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Master Kicau Lovebird Offline 1.1
- Aplikasi khusus dibuat untuk memasterkan burung Lovebirdsecaragratis. - Terdapat bermacam-macam suara kicauan burungLovebird. -Anda tidak memerlukan koneksi inernet untuk mendengarkansuara,karena semua suara bersifat offline Fitur: - Mode shuffledanrepeat - Set as ringtone - Set as notification sound - Set asalarmsound - Share/bagikan ke media sosial Selamat memasterkanburungLovebird anda :) Salam Kicau Mania :) - Special Applicationsmadeto memasterkan Lovebird bird for free. - There are a varietyofsounds of birds chirping lovebird. - You do not need to listentothe voice inernet connection, because all the sound isofflinefeatures: - Shuffle and repeat mode - Set as ringtone - Setasnotification sound - Set as alarm sound - Share / share tosocialmedia Congratulations memasterkan Lovebird bird you :)SalamChirping Mania :)
Talking Parrot 2.0
Plaf Talking Games
We all know that parrots love to talk and to be in the centerofattention! They have no problem being the life of the partyandthey love entertaining everyone. Whether they mimic human speechorsing, they are adorable in everything they do. Besides, theyareconsidered one of the most intelligent of birds, along withravens.Get ready for the most amazing adventure in your life andtake careof the coolest hero! Download free Talking Parrot game appon yoursmartphone and meet your cute virtual pet, who lives in thejungle.You will navigate him through everyday activities, and playminigames with the colorful parrot to collect more coins so thatyoucan unlock the other rooms! Your new virtual pet is always upforsome fun, so do not forget to play with him on the playground!Theball is his favourite toy and he loves jumping on a trampoline!Seeliana and jungle boy will surprise you. He is very agile andgoodjumper. Take your virtual pet to the gym, he has a treadmillwherehe can run or walk. Give him weights and watch him exerciseandbrings into shape. Staying fit and regularly training aretoppriorities for this little parrot! The best talking game isperfectfor kids of all ages, so do not hesitate and download it onyoursmartphone free of charge. The cute little parrot can dance,and hewill show you some of his moves! You can tickle and slap himforfun, and see his reactions. He lives in a big house which hasmanywonderful rooms with interesting items. Come into his livingroom,open the drawer and kites will fly and colorful fireworkswilldelight you. You can tap the table to see the caveman who ishidingthere! Tap the crazy monkey behind the window and see whathappens.He is swinging on a tree branch and trying to attractyourattention. Do you know that your little hero has musicaltalent?You will enjoy the music he performs on a harp. He also hasawhistle, so get ready for a good time with your cute pet.Theparrot has a bedroom where he can sleep and a cool partyroolwhistle wakes him up in the morning. He owns a bathroom wherehecan take a bath and brush his teeth and prepare for a new day.Youand the parrot will have so much fun together. Help yourcolorfulbird to collect coins and to unlock every room. Playfantastic minigames and jump into the best adventure together. InJumpy Parrothelp him cross all platforms and try to achieve themaximum height.Open Pizza Defense and try to protect this deliciousfood from theattack of nasty insects such as spiders other bugs. Donot forgetto keep safe butterflies and ladybugs because they willtry to helpyou in your mission. In Parrot Smash just take a hammerand hitthis birds as soon as you see them come out of the pit.Enjoyplaying Parrot Jump, just tap the platform that you want yourheroto jump. With this latest game, you will be able to take careofyour favourite virtual pet. You can talk to the parrot, hewilllisten very carefully and later he will be able to repeatyourexact same words. How to play Talking Parrot game app: Playminigames to collect more coins Talk to the parrot and he willrepeatyour words Take the parrot to the gym Have fun with him ontheplayground and make sure he gets some sleep Tickle and slaptheparrot for funShare with your friends and let them know aboutthenewest virtual parrot. This popular game is perfect for boysandgirls of all ages, it is entertaining to have this littlevirtualpet! The latest talking game is easy to play, so do nothesitateand install the top application, everyone will enjoy havingfunwith your cute bird.
Parrot Live Wallpaper 🕊 Beautiful Birds HD 1.8
If you like “animated birds” and software such as birdscreensaverand birds lock screen, download this “parrot wallpaper”collection.Download “parrot HD wallpaper” and enjoy tropical birds.This HDbirds wallpapers collection is the best if you like birdsscreenlock. If you love the breeds such as Galah, Quaker ParrotorConure, you will love this app. It is not exactly aparakeettranslator, but it will give you a great macaw wallpaper,cockatoowallpaper, “cockatiel wallpaper” and many others. This istheparrots HD live wallpaper app for people who like talkingparrotwallpaper. Download the live wallpapers parrots if youlikeBudgerigar or African gray parrot and enjoy. People wholikeparrots live wallpapers will enjoy this parrot wallpaper HD.Thereare “talking parrot live wallpaper” and parrot videowallpaper, butthis app is the best. The app is called Parrot LiveWallpaper 🕊Beautiful Birds HD Wallpapers and it offers the best 3Dparrot livewallpaper. It is one of the cute picture apps with “cuteimages”for you. Download the beautiful animated wallpapers and thecutemoving wallpapers with this live pictures app. If you likemovingpictures images in motion, this moving picture wallpaper willgiveyou the best animated backgrounds. The moving image maker iscalledParrot Live Wallpaper 🕊 Beautiful Birds HD Wallpapers and itoffers“cool wallpapers HD”. This free and fun app has the bestfeatures:* Wallpaper of parrot for the bird and photography lovers!* Choosemany different live parrot wallpaper pics! * Set the movingobjectsspeed to slow, normal or fast! * Cool live wallpapers thatmove! *Fun wallpapers for girls and cool wallpapers for boys 😎! *Sharephoto with your friends online! If you like funny backgroundsandwant a “cool wallpapers for girl” and boy, download thismovingwallpapers free 3D collection. They are the best wallpapersformobile screen and you will enjoy them if you like funny lockscreenwallpapers. Also, if you like cool screen savers youshoulddownload this “live wallpapers birds” and enjoy theparrotwallpaper live. They are the best wallpapers HD high qualityandthey are for every person that loves live wallpaper ofparrot.People who want to have a green parrot live wallpaper willenjoythis app called “Parrot Live Wallpaper” 🕊 “Beautiful BirdsHDWallpapers”. Green parrot wallpaper is cool, but this cuteappoffers other fun wallpapers and backgrounds. Download the parrotHDlive wallpaper and enjoy this app named 'Parrot Live Wallpaper'🕊'Beautiful Birds HD Wallpapers'. If you want to have a livebirdswallpaper and a parrot wallpaper live, download this app andenjoythe best tropical birds from all around the world. Use thisparrotlive wallpaper HD and see the best colorful birds. The appiscalled Parrot Live Wallpaper 🕊 Beautiful Birds HD Wallpapers anditis the best parrot wallpaper app for you. Download theparrotwallpaper 3D and enjoy in one of the cute picture apps withcoolbirds. If you like birds screen lock, you will love this app.Thisapp has beautiful parrot wallpaper for you. Download it andenjoythe best collection of cool wallpapers HD and enjoy manydifferenttypes of parrots from all around the world. They are thecutestbirds and you are going to love these cool live wallpapersthatmove. Download this animated birds app and the bestparrotswallpaper. Use the parrot HD wallpaper and enjoy yourscreen. Checkout our other apps and feel free to tell us what youthink aboutthem. Also, do not forget to rate our apps! Enjoy! Thisapplicationis ad-supported.
Parrots HD Live Wallpaper 1.0
Cute Parrots live wallpaper is a fan based application to makeyourmobile screen more beautiful with HD wallpapers. Thisapplicationinclude number of high quality Cute Parrots imagesandautomatically adjust an image to your device background. Oneclickto select a wallpaper of your own choice.Features- Lots ofperfectWallpapers in HD Quality.- Cute Parrots improve yourmood-Application works offline. No need to download wallpapers.-Easy tosave every wallpaper to your SD card.- Optimized for alldevices.
Masteran Loverbird Kusumo 1.2
Kicau Studio
Master kicau burung lovebird kusumo, burung lovebird ataubiasaorang indonesia menyebutnya dengan burung labet atau burunghatiadalah burung yang memiliki banyak jenis. Kali ini kamimembuataplikasi dengan judul kicau burung lovebird kusumo dimanaaplikasiini berisi kumpulan koleksi kicau burung lovebird kusumodaripenjuru Indonesia.Yang anda dapat:- Kicau burunglengkapdanpilihan- Offline, tidak butuh koneksi internet- Kicaudapat andajadikan sebagai ringtone- Kicau dapat anda jadikansebagai nadadering default- Kicau dapat anda jadikan sebagai nadaalarm-Tampilan minimalis dan sederhana dengan tema burung- Gratisdanakan selamanya gratisSalam Kicau Studio!Master Kusumobirdschirping lovebird, lovebird bird or ordinary Indonesian peoplecallit bird or birds labet heart is a bird that has multipletypes.This time we make an application with the title of birdschirpinglovebird Kusumo where this application contains acollection ofcollection of birds chirping lovebird Kusumo fromacrossIndonesia.That you can:- Birds chirping lengkapdanselection-Offline, do not need an internet connection- Chirping canyou makeas a ringtone- Chirping can you make as a defaultringtone-Chirping you can make as an alarm tone- minimalist andsimple lookwith a bird theme- Internet and will be foreverfreeChirping SalamStudio!
Masteran Lovebird Ngekek 1.1
Halo penggemar lovebird, aplikasi ini berisi suara masterangacorburung lovebird. Aplikasi android ini terdiri dari MasteranNgekekPanjang, Lovebird gacor dan audio terapi untuklovebird.Aplikasiini akan kami update terus untuk memenuhikebutuhan penggemarlovebird di Indonesia.Kedepannya, kami akanselalu update MasteranLovebird Ngekek. Semoga teman teman semuaselalu installaplikasinya agar kami selalu mendapat dukungan darisemuanya dalammengembangkan aplikasi ini. Semoga Bermanfaat buatsemuanya danselamat menggunakan aplikasi Masteran Lovebird Ngekekini dariperangkat Android Anda masing masing. Terima kasih banyakyah.Sayaucapkan Terimakasih banyak bagi yang sudah mendownloadaplikasiini.Ada masalah ? Silahkan hubungi kami.Disclaimer :All ofcontentin this application is not our trademark. We only get thecontentfrom search engine and website. Please let me know if youroriginalcontent want to remove from our application.1. Mp3s &Videodimaksudkan untuk Keperluan Promosi Hanya dan mereka SoleCopyrightBerpijak Dengan Masing-masing Audio Music Company mereka!2. BeliAsli CD & DVD untuk Mendukung Artis Favorit Anda !3.Aplikasiini tidak pernah Host Mp3 & Video File!4. DISCLAIMER!!!!Aplikasi ini hanya menyediakan link untuk mengakses videosecaraterorganisasi dan kami tidak bertanggung jawab atas masalahhakcipta sebagai aplikasi memberikan akses ke video YOUTUBE danlinklainnya TERSEDIA ON PUBLIC DOMAINHalo fans lovebird,thisapplication contains the sounds of birds gacor masteranlovebird.This android application consists of Masteran Ngekek Long,lovebirdgacor and audio therapy for lovebird.This app will beupdatedcontinuously to meet the needs of lovebird enthusiastsinIndonesia.Going forward, we will always update MasteranLovebirdNgekek. We wish all the friends always install theapplication sothat we always have the support of all of them indeveloping thisapplication. Hopefully Helpful for everything andcongratulationsusing this Ngekek lovebird Masteran application fromyour Androiddevice, respectively. Thank you very much well.I sayThank you verymuch to those who have already downloaded thisapp.There is aproblem ? Please contact us.Disclaimer:All of thecontent in thisapplication is not our trademark. We only get thecontent from thesearch engines and websites. Please let me know ifyour originalcontent want to remove from our application.1. Mp3s& Videosmeant for Promotional Purposes Only and they SoleCopyright RestsWith Each Audio Music Company them!2. Buy OriginalCDs & DVDsto Support Your Favorite Artists!3. The applicationnever Hosts Mp3& Videos Files!4. DISCLAIMER !!!! This app onlyprovides linksto access the videos in an organized way and we arenot responsiblefor any copyright issues as the app gives access toYOUTUBE videosand other links AVAILABLE ON PUBLIC DOMAIN
Bird Life 1.6.10
Cross Field Inc.
