49 Похожие Paradise Lost by John Milton

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It's now easier to read poetry. Poetry lovers read poetry everydaywith the Daily Poetry. Get the poetry notification every dayasmuch as you want. Add to favorites the poems that youliked.Discover the poems you do not know with the option ofrandompoetry. After the first use, there are 33 poets and morethan10,000 poetry works without internet. You need to wait fordownloadpoems on your device during first use. Daily Poetry is anapp forpoetry lovers. You can easily find the english poetryandmeaningful words of master poets. Features: ☆ DailyPoetryNotification, ☆ Poetry of the day, ☆ Random poetry, ☆ Searchpoetryand poet, ☆ Add to favorite, ☆ Sharing poetry Please readourprivacy policy before you start using the Daily Poemapplication.If you would like to use the application on yourlanguage, help ustranslate it. Please send feedback for thepoetries in yourlanguage. You can send all application relatederrors andsuggestions to [email protected] Our aim is tointroduce theworld famous poets the master poets. Our master poets;• AlfredLord Tennyson • Anne Sexton • Charles Bukowski • EdgarAlbert Guest• Edgar Allan Poe • Ella Wheeler Wilcox • EmilyDickinson • HenryLawson • Henry Wadsworth Longfellow • John Keats •Khalil Gibran •Langston Hughes • Maya Angelou • Mewlana JalaluddinRumi • NazımHikmet Ran • Oscar Wilde • Pablo Neruda • Paul LaurenceDunbar •Percy Bysshe Shelley • Rabindranath Tagore • Roald Dahl •RobertBurns • Robert Frost • Robert Louis Stevenson • RobertWilliamService • Rudyard Kipling • Sara Teasdale • Sylvia Plath •WaltWhitman • William Blake • William Butler Yeats •WilliamShakespeare • William Wordsworth
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This is the app for Poetry Lovers . We have picked some reallyknownfamous poets for showcasing their poems and poetry work inour app.The App is fully functional without the internet. The userinterfaceis very fast and responsive and can be used equally welleven inflight mode. • More than 300 of the most respected poetsand theirpoetry work • More than 37000 of the most popular poemsand poetry •Bookmark your favorite poems • Fast and responsiveuser interface •Share feature to easily send your favorite poems /poetry to yourfriends • App fully functional without the internetAll the poetsand their poems and poetry work are beautifullyorganized. Poetsincluded : ☆ Maya Angelou ☆ Margaret Atwood ☆Matthew Arnold ☆Yehuda Amichai ☆ Anna Akhmatova ☆ Ai ☆ JohnAshbery ☆ Jane Austen ☆Dante Alighieri ☆ Louisa May Alcott ☆Richard Aldington ☆ DelmiraAgustini ☆ William Allingham ☆ DeborahAger ☆ Conrad Aiken ☆Catherine Anderson ☆ Maggie Anderson ☆ RalphAngel ☆ Kingsley Amis ☆Kelli Russell Agodon ☆ Julie Hill Alger ☆Alfred Austin ☆ ElizabethBishop ☆ Charles Bukowski ☆ GwendolynBrooks ☆ William Blake ☆Elizabeth Barrett Browning ☆ Robert Burns☆ Robert Browning ☆Charles Baudelaire ☆ Jorge Luis Borges ☆ JohnBerryman ☆ Lord Byron☆ Hilaire Belloc ☆ Matsuo Basho ☆ RichardBrautigan ☆ Andre Breton ☆Eavan Boland ☆ Stephen Vincent Benet ☆Louise Bogan ☆ Ambrose Bierce☆ Anne Bradstreet ☆ Wendell Berry ☆Yosa Buson ☆ Rupert Brooke ☆William Cullen Bryant ☆ Bertolt Brecht☆ Emily Bronte ☆ CharlotteBronte ☆ Imamu Amiri Baraka ☆ JosephBrodsky ☆ Aleksandr Blok ☆Robert Seymour Bridges ☆ Anne Bronte ☆Marvin Bell ☆ Laurence Binyon☆ Erin Belieu ☆ April Bernard ☆ FrankBidart ☆ Arna Bontemps ☆William Bronk ☆ Ingeborg Bachmann ☆ JohnBetjeman ☆ Yves Bonnefoy ☆Edgar Bowers ☆ William Lisle Bowles ☆Carlos Barbarito ☆ Joel Barlow☆ William Rose Benet ☆ Hugh HenryBrackenridge ☆ Ros Barber ☆Jonathan Bohrn ☆ Laure-Anne Bosselaar ☆Luis Benitez ☆ CeciliaBorromeo ☆ Alain Bosquet ☆ Robert Bly ☆Michael Burch ☆ GrahamBurchell ☆ Billy Collins ☆ Lucille Clifton ☆John Clare ☆ LewisCarroll ☆ Countee Cullen ☆ Stephen Crane ☆Samuel Coleridge ☆ RobertCreeley ☆ Leonard Cohen ☆ GeoffreyChaucer ☆ Aleister Crowley ☆Gregory Corso ☆ Hart Crane ☆ WilliamCowper ☆ Raymond Carver ☆Thomas Campbell ☆ Amy Clampitt ☆ JeanCocteau ☆ Jim Carroll ☆ HaydenCarruth ☆ Martha Collins ☆ GeraldineConnolly ☆ Thomas Carew ☆ PaulCelan ☆ Andree Chedid ☆ AustinClarke ☆ Abraham Cowley ☆ AndrewCrumey ☆ Eliza Cook ☆ PeterConners ☆ Bliss Carman ☆ Willa Cather ☆Craig Erick Chaffin ☆ IvanDonn Carswell ☆ Anastasia Clark ☆ EmilyDickinson ☆ Roald Dahl ☆John Donne ☆ Paul Laurence Dunbar ☆ HildaDoolittle ☆ Rita Dove ☆Henry Van Dyke ☆ John Dryden ☆ Mark Doty ☆Stephen Dunn ☆ MahmoudDarwish ☆ Keith Douglas ☆ Michael Drayton ☆Alan Dugan ☆ RobertDesnos ☆ Mark van Doren ☆ Annie Dillard ☆Stephen Dobyns ☆ NormanDubie and 250+ Download now for free!
Mahabharat in Hindi
The Mahabharata is one of the two major Sanskrit epics ofancientIndia.The Mahabharata is an epic narrative of theKurukshetra Warand the fates of the Kaurava and the Pandavaprinces. It alsocontains philosophical and devotional material,such as adiscussion of the four "goals of life" orpurusharthas.Among theprincipal works and stories in theMahabharata are the BhagavadGita.Traditionally, the authorship ofthe Mahabharata is attributedto Vyasa. There have been manyattempts to unravel its historicalgrowth and compositionallayers.The Mahabharata is one of the twomajor Sanskrit epics ofancient India, the other being theRamayana.Besides its epicnarrative of the Kurukshetra War and thefates of the Kaurava andthe Pandava princes, the Mahabharatacontains philosophical anddevotional material, such as adiscussion of the four "goals oflife" or purusharthas. Among theprincipal works and stories in theMahabharata are the BhagavadGita, the story of Damayanti, anabbreviated version of theRamayana, and the Rishyasringa, oftenconsidered as works in theirown right.
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What is the true meaning behind your name? Generate a beautifulnamepoem of your name and share it with your friends or put it asyourdisplay picture or wallpaper. You can even print and frame itonyour wall! With this name meaning generator, you can createapersonalized name poem for yourself, your mom, bestfriend,boyfriend, girlfriend, pet and more. Make a portrait frameof theirname poem and send them as a unique gift. How To CreateYour NamePoem? 1. Choose your desired category 2. Enter your name3. Choosea photo background that you want your name poem to appearon.Voila! Your personalized name poem will be generated. You cansaveit or share it via WhatsApp, Facebook, etc. Categories OfNamePoem: 1. My Name Poem 2. Best Friend 3. Mom 4. Christmas5.Girlfriend 6. Boyfriend 7. Pets 8. Baby 9. Love Make beautifulnamepoem posters and wallpapers. Save and share your Name Meaningwithfriends, family and loved ones via WhatsApp, Facebook, etc.Whatare you waiting for? Download now and surprise your friendswithunique and personalized name poem!
Poems 1.9
Poem is an application where you can find thousands of poetryandpoems from World literature.With this application;- You caneasilyfind poems and poets by searching.- You can add poems andpoets toyour favorites, then you can easily access this favoritepoems andpoets.- Every day the most popular poem by the users comesto thepocket as a notification.- You can share poems on anysocialnetwork you like, such as Facebook, Twitter. You can sendyourfriends as messages.- You can follow the most popular poemsandpoets.- You can move as far as you want between poems,poets,unforgettable poems, literary words, author words, legendarybookwords.Tags: poetry, poems, poetry reading, poetry readingprogram,poetry books, poetry book, poetry book.
