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Deggle Deggle 2 : Yellow Ball 1.0.8
(Incomplete translation)Keeping the egg protector of the eggs, there wasayellowball-shaped Deggle.One day, the sky darkens their eggs were all gone.Deggle the left there is an adventure to find out thecausetoreclaim the egg, it took place these days ....* Deggle Deggle 2: Yellow Ball- Claims about rolling obtain eggs and defeat the bad guys, Igotothe nest.- One-screen platformer game Deggle Deggle 2* How Deggle Deggle 2 operations- Press the Left and right arrow buttons at the bottom, youcanmoveleft and right.- Pressing the triangle button at the bottom you can jump.- Pressing the square button at the bottom, you canusespecialtechnologies.* Game Rules- Deggle loses a life being wounded in falls from highplaces.- Do not jump until 4 blocks, and Off Road does notlosealife, From 5 blocks lose a life.- Do not lose by jumping down two blocks until even life, Starting Blocks 3 and lose a life.- If you collect three eggs in the nest it gets cleared game.* The difference between Deggle Deggle and Deggle Deggle 2- Lowering the left and right movement speed limit, left,andnotlose a life when you've hit the wall in right move.- Due to the slightly slower game speed was more likelythegamedifficulty.- To go down to jump on the block had lost two lives, Falls by jumping over three changes were more likely tolosealife to the game difficulty.- Tilt the uncomfortable mode of operation have been removed.- Deggle Deggle whereas as per the World Stage 63, DeggleDeggle2There are 126 stages per world.- You can share your map making.- You can play with other players.* shop- If you clear the game acquires a certain gold.- Gold see green ball, blue ball, red ball, orange ball, youcanbuysunglasses, goggles and so on.* Capture the flag (Multiplayer)- Destroy all the blocks and sky-blue glass, it takes up aredflagto win!- Or, Waste Improperly win the opponent 12 times!* Create a map (Level Maker)- You can test should be the starting pointanddestinationpoint.Special objects are available up to a total of 100.
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