Parakeets, java finch, parrots, and owls, and even biggerbirds!Let's raise them slowly and steadily. Bird Life is afreebird-raising application that lets you spend a soothing timewith awide variety of charming birds. Feed them, pet them, and playwiththem using a toy. You can make your own unique room, too. Thereareso many ways to raise your favorite bird. Take good care ofyourbird every day to see its many different faces. ■How toplay・How toraise the bird *The way to take care bird ・You couldgive food toit or touch it cute face. ・Press the bird longly andyou could movethe bird.You also can change your furniture ordecoration. ・Doubleclick screen, bird will come to you! ・If youtouch bird or give itfood many times,EXP could be accumulated. ・Ifbird come near towater feeder,will start to drink water cutely!・Use coin to add themount of bird, also can accumulate EXP easily.・Thera still haveother way to save coins, let's find it out! *Theway to get Rainbowwing Just take care you bird,there will giveRainbow wing when youlevel up. And take the bird to puzzle game,there also will giveyou Rainbow wing when you level up. *How to addnew bird Pleaseclick the bird which on the top of screen.Then youcan exchage oradd new bird. If you want to promote the stage level,you also canexchange by Rainbow wing. *How to change the decorationof house・You can save coins and exchange furniture by coins inshop. ・Afteryou bought new furniture or decoration, you candecorate itdirectly. *Puzzle game It is very easy to play, justarray threeblocks with the same color vertically or Horizonally.Then youcould get coin or Rainbow wing or birds. *About eventAccording toyour level, official side prepares many kinds of event.Let's getthe gorgeous reward and take card our bird!! *About startpageAfter you finish tutorial, you can choose home or puzzle mode.Youcan pass you life with bird and free to decorate the house .*Ifyou cannot open the app, please restart your device andcloseapplication first. *When you send mail to us, please let usknowwhich device you are using and your mail address.
Talking Parrot Couple Free 1.3.7
Funny Talking
Talking Parrot has the best looking real Parrot. TalkingParrotloves to entertain you. Enjoy hours of fun and laughterwithTalking Parrot Couple Free. Parrot is especially fun forchildrenof all ages. Play with Parrot Couple Free: - Talk to parrotandparrot will repeat everything you say with a funny voice.-Customize your very own parrot by choosing from dozensofcombinations of parrot's furs. - Change different parrot scenes.-Look at parrot dancing. - Parrots have a sleep. - Pokeparrot'shead, arm or feet, and watch how parrot responds. - You canhelpparrots fly and experience the fun of flying. - Fly in theskytrying to be a real forest parrot. - Control parrot mustpassthrough the rings while avoiding obstacles. - Earn gold coinsandhave fun playing mini parrot games. Talking Parrot Couple is afreetalking parrot game. Real parrot for real fun.Get theTalkingparrot app and enjoy the life of a parrot.
Suara Burung Offline - Masteran Suara Burung 1.0
kicaumania suara burung
Suara Burung Offline - Masteran Suara BurungDownload KumpulanSuaraBurung Offline - Masteran Suara Burung Gratis, Downloadsuaramasteran burung kenari, lovebird, cucak ijo, pleci,branjangan,cucak rowo gratis dalam aplikasi ini, bagi anda pecintaburungkicauan suara burung memang menjadi salah satu hal yangbisamenggurangi stress setelah seharian bekerja maupun juga bisadijadikan salah satu sumber penghasilan, selain itu beberapasuaraburung bisa di jadikan umpan untuk memancing emosi ataukicauanburung kicauan yang anda miliki.Aplikasi Kicau mania Audioini bisamemudahkan sobat kicaumania dalam mencari aneka suara yangtepatuntuk burung peliharaan di rumah. Selain itu, audio ini jugasangatcocok diputar pada perangkat mobile android anda.Aplikasiiniberisi beraneka ragam suara burung yang bisa anda gunakanuntukmemasterkan burung kesayangan anda, selain untuk keperluanmastersuara burung, aplikasi ini juga dibekali dengan audio / suarauntukkeperluan terapi burung kesayangan anda yang mengalami stressataumacet bunyi.Daftar Suara Burung :Anis Branjangan CiblekCililinCendet Cucak Ijo Cucak Cungkok Cucak Keling Cucak JenggotCabaiCucak Rowo Gelatik Gereja Huamei Jalak Kenari Kepodang KapasTembakKacer Kutilang Lovebird Murai Batu Parkit Pleci PoksaySriguntingTledekan Trucukan Fitur Aplikasi :- Offline sehinggatidakmembutuhkan koneksi internet- Aplikasi sederhana danmudahdigunakan- Loading cepat anti lelet serta tidak membebaniRAM-Kualitas suara HD, suara jelas dan jernih tidakcempreng-Background Playing features- Terdapat penunjuk durasiwaktu disetiap lagu- Aplikasi bersifat offline, tidak memerlukankoneksiinternet lagi setelah di download- Tidak boros kuotainternet-Aplikasi gratisDapatkan aplikasi suara burung yang lain ygjugakami sediakan diantaranya masteran untuk burung :Suaraburunglengkap offline pleci mp3, kicau suara burung kacer, Suaraburunglengkap offline kenari, kicau suara burung mp3, kicau suaraburungpentet, kicau suara burung pleci, kicau suara burung ciblek,kicausuara burung prenjak, kicau suara burung kapas tembak master,kicausuara burung murai, kicau suara burung cucak ijo, kicausuaraburung kutilang, kicau suara burung cendet, kicau suaraburungkapas tembak, kicau suara burung cililin, kicau suara burunglovebird, kicau suara burung perkutut, kicau suara burungcucakjenggot, kicau suara burung jalak, kicau suara burungkepodang,kicau suara burung anis kembang, kicau suara burung anis,kicausuara burung alam, suara kicau burung anis biru, suara kicauburunganis kuning, suara kicau burung kacer asli dari hutan, suarakicauburung di alam bebasaneka suara kicau burung mp3, kicauansuaraburung anis, suara kicau burung anis kembang jantan mp3,suarakicau burung anis kembang mp3, suara kicau burung anis merahgacor,suara kicauan burung anis kembang, kicau suara burung beo,kicausuara burung branjangan, kicau suara burung blackthroat,suarakicau burung murai batu medan, suara kicau burung gelatikbatu,suara kicau burung love bird mp3, suara kicau burung cucakbiru,Master Suara Anis Kembang, Master Suara Anis Merah, MasterSuaraBlackthroat, Master Suara Branjangan, Master Suara Belalang,MasterSuara Cendet, Master Suara Ciblek, Master Suara Cililin,MasterSuara Cipoh, Master Suara Cucak IJo, Master Suara CucakJenggot,Master Suara Cucak Rowo, Master Suara Gelatik, Master SuaraGereja,Master Suara Jalak Bali, Master Suara Jalak Kebo, MasterSuaraJalak Nias, Master Suara Jalak Suren, Master Suara Kacer,MasterSuara Kenari, Master Suara Kolibri, Master Suara Lovebird,MasterSuara Murai Batu, Master Suara Parkit, Master Suara Pleci,MasterSuara Poksai, Master Suara Serindit, Master Suara Tengkek,MasterSuara Tledekan, Master Suara Trucukan.Offline voice Birds -BirdSounds MasteranDownload set of Sound Bird Offline - MasteranSoundBird Free, Download sounds masteran canary, lovebird, cucakgreen,pleci, branjangan, cucak rowo free in this application, forloversof birds chirping sound of birds is to be one thing thatcouldmenggurangi stress after a day of work or can also be made inonesource of income, other than that some of the sounds of birdscanbe made bait for fishing or bird chirp chirp emotionyouhave.Applications Audio chirping mania can facilitatepalkicaumania in finding the right sound for a variety of pet birdsathome. In addition, it is also very suitable audio played onyourandroid mobile device.This application contains diverse soundsofthe birds that you can use for your pet bird memasterkan,otherthan for purposes of master sound of birds, the application isalsoequipped with audio / sound for your pet bird therapypurposesunder stress or loss of sound.BirdSoundslist:AnisBranjanganCiblekCililinCendetcucak IjocucakCungkokRivetcucakcucakBeardChilicucakRowoWrenChurchHuameistarlingwalnutsKepodangcottonShootkacerKutilangLoveBirdMuraiBatuParakeetPleciPoksaySriguntingtledekanTrucukanApplicationFeatures:-Offline so it does not require an internet connection-Theapplication is simple and easy to use- Loading anti lelet fastandnot burdening RAM- HD Voice quality, crisp, clear sound notshrill-Background Playing features- There is a pointer in the timedurationof each song- The application is offline, it does notrequire aninternet connection again after the download- Nowasteful internetquota- Free appGet the sound of birds otherapplications that alsowe provide them masteran for the birds:Thesound of birds completeoffline pleci mp3, chirping sounds of birdskacer, the sound ofbirds complete offline canaries, chirping birdsound mp3, chirpingsounds of birds pentet, chirping sounds ofbirds pleci, chirpingsounds of birds ciblek, chirping sounds ofbirds prenjak, chirpingsounds of birds cotton shoot master,chirping sound of a hummingbird, chirping sounds of birds cucakgreen, chirping sounds of birdsfinches, chirping sounds of birdscendet, chirping sounds of birdscotton shoot, chirping sounds ofbirds Cililin, chirping sounds ofbirds love bird, chirping soundof doves, chirping sounds of birdscucak beard, chirping the soundof starlings, chirping sounds ofbirds orioles, chirping sounds ofbirds anise flower, chirpingsounds of birds anis, chirping birdsounds of nature, sounds ofbirds chirping anis biru, the sound ofbirds chirping anis yellow,the sound of birdsong kacer native ofthe forest, the sound ofbirdsong in the wild freemiscellaneoussound of birdsong mp3,chirping sounds of birds anis, the sound ofbirdsong anise flowerram, mp3, sounds of birds chirping aniseflower mp3, sounds of birdschirping red anise gacor, the sound ofthe birds singing aniseflower, chirping sounds of parrots,chirping sounds of birdsbranjangan, chirping the sound of birdsblackthroat, sounds of birdschirping magpie rock terrain, thesound of birdsong Wren stone, thesound of birds chirping love birdmp3, sounds of birds chirpingcucak blue, Master sound AnisKembang, Master sound Anis Merah,Master sound blackthroat, Mastersound Branjangan, Master voicegrasshopper, Master Sound Cendet,Master Sound Ciblek, Master SoundCililin, Master Sound Cipoh,Master Sound Cucak Ijo, Master SoundCucak Beard, Master SoundCucak Rowo, Master Sound Wren, MasterSound Church, Master SoundBali Starling, Master Sound starling Kebo, Master Sound NiasStarling, Pied Myna Voice Master, Master Soundkacer, Master SoundWalnuts, Master Sound Kolibri, Master lovebirdSounds, Sound MasterMurai Batu, Master Sound parakeets, Maste rSound Pleci, MasterSound poksai, Serindit Voice Master, MasterSound Tengkek, tledekanVoice Master, Master Sound Trucukan.
