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Next Launcher Patch 1.2
GOMO Limited
NOTE:This patch is mainly for fixing the issue that theNextLauncher cannot be set to the default launcher properly.PleaseIGNORE this patch if you don’t have this issue.If youpurchased thelauncher from Google Play and if you have to set thelauncher everytime you restart your device, please follow the stepsbelow toapply this patch.1. Make sure your Next Launcher isalreadyupgraded v1.19.1 or higher.2. Install this patch and restartyourdevice.3. After the device restarted up, select "NextLauncherPatch" as ALWAYS use in the launcher selection window(Please noteNOT to select "NextLauncher")4. Next time you restartyour device,the issue will no longer exist.Feel free to contact usif there isany problem orsuggestion.E-mail:[email protected]:www.facebook.com/NextLauncherBlog:golauncher.goforandroid.com
3D Launcher 2018 3.9.1
3D Launcher 2018 shows you 3D dynamic effects andhighlycustomizable home screen replacement app. 3D Launcher2018isdeveloped to extend your imagination to real 3D world.Experimentwith different 3D Shapes , 3D Launcher and set yourlauncher withbest 3D shapes you like for application icons🔥 🔥Agorgeous apppacked with dynamic effects and 3D elements. Thegratifying 3Dvisual elements, transition effects, and gestures willget you adifferent and brilliant visual enjoyment and operationexperience 🔥🔥 🏆 🏆 Best feature of 3D Launcher 2018🏆 🏆 : 🌠Thelauncher featurescrazy 3D effects, turning any device you own intoa futuristicTron-centric trip. 🎨 Theme-Maker: Find themes withcustom iconpacks and wallpapers in launcher theme store. 3DLauncher 2018 forandroid keep your home screen fresh and stylish! 🌠Easy to use:Deleting apps and moving apps around is much easier🌠Gestures 3DLauncher: You can setup lots of gestures: swipe up,swipe down andhome button actions.🌠 Personalization: Change desktopgrid,infinite scrolling, show or hide search bar, customizefolderpreview, and lots of other options!🌠 It’s an extensiveandextremely comprehensive option for someone looking to spiceuptheir device🌠 Customizable home screen grid size with 3Dicons,change the number of icons displayed on screen and theirsize🌠 Lotsof other customization options: transition 3D, 3Dwallpaper, 3Deffect!📲 Explore unique 3D widget features such asclock, date, andbattery 📲 Pinch Zoom to ZOOM-IN or ZOOM-OUT in 3DView. Click on 3Dapp icon to launch app. User can long press onHome screen toaccess features like Widgets, Wallpapers and AppSettings🌏 3DScreen transition: Choose your own way to switchingbetween screensfrom the variety of the screen transition effectsprovided byLauncher 3D – 3D Shell . 🌏 3D background : Powered by 3Dengine,launcher will transform your desktop background into thelivewallpapers and add dynamic effects to your screen. 🌏UnlimitedPages : simply drag and drop icons to make unlimitedpages🔎 QuickSearch for 3D Launcher: Switch between search enginesand browseinternet with the lightning speed using 3D Launcher 2018searchfeature.With floating screen animation your wallpaper willget thereal 3d depth and outstanding visual, excellent 3DTRANSITIONEFFECTS to chooseLove 3D Launcher 2018 - One of the mostheavilycustomizable, fluid, and striking launchers.💕 Rate us 👍 onGooglePlay. We’re always trying to make 3D Launcher 2018 better 😉 😉
Language Translator 1.5
La Clave Ganadora SL
Do you want to travel to another country and you don't knowthelanguage? Are you translating a document and you don't knowwhatdoes each word mean?This application is perfect to translatetextsfast in your phone or tablet. With this online translator youwon'thave communication problems.Features:-The interface is simpleandstylish.-The translations are done instantly.-The applicationistotally free.-Posibility to copy the translated text by usingonebutton.-Posibility to delete the text by clicking onebutton.-Youcan translate from 90 different languages.-You cantranslate byusing your voice.-You can listen translations.It's aperfecttranslator from english to spanish and also from spanishtoenglish, but it also has more languages like for examplerussian,french, german, italian , chinese, catalan and manyothers...‏(Youmust have internet connection for the correct use ofthisapplication on Android).
Next Launcher Catalan Langpack 1.0
GOMO Limited
A language plug-in for Next Launcher 3D.This pack is forNextLauncher 3D Catalan language support.Install it and changethesystem language.The translation will be updated soon, pleasestayturned. ThanksIf you wanted to join our translation team.Clickhttp://crowdin.net/project/next-launcher and sign in.Version:V1.0
TSF Launcher 3D Shell 3.9.3
Launcher 3D Pro
TSF Launcher is a brand-new 3D launcher that will subvertyourconcept of the mobile device home screen operations. Itofferssmooth, unique and customized man-machine interactiveoperationexperience. You are allowed to define all the elements ofthe homescreen freely and efficiently. TSF Launcher keeps creatingnewfeatures and exclusive 3D widgets that will bring youamazingoperation experience and unprecedented visual.Mainfeatures:========================1.Fantastic animationtransitioneffects. All operations, including deletion, addition,menushowing-up or vanishing, are provided with natural, glaringandbutter-smooth animation transition effects.2.Miraculousandeffective 3D home screen switching mode and freewheelinghomescreen element layout mode. More than 10 independent layouthomescreens supported. 3.Unlimited dock bar. Ability to changeitsposition, length and angle as well as to modify the size andthestatus (hidden or showed) of icons and folders in the dock bar.Youcan open the apps and the folders in the dock bar withwave-slidingmode. 4.Batch icon selecting for home screens, foldersand dockbar.5.More than 10 TSF Launcher exclusive widgets, such asMessage,Clock, Weather, Memo, Music, Gallery etc. All 3D widgetsprovideunique visual and operative experience.6.More than 9gesturessupported for Android shortcuts, e.g. app launching, phonecall,sms, as well as TSF Launcher shortcuts, e.g. home screenswitching,status bar hiding, TSF Launcher side bar hiding. 7.TSFLauncherArch Shortcut Menu with special animation effects andoperativeexperience. Ability to complete quick custom shortcutoperations onany home screen.8.Pioneering icon editing tool.Ability tocustomize icon back image, upon image, text label style,etc.9.Manynice free third-party themes are available.10.Funny andintuitiveTSF Launcher settings menu. You can preview thecorrespondingsettings directly.========================We areworking constantlyto improve TSF Launcher. We update our productand widgetsregularly. Please check for updates often to insure youreceive thebest experience. ========================■ FollowUsFacebook:https://www.facebook.com/tsfappTwitter:https://twitter.com/tsfappGoogle+:http://gplus.to/tsf■ ContactUsE-mail:[email protected]:http://www.cmcm.com/protocol/site/privacy.htmlTOSPrivacy:http://www.cmcm.com/protocol/site/tos.htmlAdChoice:http://www.cmcm.com/protocol/site/ad-choice.htmlWewelcomeany comments or suggestions to improve our product."
