Top 24 Apps Similar to Battery Saver and Fast Charge

DU Battery Saver PRO & Widgets
DU Battery Saver, the world’s leading battery saver andAndroidpower doctor & manager, with PRO features is an evenmorepowerful battery saving app that makes your phone’s batterylasteven longer! Get up to 70% more battery life for your Androidphoneand tablet! With DU Battery Saver’s smart pre-set batterypowermanagement modes, one-touch controls and healthy charge stagesfeatures, solve battery problems and extend your batterylife.Presented by DU Apps Studio, DU Battery Saver PROautomatesfeatures from the free version and adds up to 20% morebatterylife. Schedule power saving mode by power level or by time.Slowdown CPU, remove power hogging apps and update device settingstoboost your battery life. You deserve a better battery life! Youcansearch & try our FREE version before upgrading to pro.TrytheFREE version at: of DU BatterySaverPRO as a more powerful Android battery doctor &manager:★INTELLIGENT MODE SWITCHING: Automatically switch smartbatterysaving modes based on your preferences;-Battery Level:Switch toany preset mode when the battery power reaches aspecificlevel;-Time Schedule: Switch to any smart battery savermode basedon time of day;★ AUTO CLEAR APPS: Automatically shutsdown batterypower: draining apps that run in the background;-Set anAuto Clearschedule at any interval you choose;-Protect importantapps fromauto clearing by adding them to the Ignored AppsList;-Clearunnecessary background power consumptive apps on screenlock;★ CPUFREQUENCY (for rooted devices only): Save even more powerbyreducing the speed of your Android phone’s processor whenyourscreen is locked.Classic Highlights of DU Battery Saver(Androidpower doctor & manager):☆ Fast Battery Saver: Instantlyfindand solve battery problems with the “Optimize” button.☆SimpleBattery Saver: Use smart pre-set battery power managementmodes orcreate your own to get high performance and great energysavings.☆Effective Battery Saver: Protect your battery with healthychargingto extend the life of your battery.☆ Convenient BatterySaver: Thehome screen “Optimize” widget allows you to stop powerconsumptivebackground apps with one tap to boost battery life.☆Easy &Powerful Battery Saver: Extend your Android battery lifeby up to50% without charging.☆ Global Battery Saver: SupportsDeutsch,Español, English, Française, Português, Português doBrasil,Pусский, Türk, Bahasa Indonesia, Italiano, العربية, ภาษาไทย,TiếngViệt, 日本語, 한국의, 中文(简体), and 中文(繁體).☆ Adapts to You:Automaticallysave power and energy with DU Battery Saver’s SmartPowersettings.“THE battery saving application that will increasethefunctionality of your phone like no other to ensure thatyourbattery lasts longer, much longer.” –“Sofull ofso many useful features.” –“It reallystandsout from the crowd with its great ease of use and verypowerfulfunctionality.” – Androidappsreview.comFrequently AskedQuestions(FAQs):Q: What is healthy charge stage and how do I get afullcharge?A: Charge your battery when it’s lower than 20% stage,andcontinuously charge until the 3rd stage of the trickle chargingiscomplete. Do not overcharge or undercharge by charging inshortbursts.More questions about DU Battery Saver? Contact [email protected], Find us online:Officialwebsite ; Facebook page>>>;; JOIN our beta testing community andgetfirst-hand news of DU Appson: FREE Android optimizer & cleaner master DU SpeedBooster at: . Our app uses Accessibilityservices undercertain condition to enable advanced functions andimprove yourexperience.
Mobile Booster & Cleaner
McAfee LLC
Get the most out of your smartphone or tablet withMcAfee®MobileBooster and Cleaner for Android. This all-in-onephonebooster appgives you:• QUICK BOOST – improves and providesaninstant summaryon your phone’s performance with a one tapboost•BATTERY SAVER –improves your phone’s battery life and batteryusageby turning offunnecessary activities, settings, andpower-consumingapps• STORAGECLEANER – frees up storage space withthe Android junkcleaner byremoving hidden and unnecessary files,includingtemporary files,blurry or similar photos, ad files, andlargefiles• SPEED BOOSTER– speeds up your Android by closing appsthatare running in thebackground• DATA MONITOR – monitors your howmuchdata you’regetting through with the mobile data usage trackersoyou can avoidannoying overage feesFEATURE DETAILSQUICKBOOST(ONE-TAP BOOSTER)Free up memory and clean up storage andextendyour battery lifewith a one tap boost. It’s also a reallysimpleway of making yourAndroid phone’s battery last longer,keeping yourbatterypercentage high throughout the day.BATTERY SAVER(EXTENDBATTERY)Improve your phone’s battery life and stoppower-consumingappswith just one click. Adjust settings and get anestimate ofhowmuch battery life you have left. Our battery saverandphonebooster app can help you to reduce your battery usage andkeepyourbattery percentage strong.STORAGE CLEANER (CLEAN UPJUNK&CACHE FILES)Delete duplicate photos, junk files,poorqualityphotos, WhatsApp photos and unwanted apps to reclaimstoragespaceand improve the performance of your device and SD card.It’sastorage cleaner and cache cleaner all in one!JUNK FILES:Cleanouttemp app files like WhatsApp cached files, ad files, andold.apkinstallation files with the Android junk cleaner, and freeupextraspace with the cache cleaner. UNWANTED APPS: Reviewappsyouhaven’t used in a while and uninstall the ones youdon’twant.LARGEFILES: Remove unnecessary files that are over 10MB.PHOTOCLEANUP:Remove blurry pics or delete duplicate photos fromstorageand SDcard. New! Get rid of unwanted photos from WhatsAppand freeupstorage.MEMORY CLEANER (SPEED BOOSTER) Our memory boostappandcleaner for android can clean up unnecessarybackgroundprocessesand temp data to get back the speed you need todo whatyou reallywant.DATA MANAGER (TRACK YOUR MOBILE DATA USAGE)Use thedatamonitor to keep track of your mobile data usage. Findout howmuchdata your apps are using with the data usage trackerandquicklyclose the ones that are eating it up so you canavoidcostlyoverage fees.★LANGUAGE SUPPORT★Český Jazyk,Deutsch,Français,Magyar, Ελληνικά, Español, English, BahasaIndonesia,Italiano,日本語, 한국의, Nederlands, Język Polski, Português,Portuguêsdo Brasil,Pусский, Slovenčina, Svenska, ภาษาไทย, Türkçe,TiếngViệt, 中文(简体& 繁體)Note: This app uses Accessibilityservices.