My Talking Parrot 1.0.8
Funny Talking
My Talking Parrot is a free talking parrot game. Download MyTalkingParrot’s FREE and FUN app and enjoy yourself! He repeats,makes uphis own sentences and fly! Features:Talk to Parrot: Herepeats andinvents his own sentences.Parrot can repeat all theinterestingsounds you say.You can customize your favorite colordecoration.Youcan help parrots fly and experience the fun offlying.How to play:-Click the parrot, parrot to do the appropriateaction.- Slidingparrots around to see the parrot's response toit.- Click on itemsin the room, the parrot will fly in the past.-When the parrot boredto accompany him to play, hungry feeding-Sleepy need to turn offthe lights to sleep, to experience the funto develop.- When theplayer is in an idle state, parrot repeat theplayer to speak.-Click the color button, then you can customizetheir own housingcolor.- Click on the free position, the game willenter the freeflight mode.
Parrot 1.0
Parrots, also known as psittacines are birds of the roughly393species in 92 genera that make up theorder Psittaciformes, foundinmost tropical and subtropical regions. The order is subdividedintothree superfamilies: the Psittacoidea ("true" parrots),theCacatuoidea (cockatoos), and the Strigopoidea (NewZealandparrots). Parrots have a generally pantropical distributionwithseveral species inhabiting temperate regions in theSouthernHemisphere, as well. The greatest diversity of parrots isin SouthAmerica and Australasia.Characteristic features of parrotsincludea strong, curved bill, an upright stance, strong legs, andclawedzygodactyl feet. Many parrots are vividly coloured, and somearemulti-coloured. Most parrots exhibit little or no sexualdimorphismin the visual spectrum. They form the most variably sizedbirdorder in terms of length. The most important components ofmostparrots' diets are seeds, nuts, fruit, buds, and otherplantmaterial. A few species sometimes eat animals and carrion,whilethe lories and lorikeets are specialised for feeding onfloralnectar and soft fruits. Almost all parrots nest in treehollows (ornest boxes in captivity), and lay white eggs from whichhatchaltricial (helpless) young.Parrots, along with ravens, crows,jays,and magpies, are among the most intelligent birds, and theabilityof some species to imitate human voices enhances theirpopularityas pets. Some parrots are intelligent and talk at thelevel of afour-to-five year old human. Trapping wild parrots forthe pettrade, as well as hunting, habitat loss, andcompetitionfrominvasive species, has diminished wild populations, withparrotsbeing subjected to more exploitation than any other group ofbirds.Measures taken to conserve the habitats of somehigh-profilecharismatic species have also protected many of thelesscharismatic species living in the same ecosystems.Get itfree…formore Parrot wallpapersFeatures of Parrot wallpaperapplication-Amazing wallpaper for your device- This beautiful,enjoyablebackground is waiting for you- Free live wallpaper- Fullsupportfor landscape mode.- Compatible with 99% of mobile phonesanddevices.- Optimized battery usage!- Fully supportshorizontalorientation- Add to favoritesHave fun and have a goodexperiencewith Parrot wallpaper.Support for all Android MobileDevices.Getfree NOW!!!
Bird Land Paradise: Pet Shop Game, Play with Bird 1.58
Cute Mobile Games
Bird Land Paradise is the best bird caring simulation game whereyoucan care and get cute birdie from pet store. Enjoy the cutepetworld and birds that live there! If you love animal gamesandbirds, look no further! This is truly a pet paradise whereyourbirds can live. Bird Land Paradise is a game is the best petshopgame for any animal games lover. Play with, take care, feedpets inyour own Bird Land! You will collect birdie , feed them tolevelthem up ! If you always wanted to adopt a pet, play withbirds,were interested in pet rescue then this is one of the bestpetgames for you. With the ability to customize the land whereyourchicks will live we've put tremendous amount of effort toensurethat you would feel attached to yours birds just like theywould tothe real ones. In this bird simulation game you can collectbirdbreeds like: Puffin, Jay, Penguin, Chicken, Kiwi, Hawk,Flamingo,Parrot, Duck, Owl, Ibis, Eagle, Francolin, Falcon, Raven,and otherbirds breeds. There is large emphasis on chick collectionandmanagement for casual and midcore players. Each chick has auniquecharacter and behavior, so players will always recognizetheir"Sleepy" from the "Jumpy"! In coming updates we will bringmorebird breeds. *Amazing Parrots Get on board of Bird LandParadiseand improve your day with a numerous and colorful speciesofparrots, cutest budgies, awesome cockatiels, electric eclectusaswell many other chicks will sure help you improve your day andfillit with fun and excitement. *Magic breeding To make it evenmoreexciting you can breed magical new birds by spinning thebreedingwheel and getting new, unique birds with different newcolors. thiswill help you have aviaries filled with exotic andcolorful birdsunlike anybody else’s. *Beautiful aviaries Decorateyour aviarieswith various decoration and themes that range fromwaterfalls andamazonian forests to volcanoes and mountains. makeyour aviariessuitable for every chick and fill it with amazingitems anddecorations. *Connect with friends To make it even betteryou canconnect with your friends and take care of your birdiesandaviaries together! Leave gifts for each other, help clean thecagesand do more exciting stuff together! *Easy to play Colorfulandvery beautiful design makes birdland paradise a very easy gametoplay. Everything is simple, well explained and accessibleforeverybody. If you love animals, Bird Land Paradise is thebestsimulation and pet rescue game ever!. Download now and starthavingfun with cute pets! Please note! This game is free to play,but itcontains items that can be purchased for real money. If youarehaving any problems in the game or have a great idea aboutitplease contact [email protected]
Parrot Live Wallpaper 20.0
HQ Awesome Live Wallpaper
If your favorite bird is parrot! If you adore these beautifulandcolorful birds! A picture of gorgeous parrots will beautifyyourscreen. Can there be a more adorable bird than parrot? Mostpeoplelike them because they are pretty. This beautiful highresolution“Parrot Live Wallpaper” photos show you stunning parrots.This freeapp is for parrot owners and enthusiasts!Parrots come in avarietyof bright colors, mostly made up of green, red, blue, andyellow.There are exceptions, though: the Pesquet’s parrot is blackwithred trim, and you can probably guess what color the Africangrayparrot is! There are 279 parrot species in the world thatincludemacaws, keas, lovebirds, parakeets, lorikeets, andkakados.Download ✤Parrot Live Wallpaper✤ and fell happinesswhenever youlook at your screen and see beautiful parrot pics onyourscreen.Parrots are the most beautiful of all birds. Justimaginethat pleasure to see a gorgeously colored parrot appearingoremerging from a tree. Get the best app for Android™ mobile andredparrot, white parrot, yellow parrot, green parrot, blueparrot,purple parrot and black parrot will beautify your screen.Find yourfavorite parrot picture and beautify your phone screenwithfantastic pictures of parrots.These gorgeous birds areextremelyinteresting. Find ✤Parrot Live Wallpaper✤ on app store anddownloadit right now. Get this breathtaking “parrot wallpaper”which isbrand new on the market, and enjoy the beauty of naturewith thesestunning parrot pictures. Share free wallpapers with yourfriendsand family and enjoy beautiful “parrot pictures” on yourphonescreen! Get these parrot photos as soon as possible and set asfreewallpaper.Many parrots are kept as pets, especially macaws,Amazonparrots, cockatiels, parakeets, and cockatoos. These birdshavebeen popular companions throughout history because theyareintelligent, charismatic, colorful, and musical. Some birdscanimitate many nonavian sounds, including human speech. ThemaleAfrican gray parrot is the most accomplished user of humanspeechin the animal world, this rain forest-dweller is anuncannymimic.The parrot is a very beautiful bird, lovely to lookat. Waitno more, wonderful “parrot images” are a click away fromyou!Download ✤Parrot Live Wallpaper✤ and see gorgeous parrot onyourscreen. Beautiful parrots “live wallpaper” is waiting foryou.These beautiful parrot backgrounds can be a perfect gift foryourbest friend who adores parrots, these wonderful creatures. Getyourimages of parrots and smile whenever you look at your phonescreen.Set your favorite parrot image as wallpaper and enjoy.*Android™ isa trademark of Google Inc.
Parrot Live Wallpaper 1.9
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Birds are most spectacular animals on the planet and theircolorfulfeathers look impressive on your phone. So download “ParrotLiveWallpaper” free app for Android™ and enjoy their remarkablebeauty.These top live wallpapers with parrot pictures and highqualityimages are the best choice for you when you want to makeyour phoneor tablet a little bit more exotic. Choose some of themostcolorful parrot wallpapers that will cheer you up and makeyousmile every time you look at your home screen. Do you haveyourfavorite species of parrots? Or maybe you already have your ownpetparrot like macaws, cockatiels and cockatoos? Never mind whichofthem you like the most, all the parrot backgrounds look amazingonyour phone or tablet. How to install: Home → Menu → Wallpapers→Live Wallpapers → Parrot Live Wallpaper Cool app Features: ❀10parrot wallpapers HD to choose ❀ Three types of speed oftheanimation: slow, normal, fast! ❀ Fabulous animation makestheparrot background images look like the best animated wallpaper3D ❀Optimized battery usage, doesn't drain your battery when yourphoneis inactive. ❀ Parrot Live Wallpapers supporthorizontalorientation and look amazing on both mobile phones andtabletdevices. ❀ Full support for portrait and landscape mode ❀Sharethis parrot app for Android on social networks Choose some ofthecolorful wallpapers with parrot background images. Colorfulbirdsalways attract the people's attention, especially to those wholovenature. Birds are one of the most beautiful creatures of theworld.There are many beautiful parrot species in this freewallpapercollection. You can choose among singing birds livewallpaper,talking parrot live wallpaper and other exoticwallpapers. You willbe introduced by various kinds of parrots thatvary in size and thecolors of feathers. If you like to have a smalland cute bird onyour home screen, then choose your favorite birdwallpaper andenjoy its beauty of its vivid colors. If you preferexotic birds,parrots wallpapers will become your new favorite pets.Your phonewill shine bright with all the colors of the rainbow andyou willfeel so special to have these magnificent bird pictures onyourphone. Parrot animated backgrounds are an ideal solution foryourphone. Bright colors will boost up your energy and very soonyouwill realize that you feel good and free like a bird. Withbirdsimages your smile will be back on your face, and your phonewillagain have an old shine. Download “Parrot live wallpaper” appforAndroid and feel the change in your life! *Android is atrademarkof Google Inc.
