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Get ready to have fun on your Christmas days before New Year’s andNew Year. We offer you the best Slide Puzzle Christmas fun for youand your kids. This is an educational children's game, a simple andfunny sliding puzzle, and ideal activity to exercise brain,imagination and creativity of children. It is a puzzle consistingin moving the pieces to the correct square in order to assemble thepicture to get the image out. Make your holiday season better thanever! Download our Christmas slide magic puzzle and jigsaw game tohave the best Christmas time! During Christmas time, this can alsobe a great gift for your kids to enjoy moments with friends andfamily. While having enjoying our fun game during Christmas timewith their friends or family, resolving magic puzzle square willhelp in the development of skills and abilities of children as wellas motor skills, dexterity, creativity, spatial skills, languageand self-esteem, among many others. If you want you can play withour pictures of beloved Christmas characters such as Santa Clausand his reindeer with the Christmas tree and the star or thesnowman and gingerbread with bells and reindeer bearing gifts onChristmas Eve or you can CREATE YOUR OWN GEM PUZZLE! You can makeyour own gem puzzle by taking a picture from your camera orchoosing one from your gallery or camera roll.There are differentlevels to recompose the picture or drawing while you are playingsliding block puzzle:Simple Slide Puzzle with 4 pieces for children2 years old and up.Medium Sliding Puzzle with 9 pieces for children3 to 6 years oldDifficult Magic Puzzle Square with 16 pieces forchildren 4 to 8 years oldSuper Hard Sliding Block Puzzle with 25pieces from 5 years old and upAll images have been acquired by thecompany for exclusive use. These images have copyrights and belongto their author.

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    Christmas Magic Sliding Puzzle
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    November 24, 2016
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    Android 4.0 and up
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    4332 v1
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    Tratex Apps
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