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Physics Toolbox Sensor Suite 1.9
Vieyra Software
Useful for students and teachers in science,technology,engineering, and math (STEM) education and academic orindustrialresearchers, this app uses device sensor inputs tocollect, record,and export data in comma separated value (csv)format through ashareable .csv file. Data can be plotted againstelapsed time on agraph or displayed digitally. Users can export thedata for furtheranalysis in a spreadsheet or plotting tool. Thisapp also generatestones, colors, and a stroboscope. for avariety of usage ideas for STEMeducation and publications fromacademia and industry.A menu allowsthe user to sense or generatethe following (dependent upon theuser’s mobile devicecapabilities):SENSORS(1) G-Force Meter - ratioof Fn/Fg (x, y, zand/or total)(2) Linear Accelerometer –acceleration (x, y, and/orz)(3) Gyroscope - radial velocity (x, y,and/or z)(4) Barometer -atmospheric pressure (5) Roller Coaster -G-Force Meter, LinearAccelerometer, Gyroscope, and Barometer(6)Hygrometer - relativehumidity(7) Thermometer - temperature(8)Proximeter - periodicmotion and timer (timer and pendulum modes)(9)Ruler - distancebetween two points(10) Magnetometer - magneticfield intensity (x,y, z and/or total)(11) Compass - magnetic fielddirection andbubble level(12) GPS - latitude, longitude, altitude,speed,direction, number of satellites(13) Inclinometer - azimuth,roll,pitch(14) Light Meter - light intensity(15) Color Detector-detects HEX colors within a small rectangle area on the screenviathe camera.(16) Sound Meter - sound intensity(17) Tone Detector-frequency and musical tone(18) Oscilloscope (audio) - waveshapeand relative amplitude(19) Spectrum Analyzer (audio) -graphicalFFT(20) Spectrogram (audio) - waterfall FFTMULTIRECORD(21) MultiRecord - choose one or more of the above sensors tocollect data atthe same time.GENERATORS(22) Tone Generator – soundfrequencyproducer(23) Color Generator – R/G/B/Y/C/M, white, andcustom colorscreen(24) Stroboscope (beta) - camera flashFeatures(a)Recording:All sensor data can be recorded by pressing the redfloating actionbutton. Saved data can be found stored in the foldericon and onthe device’s SD card.(b) Exporting: Data can beimmediatelytransferred following recording by selection an optionto send viae-mail or shared in Google Drive or Dropbox. Locallysaved filescan also be transferred from the folder icon.(c)SensorInformation: Clicking on the (i) icon within each modeprovidesinformation about the sensor name, vendor, and currentdatacollection rate, in addition to a description of what kind ofdatais collected by the sensor, its physical operating principle,andlinks to additional resources, including webpages and videosthatillustrate how it works. Settings* Note that not all settingsareavailable for all sensors.(a) Data Display: View data ingraphical,digital, or vector form.(b) Graph Display: Viewmulti-dimensionaldata sets on a single shared graph or in multipleindividualgraphs.(c) Displayed Axis: For multi-dimensional data ona singleshared graph, select total, x, y, and/or z-axis data. (d)CSVTimestamp Format: Record clock time or elapsed time withsensordata.(e) Line Width: Modify visual presentation of data withaThin, Medium, or Thick line.(f) Sensor Collection Rate:Setcollection rate as Fastest, Game, UI, or Normal. Thesensorcollection rate is displayed for each option whenselected.(g) Keepthe Screen On: Prevent the app from turning thescreen offautomatically.(h) Calibrate: Calibrate selectedsensors.PermissionsExplained:LocationUsed to calculate theazimuth.Photos/Media/FilesAcsv file is created and modified on thephone's internalmemory.MicrophoneThe app has a sound meter modethat analyzes soundusing the microphone.
Sensor Box for Android 6.3
Sensor Box for Android detects all available sensors on yourAndroiddevice, and vividly shows you how they work with amazinggraphics.Sensor Box for Android also tells you which sensors aresupported bythe hardware, and provides extremely useful sensortools that couldbe used in our daily life.Sensors included-GyroscopeSensorGyroscope sensor can measure six directions at atime. Youwill be able to see the effects immediately by rotatingyour phoneslightly. Now Gyroscope sensor is mostly used in 3Dgamedevelopment, and possibly indoor navigation in future.-LightSensorLight sensor is applied to detect the light intensity oftheenvironment, and then adjusts screen brightness anddetermineswhether to turn off the keyboard light. Test the effectby puttingyour phone in dark place and retrieving it.-OrientationSensorOrientation sensor is applied to detect directionstatus ofthe device, i.e. auto rotate screen when device isrotatedhorizontally. It can also be used as measure equipment likeSpiritLevel.- Proximity SensorProximity sensor measures thedistancebetween two objects, usually the device screen and ourhands/faceetc. Test the effect by moving your hand forward andbackward infront of the device in Sensor Box for Android.-TemperatureSensorTemperature sensor provides information about yourdevicetemperature, thus you can take action when the temp is toolow orhigh.- Accelerometer SensorAccelerometer sensor is appliedtodetect device directions, i.e. auto rotate screen when thedeviceis rotated vertically. It is also widely used in gamedevelopment.-SoundSound detects the sound intensity around you andprovides youdetailed information about the intensity changes.-MagneticFieldMagnetic Field is used in many areas like metaldetection andcompass, which bring us lot convenience in ourlife.-PressurePressure is used to detect environmental pressure,thus toforecast weather and temperature.Sensor Box for Androidonlydetects changes. It may not show the correcttemperature,proximity, light and pressure values if no changesoccur.For betterperformances, sensors are usually used together.Check out the livedemonstration inside the application! Anyfeedback the emailaddress below is the best way to get in touchwith us.
Sensors Multitool 1.3.2
Wered Software
Sensors Multitool: the ultimate tool for the sensors ofyoursmartphone. Information about all sensors supported by yourphoneSupport for show information of WIFI networks and GPS Alldataaccompanied by graphics in real time Collect on asingleapplication: altimeter, metal detector, compass ... Sensors-Support for all Android sensors: gyroscope, compass, lightsensor... Sensor Features - Features of each of the sensors onyoursmartphone. Real Time - Real time information of the dataobtainedby Sensors. WIFI - All data from the network which youareconnected, intensity, and information about your Smartphone inthenetwork. GPS - You could see your geographical position,thealtitude at which you are, and the status of thesatellites.Material Design - A clean and simple interface followingtheguidelines of Material Design. Intuitive Graphs - CompleteGraphsthat let you view the data collected by the sensors.
Android Sensors 1.1
LP Ellis
Monitor and record all your device's sensors from asinglescreen.Sensors include:* GPS (latitude, longitude, speed,accuracy,available satellites, connected satellites)* Accelerometer(x, yand z axis)* Gyroscope (x, y and z axis)* Compass (azimuth)*Soundlevel (dB)* Light meter (lux)* Magnetometer (x, y and z axis)*CPUusage (system user, iow, irq)* Humidity* Pressure (hPa)*Memoryusage* Battery temperature, current and level* Stepcounter*Network usage and strength* Proximity meterSensorLab canrecorddata from all the above sensors in the background for sharing(in.csv format) or playback within the app.
Sensors Toolbox 1.2.2
EXA Tools
Sensors toolbox is the absolute all-in-one diagnostic tool thatletsyou know virtually everything about your mobile device status.Getfull information about all sensors supported by yourtablet,smartphone or wearable device. View in comfortable layoutall datafrom your mobile device sensors in real time, make asensors tests.Check data on chart (graphic view) and text outputavailable foreach sensor and check a detailed description of eachdetectors andparameters.All multi tools and sensors device you needin one app:altimeter, metal detector, NFC reader, compass,thermometer, stepcounter, sport tracker and much more.This sensorstool box appgives you access to data from:- accelerometer readings(linearacceleration and gravity sensors)- gyroscope (calibratedanduncalibrated)- device 3D orientation- proximity sensor-stepdetector and counter, kinetics sensors- significantmotion-rotation vector sensors- other motion and position sensors-lightsensor (lux, lx)- magnetometer, ambient magnetic fieldvaluesstrength (micro Tesla, µT) - barometer, pressure sensor -relativehumidity sensor- temperature sensor- location, accuracy,altitude,maps, speed and GPS NMEA data (latitude, longitude,provider,satelites)- battery status, voltage, temperature, healthandtechnology- sound level meter and microphone meter (decibel)-heartrate sensor- NFC sensor and reader- device front and backcameraresolution- samrtphone display size, resolution andtechnology-device, phone memory, RAM and CPU parameters- IMEInumber-multitouch infoand others sensors available in your mobiledevice.With this sensors multitool app you can check what kind ofsensorscontain your device and test all of this. It supports allthesensors an android device and it will tell you which of themarenot supported by your hardware.If you have any problems withthisapp or ideas to develop, please send us [email protected] a fun at work with this ultimate tool!