Battery Saver 2018 3.7
Battery Saver Ultimate application provides the best powersettingsto saves the battery time of your device or your tablet.Wheneverbattery runs low or goes too much down then just tap thePowerSaver app to turn on the saving mode. Battery savers help youtoswitch off all the extra functions like WiFi, Bluetooth, GPS,Soundand other energy consuming apps on the device. App Will Notifywhenpower get down in percentage and even when you plug your deviceincharging it shows charging stages. Charging Stages:FreeBatterySaver Ultimate app regulates the manner in which your deviceischarged with a Unique 3 Stage Charging system to ensure you getthemost out of your battery and reminds you not to over charge.KeyFeatures:- Accurate battery remaining time- Shows StandbyTime.-Accurate charging remaining time- Schedule power saving modesforwork/class/sleep and more!- 3 Stage Charging system 1. Fastcharge,2. Continuous Charging, 3. TickleCharging.-Wifi/Data/Bluetooth/GPS/Flight Mode toggle!- Brightnesscontrol!-Shows Battery Health, Current Battery Power in mAH,Temperature,Voltage and Battery life status. Types of Mode :1.Saving Mode:(Use in lowest Battery Status)- Device Brightness setto 10%- InActivate WiFi of the Device- Stand By time to 15seconds2. SleepMode: (Use when you sleep)- Turn Off Call & SMSand turn ON theFlight Mode- Set Vibrations Off.- Airplane Mode.-Sound Off andmute media sound too.- Brightness set to 10% orminimum level.3.Customized Mode- You can Customize app usages asyour need to saveBattery Power.- Can adjust the battery savingsetting freely dependon your need and usage.- Can adjust WiFi,Bluetooth, vibration,sound, device brightness, synchronization andstand by time.Please,You can give feedback and we would love tolisten your suggestionsby E-mail, Facebook, Twitter orGoogle+.E-mail:[email protected]: have taken care todevelop app, If you would find any kind ofmistake then kindlyplease mail us. Email your helpful suggestionsand comments on thefollowing address: [email protected] use ofBattery Saver 2018is free of charge in exchange for safely usingsome of yourdevice's resources (WiFi and very limited cellulardata), and onlywhen you are not using your device. You may turnthis off from thesettings menu. Please see our TOS for furtherinformation.
Battery Saver 2017
"Battery Saver 2017", the application provides best batterybackup.Battery Saver optimize your smartphone battery Whenever ifyou haveexperiencing low battery every time you can't immediatecharging.So, this app will help you to optimize your smartphonebattery.Longer battery time longer happy time.Whenever battery goesdownyou just have to tap the power saver app to turn on thesavingmode. And Turbo Battery Saver 2017 helps you to switch offallunnecessary functions in your smart phone.Main Features:-Optimizethe energy system by switching off WIFi, bluetooth, GPS,decreasescreen brightness and more.- 3 Mode to save battery (SavingMode,Sleep Mode, Customized Mode)- Show the percentage of batterylife,battery health, temperature, and more.- Easy controlWifi,bluetooth, GPS, screen brightness.- Clean unnecessary tasksandclear cache.- Battery status notification- Accuratelyestimatesbattery remaining time- Widget that improves batteryperformancewith personalized UI design- Indicates how much batterypower willbe extended if you shut down WiFi, Bluetooth,etc-Batteryconsumption optimization in just one click- Smart batterysave-Charging Maintenance to help keep the charging process safeandhealthyFAQs=> Tap the power saver app to turn on thesavingmode. Run our app while charging to let Battery Saver managetheprocess with its Unique 3 Stage Charging system that ensuresalonger battery life. Use the "Task Killer" widget to optimizeyourpower consumption conveniently.=> Plug in your phone whenthebattery has about 20% remaining and continue to chargeuntilBattery Doctor tells you the 3rd stage of trickle chargingiscomplete. Do not overcharge by keeping your device plugged innorundercharge by charging in short bursts wheneverconvenient.=>"Saving Mode" is an extreme setting that shuts downallnon-essential functions of your phone with exception ofmakingphone calls and sending/receiving text messages. WiFi, Data,GPS,etc will all be shut down to ensure battery life and defendyourjuice.=> The "Task Killer" widget will automatically appearonyour home screen with installation. The other widget thatmonitorsWiFi/GPS/etc can be installed just as any other widget onyourdevice would be set up.
