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Tarutama - MP3 Video Converter 1.1.1
Kisaragi Millennium
✔Tarutama : This is a great app for those who want to convertvideofiles to audio files and save storage capacity.You can reducethefile size to 1/5 or less even with the highestsoundquality.✔Convert : Video file (MP4 etc) → Audio file (MP3)Youcanconvert to high sound quality of 64 ~ 320 kbps.✔Edit colors :Thecombination is more than 100 million ways.Make your own app intheworld.✔Characteristics : Free and unlimited.You can convertwithonly simple operation.✔Permission : In-app purchasesAds canberemoved.✔Permission : Photos / Media / FilesRequired toconvertfiles.✔Supported formats : 3gp avi flv mkv mov mp4 mpeg vobwebmwmv
Convert m4a to mp3 2.0.0
Media Convert Video Mp3
You have great songs in android devices in m4a format and want tobeable to hear on popular mp3 players nowadays like cars dvd,cdsplayer or in your tablet or phones.Mp3 format is almostsupportedby the media player manufacturers, and 100% of devicesavailable onthe market support this format.However, m4a format hasmanyadvantages of almost identical sound high quality withreducedcapacity, lossless sound.This best m4a converter for androidwillhelp you convert m4a file to mp3.Converter has now been prettymuchreleased as well as support online sites but still lotsoflimitations like slow speed, require Internet network accesstouse.This app will help you convert m4a files to mp3 quicklywithmany options.The app allows you to customize:- Choose file m4abyfile manager tool or by gallery, even DropBox,GoogleDrive,OneDriver, ...Support many input format files besidem4a, you canselect mp4 video, avi video.- Not only supportconverting to mp3but also allow you to convert to many other audioformats as wav,wma, aac, flac, ogg, m4r ...- Support batch convertin projectnow.- Allows you to select the folder to save the outputfile.-Easily configuring quality of output file.- Allows toeditinformation, images of output song with id3 tags.- Workscompletelyoffline without using the Internet.- Quick convert m4a tomp3.-100% free no need buy any thing or plugin,...This is thesimplestand most powerful app to convert files you have ever seen,downloadand enjoy now, surely you will be satisfied.Note: Convertm4a tomp3 with ffmpeg(c)
Video Format Factory 5.0
Video Format Factory is a video converter, video compressor,videocutter, video cropper, reverser, audio converter... it's veryeasyto use. + Convert all your Mp4, Flv, Avi, Mkv, Mp3, Flac, Wma,Ogg,M4a, Wav... files. All major formats supported.+ Compress videotosave space or to easily send it over limited internetbandwidth.Smaller size and keep quality! Zip videos to save space!+HighlyCustomizable output format: configure entirely the outputformatwith customizable size, codec, aspect ratio, fps,frequency,bitrate...+ Split your videos and extract some selectedparts.trim, crop, extract MP3, reverse video, cut videos withoutloosingquality, create gif from video, remove watermark and somuchmore....+ Share directly your converted, compressed, trimmedvideoson social medias like Youtube, Google+, Facebook,twitter...Examplesupported conversion:- Convert Mp3 to Aac, M4a toMp3...- ConvertFlv to mp4, Avi to Mp4...- Convert Mp4 to Flv, Mp4to Avi...- Andmuch morePreset with automatic settings for: AndroidMP4, AudioOnly (Mp3, M4a, Aac...), Avi, DVD (NTSC and PAL format),Flv, iPad,iPod, Mp4, Mpeg2, Webm, Wmv...InApp Purchase to unlockhighestquality profiles FAQ:* Conversion speed depends on yourmobilespecifications.* This application is not a youtubedownloader. Itconverts only videos from your device.**This app usesFFMPEGapplication for the encoding process
Video to MP3 Converter - MP3 Tagger 1.6.1
Easily convert your video into MP3 or AAC format!!**Thisapplication is NOT Youtube MP3 converter. You can convertONLYvideos that are in your device.Step by step instructions1)ChooseVideo that you want to convert2) Choose audio format (MP3 orAAC)and Bit Rate3) Add meta-data for MP3 format (optional)4)Press"Convert" buttonFeatures - Trim converted MP3 files or MP3files inyour device- Merge multiple audio files into one- EditMP3Meta-Data (Cover image, Title, Artist, Genre,..)- Searchlyricswith song title and artist- Run in Background- Output smallbrowser- Options (Play, Delete, Rename, Share, Edit Meta-Data,Trim,Merge)** In-App Purchase is for Ad-Free Version** Supports AllARM(CPU) devicesVideo to MP3 Converter use LGPL ffmpeg andlibmp3lamelibraries as codec.
File Converter - By Online-Convert.com 1.0.15
Convert files from many different formats into the most commonfileformats with this FREE app. You can convert Video, Audio,Document,Ebook, Presentation, Image and even Archive files – easilyand forfree.The File Converter app provides you with the samefeatures youalready know from the Online-Convert.com website:• 200+input filesare supported• Convert them into the most popular filesfromdifferent categories• Cross-conversion like from video to audioorvideo to presentation• Intuitive and easy handling• Stable&reliable servers and performance• Conversions with a highsuccessrateConvert files from many different formats into the mostcommonfile formats with this FREE app. You can convert Video,Audio,Document, Ebook, Presentation, Image and even Archive files–easily and for free. All you need is an internetconnection.Weconvert your files online in the cloud. This savesyour battery andallows you to keep using your phone while we do theconversion foryou. Plus, the conversions are a lot faster!Somesupported fileformats:• Video: MP4, WEBM, AVI, MPG, 3GP, FLV, WMV,OGG, OGV,MPEG, ..• Audio: MP3, WAV, OGG, AAC, FLAC, WMA, MMF, OPUS,AIFF ..•Document: Microsoft Word documents (DOC & DOCX), HTML,ODT,PDF, PowerPoint Presentations (PPT & PPTX), RTF, TXT,..•Ebook: AZW, ePub, FB2, LIT, LRF, MOBI, PDB, PDF, ..•Presentation:PPT, PPTX, ODP ..• Image: PNG, JPG, GIF, SVG, WEBP,BMP, TIFF, RAW,ICO, TGA .. • Archive: 7Z, TAR.BZ2, TAR.GZ, ZIP,..Some sampleconversions:• DOC to PDF• MP4 to WEBM• PDF to EPUB•WAV to MP3• JPGto PNG• password protect your PDF• compress yourPDF• resize yourimage • .. and many moreFile Editing Options –There’s More You CanDoThe Online-Convert.com file conversion appcan do more than justconvert files. Check out these extrafeatures:• Extract text fromimages by using text recognition (OCR)when converting to DOC orTXT• You can extract text from scannedbook pages using OCR aswell, just convert to text• Cut music filesto create ring tones•Cut video files and movies• Convert yourvideos optimized fordifferent devices like Android phones, AppleiPhone, iPad, iPod,Blackberry phones, and even gaming consoles likethe Nintendo 3DS,PlayStation, PSP or Xbox 360• In AUDIO Conversion:Change bit rateand sampling rate, audio channels and the audiocodec (aac, mp3,opus, vorbis, etc.)• In VIDEO Conversion: Changethe video quality,bit rate, frame rate and screen size as well asaudio quality;select video codecs (h.264, mpeg4, xvid, etc.) oraudio codecs;rotate or mirror a video• In IMAGE Conversion: Changesize and dpiand add color filters to your images• In E-BOOKConversion:Optimize your ebook file for different ebook readerslike theAmazon Kindle, Mobipocket Reader, Nook or your iPad; changebooktitle and author as well as the embedded fontPlease note thatwecan not convert password-protected files. Also, files thatareprotected using DRM can not be converted.The file size limit is100MB. All transfer is SSL encrypted.Questions? Write us!Weconstantlystrive to make our online file conversion app better forour users.In order to do so, we need your feedback!What do you likeabout theapp? What can be improved? Which features would you liketo see?How can we make file conversion even easier for you?Let usknow –on social media or viae-mail.Website:https://www.online-convert.com/E-Mail:[email protected]:https://www.facebook.com/onlineconvertTwitter:https://twitter.com/onlineconvert
Video to mp3, mp2, aac or wav. Batch converter 1.61
Rober G.
