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MeteoSwiss 1.4.1
The MeteoSwiss App from the national weather provider. Withweatherforecasts, current measurements, a blog about weather andclimateand natural hazard warnings. Including individualizable livetilesand zoomable maps. Save your favourit places in Switzerlandand getthe corresponding weather details and subscribe to thewarningthreshold and types of natural hazard warnings sent aspushnotifications. Weather forecasts • clickable and zoomable mapwithoverview of locations for the next 6 days • weekly overview •wind/ temperature at different altitudes • text forecast forthreeclimate regions of Switzerland including driving conditionsandpossible development of the weather situation for thefollowingweek (in German, French and Italian) • general weather mapofEuropa Weather animations • precipitation, temperature andcloudcoverage, with realtime and forecast slide-function •satelliteimages Natural hazards • all warnings on natural hazardsfrom theFederal Authorities (severe weather, floods, forestfire,earthquakes and avalanches) • clickable and zoomable mapwithoverview of warning areas • natural hazard bulletin •location,type of warning and alarm threshold subscription, outputas a pushmessage Current weather • clickable and zoomable map withoverviewof stations • various measured data, updated up to every 10minutesCurrent weather • cklickable and zoomable map with overviewofstations • various measured data, updated up to every 10minutesFavorites • available for all Swiss locations • detailedoverviewof measurements, forecasts and warnings • subscription tonaturalhazard warnings Blog • Daily updated information on weatherandclimate Homescreen • Tiles are personalisable in selection,sizeand placement
3B Meteo - Weather Forecasts
3BMeteo, the official Android app from 3bmeteo.com. The bestandmost accurate weather forecasts! Download the brand new appforFREE, and find out lots of new stuff! Renewed and moderninterface,charts that will help you read clearly the forecasts inyour city.The brand new photo-reports feature: you can now reportthe weatherin your city through a photo! And then the unchangedstrength of3bmeteo: reliable and accurate weather forecasts,updatedconstantly during the first 24 hours: thanks to theNowcastingtechnique, using real weather data, satellite images,radar andlightning strikes. This allows a very reliable forecastseven onvery small areas. No automatic forecasts, but maintained bya staffof more than 15 meteorologists who work 365 days a year togive thebest possible service. But it's not over! Live weather newsareavailable in Italian language, scientific andenvironmentalcuriosity, videos made by meteorologists and a largecommunity ofusers! Unmissable automatic GPS tracking feature; youwill receiveforecasts automatically in your favourite cities. Noneed to selectthem every time, your Smartphone will know where youare, butespecially the exact weather in that place! What you get,indetail? The representation of the average day weather,syntheticforecasts for night, morning, afternoon and evening.Forecasts withdetailed timetable, monitoring of seas and winds,atmosphericagents analysis, and every other possibile parameter.All with newgraphic interface, clear symbolism, full in-climateweatherdetails. We also present the opportunity to watch real-timeimagesfrom webcams. You can also join the big community, and sharewithyour photos and videos or just report the weather conditionsinyour area. If this is not enough, here is the 3BMeteo widgetthatwill make the relationship with the weather informationeveneasier, fast and functional. Choose the desired width andheight,the widget will resize automatically and fill the space witha lotof information. Reliable predictions require confirmationsandexplanations: with this app you can not only constantly checkforany major changes in real time, but you can also choose toreceiveclimate alerts and insights through push notifications. Theweatherjournal is full of necessary information to understand theweather,written in simple language, clear and appealing as thegraphicalinterface, very intuitive as well as easy to use. And ifItaly istoo small for you, don't fear: 3bmeteo will also providetheforecasts for the entire world! In fact you can getweatherforecasts all over the world, with an automatic control andup to 7days. 3BMeteo is perfectly optimized with the latestAndroidoperating system, and features are available both in Italianas inEnglish! WHAT'S NEW -New and improved interface -Photo-report:nowyou can report the weather in your city by taking and sharingaphoto directly from your smartphone, become Weatherreporter!-Charts for an easy and fast reading of weather forecasts-Doubleset of weather icons, realistic and the stylized. -Don't youlikeadvertising? Now you can remove it from both the appand3bmeteo.com website with a single pass! -New forecastreliabilityinfo: you can plan your trips in peace
HumorCast - Authentic Weather 4.4.4
Lyker Labs
You check the weather, why not laugh as well?Start your day offonthe right foot with HumorCast: the original funny weatherapp.Baked-in are 1000s of phrases ready to complement theawfulweather. We also use a state-of-the-art weather engineincludingNOAA and wrapped it up in an easy-to-use interface. Oh,did wemention 100s of beautiful backgrounds taken byworld-classphotographers and paired precisely to each weathercondition? Andbest of all, we make it easy-as-pie to share so youand yourfriends can LOL together.Highlighted features:[+]Hyperlocal andaccurate weather forecasting[+] No ADS![+]Profanity-o-meter (Off,13+, 17+)[+] Weather sayings in differentaccents, pitches, rate[+]Multiple weather locations[+] Weatheralerts[+] Current/hour/7-dayweather conditions[+] Hyperlocal raingraph (down to the minutepredictions!)[+] Sharing features[+]US/metric units[+] Camerabackground[+] and so much more...
wetter.com - Weather and Radar
wetter.com GmbH
A weather station for your Android phone by wetter.com!Thisappprovides you with- 7-day forecast- Current weather-HomescreenWidget (not possible if installed on SD card!!)- Powerfulsearch +GPS positioning- Animated rain radar (Germany & Spain)andforecast- Weather warnings (Germany)- Editorial forecast(Germany,Austria, Switzerland)- Weather Videos- Live WeatherCamerasGeneralinformation:We have weather information for all overthe world. Butour home market is Germany. So the app is meant forgerman speakingcountries and some of the information like thetextual weatherforecast or the weather warnings are only availablein german!Howcan I get help?Please send an email [email protected] with yourproblem details.Widget Notice:Widgetsonly work if the app isinstalled on internal storage. If the app ison external storagelike a SD card, the widget dissapears. Afterreboot at thelatest.It is a technical issue which wecan'tchange.http://developer.android.com/guide/appendix/install-location.html#ShouldNotSomedevicesmove the app to SD card automatically.Translations: Version2 of theapp is only available in English and German.
RainViewer: Weather Radar, Rain Alerts 1.9.6
Oleksii Schastlyvyi
RainViewer shows the current conditions by using theDoppler-radartowers closest to your location. With your permission,RainViewerwill alert you when rain, storms or snow are approachingyour areaand tell you exactly when they will reach your area; not adaily orhourly forecast: RainViewer forecasts are to the minute.RainViewerWidget RainViewer comes with an optional widget that putsa localand country-wide view of current weather conditions on yourhomescreen. If you travel for business, RainViewer’s broad coveragemapsupports you in thousands of locations around the world. Ifyoudrive your children to school, you’ll know if your route isclear.And you’ll know when to bring your umbrella, to keep yourclothesand hair dry. RainViewer’s precipitation coverage includesAsia,Australia, Europe and North and South America. RainViewerfocuseson precipitation showing you: • Rain • Snow • Hail •Thunderstorms• Tornados, hurricanes, and typhoons RainViewer alsoallows you tosee Doppler radar tracking for the last two or sixhours - see howfast a storm has moved, how intense it’s been, andwhat directionit’s moved in so far. You can customize RainViewer inthe followingways: • Choose your color scheme: 11 different options• Chooseyour animation speed: Normal or Fast • Choose map type:Normal,Hybrid or Satellite • Choose to view the location ofDoppler-radartowers • Choose to view RainViewer’s coverage map Ifyou wouldprefer to see an ad-free version of RainViewer, you canmake anin-app purchase of RainViewer’s Premium Features pack. ThePremiumFeatures pack also gives you access to Doppler-radartracking forthe previous 24 hours. ***** RainViewer is a labor oflove for itsdeveloper Oleksii Schastlyvyi. Oleksii is obsessed withrain. Hebegan creating his first weather-related software in 2006.Hisyears of experience enabled him to create the mostaccurateapplication available for tracking rain and storms:RainViewer! Asnew technologies emerge in weather tracking, you candepend onOleksii to update RainViewer; it will always be the mostaccurateway to track the rain. He wouldn’t have it any other way.
Met Office Weather Forecast 1.24.0
Met Office
The Met Office weather app gives you world-leading weatherforecastsdirect from the best national weather forecaster. Knowwhat theweather will do with the most accurate forecasts and localweathercoverage from 1 hour to 7 days ahead. KEY FEATURES: * Checkrainfallforecast for the next 24 hours or the past 6 hours withtheinteractive rainfall map (manual scroll or using play feature)*Check real time UK National Severe Weather Warnings withtheinteractive warnings map for your UK saved locations and therestof the UK * Receive weather alerts for the latest officialUKNational Severe Weather Warnings for your saved locations assoonas warnings are issued – including snow, strong winds, ice, fogandrain forecasts * Get the most up-to-date and accurateglobalweather forecast information available for the next sevendays *Personalise your forecasts and see how the weather couldaffectyour day by saving multiple locations * View both daily andhourlyforecasts for your favourite locations * Watch the latestTVweather forecasts, updated 3 times a day * Hourly andDailyforecast weather widgets PERSONAL, ACCURATE FORECASTSINCLUDING: *Interactive UK rainfall map including both 24 hourforecast and 6hour observations * Interactive UK National SevereWeather Warningsmap * UK surface pressure map * Probability ofprecipitation (rain,sleet, snow, hail, and drizzle) * Actualtemperature and ‘feelslike’ temperature * UK National SevereWeather Warnings alerts * UKnational weather forecast video * Windspeed, direction and gusts *Sunrise and sunset times * Pollen andair pollution forecasts *Pollen push notifications (from March toSeptember) * Local weatherforecasts unlimited locations * Theability to change your unitsettings for temperature and wind speed* UV Index, visibility,humidity and pressure AD-FREE VERSION *Don’t like ads? Our appincludes a £2.99 in-app purchase to removeall advertising.FEEDBACK We want to hear from you. The Met Officeis committed todelivering new features based on your feedback andthe reviews wereceive. If you love our app rate and review it inthe app store.If you have any suggestions please [email protected] app is designed to work on Android6.0 and above. This app isad-supported. DATA COMPLIANCE The MetOffice app uses your locationinformation to give you the mostaccurate and localised weatherforecast possible. You can turn offlocation settings at any timeand your location information will notbe collected. Select‘Settings’ on your device, then the Met OfficeApp, then disablelocation. To get a local forecast you will need tosearch and savelocations within the app. For more information onhow we use anypersonal information we collect about you, please seeour Privacypolicy(https://www.metoffice.gov.uk/about-us/legal/privacy) andCookiepolicy (https://www.metoffice.gov.uk/about-us/help/cookies)- - -About the Met Office The Met Office is the UK’s nationalweatherservice and a world leader in providing weather andclimateservices. Recognised as one of the world’s mostaccurateforecasters, we use more than 10 million weatherobservations, anadvanced atmospheric model and a high performancesupercomputer tocreate 3,000 tailored forecasts and briefings everysingle day. Weare also responsible for the UK National SevereWeather WarningService, mandated by Government, which aims to giveadvance warningof extreme weather to the public. Seewww.metoffice.gov.uk for moreinformation.