Tips Perawatan Burung Lovebird 1.3
Onyx Gemstone
Burung cinta adalah satu burung dari sembilan jenis spesiesgenusAgapornis (dari bahasa Yunani "agape" yang berarti "cinta"dan"ornis" yang bearti "burung"). Mereka adalah burung yangberukurankecil, antara 13 sampai 17 cm dengan berat 40 hingga 60gram, danbersifat sosial. Delapan dari spesies ini berasal dariAfrika,sementara spesies "burung cinta kepala abu-abu" berasaldariMadagaskar. Nama mereka berasal dari kelakuan yang umumdiamatibahwa sepasang burung cinta akan duduk berdekatan dansalingmenyayangi satu sama lain. Sifat pasangan burung cintaadalahmonogami di alam bebas.Bagi para penggemar burung Lovebird,bisamendownload aplikasi ini sebagai referensi untuk perawatanburungLovebird-nya, karena dalam aplikasi ini terdapat beberapainformasitentang burung Lovebird :* Mengenal lovebird* Ciri JantandanBetina* Memilih burung lovebird yang bagus* Makananlovebird*Perawatan harian, perawatan sebelum dan setelah lomba,perawatanover birahi, perawatan kondisi drop, perawatan mabung*Ternakburung lovebird : kandang ternak, indukan lovebird,perjodohan,pengeraman telur* Mengatasi permasalahan lovebird :kurang birahi,sering ngeruji, lovebird ngeleper di lapangan,perawatan bagi yangsibuk kerja, suka cabuti bulu sendiri, dadalovebird nyilet,lovebird terkena snot, cacat kaki pada lovebird,telur lovebirdlengketAplikasi ini bisa digunakan pada kondisioffline atau tanpakoneksi internet.Birds of love is one of the ninebird species ofthe genus Agapornis (from the Greek word "agape"which means"love"and "ornis" which shall mean "bird"). They aresmall-sizedbirds, between 13 to 17 cm with a weight of 40 to 60grams,andsocial nature. Eight of these species originating fromAfrica,while the species "love birds gray head" comesfromMadagascar.Their name is derived from the behavior that iscommonlyobserved that a pair of love birds will sit close togetherandloving each other.Nature pair love birds are monogamous inthewild.For fans of bird lovebird, can download this application asareference to its Lovebird bird care,because in thisapplicationthere is some information about the birds lovebird:*Know lovebird*Feature Male and Female* Choosing a good birdlovebird* Foodlovebird* Daily maintenance, care before and afterthe race, thetreatment over lust, treatment drop condition,treatment moult*Livestock bird lovebird: cattle sheds, lovebirdbreeders, mating,incubation eggs* Overcoming lovebird: less heat,often ngeruji,lovebird ngeleper in the field, care for busy work,like featherspulled out and receiving their own, chest nyiletlovebird, lovebirdexposed snot, deformed feet on lovebird, lovebirdsticky eggsThisapplication can be used in the offline or withoutinternetconnection.
Amazing Bright Macaw Parrot 2.0.2
Would you like the parrot take a place on your shoulder?Amazingbright macaw parrot. Wonderful bird, so huge and bright! Itlooksdirectly at you and you feel some inner trembling. The eyeslookvery wise, as if it is a person, not a bird. What do you feelnow?Do you feel unity with Mother Nature? Can you perceive how wiseitis giving life to such wonderful creatures? The bird isbrightgreen with red feathers around the neck. Looking at it youaresurprised how bright natural colors are and you fellpeacefulnessand joy. The colors full you with energy and power.Would you likethe parrot take a place on your shoulder? Concentrateon youremotions now; try to depict in your mind how nature giftsits powerand wisdom. * Now supported Android 6.0 "Marshmallow" andAndroid7.1.1 "Nougat". * Realistic Quality HD Artwork, truly Live3DAnimation in HD Appearance. * Few minor update and optimizationstoimprove compatibility. * More our live wallpapersat: * Our video channelat: * Please rate it. Thanks!
Budgerigar Sounds for Parakeet 17
Barbecue Army
This application is an application which enjoys a song ofaBudgerigar. It is an application of the order to listen tothecries! Please try to make sure what to what reaction! It isalsoideal for your child's education.It is simple anyhow. It willsing,if a button is pushed. It is the best also for a child'seducation.It can use also for surprising a friend. The person wholikes abudgerigar needs to download this application.This app istheapplication which tells a cry to a parakeet and parrot. Enjoy :)
Parrots 1.6.4
This app don't have english content yet! If you have time,knowrussian, like this app, and wanna share this content toenglishspeakers, write me to [email protected]
Parrots Agapornis Fischeri Bright Couple 1.2.7
Kissing parrots couple. Lovebirds pair of agapornisfischeri.Looking at them you feel how affection and someunperceived feelingof warm love come to your soul. You smile andfeel you can love theentire world around. Soft calm sounds theyutter add to theemotion. Love is for sure a constructing feelingand looking atthese parrots you have a need to love and beingloved. You feellike sharing your tenderness and affection withsomebody. Brightcouple of kissing parrots will definitely make yousmile... you aresmiling now? It’s so wonderful, how birds can belike this. * Nowsupported Android 8.0 / 8.1 "Oreo" * RealisticQuality HD Artwork,truly live 3D animation in HD appearance. *Updates andoptimizations to improve compatibility * More ourpersonalizationat: * Our video channelat: * Instagram- * Facebook- *Twitter- * Please rate it. Thanks!
Parrot like Mandarin LiveWP 1.1
Wallpaper by Paul
Gray parrot eating mandarin, holding her leg, he loves to do.Thesepapuhayi is the smartest, many are beginning to learn fromtheconversation seven to nine-month old brown tail begin to learnalittle parrot before their red counterparts hvostyiv, althoughitis not 100% proven. Wild parrot often emit different sounds-whistle, shrill cry scream loud click beak. At home, many ofthesesounds may seem annoying, but that's part of their natureandwanting make Jaco will accept this. Our experience gainedduringthat time, allowing us to please our customers, excellentqualityand original ideas. Our wallpapers you can find, what youliking,we have a great choice. All our wallpapers are free.Afterdownloading, you will love them. Live Wallpaper Add to yourphoneoriginality and allocate it among others.
Kumpulan Suara Burung Terbagus 5.1.2
Argan Studio
Menampilkan berbagai kicauan burung tanpa harus koneksiinternetatau paket data (Offline APP),Adapun 42 kicauan burungdalamaplikasi ini antara lain :- Burung Anis Kembang 1- BurungAnisKembang 2- Burung Ara Timor- Burung Awar - awar- BurungBrownThrasher- Burung Samyong- Burung Cendet Albino- BurungCiblek-Burung Cililin- Burung Cucak Ijo- Burung Cucak Jenggot-BurungCucak Kutilang- Burung Cucak Rowo Kalimantan- Burung CucakTimor-Burung Emprit- Burung Jagal Papua- Burung Jalak Kebo- BurungJalakRio - rio- Burung Jalak Suren- Burung Kacer 1- Burung Kacer2-Burung Kacer Thailand- Burung Kekep- Burung Kenari BlackRed-Burung Kenari Sayur- Burung Murai Dada Putih- Burung KipsanJawa-Burung Kolibri Sepah- Burung Lovebird- Burung Murai Batu 1-BurungMurai Batu 2- Burung Pelatuk- Burung Pelatuk Bawang- BurungPoksayHongkong- Burung Saeran Abu- Burung Samyong Hutan Liar-BurungSelendang Biru- Burung Sikatan Londo- Burung TledekanGunung-Burung Towa - towaSilahkan rating dan komennya ditunggu :)NantikanPembaharuan Aplikasi Terbaru.............featuring a widerange ofpopular bird sounds very beautiful that can give naturalsound toaccompany youFeaturing a variety of birds chirping withoutinternetconnection or data packets (Offline APP),The 42 birds chirpin thisapplication include:- Birds Anis Kembang 1- Birds AnisKembang 2-Bird Ara Timor- Bird Awar - awar- Bird Brown Thrasher-BirdSamyong- Bird Cendet Albino- Bird Ciblek- Bird Cililin- BirdCucakIjo- Bird Cucak Beard- Bird Cucak Kutilang- Birds of BorneoRowoCucak- Bird helmeted friarbird- Bird Emprit- Butcher BirdPapua-Starling Kebo- Starling Rio - rio- Starling Suren- Bird kacer1-Bird kacer 2- Bird kacer Thailand- Bird Kekep- Burung KenariBlackRed- Burung Kenari Vegetable- White Chest Bird Murai- BirdKipsanJava- Hummingbird Sepah- Love birds- Burung Murai Batu 1-BurungMurai Batu 2- Woodpecker- Woodpecker Onions- Bird PoksayHongkong-Bird Saeran Abu- Birds Wild Forest Samyong- Blue BirdShawl- BirdSikatan Londo- Bird tledekan Mt.- Bird Towa - TowaPleaserate andkomennya wait :)Watch for Updates LatestApplications.............featuring a wide range of popular birdsounds verybeautiful that can give natural sound to accompany you
Jaman App
Aplikasi ini berisi audio mp3 kicau burung lovebirdlengkapdenganmetode perawatannya. Terdapat berbagai macam variasikicauburung lovebird dengan kualitas kicau terbaik. Aplikasi inibisadigunakan sebagai pancingan untuk memasterkan burung lovebirdanda.Aplikasi ini bisa dipakai secara offline tanpamenggunakansambungan internet. Audio kicaunya bisa dijadikansebagai nadadering, nada panggilan, nada pesan, nada alarm dll.Semogabermanfaat dan berhasil ya sahabat.. Salam kicau mania...Sukses!!! This app contains mp3 audio birdsong complete lovebirdWITHmaintain. There are a wide variety of chirping birdschirpinglovebird with the best quality. This application can beused as aninducement to memasterkan your lovebird bird. Thisapplication canbe used offline without an Internet connection.Audio kicaunya canbe used as ringtones, dialing, message tones,alarm tones etc.Hopefully useful and successful ya pal .. Greetingschirping mania... Success !!!
Hero Parrot 1.1.5
Bluebird Award
HERO PARROT : THE SURVIVAL OF THE PARROTS IS AT STAKE, LET’SFIGHTWITH THE EAGLES NOWJoin in this extremely attractiveadventure,pass countless dangerous traps to escape from prisonwhich wascreated by evil eagles. Let's discover the secret towerand rescueyour friend who was imprisoned in maze to be a super heroparrot.Fight for the survival of the parrot.Story about the battleof thebirdThe eagle is plotting to dominate the green forest.Theykidnaped all the birds in the forest and locked them inprisonunder a mysterious tower. One day, Parrot King was paradingwiththe Parrot Queen in the parrot’s kingdom. Suddenly, a hugeeagleappeared and catched them. Parrot King bit the eagle's legsandrescue the Parrot Queen but he was taken to the dark prison oftheeagles and locked in an iron cage.Because of the carelessnessofthe eagles, parrot quickly found a way out. The alarm systemwasimmediately turned on, the sharp saws chased the little parrot.Thechallenge of survival has begun. Control the Parrot King frommanydangerous traps, keep parrot kingdom safe.How To Play-Touchcontinuously to control the character moving and go up, do notfallto hell in this exciting journey- Avoid from dangerous trapssuchas: saws, iron hammer, flamethrowers, rock machine, sharparrows,iron birds,...- Collect golds and treasures along the waytoexperience the new features.- Rescue your teammates frombeingtrapped in prison, protecting them and helping them escape.-Findthe way out of the maze and return to the greenforestkingdom.BRAND NEW GamePlay- Creative play that you have neverknownbefore.- Do not need special skills, just focus and quickhands. -Suitable for everyone. The ingenious combination of “FlappyBird”,“Dont touch the spike”, “Run Bird Run” and the creation oftheLegend Game.- Beautiful graphics with countlesscharacters,obstacles and meticulous effects.- Spin the wheel everyday and winprizes!- Play for free, without internet connection.ThePlay Mode-Story mode: This is the mode that will take you todiscover thestory of the Hero Bird in the eagle's tower.- Endlessmode: Thismode allows you to practice tapping skills, to easilycontrol theparrot.- Mini game: will help you to collect a lot ofmoney andlife. Suggestion- Tap fast to create double jump.- Manyitems arehidden behind statues and elsewhere ^^!- Collect as manystars andgold as possible to unlock new features.- Open the appevery day toreceive lucky rewards.Note- If you like Hero Parrot,please votethis game to support us.- If you have any suggestions ornew ideas,please feel free to send us your feedback.- Do not forgetto shareyour great achievements on social networking and invitefriendstoplaywith.Contact of LegendGame.Top
Suara Burung Jalak Kebo 2.0
Mhmapp Studio
Aplikasi Suara Burung Jalak Kebo adalah aplikasi audioyangmemungkinkan anda mendengarkan rekaman-rekaman suara merdudariburung jalak Kebo, aplikasi ini juga berguna untuk melatihberbagaijenis burung untuk berkicau.Aplikasi ini tentunya sangatmudah digunakan, tinggal klik and play, salah satu fitur nya andabisamemainkan kicauan burung secara terus menerus tanpa berhenti,jadianda tidak perlu lagi susah payah untuk memutar ulangkicauanburung jalak Kebo.Yuk! Download Aplikasi Suara KicauanBurung JalakKebo ini Sekarang Juga.Starling Kebo Voice Applicationis anapplication that lets you listen to audio recordingsmelodioussound of starlings Kebo, this application is also usefulto trainvarious types of birds to chirp.This application is ofcourse veryeasy to use, just click and play, one of its features,you can playthe song of a bird continuously without stopping, soyou no longerneed to laboriously to replay starlings chirpKebo.Yuk! DownloadApplication Voice Kebo Starling chirp is NOW.