This App allows you to pass the videos you have on your devicetomp3, mp2, aac or wav audio format.Features:- Multiple videos canbeselected at once for batch processing.- Launches anotificationwhen the compression is complete. This option isconfigurable inthe settings.- You can choose the bit rate and theconversionfrequency. If you select the same it will remain with thesamequality as in the video.- In the file selector you can seethethumbnails of the videos.- Converted files can be playeddirectlywithout leaving the application to check their quality.-Theselected videos can be previewed quickly from the application.-Theapp only takes 3.5 Mb.- You can edit the id3 tags of thecreatedmp3 audios.
To mp4 3gp webm Video Converter app 2.4
To mp4 3gp webm Video Converter is a smart handy app to convertmostpopular video extensions to .mp4 file to be played on devicesthatrunning Android OS. By using our video converter you will beable tochange video and audio settings like file format, codec,bit rateand others. Features: - Sports most popular videoextensionsincluding 3gp, avi, mpg, wmv and more. - Simple andpowerful GUI. -You can choose output video settings like fileformat, codec, bitrate, frame rate, rotation and video dimension.- You can choose theaudio settings like file format, codec, bitrate, channels. - UsesFFmpeg library the leading multimediaframework. Uses FFmpeg underpermission of LGPL.
Video Converter Video Compressor 1.2
Jackie Apps
Video Converter to convert video file to other formats like3GP,MP4, AVI, FLV, MP4, MPG, MKV, MOV, OGG, VOB, WEBM andWMV.VideoConverter compressor app also have the feature to compressvideos,you can reduce the video frame height and width. OurVideoConverter supports mpeg4 and copy Codec formats.With ourvideoconverter you can compress videos and this also works asmediaconverter which compress the media of different formats.
MP3 Converter-Video to MP3 1.0.3
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MP3 Converter-Video to MP3 gives you new music experience,convertsall video files to audio files (MP3, AAC).MP3 Converter(video toMP3)-convert audio in one tap.MP3 converter convert yourmedia tomp3. With MP3 Converter, you can easily convert the audioof videofiles in mobile phone into MP3 (AAC), such as concert musicvideo,talk show, video lectures, etc., and listen to the audioswhile youare busy! With this application, you can quickly convertvideo tomp3 music and audio. Listening to film and television audiobecomemore convenient. MP3 converter for Android,the easiest videoto MP3music in the market, you can convert your favorite videos tomp3format even when you are outdoors.Secret Tip: Download videosfromfree video sites, then convert them to MP3 music and audio.UseVideo to MP3 Converter, listening to the music and audio forfree!MP3 converter can also edit music and audio in your phone.MP3converter will be your music and audio maker. MP3 converterwillmake an audio library for you. Video to mp3 can convert anyvideoto MP3 audio and save to your phone. You can also make yourmusicaudio to ringtone, and cut audio in only one tap.Three stepsto bea master of MP3 Converter1. Video Selection: MP3 Converterwillacquire and list the video files in your phone, choose thevideoyou want to be converted to mp3 music and audio.2. FormatSetting:You can customize the audio format (MP3 /AAC), audio filename, andmusic file location in this step.3. Convert in One Tap:Extractaudio music file in one tap after setting finished.WithMP3converter, you can listen to the audio version of movie whileyouare doing sports. Features & Functions ◆ Support VariousVideoFormats MP3 Converter support the conventional video formatsuch asMP4、FLV、3GP、AVI、MOV, etc.◆ Output HD Audio Advancedconvertingalgorithm, extract audio files from video without damage,ensurehigh definition of the output audio.◆ Quick video convertMP3Converter starts to extract audio in high speed afterclickingConvert. As for the large music file, MP3 Converter willkeeprunning and converting in background, ensures the normaluse.◆Audio Bitrate Setting You can acquire audio files in differentsizeand definition through the setting of audio bitrate, so easytoconvert! (128 kbps、160 kbps、192 kbps、256 kbps、320 kbps)◆CutAudioby 1-clickCut out your favorite parts from the source music.Youcan choose converted audio and local musicresource.◆RingtoneEditorMake your favorite music or mp3 audio toRingtone. Only someeasy steps you will get your unusual Ringtones.Come and have atry~Video to MP3 converter for Android is anessential software ofandroid mobile phone. It is definitely yourbest partner whenenjoying the music and audio from film andtelevision! Convert yourvideo, movie or music video into MP3 musicfiles using MP3converter.In addition, you can also share the outputaudio withfriends in social platforms! Come and experience musicwithmp3converter~——————————————————————ContactUs:Facebook:https://www.facebook.com/FotoRusInstagram:https://www.instagram.com/fotorus_officialEmail:[email protected]
video mp3 converter 1.6
converter video to mp3 , convert your media files from a formtoanother form like ( flv, mp4, 3gp, mpg, mpeg, avi etplus...)Easily extract audio from your video files. Extracthighquality mp3 songs using this powerful application. Makeringtoneyour favorite song using mp3 cutter. Video to mp3 converterusesffmpeg and libmp3lame as a library.features* Simple userinterface*Fast Video Conversion* Supports video formats, includingwmv, mp4,3gp, flv, avi, etc.* Built-in MP3 cutter for ring making.*SupportsBitrate 48 kb / s, 64 kb / s, 128 kb / s, 192 kb / s, 256kb / s,320 kb / s.* Simple and advanced conversion to MP3 modeforadvanced users.* Quick video cut to cut video files easily.* Atapto play music files.Features & Functions ?Support VariousVideoFormat MP3 Converter support the conventional video formatsuch asMP4?FLV?3GP?AVI?MOV etc.?Output HD Audio Advancedconvertingalgorithm, extract audio file from video without damage,ensurehigh definition of the output audio.?Quick video convertMP3Converter starts to extract audio in high speed afterclickConvert. As for the large music file, MP3 Converter willkeeprunning and converting in background, ensures the normaluse.?AudioBitrate Setting You can acquire audio files in differentsize anddefinition through the setting of audio bitrate, so easytoconvert! (128 kbps?160 kbps?192 kbps?256 kbps?320 kbps)?CutAudioby 1-clickCut out your favorite parts from the source music.Youcan choice converted audio and local musicrecourse.?RingtoneEditorMake the favorite music or mp3 audio toRingtone .Easy stepswill get your unusual Ringtones. Come and havea try
Convert video or audio to mp3 4.2.0
# Main Function 1. Extract Audio from Video 2. Ringtone Maker(AudioCut) 3. Audio Format Conversion 4. Audio Quality Control 5.AudioVolume Control 6. Audio Speed Control 7. Audio ReverseControl 8.Added audio merge function 9. Added audio mixingfunction 10.Fade-In, Fade-Out for Ringtones 11. Ringtone Settingsand ReleaseJust do it.
Video to Mp3 Converter 1.9
Linterna Apps
Video to Mp3 Converter is an easy tool to local videos fromyourdevice to Mp3 (Audio). Video to MP3 Converter provides anelegantand easy to use interface that allows you to browse throughyourfiles and select the video you want to convert to MP3 with justoneclick. Not only that, but also you can browse throughconvertedfiles to play or share anytime!With Video to MP3 Converteryou cansimply open the video you want to convert from the filemanager andchoose to complete the action using video to MP3converter in orderto convert the video to MP3.How to use Video toMP3 Converter(Method 1):1- Open the application then clickbrowse.2- Select thevideo you want to convert.3- Click convert.Howto use Video to MP3Converter (Method 2):1- Open your preferred filemanager.2-Navigate to the video to convert and open it.3- Choose tocompletethe action using Video to MP3 Converter whenprompted.Features:-Quality customization.- Ease of use.- Lightweight.- Play, shareand manage your converted files.* Video to MP3Converter usesffmpeg and libmp3lame (LGPL) libraries as codec.
