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Fast Reboot 2.2
Great Bytes Software
TRY THE PRO VERSION (http://goo.gl/1Fe12), WHICH COMES WITHTHEOPTION TO AUTOMATICALLY PERFORM FAST REBOOTS AND LETS YOUMANUALLYEXCLUDE APPS!Simulates a reboot by closing/restarting allcore anduser processes and thus frees up memory. Your phone shouldbe muchsnappier after using Fast Reboot.DOES NOT ACTUALLY REBOOTYOURPHONE, only the apps & processes. Does NOT require root.Appicon by Arabi Ishaque
Simple Factory Reset 1.1.0
Very simple factory reset.
Find My Device 2.2.009
Google LLC
Introducing Find My Device - the new and improved AndroidDeviceManager. Find My Device helps you easily locate a lostAndroiddevice, and keeps your information safe and sound while youlook.Locate your phone, tablet or watch. Misplaced your AndroidWeardevice? No problem. Play a sound. Find My Device helps youtrackdown your device when it’s close by. Lock, erase or show amessage.With Find My Device you can secure your device remotely andhelpsomeone get in touch. Permissions Notice • Location: Needed toshowyour device’s current location on the map. • Contacts: Neededtoaccess the email address associated with your Google account.
App Manager 4.13
Do you hate the multiple steps it takes to just uninstall yourapps? Do you sometimes install many apps in order to find onethatsuits your needs, but then you hate the time it takes touninstallthe rest? Do you need to reset/uninstall apps frequently ?Do youhave a third party launcher and hate the fact that installingappsputs shortcuts on the old launchers? Wanna try getting rid ofsomeof the bloatware your device has (*) ? If so, this is the appforyou ! Features This app has plenty of features, especiallyforrooted devices: • Easiest uninstaller - single click on an apptouninstall it • Batch operations of apps : uninstallation,share,disable/enable, Re-install, manage, open in Play-StoreorAmazon-AppStore. • APK files management • Removed Appshistoryviewer • Customizable Widgets, for uninstalling therecentlyinstalled app or clearing its internal/external data •Normal/ROOTuninstallation of apps . Using ROOT, it's much easierand faster •Shows all kinds of apps, and not just those that youcan launch.For example: widgets, live wallpapers, keyboards,launchers,plugins,... • Auto-handling of apps that have adminprivileges,allowing you to revoke them and uninstall the apps •Auto addshortcuts to newly installed apps, no matter how you'veinstalledthem. Also choose exactly which launcher will have thenewshortcuts • Various operations on selected app: • Run • Shareappas link or APK file • Manage • Open link on play store. •Killbackground processes (available only on old Android versions)•Stop app (needs ROOT+Honeycomb) • Clear internal storage (ROOT)•Create shortcut, including hidden ones • Search the Internetforapp's name/package • Disable/Enable app (ROOT) • Re-install •Sortapps by size, name, package, date installed, date updated,launchtime • OS uninstallation integration • Useful shortcuts tobuilt inapps • Filter apps by: • System/user apps •Enabled/disabled apps •Installation path: SD card / internalstorage • Ability touninstall system apps (Root , might not work onsome cases) • Showsapp information: package name, date installed,build number,version name • Auto-cleaning of external storage filesof apps thatthe OS didn't remove them right for some reason • Themechooser, incase you don't like the cards UI Best of all, it's free! ! !Permissions explanations • INSTALL_SHORTCUT - allows the apptocreate apps shortcuts, either manually or automatically(uponinstallation) • KILL_BACKGROUND_PROCESSES - allows the app tokillselected apps • READ_EXTERNAL_STORAGE - allows the app to checkifthere is taken space on selected app, in order to allow toreclaimit • WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE - to clear the external storageofselected app • ACCESS_SUPERUSER - for rooted devices only,allowsmany more cool features, for example backgrounduninstallation •ACCESS_NETWORK_STATE , INTERNET- for ads • BILLING,GET_ACCOUNTS -for donations • GET_PACKAGE_SIZE - for gettingapps' sizes• GET_TASKS , PACKAGE_USAGE_STATS - to get recentlylaunchedapps Notes • Uninstallation of system apps is a riskyoperation. Ido not hold any responsibility in case thefunctionality of your OSis damaged in any way when using thisfeature •Some system appscannot be removed due to restrictionsenforced by the ROM itself,but the app will try handling it thebest it can, and sometimes arestart is needed to see the result •You can remove the ads bydonating as much as you wish • I've workedfor a long time on thisapp, and I have plenty of features I have inmind to add to it •Please feel free to rate the app and show youropinion (preferablyvia the forum) on which features you'd like tohave for the nextversions. If you liked this app, show you supportby rating it,sharing it or donating.