Ultimate Battery Saver - Fast charger & Optimizer 1.2
Now Save Battery Life and Boost your Device Power withUltimateBattery Saver. Its a complete Power saver app withdifferent Savingmodes, Short cuts for Wifi, blue tooth, gps,brightness and Flyingmode and much more.Features:- Show RemainingBattery time.- Usercan see Mobile Standby Time.- Special Batterycharging mode.-Battery Schedule power saving modes for- 3 StageCharging system 1.Fast charge, 2. Continuous Charging, 3. TickleCharging.- DifferentToggle buttons for short cuts.- Shows Batterystates for BatteryCurrent, Temperature, Voltage and Battery lifestatus.UltimateBattery Power Saving Modes:=> Ultimate PowerSaving Mode:=>Ultimate Sleep Mode: (Use when you sleep)=>Customized Mode :(User can chose settings as per choice)Please giveyour feedback ancomments on [email protected] installingthis app youagree to the following privacypolicy:''
Power Battery Saver for Free 1.7
Power Battery SaverHelp you to preserve battery.This is themostpowerfull and efficient battery saver (you will see byyourself)Itwill increase the battery life by disableData/Wifi/Bluetooth whenthey are not needed (depending settings youput).* CPU Management(you can lock frequency when screen lock)***Only in fullversion**** Wifi management. - Enable Wifi depending alocation youdefine in app (by example wifi can be enableautomaticaly activatewhen you come back home ). * Data/2G/3Gmanagement.* Bluetoothmanagement.* Night Mode (disable all Dataduring sleep)Manyparameters ,period , SMS/MMS recept.You customizeit the first timeand you'll forget it.It has been optimize to notconsume phonecpu.Let's try it and you'll see thedifference.ROMtested:-Gingerbread-ICS-CM7-CM9Phone tested:GalaxySGalaxy S2GalaxyS3Galaxy NotesHTCTags: CPU Saver Power Batterysaver
Battery Saver Master 1.0.0
Use your phone for longerbetweencharges!Battery Saver Master will help you save powerwithintelligentcharging, a one-tap Power Saving mode and ahelpfulanalysis ofwhat's shortening your battery life!★ Maximize your battery life with Battery Saver Master 2015!Battery Saver Master is a FREE battery saving app thatcanextendyour battery life up to 50% by finding apps and settingsthatdrainpower on your device.A powerful app for your android device that will boostyourbatteryjuice making it last longer.Easily achieve two or even three times your current battery life!Defend your Juice!Find out what’s draining your power. Adjust yourdrainingsettings(e.g. brightness) and disable unnecessary apps thatdrainyourbattery.Accurately Estimates Remaining Battery TimeTells how long battery will last under a varietyofsituations(playing games, wifi on or off, etc)Quick ChargerBattery Doctor regulates the manner in which your deviceischargedwith a Unique 3 Stage Charging system to ensure you getthemostout of your battery and reminds you not to over charge. Italsohasfeatures that can monitor and regulate powerconsumption.MonitorMonitor: Track your phone remaining charging timewhilemanagingessential tasks as a smart optimizer. MonitorAppConsumption - Seewhich system application i.e Bluetooth, Wifiordata GPRS consumesthe more battery power while poweroptimizercommends you powermanagement solution.Key Features★Calculate remaining time while unpluggedorcharging(AC/USB/Wireless)★ Start App on Charging to use Quick Charger★ Disable unnecessary apps that drain your battery!★ Task Killer kills tasks with one click!★ Unique 3 Stage Charging system!★ Wifi/Data/Bluetooth toggle!★ Brightness control!★ Battery temperature!★ Charging Tips!Treat your phone to Battery Saver Master and not only willyouextendyour usage time, but the condition of the batteryitselfwill beprotected for a long time to come!
Turbo Battery Saver Pro 1.5
App Monkey
Turbo Battery Saver Pro is a master piece in the world ofandroidbattery saver and power Optimizer and it is capable ofextendingyour battery life for hours.Turbo Battery Saver is a freebatterysaving app for everyone and its compatible with allandroiddevices. Turbo Battery saver is doctor of your mobilebattery thathave many saving mode, one-tap Battery optimizer ,Backgroundbattery consuming tracker list and Boost batterychargerfunctions.Features:- 3 MODE BatteryTurbo Battery enrichedwith 3powerful Mod that will prevent your battery from draining.You canselect any Mode according to your need. - One-clickOptimizerYoucan save your battery with one click. Turbo batterySaver is sopowerful and it will close unused applications thatconsume yourbattery power and give boost to your device.TaskKillerTurboBattery Saver pro is battery doctor of you mobile and ithavefunction to kill background running apps or games with oneclickand stop your battery from draining and speed up yourmobiledevice.Turbo WidgetTurbo battery Booster offers widget andyou caneasily access some functions from home screen withoutopeningapp.Efficient Battery ChargerTurbo Battery Saver pro havestrongand efficient algorithm that will charge your mobile batterywithmost efficient way ever.Download Turbo Battery Saver Pro 2016nowand boost your mobile , clean unused apps, and save yourmobilebattery.