Video To Audio Converter 1.4
WithVideo To Audio Converter you can easily open the video youwantto convert from the file manager and Click on Convert To MP3Buttonto convert that video into audio with high quality sound. Youcanalso give your mp3 name to easily find it. Features-> 1.Simpleand easy to use app. 2. Audio quality very clear. 3. Seeyourprogress of converting video to audio into dialog. 4.RunConversion of video to audio in Background and see inNotification.5. Support Various type of video. 6. Options (Play,Delete, Rename,Share) Audio directly from app. 7. Show allconverted audio in listto play, delete and share. 8. Single clickto play Audio.
LiteC - Video to MP3 Audio Converter 4.5
LiteC - Video to MP3 Audio Converter is Simple and smart tooltoconvert any video to audio file. It can extract high quality mp3orm4a audio from video files on your mobile phone. If youaresearching about mp4 to mp3 converter, this app will beyourneed.Features:* Simple user interface* Fast convert video filestoaudio files* Supports various types of videos like mp4, mpg,3gpand avi* Video preview before conversion process* supports mp3andm4a file types.LGPL FFmpeg is used.
Timbre: Cut, Join, Convert Mp3 Audio & Mp4 Video 3.1.3
Timbre is a critically acclaimed app for editing audio andvideofiles. It allows you to cut, join and convert audio or videofiles.It is completely free. Timbre allows you to perform manykinds ofoperations on your audio or video files. Among the mostpopularare: • Audio Cutter + Video Cutter: Timbre lets you quicklycutsongs or cut videos to your liking. Using the highqualityaudio/video cutter in Timbre, you can cut songs or cutvideos.However, Timbre is not just an mp3 cutter or mp4 cutter,itsupports every file format you can imagine (from mp4 to mp3 toavi,flv, mkv and more!). • Audio Joiner + Video Joiner: Want tojoinaudio files? Or perhaps merge videos? Timbre lets youseamlesslyjoin mp3 songs or join videos together, combining as manyfiles asyou like into one. • Audio Converter + Video Converter:Want toconvert a wav to mp3? Or perhaps a flac to m4a? How about anmkv tomp4 or avi? With Timbre, you can quickly convert audio andconvertvideo files to and from many formats including mp3, wav,flac, m4a,aac & wma for audio and mp4, flv, avi, mkv, webm& mpeg forvideo. (For example: Timbre has a devoted mp3 cutter)• Video toaudio: Want to take out the audio from a video? Timbreincludes ahigh quality mp3 video converter that lets you extractmp3 fromvideos. • Video to GIF: Convert videos to GIF animatedfileseasily! Timbre prides itself on being the most comprehensiveaudioeditor and pro video editor app ever made. The mostpopularfeatures of Timbre are the mp3 cutter & mp4 cutter. Butit doesmuch more than simply cutting mp3 songs or cutting videos,it alsohas the functionality of ringtone maker and MP3 videoconverter. •Audio/Video Splitter: This special function of Timbre'saudioeditor allows you to quickly split any audio or video fileinto twoparts. • Audio/Video Omitter: This operations lets you cutout apart from the middle of an audio or video file. • AudioBitrateChanger: With Timbre, you can quickly compress your mp3 orm4afiles and pick a custom bitrate. • You can also remove audiofrom avideo or convert a video to audio format. • Audio/Videospeedchanger: Want to speed up an mp3 audiobook? Or make a slowmovideo? With Timbre, you can change the speed of your audio orvideofiles. Let Timbre be your Action Director! Using the highqualityand fast MP3 cutter (& MP4 cutter too!) that comes withTimbreyou can easily and effortlessly edit your songs and videos toyourliking! Timbre makes sure the output files are compressed andsupersmall while keeping their quality intact and offering you alltheVideoFX you can imagine! Timbre makes use of the popularFFmpeglibrary, the industrial standard of audio and video editing.UsingFFmpeg codecs allows Timbre to support a wide variety ofmediatypes and not only that, the FFmpeg plugin is super fast andhighquality. And guess what? There's a raw FFmpeg console builtrightinto the app so that you can edit and fine tune the quality ofallyour songs and videos! Finally, Timbre also allows you toconverttext to speech! Timbre uses your phone's built in Text tospeechengine so that you can type or paste in any text you wishandTimbre will convert it into voiced speech. You can listen to itoryou can export it as an audio file! Timbre includes alltheaudio/video features you can think of! And guess what?Timbresupports a whole lot more than just mp3 and mp4 cuttingandmerging! Here's a list of all the supported formats:Supportedaudio formats: mp3, wav, flac, m4a, aac, pcm, aiff, ogg,wma, alac,wv Supported video formats: mp4, avi, flv, mov, webm,mkv, mpegViva Timbre!
VideoMaster Tools - mp4 to mp3 converter/cutter 1.3.4
VideoMaster Tools
VideoMaster Tools is a fantastic app that can convert videofiles(mp4/m4a) to mp3. It is a music and video converter appthatencapsulates a wide range of capabilities that you'll needtoconvert to mp3. You can use it as an audio converter thatwillallow you to get files from mp4 to mp3. VideoMaster Tools issofast that you will be able to convert to mp3 and increaseyourmusic library in no time. Our converter is also perfect formakingyour own ringtones and our built-in tag editor will allow youtoorganize your mp3 collection right on your phone.VideoMasterFeatures- Can convert audio and video mp3- Cut audio orvideo asmp3 bits- Edit mp3 tags and organize your mp3 library- Canconvertfiles in the background, browse while converting!- Extremelyfast-Converts several videos simultaneously- Can cut songs to makeyourown ringtones!Step by step instructions1. Choose Video oraudiothat you want to convert2. Use our in-app functions to cutaudioand add file info3. Press "Convert" button4. Wait till theprocessis completed!
Video to MP3 Converter - MP3 cutter, video cutter 1.2.2
InShot Inc.
Convert mp4 to mp3, video to audio and create your own ringtoneforfree! With Video to MP3 Converter, you can cut and trim videofilesand convert video to MP3 & AAC with many options. Youcanextract high quality mp3 songs from video FAST. Supportvariousformats of media input: ● Audio Cutter & Video Cutter.●Support MP4, MKV, FLV, AVI, WMV, etc. ● Support mp3, wav, ogg,m4a,acc, flac etc. ● Edit information(Title, Album, Artist, Genre).●Sound Boost. Support various formats of audios output: ●IncludingMP3, AAC. ● Background Conversion and Batch Conversion. ●SupportBitrate 64kb/s, 128kb/s, 192kb/s, 256kb/s, 320kb/s, etc. ●Set asRingtone. Video Trimmer & Video Cutter With this videocutter,you can trim and cut video files to get your favorite videoclipsfast. Then you can extract music from the video. Audio cutter&Ringtone Maker MP3 Video Converter is also a powerful audiocutterand ringtone maker. It is designed for video to audioediting,cutting, sharing and set as ringtone or notification sound.ALL inone media converter A must-have media converter tool withvideocutter, mp3 cutter, audio editor, ringtone maker and mp4 tomp3converter. Video to MP3 Converter Convert mp4 to mp3, videotoaudio, and save as music. You can listen high quality mp3 songsonyour phone. MP3 Video Converter With this great MP3VideoConverter, you can extract music from your favorite videos andsetas ringtone. It is the easiest-to-use mp3 converter andvideoconverter. Video to MP3 Converter is the best audio cutter andmp4to mp3 converter for android. It’s simple, powerful, andtotallyFREE.