Sensor Test 1.5.1
Andrey Efremov
Your can test sensors in your smartphone.Supportedsensors:-Accelerometer- Light sensor- Proximity sensor-Magnetometer-Gyroscope- Barometer (pressure sensor)- Compass (inver 1.5)In newversion 1.5Showed total available sensors count. Whenpress to itopened list of the sensors. You can test all of themwith graphview.Also useful for developers, who build customkernels.
Vibration Alarm 16.02.9
Mobile Tools
Android devices have a vibration sensor - accelerometer. It isasensitive sensor that reports the device vibrations.This toolispowerful vibration meter tool.It has the following features:-shows vibrations in real time - saves vibration data into SD card-provides configurable sound alarm that may be used to: - detecttheearthquakes when you sleep - detect if somebody opens the doorwhenyou sleep It is recommended to use the battery charger whenitworks for a long time.If you want to recommend the alarmfeaturethat mayrecognizeearthquake use this facebook page to keep you informed about theworkprogress and current activities and plans for thefuture.Thisapplication comes with ABSOLUTELY NOWARRANTY.Notice:There is aproblem that occurs on some devices. Somedevices may not providethe data when from the vibration sensor whenthe screen is off.This is an Android error. We are trying to find agoodworkaround.Send us the information if the application doesnotwork, pleaseVery deep technicalinformation
Phone Tester (hardware info) 2.0.14
Miguel Torres
Do you have a new smartphone? Wanna know its capabilities?Wannacompare it with your old phone or with another device? Phonetesteris a free app that allows you to analyze and test yourdevice'shardware, sensors and components, to make sure everythingisoperating correctly.You'll be able to test thefollowing:***SENSORS ***You'll be able to check which sensors aresupported byyour phone and all the information and values providedby eachsensor. Accelerometer, gyroscope, compass, proximitysensor,pressure sensor...*** WIFI ***You'll be able to check yourLANstatus: local and external IP, gateway, DHCP server...***TELEPHONY***Signal, network type, external IP, SIM data...*** GPS***You'llsee the real data provided by the GPS: satellites,latitude,longitude, altitude, speed...*** COMMUNICATION PERIPHERALS***Inthis section you could check your bluetooth (ID and MAC), andifNFC and IR is supported by your device.*** CAMERA***Informationabout your device's cameras like resolution, focallength, cropfactor relative to 35 mm film format, focus modes,sensorsize...*** BATTERY ***Level of charge, capacity, timeon,temperature, health...*** MULTITOUCH ***How many points ofcontactdoes your device recognize? Is your digitizer working asitshould?*** SYSTEM INFORMATION ***Information about hardwareandsoftware like CPU, RAM, kernel, screen...This app is similartoEVEREST or AIDA64, but apart from showing the components andsysteminformation, it also shows sensors readings.The besthardwareinformation app!If you want to help me with the app'stranslation,you can collaborate through OneSkyat
Spirit Level 2.01
Spirit Level. No Permissions Required. Free & No Ads. •Bullseye level with roll & pitch gauges screen• Horizontalandvertical bubble level and angle gauge screen. • Calibrationfeatureto correct for accelerometer misalignment & differentaxissensitivities.For best results touch CAL and calibrate first.TheSpirit Level is only as good as your accelerometer. Forindicationonly. Don't damage your tablet or phone, use a realspirit levelwhen appropriate.• Pause button to hold the currentreading. • Zeroand reset button to make measuring angles easier. •Option to autoselect screen based on inclination.That's it. Enjoy.
Proximity Lock/Unlock
Crimson Scythe
This app uses the Device Administrator permission. Takeultimatecontrol over your android with this proximityapp.<------------------> Main Features: -Lock (device locksandscreen turns off when proximity sensor covered) -Unlock(devicelights up and screen turns on when proximity sensorcovered)-Pocket mode (Device locks when put in pocket and unlockswhentaken out. This mode now also uses the accelerometer tocheckdevice position. Device locks when upside down at a specifiedangleand when sensor is uncovered. It unlocks when sensor isuncovered)-Lock/Unlock (Device locks if screen is on and unlocks ifscreen isoff) <------------------> Other Options: -SensorDelay (settime delay before sensor detects object , useful topreventunintentional locking/unlocking) -Permanent Notification(disablepermanent notification. can create problems belowJellybean) -AutoOn/Off (App will automatically start at desiredtime and stop atdesired time) -Autostart on boot (App will startwhen device isrebooted) <------------> The app has been builtwith materialdesign implementation. This proximity app has a cleaninterfacewith no confusing buttons. Increase the life span of yourandroid'spower button by using this proximity app! In case you runintoissues or face bugs, please feel free to contact me via emailsothat I can look into the issue. <------------------>PreviousVersions' change logs: V 6.51 - 1. Added Lock/Unlockfeature2.Added "disable in landscape" 3.Added seekbar for sensordelay. 4.App rebuilt with Android studio. 5. 'About' section added.6. Userconfig saved when notification is clicked 7. Changed iconcolour. V6.44 - Feedback button changes V 6.43 - Minor layoutchanges V 6.42- New icon :) V.6.41 - Bug fixes and now two options1.Visiblenotification which will be permanent. 2.No notification(unstableand can cause issues when device runs low on memory)
Gauss Meter 1.02
This app uses the magnetic field sensor on your device tomeasuremagnetic flux density (B) in Gauss or Tesla. FOR INDICATIONONLY.Results depend on your device and its hardware. Your devicemusthave a Magnetic Field Sensor for this app to function.Featuresinclude: Analogue dial to show currentreading.Averaging.Maximumand minimum values.Gauss or Tesla units.4time constant options. 3Refresh speeds.Graph – Shows the timedepedence of the magneticfield.Compass Ferrous metal detector –sound frequency will changewith gauss level.Autoscale or manual(pinch & pan)Y-Axis.Calibrate option – If you have a calibratedgauss meter orknown magnetic source, you can use this option tocalibrate themeter. (However app is still for Indication Only).Moredetails canbe found on the website.
Z - Device Test 1.8
Z-DeviceTest lets you check your Android device sensors "health"inan intuitive and comprehensive way offering in-depth analysisallthe characteristics of your Smartphone. You can use theapplicationto:-To complement the manufacturer's technicalinformation.-Tocompare the technical differences between more than600 models ofdevices on the market.-Test the proper functioning ofall yoursensors.-Measure the accuracy of each sensor.-To get themost outof your Smartphone.-To check the GPS signal, camera,compass,accelerometer, microphone, speakers, WiFi signals,Bluetooth, GSM /UMTS, FM Radio, Display, Battery, CPU, Memory,Vibration, USB,Audio / Video , operating system, light sensor,proximity sensor,temperature sensor, flash sensor, NFC near fieldcomunication,Barometer, the detection of Navstar satellites in theconstellationjointly and individually, .. etc..Please do nothesitate to sendyour comments to:E-mail:[email protected]: sensor added.New virtual sensor step detectoradded.Newvirtual sensor step counter added.Camera detection bugs(forceclose) solved.Log report bug corrected.Version 1.11Updatedcameraapi to level 15 (Android ICS 4.0.4).Version 1.9Severalbugscorrected.Version 1.8Hygrometer sensor added (relativehumidity.4new "Virtual" sensors added:-Gravity (Gravityaccelerationmeasure)-Gyroscope (device angular speedmeasure)-AngularAcceleration (Device Orientation relative to atangent to earthplane coordinate system)-Lineal acceleration (3axis accelerationmeasure without gravity effect).Added a 2D graphicrepresentationof several sensors.3D graphis added to severalsensors.Numericalcalc. for highest sensors rate.Several bugscorrected.Version1.6.19- Added support for NFC.Version 1.6.16-Added support forAnt+ devices.Version 1.6.13-Added in a test GPSaccuracy to meetitself.Version 1.6.12The block-GPS can check whatNavstar satelliteconstellation are giving you coverage at all timesand know thedetailed specifications of each.Version 1.6.11Correctedminorbugs.Version 1.6.10- Added test pressure sensor of thetouchscreen.- Detection of multimedia chip.- Detection of versionALSA(Advanced Linux Sound Architecture).- Detection of processmodel.-Detection of the number of processors.- Detection of theprocessorfrequency.- Added OpenGL version detection.- Addeddetection ofOpenGL graphics chip.- The flash works on some models.
