thieves is free to play, but some gameitems can bepurchased with real money.This update contains 6excitingadventures in the gnomes’ world. Each stage of the gameisaccompanied by cartoons that tell the maincharacter’sstory!IMPORTANT! – to view the cartoons, you need anactiveInternet connection.
Gnomes Garden: The Queen of Trolls 1.2
The wicked queen of the trolls has returned from banishment!Usingher evil magic, she has kidnapped the princess of the gnomesandtaken her to a distant kingdom. In those lands, none know ofthepower of the magical gardens! The gnomish people who livetherehave suffered long at the hands of the queen of the trolls andhersubjects. The princess decides to help her brothers and sistersandreturn the power of the magic trees. Set out on a journeythroughan unknown land full of secrets and mystical mechanisms intheexciting casual fantasy strategy game Gnomes Garden. A multitudeofvaried quests, over 40 levels, an upbeat plot, simpleandentertaining gameplay and an extraordinary universe – all thisiswaiting for you right now. Restore ancient machines, plantmagicalgardens, manage resources and construct buildings. Simplecontrolsand a clear tutorial will help you master the basics of thegame.And don’t forget to use the princess’s powerful magic to getyouout of tough spots! Gnomes Garden – defeat the queen of trollsandbring magic back! - An extraordinary magical world whose sourceofmagic is ancient gardens. - An upbeat plot, colorful comicsandcharming characters! - A multitude of varied quests whichtheprincess has never undertaken before. - Colorful trophies. -Over40 unique levels. - Unusual enemies: bees, merrymaker trolls,stonedormice and... krakens. - 4 unique locations: woods,snowymountains, swamps and deserts. - Useful bonuses: speed upwork,stop time, run fast. - Simple controls and awell-designedtutorial.. - Over 20 hours of exciting gameplay forall ages. -Pleasant themed music.
Into the Dark Woods -Snow White and 7 Dwarves- 1.0.1
Did you know there's another story of Snow White?There'sanotherside of Snow White that nobody knows…New sensation breedinggamethat you'll see the forbidden truthofher!------------------------Save snow whitefromdwarfs!------------------------Save her from dwarfs.Story goesonif you beat the dwarfs…!------------------------Beat dwarfs togoon to the next stories.------------------------There aremultiendings that will be varied depending on your choice!Yourchoicedetermines the ending! Your choice decidesherdestiny!------------------------Check the characters and storiesinthe picture book!------------------------You can check thestoriesyou have already gone through.You can see a special storywhen youcomplete all the endings!------------------------We havebonusstages and items! ------------------------ There is a bonusstageyou can earn Experience Points at once! Share us on twitterand getitems, and enjoy this app with your friends! You can earnmoreExperience Points during the bonus time.You'll see thetouchingending when all the endings are completed. Enjoy our realending!Idon't know yet why she got depressed.
Fantasy Love Story Games 20.0
💫✨ Another excellent undertaking from your favorite gamedevelopers– this time featuring the most beautiful illustrations ofCUTEFAIRIES and ELVES in a FANTASY KINGDOM! Let this amazing apptakeyou to a beautiful fairy tale kingdom of Valeria where you'llmeetour extraordinary characters and experience the most grippingandmemorable love twists and turns! If you wanna feel as thoughyou'reliving in a fairy tale, and you like to play our “teen lovestory”games with choices, then there's no other app that canprovide youwith a better playing experience than our ✨Fantasy LoveStoryGames✨. Venture on an epic journey across unique locationsandenjoy our new romance games enriched with elements of magicandfantasy! 🌟Choose your own adventure!🌟 🌟Download this one of akindotome game with fantasy creatures if you want to:🌟 ✨Enjoyimpressive fairy-like visuals and animations, gripping lovetwistsand an epic fight between good and evil in simpletap-basedgameplay! ✨ Choose the name for your cute fairy character!✨ Chooseyour outfit and style! ✨ Make your own love life choicesand choosebetween twin brothers! ✨ Change the story line of the"lovetriangle" whenever you wish and see what you'll get! ✨Influencethe future of the kingdom of Valeria because you're thechosen oneand only you can save it from destruction! ✨ Only in✨Fantasy LoveStory Games✨ - the best interactive story games forgirls and guysalike! ✨ SUPPORTED LANGUAGES: Polski, Türkçe,Español, Português,Deutsch, Français, Italiano, bahasa Indonesia,Srpski, Русский,عربى ! ✨💫 The greatest love adventure of fairiesand elves in"interactive story games" ever! 💫✨ 💫✨ Dear fans of our“love storygames for teenage girls”, it's time you began your newromanticjourney – this time through the magic fantasy kingdom fullofsecrets and unresolved love affairs. Find out what it feels liketobe an ordinary girl who suddenly ends up in a fairy world andishaving trouble accepting that precisely she's the one whoisbrought into that world to restore peace and happiness. One ofthebest love story games engages you with its beautifullyillustratedmagical creatures, wonderful fairy land graphics,exciting andromantic story line and even more romantic music.Unique ✨FantasyLove Story Games✨ will enchant you little by littleas thethrilling plot thickens, and you'll have a feeling thatyou'rereally living this wonderful fairy tale through yourfemalecharacter. Download the most addicting “fantasy story game”ever,make wise choices on your way to future love and see what it'sliketo be the most beautiful fairy in the kingdom that many arejealousof! Download this epic fantasy adventure and the mostinteractiveepisode story game for teens and adults! All thiscompletely FREE!“Teenage love story games” free! 💫✨ All “love storygame” fans,please join us in the latest captivating interactivegameexperience rich in fantastic animations and wonderfulillustrationspacked in a completely original and unpredictablestory line! Bestfree romantic story games offline are waiting!✨Fantasy Love StoryGames✨ can be yours in just a few seconds!Discover plenty ofthrilling choices at crucial moments that willseal your destiny inthe world where you ended completelyunannounced and unprepared.Luckily, you'll meet many fantasticfriends on your way who willguide you through this magic kingdomand make sure you grow fond ofit and become an indispensable pieceof the puzzle. "Choose yourstory" line and don't miss the chance totry the best "otome games"English free. These "virtual love story"games can be yours in afew seconds! Write your own fairy taleromance! We guarantee thatboth girls and boys will be thrilledabout our new "simulationgames"!
Magic Country: fairy farm and fairytale city 1.40
Dive into the secret country of magic! Evolve fairy farm tofairycity and magic township. Build mystery fairy town, a secretcity ofmagic. Craft magic hay and become wizard or witch one day!Inhabitmagic country with your favourite characters: wizards andwitches,dragons and princesses, elves and goblins, fairies anddwarves!Create magical artifacts and help the characters withtheiradventures. Master magic and witchcraft creating your ownstory ina fairy town. Make friends with various magic creatures,wisewizards and naughty witches. The Princess of the Fairylandisenchanted, the citizens grieve and need your help! Where isthePrince who can wake up the sleeping beauty? Nobody but you canhelpthe Prince to break the spell and save the fairy Princess.
Go Wroclaw Dwarfs 1.6.3
Go Wroclaw Dwarfs is a mobile app for Wroclaw Dwarfs explorers.Withthe app you are able to:- Explore the huge collection ofWroclawDwarfs- Filter and sort the list of dwarfs using variouscriteria-See the Dwarfs on the Google Map- Get directions to theDwarfs-Collect point by visiting dwarfs (the app uses geolocationand GPS).- Visit the Dwarfs - the app knows if you are close tothe Dwarfs.By pressing "visit" button and being close to theDwarf, you makethe Dwarf visited and get points and awards forthat- See the listof all Dwarf Explorers and compete with them-See the Dwafs onRadar. You simply define the Radar circle radiusand the app willnotify you if there are any Dwarfs in this Range.No chance to missit anymore- See the big colection of Dwarfsphotos. - Make your ownpictures of Dwarfs and share them withothers.- See your profile andranking of Dwarfs Explorers.- See theHsitory of your Dwarfs visits.
Elf Mail 1.1.5
Elf Mail is a magical app used by Santa’s very own elves intheNorth pole to send messages to children all over the world!TopFeatures (requires in-app purchases):REAL TIME: Send instantlytoimmerse your child in Christmas magic and feed theirimagination.Emoji and Images are great for adding extrajoy!SCHEDULED MESSAGES:Schedule a message to send at a certaindate/time, this is a greatway to reward going to bed on time or tosurprise yourchild.UNLIMITED MESSAGES: inc Text and Voice,Images(ComingSoon)PERSONALISED ELF PICKER: Choose exactly the rightelf for yourkids. Works great when matched with an Elf On The Shelfelf.KIDFRIENDLY: Kids can talk to their elf and enjoy theirmessages. TheParents Zone is protected behind a pin codeRICHANIMATIONS: WatchSanta soar through the sky on the way to yourhome, and watch thesnow fall over a quiet village. *All activitytakes place on theone device.Every elf in Santa’s workshop is givena special childto watch over in the run up to Christmas so Santacan keep hisNaughty and Nice list up to date!This year, for thefirst timeever, Santa has allowed his elves to get to know theirassignedchild a little better using the ‘Elf Mail’ app! Santa hasfound‘Elf Mail’ to be an extremely fun and effective way ofencouraginggood behaviour in children and managing expectations asto thepresents they may or may not receive. Parents or guardianscandownload this extra special app all the way from the North Pole.In3 super simple steps a personalised elf is created and readytochat to their child. Sit back and watch the wonder and joyaschildren send and receive messages to and from their veryownelf.What a wonderful way to add to the excitement and magic ofthefestive season!!
