Top 49 Apps Similar to Amazing camera zoom

Digital Zoom Camera 5.0
To take the closest photo. You can set the maximum zoom value oftheequipment when taking picturesDigital zoom camera is asoftwarewhich uses complicated algorithms to increase and stabilizephonecamera zoom. It helps you making high quality photos even ifyouare very far away from photographed object!*** High resolutionhdshooting*** Excellent front camera shooting*** HD imagecapturefeature*** Zooming, zooming feature*** Rear flash
Reading Glasses - Magnifier - Visual Aid Zoom 1.5.6
Roca Software Apps
Reading Glasses is the Ultimate and most complete magnifierglassdigital . It also works as magnifying app with light sinceitconverts your Phone's into a Flashlight. You can now enjoyamagnifier glass for free! have you seen a better Magnifier app?GETIT! powered by Roca Software.use a magnifying Digital app andreadall those small letters, use it to read clear text and focusobjectand enlarge. you can do as well camera shooting close-upssince theMagnifier Supports Freeze option. Reading Glasses. noextra feesfor being a magnifier glass with flashlightFeatures:-Camera zoom,- autofocus, - LED flash - Magnifier Glass Free-Reading Glasses -Magnifying Glass with Zoom out/in with volumeup/down- Magnify morethan other apps- Magnify Zoom from 1.0X –5.0X.Use as:- RestaurantMenu Reader- Medicine Bottles/PrescriptionBottle Reader- SerialNumbers readerDISCLAIMER:Image quality andzoom options depends oneach smartphone's camera. We Recommend touse the app with camerashigher than 8 MPRoca Software
Binoculars HD Camera Zoom Long Distance 1.11
Deep Sailer
App will zoom in far away object for you. You can also makevideoand photo recording of that object easily. High zoom xx optionwithLight Amplifier buttons FEATURES INCLUDED: •Digital Zoom withZoomin & Zoom out buttons •Take Camera picture with too muchzoom•Light Amplifier buttons •photo/video recording •FaceDetection•High Quality View •Color Mode and Black & White Mode•LargeZoom option •Builtin Library for Image scanning anddetection•Front and rear camera •Flashlight •Manual focus andcontinuousauto focus •White balance selector
Binoculars Camera 2017 4.0
Download this new application for freeUse HD camera andbinocularstogether*** HD image*** HD Zoom*** HD Quality*** HDVideo*** HDresolution
Hd Camera Mega Zoom 1.3
Hd Camera Mega Zoom is very stable and lets you to take photoswithreally high quality and with 100% zoom usage! Use opticalanddigital zoom! It can give you even x100 zoom! This app can alsobeused as monocular, binoculars, spyglass or magnifier.Hd CameraMegaZoom will let you take photos even with zoom 100x (maximumzoomdepends on your built-in camera model). You will be able tosetmaximum hardware zoom value while taking photos. This programcanalso be used as virtual binoculars, telescope ordigitalmagnifier.You will be able to set maximum hardware zoomvalue whiletaking photos. Additionally the program was equippedwith megadigital zoom, which will let you observe and photographobjects,which are in the far distance. -Binoculars- access tomaximumhardware optical and digital zoom.• Photo Camera• Front andrearcamera• Zoom scroll• Flashlight• Manual focus andcontinuousautofocus• White balance selector
Big Zoom Telescope Pro 1.1.4
SmartApps inc
Using the application Big Zoom Telescope Pro you can zoom in alotmore than allows your default camera app!Application usesdigitalzoom, so effect depends on your camera resolution, andframerate onthe processor.Best Telescope Zoomer allows you to takephotos fromlong distance with usage of camera zoom. Maximum zoomvaluesdepends on your built-in camera. This app can turn your phoneintoa real telescope! Now you can observe and see object from averylong distance!This Telescope Camera is very stable and lets youtotake photos with really high quality and with 100% zoom usage!Useoptical and digital zoom! It can give you even x100 zoom! Thisappcan also be used as monocular, binoculars, spyglassormagnifier.Use Best Telescope Zoomer to easily zoomdistanceobjects.Free camera app to zoom in and take zoomedphotos.Featuresof Best Telescope Zoomer:- digital camera zoom in(up to 100x)-optical camera zoom in (max zoom depends on yourhardware)- nowyour camera can take zoomed photos!- binoculars ortelescopesubstitute- zoom more than stock camera appyou can alsouse thisapplication as Magnifiers, telescopes and zoom cameraAnopticaltelescope gathers and focuses light mainly from the visiblepart ofthe electromagnetic spectrum (although some work in theinfraredand ultraviolet).[13] Optical telescopes increase theapparentangular size of distant objects as well as theirapparentbrightness. In order for the image to be observed,photographed,studied, and sent to a computer, telescopes work byemploying oneor more curved optical elements, usually made fromglass lensesand/or mirrors, to gather light and otherelectromagnetic radiationto bring that light or radiation to afocal point. Opticaltelescopes are used for astronomy and in manynon-astronomicalinstruments, including: theodolites (includingtransits), spottingscopes, monoculars, binoculars, camera lenses,and spyglasses.There are three main optical types:Use Volumecontrols or easy zoomslider on screen to zoom in or zoom out.Thiszoom camera app withenhanced zoom works great as virtual binocularsor telescope.BestTelescope Zoomer allows you to see further thanthe eye.Enjoy FreeZoom Telescope camera for free
Mega Zoom Camera 1.2
Black Orange Corner
Mega Zoom Camera application with handy zoom scroller simpleandeasy to use, and you can edit your long distance created photowithcool annd stlylish effects. Features :- Now capture longdistancephoto will be more easily.- Support front camera and Flashif yourdevice have facility.- It can works on every phone with abuilt-incamera.- So now you can take pictures with optical zoomx100.-Access to maximum hardware optical and digital zoom.- Use itaszoom camera or as a zoom-mirror - easily take a photo of thezoomedpicture - It's FREE!- Save and share your long distance photowithfully zoom with your friends on social sites.Enjoy Mega ZoomCamera, it's free for all.Mega Zoom Camera application gives youanability to use maximum values of digital and optical zoom withcooleffects.