Smart Tools Laser Level 📷🔦🔧📏📊 1.2.5
Smart Tools Laser Level is a tool to measure angle, slopeorinclination using gyroscope, accelerometer and camerawithaugmented reality measurement lines. Features•3differentmeasurement modes(Laser level, angle by dragging with yourfingeror drawing angle with your finger)•Touch screen to set pointofmeasurement or touch reset button to reset it toorigin.•Measureangles using very accurate Rotation Vector Sensor,Accelerometerand Camera. (Check sensor availability from SensorsList)•Displayazimuth, direction, inclination or rotationangles.(Magnetic FieldSensor is required)•Fast and accuratecalibration option.•Freezescreen to have more precisemeasurements.•Leveling option displayspitch and roll angles asline, square or circle which makes iteasier to align your deviceand results more precisemeasurements.•Use back and front(ifavailable)camera tomeasure.•Turn on/off flash light(if available)easily•Visualizeyour measurement progress using charts.•Imagegallery with details,Exif info(Some Exif data requires Android 7.0and above), and otherfeatures such as image sharing andediting•Highly customizable appsettings and userinterfaceInstructionsMeasurment ScreenRotate yourdevice on laserlevel measurement mode to make a precisemeasurement. To get moreprecise reading make sure that levelingline is aligned with laserlevel. You can freeze preview andmeasure any slope or angleeasily.Swipe your screen right to openNavigation MenuRecordsScreenYou can review your recordedmeasurements and get xls fileusing diskette button. Excel filesare stored in selecteddirectory.Charts ScreenRecords can bereviewed via charts usingCharts section.It's possible to get imageof the charts in JPGformat using camera icon. GalleryScreenGallery screen displaysimages inside the image directoryselected using Settingsscreen.Touch an image to displaydetails.Important: To display someof the Exif data your devicemust be Android 7.0 and above. Touchingimage on gallery openszoomable version of image anIMPORTANT: If youfind a bug using theapplication, PLEASE write [email protected] with yourphone model name and thedescription of the problem, before writinga negative comment.🤝 ✅👍Customer satisfaction is our priority, andwe will do our best tofix the issues as soon as possible!
Toolbox - Smart, Handy Carpenter Measurement Tools 2.6.1
SkyPaw Co.,Ltd
"Toolbox" is a set of handy and elegant measuring tool kit. Itturnsyour smart device into a swiss army knife that measureeverythingyou will ever need.Currently, this carpenter tool boxincludes 14metering tools:- BAROMETER- ALTIMETER- COMPASS- DECIBEL(Sound LevelMeter with dBA, dBC)- TESLAMETER (Metal Detector)-METRONOME-STOPWATCH- TIMER- SEISMOMETER (Vibrometer)- PLUMB BOB-SURFACELEVEL- SPIRIT/BUBBLE LEVEL- RULER- PROTRACTORTry "Toolbox"for FREEnow today.
phyphox 1.0.13
Did you know that you are carrying a 3D magnetometer? That youcanuse your phone as a pendulum to measure earth's localgravitationalacceleration? That you can turn your phone into asonar?phyphoxgives you access to the sensors of your phone eitherdirectly orthrough ready-to-play experiments which analyze yourdata and letyou export raw data along with the results for furtheranalysis.You can even define your own experiments on phyphox.organd sharethem with colleagues, students and friends.SelectedFeatures:- Aselection of pre-defined experiments. Just press playto start.-Export your data to a range of widely used formats-Remote-controlyour experiment through a web interface from any PCon the samenetwork as your phone. No need to install anything onthose PCs -all you need is a modern web browser.- Define your ownexperimentsby selecting sensor inputs, defining analysis steps andcreatingviews as an interface using ourweb-editor( The analysis can consists ofjustadding two values or using advanced methods like Fouriertransformsand crosscorrelation. We offer a whole toolbox ofanalysisfunctions.Sensors supported:- Accelerometer-Magnetometer-Gyroscope- Light intensity- Pressure- Microphone-Proximity-GPS*some sensors are not present on every phone.Exportformats- CSV(Comma separated values)- CSV (Tab-separated values)-Excel(if youneed other formats, please let us know)This app hasbeen developedat the 2nd Institute of Physics A at the RWTHAachenUniversity.--Explanation for the permissions requestedIf youhaveAndroid 6.0 or newer, some permissions will only be asked forwhenneeded.Internet: This grants phyphox network access, whichisrequired to load experiments from online ressources or whenusingthe remote access. Both are only done when requested by theuserand no other data is transmitted.Bluetooth: Used to accessexternalsensors.Read external storage: This is may be neccessarywhenopening an experiment stored on the device.Record audio:Requiredto use the microphone in experiments.Location: Used toaccess GPSfor location-based experiments
Sensor Kinetics Pro 3.1.2
View, record, save or share graphs, and monitor theaccelerometer,gyroscope, and all the other sensors in your Androiddevice. Thenew built-in Multi-Sensor Recorder allows you to recordup to sixkinetic sensors simultaneously. Have you ever wondered ifyourAndroid smartphone or tablet has a gyroscope sensor? Areyoucurious to know how fast your phone's accelerometer is or ifyournew phone has a barometer? What about the other sensors? Thisisthe app for you.Sensor Kinetics Pro is an advanced viewer,recorderand monitor for all of the standard sensors available inyourAndroid device. Written by one of the pioneers in the useofaccelerometers and gyroscopes within the modern smartphone, theappprovides a comprehensive view of the total dynamics of thecombinedoperations of all the sensors.A sophisticated Chart Viewerfor eachsensor allows you to record the sensor's data in greatdetail. TheMulti-Sensor Recorder records multiple sensorssimultaneously at acontrolled data rate. You can save and share thechart files andapply advanced filters and settings to test yoursensors to thelimit.The app demonstrates the use of theaccelerometer, gyroscopeand the rotation sensor to control a tiltbased view navigationlike the RotoView technology by INNOVENTIONS.It also demonstratesthe operation of the magnetic sensor, thelinear accelerationsensor and the gravity sensor within specialgraphical displays.WhoShould Use Sensor Kinetics Pro?Developers,students, hobbyists...anyone who's curious about what lies "underthe hood" of theirmobile device!Test your Android phone or tablet:Sensor KineticsPro allows you to test all of the sensors on yourdevice. Chartviewers allow you to measure any sensor over time andgauge theiraccuracy and behavior. You can change various settingsto work yourdevice to its limit.Educational: The app demonstratesthe physicsof gravity, acceleration, rotation, magnetism and otherforces asmeasured by your phone. It includes self containedandcomprehensive help files with easy to understand information,plusexperiments that you can perform with the sensors. Gethands-onknowledge of how these sensors interact withsmartphones!AppDevelopers: Use Sensor Kinetics Pro to closely watchthe behaviorof the sensors used for an app, then save this data andshare itwith any PC via e-mail (.csv format). The data file can beopenedin any popular spreadsheet program.Research: Manyresearchersaround the world use this app as part of theirinnovative work. Ourusers reported numerous applications inphysics, engineering,behavioural sciences, medicine and more.Youcan compare theperformance of advanced sensors like the gyroscope,linearacceleration sensor and the rotation sensor. Gain abetterunderstanding of the behavior of these sensors while youchange thedelay setting or activate/deactivate specific sensors,and applyadvanced filtering.Sensor Kinetics Pro relates togyroscope,accelerometer, Android sensor, phone sensor, tabletsensor, tiltmeasure, pressure sensor, barometer, relative humiditysensor,light sensor, linear acceleration, temperaturesensor,magnetometer, proximity sensor, gravity sensor, MEMS,kinetics.