Battery Saver 2016 1.0
Most android devices have too many games and applications. Usingtoomany apps at the same time makes difficulty in managing them,sothere are many applications running under background. Users havetocharge phone frequently. Battery Saver 2016 is a newgenerationpower saver app which helps users use batteryefficiently, and saveenergy thanks to using the latest technologyin analyzing thestatus of the battery.Battery Saver 2016 providesthe best powersettings to save time in your device. Whenever thebattery is lowor goes too low then just press "optimize" to enablethe saverpower mode.☆☆☆Main Features of Battery Saver 2016☆☆☆•Analysebattery: battery status, temperature, and time left•Estimatesbattery remaining time • Widget that improves batteryperformance•Shows how much battery power will be extended if youshut downWiFi, Bluetooth, etc• Battery consumption optimization injust oneclick• Intelligent battery saver • Charging battery stages:yourdevice is charged with a unique 3 stage charging system toensureyou get the most out of your battery and reminds you not toovercharge.• Task Killer kills tasks with one click•Fastwifi/gps/data/bluetooth switch.Battery Saver 2016 is themostreliable battery saver in its category on Google Play. Butthatdoesn’t stop us from continually improving the app’s look andfeeland fixing bugs, so you always have the best experiencepossible.If you have any comments or suggestions, please let usknow.Thanks!
GreenPower Free Battery Saver 9.21
Binary Mango AS
★ GreenPower Battery Saver brings manyextrahours to your battery life! ★★ Support for Mobile Data on Marshmallow (Android 6)&Lollipop (Android 5): Only for rooted phones. ★Unlike other battery savers that require regular usermanualactions, GreenPower is an easy battery saver that isfullyautomatic: Once configured, it runs and saves yourbattery byitself. It does so by smartly managing Wifi, Mobile data,Bluetoothand Screen Brightness: Turning them off when you don'tneed them,but ensure minimum disturbance: Automatic turned ON whenneeded byyou or by other apps (e.g retrieving mails). Easier,cleaner andfaster than competitors, 2x battery saver and easybatterysaver!GreenPower battery saver: 1.5 million downloads & 2 yearsofexperience in Android Battery Saving!HIGHLIGTS★ Adds up to 100% battery life depending on usage★ Automatically manages your Wi-Fi, Mobile Data (2G, 3G,4G),Bluetooth, GPS, display brightness★ Battery saving works with almost all devices and carriers★ Supports all Android versions from Froyo toMarshmallow(6.0)★ Easy yet powerful battery saver and battery boosterINSTALL AND FORGETOr take time to configure the battery saving settings to getthemost out of it and the best battery longevity!SATISFIED OR MONEY BACK GUARANTEETry Premium version for 24H and get a refund if you didn't likeitby just sending us a mail.FEATURES• Battery life indicator in notification area.• Wifi management: Based on schedule, screen state, location,powerconnected, signal level...• Mobile data management: Based on schedule, screen state,powerconnected...• BLUETOOTH (premium) management: Based on devices connected orinrange, screen state, power etc• Traffic check: Configurable to prevent disturbing otherapps• Apps Whitelist & Blacklist (premium): To keep data onwhenusing specific apps (like music streaming)• Simple WIDGET (premium): To quickly pause or resume• Night / Sleep mode (premium) fully configurable,Airplanemode...• Tasker & Locale Plug-in (premium)• Compatible with Cerberus 2.0• Very lightweight and fast app• Easy and clean interface• Fully configurable settings• Settings backup / restore• 30 Languages• And more coming all the time...PREMIUM ONLY• Widget• Night mode (sleep mode)• Tasker & Locale Plug-in• Location-based Wi-Fi• Apps whitelist & blacklist• No ads• The good feeling to support an independent developer
Battery Saver 2016 1.0
2016 Fast Charger is a powerfulbatterysaverthat can be connected to the charger and will helpspeedpaymentswhen working as a manager of an application thatisactivatedautomatically saves Android apps. You you have toconnectthecharger, which can limit the power of charging your phone/tablet,a quick scan.Fast charging is the best application that can connect thechargertocheck automatically activated when 30% to 40% willhelpspeedpayments to help speed the charging battery life.youBeing able to determine how fast the battery charge runsthroughthisapplication.2016 charger and battery saver feature space quickly.1. optimize one battery supply2. Estimated time remaining.Stop / Remove Applications and System Applications 3.SelecttheApplication Manager.4. Administrator mode and custom battery packs.5. To save the battery life of 4 times.