Video Converter 2.1
- Video Converter is a real video converter, which supportsalmostall video and audio formats; HD video, HTML5 video, WMV, MKV,AVI,MP4,MOV and more,also supports basic EditinglikeJoin/Merge,Reverse,slowmotion,crop,rotation and more.Keyfeatures:- Supports MP4, FLV, MPEG-1,2, MOV, MKV, WMV, AVI, VOB,3GP, SWF,MP3, AAC, WAV, and more - Convert and Saves for iPad,iPhone,Android devices,Blackberry,Lumia, Samsung Galaxy, Xbox,SonyPlayStation, Google Nexus - Includes basic editingfunctions:Slow-Motion,trim,Join OR Merge, Reverse,crop, rotate,stabilize andmore - You can Join/Merge Video by drag&droparrangement fortime line orderly. - You can Reverse Video in simpleSteps - ChangeAudio Frequency in 2x,3x speed up and slow down. -Support for 200+devices from Apple, Samsung, Nokia, Google, HTC,LG, Sony, andother popular brands - Ready-made presets fullyoptimized forspecific device models - SuperSpeed conversion -Convert multiplemedia files simultaneously - Multiple Theme Optionfor ColorfullExperience. - Multiple language support, includingEnglish, German,Japanese, Russian and Spanish and more. - Mp3Converter. - Mp4Converter. - Mov Converter. - mp3 Video Converter.- video to mp3Convert. - Video Joiner. - Video Merger. VideoConverter has anumber of basic editing settings. With these you cancustomize thevideo size and aspect ratio and extract audio andvideo from files.Overall, Video Converter's basic conversionfunction is quick andeasy, but the suite does have less thanstellar editingabilities.If you want a specific video format to besupported,please leave the details in comments or email us. We’lltry to addthe support infuturerelease.PERMISSIONS:android.permission.INTERNET:android.permission.ACCESS_NETWORK_STATE:android.permission.READ_EXTERNAL_STORAGE:for readvideo/audiofiles.android.permission.WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE: forstore theoutput video/audio filescom.android.vending.BILLING: forin apppurchase to upgrade to premium features.
Video to MP3 Converter 1.0.6
Easily extract audio from your video files . Extract highqualitymp3 songs using this powerful application . Make ringtonefrom yourfavorite song using mp3 cutter . Video to MP3 Converteruses ffmpegand libmp3lame as library . Features * Simple userinterface * Fastvideo conversion * Supports Video formats includingwmv , MP4 , 3gp, flv , avi etc. * Integrated MP3 Cutter for makingRingtone . *Supports Bitrate 48 kb/s , 64 kb/s , 128 kb/s , 192kb/s , 256 kb/s, 320 kb/s. * Simple and advanced mode MP3Conversion for advancedusers . * Fast Video cutter for cuttingvideo files easily . * Onetap to play music files .
MP3 Video Converter 3.0
XCS Technologies
With MP3 Video Converter now you can easily extract audio fromyourvideo files. Simple process just tap select video to selectvideofile and then tap convert to extract the audio in mp3format.Location / target directory to save MP3 files can easily beupdatedon settings. Advanced features : 1. Bitrate: 8Kbit/s,16Kbit/s,24Kbit/s, 32Kbit/s, 64Kbit/s, 128Kbit/s, 192Kbit/s,256Kbit/s. 2.Option to update ID3 tags / meta information on theextracted mp3files (title, album, artist) 3. Supports various typesof videos(3GP, FLV, MP4 and so on) 4. Supports various types ofaudio (MP3,AAC) ** Supports only ARMv7 and higher. Video to MP3Converter useLGPL ffmpeg and libmp3lame libraries as codec.
Video to MP3 - Trim & Convert 2
Panchgani Hive
Video to MP3 - Trim & Convert app is fast and easy to trim&convert any video into MP3 and save to your phone. You canconvertvideo files to audio files (MP3, AAC) with variousoptions(size,bitrate, meta data) Using Video to MP3 you can easilyextractaudio from any video you have. You can extract the audio andsaveto the folder of your android device. You can even add metatags tothe audio such as Album art, artist and album information.AdvanceFeatures : 1 . Convert any Video files to MP3 files inseconds withuse of Video to MP3. 2 . Supports all Video FormatslikeMP4,AVI,FLV,MKV,MPEG,3GP,M4V,MOV,MPG etc. 3 . Easy To Use ,Play,Share.Trim and Convert by MP3 Converter. 4 . Save Your MP3filesin Sdcard Folder. 5 . Supports All ARM(CPU) devices. 6 . VideotoMP3 Converter- Trim & Convert 7 . Fast video conversion 8 .Isuses ffmpeg library. 9 . Supports Bitrate 48 kb/s , 64 kb/s ,128kb/s , 192 kb/s , 256 kb/s , 320 kb/s.
Video MP3 Converter 2.3.4
FunDevs LLC
Video MP3 Converter make users to convert, resize and trimtheirvideos and audios with various options. (bitrate, size, metadata)It supports various types of videos such as MP4, 3GP, WEBM,WMV,FLV and so on and various types of audio (MP3, AAC, OGG and soon)You can edit metadata of your music such as album title, artistandyou can also set trimmed music as your ringtone! Findmoreinformation at http://support.fundevs.com.
Video To MP3 Converter 1.0.5
Fast tool for converting video into Audio (MP3 or AAC)format.Choose the video that you want to convert to audio.You willgetyour converted audio file in the result section. Features*Editconverted MP3 files * Supports All ARM CPU Architecture* MP3Cutter* Supports various types of videos * Fast Video CutterVideoconverter uses ffmpeg and libmp3lame libraries.
MP3 Converter 1.0.5
MP3 converter is a great application for music lovers.Easilyconvert MP3 files in to other audio formats. You can alsoedit andcut audio files easily . Convert video downloads to musicfilesusing video to mp3 converter. best way to convert audio filetoother formats Features * MP3 Cutter for editing audio files*ffmpeg powered Video Cutter * audio converter supports allpopularaudio formats * fast video to audio conversion
Video to Mp3 Converter, Video Cutter, Audio Cutter 3.1
Jackie Apps
Video to mp3 converter app allows you to get audio from videofiles.You can now easily get mp3 from video in few clicks. Ourthis mp3video converter app also has options of video cutter andaudiocutter. You can trim video easily in few clicks. You can alsotrimaudio in few clicks. Our this Video Cutter and Audio CutterwithVideo to mp3 converter. Now with this application, you caneasilycut any video accurately. You can trim video in simpleprocess. WithVideo to mp3 Converter, you can also trim audio ofyour device infew steps. Video to Mp3 Converter is a freeapplication to convertVideo to MP3 and AAC type audio. Video toMp3 Converter applicationis a video converter which works offline.It supports all majorvideo formats. Now you can easily get musicfrom videos in multiplebitrate options. Features: - Easily convertvideo to mp3, aac, m4a,wma and wav type audio. : BITRATE Supportedin application are: 128kCBR, 160k CBR, 192k CBR, 256k CBR, 320kCBR, and 100k VBR, 115k VBR,130k VBR, 165k VBR, 175k VBR, 190kVBR, 225k VBR, 245k VBR - Addmeta data into mp3 audio file. - AddCover Art from gallery. - Youcan rename, delete and share theconverted audio from theapplication. - You can play the convertedaudio from the applicationvia music player of your device. - Videoto Mp3 Converter is not ayoutube video downloader or youtubeconverter. - You can convertonly videos that are already in yourdevice storage but does notdownload video. - You can trim videosfrom your storage. - TrimAudio feature is also available in thisconverter. ** Video to mp3Converter uses LGPL ffmpeg and mp3lamelibraries.
