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Photoscape by Excel 5.1.0
Amar Technolabs Pvt Ltd
Excel Photoscape is an easy and fun way to enhance your personaland social media photos and with the powerful editing tools makeyour photos beautiful and creative. It has lots of feature to edit,crop or enhances your photos from either camera or from your photogallery and share via Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and muchmore.Excel Photoscape has a collection of powerful effects,beautiful layout, border colors, creative patterns, funny stickersand background and it’s also easy to add text and stickers thathelps to build amazing Photos.Excel Photoscape also provides listof the overlay images for camera. When you select any one of those,just set one or any object with the overlay image and click thephoto. The new overlay images are real fun.FeaturesEdit your photoswith great photo effects and backgroundsSimple touch gestures torotate, resize, flipHundreds of backgrounds and funstickers!Amazing photo effects & filtersEasy to change bordercolours, backgrounds and patterns!Share the picture via Email,Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp among friends.Instant preview of alleffects, chaining of multiple effects, intuitive photoeditor.Adjust the object with the overlay images.Click the photowith the funny overlays.Enhance photos like Exposure, Hue Adjust,Hi-Def.Apply amazing effects on the gallery or camera images (e.g.RGB Tone, DOT, MONO etc).Crop, rotate, saturation, flip,brightness, contrast, Photo collage etc.Special effects oncamera.Mix two images and show your creativity.Move and zoom byfingers, instantly apply basic filters.
Sanjivani 2.2
Amar Technolabs Pvt Ltd
'SANJIVANI' is a miraculous medicine to awake the unconscious man.In the past people were made unconscious in the battle by the blowsof the enemies. Today also there are battles and people becomeunconscious too by its effect. In the battle of life man is hit bythe arrows from all the sides. To reawaken the injured(unconscious) man from this day-to-day problematic questioningarrows this application has been prepared. Here you can fully enjoythe short inspiration stories, images etc. We assure you that theeasier production of Shailesh Sagpariya will inspirationallyenlighten you.
Khodaldham Trust - Kagvad 1.0
Amar Technolabs Pvt Ltd
KHODALDHAM is an inspiration, magnificent and beautiful in everyway, is unique and first of its kind. Spreaded in vast area playingthe node and functions of various activities in guiding and pushingforward the community. It is truly a spiritually upliftingexperience to witness the faith of the devotees.It is one of thelargest comprehensive Hindu temples, measures 299 ft long, 253 ftwide and 135 ft high, covering vast area. In magnificent temple,idols of Maa Khodiyar together with Maa Amba, Maa Bahuchar, MaaVerai, Maa Mahakali, Maa Annapurna, Maa Gautral, Maa Randal, MaaButbhavani, Maa Brahamani, Maa Momai, Maa Chamunda, Maa Gel and MaaShihori to put in and consecrate.KHODALDHAM is having a uniquearchitecture displaying tradition of the community. BesidesKhodaldham, the temples of Shri Shiva Mahadeva, Shri Ram Darbar,Shri Radhakrishna, Shri Shrinathaji Bava, Shri Ganesha and ShriHanumana to be established and consecrated.For more informationvisit Khodaldham Trust website :
Funny Jugaad 1.0
Amar Technolabs Pvt Ltd
Funny Jugaad technology is home to the best funny, viral andinteresting Jugaad photo and video around the world. Jugaad isquite a common term in India used for developing an innovativeworkaround for solving a problem that needs more resources. It hasvarious examples of low cost, innovative ideas that solve majorproblems and many led to a high earning stream. Jugaad word isquite popular in India, but it is also used in many other countrieswith different names. The Chinese call it Zizhu chuangxin and thepeople in Brazil call it gambiarra. We are presenting to someIndian innovative jugaad picture on here.We hope you like the site.If you have comments, suggestions, or don’t like anything thenplease contact us.Thanks for visiting
Easter Special Effects 1.3
Amar Technolabs Pvt Ltd
Easter Special is a complete combo application to make your easterperfect. It includes all the required things from greeting cards toprayers.Features.1. Easter story-Read the whole story of the easterwith attractive images with explanation.2. Easter Vide-Updatedvideos about the Easter festival and easter story.-Watch latestchanging videos.3. Greeting Cards/Wishes/Images-Attractivebeautiful cards with colorful images. -Save / share the cards withFACEBOOK,TWITTER, WHATSAPP.4. Prayers-Easter prayers with the audioand lyrics.