Santa Claus 2.4
Talking to Santa Claus is now easier than ever! Virtual SantaClausis a new, Christmas addition to the collection of MyTalkingFriends games for kids! Get your own virtual Santa, embracetheChristmas spirit and enjoy your holidays! Pen friends arehistory,but having talking friends such as Santa Claus, talking dogortalking elephant is more popular than ever! Millions of kidsaregrowing, learning and having fun with their own talking friendsandpets, why wouldn't you? Writing letters to Santa Claus is fun,buttalking to Santa is so much better. Get Santa Claus, yourowntalking friend and listen to him sing Christmas songs, telljokesand talk back repeating what you say. Even though Christmasismagical enough, this virtual Santa game will be a nice additiontoit. Have fun with your very own virtual Santa Claus!ThisChristmas, enjoy talking games in a totally different way!SantaClaus who is talking is one of those talking friends gamesthatwill keep your child entertained for hours! The game issimplewhich sorts it among fun talking games for girls and boys.VIRTUALSANTA CLAUS – TALKING GAME FEATURES: ❄️ Talk to Santa and hewillrepeat everything you say in a funny voice. Talking to SantaClausis fun! ❄️ Write a Christmas card for friends or family ❄️Swipethe screen left or right to see Santa dancing ❄️ Touch Santa'shandand he will start ringing Christmas bells ❄️ If you behave,yourtalking friend Santa will give you a Christmas gift ❄️ Swipethescreen up and down to see Santa jumping around ❄️ Watch outforthose snowballs because Santa Claus is not afraid of throwingthemat you ❄️ Play mini games with virtual Santa Claus: FlappySanta,Food Drop, Santa Jump, Santa vs Snowman and many others ❄️Pressthe music button to listen to Christmas songs and see Santadancingto them. Choose among the familiar melodies: Jingle Bells,We WishYou a Merry Christmas, Deck the Halls, Up on the Housetop,Oh,Christmas Tree ❄️ Press the smiley face if you want to listentofunny Christmas jokes Like what you read? Once you've exploredthegame, all you'll be able to say is TALKING TO MY SANTA CLAUSROCKS!Download Santa Claus, talk to Santa all you want and checkout allthe possibilities and surprises awaiting you! Virtual Santagamesfor kids have never been more interesting, especially aroundthejolly time of Christmas holidays. While you are waiting foryourletter from Santa Claus, you can play with your talkingfriendSanta or play mini games with him. If you're more of a musiclover,play Christmas carols and watch virtual Santa Claus dancearound.Xmas games bring much joy to everyone. So, what are youwaitingfor? Download Santa Claus and start your own Christmasstory! ❄️This free game is an intellectual property ofDigitalEagle. ❄️Privacy Policy: of Service:'s Guide:
Bedtime Stories 1.1.9
We continue to release incredibly popular game seriesBedtimeStories! This time, free educational games are expanded witha newgame Lullaby. Characters of our story will be funny charactersfromour favorite seaside Hippo town. And it will be not only allthemembers of Hippo family. Today we will visit a mysteriouspirateship “Red Snapper" and find out what bedtime storiesitsinhabitants know. Are you ready for new exciting storiesandadventures? Then Lullaby game is waiting for you!Lullaby game isaspecial type of games. Like any bedtime story, this gameisdesigned to help the player to fall asleep. Simple gameplaymakesit easy. A favorite cute Hippo town characters createwonderfulmood before going to bed. You will see the most sweet andgooddreams. Our free educational games can make that real.In aseriesof Bedtime stories games player need to perform some simpleactionsto put into bed a game character. This time we do it withmore thanone character, but the whole Hippo family andmysteriousinhabitants of the pirate ship "Red Snapper". Everyonedoessomething special before going to bed. Some need to tidy uptheroom before going to bed, and someone has to finish work thatwasdone during the day. Papa Leo, for example, likes to writeexcitingbedtime stories. And our grandfather Hippo is a famousdeveloper!He looks through his telescope at the night sky andlaunches newunknown stars. You will need to help all our heroes.And, ofcourse, our Lullaby game includes elements of development.Afterall, all our games are, first of all, educational games.Tryour newgame from series of free educational games. Hippo and alltheinhabitants of the seaside town are waiting for you. Get intothesea of positive emotions! Stay tuned and stay with us. Ourfreegames will always make you happy!
Axe Clicker 1.0.142
Oswald the Dwarf is an idle clicker game, in which you helpOswaldto chop down plants with taps, and earn money to upgradehisforging skills and forge new axes. If you earn enough money,youwill become a dwarf billionaire and forge the golden axe thatdoesover a billion damage.Once upon a time, there was a dwarfnamedOswald, and he wasn't angry at all. His friend forged him anaxe,so powerful, so beautiful, that he was the proudest dwarfalive.And then something terrible happened. His axe was stolen!Oswaldbecame the angriest dwarf on the planet and swore to chopdowneverything that was taller than him - which isbasicallyeverything. He will stop at nothing, he will destroytrees, towers,landmarks,... Everything! From that time on, hebecame known asOswald - the angriest dwarf in the world.He willwork all day andall night - even when you're not around. Whenyou're idle, he willwork! That is the beauty of idle incrementalgames. Just rememberto upgrade his skills, help him forge new axesand if you like hima lot, grant him some taps, because with everyclick you make, hewill be more excited and chop faster.A fastclicker will berewarded with great achievements. Something you andOswald can beproud about.Remember, every click, upgrade and forgecounts. Onlythe best of the best will become billionaires, theRichie Richamong Dwarves. If you're stuck, just let Oswald chop onhis own inidle mode and resume playing a few hours later. You canalwayschoose to soft reset the game, keeping some benefits and makethegame run smoother again.Every time you chop something down,thereis a chance to obtain a magic potion. If you dare to drinkit,Oswald will go into super speed mode. Use the magicpotionswisely.You can choose among different trees and objects tochopdown. Some of them are harder to destroy, but yield agreaterreward. If your axe can't match the trees defense, you willhave toforge a stronger one. Before you go idle, make sure youchose atree that Oswald is able to damage.How to get a new axe?★Upgradeyour forging skills★ Tap the forge button★ With a littleluck, youwill forge a brand new axe★ continue tapping trees to getmoremoneyThe masters of the axe clicker will be rewardedwithachievements. To get them you will have to be the fastestclickerin the world. Every achievement also gives you a damagebonus foryour axe. The gold clicker award goes to the fastestclicker alive.Let the clicker adventure begin... chop ... tap ...chop ...
Masallar ve Tekerlemeler (İnternetsiz) 1.2
World Soft
MasallarTekerlemelerHikayelerKeloğlan masallarıKırmızı Başlıklıkızve daha neler nelerTalesrhymesStoriesKeloğlan talesLittleRedRiding Hood and girls are much more
Fairy Tales ~ Children’s Books, Stories and Games 2.5.6
“Fairy Tales” is a kid reading app with interactive mini gamesandfairy tales for children which makes reading more funandentertaining!“Fairy Tales” is a marvelous collection of storybooksfor kids that includes such bedtime stories for kids as:- PussinBoots - for FREE- The Beauty and the Beast- Cinderella-SleepingBeauty- The Three Little Pigs- The Snow Queen- Little RedRidingHood- The Princess and the Pea- Gingerbread man- Goldilocksand thethree bears- The Tinderbox- Ugly Duckling- Rumpelstiltskin-TheThree Spinners- The Wolf and seven little kids- TheEnormousTurnip- Mother Snow- Aesop's Fables- Norton's New House byArpadOlbey- The Realm of Sweet Dreams by Asa GuvesCollect DAILYBONUS toopen interactive books and read kids stories for FREE! Letyourkids library grow with interactive books and storiesforkids!FEATURES:- “Read to Me,” “Read it Myself” modes-Interactivescenes with fully narrated and animated characters-Offline reading- download a book once and read it anytime,anywhere. These readingchapter books for kids are useful for longtrips, doctor'sappointments and restaurants- Designed for childreninterface- Lotsof games for kids under 5 years- Safe andkid-friendly - protectionfrom unintentional purchasesRead books andplay educational gameswith your favorite characters! Best fortoddlers andpreschoolers.The professional narrator will read alongbedtimestories. It makes a daily go-to-sleep ritual easier!Eachfairy talecontains pop-up games to make reading books moreentertaining andeducative. Find following learning games for kidsin thesestorybooks: labyrinth, cards matching, jigsaw puzzles,hiddenobjects.This app is a great collection of the high-qualityshortstory for kids with childrens stories and learning gamesfortoddlers and preschoolers.Magic moments with vividillustrations,professional voice narration, interactive activities,amazinganimations, colorful pictures and beloved fairytales willdelightkids and parents.Feel the magic of a kids story by theperfectstorytelling!Best preschool learning app withinteractiveeducational books for prepare boys and girls forkindergarten andfirst grade.Your feedback is important to us.Please SHARE YOURREVIEW below! For any technical issues, pleaseemail us [email protected] us onFacebook:
Bingo Magic Kingdom: Fairy Tale Story 1.0.8
Be part of your very own fairy tale in our new bingo game!Meetbeautiful princesses and noble knights as you explore thismagickingdom, collecting rare treasure and stunning artwork alongtheway. OVER 75 LEVELS OF FAIRYTALE FUN!Watch fairy talesandbeautiful stories unfold as you go on an epic 90 ballbingoadventure through the kingdom. With maps such as Rapunzel andSnowWhite, you’ll be able to have fun with your favourite fairytalecharacters, earn lots of coins, unlock new daubers andmuchmore!We’ve got over 75 original, stunning maps for you toplaythrough. More maps and awesome features are added each month,sothe story never ends! UNLOCK HD ARTWORK FROM THEMAGICKINGDOMYou’ll have the chance to collect hidden puzzle piecesasyou play bingo on your adventure – use these puzzle piecestounlock amazing HD artwork. You can save them on your phone asawallpaper, share them with your friends or post them onsocialmedia! Do you have the bingo skills to collect them all?SPINTHEMAGICAL WHEEL OF TREASURESThe fairy godmother is generous andlovesgiving out free prizes! Visit her magical wheel every day forfreecoins, gifts, new daubers, keys and more. With so many coolitemsto get for free, why don’t you visiteveryday?-------------------------------------------------------BINGOMAGICKINGDOM-HIGHLIGHTS-------------------------------------------------------★Fun,free 90 ball bingo game for all ages★ Play through over 75levels ofbingo with fairy tale characters★ Lots of exciting newmaps addedevery month★ Unlock beautiful HD artwork of princesses,fairytalecastles and more★ Spin the magic wheel of treasure toearn freegifts, coins, daubers and more! ★ Collect free coins anduse them tobuy power ups to help on your bingo story★ Use yourkeys to unlocktreasure chests at the end of each level – whatcould they contain?★Change the bingo caller speed to suit yourplaying style★ Play BingoMagic Kingdom offline – no internetconnection required! Sit back,relax and immerse yourself in theamazing world of Bingo MagicKingdom. Explore stunning locations,play 90 ball bingo and enjoynew maps released regularly. With somuch epic bingo in one game,why play anywhere else?!COME AND PLAYBINGO IN THE MAGICAL KINGDOM –DOWNLOAD FREE TODAY!