Launch by default 1.0
Rainbow developer
LAUNCH BY DEFAULT app simple yet very functional app to manage(setdefaults, clear/reset defaults) default applications fordifferenttypes of actions that Android does.
Secret Codes - MMI USSD 1.0.19
OpenView Mobile
Some interesting secret codes which can enable/disable lotsofhidden settings in the mobile phone. These codes can also showmanyuseful information about the phone. Now is not necessarytoremember all those codes, they are just one finger tap awayfromyou! *** IMPORTANT! Some manufacturers not allow the use ofthesecodes and they may not work on your device. By using secretcodesyou can change some of your device settings. Use at your ownrisk!***DISCLAIMER: This information is intended for experiencedusers.It is not intended for basic users, hackers, or mobilethieves.Please do not try any of following methods if you are notfamiliarwith mobile phones. We'll not be responsible for the use ormisuseof this information, including loss of data or hardwaredamage. Souse it at your own risk.What is USSD codeUnstructuredSupplementaryService Data (USSD), sometimes referred to as "QuickCodes" or"Feature codes", is a protocol used by GSM cellulartelephones tocommunicate with the service provider's computers.USSD can be usedfor WAP browsing, prepaid callback service,mobile-money services,location-based content services, menu-basedinformation services,and as part of configuring the phone on thenetwork.If you want toknow more information about it, pleasevisithttps://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Unstructured_Supplementary_Service_DataSomesecretcode example:*#*#4636#*#* - This code can be used to getsomeinteresting information about your phone and battery. Itshowsfollowing 5 menus on screen:1> Phone information2>Batteryinformation3> Battery history4> Usage statistics5>Wifiinformation*#*#7780#*#* - This code can be used for a factorydatareset. It'll remove following things:1> Google accountsettingsstored in your phone2> System and application dataandsettings3> Downloaded applicationsIt'll NOT remove:1>Currentsystem software and bundled applications2> SD card filese.g.photos, music files, etc.PS: Once you give this code, you getaprompt screen asking you to click on "Reset phone" button. Soyouget a chance to cancel your operation.*2767*3855# - Thinkbeforeyou give this code. This code is used for factory format.It'llremove all files and settings including the internalmemorystorage. It'll also reinstall the phone firmware.PS: Once yougivethis code, there is no way to cancel the operation unlessyouremove the battery from the phone. So think twice beforegivingthis code.*#*#34971539#*#* - This code is used to getinformationabout phone camera. It shows following 4 menus:1>Update camerafirmware in image (Don't try this option)2> Updatecamerafirmware in SD card3> Get camera firmware version4>Getfirmware update countWARNING: Never use the first optionotherwiseyour phone camera will stop working and you'll need totake yourphone to service center to reinstall camerafirmware.*#*#7594#*#* -This one is my favorite one. This code canbe used to change the"End Call / Power" button action in yourphone. Be default, if youlong press the button, it shows a screenasking you to select anyoption from Silent mode, Airplane mode andPower off.You can changethis action using this code. You can enabledirect power off onthis button so you don't need to waste your timein selecting theoption.*#*#273283*255*663282*#*#* - This code opensa File copyscreen where you can backup your media files e.g.Images, Sound,Video and Voice memo.*#*#197328640#*#* - This codecan be used toenter into Service mode. You can run various testsand changesettings in the service mode.Please share secret USSDcodes youalready know and I will update the applicationaccordingly.Enjoyand have a fun!
Reset the default app 1.2
This is a tool to be used when you want to change or cancelthedefault settings for the Android app.When you start this,theprogram to be launched by default will be displayed.Pleaseselectthe program and click [LAUNCH BY DEFAULT] ⇒ [Clear Defaluts]at thenext screen.
Quick Boot (Reboot) 4.8
** Root access to your phone is required tousethis application. **Reboot your device, power off your device, or boot yourdeviceinto recovery or bootloader mode, with just one tap.Createshortcuts / widgets on your home screen for easieraccess.Now with one tap also see device network, software, andhardwareinformation about your Android phone or tablet device. SeetheBootloader, SDK, build serial, MCC, MNC, Screen Size andmore.❐ Why Quick Boot only works on a rooted device?Because you need super-user permissions. Checkout here formoreinformation on root: http://www.androidcentral.com/root❐ Please don’t hesitate to contact ([email protected])forany issues you may have; and do give us 5 stars if you likeus!Thanks & enjoy!
