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Dog Run - Pet Dog Simulator 1.4.12
Green Tea Games
Dog Run Endless Run Game 2017 is an exciting FREE endlessrunninggame for Girls and Boys of all ages. Specifically designedforchildren and families who want to enjoy, play and own thecutestPet Dogs in Town!In this version of Dog Run - Pet DogSimulator youcan take your little puppy Dog on a fun adventurethrough the park,city and forest. Run as fast as you can!Slide,jump, roll and dashpast animals and obstacles in your way and enjoythis simulatorrunning rainbow adventure game!Want to make friendswith thesweetest Dog Puppies?Come and make friends with thesweetest PuppyDogs named Max, Coco, Roxy, Buster, Bailey, Molly,Daisy andcomplete your adventure with The Super Sasha.Take yourPuppy Dog ona fun fairy tale adventure through the park. Run,slide, jump, rolland dodge past any baby animals and obstacles thatcome in yourway! Features★ Awesome graphics and endless funsimulator★ Own yourfavourite puppy Dog from a Labrador, Dalmatianand train many moreinto your Pet★ Play through this amazingadventure to unlock themagical rainbow Dog, Super Sasha!★ Play as 8cute Male & FemalePuppy Dogs★ Collect Coins and get gems toupgrade to the fastestDog★ Open daily prizes for exclusive rewardsand exciting pickupsfor free★ FREE updates and new Puppy Dogs addedregularlyInviteyour friends to play the cute, addictive gamesdesigned for Girls& Boys of all ages created by Green Tea Gamesand challengethem to beat your highest score!Visit our officialsite atwww.GreenTeaGames.comFollow us on or like us on Facebookat to get more info about allourupcoming titles.
Pet Simulator - Dog Games
MTS Free Games
In Pet Simulator - Dog Games attack asmanythings as possible to rack up the points and meat your goals.Getready for some real adventures. Pick up things, searchvariousstuff and find your way to complete your objectives.Pet Simulator - Dog games features interactive sounds and fungameplay makes this even more interesting to play. The betteryouperform the more you earn points.Busy city streets, wide-open parks, white-fenced neighborhoods,andbeachfront fairgrounds!If dogs are your favorite pets then these dog games areforyou.Game Features:Free Pet Roam ModeDog Simulator controlDestructible objects to crashMultiple pet dogs to choose: shiba, corgi, husky, collie,bulldog,greyhound etcStunning graphicsSmooth performanceEasy controlsIf you face any problems while installation or while playingthisgame, please report to us. We will resolve it attheearliest.
Translator for dogs Simulator 1.1
Fresh & Mint
Translator for dogs Simulator is a prank, works asaphrasebook-translator for dogs and puppies. Translator offersitsversion of words in dog language, phrasebook contains themostpopular sounds and barking. Say something to your pet and hearthemade up translation or pick up a phrase from phrasebook, taponbutton and let the dog hear it! Try to talk to your puppy ordog!Pets, most likely, will not understand you, but they willhearfamiliar sounds! Who knows, maybe native speech makes themfeelmore comfortable! Pretend that you can speak with your dogswiththe Translator for dogs Simulator! Break down the languagebarrierand talk to puppies! Don’t hesitate to have conversationwith dogsand use common phrases! FEATURESSeveral cat voices (maledog,female dog, puppies)The most used commonphrases-commands!Widerange of language models for a contentconversation withdog!Attention! Translator for dogs Simulator is ajoke and a prank!You cannot have a content conversation with dogsin reality like aforeign tourist abroad! Dogs and puppies will notfollow anycommands built in Translator for dogs Simulator. This appwascreated for fun! ! Break down the language barrier and talktodogs! Don’t hesitate to have conversation with pupies andusecommon phrases!
Dogs Vs Homework - Clicker Idle Game 1.0.12
Adventure Cat, LLC
Do you love dogs but hate doing homework? Need a silly, dumb gametohelp pass the time? Let your furry canine friends do allthehomework for you! Score millions of A+’s without even liftingapencil in this all new clicker game. This is a dog petsimulationclicker game / idle game.Tap on your homework to earnA’s. Once youearn enough A’s, you can adopt new pet dogs that doesyour homeworkfor you. Use A's to purchase upgrades and level themup. Once youhave enough A's, you can buy and upgrade dog toys andadddecoration to your bedroom. Unlock new rooms to make new dogbreedsavailable to you. And if you're feeling really brave, youcanexplore the school grounds, and send your pet dogs toattenddangerous classes that belong to Mathematics, Science,Literature,Arts and Sports! Your pet dogs also chew your homeworkeven whenyou're not playing, so you don't need to tap all the time.Justrelax, adopt a pet, and let your dogs do their thing. You’ll beastraight A+ student in no time in this idle game! Each dog hasitsown unique personality and way of dealing with yourhomework.Explore the various areas beyond your backyard! Unlock newdogbreeds and discover all unique ways each dog deals withyourhomework!Clicker game features include: * Tap on screen togenerateA's.* Earn A's even when you're offline/idling.* Use A's toadopt apet dog breeds and upgrade.* Purchase dog toys andotherincremental game upgrades at the pet shop.* Explore new areastounlock more unique dog breeds. Tap your way to become anA+student! Imagine adopting hundreds of dogs as your own pets-enough to amass your very own dog army to do all your homeworkforyou in this dog-themed pet simulation clicker / idle game!
Animal Rescue - Pet Shop and Animal Care Game 2.1.2
Tapps Games
Are you a pet person? What about being a pet HERO? Saveabandonedanimals and bring them to the best pet shop in town:YOURS! In thisfantastic management game, you will serve FURRY andextra CUTE petswhile rescuing your favorite animals!Your regularcustomers willinclude cute cats, dogs, nice farm animals as pigs,sheeps, bulls,bunnies and more! You and your employees will chaseand try to findlost animals around the city… If you track the rightCLUE down, youmight DISCOVER where to find and SAVE them all!But beprepared:your pets may be impatient, take good care of them or theymightstart acting up like beasts!… You will have to prove yourselfto bethe best pet shop manager ever!HIGHLIGHTS🐤 Be FASTER:severalamazing levels for you to beat🐤 Look for clues and discoverotherpuppies in need!🐤 Many different animals to DISCOVER!🐤 UPGRADEyourshop with hundreds of improvements and make yourpetshappier!COMING SOON🐤 Magical Pet Shop - rescue and treat petslikeunicorns, griffins, dragons, owls and much more!From kittenstocockatiels, save those puppies’ days!Please note! This game isfreeto play, but it contains items that can be purchased forrealmoney. Some features and extras mentioned in the descriptionmayalso have to be purchased for real money.
Pocket Puppy Pet Go! 1.5
Pocket Games MDP
With Pocket Puppy Pet Go! you can track all the pets who areclosethanks to the camera built into your telephone.Use thePocketsBalls to catch all pets who cross your path!No need togooutside,you can play it anywhere.Characteristics:-AugmentedReality Game- Excellent graphics- Very good sounds- Lesswearbattery- Easy to use- Very funny- Ideal for the youngerchildren.The pets also appear inside indoors- Totally free- Notneedinternet connectionDownload and share Pocket Puppy Pet Go! withallyour friends!
Pets Hotel: Idle Management & Incremental Clicker 1.8.3
Mobgams Team
Do you like animals and everything about them? So you must tryourpet hotel! Spend time with cute creatures and fill your hotelasyou want. It is one of the best clicker games which is availableonyour Android. Create your own pet planet and feel like tycooninour clicker! Game features Here you can invite guests, upgradeyourhotel and get money for it, add different animals and enjoythesecute animals. You can add cute cats, dogs, guinea pigs,raccoonsand other creatures so tap and click to discover more! Ifyou loveanimals, so in our idle games you will be able to build avirtualhotel full of them. Add all the pets you need, take care ofthemand bring your hotel to the top. This idle game is for kidsandadults, for all your family. All you need to start idle gameisjust tap! Click to invite your friends (they can visit yourhotelas bloggers). What is more? Advantages of animalgames:User-friendly design: tap and swipe if you want to take careforanimals in your hotel. Endless idle game: withoutanyinterruptions, you can improve the hotel for free in automode,take care of animals, and make money on this. Feel yourselflikefull tycoon with such upgrades. Home departure: you cantakeanimals home and get bonuses for it. Extra sweets: you canusecandies, jam, and jukebox songs to entertain heroes - pets.Yourfriends always with you: invite 2 or more friends as bloggersandthey will help in popularizing your hotel in the word. It willbelike multiplayer mode in simulator. Play everywhere you want:youcan play in our clicker online or offline (no wifi) for free.Justdownload and try Add cute cats, dogs, guinea pigs, raccoonsandother creatures and try this tapper, created your own pet planetinour simulator. Play our adventure with pleasure and prestige,getthe feeling as from 3d games, and go with your hotel to the topofthe rating. This game is not only for kids, for girls or babyandtoddlers, it is also for adults! Spend 5 minutes a day withcutecats and dogs in our clicker and you will have fun!