Tarot of fairy tales 1.1.2
You found the tarot fairies ... and the fairies found you.Enterinto an enchanted world where all your love questions willfindtheir answers. You will discover that the Prince Charming doesnotexist only in fairy tales ... Truly, he is not perfect but hewillknow how to melt your heart.Come and discover The tarot offairytales to finally know your future lover.
Fairyland Hidden Object Game – World Of Fairy Tale 1.0
Welcome to the secret garden of fairyland! An evil witch isruiningthis beautiful fairy world with black magic. Help the wizardpickup all the enchanted hidden objects and break the curse.PlayFairyland Hidden Object Game – World Of Fairy Tale and savethiswonderful land from evil witches. Seek and find hidden objectsinthis fantasy garden and be a hero of this saga. This is auniquepuzzle hidden object game with multiple levels that is goingtoentertain you for hours. Try it now for free!FairylandHiddenObject Game – World Of Fairy Tale features:🔍 Mystery gameadventurefree localized into 15 languages!🌟 More than 1000 hiddenobjects tofind in wonderland!🔍 Multiple levels with mystery placesfull ofhidden objects!🌟 Fantastic 3D game design that will leaveyouspeechless!🔍 Find the hidden object from the menu below &clickon it!🌟 Click on the magnifying glass button to use the hintforhelp!🔍 For mobile phones only! Zoom in the picture to findtheobjects!🌟 Move the picture when it is zoomed to find thehiddenobject!🔍 Zoom out at any moment you like to see the mysterysceneagain!🌟 MORE ADDITIONAL MYSTERY HIDDEN OBJECT GAME FEATURES:🌟🌟Picture search for finding hidden objects quickly andeasily!🔮Silhouette hidden object – a challenging level for findingitems!🌟Magic Words game level – a hard level with anagrams!🔮Flashlight ora night mode level – use the light to seek for items!🌟Match Pairs– a memory game with colorful cards to pair!🔮 Find theDifference –a mini game placed among the hidden objects!🌟 A timelimit game -Bonus level to train your brain and concentration!🔮Magic puzzlegame – put the puzzle pieces together to make apicture!This fairyforest is full of mystery hidden objects that areenchanted by theevil witch. Try to search and find them as soon aspossible andprevent the whole kingdom to be under the black magic.If you enjoyplaying mystery games for adults and being a hiddenobjectdetective, it's time for you to solve some fairy talemysteries!Wonderland hidden object quest games are very popularnowadays, soit's time for you to get ready and download thisfabulous FairylandHidden Object Game – World Of Fairy Tale forfree.The mostbeautiful fairy tale game mystery with fairylandhidden picturesBeenchanted by the beauty of the fairy world. Thismagical kingdomhas a beautiful enchanted castle with mystery hiddenobjects.Search for them and bring them to the old wizard. Gothrough themystery mason and haunted house and find hidden figuresthat canhelp you with the investigation. Be the best policedetective andsolve the mystery case before it is too late. Bringthe old shineto this dreamland – play Fairyland Hidden Object Game– World OfFairy Tale, one of the best cleanup games with levelsfree on themarket.Best mystery hidden object adventure game2017!This mysteryhidden object cleanup game hides many secretsinside. There are alot of mini games that will help you improveyour concentration andkill your boredom. Find the difference gamewill challenge yoursearching skills and boost your focus. Memorygame with cards is aperfect brain teaser. But most of all this isthe best languagelearning game on the market. This object searchinggame istranslated into 15 most popular world languages. So, insteadofpicking your own language, you can switch to the language youwantto learn. This is the best way to enlarge yourvocabulary.Divinemystery hidden object fairytale adventure game foradults!Enjoy theenchanted scenes and the magnificent graphics ofthis fabulousFairyland Hidden Object Game – World Of Fairy Tale.Don't hesitate- fairy land is waiting for you to find hiddenobjects in pictures.This seek and find game in the enchantedkingdom will help you havefun and challenge your object searchingskills. Try it now for freeand enjoy!
santa claus run 1.1.0
Santa Claus run is a adventure strategy platform game whichajourney of super Santa Claus run in a magic world, that SantaClausneeds to stay alive in 80 levels and win all of them so hecanrescue the kidnapped Princess and Give presents, and it's notgoingto be easy on Mr santa claus run because there is so muchthreatsand papa noel need to run and jump across adventurejungle ofsnowand stop and fight enemies like crocs, dragons,spiders,leps,frogs, birds, snakes, skeletons, snails fishes, bees and manymanymore! You must run over all world, jump over all platforms inalllevels to get to the princess and save her. Collect tons ofcoins,diamond, flowers and other additional super bonusitems.Ouradventure game Super Santa Claus Run has 80 level and eachlevel isharder than the other level, so you need to be smart andclever towin all of them don't worry there are some things to helpMr Santalike the Gift power which does changing size and flower whogiveshim fireball-throwing.Santa Claus is one of the most popularandenduring series of all time.papa noel is one of the bestadventuresfun game which bring your childhood back.Features of papanoel :-80 challenging Free level.- Great Backgrounds and graphicsandmusic.- each 20 level has a unique magic world.- Many Thingstohelp like : Gifts, flower, shield, hidden blocks.- 5challengingfight finals with the bosses of enemies.- 28 items andabilities-all free you don't need to pay anything.- sea and waterworlds -jumping, running and swimming !- try to unlock allachievements andto be number one of leaderboards!
Fairy live wallpaper 8.8
Welcome to the magic world of fairy tales and glowingbutterflies.Fairytale live wallpaper presents a magical scenery ina forestwhere fairies chase glittery fireflies and colorfulglowingbutterflies fly freely. You can also set all the backgroundsyousee in Fairy live wallpaper as normal phone wallpapers. Whatyouwill find in Fairytale live wallpaper: ❀ 4 HD magic wallpaperswithfairies and glowing butterflies. ❀ Perfect app for magic andfairytale lovers. It's easy to apply Fairytale live wallpaper.Chooseyour background, choose your fireflies, click apply andSetwallpaper. If that doesn't work apply Fairytale live wallpaperfromyour phone's live wallpapers list.
Fairy Tale Live Wallpaper 1.9
Dream Fairy Live Wallpaper FreeEvery human heart has a dreamyfairytale world, in this application, there your heart that fairytaleworld it?A selection of eight fantasy fairy tale backgroundimage2five kinds of effects: love, bubbles, leaves, stars,raindrops, soyou can freely choose their favorite effect.3 TouchgestureseffectThis wallpaper has been testing the latest equipment,such asSamsung Galaxy S3/S4, Nexus7, HTC One and Sony Xperia Z,millet.IfYour settings are not supported, please contactus.Installationinstructions:Home -> Menu -> Wallpapers>Live WallpapersScroll down the list to find the dynamic wallpaperand set it.
Wicked Snow White (Match 3 Puzzle) 1.64.1
Cogoo Inc.