Lovebird Kusumo Trick Jitu Jos 1.3
LOVEBIRD KUSUMOJika selama ini lovebird kusumo sering menangsaatkejuaraan burung berkicau, maka sekarang telah lahirpenantangbarunya yaitu lovebird sri rejeki dan roro.Lovebird rorodalambeberapa kejuaraan telah menunjukkan taringnya, denganmemenangibeberapa seri secara beruntun (nyeri).Menurut kabar,pemiliklovebird roro ini membeli burung tersebut dengan harga 200juta.Lalu apakah lovebird sri rejeki dapat menembus rekorhargapenjualan lovebird yang saat ini disandang oleh lovebirdkusumo?yang pernah ditawar 2 milyar, namun ditolak.Untukpembuktianseberapa ngekeknya lovebird sri rejeki ini, kita nantikanduelbergengsi lovebird roro vs lovebird kusumo.Bagi andayangmenginginkan burung lovebird kesayangan anda ngekek panjang,tidakada salahnya untuk mendownload masteran lovebird kusumoatauroro.Love Bird Kusumo jos: seperti aplikasi saya inilovebirdkusumo trick jitu yang berisikan:-cara perawatan lovebird,-makananlovebird,-masteran lovebird kusumo,-masteran lovebirdroro,-sainganlovebird kusumo,-suara serangga,Kicau lovebirdlainya:masteranlovebird lengkap, masteran lovebird ngekek panjangfull, masteranuntuk lovebird, masteran lovebird juara full edisi,masteranlovebird ngekek durasi panjang, masteran buat lovebird,suaralovebird masteran, masteran lovebird ngekek, masteranlovebirdkusumo, masteran lovebird sri rejeki, masteran lovebirdisian,masteran lovebird hd, masteran lovebird kasar, masteranlovebirdgacor, masteran lovebird juara nasional, masteran lovebirdngekekkasar, masteran lovebird anakan, masteran kompilasilovebird,masteran lovebird durasi panjang ngekekmantap.terimakasihlovebirdKusumoIf during this lovebird Kusumooften win when championshipbirds chirping, it now has been born ofits new challenger srifortune and roro lovebird.Lovebird roro inseveral championshipshave to show up, winning a series in a row(pain).According to thenewspaper, roro lovebird owner bought thebird at a price of 200million. Then if the lovebird sri fortune canpenetrate lovebirdsales price record currently held by lovebirdKusumo? ever offered2 billion, but was rejected.For a proof of howngekeknya lovebirdfortune sri this, we are waiting for theprestigious duel vslovebird lovebird roro Kusumo.For those of youwho want your petlovebird bird long ngekek, no harm to downloadlovebird masteranKusumo or roro.Love Bird Kusumo jos:I like thisapp surefire tricklovebird Kusumo containing:-how to love birdcare,-foodlovebird,lovebird -masteran Kusumolovebird -masteranroro,lovebird-saingan Kusumo-sound insects,Chirping lovebirdothers:masteranlovebird complete, masteran lovebird ngekek lengthfull, masteranfor lovebird, masteran lovebird champion fulledition, masteranlovebird ngekek long duration, masteran createlovebird, soundlovebird masteran, masteran lovebird ngekek,masteran lovebirdKusumo, masteran lovebird sri fortune, masteranlovebird stuffing ,masteran hd lovebird, lovebird masteran rough,masteran gacorlovebird, lovebird masteran national champion,masteran roughngekek lovebird, lovebird masteran puppies, masterancompilationlovebird, lovebird masteran ngekek long durationsteady.thank you
Masteran Kasar isian Suara burung Offline 1.0
kicaumania suara burung
Masteran Kasar isian Suara burung OfflineDownload KumpulanMasteranKasar isian Suara burung Offline Gratis, bagi anda pecintaburungkicauan suara burung memang menjadi salah satu hal yangbisamenggurangi stress setelah seharian bekerja maupun juga bisadijadikan salah satu sumber penghasilan, selain itu beberapasuaraburung bisa di jadikan umpan untuk memancing emosi ataukicauanburung kicauan yang anda miliki.Aplikasi Kicaumania MasteranKasarisian Suara burung Offline ini bisa memudahkan sobatkicaumaniadalam mencari suara masteran untuk isian suara burungyang tepatuntuk burung kesayangan peliharaan di rumah. Selain itu,AplikasiKicaumania Masteran Kasar isian Suara burung Offline inijugasangat cocok diputar pada perangkat mobile androidanda.Aplikasiini berisi beraneka ragam suara burung yang bisa andagunakan untukmemasterkan burung kesayangan anda, selain untukkeperluan mastersuara burung, aplikasi ini juga dibekali denganaudio / suara untukkeperluan terapi burung kesayangan anda yangmengalami stress ataumacet bunyi.Fitur Aplikasi :- Offline sehinggatidak membutuhkankoneksi internet- Aplikasi sederhana dan mudahdigunakan- Loadingcepat anti lelet serta tidak membebani RAM-Kualitas suara HD,suara jelas dan jernih tidak cempreng- BackgroundPlaying features-Terdapat penunjuk durasi waktu di setiap lagu-Aplikasi bersifatoffline, tidak memerlukan koneksi internet lagisetelah didownload- Tidak boros kuota internet- AplikasigratisDapatkanaplikasi suara burung yang lain yg juga kami sediakandiantaranyamasteran untuk burung :- Suara burung lengkap offline-MasteranSuara Burung Lovebird- Masteran Kasar Suara Offline- SuaraBurungCucak Jenggot- Suara Burung Cililin- Masteran Burungcendet-Masteran dan terapi Murai Batu- Masteran dan terapi Kacer-SuaraBurung Murai Batu- Suara Burung Kacer- Masteran KenariNgerolNembak- Suara Burung Prenjak- Suara Burung Kepodang- AnisMerahTeler- Cucak ijo Nggacor- Murai batu Medan- Suara burungciblekngebren- Masteran Blackthroat- Suara Belalang untuk masteranburungocehan Dan masih banyak lagi yang lainRough Masteranstuffingcawing OfflineDownload Rough set Masteran stuffing birdsOfflineVoice Guide, for those of you lovers of birds chirping soundofbirds is to be onethings can menggurangi stress after a day ofworkor can also be made in one source of income, in addition tosomethesound of birds can be made bait for fishing or bird chirpchirpemotion you have.Application Coarse Kicaumania MasteranOfflinestuffing this bird's voice can facilitate in finding amatekicaumania masteran voice for stuffingthe sound of birds isrightfor pet birds pet at home. In addition, applications RoughstuffingKicaumania Masteran cawingOffline is also very suitableplayed onyour android mobile device.This application containsdiverse soundsof the birds that you can use for your pet birdmemasterkan, otherthan for the purposes ofmaster the sound ofbirds, the applicationis also equipped with audio / sound for yourpet bird therapypurposes under stressor jammed sound.ApplicationFeatures:- Offlineso it does not require an internet connection-The application issimple and easy to use- Loading anti lelet fastand not burdeningRAM- HD Voice quality, crisp, clear sound notshrill- BackgroundPlaying features- There is a pointer in the timeduration of eachsong- The application is offline, it does notrequire an internetconnection again after the download- No wastefulinternet quota-Free appGet the sound of birds other applicationsthat also weprovide them masteran for the birds:- The sound of afull birdoffline- Suara Burung Lovebird Masteran- Rough VoiceMasteranOffline- Sound Bird Cucak Beard- Sound Bird Cililin- BirdMasterancendet- Masteran and therapy Murai Batu- Masteran andtherapykacer- Suara Burung Murai Batu- Sound Bird kacer- WalnutsMasteranNgerol nembak- Sound Bird prenjak- Sound Bird Kepodang- RedAnisTeler- Cucak green Nggacor- Komunitas Medan- The sound ofbirdsciblek ngebren- Masteran Blackthroat- Sound Grasshopper tomasteranbirds babbleAnd many others
Kicau Jalak Suren Gacor Ngerol 1.0
Detarp Creative
KIcau Jalak Suren Gacor Ngerol : app kumpulan mp3 suara merduburungjalak suren. Aplikasi yang satu ini dilengkapi denganberbagai kicauindah nan merdu dari burung jalak suren. Banyaksekali kicaumasteran dari burung jalak suren yang berada dalamaplikasi ini.Aplikasi KIcau Jalak Suren Gacor Ngerol ini bersifatoffline jadibisa diputar tanpa memerlukan jaringan internet dantidakmenghabiskan kuota.suara jalak suren gacorsuara jalak surenmp3suarajalak suren jantansuara jalak suren full isiansuara jalaksurengacor ngerolsuara jalak suren betinasuara jalak surenmalaysiasuarajalak suren gagak dan elangsuara jalak surenisiansuara jalak surenjuarasuara jalak suren jantan danbetinasuara jalak suren betinamp3suara jalak suren aslisuara jalaksuren durasi panjangsuara jalaksuren lokalsuara jalak suren aslihutansuara jalak surenngomongsuara jalak suren ngerolsuara jalaksuren anakansuara jalaksuren alamsuara jalak suren alam liarsuarajalak suren alasanmp3suara jalak suren di alam liarsuara burungjalak suren alassuarajalak suren bakalansuara jalak surenberbicarasuara jalak suren buatmasteransuara jalak surenbahansuara jalak suren belajar bunyisuarajalak suren bagussuarajalak suren betina memanggil jantansuarajalak suren betina danjantansuara jalak suren bocorsuara jalaksuren baliChirping PiedMyna gacor Ngerol: app collection of mp3sound melodious starlingssuren. Application of this one is equippedwith a variety ofbeautiful melodious chirping of starlings suren.Lots of chirpingmasteran of starlings suren are in thisapplication. Applicationsgacor Ngerol chirping Pied Myna is offlineso it could be playedwithout the need for Internet connectivity andunder quotas.soundstarlings suren gacorsound starlings surenmp3sound male starlingssurensound starlings suren fullstuffingsound starlings suren gacorngerolsound female starlingssurensound starlings suren malaysiathesound of crows and starlingssuren eaglesound starlings surenstuffingsound starlings surenchampionthe voice of male and femalestarlings surenstarlings surenfemale voice mp3sound genuinestarlings surensound starlings surenlong durationsound localstarlings surenstarlings suren voice ofnative forestvoice talkingstarlings surensound starlings surenngerolsound starlings surentillersstarlings suren sounds ofnaturesound wild starlingssurenstarlings suren sound reasonmp3sound starlings suren in thewildstarlings suren sound boardvoicegoing starlings surenstarlingssuren voice speakingsound starlingssuren create masteransoundmaterial starlings surensound starlingssuren learn soundssoundsgood starlings surena female voice callingmale starlingssurenvoice of female and male starlings surensoundleakingstarlings surenvoice Bali starlings suren
Suara Burung Kepodang 2.0
Mhmapp Studio
Aplikasi Suara Burung Kepodang adalah aplikasi audioyangmemungkinkan anda mendengarkan rekaman-rekaman suara merdudariburung Kepodang, aplikasi ini juga berguna untuk melatihberbagaijenis burung untuk berkicau.Aplikasi ini tentunya sangatmudah digunakan, tinggal klik and play, salah satu fitur nya andabisamemainkan kicauan burung secara terus menerus tanpa berhenti,jadianda tidak perlu lagi susah payah untuk memutar ulangkicauanburung Kepodang.Yuk! Download Aplikasi Suara KicauanBurungKepodang ini Sekarang Juga.Applications orioles Bird Soundsis anapplication that lets you listen to audio recordings ofbirdKepodang melodious sound, this application is also useful totrainvarious types of birds to chirp.This application is of courseveryeasy to use, just click and play, one of its features, you canplaythe song of a bird continuously without stopping, so you nolongerneed to laboriously to replay the birds singingorioles.Yuk!Download Application Voice orioles Bird Chirp is NOW.