Default App Manager Pro 1.0.2
Default App Manager Pro is an Ad-Free version of one of themostunique App Managers available on the Market. It is a simple apptomanage default apps for different types of actions thatAndroiddoes. This app allows to you to manage for almost all thecommonactions.It eliminates all the hassles and troubles ofrememberingdefaults set for various applications such as Audio,Video, E-mail,SMS, etc. It is very handy for active Android loverswho use a widerange of apps and keep changing them from the defaultAndroidsettings.FAQs:Q: Why DAM Pro?A: As millions of apps areappendingto the Android Market each month offering multiple optionsfor aparticular category such as Music, Video, etc., we are forcedtocherry-pick a default app for a particular categorywhileperforming some action. We know how to set the default, but wearepestered while clearing/resetting the set default. None of theAppManagers or Task Managers on the Android Market targetedthisissue. So, DAM is an exclusive & innovative app thateliminatesthe hassle of setting/clearing defaults, &Uninstalling any appfrom DAM itself.Q: What is the differencebetween the Lite and Proversions?A: Most notably, it’s an AD-FREE(Donate) Version. It hasan inbuilt Uninstaller as some customers asper some user requests.We are relentlessly refining our UI toprovide finest experience.Plus it requires no special permissionsto run the app.Corefeatures of DAM Pro are:* Ad-Free version withthe ImprovedUIDisplays a list of different categories and thedefault appselected for each one of them* Wide range of categoriesconsists ofAudio, Audio Streaming, Browser, Email, HomeLauncher,Messaging,PDF files, Phone Dialer, Video and VideoStreaming* Exhibit a listof applications that can be used for aparticular type of category*Clear defaults of a particular categorywithout remembering the setdefault or without cruising all thewayinto the Android defaultsettings screen* Reduces atleast 4 userclicks and saves the timeto search the app with default set* Allowsyou to set default forany category from the application itself.*Does not require anypermission at all !* Built in uninstallerPLEASEREAD THE BELOWINSTRUCTIONS BEFORE USING:1. To set the defaultapplication, pleasecheck the 'USE BY DEFAULT ICON' and only thenselect theapplication. Otherwise, the application WILL NOT BE setas thedefault one.2. Once the default app is SET, the applicationwillopen. It might however open with some error-message like'FILECANNOT BE OPENED' or 'ERROR WHILE OPENING FILE'. Don't worry,theapplication is SET as default successfully. You can verifybyclicking BACK BUTTON on that application and going backtoDefaultApp Manager.Tags:Default, Set/Clear Defaults, Uninstaller,removeapps, Android App Manager, APK uninstaller, DefaultCleaner,APKManager, Simple Manager
Auto-Reset Blocker 3.1.0
Rusty Burchfield
Certain versions of Android are currently vulnerable to aUSSDattack. This application is intended to block USSD codeexecutionfrom URLs.http://gizmodo.com/5946334/samsung-security-bug-can-wipe-out-your-galaxy-phone-updatingThe worst known exploit of this vulnerability will factoryresetyour phone without confirmation.The vulnerability is NOT limited to Samsung phones. AllAndroidphones running less than Android 4.1.1 are vulnerableuntilmanufacturers/carriers release updates.Phones known to have updates available include: Galaxy S3,GalaxyNexusConfigure and verify it works for you:1. Try this IMEI test: http://git.io/HtEU4Q2. Check the box to make "Auto-Reset Blocker" thedefaultaction3. Auto-Reset Blocker will block it and show you themaliciousnumber4. Dismiss the request5. Open this safe telephone number test: http://git.io/3LZlrQ6. Auto-Reset Blocker will show the safe number7. Touch "Dial"8. Your normal dialer will open with the safe numberIf you have more than one dialer installed (besides thisone),step 7 will first ask you which dialer to use.If you check the box labelled "Auto-dial when safe", steps 5and6 are eliminated for your next safe number.Once you make it through the above instructions, you are allset!If you are browsing the web on your phone and a website usesamalicious code, Auto-Reset Blocker will block it and warn you(justlike the IMEI test). Tap the Dismiss button and go back toyourbrowsing.If you have a question or concern, please email me ([email protected]). I have nowayto answer questions or otherwise communicate with youviareviews.
Reboot Recovery 1.0
This is a simple application that allows you to reboot phonetorecovery. It can be started from launcher or long press"search"button menu.Designed for Samsung devices.Root is required.