Nitro Zoom Camera HD 2018 8.9
Application Zoom Nitro Camera HD will let you take photos evenwithzoom x75 maximum zoom depends on your built-in cameramodelNitroZoom HD camera is the best camera application to takebeautifulpictures.Designed for high resolution photos and HD and 4Kqualityvideos, Nitro Zoom HD Camera is a perfect.Use Nitro Zoom Intoeasily zoom distance objects.Free camera app to zoom in andtakezoomed photos.With the newest shape and impeccable design, youareindispensable.Professional Ultra Full HD Camera andvideoapplication is prepared for you.You will be able to takequiteclear, stable and well quality photos of veryfarobjects.Attention! "Nitro Zoom Camera HD" works best on phoneswith8 megapixels camera and more.You will be able to setmaximumhardware zoom value while taking photos. Additionally, theprogramwas equipped with Nitro digital applicationforcreating photos with ultimate effects (saturation,brightnesscamera, etc.).Camera Nitro Zoom HD is designed for allandroiddevices with excellent features carefully designed byprofessionalcamera. Zoom HD CameraFeatures of Nitro Zoom Camera-digital camerazoom in up to 120x- optical camera zoom in max zoomdepends on yourhardwar- access to maximum hardware optical anddigital zoom.-super zoom even to x120 (maximum zoom depends oncamera model).-settings: camera effect, camera scene, whitebalance- HD imagecapture feature- Zooming, zooming feature- Switchbetween front andrear camera- Brightness, contrast, resolutionsettings- Smartshooting- now your camera can take zoomed photos!-binoculars ortelescope substitute- zoom more than stock camera app-Locationtargeting feature- Different photo effects- Real-timefilters-Night mode- Flash feature- Video capture- Zoom- Keyword-camera Hd2018- camera 4k 2018- camera zoom 2018- zoom car 2018-zoom nitro2018- hd camera 2018- super zoom 2018 - super camera2018- selfie2018- selfie camera 2018- selfie cam 2018- nitro zoom2018- ful hd2018- crazy camera 2018- crazy cam 2018 - zoom to zoom2018- zoomcamera 2018- telescope 2018- telescope zoom 2018-telescope ×5992018- zoom telescope 2018
Zoom Telescope Pro 2017 1.5
Zoom Telescope Pro 2017 is a new simple application and theeasiestto take pictures and photos far away.This application istheperfect solution to have a real telescope in yoursmartphone.Theapplication features:- Take pictures and photos withhigh qualityeven the objects are too far.- Easy - Simple- includeszoom andautofocus- professional- digital zoom camera- Support frontcamera-Support Flash light - It works with all smartphones- highzoomcamera pro .- Take pictures of observed objects- easily takeaphoto of the zoomed picture - It's FREE for all of mobileusers-Night light flash- Save and share your long distance photowithhigh zoom .Real telescope 2017 application gives you an abilitytouse maximum values of digital and optical zoom withcooleffects.Take amazing nearly pictures with Zoom TelescopePro2017It's free for all of smartphone users.Enjoy it !!
Big Zoom Camera 1.2
Art Studio Appz
- Big Zoom Camera -+ Big Zoom Camera is a tool for taking sharpandclear photos from a long distance.+ Take a photo of objectsstayingeven few hundred meters from you!+ This tool usescomplicatedalgorithms to zoom in camera preview and sharpen takenphoto.+ Zoompower depends on your phone camera and stable hand. +In most ofcases this app will take the best photos from a longdistance.+It's very easy to shoot sharp photo even to a smallobjects.+ Nowyou can use your phone as magnifier or a telescope!+Ourprofessional tool uses full hardware and software support togiveyou even x80 optical zoom!+ This telescope camera is verystableand lets you to take photos with really high quality and with100%zoom usage!+ Now you can take a beautiful photo oftouristattractions even when you are far away!features - Big ZoomCamera+The biggest zoom from all available telescope apps+ Can beused asmagnifier,+ Big Zoom Camera is a tool for taking sharp andclearphotos from a long distance.+ Allows you to zoom even x80withusage of digital and optical zoom!+ It uses 100% of phone powertozoom in+ It works on every phone with a built-in camera!+ Nowyoucan take pictures with optical zoom x80!THANKS FOR DOWNLOADINGBigZoom Camera App If you like our App; please take a moment torateit.
Zoom In + 1.07
Use Zoom In + to easily zoom distance objects. Free camera apptozoom in and take zoomed photos. Features of Zoom In +: -digitalcamera zoom in (up to 100x) - optical camera zoom in (maxzoomdepends on your hardware) - now your camera can take zoomedphotos!- binoculars or telescope substitute - zoom more than stockcameraapp Use Volume controls or easy zoom slider on screen to zoomin orzoom out. This zoom camera app with enhanced zoom works greatasvirtual binoculars or telescope. Zoom In + allows you toseefurther than the eye.
Binoculars xx zoomer fgxx_1_1_9_Gp_FbAm
Use binoculars xx to zoom in remote objects easily. Binocularsxxfeatures: - Max Optical zoom by default. (Maximum zoom dependsonyour hardware) - Digital Zoom controlled by the top bar - Nowthecamera can take pictures with maximum zoom! - Skin binocularsaddedIt is is the second version of the binocularsapp:
Mega Telescope Real Zoom Camera 1.2.2
Stroika Inc
Application "Mega Zoom Camera" will let you take photos evenwithzoom x80 (maximum zoom depends on your built-in cameramodel).Youwill be able to set maximum hardware zoom value whiletakingphotos. Additionally the program was equipped with megadigitalzoom,which will let you observe and photograph objects,which arein the far distance."Mega Zoom Camera" can be also used asvirtualbinoculars, telescope or digital magnifier. It is ideal toolforspies and wild nature lovers.You will be able to take quiteclear,stable and well quality photos of very far objects.Attention!"MegaZoom Camera" works best on phones with 8 megapixels cameraandmore.Are you wanting to be a spy with catching a pairofBinoculars???????What are you waiting for!!!!Use your AndroidPhoneor Tablet as Binoculars Spy Camera to zoom your nearbysurroundingsand friends, and have a eye on every movement even faraway fromyou......Now you did not worry if you not have binoculars,justopen Binoculars Spy Camera app and you are one tap awayfromSmartphone binoculars.Features of Zoom In +:- digital camerazoomin (up to 100x)- optical camera zoom in (max zoom depends onyourhardware)- now your camera can take zoomed photos!- binocularsortelescope substitute- zoom more than stock cameraappBinoculars-access to maximum hardware optical and digital zoom.•Photo Camera•Front and rear camera• Zoom scroll• Flashlight• Manualfocus andcontinuous autofocus• White balance selectorCompatiblewith Androidphones and tablets.Tilt-Shift enables you to controlperfect lensblur.Fastest Capture - Tap! Snap! Dslr Zoom Cameracaptures it allin 1sIt is completely free. Works withoutinternet.Immerse yourbeautiful memories with a beautiful camera.Youcan also use it asSelfie Camera.Supports Full HD VideoRecording.Amazing filters andeffects for your photos.Full HD Camerawith Professional CameraQuality
Telescope xx zoomer
Now you can easily convert your device into a telescope.Zoomertelescope allows you to magnify your camera image much morethanother apps. Incredible magnification! You can use telescopezoomerto spy on your neighbor, use it as if it were a spyglassormonocular. You can even use it as a magnifying glass as itprovidesthe maximum zoom magnification. Although it may bedifficult tolook at the stars. Telescope xx features: - Max Opticalzoom bydefault. (Maximum zoom depends on your hardware) - DigitalZoomcontrolled by the top bar - Now the camera can take pictureswithmaximum zoom! - Skin telescope added It is is the secondversion ofthe spyglassapp:
Zoom HD Camera (New 2017)💎⚜️ 1.0.1
Dalton Kardesler