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In this application love poems beautiful phrases you willfindoriginal phrases and love verses that you will not findanywhereelse because they are thoughts of the developer ofthisapplication.Here we offer you only love poems and love phrasestolove feelings of the deepest heart so that with lovepoemsbeautiful phrases love that person so special to you. Poems oflovebeautiful phrases offers you thoughts from the deepest heart.Toshare the poems of love and feelings by whatsappFacebook,instagram, snapchat etc totally free and love the personyou loveso much with these cute love poems free for you and alwayshave theheart of your beloved or loved beating for you .Here youwill findpoems of love that when dedicating to that person that youlove somuch is surrendered to the love that you offer, dedicatingto himthe Phrases of love and nice verses that you will find herefor thelove, the friendship or for your life, we hope that they areofUseful to face your day with a smile. You can use these phrasesforwhatsapp, Facebook or the social network that you prefer. Whodoesnot like receiving messages of free love poetry or romanticlovephrases. That's why Share these love phrases and beautifulverseswith your loved ones, friends and the person you love giveyou dayby day a nice collection of love poems with images. Acompliment oflove to dedicate to your partner keeps the flame oflove alive youwill also find cute love poems for your wife.In lovepoemsbeautiful phrases you will always find poems to love, toconqueryour partner. Because here the phrases of love are veryspecial andfill with joy the soul and heart of your partner. We alllove toreceive messages or phrases of love: I love you, I love you,I missyou, to wake up and to sleep a beautiful phrase gives usthestrength that sometimes we need just like the phrases of lifetohave breath To fight day by day because love and friendshipmustalways be taken care of.The application will beupdatedperiodically with new poems, verses, lovemaps, alwaysoriginal thatyou will not find anywhere else because they arecreated by thedeveloper of this application.Soon will come in thecontent newlove phrases with images of love and beautiful phrasesof loveromantic phrases, verses and love poems, beautiful words tofall inlove, beautiful phrases of friendship, words ofencouragement andmotivation, quotes and celebrated phrases of love,And much more sothat you share by your social networks likewhatsapp, Facebook,instagram, snapchat etc hoping that they are toyour liking !!Donot wait any longer click on DOWNLOAD, so that youstart to enjoyand share the love poems beautiful phrases of Loveand BeautifulVerses for free!Poems of love beautiful phrases, is anapplicationtwo in one because it brings you the best radio in Peru.Romanticrhythm radio The most listened radio of Peru with romanticmusiclive.Your ratings, votes and comments or comments at thebottom ofthe page are important to improve the application.
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Looking for FREE beautiful poems, sayings, quotes to share withyourfriends, family and your loved ones? Read and share with theseapp-Unique, original poems for all occasions! Features of Poems -Love,Family, Friends are: ✴ Hundreds of free poems to share withfriends,family and loved ones via WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter etc.Spreadyour love easily with our huge collection of special poems.✴ Noneed to surf online for content to share your feelings withyourloved ones. ✴ Choose from our huge collection of poems in over20+FREE categories. ☆ Wish Happy Birthday ☆ Graduation ☆ Farewell☆Romantic Love Poems ☆ Romantic Valentine's Day Poems ☆ Christmas☆Happy New Year ☆ Happy Easter ☆ Halloween Greetings ☆ThanksgivingGreetings ☆ Friendship Poems ☆ Good Morning Poems ☆Good Night Poems☆ Wish Good Luck ☆ Happy Anniversary ☆ Weddingwishes ☆ New bornBaby Poems ☆ Baby shower Poems ☆ Baby boy Poems ☆Baby girl Poems ☆Missing You ☆ Say Sorry ☆ Sympathy ☆ Wish GetWell Soon ☆ For lovelymoms on Mother's Day ☆ For great fathers onFather's Day ☆ Specialwomen on Women's Day ☆ For all celebrations,festivals &occasions Download and send FREE poems, sayings,quotes viaWhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter etc and show your friends,family andloved ones that you care for them with beautiful poems!
All Poems For Kids
The major purpose for designing this app is to protect oursmallkids from adult contents over on the YouTube. This appdirectlyaccess all poems from YouTube and display it within thisapp.Allpoems for kids is a free and most popular app especially forkidswhich contains Urdu, Islamic and as well as English poems forthesmall kids.The Urdu poems like baby poems is most famous thatareover on the Youtube. The small baby feeling very happy bylisteningthe poems and rhymes. The poems app contains the smallchildrenfree videos poems. The poem abc is an amazing videospecially forthe small kids to learn the basics of english. poemsfor kids appalso contains the English poems from where baby needsto be starthis learning from by basics of listening abc poems forthe smallkids. poems for kids also contains the kids urdu poems andurdunursery poems. the small baby and kids love to listen thetwinkletwinkle little poem and also the Urdu islamic poems. TheUrduIslamic poems is very much important for the small kids tolistenand get aware of the Islam. Frpm the English nursery poemsthe babylearn the english by watching the videos of displayingsmall babiesenglish poems.poems for kids app access all the poemsfrom theYouTube and display it in your app.Features Of App:1.Poetry andRhymes Help Develop Rhythm Reading rhyming poetry outloud makes iteasier for younger children to learn new vocabularywords.This isattributed to the rhythmic structure of the stanzasthat helpcreate a known context to new and unknown words. They arealsointroduced to words that sound alike but with differentmeaning.2.Poetry and Rhymes Help Develop Phonemic AwarenessChildren recitingrhythmic poetry learn and understand pitch, voiceinflection, andvolume.With young learners, it is infinitely moredifficult tograsp the usage of voice variables. Reciting poetryhelps placeemphasis on the sound and the rhythm of language, thusbuilding achild’s phonemic awareness and help to solidify afoundation forreading abilities.3. Poetry and Rhymes Help DevelopMemorizationSkills Children also learn to pick up patterns andsequences inpoetry recitations. As they practice memorizing thepoetry torecite, it links memory with audio and visual events,helping themdevelop memorization skills.4. Poetry and Rhymes HelpDevelop SelfExpressions When reciting poetry students are given thefreedom toexpress feelings to their audience. It is a form ofself-expressionwith the creativity of words and emotion to convey amessage to theaudience.5. Poetry and Rhymes Help Develop PhysicalAwarenessStudents who recite poetry are aware of breathecoordination,movements of the mouth and other physical gestures asthey alignthese to the rhythm in the poetry. They also make use ofgesturesand facial expressions to connect with their audience onanemotional level.kids poems contains the following learningvideosfor kids:kids rhymestoddler rhymes for kidstoddler rhymes andkidspoemsrhymes for kidsrhymes songsjohny johny yes pappa kidspoemshotpussy kids poemsnursery poemsnursery rhymeshindi poemsurdukidsrhymeshindi rhymesenglish poemsenglish rhymesurdu poemsurdukidspoemsnursery songskids videos
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From your mobile device you can share these original poems tofallin love Here we offer you just love poems and love phrases tofallin love with feelings from the deepest part of the heart sothatwith love poems, beautiful phrases you love that person sospecialto you. Poems of love beautiful phrases offers you thoughtsfromthe deepest part of the heart. To share the love poems andfeelingswhatsapp Facebook, instagram, snapchat etc totally free andlovethe person you like so much with these beautiful poems of freelovefor you and always have the heart of your beloved orbelovedbeating for you . Here you will find love poems that bydedicatingto that person you love so much you will be surrenderedto the lovethat you offer, dedicating the love phrases andbeautiful versesthat you will find here for love, friendship or foryour life, wehope that they are of Usefulness to face your day witha smile. Youcan use these phrases for whatsapp, Facebook or thesocial networkof your choice. Who does not like to receive messagesof free lovepoetry or romantic love phrases. That's why Share thesephrases oflove and beautiful verses with your loved ones, friendsand theperson you love give them a beautiful collection of lovepoems withimages every day. A love compliment to dedicate to yourpartnerkeeps the flame of love alive you will also find beautifullovepoems for your wife. In love poems beautiful phrases youwillalways find poems to fall in love with, to conquer yourpartner.Because here the phrases of love are very special and fillwith joythe soul and heart of your partner. We all love receivingmessagesor phrases of love: I love you, I love you, I miss you,when I wakeup and when sleeping a beautiful phrase gives us thestrength thatwe sometimes need as well as the phrases of life tohave breath tofight day after day because love and friendship mustalways betaken care of. The application will be updatedperiodically withnew poems, verses, phrases to fall in love with,always original.Soon will come in the content new love phrases withimages of loveand beautiful phrases of love romantic phrases, loveverses andpoems, beautiful words to fall in love, cute phrases offriendship,words of encouragement and motivation, quotes and famousphrases oflove, and much more for you to share on your socialnetworks suchas whatsapp, Facebook, instagram, snapchat etc waitingfor you tolike! Do not wait any longer click on DOWNLOAD, so youcan start toenjoy and share the love poems, beautiful phrases ofLove and FreeVerses! We will be updating periodically and includingmore poemsto fall in love, compliments that really fall in lovewith imagesof love with more romantic verses to share on socialnetworks NOTE:The entity that owns the application reports that itcontainsimages that have been collected, selected and downloadedfrom freeinternet sites. These images are in the public domainsince theyare not identified by any watermark, symbols or otherinformationthat indicates existence of exploitation rights reservedabout itDespite this, a clear will to respect the rights underRoyalLegislative Decree 1/1996, of April 12, approving the revisedtextof the Copyright Law, and compliance with the obligationsimposedby the Law 34/2002, of July 11, of information servicessociety andelectronic commerce, the creator of this applicationcalls anynatural or legal person who is the owner of any of theimagescontained therein, credit by email [email protected],committing the creator of the applicationto the immediateelimination of said image after verifying, ifapplicable, theownership of the protected image. Only for you appsthe best forlove, we will always be your best ally in love.
