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Pregnant Operation Triplet Baby Mom Care Hospital 1.1.6
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You’ve got the amazing opportunity to help save lives and givecareto mommy and baby in this pregnant mom baby care hospitalsurgeryand maternity hospital game! The mommy and baby need yourconstantattention because this is mom care and baby care hospitalgame.Where you have to calm both the mommy and baby frompain!!Thishospital mom care and baby care game has lots of funfeatures andgame play! Simply download this loveable mamma game tounleash alot of new things like baby care, childbirth, caring fornewborntriplet baby and attending to the pregnant mom!The firststep inmommy care hospital game is to give to pregnant mom food.Thepregnant mom can choose from a variety of food items presentedtoher for mom care. After pregnant mom has been given the momcarefood in hospital game the next step is for her rest. Help momcarepregnant mom simulator by helping her sleep. By turning offthelights and putting her to bed. Turn off the lamp and givertheblanket so she can peacefully dream. Oh no! Pregnant mom isincritical condition!! You need to take her to the hospitalforimmediate mom care attention!! For that you call an ambulanceandtake mamma to the hospital! Then immediately give her theoxygenmask! Then it is time for the normal mommy care pregnant mom,momcare check up. First take pregnant mom temperature, then checkherblood test in hospital game and then check ultrasound ofpregnantmom. After all the mom care tests and injection it is timeformaternity surgery.Give pregnant mom anaesthesia and startcaesareansurgery, get the baby out and then get all triplet babiesout thenstart stitching mommy cesarean triplet baby mark. Heal thepregnantmom surgery marks by bandage and give her full mom care!Now it isgoing to become mommy and baby care!Now it’s time forpregnant momtriplet baby care! Give baby a relaxing shower and thenwrap him inhis blanket after putting powder, wiping and cleaninghim up! As alast step of the game you can buy the triplet babiessome toys forextra baby care points. For that you need to keepcolleting coinsduring the game so you can get baby care toys tillthe end!Features of mom care game:• Multiple mom care and babycarematernity characters • Triplet babies characters by the endofgame• Full length maternity surgery procedure • Mini gamesforextra points and coin collections • Hospital settingsurgicalinstruments simulation• Mom care and baby care operationand caretools simulation like oxygen mask machine, blood pressureandultrasound machine • Mom care and baby care caring accessorieslikefeeding items and clothing items
Pregnant Mommy 1.1.1
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Help the pregnant mother get ready for her birth with thisgreatgame! Here you can do some yoga, eat well, go to the hospital,andgive birth before taking home your baby and decorating theirroom.Get a makeover as well that you’ll love! Enjoy the experienceofbeing pregnant and giving birth! Features • Do some yoga tohelpyou relax before giving birth. • Eat and boil water fordrinkingfor the healthiest meal. • Go to the hospital to have acheck-up aslabour starts and give birth. • Take your baby homebefore feedingand get her ready for bed. • Decorate the baby’s roombefore givingyourself a wondering makeover.
Aurora pregnancy birth care 1.0.0
Aurora needs your help! She does not want to be on her own. Sheisgiving birth to her first baby and your job is to shop aroundandsupport Aurora’s pregnancy journey. Aurora is going to visitherdoctor for her last maternity check-up and make sureeverythingwill go well so she will be able to deliver her newbornbabysafely. Stay with her until baby is born and take good care ofherlovely little one. Once, the baby is born dress the baby andallready to meet her mother Aurora.Features* Bring nutritious foodforAurora.* Prepare some healthy drinks while she isresting.*Aurora’s is ready to give birth to her baby.* Buy herneeds to helpand support her getting through pregnancy.* Spend timewith thebaby like you’re in a day care.
Pregnant Give Birth A Baby 2 1.2
Welcome to download Angela girl series of games, they funandfree.She is being in nurse experiencing lesson in ahospitalmaternity, today she caring for a pregnant mother the firsttime,this is wonderful. but she is more nervous, she needs to checktheindicators of the body to help doctors, accompany the beautifulmomwill give birth to a lovely baby. She need to take care ofthelittle girl , and dress the baby beautiful clothes, then putthenewborn to the great mother!Features:1: physical examination:checkthe body temperature, detect fetal heart monitor, B metaminderlookat the baby is normal.2; pregnant need to have enough energyforthe baby be born, give her food and water supplement sweat,wipinghis forehead.3: Clean up the dirt on newborn body,measurement ofbody weight, feeding her.4: vaccination and care,make her happy!5:dress up baby, let her be more lovely and morebeautiful.
Pregnant mommy emergency 1.0.4
Become a doctor and help a pregnant mommy in an emergency withthisgreat doctor game. Here you can take care of your patient bygivingthem a check-up, help her deliver her baby, clean the babyand wrapit to keep it warm, as well as give your mother patient anice makeover before she goes home. Be a great emergency doctorwith thispregnant game. Features* Attend to your pregnant patientand giveher a doctor check-up. * Take your mom into the deliveryroom andhelp her give birth. * Clean her baby up and wrap it in anice warmblanket. * Accessorize and give you mom a makeover beforeshe takesher baby home.