An excellent camera designed for high-definition HD qualityphotosand videos with photos with different effects.You can capturethebest quality photos with the event camera prepared bypayingattention to user satisfaction.Professional Camera Fullfeaturedand completely free Camera app for Android phones andtablets.★FEATURES:⚜️ Professional Ultra Full HD Camera and videoapplicationis prepared for you.⚜️ Up-to-date features, up-to-datedesign, newcontent with up-to-date content Zooming Camera andvideoapplication with you.⚜️ The best and greatest application willbeon your mobile phone and tablet.⚜️ Very nice features andshapesavailable.⚜️ With the professional camera you will get thebestvideo.⚜️ You will get the best photos.Paylaş Share photosandvideos easily on social media.⚜️ With this application, youwillfeel like a photographer.⚜️ You'll feel like you're using anApplecamera with a Zoom camera.Uyum Compatible with Android phones&tablets.⚜️ It is completely free. Works withoutinternet.ÖlümImmerse your beautiful memories with beautifulcamera.✔ RAW capture(on supported devices)✔ Set the focus distance,ISO, exposure,shutter speed (Lollipop only)✔ Best practice oncamera on Android✔Keystrokes Adjustable volume (copyright, image,zoom, orcompensation change).✔ Color effects, focus modes for scenemodes✔White balance, ISO, exposure compensation / lock,facerecognition.✔ Video recording (also supports HD resolution).✔Applydate and time stamp, place coordinates and custom text tophotos;Save the store date / time and location as video subtitles(.SRT).✔Zoom feature✔ (Some) external microphone support.✔ Take aphotowith the Widget after it starts automatically.✔ Manualcontrols,ISO, Shutter speed, focus distance (supported devices)✔BestMode!✔Camera control settings✔ Stable Shot feature forbetterphotos!✔ Timer feature✔ Audio adjustable✔ Timeout✔ HDRModeProfessional✔ Quiet camera mode✔ Multiple flash modes✔Liveeffects✔ Work offline✔ touch to capture✔ Gold rate feature✔Storagearea indicator✔ Time display✔ picture quality✔ Exposurefeature✔Ultra ZOOM✔ Perfect quality, tulle video shooting
Zoom Hd Camera 3.2
Zoom Hd Take high-resolution photos and videos withthecamera.:::FEATURES:::* Face Detection Alternative.* Front /rearcamera selection.* Select scene modes, color effects, whitebalanceand exposure compensation.* Select camera and video qualityandresolution JPEG.* Video recording time (with optional audio).*Toturn off the optional shutter sound.* The GUI works inanydirection without any pause to change the direction. Optimizeyourchoice for right and left handed users.* Keys Adjustable volume(totake pictures, zoom, or to change exposure compensation).*Opencamera functionality: support for focus modes, scene modes,coloreffects, white balance, ISO, exposure compensation / lock,facerecognition, torch.* Video recording (supports allresolutionsincluding HD).* Convenient remote control: timer(optional audiocountdown timer), automatic repeat mode (withconfigurabledelay).For your suggestions and criticisms([email protected])you can contact us.
High Zoom Camescope - Pro 1.2.1
SmartApps inc
"High Zoom Camescope - Pro" is a new application with highzoomquality to take pictures far away. It is a new simpleapplicationand the easiest one in the store to use it. In additionto that,you can catch photos from long distance created photothisapplication "High Zoom Camescope - Pro" will let you takephotoseven with zoom x180 You will be able to set maximum hardwarezoomvalue while taking photos. Additionally the program wasequippedwith mega digital zoom, which will let you observe andphotographobjects, which are in the far distance. Application "HighZoomCamescope - Pro" will let you take photos even with zoom x50 .Youwill be able to set maximum hardware zoom value whiletakingphotos. Additionally, the program was equipped with megadigitalzoom, which will let you observe and photograph objectswhich arein the far distance. This program can also be used asvirtualbinoculars, telescope or digital magnifier. It is an idealtool forspies and wild nature lovers."High Zoom Camerscope - Pro"can bealso used as virtual binoculars, telescope or digitalmagnifier. Itis ideal tool for spies and wild nature lovers.Youwill be able totake quite clear, stable and well quality photos ofvery farobjects.Use Zoom In + to easily zoom distance objects.Freecameraapp to zoom in and take zoomed photos.Features of Zoom In:-Digital camera zoom in (up to 180x)- zoom more than stockcameraapp- Now your camera can take zoomed photos! - Slick and easytouse design, See screenshots. Main features of "Mega ZoomCamera":-access to maximum hardware optical and digital zoom. -Super zoomeven to x180 (maximum zoom depends on camera model).-Direct shareon Facebook even without the app !!- Flash night-Works fully onevery Android device camera: Use it as zoom camera.-easily take aphoto of the zoomed picture - It's FREE for all ofmobileusers.Enjoy this zoom camera application for FREE !!Thanksfordownloading and for your support !!
Smart Magnifier 1.4.1
Smart Tools co.
Smart Magnifier is in the 5th set of the Smart Toolscollection.Thisapp turns your device into a Magnifying Glass withcamera zoom,auto-focus and LED flash.When you want to magnifysmall things andtexts, [Smart Magnifier] can be the solution. Tryit now.It issimple and easy tool to use. Here are main features.-LED light-Screenshot- Screen freezing- Camera zoom & Digitalzoom (5x)-Rotating camera view- Auto-focusing (in order toactivate, tapanywhere on the screen)* Do you want moretools?download [SmartLight Pro] and [Smart Tools] package.For moreinformation, watchYouTube and visit the blog. Thank you.
Extra Real Zoom Telescope - HD 1.2.27
Stroika Inc
" Extra Real Zoom Telescope - HD " with this applicationtelescopeZoom In you can do it easily and professionally The zoomcamera appis also good to take zoomed photos !This app containsmanyimportant tools in your smartphone:Microscope,magnifier,Telescope, Magnifying Glass , monocular ,Zoomcamera, andBinoculars with extra zooming features.You can use thesetools forbetter reading small fonts, see far or distance usingbinocular,zoom microscopic figures etc.You can used as a magnifyingglass tozoom text, images, visit cards, newspapers, prescriptionmedicationvial, serial numbers, barcodes, prescription bottle, oranythingelse without glasses.Binoculars application features:-Binocularstelescope zoom camera- Microscope zoomer- jumelles zoomcamera-Magnifying glass with light- Free- Easy and simple- worksquickly-mega zoom- Telescope zoomer- professional- High Mega ZoomCamera-Ultra Hd images- night vision and Thermal camera- Supportfrontcamera- Support Flash light- strong and digital zoom +- ExtraZoomand Exposure controls (x50, x80, x100, x160 …)- Camera 4K withHighquality images more than 24 mégapixels- watch things andobjectswith high quality even the objects are very small.- includeszoomand autofocus- super zoom caméscope- High magnificationfactor-double zoom lens 360- Smart jumelles/loupe / lupa-Flashlight LED-Torch- Virtual- high zoom camera pro .- Takepictures of observedobjects using high quality- easily take a photoof the zoomedpicture- Digital microscope- Magnifier with light-Save your longdistance photo with high zoom- Use of the lens toclarify thevision- includes zoom and autofocus- digital zoomcamera-Magnifying glass for kids- digital - Military Binoculars-Macrozoom camera DSLR- It works with all smartphones &Tablet's.-It's FREE for all of mobile users- Save and share yourlongdistance photo with high zoom .- high zoom camera pro .-Binocularmicroscope- Magnifying Glass Zoom CameraThe applicationgives youan ability to use maximum values of digital and optical.It's FREEfor all of mobile usersWatch amazing nearly things with "ExtraReal Zoom Telescope - HD "Enjoy this binoculars zoom cameraforfree for all android smartphones.