Real Air Horn (Prank) 1.2.3
With Real Air Horn you can prank, scare or wake your friends uporeven cheer at a sports event.It includes various realisticsoundssuch as air horn, train, ship... which will fooleveryone.Imaginewhat you can do if you combine it with a loud soundsystem...Newsounds and features will be included in time, andsuggestions aremore than welcome.Enjoy!
Pocket Dogs GO 1
Pocket Catch Games
A development game for children in augmented reality, withcognitiveinformation about the pets of our planet. Mobile dogsencyclopediagame.In the encyclopedia game Pocket Dogs GO you canfeel like areal hunter on funny puppies. Track the dog with thebuilt-in radarand follow the trail. Find all the hidden puppy inyour city!Youhave to look for and catch the disguised funny andcheerful homepets in the real world with the help of a radar and asmartphonecamera. Move through the streets of the city, parks andsquares,even inside buildings and with the help of radar findhidden dogs.As soon as you track down the puppy, rather throw ared ball intoit, so it will fall into your phone. Collect all thepets in yourcollection!Pocket DogsGO uses augmented realitytechnology andrequires you to move around to find pets. Be carefulnear theroadway, remember safety!
My Virtual Pet Shop - Cute Animal Care Game 1.9
Tapps Games
Welcome to your new Pet Shop! Build your own pet store and takecareof cute animals as clients check in to your place. Play with,carefor, feed, wash, groom and dress up little cats and dogs tomaximizehappiness and grow your business! My Virtual Pet Shop isamazingfun, play now! Take good care of the pets to advance levelsand earncoins by the end of day. Unlock new items and use coins toimproveyour shop and customize all the items of your pet store togive itthe look of your dreams! MINI GAMES Exciting mini gameswill addeven more fun to your days in the pet shop! ★ Wash the Pet- Grabthe sponge and some shampoo to clean the dirty pets ★ DressUp! -Put on cute items to give pets a special look ★ Tap the Fleas- Pickoff all these tiny nasty bugs from the pets HIGHLIGHTS ★Fourdifferent activities: pet grooming, pet doctor, pet bath,petdressing ★ Simple gameplay for pet lovers of all ages ★Upgradeableitems: improve your shop to grow your business ★ Cutekittens andpuppies of all breeds ★ Fast-paced fun with challengingmini games★ Beautiful illustrations and animations If you loveanimals,you’ll love My Virtual Pet Shop. Download now and starthaving funwith cute little pets -- and Doge too! Please note! Thisgame isfree to play, but it contains items that can be purchasedfor realmoney. Some features and extras mentioned in thedescription mayalso have to be purchased for real money.
DogHotel : My Dog Boarding Kennel 1.7.19716
Open your own dog hotel!DogHotel invites you to manage a brandnewdog resort, put your dog sitting skills to the test and learnhowto run a successful doggy hotel business. Look after allthedoggies placed in your care.Granny Edith's pug needs to losesomeweight, beefy Lucky the Labrador wants to join the firedepartmentand little Lizzy the Poodle wants to learn her firsttricks. Makesure all the dogs have a nice time in your hotel andthat theyreturn to their owners happy.Care for Up to ten DifferentDogsAs afresh, young pet boarding manager, you take control of yourveryown dog hotel. You'll find dog-caring tasks waiting for youthere.Make sure your dogs are satisfied, pet them, groom them, keeptheircages clean and when they get hungry, and don’t forget to feedthemwith highest quality nutritious and delicious dog food! Mastertheart of dog grooming! Pick up your dog brush and make theirfurhealthy and pretty - wash them when they get dirty, dogcleaningjust got fun!Play with your Dogs On the Lawn Gainexperience by dogwalking and improve the fitness of your furryfriends on theobstacle course. Guide your cute virtual dogs overobstacles,through tunnels and across wobbly tree trunks.VariousTypes of CuteDog Breeds Prepare to meet all sorts of four leggedfriends - Havefun with the playful Pugs, groom the cute Beagles,pet the loyalLabradors, and jog with the agile AustralianShepherds! Be anattentive dog sitter and keep a close eye on yourdogs' behavior -every dog has its own unique personality and needs!Extra features★Complete exciting missions. Each dog has its ownstory and presentsyou with challenging tasks!★ Expand your boardingkennel anddecorate it to your tastes with pirate baskets or amagicalshower!★ Pet and play with your dogs, or watch them playtogetheron the lawn! Get DogHotel today and open your own dogresort!Support If you have questions or problems related to the apporin-app purchases, please feel free to contact us via ourfacebookpage
Hair Clipper Prank 1.9
Now you can turn your phone in on your smartphone / tablet.Thereare so many prank apps but this is one of the most realisticappsfor jokes, perfect for entertainment and make some fun thingsbysimulating hair trimmer, clippers, shaver, razors in reality.Thiswill be a really funny game, extremely interestingentertainment: -Your phone will vibrate continuously emits soundand hair cuttingmachine feels like you are holding a real hairclipper. - Enablingapplication and tease your friends, to near totheir hair andcreate funny moments! ✴️ FEATURES ✴️ 🍀 Totally FREE 🍀Impressivevibration to imitate a razor or razer 🍀 Real sounds whichcanchange while moving your phone near the hands / foots / head /neckof other people 🍀 Using proximity sensor to help mobile userstofeel more realistic like haircuts in real life by hairclipperprank ✴️ HOW TO USE ✴️ 🍀 Open this prank app and startusingsimulated trimmer to cut hair or haircut 🍀 Turn on hairclipper orrazor by touching on it. It begins vibrating and makingnoise. Ifit doesn't sound , you should turn up volume of the phone.🍀 Putmobile screen near the victim’s head and the app sound canchange,creating the feeling that you really cut hair 🍀 To stop thehairclipper / razor / trimmer / shaver, you just touch button offandthe haircut will stop. The button image “On-Off” will changetoshow that it stops. 🍀 Whenever you wanna have fun orhaveinteresting moment with your friends / your loved ones , youcanplay a prank by this app, Real Razor Prank - Hair TrimmerPrankwill bring to all of you lots of fun and special experiencesbyyour newest phone feature: cutting hair. --- This prank appmaycreate the illusion that you might get bald by hair cut ---Let’sstart to turn your phone into a hair clipper, hair trimmer,shaverand have fun!! We will update the application regularly toimprovemobile using experience as soon as possible. Note: This isansimulation application that is a prank on the phone.Usingapplications for a long time may affect device hardware. Ifyoufeel this app interesting and you want to have more prank apptohave fun with your friends, just use this app regularly and rate5stars for us. This action will help us a lot to provide youmorefree interesting prank apps
Pet World - My animal shelter 4.8
“PetWorld 3D: My Animal Rescue” is your tiny pet simulation Appwithcute goats, sheep, squirrels, reptiles, birds, hamsters,guineapigs, playful cats, sweet bunnies, a little pony,fascinatingreptiles or cuddly dogs. Welcome to the 3D world of theAnimalRescue Sunflower! All the virtual pets want to be cared forwithlove and adopted by the right owners. Features ★ Take care ofanimalbabies ★ Find new homes for all the cute cats, dogs, bunniesandother tiny pets ★ Animal Game App with fantastic 3D graphics★Playful learning about animals ★ Lots of animals andothersurprises Take care of your little friends The animals youhaverescued didn’t always have it as easy, but luckily they haveatleast found their way to you. After an initial examinationtodetermine current health conditions and to establish anynecessarytreatment, life in the animal rescue can begin. AnimalRescueSunflower isn’t an animal zoo. You have to take care of yourlittlefriend with food and water and make sure that they alwayshavefresh litter. When they have everything they need, prettysoonthey'll feel fit as a fiddle again! Find new homes for cutecats,dogs, bunnies and other tiny pets Of course the animals are inthebest possible hands with you, but they do eventually need arealhome. As soon as the head of the animal rescue, a grumpyprofessor,puts you in charge of the animal adoption process, it'syour job tofind the most suitable new animal owner like the cutelittle cat,the small hamster or the sweet bunnie. When you payattention tothe animal's needs and the owner's preferences, nothingcan standin the way of their happiness. Animal game app withfantastic 3Dgraphics "PetWorld 3D: My Animal Rescue" is not only alot of fun,it's also visually pleasing. Move through the impressive3D worldof the animal rescue while scooping water out of the wellorgetting the right food. When you visit the animals you can alsoseethem at close range and you can observe how the hamsterscleanthemselves, how the bunnies hop around, how the little horseor thecat is waiting for you. Playful learning about animals Kidsloveanimals and they are interested in the nature aroundthem."PetWorld 3D: My Animal Rescue" is more than an animal zoo.It’s asimulation game where children and adults regardless of agelearnin a playful way how to take care of animals. Lots of animalsandsurprises You have the opportunity to take care of lots ofanimalssuch as hamsters, guinea pigs and bunnies. In addition, youcanpurchase in-apps, which will open new playing options byincludingcats, dogs, reptiles or a little pony. And of course newsurprisesare waiting for you based on how well you care for theanimals andhow often animals are successfully adopted. So: Go tothe AnimalRescue Sunflower, your new friends are waiting for you!Support Ifyou have questions or problems related to the app orin-apppurchases, please contact us via our
