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Silincon Valley Nest brings Selfie MagiX using ArtificialIntelligence, which is an android based app. Selfie MagiX can giveyou an instant result of your age, just by seeing your instantcaptured image that, how old do you look like in people’s eye, Doyou use spectacles or not, which look can make you attractive andimpressive in any other person’s eye according to that specificperson’s taste and type, whom you want to impress. What should youwear?, which types of dress suits you most? Will be able to givesome suggestion about dress sense according to the event you aregoing to or planning to go. It will also tell you, which celebritylooks like you and which prominent person characteristics andpersonalities do match with your personality. Also can tell youwhat the current status of your mood is. Can express your emotionsinstantly, and also can tell you what’s going on in your mind rightnow. Salfie MagiX would be your Virtual assistant and will try tomake you entertained frequently. Will assist you by givingsuggestions and advice about a disciplined life style that youshould follow and also about your career which may bringsuccess!Selfie MagiX is an android based app, also can be used inIOS phone. SVN used AI & ML cognitive service to build the app.It will take an instant picture of you and then you'll get yourresult done instantly, just from your picture. It will tell youabout your age, whether you are using spectacles or not? Also willtell you about your mood, emotional status, what is going on inyour mind. What exactly you want to do at this moment, and willtell you; what can make you happy instantly as well as.You can useit by downloading the app from Google play store or IOS app store.Then it should be installed in your phone set. You just need tohave a high resolution and a good quality camera mobile. Afteropening this app, just click the “click to capture” button tocapture a selfie. It will take a few seconds to detect and analysisthrough ML processing systems; and get your result done. Will tellyou about your age, mood expression, emotion status, suggestionsand advice about your lifestyles, career, education, also can tellyou what activities or things can change your mood and mind, andcan make you happy instantly. These functionalities will you getfrom the surprise section of this app.
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