Binoculars G44 1.9
The best super digital binocular app, with photo andvideorecording. 30x zoom binocular camera app with night mode. Apphas a"Black & White" mode and "Color" mode. Also you can takephotowhile recording video. Simple and easy to use! •Zoom buttons•LightAmplifier buttons •photo/video recording •Color Mode •Black&White Mode •30x zoom •Built In library ***NOTE for videorecordingrequires Android version 4.3 and up
Pocket Eyes 35x zoom Photo & Video Magnifier 1.0.5
Studio 410
You don`t need to worry whether or not your glasses fit to yourfacecorrectly. While the idea of a virtual fitting isn'taltogethernovel. Pocket Eyes 35x zoom with flashlight are normallyused foryou to see better in any case. It's superb technology thatreallyworks and could save a lot of people a lot ofembarrassment.Theyallow better capturing the information, when,for example, you arein the airport and have a trouble in readingyour flight time.Pocket Eyes app may be used for viewing specificvisual informationsuch as newspaper or letters. This app gives youthe Bestopportunity to see everything as much as you want withoutactuallytrying on glasses as for the most part, trying on glassesis still areal-life anxiety.
Military Binoculars/Night Mode/Compass Camera 1.6
Super digital binocular and magnifier app is the best foreasilysuper zooming (35X zoom), with it`s handy zoom in and zoomoutscroller. It is too easy to see the great photos inlittleappearance and vice-versa. There is no need to carry abigbinocular with you. There can be no doubt, It is an excellentappand be ready to use it.You can as well use it for macroshooting. •Photo Camera • Front and rear camera • Video recording •Zoomscroll • Flashlight • Manual focus and continuous autofocus •Whitebalance selector • Compass ***NOTE for video recordingrequiresAndroid version 4.3 and up ***Recommended for camerashigher than 8Megapixels
Zoom Camera zc_1_2_2_Gp_FbAmIn
Zoom camera is the ultimate app for voyeurs and spies.You canuseZoom camera to transform your phone into a virtual telescope oravirtual binoculars.Zoom camera can magnify imageswithoutlimits.The double zoom bar is used to enlarge images veryclose toinfinity.Zoom camera you can enlarge images beyond thelimit thatoffer major market apps.Operating mode:- The top progressbar isfor the optical zoom. The enlarged image is focused again,eachtime you touch the progress bar.- The bottom progress bar isforthe digital zoom. The digital zoom is done entirely by the CPU,soit is possible that in some devices, the resulting image maybeslower.- The optical zoom is also available without usingprogressbars. You can enlarge the images just with your fingers,making thepinch gesture on the screen.Enjoy Zoom camera, it'sfree.Please ifyou like the app do not forget to rate it.If you haveany critique,suggestion or you can improve the translation to yourlanguage,please contact me by email.Thank you.
Camera ZOOM Free 3.9
★ New On Android ★SPECIAL LAUNCH PRICE FREE!!! BUY NOW BEFORETHEPRICE GOES UP! Easily extremely zoom your camera, take apictureand share it! Now you can easily super-zoom (This versionislimited to 3x zoom, you can use 30x zoom only on FullVersion)using your Android device. Just reverse-pinch/pinch to zoomin orout, use the special buttons and easily take a great photo ofthezoomed picture.This is the best zoom camera app you'll everuse,See screenshots and try it out! Features of this version: -Easilyzoom from 1x to 3x using pinch or special buttons - Worksfully onevery Android device camera: Use it as zoom camera or asazoom-mirror - easily take a photo of the zoomed picture - Slickandeasy to use design, See screenshots. - You can also usethebuilt-in flashlight - Universal app, Works perfectly on phoneortablet- Photos saved to a dedicated folder and can be reachedfromthe app itself.- It's FREE! On FULL version you can also zoomto30x magnification! If you have any issues with this apppleasecontact us from the store link. That's the only way we cancontactyou to solve it out. Leaving an issue as a review doesn'thelp ussolve it.
Camera ZOOM FX - FREE 6.2.9
★★★★★ "The Best Camera App for Android" - lifehacker ★★★★★🚀Bestapps - Google Play, #1 MUST-HAVE APP FOR PHOTOGRAPHERS 🚀Nowwithfull Camera2 manual controls!! Join millions of people whouseCamera ZOOM FX.There's so much you can do: action shots,stableshot, photo filters, collage, photo composition andmore.🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆Editor's Choice - Google Play, Gizmodo + SlashGear👍👍👍👍👍"The BestCamera for Android" - lifehacker🚀Huge update: Camera ZOOMFX v6 OutNow!!🚀✔ Full manual DSLR controls using Camera API2!✔ RAWcapture(supported devices)✔ Set ISO, focus distance, exposure,shutterspeed (Lollipop only)✔ Faster, more powerful, materialinterface!!✔Combine shooting modes, e.g. timer + hdr, stable +timelapse!✔Specify button order in UX!The final choice for2,000,000+ people!★POWERFUL FEATURES:✔ Fastest camera on Android✔Killer speed burstmode!✔ RAW capture (supported devices)✔ Manualcontrols, ISO,shutter speed, focus distance (supported devices)✔Set actions forhardware buttons, e.g. volume to control zoom✔ BestPhoto Mode!✔Stable Shot for better pics!✔ Timer✔ Voice Activated✔CollageMaker✔ Time Lapse✔ HDR Mode Pro✔ 100s of effects: Vignette,Retro,Holga, Bokeh, lomo, hipster!✔ Tap anywhere to shoot✔ Silentcameramode✔ Grid overlays✔ 360 Horizon level✔ Multiple flash modes✔Liveeffects✔ Spy / Incognito Camera✔ Scene modes, e.g. night✔Selfieflash✔ Link to video app✔ Widget for your photos✔ Customfolders,including external storage✔ Collage: e.g. 2x2 selfieshots✔Tilt-shift filter★ FREE DOWNLOAD PACKS:✔ Fun camera props✔Famous‘buddies’✔ Shutter animations✔ FramesTested on 100s ofphones:Samsung Galaxy S6, Nexus, Motorola, etc.Tested on Android2.2through to KitKat, ICS, Marshmallow★ REVIEWS:"our choice forthebest camera app around ... a ton of different effects if you'reinthe mood for a Hipstamatic type shot" - lifehacker"greatlyimprovesthe usefulness of your Android" - Gizmodo"Few apps offer asmanyoptions for shooting as this one" - WIRED★SOCIALMEDIA• Write Internal Storage: To save photos•Location: Togeotag photos (optional)
Sozoom: add photo zoom balloon 1.0.1
Sozoom for Everyone! Add zoom balloon to your photo, dragtheballoon and move the zoom point around to highlightcertainelements. Add as many balloons as you like, and sharethem!Features: - Zoom Balloons - Resize bar - Magnification adjustbar -Save and ShareWork best with Hi-Megapixel photo (16MP+)
Binoculars 35x Zoom 1.2
Super digital binocular and magnifier app is the best foreasilysuper zooming (35x zoom), with it`s handy zoom in and zoomoutscroller. It is too easy to see the great photos inlittleappearance and vice-versa. There is no need to carry abigbinocular with you. There can be no doubt, It is an excellentappand be ready to use it.You can as well use it for macroshooting•Photo Camera• Front and rear camera• Video recording• Zoomscroll•Flashlight• Manual focus and continuous autofocus• Whitebalanceselector•35x zoom•Built In library***NOTE for videorecordingrequires Android version 4.3 and up
4K Zoom Camera 12.11
4K Zoom Camera free designed for all android devices.4K ZoomCameraIt's a free and powerful photo editor that includes amazingeditingtools to create beautiful photos with blurry and blurrybackgroundsin your photos, the photo machine is totally free! ?Adjustablevolume keys (zoom in and out ...) ? Option to turn offthe shuttersound. support for blur / lock, face recognition, torcheffects. ?GUI, to change the direction of the optimize optioneasily forright and left hand. ? lock the photo or video inportrait orlandscape orientation. ? Remove with multi-touch gestureandone-touch control. ? (Some) external microphone support.?Countdown timer. ? photos, a date and time stamp,locationcoordinates and custom texts. ? capture an excellent startHDcamcorder experience. ? (with configurable delay) Remotecontrol(optional audio countdown) timer auto repeat? Mode. ? Nightmode,Brightness settings, Flash feature, Photo editing effects.?Optional GPS location (geotagging) tagging, photos andvideos;(GpsImgdirectio dresses, GPSImgDirectionRef) for compassphotos. ?Share your blur image back with family and friends withsocialmedia. Now free Carefully designed for high resolution HDqualityphotos, the professional camera caters to millions of users.Theapplication is absolutely free and safe. Have fun andexcitementwith your loved ones and take high-resolution photos inhd quality.All you need to do is to make a perfect experience withall itsfeatures. A handy free and secure application withexcellentfeatures, experience the difference with a professional HDcamera... Thank you .. Good fun .....