Masteran Cucak Biru Gacor 1.1
Kicau Studio
Koleksi dan kumpulan suara burung cucak giru ngekek tergacoryangpernah ada, Aplikasi ini berisi kumpulan kicau master dariburungcucak biru.Fitur aplikasi ini:- Gratis- Offline tanpakoneksiinternet- Mudah digunakan- Tampilan sederhana- Jadikan suaraburungsebagai nada dering- jadikan kicau burung sebagai nadaalarm-Jadikan nada burung sebagai notifikasi default- Anda dapatmengirimkicau burung kesukaan ke teman anda- Kicau Burung yanglengkapSalamkicau dari Kicau Studio!Collection and collection ofbird soundscucak giru ngekek tergacor ever, this applicationcontains acollection of master chirping of birds blue cucak.Thisapplicationfeatures:- Free- Offline without an Internet connection-Easy touse- simple view- Make the sound of birds as ringtone-makebirdsong as an alarm tone- Make a bird as the defaultnotificationtone- You can send birdsong joy to your friends-Chirping BirdscompleteGreetings chirping of chirping Studio!
Master Kicau Cucak Ijo Offline 1.1
- Aplikasi khusus dibuat untuk memasterkan burung Cucak Ijo,CucakIjo Mini, Cucak Cungkok, Cucak Ranti secara gratis. -Terdapatbermacam-macam suara kicauan burung Cucak Ijo, Cucak IjoMini,Cucak Cungkok, Cucak Ranti. - Anda tidak memerlukan koneksiinernetuntuk mendengarkan suara, karena semua suara bersifatofflineFitur: - Mode shuffle dan repeat - Set as ringtone - Setasnotification sound - Set as alarm sound - Share/bagikan kemediasosial Selamat memasterkan burung Cucak Ijo, Cucak Ijo Mini,CucakCungkok, Cucak Ranti anda :) Salam Kicau Mania :) -Applicationspecially made for birds memasterkan Cucak Ijo, CucakIjo Mini,Cucak Cungkok, Cucak Ranti for free. - There is anassortment ofbirds chirping sound Cucak Ijo, Cucak Ijo Mini, CucakCungkok,Cucak Ranti. - You do not need to listen to the voiceinernetconnection, because all the sound is offline features: -Shuffleand repeat mode - Set as ringtone - Set as notificationsound - Setas alarm sound - Share / share to social media Welcomememasterkanbirds Cucak Ijo, Cucak Ijo Mini, Cucak Cungkok, CucakRanti you :)Salam Chirping Mania :)
Master Burung Kutilang Gacor 1.0
Detarp Creative
Master Burung Kutilang Gacor : berisi kumpulan kicau kutilangjuaraterbaik. Untuk para pecinta burung kutilang mungkinakanmembutuhkan aplikasi masteran burung kutilang yang satuini,pasalnya app ini berisi kicau kutilang terbaik dan terlengkapyangbisa melatih burung kutilang kesayangan anda agar dapatberkicaudengan nyaring dan merdu. Aplikasi ini bisa dijalankantanpa kuotasehingga tidak boros paketan internet, app ini bisadijalankanoffline.kicau burung kutilang mp3kicau burung kutilangemaskicauburung kutilang sutrakicau burung kutilang gacorkicauburungkutilang emas mp3kicau burung kutilang betinakicau burungkutilangjambulkicau burung kutilang tarungkicau burung kutilangjuarakicauburung kutilang pikatkicau burung kutilang masterankicauburungkutilang jantankicau burung kutilang hutankicau burungkutilangkapaskicau burung kutilang biasakicau burung kutilangtrucukkicauburung kutilang aslikicau burung kutilang pemikatkicauburungkutilang mastersuara burung kutilang emassuara burungkutilangmp3suara burung kutilang sutrasuara burung kutilanggacorsuaraburung kutilang betinasuara burung kutilang pikatsuaraburungkutilang pemikatsuara burung kutilang emas mp3suara burungkutilangtarungsuara burung kutilang jantansuara burung kutilangjambulsuaraburung kutilang isiansuara burung kutilang gacormp3suara burungkutilang liarsuara burung kutilang juarasuara burungkutilang untukpikatsuara burung kutilang aslisuara burung kutilangmasteransuaraburung kutilang emas jantansuara burung kutilanganakansuara burungkutilang alamsuara burung kutilang albinosuaraburung kutilangalassuara burung kutilang audioMaster Bird Kutilanggacor: fincheschirping contains a collection of the best champions.For thelovers of finches may require application finches masteranthisone, the article of this app contains finches chirping of thebestand most complete finches can train your pet to be able tosingwith sonorous. This application can be run without the quotathatis not wasteful paketan internet, this app can be runoffline.thechirping of finches mp3gold finches chirpingfincheschirpingsilkfinches chirping gacorgold finches chirping mp3femalefincheschirpingcrested finches chirpingfinches chirpingfightingfincheschirping championfinches chirping hornetfincheschirpingmasteranmale finches chirpingfinches chirpingjunglefincheschirping cottonordinary finches chirpingfincheschirping TrucukAskfinches chirpingfinches chirping Teaserfincheschirping mastersoundgold finchessound finches mp3sound finchessilksound finchesgacorfinches female voicesound finches hornetsoundfinchesTeasergold finch bird sound mp3sound finches fightingsoundmalefinchessound crested finchessound finches stuffingsoundfinchesgacor mp3the sound of wild finchessound fincheschampionsoundfinches to allurefinches original soundsound finchesmasterangoldfinches male voicesound finches tillersfinches soundsofnaturesound finches albinofinches sound boardsound audio finches
Love Birds Live Wallpaper 1.8
Venkateshwara apps
Love birds live wallpaper is perfectly novel live wallpaperwhichsuites perfectly to your Android mobile. Love birds livewallpaperis absolutely free. Love birds live wallpaper gives youfantasticwallpapers like Romantic swimming of love couple - whiteswans inblue pond watet, romanticall kiss of white parrot, loveexpressionof small birds, romance between beautiful red parrot,orange colored love birds, green parrot couple looking each otherat a branchof tree, birds love in the sky, blue parrot on a branch,bluepigeons love, pure white pigeons, couple of blue and greenparrot,white swans with red beak making love symbol together,beautifuleyes of long necked swans. Here you find different typesofparrots, sparrows, macaws, pigeons, and swans. Variouslycoloredawesome love symbols like Red ,orange, purple, gold, redarrow,purple arrow, red silver, purple silver, pink you can selectoneperticuler heart symbol image or by selecting random alltogetherat once. Features : ♡ 14 marvelous love couple birds ♡ 14Amazingbackground images ♡ 10 attractive love/heart symbols movesorfloats slowly like a cloud over the image ♡ Small time pass game:upon tapping heart symbol image get disappears. ♡ you canselectone perticuler heart symbol image or by selecting randomalltogether at once ♡ high quality live wallpaper drains verylessbattery ♡ easy-to-use and install Ads are the life of freelivewallpapers, they boost us to create more free livewallpapers,please cooperate. Share it with your friends on FacebookandTwitter. Please rate it to know how much you like it. Lovebirdslive wallpaper is tested on so many devices, if your's isnotsupported, please let us know the problem with the device,we'llhelp you to solve it. For questions, comments, ideasandsuggestions we are always waiting, please contact, mail id:[email protected] Last but not least : HAPPY VALENTINE'SDAY.
Kicauan Ngekek Jalak Putih 1.1
Kicau Studio
Burung jalak merupakan salah satu burung yang terkenal diIndonesia,burung ini banyak di jadikan sebagai binatang peliharaankarenakicauannya yang merdu. Selain itu kicau ngekek dari burungjalakterutrama jalak putih dapat digunakan untuk menterapiburungkesayangan anda dirumah.Fitur-fitur:- Offliene alias tidakbutuhkoneksi internet- Tampilan minimalis dan sederhana-Dapatmengirimkan kicau burung kesukaan anda kepada teman- Kicaudapatdijadikan sebagai nada dering- Kicau dapat anda jadikansebagainada panggilan_ Gratis dan akan selalu begituSalam Kicaudarikami!Starling is one of the famous Indonesian bird, the birdiswidely in use as pets because of the booms are tunable. Inadditionchirping terutrama ngekek of black-winged starlingstarlings can beused for your pet bird menterapi home.Features:-Offliene aliasdoes not need an internet connection- Displayminimalist andsimple- Can send your favorite birds chirping to afriend- Chirpingcan be used as ringtones- Chirping can you make asa call tone_Free and always will beChirping greetings from us!
Kumpulan Kicau Murai Batu 1.2
Dwi Priyantomo
Aplikasi Kumpulan Kicau Murai Batu ini berisi kumpulan audioKicauMurai Batu dengan suara jernih dimana di dalamnya terdapat 20versiaudio kicauan burung murai batu yang dapat anda dengarkansecaragratis (offline) atau tidak perlu menggunakan kuotainternet.selain itu dalam aplikasi Kumpulan Kicau Murai Batu initerdapattips dan trik tentang cara perawatan dan cara pemberianmakanBurung Murai Batu +MENU Dalam Aplikasi Kumpulan Kicau MuraiBatu+ -Audio Kicau Murai Batu - Tips Perawatan Murai Batu - TipsPemberianMakan Murai Batu Semoga bermanfaat untuk anda semua.ApplicationsMurai Batu Chirping this set contains a collection ofaudiochirping Murai Batu clear voice where there are 20 audioversion ofa humming bird chirp stone that you can listen to forfree(offline) or do not need to use the internet quota. besidesthechirping Murai Batu set of applications, there are tips andtrickson how to care and how Murai Batu Bird feeding + MENUInApplications Murai Batu set chirping + - Audio Chirping MuraiBatu- Care Tips Murai Batu - Feeding Tips Murai Batu May be usefulforyou all.