Mirror Mirror on the wall..Who is the most WICKED of themall?Enterthe enchanted forest of more than 900 levels and save theSevenDwarves from the Wicked Princess. It's up to you to rescuethem!Look out! New updatecomingsoon!---------------------------------------------------------------------NewUpdate-Mirror story added. Now you can see more stories ofWickedSnowWhite.---------------------------------------------------------------------INSIDEGAMEFEATURES• No it's no ordinary match 3 puzzle game• Easy andfun toplay• Over 900 wicked levels. More updates coming soon•Magic charmsto help with those challenging levels inside• Leaderboards for youand your game circle friends• Win against Snow Whiteto save thedwarvesandminions---------------------------------------------------------------------Switchandmatch apples to enjoy a blasting adventure against WickedSnowWhite. Discover how the sweetest princess turns out to be anevilwitch inside pretending to be the sweetest girl of thekingdom.Oh!Don't forget. It's almostHalloween.---------------------------------------------------------------------GAMEMODES•Dwarves Stage (Save them! Dwarves and minions are lockedinside icecubes)• Magic Mirror Stage (Break the Mirror )• SnowWhite Stage (Out Fight against the Boss )• Wicked Stage ( GooglePlay Services& Facebookfriends)---------------------------------------------------------------------HOWTOPLAY• Swipe & Match 4+ apples to make Charms• Drag andDropCharms to Use Magic Spells• Rescue Frozen Dwarves and minionsoutfrom Evil Princess• Earn coins to unlock mysteriousmagicforest---------------------------------------------------------------------STORY&CONCEPT• Enter the enchanted forest• Rescue Frozen Dwarvesandminions from Evil Princess• Sonnets for Story TellingMirrorMirroron the wall..Who is the most WICKED of them all?Every dayisHalloween, Isn’t it? For some of us.. Checkstage211.---------------------------------------------------------------------Areyoualready a fan of the new Wicked Snow White? Please like usonFacebook or follow us on Twitter for the latestinsidenews:Developer E-mail : [email protected]: is optimized for Android Tablet Devices.Thank you forplayingWicked Snow White.Now go save some dwarves and minions !Out!It’sMagic.---------------------------------------------------------------------WickedSnowWhite requests permissions below in order to help user's gameplay.:READ_EXTERNAL_STORAGE, WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE - Read andstore cacheinformation in SD card for giving rewards by viewingADs
Surface: Lost Tales Collector's Edition 1.0.0
Play the trial for FREE! Pay once & complete theadventure!Arefairytales real or just stories from our collectiveimagination?What if both are true? When you start havingstrangehallucinations, you seek help from a therapist. But whatshould bea regular visit takes a sinister turn when your doctorturns intoan axe wielding maniac! It turns out that you’re a realstorybookprincess, and you may be responsible for the fate of bothour worldand Fairyland!• TRAVEL BACK AND FORTH BETWEEN TWOWORLDS!Severalother fabled characters are trapped in our world aswell. To helpthem, you’ll have to reassemble the missing pages ofthe storybookthat holds their reality together.• CAN YOU ESCAPE THEWICKEDHUNTSMAN?Stay one step ahead of your pursuer throughlegendaryhidden object scenes. • GET SOME HELP FROM THE CHESHIRECATThisenigmatic furry feline will aid you in solving fantasticpuzzlesand magical mini-games.• LEARN THE TRUTH ABOUT ANOTHERFAIRYTALE INTHE BONUS CHAPTERDiscover more bizarre secrets andenjoy additionalCollector’s Edition exclusives includingcollectible Figurines,morphing objects, and more!• Find thousandsof hidden objects, plussolve tons of mini games and puzzles!•Unlock this incredibleCollector's Edition to gain access to all ofthe amazing bonusesand additional gameplay!*** Discover more fromBig Fish Games***Sign up for our newsletter and never miss a newrelease orpromotion again: outour entiregame library with our Big Fish Games app absolutely FREEhere: Big Fish Games, a leadingdeveloper,producer, and publisher of puzzle, adventure, casual,card &casino games!VISIT US:
Find the Difference Fairy Tale Games – Spot It 2.1.1
🎀👫👠Enter the magical spot the difference world and enjoy the landoffairy tales! Be the detective who will find the differencebetweenthe two pictures of beautiful fairy tale landscape! Thebest spotthe difference games with levels are waiting for a trueprincess ora prince charming! If you enjoy playing “fairy talegames”, ourbrand new game Find the Difference Fairy Tale willsimply bring youoff your feet! Enjoy the magnificent graphics andintuitive gameplayand be the best player ever! Hurry up and finddifferences now! 🎀👫👠💝“Compare two pictures side by side” to searchfor differences;💝 Whenyou “find the different object”, tap on itas fast as possible!💝 Thenumber of differences increases withlevels, as well as thedifficulty of the game!💝 If you get stuck,use help: take a hint tosee whats the difference!Supportedlanguages: Chinese, Danish,Dutch, Finnish, French, German, Greek,Indonesian, Italian,Japanese, Korean, Malay, Norwegian, Polish,Portuguese, Russian,Serbian, Spanish, Swedish, Thai, Turkish,Vietnamese.🌺🐎👦Find thedifference free for all fans of puzzle gameswith levels! Let the2018 be the year of playing the best find thedifference games! Ifyou've always dreamed of being the best fairytale princess, youwill be thrilled to have our newest fairy talegames on your device.These casual games are great spot thedifference games for adults aswell as for kids. Engage your brainin a fun brain-teasing activityand enrich your concentration andyour ability to notice details.Find the difference in the picturesof the most famous fairy talesand enjoy being the puzzle solvinggenius! These “find thedifference puzzles” will make yourcognitive capacities evenstronger. Can you spot the differencebetween two nearly identicalimages? Download this learning gamefree of charge and enjoy beingspot the difference detective! Findthe Difference Fairy Tale onlyfor you! 🌺🐎👦🌞😍👗Find the object thatdiffers in the two pictures!Notice the slight differences in thefairy tale land! Become thefairy tale princess and find your lostshoe! “Find the difference notime limit” is the best you can geton the app market! The toppuzzles with fairy tale characters mustbe your favorite pastime, sohurry up and download Find theDifference Fairy Tale for free! Ifyou would like to improve yourconcentration, your cognition, andyour ability to notice smalldetails, go ahead and install thismagical fairy tales game withlevels! Find yourself in the enchantedfairy tail and be a princessor a prince while spotting differencesin pictures! Share this ftdgame with your family and friends andyou can enjoy the experienceof playing this “find the differencegame” together!🌞😍👗💙😎💛 Comewith us to the fairy tail land of yourdreams and enjoy the breathtaking graphics and enchanting scenery!These puzzle games withfairy tale theme will get your brain wavesmoving like nothingelse. Get your app from the store and get lostin the land of“fairy tales”! The perfect combination of free spotthe differencegames and fairy tale games is waiting for you! Seewhats thedifference and enjoy being our new difference genius.Joyful fairytales stories are used as an inspiration for themagnificent Midvagame Find the Difference Fairy Tale! Download freenow and see itfor yourself! We guarantee you exquisite quality,intuitivegameplay, and hours of fun and brain-teasing! Enjoy ournew findthe difference games with levels! 💙😎💛
Fairy Tale Fox Theme (Aesop's Fables) 1.1.4
We are very excited to present our latest release: fairyfoxlauncher cute theme! DOWNLOAD fairy fox launcher theme andenjoyyour favorite cute style and cartoon color.fairy fox (iconpacks)(theme) have cute backgrounds, fairy fox app icons, cutefashionwallpapers and cartoon digital effect. This fairy foxlauncher(icon packs) theme is specially designed for cute peoplewho lovecartoon theme.Download and apply fairy fox theme for freeandstylize your Android phone. fairy fox can be used for differentIMapps, like Instagram, Messenger, BeeTalk, Facebook Lite and soon.fairy fox theme runs fast with those apps on your phones.fairyfoxis also compatible with different brands of phones likeSamsung(Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge, Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge, SamsungGalaxy S5,Samsung Galaxy J7, Samsung Galaxy Note7), Huawei (HuaweiP9, HuaweiP8, Huawei Mate 9, Huawei Mate 8, Huawei Honor 8), Sony(SonyXperia Z5, Sony Xperia Z4, Sony Xperia Z3, Sony Xperia XZ) andHTC(HTC 10, HTC One A9, HTC One X9, HTC Desire 10 Pro). fairyfoxlauncher theme is designed to let you enjoy cute feeling, afasterand smoother mobile and cartoon operating experience.★How toapplyfairy fox launcher theme?Note: This theme supports ourlauncher(icon packs) only.1) Download fairy fox theme, tap theINSTALLbutton.2) Download our launcher (icon packs) from GooglePlayStore. If you already have it installed, please tap theAPPLYbutton directly.★Why our launcher?【Different launcher (iconpacks)themes】Cool and colorful themes are provided. Find differentthemecategories, including tech, skull, fairy fox, cool,crystal(krystal), cartoon, golden, cute, pink, skull, neon, shinyand manymore. 【Customized Wallpapers】 We offer you wallpapers ofcartoonstyle, so you could enjoy a full experience of your chosencutetheme. More cartoon, skull, dark, puppy, pink, neon styles willbeavailable in the future.【Personalized Locker】 We offer asmartlocker to protect your phone and personalized cute cartoonlockscreen per your preference, making your phone look amazingeverytime you flip it on.【DIY Themes】 Create your own DIY themes!Sharecartoon fairy fox themes, cute wallpapers and app icons withyourfriends. Give them a surprise!【Animated Effect】Make yourphoneunique with all sorts of cool cute animated effects.