Camera ZOOM 3.5
★ New On Android ★SPECIAL LAUNCH PRICE $5.99>>>>>$1.99 BUY NOW BEFORE THE PRICE GOES UP AND SAVE$4!Easily extremelyzoom your camera, take a picture and share it!Now you can easilysuper-zoom (1x to 30x zoom) using your Androiddevice. Justreverse-pinch/pinch to zoom in or out, use the specialbuttons andeasily take a great photo of the zoomed picture.This isthe bestzoom camera app you'll ever use, See screenshots and try itout!Features of this version: - Easily zoom from 1x to 30x usingpinchor special buttons - Works fully on every Android devicecamera:Use it as zoom camera or as a zoom-mirror - Easily take aphoto ofthe zoomed picture - Slick and easy to use design, Seescreenshots- You can also use the built-in flashlight - Universalapp, Worksperfectly on phone or tablet- Zoom to 30x magnification!- Photossaved to a dedicated folder and can be reached from theappitself.If you have any issues with this app please contact usfromthe store link. That's the only way we can contact you to solveitout. Leaving an issue as a review doesn't help us solve it.
4K Zoom Camera 45.44
4k zoom camera is the best camera application to takebeautifulpictures.Camera free perfect camera application, creatingfinaleffects (saturation, brightness camera etc.)photos. freedesigned for all android devices.4K Zoom CameraIt's a free andpowerful photo editor that includes amazing editingtools to createbeautiful photos with blurry and blurry backgroundsin your photos,the photo machine is totally free!The Free4K zoomcamera isself-explanatory, perfect for taking great photos andselfie inhigh quality and resolution.Features:* High resolution hdshooting*Excellent front camera shooting* HD image capture feature*Zooming,zooming feature* Brightness, contrast, resolution settings*Smartshooting* Location targeting feature* Different photoeffects*Real-time filters* Night mode* Flash feature* Videocapture* Zoom*Timer? Face Detection alternative.? Scene modes,white balance,color effects, Blur, Brightness, real-time filtersand exposurecompensation.? Specify camera and video quality andresolutionJPEG.? Switch between front and rear camera.? Video /Audiorecording (HD quality, supports all resolutions 4K).?Videorecording (supports all resolutions including HD).?Adjustablevolume keys (zoom in and out ...)? Option to turn off theshuttersound. support for blur / lock, face recognition,torcheffects.? GUI, to change the direction of the optimizeoptioneasily for right and left hand.? lock the photo or videoinportrait or landscape orientation.? Remove with multi-touchgestureand one-touch control.? (Some) external microphonesupport.?Countdown timer.? photos, a date and time stamp,locationcoordinates and custom texts.? capture an excellent startHDcamcorder experience.? (with configurable delay) Remotecontrol(optional audio countdown) timer auto repeat? Mode.? Nightmode,Brightness settings, Flash feature, Photo editingeffects.?Optional GPS location (geotagging) tagging, photos andvideos;(GpsImgdirectio dresses, GPSImgDirectionRef) for compassphotos.?Share your blur image back with family and friends withsocialmedia.Now freeCarefully designed for high resolution HDqualityphotos, the professional camera caters to millions ofusers.Theapplication is absolutely free and safe.Have fun andexcitementwith your loved ones and take high-resolution photos inhdquality.All you need to do is to make an excellent experiencewithall its features.Experience the difference with a professionalHDcamcorder, free, safe and handy application with excellentfeatures...Thank you .. Good fun.
Zoom Hd Camera 3.3
Completely free Camera application.FEATURES* Capture photosandvideos in high resolution HD quality with superb camcorder.*FaceDetection Alternative.* Front / rear camera selection.*Selectscene modes, color effects, white balance andexposurecompensation.* Select camera and video quality andresolutionJPEG.* Video recording time (with optional audio).Burstmode withconfigurable delay.* To turn off the optional shuttersound.* TheGUI works in any direction without any pause to changethedirection. Optimize your choice for right and left handedusers.*Keys Adjustable volume (to take pictures, zoom, or tochangeexposure compensation).* Open camera functionality: supportforfocus modes, scene modes, color effects, white balance,ISO,exposure compensation / lock, face recognition, torch.*Videorecording (supports all resolutions including HD).*Convenientremote control: timer (optional audio countdown timer),automaticrepeat mode (with configurable delay).* Adjustable volumekeys.*Location targeting feature* Multi-touch gesture andone-touchremote control.* To lock the portrait or landscapeorientation forthe desired photo or video.* Photo effects* OptionalGPS locationtagging (geotagging) photos and videos; For photos,this compassdirection (GPSImgDirection, GPSImgDirectionRef)contains.* Apply adate and time stamp, location coordinates, andcustom text tophotos.* Also known as front camera (selfieshooting)* (Some)external microphone support.* Widget to takepictures automaticallyafter the launch.* Manual focusing distance;manual ISO; manualexposure time; RAW (DNG) files.* Switch betweenfront and rearcamera
Trend Zoom Camera 8.7
Trend Zoom Camera is the best camera application fortakingbeautiful photos.Designed for high-resolution photographs andHDand 4K quality videos, the Trend Zoom camera is perfect. Youwillbe able to take decisive pictures of quite crisp, high qualityandvery distant objects.Typically, your indoor camera zoom operatesintwo types: optical and digital. Domestic cameraapplicationsgenerally do not use maximum values ​​of hardware zoom.This veryeasy scrolling our app gives you the ability to zoom inand out ofthe handy zoom (30X zoom) easily for the super zoom andgive youthe ability to zoom in on the maximum values ​​of digitalandoptical zoom, super digital binoculars and magnifierapplications.You do not need to carry a big binocular, Cetteapplication SuperZoom Camera Pro 2017 vous permettra de prendre desphotos même aveczoom x100 PGet the most beautiful 3D photos incomfort.Upload nowto take special and beautiful photos.This is thebest qualitycamera and video application designed up to now.Takedifferentphotos in Ultra HD qualityWith the professional camera youwill getthe best video.It will get the best photos.Easily sharephotos andvideos on social media- High resolution hd shooting-Excellentfront camera shooting- HD image capture feature- Zoom,zoomfeature- Switch between front and rear camera-Brightness,contrast, resolution settings- Smart shooting- Enlargethe readycamera application- Digital camera zoom (up to 180xmagnification)-You can now take a zoomed photo of the camera!
