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Go2bus 2.4.1
Go2Bus is a mobile version of the information portal for passengersin which you can track the location of public transport in realtime! Actual data from the dispatch center, accurate information onthe location of the transport you need and the shedule. Ourapplication will help you save the time and plan your trips, andyou will always know what time exactly the right tram, bus, trolleyor taxi will arrive. You can add to your favorites the mostfrequently used routes so that they are always at the hand. Installthe application, select your city from the list and go! ATTENTION!Long-term use of GPS in the background significantly reducesbattery life
АСК Навигация
"АСК-Навигация" - является клиентскимприложением группы отраслевых решений для мониторинга транспорта иподвижных объектов на технологиях ГЛОНАСС/GPS"АСК-Навигация".Основные функции:- определение местоположения объектов и визуализация их накарте.- построение треков движения.- анализ ретроспективной информации.- оперативный мониторинг состояния объектов, в том числе информацияо скорости, уровне топлива и перевозимом грузе.- возможность выгрузки отчетов.Для подключения к серверу используйте логин, пароль и адрес сервераполученный у администратора или службы технической поддержки."ASK-Navigation" - is aclient application group industry solutions for transportmonitoring and moving objects on GLONASS / GPS technologies"ASK-Navigation".Main functions:- Determining the location of objects and their visualization onthe map.- Building movement tracks.- Retrospective data analysis.- Operational monitoring of the status of objects, includinginformation about speed, fuel level and the goodstransported.- The ability to upload reports.To connect to the server using the login, password and serveraddress obtained from your administrator or technicalsupport.
Kid's phone and watch tracker -Wokka Lokka Locator 2.2.18
Wokka Lokka is a mobile app which lets your family be in touch andstay connected with your friends anytime! Family Locator WokkaLokka help you browse your child’s or any persons location historyfor any day! With Wokka Lokka family locator - gps tracker youcan:- Find the current location of the kid, friends or you partnerlocation;- Receive automated alerts when your loved ones arrivehome, school, or any places you set;- Navigate to your childlocation. Monitor the history of kid’s movements on the city map,the locator function;- In case of emergency, use the SOS button tosend a help alert;- Locate both Android Phones and iPhones withFamily Locator Wokka Lokka;- Get alerts when the phone battery islow, so you can remind your child to charge the phone;- Add secondchild, your spouse and other family members to your account;-Support for kid's gps watch;Set Wokka Lokka app on your and childsmartphones or use a child GPS-tracker instead of the phone.Supported GPS-trackers: Q50, Q60, Q60s, Q70, Q75, часы Q80, Q90,Q100, Q200, Q360, Q1000, Q100S, GW100, GW100S, GW200, GW200S,GW300, GW300S, GW400S, GW500S, GW600S, GW700, GW800, GW900, GW900S,GW1000, G100.1, EW100, EW100S, EW200, T58, D99, W10, Titan WatchQ50, Abardeen KT01 и KT04, Pomo, wonlex, smart baby watch, Prolikeplsw etc.Best child locator for parents: Wokka Lokka help parentsand caregivers reduce anxiety around the whereabouts of their lovedones with easy tracking and alerting messages. Wokka Lokka – easyway to know where your children are. The best app among analogues:Find kids, My Family, Gde moi deti, zhuchek, setracker, wochi,elari safefamily, kidscontrol, aibeile etc.Wokka Lokka provides arealtime location finder service allowing families and friends toprivately share their location information and communicate witheach other.ATTENTION! Continued use of GPS running in backgroundcan dramatically decrease battery life.
Kid Phone Watch Tracker: Wokka Lokka Child Locator 2.2.20
Child locator: find kids, gps tracking, parental control, kidsgpswatch app. --- Wokka Lokka is a location sharing and gpstrackerapp, and is the best way to coordinate with family andfriends. Getautomatic notifications when your child comes and goesfrom homeand school. Make use of a powerful and easy to usepersonal gpstracker, phone locator and kid tracker app. It can alsobe used asgps locator for kids as an ultimate parental control app.DownloadWokka Lokka – the ultimate location tracker and locatorwhich letsyour family be in touch and stay connected with yourfriendsanytime! 👦 GPS KIDS TRACKER & KIDCONTROL TOOL If youaresearching for children tracker you couldn’t ask for a betterkidlocation tracking app! The best child locator for parents:WokkaLokka help parents and caregivers reduce anxiety aroundthewhereabouts of their loved ones with easy tracking andalertingmessages. Wokka Lokka – easy way to know where yourchildren are. 🌎USE WOKKA LOKKA FAMILY LOCATOR TO: ✅ View the realtime location offriends or family members on a private map ✅Receive real timealerts when your child or family arrive or leavehome, work, andschool ✅ Share text and voice messages with oursecure, privatechat ✅ See past location history for your child orfamily ✅ Batterylevel - get notified when a child's gadget isrequired charging ✅You can also hear the sound around the kid'swatch ✅ Parentalcontrol – excellent kid control tool for addedsafety Set WokkaLokka app on your and child smartphones or use aKid's GPS-Watchinstead of the phone. Supported GPS-Watchs: Q50,Q60, Q60s, Q70,Q75, часы Q80, Q90, Q100, Q200, Q360, Q1000, Q100S,GW100, GW100S,GW200, GW200S, GW300, GW300S, GW400S, GW500S, GW600S,GW700, GW800,GW900, GW900S, GW1000, G100.1, EW100, EW100S, EW200,T58, D99, W10,Titan Watch Q50, Abardeen KT01 и KT04, Pomo, wonlex,smart babywatch, Prolik plsw etc. Wokka Lokka – easy way to knowwhere yourchildren are. Our subscription can offer you even morefeatures toyour GPS devices. Unlimited days in history ofmovements, unlimitednumber of observes of your GPS devices,callback function, chatwith devices. The app can not be installedremotely or secretly. Tojoin this service user has to install theapp himself. Users havethe option to stop sharing location for sometime or log out froman account or completely delete the app. Theapp is visible inprograms. Users can share location only betweenrelated accounts.Requested Access: - to the camera and photo - toinstall the avatar- to contacts - to add friends to the app - tothe geo position,including in the background - to determine thelocation of thechild - to the microphone - for calls to the child -access to SMS- without the fact of sending the SMS itself, for thepurpose ofsending setup sms from the user's phone See why we areone of thebest personal gps tracker and locators for Android.▶️▶️▶️ DownloadKid Phone Finder Watch tracker - Wokka Lokka Locatorfor FREE.ATTENTION! Continued use of GPS running in backgroundcandramatically decrease battery life.
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