The translator 2.0.4
This instant free translator can convert text and voice to over50languages, such as English, Spanish, Ukrainian, Russian,Arabic,Italian, Catalan, Japanese, French, Hindi, Basque, etc. withjust atap on your screen. With a simple touch you’ll see yourvoiceconvert into text and translate into the desired language innotime.The app has been developed to be intuitive, quick, easytouse, and support diverse languages, making it superior toothertranslate applications and one of the most necessary apps inyourAndroid device. This application can translate English to Hindiandother languages and dialects in a matter of seconds since ithasbeen developed to achieve this purpose, all of this forfree.Usingthis app, you can convert any text into your nativelanguage tomake reading and understanding much easier. With just afew secondsand a tap of your finger you can translate words,paragraphs, orweb pages.REQUIRES INTERNET ACCESSSome of the app’sfeatures are:Intuitive and quick use.Instant translating.Supportfor multiplelanguages and dialects.Text to voice converting andviceversa.NOTE: Please read all of the app’s specs to avoidanyincompatibility issue with your Android device and ensurefullsupport of the language you want to translateto/from.Technicalspecifications:Requires Android 3.0+An Internetconnection isrequired for the app to work properly.Some of thesupportedlanguages are:Arabic, Basque, Croatian, Russian,Spanish,Portuguese, Turkish, Ukrainian, German, Hindi, Latin,English,French, Finnish, Danish, Irish, Greek, Polish, Swahili,Persian,Lithuanian, Indonesian, Czech, Latvian, Estonian,Vietnamese,Galician, Malay, Romanian, Serbian, Hungarian,Javanese,Traditional Chinese, Urdu, Maltese, Tamil, Hungarian,Slovenian,Belarusian, Norwegian, Swedish, Thai, Estonian, Bengali,Bulgarian,Catalan, etc.
New Launcher 2018
Launcher 2018
Try the New Launcher 2018 now! Download one of the best themesin2018 and enjoy a free launcher 2018 full version thatwilltransform the way your phone or tablet looks. This is one ofthenew 2018 themes that is a full mobile theme changer completewithwallpapers and home screen lock launcher. Try one of the topthemes2018: New Launcher 2018! Give your phone a new design withone ofthe 2018 best themes that also has amazing new 2018wallpapers.This is one of the most popular launchers for Android.The NewLauncher 2018 gives you a new style, with a new wallpaper2018 andnew icon theme! ★How to Install the New Full VersionLauncher★ ✱Download New Launcher 2018; ✱ Open the 2018 bestlaunchers; ✱ Waitfor a few seconds as this 2018 fast speed launcheractivates onyour device; ✱ Enjoy this launcher full version forfree! This freenew launcher is faster! ✱ Install a 2018 newlauncher wallpaperapp. ✱ Change the mobile interface with one ofthe latest launchersfor Android and use it as there is always a newupdate launcher!The full HD wallpaper 2018 collection will amazeyou! ✱ Customizeapp icons for this fast and safe launcher! ★ Visitthe theme store!We have an amazing themes for Android 2018collection for you! Ifyou love this launchers new style, pleaserate and review about thenew version launcher! We've created NewLauncher 2018 to give youthe best launchers new 2018! With newfeatures, New Launcher 2018will become the best 2018 new launcher.★What you get with thisbeautiful launcher 2018★ • Personalize youricons - New Launcher2018 includes a set of custom icons that willcomplete the new lookof the themes for new launcher! • Includes NewLauncher 2018 themesin an impressive collection. Try the launchernew 2018 versionswith a new wallpaper app 2018 collection! • Alauncher with smartfolders.The smart folder launcher feature groupsyour apps incategories. • The best launcher with weather widgetbrings you liveupdates. • Open the settings menu for the newversion launcher 2018to choose more latest theme launcher 2018,wallpapers new 2018 ornew live wallpapers for the latest launcherfor Android! To applynew themes or launcher wallpapers, simply tap'Activate Theme'! ★New Launcher 2018 ★ is one of the best freelaunchers for Android.You can now try this full version launcher onyour phone or tablet,a top choice for the new launchers 2018! TryNew Launcher 2018 anamazing app launcher for Android, a fast andsafe locker andlauncher! End User Licence Agreement Read to findout theconditions for downloading, installing, using andaccessingfeatures of this app - https://goo.gl/xUj6gb PrivacyPolicy We donot store personal information. See what data weanalyze and how itis used - https://goo.gl/66xfmf
Kannada Typing (Type in Kannada) App 1.2.0
Indian Mobile Apps
Kannada Typing (Type in Kannada) app is an English toKannadatransliteration tool. Type your Kannada words in Englishandhit/tap space button. This app automatically converts intoKannadascript.App Advantages==================* Easy Installation.Starttyping immediately* Easy to WhatsApp share & copy text tootherapps* Light weight app (below 1.5MB)* Consume less mobilebatterypower* No keyboard configuration. Technical knowledge isnotrequired* Simply type Kannada words in English and hit/tapspacebuttonAfter typing your message, hit/tap "WhatsApp" buttonandShare your message to your friends (or) copy and paste yourmessageat your favourite Apps like... WhatsApp, Facebook, GoogleAllo,Twitter, GMail, SMS etc.,If you like this app, give it arating andwrite a good review (Top rating is 5stars).
Mahalaxmi Marathi Calendar 2019 2.5
Webnest Software
Mahalaxmi Marathi Calendar 2019 Mahalaxmi Marathi Calendar 2019:The application includes festivals and dates for 2019. You canusethis application to plan for your festivals and holidays.वेबनेस्टप्रस्तुत - महालक्ष्मी मराठी दिनदर्शिका ( पंचांग ) २०१९मराठीदिनदर्शिका २०१९ हे अँप मोफत आहे. - आज चे कॅलेंडर - शुभ मुहर्त-एकादशी - चतुर्थी - अमावास्या - पौर्णिमा - सण वार
Telugu Typing (Type in Telugu) App 1.2.0
Indian Mobile Apps
Telugu Typing (Type in Telugu) app is an English toTelugutransliteration tool. Type your Telugu words in English(Ex.Namaskaram and hit/tap space button). This appautomaticallyconverts into Telugu script.AppAdvantages==================* EasyInstallation. Start typingimmediately* Easy to WhatsApp share& copy text to other apps*Light weight app (below 1.5MB)*Consume less mobile battery power*No keyboard configuration.Technical knowledge is not required*Simply type Telugu words inEnglish and hit/tap space buttonAftertyping your message sharewith WhatsApp or Copy and paste yourmessage at your favourite Appslike... WhatsApp, Facebook, GoogleAllo, Twitter, GMail, SMSetc.,If you like this app, give it arating and write a good review(Top rating is 5stars).