Fairy Tales for Kids 3.1
"Favourite Fairy Tales for Children" offers eight storiesstraightfrom the Slavic folklore and a charming "Catch a Star"minigame.These captivating tales accompanied by a game will surelyhold yourchild's attention:- Kolobok- The Giant Turnip- Wish upon aPike -Hare's Hut- The Wolf and the Seven Little Goats- Teremok-Geese andSwans - Masha and the Bear Those are true classics belovedbycountless generations; utterly enthralling, they will takeyourchild on a wondrous adventure. All the tales are narrated intheoriginal Russian, which is a perfect opportunity tointerestchildren in learning a new language and give them a smalltaste ofthe diverse Slavic culture.Together, we'll be able todelight yourchildren with the novel magical world and help themdevelop newessential skills along with cultural awareness!
Best Kids Stories: bedtime + 90
★★ Meet all your kids’ favorite stories in Wow! Best Kids' Stories-PINK FONG★Features★- Best collection of more than 40 kids'favoritestories- Hansel and Gretel, Classic fairytales, princessstories andAesop's fables - Easy and simple storyline - Originalanimationswith adorable characters- Works without wi-fi afterdownloadingstories- Download stories Just 1 time, you can enjoythe showanytime,anywhere! even on the plane!* This app supportboth mobilephone and Tablet Mode.♥ Stories will be updated, sodon’t miss thelatest updates! ♥
Picture Story Book For Kids 3.0
Stories For Kids. ... Go through a host of fascinatingstoriesincluding fables and fairy tales, moral stories, shortstories,mythological stories, classic stories and your favorite -animalstories. The short stories include pictures and moralmessages,especially for kids. You'll love reading these interestingstoriesfor kids.FEATURES :- Enjoy reading stories from a library offamouseducational children’s stories.- 20+ Picture Stories for Kidsinone application.- Classic fairytales, moral stories andstoriesfrom Aesop's fables.- Read bedtime stories together.- Yourchildlearns to read these stories by him/herself.-Beautifullyillustrated famous stories with moral.- Easy and simplestory line-Interactive and easy to use. - Helps kids in learningcore skillsof listening, reading & speaking.We list some of themostpopular moral stories, adorning them with pictures, for thekids.Some of the Famous Stories Includes :- Animal Stories- TheThirstyCrow- The Hare And The Tortoise- The Wolf And The Goat- TheWindand The Sun- An Ant & A Grasshopper- The Fox Without Tail-TheOak Tree & The Reeds- The Town-Mouse And TheCountry-MouseInour large collection of children's stories fromaround the worldyou will find jungle tales, animal stories, bedtimestories, moralstories, short stories, stories of friendships andlove. Creep intothe world of fairy tales stories to experience thebliss ofinnocence & love. Short stories for kids areadventurous andinteresting ways to teach your children about goodmorals and rightconduct.When it comes to stories for kids withmoral lessons, youneed not look any further. Our short stories arebrimming withlessons that your kid can use in life. These smallEnglish storiesare not only entertaining, they teach children aboutseveral thingsin life. By reading a short story from this pageevery day, you canhelp your kid build values, as well as improvehis readingcomprehension skills.You can groom your child into abetter,responsible adult with the help of our children’s shortstorieswith moral lessons.All about kid's learning throughbedtimestories, short stories, moral stories for kids, couragestories,fable stories, short stories for kids.Best sellingchildren'sstories with beautiful illustrations. Enjoy moral shortstories forkids of all ages!Suggestions from parents are consideredas part ofour regular development process. You can send usyourcompliments/feedback on [email protected] contact detailssee-
Moonzy: Bedtime Stories 1.2.0
And again, free family games for boys and girls were renewed withawonderful novelty. This time, we have created a game fromtheseries Bedtime Stories. A lullaby game is a special type ofgames.Like any bedtime stories, a lullaby game has been created tomakekids fall asleep. A slow simple gameplay make the playersleepunobtrusively. A favorite heroes from Moonzy cartoon willrelax youbefore going to bed. You are going to see the sweetestdreams. Ourfree family games could prove that.In such games asBedtimestories, player has to do simple steps to put a character tosleep.This time we will put to sleep not only one character, butthewhole group of friends from Moonzy cartoon. You should justputthem to bed, cover with a blanket and turn off the light, butsomeof them need something more to fall asleep. For example,Moonzywould not sleep without a good story. Auntie Motya does notlikebedtime stories, but she forgets elementary thing, where isherbedroom, for example. Grandma Capa has some unfinished tasks,andGen. Sher has almost fallen asleep, but forgot to set thealarmclock. You will need to help all of them. And now we are goingtoexperience new adventures from our games, which have beencreatedespecially for you and your kids.Experience the novelty fromtheseries of bedtime stories games. Moonzy and his friends arewaitingfor you. Have a lot of positive emotions together with yourkids!Stay tuned and stay with us. Our free family games for boysandgirls will make you and your kids happy.
Hippo's tales: Pirate games 1.1.2
Kids have a lot of fun at the Fairy Tale Clearing! All the kidsofHippo town gather here. Every evening a real miracle takes placeatthe clearing. Friends tell each other interesting storiesandunbelievable fairy tales for kids. But today, it is going tobemuch more interesting than ever! Our beloved Hippo has agoodimagination, she can turn any old story into excitingandinteresting fairytale with modern elements. Is it possible tohavePirate Princess and crafty pirates together in one fairytale?Is itpossible that Princess, famous Moby Dick and mysterious Krakenmeetin one fairy tale? All these you can get to know from anewfairytale for kids, Black Flag and White Skull! And all overagain,our educational games for boys and girls are renewed with anewexciting story for all the friends of our beloved Hippo.Aninteractive kids fairy tale has a variety of mini games andfunnykids puzzles. You can find here a kitchen with aninterestingcooking game, as well as a fast marathon on the shipboard, anastonishing sailor competition on masts with sails,underwaterhunting on a coral reef and even a real sea mystery! Butthe mainpeculiarity of our educational games is that all our minigames aremade up in an exciting and interesting story! That's why alearningand educational process is absolutely unobtrusive and goeson in afunny way. Today the heroes of our story are a pirateprincess andfunny crazy pirates. The fairy tale takes place in theopen seainstead of land, where brave travelers and pioneers sail ontheirships, where curious pirates have built their cities onfarpicturesque islands. This story is full of sea adventuresandancient legends. Every sailor can meet here a white Moby Dickand apowerful Kraken! It is not so important, which mini game youwouldlike to play, kitchen with a cooking game, kids arcade on adesertisland, everywhere you would be full of sea romantic andpirateadventures! This novelty, as well as all ourinteractivefairytales, is absolutely for free. Are you ready forreal seaadventures? Then Hippy and a princess invite you to theinteractivekids fairytale Black Flag and White Skull! Stay tuned,stay with usand play our free interactive fairytales. Oureducational games forboys and girls are always ready make you andyour kids happy.
Fairy Tale Princess Dress Up 1.1.3
Calling all Princesses! Dress Up with Fabulous Fashion inthisCreative Game! Play Dressup with 4 Beautiful PrincessesfromClassic Fairy Tales! Visit magical places with your Princessinthis Gorgeous and Stylish Game!Cinderella, the Princess andthePea, Snow White and Sleeping Beauty - all of yourfavoriteprincesses together in a creative, magical and interactivedressupgame! Show off your fashion skills and imagination by mixingandmatching gowns, crowns, accessories and more. Hundreds offashioncombinations to choose from! Kids can even make Cinderella,SnowWhite, the Princess and the Pea or the Sleeping Beauty talkwithour voice-recording microphone! Make up your own dialogue anddressup your individual fairy tale princess in fantastic fashionsin awonderful make believe dressup game. Visit the palace, thegardenand the magical kingdom - tons to explore. Kids can taketheirfashion sense and dress up their princesses in this creativegame!9item categories in Fairy Tale Princess Dressup Game:★Crowns,sparkly, festive and funky★ Hairstyles - up, down, coolhairstyles!★ Necklaces - jewels, colorful, fancy and fun★ Dresses-gorgeous and fabulous!★ Shirts - different styles fordifferentprincesses★ Gloves - don’t forget that a princess likeshergloves!★ Pants - lots to choose from★ Skirts - short, long, lotsofstyles★ Shoes - high heels or casual - you can never have toomanypairs!You’ll find all you need to design and style theperfectprincess! Put gloves on Cinderella, fancy shoes on SnowWhite,funky crowns on the Princess and the Pea and gorgeous dressesonthe Sleeping Beauty, and get the princesses ready for aparty!Thisinteractive princess dressup app provides endless hoursof fashionfun with its animated scenes loaded with colorful effectsandengaging interactions. Cinderella and Snow White joinSleepingBeauty and the Princess and the Pea in a fashionable gamekids willlove! With amazing high-quality illustrations, it’s justlikedressing up a real princess! Cinderella and Snow White haveneverlooked so good!Features in Fairy Tale Princess Dressup Game:★4beautiful princesses including Sleeping Beauty and the Princessandthe Pea from the most famous fairy tales.★ Hundreds of dressupcombinations.★ Visit 4 fully-interactive scenes and discoverfunactivities.ABOUT TabTaleA Google Play Top Developer, recognizedforits commitment to launching high-quality and innovative appsonAndroid. With over 1.5 billion downloads and growing, TabTalehasestablished itself as the creator of pioneering virtualadventuresthat kids and parents love. TabTale’s apps sparkchildren’simaginations and inspire them to think creatively, whilehavingfun! Search “TabTale” on Google Play and discover moreincredibleapps. Visit us: us:@TabtaleWatchus: US Let us know whatyouthink! Questions? Suggestions? Technical Support? Contact us24/7at: [email protected] FOR PARENTSThe app is free to playbutcertain in-game items may require payment. You may restrictin-apppurchases by disabling them on this device. The app mayincludeadvertising for TabTale and certain third parties whichwillredirect users to our sites, apps or third-party sites.Privacyisimportant to us. The app may enable collection of limited userdataby TabTale or its carefully selected providers (e.g. adnetworksand analytics) for limited legal purposes described in ourPrivacyPolicy (e.g. respond to support queries; enable, analyzeandimprove the app’s features and services; serve contextual ads).Bydownloading or using the app you accept our PrivacyPolicy: and Terms ofUse: and permit such uses forusers ofyour device.