Video to MP3 Converter, RINGTONE Maker, MP3 Cutter 4.2
Video MP3 Converter is easy and powerful video editor apptoconvert, edit and trim your videos, Audios. Save in MP3 &AACfrom bit rate 48kbps to 320kbps and different videosresolutionfrom 320X180 to 1280X720 App Features: - Work asVideoCutter/Editor/Converter and video compressor. - MP3 Cutterforediting audio files. - Supports different Video formats: MP4,WMV,AVI, 3GP, MKV, MOV, FLAC and more. - Supports differentAudioformats: MP3, AAC, WMV, M4A. - Convert to MP3 and AAC. -Browsefolders directly within an APP. - Supports MP3 bit rates :48K,64K, 80K, 96K, 112K, 128K, 160K, 192K, 224K, 256K and 320K.-Add/Edit Meta Data: Artist, Album, Genre,Year. - SelectVideoreslotions: 320X180, 480X270, 640X360, 800X450, 960X540,1280X720.- Share Videos and Audios on different apps and socialmedia. -Trim/Convert MP3 files in your device - Edit MP3Meta-Data(TitleTitle, Artist, Genre, Year..) - Options (Play,Delete,Rename, Share, Edit Meta-Data, Trim, Merge) HowtoEdit/Convert/Trim Video: - When you start App all thevideosavaialble on device will shows. - Select your video. -Selectstarting and end point to make new video/Audio. - selectyourchoice to convert into audio (MP3,AAC) or video. - Add Metadataininfo and select video resolution. - Select speed from very slowtovery fast mode. - select saving folder or it will defaulttakefolder as "Video to MP3". - Press Convert Button and That'sit.Note: It can take uptp 3 minutes if video file is in HD andlargesize. We request you to wait kindly as process get done. HowtoEdit/Trim Audio: - Select an Audio of your choice underAudioSection. - Select starting and ending point. - Press Save andgivename of your choice. - Chose how you want to save MP3 asMusic,Ringtone, Notification. - That's it. Its done you can use appasRingtone maker and MP3 cutter. You can check all convertedaudioand video files in Audio Cutter and Video Cutter section inapp.Please, You can give feedback and we would love to listenyoursuggestions by E-mail, Facebook, Twitter or Google+.E-mail:[email protected] Twitter:https://www.twitter.com/AppSourceHubFacebook:https://www.facebook.com/AppSourceHubGoogle+:https://plus.google.com/110040689488872486407 Note: Videoto MP3Converter, Cutter is a customized version of the opensourceRingdroid project, which is licensed by Apache2.0.http://www.apache.org/licenses/LICENSE-2.0.html - We havetakencare to develop app, If you would find any kind of mistakethenkindly please mail us. email your helpful suggestions andcommentson the following address: [email protected] Your use ofVideo toMP3 Converter, RINGTONE Maker, MP3 Cutter is free of chargeinexchange for safely using some of your device's resources (WiFiandvery limited cellular data), and only when you are not usingyourdevice. You may turn this off from the settings menu. Pleaseseeour TOS for furtherinformation.http://www.appsourcehub.com/privacy/video_to_mp3
Media Converter 0.9.3
Media Converter allows you to convert all kinds of media formatstopopular media formats: mp3, mp4 (mpeg4/h264,aac), ogg(theora,flac) , avi (mpeg4, mp3), mpeg (mpeg1, mp2), flv (flv,mp3), gifand wav. Also audio profiles: m4a (aac-audio only), 3ga(aac-audioonly), oga (flac-audio only) are available forconvenience.You mayalso chop/clip a media file, or extract theaudio to make a ringtone.You may also crop and rotate to outputvideo.You may specifythe parameters including video/audio bit rate,resolution, framerate, audio sample rate.It is easy to pick/specifythe parameterswith the special designed UI.LGPL ffmpeg is used.
Mp3 Video ConverteR 1.0.0
Convert video files to audio files with various options(bitrate,meta-data)• Supports many video formats (MP4, AVI, MPG,MOV, WMV,MKV, M4V, WEBM, FLV, 3GP)• Supports many audio formats(MP3, AAC,M4A, WMA, FLAC, WAV, OGG)• Supports editing metainformation(title, artist, album, composer, genre, album artwork,etc…)• Easyto useFAQ: No, this application is not a youtube mp3converter nora youtube downloader. You can convert ONLY videos thatare in yourdevice.
Video to Mp3 : Mute Video /Trim Video/Cut Video 1.15
Convert any Video file to Audio file in Mp3 format. RemoveAudiofrom Video(Create Mute Video). Trim Video of any format, size&duration with same quality Output.No hidden cost. App is freetouse.Features-* Convert Video to Mp3 - Extract Audio from Videoofany format and save as Mp3 file in your device.* Mute Video-Wannaremove sound from Video? Use this app to Mute Video andremoveunwanted Audio from your Video.* Trim Video- Easily selectthe partof Video you wanna trim and get same quality output TrimmedVideo.*Supports Video formats including MP4, WMV, 3GP, AVI, MPG,M4V,MPEG4, MOV, MKV, WEBM, M2V, etc.* Best Quality Output.*FastProcessing. Mute and Trim video in approx. no time. Fast VideotoMp3 Conversion.*Easy to use with Intractive UI.* Output Gallerytosee created output files. Share and Delete output fileseasily.Appuses FFmpeg under permission of LGPL.
Videos to Audio Converter 1.4
Entertainment apps codecs
Free Video to Audio Maker Easy way to convert your video toaudiofor musics. No need to find audio or mp3 songs if you havevideocollections,you can convert any hot video to mp3 file and setascallertune maker.if you like song which has sexy scene thenremoveit by converting video to audio file and litsion the song onmediaplayer fast tool for converting video into audio like mp3 oraacformat.special conversation from hd video to ringtones makerforandroid.fastest way to convert audio files and save it tomemoryand share to social networks as you liked.Its like audiorecordingfrom videos along with best audio quality.
Video to Mp3 : Ringtone Maker 1.6
Video to MP3 app converts any video to audio as MP3 audio andsaveto your phone.Easily extract audio from your video files .Extracthigh quality mp3 songs using this powerful application .Makeringtone from your favorite song using mp3 cutter . Video toMP3Converter uses ffmpeg and libmp3lame as library . *****Features****** * Convert video to MP3 is quick and so easy with fewsteps.*Convert to MP3 from video with selected time intervals asyou likeand save in phone with same mp3 quality in video.* Video toMP3 appis very fast and easy to use with user friendly UI.* Itsupportsalmost video formats to convert in mp3.* No watermarks andalwaysfree.* MP3 audio will be saved to VideotoMP3 folder in yourphone.*Simple user interface * Fast video conversion * SupportsVideoformats including wmv , MP4 , 3gp , flv , avi etc. *Integrated MP3Cutter for making Ringtone . * Supports Bitrate 48kb/s , 64 kb/s ,128 kb/s , 192 kb/s , 256 kb/s , 320 kb/s. * Simpleand advancedmode MP3 Conversion for advanced users . * Fast Videocutter forcutting video files easily . * One tap to play musicfiles.Useful:- From movie video you can get mp3 of songs, dialog orsomespecial tracks and you can set as ringtone.THANK YOULEFREY TECH
Mp4 to mp3-Video to mp3-Mp3 video converter 1.5.3
Want to extract audio from video file?Here is solution.Installthisapplication and solve your problem. Easily extract audio fromyourvideo files . Extract high quality mp3 songs using thispowerfulapplication . Make ringtone from your favorite song usingmp3cutter. Best working as Video to mp3.It is used forConvertingvideo into audio.Best video to audio converter,Mp3Converter. Wehave below features: - Fast video conversion - Nowatermarks andalways free.tubem and more mp3 maker. - With thebackground ffmpeglibrary support (libavocdec, libavformat etc.) -mp4 converter,FromMp4 to Mp3.Download video using video downloaderand extract audiofrom it. - useful for video editor and remove allunused video fileand make only audio from it. - Select a video fromphones galleryusing this video to Mp3. - Resize video to mp3 andmuch moreformat. - Get audio from video,Extract mp3 from video. -Video mp3maker works with photo video maker. - Extract an audiofrom avideo, using this video to Sound audio. - The extracted audiocanbe used as, a phone ringtone, using this video to Audio. -Thisvideo to Mp4 to Mp3 supports all video formats. - SupportsVideoformats including wmv , MP4 , 3gp , flv , avi etc. -VideoConverter Android is the best video converter on AndroidforAndroid. - Mp3 Converter:Simple and advanced mode MP3Conversionfor advanced users. - Fast Video cutter for cutting videofileseasily . - Trim/Convert MP3 files in your device.All Video tomp3.- Video to Mp4 to Mp3 uses ffmpeg and libmp3lame as library .-Convert video to MP3 is quick and so easy with few steps. -Convertto MP3 from video with selected time intervals as you likeand savein phone with same mp3 quality in video. - Video to MP3 appis veryfast and easy to use with user friendly UI. - It supportsalmostvideo formats to convert in mp3. - Video converter forAndroid canconvert any video formats to mpeg4 videos, includingasf, avi,divx, flv, m2v, m4v, mjpeg, mkv, mov, mpg, ogg, ogv, rm,rmvb,webm, wmv etc.Also knows as MP3 Video Converter. Features: -Frommovie video you can get mp3 of songs, dialog or some specialtracksand you can set as ringtone. - Supports various types ofaudio(MP3, AAC).Take as ituber. - Supports editing metainformation(title, album, artist) - Video tube to Mp3 app allow youto convertany video to mp3 format. - Make useful art video and editit,toconvert into mp3 audio file. - Supports various types ofvideos(3GP, FLV, MP4 and so on) - Use extracted mp3 into photo tovideoconverter,Photo movie maker. - Mp3 Converter - Create audiofromvideo ,fatch audio from video. - Also this service of Mp4 toMp3 isfree.Convert your art video to audio format of any type. -Mp4 toMp3.Video to audio converter and work better than mp3 joiner.- Youcan use Video Converter for Android to convert the video toformatsAndroid support. Upcoming features: -Video Audio Mixer.-MergeMultiple Audio files. -Video editor.-Vidtomp3,musicconverter,convert video to mp3,mp3 video,convert tomp3,video tomp3 converter. Note: This is not mp4 player or mp4video player.How to use: Step 1: Select Search any Video song fileto convertinto mp3 file. Step 2: Edit,set range. Now, touch anddrag markersto set proper timing of song. Press the play button topreview theselected tone before saving it. Also you can manuallyedit startand end points of desire music file.Cut Music.Focus musicandFilter it.Music separator. Step 3: Save -Save as and convert tomp3and much more features area available. -Music splitter of alltypeof songs. -Changed Storage location of saved song clip ,Videotoaudio converter.