Sparsh Marathi Keyboard 2.1.1
Sparsh Team
Sparsh is a Touch-Screen Keyboard for Marathi language developedforAndroid devices. * Its simple, efficient and allows inputtinganyMarathi character with a single slide motion. * Has a basekeyboardlayout with a popup keyboard for characters based onfundamentalcharacters. * Select a base letter, slide across thepopup keyboardto select and input the desired character. * Pleasenote there is ahalf letter character for every consonant in thepopupkeyboard.Sparsh Marathi Keyboard is part of the suite ofKeyboardsderived from Sparsh Indian KeyboardFollowing keyboardsare supportedwith dictionary support:- Marathi Keyboard- EnglishKeyboard
Japanese Keyboard - English to Japanese typing
Desh Keyboards
Japanese Keyboard is an English to Japanese keyboard app thatmakestyping Japanese faster than ever before. This works as aRomaji toJapanese Transliterator or translator. - Type in Englishto getJapanese letters - Works inside all apps on your phone - aJapanesetyping keyboard app for all social media and messaging apps- Savestime compared to handwriting input or other Japanese inputtools. -Chat with your friends and family with this JapaneseKeyboardEnglish to Japanese Installation and set up is easy. -Download theapp and open it. - Enable Japanese Keyboard in Step 1and choose itin Step 2. - Change settings and choose from colourfulJapanesekeyboard themes. - That's all! You can type Japaneseeverywherenow. - To change keyboard easily, press and hold thespace key.Built in India. Amazing features. - Type in Japanesefaster. Starttyping the letters and choose Japanese predictionsfrom the list.This is the easiest app for English to Japanesetyping - Internetis required for this app to work. Offline supportis coming soon. -A phonetic Japanese transliteration keyboard thatworks on Androidphones and tablets. Japanese text typing madefaster. - No need tolearn Japanese keypad and layout. - The bestrated Japanese typingapp that works as Japanese English keyboard -This Japanesekeyboard with English letters is easier to use thanany otherkeyboard Simple and easy to use. - Use the language buttontoswitch between English and Japanese. English word suggestionsarealso available. - Press and hold the emoji key to view allemojisfrom the Japanese emoji keyboard - Color themes can bechanged fromsettings. Choose from 21 interesting colorcombinations. Love it?Choose Premium. - Buy Premium on thisJapanese Keyboard for Androidfor a small one time cost for a fullyad free experience. - Yourpurchase supports the developers andhelps improve the app evenmore. We respect your privacy. - Nopersonal information or creditcard details are collected. Astandard warning is shown by Androidfor all keyboards that youdownload. - Anonymous statistics may becollected to improve yourexperience. Share your suggestions byemailing us [email protected] Please leave great feedback - ithelps us keepgoing!
Lipikaar Kannada Keyboard 6.0.7
Now you can send emails, post Facebook updates and send messagesonWhatsapp in Kannada using the Lipikaar Kannada Keyboard.How totypein Kannada(ಕನ್ನಡ) with Lipikaar:Rule 1:Repeatedly type theclosestsounding key till you see the correct Kannada scriptcharacter. s =ಸ ss = ಶ sss = ಷ krr = ಕ್ರ krrr = ಕೃRule 2:Join twocharacters bytyping x between them. txt = ತ್ತ rxt = ರ್ತ rkxt =ರಕ್ತRule 3:Type zto add a special symbol of the script. z = ಂ zz =ಃ zzz = ಼ zzzz =ಽFor more details: http://bit.ly/1OPlSbLFeatures:-No memorizingkey positions. Simple and intuitive typing in Kannadausing regularEnglish (QWERTY) keyboard.- No fluency in English isrequired.Lipikaar encourages users to think in their language.
Conversation Translator 1.25
A language translator for conversations with foreign people.Aninterpreter for dialogues with local people. • Easycommunicatewith foreigners. • Ask questions in other languages. •For travel ,vacations or business trips. • 100+ languages •Translate words orphrases • Translate your voice • Hear thetranslation (Text tospeech) • Send Voice as MP3 (Long click onbubbles) • Fast and easy• Voice recognition (Speech to text) • Nicegraphics *** It needsan internet connection *** Some languages donot have speech
Translator Spanish English 1.0.0
Download new versionhere:https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=idiomas.mundo.traductorFreelanguagetranslator Spanish EnglishUse the translator to studies,travel andbusiness. It is simple and easy to use.It translatesinstantly morethan 100 languages without limits. Type the phraseyou want totranslate, click the button, when you can have thetranslation inthe selected language and you can share it on yourfavorite mediasuch as Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp...Reproduces theoriginallanguage translation by just pressing a button and lookgood in thepronunciation not to lose detail. Use it on yourtravels abroad, theapplication works in all parts of the world.That language is not abarrier!Use the translation of voice toprovide you convenience whenit comes to writing what you want totranslate, use it to yourbenefit mobile approaching the personthat you want to translate andlet the translator do the rest.Theapplication is free and needsinternet (WiFi, 3G or 4G) to operateand access the server oftranslations.The languages supported bytranslator are: African(af), Albanian (sq), German (de), Amharic(am), Armenian (hy),Arabic (ar), Azerbaijan (az), Bengali (bn),Belarusian (be), Burmese(my), Bosnian (bs), Bulgarian (bg),Kannada (kn), Catalan (ca),Cebuano (ceb), Czech (cs), Chichewa(ny), Simplified Chinese(zh-CN), Traditional Chinese (zh-TW),Singhalese (si), Corean (ko),Corsican (co), Haitian Creole (ht),Croatian (hr), Danish (da),Slovak (sk), Slovenian (sl), Spanish(es), Esperanto (eo), Estonia(et), Basque (eu), Tagalo (tl),Finnish (fi), French (fr), Frisian(fy), Scottish Gaelic (gd),Galician (gl), Welsh (cy), Georgian(ka), Greek (el), Guyarati(gu), Hausa (ha), Hawaiian (haw), Hebrew(iw), Hindi (hi), Hmong(hmn), Dutch (nl), Hungarian (hu), Igbo(ig), Indonesian (id),English (en), Irish (ga), Icelandic (is),Italian (it), Japanese(ja), Javanese (jw), Jemer (km), Kazakhstani(kk), Kirghiz (ky),Kurdish (ku), Lao (lo), Latin (la), Latvian(lv), Lithuanian (lt),Luxembourgish (lb), Macedonio (mk), Malayalam(ml), Malay (ms),Malgache (mg), Maltese (mt), Maori (mi), Marathi(mr), Mongolian(mn), Nepali (ne), Norwegian (no), Pashto (ps),Persian (fa),Polish (pl), Portuguese (pt), Punjabi (pa), Romanian(ro), Russian(ru), Samoan (sm), Serbian (sr), Sesotho (st), Shona(sn), Sindhi(sd), Somali (so), Suajili (sw), Swedish (sv),Sundanese (su),Tagalog (tl), Thai (th), Tamil (ta), Tajik (tg),Telugu (te),Turkish (tr), Ukranian (uk), Urdu (ur), Uzbeks (uz),Vietnamita(vi), Xhosa (xh), Yiddish (yi), Yoruba (yo), Zulu (zu)
Paryayvachi - Hindi Synonyms 1.4.9
This app contains Hindi paryayvachi (पर्यायवाची ) and Vilom Shabd.
Marathi Typing (Type in Marathi) App 1.2.0
Indian Mobile Apps
Marathi Typing (Type in Marathi) app is an English toMarathitransliteration tool. Type your Marathi words in Englishandhit/tap space button. This app automatically converts intoMarathiscript.App Advantages==================* Easy Installation.Starttyping immediately* Easy to WhatsApp share & copy text tootherapps* Light weight app (below 1.5MB)* Consume less mobilebatterypower* No keyboard configuration. Technical knowledge isnotrequired* Simply type Marathi words in English and hit/tapspacebuttonAfter typing your message, hit/tap "WhatsApp" buttonandShare your message to your friends (or) copy and paste yourmessageat your favourite Apps like... WhatsApp, Facebook, GoogleAllo,Twitter, GMail, SMS etc.,If you like this app, give it arating andwrite a good review (Top rating is 5stars).