Jacky's Farm: Match-3 Adventure 1.1.4
Become the best farmer in this fun match-3 game based onyourfavorite fairy tales! Go on an exciting adventure, travelingtheworld of the beloved fairy-tale characters. Defeat the evilGiantwho robbed Jacky's farm. Go after him on the beanstalk andhelp toreturn the stolen items and teach the scoundrel a lesson.Match 3fruits and other crops in a row to collect harvest and winexcitinglevels! Grow crops on the farm to get daily rewards. Youcan playalone, or with friends to share a victory and overcomechallengesin the game together. Picturesque places, colorfulgraphics,stunning effects and a fascinating game genre will keepyou at theedge of your seat during the game. The world of farmingand fairytales is waiting for you!
🐴❤️🐴 Horse Family: Fantasy Survival Simulator 1.0
Create your own herd, take part in magic adventures and fightforsurvival in a fantasy land. Animal life is tough, butcaptivatingin our animals survival simulator. Try to live a horselife in amagic fairy land and survive in its nature!Horse Family:FantasySurvival Features:CRAZY ADVENTURES - Complete ridiculous andepicquests, have fun in the fairy tale OPEN MAGIC WORLD - Forestsandcastles, dragons and peasants, so much to find and meet!YOUROWNHERD - Take care of an entire family of horses in thesurvivalsimulatorSURVIVAL MODE - How long can you last in thisworld fullof magic creatures and dangers?Ride with your herd!You’renot alonein this dangerous magic world! Find other horse, create afamilyand breed foals - make your horse stronger to have a biggerfamily.Strength is numbers - you won’t last long alone in fantasyworldfull trolls, dragons and other dangers ofsurvivalsimulator!Survive in the wild!Nature of fantasy land isfull withmagic dwellers! From humans and chicken to unicorns anddragons -find friends and enemies as you complete quests or roamthe magicworld with your herd. And seek food and water to staystrong andhealthy. Take the challenge of the wild and survive indangerousmagic world!Take part in adventures!All sorts of fantasticstuffhappen in the fairy land! Take part in fights with dragonsandvillagers’ affairs, deal with crazy sorcerers and animals.Questsand magic adventures await, plunge into fairy tale with ourhorsesurvival simulator!Ride through the fantasy kingdom with yourhorseherd in Horse Family: Fantasy Survival!
Fairy Tale Wedding Salon 1.0.3
If you are a pixie and fairy tale lover and you likefantasyweddings then this game is perfect for you. It’s free andfullyunlocked so you can spend amazing hours with three beautifulfairybrides. Help them get ready for the most awaited moment oftheirlives! Enter the beauty salon and get flawless skin, perfectforapplying the bridal makeup. Next, it’s time to style up yourfairy’hair and get fabulous volume! The dress up salon will offeryoutons of outfits and jewelry combinations to get the bridalfairytale look you love the most. Pick some amazing nail arts foryourpixies to complete the fantastic style. Take pictures withyoubeautiful newlywed and her prince and enjoy the tons ofbackgroundsand stickers possibilities. After the weddingpreparation salons,play the enchanting puzzle or jumping games andhave some fairytale fun!
Angry Elves
Sheepdog Lab.
Christmas is coming...Night before Christmas. Naughty, angryelvesthrow gifts from the Santa Claus factory. You're a good elf.HelpSanta. Do not let angry elves destroy Christmas!Gameobjectives:Catch the colorful gifts, stars, lollipops and save thekids smile!Avoid black gifts!The task is not easy. With everysecond Elves aremore angry and throws more and more gifts.Havefun!Main featrures:-nice graphics and music- addictive gameplay-free forallCopyrights:- graphics: sheepdog- music: pheonton
Kick the Prince: Princess Rush 2.2.27
Lime Society
Princess Rush, the immensely popular game enjoyed by amillionusers, returns with an exciting new look in a newseason!ThePrincess is still out for revenge, looking to capturetheflirtatious Prince Charming - and we need your help!Stay tunedforcontinuous updates and additions!# Blow away your stress asthechase continues #Do princess fairy tales really end with a“happilyever after”? Turns out, our Prince Charming in all thetales areactually the same guy - playing games and cheating on alltheprincesses. Our story begins as we chase him down for revenge-with our weapon of attack, the squeaky hammer.# Ready for somerealaction! #Tired of games where all you do is run? How about awhackon the Prince with that squeaky hammer to blow away somestress?#Will you finish all the Quests? #Complete each quest tocapture thePrince and some gold! Let’s get started and kick somebutt!#Various skins and mounts #A variety of skins for princessSnowWhite, such as Robin Hood, Angel, Cute devil, Equestrianuniform,Sheep pajama, Cat Princess, Hanbok, Santa Claus!A varietyof skinsfor princess Sleeping Beauty, such as Halloween, Pajama,Cook,Santa Claus!A variety of mounts, such as Chicky, Ragdoll,Cloudy,Death, Unicorn, Dolring, Bald Eagle, Yangban Tiger,Manekineko,Bamboo Panda, Moon Rabbit!Match your skin and mount todecorateyour favorite set!
Kids Corner: Interactive Tales and Games for kids 1.8.4
Enjoy amazing interactive fairy tales and stories for kids,freechildren games and abc alphabet for toddlers, babies andpreschoolkids. New books about Om Nom are already there! Yourchildren willbe happy! This collection provides hours of fun,through itsbeautiful fairy tales for children, fascinating animatedscenes, aswell as its vivid and colorful animations and engaginginteractionson children’s books pages. We are bringing tons of newinteractivegames for kids 🌈Interactive multiplication book-gamesfor kidsbased on episodes of russian cartoons for children Fixiki(Fiksiki,Fixies), Masha and the Bear (Masha’s spooky stories) andBe BeBears: 🤖Fixiki These little friends will teach kidsaboutelectronics and other interesting things. You will learn howcellphones, compases, reflexes work. 👸Masha and the Bear Mashawilltell you her spooky stories! But don’t be afraid, they areverycute. 🐻Be Be Bears Say hello to little bears and startexploringforest with them! 🐸OmNom Don’t forget to feed him withcandies!Om-nom-nom! 📚On our kids bookshelf you’ll find tales forchildrenwritten by Andersen, Charles Perro, Grimm brotherslikeRumpelstiltskin, Beauty and Beast, Pussy cat in boots, Thelittlered hen! 🆎If your kids are going to preschool you can givethem ourABC Alphabet in English and Russian with little games andphonicsfor toddlers and babies! Soon they will be able to read babybooksby themselves. 🎁 OmNom’s first book “Christmas story”, theABCAlphabet, kids book “Beauty and Beast” with games inside itareFREE! Let your children try it! 🏰Kids' Corner offers 5interactivefairy tales by Andersen, Charles Perro, Grimm brothersandINTERACTIVE ALPHABET. Check our kids bookshelf, more iscomingsoon! • Beauty and Beast and it’s kids games are FREE •Cinderellain the Twilight Zone - WOW! Amazing tale! • Pussy Cat inBoots -Granddaughter of famous Cat in Boots is waiting for yourchildassistance in this book! • Rumpelstilskin - A tale with a lotofinteractive puzzles • The Little Red Hen - Kind andcolorfulinteractive tale for kids • Joyful and colorfulinteractiveALPHABET abc games for toddlers and preschool babies🔥Features: •Interactive 3D pop-up scenes • Narrated by professionalactors •Amazing interactive activities and Mini Games for kids! •Designedfor Families with bambinos • Parent Gate/Kids Mode 🇷🇺Youcan alsoswitch the app to russian to learn russian ABC Alphabet forkids,try your purchased children’s books and fairy tales in russianorplay new interactive games for kids like multiplication gamesonmasha and the bear cartoon episodes or fiksiki games (fixiki)fromthe “Mult” channel. Please consider that this app containsin-apppurchases that cost real money. CONTACT US Let us know whatyouthink! Questions? Suggestions? Technical Support? Contact us24/7at: [email protected]
African tales 1.0
Hello, application Tales Africans is an application created bythreestudents from Cameroon to describe Africa through its historyandallow African youth not to forget its traditions. His tales,rich inentertainment, in cultural emotion, and each tale isassociated witha descriptive picture to better understand thehistory. Thisapplication designed in beta, and soon the finalversion. ForAfrican, American, European, Asian and the worldfascinate Africanstories, we are not perfect but our applicationshould suit you verywell to control its history and understand itand understand theircustoms, the first application history Africansays. In thisapplication, the tales are divided into categories iein differentAfrican countries and you'll be spoiled for choice ashaving themost rewarding and exciting stories of Africa. So readand enjoy thestory as the story of kirikou, a small child braveand strong whosaves his country from drought and many other moreexciting. We arestaying on Africa at the moment and we will gofurther in the nextversions as other tales of the world. Thisapplication can beinstalled on Android Phones and Tablets, alsohas other featuressuch as tales are also categorize, that is tosay in differentcountries to better assist users, and other talesother Africandialects.