Video to Mp3 Converter 2017 1.0.1
Lucky Yasa Dev
Great MP3 converter is a great application for music lovers.Easilyconvert MP3 files in to other audio formats.All videoformatconverter mkv avi vob mp4 mp3.3gp flv mp4 ogg app fromandroidYoucan also edit and cut audio files easily. Convert videodownloadsto music files using video to mp3 converter.best way toconvertaudio file to other formatsGreat MP3 converter Features :*MP3Cutter for editing audio files* ffmpeg powered Video Cutter *audioconverter supports all popular audio formats* fast video toaudioconversion* create small audio for ringtoneenjoy It and rateus ...
convert video to mp3 1.6.3
TMN Trend Media Network
This App allow you convert video to mp3. Supported format: 3gp,mp4,mpeg, vob, and many other less known formats. You can convertmusicvideos or videos to mp3 with two or three clicks. Advancedsettingssupported: Setting bitrate: 8Kbit/s, 16Kbit/s, 24Kbit/s,32Kbit/s,64Kbit/s, 128Kbit/s, 192Kbit/s, 256Kbit/s. Set targetdirectory tosave your converted video to mp3. Easy to use, clickon selectbutton than your file, just last click on convert andyour video tomp3 convert started. This version is free video tomp3 use LGPLffmpeg and libmp3lame libraries as codec.
Mp3 Media Converter 1.3.0
Ansha Team
Media converter allows you to convert your media (videos offlv,3gp, mp4 and more...) files to mp4 or mp3; Advancedoptionssupports setting start and end positions, allows you toextractshort audio from a movie to create your ring tone.Notes:Thisappuses LGPL ffmpeg and mp3lame libraries as underlying codecs.
Vid2Mp3 - Video To MP3 1.8
App Fry
Using video to Mp3 you can easily extract audio from any videoyouhave. You can extract the audio and save it to any folder ofyourchoice and listen later. You can even add meta tags to theaudiosuch as Album art, artist and album information.1. Supportsalltypes of audio conversion2. Supports all types of Videofiles3.Edit ID3 Tags of the audio
Convert web to PDF 4.8.14
Convert webpages to PDF files and access it anytime! Web toPDFConverter helps you to convert webpages to PDF files, and youcanshare or view your PDF files anytime offline. ※ Convert web toPDFIncluded Features : - Define PDF : Table of Content,Quality,Images. - Can export backgound into PDF - Can clear images, andkeep only text when export to PDF - Ask rename file beforesaveinto storage. - Can read PDF and no need instale any otherPDFreader. Convert any URL from Browser app , User do not needtypingand then easily share to everybody with one click.
Video MP3 Converter Cut Music 1.27
AppzCloud Technologies
Create your own Music! The most advanced and easy to use VideotoMP3 Audio converter. It supports a large number of video filetypeslike MP4, 3GP, WMV etc. You can also extract audio from a partof aVideo and use it for setting as a Ringtone.Features:+ Supportsavariety of Video media formats like mp4, 3gp, wmv, flv, avi,mkv,mpeg4, mts etc. Supports variety of codecs.+ Supports creationofsegments with slider based option of selecting start position&end position. You can select a part of a Video and theninitiatethe conversion process. It is like an mp3 cutter forcutting yourvideos and converting to an audio for your ringtones.+Supportsusing the Audios for setting as Ring tone+ Easy selectionof Videosbased on Folders. This makes selection of Videos veryeasy. Autoscans the entire device for the available videos.+ Easyaccess togenerated MP3 audio library - Listen to the generated MP3Audiowith Audio player. Integration of inbuilt audio playerwithbackward, forward, play/pause control. Also supports Audioplayingin the background with Notification support.+ Watch, playyourvideos before initiating the conversion to mp3 audio. InbuiltVideoplayer supported.+ Supports conversion of large Video mediafiles.You can even extract mp3 music audio from a complete movievideoquickly! Supports music conversion of files either createdthroughthe camera, videos downloaded from the web havingdifferentbitrate, whatsapp etc.+ Supports options of playing mp3music,renaming, deleting of extracted audios. + Preserves the filenameof the video in extracted audio, for eg, if the video file namehasArtist, Album, Song title, the same will be preserved inthegenerated file.+ Easy and modern User Interface (UI) oftheapplicationGet Video to MP3 Converter Android application forFREE!Video to MP3 converter on Android is the best converter onAndroid.Video to MP3 converter for Android can convert a largenumber ofvideo formats types like mp4, wmv, avi, mkv, flv, mpeg4,3gp, mtsetc. Supports variety of codecs. Enjoy and share the MP3musiccreator app with your friends on Whatsapp, Facebook, Instagramandmore!.You can reach us with your feedback & [email protected]
ASCII Converter - Text Encoder 1.2.4
ASCII Converter is a convenient tool which helps you convert atextto ASCII code (decimal), Base64 code, binary code, octalcode,hexadecimal code or vice versa. The results can be useforstudying, researching, texting secret conversations or anyotherpurposes.- Feature:+ Lightweight and works fast, able tocopyoutput+ Nice and modern interface, allow to choose light themeordark theme+ Simple and easy to use- Instruction: just type thetextor the code you want to convert, the result willappearsimultaneously.- Keyword: ASCII code, text encoder, textdecoder,BIN, OCT, DEC, HEX, Base64.Wish it would help yourwork!ASCIIConverter - Developed by Universapp
Fast Video to MP3 Converter 1.4
Fast Convert video files to audio (MP3, AAC) with multipleoptionssuch as bitrate, channels...Extract Audio from video.Conversion isa fast process because you only need 2 click toconvertyour videoto an mp3 file.+ Supports any types of videos(3GP, FLV, MP4 , AVI,WMV...)+ Select output format from MP3, AAC,WMA, WAV
MP3 Cutter and Audio Merger 22.1
MP3 Cutter and Audio Merger is one of best apps to edit musicfilesin an easy and convenient way. In addition, you can merge orjoinmp3 or any audio files together in one file. It supports MP3,WAV,AAC/MP4, 3GPP/AMRR, OGG Audio Formats to be edited. This appusesthe leading multimedia library FFmpeg to cut and merger/joinaudiofiles with high performance. FEATURES: Here are some featuresthatmake this MP3 Cutter and Ringtone Maker app unique. - List alltheMP3 songs from the SD card . - Choose the MP3 files from thelist .- It supports audio file formats MP3, WAV, AAC, 3GPP/AMRR,OGG andmost other music formats. - Built in audio/music Recorderforediting - Preview and play all the output ringtone list -Manageyour ringtone files. Delete, Edit, setasringtone/Alarm/Notification Tone. - View a scrollablewaveformrepresentation of the audio file at 4 zoom levels. - Setstart& end for the audio clip, using an optional touchinterface. -When you tap anywhere on the wave & the built-inMusic playerstarts playing at that position. - Set Name the new cutclip whilesaving it as Ringtone / Music / Alarm / NotificationTone. - Usenew clip as default ringtone or assign ringtone tocontacts, usingthis ringtone editor. - Share your audio files withfriends throughsocial messaging. Disclaimer : This app is base onRingdroid code,and licensed under the Apache License. Ringdroidcode:http://code.google.com/p/ringdroid/ Apache License, Version2.0:http://www.apache.org/licenses/LICENSE-2.0.html LGPL FFmpegisused.