Military Binoculars Simulated 1.16
Military Binoculars is the perfect app to have a armybinocularssimulator in your device, just like professionals ones inthemilitary, showing several information over the screen (OSD).Coolfeatures: - Zoom effect with real sound - Artificial Horizon(likeincluded in aircrafts) - Heading indicator (real magneticcompassinformation) - Horizontal and Vertical Inclination - Turnon/offflashlight The quality of the images depends of yourmobilephotographic camera lens. Enjoy the military binoculars!
Camera v5 36 Megapixel 28.03.22
Camera v5 36 Megapixel is specially designed for you who havehobbyselfie and photographer,Do not you want to take qualitypictures?Now you can become a professional photographer with Camerav5 36Megapixel.High resolutionHD cameraAuto Adjustment ColormodeautoeffectAnd have fun with unlimited featuresAnd it's freefeature:●All photographic parameters are adjustable and always athand:exposure compensation, ISO, light metering mode, focus mode,whitebalance and program mode.● DSLR-like viewfinder display:seeexposure time, aperture and stops display with EV andbracketingsettings, in real-time!● Full fledged exposurebracketing: from 3to 7 frames, unlimited stops spacing, plus customEV shifting.●Built-in intervalometer: make stunning timelapses(evenbracketed/HDR timelapses) and time-controlled pictureseries.●Program and Speed-priority modes.● Long exposure support:takebeautiful night photos and light trails with long exposuretimes upto 30 seconds**.● JPEG, true 16-bit RAW in DNG format*,andlossless PNG photo capturing formats, perfect forpost-processing.●Digital zoom using multitouch pinch gesture. Alsoshows 35mmequivalent focal length!● The most advanced electronicviewfinder:live RGB histogram, 10 composition grid overlays and 9crop guidesavailable.● Powerful organization options: differentstoragelocations and fully customizable file names (even withvariables).●The user interface is available in more than 30languages.● Manualshutter speed: from 1/80000 to 2", or the rangeavailable on yourdevice*.● All camera functions assignable tovolume keys. You canadjust EV, ISO, color temperature and moreusing volume keys.Devices with hardware camera shutter key are alsosupported.● EXIFand XMP sidecar metadata support.● Autofocus,macro,touch-to-focus, true manual focus* and infinity focusmodes.Autofocus lock feature (AF-L).● Autoexposure (AE-L) and autowhitebalance (AWB-L) locks in Android 4.0+.● In background photoand RAWdeveloping and processing allows a smooth, uninterruptedcameraoperation.
Night Mode Camera (Photo & Video) 1.7
Dark Cube
Let us introduce our latest developed application - NightModeCamera. The application takes real pictures and videos atthelowest luminosity without any additional appliances onphone.Captured images post-processing with high quality andsuper-fastperformance filters. Sophisticated algorithm wasdeveloped duringone year - now you can judge the result! Theapplication workswithout any delays and lags. During thephoto/video recording youcan dynamically change camera sensitivityto achieve the bestresult as well as set any 1-8x zoom simultaneousto the recording.The application has own library to organize photosand videos, andshare them on social sites. •Аmplifier picker •Colorsaturationpicker •Green amplification mode •Fast exposure •Front,rear camera•Led light •HD photo video mode •Focus refresh button•8x zoom•Built In library •Photo video slider •Photo video share7dbc0d433d
4K Zoom HD Camera 4.3
With the 4K Zoom HD Camera, the sharpness of landscapes ofdistantshots is getting out of focus.With the 4K Zoom HDCameraapplication, you can shoot with the peace of mind whether youlikethe scene you like and the objects that are far away, suchaspeople, etc., live and inanimate. Zoom in or out so you canzoomin.It has Zoom quality with 4K power and hd image qualityallraises the problem. It has the feature of the still colormovingstill mode with the effect color light settings and thedesiredmotion without focusing problem.We wish you good fun .. Goodandsuper good application will be on your mobile phone andtablet.Verynice features and shapes available.With 4K Zoom HDCamera you willget the best video.You will get the bestphotos.Share photos andvideos on social media with ease.With thisapplication you willfeel like a photographer yourself.
DSLR Zoom Camera 2.5
Peakecorp Dev Team
With the newest shape and impeccable design, youareindispensable.Professional Ultra Full HD DSLR Camera andvideoapplication is prepared for you.With up-to-datefeatures,up-to-date design, up-to-date content and new stylezooming cameraand video application with you.The best and greatestapplicationwill be on your mobile phone and on your tablet.Verynice featuresand shapes will feel like you're usingHD camera.Withthe professional camera you will get the bestvideo.You will getthe best photos.Share photos and videos on socialmedia withease.With this application you will feel like aphotographeryourself.You'll feel like you are using a Camera Appwith a Zoomcamera.Zoom camera can give you best Zoomingexperience.SupportsBest Zooming quality.Mind-Blowing camera withHDR EffectsHDRImprove images captured in low-light and backlitscenes. WithNewest HD camera you feel the experience of real zoomand hdcameraCompatible with Android phones and tablets.Tilt-Shiftenablesyou to control perfect lens blur.Fastest Capture - Tap!Snap! DslrZoom Camera captures it all in 1sIt is completely free.Workswithout internet.Immerse your beautiful memories with abeautifulcamera.You can also use it as Selfie Camera.Supports FullHD VideoRecording.Amazing filters and effects for your photos.FullHDCamera with Professional Camera Quality.
Super Zoom HD Camera (New 2018) 1.0.0
⚜️ An excellent camera designed for high-definition HDqualityphotos and videos with photos with different effects.⚜️ Youcancapture the best quality photos with the event camera preparedbypaying attention to user satisfaction.⚜️ Professional CameraFullfeatured and completely free Camera app for Android phonesandtablets.⚜️ An excellent camera designed for high-definitionHDquality photos and videos with photos with different effects.⚜️Youcan capture the best quality photos with the event camerapreparedby paying attention to user satisfaction.⚜️ ProfessionalCameraFull featured and completely free Camera app for Androidphones andtablets.⚜️ Professional Ultra Full HD Camera and videoapplicationis prepared for you.⚜️ Up-to-date features, up-to-datedesign, newcontent with up-to-date content, zooming camera andvideoapplication.💎 The best and greatest app will be on yourmobilephone and tablet.💎 Very nice features and shapes available.💎Withthe professional camera you will get the best video.💎 You willgetthe best photos.💎 Share photos and videos on social mediawithease.💎 With this application you will feel like aphotographeryourself.💎 You'll feel like you're using an Applecamera with aZoom camera.💎 Compatible with Android phones andtablets.💎 It iscompletely free. works without internet.💎Immerseyour beautifulmemories with a beautiful camera.★★★ FEATURES ★★★✔Set the focusdistance, ISO, exposure, shutter speed (Lollipoponly)✔ Bestpractice on camera on Android✔ Keystrokes Adjustablevolume(copyright, image, zoom, or compensation change).✔ Coloreffects,focus modes for scene modes✔ White balance, ISO,exposurecompensation / lock, face recognition.✔ Video recording(alsosupports HD resolution).✔ Apply date and time stamp,placecoordinates and custom text to photos; Save the store date /timeand location as video subtitles (.SRT).✔ Zoom feature✔Ultra-HDcapability✔ (Some) external microphone support.✔ RAWcapture (onsupported devices)✔ Take a photo with the Widget afterit startsautomatically.✔ Manual controls, ISO, Shutter speed, focusdistance(supported devices)✔ Best Mode!✔ picture quality✔Exposurefeature✔Camera control settings✔ Stable Shot feature forbetterphotos!✔ Timer feature✔ Audio adjustable✔ Timeout✔ HDRModeProfessional✔ Quiet camera mode✔ Multiple flash modes✔Liveeffects✔ Work offline✔ touch to capture✔ Gold ratiofeature✔Storage area indicator✔ Time display✔ Video recording at1080Pquality✔ Professional selfie feature✔ Zoom in at Pro zoomquality✔Completely free !! Thank you.