Pregnant Mom Newborn Baby 5.4
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Hi, we are happy because you have chosen to visit us throughthisbaby care game. Today we will be your friends, you'll be abletoplay with us daily through this kids game. You know a youngwomanwho is pregnant and is now home alone and desperately needshelpfrom a friend. Today, in this game for girls you'll be able tohavepart of all that is beautiful, you'll be able to be witness tothebirth of a child. This game for girls will make you abeautifulday. We really need you because only you can help us,you're theonly one who can play the role of a very good doctor. Inthis gameyou will get the opportunity to prove to everyone that youcan havea difficult mission that you can solve. With this gameyou'll beable to prove to everyone that you are a responsible childcan helpa young child to know his mother.Pay attention to all thedetailsof the game.Follow all instructions of this game forgirls.Goodluck!- At first you will know George;- This is veryexcited becausehe will have a meeting with Alisa;- Now he ispreparing and then hewill choose a bouquet for Alisa;- You need tomakeup her, you willneed to help him;- Choose a beautiful dress;-Choose the mostinteresting accessories;- The two decided to getmarried;- A fewmonths after the wedding the young is pregnant;- Shebegan to havepain now;- Alisa will give birth;- She wants to lookgood and forthis reason we have to help her;- Give her some milk;-Help her toplay music to relax;- The young woman arrived at thehospital;- Youwill need to consult her;- Check if she has fever;-Checkheartbeat;- Make ultrasound;- Treat wounds on the face;-Doanesthesia;- Offer syrup;- The child was born;- Checkheartbeat;-Check the weight and height;- Wash her child with aspecialshampoo;- Change the diaper;- Apply baby powder;- Give him atoy;-Give him food;- Mother and baby feel good;- You helped afamily tobe happy, you're a great friend.Thank you for help, pleasecomeback every day to help us through this game with babies.Havefun!
Pregnancy & Baby Tracker 3.33.1
What to Expect
Pregnant? Get the pregnancy app and baby tracker chosen by over15million moms. This pregnancy tracker app from the world'smosttrusted pregnancy brand, "What to Expect When You'reExpecting,"guides you through pregnancy day-by-day andweek-by-week. Simplyenter your baby’s due date (or use ourpregnancy due datecalculator if you’re not sure) and start trackingyour baby’sgrowth today. Based on your due date, you’ll receivepersonalizedupdates on your baby’s development, expert tips,helpful articlesand the latest parenting news. Join a tight-knitcommunity ofparents-to-be with due dates in the same month, and getsupportfrom an active, caring parent community that shares a postevery 3seconds. KEY FEATURES • Personalized pregnancy tracker showsyourbaby's daily development • 15,000+ medically accurate articlesonevery aspect of pregnancy and parenting, from preconceptionthroughthe toddler years • Week-by-week development info, helpingyouunderstand your changing body and baby's amazingdevelopmentthrough each stage of pregnancy • Daily tips,up-to-the-minutehealth news, and personal stories from real parents• Pregnancyvideos showing just what to expect this week •Personalized BabyRegistry checklist - find out everything you need• Best babyproducts recommended by Moms like you • A go-to-guidefor the mostimportant tests & screenings to ensure the healthof mom andbaby • Search tools to help you find fast, accurateanswers foryour pregnancy questions • Special groups devoted tobirthlocations, interests, medical conditions, parentingstyles,must-have baby gear, and more! Find support for yourpregnancyjourney, and know what to expect, every step of the way.We’re hereto help you have a happy healthy pregnancy and a happyhealthybaby! Let’s connect: * Instagram: @whattoexpect *Twitter:@WhatToExpect * Facebook: *
HiMommy - Pregnancy 2.2.2
HiMommy helps future mothers during pregnancy, a wonderfuljourneyto experience.After entering your due date, you will receivedailyinformation about your little one with beautifulgraphics,different every week.The application gives mothers asimple to use,clickable list:- 39 most important things to take tothe hospitalfor mom- 15 most important things to take to thehospital for baby-54 most important things to have at homeJoin ourgroup and enjoyyour adventure.HiMommy Team
Sprout Pregnancy 1.17
Med ART Studios
Congratulations on your pregnancy and welcome to Sprout! It’sanApple ‘Essential App for Parents’ and is one of Time Magazine’sTop50 Apps of the Year. Trusted and recommended by expectingfamiliesall over the world, Sprout Pregnancy guides you throughevery dayof your pregnancy. It helps keep you organized andeducated aboutthe many exciting changes and developments happeningin your bodyand for your growing baby. Sprout Pregnancy featureseverythingyou’d want from your favorite Pregnancy app: ✔ DAILY andweeklyinformation about you and your developing baby ✔PersonalizedPregnancy Timeline ✔ Tools (Weight Tracker, KickCounter andContraction Timer) ✔ Checklists ✔ … and much more –everything youneed to track your pregnancy. ABOUT SPROUT At Sprout,we believethat great parents deserve great apps! That's why we takeextracare in creating our apps ‒ marrying robust tools,functionalityand content with clean, attractive design. Ouraward-winning appsdo the hard work, so you can focus on the mostimportant job ofall: being great parents.