Sensor Toolbox 1.21
Sensor Toolbox App gives you access to data and Graphs fromSensors:Sensor Toolbox App gives detail information about Sensorsand readsensors real time data and plots real time graph -AccelerometerSensor - Linear Acceleration Sensor - GyroscopeSensor - OrientationSensor - Gravity Sensor - Proximity sensor -Relative HumiditySensor - Step detector and Counter Sensor -Rotation vector Sensors- Light sensor - Magnetometer - Pressuresensor - relative humiditysensor - Ambient Temperature sensor -Battery - Gps - WiFi Features* Real Time - Real time data obtainedfrom Sensor. * Graphs - Realtime Graph from real time data fromsensor * GPS - User could seetheir geographical position, thealtitude at which they are, and thestatus of the satellites. *Simple and Clean Design * WiFi-Connected Network Name, Strength,IP Address, Link Speed If youhave any queries or suggestion withthis app or ideas to develop,please send us message [email protected]
Touchscreen Repair 5.2
RedPi Apps
The touchscreen of any device deteriorates with use. As a resultyouexperience touch lags and sometimes your touchscreenstopsresponding. Touchscreen repair app analyzes yourtouchscreenresponse time and reduces it so that you can have asmootherexperience with your touchscreen. FEATURES -> Repairsyourtouchscreen by removing touch lags and improving yourtouchscreenresponsiveness. -> Makes it easier for you to type onyourkeypad. -> Reduces touchscreen response time. -> Easyandquick process. -> Light weight apk. No unwanted graphics.HOWTOUCHSCREEN REPAIR WORKS? Touchscreen repair takes 4 responsetimevalues from 4 parts of your touchscreen. 3 such samples aretakenfor better accuracy. Based on these values, the app calculatesareduced, uniform response time and applies it for thetouchscreenon software side. This is how the app repairs yourtouchscreen.Checkout this youtube video on how to use the app: If you only want to calibrateyourtouchscreen without effecting the response time values, you canusethe Touchscreen Calibrationapp:
Accelerometer Analyzer 16.11.27
Mobile Tools
Android devices have a accelerometer sensor. It is asensitivesensor that reports the device vibrations.This tool is apowerfulvibration meter tool.It has the following features: -showsvibrations in real time - saves vibration data into SD card(*zipfiles also supported) - calculates the Root Mean Square (RMS)ofthe vibrations - usefull for self made DRONE calibrations-provides configurable sound alarm that may be used to: - detecttheearthquakes when you sleep - detect if somebody opens the doorwhenyou sleepIt is recommended to use the battery charger when itworksfor a long time.This application comes with ABSOLUTELY NOWARRANTY.
Army Knife for Android 1.6.2
Digital & Dreams
This app contains a set of tiny tools: a unit converter, acompass(magnetometer required), a bubble level, a calculator, astopwatch, a timer, a magnifying glass, a mirror (frontcamerarequired), a ruler and a flashlight (app andwidget).Essentiallyit’s like an "Army Knife" Android app.Each tooldoes what it issupposed to do. There's no space for special effectslike 3dcompass, talking level, psychedelic flashlight etc: the goalis tohave a lightweight, fast and easy to use set of tools, one"tap"away from your home screen.This app is the size of acommon"standalone tool" like a compass, a flashlight or amagnifyingglass. This way you'll save a lot of disk space. You'llsavenetwork consumption too, not only for the first download butforevery update too.It doesn't require network access, thepermissionto write on your flash memory or the permission to readyourcontacts.If you find a bug, please contact us using the "Reportabug" main menu function.Note:- Depending on thehardwarecapabilities of your smartphone, some tools may not bepresent- Thepermission to use the camera is required in order toturn on thecamera flash LED. Some smartphones (for instance theGoogle NexusS) don't light the flash LED if the camera is notrunning. If youcheck the most popular flashlight apps, you'll findout that theyall require this permission. Android Army Knifedoesn't shot anyphotos, doesn't save multimedia info onto the flashcard anddoesn't send anything on the internet: it doesn't requirethenetwork permission at all.- This app was first released on may2011and since then is free and without banners!.The Android robotisreproduced or modified from work created and shared by Googleandused according to terms described in the Creative Commons3.0Attribution License.
Metal Detector 1.4.11
Smart Tools co.
Metal Detector is in the 3rd set of the SmartToolscollection.<< Metal Detector apps require a magneticsensor(magnetometer). If this app does not work properly, pleasecheckthe specifications of your device. >>This appmeasuresmagnetic field with an embedded magnetic sensor.Themagnetic fieldlevel (EMF) in nature is about 49μT(micro tesla) or490mG(milligauss); 1μT = 10mG. When any metal(steel, iron) is near,magneticfield level will increase.Usage is simple: Open the app,and moveit around. The magnetic field level will constantlyfluctuate.That's it! You can find electrical wires in the walls(like a studdetector) and iron pipes in the ground.A lot of ghosthunters haddownloaded this app, and they had experimented as aghostdetector.The accuracy depends entirely on your magneticsensor(magnetometer). Note that it is affected by electronicequipment(TV, PC, Microwave) due to electromagnetic waves.* Mainfeatures:-Alarm level- Beep sound- Sound effect on/off- Materialdesign* Proversion added features:- No ads- Compass- Qibla finder,Carlocator* Do you want more tools?download [Smart Compass Pro]and[Smart Tools] package.For more information, watch YouTube andvisitthe blog. Thank you.** Metal detector cannot detect gold,silverand coins made of copper. They are classified as non-ferrousmetalthat has no magnetic field.
Sensoroid - Sensor info 1.4
Sensors helps in making your device more efficient andpowerful.Sensoroid helps you to know all the detail information’sof thedevice sensors. Real time data from the device with simpleuserinterface. ★ List all Sensors ★ Total number of availablesensors ★Real time data from sensors ★ Help info of sensors ★Sensor name ★Int Type ★ Vendor ★ Resolution ★ Power ★ Maximum Range★Accelerometer Sensor ★ Proximity Sensor ★ Light Sensor★Magnetometer ★ Orientation Sensor ★ Virtual Gyroscope Sensor★Rotation Vector Sensor ★ Gravity Sensor ★ LinearAccelerationSensor ★ Uncalibrated Gyroscope Sensor ★ Magnetic FieldSensor ★Magnetic Sensor Uncalibrated ★ Barometer Sensor ★ RGBSensor ★Relative Humidity Sensor ★ Ambient Temperature Sensor ★StepCounter Sensor ★ Step Detector Sensor ★ Wakeup Secondary Sensor★Non- Wakeup Secondary Sensor ★ Significant Motion Detector ★GameRotation Sensor ★ GeoMagnetic Rotation Sensor ★ Tilt Detector ★AMD★ RMD ★ Basic Gestures ★ Facing ★ Pedometer Sensor ★ CoarseMotionClassifier ★ Motion Acceleration Sensor and lots more...Supportand Technical Assistance: You can reach out to thedevelopers viaemail available at the bottom of this appdescription. We would beglad to have your suggestions and feedbackso that we can improveSensoroid and serve you better. ★ ★ ★ ★ ★
Accelerometer Meter 1.32
View or log output from your accelerometer sensor. The app hassixscreens to choose from:Meter This show the output fromtheaccelerometer and minimum and maximum vales recorded.GraphPlotstheaccelerometer output over time. Option to save data.SpectrumShowsthe frequency spectrum of the recent accelerometerdata. Use tofind resonant frequency's.LightConverts theaccelerometer sensoroutput into a colour. Wave the device aroundand the colour willchange.MusicThis is a musical instrument basedon the accelerometersensor. Orientation selects the note and pitchthe volume. It isbased on a 5 equal temperament notes per octavescale so that themusic will still sound reasonable even if playedbadly.InfoThisscreen provides info on your sensor, such as vendor,version,resolution and range. It also shows info for other sensorson yourdevice.Free & No Ads. No time limits, no restrictedfeaturesetc, this is the full version.Write external storagepermission sothat you can save the data in graph or spectrum modes.
CamSpy-Hidden Camera Detector 1.4
CamSpy - Hidden Camera Detector app is a tool to help youfindhidden camera lens that you suspect are present in the room.OurHidden Camera Detector CamSpy tries to detect Hidden Camerasandspy devices using your phone's magnetometer sensor. If themagneticactivity seems similar to that of a hidden camera ormicrophone,CamSpy Hidden Camera Detector will beep and warn you sothat youcan manually inspect the area for any unusual activity.This appneeds you to have a magnetometer sensor in your phone,otherwisethe app won't work. How To Use:Move your phone close tothesuspected device to scan it. For example: Bedroom, changingroom,shower or any private area. You need to move your phone withthesensor facing towards the suspect area. To know the sensorpositionof your phone, try to keep a phone or camera near yourdevice andwhen the app beeps, you can figure out yoursensor'sposition.CamSpy - Hidden Camera Detector app uses yourphone'smagnetic sensor to detect hidden cameras everywhere andmakes yourphone like a real Hidden Cameras detector. App works bestdetectingmetal cameras up to 15cm away, and working bestdetectingferromagnetic materials, such as camera and can’tdetectnon-ferromagnetic materials such as aluminum.The magneticfield ofthe cameras in nature ranges from 25 to 65 µT (0.25 to 0.65G).Data is displayed in µT (micro Testla). 1µT = 10mG (milliGauss).Any higher calculation is an indication of high magneticfield inthe area. When there is metal in the area, magneticfieldincreases. CamSpy - Hidden Camera Detector application issimple touse, just open it and move it around the suspected objects. If themagnetic field values rise then there is a hidden cameraormicrophones in the area. Accuracy of the app is entirelydependenton the magnetic sensor in your device and is affected byelectricalequipment such as TVs, Speakers, Laptops… due toelectromagneticwaves.Note:If the reading is stuck, try shaking yourphone tore-calibrate the sensors.