Bhojaldham 1.0
Amar Technolabs Pvt Ltd
This is the land where Dwarkadhish(Lord Krishna) himself appearedbefore Bhojalrambapa.Whom Dwarkadhish offered prints of counchshell,wheel,mace and lotus on both the hands.This is the land whereJalarambapa had spend most of time of life in devotion and Sadhana.As a result of guru, he started sadawrat (daily distribution offood to the mendicants)in Virpur by blessing of Sadguru.It iswell/known in world wide.This is the land where Bhojalrambapa hadmade religious rites (Sadhana)upto 40 years.In the villageFattepur, the room of the first hermitage was built on the land ofBhojaldham by Sadguru Bhojalrambapa, Jalarambapa and Valambapathemselves. It is a very sacred land where monuments as a turban,arosary and kankupagala of Bhojalrambapa are worshipped.The holyplace of Bhojabapa has been well known as ‘Bhojaldham’ is the placeof pilgrimage for the people of all religions and for all castes.Aglorious spire temple willbe built on this holy land.In this templethe celestial idols of Bhojalrambapa and his two powerful disciplesJalarambapa and Valamrambapa will be reputed in thistemple.Moreover,Ram temple the idol of Hanumanji,Radha Krishna andShiv Panchayat,Suryanarayan and Randalmata will be reputed.1) appfor to converting english to gujarati 2) app for to convertingenglish to hindi3) app for to read bhojaldham jyot4) app for toread all news papers 5) app for to get whether6) app for to sharegujarti word7) app for to share hindi word8) app for to know factof bhojalram9) app for to download wallpaper,ringtone, mp3 song ,video song of bhojalram10) app for to get good idea for to livebetter LIFE11) (1)Literature of Bhojalrambapa (2) Chabkha ofBhojabhagat (3)Biographyof Bhojalrambapa. (4)The articles aboutfestivals (5)The articles informing Aurvedic medicine (6)ReligiousBhajans(7)Sermous of the Saints(8)Articles for refining childrenare published in this magazine “Bhojalram Jyot.12) thestatue(murti) of bhojalrambapa is now at almost in all villageAndalso in famoua temple like patel samaj khodaldham And lohana samajjalaram temple
Where My Time Goes..? 1.3
Amar Technolabs Pvt Ltd
Very simple but best application to get your schedule back ontrack. - Update your spend hours in the application. - observe easyto understand graphical representation. - Plan your schedule wiselyand improve your life style.
Best FlashLight 1.0
Amar Technolabs Pvt Ltd
The best flashlight application ever.All the features included withone click flash light and fancy GIF images.
Excel PTP 1.0
Amar Technolabs Pvt Ltd
Excel PTP (Practical Training Program)It is a very useful application for all IT(InformationTechnology) aspirants. This application is has veryuseful webbased video tutorials for all the developers.
Gujarati Garba, Gujarati Dayro, Gujarati Jokes 3.0.8
Amar Technolabs Pvt Ltd
Ambe Maa Aarti and Stuti - Gujarati GupShup- An informative andentertaining Gujarati application for Android-IOS device users. Itis an application for all Gujarati community people throughout theworld. Now listen all kind of Gujarati music that you alwayswanted to get from one stop destination.From this application, onecan choose from different categories like Garba, Aarti, Dayro,Jokes, Shreenathji’s bhajan, Raas graba (Titodo raas) and playselected song. Gujarati Gupshup is having many features which arelisted below. 1) Gujarati Garba Songs-Desi and western style remixGarba - Chhel Chhabilo Gujarati - Ati kya dandiya mein - Amo kakaBapana poriya and more.2) Gujarati Aarti Songs-Special Aarti fordevotees - Ambe maa aarti - Jay adhya shakti aarti - Vishwambharistuti and more.3) Gujarati Lok Dayro - Dropadi vastraharan -Pandvono vanvaas and more.4) Gujarati funny jokes ram-zat - Chamanbanega crorepati - Gor bapana gotala and more.5) Shreenathji Bhajan- Shre krishna sharanam mamah - Kabhi pyase ko pani pilaya nahi -Maa baap ne bhulso nahi and more. 6) Traditional Titodo raas Enjoythis amazing application at free of cost and any feedback fromyour-side will be appreciated.