Default App Manager Lite 2.4
Default App Manager Pro now availabe on the playstore at :https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.appiator.damproDefault App Manager is a simple yet very functional app tomanage(set defaults, clear/reset defaults) default applicationsfordifferent types of actions that Android does. Unlikeotherapplications that allow you to manage defaults for onlyone-twotypes of categories, this app allows to you to manage foralmostall the common actions.It eliminates all the hassles and troubles ofrememberingdefaults set for various applications such as Audio,Video, E-mail,Doc Viewer, etc. It is very handy for active Androidlovers who usea wide range of applications for any particularcategory and keepchanging them from the default Androidsettings.The main features of Default App Manager Lite are:-- Offers a list of different categories and the currentdefaultfor each one.-- Offers a wide range of categories like Audio, AudioStreaming,Browser, Camera, Calendar, Car Dock, Desk Dock, E-books(epub),Email, Home Launcher, Messaging(sms), PDF, Phone Dialer,Video andVideo Streaming.-- Tells you which applications can be used for a particulartypeof category.-- Super cool UI for easy navigation across screens-- Clear defaults (default application) of a particularcategorywithout having to remember which one was set as defaultearlier orwithout having to travel a long way into the Androiddefaultsettings page.-- Reduces at-least 4 user clicks and helps you set defaultsfromwithin the app itself.-- Set default for any category right from the application.PLEASE READ THE BELOW INSTRUCTIONS BEFORE USING:1. To set the default application, please check the 'USEBYDEFAULT ICON' and only then select the application. Otherwise,theapplication WILL NOT BE set as the default one.2. Once the default app is SET, the application will open.Itmight however open with some error-message like 'FILE CANNOTBEOPENED' or 'ERROR WHILE OPENING FILE'. Don't worry, theapplicationis SET as default successfully. You can verify byclicking BACKBUTTON on that application and going back to DefaultAppManager.Refer to the Change Log/ What's New section to find outdetailsabout the latest version (2)*******************************************************************************You have a feature request?Please send us an email and we will try to add your suggestionsandimprove the app.You found any problems with the app?Hold-on, don't rate the app one star. Please drop a note or callusand we will get back to you ASAP!Tags:Default, Set Defaults, Clear Defaults, Uninstaller, removeapps,Android App Manager, APK uninstaller, Default Cleaner, APKManager,Simple Manager, Cache cleaner, Defaults
SaniDroid-Wipe/Delete->Resell 1.6
Are you selling your old phone or tablet? Factory reset isnotenough. Purchase SaniDroid and enjoy peace of mind knowingthatyour device has been sanitized of all yourpersonalinformation.Protect yourself with SaniDroid. Wipe freespace ordelete with wiping selected files, protect your privacy andhelpthwart identity thieves!SaniDroid is the correct ‘sanitizeyourdevice’ app. DescriptionWhat SaniDroid does: Gives you peaceofmind by sanitizing and wiping clean 'free' memory of alldata'ghosts' in system memory and the Internal SD Card orselectivelydelete with wiping individual files - helping to thwartidentitytheft and protect your privacy.What SaniDroid doesn't do:Wipe theexternal SD Card (coming soon, will require root). FactoryResetsor manual deletions of files, contacts, history, etc. donotcompletely wipe/sanitize your personal data off of yourdevice.Merely the pointer that the operating system (OS) uses isdeleted,releasing that memory space for later use. This rendersthe'deleted ' data invisible to you and the OS but is stilleasilyretrievable. SaniDroid conforms to National IndustrialSecurityProgram Operating Manual (NISPOM) directives for sanitizingmemory.If the U.S. government conforms with and benefits from thesamedirectives to sanitize classified information stored in memoryyoucan too! Sanidroid performs an overwrite operation on filesand'slack space' or free space in memory and the internalSDCard..Link to Defense SecurityServicehttp://www.dss.mil/isp/odaa/nispom06.htmlIf reselling yourphone:1.Factory reseta. If your device no longer has a serviceconnection(4G/3G) then connect via wifi for license check ofSanidroid2.Download SaniDroid3. Run SaniDroidThat’s it, you cansafely resellyour device!Please understand that this app, and anymemoryclearing effort for that matter, is not fast. Any method usedthatperforms a true memory wipe/sanitization effort cannot, byit'svery nature, be performed quickly. Please be patient and keepthedevice plugged into a wall outlet, not your computer asyourcomputer will want to mount the memory that the app needstoaccess. 2-3 minutes per gigabyte is not unusual. Newer deviceswillbe faster and older phones with more than a GB of memory willbeslower. Thank you for looking and if downloaded, please rate soIcan address any issues that might crop up.