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Over 44.000 great poems available for offline reading forfree.There are a lot of worldwide poetry classics in oneapplication inyour phone or tablet!Features:• Beautifully organizedcategories•Bookmark your favorite poems• Tap to "random" button anddiscovernew and interesting poems• Add poems to the favorite list•Fast andresponsive user interface• Share feature to easily sendyourfavorite poems to your friends• Add your note to poem•Veryefficient, fast and good performance. • high-speed searchoptions•Search filters - search for suffix, prefix, (starts with,endswith) • Voice recognition • Works offline• Night mode• KeepingofLooked-up poems in history( as day,month ...)• Sounding of poemsormarked text (Text-to-speech engine)Description window is openedasclicking on the poem. You can minimize and maximize thedescriptionwindow with swipe function.• The option of searching,sounding andsharing of marked word in the description window.•Description ofselected word are opened on the same window.• TabletUI Support-Setting • Changing option of text size• Changing optionof UIcolor• Clearing option of Bookmark, Favorite, History list•You canchange description view position on landscape mode(descriptionview on left/right)• Dropbox and File Backup/Restore(backup folder- /dictamp/backup)You can give suggestions, commentsand legalquestions related to dictionary to [email protected] App requires the followingpermissions:WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE - to backup user's data
Urdu Poem For Kids : offline 1.8
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Main screen contains Bachon Ki Nazmain including • Aik Bandarnekholi dukhan • Lakri ki Kati • Nani teri morni • Bulbul ka bacha•Aloo Kachalu • Machli Jal ki rani
Love poems 171127
Love poems is an app that contains a selection with the bestversesand romantic poems that you can find nowadays.We have createdtheseimages with poems about love so you can read and share themfromyour Smartphone or tablet with the most important people inyourlife.You will be able to send these texts or poems toyourboyfriend/girlfriend, husband or wife, lover or just to thatpersonyou wish to express all your feeling and tell how much youloveher/him.Main features of the “Love Poems” app:* We have createdandchosen the best images with the most beautiful and emotionallovewords.* We have created different categories so you canchooseamong a wide variety of poems: love poems for him, love poemsforher, friendship poems, romantic poems, to make someone fall inlovewith you, for heartbreaks, etc.* You can edit any of the imagesinorder to write your custom text on them thanks to theeditorincluded in the app.* You can create your own cards, usingabackground and writing your own text.* We recommend you to useitto say “I love you” to that person you love or you want to fallinlove with or win her/his heart.* The app is very easy to use.Youjust have to tap on the arrows to view the next short poem.*Shareall the inspirational poems in a fast and simple way. All youhaveto do is press the center button to share this verses orpoemsthrough the app of your choice. You can use your favoriteinstantmessaging apps, social networks or you can even send themvia emailor SMS to the person you love.* This app is completelydeveloped inEnglish language.If you are just looking for ideas towrite somelove letters, this app will give you some text ideas thatyou caninclude in that letter for your beloved one.Lastly, we hopeyoulike this poems app to make someone to fall in love with you,enjoyit using and sharing all the verses as much as we’veenjoyeddeveloping it for your personal use.If you liked the app,we’dappreciate it if you could give it a high rate and writesomepositive comment/review. All the positive feedback will help ustokeep improving and will give us strength to continue addingnewpoems and love quotes.Legal notice/Disclaimer:All loveimagesincluded in this app have been exclusively created bydesigners forMuchoApps, therefore, the commercial use of any imagewithin theapp is prohibited without the prior consent ofMuchoApps.The poemsand images included in this application havebeen obtained frompublic domain sources. Any natural or legalperson who may own thecopyrights on any of these poems or imagesand would like us toremove them from this collection, pleasecontact us [email protected], we will immediately remove thepoem or imageafter a proper verification (if applicable) of theprotectedcopyrights.
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Our poems are waiting for you! Every day we add more poems!Smartdesign and interactive environment help you to enjoy poems.•Readpoems offline! All poems you can see online will beavailableoffline.• Estimate and discuss poems with other users!•Add yourpoems and you can become the best author! Your likemindedpeoplewill use the application and they can estimate you!• Inapplicationyou can find section of poems recommended by moderators,chosen andaccident. All poems are divided on following sections:love,nature, family, friendship, life, philosophical, war,funny,horror, animals, blank verse, magic, society, religion,other.•Find new friends and chat with them.• Don’t likeadvertisement? Wecreate option "Quit advertisement" especially foryou!Pleasesupport our application! We worked for you. Estimate usand writeyour opinion. We will take into account all yourcomments.All poemsare from open sourses. If you have rights for apoem or image andyou right wasn’t indicated or you are against itsusing in ourapplication please contact us. We will correct data ordelete it assoon as possible. All information is used fornoncommercialpurposes. Application authors aren’t responsible foruse of dataavailable in the application. Any commercial use ofapplicationdata without written permission is prohibited.If youwant to addyour poems:• You are responsible for your poem content•You areresponsible for image attached to your poem• Your poemshouldn’t becopied, only original works. If we find out contrary wehave rightto delete your poem.
Hindi Poems for Kids 31.1.1
★★★★★Free App To Watch And Listen To Hindi Poems forKidsThecollection of most popular Hindi Poems for Kids Video Clipsforkids, baby, toddler, children to fun and educational learningbysongs.Hindi Poems for Kids Learning free is the best companionfortutorials. this app most popular home Hindi Poems for KidsLearningIdeas videos.★Sing along kids’ favorite songs with SONGSFOR KIDSWITH VIDEOS★★Features★♬ Most popular songs for kids from 0to 7. ♬Easy to learn song lyrics ♬ Beautiful graphics andadorablecharacters ♬ Kid-friendly interface♬ Download songs Just 1time,you can enjoy the show anytime,anywhere! even on theplane!♬Includes more than 100 kids’ favorite songs* This appsupport bothmobile phone and Tablet Mode.Free App To Watch AndListen To HomeHindi Poems for KidsAloo kachaloo Hindi poem - 3DAnimation HindiNursery rhymes for children (Aalu kachalu beta )Machli jal ki ranihai - Fish 3D Animation Hindi Nursery rhymes forchildren ( HindiPoem ) Bolo Bandar - Learn Fruits - 3D AnimationHindi Nurseryrhymes for children Ek Kauwa Pyaasa tha Poem - 3DAnimation HindiNursery Rhymes for Children with Lyrics Haathi AnElephant 3DAnimation Hindi Nursery Rhyme For Children Learn HindiAlphabetVowels - 3D Animation Hindi poems for children AlooKachaloo Kahangaye they - Popular Hindi Rhymes Hatti Raja KahanChale HindiRhymes Machli Jal Ki Hai Rani - Famous Hindi Rhymes in3D AnimationBandar Mama Pahan Pajama - 3D Animated Hindi RhymesBilli GayeeDilli Hindi Rhymes Billi Mausi Billi Mausi Kaho Kahan SeAayi Ho -Hindi Rhymes Chunnu Munnu - Hindi Rhymes 3D AnimatedVarnamala GeetHindi Alphabet Song Ek Kauwa pyasa tha - Hindi RhymesNaani NaaniHindi Rhymes for Children Chal Mere Ghode Tik Tik HindiRhymes forChildren chu chu karti aayi chidiya Hindi Rhymes forChildren andmore...An all in one collection of educational HindiPoems for Kidsactivities and videos, including the famous alphabetsong in avivid interactive and high quality production. Thisapplicationprovides the perfect place to learn basic concepts suchandnumbers, colors and more.It is available FREE of cost, andneedsINTERNET connection is required to work. All of contentsareYoutube and this app provides the Link list for user'seasyuse.Have a magical experience with BEST KIDS SONGS LEARNINGVIDEOSFREE!
Isahakyan - Poems 1.0
Avetik Isahakyan (Armenian: Ավետիք Իսահակյան; October 30, 1875–October 17, 1957) was a prominent Armenian lyric poet, writerandpublic activist.
Urdu Kids Poems -Offline Videos 3.0
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Offline Videos :Nani Teri Morni - Hindi Nursery Rhymes Lakdikikathi | Nani Teri Morni & Popular Hindi Children Songs|Animated SongsMachli Jal Ki Rani hai - Hindi Rhymes |NurseryRhymes Aloo kachaloo Hindi poemChanda Mama Door Ke Uparpankhachalta hai Hindi Rhymes
Twinkle Little Star Kids Poem 0.0
Twinkle Twinkle Little Star Kids Nursery Rhyme is anapplicationcontaining flash card and colourful fantacy worldforchild.kids,parents,toddlers will love thisapplication.itcontaining most popular and favourite kids song andrhymes.it helpchildren to learn verbal skills.Features:1.Containingpopular KidsRhyme.2.Takes kids into fantacy world.3.Most popularupdatedversion.4.Help Children to learn musical skill withbodylanguage.5.learn english songs with lyrics.6.learn byfunpoem7.Easy to learn.8.Kids friendly enviroment.
Kids Urdu Poems Best 2.2
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This applications consists of different poems, a great fun andaneducational tool especially for preschool andkindergartentoddlers. Whether you're a parent of a young child,teacher or anolder brother or sister here you will find delightful,charming,uncomplicated, safe, absolutely perfect rhymes for yourlittleones. All the familiar and best loved nursery rhymespresented inurdu format that can be easily readable and understoodfor earlystage babies.