Fast Charger and Battery Saver 1.0
Fast Charger and Battery Saver 2016isapowerful Android Battery Saver App, which work likeaspowermanager. This app will automatically activate when youconnectyourcharger and it will boost your charging speed. Whenyouconnectyour charger, Fast Charging will detect it and limitthepowerconsumption of your phone/tablet.Fast Charging is an ultimate app, which can help toboostyourbattery charging speed by 30-40%. APP automaticallyactivatewhenconnect your charger and it will boost yourchargingspeed.How Fast Battery Charger works, you review it through this app.Fast Charger and Battery Saver 2016 Function Area:1. One-tap battery optimizer2. Activity remaining time estimator3. App manager for stop/uninstall the user and system apps4. per-mode and custom mode for set battery manager5. Widget for saving the battery life up to 4x.* FEATURES of Battery Saver & Fast Charger1. One-tap Battery OptimizerWith click on one-tap, the apps( user and system )whichrunningifthe background would close and recommends you functions toturnoffin order to save more. When it closed your apps then workasmemorycleaner or app booster, as well as help your phone forspeedandsaving battery power. Optimizer define you how much timeyouhavebefore draining your phone.2. Deep Sleep ModeYou can manage your mode for pre-define mode for save batterylifeofyour mobile phone, as we have pre-define number of waywhichdrainyour battery life, so you can move your phone on savingmode.Variousmodes are available for your convenience. While notusingyour phone,set your "Sleep Mode" to save time!We also provide the custom mode, so you can easily madeyourownnumber custom mode and save your battery life and makeyourphonefast change.4. Remaining Time TrackerIndicates the remaining/limit time for Talktime,Game,Standby,AudioPlayback, MoviePlayback, WebSurfing, and Reading.Alsoshowslife level in percent (%) at status bar. You can easilymanagebynotification bar through our Widget.5. Power Doctor WidgetAccess and turn on/off various functions fromHomescreenWidget.This app not only work as Battery saver, but work asSuperFastCharger not only improves charging time but alsoextendsyourbattery time.You can download this battery saver app with number ofkeywordsearchon play store like as Best Battery saver 2016, FastChargerandBattery Saver, fast charging app and Super FastCharger2016.
Battery Saver 2016 1.0
Ghizlane Lamrini
Battery Saver 2016 save battery on yourphone,is a new generation power saver app ,provides thebestpowersettings to save time in your device and get up to 50%morebatterylife.Professional, easy to use and support for 19 languages,BatterySaverby Techmob gives a longer life to your Androidphone,providesdetailed information on the battery and allows youtochargehealthily with our unique charging system.Features************professional chargingBattery Saver 2016 regulates the manner in which yourdeviceischarged with a unique 5-step charging to ensure you havethebestof your battery and reminds you not to overload. Italsohasfeatures that can monitor and control energyconsumption.Accurately estimates the battery time remainingTells you how long will your battery in a varietyofsituations(playing games, wifi on or off, etc.)Save your energy!Find out what your battery empty. Adjust your power settings(p.Ex.Luminosity) disable unnecessary apps that emptyyourbattery.Key features***************- Planning the power saving mode for work / class / duringsleepandmore!- Processor Management (Mobile Rootes)!- Tips for recharging!- Easy to use interface!- Stop applications when the screen is off!- 19 languages supported!- Will optimize your energy consumption easily- Battery temperature!- Task Killer kills tasks with one click!- Accurate battery remaining time!- Wifi on / data / Bluetooth!- Disable unnecessary apps that drain your battery!- Recharge time remaining accurate!- Single recharge system in 5 steps!- Brightness control!
Battery Saver to 4 days Trial 1.2
Your phone discharges too fast, although you using itnotmuch?Try my application!For my Galaxy S3 extends operating time from 1.5 to 4 days.With the screen off the program disables WiFi and mobiledata,performs periodic synchronization.In this version - a clever synchronization, waitingnotificationdownload / upload pictures / wait until you have finishyour Skypecall.*** This is a trial version ****** Works 4 days. ***Full version - Battery Saver (1.5 to 4 days) no unnecessary features and functionality, only themostimportant things.Performs 3 simple things:1. When you turn off the screen - the application disablesthemobile data / WiFi after 30 sec2. When you turn on the screen - the application enables amobiledata / WiFi3. In the background, while the screen is off, every 15minutesenables a synchronization of your Facebook, Twitter, etc.for 30seconds.(If in the meantime someone didn't finish download a notification-the application will wait until download)(synchronization interval is discrete: 5, 10, 15, 30 minutes,anhour, 3 hours)(At night, from 00:00 to 06:00 synchronization occurs every3hours, instead of 15 mins)*** Attention! ***Application is not suitable for you, if you use your phoneeveryminute.And must have for people with periodic use of a smartphone.*** Attention! ***Application does not support 2-sim devices (android platformitselfdoes not).Each manufacturer has its own 2 sim implementation , andmaintainall of them is not possible for one man.Try manually turn off WiFi and mobile data every time, you don'tusephone.And turn on, when you back.If it helps to save battery - my app also helps to you.Google+ (main discussion goes here) app icon: it's drunken droid:)
Battery Saver Pro 2018 2.7
Boost and Save Battery life with Battery Saver Pro App. Its thebestway to increase and extend Device Battery life. This app justnotsave power but its comes with different features like Powermodes,Task Killer, Battery optimization, Device CPU info, ChargingStatesand much more.App Main Feature:- Shows Exact Battery Lifeinpercentage.- Notification Bar status, YOu can see RemainingBatteryLife without opening battery saver app each time.- OptimizeBatterylife with one click.- Different Battery Modes: Saving Mode,SleepMode and Customizable Mode.- Set your features likewifi,bluetooth, sound or others setting enable/disable incustomizablemode.- Main Screen Buttons for Wifi, Bluetooth, GPS,Flight Mode,Brightness, Mobile Data & TimeOut.- Task Cleaner toclean junkmemory and boost RAM.- Device Battery internal statesliketemperature, voltage, health and charging status.Please, Youcangive feedback and we would love to listen your suggestionsbyE-mail, Facebook, Twitter orGoogle+.E-mail:[email protected]: of Battery Saver Prois free of charge in exchange for safelyusing some of yourdevice's resources (WiFi and very limitedcellular data), and onlywhen you are not using your device. You mayturn this off from thesettings menu. Please see our TOS for furtherinformation.