Smart App Manager 3.5.2
Smart App Manager (SAM) is makes it easy to manage apps installedonAndroid devices. App uses measurement reports, systeminformation,and provides value added services for free. SAM app isfor advancedusers. App Advisor service started(Home screenwidget).● Appmanagement ○ App search, sorting feature (name,install date, appsize) ○ Multi-select apps delete, backup support○ A list ofinstalled apps (preloading, userinstalled appssensitive) appupdates App evaluate app Leave a comment app detailsthe data, Clearcache ○ The file size display ○ Use memory display○ App Installdating● App Advisor App frequently used informationprovided,separated by time and day of the week. Notification areaprovides aquick shortcut to the app. App Advisor servicestarted(Home screenwidget).The use of the number of times eachapp, available time,data, cache size, and more.● App to SDcardItprovide the ability toeasily move to the phone or SD card.● UnusedAppIt provide Unusedapp information based on your App usagereports.● FavoriteAppRegistered in your own list of favorite apps.It provide homescreen widget service.● Except Traking App a Listof excluded fromApp Usage report. Also you can add or remove thatlist.● Backup& Reinstall ○ Multiselect delete, and restore(reinstall)Support ○ SD card provides backup and restorefunctions, features ○External APK file installation support(Android package installfile) Usb down the path through the apkfile transfer and select[App Backup | Reinstalling] menu toinstall apk files are supported.(path: / {SDCARD PATH} /SmartUninstaller) ○ Provides a backup filesize ○ Backup dateinformation● Process MonitoringYou can checkproceses of androidsystem. Also it supports end task and direct runthe app.● SystemInfo ○ Battery Information (Temperature: Celsius /Fahrenheit,Level, Health, State) ○ Memory (RAM) info (Total, Used,Free) ○System storage (Total, Used, Free) ○ Internal storage space(Total,Used, Free) ○ External storage space - SD CARD (Total, Used,Free)○ System cache information (Total, Used, Free) ○ CPU Status○System / platform information● App Settings It provide settingofSmart App Manager (SAM) ● Home screen widget ○ Widget UpdateTimeAdjustable ○ Tasks, Apps, Ram, Storage Info (3×1) ○FavoriteApplication Link (2×2) ○ Battery Widget (1×1) ○ DashboardWidget(4×1) ○ App Advisor Widget (3×4)● App recommendationsystemnotification area SAM recommend apps in the notificationarea,based on your experience with the app.If you have any bugsorissues or ideas, please let us know. I will apply to the reviewandvaluable comments. Thank you.
Complete Wipe 1.0
Description"When you sell, discard, change your smart phone, doyouthink you deleted all your personal data on your smart phone? Itisfairly easy to restore deleted personal data.Even through""FactoryReset,"" deleted data could be still in your smartphone.All yourdeleted photos, videos, audio files, bankaccount/credit cardinformation, internal sales/customer informationcan berestored!What if these data leaked out and someone abuses? Itcouldbe a huge loss of a person/company. Complete Wipe is the bestandlast way to prevent information leakage." Main Functions1. Easyandconvenient way to delete data completely Without distinctionofallocations, all deleted data through Complete Wipe will bedeletedcompletely.2. Simple time setting - Complete Wipe ONLY! Justsetthe time when you want for "Complete Wipe" to run.AdditionalFunctions1. Auto alert service - Get alerts regularlyStrengthensafety with your smart phone with sensitive data in caseof stolenor lost 2. Completion message - Get report when datadeletedcompletely / successfully Usage1. Delete photos, videos,docs andfiles in normal way (drag the data into recycle bins)2.Run"Complete Wipe" and click "delete now." (Get message andreportwhen finished) ("Compelete Wipe" only deletes DELETED data,data onyour smartphone you didn't delete are not affected.)3. Alldeleteddata through "Complete Wipe" will not be recovered, restoredorrecycled. (When sell or change smartphone? Delete all data andrun"Complete Wipe")*This is just for you who change smartphoneoften*The smart phone with important documents and files*Areyouselling your smart phone or giving someone?*The smart phone withalot of sales/customer information*The smart phone withinformationof bank accounts, credit cards and security cards*Foryou who takephotos/videos and delete oftenPlease let us know yoursuggestions,inconvenience and any possible improvements for better"CompleteWipe." Senorms will review carefully and reach you withanswers.Thank you.Developer SenormsSenorms will reach you withanswerswithin 24 hours. Please contact us [email protected] Bucheon TechnoparkSsangyong 3-cha, Samjeong-dong,Ohjeong-gu, Bucheon, Gyeonggi-do,South Korea
Better Open With 1.4.11
Giorgi Dalakishvili