PetHotel - My animal boarding kennel game 1.2.2
In PetHotel, cute dogs, cheeky cats and funny rodents arewaitingfor you! Care for each animal that’s placed in yourpension,fulfill all their needs and complete quests to grow andimproveyour hotel! Care for cats, dogs and other animals in yourhotel forpets! From cute chinchillas to fluffy hamsters, manydifferent petsare coming to your pension and need to be fussed overuntil theirowners return. There’s a whole lot of work waiting foryou, as eachpet wants to be played with, fed and groomed! Ofcourse, you canalso pet and cuddle them to show them how much theyare loved! Lotsof great animations and exciting quests await youMake the kittiespurr by completing as many quests as possible!Getting new toys forthe dogs, expanding the rats’ enclosures...there is always a lotto do to make your animals happy. From thesmallest rodent to thelargest Labrador – every pet needs yourloving care! Expand yourenclosures and get better items anddecorations! At the beginning,you'll start with a small pension andyou'll need to successfullycare for a few animals before you areable to expand. With eachupgrade level, you'll improve your pethotel's look and interior aswell! You can look forward to moretoys, more breeds to care forand more room for your new friends! ★Care for cute pets such asdogs, hamsters, chinchillas and cats! ★Buy more items, toys anddecorations for your animals! ★ Completeexciting quests! ★ Expandyour hotel and receive great new buildingsand breeds! ★ Collectcoins and animal food around the hotel! Don’thesitate! PlayPetHotel and look after your very own animal shelterin this cutesimulation! Visit us on
Lullaby Cat Simulator 1.9
Fake Apps And Games
Lullaby Cat SimulatorLullaby Cat Simulator - a simulation gamewhereyou can play a sound to help the kitten to sleep! A pet isplayingand stopping you? Do you want to relax, but you do notgive? Turn onthe sound and everything will fall asleep!It iseasier to makeasleep your kitten or a dog!Turn on the game andselect any of thesounds!Point the phone at the cat, and he fallsasleep sweetdream!Act out your friends and family by pretendingthat fellasleep!Game simulator just a joke, created for pranks andpracticaljokes relatives and friends! She srl is safe forhealth!Thank youfor choosing our application! Leave us feedbackand we will make ourgames even better!
Kuri Pets 1.28
Black Maple Games
These fluffy creatures are Kuri, and now they’re your virtualpets!Feed them, take care of them, and play fun games with them sotheygrow up to be happy little guys.* unlock new Kuri types * therearemore than 120 breeds in the game* spoil your little ones withallkinds of treats* have a great time playing mini gamestogether*more than 50 ways to take care of your pets* collect allthe breeds
Pet Shop Story: Renaissance
TeamLava Games
The #1 FREE Pet collection game returns with Pet ShopStory:Renaissance!Create the perfect Pet Shop for your favoritelovableanimals, and share with your friends! Design, decorate, andcollecthundreds of adorable pets! Celebrate the cultural andartisticmovement of the Renaissance era with themed animals, andfantasticstorylines! Set up a special Renaissance themed shop andget intothe intellectual and artistic spirit!- COLLECT hundredsofsuper-cute pets! Kittens, puppies, birds, and bunnies!- CREATEnewbreeds by mixing and matching pets!- CARE for adorablebabyanimals!- DESIGN the Pet Shop of your dreams with fundecorationsand playful products!- BUILD beautiful habitats! Fun forpets andpeople!- SOCIALIZE with other Pet Shop owners, and theirpets!-INVITE your Facebook and Storm8 friends to set up shop, rightnextdoor!- ENJOY stunning graphics, art, and animation! - FREEtodownload, FREE to play, and FREE weekly updates with newpets,decorations, and breeding combinations!And best of all? NOdoggiebags!Pet Shop Story: Renaissance is the BEST looking FREE petgamefor your Android devices!Please note: Pet Shop Story:Renaissanceis an online only game. Your device must have an activeinternetconnection to play.Please note that Pet Shop Story:Renaissance isfree to play, but you can purchase in-app items withreal money. Todelete this feature, on your device go to the GooglePlay Store,tap the Menu button, select Settings > Use passwordto restrictpurchases. Then follow the directions to complete setup.Inaddition, Pet Shop Story: Renaissance may link to socialmediaservices, such as Facebook, and Storm8 will have access toyourinformation through such services.TeamLava, a Storm8 studio, isthe#1 Mobile Social Game Developer for Android devices.Use ofthisapplication is governed by the TeamLava Terms ofService.Collection and use of data are subject to TeamLava'sPrivacyPolicy. Both policies are available
My Virtual Blocky Dog 3D - Take Care of a Pet! 1.0
Blocky Game Studio
With My Virtual Blocky Dog pet simulator you’ll have chance totrainin taking care of the best domestic animal - a dog! Feed,dress,walk and fulfill other animal need of your pet dog. Learnmore aboutdog life with our pet simulator. Take care of youranimal, and itwill become man’s bets friend! My Virtual Blocky DogFEATURES:DOGCUSTOMIZATIONWith sets of breeds and dresses you cancreate a uniquevirtual pet! REALISTIC ANIMAL NEEDSWalk and playwith your virtualdog like with real one to keep it happy! QUESTSFOR YOUR PETQuitsitting in a doghouse, go to the open city and dofun stuff!LIVINGIN A DOG PARKEntire park with several locations isyour kennel,playhouse and toilet!VIRTUAL BEST FRIENDLearn to treata domesticanimal with a virtual one!Customize a dog!Give your petdog a nameand choose it’s breed to start. Dress it so it lookslike no other!Domestic animals are easier to dress, that’s why youcan customizevirtual dog so easily in the pet simulator. Createyour own pet dogcare of it like of real animal, learn caress andresponsibility withMy Virtual Blocky Dog - a pet simulator atbest.Fulfill animalneeds!Your pet needs more than dress. Feed it!The best care adomestic animal can have is have you feed it intime. In our petsimulator you have to feed the dog to. And alsowalk and put it tosleep. Be a good dog owner in our pet animalsimulator, and you’llsuccess in taking care of a real domesticanimal. Train yourself andyour virtual dog with our pet caresimulator.Complete quests!Asidefrom dress and feed you have questsfor fun! Get away from doghouseand explore the city. Play withevery animal and human met in thepet simulator. Crazy stuff awaitsin My Virtual Blocky Dog - a gameabout real care of your virtualdomestic animal!Play My VirtualBlocky Dog - a crazy and domesticanimal care simulator!
My Pet Village 3.0.4
PivotGames. Inc.
A Social Cafe and Pet Simulator Game in a whole new level! AVirtualPet Paradise in a village with a view of the blue sea! Runyour ownCafe with cute virtual pets! Build your village, adoptvirtual petsand become the best Cafe owner on My Pet Village![Game Features] ★★Social Game! Cafe Simulator! Virtual Pets!Socialize with friends onthis Cafe and Pet Simulator. A socialgame where you can manage arestaurant cafe, take care for virtualpets and build your villageparadise! ★★ Restaurant Cafe Simulatorwith Virtual Pets! Manageyour very own restaurant cafe togetherwith cute virtual pets! Yourvirtual pets will help you with ordersand satisfying yourcustomers! Adopt and collect all the virtualpets on My Pet Village!★★ Take care of your Pets! Take good careof your cute virtual petsand they will take care of the customersfor you! Perform cute pettricks to win the hearts of yourcustomers! Adopt and take care ofyour virtual pets! Walk together,explore the village and dye yourpet in cool customized hair color!★★ Build your Village! Yourrestaurant cafe is the heart of thevillage! Build the village tobecome a virtual pet paradise! Expandyour village, build your ownPet Hotel, Pet Salon, Fruit Shop,Flowershop, Alchemy Factory, ToolFactory, Magic Shop, SouvenirShop and Laboratory! Explore thevirtual pet paradise you created!★★ Fun Interaction with Customersin your Village! Your customershave a unique and interesting story!Complete special orders tobuild relationship with regularcustomers! Level-up your affinitypoint to increase customer loyaltyand gain special gifts! ★★ Playwith Friends! Trade, Help andCompete with each others Cafe! Buyand sell items on your cafestall! Manage your village moreefficiently by helping each otherParticipate on NEW Events everyweek! Get big rewards and mileagepoints! Accept the challege tobecome the Top Rank Cafe owner! ★★ MyPet Village is on Facebook!Lets get social! Visit the Facebook pageto know the latestcontents, updates and events for My PetVillage!