Battery Saver 2016 3.4
Enjoy this simple and powerful app.It will increase your battery life up to 30%!The pro version (you can buy it inside the app) will savemore(upto 40%) energy!You can try it to understand if it works as we stated.No settings, no configuration needed.Just tap On or Off inside the app!It will take care automatically of everything.If you plan to download something just disable Fuel SaveroruseWiFi.
Gauge Battery Widget 6.0.2
Tomas Hubalek
Bored of ordinary battery widgets? All looks the same? Trythisanalog one! Measure your battery life and have fun. ★ Do youwantto know why this is one of coolest battery widgets on themarket?Visit for more info ★ ★App isnot working as expected?Visit for troubleshooting★Features: - small, medium and large versions with highqualitygraphics - battery percent in widget (shows percentage ofbatterylife left) - battery status in status bar (can be turnedoff!) -configurable battery widget color options - customize lookof thewidget (colors) - shows temperature and voltage in status bar-experimental support for Motorola 1% (one percent) changedetectionNotes: * To improve your phone's battery you should killrunningtasks, adjust screen brightness (volume), turn off wifi,gps,bluetooth and Auto-sync * Uninstall task killer (to add intoignorelist is not enough) * Please note that very small set offeaturesis donator only. * Internet access permission is requiredfor crashreports and anonymous usage metrics. Contact me if youneed moredetails. IMPORTANT: This app is home screen widget. Longpress onhome screen to install. If you like this app please rateit!!! Ifyou miss some feature or see bug please DON'T RATE BAD butsend mean email! I'll fix it!
Battery Saver PRO 1.1
dev game and app
if you have a problem with your battery ? if your AndroidBatteryDie So Fast ? if You Ask your self How to Get More EnergyFor yourPhone android with free tools ! don't worry i have solution?withthis wonderful app you can save life your battery. It's FREEinmarket, just download and install it in your phone...BatterySaverPro 2017 is an energy saver that can prolong the battery lifeup to50% by finding applications and energy settings on yourdevice.Battery SAver Pro 2015 are free apps that help save batterypowerfor Android systems. It can help you save battery power atthetouch of a button. With its many features, includingpowerconsumption ranking, memory scrubbing and backgroundtaskshut-down, you can easily change the battery saving mode andextendbattery life.Join 150 million users on Android and iOS whohaveseen the benefits!Show Stats battery easily (detailsastemperature, voltage, technology, health and usage). Seethepercentage of remaining battery in your status bar, andeasilyoptimize your device when needed.Just click on the"maximize"button to optimize the battery fast. Conserving batterypower isachieved by erasing the RAM memory.Please keep in mind thatthetime of the bore battery is evaluated.Battery saver pro 2017it'slike Battery Doctor 2016 is Battery Saver a simple andelegantapplication that will help you follow the currentbatterypercentage on your Android device, such as battery savertools.WithBattery Saver, every time and everywhere you will know ifyourbattery has enough to play a game, a movie, or to browsetheweb.The battery is user interface as simple as possible,butextremely convenient.** Main characteristics **⦁ - Turnoffunnecessary applications that empty your battery!⦁ -Brightnesscontrol!⦁ - Processor Management (Mobile Rootes)!⦁ -Batterytemperature!⦁ - Tips for recharging!⦁ - Easy to useinterface!⦁ -Task Killer kills tasks with a single click!⦁ - Stopapplicationswhen the screen is off!⦁ - Precise remaining batterytime!⦁ -Recharge time remaining accurate!⦁ - Planning the powersaving modefor work / class / during sleep and more!⦁ - Singlerecharge systemin 3 steps!⦁ - Wifi on / data / Bluetooth!⦁ and More***CHARACTERISTICS *** ⦁ - Battery Saver is incredibly light!⦁-Additional information on the battery temperature,voltage,health.⦁ - Task Killer kills tasks with a single click!⦁ -Schedulepower saving modes for work / class / sleep and more!⦁ -Displaysbattery information in percent (%).⦁ - Turn offunneededapplications that drain your battery!what are you waitingfor !download it now It's FREE In MarketEnjoy Battery Saver Pro2017Free for Your Phone Android
Battery Saver 2016 1.1.3
Colarnaud Team
Battery Saver 2016 help boost yourphonegoes through your phone and cleans up your system memory.Helpincreasing the performance of your phone or tablet andimprovingyour battery life. Battery Saver 2016can make games on your phone runfaster.Its can also improve your battery life by up to 15% ormore. The appreally is a life saver. Battery Saver 2016 with 4 tools in 1 apps :* Junk Cleaner : show detail internal cache and externalcache.1-click to clean cache* App manager : easy app manager such as uninstall an install* Battery Saver :  saving app that makes your batterylastlonger, and can help you get up to 50% more battery life* Memory Booster : boost automatically under RAM available&timing conditions
Long Battery Life DEMO 2.2
DMKHO software
This application is a simplest and most effective way toextendphone battery life. It auto-disables WiFi and cellular datanetworkconnection when screen turned off. Main features for DEMOversion:-Easy configuration- Shortcuts to manually enable/disableWiFi andCellular network connections. - Option to use widget thatshowsbattery charge on home screen.For More features (differentbatterysaver modes, option to show battery charge % indicator onstatusbar) get the Full version available on GooglePlaymarket.Application does not show any commercial banners, doesnotcontain any spyware and malware functionality.