With so many cool Android apps, Better Open With saves youthehassle of having to choose only one default app handler whenyouclick a filetype, and without having to choose between "onlyonce"and "always"!Created to mimic Android's default "Completeactionusing" dialog, Better Open With shows you a visually similarpopupscreen when you choose to open a link, an image, a PDF or anyotherfiletype - listing all possible app handlers as younormallysee.What's different is that you only see the popupdialogue for afew seconds (5 seconds by default, but customizable),allowing youto choose an app handler if you want, after which itwillautomagically open it with your preferred app!Unlike othersimilarapps, you just wait for your preferred app handler to launch(noclicks necessary), or choose a different app in the meantime.Justset Better Open With as your default handler for the filetypesyouwant, and let it work for you!Personalize how you want to viewtheBetter Open With popup screen!• Choose between grid and listview•Set text size, show only icon (no text) and other options•Lightand Dark themes available• more options to follow!Better OpenWithis handy if:• you switch between browsers, but usually haveonepreferred app;• you prefer using one app to view your PDFs,photosand other files, but sometimes use another app to edit them;•youusually want video links to open with a player, but sometimesyouwant to open them with an app that lets you download the file,andmaybe yet another that will Chromecast it;Better Open Withiscompletely free, and no ads! No permissions requested!Itstartedoff as a little side project, inspired by a reddit post byreddit'soroboros74athttp://www.reddit.com/comments/24okaq/what_apps_would_you_like_to_have_that_dont_exist/ch96jid.Sincewe think others might enjoy it, we're making it availabletoeveryone!Future releases will include:• support formorefiletypes!• sort apps in list (alphabetical-default,manual,chronological)• create "sessions", allowing to choose adifferent,temporary preferred app (for next X clicks, next Xminutes)•translations (translators wanted!)• suggestions from you,theuser!Email the developer at [email protected] if you haveanyquestion, suggestion or want to contribute.Suggest new featuresorvote for existing suggestionsathttps://betteropenwith.uservoice.com/
Launch By Default App Reset 1.0.1
Android Pandaz
Launch By Default App Reset  - Initialize the set of 'Launchbydefault'.   - You can reset the settings easily with asingleclick and then select the app.
How to fix your android tablet. If yourtabletis not workingHow to do a factory reset on an Android tablet when your startupscreen is hanging. Some methods show how to reset from theoperatingsystem but in this instance you cannot get to thesoftware it justshows the android screen. We will then have to getto the bootscreen, not all tablets will give you a menu screen inboot mode, soonce it is here simply allow it to reboot itself andyour androidtablet should now start up with factory defaultsettings, simplyreinstall your apps, and I am assuming you havestored your data ona cloud or an SD card.This problem is rather frustrating as there is no completeclearset way of solving this problem, as there are differentandroidversions and so many different manufacturers of the devicesit isvery difficult to actually pinpoint and accurately describethefunction appropriate for your device to get it out of thebootloop. This app will give you a way which works without the useofany tools just a series of key presses to reset yourandroiddevice.This works 80 percent of the timeIf the advice in this app does not correctly reset yourdeviceyou may have to try a slightly different sequence if yourandroidversion is different. For example Try powering off? andbooting,count 2 seconds then press the volume button vigorouslythen asshown. If no luck increase to 4 seconds then 6.....etc up to10seconds count. You may also have the option to go through amenu.Use your volume keys to see if you can scroll through anoptionmenu which will then enable you to restart your device thatway. Ifyou have no luck then please follow our firmware upgradeprocedurein our Android Repair Manual athttp://androidtabletnotworking.com/It includes step by step procedures with picture illustrations,alsofirmware download links to many android tablets which areoftenstuck in boot mode.Want to Open your tablet?Yes you have an android tablet but now there is somethingwrongwith it, you feel in your heart that if you canjust open it you can solve the problem but it is notstraightforward how to open it.We will show you how to open your tablet without damagingitcosmetically or electronically.Android tablet spares and repairingHow to open a tabletMini jack headphone socket not functioning. You cannotuseheadphones on your devicePower jack socket not functioning. You cannot charge yourdevicecorrectlyTablet stuck in boot modeSpeaker damage. Internal speaker has blown and is playingmusicand sounds with distortionThese all can be resolved and some are easily done wherebyothersneed technical assistance.
