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His experience takes roots from theprestigious institutions D.M.C.H. Ludhiana and K.M.C. Mangalore(Manipal University) and has been practicing the art of PlasticSurgery in S.P.S. Hospitals Ludhiana.

Treatment facilities available under his care are
1.Cosmetic Surgery
2.Cosmetic Gynaecology
3.General Plastic Surgery
4.Pediatric Plastic Surgery
5.Burns and Post Burn Complication Correction
6.Hand Surgery
7.Faciomaxillary Surgery
8.Post Cancer Reconstruction Surgery
9.Management of Diabetic Foot and Non Healing Wounds amongothers

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    Dr Ashish Gupta
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All the students who have passed out of the school are members ofthe Amaravian Alumni Association. They are enlisted as life membersof the Association. Amongst the members and within the school it ispopularly known as the OBA (Old Boys Association).The OBA has morethan 3000 members in its ranks, of which around 1000 members areactive. Most of them reside in various parts of the country, nomatter how great the distances, the alumni share a common bondwhich supports tradition of excellence, activities of the schooland friendships that were made. Members of the Alumni Associationvolunteer their time, talents, and/or money to further the goals ofthe Association and recognize the common bond that unites allAmaravians.They help foster continued loyalty and interest in theschool and its system, and they help the Association provideadequate channels of communications whereby school friendships canbe perpetuated.All OBA members feel that this alumni association isworthy labor. Inactive members are who do not know what’s happeningand if they come into the net we are sure they will not hesitate involunteering time and energy to the alumni association.TheAmaravian community plays a vital role in shaping the right leadersfor the nation. Through this compendium, we want to bring out theactivities of the school in their different nuances and to mirrorout our hard task of shaping right type of citizens for tomorrow.
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His experience takes roots from theprestigious institutions D.M.C.H. Ludhiana and K.M.C. Mangalore(Manipal University) and has been practicing the art of PlasticSurgery in S.P.S. Hospitals Ludhiana.Treatment facilities available under his care are1.Cosmetic Surgery2.Cosmetic Gynaecology3.General Plastic Surgery4.Pediatric Plastic Surgery5.Burns and Post Burn Complication Correction6.Hand Surgery7.Faciomaxillary Surgery8.Post Cancer Reconstruction Surgery9.Management of Diabetic Foot and Non Healing Wounds amongothersTo know more download the app........
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Kanpur based general single doctorphysicianclinic.
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The kidneys are the of organs , weighing around 150gm each situatedin the lower area. They function by removing the waste from theblood maintain water, salt like sodium , potassium, Chloride,Calcium, Phosphorus, Homeostasis and acid-base balance. It secretesa hormone called erythropoietin thereby maintaining normalhemoglobin level and maintain bone health by secreting avitamin.Measurement of renal functionYour Serum Creatrinine andblood urea are not accurate in measuring glomerular filtration rate(GFR is Termed as the rate of amount if blood that is filtered bythe kidney The following will give you GER value. GER value is helpis useful only for the patient with chronic kidney disease toarrest the renal function.
Altas Appointment 2.1 APK
Hospital ApplicationFeatures:●Register with a unique Name, optional OP/IP number,E-mail, Contact number.●Navigate from any screen to desired screen with theuse of left drawer.●Book appointments from available timings with thedoctors in the hospital from the list.●Able to cancel the booked appointment with a reasonspecified in the list.●View all booked appointments with name of whomappointment was booked, doctor name, date and timeof appointment booked.●Add unlimited number of family members to bookappointments for them too.●Edit your personal information from my profile andalso edit information of family members. Able todelete our family member when needed.●Give feedback with ratings for the facilities availablein the hospital and comment with things that need tobe looked about.●Contact hospital via mobile or landline and also cansend a mail about the query.●Read about the facilities, specialty, about varies doctorin the hospital.Functionalities:●Every time the app starts with a Loading screen thatconsist of logo and hospital name.●Have to register with our name and personalinformation after downloading app from the store. Onthe other hand, user will be able to view theappointments available for the desired doctor. If that isthe case, Registration will be done at the time ofbooking an appointment.●After registering the home screen is displayed wereuser selects the desired option.●Can select the desired doctor from the list and theappointment timings of doctor are displayed fromwhich the user selects appropriate time.●Can add family member with their name andOP/IP number (If available), to book appointment forthem.●Can edit our personal information in case ofchanges in my profile screen.●Can also edit our family member’s personalinformation from the list in my profile screen whenneeded.●Can view our booked appointments from myappointments with all the details used during booking.●Cancel option is available with a reason to be selectedin the list appointments.●With a predefined name and OP/IP number rate ourfacilities in hospital with any comments can be donein the feedback screen of the app.●Call us or mail with a query from the contact usscreen.●Know about our vision, mission, history, facilities,specialty, doctor’s profile in the about us screen.●Can be able to switch between screens using themenu available in the left of every screen.
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We are with multiple branches inMumbaisuburbs..n more upcoming branches to come.all the branchesaremultispeciality hospital with ICU. Operation theatre,deluxerooms nwards.with every medical facility visiting us.