Physics Toolbox Sensor Suite Pro 1.9
Vieyra Software
Useful for STEM education, academia, and industry, this appusesdevice sensor inputs to collect, record, and export data incommaseparated value (csv) format through a shareable .csv file.Datacan be plotted against elapsed time on a graph ordisplayeddigitally. Users can export the data for further analysisin aspreadsheet or plotting tool. This app also generatestones,colors, and a stroboscope. See for avarietyof usage ideas for STEM education.This app includesallcapabilities of Physics Toolbox Sensor Suite plus thefollowingadditional features:- Audio Analysis (Oscillocopefunctions,Spectrum Analyzer)- Calibration- Data Alert - Fileloading afterrecording- Moving Average data filter- Kalman datafilter forg-force modeA menu allows the user to sense or generatethefollowing (dependent upon the user’s mobiledevicecapabilities):SENSORS(1) G-Force Meter - ratio of Fn/Fg (x,y, zand/or total); automatic calibration to (0, 0, 1); movingaverage ;Kalman filter (2) Linear Accelerometer – acceleration (x,y, and/orz); automatic calibration to (0, 0, 0); moving average(3)Gyroscope - radial velocity (x, y, and/or z); automaticcalibrationto (0, 0, 0); moving average (4) Barometer - atmosphericpressure;manual calibration by selecting offset values ; movingaverage (5)Roller Coaster - G-Force Meter, Linear Accelerometer,Gyroscope,and Barometer(6) Hygrometer - relative humidity(7)Thermometer -temperature(8) Proximeter - periodic motion and timer(timer andpendulum modes)(9) Ruler - distance between twopoints(10)Magnetometer - magnetic field intensity (x, y, z and/ortotal);automatic calibration to (0, 0, 0) ; manual entry foralertsetting; moving average (11) Compass - magnetic fielddirection andbubble level(12) GPS - latitude, longitude, altitude,speed,direction, number of satellites(13) Inclinometer - azimuth,roll,pitch(14) Light Meter - light intensity manual calibrationbyselecting offset values ; moving average (15) Color Detector-detects HEX colors within a small rectangle area on the screenviathe camera.(16) Sound Meter - sound intensity(17) Tone Detector-frequency and musical tone(18) Oscilloscope (audio) - waveshapeand relative amplitude(19) Spectrum Analyzer (audio) -graphicalFFT(20) Spectrogram (audio) - waterfall FFTMULTIRECORD(21) MultiRecordGENERATORS(22) Tone Generator – soundfrequency producer(23)Color Generator – R/G/B/Y/C/M, white, andcustom color screen(24)Stroboscope (beta) - camera flashIn multirecord, users choose oneor more of the above sensors to collectdata at the same time.Files can be easily named before export, orsaved to the device'sinternal for easy organization and retrievallater on.Additionalfeatures include the ability to record data withclock time orelapsed time, select either the comma or semicolon asthe csvdelimiter, change line width on graphs, modify the relativesensorcollection rate, and maintain the screen on atalltimes.Permissions Explained:LocationUsed to calculatetheazimuth.Photos/Media/FilesA csv file is created and modified onthephone's internal memory.MicrophoneThe app has a sound metermodethat analyzes sound using the microphone.
Electronic Bug Detector - Camera Detector 1.2
Spy cameras are so common these days that they are hidden inclocks,watches, teddy bears, remotes and key chains. The appusesmagnetometer sensor present in android phone. All theelectronicdevices such as hidden cameras have their magnetic field.They canbe detected by even when they are turned off. If you aremostlystaying in public places or you think there is someone spyingonyou, we have got the best solution for you. Bug Detector andDeviceDetector allows you to detect hidden cameras and devices inyoursurroundings. App is also a metal detector because metalshavetheir magnetic field and the app will tell you if it encountersametallic object. If you are trying to detect a camera thenmakesure there is no metallic object in the surroundings as itwilldistort the readings. It acts as Hidden Camera Detector andlocatorwith its bug detector feature. Electronic bug detectorallows youto change the sensitivity of the readings. If you aregetting highreading even when you are not close to any device youcan justdecrease the sensitivity. Or if you are getting too lowreading youcan increase the sensitivity as per your needs. You needto havemagnetic sensor for device detection. If you don’t haveaMagnetometer you can avail the feature of camera detector usingourcamera detection feature. Protect your privacy with the NEWmostAdvanced spy bug finder and detector with which you candetectmicrophone, detect hidden camera and bug or similarsurveillancedevice which may exist in the room or in your house/office and youhave no idea about it. Easy to use app to detectsurveillancedevice for Free Hidden microphone detector is also itsfeature withthe bug detector. Don’t worry about your privacy nowits 100%tested and working. Electronic bug Detector – cameradetectorFeatures: ✅ Awesome hidden device finder app ✅ Very easy tooperate✅ Best for privacy protection ✅ Camera Finder ✅ detectselectronicdevices ✅ shows any detected devices quickly ✅ security&privacy tool for Free ! ✅ hidden camera detector ✅hiddenmicrophone detector ✅ show hidden devices ✅ Hidden CameraDetector✅ Bug Detector ✅ Spy Detector Now you have the easy way toprotectyour privacy by using this hidden device detector and thiswillshow hidden devices around you. bug detector is also thebestfeature of the App.
3D Gyro Compass 1.12
Finwe Ltd.
Combines accelerometer, magnetometer and gyroscope sensor datawithstate-of-the-art AHRS algorithm to create fast, accurate andstabletilt-compensated compass that simply needs to be experiencedwithown eyes.The app utilizes Rightware's leading Kanzi frameworkforsmooth rendering with HW accelerated 3D graphics. There aretwodifferent themes to choose from: traditional style "Adventure"andmodern "Marine".As a bonus, Marine mode contains a dampedstringsuspension with modeled physics for rough conditions. Nomatter howyou move the device, the compass ball just seems to bemagicallyfloating in the air.Download and share freely. Ifyou'reinterested, the sensor fusion algorithm is open sourceandavailable under LGPL license (contact us for moreinformation).Youare welcome to ask questions, discuss and read newsabout our otherapps at http://finweaiapps.blogspot.fiNotice:- Thealgorithmrequires all three movement sensors. Some fairly moderndevices inthe market do not include gyroscope (for example, SamsungGalaxyTab 2 10.1).- Marine mode ball compass is supposed to beviewedfrom side, not from top. Directions seem opposite if viewedfromtop.Stay tuned for other amazing apps from Finwe Ltd.
Sensor List 4.0.1
Idea Matters
List all sensors available on the device along with theircurrentvalues and a plot to display their changes overtime.Includingaccelerometer, magnetic field, orientation,temperature, light...Version 3.5 added support for battery status(temperature, voltage,and percentage), sound level and signalstrength!Perfect forshowcasing capabilities of your new phone, aswell as hardwarediagnostics after you have gone through a systemupdate or repair.And it's a must have development tool when youdevelop applicationsthat uses these sensors.