World of Fairy Tales Hidden Object Games 1.0
Bring back the old shine to the fairyland! Play World of FairyTalesHidden Object Games and enter the magnificent enchantedkingdom thatneeds your help. Let the good magic come back to thewonderlandagain. Go through the secret garden, pick the enchantedhiddenobject and escape from black magic. This object searchinggame foradults is a perfect brain game for all generations thatwill makeyou have fun, boost your concentration and keep your mindsharp. Themost addictive game you have to try!World of Fairy TalesHiddenObject Games features:🔍 Mystery game adventure freelocalized into15 languages!✨ More than 1000 hidden objects to findin wonderland!🔍Multiple levels with mystery places full of hiddenobjects!✨Fantastic 3D game design that will leave you speechless!🔍Find thehidden object from the menu below & click on it!✨Click on themagnifying glass button to use the hint for help!🔍 Formobile phonesonly! Zoom in the picture to find the objects!✨ Movethe picturewhen it is zoomed to find the hidden object!🔍 Zoom outat any momentyou like to see the mystery scene again!✨ MOREADDITIONAL MYSTERYHIDDEN OBJECT GAME FEATURES:✨ Picture search forfinding hiddenobjects quickly and easily!🔮 Silhouette hiddenobject – achallenging level for finding items!✨ Magic Words gamelevel – ahard level with anagrams!🔮 Flashlight or a night modelevel – usethe light to seek for items!✨ Match Pairs – a memorygame withcards, the best brain teaser!🔮 Find the Difference – amini game tospot the difference in pictures!✨ A time limit game -bonus level totrain your brain and concentration!🔮 Magic puzzlegame – put thepuzzle pieces together to make a picture!Find hiddenitems inpictures and have fun all day! This puzzle hidden objectgame willlead you to the magical world. But someone ruined thisparadise andall the fairies need your help. They will give you thelist ofhaunted hidden figures. So you have to go through theenchantedforest, magic garden, enchanted castle to find everythingyou needin order to save this wonderland. Download World of FairyTalesHidden Object Games and enter this fantasy world and startthe bestmystery hidden object adventure game 2018!The mostbeautiful fairytale game with hidden items free download!Start thewonderlandhidden object quest and fight against the evil powers.This fairyforest is full of mystery hidden objects that areenchanted by theevil witch. Try to search and find them as soon aspossible andprevent the whole kingdom to be under the black magic.If you enjoyplaying mystery games for adults and being a hiddenobjectdetective, it's time for you to solve some fairy talemysteries!Oneof the most popular hidden figures games in adreamland!World ofFairy Tales Hidden Object Games hides manysecrets inside. There area lot of mini games that will help youimprove your concentrationand kill your boredom. Find thedifference game will challenge yoursearching skills and boost yourfocus. Memory game with cards is aperfect brain teaser. But mostof all this is the best languagelearning game on the market. Thisobject searching game istranslated into 15 most popular worldlanguages. So, instead ofpicking your own language, switch to thelanguage you want to learn.This is the best way to enlarge yourvocabulary easily and with alot of fun.Mystery hidden objectcleanup game is finally here! Tryit now for free!Play World ofFairy Tales Hidden Object Games and beenchanted by the beauty ofthe fairy world. This magical kingdom hasa beautiful enchantedcastle with mystery hidden objects. Search forthem and bring themto the wizards to help them break the curse. Gothrough the mysterymason and haunted house and find hidden figuresthat can help youwith the investigation. Be the best policedetective and solve themystery case before it is too late. Don'tlet the black magic rulethis dream world!
Kids Story Book - fairy tales stories for kids 1.0.1
Fantastic Fun
In olden times stories with moral were told to the children intheirfamilies.The values and morals as presented in these stories,playedan important role in igniting the young minds. So, it isvital toimpart moral values to children. The stories will teachmorals tochildren in an unique way.This amazing pack of 16 moralstory booksare just ideal for inculcating good values in childrenright fromtheir childhood. Specifications Brand-  YoungAngels,Jungletales, Animal stories, bedtime, Myth, Saga, Fable,Folk-Tale, andFairy-Tale,moral stories, short stories, stories offriendships andlove,Funny Tales stories,An encouraging story toinspire friendshipsthrough understanding and enlightenment.Shortstories for kids canprovide them with a lot of fun andentertainment and also teach themimportant values in life thoseare necessary.📚 Top 10 Benefits OfStorytelling For Kids: 📚Here arethe top 10 benefits of storytellingfor kids that you simply can’tafford to miss out as aparent:1. Instills Virtues InYour Child2. Makes ThemAware Of Their Own Culture And Roots3.Enhances VerbalProficiency4. Improves Listening Skills5.Encourages CreativityAnd Imagination Power6.  A Great ToolFor Sharpening Memory7.Broadens Horizon8. Makes AcademicLearning Easier9. BetterCommunication10. Helps To Face DifficultSituations With EaseItcontains stories which tells them theadvantage of good behavior andinitiates good habits and values inthem.📚List Of Stories: 📚1. Thethirsty crow2.Fox and grapes3.TheAnt and the Dove4.Three Sons and aBundle of Sticks5.The Goose withthe Golden Eggs6.The Ant and theGrasshopper7.The hungry fox8.TrueWealth9.Change Yourself and notThe World10.Strong or Weak11.Greedymouse12.Love and time13.Moneycan not buy everything14.UnhelpfulFriends15. A Merchant and hisDonkey16.The Hare and theTortoise📚Features: 📚~> This is aoriginal stories written in asimple manner.~> These stories areinstructive examples ofvalues that should be imparted to childrenin order to make themresponsible human beings.~> 16+ PictureStories for Kids andtoddler~> This collection of story will helpin guiding thelittle steps of your child on the path of moralliving~> Easyand simple reading language~> Interactive andeasypresentation.~> This story game will take your child intoabeautiful fantasy world, where they will learn how it is tolivelife as well as know the difference between right and wrong.~>Collection of famous story~> Colorful graphics~> Shareyourfunny cartoonist story book on social medialikeFacebook,tweeter,watsapp etc.~> Perfect for 3-6 yearsold.Everystory in our game kids stories is rich with sectionstargeted forvarious aspects of development, which we believe willhelp you andyour kid leverage the best of edutainment..Enjoy withFANTASTICFUN!!!