La Divina Commedia 2.0.0
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L'applicazione comprende tutta la Divina Commedia:Inferno,Purgatorio, Paradiso e la biografia di Dante.Possibilità diricercaper parola o versi.Possibilità di salvare i cantipreferiti.Perogni canto è presente:scheda riassuntivaversiprosaTheapplicationincludes all the Divine Comedy: Inferno, Purgatorio,Paradiso andthe biography of Dante.Ability to search by word orverse.Abilityto save favorite songs.For each song is:summarysheetversesprose
Lakdi Ki Kathi : Offline Poem 2.8
One offline rhyme and online videos and stories.
Urdu Nursery Poems : kids Rhymes English & Urdu 2.1.8
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Urdu Nursery Poems: Urdu Nursery Poems is a baby poems best kidsapphaving videos for toddlers, Urdu phonics, kids Islamic poems,aalukachalu beta and Hindi cartoon poems for kids. Downloadpoems,educational toons, Urdu cartoon, children videos, chutoddlerrhymes, twinkle twinkle free poems, Urdu nazmain and app forkidsUrdu apps. Urdu Nursery Poems is a beautiful collection ofurdupoems, Urdu phonics, Islamic rhymes, and children poem. Thisapp isFree poems with nursery rhymes contains popular poems. ThesearePoems for kids poem poems. All famous poems for children poeminurdu poetry also new English poems included. Rhyming pomes forkidsare short poems in English poems and poems on nature. Thespringpoems & daughter poems also cute poems all are sweetpoems. Thesister poems are small poems and friendship poems forkids aspoetry online children rhymes. These are nursery songs withnurseryrhymes for kids. the goodbye poems will include & poemsaboutlife. The baby songs are nursery rhymes free download forchildrenpoems as nursery rhymes songs. Kids songs are nurseryrhymes ornursery rhymes for children. Baby of preschool songs andchildrensongs or baby rhymes for kids rhymes. The abcd for kdis,baby busor abc alphabet are narrative poem like toddler songs andrhymes.The baby songs like birthday poems and nursery rhymes lyricsarepleased. We will also include abc songs for kids and babynurseryrhymes in future. Urdu cartoon educational toons nurserykidsvideos, poems, and rhymes learn poems by heart are the freepoemsin this app. Moreover we are adding these poem lakri ki Kathi,missmonkey, railgadi, motu patlu in hindi,aik tha teetar aikbatair,chu chu chacha, chuk chuk karti, Christmas poems, nani kipaheliand Urdu Qaida in next update. This nursery poems andrhymesnursery app include the famous poems for kids, family poems,Urducartoons, inspirational poems, nursery school, baby poems,babydaycare, Islamic rhyme, Urdu cartoon, make poetry and kids gameforstudy. This kidloland nursery rhyme games poems for kids havethenursery rhymes offline children songs, Islamic rhymes, Hindirhyme,nursery rhymes for kids and learning apps for kids. ThisHindi kidsapp has the combination of baby kids song, early learningsongs,kids rhymes, Hindi melodies, Hindi kids, study poem, readpoems,learn poetry, learn poem, death poems, listen poetry, safeforlittle toddlers and Malayalam rhymes. Urdu Nursery Poems is ababypoems best kids app having videos for toddlers, Urdu phonics,kidsIslamic poems, aalu kachalu beta and Hindi cartoon poems forkids.Download poems, educational toons, Urdu cartoon, childrenvideos,chu toddler rhymes, twinkle twinkle free poems, Urdu nazmainandapp for kids Urdu apps. 1- Kali Bhair ( کالی بھیڑ ) ( काली भेड़)2- Choti Billi ( چھوٹی بلی ) ( छोटी बिल्ली ) 3- Humpty Dumpty(ہمپٹی ڈمپٹی ) ( हम्प्टी डम्प्टी ) Humpty Dumpt 4- Garam GaramRoti( روٹی گرم گرم ) ( रोटी गर्म गर्म ) 5- London Ka Pull ( لنڈن کاپُل) ( लंदन पुल ) 6- Johny Johny ( جونی جونی ) ( जॉनी जॉनी ) 7-BorhaAadmi ( بوڑھا آدمی ) ( बूढ़ा आदमी ) 8- Chuha ( چوہا ) ( चूहा)Mouse 9- Pani Ki Balti ( پانی کی بالٹی ) ( पानी की बाल्टी )10-Makri ( مکڑی ) ( मकड़ी ) 11- Billi Billi ( بلی بلی ) (बिल्लीबिल्ली ) 12- Chota Jackon ( چھوٹا جیکون ) ( छोटा जिकोन ) 13-Ginti( گنتی ) ( गिनती ) Counting 14- Choti Bhair ( چھوٹی بھیڑ ) (छोटीभीड़ ) 15- Mano Bili ( مانو بلی ) ( मनो बिल्ली ) 16- BandarMama (بندر ماما ) ( बंदर अंकल ) 17- Aalo Kachalu (آلو کچالو ) (अalu कचलू) 18- Bulbul Ka Bacha ( بلبل کا بچہ ) ( बुलबुला बुलबुला )19-School Chalo ( اسکول چلو ) ( स्कूल चलो ) 20- Family ( فیملی )(परिवार ) Feedback: Don’t hesitate to contact us if you haveanyquery or any suggestion. We warmly welcome yourrecommendations,opinions, suggestions and improvement ideas. Emailus at:[email protected]
Great Russian poetry (culture) 2.6
This app gives you amazing chance to touch with Russian cultureviafamous classic poetry! All poems available offlinewithoutinternet. Application consist powerful search acrossthousands ofpoems and bookmarks feature The collection includesfollowingauthors: Block, Delvig Derzhavin, Yesenin, Zhukovsky,Krylov,Lermontov, Mayakovsky, Nekrasov, Pushkin, Tyutchev,Akhmatova,Barto, Tsvetaeva Kiichelbecker Mandelstam, Nabokov, Fet,Gumilev,Mikhalkov, Harms, Chukovskij, Goncharov, Zhukovsky,BrucePasternak, Turgenev. For those who study the Russian languageandculture of the mysterious Russian soul this applicationidealchoice.
What is Good and what is Bad? 1.9
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An illustrated and voiced poem by Russian poet VladimirMayakovskyfor kids.This verse was written in the spring of1925.This verse -one of the most beloved children's poems ofMayakovsky.
Love Poetry - Ishq Shayari 1
Love poetry has been the favourite among these days duetoValentines eve, the day when every soul shares relation ofloveexpresses their desires, affection and feelings to theirlovedones. We gathered maximum and the best collection of LovePoetry inUrdu which we keep updating time to time to keep ouraudienceup-to-date all the time.The collection is not just apoetry, wehave gathered expressive portraits packed with love themeto suitthe charm and extract of the words in each lines. Theshortest, theeasy to understand, the simplest to express.Having agreatcollection of poetries in Urdu, we have got our usermaximumpossible varieties in Urdu shayari in a best way.For urdushayariloves, they can either be looking for terms best fits forthis appare like :- Pyar Shari Sheri- Mohabbat Shayari- LoveShayari- TwoLine Shayari- Ishq ShayariWe wish best of loving wishesto all ourfans and their loved ones and keeping the promise that wewillsurely continue our efforts to bring you exclusive and bestonelike this everytime.
Poets & Poems, Write and Read Poems - Poemia 7.1
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Poemia is the app of art that provides you with sharing own poemsasfast as and free and allowing other people to read yourpoetry.Poems and Poets are waiting for your magical words. Easily,you canwrite and read poems with Poemia. We love poems and now wearePoemia family! There are love lyrics, passion lyrics, peacelyrics,poetry lyrics, short and long poems, poetry book,philosophicalpoetry and write poem with pictures! What is poem?learn frompoets! A new land of poetry, you are the poets. We arethe home ofmagical words, are the breath for your pen. Release yoursoul tothe endless blue, let us be your wings. Discover the ownpoems ofpeople and step into the land of poetry lovers. Features: -You canshare poems with or without adding image. - You can like thepoemsthat people share and make comment. - You can create a profilethatconsist of your poem and after you write 15 poems, you can winapoet degree. - You can see the profile of other people andreadtheir poems. - You can choose more than 100 poetry topics andcanreach poems that are about these topics. - As being differenttheother apps, a poetic app design will be waiting for you. - Youcanshare poem with a single key. - The number of poetry likesareshowed in your profile. - Poetry of the day - Poet of thedayPoemia was developed for making art live and presenting a hugelandof poetry to the poetry lovers.
com.dijlah.aljawaheri 1.0
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سيرة وقصائد شاعر العرب الاكبر .. محمد مهدي الجواهريBiographyandpoems biggest Arab poet Mohammed Mehdi Jeweler ..