Root Uninstaller 8.4
Root Uninstaller
Don't like stock or system applications? It's for you.Thisapplication can freeze pre-installed applications on your phoneandmore.Very fast and simple uninstaller tool on single clickforuninstalling both SYSTEM and REGULAR applications. ForROOT+NANDunlocked devices☆ Uninstall system applications☆ Freeze ordisablebloatware, stock and regular applications (keep updates)☆Defrostor enable applications (Free trial or PRO)☆ Backupsystemapplication .apk to sdcard (that can reinstall later)☆Restorebacked up applications ☆ Reset applications to fresh installstate☆ Delete definitively system applications☆ Hide my App: launchafrozen app and automatically re-freeze on app closing (Proonly,tap on Launch->Freeze button )☆ Explore application datafolder,code folder (ex. edit preferences, need AntTek FileExplorer)ForNON-ROOT devices☆ Quick APK list to show all available.APK fileson SDCard☆ Keep Market reference and can restore afterfactoryreset/change devices☆ Manage to clear data, cache(manually)☆Manage .apk files: delete, install, install as a systemapp (PRO)☆Single click to uninstall a listed applications (Batchuninstall).☆Rapid load application list☆ Display application name,icon,package name☆ Exclude system applications (that you cannotuninstall)☆ Filter by third-party applications,systemapplications, applications on sdcard. backup applications orfrozenapplications☆ Support large screen (ex. tablet) views☆Exploreapplication data folder, code folder (ex. edit preferences,needAntTek File Explorer)Trial on Free version :☆ Three timestodefrost or restore apps for Free versionIMPORTANT***IMPORTANT***☆Make sure you app is granted by SuperUser☆ If youCANN'Tfreeze/defrost, try to enable USBDebugging(HOME/Settings/Application/Development/USB Debugging)☆ IfyouCANN'T restore backup app, try to "find apps on SD card"thenlong-press the app and select "install as system app".☆Thisapplication uses SDCARD to store data☆ PRO and FREE versionarefully compatibleNOTES- Some phones (ex. Desire) requiresNANDunlocked (see more here http://alpharev.nl/).-INTERNET/ACCESS_NETWORK_STATE/ ACCESS_COARSE_LOCATION are requiredfordisplaying AdMob. The PRO version does not requirethesepermissions.Assistant request: [email protected]:http://rootuninstaller.comTroubleshooting:http://rootuninstaller.com/qa/Translation:http://www.getlocalization.com/rootuninstaller/Facebook:https://www.facebook.com/pages/Root-Uninstaller/200912803368166
Restart 2.1.0
Reboot your device.ROOT ACCESS NEED!If you are not aware whetherornot your phone has root access, you probably don't haverootaccess. ROOT REQUIRED, WILL NOT WORK WITHOUTROOT!!Restart.Createshortcuts on your home screen to boot with oneclick.Thisapplication will reboot (restart) your phone, Remember'Allow' inSuperuser for fast 1 click rebooting of your phone.Thereis a knownissue where this does not work on phones with Sense (EVO,Inc,etc).
Reset radio 1.5.0
"Radio waves reset" is an application to recover by resettingtheradio waves in one tap.You can choose the radio waves of howtoreset the time of initial setting.It can help in thefollowingcases.● Do not communicate easily to that contains radiowaves.●while speed is to slow the radio though it is within thetargetarea.● remain out of service, but it should radioison."Telecommunications Reset" is that it disconnectsthecommunication, perform the radio recovery.Smartphone ratherthanwait for the time to re-acquire the radio waves itself, becauseifbetter to reacquired by resetting the acquisition of radio wavesisfaster in many cases, please use the case of hurry.Once youresetthe communication of smartphones in airplane mode or mobiledatacommunication.You can set whether to reset in either airplanemodeor mobile data communication by default.You can set whether ornotto register to the status bar.You can set thereconnectioninterval.[How to use]● to recover by resetting theradio When youtap the application.※ This application has no effecton theradio-free place.※ In the case of airplane mode, it does notworkin Airplane mode setting.