Puppy Pet Daycare 18.0
Baby Maria Games
Puppy Pet Day Care is all about dress up and pet care games.Cutelittle puppy are injured. Take care of them. Clean them to killallbacteria. Tons of activities with all puppies. Chooseyourfavourite puppy from the unique puppies with their differentskintones. Puppy daycare is very famous game. Features: =>AmazingWash games of pets. => Care activities of puppies. =>Cutedress up for little pets.
Snake in Hand Joke - iSnake 3.2.8
Eijoy Entertainment
Snake in Hand (Prank app) display an crawling and hissing snakeonthe screen, it is one of the most funny and scary snake gamein2018. You can use it to prank and scare your friends easily.Youmust love the scary games.Snake Hissing on Screen Prank displaysasnake run animation with hissing sounds. The green and longsnakeworms will crawl from side to side just in the foreground ofyourscreen, no matter you are playing game or surfing the Internet.Thegraphic and animation is so realistic that your friendsabusolutelybelieve that there is a scary snake in phone.How toprank yourfriends?Set the appear time and give the phone to yourfriend orleft it on the table. You friends will be scared when theysee thesnake in screen.Additionally, Snake on Screen Hissing Jokecan beused as a snake simulator for cats. Your cat will be excitedto seethe snake on phone. Play the snake game with your lovely petsnow.
Dosimeter simulator, Geiger counter prank 1.8
Elitfun Studio
Game that simulates radiation dosimeter or geiger counter.Youcanincrease or decrease showed radiation value by tiltingyourdevice.In this way you can prank on your friends by showingthemfake radiation hazard in any place.Different themesavailable:modern digital dosimeters and old analog geiger counters.
Doctor Pets 1.21
With this educational game, kids will learn how to cureanimals.Doctor Pets brings you a great chance to make them healthyandhappy again. The nature is home for a playful motley crewofanimals. Dogs, cats, rabbits and monkeys are looking for yourhelpin a forest pet hospital. These pets are in pain, sickandtear-stained. They need doctor's help and they need it rightnow!Some of your pets have fever, wounds, ear infection, sorethroat orstomach ache, while the rest have been trapped by snakesor hurt inthe fall. You can use your medical knowledge and a lotofinstruments to cure different diseases and injuries. Makeyourhairy friends recover so that they will be able to enjoyrunningand playing again. At first, make a diagnosis: • Fever: Takepet'stemperature and cure the fever with an ice pack, drops andsyrup. •Ear infection: Eliminate viruses in a minigame and plug uppet'sear with a cotton wool. • Sore throat: Tap with your fingerallgerms inside animal’s mouth and spray the sore throat. • Trappedbysnakes: Free the animal with the help of tongs and make ahomemademedicine. • Injuries: Sew up the wound correctly and choosea funkyplaster. • Hurt in the fall: Pull out all foreign objects,spraythe ticks and add some balm on the rashes. • Stomach ache:Catchall candies and choose the right food for a certain animal.After asuccessful treatment, children can rejoice with their petpatientsand ˝give them five˝! Features: • educational game for kids• HDillustrations • cool sound effects • fun minigames • 7differenthealth treatments • cute patients: cats, dogs, rabbits andmonkeys• lots of injuries, diseases, instruments and colorfulplasters
Dog on screen – doberman. Prank app.
Cosmic Mobile
Dog on screen is a cool, free app. Your favorite pet will alwaysbevisible on your phone screen. It does not matter whether youareplaying games, writing messages or listening to music at thistime.See what this funny dog can do. Feel like you have a realdog!Surprise your friends!Features:- Set the dog on the screen ofyourphone- Dog will be visible all the time above all applications-use the phone as usual- Dog behave very realistically!- Dogcanbark, roll and scratch as real - it also sounds like a dog-Whenthe dog walks on the screen, tilt the phone and see whathappens-If you want to disable the dog display at any time you canclickthe stop button in the app or in the notification barMake aprankto your friends and family by setting dog on the phonescreen.Check their reactions when they will use their phone, and adogwill appear on the screen!In case of any problems with theeffectof Dog on the screen, instead of giving us the negativeopinion,please send us an e-mail and review briefly the problem. Itwillhelp us to solve it in the next updates of application withdog.Dogon the screen is free but contains ads inside application.Revenuefrom advertising will help us to create new attractivewallpapersand applications. All permissions are required only foradvertisingand are supported by trusted vendors.
Dog Town: Pet Shop Game, Care & Play with Dog 1.2.60
Frismos Games
Dog Town is the best dog caring simulation game where you cancareand get cute dogs from pet store. Enjoy the cute pet city anddogsthat live there! If you love animal games and dogs, looknofurther! This is truly a pet world where your dogs can live.DogTown is a game is the best pet shop game for any animalgameslover. Play with, take care, feed, wash, groom and dress uppets inyour own Dog Town! You will collect dogs, train them tolevel themup and send them to quests for exciting in-game rewards!If youalways wanted to adopt a pet, play with puppies, wereinterested inpet rescue then this is one of the best pet games foryou. With theability to customize the rooms where your dogs willlive we've puttremendous amount of effort to ensure that you wouldfeel attachedto yours dogs just like they would to the real ones.In this dogsimulation game you can collect dog breeds like: Bassethound,Staffordshire Bull Terrier, Springer Spaniel, BostonTerrier,Labrador Retriever, Australian Shepherd,German Shepherd,YorkshireTerrier, Bull Terrier, Great Dane, Shnauzer, CockerSpaniel, FrenchBulldog, Pomeranian, Doberman, Siberian Husky,Miniature Pinscher,Labrador, Beagle, Chihuahua, Corgi, Dachshundand other dog breeds.There is large emphasis on Dog Collection andmanagement for casualand midcore players. Each dog has a uniquecharacter and behavior,so players will always recognize their"Sleepy" from the "Jumpy"!In coming updates we will bring more dogcards for cute puppies anddogs to groom new breeds. FEATURES ★Gorgeous 3D environment! ★Realistic Dogs with lifelike behavior! ★Breed and groom your ownDog Collection! ★ Level up your dogs andsend them to quests! ★Decorate your rooms with hundreds ofdecorations! ★ More than 60dogs to collect and more to come! If youlove animals, Dog Town isthe best simulation and pet rescue gameever!. Download now andstart having fun with cute pets! Pleasenote! This game is free toplay, but it contains items that can bepurchased for real money.If you are having any problems in the gameor have a great ideaabout it please contact [email protected]
Little Live Pets
Welcome to the Little Live Pets Pet Shop!Adoptyour own virtual pet – feed, clean, play and accessorize yourpetmouse, turtle, bird, puppy and more. Adopt them from the petshopand care for them - just like a real pet! Play mini-games tolevelup, earn coins and unlock surprises!Features:- Choose the virtual pets that you would like to adopt in thepetshop: all new Splashberry the Frog, Chatter the Mouse, DigitheGaming Turtle, Poppin’ Polly the Bird, Purrcilla the Kitten,SweetBeat the Puppy and Luvey Duck.- Keep your pet happy by feeding, cleaning and playingwiththem.- Play mini-games to level up and earn coins: Puppy Dash,MouseHurdles, Puppy Jumble, Tweet Along, Turtle Turbo, Cheese QuestandCleverkeet Augmented Reality.- Create your own Sweet Talking Kitten sound recordings withtheSweet Repeat game.- Use your coins to buy food, toys, accessories, habitatsandcleaning materials from the Store.- Unlock new items as you play along and progress throughthelevels.Have fun with these caring activities:- Feed your pet – let your pet enjoy a sumptuous feast ofdeliciousapples, pears, carrots, bananas and even artichokes!- Clean your pet – grab the soap, sponge, brush, towel andshowerhead to wash your pet.- Play and have fun – throw a ball and play with your pet to keepithappy.- Dress up! Keep your pet cool with cute hats, ties, collarsandmany other accessories.- Interact with your pet - tap your pet anywhere and you will seeitmove, feel, react and sound like a real pet!Play the fun mini-games and earn cool rewards for you andyourpet! Guide Snuggles the puppy over the jumps and cones in theagilitycourse and run as fast as you can to win loads ofpoints.Hop along to the new Frog Hop game! Race Splashberry againstherfrog friends – jump over the logs and catch the flies to getspeedypower-ups, and don’t get stuck in the mud!- Race with other mice, jump over hurdles and catch thecheesepower-ups to emerge as the champion of the MouseHurdlesmini-game.- Tweet in the same tune as our Tweet Talking Bird in theTweetAlong mini-game.- Help the Sweet Talking Puppy find the delicious disheshe’sdreaming about in Puppy Jumble.- Dive and dodge the obstacles and reach the finish linebeforetimer stops in the Turtle Turbo mini-game.- Roll the Lil’ Mouse through the maze of pipes. Navigatebridges,spinning wheels and other obstacles to reach the cheese andgiveyour pet a tasty treat in the Cheese Quest mini-game!- Experience the fun as Cleverkeet comes to life in theCleverkeetAugmented Reality Game! Feed him and see him fly. Sing,dance andplay with him. Dress him up with cute and coolaccessories.Have fun taking care of your Little Live Pets!Privacy Policy:
City Bike Pet Animal Transport 1.2
Warm Milk Productions
Getting bore of the regular cargo bike simulators? Experiencefunbike driving with amazing pet animal motor delivery missions.Playas delivery bike driver; pick baby animals from pet shopanddeliver order to destination wit newest City Bike PetAnimalTransport.Choose your favorite animal from the pet shop andcarryit in a cage to transporter bike. Drive super bike in bigcitytraffic and transport animals fast. For Motorbike rider fun;drivethrough rush hour traffic on city roads to fulfill cityanimaltransporter job. You are the only delivery bike rider andhave toperform multi transport in peak hours. Drive carefully andavoidhitting road traffic in super grand city. Drive pet animalbikeprecisely and deliver the cage safely. City shop has cats,dogs,rabbits of rare species and also golden fish. Deliver cutepets incages & transport fish tank in the city. Become the bestanimaltransport driver & enhance your motor bike driverskills.Enjoy2017 bike transport game and the newest motorbikedrivingsimulator. Perform the role of pet shop delivery guy inmoderncargo transport game. Rush through modern city streets like aprobiker & deliver cargo on time. Show some extreme bikestuntsand drifting around the street corners for timely petanimaltransport of cats, puppies, rabbids. Rush crazy; Avoiddropping andharming cute baby animals. Controlling motor in realtraffic whileperforming motorbike stunts is very challenging.Exhibit extremerider skills for fun driving in city transport bikesimulator2017.Pet animal transportation is different from ordinarycargobike simulations. To deliver cargo parcels no extra careisrequired. But to deliver pet animals from city shop, bikedriverneed to drive motorcycle very carefully. Exhibit skills ofextremecar driver; reach destination on time. Control cargo vehiclelike apro driver, keep the cage balanced on delivery bike carrieranddrop it carefully to the anxiously waiting customer. Performsuperbike stunts like a superhero rider with fast driving &ridingskills.City Bike Pet Animal Transport Features:★ AmazingGrand CityEnvironment★ Crazy Bike Transport Driving Fun★Multi-transport PetAnimal Game★ Challenging Pet Shop Delivery BoyMissions★ Real bikePhysics with super stunting controls★ AstoundingHD graphics &real pets soundsPerform the duty of real biketransporter totransport animals in open city. You got unique cargobike rider jobwhere instead of transporting cargo bags you aredriving animaltransport bike. Your job is very sensitive, in caseof any caraccident the police bike riders will fine you for harminginnocentanimals. So be careful in real city traffic rush, avoidhittingtransport bike in other cars on city roads and drive the petanimalcages. Don’t make the customer wait for long. You will failmissionin case of delay. So drive motorcycle like a crazy biker andrushthrough heavy traffic as a flying superhero.Drive fast petanimalbike and perform crazy stunts to getaway through heavycitytraffic. Become a super bike rider; take the role ofcargotransport driver and timely transport consignment. Withbiketransporter, experience the unique and challenging taskoftransporting animals in grand city environment.Download forfreeCity Bike Pet Animal Transport on your android tablets &phonesand enjoy amazing crazy bike riding & animaltransportsimulation.
Pet care center 1.0.1
The Pet care center is ready to cater for your adorable kittyandpuppy needs. Keep them satisfied and provide full attentionwhentaking care of them. Manage your cats and dogs as they ask youtobathe, feed or show them love. Be an awesome animallover!Features*Clients will come to you door with their pet.* Putthem on thekennel and play with them.* Fulfilling their need likefeeding,bathing and petting.* Owners will pick up their adorableandhealthy pet.* Pet owners will be delighted with the service.
Oz - Take care of lovely creatures - pets games 1.17
Clement Vitroly
Adopt Oz and take care of this virtual pet too cute !You musttakecare of them and educate them ! They are too nice, we wanttopamper them.Become his unique friend !CHARACTERISTICS :-Createyour family and have up to 5 pets !- 8 fun mini-games withdiamondsto win to look after your cute animals !- 100 levels tounlockfunny clothes or elegant decorations to make Oz happy !- 450+nicecustomizations to make your pet too cute !- 550+ prettydifferentscenery so that the home of Oz is unique and beautiful !-1challenge per day to win diamonds !As for your plush, give anameto your pet, this strange and bizarre domestic animal that istoocute !You have to adopt it, feed it, dress it, pamper it, becuddlyand also care for it to make him happy and smiling.- NOURISHhim.Buy fruits or pick fruit in mini games, it's funny and fun !-DRESScarefully. Change your color, your friend wants a great cutelook!- CURE with strange potion magic !- TICKLE him, as withyourplush, these reactions are too funny !- SPORT, your animal canplayhula-hoop, it's cute and fun !- SLEEP, if your friend is tired,becuddly as with your plush, it is cute !- CUSTOMIZE her room,yourcute virtual pets will be happy !It's up to you to take careofthis rare and cuddly virtual animal, to be nice to pamper andtakecare of it as if it were your baby !
Pet Hospital Craft: Animal Doctor Games for Kids 1.2
You love to play Hospital Craft, don’t you? Crafting and buildingahospital and caring for your patients are extremely fun, butthereal challenge starts when your patients can’t tell youwhat’swrong! Play Pet Hospital Craft and experience what is like tobe apet vet as Dr Coco - an animal doctor!Build and manage. Becomeadoctor in a pet hospitalWhether somebody brings an animal to youorit’s just a pet rescue, the pet animals need you! Build apethospital of your dreams - a veterinary clinic like a realhospital!Craft the equipment that lets you diagnose every singlepatient -no matter is it a dog, cat, puppy, kitten or bunny!Virtual worldof pet vet games awaits!Cure animals like aprofessional petdoctorPet Hospital Craft isn’t only a game aboutcrafting andbuilding. While you build your own pet hospital, youneed to takecare of all your patients. Every animal can be sick anddeserve anaccurate treatment! Use X-rays, defibrillator or anyother pet vetequipment to diagnose the problem and successfullyanswer on every911 rescue call! Sometimes you may even have to curezoo animals,but it’s a way of life of every pet doctor!Gain Empathypoints,upgrade your hospital, craft new equipment!Pet HospitalCraftoffers much more than typical pet doctor games. Here, everycuredanimal bring you some Empathy Points. Thanks to them youcanadvance to new levels and enhance your skill as a pet doctor!Thiswill unlock more crafting and building options like new blocksforyour building needs, upgrade your hospital and craft animalmedicalequipment. Improve your pet vet service to become thebestveterinarian in the pet world!CORE FEATURES:🐕 Crafting andbuildingtrue animals hospital.🐈 Rescue pet animals from the citystreets!🐎Cure and care for pet animals!🐅 Earn Empathy Points togain newlevels!🐬 Upgrade your veterinary clinic and become the bestpet vetdoctor!🐀 One of the best doctor games for kids!UPCOMINGFEATURES:🐕Multi Craft - multiplayer mode!🐈 More animal pets!🐎 Moreblocks!🐅More upgrades!Little cats, dogs, farm animals and even zooanimals(like fat lion!) await a cure, so don’t wait any longer!Start yourcrafting and building adventure in the pet vet world byhitting theDOWNLOAD button. Play Pet Hospital Craft to try yourskills as areal animal doctor in one of the best pet vet games forfree of2017!
Puppy & kitty pet doctor 1.0.0
Give pets the best care by cleaning them up and taking care oftheirinjuries in this fun pet game. You'll be responsible fornursingthem back to health so that they're happy again. After youchoose toplay the kitty game or the puppy game, don't let theanimalparasites and germs get away from you. Treat the cats anddogs withall of the medicines and loving care that they need tohealquickly.Features:* Choose from a cat or dog to take care of ortakecare of both.* You'll get to use all of the tools inside ofyourmedical kit and the hospital supplies to care for the pets.*Removethe dirt and debris stuck in their fur so that you can treatthemfor any medical problems.* Make sure to check inside of theirbodiesto take care of any problems the pet might have that aremaking themsick.* Wash them to make sure that their nice and cleanwhen theirdone at your pet hospital.