English Arabic Dictionary 7.0
English Arabic dictionary application that allows you totranslatewords from Arabic into English and English to Arabicwithout havingto connect to the Internet and free of charge.Theapplication ischaracterized by the following features:- Workswithout internet-Simple and easy to use- Contains more than 250,000words-Translation (giving meanings) words from Arabic toEnglish-Translation (giving meanings) words from English intoArabic.Alsoyou can translate arabic to english and english toarabic directlyby highlight the text and select english arabictranslator from themenu .the dictionaries include most of the topicinclude medical ,engineering , accounting , financial , school andother topics
Camera Translator 2.0.3
App World Studio
The Camera Translator app let you translate text , text fromimagein allmost all available languages in one click. CameraTranslatorapp has smart OCR feature which enable you to translateany textdirect using camera without need of writing it. This Appuseslatest Algorithms for text detaction means, Camera Translatorcanidentify text of almost every languages.This app Alsosupportsdifficult to indentify languages likeChinese,Korean,Japanese etc.You can also translate the text viawriting it in translator.Thisapp Indentifies language automaticallymeans you don't have tospecify the languge while translating fromimages or text. You canalso bookmark your favorite word directlyfrom translator to use itlater. Photo translator app also supportsVoice recignization meansyou can enter text in more than 50+language via just speaking. Youdon't have to type the text. In thisImage Translator App you canalso know how the pronounce thetranslated word in just one clickon speak button. CamereaTranslator app also save the history ofyour translations so thatyou can get it later whenever the need.Features: - Translate DirectUsing Camera - Can Translate fromImage using Gallery - Voice Input- Prounciation of the TranslatedWord - Support more than 50+Languages - Support Non Latin basedlanguages likeChinese,Korean,Japanese etc. - Fast Translation inOne click -Bookmark - Translation History
Google Pinyin Input
Google LLC
The Google Pinyin Input is an input method (IME) optimizedfortyping Chinese on Android. The app offers a variety of methodsforfast and easy input of Chinese characters. Key features: -QWERTYPinyin keyboard with gesture typing and intelligentcorrection - 9key Pinyin keyboard with gesture typing - Strokekeyboard - Fullscreen and half screen handwriting keyboard - Latinkeyboard -Fuzzy pinyin - Double pinyin - Optimized UI for differentscreensizes - Voice input - Themes The app supports both simplifiedandtraditional Chinese characters, as well as punctuation,emoticons,Latin characters and digits. Voice input is network-basedin orderto provide highly accurate matches. Note: To be used onyourAndroid device, the input method must be enabled in "Settings"→"Language & Input". For typing Cantonese, you coulddownloadthe Google CantoneseInput:https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.google.android.apps.inputmethod.cantoneseFortyping traditional Chinese by Zhuyin or Cangjie, you coulddownloadthe Google ZhuyinInput:https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.google.android.apps.inputmethod.zhuyin
Q Multi Language Translator 1.34
Do you need translation? In many languages and simultaneously?Trythis translator! • translates words, text, sentences, phrases•choose many languages simultaneously • translates all languagesatonce • translate voice • hear the translation • Sharetranslationas Mp3 • 100+ languages • Copy the translation(clipboard) • Veryeasy and intuitive • Voice input & output •Speech Recognition• Text to speech • Nice graphics • Color themes*** it needs aninternet connection *** some languages do not havespeech - Copy toclipboard: long click on the text Supportedlanguages: Afrikaans,Albanian, Arabic Armenian, Azerbaijani,BasqueBelarusian, Bengali,Bosnian Bulgarian,Catalan, Cebuano Chinese(Simplified), Chinese(Traditional) Croatian, Czech,DanishDutch,English, EsperantoEstonian,Filipino, Finnish French,Galician,Georgian German, Greek,Gujarati Haitian Creole,Hebrew Hindi, Hmong,Hungarian Icelandic,Indonesian, Irish Italian,Japanese, JavaneseKannada, Khmer, KoreanLao, Latin, Latvian Lithuanian,Macedonian,Malay Maltese,Marathi,Norwegian Persian, Polish, PortugueseRomanian,Russian,Serbian Slovak, Slovenian, Spanish Swahili,Swedish,TamilTelugu, Thai, Turkish Ukrainian, Urdu,VietnameseWelsh, Yiddish NewLanguages added : Amharic, Burmese, Chichewa,Corsican, Frisian,Hausa Hawaiian, Igbo, Kazakh, Kurdish, Kyrgyz,LuxembourgishMalagasy, Malayalam, Maori, Mongolian, Nepali Pashto,Punjabi,Samoan, Scots Gaelic, Sesotho, Shona Sindhi, Sinhala,Somali,Sundanese, Tajik Uzbek, Xhosa, Yoruba, Zulu
Telangana Adangal Pahani 1.10
Telanagana Land Record :-View,Save,Print and Share:-1)ADANGAL/PAHANI2) IMPORTANT SERVICESTATUSADHARCARD,PANCARD,PASSPORTAND TRAIN ENQUIRYNotes :-1) Theland record provided here is onlyfor general information.2)If youwant original copy ,Please contactyour goverment office.
Bangla Calendar HD with Notepad 6.0
Wisdom Apps
This Calendar name Bengali Calendar or Bangla Calendar HD isupdatedversion of traditional Bengali Calendar . This wonderfulbengalicalendar contains both english and bengali dates . Completepanjika. Purnima , Omabasya , Ekadashi notification . Puja ,Festival ,Birthday Notifications and much more updates on variousthings .•You can understand the usage very easily •Special Featurelike :Note pad and easy notification added . •Great Quality imagesandtexts . •Inbuilt Zoom option • Calendar in Bengali Language•Bengali Calendar with notepad • Calendar with full Panjika •Easyaccessible calendar . easy for everybody • Bengali 1425Calendar •Bangla 1425 Calendar • Best Indian Bangla Calendar
Translator 12
Free Language TranslatorText translator free, easy to useandfast.Ideal for mobile phone or tablet. This applicationtranslateinto and from more than 100 different languages andpronounce thewords written for better understanding.Enter the textyou want totranslate writing or speaking. The application cantranslate yourvoice.While its main use is the translation ofenglish into spanishand vice versa, you can do many translations inlanguages such asEnglish/portuguese, English/French,English/Italian, English/German, etc.The use of this application iscompletely free butrequires an internet connection (3G, 4G, LTE,Wi-fi) to connect tothe translation server. Once translated thephrase for the firsttime, it will keep it in the memory to accessit offline.Thelanguages currently supported are: (ar) Arabic, (bs)Bosnian, (bg)Bulgarian, (ca) Catalan, (zh-CHS) Chinese Simplified,(zh-CHT),Chinese Traditional, (hr) Croatian, (cs) Czech, (da)Danish, (nl)Dutch, (en) English, (et) Estonian, (fi) Finnish, (fr)French, (de)German, (el) Greek, (ht) Haitian Creole, (he) Hebrew,(hi) Hindi,(mww) Hmong Daw, (hu) Hungarian, (id) Indonesian, (it)Italian,(ja) Japanese, (ko) Korean, (lv) Latvian, (lt) Lithuanian,(ms)Malay, (mt) Maltese, (no) Norwegian, (fa) Persian, (pl)Polish,(pt) Portuguese, (ro) Romanian, (ru) Russian, (sr-Cyrl)Serbian(Cyrillic), (sr-Latn) Serbian (Latin), (sk) Slovak, (sl)Slovenian,(es) Spanish, (sv) Swedish, (th) Thai, (tr) Turkish,(uk)Ukrainian, (ur) Urdu, (vi) Vietnamese, (cy) Welsh, (yua)YucatecMayaShare your translations through social networks(Facebook,Twitter, WhatsApp, Instagram) or SMS, Bluetooth, EmailorWi-Fi.This application is similar to the google translator orthebing translator, but optimized for use in cell phones ortablets.Ifthe translator is to your liking and utility, pleasequalifypositively to continue improving it. Your comments areveryimportant to us as they can improve our application.Thank youverymuch for using our translator!Please excuse any inconveniencetheuse of advertising may cause to you, but it’s the only way tokeepthe product running, as translation costs are very high.Note:thissystem uses the translation engine of Bing Translator orGoogletranslator for consultations and requires an internetconnection tofunction properly.
