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ArithMath: Step-by-Step Maths 1.4.1
Best App for children of all ages to self-learn the fundamentals ofArithmetic: Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication & Divisionand become a Master of Numbers !!!ArithMath is uniquely designedbased on school curriculum for Mathematics and best teachingstandards adapted by school teachers all around the world. Weprovide educative & fun platform to learn step-by-step approachfor solving simple to complex problems, without a need for sheet ofpaper or tutor. FREE practice mode to learn all essentials ofarithmetic operations and solve unlimited number of Math problemscomprising of two-digit numbers with/without carry-overs foraddition, borrows for subtraction and more… Plus, FREE starterworksheets to test addition problems.We offer 3 progressivelearning methods to strengthen the Math foundation through:1.Practice Mode: Intuitive approach to learn and practice the stepsfor solving arithmetic problems of all complexities.2. WorksheetMode: Best way to challenge children’s mind and test their learningprogress through configurable worksheets.3. Reports: Easy to trackthe budding master’s learning curve viz. Accuracy, Time Taken andmore...No need to join expensive after-school programs to learnarithmetic operations and receive worksheet assignments. ThroughArithMath, you will definitely notice the remarkable progress inapproaching a Math problem and accurately solving it.UniqueFeatures:* Single App to learn and practice the vital concepts ofarithmetic operations: + Addition: First step to start Mathematicswith single digit addition and progress towards sums with carry. +Subtraction: Best way to learn the concepts behind minus operationand master subtraction problems which require borrow from near-bydigits. + Multiplication: Progressively train from basic singledigit multiplication to complex four-digit multiplication. +Division: Step-by-step approach for division problems with/withoutremainder.* Rich and intuitive user interface with easyconfiguration options for: + Complexity type of Math problems to begenerated. + Number of digits in the problems with support fornumbers from 0 to 9999.* No predefined set of answers to guessfrom. Easy to use answer boxes are provided to stepwise solve andenter the solution.* Practice mode to learn the step-by-stepapproach for solving simple to complex arithmetic problems.*Generate worksheets with customized number of problems of varyingcomplexities.* For parents and teachers: Ability to createworksheets with passcode to lock the worksheet mode untilcompletion.* Report Summary with history of completed worksheetassignments and marks scored.* Detailed report of finishedworksheet to analyze the problems which can be done better. Thesearchived reports can be later viewed through report summary.Whyshould solving Math problems be hard? Simply try ArithMath andincrease the numeracy skills!
Dot Adventure 1.2
Fun puzzle for kids to connect the dots and createwonderfulpictures from huge collection of educative images!!! DotAdventureprovides easy to draw images in the form of dots. Thesedots areincrementally numbered. Preschoolers can count thesenumbers andconnect these dots by dragging lines between successivenumbers.This will help them to count and learn the numbers in aninspiringway.After traveling through the adventurous journey ofdots, thelittle adventurers are awarded with sparkle-showers andtheirdrawings turn into stunning pictures. This assures perfect joyandgreat learning experience to Kindergartners.Dot Adventurecontains54 free levels from kids friendly and educative themes.Kids canhave fun with these free collections of pictures, for along timewithout the need for purchase. More themes can bepurchased forextended thrill and excitement.Dot Adventure is anintuitiveplatform to learn about numbers, our environment andcorrelate theimages with real life creatures and objects through 18educationalthemes: + Shapes + Farm Animals + Birthday Party +Fruits + WildAnimals + Space + Vegetables + Sea Animals +Electronics + Plants +Insects + Home + Trees + Birds + School +Flowers + Human Body +Vehicles Special Features:* Exciting levelsare nicely organizedinto categories in the increasing order ofcomplexity forprogressive learning.* Each level is designed withcare to followthe actual drawing of the associated object andprovide easypractice for hands-on drawing.* Kids can connect thedots by eitherdragging the finger to successive dot or simplytapping on it. Asthe child progresses, the next dot lights up.* Thepictures, soundsand music are designed by keeping children’s likingin mind, formaximum learning and fun.
FingFlex 1.2
Might look simple! Yet a very challenging arcade game. May bethefirst unique game where you will have lots of fun when thegamegets over. The reason is amazing as you will know how fastyourbrain can command your fingers.The game starts with easychallengesinvolving one finger and gradually progresses to morecomplexchallenges requiring lightning speed from all your fivefingers.Thegame shall be played with either left/right hand. Thegame play canbe customized as per your natural hand and fingersize. Eachchallenge will highlight one or more number of tiles.Thesehighlighted tiles have to be SIMULTANEOUSLY touched tocomplete andproceed to the next challenge. The game will be overwhen a normaltile is touched or when the timer expires.Theobjective of the gameis to complete as much as challenges aspossible and score maximumpoints. Hats off to you if you cancontinuously finish challengeswith 5 fingers!!!
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