All tools 3.3.8
ATEU Softwares
All tools is an utility app which consist of differentandindividual tools like,, 1. Walkie Talkie : Connect 4 Devicesandtalk using only Wifi. 2. Music Group: play music in 4devicessimultaneously. 3. CCTV : Security system Camera feed fromonephone will be displayed in another connected Device. 4.Bar-codeand QR-code reader : using camera detects. 5. Torch : Onand Offyour flash and Screen. 6. Compass : Shows Directions like,NORTH,SOUTH, EAST , WEST. 7. Clipboard : To save all types of TEXTfilesand to Copy and Pasting. 8. Mirror : Opens front Camera andTakesPictures with using SCREEN as Flash. 9. Speedometer :MeasuresSpeed using GPS and shows in Analog and Digital fashion.10.Leveler : Spirit Level or Bubble level which MeasuresHorizontalSurface. 11. Converter : it Converts Units of Measureslike,Length, Volume, Force ,Mass, etc... 12. Metal Detector :DetectsMetals very accurately using Two, Analog and Digital MetersbyAlgorithms. 13. Recorder : Simple Recorder which Records Audiosin3gp formats. 14. Stop Watch : Note Time, with millisecondsAccuracy. 15. Brightness : This is a simple Luminosity meter,which Detects Intensity of Light. 16. Temperature :MeasuresAtmospheric Temperature in `c using yours Device sensor.17.Pressure : Measures Atmospheric Pressure in ' KN/sq.m 'usingSensor. 18. Length (Height) : Measures Height in 'm' and 'ft'byCamera and fine Algorithm. 19. Humidity : It gives % ofHumiditypresent in Atmosphere. 20. Protractor : Shows you Angle bytwoMethods by Digital (Camera with Indicating Disk) and Analog(Deviceitself is Tilted). 21. Sound Intensity : Sound Pressurelevel isMeasured using Devices Microphone. 22. Altitude : ShowsyouAltitude in 'm' from Sea level. 23. Emf : emf Present inAtmosphereis Shown in v/m and other units. 24. Blank Cam : TakesPictureswith out a preview for instant and faster shots. 25. HeartRate :Measures Heart Rate in 'BPM' using Sensor present in yourback ofthe Device(near flash) and if there is no Heart Rate Sensorthen byusing complex Algorithm,BPM is determined by color change inthecamera when blood flows in the finger. 26. G - Meter :DisplaysG-force Induced in the Device. 27. My Location : ShowsLatitude andLongitude using GPS of your current Location, and showsAddress ifAvailable. 28. Ruler : Unit of Measurement for Length.29. Counter: Simple Counter which counts things when Clicked. 30.Scribbler :You can use this tool for Drawing and Painting withMultiple Sizesand Colors . 31. Color Detector : Detects Color atthe center ofthe Screen and show Hexadecimal code. 32. rpm :Measures revolutionper minute using sensor at the front of theDevice. 33. StepCounter : Calculates the steps taken by you,whileyou areWalking,if there is no step detector Sensor in Device thencomplexAlgorithm uses your basic accelerometer sensor to determinethesteps. 34. Horizontal Length : here you can measurehorizontallength up to 9 ft or 3 m accurately. 35. Seismometer :Measures thevibration and a Graph is Plotted. 36. Mike :instantaneous voice toSpeakers. 37. Magnifier : fast Camera Zoom.38. Battery info :gives Battery information. 39. Internet Speed.40. Speed : findspeed of moving Object. 41. WiFi Calls : make callsusing onlyWiFi. 42. Sound generator : Generates sound in Hz. 43.Random digit: Numbers are randomly generated. 44. Text to Speech :Write a textand it reads. 45. Motion Cam : Detects any movementsfrom back camand takes pictures. 46. Controller : control otherdevices cam,torch, mic, sensors and speakers. Feel free to Contactus and togive Feedback about this app. by ATEU Team.
Easy Smart Cover - ScreenOnOff
Widget and Notification provides you the convenience.This isasimple and powerful more than other apps. ★ ★ ★ Advanced Options1.Auto launch after reboot2. Notification is supported toquicklytoggle the following functions. - Sensor on / off - Screenoff andlock - Rotation screen - Memory clean - Go home3. Disableinlandscape - Sensor pause in landscape ( like Camera or Video )4.Play sound when closed. ( Media Volume)5. Play sound when opened.(Media Volume)6. Vibrate when closed - Adjustablevibrationintensity7. Disable while plug headset - In some devices,the noisecan be prevented.8. Disable if battery is low - Low valueisdifferent for each mobile phone.9. Disable during usingexcludedapp10. Disable during a call★ ★ ★ Delay On/Off Options1.Screen offtimeout value2. Screen on timeout value - 0 second :right now -0.5 second - 1 second - 2 second - 3 second - Never★ ★ ★Sleep TimeOptions - Power-saving mode : during sleep time, Sensorstop.1.Sleep Stop Time - Sensor stop at the scheduled time.2. SleepStartTime - Sensor restart at the scheduled time.★ ★ ★ Notices-Touninstall this app, Click Delete-Button at the top of the app. -OrSetting ->Security -> Device administrators ->Uncheckedthe smart cover -> Try uninstall app
Physics Toolbox Accelerometer 1.4.6
Vieyra Software
This accelerometer sensor app measures and displays a graphofG-Force vs. Time (s) and Acceleration (m/s/s) vs. Time (s) in x,y,and/or z dimensions, as well as total magnitude. Total magnitudeofacceleration or G-Force data can be recorded and exported inane-mail or through Google Drive as a .csv attachment using acommaor a semicolon as a delimiter. Click on settings to plotdataagainst elapsed time or clock time, to change the plotlinethickness, or to change data collection rate. A brief tutorialuponstart-up gives an overview of how to use the app.This app canbeespecially useful for monitoring changes in accelerationinvehicles or airplanes, and to monitor vibrations of any sort.Thisapp can be used in the classroom to hep studentsquantifyactivities with Newton's 2nd Law by taking a mobile devicewith theapp on field trips to amusement park rides, rollercoasters, oreven in elevators for standard "elevator problems."Because G-Forceis the ratio of normal force / weight of the objectin question,students can the known mass of the object in questiontoquantitatively draw force diagrams throughout theobject'smotion.PermissionsExplained:android.permission.WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE:A csv file iscreated and modified on the phone's internal memory.Ifyou have anyquestions, comments, or would like to seemodifications/updates,please email me at [email protected]
Sensors 2.0.2
Calin Tataru
COMPLETELY FREEno ads or in-apppurchasesMATERIAL-INSPIREDDESIGNsimple, clean and colourful userinterfaceOTHER FEATURES:-get extra information such as range andresolution- record sensorvalues to monitor changes over timeSENSORS(availability depends ondevice):- Accelerometer- Geomagnetic Field-Gravity- Gyroscope-Humidity- Light- Linear Accelerometer- Pressure-Proximity-Rotation Vector- TemperatureSPECIAL THANKS TO:- the launchericon-
Touchscreen Calibration 5.0
RedPi Apps
Does your touchscreen respond too slow ? Do you feel likeyourtouches are detected inaccurately? Touchscreen calibration istheperfect app to calibrate your touchscreen so that your touchesgetdetected more accurately . FEATURES: -> Easy to use.Quickcalibration process. -> Calibrate each gesture separately.Soyou know exactly what is happening throughout the process.->Transparent calibration process . Calibration values andaccuracyof the calibration are shown at each step. NOTE : Worksbetter witha rooted phone.
Sensorstream IMU+GPS 1.0
Axel Lorenz
This is an Android App for 2.3.3 Android OS and above.It dealswithHard- and Software Sensors which are integrated inNowadaysSmartphones.The User can select the Sensors and observe thecurrentvalues of- Accelerometer- Gyroscope- Magnetometer- GPSPosition-.... and other SensorsA Stream containing theSensor-Values in CSV-Format by WLAN To a Client and/or a Stream Toa SD-Card can bestarted and stopped. The Sensor-Update frequencycan beadjusted.There are some GPS-Algorithms running in theBackgroundwhich transform the GPS data in different coordinateframes.TheStream via WLAN uses the User Datagram Protocol (UDP)Interface.TheProject Page of this app can befoundhere: youwillbe able to download the Source Code.In order to receive thedatayou can use something like the Java File "QuoteClient"intheFiles-Section of the Source Forge Project Page. Or use Pythonandcompile:------------------------------------------------------------importsocket,tracebackhost = ''port = 5555s=socket.socket(socket.AF_INET,socket.SOCK_DGRAM)s.setsockopt(socket.SOL_SOCKET,socket.SO_REUSEADDR,1)s.setsockopt(socket.SOL_SOCKET,socket.SO_BROADCAST,1)s.bind((host, port))while 1: try: message,address =s.recvfrom(8192) print (message) except(KeyboardInterrupt,SystemExit): raiseexcept:traceback.print_exc()------------------------------------------------------------EnjoyNavigation!
Gravity meter 1.3
Simple gravity meter / gravimeterFeatures1) Support gravitysensornot available phone.2) Auto, manual adjustment.*laid down thephoneon a flat place when using.*It's not exactly, just for fun:)
Motion Detector Pro 2.3.1
Motion Detector Pro is a home security camera app, that usesthebuilt-in camera to detect movements in the surrounding areausingan advanced motion detection algorithm. If it detects movementitsends an email or a text message with a picture link toanothercell phone, allowing you to remotely monitor an area usingyourAndroid phone. Use it to keep an eye on your pet,yourbusiness/office or home. Motion Detector Pro can:✓ Take apicturewhen the camera sees a movement and send it to an email oranotherphone. Great for catching thieves, watching yourbusiness/home orkeeping an eye on your pet✓ Indicate realtime onthe phones displaywhere the movement is detected✓ Store the imageson the cloud orlocally on the phones SD-card*If the app fails atstartup, pleaserestart your phone and try again*
Listening Device Detector - Microphone Detector 1.2
If there are privacy issues such as you think someone is spyingonyou. You can detect the listening devices such asmicrophones,mobile phones, cameras etc easily using our app. HiddenMicrophonedetector works on an algorithm devised on magnetometersensor. Itgets the radiations and detect whether there is anyharmful devicearound you that could possibly spy on you.Try it toknow it.