Azbooks - kid's fairy tales, songs, poems & games 1.3.46
Azbooks is an interactive library with favourite kid'sbooks!Animated characters and cool sound effects will help yourchildrento experience the famous fairy tales in a new way! WithAzbooks appyou and your kid will enjoy: • Amazing colorfulillustrations • 2modes: “Read” (the kid can read the book himself)and “Listen” (thestory is read by the narrator) • Professionalvoice acting • Lovelybackground music and sound effects • Regularlibrary updates • 3books for free • Parental control • Books inEnglish and Russian.Atthe moment our app's library includes 13children's books:1) LittleRed Riding Hood2) Beauty and the Beast3)The Tinderbox4) Puss inBoots5) The Bremen Town Musicians 6)Sleeping Beauty7) Hansel andGretel8) King Thrushbeard9)Cinderella10) Builder Mike 11) PoliceOfficer Jack12) Chef Nick13)Doctor BillBesides the fairy taleswritten by well-known authorslike the Brothers Grimm, CharlesPerrault and Hans ChristianAndersen in our app you can also findinteractive quiz books! In theform of a game they will acquaintthe kids with differentprofessions (doctor, police officer,builder, chef).The Azbooks’interface is very simple and clear, adsfree and has a parentalcontrol, which makes it safe to use evenwithout the adults around.Joinus!https://www.facebook.com/azbookvarikappsIf you haveanyquestions or technical problems please contactus:[email protected]
Kids Poems 1.1.7
This app helps the teachers/parents to listen and teach the poemstokids. The colorful flashcards and lyrics for each poem can keepthetoddler/kids entertained anywhere anytime.You can switchbetweenpoems by simply swiping across the screen.This app has acollectionof the favorite Nursery poems/songs of most kids.Justhit play onany poem and children can enjoy them instantly. NOSTREAMING. NOSEPARATE downloads.Cool Features:1. Very easy to useuser interface.2. App also provides lyrics along with the nurserypoems.3. Justdownload the app once, no downloads further, nostreaming.4. Swipefrom right to left or left to right on thescreen with your fingerand move to the next or previous poem.5. Itis available FREE ofcost, and NO INTERNET connection is requiredto use.6. Super fun,educational and very interactive fortoddler/kids.7. A wonderfulNursery poems app for your kid tosing-along with music andanimations.This app contains the belowmentioned nursery poems:1.Wheels On The Bus2. Old Mac Donald Had AFarm3. Ba Ba Black Sheep4.One Two Buckle My Shoe5. Five LittleMonkeys6. The Alphabet Song(ABCD)7. Head Shoulder8. HickoryDickory Dock9. Hey Diddle Diddle10.Humpty Dumpty11. Incy WincySpider12. Jack And Jill13. LearnNumbers14. Little Bo Peep15.Twinkle Twinkle16. Once I Caught A FishAlive17. Rain Rain GoAway18. Three Little Kittens19. If You AreHappy And You Know It20.Family Fingers21. London Bridge Is FallingDown22. Mary Had ALittle Lamb23. Row Row Your Boat24. Are YourSleeping BrotherJohn25. Ringa Ringa Roses26. Johny Johny YesPapa27. Ding DongBells28. Hot Cross Buns29. Doctor Foster30. MissPolly Had ADolly31. I'm a Little Teapot32. Little Miss Muffet33.After A BathI Try Try Try34. An Apple a Day Keeps the DoctorAway35. Big EyedOwl36. Clap Your Hands37. Cobbler Cobbler38. Eenie,Meenie, Minie,Mo39. Engine Number Nine40. Happy Birthday41. JingleBells42. MyTooth Brush43. Never Never Never Give Up44. One Potato,Two PotatoSing-A-Long45. Piggy on the Railway46. Pussy Cat PussyCat wherehave you been47. Teddy Bear Teddy Bear turn around48. TickTock49.Yankee Doodle Went To Town50. The Animal Sounds Song
Hovhannes Shiraz - Poems 1.0
Hovhannes Shiraz (Armenian: Հովհաննես Շիրազ) (April 27, 1915 –March14, 1984) was a notable Armenian poet.
Kariotakis: The greek poet 1.1
nefi productions
The greek poet of Melancholy Kostas Kariotakis (ΚώσταςΚαρυωτάκης).All of his poems
Jaun Elia Poetry Collection 1.3
Jaun Elia is Known as the Shayar e Gham and is the most amazingPoetof 21st Century and his shayari/urdu poetry is quite popularinyoungsters. This application is all about Jon Elia’s poetryandghazals in which you will find a huge collection of Jaun Elia2line poetry, Urdu Ghazals and Poems by shayar e gham.In thisappwill see:Designed Poetry – 2 line Urdu designed poetry isfeaturedin this category.Ghazals – In this category, you will beable toread, enjoy, and share a huge collection of Urdu Ghazalswritten byJon Elia.Poems – Also, poems and sad poetry ghazals ofthis greatpoet is featured in this app. Also, you can share thispoetry withyour friends on Facebook, WhatsApp and other socialmediaapps.Install this app, and enjoy the best collection of JaunEliaPoetry.
Meghdoot by Kalidas in Hindi मेघदूत 56.0
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Meghdoot (literally "cloud messenger") is a lyric poem writtenbyKalidasa, considered to be one of the greatest Sanskrit poets.Apoem of 111 stanzas, it is one of Kalidasa's most famous works.Thework is divided into two parts, Purvamegh and Uttaramegh.Itrecounts how a yaksha, a subject of King Kubera (the godofwealth), after being exiled for a year to Central Indiaforneglecting his duties, convinces a passing cloud to take amessageto his wife at Alaka on Mount Kailasa in the Himalayamountains.The yaksha accomplishes this by describing the manybeautifulsights the cloud will see on its northward course to thecity ofAlaka, where his wife awaits his return. मेघदूत महाकविकालिदासद्वारा रचित विख्यात दूतकाव्य है। इसमें एक यक्ष की कथा हैजिसे कुबेरअलकापुरी से निष्कासित कर देता है। निष्कासित यक्ष रामगिरिपर्वत परनिवास करता है। वर्षा ऋतु में उसे अपनी प्रेमिका की याद सतानेलगतीहै। कामार्त यक्ष सोचता है कि किसी भी तरह से उसका अल्कापुरीलौटनासंभव नहीं है, इसलिए वह प्रेमिका तक अपना संदेश दूत के माध्यमसेभेजने का निश्चय करता है। अकेलेपन का जीवन गुजार रहे यक्ष कोकोईसंदेशवाहक भी नहीं मिलता है, इसलिए उसने मेघ के माध्यम से अपनासंदेशविरहाकुल प्रेमिका तक भेजने की बात सोची। इस प्रकार आषाढ़ केप्रथमदिन आकाश पर उमड़ते मेघों ने कालिदास की कल्पना के साथ मिलकर एकअनन्यकृति की रचना कर दी|
German Poetry 1.5.1
With OperationMedia’s german poetry app you gain access to over7500poems by more than 240 different authors. Our library isupdateddaily and you can easily comb through it by using afull-textsearch. You may also explore new poems in a breeze withthe randompoem feature. Save your favorite poems and read themoffline,without internet connection required.A daily updated viewshowswhich poets were born or died on the current date, as well asthelatest poems and authors added.Feature overview:- Full-TextSearch-Poem of the day- Random poem- Save favorites offline- Alist of allavailable poems and poets- Author biographies- Sharepoems by mail,Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp etc.- Nightmode- Germanand English userinterfaceFeatures poetry by:- Rainer Maria Rilke-FriederikeKempner- William Shakespeare- Johann Wolfgang vonGoethe- ClemensBrentano- Otto Julius Bierbaum- Karl May- StefanGeorge- NikolausLenau- Hermann Löns- Emanuel Geibel- LudwigUhland- Karl Henckell-Joseph von Eichendorff- Ludwig Tieck- AdolfFriedrich von Schack-Achim von Arnim- Else Lasker-Schüler- TheodorFontane- JoachimRingelnatz- Annette von Droste-Hülshoff- HeinrichHeine- FriedrichSchiller- Adelbert von Chamisso- Wilhelm Busch-Ludwig Thoma- AdaChristen- Max Dauthendey- Georg Heym- AlfredLichtenstein- ErichMühsam- Georg Trakl- Gustav Schwab- ChristianFelix Weiße- LouiseOtto-Peters- Edgar Allan Poe- Paul Verlaine-Gottlieb KonradPfeffel- Otto Ernst- Christian Morgenstern- FelixDahn- TheodorStorm- Charlotte von Ahlefeld- Frank Wedekind- PaulBoldt- JohannGottfried Herder- Otfried Krzyzanowski- ConradFerdinand Meyer-Heinrich von Kleist- Georg Weerth- Carl Streckfuß-Wilhelm Müller-Kurt Tucholsky- Klabund- Hugo Ball- Louise Aston-Friederike Brun-Novalis- Paula Dehmel- Charles Baudelaire- Susannevon Bandemer-Ludwig Rubiner- Friedrich Nietzsche- Richard Dehmel-Karl Kraus-Justinus Kerner- Percy Bysshe Shelley- FerdinandFreiligrath-Gottfried August Bürger- Hugo von Hofmannsthal-Gotthold EphraimLessing- Johann Baptist von Alxinger- RudolfBaumbach- MatthiasClaudius- Hermann von Gilm- Friedrich Haug-Richard von Volkmann-Max Herrmann-Neiße- Maximilian Bern- ErnstBlass- Karl Ludwig vonWoltmann- Salomon Gessner- Karl PhilippConz- Franz Grillparzer-Paul Haller- Max Hoffmann- Ludwig Pfau-Ludwig Gotthard Kosegarten-Amalie von Imhoff- Friedrich vonHindersin- Friedrich Singer- FelixDörmann- Friedrich LudwigWilhelm Meyer- Otto Hausmann- MartinBoelitz- Maria Janitschek-Martin Opitz- Detlev von Liliencron-Alice Berend- SophieMereau...and more than 130 other authors.We areconstantly addingnew features to the German poetry app and we’relooking forward toyour feedback and ideas for improvements.