Translator - Fast and Easy 49.0
Talkao - Talk & Translate
Language translator - Fast and Easy Fast access andimmediatetranslation. Incredible translation tool. It has theessential tomake easy, fast, precise and accurate yourtranslations. Open theapplication, enter your text, or use themicrophone for the spokentext and the translation is ready tolisten or share. 🔊 Languagetranslator can translate 41 languages 🔊Translate voice featureworks with 19 languages 🔊 Easy to use, withbig letters 🔊 Fastaccess and immediate translation 🔊 Takes uplittle space on yourdevice 🔊 Share your translations Speak andtranslate in alllanguages ​​of the world. Immediate and easilyaccessibletranslation. Learn languages ​​easily and communicatewith everyonein the world. Share your translations directly withinstantmessaging, notes, social networking, mail, search engine, oranyapplication you have installed on your device. This applicationcantranslate languages such as: Arabic, English, Bulgarian,Catalan,Chinese Simplified, Chinese Traditional, Croatian, Czech,Danish,Dutch, Estonian, Finnish, French, German, Greek, Hebrew,Hindi,Hungarian, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Korean,Lithuanian,Malay, Norwegian, Persian, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian,Russian,Serbian, Slovenian, Slovak, Spanish, Swedish, Thai,Turkish,Ukrainian, Vietnamese and Welsh. Language translator maycontainadvertising.
Translator 2.0.6
Free Translator app - translate all language , make yourtranslationtext This translate app is free app translationon notuse offlinetraduction without network and this app use GoogleTranslationservice and Bing and Microsoft application is one ofthe bestFeatured : - Copy text translat-voice to voice translator-voice totext translation-text to voice translator -share &copy - alllanguages translator Some of languagesinterpretertranslatedArabicEnglishFrenchPersianItalianChineseIndianPakistaniBulgarianSpanishUSEnglishGermanRussianJapaneseAndmore other languages ​​,,note :This translator need connection notwork OfflineFinally if you likethis translat app rate it please .
Malayalam Keyboard 20
Rons Tech
Welcome to Malayalam Keyboard We split our keyboard app into two*Malayalam keyboard * Manglish Keyboard(English toMalayalamkeyboard) Now Malayalam keyboard comes with new featureEnglish toMalayalam keyboard, helps Malayalam typing in a highspeed. OurEnglish to Malayalam converter helps to get your messagein yournative Malayalam within seconds. Our Malayalam keyboard appisdiffer from other app, you can write your message and saveyourmessage in our app itself and at anytime you can send themessageto anyone with our dedicated share message button todifferentmessaging and social media application. Our Malayalamkeyboard isalso easy to write , especially elder peoples can easilywrite withbigger font for each alphabets in Malayalam. ComedyMalayalam moviestickers is also included in the application ,so itis easy to havea funny chat with movie trolls. The use of Malayalamkeyboard comeswhen chatting with friends and relatives,Malayalamwould be moreconvenient to express your thoughts Features---------------- *Very simple Malayalam typing keyboard * Englishto Malayalam typingfeature * English to Malayalam translation *Simple and awesome UI* New Malayalam movie troll stickers By usingour Manglishkeyboard, you can simple translate english to Malayalamwithinseconds. Developed by, Rons Technologies
Pronounce English Correctly 5.3
Do You want improve yoour english listening and pronunciation?Areyou looking for some tools to teach how to Pronounce anenglishword or sentence correctly? This app can do the job. Yes itwill doit!If you are in doubt how to pronounce a word or englishphrasecorrectly just open the app and type in your word or phraseand theapp will finish the job.This app is made in order to helpyouimprove your english speaking both listening andpronunciation.itis a training tool to improve your englishspeaking. just writeyour word or sentence and then listen topronunciation.It is easyto use as application, just open it thentype in your word orsentence and touch speak button and the word orphrase will be readin english.Please send us your remarks aboutthis englishpronunciation tool which help to improve englishlearning. We arehere to improve it.just enjoy it and happy englishlearning!
Gujarati Keyboard 1.0
Keyboard Theme Store
Are you want to type words in your own language?ThisGujaratikeyboard provide you Gujarati keyboard language.So, you cantype orwrite in Gujarati fonts.For use this Gujarati Keyboard youhave toinstall thisapplicationfirst.https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=app.typo.photokeyboardHowtouse Gujarati Keyboard:1) Download this keyboard theme andphotokeyboard application.2) Than open Language optionfromapplication.3) After that you cans select theme fromthemeoption.And use that languageSo, now you can chat in yourownlanguage with this beautiful keyboard and many keyboard theme,emojis etc are available in this keyboard.Want morelanguage?Weprovide many other keyboard language with stunningUserinterface.So, download and enjoy this Gujarati keyboard anddon'tforgot to give us your feedback.So, we can provide you moregoodwork as per your feedback.
Marathi Keyboard
Desh Keyboards
Marathi Keyboard is an English to Marathi keyboard app thatmakestyping Marathi faster than ever before. - Type in English togetMarathi letters - it works as a Minglish keyboard. - Worksinsideall apps on your phone - a Marathi typing keyboard app forallsocial media and messaging apps - Saves time comparedtohandwriting input or other Indic Marathi input tools. - Chatwithyour friends and family with this Marthi keyboard Installationandset up is easy. - Download the app and open it. - EnableMarathiKeyboard in Step 1 and choose it in Step 2. - Changesettings andchoose from colourful Marathi keyboard themes. - That'sall! Youcan type Marathi everywhere now. - To change keyboardeasily, pressand hold the space key. Built in India. Amazingfeatures. - Type inMarathi faster. Start typing the Minglishletters and chooseMarathi predictions from the list. This is theeasiest app forMinglish to Marathi typing - Top words are availableoffline in thefast keyboard. Turn on internet for additional words.- A phoneticMarathi transliteration keyboard that works on Androidphones andtablets. - No need to learn Marathi keypad and layout. -The bestrated Marathi typing app that works as Marathi Englishkeyboard -This English to Marathi keyboard is easier to use thanany otherkeyboard Simple and easy to use. - Use the language buttontoswitch between English and Marathi. English word suggestionsarealso available. - For GIFs and emojis, click the button on topleftside of the keyboard. Make your conversations even moreamazingwith popular animated GIFs - Press and hold the emoji key toviewall emojis - Marathi GIF keyboard lets you share interestinggoodmorning messages, funny animations and more. - Color themes canbechanged from settings. Choose from 21 interestingcolorcombinations. Love it? Choose Premium. - Buy Premium onthisMarathi Keyboard app for a small one time cost for a fully adfreeexperience. - Your purchase supports the developers andhelpsimprove the app even more. We respect your privacy. - Nopersonalinformation or credit card details are collected. Astandardwarning is shown by Android for all keyboards that youdownload. -Anonymous statistics may be collected to improve yourexperience.Share your suggestions by emailing us [email protected] Pleaseleave great feedback - it helps us keepgoing!