Fluffy Pets Vet Doctor Care 1.0.4
Fluffy Pets Vet Doctor Care is a free game for girls and kids ofallages. Every kid will love and care for their pets and will dothebest for their animals treatments. Fluffy Pets Vets is aadorablecrazy fun, spa and dress up game with your ownexpectations. FluffyPets is a free virtual pets games with lot ofperfect fun andeducational games for all kids and babies. Puppyand kitty games hasalways remained the favorite games for kids.Virtual rabbit in thisgame will make you love taking care of petsand animals.Puppy ,kitty and rabbit are waiting in the clinic fortheir regular checkupand some time at emergency. Because pets arevery naughty and theyusually face some injuries inside the gardenwhile playing.Everyoneloves talking with the pets. Puppy and kittybabysitting is veryimportant when they are small enough. We havethe best dress upsalon for your pets where you can choose thestylish caps, glassesand clothes for your puppy, kitten and rabbitas well. We have akitchen in this game where your pets will comefor some good foodlike carrots, juices, eggs, milk and bones. Wehave a garden foryour pets to play so your pets can feel fresh andhappy by playingwith each other.It is a free real puppy, kitty andRabbit simulatorpet care game that will enable you to talk withyour virtual babyanimals and really take care of dogs and kittenslike a veterinarydoctor clinic. This game will let your dreampuppy pet happy,healthy and clean.The puppy and kitten are hungryand they needsomeone to take care of them.Giving food to theseadorable animals,a bone for the dog and let them play in theyard.If there is anemergency bring them to the vet for treatment.X-rays to find thefracture.Grooming Salon to make them nice andclean. In thiseducational game for kids and girls with pets.Do notforget to playall of our other makeup, makeover, cooking,tailoring, babies anddress up games for girls and kids.TinyBitgames, tiny masterpieces !
Anti Mosquito Simulator Joke 1.0
Nice Apps And Games
Anti Mosquito Simulator JokeTired of insects mosquitoes,flies,mosquitoes, and other? Including applications withultrasound.Configuring different power depending on the number ofinsectsaround. Use in any place, at home, in the countryside,outdoors onthe street free of charge and without an internetconnection!Attention! This is a game simulator joke, it was createdfor funand jokes and does not bear any harm to people.Thank you forusingour app, leave your feedback and we will do even better!
My Dog Game Simulator For Free 2.11.2
Best Freestyle Games
Survive with your pet in a frenzy dog race!You'll have toavoidbeing attacked by wicked and wild dogs! Take control of thestreetsand do not let them reach you! Save your little doggy in thebestdog game available!Return the affection that your dog shows youanddefeat the other dogs. Do you dare to live this adventure?✓Funnychallenge with dogs!✓ Realistic graphics!✓ Strength andspeed!✓Simple game controls!✓ Funny music!✓ Ideal for children!✓Best freedogs game!
My Wild Pet: Online Animal Sim 2.7
App Holdings
KOKO the baby Zebra has been kidnapped! Embark on amultiplayervoyage to rescue a wild lion, tiger, wolf and other zooanimals inthis adventure simulator game. Jam on, you're a star!Once yourescue them, they are all yours to role play with &adopt -your very own secret wild pets!RESCUE LOTS OF CUTE ANIMALS:Rescueand roleplay as a wolf, lion, zebra, bear, cheetah, fox,eagle oreven a saber tooth tiger! Also discover and adopt rareanimals youwill fall in love with - just play this fun simulatorgame and see!There is even a cat and a dog for you torescue!EXPLORE A BEAUTIFUL3D WORLD: Explore the secrets of WonderSprings, a Savanna filledwith secret areas and hiding spots andshelters! Wonder through theJungle, Desert and If you're braveenough, take your wild pet fromher home into the winter wonderlandand explore the snow cappedmountains with your online friends!MEETFRIENDS & CHAT: You caneven gossip to your online friends inchat as you role play!JOIN ANADVENTURE: Level up your animal bycompleting fun missions thatbring you closer to rescuing baby ZebraKoko. Hunt for food, find amissing cat and dog, feed the animals,and find a way to releasethem from their cage!PERSONALIZE ANDCUSTOMIZE: Choose a name thatshouts out what you are all about, andthen choose cool effects foryour pet!UPDATES: Foxie Games areplanning lots of stable updatesto make the game even more fun. Theworld will get even bigger andthere will be lots more animals torescue, adopt and role playwith! PLAY FOR FREE! You can playthrough the whole game withoutpaying any real money! However, likeall our games, My Wild Pet isfree to play, but it contains upgradesthat can be purchased forreal money.Visit our official website
Baby Pet Vet Doctor 2.1.13
This is a 12+ game!There are a lot of cute baby pets and theygotsick. Please help me cure these baby pets and makethemrecover.Features: - Pet Spa Care- Pet Vet DoctorCare:X-ray,Viruskiller,Medical treatment- Pet Dress-up: with dozensof awesomeitems!HAT,NECK,CLOTHES,GLASSES,TOYS,NECKLET.- Baby PetFeedingMINIGAMESHave fun with exciting mini games and earn coins tobuy itemsand food for your Pet!- The Special One: Please find outthespecial one as quickly as possible- Match The Cards:Please findoutall the matching cards.- Sort The Tools:Please put the toolsintothe correct boxes as quickly as possible.- Hit it!:Tap it whenitappears.- Jump Now:Please turn your device to make it jumpandcollect tools.- Flying Bird:Please tap the screen to make thebirdfly as far as possible!- Fishing:Tap the screen to collect lotsoffish.- Arkanoid:Bounce the ball to destroy all the coloredblocksby controlling the movement of the board.Baby Pet Vet Doctoris theperfect game. It includes mini games with positiveaffirmation todevelop counting, memory, reasoning, reflexes,coordination andmotor skills. It focuses on making you learn byplaying. Everyactivity involves a different set of skills making ita completeeducational experience. This game is ALL FREE to play!
My Zombie Dog Free Simulator 2.11.2
Dog simulator game. Combat between dogs and zombies in asinglerace.This dogs simulation game is very funny forchildren.Thezombies have attacked the city and the only survivorsare pets.Helpyour puppy dog to escape the zombies and go as far asyou canrunning.The greater the distance the more points youwillaccumulate. Beat your highest score and challenge your friendstosee who is the best in this canine adventure.You can manageyourpet on the road, take energy to go further and dodgethezombies.You can also catch turbo to kill all the zombies youfindin your way on the road.If you are an animal lover and youlikedogs adventure games, this game is for you.Save your dog inthissimulator of pets and zombies!
Summer Fun with DogWorld 4.4
The sweetest animal playing app DogWorld 3D for all big andsmallchildren who always dreamt of having a dog. The cute littlebabypuppies are waiting for you to play with them. These dogs aretruecompanions: you can take them anywhere and everywherewithyou.Features🐾 The animal playing app for big and small doglovers🐾Your low-maintenance, virtual pet to play with and take careof🐾Cool 3D graphics🐾 Collect stars to save for surprises🐾Frequentupdates and cool upgradesYour virtual dog for playing,petting andcuddlingYour puppies react to touches on the touchscreen- this ishow you can spoil them all around. They're always happywhen youvisit them because they're cuddly and playful dogs, whosimply puteveryone in a good mood. The more you play with them themoresurprises wait for you: in every new level you'll receive agiftbox with many accessories for your dogs plus treats and toysthatevery puppy loves.This puppy loves dancing and dressing upInthisanimal playing game you can do more than just pet and washyourpets. You have your own room where you can dress them upandphotograph them. Your puppies loves posing for the camera.Thereare always new upgrades for the costume box so that it'sneverboring. In an additional room your dogs show you theirlumberingdance moves to diverse songs that you can select. Goodmoods areguaranteed in DogWorld 3D! Support If you have questionsorproblems related to the app or in-app purchases, please feelfreeto contact us via our facebook page
Cute Dog's Life 1.8.9
Cross Field Inc.
Explore the world of Puzzles with cute pet Dogs! Easy, swift, funtoplay Puzzle game.♪Take care of all your pets along withprogressingthrough tons of unique stages!Easy, fun to play PuzzleGame withvirtual pet Dogs!Download Dog Life for FREE!No annoyingregistrationrequired! Intuitive interface! Enjoy solving easy, funpuzzles withpet dogs!Take care of your pet dogs, solve Puzzlestogether!Stagesget harder as you progress, everyone from aBeginner to an Expertcan enjoy! Absolutely FREE!Come, experiencean Adventure with cutepet Dogs!Cute doggies such as puppies andtoy poodles, miniaturedachshunds, pomeranian, chihuahua etc.appear.★How to play☆Connectthree or more coins!Special coinappears on connecting many coins atonce!☆Different stages havedifferent requirements!Satisfy mentionedrequirements to clear thestage!Keep in mind the time limit and thenumber of movesleft!☆Clear stages to get new pets!Your new pet willappear in theGarden!☆Refresh yourself by spending quality time withcutepets!Pet your dogs, feed them, and even play Fetch!Personalizethegarden area as per your liking! Transform it into your ownpersonalspace!☆Special Events Planned!Get exclusive pet dogs duringspecialevents! Such events will keep on happening!☆WorldRankingSystem!Compete with players all around the world on thebasis ofyour Star Count, i.e. Star Ranking.There's also an eventexclusiveEvent Ranking system! Event Ranking toppers will receivespecialpresents on event completion!