Camera DSLR 2.4
Take superb photos with Camera Dslr. Add date and time tophotos.You can enable it in the Settings section. Excellenthighresolution photo quality. With its superior features, photosareclearer and more beautiful. The DSLR camera is designed to bethebest. DSLR blur.With the DSLR Camera you can take and sharehighresolution photos. The safest and best quality. Capture HDqualityimages. Capture unlimited videos with video capture. Recordandplay video. DSLR Zoom camera. HD camera is free.Features:*Stunninginterface* Digital zoom* Maximum resolution* Audio videorecording*Audio channels selection* 4K UHD video* Smart detection*Manualfocus adjustment* Focus* Flash modes* Add time and datetopictures* Frame selections* Scene modes* White balance(Automatic,costume, much more cloudy)* Exposure setting* Nightmodes* Videocapture* Widescreen size* JPEG and more* Burst feature*Adjustingthe shutter speed* Camera for Android* Gallery selection*Videorecording* Preview photos* Color effects* Face detection andfocus*ISO settings* dslr blur* Photo effects* Timer- HD CameraforTablet DSLR camera. It is the best tool for you.-Professionalcamera. Take photographs like professionals.- Pleaseprovide yourcomments and opinions to better serve you.
4K Zoom HD Camera 2.2
4K Zoom HD Camera With 4K Zoom HD Camera, show your quality atclosedistance. With the 4K Zoom HD Camera, the clarity problemoflandscape pictures of distant shots is getting out of hand. With4KZoom HD Camera application, you can capture the scene you likeandany objects that are far away, such as people, etc., with peaceofmind without any problems. Zoom in or out so you can zoom inorout. It has Zoom quality with 4K power and hd image qualitymakesall problems go away. This new and unusual application is yourfreeservice. You just need to download to be a partner in thisquality.The effect has the color light settings and the momentarystillshot mode feature you want without focusing problems. We wishgoodfun ...
Mirror - Light, Zoom, Selfie 2.2.0
Fantastic mirror app with most advanced features!This app hasalighting feature so you can see faces even in the dark and youcantake beautiful pictures with various filters.[Features]-Highquality mirror- Screen light in the dark- Selfie camera-Zoomcontrol- Live horizontal flipping- Silent shutter- Sharingpicture-Freezing screen for detail view- Photo gallery with editfunction-Free image filters (80+)- Brightness control- Timer[Tags]Mirror,Camera, Sunflower mirror, 해바라기 거울, ひまわり鏡, 葵花镜, 葵花鏡, Espejogirasol,подсолнечника зеркало, Sunflower Spiegel, Sunflower Mirror,Photo,Picture
HD Camera 2018 1.0.0
HD Camera 2018 lets you easily to shoot HD photos and videos ,andoffers Photo Sphere, and other creative panorama photomode.*HDCamera 2018*Shooting Modeshooting Video, Photo,PanoramaGallery& EditorEasy to view and edit your photosSceneModesports,night , sunset , partyWhite BalanceAuto, Fluorescent ,white,daylight, cloudyCountdown TimerSetting a timer for autoshootingphotoFocus* Optical / digital zoom , tap to focus , focushalodisplayAF Modeinfinity , MacroPhoto ResolutionSupport a varietyofresolutions by your choiceLocationRecord the shootinglocationinformationExposureAdjusting the exposure value fortakingpicturesPanoramaShoot and produce a panoramic photo,takenimmersive 360-degree panorama, panorama mode requires the useof agyro sensorVideo captureTap to take a photo when shootingvideo- HDCamera 2018 Features -* Front and rear camera toggle*Flash toggle*Volume key to take photo* Reference Line* setting thepath forshooting photo and video*HD Camera 2018*
HD Camera 1.8.6
HD camera lets you easily to shoot HD photos and videos , andoffersPhoto Sphere, and other creative panorama photo mode .Features: *Optical / digital zoom , tap to focus , focus halodisplay * AF mode( infinity , Macro ) * White Balance ( Auto,Fluorescent , white,daylight, cloudy ) * Countdown pictures * Setthe photo size *Record the shooting location information *Exposure * View mode (sports, night , sunset , party ) * Front andrear camera toggle *Shoot and produce a panoramic photo , takenimmersive 360-degreepanorama * Viewfinder displays sensor cancapture the full screen ,and not crop the image * Panorama moderequires the use of a gyrosensor * Video capture * For Android 4.0and higher versions ofphones and tablets ------------------Disclaimer: This app is basedon native android camera code, andlicensed under the ApacheLicense. ApacheLicens:
Magnifier & Microscope [Cozy] 4.3.2
This app turns your phone into a functional and easy tousemagnifier. Do not carry a magnifying glass anymore. =) ★Mother'sday Recommended Apps! - by Google Korea ★ Best Apps! -byTheSmokingAndroid ★ Magnifier recommended by various media!*Features ⊙ Magnifier (H/W zoom, S/W zoom) ⊙ Microscope (morefineimage) ⊙ LED Flashlight ⊙ Macro Camera ⊙ Image Freezing ⊙Embeddedphoto viewer ⊙ Image filters(Negative, Sepia, Mono) ⊙WYSIWYG saves⊙ & more Do you have to remove your glasses toread a businesscard? Do you have to carry a big magnifying glass toread the modelnumber of a tiny semiconductor? Do you use amicroscope to observelegs of a tiny insect? Do you want to takemacro photos easily?Fantastic solution is here! Use your smartphoneas a handymagnifying glass! Use your smartphone as a handymicroscope! Useyour smartphone as a handy macro camera! 1.Magnifier - Live H/Wmagnification. - Live S/W(x4) magnification. -Taking magnifiedpictures. - Continuous auto focus(If possible). 2.Freezing picture- Freezing screen to see picture stably. - Usefulin a moving car.- Useful to write a memo on paper. 3. Microscope -More finepicture than Magnifying glass mode. - More zoom in. 4.Zooming -Zooming control bar. - Pinching to zoom everywhere. 5.PictureEffects - Support frequently used picture effects.(Negative,Sepia,Mono) 6. LED Flashlight - Flashlight ON/OFF - Volume-downbuttoncan toggle flashlight on and off also. 7. Taking pictures -Takingpictures by pressing volume-up button or touching cameraicon. -Saving a picture by touching save icon. - SupportWYSIWYG(What YouSee Is What You Get) saving in microscope mode& freezing mode.* The quality of the magnified image is dependon your phone'scamera capabilities. * Some devices can't use somefunctions. *This is not a real microscope. ;) * I have noresponsibilities forthe problems that caused by using thisapplication. =)
Zoomagram - Zoom & Download 1.5
Ever wanted to have the ability to zoom Instagram image?downloadmedia from instagram? pause this endless video loop?Now youcan doall of this using Zoomagram!Zoomagram is the simplest app youwillever see.All you have to do is:1. Open Zoomagram once (to starttheservice).2. Open instagram.3. Choose image/video you want.4.Clickon its options button and select 'Copy Share URL)'.Thats it!Younow have the ability to ZOOM, PAUSE, SHARE & DOWNLOAD.Sowhatare you waiting for? just go out and have fun withZoomagram.Likedit? Rate 5 starts :)Didn't like it? Send yourcomplaints [email protected] and if it could be fixed - itwould!