Arabic Keyboard 4.6.3
Smart Technologies Apps
● Swipe the spacebar from side to side for switchingbetweenlanguages.● Long press on the "Enter" key to get into thekeyboardsettings.● Long press on any key for additionalcharacters.● Selectyour theme from many themes of the ArabicKeyboard.● Adjust thesize of the keys.● Change the sound andvibration of typing.●Select the favorite top and bottom rows of thekeyboard.●Dictionary settings.● Settings of typing and display.●The newestEmoji.
Gujarati Keyboard 1.3.1
Desh Keyboards
Gujarati Keyboard lets you type in English characters whichgetsinstantly converted to Gujarati.Typing with this Gujaratikeyboardis the fastest way to type - you don't need any otherGujaratiinput tools. It works inside all applications on your phone- nomore copy-paste! Supports 21+ colorful themes with easysettings,this is the trendiest way to type Gujarati letters onAndroid, andthe easiest Gujarati typing keyboard!Chat with yourfriends andfamily in your native language - use native Gujaratitext on anychatting or social media apps on your phone like aregularkeyboard.How to start Gujarati typing using thisGujaratiKeyboard:1. Open Gujarati Keyboard from your appsafterinstalling2. Enable and choose Gujarati Keyboard as yourdefaultkeyboard.3. Customize settings and choose from 21 amazingthemes4.Start typing Gujarati language everywhere!Start typing inEnglishand choose Gujarati word suggestions for what you'retyping.Offline support coming soon. Works on Android phones andAndroidtablets. Simple to use with touch screen Gujarati texttyping fromphonetic transliteration using this keyboard.- Gujaratikeypad,Gujarati layout and Gujarati mobile keyboard in allyourapplications- Easy swith to English or Gujarati text as youneed.Turn off Gujarati when you don't need by using thelanguagebutton.- Emoji's are supported: hold on the 123 numberbutton andyou'll get a list of smileys. There are 3 pages fromwhich you canchoose what you need from the Gujarati smileykeyboard..- Colorthemes can be changed from the settings page. Lookfor Gujaratikeyboard in your apps to access this.No more typingwith slowmanual keyboards - this is the best AndroidGujaratiTransliteration Keyboard that is free, fast, effortless andeasy touse.No personal information or credit card details arecollected.We store anonymous statistics may be shared to improveyourexperience - share your suggestions [email protected] great feedback - it helps us keepgoing!
Translator - Floating 2.7.1
Translator using floating window for ease and speed oftranslationand the possibility of using window translator withinanyapplicationApplication features :- The use of a floating window(thumbnails) and the translation of texts from which to postforeasy translation into any application.- A choice of more than20languages ​​and translation to and from it quiteeasily.-Pronunciation of words translated to all languages. - Savewordsand refer to them at any time.- Easy control of the floatingwindowzoom in and out and hide in the notices.
Marathi Calendar 2019 2.6
Webnest Software
Marathi Calendar 2019 : The application includes festivals anddatesfor 2019. You can use this application to plan for yourfestivalsand holidays. वेबनेस्ट प्रस्तुत - मराठी दिनदर्शिका (पंचांग ) २०१९मराठी दिनदर्शिका २०१९ हे अँप मोफत आहे. - आज चेकॅलेंडर - शुभ मुहर्त- एकादशी - चतुर्थी - अमावास्या - पौर्णिमा - सणवार Features : -Marathi Holiday List - Hindu Holiday List - PublicHoliday List -Bank Holiday List - Muslim Holiday List - ChristianHolday List -Parsi Holiday List - Festivals 2019 - Marriage Dates2019 - EkadasiList 2019 - Paurnima List 2019 - Amavasya List 2019- Panchak List2019 - Panchang List 2019
Speaking Clock - tell me the time 1.1.8
Speaking clock is a free application. Using the app to giveyouvoice announcements means you do not have to watch the clocktoknow the current time. Currently, the first version oftheapplication has a bundle of Vietnamese, English, Hindilanguages,and in subsequent upgrades the developer will add otherlanguagepacks. We look forward to your support and suggestions!
Amharic Keyboard 1.1
This Ethiopian app is the first attempt to solve the problemindisplaying Geez fidel cultural alphabets in android. This appishandy to install as it does not require any expertise orrootingyour device.The Font is tested with most of the SamsunggalaxySeries that support flip-fonts, but the test did not coverallavailable android devices. This font app is a movie base forthesoon coming Android Geez calendar soft keyboard.- keyboardlooksjust like iphone- prediction/dictionary available-enable/disablesound on keypress.- enable/disable vibrate onkeypress.All-in-onelight-weight keyboard Send Amharic Ethiopiandrama messages easilyusing the built-in Ge'ez phonetic Keyboard.Freely, connect withyour friends and tv shows worldwide and makechatting extra fun.★KakaoTalk,EBC WhatsApp, TicToc★ Extremecustomizable/scalable★ T9,compact, Cyrillic phonetic (swipe ←)★Qwerty / Azerty / Qwertz /Dvorak / Left Hand / Right Hand / Colemak/ Neo / Bépo★ εχ๑тὶς,math, smiley faces, Edit Mode, Num Pad,symbols keyboard★ UnicodeIME★ Esc, Ctrl, Alt, tab keys for ssh,telnet, remote desktop★Voice calendar input★ Gestures Amharic ★Auto correction: Typeapproximately or blind type★ Autotext / ebsshorthand.★ funny Wordlearning★ Multi-touch ★ Split mode fortablets (thumb typing)★ ICS(ice cream sandwich) tested.★ Accentskey / etv dead-key★ 나랏글★ TryFontomizer SP if you have fontissue.This application complies withUS Copyright law guidelines of"fair use". If you feel there is adirect copyright or trademarkviolation that doesn't follow withinthe "fair use"guidelines,please contact us directly.or trademarkviolation thatdoesn't follow within the "fair use"guidelines,please contact usdirectly.This Ethiopian app is thefirst attempt to solve theproblem-in displaying Geez fidelcultural alphabets in android. Thisapp is handy to install as itdoes not require any expertise orrooting your device.The font istested with most of the Samsunggalaxy series did supportflip-fonts, but the test did not cover allavailable androiddevices. This font app is a movie base for thesoon coming AndroidGeez calendar soft keyboard.- Keyboard looksjust like iphone-Prediction / dictionary available- Enable /disable sound onkeypress.- Enable / disable vibrate onkeypress.All-in-onelight-weight keyboardSend Amharic Ethiopiandrama messages Easilyusing the built-in Ge'ez phonetic keyboard.Freely, connect withyour friends and tv shows worldwide and makechatting Extra fun.★KakaoTalk, EBC WhatsApp, TicToc★ Extremecustomizable / scalable★T9, compact, Cyrillic phonetic (swipe ←)★Qwerty / Azerty / Qwerty/ Dvorak / Left Hand / Right Hand / Colemak/ Neo / Bepo★ εχ1тὶς,math, smiley faces, Edit Mode, Num Pad,symbols keyboard★ UnicodeIME★ Esc, Ctrl, Alt, tab keys for ssh,telnet, remote desktop★Voice input calendar★ Gestures Amharic★ Autocorrection: TypeApproximately or blind type★ AutoText / ebsshorthand.★ funny Wordlearning★ Multi-touch★ Split mode for tablets(thumb typing)★ ICS(ice cream sandwich) tested.★ Accents key / etvdead-key★ 나랏글★ TryFontomizer SP if you have font issue.Thisapplication Complies withUS Copyright law guidelines of "fair use".If you feel there is adirect copyright or trademark violation diddoes not follow withinthe "fair use" guidelines, please contact usdirectly.or trademarkviolation did does not follow within the "fairuse" guidelines,please contact us directly.