Video To Audio Converter, UltraFast Mp3 Converter 2.4
Solution Cat Ltd
A very effective video to audio converter application thatallowsyou to convert your video to audio and video to mp3.Converting mp3is very fast using this mp3 converter.So, This videoto mp3 oraudio extractor will be your daily life useful video tomp3 songconverter. Video to mp3 converter will list out all of yourvideosong from your device. You just select the video that you wanttoconvert to audio song or audio music or mp3 music or song. Youcanplay a video file before converting it. When you are donewithselecting your video file just press convert button. This VIdeotoaudio converter app will then start converting video to audioorvideo to mp3 as you use. You will get your converted audio fileinmy audio section.*** When you install this video to audioconverterapplication for the first time it will download necessarysupportedlibrary from the internet. So, keep patience that time
PDF Conversion Suite 2.7.5
Tiny Smart Apps
PDF Conversion Suite creates PDF or multipage TIFF fromvariousdocument formats. Also it could convert your PDF file toMicrosoftWord Document(docx). You just need to select action andsourcedocument to start conversion process.PCS demandsminimalapplication permissions from you. To satisfy thisrequirement ituses third-party apps (like Google Drive, Dropboxetc.) that isalready trusted by users.Currently SupportedFeatures:* Emails (".eml", ".msg" )* Excel Sheets ( ".csv", ".xls",".xlsb", ".xlsm",".xlsx", ".xlt", ".xltm", ".xltx" )* Common Imageformats ( ".avs",".bmp", ".dcx", ".dib", ".emf", ".gif", ".fax",".jpg", ".jpeg",".img", ".ipct", ".mdi", ".pic", ".pict", ".png",".pcd", ".pcds",".pct", ".pcx", ".mdi", ".tga", ".tif", ".tiff",".wmf" )* OpenOffice documents ( ".odf", ".ott", ".sxw", ".odf",".sxm", ".mml",".odp", ".otp", ".sxi", ".sti", ".odg", ".otg",".ods", ".ots",".sxc", ".stc" )* Portable Document Formats (".eps", ".pdf" )*Power Point Slides ( ".pot", ".potm", ".potx",".pps", ".ppsm",".ppsx", ".ppt", ".pptm", ".pptx" )* Web pages (".html", ".htm" )*Word documents ( ".doc", ".docm", ".docx",".dot", ".dotm",".dotx", ".wps", ".rtf", ".text", ".txt", ".wpd",".wps" )* XMLPaper Specifications ( ".xps" )* Convert PDF to Worddocument
Mp3 Converter 2017 1.0.1
Lucky Yasa Dev
Great MP3 converter is a great application for music lovers.Easilyconvert MP3 files in to other audio formats.You can also editandcut audio files easily. Convert video downloads to musicfilesusing video to mp3 converter.best way to convert audio filetoother formatsGreat MP3 converter Features :* MP3 Cutter foreditingaudio files* ffmpeg powered Video Cutter * audio convertersupportsall popular audio formats* fast video to audio conversion*createsmall audio for ringtoneenjoy It and rate us ...
JPG to PDF Converter Free 1.18
SR Group
This free online JPG to PDF converter allows to combinemultipleimages into a single PDF document. Besides JPG/JPEG, thistoolsupports conversion of PNG and BMP files too. Image toPDFconverter offline you can choose the images from gallery inorderwith image reorder option and convert it to PDF in a singleclick.Free Image to PDF converter app by using this, image couldbeconverted to PDF in a minute and designed with morefriendlyapproached design. JPG to PDF Converter is very useful toolforcorporate office, business meetings, daily uses, governmentoffice,and online registration account and to upload your KYC soon. 🔹FreeImage to PDF Converter Features : - All our features are100% FREESuite. - Image to PDF converter can use in offline mode. -Protectyour documents with a passcode. - Convert multiple imagesintosingle PDF. - JPG to PDF converter supports generation ofpasswordprotected PDF. - Set page sizes for PDF (Letter, Legal, A4,andmore) - Grayscale and black white image effects settings. - JPGtoPDF converter is very easy to use and quick. - ImageQualitysetting including no compression, low, medium and high. -Thumbnailor list view, sort scans by date or title. - Search,scroll, andzoom in and out. - Change page Size Scan to PDFConverter Free. -Open the PDF with any PDF viewer/editor. - ChooseSingle Page,Continuous scroll, or Reading mode. - Use your devicecamera tosnap a photo of anything—a document, whiteboard, form,picture,receipt, or note—and save it as a PDF. - Take picture ofanyofficial form like ID or official document or school documentsorresume (CV), bills, invoices, messages, and web pages and sendthemVIA Mail or Gmail. - Convert all kind of documents then sendthemvia : E-mail , Gmail, WhatsApp , MMS, Dropbox, Google drivedocs,Evernote, Wi-Fi direct, Bluetooth or Facebook, Twitter, Skypeandmore, it can also read and preview pdf files. 🔹Save thefollowingdocument formats to PDF: - JPG to PDF Converter - BMP toPDFConverter - PNG to PDF Converter - GIF to PDF Converter - Imagetopdf converter - Convert JPG to PDF - Convert to Pdf - PDFConverter- Convert JPG to PDF - JPG to PDF Document Converter 🔹Howit works:- Take picture of the documents that you want to convertor send. -Choose the picture (PNG, JPEG, XPS, TIFF, JFIF, and GIF)or thedocument that you want to convert or send as pdf. - Resize it+Apply Effects + Change rotation. - Send them via E-mail,Gmail,Yahoo Mail, Whatsapp, MMS, Dropbox, Google drive docs,Evernote,Wifi direct, Bluetooth or Facebook, Twitter, Skype andmore, it canalso read and preview pdf files. 🔹GOT QUESTIONS? CAN'TFIGURE OUTHOW TO DO SOMETHING? If you have any problem about thisJPG to PDFconverter app please email us [email protected], andwe’ll help you figure it out. Try andenjoy 2017 - 2018 best JPG toPDF converter app to PDF all new apps2017 - 2018.
converter video to mp3 1.6
video to mp3 Converter is an easy tool to local videos fromyourdevice to Mp3 (Audio). video to mp3 Converter provides anelegantand easy to use interface that allows you to browse throughyourfiles and select the video you want to convert to MP3 with justoneclick. Not only that, but also you can conversor browsethroughconverted files to play or share anytime!With video tomp3Converter you can simply open the video you want to convertfromthe file manager and choose to complete the action usingconversorde video in order to convert the video to mp3.Step bystepinstructions1) Choose Video that you want to convert2) Chooseaudioformat (MP3 or AAC) and Bit Rate3) Add meta-data for MP3format(optional)4) Press "convert" button (conversor do yotub e)
🎵 Video to MP3 105
Video to MP3 app is fast and easy to convert any video into MP3andsave to your phone. Advance Features : 1 . Convert any Videofilesto MP3 files in seconds with use of Video to MP3. 2 . SupportsallVideo Formats like MP4,AVI,FLV,MKV,MPEG,3GP,M4V,MOV,MPG etc.3.Easy To Use , Play ,Share.Trim and Convert by MP3 Converter. 4.Save Your MP3 files in Sdcard Folder. 5. Supports AllARM(CPU)devices.