Battery Saver 2017 Power Saver
Battery Saver 2017 Power Saver provides the best features tosavesthe battery time of your phone or your tablet. Wheneverbatteryruns low or goes too much down then just tap the applicationtoturn on the saving mode.The main feature of the battery savingmodeare as follows:** Turn On/Off the Wifi** Switching On/OfftheMobile Data** Switch On/Off the bluetooth** Turn On/Off theGPS**Switching On/Off the Airplane Mode** Managing the brightnessof thedevice** Managing the screen timeout of the device**Speciallyprovides notification when your device battery goes down**Status& Switcher Widgets (Different styles of widgets thatallow youto turn ON the app with single tap. Easy and Faster touse!)ChargeMode Details:** Fast Charge** Full Charge** TrickleChargeOptimizeDevice:** Manual Power Options** SaverRecommendations (Optimize& Memory consumption apps)BatteryDetails:** Current in mAH**Health Condition** Temperature inCelsius(ºC)** Voltage in mV**Technology used** Plugged via USB orwall mount charger** ShowStatus if Charging or not chargingTaskKiller Feature:Display allthe running apps with detailed memory,icon, update time, sizeKillthe running task for power optimisationand memoryconsumptionWorking as Memory BoosterAppSettings:NotificationStatus with charging PercentagesStart App onChargingThis appprovides three types of Mode to save your batterywhen runs low.1.Saving Mode: (Suggested to use in lowest BatteryStatus)Brightnessset to 10%InActivate Wifi of the DeviceStand Bytime set to 15seconds2. Sleep Mode: (Suggested to use when yousleep)Turn OffCall & SMS and turn ON the Flight ModeVibrationsOffSound Offand mute the device.Brightness set to 10%3. CustomisedModeEasilycustomise all the modes depend on your usage to saveBattery asmuch as you need.Can adjust the battery saving settingfreelydepend on your need and usage.Can adjust wifi,bluetooth,vibration, sound, device brightness, synchronisation andstand bytime.
CM Battery
A brand new battery saving app developed by the team behindCleanMaster and Battery Doctor.CM Battery is a free power-savingappthat is specifically designed to optimize the battery life ofyourAndroid device. Powered by the technology of Battery Doctor, itisthe most efficient way to defend your juice.Highlights ofCMBattery:Clean, intuitive and easy to use. CM Batterysimplifiesyour power saving process by providing shortcuts to closeyourdraining items - even your grandma could use it!By adoptingthemost advanced cloud technology, CM Battery tells you what’seatingyour battery by analyzing the data in the cloud insteadofdetecting other app on your phone and consumingbatterypower.Charge Master ensures a healthy charging environmenttoprolong battery life and clearly displays the remaining timetillcharge complete.Main Features:1. Clean and innovative design.2.Onetap to save powerWith a simple scan, CM Battery gives you a listofdraining items like Wi-Fi, Data and Bluetooth. You can shut offallthese items at once to save power with a simple tap.3.Advancedpower savingCM Battery detects all the draining apps onyour phoneand provides a shortcut to close them manually.4. Neveruse yourbattery when not in useCM Battery tells you what’s eatingyourbattery by analyzing the data in the cloud instead ofdetectingother app on your phone and consuming battery power.5.ChargeMasterCharge Master ensures a healthy charging environmenttoprolong battery life and clearly displays the remaining timetillcharge complete.6. Powerful App ManagementStop your powerdrainingapps from automatically re-launching, even if you’re notrooted.Ifyou're looking for a simple Android battery saver,batteryoptimizer or find yourself interested in your power usage,this isa great app for you.At CM Battery, user satisfaction isimportantto us. If you have any difficulties with the app, pleasecontact usat [email protected] us on Twitter: @cmbatteryLikeus onFacebook: CM BatteryJoin our betagroup:
Battery Widget Reborn 2018 3.0.4/PRO
Tomas Hubalek
Stylish battery widget with advanced functionality. Materialthemedesign perfectly matches Android 4.x. For full info about theappplease visit features============== This app provides followingfunctionality: Batterywidget - circle battery level indicatorindicator perfectly fitspure Android design - resizable on Android4.x+ - support for bothmain and external dock battery (AsusTransformer only) Basic batteryinfo - Battery Info - Shortcuts toPower-Summary/BackgroundSync/Wifi/BT Settings Status barnotification of battery status -multiple icon styles - prediction(estimation) how long batterylasts - customisable texts innotification area (estimated timeleft, voltage, temperature,battery health) Power savingfunctionality - automatic power savingmode during the night (simplebut powerful battery saverfunctionality) Charging and dischargingchart Extendednotifications support for Jelly Bean phones -optional charging anddischarging chart - power related