Aloo Kachaloo - Offline Videos 1.9
Kids Play & Learn
Aloo Kachaloo Kahan Gaye - without internet,
Heartfelt Poems - Family Friend Poems 1.6
Family Friend Poems
Searching for a poem to share with a loved one or just want toreadpoems? Family Friend Poems FREE Mobile App makes findingtheperfect poem to express your true feelings, simple, fast andfun.We've been publishing popular poems for more than 10 years. Nowforthe first time we've made our complete one of a kind LibraryofPopular Poems available for your phone! We've got poems foralloccasions and about all life's experiences. Drill down into 15MainCategories and over 300 Subcategories to find that perfectpoem. ✓Children Poems (140) ✓ Death Poems (900) ✓ Family Poems(1500) ✓Famous Poems (200) ✓ Friendship Poems (475) ✓ Funny Poems(125) ✓Holiday & Occasions (250) ✓ Life Poems (500) ✓ LovePoems (550)✓ Nature Poems (225) ✓ Sad Love Poems (400) ✓ Sad Poems(551) ✓Spiritual Poems (225) ✓ Teen Poems (1500) App Highlights: •Simpleand Quick to Find and Share that perfect poem with family,friendsand loved ones • Poem of the Day & Poem of theWeeknotifications. Receive a hand picked poem on the topicsthatinterest you • Navigation is simple and intuitive. Thousandsofpopular poems organized by categories and subcategories. •Browsingpoems is fast and smooth, just swipe right. • 70% less adsthan ourmobile website! Features: • Share the entire text of a poemwith 1click • 7,000+ popular poems curated over 10+ years usingratingsfrom our website visitors • Poem of the Day & Poem ofthe WeekNotifications • Save your Favorites and they will beavailable foroffline viewing • Rate each poem and help move thebest poems tothe top • Were you touched by a poem? Share your storythrough ourwebsite. (not available yet through our App) Important!Thecopyright of all poems on the app belong to the individualauthors.* See our FAQ page on our website for permissionrequests:https://www.familyfriendpoems.com/about-us/faq/ What makesusdifferent? 1. High Standards - We only publish submitted poemsthatwe know are popular with our audience. 2. Unique - We onlypublishcontemporary poems which are not already published. 3. ShareYourStory - "Were you touched by this poem? Share Your Story."Sharedstories from readers facing similar life events enhance ourpoems.4. Maintaining Excellence - We care about quality. Once ourEditorspublish a poem we continue to use your feedback. If apublishedpoem is not meeting our goals we remove it. This is a veryearlyversion of our App. What other features would you like to see?Letus know in the reviews!
Bangla Poem Jibanananda Dash 1 9.0
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Bengali Poem for Jibanananda Dash lovers.Features:★ Fullyofflineapp ( after install, NO internet connection is required touse theapp)★ Nice clean simple UI look and feel★ Easy scroll view★Mobileas well tablet view★ Portrait and landscape view★ Shareoption withvarious social apps( facebook, whatsapp etc)★ Rate 5star, commentif you like and enjoy
Şiir Sokakta Sözleri 400+ 2
YNR Studios
Şiir Sokakta Sözleri. Şiir Defterde, Şiir Kitapta, Şiir Heryerde,Şiir Sokakta, Sözler . 400ü aşkın şiir sözü ile ŞiirSokaktaSözleri uygulaması sizlerle. Defteri kapat şiirsokakta.Şiirsokakta ücretsiz uygulaması ile şiir sokakta resimlisözleri herzaman parmağınızın ucunda.Uygulamamız ile resimlerarasında kolaycageçiş yapabilir, rastgele şiir modu ile gezinebilirve tüm içeriğisosyal medya üzerinden paylaşabilirsiniz.En iyi ve ençok sevilenSözler bu uygulamada. 'Sözler' konusunda en başarılıuygulama 'ŞiirSokakta'. Sokaklara, yerlere, duvarlara ve parklarayazılan şiiralıntıları , aşk şiirleri ve şiirleri ileruhunuzdinginleşecek.Şiir sokakta uygulamasındaki sözler ileşiiralıntıları içerisinde beğendiklerin ile şiir listesioluştur.Sevgiliye şiirler , ayrılık şiirleri , aşk şiirleri ,şiiralıntıları ve şiir antolojisi içeriği ile şiir oku .Uygulamaiçerisindeki şiir listesi ; Sözler tamamen özenle seçilmişolupmükemmel bir şiir listesi haline gelmiştir. Şiirantolojisiiçerisinden şiirleri oku.Resimli şiirler içerisindekisözler genelolarak şiir alıntıları içerisinden seçilmekte olup,aynı zamandapopüler ve sokak sanatçıları tarafından yazılan sözlerdeuygulamada yer almaktadır. En güzel sözler için adres ;ŞİİRSOKAKTAAşk şiirleri , sevgiliye şiirler , ayrılık şiirleri,kitaplar , şiir antolojisi , şiir alıntıları , şiir defteri ,şiirlistesi , sözler , şiir oku ve daha fazlası için ŞiirSokaktahizmetinizde!Poetry Lyrics streets. Poetry Book, PoetryBook,Poetry Everywhere, street poetry, words.With more than 400poemspromise Poetry Lyrics app with you on the street. Book ofpoetryoff the street.Poetry is poetry in the street with freeon-streetapplications illustrated lyrics always at yourfingertips.Ourapplication can easily switch between images, poetrycan navigatewith random mode and you can share all your content viasocialmedia.The best and most popular words this application.'Words'most successful application of the 'street poetry'. thestreets,places and poems written on the walls and parkingcitations, yoursoul with love poems and poems will dinginleş.Createa poem withthe words of the poem street application list with whatyou like inpoetry quotations. Valentine poems, parting poems, lovepoems,poems read poetry excerpts and poetry anthologies content.poetrylist in the application; words has become a perfect poemiscompletely carefully selected list. Read poems inPoetryanthology.in the words of Visual Poetry is poetry in generalisselected in citations, but also popular street artists andlyricswritten by the application are also included. To address themostbeautiful words; POETRY IN THE STREETS Love poems, valentinepoems,parting poems, books, poetry anthologies, poetry,quotations,poetry book, list poems, lyrics, poetry, read poetry onthe streetand at your service for more!
Allama Iqbal Urdu shairi 1.0
This amazing app has been designed for everyone who loves poetryofAllama Iqbal our national poet. This app contains Iqbal'sBestpoetry that you will love to read.Worth knowing features ofthisapp are:-Decent layout-Attractive Layout Design-UserFriendly-Easynavigation through pages-Handy zoom in and zoom out-LanguageUrdu-Easy install and uninstall-Share with friendsDodownload it,rate it and share with your friends.Also do pray for myfather thatmay Allah rest his soul in peace and grant him with highrank inJannat.
English Poetry on Photos 1.1.2
Advance Technology Apps
Now using English Poetry on Photo you can make your pictureswithsad and love Poetry. English Poetry on Photo app is the bestapp ofstylish and rich collection of Love, sad, romantic,friendship,rain and December poetries and backgrounds. EnglishPoetry on Photoapp is the stylish name maker app in Englishtypographies withdifferent text style. You can also change yourtext color of yourname or poetry. Edit your selected English Poetryfor perfectadjustment. You can edit, drag, rotate, zoom-in andzoom-out yourpoetry on your photo or on selected background.English Poetry onPhoto app gives you best opportunity to share yourbest frames tofamous social networks. Features: 1- English poetryof Sad, love,romantic, rain, friendship 2- Awesome GUI and veryEasy to use app3- Drag, rotate, zoom-in and zoom-out your poetry onyour photos 4-Share your photo with poetry to famous socialnetworks 5- Uniqueand Stylish Poetry photo maker app. 6-Roate,cropeyour selectedphoto Download and review this love poetry app if anyissue aboutthis app contact with us.
Machali Jal ki Rani Hai : Offline Video
Apps for kids baby
Machali Jal ki Rani Hai Jeevan Uss Ka Paani Hai Haath Lagao GeToDarr Jaegi Baahir Nikalo Ge to Mar Jaegi Paani Mein Daale Ge toJeeJaegi Saara Paani Pee Jae Gi .