Reboot to recovery [ROOT] 2.0
weller i/o
Puts an icon to your screen to reboot to recovery withtwoclicks!Needs a rooted device!OPEN SOURCE, the source codeisavailableathttp://home.max-weller.de/blog/2012/01/06/reboot-to-recovery/
System app remover (root needed) 5.3
We provide not only system app remover, but also userappuninstaller, move app to sdcard, move app to phone, apk onsdcardscan/install/delete. [System app] Note: uninstall system appneedroot permission, and we do not provide root method. Comparetoother similar products, System app remover: *******************•Safe, we filter out all apps that may cause unstableafteruninstalled, and had tested hundreds of devices, so you canuse itsafely, but we can not make sure 100% safe because ofmanufacturersmay customized too much, also, we backup all app youuninstalledautomatic, so you can restore them in Recycle Binwhenever youneed; • Clear, we classify all system app as [Couldremove],[Should keep], [Key module], so you can choose what apptouninstall clearly; • Easy, we provide you a way to uninstallmultiapp in one time, make you easy to go; • Small, we releaseallmemory allocated while app exit, and may the smallestapp;******************* [move to sdcard] If we granted rootpermission,we can move multi-app in one click, and can move almostall appsinstalled. ******************* • Move apps to SD card •Move appsto phone internal storage • Sort app by movable, name,size andtime • User can custom [Install time] [Package name] [Apkpath] toshow in list • Show app details: size, install time,package, apkpath. • Open app • Search in market • Search in websiteby apkname, package name, app name ******************* [Apkmanager]******************* • Scan all APKs in SD card • InstallAPK •Search APK • Batch rename APK's filename • Batch Move APKstodirectory • Search and delete all duplicate APKs in one click•User can custom [time] [Package name] [Apk path] to show in list•Show apk details: size, package, apk path. • Search in market•Search in website by apk name, package name, appname******************* [User app] ******************* •Uninstallmulti-app in one click. • Backup & restore apps. •Scan allapks in sdcard. • Search apps in local, in market and inwebsite. •User can custom [Install time] [Package name] [Apk path]to show inlist; • User app backup directory can be configured insettings; •Show app details: size, install time, package, apk path.• Open app• Search in market • Search in website by apk name,package name,app name ******************* If the Ads annoy you, youcan removeit from settings, just one click. We never say we are thebest, butwe will try our best to make it better, any comments orsuggestionswill be nice, please let me know via feedback in ourapp.
Super Backup & Restore 2.2.32
MobileIdea Studio
The fastest data backup and restore tool on Android phones! Youcanbackup applications, contacts, text messages, callhistory,bookmarks, calendars to your SD card, Gmail, or GoogleDrive Youcan share installation APK file to your friends by onetap. Youwill never lose your data again! ★Important Notice #1 Ifyou intendto do a factory reset on the phone, please make suredefault backupfolder is in your external SD card before doing it.If not, pleasecopy the entire backup folder ("SmsContactsBackup" bydefault) toyour external SD card ★Important Notice #2 Since AndroidM, accessbookmarks from 3rd application is disabled, so SuperBackup cannotbackup and restore bookmarks. ★Important Notice #3 Ifyou scheduleautomatic backups, and you use some apps such as TaskKiller orMemory Clear, please make sure you had add Super Backupinto theirWhite List or Ignore list. Otherwise Super Backup can notrun inbackground, and automatic backups will not work. ★ImportantNotice#4 When you finished the SMS restore process, but themessages werenot displayed in your default SMS app, please try toreboot yourdevice. Features: - Backup apps to SD card - BackupGoogle Playdownload link for installed apps - Backup & restoreapp'sdata(need root) - Batch restore apps from SD card (need root)- Onetap to share APK files - Backup Contacts & SMS & Calllogs& Bookmarks & Calendars to SD card - Restore Contacts&SMS & Call logs & Bookmarks & Calendars from SDcard -Can select SMS conversations to backup - Delete the backupdata onSD card - Schedule automatic backups - Auto-upload scheduledbackupfiles to your Google Drive or Gmail - Can download backupfilesfrom Google Drive - Show last backup count & time - Usercanchange backup folder path in Settings - Can backup Contact'sgroupand picture properties - Support backup your voice callrecording.It can perfectly record the phone call voices to mp3files. Recordboth sides voice clearly! About Permissions: READ YOURTEXTMESSAGES (SMS OR MMS)/EDIT YOUR TEXT MESSAGES (SMS OR MMS)Thesepermissions are used to backup & restore your SMS READYOURCONTACTS/MODIFY YOUR CONTACTS These permissions are used tobackup& restore your Contacts WRITE WEB BOOKMARKS ANDHISTORY/READYOUR WEB BOOKMARKS AND HISTORY These permissions areused to backup& restore your Bookmarks READ CALENDAR EVENTSPLUS CONFIDENTIALINFORMATION/ADD OR MODIFY CALENDAR EVENTS AND SENDEMAIL TO GUESTSWITHOUT OWNERS' KNOWLEDGE These permissions are usedto backup& restore your Calendars READ CALL LOG/WRITE CALL LOGThesepermissions are used to backup & restore your CalllogsRECORD_AUDIO These permissions are used to recording yourvoicecall Translations: - Italian- Thanks to Emmanuel Avetta-Portuguese - Thanks to Emmanuel Avetta - Korean - Thanks to 장승훈-Hungarian - Thanks to Balu & Hevesi J. - Turkish - ThankstoFatih Fırıncı - Arabic - Thanks to Falcon Eye - Polish - ThankstoAlvin Świtała - Russian - Thanks to Сергей Приклонский,MikhailMedvedev - Ukrainian - Thanks to Mikhail Medvedev - Czech -Thanksto Renek
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