LoveBird Bird's chirp 1.2
A lovebird is one of nine species of the genus Agapornis(Greek:αγάπη agape 'love'; όρνις ornis 'bird'). They are a socialandaffectionate small parrot. Eight species are native to theAfricancontinent, and the grey-headed lovebird is native toMadagascar.Their name stems from the parrots' strong, monogamouspair bondingand the long periods which paired birds spend sittingtogether.Lovebirds live in small flocks and eat fruit, vegetables,grassesand seed. Black-winged lovebirds also eat insects and figs,and theblack-collared lovebirds have a special dietary requirementfornative figs, making them problematic to keep in captivity.★JoojleApplication ★
Kicau Lovebird Balibu / Baby 1.0
Tidut app
Aplikasi Kicau Lovebird Balibu / Baby merupakan aplikasi yangberisikicau-kicau lovebird,burung pemaster untuk lovbird agarngekekpanjang & tips untuk belajar tentang lovebird.AplikasiKicauLovebird Balibu / Baby ini sangat cocok sebagai pancinganburungLovebird agar menjadi Gacor, aplikasi ini juga dapatdijadikan bahanisian burung yang lainya agar burung para kicaumania lebihberkualitas.Fitur Aplikasi Kicau Lovebird Balibu / Baby:- Terdapatkicau Lovebird - Terdapat kicau burung pemaster-Memutar suara kicauburung- fiture repeat,shuffel dan stop.- fituroffline.Isi AplikasiKicau Lovebird Balibu / Baby :- Kicau LovebirdBalibu / Baby 1-6-Kicau Lovebird Balibu / Baby 7-11- Kicau BurungPemaster Lovebird-Tips Memilih & Melatih LB Baby Mental Juara-Cara MembuatLovebird Balibu Berprestasi- Melatih LB Balibu FightDi Lomba-Setinggan Lovebird Balibu Di GantanganSegera downloadAplikasi KicauLovebird Balibu / Baby ini dan semoga dapat membuatburung andangekek panjang dan moncer di lomba.TerimakasihApplications chirpinglovebird Balibu / Baby is an applicationthat contains thechirping-chirping lovebird, birds pemaster tolovbird so long ngekek& tips to learn about thelovebird.Applications chirpinglovebird Balibu / Baby is verysuitable as an inducement to becomegacor Lovebird bird, thisapplication can also be used as packingmaterial so that birds andother birds chirping mania the betterquality.Features Applicationschirping lovebird Balibu / Baby:-There are chirping lovebird-There is birdsong pemaster- Play thesound of birdsong- Fiturerepeat, Shuffel and stop.- offlinefeatures.Fill Applicationschirping lovebird Balibu / Baby:-Chirping Lovebird Balibu / Baby1-6- Chirping Lovebird Balibu / Baby7-11- Chirping Birds LovebirdPemaster- Tips on Choosing andTraining Mental LB Baby Champion-How to Make Achievement BalibuLovebird- Train LB Balibu Fight OnCompetition- Setinggan LovebirdBalibu In GantanganImmediatedownload chirping lovebird ApplicationsBalibu / Baby and hopefullycan make your bird ngekek long andfamous in lomba.Terima love
Kicau Pentet Madura 1.0
Tidut app
Aplikasi Kicau Pentet Madura ini berisi kumpulan suara kicauburungCendet/pentet berasal dari madura,dimana madura merupakanpengorbitburung cendet-cendet juara. Dengan aplikasi ini anda bisamelatihburung Cendet kesayangan anda atau hanya sebagai ringtoneuntukmendengarkan suara kicau burung cendet.Fiture aplikasi :-Memutarsuara kicau burung- Berisi kumpulan Suara Burung Cendetpilihan-Stop, Repeat- OfflineIsi Aplikasi Kicau Pentet Madura:-KicauPentetra MaduA,B,C,D-Kicau Pentet Madura Isian-Membedakanburungcendet madura dan Cendet Jawa-Cara merawat cendetmadura-MembedakanCendet jantan dan betina Semoga dengan andamendownload AplikasiMadura ini,burung cendet kesayangan anda bisasemakin moncer, andabisa memilih cendet madura atau merawat cendetmenjadi juara.SegalaKritik dan saran dapat disampaikan kepada kami,Dengan senang hatikami akan melayani anda.Terima telah mendownloadAplikasi KicauPentet Madura ini. Salam kicau Mania..Chirpingapplication containsa collection of Madura Pentet sound of birdsongCendet / pentetcome from Madura, where Madura is a bird orbitercendet-cendetchampion. With this application you can train your petbird Cendetor simply as a ringtone to listen to the sound ofbirdsongcendet.Feature applications:- Play the sound of birdsong-Containsa collection of Sound Bird Cendet selection- Stop,Repeat-OfflineFill Applications Pentet Chirping Madura:-KicauPentetraMaduA, B, C, DMadura Pentet -Kicau StuffingCendet bird-MembedakanMadura and Java Cendet-How to take care of cendetMadura-MembedakanCendet male and female Hopefully you downloadthe ApplicationMadura, birds cendet your pet can be moremoncer, you canchoose cendet Madura or treating cendet becomechampions.Allthe criticism and suggestions can be submitted to us,is ourpleasure to serve you.Thank have downloaded this applicationMaduraPentet chirping. Regards chirping Mania ..
Lovebird PRO - Aplikasi Lovebird Terengkap 2.1
Binatang Peliharaan
Aplikasi burung lovebird lengkap untuk lovebird breeding, kicau,danperawatan lovebirdFull application for lovebird lovebirdbirdbreeding, chirping, and lovebird care
Parrots wallpaper 1.0
Parrots wallpaper- Amazing wallpaper for your device- Livewallpaperdecorating your screen;- Full support for portrait mode.-Amazing HDgraphics;- This beautiful, enjoyable background iswaiting for you!-Free live wallpaperFollow the installationinstructions:Home - >Menu - > Wallpapers - > LiveWallpapersOr just install byusing simple menu- Motion of flashesand lights keeps changing withtime.- Optimized Battery Usage-Compatible with 99% mobile phonedevices.- The wallpaper app willsleep when your phone is inactive,so this live wallpaper will notdrain your battery.
Lovebird chirping Master 4.0
Aditya App
Master Lovebird application contains a collection Chirpingchirpingsound to Masteran Lovebird order Rings with beautiful andcontainssome maintenance tips Lovebird. With this application youcan trainyour pet bird or just listen to the melodious sound ofbirds andprovides some tips for caring for your pet bird.Featureapplications: - Play the sound of birdsong Lovebird - Ringtones,sms, contacts and alarm (long press on mp3) - Care Tips,ChoosingBird, Distinguishing Gender Lovebird - Stop, Shuffle,Repeat -Content can be shared in the Application Features ShareThisapplication does not Requires Internet connection(Offline)Download Right Now and Wait for Further Reform Thank you
Kicau Sirtu Cipoh Terbaru 1.0
Tidut app
Aplikasi Sirtu Cipoh Terbaru ini berisi kumpulan suara kicaumasterburung Sirtu Cipoh . Dengan aplikasi ini anda bisa melatihburungSirtu Cipoh kesayangan anda dengan berbagi suara masterSirtuCipoh. Aplikasi ini tidak membutuhkan koneksi internet,sehinggabisa anda gunakan dimana saja dan kapan saja. Dengan masterkicauSirtu Cipoh ini, burung sirdu anda akan gacor.Fiturantaralain;-Kicau burung sirtu-Bisa di mainkan offline-Bisa berbagidgteman-Aplikasi yg ringan dllIsi dar Aplikasi Kicau Sirtu Cipoh:Kicau Sirtu Cipoh,Perawatan Sirtu Cipoh Harian Bunyi danGacor,CaraMembedakan Sirtu Cipoh Jantan Dan Betina,MakananBurungCipoh,Melatih Sirtu Cipoh Makanan Voer,Tips Harian SirtuCipohCepat GacorSelamat menikmati Aplikasi Kicau Sirtu CipohTerbaru inidan semoga burung anda semakin gacor.Terima Kasih.SalamKicauMania.Recent Cipoh Sirtu This application contains acollection ofmaster bird chirping sound Sirtu Cipoh. With thisapplication youcan train your pet bird Cipoh Sirtu by sharing themaster soundSirtu Cipoh. This app does not require an internetconnection, sothat you can use anywhere and anytime. With CipohSirtu master'schirping, birds sirdu you will gacor.Featuresinclude;Bird -Kicausirtu-Can be played offline-Can share dgfriend-Application thatlight etc.Fill the application dar chirpingSirtu Cipoh: ChirpingSirtu Cipoh, Cipoh Sirtu Care Daily Sound andgacor, How toDistinguish Sirtu Cipoh Males And Females, Food BirdsCipoh, TrainSirtu Cipoh Voer Food, Daily Tips Sirtu Quick CipohgacorEnjoyLatest Applications Cipoh Sirtu chirping and hopefullyyour bird isgetting gacor.Thank you.Best Chirping Mania.
Kicau-Kicau Kenari 1.1
Tidut app
Aplikasi Kicau-Kicau Kenari adalah aplikasi kumpulan suarakicaukenari. Dengan aplikasi ini anda melatih burung kenarikesayangananda menjadi gacor dan dapat mengerti jenis atau bentukkenariserta kicauannya. Fiture aplikasi : - Terdapat 15jenis kenari-Download suara kicau kenari - Memutar suara kicau kenari -Dapatdigunakan sebagai nada dering, sms, kontak dan alarm - Adafiturerepeat dan shuffel. - Fitur offline. Isi AplikasiKicau-KicauKenari : -Kicau Kenari Lizard -Kicau Kenari Lokal-Kenari AmerikaSinger -Kicau Kenari Border -Kicau Kenari Gloster-Kicau KenariHollan -Kicau Kenari Warbler -Kicau Waterslanger-Kicau Kenari F1-Kicau Kenari Roller -Kicau Kenari Rusia -KicauKenari SpanishTimbrado -Kicau Kenari Yorkshire -Kicau Kenari Koloni-Kicau KenariGoldfinch Segera Download Aplikasi Kicau-Kicau Kenariini danjangan lupa ajak teman anda untuk download aplikasiini.Terimakasih,semoga kenari anda di rumah menjadi gacor. SalamKicauMania.. Application-chirping chirping Walnuts is a collectionofapplications sound of chirping canaries. With this applicationyoutrain your pet canary into gacor and can understand the typeorshape of a walnut and booms. Feature applications: - There isawalnut 15jenis - Download sound of chirping canaries - Playthesound of chirping canaries - Can be used as ringtones,SMS,contacts and alarm - There Fiture repeat and Shuffel. -Featureoffline. Contents Application-chirping chirping Walnuts:-KicauKenari Lizard Local Walnuts -Kicau -Kenari American SingerWalnuts-Kicau Border Gloster Canary -Kicau Walnuts -Kicau HollanWalnuts-Kicau Warbler -Kicau Waterslanger -Kicau Kenari F1 -KicauKenariRoller Walnuts -Kicau Russia Walnuts -Kicau Spanish Timbrado-KicauKenari Yorkshire Walnuts -Kicau Colonies Walnuts -KicauGoldfinchImmediate Download Application-chirping chirping thisWalnuts anddo not forget to invite your friends to download theapplicationini.Terima you, your home may be the canary gacor.Regards ChirpingMania ..