Mahabharatham in Tamil - மகாபாரதம் 1.2
Nithra Tamil Labs
Mahabharata (மகாபாரதம்) – Completely free app that portrays theepicstory of 'Mahabharata' in Tamil. As Mahabharata is a greatSanskritepic of ancient India and longest epic poem ever writtenin IndianMythology, it’s very important to know about this epic -MahabharataStory in Tamil. This 'Mahabharatham' War app is thenarrative of theKurukṣetra War and the fates of the Kauravas andthe Pandavas inTamil. Also this app consist of this hugemahabharata in 112segments. Also this Mahabaratha War app narrateshow lord Krishnaplayed in Kurukshetra war to make Pandavas inbattle againstGauravas. This great Indian epic was originallystorylined byMaharshi Vyasa so that it is called as Vyasa'sMahabharata orVyasarin Mahabharatam in Tamil but general myth saysVyasa dictatesLord Ganesha to write this epic.The upanyasams byLord Krishna fromMahabharatham(upanyasams on Mahabharatham) formsHindu Scripture inTamil called as 'Geethai' or bhagavat Geeta.Mahabharatha story isalso called as Arjuna Story, Karnan Kathai,Kurukshetra - The EpicWar, Mahabharath, etcThis MahabharathamMythology app narrates allthe stories like Birth of Kauravas andPandavas, DraupadiSwayamwara, Pandavas Exile of Kingdom, GamblingGame betweenKauravas and Pandavas, Battle of Karna & Arjuna,Abhimanyu inChakravyuha, Defeat of Duryodhana, Karna Donates hisKavasaKundalam, Battle at Kuruk6shetra, etc.The mainMahabharataCharacters are Yudhishtra, Bheema, Arjuna, Nakul,Sahadev,Draupadi, Kunthi, Lord Krishna, Karna, Dhritarashtra,Gandhari,Shakuni, Dronacharya, Duryodhana, Sanjay, Bhishma ,etc.The userfriendly interface of this Mahabharata For Kids appmakes everyoneto read this mahabharat story easily, especiallyforkids(Mahabharata for Children).Features of this app:Youcandownload this Tamil Mahabharatham Upanyasams app at freeofcost.You can access our Mahabharata Stories in Tamil app inofflinemode.Share this Tamil Mahabharatham story app with yourbelovedones via share option.This Complete Mahabharata Story appconsistsof mahabharata story in 112 segments.This Mahabharathamfull storyapp highlights the last read segment in separatecolor.You canarrange the story segments in list or grid view fromthe drop-downmenu.This Mahabharata by Vyasa app has friendly userInterface.Youcan easily switch between the segments of thestory.இந்தியபாரதத்தின் இரு பெரும் இதிகாசங்களுள் ஒன்று மகாபாரதம்.மகாபாரதம்,உலகின் மிக நீண்ட இதிகாசங்களில் ஒன்றாகும்.பாண்டு,திருதராட்டிரன்என்னும் இரு சகோதரர்களின் பிள்ளைகளிடையேயான பெரிய போரைமையமாக வைத்துஉருவாக்கப்பட்டதே இந்தக் காப்பியமாகும்.மனிதவாழ்க்கையில் ஒருவன்எவ்வாறு அறநெறி மற்றும் ஒழுக்கத்தோடு வாழவேண்டும்என்ற மையக்கருத்தினைக் கொண்டு உருவாக்கப்பட்ட காப்பியம் ஆகும்.மேலும்மனிதன்எந்த நேரத்திலும் தருமத்தின் வழி தவறாது நடக்க வேண்டும்என்பதைபற்றியும் கூறுகிறது. ஆசான்களை அவமதித்தல், பெண்மையைசூறையாடுதல்,வினை விதைப்பவனின் விதி பயன், தீய இடத்தில் இருந்தும்நற்குணம்கொண்டவனின் கதி என வாழ்க்கையின் ஒவ்வொரு கட்டத்திலும் மனிதன்என்னசெயல் செய்தால், அவனுக்கு என்ன பலன் விளைவிக்கப்படும் எனவாழ்வியலில்புரிதல் ஏற்பட, நம் மண்ணில் நிகழ்ந்தேறிய மாபெரும்இதிகாசம்மகாபாரதம்.பல தரும நெறிகளை நமக்கு உணர்த்துகின்றது.தருமத்தைக்கடைப்பிடித்து வாழ வேண்டும். பல சந்தர்ப்பங்களில் தருமசங்கடங்கள்தோன்றி நம்மை நெறி தவற வைக்கப் பார்க்கும். அத்தகையதருமசங்கடங்கள்விளையும்போது தீங்கைச் சிறிதும் எண்ணாது தர்மத்தைக்கடைப்பிடித்துப்பண்பால் உயர்ந்து விளங்க வேன்டும் என்பதை மகாபாரதம் பலஇடங்களிலும்எடுத்துரைத்து நமக்கு வழிகாட்டுகின்றது.குருச்சேத்திரப்போர்மகாபாரதக் காவியத்தில் ஒரு முக்கியமான நிகழ்வாகும்.இப்போர்அத்தினாபுரம் அரியணைக்காக பங்காளிகளானகௌரவர்களுக்கும்பாண்டவர்களுக்கும் இடையே குருச்சேத்திரம் என்றஇடத்தில் நடைபெற்றது.இப்போரானது 18 நாட்கள் நடைபெற்றது.இந்த மாபெரும்இதிகாசமானது நீங்கள்எளிதாக படிக்கும் வகையில் நமது செயலியில் பாகம்பாகமாக பிரித்துகொடுக்கப்பட்டுள்ளது.
Banalata Sen | Jibonanda Das 1.3.4
Banalata Sen (Bengali: বনলতা সেন) is a Bengali poem writtenin1942[1] by the poet Jibanananda Das that is one of the mostread,recited and discussed poems of Bengali literature. The titleofthis lyric poem is a female character referred to by name inthelast line of each of its three stanzas. Tags: বনলতা সেন,bonolotasen, jibanananda das, bonolota sen poem, bonolota senkobita,jibanananda das kobita, banalata sen, jibonanondo das,banglakobita bonolota sen, bangla kobita jibanananda das, bengalipoem,jibanananda das er bangla kobita, bangla poem, jibananandadaspoems, jibanananda das er kobita, natorer bonolota sen,banglapoems, bonolota shen, jibonanondo das er kobita, kazi nazrulislamkobita, bangla kobita, kobita bonolota sen, bangla kobitafreedownload, bidrohi kobita, islamic kobita, bidrohi poem,banglakhobita, bonolota, banglapoem, jibonando das, bonolatasen,jibonanondo hoye, bangladesh, bonolotasen "Banalata Sen"wascomposed by Jibanananda Das in 1934 when he was living inCalcutta,at a time in his life when he had lost his job ofAssistantLecturer at the City College, Kolkata. The relevantmanuscript wasdiscovered and labelled Book-8 while preserved in theNationalLibrary of Calcutta; the poem occurs on page 24 of thismanuscript.Bonolota Sen jonopriyo bangla kobita gulur moddheonnotomo. EtiRomantic giti hisebe somadrito. Bonolota sen kobitatiprothomprokash koresilen kobi buddho deb bosu tar kobitapotrikay.Additional tags: #Banalata #Sen #Bengali #poem #written#in #1942#by #the #poet #Jibanananda #Das #that #one #of #most#read#recited #and #discussed #poems #literature #The #title#this#lyric #female #character #referred #to #name #last #line#each#its #three #stanzas #A #draft #was #also #discovered#widely#differs #from #final #version #Poet #quiet #person #who#preferred#live #obscurity #Until #discovery #his #diaries#mid-1990s #it#considered #unlikely #he #could #have #been #love#with #woman #or#without #However #Natore #tiny #town #Rajshahi#area #what #then#Bengal #has #become #an #emblem #feminine#mystery #as #well#beauty #"Banalata #Sen" #composed #1934 #when#living #Calcutta#at #time #life #had #lost #job #Assistant#Lecturer #City #College#Kolkata #relevant #manuscript #labelled#Book-8 #while #preserved#National #Library #Calcutta; #occurs #on#page #24 #It #first#published #December #1935 #issue #poetry#magazine #Kavita #edited#Buddhadeva #Bose #third #collection#under #Earlier #collected#Modern #Poetry #jointly #Abu #Sayeed#Ayub #Hirendranath#Mukhopadhyaya #1939 #Although #popularly#regarded #romantic#poet’s #historical #sense #human #existence#unmistakably#underlying #essence #Bonolota #jonopriyo #bangla#kobita #gulur#moddhe #onnotomo #Eti #Romantic #giti #hisebe#somadrito #sen#kobitati #prothom #prokash #koresilen #kobi #buddho#deb #bosu#tar #potrikay
Greatest Love Poems Forever 1.17
Ah, the love poem! There is nothing else like it on earth. Touseyour words in a creative and beautiful way to show someonespecialjust how very much they mean to you is such a marvelousthing.Thepoem is more than just words on paper. The poem is morethan justthe opinions of thoughts of the poet. Poetry is the doorto thesoul. A poem is a feeling inside that moves you, thatinspires you,that makes you laugh or makes you cry. Love poetry isaboutcapturing those moments and freezing them for a moment onpaper sosomeone else can feel what you feel.The main point of agood lovepoem is not to tell the other person how you feel but tomake themfeel it themselves. You don't want to just tell someoneyou lovethem. You want them to feel it in their hearts, in theirsouls, intheir bones. You want them to feel your words flow througheveryounce of their body. You want to make them feel what you feelandyou can't achieve this goal by simply telling. You can hear agreatpoem. You can smell a great poem. You feel like you can reachoutand touch it. That's the kind of poem you want to learn towritefor your sweetie.INTRODUCING “Greatest Love Poems Forever”CALLERID! “Greatest Love Poems Forever” caller ID helps youidentifynumbers real-time while the call is happening - even theones notin your phonebook. No more number guessing or avoidingunknowncallers – “Greatest Love Poems Forever” caller ID preparesyou forthe call. If your local pizza vendor doesn’t pick up thephone whenyou’re calling, “Greatest Love Poems Forever” caller IDwillsuggest alternative nearby places. You can always adjustyourcaller ID settings in the settings menu.We are constantlyworkingon making the content and functionality of our apps better.We arealways excited to hear from you! If you have anyfeedback,questions, or concerns, please share with usat:http://apps-ticket.com
Poetiq: Shayari, Poems & Quotes