Magnetic Field & DC Current Detector 3.6
Find the origin of electro magnetic fields (EMF) & DCcurrentswith high precision through haptic feedback! Use linescanoptionfor more accurate localization. Share your measurement aspictureor data for interpretation and/or to friends. Ideal forcrafting,soldering, building and repairingequipment.Features:------------------ Precise measurement of themagneticfield strength- Localizing of spots with electric currentflowing-Point measurements or line scan- Measure x-, y- and z-direction ofthe magnetic field- Haptic feedback for precise and"blind"localization- Share your measurements as image or dataShortdescription-----------------------------With the magneticfield& DC current detector, you can easily and elegantlyexamine theorigin and strength of a magnetic field. Use line scanstoinvestigate areas more accurate. Share your measurementsaspictures or data file for yourself or your friendsforinterpretation.The origin of a magnetic field is connected tohighDC currents. For example, you can quickly and easily determinethelocation of a power supply, a large consumer, or a defectivepartwithin a device. With the haptic feedback, you can even dothiswithout having to look at the screen. For a later evaluation,shareyour measurement data. Applicationscenarios(examples)--------------------------------------------------------Repairingdevices and individual components; device development-Findingdefective components; Troubleshooting- Finding electricalDCcurrents and cables and power sources- Measure and locatemagneticfields- Test whether devices are switched on or off- Testif currentis at component- Test for function of devices andparts-Localization of power supplies- Support in crafting,solderingconstruction and repairing of equipment- Check contactsduringcrafting and soldering- Estimation of electricityconsumptionComments:---------------------Please give usfeedback:[email protected] The magnetic field strength is detectedwith asampling rate of 5 ms and an average of 50 ms. The accuracyis ~0.15 μT. In order to obtain quantitatively correct values forthemagnetic fields, please calibrate the magnetic field sensorbeforeapplication. You calibrate the sensor by moving the mobilephone ina loop and rotating around itself. Important: In a spacewhere onlythe earth's magnetic field is present.Alternatingcurrents cannotbe detected. For this, we are developing anotherapp.SMF APPS GbRaccepts no liability whatsoever. The resultsobtained are anorientation value.Weintroduceourselves:---------------------------------------The SMFAPPS GbRhas set itself the task to develop helpful and innovativeappsbased on scientific knowledge.
Fiv Asim
AndroSensor is the absolute all-in-one diagnostic tool that letsyouknow virtually everything about your device's status. ** If yougeterror -24 on update, please uninstall and reinstall to fix it**AndroSensor supports all the sensors an android device can haveandit will tell you which of them are not supported by yourhardware.View in a single screen the data from all device'ssensors in realtime. Graphical and text output available for eachsensor (graphsare not available for proximity, location andbattery info). -location, location provider, accuracy, altitude,speed and GPS NMEAdata. - Google maps to show the above info.Tapping on your locationshows your address, postal code andlocation accuracy (if available)- accelerometer readings, (incl.linear acceleration and gravitysensors) - gyroscope readings, -light sensor value, - ambientmagnetic field values, - deviceorientation - proximity sensorreadings - pressure sensor(barometer) - relative humidity sensor -temperature readings -battery status, voltage, temperature andhealth - sound level meter(decibel) - If your device supports it,next to the sensor's name,you will see how much power the sensorconsumes per hour in mA.AndroSensor also allows you to recordeverything from your sensorsinto a CSV file. To start recordingsensor data, just swipe yourfinger to the right to revealAndroSensor QuickBar and tap therecord button (see screenshots) ---Features --- Press MENU totoggle settings, determine which sensorsyou wish to monitor, seedevice info, system log file or the list ofsensors that areunavailable for your device. Swipe right to openthe AndroSensorQuickbar and take a snapshot, start recording sensordata, or justtoggle font size and decimal points. - Device infogathers as muchas it can and prints it out in a simple andeasy-to-read view.Mobile signal strength, wifi info, CPUarchitecture, available andtotal RAM, internal and external memory,display metrics, OpenGLESversion and kernel version are a smallpart of the informationdisplayed. Clicking on a line copies it'scontent to clipboard. Amultitouch test is also available. - Recordsensor data to CSV fileand automatic send via email. - Graphs: Youmay choose how you wantvalues to be displayed, via real-time chartsor the good-old textlayout. You may switch between graph and textoutput for eachsensor by tapping on the sensor image on the leftside. Sensorsthat have available graphs are distinct by the icon inthe top leftof the sensor specific section. Graphs are notavailable forLocation and Proximity. - System log viewer and SMScommandsavailable via addons - Apps2SD, tablets, and Lollipopsupported. -19 Languages supported: English, Greek, Italian,Russian, Spanish,French, German, Hungarian, Portuguese, Romanian,Chinese, Dutch,Swedish, Turkish, Korean, Czech, Polish, Vietnamese,Ukrainian ---Important Notes --- ** All permissions required by theapp areexplained in app's website along with a detailed changelog.Alsovisit the website for an explanation about the sensors and afewmore clarifications. * NO KIND OF DATA is collected. * Nospam,only banner ads inside the app (by AdMob). Please purchasetheDonate Key to remove ads. * Automatic email sending is inbeta.File size limit is 9 MB zipped. If the sending fails foranyreason, it will be retried next time AndroSensor is used.Allemails are send from address "[email protected]", somakesure that it doesn't go in your spam folder. * Please beencouragedto email me at [email protected] if you wish to report abug,suggest an improvement, request a translation to be added or ifyoujust have a question about the app. *** Thank you! ***
Physics Toolbox Magnetometer 1.4.4
Vieyra Software
This magnetic field sensor app measures and displays a graphofMagnetic Field (µT) vs. Time (s) that in x, y, and/or zdimensions,as well as total magnitude. By accessing settings, datacan also bedisplayed with a digital read-out.Total magnitudemagnetic fieldstrength can be recorded and exported in an e-mail orthroughGoogle Drive as a .csv attachment using a comma or asemicolon as adelimiter. Click on settings to plot data againstelapsed time orclock time, to change the plot line thickness, or tochange datacollection rate. A brief tutorial upon start-up gives anoverviewof how to use the app.The magnetic field sensor can measurethebackground magnetic field of the earth and be used to check forthepresence of permanent magnets or electromagnetic fields. Withintheclassroom, the magnetometer can be used to determinetheinverse-square law for a "point source" magnet, to determinethestrength of a field produced by a solenoid, or to measurethefrequency of objects with magnetic variations, such asaudiospeakers or magnetic plate stirrers.PermissionsExplained:android.permission.WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE: Acsv file iscreated and modified on the phone's internal memory.Ifyou have anyquestions, comments, or would like to seemodifications/updates,please email me at [email protected]
Hidden Device Detection : Cam Bug - Magnetometer 1.1.2
This is the Top class and most efficient Hidden DeviceDetectionApp. Don’t let someone follow and ruin your privacy! Usethe hiddendevice finder app and detect camera, microphone, bug orany othersimilar surveillance device that may be stored in yourroom or homewithout your knowledge. The app is extremely easy touse and anyonecan detect any surveillance device in seconds alsowithmagnetometer ! For free! 🔎 never before hidden device detectionwasso easy 📹HOW IT WORKS🎙 Based on a unique feature, HiddenDeviceDetection senses the magnetic field that a nearby electronicdeviceshould have if it is present in your room/home. Simply turnon theapp and start rotating in your room. The app will displayandnotify you if any hidden device is found!! This works bestwithhidden camera detection. Remove spy camera using this App andgetyourself relaxed 📹100% WORKING🔎 With the smartly designedandintuitive UI you can detect the hidden devices in seconds.Youdon’t need to be tech savvy to use this hidden camera detectorandlocator, hidden microphone detector and bug detector. Juststartthe surveillance detection and the app will show hiddendevices, ifany. It’s 100% working and tested way that will enhanceyourprivacy and security! People may use it as wiretap detector orsomemay call it as wiretapping detection if they can check wiresaroundfor any hidden devices including spy camera and hiddencamera. Ifare suspicious of any microphone then use it as hiddenmicrophonedetection. 🔎 Hidden Device Detector features:🔎 ✅ greathiddendevice finder app ✅ easy to use & intuitive ✅ stopsscammers toruin your privacy ✅ detects electronic devices ✅instantly showsany detected devices ✅ free security & privacytool ✅ hiddencamera detector ✅ magnetometer----------------------------- Thishidden device detection includesMagnetometer which works bymeasuring EMF . Hidden device detectoris the best App for bugdetector and for hidden microphone detector.We deliver the besthidden device detection system which is capableof hidden cameradetection. We are improving this App day by dayadding morefeatures like spy camera detector. No one wants spy camin theirlives and everyone want to use hidden camera detector toprotectprivacy. The app represents the best way to discover hiddendevicesand as some people also call it show hidden devices. We haveworkedvery hard to produce best hidden camera detection systemwhich iscapable of bug detector. Get rid from the uncertainty andsay hi tosecurity and complete privacy. If you know how to checkthe wiresthen you can use it as wiretap detection. Protect yourselffromeavesdrop anywhere by using it as eavesdrop detector. Downloadthissafety and hidden device detector for free now withmagnetometer!Get this best hidden device detection App and make youlife easyand convenient and also get hidden camera detection systemwiththis App for Free!