Multi Language Translator Free 53.0
Talkao - Talk & Translate
Multi Language Translator Free 🌍One language input and twooutputlanguages. The most anticipated translation tool translatesto twolanguages ​​simultaneously. 🈯️Two translation modes, withtheoption of single translator, translates into a languagetranslatoras a classic, and how to translate your language triplesourcelanguage in two different languages ​​at the same time.Discoverthese modalities to translate and much more, sliding theupperlashes. 🎯More accurate translations with the triplelanguagefunction, translated into two languages ​​simultaneously,it iseasy to check the accuracy of the translation if you chooseatleast one output language known. 🔊 Listen to the pronunciationofyour translations offline, and clean the cache of soundswhenneeded. Hold a conversation in any language is easytranslatedifferent texts and voice translator function, use thebutton totalk application. 📚 Learn languages ​​quickly and easily,speaksyour language to translate written or spoken of in thelanguage ofyour choice, 80 text languages ​​and 44 languages​​spoken voice.Multi Language Translator Free has the followingfeatures:🇺🇸🇩🇪🇰🇷🇯🇵🇨🇳🇫🇷🇪🇸🇮🇹🇷🇺🇬🇧🇧🇷 - Translated into more than 80languages. -Voice input in all languages. - Voice output in 44languages. -Translation history. - Make your favorite translations.- Filtercolor your favorite translations. - Share directly audiosto otherapplications. - Word suggestions. -Spellcheck.🇺🇸🇩🇪🇰🇷🇯🇵🇨🇳🇫🇷🇪🇸🇮🇹🇷🇺🇬🇧🇧🇷 📝 Multi Language Translator Freealsocorrects spelling, word suggestion, preserves the history ofyourlatest translations, share texts directly to instantmessaging,social networking, mail, search engine, notes andotherapplications you have installed. 🛠 Sets and organizes yourhistory:Expand and minimizes extensive translations with justtouchingthem, and change the order of position in history, atranslation byclicking and dragging it to the desired position.🎨Choose between19 different colors to filter your favoritetranslations, so youcan classify different translated, or differenttypes of sentences,texts or words languages. Good help for businesstravelers,students or tourists. 📱Customize the translator to yourliking,adjust the font size (smaller for large translations andbigger toread better) or change the background color of theapplicationchoose between 190 shades of different colors. ✈️Idealfor yourtravels, thanks to the sorting and filters yourtranslations, thistool is perfect for traveling, sightseeing orlanguage students.🌐Multi Language Translator Free can translate 80languages ​​likethese and many more. Arabic, English, Bulgarian,Catalan, ChineseSimplified, Chinese Traditional, Croatian, Czech,Danish, Dutch,Estonian, Finnish, French, German, Greek, Hebrew,Hindi, Hungarian,Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Lithuanian,Malay,Norwegian, Persian, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian,Serbian,Slovenian, Slovak, Spanish, Swedish, Thai, Turkish,Ukrainian,Vietnamese and Welsh.
Mahalaxmi Marathi Calendar 2018 1.0
Android app King
This application shows the calendar of 2017.In which you canalsosee the total number of holidays in year. Monthwise holidayisrepresented by Red color.In which I add the public awarenesslogoand inspirational images.Public awareness contains savewater,savetree etc.Inspirational containsShiwajiMaharaj,Maharanapratap,Babasaheb Ambedkar,Lord yeshu etc.
Hamro Nepali Keyboard 2.3
Hamro Patro
Hamro Keyboard is a Nepali keyboard for all of us who loveNepalilanguage. You can use this keyboard to write Nepali text inanyapp. No need to copy and paste.With Hamro Nepali Keyboard, youcantype Nepali directly to any app. We support three keyboardlayouts,Unicode Transliteration, MPP based Romanized layout,andtraditional layout. We also added Emoji support and NumericKeypadwith the latest update. Now, Type in Nepali and help yourfriendsto type in Nepali. Lets promote Nepali language by typinginNepali.
Daily English Conversation 6.0
Paris Learn English
Daily English Conversation is a quick way to learnEnglishconversation. Learning English will be easier. It's free andcan beused offline.If you are looking for an application toimproveEnglish conversation skills and help you speak Englishmorefluently, this application is suitable for you. Thisapplicationcontains various examples of daily english conversation.This willhelp you speak English fluently.You can also practice withyourfriends, and share the contents of this application to socialmediasuch as Facebook, Line, Whatsapp, BBM, Twitter, WeChat,Hangouts,Google+, GTalk, etc.Available apps from basic to advancedlevel,check this out ;)I hope this application can be usefulforeveryone. Don't forget to rate and comment!!!Thank you :)
Binary Code Translator 1.8.1
"Binary Code Translator" translates binary code into text andviceversa.Disclaimer:This App translates every single characterinbinary code. Therefore you can not use it for calculations.
help2net H2N
This is only DEMO / TRIAL Application, The full application willbeavailable from 20-01-2017 (FRIDAY).. Try and give suggestionstomake it more effective. Share to your friends. Thanks
Bangla Keyboard 1.1
Orange Studio bd
Very simple Bangla Keyboard application. Lets you write banglaasyou want without any settings in your phone. Just type anythingyouwant using your phon's English keyboard and press convert andseethe magic. Copy your bangla text and use anywhere or send asamessage.