Uncover magnificent poems and shayaris in just one app for FREE!Theidea is to provide users a platform to read shayaris andghazals andalso become a contributor in the app. Our goal is totouch you withour unique collection of balladry, ghazals, shayari,songs, andrhymes. Beyond just reading, you can post your owncollection ofpoems for others to enjoy and appreciate. This app isa unique wayto express yourself and your feelings deep in yourheart. It is theeasiest way to express your feeling andsimultaneously build yourcollection of poems. It’s a source ofentertainment. We’ve made thisapp to make reading and sharingpoetry fun and simple. Smart designand interactive environmenthelp you to enjoy the content. There areno rules to how to write apoem. Write what you feel. Or just cutand paste from a WhatsApp orFacebook forwarded post. You can alsosuggest edits to poems byother users. Key Features of this app:Post your own piece ofpoetry (verse) Enjoy verses submitted byother users as well Shareyour own lyrics and by others on varioussocial media platformslike whatsapp and facebook Get notified whenusers like or commenton your post Collaboratively edit poems,quotes and shayari Viasharing options you can share your favouritepoem with another appuser as well as your friends. You get to readyou own contributionsin the app This app keeps a track of all thepoems you’ve likedtill now. Poems are well categorized according tothe mood andgist/sense of the piece. This app does a lot more. Itdisplays youthe poems recently added by the contributors and alsothe all timefavourite and most popular stuff/poems of all times.You cancomment and like poems. You can edit someone else’s piece ofpoetryand request them to finalize the revisions. Users can findandenjoy the poems according to their mood. Read the contentanywhere,anytime! Search for any verse and category you love. Yourfavouriteidentified poems will be stored in your personal profile.If youhave your phone with you, then its straightaway easy to makepoetrya unvarying part of your life If you’re looking for someparticularauthor or poet, then don’t worry, we have arranged eachpoem by itsauthor’s name. You can add a tag in your poem to givethemuniqueness. You will never find problem while searching quotesandshayaris for the proper occasion. You name an occasion and wehaveit. Say it from good morning and friendship texts to Mother’sdayand birthday poems. So save time when sending quotes to younear(dear) ones. Download now to enjoy wonderful poems andshers.Shout-out for all poets, aspiring poets, poetry fans, andlovers ofwords to have this remarkable experience. What makes usdifferent?Unique - We let the users contribute to the content ofthe app. Soevery time the user opens the app, it is new and freshcontent.Maintaining excellence - we care about quality. Once oureditorspublish a poem/verse, we continue to use your feedback. Ifapublished piece is not meeting our goals we remove it. Shareyourown stuff - Publish your own poems and have the world to seeitEdit poems - become an editor and help the community createawonderful anthology of all poems. Moods and categories:Friendship,love, Father’s day, Mother's Day, Valentine day,anniversary,family, cheerful, sad, angry, joyful, heartbreak,smile, kissed,blessed, rain, relationships, alone, sufi, sufism,dhoka, wisdom,pyaar, dramatic, ghalib, galib, kabir, bollywood,meera, miraTags:Shairi,shayaree,shairee,euphony,songs,poets,hindi,urdu,english,marathi,tamil,hinglish,,community,creativewriting,touching,original,poemistic,gaana,sing,poetries,kavita,epic,elegy,grook,erasure,idyll,sound,renga,clerihew,eco,flarf,mock,buddhist,epigram,crambo,jeremiad,monody,chandas,bayati,dramatic,monologue,blank.sijo,geet,sangeet
Nani Teri Morni :offline video 2.8
Nani Teri Morni Ko Mor Le Gaye offline poem no need ofinternetconnection.Nani Teri Morni RhymeNani Teri Morni Ko Mor LeGayeHindi Poem''Nani Teri Morni Ko Mor Le Gaye"Nursery RhymeNaniterimorni ko mor le gaye poems offline
English Poetry On Photo 1.0
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English Poetry On Photo application is best app of Stylishandlatest English poetry maker. English Poetry On Photo app havebestand rich collection of frames and poetry of Sad, Romantic,Love,Friendship, Rain, December categories. English Poetry On Photoappis fully featured and customized English poetry photo editor.Youcan decorate your photo taken from Smart phone’s gallery withgivenpoetry categories or write your own English poetry with thehelp ofdefault English keyboard. English Poetry On Photo app isalsostylish name maker or fantasy text editor app becauseEnglishPoetry On Photo app have awesome collection of text fontsand colorpicker to make your selected English poetry, your name orcustompoetry more stylish, fashioned and fantasy. If you have anerror inyour custom poetry in English Poetry On Photo then noproblem,select edit option to make your custom poetry or stylishnamecorrect and perfect. English Poetry On Photo app is bestlifestyleapp of this modern era of Smart phones with its uniquefeatures youcan make your poetry or stylish name perfect and hearttouchinglook. You can drag, move, rotate, zoom-in and zoom-outyourselected poetry, your stylish name, stylish quotes orcustomEnglish poetry for perfect adjustment. English Poetry OnPhoto alsohave unlimited redo and undo feature to make youradjustmentperfect. Now Share your stylish name or English poetry toyourfriends and family through famous social networks likefacebook,whatsapp, Instagram and many other. ***Features***1-FullyCustomized and easy to use app2- 100+ Awesome collection ofFramesof sad, romantic, love, friendship, rain and Decembercategories 3-100+ fabulas collection of English poetry of sad,romantic, love,friendship, rain and December categories 4- 16 TextFonts stylesand color picker options to make your name or poetrymore handsomeand stylish5- Four lines Poetry, you can write withdefault EnglishKeyboard6- Unlimited undo and redo option7- Drag,rotate, zoom-inand zoom-out your poetry on your photos8- Share yourphoto withpoetry to famous social networks 9- Unique and StylishPoetry photomaker app10- Its free
English rhymes mp3 1.2
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Learning project is once again on top of all agendas.Educationalprojects are demanding at extensive scale for kid’sacademicdevelopment. English rhymes composed in elegant melodiesforlistening skills and learning performance. Poems of all sortsfornursery students are packed in one formula application in audioandvisual lyrics form.The bundle of small English songs ispreparedfor progress of knowledge expansion and trainingduration.Childhood being very sensitive part of life has thirst ofqueriesand intense desire to seek whatever is unknown. Audioavailabilityof English Poems teaches children words pronunciationand excitesthem to recall and read them in the same manner. Thelyrics arealso pasted in the beautiful layout besides mp3 songwhich presentsa book reflection to a child. Although the paper isreplaced bydigital book but the printing of cartoons and captionswith eachpoems verses follow captivating images look. The androidkid’s bookcontains bunch of top frequently used English rhymes withmuch orless twist and these are "A B C D E F G", "JOHNY JOHNY YESPAPA","OLD MACDONALD", "WHEEL ON THE BUS", "FINGER FAMILY", "DO YOUKNOWTHE MUFFIN MAN", "FIVE LITTLE MONKEY".Same way some other poemsareentitled as "BIG SHIP SAILS", "ALOUETTE","HUMPTYDUMPTY","CLICKETYCLARK","HERE WE GO ROUND","BAA BAA BLACKSHEEP","MARY HAD A LITTLELAMB","RAIN RAIN GO AWAY", "TWINKLETWINKLE","CAN YOU SIT ","ROWROW ROW","ARE YOU SLEEPING","DOWN ATSTATION","FOUR LITTLE PAPERDOLL","DIGGER DOG","DO YOU EARS","HAPPYBIRTHDAY","ITS RAINING ITSPOURING","JACK AND JILL","JOHN THERABBIT","SALLY GO ROUND","THEBEAR WENT", "THE ITSY BISTYSPIDER","HEAD AND SHOULDER","WHERE OHWHERE"The content listprovides you path to move on to getfacilitate by compilation ofmusical themes. Collaboration of audiovisual aids always learningenhancing tool at all levels.Features•Learning device• Sweetmelodies of English poems• Lyricspresentation or words appearance•Off line working of applicationat any where• Beautiful nurseryrhymes MP3• Images for each poem•Facility of Content list ….."A B CD E F G" to "WHERE OH WHERE"Howto UseTake first step to use….Download the application- Simplylook at list of English Poems-Click on Poem’s title- Listen songand also read the lyricsaltogether
com.saadaoui.ma7mouddarwich 1.0
قصائد محمود درويشPoems of Mahmoud Darwish
Charents - Poems & Ballads 1.0
Yeghishe Charents (Armenian: Եղիշե Չարենց) was an Armenianpoet,writer and public activist. Charents was an outstanding poetof thetwentieth century, touching upon a multitude of topics thatrangedfrom his experiences in the First World War, socialistrevolution,and, more prominently, on Armenia and Armenians. He isrecognizedas "the main poet of the 20th century" in Armenia.Anearlysupporter of communism, Charents joined the Bolshevik party,but asthe Stalinist terror began in the 1930s, he graduallygrewdisillusioned with Stalinism and was executed during the1930spurges.
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