Kicau Trucukan Ropel Gacor 1.0
Aplikasi Kicau Trucukan Ropel merupakan sebuah aplikasiyangdidalamnya berisi kicauan burung trucukan pilihan yangbergunasebagai masteran, pancingan burung trucukan para kicautrucukanmania agar tetap GACOR.Aplikasi ini juga dapat dijadikanringtonedi Hp, karena suaranya yang merdu sehingga sangat cocokuntukmenemani para kicau mania disaat tidak ada kegiatan.Fitur :-Showtrack info- Set as ringtone- Set as nitification sound- Setasdefault alarm sound- ShareFollow "suepcorp" untuk melihataplikasikicau yang lain----TerimakasihSalam Kicau ManiaChirpingTrucukanRopel application is an application which containsbirdsongtrucukan useful option as masteran, inducement birdschirpingtrucukan trucukan the mania to keep gacor.This applicationcan alsobe used as a ringtone in the Hp, because of her charmingvoice soit is suitable to accompany the chirping mania when thereis noactivity.features:- Show track information- Set as ringtone-Set asnitification sound- Set as default alarm sound-ShareFollow"suepcorp" to see the chirping of otherapplications----ThankyouSalam Chirping Mania
Lovebird Kusumo Ngekek Panjang MP3 1.0.2
Selamat datang di kumpulan suara burung terlengkap, kami hadiruntukmenjawab kebutuhan para pecinta burung dan sengaja fokusuntukmembuat berbagi macam suara burung master dengan kwalitassuara 100%jernih tidak mengecewakan dan 100% full offline, Salahsatu aplikasiyag kami sajikan saat ini yaitu aplikasi masterburung lovebirdkusumo Gacor mp3, berisi suara master durasipanjang dan suarajernih. Aplikasi ini sangat cocok untuk parapencinta burunglovebird, dengan menggunakan aplikasi ini anda bisamelatih burunganda agar berkicau dengan bagus. Aplikasi SuaraBurung lovebirdkusumo Gacor mp3 lengkap dan juga bersifat 100%offline sehinggaanda bisa memutar app ini kapan saja dan dimanasaja : Fitur yanganda dapat dalam aplikasi ini : - kicau burunglengkap - 100%Offline, tidak butuh koneksi internet - 100% suarajernih - nextotomatis - Kicau burung lengkap dan pilihan - Kicaudapat andajadikan sebagai ringtone - Kicau dapat anda jadikansebagai nadadering default - Kicau dapat anda jadikan sebagai nadaalarm -Tampilan minimalis dan sederhana dengan tema burung milikijugaapliasi lainnya : lovebird lovebird kusumo lovebird kusumomp3lovebird kusumo ngekek panjang lovebird kusumo ngekeklovebirdkusumo jantan lovebird kusumo juara nasional lovebirdkusumo ngekek3 menit suara lovebird kusumo ngekek panjang mp3 suaralovebirdkusumo ngekek masteran lovebird kusumo mp3 masteranlovebird kusumoWelcome to the most complete collection of birdsounds, we are hereto answer the needs of bird lovers anddeliberately focus on makingsharing the sounds of master birds with100% clear sound qualitynot disappointing and 100% full offline,One of the apps that wepresent today is the application of themaster bird lovebird kusumoGacor mp3, containing the master's voiceof long duration and clearvoice. This application is perfect forlovebird bird lovers, byusing this application you can train yourbird to sing well. TheBurung Sound application lovebird kusumoGacor mp3 is complete andis also 100% offline so you can play thisapp anytime and anywhere:Features that you can get in thisapplication: - Complete birdchirping - 100% Offline, does not needan internet connection -100% clear voice - next automatically -Complete bird chirping andchoice - You can make chirping as aringtone - You can makechirping as the default ringtone - You canmake chirping as analarm tone - Minimalist and simple appearancewith bird themes alsohave other applications: love Bird lovebirdkusumo lovebird kusumomp3 lovebird kusumo is long lovebird kusumongekek lovebird kusumomale lovebird kusumo national championlovebird kusumo checks for 3minutes the sound of lovebird kusumongekek long mp3 the sound oflovebird kusumo ngekek masteranlovebird kusumo mp3 Master LovebirdKusumo
Kicau Burung Gereja Tarung 1.0
Tidut app
Aplikasi Burung Gereja Tarung adalah aplikasi yangmenyajikankicau-kicau burung gereja.Burung ini biasanya digunakanuntukmemaster burung murai batu,cucak ijo,poci dan cendetkarenakicauanya yang kasar dan indah.Biasanya diburung cendetdigunakanuntuk tonjolan andalannya.Aplikasi Kicau Burung GerejaTarung inibekerja secara offline dan dengan fitur yang simple danbisadidengarkan dimana saja.Fiture aplikasi:- Terdapat BeberapaKicauanburung gereja- Memutar suara kicau burung- Fiture offline-Ukurankecil dan ringanSemoga dengan aplikasi kicu burung gerejatarungini burung dirumah anda bisa termasteri dan menjadijuaradiperlombaan.Terima kasih Salam Kicau...Sparrows Tarungapplicationis an application that presents the chirping of birdschirpinggereja.Burung-is typically used to memaster humming birdstone,cucak green, teapot and cendet because kicauanya roughandindah.Biasanya diburung cendet used to bulgeflagship.ChirpingSparrow app works offline Tarung and with featuresthat are simpleand can be heard anywhere.Feature applications:-There are a fewchirp of sparrows- Play the sound of birdsong-Feature offline-Small size and light weightHopefully with deceitapplicationsparrow bird fighting your home can be achampiondiperlombaan.Terima termasteri and loveGreetings chirping...
Kicau Cucak Ijo Banyuwangi 1.0
Tidut app
Aplikasi Kicau Cucak Ijo Banyuwangi merupaakan sebuah aplikasiyangdidalamnya berisi kicauan burung cucak ijo pilian dan kicauburungpemaster yang berguna sebagai masteran, pancingan burungcucak ijomenjadi gacor dan tetap gacor yaitu burunggereja,tengkekbuto,cililin,kenari,cungkok,serindit,rambatan danprenjak dandisini kita memberikan tips-tips tentang cucakijo.Aplikasi KicauCucak Iji Banyuwangi ini juga dapat dijadikanringtone di Hp,karena suaranya yang merdu sehingga sangat cocokuntuk menemanipara kicau mania disaat tidak ada kegiatan.Fitureaplikasi :-Terdapat suara kicau burung cucak ijo dan burungmasteran-Tips-tips seputar Cucak ijo- Download suara kicau burung-Memutarsuara kicau burung- Dapat digunakan sebagai nada dering,sms,kontak dan alarm- Ada fiture repeat dan shuffel.- Fituroffline.IsiAplikasi Kicau Cucak Ijo Banyuwangi ini :- Kicau CucakIjo- KicauMasteran Cucak Ijo- Setelan Lomba Cucak Ijo TampilMaksimal-Rahasia Perawatan Cucak Ijo Juara- Ciri Cucak Ijo ProspekBaik-Tips Memilih Bakalan Burung Cucak Ijo- Membuat Cucak IjoTampilNgentrok & Jambul- Perbedaan Cucak Ijo BanyuwangiDanKalimantanSegera Download aplikasi ini dan semoga aplikasiKicauCucak Ijo Banyuwangi ini bisa membuat burung anda menjadigacor danjuara.Terima kasih,salam kicau.Applications Chirping CucakIjoBanyuwangi merupaakan an application which contains a birdchirpcucak green pilian and birdsong pemaster useful asmasteran,inducement birds cucak green into gacor and remain gacornamelysparrows, tengkek Buto, Cililin, walnuts, cungkok,serindit,propagation and prenjak and here we give tips ongreencucak.Chirping application Cucak Banyuwangi Iji can also beused asa ringtone in Hp, because of her charming voice, suitabletoaccompany the chirping mania when there is noactivity.Featureapplications:- There is the sound of chirping birdsand bird greencucak masteran- Tips about green Cucak- Downloadsound of birdsong-Play the sound of birdsong- Can be used asringtones, SMS, contactsand alarm- There Fiture repeat andShuffel.- Feature offline.FillApplications Cucak Chirping IjoBanyuwangi:- Chirping Cucak Ijo-Chirping Masteran Cucak Ijo-Settings Performing Maximum Ijo CucakCompetition- Champion IjoCucak Care Secrets- Feature Cucak IjoProspects Good- Tips onChoosing a bird feeder Cucak Ijo- MakeCucak Ijo Shown Ngentrok& Jambul- Differences Cucak IjoBanyuwangi AndKalimantanImmediate Download this app and hopefullyCucak IjoBanyuwangi chirping application can make your bird intogacor andjuara.Terima love, greeting chirping.
Parrots From Rio Wallpaper 3.0
Parrots From Rio Wallpaper Parrots From Rio Video Live Wallpaper-The most efficient video live wallpapers that runs smoothlyonAndroid devices. Amazing colorful parrots from Rio deJaneiro(Brazil). Features: Optimized memory usage Saves to the SDcard bydefault Adjustable speed (frame rate) Do not affectbatterylifetime Compatible with smartphones and tablets Free!BONUS: nicewidget! FEEDBACK: If you have any suggested featuresorimprovements please leave a comment, or send email. Pleasepostcomments and feedback. When posting low rating please describewhatis wrong to give the possibility to fix that issue. NEWS:Twitter: TO INSTALL: 1. Installvideowallpaper from Play Android market; 2. Go to Home -> Menu->Wallpapers -> Live Wallpaper Personalize your smartphonewiththis beautiful live wallpaper! ADS INFORMATION: To developmorefree great video live wallpapers, we have implemented some adsinsettings.
Kicau Master Burung 1.1
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Salam Kicau Mania Aplikasi kicau master burung ini berisitentangkumpulan dari berbagai macam kicau burung yang bisa diputardandidengarkan kepada burung peliharaan anda agar dapatbelajarbersuara atau berkicau.List koleksi kicau burung:o) KicauburungAnis kembango) Kicau burung Anis Meraho) Kicau burungBlackthroato)Kicau burung Branjangano) Kicau burung Cibleko) KicauburungCililino) Kicau burung Cipoho) Kicau burung Cucak Rawao)Kicauburung Gelatik Wingkoo) Kicau burung Jalak Sureno) KicauburungKacero) Kicau burung Murai Batuo) Kicau burung Lovebirdo)Kicauburung Hwameio) Kicau burungPoksayo) Dan lain-lainKelebihankicaumaster burung:o) Dapat diputar secara offlineo) Dapatdigunakansebagai nada dering panggilan, sms, alarm.o) Ada fiturrepeat danshuffleo) Suara jelaso) Berisi 30 macam jenis kicauburung.Aplikasi kicau master burung ini sangat cocok dijadikansebagaimasteran untuk burung peliharaan anda.Selamatmencoba.SalamChirping Mania    Applicationmaster birdchirping, it contains a collection of various kinds ofbirdsongthat can be played and listened to pet birds, so you canlearn tospeak or sing.List collection of birdsong:o) Birds chirpingAnisfireworkso) Birds chirping Red Aniso) Birds chirpingBlackthroato)Birds chirping Branjangano) Birds chirping Cibleko)Birds chirpingCililino) Birds chirping Cipoho) Birds chirping CucakSwampo) WrenBirds chirping Wingkoo) Pied Myna Birds chirpingo)Birds chirpingkacero) Murai Batu birds chirpingo) the birdschirping lovebirdo)Birds chirping Hwameio) Chirping burungPoksayo)And othersExcessmaster chirping of birds:o) can be played offlineo)Can be used asa ring tone call, sms, alarm.o) There is a repeat andshufflefeatureso) The sound is clearo) Contains 30 kinds ofbirdschirping.    Application master birdchirpingis very suitable as masteran for your pet bird.Good luck.
Parrot Bubble 1.0.5
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Parrot Bubble is a classic bubble shooter game. In the bubbleworldlives a cute parrot happily. Someday the parrot start anadventurearound the world. In parrot's way, cute parrot has a lotof fun andmeets lovely friends, also bad creatures. Now start ajoinery getstar and free parrot's friends. Invite your friendsthroughFacebook and Google+, challenge them on the maps andleaderboard.Once you start, you will not stop playing. Just have atry, youwill find Endless Fun! Features: - Cute Parrot, colorfulbubbles,beautiful music.- Amazing world map and special effects.-Hundredsof magical bubble shooting levels waiting for you toexplore.-Collect stars to unlock special items to help you on yourquest .-Special boosters & bubbles to help you pass thosetrickylevels.- Login Google account and complete achievement and uptoleaderboard.- Start a competition with your Facebook friends.-Free& easy to play, challenging to master!How to play: - ShoottheMatch bubble to get stars and save her friend. - Seconds countsandget higher score. - 6 kinds of special bubble. Every 5 combosyoucan get a powerful bubble.- Use rainbow bubble and clearbubble,its can help you pass the level. - Touch the screen andmovefinger, you can find the Sight line, it also very useful.-Becareful with the dragons. Drop them and do not make them stopyourstep. Parrot Bubble is completely free to play. Have funplayingParrot Bubble!
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