Weather by WeatherBug: Forecast, Radar & Alerts
Download WeatherBug®, winner of the 2016 “Best Weather App” byAppyAwards. “I love using WeatherBug because it is very easy to useandgives the most accurate current and future weather reports!”–Android User Review WeatherBug, the best free weather app,poweredby the world's largest network of professional weatherstations,providing the fastest weather alerts, real-time weatherconditions,accurate hourly forecasts & 10-day forecasts, 18weather mapsincluding Doppler radar, satellite, lightningalerts,precipitation, local temperature, local pressure, localradar, windchill, heat index, humid, wind, pollen, UV and muchmore! Joinmillions of users who depend on WeatherBug, the longestrunningweather app, to help you prepare for all weather conditionsandKnow Before®. THE WEATHERBUG ADVANTAGE • Spark™ LightningAlerts:Using WeatherBug's Total Lightning Network, receiveDangerousThunderstorm Alerts 50% quicker and be prepared for severeweatherconditions. • World's Largest Professional WeatherNetwork:WeatherBug has the largest professional grade weatherstations inNorth America which report hyper-local weatherconditions inreal-time. • 18 Animated Maps: WeatherBug provides themost weathermaps so you have multiple options on what weatherconditions youneed to see. • International Forecasts: Prepare forweather abroadwith WeatherBug's weather forecasts for over 2.6million locationsacross the globe. • Customize Your Weather:Customize your weatherdata to fit your personal needs with theability to rearrangeweather tiles to your liking. • LifestylesForecasts: Customweather forecasts for all your lifestyleactivities such as sportsgames, golf, lawn care, allergies, pollen,outdoors & more.TRACK ANY CONDITION • Alert Notifications:Receive severe weatheralerts from WeatherBug, the NWS & NOAA •Current WeatherConditions: Real-time weather conditions for yourlocal & savedlocations • Detailed Weather Forecasts: Reliablehourly forecasts& 10-day forecasts • Local Pollen Details:Explore local polledand national pollen count & data • LiveDoppler Radar: Dopplerradar animation for precipitation information• Real-Time TrafficConditions: View current traffic conditions tobetter plan your day• Notifications View: See current weatherconditions & receivealerts in your notifications area • PreciseWeather Details: Getwind speed, UV Index, weather observations andmore • WeatherWidgets: Add weather information to your home screenwith weatherwidgets • Hurricane Center: Track hurricanes usingsatellite &radar and see the latest hurricane forecastsCUSTOMIZE YOUR WEATHER• Local Conditions: Access to local weatherconditions, weather map& weather radar • Multi-languageSupport: Get your weather inEnglish, Spanish & Portuguese •Temperature Units: Fahrenheit(°F), Celsius (°C) • Wind Units: MPH,KPH, Knots and MPS • PressureUnits: Inches and millibars CONNECTWITH US • Like us on Facebook -https://www.facebook.com/WeatherBug• Follow us on Twitter [email protected] • Watch our YouTube weatherchannel broadcast -https://www.youtube.com/user/WeatherBugVideo •Subscribe to ourKnow Before blog - http://knowbefore.weatherbug.comBe prepared.Know Before. Download WeatherBug, the best free weatherapp today!This app may include “Interest-Based Ads”(seehttps://www.weatherbug.com/legal/privacy#AC) for moreinformation)and may collect or share “Precise Location Data”(seehttps://www.weatherbug.com/legal/privacy#PLD for moreinformation).
bergfex/Weather App - Forcast Radar Rain & Webcams 1.15
bergfex GmbH
Bergfex Weather App: All Bergfex - Weather forecasts in one appInthis Weather App you get all weather forecasts from theBergfexwebsite for the Alps region (Austria, Germany, Switzerland,Italyand Slovenia), including Mountain weather forecasts. ExclusiveforAustria: 3729 geo located and detailed weather forecasts foralltowns and a large number of mountain weather forecasts.WIDGETINSTALLATION: to be able to add the widget to the homescreen, theapp must be installed on the intern memory and NOT onthe SD-Card.You can move the app to the internal memory byfollowing thesesteps: Settings -> Apps -> Bergfex Weather-> Move tointernal memory What you get in the bergfex WeatherApp: - Favoriteoverview - 9 day forecasts (incl. detailed dailyforecasts) -Temperatures (min./max.) - Rain-/Rainfallradar -Lightning Map -Wind - Precipitation (incl. rain quantity andpossibility) - Sunhours - Precipitation forecast maps - Webcams Theexact forecastsare produced in cooperation with the ZAMG(Zentralanstalt fürMeteorologie und Geodynamik). You get access tothe followingextended contents by upgrading the app with an in-apppurchase(2,99 €): - No ads - Weather radar images for rain/cloudsandtemperature in 15 minute updates (INCA forecast from ZAMG) - 14daywebcam archive with timelapse function - Detailedprecipitationmaps - Short hand forecasts (for all Locations inAustria) -Weather stations for Austria - Regional weather forAustria
Today Weather - Forecast, Radar & Severe Alert 1.3.0-6.071018
So excited Today Weather was chosen as one of @GooglePlay’sBestApps of 2017! ====================== Today Weather is abeautiful& simple-to-use weather app that provides the world'smostaccurate local weather forecasts. Features: ● Displayweatherforecast clearly and easy to understand. ● Enjoy everymoment youopen the app with thousands of beautiful photoscorresponding tothe weather and the day. ● Prepare for anythingwith 24/7 weatherforecast and chance of rain. ● Protect your healthwith airquality, UV index and pollen count. ● Catch the beautifulmomentsof sunrise, sunset, full moon night with providedinformation. ●Other useful information: actual temperature,humidity, visibility,dew point, air pressure, wind speed anddirection. ● Easy to viewweather information anywhere in the world.● Take and share photowith weather information for friend. ●Quick-view weather forecastusing widget. ● Daily weather forecastnotification. ● Alert severeweather. ● Rain alarm. ● Many datasources: Weather Company Data(weather data fromTWC/Weather.com),Accuweather.com,Aerisweather.com, Dark Sky, Yr.no. Helpful tips: ●Scroll down fordetailed weather information. ● Swipe left-to-rightto move betweenlocations. ● Submit your photos to TodayWeather:https://flic.kr/g/wpJ2m
Windy: wind, waves and hurricanes forecast
Windyty SE
Windy (also known as Windyty) is an extraordinary tool forweatherforecast visualization. This fast, intuitive, detailed andmostaccurate weather app is trusted by professionalpilots,paragliders, skydivers, kiters, surfers, boaters, fishermen,stormchasers and weather geeks, and even by governments, armystaffs andrescue teams. Whether you are tracking a tropical stormorpotential severe weather, planning a trip, pursuing yourfavoriteoutdoor sport, or you just need to know if it will rainthisweekend, Windy provides you with the most up-to-dateweatherforecast around. The uniqueness of Windy lies in the factthat itbrings you better quality information than the other weatherapps’pro-features, while our product is absolutely free and evenwithoutads. Powerful, smooth and fluid presentation makesweatherforecasting a real pleasure! All forecast models at onceWindybrings you all the world's leading weather forecastingmodels:global ECMWF and GFS, plus local NEMS and ICON (for Europe)and NAM(for the USA). 35 different weather layers From wind,rain,temperature and pressure to swell or CAPE index, with Windyyouwill have all convenient weather layers just at yourfingertips.Weather radar Available for the USA, Hawaii, Alaska andSouthKorea. Updated every 5 minutes. Map labels Windy lets youdisplayobserved wind and temperature, forecasted weather, airportsaroundthe World, 1500+ paragliding spots or nearby webcams right onthemap. Fully customizable Add your favorite weather layers toquickmenu, customize color palette on any layer, access advancedoptionsin the settings. All that makes Windy the weather geek'stool ofchoice. Website Widgets and API Embed Windy map ordetailedforecast for any location into your website or blog post orbuildyour own app on top of Windy API. Features and data sources ✅Allleading weather forecast models: ECMWF, GFS by NOAA, NEMS andNAM ✅Forecast model comparison - all at once ✅ 35 global weatherlayers✅ Weather radar for the USA, Alaska, Hawaii and South Korea ✅16altitude levels from the surface to 13.5km/FL450 ✅ Metricorimperial (C°, F°, m/s, mph, km/h, kt, bft, m, ft, mm, cm, in,hPa,inHg,) ✅ Detailed forecast for any location (temperature, rainandsnow accumulation, wind speed, wind gusts and wind direction)✅Detailed Airgram and Meteogram ✅ Meteogram: temperature anddewpoint, wind speed and wind gusts, pressure, precipitation,altitudecloud cover ✅ Airgram by Meteoblue, based on the NEMS model(windand waves, wind speed, wind gusts, wind direction,weather,temperature) ✅ Coordinates (lat / lon), Altitude and Timezoneinfo, Sunrise and Sunset time for any location ✅ Customizablelistof Favorite spots (with the option to create e-mail Alertsforupcoming weather conditions) ✅ Nearby weather stations(Real-timeobserved weather - Reported wind direction, wind speedandtemperature) ✅ 50k+ Airports searchable by ICAO andIATA,including runway info, decoded & raw METARs, TAFand NOTAMs ✅1500+ Paragliding spots ✅ Detailed wind and waveforecast for anykiting or surfing spot ✅ Webcams ✅ Tide forecast ✅Surface byMapy.cz or Here Maps imagery ✅ English + 39 other worldlanguages...and many more Get in touch 💬 Join us atcommunity.windy.com todiscuss weather related topics, report a bugor suggest newfeature. Follow us on social media •Facebook:facebook.com/windyforecast • Twitter:twitter.com/windyforecast •YouTube: youtube.com • Instagram:instagram.com/windycommunity
Wetter by t-online.de
Get the new Wetter app on your Android device and receivethecurrent weather conditions and forecasts as well as thesevereweather warnings for over 1.5 million locations worldwide. Upto 15favorite places can be set up to find out news abouttemperatures,wind direction, wind speed, weather forecasts andprecipitationprobability. Our 14,000 weather stations and weathermaps aroundthe world show you the current weather conditionsincluding weatherforecast for over 180 countries. Never besurprised by severeweather or rain: our radar for Germany shows youwhere it rained inthe past 90 minutes, when it will rain in yourlocation and whetherthere is a shower, a storm or a large showerarea. You will beimmediately notified in case of a storm warningfor any of yourfavored locations. Whether you are planning yourholiday, yourweekend or just your next outdoor escape: the weatherreport fromwetter.info will always inform you about the weatherconditions andweather news. The highlights of the Wetter app at aglance: • Thecurrent weather of over 84,000 locations in Germanyand 1.5 millionlocations worldwide • 10 day forecast for alllocations • Accurateweather forecasts by access to approximately14,000 weatherstations worldwide • Weather maps of over 180countries around theworld for today's weather and the weatherforecast for tomorrow andthe day after • Severe weather warningsand storm warnings forGermany and 16 other European countries(including Italy, Spain andFrance) • Rain radar including snow,sleet and hail • WeatherVideos: Daily updated videos from ourmeteorologists with weatherreports, severe weather warnings andstorm warnings for GermanyMore information about the Wetterapp:http://www.t-online.de/wetter/mobil/die-smartphone-app-von-wetter-info-jetzt-mit-unwetterwarnungen/64091102Visitus on https://de-de.facebook.com/wetter.info or send usyourfeedback to [email protected]
Weather XL PRO
Exovoid Sàrl
This is simply the best weather app foryourregion... and the rest of the world.- Gorgeous and realistic animations of weather conditions- See at a glance the next weather condition change- Updated continuously- Accurate hourly forecasts for the next 10 days- Fast, beautiful and simple to use- Detailed forecasts on rain, ice, snow, fog, wind, storm,dewpoint, UV index, humidity, pressure- Highest and lowest historical values- Satellite and radar map animations- Optimized for both phones and tablets- Live Wallpaper- Weather in notification area and temperature in status bar- Great widget for your home screenAnd it’s all free.Try it now !Cities: New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Houston,Philadelphia,Phoenix, San Antonio, San Diego, Dallas, San Jose,Austin and allthe others!
Weather Underground: Forecasts 5.9.4
Weather Underground
The new Weather Underground Android app provides the world'smostaccurate hyper-local weather forecasts in addition tointeractiveradar, satellite maps and severe weather alerts. Poweredby ourunique community of weather enthusiasts reporting live datafromweather stations in their own backyards, this crowd-sourceddatagenerates forecasts targeted to your precise location. What’sNewin Version 5.8 ● Smart Forecasts ● Bug fixes FEATURES ●Statusnotification: instantly view current temperature andconditions ●Current conditions from your local weather stationincludetemperature, feels like, wind speed & direction,humidity, dewpoint, visibility ● 10-day Forecasts (Daily, Hourly) +text summary● Interactive Map showing all the personal weatherstations in yourneighborhood with animated radar, satellite, andmuch more data ●Favorite Locations and Recent Searches ● Crowdreporting ● Light orDark mode ● Switch between Forecast on Demand& NWS Forecast ●National Weather Service Radio ● Health Tile:Monitor air quality,UV risk, & local flu outbreaks ●Customizable Widgets ● Pushnotifications: keep an eye out forextreme weather with severeweather alerts ● Purchase ad freesubscriptions for $1.99 per yearWHAT MAKES THIS WEATHER APPDIFFERENT FROM OTHER APPS? WE FILL INTHE GAPS Our 250,000+ personalweather stations report the mostlocalized weather conditions. Thedata that we collect from ouruser-owned weather stations fills inthe gaps between the airportweather stations that other weatherservices rely upon to generateforecasts - meaning our data isgenerated from actual data pointsin your neighborhood. INTERACTIVEWEATHER & RADAR MAP The mostinteractive weather map on mobileallows you to select fromdifferent weather overlays includingcurrent conditions, animatedradar, satellite, webcams and severeweather. Customize the map byselecting specific data layers orchoose from the various mappresets such as severe alerts. CROWDREPORTING Sky reports let youtell us if the sky conditions we’rereporting are what you'reactually observing. If you see somethingdifferent you can reportthe conditions you're experiencing for thebenefit of other appusers. Hazard reports allow you to report anyhazardous roadconditions you experience to help other people inyour area. ABOUTWEATHER UNDERGROUND Founded in 1995 as the firstonline weatherservice, Weather Underground supplies weather datasolutions to themany of the leading media companies and millions ofusers acrossthe globe through their mobile apps and websitewunderground.com.Weather Underground is part of the Weather Companyand based in SanFrancisco, CA.