PDF Converter 1.0.8
Cometdocs.com Inc.
The best way to convert PDF documents to common file formatsandvice versa right on your Android device. Just add or take apictureof your reports, receipts, spreadsheets, designs, orotherdocuments and convert them to Word, Excel, Image, AutoCAD andmoreformats. The simplicity and amazing conversion quality makethisapp the ultimate converter for your phone. Use PDF Converterto: ✔️Make professional PDF documents from your coverletters,certificates, portfolios and other documents when applyingfor ajob. ✔️ Immediately manage reports, projects, invoices, andotherdocumentation while on a business trip or out of the office.✔️Easily manage student notes, lectures and learning materials.Someof PDF Converter major features are: ⭐ No limits on file sizeorthe number of converted files. ⭐ Excellent conversion quality.⭐Scanned and complex documents are converted as well. ⭐Powerfuldocument scanner. ⭐ Cloud services are supported (Dropbox,Drive,OneDrive, Box and more). ⭐ Various file formats aresupported(Word, Excel, Image, AutoCAD and more). There’s even more:⭐Different PDF quality options: high, medium, and low. ⭐Batchconversions: as one file, as separate files. ⭐ Different PDFsize:cropped part, letter, and A4. How to use PDF Converter app Ittakesonly three simple steps to convert PDF to desired file format:1.Select the document you want to convert. It can be a PDF filefromyour phone, cloud services or you can scan a document. 2.Choose aconversion type. 3. Choose the PDF output, PDF quality, andpagesize. And that would be all! Files are being converted byourpowerful servers, and after conversion is done, the resultisdownloaded to your device and files are being deleted fromourservers. This also means the app won't burden your processororRAM, nor it will drain your battery. Supported conversion types:-PDF to Word - PDF to Excel - PDF to PowerPoint - PDF to Image -PDFto AutoCad - Scan to PDF - Scan to Text - Scan to Word - ScantoExcel - PDF to Text - Publisher to PDF - XPS to PDF - Word to PDF-Excel to PDF - PowerPoint to PDF - Text to PDF - Log to PDF -RTFto PDF - JPG/JPEG to PDF - BMP to PDF - PNG to PDF - GIF to PDF-TIF/ TIFF to PDF - OpenOffice Writer ODT to PDF -OpenOfficeImpress ODP to PDF - OpenOffice Calc ODS to PDF -MHT/MHTML to PDF
File Viewer for Android 2.3.2
Sharpened Productions
File Viewer for Android is a universal file viewer thatsupportsover 100 file types, including PDFs, email files, audio andvideofiles, images, camera raw photos, archives, and more. Inadditionto viewing files, you can browse and manage files on yourAndroiddevice and view file metadata.Features- Open over 100differentfile formats with a single app (everything / all formatsin oneapp!)- Browse and manage files with the built-in filemanager- Viewmetadata such as file properties, MD5 checksums, andEXIF data-Extract archives, including Zip, 7-Zip, Gzip, Bzip2, Tar,and TGZ-PDF viewer, JPG file viewer, TIFF file viewer, SVG viewer,Rawphoto file viewer, and moreSupported File Types:Documents-PDFDocument (.pdf)- EPUB eBook (.epub) *DRM-protected eBooksnotsupportedEmails- Email Message (.eml, .emlx)- OutlookMessage(.msg, .oft)- Outlook Email Attachment (winmail.dat)- MHTMLWebArchive (.mht)Audio- AAC Audio File (.aac)- FLAC AudioFile(.flac)- iMelody Ringtone File (.imy)- MPEG-4 Audio File(.m4a)-MIDI File (.mid, .midi)- Matroska Audio File (.mka)- MP3Audio File(.mp3)- Ogg Vorbis Audio File (.ogg)- OTA Ringtone File(.ota)-Wave Audio File (.wav)Video* Note: Some video codecs may notbesupported- 3GP Video File (.3gp)- Matroska Video File(.mkv)-MPEG-4 Video File (.mp4)- Transport Stream Video File (.ts)-WebMVideo File (.webm)Archives- 7-zip Archive (.7z)- Bzip2Archive(.bz2)- Bzip2 TAR Archive (.tbz2, .tar.bz2)- Gzip Archive(.gz)-JAR Archive (.jar)- TAR Archive (.tar)- TGZ Archive(.tgz,.tar.gz)- Z Compressed File (.z)- Zip File (.zip)Camera Raws*Note:Some camera models may not be supported- Sony Raw Image(.arw)-Casio Raw Image (.bay)- Canon Raw Image (.cr2)- Canon RawImage(.crw)- Kodak Raw Image (.dcr)- Digital Negative Image(.dng)-Epson Raw Image (.erf)- Kodak Raw Image (.kdc)- Leaf RawImage(.mos)- Mamiya Raw Image (.mrw)- Nikon Raw Image (.nef)- NikonRawImage (.nrw)- Olympus Raw Image (.orf)- Pentax Raw Image(.pef)-Fuji Raw Image (.raf)- Camera Raw Image (.raw)- PanasonicRaw Image(.rw2)- Leica Raw Image (.rwl)- Sony Raw Image (.sr2)-Sony RawImage (.srf)- Samsung Raw Image (.srw)- SIGMA RawImage(.x3f)Images- Bitmap Image (.bmp)- DirectDraw Surface Image(.dds)-GIF Image (.gif)- High Dynamic Range Image (.hdr)- IconFile(.ico)- Interchange File Format Image (.iff)- JPEG NetworkGraphic(.jng)- JPEG 2000 Image (.jp2)- JPEG Image (.jpg, .jpeg)-MultipleNetwork Graphic (.mng)- OpenEXR Image (.exr)- PortableBitmap Image(.pbm)- Kodak Photo CD Image (.pcd)- Paintbrush BitmapImage(.pcx)- Printer Font Metrics File (.pfm)- Portable Gray MapImage(.pgm)- Picture File (.pict)- PNG Image (.png)- PortablePixmapImage (.ppm)- Photoshop Document (.psd)- Sun Raster Graphic(.ras)-Silicon Graphics Image (.sgi)- Scalable Vector Graphics(.svg)-Targa Image (.tga, .targa)- TIFF Image (.tif, .tiff)-WirelessBitmap (.wbmp)- WebP Image (.webp)- X11 Bitmap/Pixmap(.xbm,.xpm)Text- Configuration File (.cfg, .conf)- Text File(.txt)Web-HTML File (.htm, .html, .xhtml)Source Code* View withsyntaxhighlighting- C Source File (.c)- Coffee Script (.coffee)-C++Source File (.cpp)- C# Source File (.cs)- Cascading StyleSheet(.css)- Header File (.h)- Windows Initialization File (.ini)-JavaFile (.java)- JavaScript File (.js)- JSON File (.json)-Objective CFile (.m)- Makefile (.mk, .makefile)- Markdown File(.md)- PHP File(.php)- Perl File (.pl)- Python Script (.py)- RubyScript (.rb)-Bash Script (.sh)- SQL File (.sql)- XML File(.xml)Android FileViewer is brought to you by FileInfo.com, anonline databasecontaining information about thousands of differentfile types.
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