Mobile Hardware Info 5.0
tool apps
Do you want to know all info about your android mobile phone?Butdon't know how or where to get it from and inside yourmobilephone.This app will do the job for you. Yes by onlyinstalling thismobile hardware info you can the needed info aboutyour devicehardware. So you will know all device info related toyour hardwaredevice.This app allows you to know :* mobile SystemInfo : OSversion installed on your phone, Kernel Architecture, OSApi levelrelated to OS version ...* Device Info and MemoryInfo:Mobile phoneModel, Brand, Board, Screen Resolution, Total RAMand AvailableRAM, Phone Internal Storage...* Processor Info:Architecture, CPUCores Number, ...* Battery Info: Battery charginglevel,Technology, plugged or not, Battery health, batterystatus,voltage, temperature...* Sensors installed on yourmobilephone:Bluetooth, Wifi, GPS, Microphone, Accelerometer,lightsensor, magnetic field, proximity sensor, compass,...So thismobilehardware info app is made to facilitate your life and givingyouthe needed data quickly and easily without spending time lookingtoit within settings and switching screens.
Vibration Meter 1.6.1
Smart Tools co.
Vibration Meter is in the 4th set of Smart Toolscollection.SeismographThis app uses accelearation sensor to measurevibrationor an earthquake, and it shows a reference as aseismicdetector.The measured values are related to ModifiedMercalliIntensity scale (MMI). If it is inaccurate, you cancalibrate it sothat maximum value is about 10-11.Please use theresult only forreference because Android devices have a widevariety ofperformance and sensitivity.* Main features:- Alarmlevel- Beepsound- Material design* Pro version added features:- Noads- SoundMeter- Statistic menu (line chart)- CSV file exporting-Screencapture* Do you want more tools?download [Sound Meter Pro]and[Smart Tools] package.For more information, watch YouTube andvisitthe blog. Thank you.
Acceleration Explorer 3.2.9
Acceleration Explorer is an open source application thatallowseducators, developers, hobbyists and folks who are justcurious toexplore their devices acceleration sensor. AccelerationExplorerprovides a number of different smoothing filters and sensorfusionsto calculate linear acceleration (as opposed to tilt). Allthefilters and sensor fusions are completely configurable by theuser.Acceleration Explorer can log all of the accelerationsensorsoutput (with or without filters and sensor fusions) to anCSV fileallowing users to log, literally, anything you can strap anAndroiddevice onto .Acceleration Explorer Features:* Plots theoutput ofall of the sensors axes in real-time* Log the output ofall of thesensors axes to a .CSV file* Visualize most aspects ofthe sensor*Smoothing filters include low-pass, mean and medianfilters* Linearacceleration fusions include low-pass as well assensor fusioncomplimentary and Kalman filters* Compare theperformance ofmultiple devices* Measure the acceleration of yourdog, vehicle orrocket ship
Digital Compass 6.5.2
Axiomatic Inc.
This is a high precision and insanely beautiful digitalcompass.Useful features: • Latitude, longitude and address •Full-screenmap • True heading and magnetic heading • Magneticstrength • Slopelevel meter • Sensor status Caution! • Do not usethe app withmagnetic covers. • If you encounter a direction error,calibrateyour phone by waving the device in a figure 8, two orthree times.Follow us on Facebook!• ©2015–2018Axiomatic Inc. All rights reserved.
Smart Compass 1.7.12
Smart Tools co.
Smart Compass is in the 3rd set of the Smart Toolscollection.<< All of compass apps require a magneticsensor(magnetometer). If this app does not work, please checkthespecifications of your device. >> This online compass isatool to search bearings (azimuth, directions) withembeddedmagnetic sensors. It has 4 significant features below. 1.Althoughyou may turn your phone into portrait or landscape mode,theheading is fixed. 2. Camera view is used for reality. 3.MetalDetector is included to verify magnetic sensor. 4. GPS andGoogleMaps are supported. The compass app depends on theperformance ofyour device exactly. If the compass works perfectly,it means thatyour sensors are perfect, too. If it is inaccurate,please checkthat yours aren't being affected by a magnetic field.This app haveseveral options to calibrate your device. * Compassmodes: -Standard - Telescope - Night - Digital - Google Maps -Google Maps(satellite) - Background image * Main features: - Truenorth -Vertical line - Azimuth types (degree, mil, quadrants,backazimuth) - Coordinate types (decimal, degree, UTM, MGRS) -GPSSpeedometer - Screen capture - Material design * Pro versionaddedfeatures: - No ads - Sharing GPS location - Qibla finder,Carlocator - Individual metal detector * Do you want moretools?download [Smart Compass Pro] and [Smart Tools] package. Formoreinformation, watch YouTube and visit the blog. Thank you. **Theview-cover with a magnet (especially on Galaxy S and GalaxyNote)can make the compass inaccurate. Take it off.
TrueCompass - Digital Compass 1.0.7
TrueCompass is a Free digital Compass app withhighprecision.Features:- Simple to use - while highlyaccurate-longitude, Latitude, and more meta info- Get yourlocations'Height- Magnetic and true north are available, theappautomatically takes care of variation.- Incrediblysmoothmovements- No internet is required- Beautiful and Free
Bubble Level, Spirit Level 3.23
Spirit Level is also known as: bubble level, level,waterpas,electronic level, laser level, nivel, plumb bob, leveltool,clinometer, leveler, protractor, inclinometer, carpenter'slevel.It uses accelerometer sensor (g-force) to help you test anyobjectfor plumb and level, measuring angles of slope, elevationorinclination of an object with respect to gravity. It isbeautiful,functional and easy to use tool on every smartphone ortablet.Bubble level Features:- accuracy of measurement;- easy touse; -stylish design;- vertical and horizontal water levelindicatorfeature;- show angle or incline; - ruler (dimensionlength);- zerolevel with audible indication;- calibration;- 3different displaymodes;- definition of angle with or withoutdecimal;- anglemeasurement with hold function and the calculationof the angle;-display can be kept active;- lock icon to stop fromautomaticallychanging screen with inclination;- support for 15languages.Digitallevel (bullseye level, pitch & roll indicator,surface level)will help You to install the refrigerator or washingmachine, hanga shelf or picture, measure the angle of any surfaceto scan yourDesk or pool table in the bar. You can use this levelerappanywhere. Try building level and much more examples You willfindin practice.
Sensor Test 1.1
Sprinkle Cool
Sensor Test will give you a lot of information about yoursmartphonesensors. Choose a sensor from a list with more over 19sensors. Thefollowing sensors are supported by this application:-Accelerometer-Linear Acceleration- Accelerometer Uncalibrated-Orientation-Magnetic Field- Magnetic Field Uncalibrated- Gravity-Rotation-Gyroscope- Gyroscope Uncalibrated- Device Temperature-AmbientTemperature- Humidity- Atmospheric Pressure- Light-Proximity-Battery- Step Counter- Step DetectorIf your smartphonesupport thesensor, you will get the following information aboutthe sensor:-How the sensor works and the returned values- Name-Vendor- Version-Power- Resolution- Max. range- MindelayAdditionally there is adiagram which shows you the course ofthe sensor values.For somesensors exists practical applications sothat you can see where theyare used, for example a metal detectoror a compass.
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