The app shows what the weather will be like in the next 10 days,andgives hourly forecasts for your chosen location. — Viewlocalweather forecasts and temperature for your current locationandcheck out the weather in your favorite locations. — Seewhatweather conditions to expect on a daily basis and view theforecastfor the rest of the week. — Use gestures get more localweatherinformation: swipe up on the main screen to see a dailyforecast,swipe right to see hourly air temperature changes, andswipe leftto see wind speed, humidity, and air pressure conditions.— The appoffers home screen and notification panel widgets to helpyouquickly find what you need in Yandex or check thetemperatureoutside. You can change the look and content of thewidgets in theapp settings. — Share your weather information withYandex to helpus provide you with the most accurate weatherforecast. You will beasked to grant several app permissions on yourdevice beforeinstalling Yandex.Weather. Here is what they are for:Identity Syncyour list of favorite locations on Yandex.Weather toother devicesby granting this permission. Location Automaticallyget theforecast for your location by granting this permission.Wi-Ficonnection information You can get the approximate forecastfromYandex.Weather according to your Wi-Fi connection when GPSisunavailable by granting this permission. Device ID &callinformation You can get the approximate forecast for yourlocationbased off the nearest cellphone tower when GPS isunavailable bygranting this permission. Yandex.Weather does notcollectinformation about your phone calls.
Storm Radar with NOAA Weather & Severe Warning
The Weather Channel
The Storm Radar app for Android has thelatesthurricane updates, warnings and alerts with fast-loadingdopplerradar maps so that you and your family can stay informedabout thestorm!Our storm tracking app has a full screen interactive map with8hours of high-definition past to future radar, advanced stormcelltracking, and real-time severe weather alerts allow youtovisualize weather heading your way. Whether you want toviewcurrent weather conditions or daily and hourly forecasts ataglance, they’re all available at a glance on yourAndroiddevice.Get weather like you’ve never seen before with the Storm Radarappfor Android!FEATURES• Radar: High resolution weather radar.• Global Future Radar: 6 hours of cutting-edge,animatedforecasted future radar across land and sea.• Storm Tracks: See detailed analysis of impendingsevereweather, including storm arrival time, strength rating,detailedcomponents of the storm (such as wind, hail, lightning,andtornadoes), the speed and direction of the storm, theprecipitationrate, storm tracker data, and more.• Winter Weather: See 24 hour past snowfallaccumulationestimate.• Hurricanes and Tropical Storms: See historicalandforecasted paths complete with wind speed, strength, arrivaltimesand the cone of uncertainty.• Lightning: View 100 miles of lightning around anygloballocation.• Customizable Data Layers: Earthquakes, severeweatheralerts, local storm reports, temperature andprecipitationoverlays, and more.• Local Storm Reports: Get local weather radar andsevereweather warnings from anywhere in the US and around theglobe,including Miami, Orlando, Chicago, Minneapolis, and StLouis.REAL-TIME WEATHER NOTIFICATIONS• Severe Weather Alerts: Stay ahead of the storm withNationalWeather Service (NWS) government issued severeweatheralerts.• Rain Alerts: Get notified of incoming rain with real-timerainalerts at your GPS location• Lightning Alerts: Know when and where lightning strikes nearyourGPS location with real-time lightning alertsTHE WEATHER CHANNEL ON THE WEB AND SOCIAL MEDIA:Find us at weather.com, like us onfacebook.com/theweatherchannel,and follow us on Twitter andInstagram @weatherchannel.FEEDBACK:We’re always looking to improve our app and appreciateyourfeedback. Please rate and review us in the Google PlayStore.Submit your suggestions to [email protected]:You may be interested in our Privacy Policy, which can befoundhere: http://www.weather.com/common/home/privacy.html and ourTermsof Use, which can be foundhere:http://www.weather.com/common/home/legal.html
Yahoo Weather
The forecast is beautiful.Prepare for your day with the most accurate hourly, 5-day,and10-day forecasts. Stunning Flickr photos match your location,timeof day, and current conditions.Favorite features- Get all the details: wind, pressure, and chanceofprecipitation.- See animated sunrise, sunset, wind, and pressure modules.- Browse interactive maps: radar, satellite, heat, and snow.- Track all your favorite cities and destinations!Helpful tips- Scroll down for detailed weather information.- Tap the plus sign to add up to 20 cities.- Swipe left-to-right to move between locations.- Submit your photos to Yahoo Weather by joining #projectweatheronFlickr.Tell us what you thinkWe are committed to building the best mobile experiences andwouldlove to hear your feedback.Let us know your thoughtshere:[email protected]
Weather forecast 1.41.161
Green Apple Studio
The weather forecast, one of the best weather application onstore,one of the best choose fore you. Weather forecast, whichhasaccurate weather information for anytime and everywhere.Localweather forecast & real time rain, storm, ice &snowreports... By weather information, you can prepare yourplancarefully, you will be successful at work and have better life.Theapplication is very helpful with everybody. Weatherforecastdetects weather in your current location automatically.There aremany information in weather forecast which includesweathercondition, atmospheric pressure, relative humidity,visibilitydistance, precipitation in different unites, dew point,wind speedand direction, in addition to ten days future forecast,also hourlyweather forecast. Real-time temperature, rain, snow,humidity,pressure, wind force and wind direction are all in thisweatherapplication based. Features: - All is free, weekly, daily,hourlyupdate with real time. - Weather forecast for global, forallcountry: United States (US), Canada, Brazil, United Kingdom(UK),Sweden, Denmark, Italy, Germany, France, Portugal, Spain,Mexico,Finland, Norway , Russia, India, Japan, Korea, China,Australia,Vietnam, ... - Weather forecast for all city: Washington,New York,California, San Francisco, Texas, Georgia, Florida,Ottawa, Hawaii,Toronto, Dallas, Nashville, Kansas city, London,Rome, Madrid,Oslo, Paris, Nancy, Dijon, Brest, Marseille, Rennes,Reims,Chamonix, Lyon, Metz, Grenoble,Strasbourg, Berlin,Tokyo,Singapore, Hong Kong, Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh... - Full report.Displaysall information of weather: location time, temperature,atmosphericpressure, weather condition, visibility distance,relativehumidity, precipitation in different unites, dew point,wind speedand direction... - Detect location by GPS and network -Search andmanage multiple locations - Supported notification - Realtimeupdate widget - Today, tomorrow, 3 days later, 7 dayslater.Weather for today, tomorrow’s weather… hourly weather in eachhour.- Weather description: Sunrise Time, Sunset Time,Humidity,Precipitation Probability, Visibility, Wind Speed... -Real timeweather maps & weather radar animations with yourpersonalblizzard & hurricane tracker: Rain, snow, clouds,wind,temperature, Humidity, wave, pressure, current. - View detailofdaily weather and hourly weather. - Chart to manage and viewhourlyand daily weather - Change unit setting: Temperature (C/F),Timeformat (12h/24h), Precipitation (mm, inch), wind speed (km/h,mi/h,m/s), pressure (mmhg, hPa, mbar) Using weather application andgetweather information daily and daily. Download weather forecastforfree and experience. The high-quality weather forecastapplicationacross your Android devices.
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This is pro version:- No ads- Full features- 100% moneybackguarantee, full refund if not satisfied.Hourly weather is oneofbest free weather apps with full features: Local weather,weathermap and weather widgets.Weather map: Local weather radar appfreewith a lot of radar scope: Rain/snow, temperature, pressure,windy,clouds, humidity, waves, … and storm radar.Forecastle:Forecastnow, hourly forecast and daily forecast appWidgets forAndroid: Theweather radar widget free and clock widget weather withbeautifulstyle.Its so easy to receive the weather conditions inyour currentlocation.Weather forecast app provides detailed localforecast& weather forecast world wide, the app provides thecurrenttemperature in Celsius and Fahrenheit, sunrise and sunsettimesaccording to city time zone.Weather report alsoprovidesatmospheric pressure, weather conditions, visibilitydistance,relative humidity, precipitation in different unites, dewpoint,wind speed and direction, in addition to ten days in futureandhourly weather forecast.Realtime temperature, humidity,pressureand wind direction are all in the weather app based.App isusingforecastle tiempo data from darksky api, and has backupwithaccuweather service, ensure second weather live infofromaccuweather, we plan to add backup with service forweatherbug,service for weatherunderground. Current weather channelprovideprediction in minute cast (precise weather inminutes)Features:-The weather channel: temperature, wind, humidity,dew point,precipitation, visibility, pressure, water, sunrisesunset, storm,stormshield, rain alert in one wetter app- Hourly ordailyprediction: we offer 7 days - 10 days info: today’sweather,tomorrow’s weather, … and weather now, hourly weather freein eachhour.- Track the whether in multiple locations- Animatedweatherconditions - see how the weather channel comes alive!-Hourly andweekly forecastle, especially hourly weather item fornext 7 days.-Sunrise time, sunset time, water time- Temperaturefree switchingbetween Celsius and Fahrenheit, auto-detect yourcountry should useCelsius or Fahrenheit for default settings.- Windspeed and winddirection in different units- Wind guru tool: windforecast by windspeed meter, wind finder- 1 day, 10 days futureprediction withaccurate el tiempo, plus tempo data for future hour-Weather widgetand ongoing notification with forecast bar, multipleplace onwidgets- 360 weather alerts: provide local weather alerts 3times aday.- Dont need GPS on big cities, its so easy to getbetterweather New York, better weather usa for you.- Storm warning&notification: Storm radar, storm tracker, tornado warning andrainalarm - Reporting: wind report, the weather news- Auto reloaddatafor notification even app is in underground- Weathernotificationbar: Keeps weather running underground for realtime-Weather bugreport by using our feedback- World weather report, likenewsweather canada, weather UK, weather usa, …- Lot of weatherstationby the national weather service (nws) using our nws weatherappofficial- Noaa weather app free: It’s noaa weather appofficialfrom windyty- Lock screen with info: temp, rain, clouds& clockwidget weatherComing soon:- Multiple services &channels in theweather channel app like: prediction & backupservice forweatherbug and for weather underground, for bbc weather,for yr noand yoweather.- My radar app with runtime forecastle,better noaaradar weather apps, noaa forecast & doppler radarnow.- Noaaweather radio- Sunrise sunset time in each daily weatheritem ofnext 7 days- Sunrise calendar & sunset calendar- Removelogo inthe weather radar map- Weather today with push notification:getthe weather watch even app is stoppedDownload accurateweatherhourly right now to plan your trips! Any suggestion &weatherbug reports are also appreciated !
Australia's favourite weather app, Weatherzone, gives you accesstodetailed observations, 7 Day forecasts, rain radar, BOMwarningsand much more. We use Bureau of Meteorology forecasts, ourin houseOpticast model and our meteorologists to produce accurateforecastsfor Australia and the world. Now featuring gorgeousweatherphotography submitted by you! Visit our website to submityours:http://apps.weatherzone.com.au/-- Key Features Include ---Real-time observations from hundreds of automated weatherstationsacross the country: Temperature, wind speed and direction,dewpoint, relative humidity, pressure and rain since 9 am- 7dayforecasts of minimum, maximum temperature, icon,rainprobability/likely amount and 9am/3pm wind.- Hourlytemperature,chance of rain and wind forecasts in our interactiveviewer. -Real-time weather warnings from the Bureau ofMeteorology-Weatherpulse daily video magazine- Lightning Alerts foryoursuburb- Local and National rain radar, Himawari-8 satelliteandlightning maps- National Video forecast from ourmeteorologists-Warning and Forecast Push Notifications - Gorgeousweatherphotography submitted by you!- Exclusive Australian synopticmap--What are other features of Weatherzone? --- Sunrise andSunsettimes- UV rating and watch times- Pollen Forecast (forcapitalcities except Darwin)- Fire Danger Rating (where available)-Past24hours observations- Month to Date and Almanac- Animatedradarfrom 58 locations around Australia and State and Nationalcompositeradars- Animated satellite of Australia- Multiple Widgets- 4x2,4x1, 2x1 and resizable-- Snow & Ski --- Australia's only14 daysnow forecast - Snow Reports - Snow Cams- Lift Status--Subscriptions --Choose from two subscription options:* Ad Free-AUD$1.99 / Year auto-renewing subscription * Pro - AUD$5.99 /Monthauto-renewing subscriptionSubscriptions are auto-renewablewhichmeans that once purchased it will be auto-renewed every year/month until you cancel it 24 hours prior to the end of thecurrentperiod.-- Brisbane City Council Early Warning Alert--Brisbane CityCouncil has partnered with Weatherzone to provideBrisbaneresidents with free severe weather alerts. The alertsarelocation-based, so you only receive warnings if you maybeimpacted.* -- Who are Weatherzone? --Weatherzone isAustralia'slargest commercial meteorological organisation and usesBureau ofMeteorology and unique internally developed computermodelling toproduce the most accurate forecasts available inAustralia.-- Howis the lightning data sourced? --Lightning strikesare detected bythe Weatherzone Total LightningNetwork(http://business.weatherzone.com.au/products/total-lightning/).Thisis the most advanced lightning detection network inAustralia.Lightning data displayed for consumers is delayed by upto10minutes. For real-time access and alerting please seeourbusiness products: http://business.weatherzone.com.au/-- Wheredoesour data come from? --Our data is sourced from a variety ofsourcesincluding our own lightning detection network, in houseforecastmodels and the Bureau of Meteorology. More details can befoundhere:http://business.weatherzone.com.au/science-and-technology/information-sources/Australian,Weather,Aussie weather, Sydney Weather, Melbourne Weather,BrisbaneWeather.Support:http://help.weatherzone.com.auTerms:http://m.weatherzone.com.au/termsIfyou have a suggestion for newfeatures or content or find a bug,email us [email protected] note: This app featuresNielsen'sproprietary measurement software which will allow you tocontributeto market research or audience ratings services. Pleaseseewww.nielsen.com/digitalprivacy for more information.