Magnifying Glass Flashlight PRO 1.3
Magnifying Glass Flashlight PRO allows you to use your Phone asafull-screen magnifier with the flashlight! With this app, youcanuse your phone's camera to magnify text, images, or anythingelse.It's a great alternative when you need to read small print orwhenyou just can't be bothered to put on your glasses. MagnifyingGlassFlashlight PRO can be used also at restaurants, movietheaters, oranywhere else with low light.With Magnifying GlassFlashlight PRO,you can auto-zoom as you want (2x,3x,4x,8x), and canpinch to zoomin/out manually (1x to 32x).What you can do with thismagnifyingglass:- Read text, business cards or newspapers with noglasses-Check the details of your medicine bottle prescription-Read menuin a dark light restaurant- Check serial Numbers From BackOfDevice (WiFi, TV’s, Washer, DVD, Refrigerator, etc.)-Replacebackyard bulb at night- Find things in purse- Can be usedasMicroscope (for more fine and tiny images, though, this is notareal microscope)MAIN FEATURES: - High magnifying factor: from 1xto32x- Photo Capture: Save magnified photos on your phone-Freeze,unfreeze, save or share images- Zoom and Exposure controls:Pinchto Zoom In/Out- Flashlight for low light situations: useLEDflashlight in dark places or during night- Torch LightActivatesInstantly with Video Zoom - Negative mode to enhance somedetails-Invert function: flip image 90° or 180°.- High focuscapabilityKeepin mind, that the quality of the image is directlyrelated to thequality of the device's camera. Also, thefunctionality offered issubjected with the hardware capabilities ofthe camera. As forexample, some devices don't have zoom, flash orauto focus.GetMagnifying Glass Flashlight PRO NOW! If you like it,pleaseconsider to rate us, as positive feedbacks help us to improveourapps.
HD Digital Camera 1.5
If you want to take great pictures and videos, you are therightplace.Take great pictures thanks to the HD Digital Camera.WiththeHD digital camera carefully crafted for user satisfaction, youcantake photos at the best quality.Excellent FEATURES:🌟 RAWcapture(on supported devices)🌟 Set the focus distance, ISO,exposure,shutter speed (Lollipop only)🌟 Best practice on the cameraonAndroid🌟 Keystrokes Adjustable volume (copyright, image, zoomorcompensation change).🌟 Focus modes for color effects, scenemodes🌟White balance, ISO, exposure compensation / lock,facerecognition.🌟 Video recording (also supports HD resolution).🌟Applydate and time stamp, place coordinates and custom text tophotos;Save the store date / time and location as video subtitles(.SRT).🌟Mega Zoom feature🌟 (Some) external microphone support.🌟Widget totake pictures after you start automatically.🌟 Manualcontrols, ISO,Shutter speed, focus distance (supported devices)🌟Best of PhotosMode!🌟 Camera control settings🌟 Stable Shot featurefor betterphotos!🌟 Timer feature🌟 Audio adjustable🌟 Timeout🌟 HDRModeProfessional🌟 Quiet camera mode🌟 Multiple flash modes🌟Liveeffects🌟 Work offline🌟 Touch to capture🌟 Gold rate feature🌟Storagearea indicator🌟 Time display🌟 Picture quality🌟 Exposurefeature🌟Exellent Effects🌟 Magic Features🌟 Digital Camera
HD Camera Pro for Android 1.5.5
HD Camera Pro,Quick Snap,Gorgeous photo and video Effects,neverbeen so easy to take HD Quality photo and videos.HD Camera Prohasutilized all advantage of your phone or tablet. Now you cancapturemoments in a fast and simply way.Key Features:* quick toshootphotos and videos* Quick Snap* Optical/digital zoom*Focusmode(Auto,Infinity,Macro)*Whitebalance(Auto,Incandescent,Daylight,Cloudy,etc.)* Exposureadjust*Different scene mode with different photo effects* SceneMode(Auto,Action,Portrait, Landscape, Night,Snow, etc.)* Disablingshuttersound, easy be a silent camera(may not work on somedevices)* MoreAdvance settings------------------Disclaimer:This appis licensedunder the Apache License.Apache License, Version2.0(
Magnifier Plus HD with Flashlight 1.7
This magnifying glass app will help you to see any small thingandto take a picture. It is very easy to use and it is for free.Itisa magnifying glass with light using the zoom and the flash ofthecamera (if they are available) and the screen zoom.The screenzoompermits the use of the Magnifier in devices with camera thatdoesnot implement zoom. In devices with zoom, it improvesitsquality.In devices supporting the LED flash of the camera inmodeTORCH, you will be able to use it as a flashlight or lanterntoilluminate the thing that you are seeing. If camera has focuswithmode "MACRO" you will be able to use it to have a highqualityimage. If it is needed, there are popup messages that informyouabout the limitations of the features of your deviceIn deviceswithzoom x8 or higher we can say this is a high definitionpocketmicroscope Please, take into account that the quality of theimageand the magnification level depend directly on thescreenresolution, the quality of the camera and its zoom becausethey arethe lens of the magnifier.The maximum zoom level depend onthedevice.There are devices that have an embedded cameraapplicationthat manages the zoom but its zoom is not available forotherapplications like this magnifier.Ultra high digital qualityusing atiny amount of memory.QUICK GUIDECONTROLS:There are 3buttons(Light, Focus and Picture) and 2 slide bars (Screen andZoom) butONLY if your device supports all the neededfeatures.LightButton:To switch on/off the flash light. If yourdevice does notsupport the mode TORCH or if it has not got flash,this button willnot be available.Focus Button:To focus. The qualitywill be betterif your device supports the MACRO mode.PictureButton:To take apicture. They will be stored in the Gallery, in theCPS_Magnifierfolder.Screen X Bar:It magnifies ONLY the screen,pictures are notaffected. It is useful in devices not supportingcamera zoom. If itis set to 1, the pictures will be exactly thescreen view. Withother values, the pictures will be more than thescreen view.Zoom XBar:It is the camera zoom. It magnifies both,screen andpictures.ASPECT RATIO DISTORTION:If images are wider ornarrowerthan the real object, please, go to Menu and select AspectRatio.Use the slide bar to calibrate it correctly.Enjoy it!
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