Amar Infotech 1.1
Amar Technolabs Pvt Ltd
AI tutorials is the just an initiativefromAmar Infotech a division of Amar Technolabs PVT. LTD. The aimofthe initiative is to provide some handy tutorials tohelpunderstand mobile application development work. Specially inthisversion of the application we have included few videotutorialswhich are really very helpful for the people who want tohave ahandy look for the Mobile application development. Thesevideos areweb service driven so will be updated time by time fortheconvenience of the users. This application is completely freeandwill be free in future as well. In future we are planning toupdatethis with more videos which gives tips for optimum use of anyiOSdevices. It could also be really ideal and handy applicationforthe existing AI clients to have immediate contact with us andalsoto have a look on company’s portfolio.
Bubbel 1.0
Amar Technolabs Pvt Ltd
Bubbel is a simple way to find like-minded people around you whoshare your interests.  -  Build your interests basedcommunities with awesome people in your location  - Pursue your interest and hobbies be it sports, fitness, hangouts,arts or just chit chat -  Send meet-up requests to yourconnections-  Send broadcast messages to Bubbel users in yourlocation-  Chat with your Connections and other users onBubbel
QTrace - Lost Mobile Finder 1.1.55
Amar Technolabs Pvt Ltd
Get your QTrace at Have questions? We’ve got theanswers! Contact us 24/7 via phone, email on [email protected] -Mobile to Mobile Location Tracking -Share Mobile Devicewith Other User -Connect it, Ring it, Find it. -Lost MobileFunctionality Alert -Share My Location Feature -Quick Dial(Emergency Mobile Number) Feature -Location Update Interval -DeviceAdministrator permission for (Unauthorized Lock Attempts)-Different Type of Map View -3d Map view feature WHAT IT IS QTraceApp is a GPS tracker that connects with another Mobile phone withthe help of QTrace Mobile App. It allows tracking shared mobilephone location with the alert. This app uses the DeviceAdministrator permission. Download QTrace App and share withanother device to track its location. Unauthorized Lock attemptsfeature works when the user allow Device Administrator permissionto the app, it helps to find the person who tried to unlock withthe wrong password. Use the QTrace to ring and find your phone,even if it’s on silent. HOW IT WORKS “Unauthorized Lock Attempts”features works when the user allows “Device Administratorpermission” When any person tried to unlock the mobile phone withthe wrong password QTrace allows to take the picture from the frontcamera and send that image to the registered email address. Thisfeature word only when user will allow Device Administratorpermission. PERMISSION REQUIRED FOR QTRACE APP -DeviceAdministrative Permission ( Allow only if you require -Unauthorized Lock Attempts Feature) -Bluetooth Permission -InternetPermission -GPS Location Permission -Camera Permission -StoragePermission -Sound Permission -Phone Call Permission -SMS PermissionLET QTRACE FIND YOUR PHONE. Looking for your phone? Tap the QTraceto make your phone ring. Even if it’s on silent. SEE WHERE YOU LASTHAD IT. The app remembers where your QTrace was last connected.Check the map for the last location.
 SHARING IS CARING. In theapp, you can share your QTrace with multiple Mobile devices. Shareyour QTrace with family and friends to increase finding power.

YOUR MOBILE DEVICE CAN BE A VIRTUAL QTRACE TOO. With the QTraceapp, your phone or tablet can become a virtual QTrace. Set up anaccount on each device and use them to find one another. Or loginto the QTrace site and check your phone’s location there.TECHNICAL DETAILS

The app utilizes your phone’s LocationServices and records the last known location of your QTrace basedon your phone’s Geolocation data. This app also uses the DeviceAdministrator permission to click picture from front camera andsend it to a registered email address. Warning: Continued use ofGPS or Bluetooth running in the background can dramaticallydecrease battery life. Get your QTrace at Followus on Follow us on Like us on QTrace - Connect it, Ring it,Find it.
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