Awesome Weather - YoWindow 2.7.36
YoWindow is an unique new weather app. The magic of YoWindow isaliving landscape that reflects your actual weather. Forinstance,if it's raining - it rains in YoWindow. The sunset and thesunrisein YoWindow happens at exactly the same time as in reallife. Butthe great thing is you can scroll the time forward. Justswipe thescreen and you will see how the weather is going tochangethroughout the day. Simple! All the weather at yourfingertips. Yousee the current weather, the forecast for today andfor severaldays ahead. Beautiful! State of the art landscapeschange dependingon the season. The artwork is designed down to thesmallest detail.Choose a landscape that fits best for your area.Handy! YoWindow isa window in your pocket =) The weather forecastis provided byyr.no and NWS - the leading meteorologicalorganizations. Watchweather with pleasure! YoWindow team.
Morecast™ - Weather Forecast with Radar & Widget 4.0.5
Morecast™ - Weather Forecast with Radar & Widget isyourpersonal weather companion, that helps you prepare forupcomingHeat, Wind, Rain, Snow Storms and other severe weatherconditionsin USA and abroad. TOP FEATURES ► Pinpoint WeatherPrecise weatherforecasts are available at a street-level accuracyfor your currentlocation or favorite locations, including weatherin New York, SanFrancisco, Chicago or Los Angeles for instance. ►Doppler RadarVisualize by the minute precipitation on our weatherforecast map.Weather radar shows snow, rain, temperature orlightning layers inreal time. ► Customizable Weather Widget Getautomatic weatherupdates on your home screen with our beautifulwidgets. Viewcurrent weather in your current location, in New York,SanFrancisco, Chicago, Los Angeles or any other location. ►Navigationwith On-Route Weather MORECAST™ offers a brilliantnavigationfeature to help you decide on the best route aroundweatherconditions. ► Compare Compare weather for twolocationsside-by-side, so you can always make the best decision. ►LiveWebcams Preview live weather situations around the worldbychoosing from thousands of global webcams. ► Weather community Beapart of our great weather community and share your weathermomentswith fellow Morecasters. ► Weather Graphs Visualize anyweathersituation in our easy to use interface with detailedhyper-localweather forecast in 24 hour, 3 day, 7 day and 14 daygraphs.WEATHER FORECAST DATA 1. Temperature: in °F or °C for thecurrenttemperature, daily maximum and minimum and hourly forecasts2.Wind: Wind direction and wind speed in mph, km/h or knots3.Precipitation: By the minute precipitation, storm tracker withrainand snow probability and amount in inches, mm or l/m² 4.Humidity:By the hour in % 5. Cloud coverage: Actual and forecastedcloudcoverage in % on graphs 6. Sunshine Duration: The amountofsunshine for today and the next 7 days 7. UV index: Hourly UVindexinfo 8. Sunrise and sunset: Times for the next 3 days 9.Airpressure: In hPa by the hour and for the next 7 days WHATMAKESMORECAST™ UNIQUE? MORECAST™ is an advanced Android Weather AppwithDoppler Weather Radar providing comprehensive weather forecastdataby combining data from the local national weather services andfromthe MORECAST™ Data Centers. We ensure you have the highestqualityof meteorological data available, in order to alert you ofupcomingStorms, Heavy Snowfall, Rain or Extreme Heat. MORECAST™alsofeatures community of avid users posting thousandsinterestingweather-related postings every day. This free Androidapp includesthe normally paid for features such as hourly weatherforecasts,detailed weather radar, active user community, navigationweather,Android widgets, and webcams. App is fully localized to USEnglish.MORECAST™ is backed by global weather forecasting dataintegratingmore than 28,000 weather stations, radars all over theworld,global satellite data and proprietary MORECAST™ 3Dlightningdetection technology. AD-FREE VERSION Enjoy the ad-freeversion ofour premium weather app. Purchase now for USD 3.15 /Year!PRIVACY Please find important links below: - PrivacyPolicy:https://morecast.com/static/doc/PrivacyPolicy.pdf - Terms ofUse:http://morecast.com/content/uploads/2015/07/US.pdf FEEDBACKANDSUPPORT Please share your feedback and ideas directly with [email protected] FOLLOW US ‣Facebookhttps://www.facebook.com/morecast ‣Twitterhttps://twitter.com/morecast ‣Instagramhttps://instagram.com/morecast/ MORE INFO For moreinformationabout Morecast™ - Weather Forecast with Radar &Widget visit:www.morecast.com
AccuWeather: Weather Forecast & Real Time Reports
Local weather forecast & real timerain,storm, ice & snow reports: enjoy Superior Accuracy™whereveryou are with AccuWeather.Track severe winter weather with weather radar maps, realtimeweather alerts & the AccuWeather hurricane tracker feature.Getyour holiday weather forecast: plan any journey with precisionandconfidence. Never get caught in the rain again.TOP FEATURES:• Track local weather conditions with real time updates, thelatestweather maps & local weather alerts.• Plan travel with MinuteCast®: rain, snow & iceforecasts,displayed minute-by-minute for the next two hours,hyper-localizedto your exact location.• Track Temperature with RealFeel Temperature®: AccuWeather’suniqueweather widget shows you not only the temperature inFahrenheit orCelsius, but how warm or cold it actually feelsoutside.• Avoid winter snow & road ice with certainty & getyouraccurate holiday weather forecast.• View real time weather maps & weather radar animationswithyour personal blizzard & hurricane tracker. Stay out ofthestorm with pushed severe weather alerts.Track conditions wherever you are: get weather maps, weatherradar,blizzard reports & the AccuWeather hurricanetracker.AccuWeather lets you personalize your weather forecast anyway youwant, anywhere you are in the world in 33 differentlanguages,Fahrenheit or Celsius.• View your Daily Snapshot weather widget when you open the appandfind out at-a-glance what you can expect from the day’sconditions,from wind speed to humidity.• Scroll through your Local Forecast Summary to get your conciseandprecise weather forecast for the next two weeks, so you canplanyour weekends around holiday weather.• Customize your AccuWeather weather widget interface:settemperature in Fahrenheit or Celsius, & hide the detailsthataren’t relevant to you.• Weather reporting & community come together withAccUcast®:share your winter blizzard or summer storm reports &help tokeep other users safe from hazardous conditions.• Watch top-trending weather videos from AccuWeather’s very ownnewsteam.• Enjoy full Android Wear™support: receive MinuteCast®,RealFeelTemperature®, current conditions details & severeweathernotifications straight to your smartphone or tablet.Download AccuWeather for free and experience theaward-winningSuperior Accuracy™ that comes from high-qualityweather forecastingacross your Android devices.
NOAA Weather Radar & Alerts 1.17
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Get a powerful yet easy-to-use weather station right on yourdevicewith Weather Radar & Alerts. Real-time animated weatherradarimages on a highly interactive map enhanced with severeweatherwarnings provide accurate weather forecasts that willprevent badweather from taking you by surprise. The app reflectsthe real-timeweather conditions and provides you with the detailedmeteoinformation you need to know: current and "Feels Like"temperature,the chance of precipitation and humidity info, windspeed and winddirection, pressure changes and more. Customize yourweather reportaccording to your taste – choose the information youwould like toreceive! Take a look at current weather conditions ortake the mostof the top-notch functionality of the weather radar.Get a pushnotification whenever an alert is issued (tornadoes,floodwarnings, snow storms, and more) without opening the app!Real-timeanimated meteo radar on a highly interactive terrain orsatellitemap enhanced with severe weather warnings and alerts willmeet theneeds of even the most demanding users. Rainy, snowy,stormy orcloudy weather, you’ll be prepared for it all! Short-term(24-hour)and long-term (7-day) weather forecast for any location.Units ofmeasurement: 🌟 Pressure in inches, mm, kPa or mbar,🌟Fahrenheit/Celsius and Miles/Kilometers, 🌟 Wind speed in mph,km/h,m/s, knots, Beaufort. World Weather Map: 🚩 Explore the weatheronan interactive map. Weather icons will let you know what thelocaltemperature is throughout the world. Tap on them to getmoredetails. Easy location search: 🚩 Toggle between cities and spyonweather in other parts of the world. Bookmarked locations willhelpyou quickly switch to your favorite spots, check today’sweather orfind out the forecast for tomorrow. Radar, Satellite andRainoverlays: 🚩 Get real-time snow and rain tracking,mixedprecipitation data, and cloud cover in high resolution andvividcolors. Customizable overlays: 🚩 Choose background maps andthenumber of frames; adjust opacity and loop speed for theoverlays.Resizable widget: 🚩 Add a nice customizable widget to yourscreenand get the live-updated weather information you want toknowwithout opening the app. More handy options for the bestuserexperience! National Weather Service watches and warnings areshownon the map as interactive warning boxes highlightingtheterritories they're active for. Tap any to get the card withthefull alert text. Coverage Info: Currently radar imagesareavailable in selected countries only: USA (includingAlaska,Hawaii, and Puerto Rico), Canada, Australia, UK, Ireland,Germany,France, the Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg,Liechtenstein,Switzerland, Italy (western), Denmark (southeast),Poland(western), Czech Republic, Austria (northwestern), Japan.Rain map,satellite images, and detailed weather info is availableworldwide.By downloading this application, you agree to the ApalonApps EndUser License Agreement and Privacy Policy. You can choosefromdifferent subscription options. * A subscription with a freetrialwill automatically renew to a paid subscription unless youcancelthe subscription before the end of the free trial period. *Cancela free trial or subscription anytime through your accountsettingson the Google Play Store and continue to enjoy the premiumcontentuntil the end of the free-trial period or paid subscription!GoPremium and get some nice extra features: ♛ Alerts forunlimitednumber of saved locations; ♛ Hurricane tracker for thewholeduration of your plan; ♛ Ad-free! PrivacyPolicy:http://apalon.com/privacy_policy.htmlEULA:http://www.apalon.com/terms_of_use.htmlAdChoices:http://www.apalon.com/privacy_policy.html#4
Météo Marine 4.3.0
METEO CONSULT, the leading independent weather forecast providerandmarine weather specialist, provides free forecasts developedandcontrolled by experienced meteorologists. Whether you are aboater,skipper, surfer, kite surfer, diver or a fisher, you willfind allthe forecasts you need in this app! • FORECASTS Liveforecasts and15-day forecasts over a dozen parameters >>Thousands of zonesand spots in France and Europe: coastal areas,ports, anchorages,gliding spots, beaches and coves, diving andfishing spots andinterior spots. Choose yours! >> Comparethe forecasts of themost visited weather sources in France to helpyou decide >>Compare the weather of several spots if you arenot sure about yourdestination >> Create your own spots andshare them with yourfriends and family • TIDES Easily consult thecoefficients, heightsand times of the tides • INTERACTIVE MAPSwith forecasts andwarnings in case of gales and storms •SEMAPHORES and REPORTS>> Hour-by-hour survey of more than300 buoys and beacons inFrance and Europe >> Are you at sea?Share your observationswith other members of the community •FAVOURITES access yourfavourite marine zones and bulletins with asingle click, andsynchronize your favourites with the ones youhave on the METEOCONSULT Marine website. • NOTIFICATIONS : setcustom alerts vianotifications • VIDEOS >> Bulletins updatedup to three timesa day and commented by our expert forecasters>> Satelliteanimations and precipitation radars
Weather Crave 6.1.4
Finally a weather application with the expertise ofrealmeterologists. Find your forecasts, rain forecasts, videos,aweather comparison too,…. You won't be able to do without it:wewarned you! For comprehensive and free forecasts in France,theoverseas French territories, but also in Europe and over theworld,as well as innovative and exclusive functions, follow theguide....;-) • DISCOVER THE NO.1 WEATHER COMPARISON SERVICE INFRANCE!Weather Crave makes your life easier: view, on a singlescreen, theforecast for the 3 most popular weather models inFrance: Sources:METEO CONSULT Météo-France NOAA (USA) • PERSONALISEYOUR HOMESCREEN WITH YOUR FAVOURITE CONTENT! • VIEW YOUR FORECASTSLIVE,OVER A QUARTER OF AN HOUR THEN THE NEAREST HOUR Cap orumbrella?You won't need to ask any more thanks to Météo Live whichgives youthe probability of rain in the next quarter of an hour! •WITHSEVERAL HUNDRED MAPS AT YOUR DISPOSAL, YOU CAN GO ANYWHERE INTHEWORLD National, regional and département-level maps, as wellasones for French overseas territories and countries throughouttheworld • NOTIFICATIONS • BECOME A REPORTER FOR LA CHAINEMETEOShare, view and access photos and contributions posted on theappand Weather Crave website for any location worldwide. • SHAREYOURCONTENT Share your content with family and friends, eitherviaemail, on Facebook or on Twitter. • OPTION FOR WEATHER FANS: -LaChaîne Météo VIP, for an "ad-free" app To get these option, gotothe MENU •CHANCE OF RAIN NEW FEATURES of the 5.6.0 version Doyouknow about the “Observations” section? With this update,discoveror rediscover this section which is now called “Chance ofrain.” Weworked on the quality of the images displayed and theperformanceof the player to offer you more fluid observations. Andnow, thisobservations video is enriched with “now casting” radarimages tovisualize the chances of precipitation over the next 90minutes,which has never been done before! Another new feature ofthisversion, the widget now shows six hours of forecast in additiontothe live weather, and can be re-sized to your preferences.Whatmore could you need? Weather Crave : the ultimateweatherinformation service
ForecaWeather 3.1.7
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ForecaWeather provides current conditions, 10 day weatherforecastsand weather animations for any location world-wide. Youcan choosefrom over 140.000 hand picked locations or you canretrieveforecasts for your current location using your phone's GPS.