Hellopet - Cute cats, dogs and other unique pets 3.2.17
Applepie Studio Inc.
Interactive pets at your fingertips! ☆★☆Cute! Fun! Social!☆★☆ Doyoulove animals but can’t adopt your own? Do you want afriendlycompanion by your side? Or do you just love adorableanimals? ThenHellopet’s for you! Using screen overlay technology,you can havecats, dogs and more cute animals running around yourhome screen.Or visit My Room to create a fun home for your pets!Unlock newpets, items, and rooms by collecting or buying cookies!Collecthearts by clearing the I'm Hungry! Mini game! Share yourcreationsin Pet Chat, visit friends’ rooms and leave messages intheirGuestbook. Your pet will keep you updated on missed texts,thetime, your battery level and much more! ♥ADOPT♥ - When youdownloadHellopet, choose your first cat or dog for free - Now youcan adoptpets by participating in our newly added Daily Check-inand PetChance Event - Also you can adopt pets by using cookies,purchasingcookies in the Cookie Store, etc. *Visit Pet Park to seepetsavailable for adoption! (New pets currently underdevelopment)Ragdoll, Chick, Flying Squirrel, Munchkin, Welsh Corgi,Shiba Inu,Red Monkey, Siberian Husky, Scarlet Macaw, Chihuahua,Orange Tabby,Dachshund, Fat Cat, Chameleon, Maltese, Russian Blue,GoldenRetriever, Siamese, Tubby HamZzi, Scottish Fold, BostonTerrier,and Turkish Angora. (Pets available as of 08/17)♥COMMUNITY- PETCHAT♥ - Share funny moments with your pets - Askquestions aboutHellopet to friends - Pet Chat Gallery mode lets yousee the bestPet Chat snaps - Find new friends - Share fan artpictures, links,and your favourite Pet Chat posts ♥The Mini Game -I'm Hungry!♥ -The I’m Hungry! Game is a challenging puzzle whereusers feed petsby clearing a level - Score points for matching 4 ormore of thesame snack - Clear levels and receive hearts - A Wildpet appearson players’ home screen if they clear 5 levels ♥MY ROOM♥- DecorateMy Room with a variety of items that your pets caninteract with(wallpaper, flooring, furniture, pet supplies, andmore with eachupdate!) - Feed and use to toys to play with pets -Take a picture,save, and share your decorated My Room ♥COLLECTHEARTS♥ - Heartsappear above your pets’ heads as you play, feed,and tap your pet -Get hearts when you decorate My Room, interactivewith pets♥HOMESCREEN♥ - Take pets out from My Room, and they freelyrun,talk, and play on your screen - Interact with pets by usingVoiceCommands and tap ‘!’ speech bubbles when they appear -Pets’responses change with your daily mobile habits - Pets give uptodate weather, time, and battery alerts ♥SOCIAL♥ - Send‘Hello’messages to Hellopet friends and your pet will briefly visittheirhome screen - Send a pet’s picture with a short message tofriendswithout Hellopet through almost any messenger. **Join theHellopetcommunity on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for events&more** *FB:*TW:@hellopet_global *Insta: @hellopet_global ♥HellopetPermissionsInformation♥ Below are the permissions which arenecessary in orderto operate the Hellopet app. Users can useHellopet withoutenabling optional permissions. •Storage(Required):Download updatefiles, saved images, My Room screenshots, and savePet Chat photos•Microphone(Optional): Enables voice commands foryour pets•Contacts(Optional): Enables voice commands to make callsand writeSMS messages •SMS, Phone, Contacts(Optional): Enables petstonotify users when they have a missed call or unread message•DeviceID(Optional): Enables app to recognize ads opened fromofferwallsand give rewards ♥Managing permissions♥ Android versions6.0 andlater: Settings> Application Manager> Hellopet>AppPermissions> Allow access Android versions prior to 6.0: Willberequired to update to version 6.0 to access the permissions menu
Virtual Pet: Dinosaur life 3.5
Welcome to Dinosaur Pet, the new virtual pet you have to takecareof him every day to make him happy, clean and healthy. A fungamefor all ages to learn by playing with a virtual dino. Thedinosaurneed your help. Be the best friend of thisvirtualpet.--PERSONALIZE YOUR PET--Dinosaur Pet is fullycustomizable, funand caring to learn how to look after an animal.Change the colorof his skin with different patterns and funnydesigns. Help ourlittle puppy to play, eat and be clean. Withinthis game you willfind lots of objects to have fun and learnwith.--TAKE CARE OF YOURDINOSAUR AND HAVE FUN PLAYING--Our dinosauris an adorable pet thatlives alone on an island, you will be hisisland-mate and beresponsible for him and all his needs. Fromthings as basic aseating, bathing and sleeping to the most advancedas playingfootball or playing music.You can pet him lovingly tostrengthenthe relationship, tickle him to cheer him up, play sportswith himand see how his level of happiness grows!--15 GAMES TO PLAYWITHYOUR PET--The game also includes games and activities withintheapplication so you will not be downloading just a game, youaregetting more than 15 games to enjoy, to get coins and to lookafteryour dinosaur. Amazing, isn’t it? Here is the complete listofgames that you will find in Dinosaur Pet:Football: Throw himtheball and try to score the maximum possible goals foryourdinosaur.Basketball: Throw the ball and get the maximumpossiblecoins.Volleyball: Pass the ball over the net and don’t letthedinosaur win the match.Car: Your Dinosaur needs your help to getasfar as possible with his car.Rugby: Straighten your aim and fittheball between two sticks.Balloons: Pop as many balloons as youcan.Watch out for the bombs!Shapes: Remember the shapes shownandselect the correct ones.Drawing: Color the mosaic with thecolorsof the palette.Blocks: Get out the red block using theminimumnumber of moves.Sweets and desserts: Match 3 or more cakesto getthe maximum number of points against the clock.Candy: Match 3ormore candies of the same color to get the maximum number ofpointsagainst the clock.Maze: Move the ball to reach 3 gemstones.Watchout for holes!Music: Repeat the musical notes to composeamelody.Skateboard: Help your dinosaur to walk over obstaclesyou'llfind along the way.Fruits: Slide your finger to cut thefruit.Watch out for the bombs!--GET COINS AND ADD MORE FEATURESTOPLAY--When you play with your pet you will earn coins so youcanbuy new toys, food and medicine. With these new features, yourpetwill rest and be recovered faster. You will make him happierwhileplaying.--CONTACT US--If you have any suggestions to improvethegame, do not hesitate to contact us. We will be happy toreceiveyour comments :)
PRANK DIAL - Prank Call App 5.4.8
KickBack, Inc
The original and best prank call app. Prank Dial with over200million prank calls sent and non-stops laughs globally,PrankDial™is here with its best experience yet! Enjoy a break andmakeeveryone’s day better with THREE FREE calls and hundreds ofpranks.What’s New??- Free users can now SAVE their calls to theirownprank call history- New prank calls added- WAY improved designanduser experience- Comment on your favorite prank callsandreactionsAnd more.. Believe me, you want this update!SameEasyExperience:- Choose a hilarious prank call recordings, likeourclassics, “You Hit My Car,” and “Why You Call My Girlfriend”-Select a friend or family member’s phone number- Send theprankcall!- Listen to the hilarious prank call reactions and sharewithfriendsEveryone receives three free calls a day, you canchoosefrom hundreds of pranks, and listen to their friendsreactions.PrankDial does the work for you and sounds like a realperson. Ouramazing prank call technology automates the call, knowswhen tospeak, and will leave you with a hilarious reaction. SomeQuickNotes: - 3 free prank calls a day- 150+ prank calls to choosefrom,new pranks added regularly- Listen to hilarious prankcallreactions submitted by other users- Save reactions to prankcallhistory (now FREE for all users) and share with friendsVisitourFacebook page to say hello and check out some fun stuff from usandour friends: anissue?Visit us here: https://support.prankdial.comTerms ofUse: Visit forchoosing PrankDial andmaking us the #1 Prank Call App worldwide!
Fireworks Bang Halloween Joke 1.7
iApps And iGames
Fireworks Bang Halloween JokeFireworks Blast Halloween joke - ajokesimulation game where you can play as a phone with fireworksonHalloween.The game uses animation and sound for a morerealisticeffect! Use on Halloween or other holidays of ourfireworks andsafety day will be great!Meet the holiday withfirecrackers fun!Thegame has various firecrackers and fireworks,you'll find somethingyou'll like!Make fun and play your friends andlovedones!ATTENTION! This simulation game designed forentertainment andjokes, as well as fun, it is completely safe andwill not harm oranyone!Thank you for playing our applications!Leave us feedbackand we try to make our games better!