toggles: -Wifi - Bluetooth -Background Sync - Airplane mode - customizablenotificationpriority Additional tools - Torch - Settings shortcuts- DashClockExtension Specific HW vendor support - supports Motorola1%increment - supports Asus Transformer secondary (dock)batteryMaterial themed interface on phones with Android 4.0+Installationand operation notes ======================= - TaskKiller or TaskManager may affect this app. Please don’t use them ifapp does notwork as expected - App is highly optimised and DOES NOTdrain youbattery - Known issues areat youcanprioritise bug fixes and enhancements there by voting -Frequentlyasked questions are at,look there beforesending support request - Due to the limitationof the Androidplatform, home screen widgets will NOT be availableif applicationis moved to SD card. - Some devices indicate batterylevel every 10%due to their kernel design (known ones are: mostMotorola devicesincluding Droid and Atrix series, Samsung Momentseries). Try to useMotorola 1% hack feature if your phone is amongthese devices - InAndroid 4.0, the system may shrink and dim levelindicator icons instatus bar. Voluntere for translationsat Which version todownload?==================== If you like Material Design installeitherFree or Pro version - Free flavor contains ads - Pro flavoris adsfree. Install Classic version if you like Holo Theme -Classic hastwo options how to reward developer for his effort:either singlepayment for Pro functionality or Ad Supported version
2 Battery Pro - Battery Saver🎁50% OFF 3.57
Sam Lu
Does the phone run out of battery quickly? Does the phone alwaysdieat crucial moment? This app extends many extra hours to thebatterylife by managing Internet connection intelligently and inthebackground. *** More Than 10,000,000 Downloads! *** Android2.x~8.xare also supported! Our new app can auto switch 2 Battery.Morefunctionality and flexibility. Download from Playon ! You don't need to manually turn on/offtheInternet connection anymore. This app extends battery life byusinga smart algorithm to turn on/off the Internet connection,reducebattery consumption and data usage, but still keep theimportantbackground data synchronized. 1. Auto manage 3G/4G/WiFiconnectionin the background 2. Show battery level and usage in thestatus bar3. Efficient & easy to use INSTALL AND FORGET Or taketime toconfigure the settings to get the most out of it and thelongestbattery usage time! SATISFIED OR MONEY BACK GUARANTEE TryPROversion for 24 hours and get a refund if you don't likeit.FEATURES ★ Manage Internet connection intelligently inthebackground ★ Configurable enable intervals and settings ★Detailedbattery usage curve and information ★ Support whitelistandblacklist ★ Support night mode (PRO-only) ★ Battery icon themeischangable ★ Fully charged notification and low battery warning★Build-in screen filter to further reduce the screen brightness★Auto turn off the screen when you put the phone upside down onthetable or into the pocket ★ Home screen widgets, batterylevel,quick settings ★ Display battery usage and time sincelastunplugged, estimated battery run out time, battery healthstatus,voltage, temperature, etc. information 2 Battery Add-on ★providemore battery icon themes DashClock EXTENSION ★ requiresDashClockWidget by Roman Nurik ★ estimated battery run out time ★detailedbattery information ★ battery icon theme Sony SmartWatch 2★warning when phone battery is low ★ phone battery app andwidgetsfor battery level and remaining time ★ support low powermode ★Smart Connect extension for SmartWatch 2 Sony SmartWatch 1★warning when phone battery is low ★ LiveWare™ extensionforSmartWatch Permissions - some sensitive permissions arerequired: •BIND_DEVICE_ADMIN: this app uses the DeviceAdministratorpermission which is used to provide the "Auto screenoff" feature.It's optional •READ_EXTERNAL_STORAGE/WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE: usedto read/save applog report from/to SD • READ_PHONE_STATE,WRITE_SETTINGS: toggleWi-Fi, mobile data, etc. settings for savingthe battery •PACKAGE_USAGE_STATS: get the top app information forthe "Blacklist"feature • SYSTEM_ALERT_WINDOW: used for the "Screenfilter" feature★ AppNext 2013 best app ever awards We have beenselected as aGoogle I/O 2011 Developer Sandbox partner, for itsinnovative designand advanced technology. CREDITS: Arabic-FerasGazzawieCroatian-Bruno Švorinić Czech-Michal Fiurášek Dutch-NikoStrijbolFrench-Johan Jaworski German-Michel MüllerHungarian-Gulács Attila(Szunyi77) Indonesian-Dwi UtomoItalian-Michele MondelliJapanese-Yuanpo Chang Korean-장승훈Polish-Grzegorz JabłońskiPortuguese-Wagner Santos Romanian-StelianBalinca Russian-Идрисa.k.a. Мансур, Ghost-Unit Slovak-Patrik ŽecSpanish/Swedish-TomasSylverberg Turkish-Kutay KuFTiVietnamese-Trần Thanh Bình If you areinterested in helping us totranslate this app to your nativelanguage, please let me know.Thanks.
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