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The weather forecast is a beautiful and free app. Update yourlocalweather with icons come alive for all weather conditions.Theweather channel is a very useful application foreverybody,designed to be as simple, easy to use. Update localweather whereyou live so quickly and easily. With just a few clicksyou cancheck the weather for today: temperature, precipitation,humidity,UV index...; the weather forecast tomorrow; forecast forthe next 3days; and forecast for the next week. This free appaccuratelyforecasts local weather: sunshine, rain, temperature,humidity, UVindex, etc. for each minute and each specific location.Weatherapplications show real climate states in hourly, daily. Youcancheck out is seeing what's the weather today! THE WEATHERCHANNELFEATURES - Updated weather forecast information freeaccuratedaily, weekly. - Accurate precipitation forecasts for eachlocalityand region around the world, including rainfall, intensity,windpressure, etc. - Weather forecast for today, tomorrow, the next3days, even extended the weather forecast of the next 10 days intheprovinces /cities of countries around the world such asCanada,United States, United Kingdom, Sweden , Denmark, Italy,Germany,France, Portugal, Spain, Finland, Norway, Japan, Korea,China,Vietnam, ... - Weather forecast channel displays theinformation:Temperature, humidity, fog, sunshine, rain, UV index,wind symbol,pressure, sunrise /sunset. - Warning of extreme weatherconditionsin the current locations such as ice, snow, thunder,lightning,hail, etc. - Weather forecast has beautiful widgets,animationssuitable for all phones and great experiences on alltablets andsmartphones from Android - Live weather forecast forfree, itprovides interstate travel weather forecasts, cities,countries inthe world. - Automatically detects your location andretrieves thelatest weather conditions for your current location. -Weathernotifications in status bar can help you better plan yourday andyour travels with weather warnings and alerts updates. - Addandtrack weather forecast for all your favorite citiesanddestinations: Washington, New York, Ottawa, London, Rome,Madrid,Oslo, Paris, Berlin, Tokyo, Singapore, ... - Stay update thelatestweather forecast channel for your phone. You can shareweather appsand invite your friends on Facebook using the weatherchannel. -The app and the weather data is available in over 30languages
1Weather:Widget Forecast Radar
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1Weather meets all your weather needs inasimple, beautiful package.Track and view weather forecasts and current conditions for“MyLocation” to get real-time updates wherever you go, or addanylocation you choose.Whether you want to check the temperature, precipitationforecast,Doppler radar, or simply keep up with the current phasesof the sunand moon, 1Weather has you covered. Plus, it’soutstanding design,makes getting your weather info both easy andfun. Why wait? Make1Weather your weather today.REVIEWS SPOTLIGHT:"#1 Best Weather App for Android” – Phandroid
“Top 25 apps you should download right now” – CNN Tech
"The Most Attractive, Feature-Packed Android Weather App We’veEverSeen" – Lifehacker
“The most beautiful weather app we’ve ever seen” –AndroidPoliceFeatures include:Track current conditions and forecasts for your location and upto12 locations of your choosing. Access graphs,precipitationforecast, maps, weather facts and videos, and SevereWeather Alerts(U.S. only) from the National Weather Service (NWS).Easily shareweather conditions with your friends via email andsocial media.See below for more detailed info:Current Conditions:Feels like Temperature, Wind Speed, Visibility, Humidity, UVIndex,Barometric Pressure, Dew Point, Percentage Chance ofPrecipitationfor the Next Hour (POP)Forecasts:Hourly – 2 day / 48 HourDetailed – 1.5 days, detailedExtended – 10 days12 Week – a 1Weather app exclusive, the 12 Week PRECISONCASTfromrenowned meteorologist Gary Lezak. A must for planningweddings,vacations, reunions, parties, and other outdoor events!Featuresvideo and text forecasts.Graphs:7 hours of temperature highs and percent chanceofprecipitation1 week of temperatures highs and lows percent chanceofprecipitationPrecipitation Forecast:7-day percentage chanceMaps:Fullscreen mode with ZoomTerrain, and Satellite map viewsWeather Layers:Radar, Clouds, Severe WeatherSun & Moon:Track Sunrise and Sunset TimeLunar (Moon) PhasesTool Tips - by long pressing icons receive tool tips formoreinfoNotifications:Current conditions, rich notification and sever weather alertswithoptional sound/flashAppearance:Live weather background, dynamic photo backgrounds (Dogs,cats,cars, sports and more), or create your own custombackgroundLanguages:Catala, Cestina, Dansk, Deutsch, English (US), Espanol,Esperanto,Francais, Hrvatski, Italiano, Magyar, Nederlands, Norsk,Polski,Portugues (Portugal), Romana, Slovencina, Slovenscina,Suomi,Svenska, Turkce, Japanese, Korean, Simplified Chinese,TraditionalChinese, and moreTemperature Units:Fahrenheit (*F), Celsius (*C)Wind Units:Miles per hour (mph), Kilometers per hour (km/h), Meters persecond(m/s), Knots (kn), Beaufort scalePressure Units: Inches of Mercury (“), Millibars (mb),Millimetersof Mercury (mm), Atmosphere (atm), Kilopascal(kPa)Distance Units: Miles, KilometersDon’t wait any longer. Make 1Weather your weather today.
APE Weather ( Live Forecast)
Get weather in real time as well as air pressure and wind speedDonot be surprised by the weather anymore and plan your dayquietly.Main features : Weather information of the day up to 5 daysRealtime updated weather information About 220 000 cities aroundtheworld Notification for daily weather information and alertforweather change Beautiful interface with background animationandsound according to the weather New feature : you canapplydifferent theme to customize your experience
Weather & Radar - Free 4.39.0
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Key Features of Weather & Radar’s free app: • Hourly anddailyweather forecast • 14-day weather outlook • Worldwide liveweatherradar • Coastal water temperatures • Ski and winter sportinfo •Weather Widget 🌞 Weather App Be up to date at all timeswithWeather & Radar’s free app! Always know whether the sunwill beout, a thunderstorm is approaching, if it’ll rain, hail orsnow.The weather app will accurately display current weatherconditionsfor your exact position in the US and any furtherlocationworldwide. 🌦 Weather Forecast Everything about the weatherat aglance! The latest specifics on temperature, rain, probabilityofprecipitation, snow, wind, sunshine hours, sunrise andsunsettimes. Detailed displays of air pressure, humidity levelsandUV-Index. Plan further ahead with the 14-day weatheroutlookfeature. ☔ WeatherRadar More than just your standard rainradar!See the latest enhanced radar map, which includes areas ofcloudcover, sunshine, rainfall, snowfall, hail, thunderstorms,andlightning strikes. This feature allows you to seemeteorologicalconditions for various locations at once. Whetheryou’re in NewYork, Los Angeles, Washington DC or Miami, trace themovement ofcloud formations, weather fronts and active storms, tosee, if theywill hit or bypass your location. 🌞 Weather Widget Thewidgetdisplays weather information for your current location in acompactformat on the home screen of your device. Choose from 4differentwidget formats and scale it according to your preference.🌊 CoastalWater Temperatures Live near the sea? You can rely onWeather &Radar's free app to see water temperatures for coastalareas. ❄Snow info / Winter Sports Planning a last-minute ski trip?Weather& Radar will tell you where the snow is! Access all skiandother winter sport info for various locations in North AmericaandEurope. 🌎 World Weather You can rely on Weather & Radar’sfreeapp for everything from timing your walks to dodge thoseshowers,to planning outdoor projects, activities and events.Scheduling atrip or have a family member in another country? Saveany locationand see current conditions for any number of globallocations atonce. World weather at your fingertips! ⭐ Weather &RadarPremium Benefits of in-app purchases: • Highest zoom level intheWeatherRadar (Europe only) • WeatherRadar data availablein5-minute intervals (Europe only) • No ads Should you haveanyqueries or comments, kindly contact us [email protected]
Transparent clock & weather 1.41.51
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Check the weather for today or tomorrow easily withTransparentClock & Weather. Get accurate local and worldwideweatherforecast for the next 10 days and plan your days, weekendsandholidays with ease. Use our beautiful transparent weather andclockwidgets and get instant weather updates directly on yourhomescreen. Launch the weather app for extended forecast,usefulweather details, graphs and much more. The weather appfeatures thefollowing: • Easy to use weather layout - The weatherapp uses alayout which provides the most important weatherinformation at aglance, using easy to read graphs and beautifulbackgrounds thatshow the current weather conditions, whether it isday or night •Keep track of your current location - the weather appcan keeptrack of your current location and update the weather asyou travel• Keep track of the weather for up to 10 locationsworldwide. Theweather app can provide you with live weather updatesfor any placeacross the globe • Current temperature, weathercondition, weathericon, feels like temperature and day high and lowtemperatures •Atmospheric pressure, wind speed, wind direction,visibility,humidity, dew point, heat index and wind chill • Weatherforecastfor the next 10 days • Weather forecast for the next 12hours(temperature, rain and snow precipitation, wind, heat indexandhumidity) • Heat stroke warnings and alerts • Sunrise time&sunset time • Moonrise, moonset, moon phase and major upcomingmoonphases • Extended daily and hourly graphs fortemperature,precipitation, wind, pressure and humidity • Extendedhourlyweather forecast (for up to 72 hours) • Extended dayweatherforecast (for up to 10 days) • Weather radar • Support ofdifferentweather providers for the most accurate weatherTransparent clock& weather and clock widgets • Extremelylightweight - Ourweather and clock widgets are extremely light onthe battery • Manysizes - 2x1, 4x1, 4x2, 4x3 and can also beresized to match yourdesktop • Many flavors - There are widgetswith current weatherconditions, the time and weather, 5 day weatherforecast, hourlyforecast, and more • Useful information - Somewidgets can displayuseful information such as the next calendarevent, the next alarm,the battery level, free storage and memoryand more. • Hot spots -Launch your favorite apps (calendar, clockand alarms and more)directly from our weather widgets • Fullycustomizable - Change thebackground color and transparency, theweather icons, the fonts andtext colors, hot spots and more Weatheralerts and temperaturenotifications • Weather alerts - Get notifiedin advance for bad orundesirable weather conditions with detailedweather forecasts andweather alerts. Customize the appearance andsound notifications ofweather alerts as you like and stay updatedwith the latest changesin local weather conditions • Temperaturenotification - Keep trackof the current temperature at any timefrom the status bar or lockscreen • Hour change chime - Monitorhour changes with the hourchange notification and customize it withyour favorite sound.Download Transparent clock & weather andget your free personalweather channel. Plan your daily activities,weekends and holidayswith ease and never let bad weather spoil yourplans ever again.SAY HELLO! We are constantly working hard onmaking the app betterand more useful for you. Your feedback isvaluable to us so feelfree to email us for any questions,suggestions, requests orproblems. If you like Transparent Clock& Weather, make sure torate us and tell your friends about it.Website:http://www.machapp.netFacebook:https://www.facebook.com/transparentclockweatherF.A.Q.:http://machapp.net/faq.html
FMI Weather 1.1.10
Ilmatieteen laitos
Can we catch some sun an hour from now? Will it rain in Romenextweek? Is it slippery in Salo? The FinnishMeteorologicalInstitute's weather service gives up to 10 dayforecasts for over17,000 locations in Finland and for thousands ofdestinationsabroad. If your phone tracking is enabled, the servicewillautomatically show the weather data and warnings for yourlocationin Finland. You can save your favourite location in theservice.Will it rain an hour from now? You can easily check theservice forthe probability of rain and the rainfall forecast. Nowyour weatherobservations can be easily reported to us using theWeather app.Features of the WEATHER service: -weather forecasts forover 17,000localities in Finland and major destinations abroad,-10-dayforecasts, -an hour-by-hour weather forecast for the next 48hours,-warnings in Finland updated 7 times a day, -warningsforindividual localities in Finland and abroad, -weatherobservationsin Finland, -probability of rain, -rainfall, -winddirection andspeed, -times for sunrise and sunset, -'Feels like'temperature,-no advertisements.