Dog on Screen Simulated 3.0
Dog on Screen - iDog, a funny dog simulator which displays arunningand dancing puppy on my screen. It is one of the most funnydoggames for pet lovers because you can see your pets on yourscreenanytime, anywhere. You can use it to prank friends thatthere is adog living in your phone.Dog in Phone displays a whitedog run anddance animation with barking sounds. You will see thesmart dog inyour phone, no matter you are listening to music,playing game orsurf web.🐕 Feature: 🐕· Click the app icon ornotification to removethe doggy on screen.· Realistic doganimation and sound effects.·Support vertical and horizontalorientation to display the dog.· Setdog displaying time delay.
Wildagotchi: Virtual Pet 1.4
Wildagotchi is an unique Tamagotchi - like retro-style game inwhichyou may take care of and play with 12 adorable pets. The moreyoutake care of your animal, the happier it is. And happy petmeans petgrowing fast. Take your time, feed it, clean it and playwith it -all depends on you now! At the beginning you have 3unique pets tochoose. For every 2 pets reaching adult stage, 3more becomeunlocked. They are waiting for you - uncover them all!You mayswitch to any of your pets whenever you want. Every pet hasits ownset of mini-games. What's more, you can also play with yourfriendsand their pets over local wifi (both Android & WP).Mini-games:- 2 solo games for pet (8 total) - 1 multiplayer gamefor pet (4total) Customize whole game using colors you like. Allthis and morein consistent eye-candy Tamagotchi - retrostyle!RECOMMENDED MINIMUMRESOLUTION: 320 x 480 On lower resolutionit may be unusable, but wedon't want to block these devicesbecause on most of them it looksgood enough and we want them to beable to play, so please don'tgive bad review if it is yourissue.Looking for a Tamagotchi - likevirtual pet experience?You've found it and a lot more.Features:★Adopt and take care of 12cute pixel pets★ Various games fordifferent animals★ Virtual petsand games unlockable by animalprogress★ Customization, animal& UI colors★ Tamagotchi stylegraphics, retro virtual pet,brings back memories of 90's★ Multiplepets, switch to any of yourpet when you want★ Virtual petsimulation: feed, clean, sleep, playand more to do with youranimal★ Retro 8 - bit Tamagotchi - stylesounds★ Intuitive kids& adults friendly interface★ Watch howyour pet hatches andgrowsFirst 3 species are: gorilla, wolf andpanda!More of speciesunlocks when you reach adult stages withthem.Animal has to hatch /get out of basket (depends on species)within few seconds when it isnewborn.Our newgame: with us ->Facebook:
Sleep Cat Simulator Joke 2.1
iApps And iGames
Sleep Cat Simulator JokeEuthanize Cat Simulator joke - asimulationgame where you can play a sound to help sleep cat or dog!Do youwant to fall asleep to your cat? Interfere with yourpets?Then ourapp for you! Turn on the sound and everything willfall asleep!Itis easier to do so, to lull your kitten andpuppy!Turn on the gameand select any of the sounds that will beheard!Sleep for a coupleof hours is not a problem! Now you willhave more free time!Gamesimulator just a joke, created for pranksand practical jokesrelatives and friends!She srl is safe forhealth!Thank you forchoosing our application! Leave us feedback andwe will make ourgames even better!
My Dalmatian Dog Sim - Home Pet Life 1.2.0
Pet world is so marvelous – have you ever dreamed to feel likealittle dog roaming through the large human house? Here’syourchance! Become this spotty type of a dog – a Dalmatian – andsearchfor your own place in the human world playing My DalmatianDog Sim- Home Pet Life game!LEARN MORE ABOUT THIS STUNNING BREED•Did youknow that Dalmatian puppies are born with plain white coatsandtheir first spots usually appear within 3 to 4 weeks afterbirth?It’s amazing!• Start your adventure being just a little pup,andwatch every little black spot appearing on your fluffy fur!•Thisbreed is absolutely unique – nothing in common with Corgi,GermanShepherd, Boxer, Rottweiler, Scotch Terrier, Bulldog,Chihuahua andShiba Inu!CHOOSE ANY LIFESTYLE YOU WANT• Fighting ormakingfriends? Or maybe even mating and procreation? Everythingdependson your own choice!• Remember that this house is full ofdangersand mysteries, so complete some missions to become moredexterousand solve them all!• You may meet some unfriendly animals(or maybeeven humans) here, but don’t be sad about this fact: justfight andearn some experience points to level up!EXPLORE THISINTERESTINGPLACE• What can be more interesting than creating yourown doggyfamily and protecting it from some cruel creatures?Nothing, we’resure!• Complete different survival, fighting,exploration andfamily missions to earn some points and unlock moreinterestingskins for your doggo;• Search for something interestingin thishuge house made in highly developed 3D graphics and enjoythe dog’slife!Join the doggo world being this kind of breed andbecome justhappy Dalmatian dog playing My Dalmatian Dog Sim - HomePet Life!
My Virtual Pet 🐾 2.1
🐙 Meet My Virtual Pet Bobbie, your new best friend! 🐙 Everyonehasone of those my virtual pets games like talking dog or talkingcat,but this cute, tiny pet monster is a whole lot different fromallother my talking pets! This virtual pet has a pet salon,minigames, coloring books and many more interesting things. Adoptyournew, fluffy virtual animal now! ARE YOU READY FOR BOBBIE MYVIRTUALPET? Do you have what it takes to take care of your veryownvirtual animal?! Feed it, bathe it, play mini games with it,colorbeautiful coloring pages inside this my virtual pets game,gothrough various outfits and costumes while advancing throughlevelsand unlocking new features. Bobbie has everything you needtocreate your unique pet monster - possibilities are endless! 🐾MYVIRTUAL PET GAME FEATURES: 🐾 🐙 ADOPT baby Bobbie, choose anicename for your talking pet and take good care of it! 🐙 DRESS UPyourcute pet monster with countless combinations. Find the outfitofyour choice to give Bobbie the best look! 🐙 FEED Bobbie withcandy,cookies, fruits, vegetables and pizza. 🐙 BATHE your talkingpet tokeep it clean and happy! 🐙 PRETTY PET SALON – Bobbie likes tobebeautiful all the time, take care of his looks. 🐙 COLORINGPAGES–show your creativity while playing with My Virtual Pet 🐙 TUCKyourvirtual pet in when it is tired! 🐙 DECORATE every room inBobbie'shouse with dozens of awesome items! 🐙 PLAY MINI GAMES – wecreatedover a dozen mini games for you to have fun and earn coinsfor newoutfits 🐙 SHARE your favorite moments with your talking petso yourfriends can see how much fun you're having 🐙 GROW withBobbie andenjoy endless fun with your adorable, personalizedmonster pet 🐙COMPLETE DAILY MISSIONS to win coins and diamonds tospend atpretty pet salon 🐾 MY VIRTUAL PET – YOUR NEW FAVORITETALKING PET 🐾Virtual pet games teach you to take care of a pet. MyVirtual PetBobbie does that too, but it also helps you getcreative! You cando anything you want with it while having tons offun and enjoyingendless possibilities of creating your virtual petat the prettypet salon. Bobbie is a talking pet, as well. So talkto him whileyou're playing. Who doesn't love to chat. Tell Bobbieyou love himand your talking animal will say “I love you” back.What are youwaiting for? There is so much to do with Bobbie thevirtual pet!Download My Virtual Pet game now and you will never gettired ofthis baby pet monster! My Virtual Pet Game is theintellectualproperty of DigitalEagle.
My Puppy Friend - Cute Pet Dog Care Games 1.1
If you are a pet lover, these cute puppies would definitelymeltyour heart!Your love and care could make the little ones'lifedifferent! Take them home and feed them with delicious food.Orgive them a shower to wash off the dirt. A stylish makeuppairingwith a chic outfit will help the pets stand out in the show,whichwould award you with a lot of decorations and take thepuppies'home up a notch! Parkour, seek out the bones…many funactivitiesare ready to blow your mind!Features:- 6 cute puppiesthat meltyour heartLife gets a whole lot more interesting if youtake theselittle cuties home. - Collet loving hearts to open theShow whereyou may get decorationsEach time you complete a minigame, oneheart would be awarded to you. With 3 hearts, you can jointhe Showand win the decorations.- Earn coins and exchange them forniceitemsTake the challenges with your pets to earn as many coinsasyou can and exchange them for food, outfits and other nicethings.-Fun-filled mini games work well with the amazing scenesHavefunwith your doggies in such gorgeous scenes andwonderfulactivities.About Libii Game:With over 600 milliondownloads andgrowing, Libii is committed to creating innovativegames for kids.We'll keep working on establishing a goodrelationship with bothparents and their children and bringing ahealthy, happy atmospherefor them.Visit us: us: Got anyideas?Suggestions? Need technical support? Please feel free tocontact us24/7 at [email protected] You Know:This app is totallyfree todownload and play, some basic items are also free to use,but someadditional items need you to purchase and pay to unlock.Therefore,if you do not want to use these items, please turn offthe in-apppurchase in your settings. Thanks.
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