Xmas Swipe 1.3.3
Swipe away with Santa, Rudolph and the Christmas elves inXmasSwipe!This rewarding connect & match game features lotsofchallenging levels. But relax, you can play as long as youwantwithout losing lives or having to annoy your friends!CollecttheChristmas gifts, baubles and other trinkets, eat the chocolatesandthe candy canes, and clear the snow on your path to reachyourgoal!Lots of fun for the whole family guaranteed duringthisChristmas season!If you like holiday themed match 3 puzzlegames,connect and match, swipe and match or any type of casualmatch 3puzzle game then Xmas Swipe is just for you!TO REMOVE ADS:Buy anyof the coin packs in the shop to permanently removeads!Check outour facebook fan page for more match-3goodness:
Baby Hazel Cinderella Story 33
Enjoy the most popular folk tale of Cinderella with Baby Hazel!Itis a story of a young girl, named Cinderella, who was livinginunfortunate circumstances, which are magically changedtoremarkable fortune. This endearing tale featuresunpleasantattitude of stepmother and stepsisters, a surprisingmagicaltransformation of poor Cinderella to the most prettyprincess,helpful fairy god-mother, lost glass slipper, prince'shunt for hisfriend and lots more. Awesome game features: • HelpCinderella tofulfill never-ending demands of her stepmother andstepsisters •Assist Cinderella in completing the chores so that shecan attendthe royal ball • Have fun giving funny makeovers toCinderella'sstepsisters for giggles • Tons of royal outfits andaccessories todress up Cinderella for the royal ball • Enjoy themagicaltransformations by fairy god-mother to help Cinderella reachthepalace • Go along with Prince to find the owner of a lostglassslipper What's inside: • Dozens of bathing items to batheBabyHazel including shampoos, soaps and bathtub toys • Coolnightdresses to dress up Baby Hazel for her bedtime • Differenttypes oftoys to play • Flavored tea to prepare – milk, cranberry,cocoa •20+ delightful accessories including funky glasses,hairstyles,caps and mustaches for funny makeover • 20+ royaloutfits andaccessories to try on Hazel including crowns, gowns,pair ofearring, necklaces and pair of shoes • 20+ royal outfitsandaccessories to help prince look most handsome boy • Varietyofyummy treats and fruit juices to serve at the royal ball • 6minigames to earn diamonds! Collect diamonds to buy amazing items•Spin Fortune Wheel to win surprise gift So kids, enjoy playingBabyHazel Cinderella Story game to live a life of Cinderella, fullofsurprises and magic! Play Baby Hazel Cinderella Story gameonlineon Topbabygamesat: Hazel Cinderella Story game online on Babyhazelgamesat: to YouTube Channel for Baby HazelVideos: Visit us– Follow us Twitter– Like us– Follow us on Google Plus-
Hidden Object - Dreamscape 1.0.0
Embark on a fanciful and relaxing adventure in our latestHiddenObject gem – Dreamscape. Travel through a variety ofbeautiful,fairy-tale scenes while searching for artfullyhiddenobjects.-------------------------------GAMEMODES-------------------------------▸Free PlayFind hidden objectsat your own pace. Find objects by theirpicture, silhouette, wordor random combination. Sit back, relax andplay casual rounds withno time pressure or – if you fancy achallenge – you can play thetrickier timed modes. Can you find allthe hidden objects beforetime runs out?▸ Campaign ModeFor theultimate hidden objectadventure, try the campaign mode! Explore 200stunning locations inDreamscape and complete hidden object puzzleswith increasingdifficulty. Hunt down objects in a variety of ways,playchallenging timed levels, and enjoy fun bonus rounds andminigames!When trying to find hidden objects, it can be difficultifthe items are too small. That’s why we’ve made it possible tozoomand pan the HD images on each level – just tap on thesearchobjects to enlarge them. Stuck on a puzzle and can’t findtheobject? Hints are always available when you needthem!------------------------------------------------HIDDENOBJECTHIGHLIGHTS------------------------------------------------•200hidden object levels• Explore stunning locations on yourDreamyadventure• Tap to zoom on an object• Earn coins & receivefreedaily rewards• Fun match 3 and memory mini games to play•3-starratings and highscoresWhether you’re in the car, commuting towork,on holiday or anywhere else, you can enjoy HiddenObject:Dreamscape wherever you are! No internet connection isrequired toplay, so you can dive in and enjoy a fun hidden objectexperienceany place, anytime!====================================================================EXPLOREDREAMSCAPE& EMBARK ON A HIDDEN OBJECTADVENTURETODAY!====================================================================
Find the Scout Elves — The Elf on the Shelf® 1.1
★ AN OFFICIAL ELF ON THE SHELF® APPSanta needs your help to findhisScout Elves in this fun Christmas game for kids! From RookietoAll-Star, train to be one of the North Pole’s skilled ScoutElfspotters. Play through multiple levels and spot as many elvesasyou can to receive special training certificates.FEATURES:•SANTA'S MESSAGES — Hear from Santa about this specialtraining. •TRAINING LEVELS — Play this kids game to train to be thebest ScoutElf spotter, and prepare for your Scout Elf’s return andvisit thisholiday season. • CERTIFICATES — Earn TrainingCertificates foreach stage you complete. From Rookie to All-Star,you’ll get allthe practice you need at spotting elves as they playpeek-a-boo. •SPOTTER BADGES— Win special spotter badges for beingextra quick,finding all the elves, collecting special bonuses, andmore! Keepplaying to find unlock them all. • BONUSES — Find specialhiddenbonuses throughout each level as rewards for being excellentatspotting elves.
Baby Hazel Snow White Story 4
Relive the glorious era of Snow White, one of the most lovedfairytales for kids with Baby Hazel! It is a tale about Snow White,whowas exiled into the dense forest by her wicked stepmother.Enjoyplaying the Baby Hazel Snow White Story game featuringunpleasantbehavior of wicked stepmother towards Snow White, themagic mirror,the poisoned apple, the glass coffin andprince.Awesome gamefeatures:• Help king to set up the crib for babyhazel Snow White•Enjoy decorating Snow White's room using all theattractivedecoration supplies• Help queen in dressing up baby hazelSnowWhite in cute-looking outfits and accessories• Enjoy funactivitiesat carnival along with Snow White and King includingpotterymaking, carousel ride and more. • Dozens of elegant gownsandmatching accessories to try on Snow White• Help the witch queeninpreparing the magical potion • Collect diamonds and coinsbycompleting fun-packed activities to unlock amazing items• SpintheFortune Wheel to win a surprise gift What's inside:•4+nice-looking dresses, hair bands and shoes to try on babyhazelSnow White• 4+ royal outfits and accessories including gowns,hairbands and shoes to dress up Princess Snow White• 4+differentshades of eyeliners, eye shadows, lipsticks, mascaras andcoloredblushes for Snow White to look beautiful• 3 mouth-wateringflavorsof ice creams for Snow White to feast on• 4+ props for SnowWhiteto have fun• 4+ types of pots to make at carnival• 4+ designsandshades for designing the potBy downloading this game, youareagreeing to our terms of use which can be foundat[] and our privacypolicywhich can be found at[] ©2015 Axis EntertainmentLimited. All Rights Reserved.© 2015 AxisEntertainment, Baby Hazel, and allrelated characters, music,and images are licensed trademarks andcopyrights owned or usedunder license by Axis EntertainmentLimited and are protected byinternational copyright laws. BabyHazel is a trademark of AxisEntertainment Limited in the UnitedStates and other jurisdictions.All rights reserved.Pleasesubscribe to Youtube Channel for BabyHazel Videos: us– us Twitter– us– us on Google Plus- Pinterest -
Rising Lovers, Otome Novel 2.3.3
Rising Lovers, the Best Visual Novel Best romantic visual novelwithattractive male characters. You’re playing the main girlcharacter.Fairy tale in an otome game. It has an incredible love& luststory behind. 

Play the character of a young girl inthis visualnovel enter in love triangle and romance stories.Discover your newlove life and lovers on the other side of theworld. Rising Loversdepends on the choices you make, there is noone else but you todecide how your romantic story moves forward!!Are you ready to makea perfect love story in this romanticsimulator? It’s a must have avisual novel game on your Androiddevice if you like roleplaying ordating simulator games. How toPlay Register through the otome gameand choose a name for yourgirl character. Start reading the visualnovel, make your ownchoices in the story when you are asked to.Interact with handsomeguys and find your own prince charming.Game-Play Features ClassicOtome Game Amazing Love Story CuteGraphics of Handsome GuysRomantic Soundtrack Interactive VisualNovel Engaging Love &Lust Story 100% In English So, you thinkyou can make the rightmoves to find your prince charming in thisdating sim game of love?Challenge your skills girl! Download ItNow!! Please contact us forany technicaldetails: Visit ourwebsite
Magic Elf Fantasy Forest Run 3.53
Visit magical fairy kingdom and immerse yourself intoadventurousdrive with one of 4 enchanted elf car: Mellow Yellow,Snail Rail,Red Rower and Tricksy Pixie car. Drive your little elfcar betweencolorful forest trees, jump over mysterious mushrooms,meet magicfairies and cross the finish line.Drive in afairytale!Choose from4 free fairy cars to drive and to play with:Mellow Yellow, SnailRail, Red Rower and Tricksy Pixie.Race andunlock new magicalfairies and elves cars.Do amazing stunts, highjumps and fun flipswhile driving in this magical Fantasy ForestKingdom! Enjoyintuitive and easy game control: click GO button tomove forwardand arrows to maintain the balance while driving. Drivein 12magical fairy forest racing tracks!Have lots of fun insurprisinggameplay!Play this elves racing game and develop yourskills suchas problem solving, quick decision making, creativityand flexiblethinking, fine-motor and working-memory skills,self-control andhand-eye coordination.Discover more fun with TinyLab Kids!Website: Like us onFacebook: Follow us onTwitter: Follow us onInstagram: Follow us onPinterest: Meet us onGoogle+: Subscribe usonYoutube:
Super Jabber Adventure 2107 1.2.1
Super Jabber Adventure 2107 is a classic platform game. Getanexciting experience of jumping and running. It combines oldschoolplay and new arcade elements. This is the mostchallengingadventure! Take you back from your childhood! Classicjumpingbrings your child's memories! Jabber's gold was killed withdemons.Jabber begins his adventure to get gold coins back. Jump tokillthe monster. Collect coins, gold, accelerated props!SuperJabberAdventure 2107 is a super jungle boy. During the warmjungle,Jabber has to carry so many threats that they can travel tothetarget world. From his way, you can use a gun to kill amonster,but the gun is hidden somewhere.Runs and jumps ondifferentplatforms and overwhelms enemies with themed levels. Inthisadventure game, these include a number of power-ups andobjectsthat give the Super Boy special magic, such as fireballthrowingand full-size swing in gigantic and compactsizes.Features:- Richanimations and game graphics- Background Musicand Sound Effects-New puzzle elements, exciting adventure- Aclassic platform gameand easy to manage- Great graphics, runbetter- More than 100colorful levels and 4 different challengingworlds- Jump to theenemy's head to beat them- Remove the brick torelease the powerelement- Tons of challenging monsters, difficultto handle-Customized props, open and update them to help you-Achievementsand score sheets
Fantasy Wallpapers 1.0
Free app "Fantasy Wallpapers" is to look your device fantasticandmystical. If you're a fan of fairy tales, this is a goodcollectionof wallpapers for you. Remove the "Fantasy Wallpapers"and enterthe magical world of enchanted forests, castles andfairies on yourscreen. - A wide selection of phenomenal wallpaper -Excellent 3Dpictures - Compatible with 99% of mobile phones andtablets -Beautiful, pleasant magic awaitsShare with friends.
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