WINDY APP: wind forecast & marine weather 5.4.2
Windy Weather World Inc
WINDY - wind, waves and weather forecast app forsurfers,kitesurfers, windsurfers and sailors. FEATURES: ✔ Windreport,forecast and statistics: wind compass, wind map, wind speedmeter,wind gusts and wind directions. It’s very useful for extremewindsports. ✔ Weather history (archive) for 2012-2017: view winddata,temperature (day and night) and atmospheric pressure.Weatherarchive will help you to choose the best month for travel tothespot. ✔ Local forecast from NOAA: temperature inCelsius,Fahrenheit and Kelvin, humidity, wind speed, precipitation(rainand snow). Forecast for 10 days with 3 hours step in metricorimperial units: m/s (mps), mph, km/h, knt (knout), bft(beaufort),m, ft, mm, cm, in, hPa, inHg. NOAA is a National OceanicandAtmospheric Administration / National Weather Service (nws). ✔Waveforecast: ocean or sea conditions, ocean waves and sea swell✔Animated wind tracker: weather radar for sailing, yachtingandkiting in light wind ✔ Beautiful weather widget ✔ Wind alerts:Setup wind/weather alerts and be aware of wind, storm andtornadowarning via push-notifications ✔ Hurricane and stormtracker: a mapof tropical cyclones (tropical storms, hurricanes,typhoons) aroundthe globe ✔ Free nautical charts map: view waterdepth, tides,currents and buoy data ✔ Cloud base/Dewpoint (dewpoint) data:necessary weather information for pleasant paragliding✔ Spots:over 30.000 spots sorted and located by the type and area.Add yourspots to favorites. ✔ Spot chats. Got anemometer? Shareinfo aboutweather conditions and wind direction in the chat from akite spot.✔ Community: exchange weather reports on the spot. Wantto be alocal/spot leader? Email us the name of your [email protected] we will create a chat for it. PERFECTFOR:• Kitesurfing (kitesurf) • Windsurfing (wind surf) • Surfing•Sailing • Yachting • Paragliding • Fishing • Snowkiting •Skydiving• Kayaking • Wakeboarding • Cycling • Hunting (hunt) •Golf COMINGSOON: ○ Actual data from weather stations ○ Higherresolution andactual forecast from WRF, NAM and NOAA weather ○Tides, waterconditions (flat, chop and so on) ○ Surface pressureand wind chill○ Chats for private messaging and private chats forkiteboardingand windsurfing schools, kite repair and rental ○ Windenergy andwind blowing info ○ Spot voting and ratio ○ Air pressureforfishing ○ Offline forecast for yachting ○ Hurricanes, cyclonesandtyphoons notifications Already a WINDY fan? FOLLOW US ON:Facebook:https://www.facebook.com/windyapp.coTwitter:https://twitter.com/windyapp_co Any questions, feedback orbusinessinquiries? CONTACT US: via email: [email protected] orvisitour website: https://windyapp.co Like WINDY app? Rate itandrecommend to your friends! Let the wind force be with you!
Weather Forecast 9.4
Best App - Top Droid Team
Weather forecast is excellent, easy app, it updating withtheweather conditions. With one click to enable location andyoureceive the weather condition in your current location.Weatherprovides detailed current weather forecast and weatherobservationfor all world locations, Weather forecast searches foryour addressautomatically, and provides the current temperature inCelsius andFahrenheit, sunrise and sunset times according to citytime zone.Weather forecast also provides current atmosphericpressure,weather condition, visibility distance, relativehumidity,precipitation in different unites, dew point, wind speedanddirection, in addition to ten days future forecast andhourlyweather forecast. Realtime temperature, humidity, pressure,windforce and wind direction are all in this weather app based. Theappgive you a very simple user interface, easy to see all weatherinfoby a touch. FEATURES - Various weather information:temperature,wind, humidity, dew point, precipitation, visibility,pressure,sunrise, sunset - View weather information at multiplelocations -Hourly or daily. we offer 7 days - 10 days info: today’sweather,tomorrow’s weather, … and hourly weather in each hour. -Weathersupports geo-positioning, retrieving the latest weatherconditionsfor your current location - An option to manually addyourlocation. Automatic location detection by network and GPS. -Addand track the weather conditions in multiple locations -Animatedweather conditions - see how the weather comes alive! -Hourly andweekly forecasts - Temperature: switch between CelsiusandFahrenheit - You can allow and disable the notifications -Currentweather condition without needing to add manually -Atmosphericpressure in many different units - Wind speed anddirection indifferent units - 1 day, 10 days future forecast andhourly weatherforecast. - Sunset and Sunrise times. - Sharesweather, locationinformation with friends. - Display weatherforecast or moon phase- Localized to most of the world languages. -Chart graphs forhourly weather forecast and daily weather forecast- Weather widgetand ongoing notification, multiple location onwidget - Option toset lock screen with live weather information -Give right weathereven GPS is not enabled, awesome! - If you areliving in big citylike New York, London you don’t need to enableGPS, the app candetect right location over network and give exactlyinfo suchcities, in this case giving exact info for weather NewYork,weather London. Otherwise if you see the app does not detectrightlocation please enable GPS. - Easy to update your locationwhen youmoving, both network and GPS supported Coming soon: -Weather radarand radar NOAA This is the second generation of ourweather app andit will be kept updating frequently, the old versionwas deprecatedand not be maintained anymore so please download thisversioninstead. Enjoying your live with our weather channels, thankyou!More information, contact us: [email protected]
Weather 3.2
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Weather report is one of best free weather apps with fullfeatures:Local weather, weather map (windyty weather map service)andweather widgets. Weather map: Local weather radar app free withalot of radar scope: Rain/snow, temperature, pressure,windy,clouds, humidity, waves, … and storm radar. Forecastle:Forecastnow, hourly forecast and daily forecast app Widgets forAndroid:The weather radar widget free and clock widget weatherwithbeautiful style for Android & also included style fromtheweather app for iPhone. Its never easier than before to receivetheweather conditions in your current location. Weather forecastappprovides detailed local forecast & weather forecast worldwide,the app provides the current temperature in Celsius andFahrenheit,sunrise and sunset times according to city time zone.Weatherreport also provides atmospheric pressure, weatherconditions,visibility distance, relative humidity, precipitation indifferentunites, dew point, wind speed and direction, in additionto tendays in future and hourly weather forecast. Realtimetemperature,humidity, pressure and wind direction are all in theweather appbased. App is using forecastle tiempo data from darkskyapi, andhas backup with accuweather service, ensure second weatherliveinfo from accuweather, we plan to add backup with serviceforweatherbug, service for weatherunderground. Current weatherchannelprovide prediction in minute cast (precise weather inminutes)Features: - The weather channel: temperature, wind,humidity, dewpoint, precipitation, visibility, pressure, water,sunrise sunset,storm, stormshield, rain alert in one wetter app -Hourly or dailyprediction: we offer 7 days - 10 days info: today’sweather,tomorrow’s weather, … and weather now, hourly weather freein eachhour. - Track the whether in multiple locations - Animatedweatherconditions - see how the weather channel comes alive! -Hourly andweekly forecastle, especially hourly weather item fornext 7 days.- Sunrise time, sunset time, water time - Temperaturefreeswitching between Celsius and Fahrenheit, auto-detect yourcountryshould use Celsius or Fahrenheit for default settings. -Wind speedand wind direction in different units - Wind guru tool:windforecast by wind speed meter, wind finder - 1 day, 10 daysfutureprediction with accurate el tiempo, plus tempo data forfuture hour- Weather widget and ongoing notification with forecastbar,multiple place on widgets - 360 weather alerts: providelocalweather alerts 3 times a day. - Dont need GPS on big cities,its soeasy to get better weather New York, better weather usa foryou. -Storm warning & notification: Storm radar, stormtracker,tornado warning and rain alarm - Reporting: wind report,theweather news - Auto reload data for notification even app isinunderground - Weather notification bar: Keeps weatherrunningunderground for realtime - Weather bug report by using ourfeedback- World weather report, like news weather canada, weatherUK,weather usa, … - Lot of weather station by the nationalweatherservice (nws) using our nws weather app official - Noaaweather appfree: It’s noaa weather app official from windyty - Lockscreenwith info: temp, rain, clouds & clock widget weatherComingsoon: - More acurite weather app - Style for apple weather-Multiple services & channels in the weather channel applike:prediction & backup service for weatherbug and forweatherunderground - My radar app with runtime forecastle, betternoaaradar weather apps, noaa forecast & doppler radar now. -Noaaweather radio - Sunrise sunset time in each daily weather itemofnext 7 days - Sunrise calendar & sunset calendar - Removelogoin the weather radar map - Weather today with pushnotification:get the weather watch even app is stopped Downloadaccurate weatherreport right now to plan for all your work andmoving! Anysuggestion & weather bug reports are alsoappreciated !
Adapted from a professional weather broadcast tool used byTVpresenters around the world, and created by MeteoGroup,Europe’sleading private weather company; MeteoEarth truly bringstheweather to life using high-end gaming technology andextraordinarygraphics. Discover our extraordinary planet’s weathertoday! •Explore Earth using simple finger commands to zoom in, out,andaround a 3D globe • Pause, rewind and move forward in timefor24-hour weather forecast • Save an unlimited number offavouritelocations anywhere in the world • Choose and combinemultipleweather layers to display cloud cover, precipitation,wind,pressure, etc. • Track hurricanes and typhoons with thestormtracker • Access thousands of live weather webcams coveringpopulardestinations around the world • Switch to climate view andcheckthe weather in a holiday destination at any time of the year•Connectivity to your TV via MiraCast/Chromecast – MeteoEarthandthe big screen are made for each other! We also offer apremiumservice! Choose the MeteoEarth Premium option for extended5-dayweather forecast and the option of checking wind conditions atanyaltitude right up to the Jetstream. One subscription coversPremiumservices on MeteoEarth, AlertsPro and WeatherPro. Thepremiumsubscription also gives users a better viewing experiencebyremoving all ads. We included ads in the free version to offerourusers many of our Premium features for free, such as use ofthestorm tracker, multiple layer combination and more.Additionallythis helps us to ensure that our developers can keepupdating andimproving MeteoEarth, and that our supportteam([email protected]) can continue to assist you withanyissues. For more details please visit www.meteoearth.com,followMeteoEarth at www.twitter.com/meteoearth or visit our helpcenterhttps://meteogroup.zendesk.com.
