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Cleaning, maintenance and care of your children's train at the spafrom yovoWhat happens to the trains when they are not in the way?Where does these iron giants after the long-awaited arrival of therailway station? The answers to these questions you can in our app"Train Wash"! Become the head of the station, in which everyonewill find Affairs. Trains are in need of constant care, inspectionand repairs, will be able to cope with this task? Play locomotivecan be easy, but the real work starts at the depot. Trains beforedeparture - to wash, peel and grate to shine.Children game "Washingcars" is a very bright and interesting game forchildren beautiful and funny locomotive. Educational game forchildren to help in the development of fine motor skills andlearning colors and take your baby for a long time! Games forchildren, has never been so spectacular. The child will be able toenjoy a bright and interesting picture and explore the world oftrains with you!Railroad Depot - it is your base, which will be anaction game.You, as the chief of the station, should maintain itsnormal operation, to react quickly to any incident, andtroubleshoot any problems. You - the most important person at thestation and without your personal leadership will not work. You areobliged to ensure that the trains went from the station clean andbeautiful. In addition, about a train game you can not always find,in addition to ordinary wagons and locomotives, even train. Anew fun game for kids "locomotives Cleaning" will help your kidsfeel small machinists and designers. The game has many differentmodels of locomotives, so that the baby will choose a locomotive,which he likes. Steam locomotive to wash using detergent, water,loofah, and then the locomotive can be painted, choose and apply avaried picture, change the wheels. All this is accompanied by fungames, kids developing their capacity for patience andperseverance. "Children train" stands out among the other games ofthe train. In it the child can not only wash the engine, among manysimilar games for children. Taking on the role of chief of therailway station, the responsibility of the player includes thefollowing responsibilities: - Registration of incomingtrains. - Check the integrity of merry locomotive on acolorful pattern, where all the main parts are painted. - Usetools for maintenance and repair of the engine. This is not asimple children's train - there are rules!- Fun Games for children,such as "Train Wash", help the child to develop a variety of skillsand abilities.- The trains are often forgotten luggage - using thelatest equipment in order to find out what's inside and find theluggage owner. - Wash the steam locomotive - not an easy task.On the way to collect a lot of dirt train - Take it with fungames!- New Horizons - moves from station to station, in the newgame about trains for kids, from continent to continent, exploringnew places and doing new tasks. - "Cleaning of trains" - aneducational game for children will be a real canvas for creativity,by which the child will be able to study the internal and externaldevices of the train with the help of educational games. -Improve your train. Funny trains and waiting to put new wheels,paint in fresh, vibrant colors, and they will go to transportpassengers or cargo transport. Take care of train and earn extrapoints to buy new ones.And this is not even a complete list! Cometo the application "Train Wash" and find out what's waiting for younext! A lot of educational games, colorful and bright picture, aswell as fun music that you will repeatedly bring the train inproper form. And do not forget to grab friends!Visit us at: Site:http://yovogames.com Youtube:http://www.youtube.com/channel/UCZruadkJJTuD4Bgb1F6pa3ATwitter:https://twitter.com/YOVOstudioFacebook:https://facebook.com/yovogames

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Developing new exciting game for children "Balloon pop" is a fungame, not only for children but also for adults. Your task is toburst balloons and score the best result! Games for childrenballoon pop for kids are simple and straightforward even for theyoungest users. All that is necessary for the child is to click onthe screen and pop the balloons.It is necessary to pop the balloonsand bubbles of various shapes and colors that will be veryinteresting for children. Each balloon has burst beautifully as ifblowing up balloons. And some balls hid bird. When the balloonbursts - a bird flies to the sky. Some balloons are shown in theform of toys, stars and hearts, such a variety of balloons longcaptivate restless kids. Lovely balloons with funny smiles reallylike kids and amuse children. Baby game "Pop Balloon" will help inthe development of attention, motor skills of fingers, accuracy andin the study of color. After all, children's developing games forkids and educational baby games to help children perception of theworld. Kids developing games and educational games for children tohelp kids in learning through play.Pop the balloons is always a funactivity that will cause a lot of joy and smiles at the child. Playthe child's game to pop the bubbles and get in a good mood! Burstbubbles with us!burst balloons this games for kids.burst babyballoons this fun.children's balloons like your baby.Visit us at:Site: http://yovogames.com Youtube:http://www.youtube.com/channel/UCZruadkJJTuD4Bgb1F6pa3ATwitter:https://twitter.com/YOVOstudioFacebook:https://facebook.com/yovogames
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From an early age, all the kids love to play, are very inquisitive,through the game they get to know the world around them, they wantto learn something new, are fond of different kinds ofcreativity.One of the types of children's creativity is drawing.For young artists, our new game "Coloring for Children: Transport"is dedicated.Razoukrashki are developing games for children thatwill help kids to discover their inner creative potential, toreveal and develop the hidden potentialities of your child, todevelop attention, memory, imagination, perseverance, and help totrain fine motor skills. Also, coloring makes a child think, learn,help to acquire new knowledge and skills, with pleasure and benefitspend your time.Our games will give your kid the opportunity usingbrushes and paints not only learn how to draw and paint all kindsof pictures, but also introduce the child to various means oftransportation. In the form of a game, the kids will find out whatkinds and types of transport exist. The choice of the game providesa large number of different vehicles - from a fun bike to a hugespace ship.To learn how to draw beautifully the kid will have touse his imagination and imagination, to put a little zeal anddiligence. After all, fantasy has no boundaries, so you can come upwith and draw everything you want, or choose the picture you likeand paint it in any color you like.Also, the drawing tool makes itpossible to create drawings from scratch, and in the "color" mode -choose the image you like and fill in the painted parts of vehicleswith any of the selected flowers, while saturating your artworkwith bright colors and shades. And the most unusual andfantastically beautiful mode is "neon lights". In it, a youngartist can paint his masterpiece with bright neon colors, turning aregular picture into a real work of art.All the skills andabilities that will acquire when playing coloring games will bevery useful for successful schooling and further life. You can playand learn absolutely anywhere: in nature, at home and eventraveling the world.We learn to draw and in the process of playingdevelop our creative abilities, turning into great artists of ourtime. Develop your children with our game of coloring for kids.Justneed to download the drawing for free and go to the world ofunbridled imagination, learning and playing to create unimaginablebeauty works and drawings. Be sure to visit ourhttp://yovogames.comYoutube:http://www.youtube.com/channel/UCZruadkJJTuD4Bgb1F6pa3ATwitter:https://twitter.com/YOVOstudioFacebook:https://facebook.com/yovogames