Fast Hindi keyboard- Easy Hindi English Typing 1.2.1
A phonetic keyboard designed for the Hindi users who love to typeinHindi through English keyboard. Do you want to type words inyourown language? This keyboard provides you Hindi languagekeyboard So,you can type or write through hindi keypad. Nowtranslate fromEnglish to Hindi, using Hindi Keyboard for Androidwith this easytranslator app. Just get English Hindi Translatorapp downloaded inyour mobile and start translating. Its a easy touse app withbeautiful User Interface Design. This Hindi keyboardTyping app canbe used for all kinds of applications where Hindiinput is required.With Hindi Keyboard you can write all HindiAlphabets, letters andwords very quickly and easily.Type In Hindiis a freetransliteration tool, Using this app you can type inEnglish and getthe text converted to Hindi language.This app -HINDI keypad - helpsyou to communicate with your world in your ownlanguage.Communication in your language brings you closer to yourpeople ! Doyou find it difficult to type Hindi words and Hindiwriting in yourandroid mobile keyboard? Then english to hindiconverter will helpyou to write in roman english as it is englishhindi keyboard so itwill convert that roman english in hindiautomatically , now anyonecan write even though they don’t knowhow type in hindi . So thisenglish to hindi converter isconvenient to use for anyone. Appfeatures : - Translate easilyfrom English to Hindi, No need to copyand paste. - In-build Hindikeyboard given within the app itself.You can directly type inHindi using this keyboard. You don't needto download any Hindikeyboard application from the play store. -Copy and Pastefeatures. You can copy the translated text Hindi orEnglish, anduse it anywhere you want. - Use default keyboard andtype in Hindi- English to hindi converter-convert english intoHindi - Next wordsuggestion - Friendly interface and easy to usefeatures. This EasyHindi typing keyboard app is for those who wantto type their ownlanguage through default hindi keyboard. Now youcan chat on socialmedia, you just write in Roman english and easyHindi keyboard andenglish to hindi keyboard change it in Hindiinput. How App Works?After installing hindi keyboard for android ,you are free to useby pressing “Enable Keyboard” & choose thisKeyboard. Thiskeyboard works as default keyboard in androidphones/tablets fortyping/texting. Just type in English and pressspacebar yourEnglish word will be converted into Hindi scriptautomatically.Install Asan english to hindi keyboard . Enable it insettings withHindi keypad embedded. How can I enable it and set itas thedefault keyboard and how to use Hindi keyboard? Open hindikeypadand then add this keyboard in your settings. Open Settings->Language & Input, under “KEYBOARD & INPUT METHODS”section,go to Current Keyboard -> Choose Keyboards -> Check“HindiTyping”. Then you have to select Hindi keyboard as inputmethod.When typing in an input box, you can also change the defaultinputmethod by clicking the keyboard icon on the bottom rightcorner ofthe screen and can also disable that Hindi keyboard . Wehope youwill like our Easy Hindi keyboard & Hindi Typing App.So,download and enjoy this Hindi keyboard and don't forgot to giveusyour feedback. So, we can provide you more good work as peryourfeedback.
Google LLC
Do quick, simple tasks that have a huge impact! Yourcontributionshelp improve the quality of Google Translate in yourlanguage, orof Google Maps in your country. ● Translation: Help ustranslatephrases to different languages. ● Translation validation:Selectwhich phrases are translated correctly. ● MapsTranslationvalidation: Confirm that a business name is translatedcorrectly. ●Handwriting recognition: Look at the handwriting andtype the textyou see. ● Sentiment evaluation: Evaluate a shortsentence and ifsentiment is positive, neutral or negative. ●Landmarks: Confirm iflandmark “x” is visible in the picture. ●Image transcription: Typethe text that is seen in images of streetsigns, etc. Eachmicrotask takes no more than 5-10 seconds, so knockaway a few thenext time you find yourself with a few moments tokill - be itwhile waiting in line at the grocery store or on thetrain ridehome. Languages that you can help improve: Afrikaans,Albanian,Amharic, Arabic, Armenian, Azerbaijani, Bahasa(Indonesia), Bahasa(Malay), Basque, Bengali, Bulgarian, Burmese,Catalan, Chinese(Simplified), Chinese (Traditional), Croatian,Czech, Danish,Dutch, English, Estonian, Finnish, French, Galician,Georgian,German, Greek, Gujarati, Hebrew, Hindi, Hungarian,Italian,Japanese, Kannada, Kazakh, Khmer, Kirghiz, Korean, Lao,Latvian,Lithuanian, Macedonian, Malayalam, Marathi, Mongolian,Nepali,Norwegian, Persian, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian,Serbian(Cyrillic script), Sinhala, Slovak, Slovenian, Spanish,Swahili,Swedish, Tagalog / Filipino, Tamil, Telugu, Thai,Turkish,Ukrainian, Urdu, Uzbek, Vietnamese, and Zulu.
POC Bible (Malayalam) 7.0
Jesus Youth
*v1.2 (updates):- Added zoom controls on each screen to adjustfontsize.- 'Move to sd card' feature added.- Facebook Integration:Longpress on any verse to post the verse with your message.- UIforldpi & mdpi screen devices updated*v1.1 (updates):- Acts oftheApostle empty content fix- App Min version required raised toAPIlevel 8 *v1.0:First of its kind of Malayalam Bible on Android!Hasfeatures like:* Easy Tab based navigation for Books, Chapters&Verses from one screen* Traverse through each chapters &verseswith ease through our prev & next icons.*Pre-embeddedMalayalam Keyboard for verse search functionality* Evensupportsenglish book, chapter & particular verse searchfunctionalitytooComing soon: * Bookmarks & notes* Send verse asSMS, * PostVerse via Twitter, [email protected] Supported & Maintained byJesus Youth
Easy Translator Multilanguage 1.6
Digi work S.A.R.L
Translator is an easy and speed of translation and thepossibilityand easy to share translated text within anyapplicationApplicationfeatures :- translate by voice or translateby text- A choice ofmore than 20 languages ​​and translation to andfrom it quiteeasily.- Translateur traduction france arabe tarjamaloghat tarjamaarabe espanol tarjama english arab tarjama francearabe - sharewords translated to chat or social medias - copywordstranslated.translate arabic to english easly,tarjama loghatettarjama arabe espanol,tarjama english arab et tarjama francearabe
Gujarati Calendar 2018 1.7.94
One of the best Gujarati Calendar of its kind. You can viewtoday'stithi, festival, janmrashi and holidays with just oneclick.Features• Data for Vikram Samvant 2074• Data for VikramSamvant2075• Panchak & Vinchhudo Details• Vrat Katha – EkadashiAndOther Festivals• Gujarati Calendar 2018 With All Festival•GujaratiCalendar With Tithi And Panchang• Gujarati CalendarWithChoghadiya• Hindu Calendar• Daily Nakshatra• List ofBankingHolidays• Janmrashi (Chandrarashi)• Material Design andSimpleInterfaceIt is a Gujarati festival calendar also, much morecomingsoon.
Khmer Lunar Calendar 2.6
Rotha Apps
Khmer Lunar Calendar is one of calendar combine withinternationalcalendar and Lunar Calendar following celebration andpublicholiday in Cambodia.Features:- Khmer Language- Touch oncelebrationevent to view all celebration event- View day detail bytouch onday & Feng Shui- View all celebration event- Addholiday inEnglish language- Switch between 1900 to 2100- Addwidget-Notification for celebration event- Notification before aday-Notification for news- Setting the time for notification-Moresetting features- Add good event or good day (Feng Shui)- Go toanymonth- Simple design- Display calendar easily
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