The Weather Channel
The Weather Channel
Plan and prepare with confidence withtheworld’s most downloaded Weather App.GET ACCURATE FORECASTS FOR ANY LOCATION• Cognitive Home Screen: Changes based on yourcurrentlocation, weather, and time of day, so you get yourcurrentconditions plus the weather info you need most.• Winter Storm Central: Monitor winter storms and getsafetyand preparedness tips. When a snowstorm approaches, track itandstay safe with Winter Storm Central.• Local & National Forecasts: Hourly, 15-day andweekendforecasts available in Celsius or Fahrenheit for the US,Canada,and locations around the world.• Current Weather Conditions: Beyond accuratetemperaturesyou’ll get “feels like” weather, humidity, dew point,sunrise,sunset, wind speed, UV index, visibility andbarometricpressure.• Weather Maps: Fast-loading doppler radar maps show pastandfuture radar. Map layers show road or satellite views,watertemperature, wind speeds, snow cover, and more.• Plan for Trips: Get access to seasonal weather trends,roadconditions, the tides, and 15-day forecasts for yourfavoritedestinations like Chicago, New York City, Los Angeles,Toronto andVancouver.PERSONALIZED REAL-TIME WEATHER ALERTS• Severe Weather Alerts: Stay safe with NationalWeatherService government issued notifications of extreme weather.Knowthe moment tornado, hurricane or severe storm watches andwarningsare issued.• Breaking News Alerts: Stay informed with national andlocalweather news updates. Track tropical storms and hurricanes astheydevelop while receiving storm safety and preparednesstips.• Lightning Alerts: Get real-time alerts for yourGPSlocation, and know where lightning is striking near you.• Daily Rain Alerts: Never get caught in the rain againwithreal-time alerts for your GPS location and morningprecipitationreports for your favorite locations.• Pollen Alerts: Know the pollen counts near you.It’s easy and free! Activate these alerts by going to yourin-appsettings.DIVE DEEP INTO YOUR WEATHER• GoRun Forecast: Like to run? Now you can createapersonalized GoRun Forecast to help you answer questions like“Whenshould I run?” “What should I wear?” “How far should I go?”Scrollto the Outdoors module in our app to try it out, and let usknowwhat you think at feedback.weather.com.• 24/7 Remote Temps: Populate your notification bar withthecurrent temperatures of your favorite locations worldwide.• Weather Widgets: We have widgets available in 1x1, 2x2,1x4and 4x4.• Seasonal Tools: Use our pollen counts to help planyouroutdoor activities. (SMARTPHONES ONLY)• Weather News: From severe storms and tornadoestostraight-up bizarre weather occurrences, we’ll keep you uptodate.• Weather Videos: Local forecasts, climate change news,andeverything in between, all streamed in HD.• Sleek Interface: Easy to use and beautiful initssimplicity.• Stunning Imagery: Amazing background photos matchyourcurrent weather conditions.• Love For Android Tablets: The best weather app andwidgetsare optimized for Android Tablets.THE WEATHER CHANNEL ON THE WEB AND SOCIAL MEDIA:Find us at weather.com, like us onfacebook.com/theweatherchannel,and follow us on Twitter andInstagram @weatherchannel.FEEDBACK:We’re always looking to improve our app and appreciateyourfeedback. So please rate, review, and +1 us in the GooglePlayStore. If you have suggestions, submit themtofeedback.weather.com.PRIVACY:You may be interested in our Privacy Policy, which can befoundhere: http://www.weather.com/common/home/privacy.html and ourTermsof Use, which can be foundhere:http://www.weather.com/common/home/legal.html
Hrvatska radiotelevizija
A unique application that enables the monitoring of measurementsandobservations from the official meteorological stations oftheNational Meteorological and Hydrological Service of Croatia(DHMZ),as well as most other European meteorological services,accordingto World Meteorological Organization standards. Theapplicationalso provides radar precipitation images and prognosesof DHMZexperts, which until now were only available on Croatianradio andtelevision programs, as well as Croatian Auto Club (HAK)trafficinformation, including live video streaming from mostCroatianregions.Unlike virtually all other similar applications,whereprognoses are the result of a computer calculated numericalweatherforecast of one atmospheric model, HRT METEO's experiencedandhighly educated meteorologists make their prognoses on the basisofan analysis of current weather conditions and hundredsofcalculations for various atmospheric models, providingtheirforecast of future atmospheric conditions and conditions atsea forregions and urban areas. They also provide severe weatherwarnings,which appear on the app within minutes of themeteorologist'sforecast for the DHMZ.HRT METEO contains:The latestavailablemeasurements from official DHMZ meteorological stationsclosest tothe sought after areas:- air temperature (°C)- wind speedanddirection (m/s or km/h)- air pressure reduced to sea level(hPa)-air pressure tendency compared to the previous measurement(hPa/h)-relative humidity (%)- sea temperature (°C)- amountofprecipitation in the previous 12 and/or 24 hours (mm/12 or24h)-snow depth (cm)The latest radar precipitation images fromtheDHMZ.HAK traffic reports, including the latest images fromwebcameras and advice for drivers.Sunrise and sunset times forthesought after region or area on the basis of the NOAAalgorithm.Theday of the previous and subsequent change in thelunarcycle.Forecasts:- pictogram and numbers for 55 urban areas intheRepublic of Croatia for the current and subsequent day,-pictogramand numbers for 44 cities throughout Europe, including 10fromCroatia's neighbouring countries- written forecast for 8Croatianregions for the current and subsequent day, as well aspictogramand numbers for the following day and subsequent two days.Theregions are: central, eastern and mountainous Croatia, theIstrianand Dalmatian hinterlands and the northern, central andsouthernAdriatic coast,- the outlook for the following two days,separatelyfor continental and coastal Croatia,- a special writtenmarineforecast for the Adriatic Sea, with an emphasis on winds,seaconditions and visibility- a written forecast on the basis ofananalysis of previous and current weather conditions and hundredsofcalculations for various atmospheric models, which is preparedbyan educated and seasoned meteorologist,- pictorgramforecastpresenting the general or predominant trend in the weatherfor thecurrent day in one specific region or urban area,-numericalforecast provides the daily temperature highs and lows foraspecific place, and the predominant or significant high and lowfora region- biometeorological forecast for the region whichtherequested location in Croatia is found in- comfort index forplacesin Croatia- UV index forecast at 14:00 (13:00 in wintermonths) forthe requested place in Croatia- traffic forecastsprovided by HAKexperts- video forecasts from HRT's weatherreportExtreme weatherwarnings:- wind, frost, thunderstorms, fog,extremely high or lowtemperatures and downpours for 8 Croatianregions- notificationswithin minutes of the on duty DHMZmeteorologist’s original extremeweather warningHRT in cooperationwith DHMZ and HAK.
Weather & radar 1.2.22
Green Apple Studio
Weather & radar is a very useful and necessary theapplicationfor everyone. Application updates current imfomationwith radarimagery, satellite maps showing rainfall details, cloudcover,thunder, snowfall, etc.Weather & radar app gives youaccurateweather information no matter where you are, any city orcountry inthe world.The application displays a satellite dump,radar imageactivity so you can know current weather situation,weatherforecast tomorrow, 3 days, even forecast the exact 10days.Updateddaily, hourly conditions, climate: Temperature,humidity, fog,sunshine, UV-index, precipitation, relative humidity,atmosphericpressure, sunrise / sunset ...This app is free for allAndroiddevices. It reflects real-time weather conditions andprovides youwith radar data for rainfall information, temperature,cloud cover,cyclone, thunderstorm, snowstorm, etc. at anylocation.Features:-Provide rainfall information and weather andradar all over theworld- Quickly update every minute, hourly theweather conditions:temperature, humidity, precipitation, fog,sunshine, UV index,wind, atmospheric pressure, sunrise / sunset.-Precise weatherforecast hourly, weather forecast daily, 3 days, 10days- Weatherradar for any location: rainfall radar plus cloud,thunderstorms,snow and temperatures- National weather & radar:United States(US), Canada, Brazil, United Kingdom (UK), Sweden,Denmark, Italy,Germany, France, Portugal, Spain, Mexico, Finland,Norway , Russia,India, Japan, Korea, China, Australia, Vietnam,...- Theapplication provides weather forecast for travel betweenstates andcities.- Watch local weather radar for all your favoritecities anddestinations: Washington, New York, California, SanFrancisco,Texas, Georgia, Florida, Ottawa, Hawaii, Toronto,Dallas,Nashville, Kansas city, London, Rome, Madrid, Oslo, Paris,Nancy,Dijon, Brest, Marseille, Rennes, Reims, Chamonix, Lyon,Metz,Grenoble,Strasbourg, Berlin, Tokyo, Singapore, Hong Kong,Hanoi, HoChi Minh City...- Displays rain maps, satellite imagery,andclimate from around the world.- Capture and share weatherforecastinformation with your friend- Warning of extreme weatherconditionsin the current hazardous locations such as snowstorms,thunder,lightning, hail, cyclones, etc.Weather and Radar updateweatherinformation for free, accurate daily, weekly.Allweatherinformation is updated quickly in a matter of seconds,receivingnotification directly in your status bar. The applicationis simpleand free.Let's start download the latest version for yourphone andready a new day with weather & radar right now.
MSN Weather - Forecast & Maps 1.2.0
Microsoft Corporation
Best way to plan your day Get the latest weather conditions,whetheryou're hitting the slopes, the beach or simply checking theforecastfor your commute. See accurate hourly, 5-day, and 10-dayforecastsfor wherever you're going or whatever you’redoing.DETAILEDCONDITIONSQuickly access the day drill down, hourly,daily, and10-day forecasts, and historical weather averages. Checkwind,visibility, humidity, barometer, dew point, and chanceofprecipitation. See sunrise, sunset, moon phase, andUVindex.INTERACTIVE MAPSGo deep in detail with temperature,radarobservation, radar forecast, precipitation, cloud andsatellitemaps.MULTIPLE CITIESTrack current weather in all thelocations youcare about most. Add multiple cities to your favoritesfor quickaccess. Sign in to save your preferences.SEVERE WEATHERALERTSStayinformed with timely notifications to help you preparefor severeweather.AVAILABLE ANYWHEREAutomatically sync yourfavorite citiesacross MSN Weather on the web and your mobile appsfor quick accessto the places you care about.Some features may notbe available inall markets.Terms ofUse:http://windows.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/microsoft-services-agreement
Weather Puppy - Forecast, Radar & Pet Dog Pictures 2.2
Weather Creative Inc.
Smile every time you check the weather! The puppy changes basedonthe local weather conditions. Partnered with dog rescuesheltersaround the world. Features - Over 700 puppies organizedinto 18themes (Pugs, Labradors, German Shepherds, Outdoorsy,Glamour,Halloween, Fall Colors, Holiday Pups, Puppy Love, DetroitDogRescue, Dogs Trust, Spring Pups, Waterskiing Westies, SummerDogs,Yoga Dogs, Winter Puppies, & Cats & Dogs, FrenchBulldogs)- Share the puppy forecast with friends on social media -Localweather forecasts for locations around the world - 10 dayweatherforecast - Hourly weather forecasts for each of the next 24hours -Projected rain / precipitation - Live Animated Radar -Today's highand low temperatures, feels like temperature, humidity,wind speed,wind chill, sunrise, sunset, heat index, moonphase,barometricpressure, UV index, dew point and more - GPS featurecanauto-locate your city's local weather forecast - Weatherforecastsprovided by weather experts at Weather Underground (partof theWeather Channel) The weather has never beencuter!---------------------------------------------------- All pawsondeck for the most fun weather ever! Bring fido in your pocketwithyou no matter where you go with our cute pup weather app. Nomatterif you call them pups, puppies, pooches, perritos, canines,bowwow,fidos, lapdogs, or doggies they will keep you smiling whenpairedwith the local weather conditions. Dog breeds you can findarefrench bulldogs (frenchies), german shepherds,dachshunds,rottweilers, pugs, chihuahuas, shiba inus (doge),goldenretrievers, pitbulls, labradors, yorkshire terriers, greatdanes,poodles, corgis, beagles, westies, boston terriers, basenjis,jackrussell terriers and more! Your heart will be full of puppyloveand you'll bark for joy every time you check the forecast!You'lllove all of their paws and will never want to take a dogvacay awayfrom them. Your inner dog will bark out of its box andwag its tailwhen it gets its paws on this chewy, oh so chewy petapp. If youlike pets, this is a smart app for you. You'll neverhave to buydog food, hire Cesar Millan for dog training, or go tothe banfieldpet vet! Just say hello weather forecast! The authenticweatherforecast is provided by Weather Underground (part of theWeatherChannel) mixed with the NOAA forecast and is so detaileditincludes: humidity, current moonphase, today's high andlowtemperatures, feels like temperature, live radar, wind speed,windchill, sunrise, sunset, barometric pressure, UV index, dewpoint,heat index, projected rain / precipitation and more! You’llbecovered no matter what the forecast is!
WeatherPro Free
WeatherPro Free has been created by MeteoGroup, Europe’sleadingprivate weather company. The app features 7-day forecastsandreports for over 2 million locations worldwide, clearlyvisualizedin an easy-to-read interface enhanced by beautiful radarandsatellite animations. Download now! • Free access to 7-dayforecastdata in periods of 3 hours up to 3 days ahead •Customizable widgetfor a home screen weather overview • Weatherreports for 2 millionworldwide locations • Comprehensive detail ontemperature, wind,precipitation and more • Worldwide alerts andwarning levels forextreme weather • Unlimited favourite locations •Connection toNetatmo personal weather stations • Global satelliteand animatedradar for the USA, Australia and much of Europe •Additionalfeatures like: widgets, webcams, weather photo, weathernews etc.
