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rp5 (Reliable Prognosis) 0.3.3
Are you going to work, on a trip or for a walk? Reliable Prognosisis the best way to plan your day and keep you abreast with thecurrent weather conditions.The application provides weatherforecasts for each location worldwide as well as observational datareceived from the ground weather stations.Features:• beautiful,user-friendly interface;• easy search of desired locations;•ability to compare weather in 5 locations;• choice between metricor imperial units;• stylish widgets that show exact time andcurrent temperature;The app is absolutely free and it is acontinuation of the well-known website “Reliable Prognosis (RP5)”.Please visit our webpage “About Website”http://rp5.ru/docs/about/en. [^] to get information about ourcompany and sources of data.Please note!**** INSTRUCTION ON HOW TOUSE THE APPLICATION ***1. To view weather forecasts, scroll downthe page of the application or press on “Today”, “Tomorrow” or anyother day of the week.2. To add the required location, tap the plussign which is in the upper right-hand corner of the screen.3. Swipeleft-to-right to compare weather in different locations. 4. Todelete an unwanted location, open the Settings menu by clicking onthe icon with three horizontal lines in the upper left-hand cornerof the screen and choose “My locations”.5. To install widgets,press and hold your finger on the homescreen of your smartphone.When the Widget menu appears, find the group of widgets with thesame name as the application: Reliable Prognosis (RP5). Hold yourfinger on the widget you like and drag it to your homescreen.****INSTRUCTION ON HOW TO USE THE APPLICATION ***
Weather rp5 (2018) 7
"Weather rp5 (2018)" is a new application created by the developersof the famous weather website RP5. The application looks like thenew mobile version of RP5 website, but it allows you to viewpre-loaded weather forecasts on a phone or tablet offline. Thisapplication is significantly different from the previous "rp5(Reliable Prognosis)" application, which was released in May, 2015.The changes are as follows: 1. Due to numerous requests from users,forecasts with a time step of 6 hours are supplemented by forecastswith a 3 and 1-hour time step. 2. Short text-based forecast "Today/ tomorrow we expect" is added. 3. The forecast table is orientedhorizontally thus allowing you to see long-term forecasts as wellas understand if the weather is going to be stable or changeable.4. Landscape mode is available. 5. The most requested buttons aremoved to the bottom of the screen. 6. You can change the backgroundcolor and set background photos.
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