Weather 🌞 1.4.1
Weather is a beautiful and clean weather app, designed to beassimple to use as possible. With just one click you can checktheweather for today, the weather for tomorrow and the forecastforthe next 10 days. The current weather for today and theweatherforecast for tomorrow are gorgeously animated. See realisticrain,snow or thunderstorm weather animations, sun rays for cleardays,the moon’s glow and the stars at night, moving clouds andmoreweather animations. They all reflect the weather making itcomealive. The background color of Weather changes to reflecttheweather conditions making you almost feel the weather. Fromlightblue for clear days to darker grays for cloudy days you’llknowhow’s the weather like with just one glance. The Weather appisusing WetterOnline as a weather data provider, some of themostadvanced weather forecasting provider available, whichgiveshyper-accurate data wherever you find yourself. WEATHERFEATURES ●Current weather conditions and temperatures for today.Beautifulhourly graph for the next hours today and tonight. ● How’stheweather tomorrow? Easily check the weather forecast fortomorrow,including hourly. ● Extended 10 day weather forecastoutlook. ●Swipe down to view detailed weather conditions: humidity,dewpoint, UV index, visibility, chance of rain, animatedwind,pressure and sunrise/sunset. ● Animated weather conditionsfortoday and tomorrow. ● Live background color reflectsweatherconditions. ● Automatically detects your location andretrieves thelatest weather conditions for your current location. ●Add andtrack weather conditions for all your favorite citiesanddestinations ● Celsius and Fahrenheit weather units ● The appandthe weather data is available in over 40 languages. ● Sharetheweather app and invite your friends on Facebook to use theweatherapp. We are committed to building the best weather app andwouldlove to hear your feedback. Let us know your thoughtshere:[email protected] Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/saevio
weather - weather forecast 30
The weather forecast is a beautiful and free app.Weather forecastisexcellent, easy app, it updating with the weatherconditions.Weatherforecast app let you know weather informationexactly.What is theweather today? Weather forecast app give youright answer. Weathertoday will be updated hourly. Weatherforecast app also has aweather report on weather tomorrow, weatherfor today, also 10 dayweather forecastThis free app accuratelyforecasts local weather:sunshine, rain, temperature, humidity, UVindex, etc. for eachminute and each specific location.Weatherapplications show realclimate states in hourly, daily. You cancheck out is seeing what'sthe weather today!features:- Variousweather information:temperature, wind, humidity, dew point,precipitation, visibility,pressure, sunrise, sunset- View weatherinformation at multiplelocations, hourly or daily- Weathersupports geo-positioning,retrieving the latest weather conditionsfor your current location-An option to manually add your location.Automatic locationdetection by network and GPS.- Allow, disablethe notifications-Weather channel supports geo-positioning,retrieving the latestweather conditions for your current location-Manually add yourlocation. Automatic location detection by networkand GPS.- Add andtrack the weather conditions in multiplelocations- Cloud,satellite, rain maps- Animated weatherconditions. See how theweather comes alive!- Animated wallpaperwith live weatherconditions right on your home screen- Hourly,daily and weeklyforecasts- Temperature: switch between Celsius andFahrenheit- Winddirection and speed- Current weather conditionwithout needing toadd manually
Weather app 4.4
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This weather app is one of best free weather apps withfullfeatures: Local weather, weather map (windyty weather mapservice)and weather widgets. Forecastle: Forecast now, hourlyforecast anddaily forecast app Widgets for Android: The weatherradar widgetfree and clock widget weather with beautiful style.Weather map,weather radar map: Local weather radar app free with alot of radarscope: Rain/snow, temperature, pressure, windy, clouds,humidity,waves, … and storm radar. Its so easy to receive theweatherconditions in your current location. Weather forecast appprovidesdetailed local forecast & weather forecast world wide,the appprovides the current temperature in Celsius and Fahrenheit,sunriseand sunset time according to city time zone. The weather appalsoprovides atmospheric pressure, weather conditions,visibilitydistance, relative humidity, precipitation in differentunites, dewpoint, wind speed and direction, in addition to ten daysin futureand hourly weather forecast. Realtime temperature,humidity,pressure and wind direction are all in the weather appbased. Appis using forecastle tiempo data from a best provider, andhasbackup with accuweather service, ensure second weather liveinfofrom accuweather when main provider has problem, we plan toaddbackup with service for weatherbug, service forweatherunderground.Current weather channel provide prediction inminute cast (preciseweather in minutes) Features: - The weatherchannel: temperature,wind, air sunshine, humidity, dew point,precipitation, visibility,atmosphere pressure, water, sunrisesunset, storm, stormshield,rain alert in one wetter app - Hourly ordaily prediction: we offer7 days - 10 days info, the weather now,hourly weather free in eachhour, today’s weather, tomorrow’sweather - Animated weatherconditions - see how the weather channelcomes alive! - Hourly andweekly forecastle, especially hourlyweather item for next 7 days.- World weather report, like newsweather canada, weather UK,weather usa, … - 360 weather alerts:provide local weather alerts 3times a day. - Dont need GPS on bigcities, its so easy to getbetter weather New York, better weatherusa & reduce batteryconsumption - Storm warning &notification: Storm radar, stormtracker, tornado warning and rainalarm (by rain radar) -Reporting: wind report, the weather news -Sunrise time, sunsettime & water time - Temperature converter:Temperature freeswitching between Celsius and Fahrenheit,auto-detect your countryshould use Celsius or Fahrenheit fordefault settings. - Wind speedand wind direction in different units- Wind guru tool: windforecast by wind speed meter, wind finder - 1day, 10 days futureprediction with accurate el tiempo, plus tempodata for futurehourly weather - Weather widget (weather onhomescreen) and ongoingnotification with forecast bar, multipleplace on widgets. - Autoreload data for notification even app is inunderground - Weathernotification bar: Keeps weather runningunderground for realtime -Lock screen with info: temps, rain,clouds & clock widgetweather - Weather station by the nationalweather service (nws),using our nws weather app official - Trackthe whether in multiplelocations - Prediction interval is 3 minutes- Report weather bugAvailable very soon: - Sunrise sunset time ineach daily weatheritem of next 7 days - Sunrise calendar &sunset calendar -Improve to get more acurite weather app - Multipleservices &channels - Weather today with push notification - Myradar app withruntime forecastle, better noaa radar weather apps,noaa forecast& doppler radar now. - Chance of rain, moonphrase, moon cycleDownload accurate weather app right now to planyour trips, work& your life!
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DISCOVER Local, Accurate, Weather Forecasts! Learn abouttoday,tomorrow, and beyond with our forecast screens. PLAN forStormsusing Reliable Weather Reports! Monitor severe snow and rainstormswith helpful graphs in real-time. PREPARE for Severe WeatherwithSafety Alerts! Receive current and upcoming severeweatherwarnings. UNDERSTAND the Storm’s Impact with Radar Maps!Analyzecurrent weather trends with animated storm radar. EXPERIENCELocalWeather News and Videos! Enjoy extensive weather coverage fromourMeteorology Team. EXPLORE Today’s Weather and Become aForecaster!Weather GPS targeted photos allow you to help others bysharingtoday’s weather in your community. --------- AdditionalInfo:Follow Me The Weather Network’s Follow Me feature allows youtoalways know the weather around you! Follow Me aims to give youthemost accurate forecast within 1 km (0.6 mi) of yourcurrentlocation. Short Term Forecast Need to know local, accurate,andreliable forecasts for today’s weather in places likeDallas,Orlando, or Philadelphia? Then trust Canada’s best weatherapp toprovide it for you! The short-term weather forecast isupdatedevery 15 minutes and provides the same quality weather dataas ourtv weather channel! These forecasts include wind speeds,feels liketemperature, and more! Long Term Forecast Plan for theweekend ortomorrow’s weather with our long-term weather forecast!Ourmeteorology team can predict 14 days of reliable weather data.Lookahead at morning, afternoon, evening, and overnightforecasts.Radar Trying to arrive on time somewhere but you heardabout aweather warning? Our accurate weather radar ensures that youcansee the size of the storm, and how it will impact your commute!Geta detailed look of the storm sent directly from ourmeteorologyteam! News and Video Continue the story from our tvweather channelwith articles and videos! Unsure about a bad stormthat couldpossibly change your plans in places like Grand RapidsorWashington? Our news/video commentary will ensure that ourentireweather station and meteorology team is there to help youmake theright decision! Alerts Canada’s best weather app providesalertsdirectly to your phone when weather warnings are issued.Thesewarnings are sent as a weather notification outside of theapp,ensuring that you’re always one step ahead of the storm! RainandSnow Graphs Get more information on active weather withourprecipitation graphs! Our weather app provides start/stop timesinthe next 3 hours with a precision of 10 minutes. Reports Checkoutour pollen, UV, and air quality reports before you explore allthatnature has to offer. Each report is updated routinely toensurethat you’re getting the most out of your day! WeatherWidgetCanada’s best weather app also provides current weather dataon ourweather widgets! The weather widgets contain hourlyweatherperiods, feels like temperatures, and forecast conditionsall at aglance! The widget comes in many sizes and can be set toanylocation, including Cleveland, Phoenix, and Fresno. We’d lovetohear from you! Please send feedback [email protected] can also visit our website atwww.theweathernetwork.com andfollow us onFacebookhttps://www.facebook.com/theweathernetworkCAN/ andTwitterhttps://twitter.com/weathernetwork By installing this app,youagree to our Terms & Conditions and our Privacy Policy.Tolearn more,visit:https://www.theweathernetwork.com/about-us/privacy-policy.
Weather Live Free
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Check the weather around you and all overtheworld at a glance.Rely on the accurate weather forecast and adjust your scheduletothe weather coming in. You won’t even have to look out thewindowas the app will make you feel like you are alreadyoutside!Weather is sometimes difficult to predict. This accurate weatherappallows to find out a detailed forecast wherever you are, foranytime of the day or for the next 7 days just by tapping ontheicons:- Current and “Feels like” temperature- Wind speed and direction- Pressure and precipitation information- Sunrise/sunset time- Weather Radar & Rain mapsand other useful weather data accompanied by live animationsandgraphics.You can easily switch between detailed or compact layout togetweather information that is relevant for you.In addition, you can check weather forecast even without openingtheapp. A visually appealing widget is easily integrated intoyourscreen. Choose a detailed full-size widget or keep your homescreenas clean as possible with just the essentialweatherinformation.Go Premium and get access to interactive weather maps for thewholeduration of your plan. In addition, become a Premium user andenjoyad-free weather on your device.You can choose from different subscription options :* A subscription with a free trial will automatically renew toapaid subscription unless you cancel the subscription before theendof the free trial period.* Cancel a free trial or subscription anytime through youraccountsettings on the Google Play Store and continue to enjoy thepremiumcontent until the end of the free-trial period orpaidsubscription!By downloading this application, you agree to the Apalon AppsEndUser License Agreement and Privacy Policy.A clear and simple live weather app will show you everythingyouneed to know about the weather in any part of the world rightonthe screen of your device.Enjoy the perfect balance of beautiful pixels and accurateweatherforecast!Privacy Policy: http://apalon.com/privacy_policy.htmlEULA: http://www.apalon.com/terms_of_use.htmlAdChoices: http://www.apalon.com/privacy_policy.html#4
Hourly Weather Forecast 1.7
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Hourly weather is one of best free weather apps with fullfeatures:Local weather, weather map and weather widgets.Weathermap: Localweather radar app free with a lot of radar scope:Rain/snow,temperature, pressure, windy, clouds, humidity, waves, …and stormradar.Forecastle: Forecast now, hourly forecast and dailyforecastappWidgets for Android: The weather radar widget free andclockwidget weather with beautiful style.Its so easy to receivetheweather conditions in your current location.Weather forecastappprovides detailed local forecast & weather forecast worldwide,the app provides the current temperature in Celsius andFahrenheit,sunrise and sunset times according to city timezone.Weather reportalso provides atmospheric pressure, weatherconditions, visibilitydistance, relative humidity, precipitation indifferent unites, dewpoint, wind speed and direction, in additionto ten days in futureand hourly weather forecast.Realtimetemperature, humidity,pressure and wind direction are all in theweather app based.App isusing forecastle tiempo data from darkskyapi, and has backup withaccuweather service, ensure second weatherlive info fromaccuweather, we plan to add backup with service forweatherbug,service for weatherunderground. Current weather channelprovideprediction in minute cast (precise weather inminutes)Features:-The weather channel: temperature, wind, humidity,dew point,precipitation, visibility, pressure, water, sunrisesunset, storm,stormshield, rain alert in one wetter app- Hourly ordailyprediction: we offer 7 days - 10 days info: today’sweather,tomorrow’s weather, … and weather now, hourly weather freein eachhour.- Track the whether in multiple locations- Animatedweatherconditions - see how the weather channel comes alive!-Hourly andweekly forecastle, especially hourly weather item fornext 7 days.-Sunrise time, sunset time, water time- Temperaturefree switchingbetween Celsius and Fahrenheit, auto-detect yourcountry should useCelsius or Fahrenheit for default settings.- Windspeed and winddirection in different units- Wind guru tool: windforecast by windspeed meter, wind finder- 1 day, 10 days futureprediction withaccurate el tiempo, plus tempo data for future hour-Weather widgetand ongoing notification with forecast bar, multipleplace onwidgets- 360 weather alerts: provide local weather alerts 3times aday.- Dont need GPS on big cities, its so easy to getbetterweather New York, better weather usa for you.- Storm warning&notification: Storm radar, storm tracker, tornado warning andrainalarm - Reporting: wind report, the weather news- Auto reloaddatafor notification even app is in underground- Weathernotificationbar: Keeps weather running underground for realtime-Weather bugreport by using our feedback- World weather report, likenewsweather canada, weather UK, weather usa, …- Lot of weatherstationby the national weather service (nws) using our nws weatherappofficial- Noaa weather app free: It’s noaa weather appofficialfrom windyty- Lock screen with info: temp, rain, clouds& clockwidget weatherComing soon:- Multiple services &channels in theweather channel app like: prediction & backupservice forweatherbug and for weather underground, for bbc weather,for yr noand yoweather.- My radar app with runtime forecastle,better noaaradar weather apps, noaa forecast & doppler radarnow.- Noaaweather radio- Sunrise sunset time in each daily weatheritem ofnext 7 days- Sunrise calendar & sunset calendar- Removelogo inthe weather radar map- Weather today with push notification:getthe weather watch even app is stoppedDownload accurateweatherhourly right now to plan your trips! Any suggestion &weatherbug reports are also appreciated !
Local weather Forecast 2.48
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A simple and easy-to-use weather app for you! With it, you cangetweather. A simple and easy-to-use weather widget for you! Withit,you can get weather information Conveniently. Provideaccuratelocal meteorological information tomorrow as the highest /lowesttemperature and current climatic conditions, definitely yourbestchoice in daily life. Real-time temperature, feelsliketemperature, current clock / time, tomorrow time,The time in 6daysis all in this weather widget based on time server. It isverypractical. Highlights of Local weather Forecast ►Statusnotification: instantaneously displays current temperatureandconditions ► Home screen: Changes based on your currentlocation,weather, and the time of day, so you get your currentconditionsplus the weather information you need most. ► 7-dayforecast forthe future ► Easy to set up and slide between differentlocations ►Easy to use widget - Multiple weather locations -Celsius &Fahrenheit ► Accuracy of sunrise and sunset ► Displayof humidityand wind speed, give you better travel tips ► Displaythevisibility ► Display yesterday's temperature, can be used asareference for today's temperature
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