Pregnancy Tracker 1.3.7
Your closest assistant on the way to becoming a mother is“PregnancyTracking”. It is a wonderful pregnancy tracking appwhichaccompanies you throughout your pregnancy. With the helpofPregnancy Tracking app, you will easily learn:Your baby'sexpecteddate of birth,Daily/weekly/monthly pregnancy details,Pregnancycalculation (monthly/weekly),Sexuality inpregnancy,Nutritionaldetails in pregnancy,Things which should be inthe hospital bag inpregnancy,Frequently asked questions aboutpregnancy,Horoscope ofyour baby,Weight tracker,Next doctor controldates,Advanced designaccording to gender of your baby,Number ofdays left tobirthPregnancy Tracking app will regularly provide youinformationabout your baby, help your pregnancy go well and createanemotional connection between you and your little one! Pleasefeelfree to e-mail us with any questions or if you just want tosayhello. I will be very happy to reply your e-mail as soonaspossible!
I’m Expecting - Pregnancy App 2.3.4
Join millions of other pregnant women and get I’m Expecting, the#1pregnancy app! Track everything that's happening to you andyourbaby day by day and week by week. I’m expecting pregnancyappprovides you with weekly updates of what’s happening to yourbodyand your baby. View weekly pregnancy videos and babydevelopmentvideos. Track your symptoms and view top symptoms foreach week.Simply enter or calculate your due date to get started onyourpregnancy journey. KEY HIGHLIGHTS: ✔ Get weekly updates andtips onyour baby’s growth and changes to your prenatal body. ✔Weeklypregnancy guide videos ✔ Track your pregnancy symptoms andcomparewith other pregnant moms. ✔ Monitor weight throughoutyourpregnancy stages ✔ Watch your baby grow with fetaldevelopmentimages developed by medical experts ✔ Due datecalculatorCOUNTDOWN: ✔ Progress bar showing time remaining untilyour babyarrives ✔ Weeks and days remaining until delivery ✔Cutenessoverdose with daily baby pictures. ✔ Easy to use DueDatecalculator DAILY AND WEEKLY UPDATES: ✔ Get weekly pregnancytips ✔To do list to help you prepare for pregnancy and childbirth✔Weekly Prenatal Videos ✔ Weekly baby development videos ✔Fetaldevelopment images developed by medical experts WEIGHTTRACKING: ✔Track your pregnancy weight ✔ Learn your healthypregnancy weightrange SYMPTOMS TRACKING: ✔ Keep track of doctor’sappointments,tests and more ✔ Track all your symptoms and events inone calendar✔ Compare and see if other pregnant women areexperiencing the samematernity symptoms as you. ✔ Daily trackingcalendar of symptoms,mood, medicine, weight, morning sickness,notes, baby kicks counterand contractions. I’m Expecting pregnancyapp provides the besttools and support for a happy and healthypregnancy!
Pregnancy App & Baby Bump Tracker - Glow Nurture 3.1.21
Glow Inc
Pregnancy? Countdown baby and track pregnancy with GlowNurture!Glow Nurture is an amazing pregnancy tracker app. It givesyoueverything you need during your pregnancy, including dailyupdateson baby size, baby development milestones, baby countdown,andvibrant community groups as well. ** FEATURES** TRACK EVERYTHING-Track baby growing and development milestone during pregnancywithinformative charts - Trimester-specific daily log: over30different items in pregnancy tracker - Unique medical log totrackall doctor’s visits throughout your baby bump week by week -HealthAwareness Log: understand baby bump and get tips on pregnancy-Email yourself a PDF report of due date, pregnancysymptoms,weight, medication and all other health data aboutpregnancy -Reminders for your due date, appointments, medicationand many moreabout your pregnancy UNIQUE FEATURES - 100%customizable to nurturepregnancy and your expecting baby - 1500+pregnancy articles,telling you what to expect of baby bump and babycountdown - Unlocknext-level health awareness & communityinvolvement with GlowPremium. UNPARALLELED PREGNANCY SUPPORT -Mirror pregnancy trackerfor your partner - Get support, tips, andadvice of pregnancy,maternity, due date countdown, from the vibrantand knowledgeableGlow Community - Join multiple pregnancy groupsfor differentjourneys of pregnancy: from first-time moms to Moms ofTriplets -Postpartum support as we recognize the importance of the‘4thtrimester’ of pregnancy ABOUT US Glow is the only Health&Fitness app to ever win a Webby Award. We now bring thesamedazzling and data-driven pregnancy tracker app to ourpregnantusers as they embrace pregnancy, maternity, and theexpecting babybump! Designed for simplicity and elegance, this babybump andpregnancy tracker app is named one of the 10 Best Apps 2014by TheGuardian, Brit & Co, and many more!
I'm Pregnant - Pregnancy Tracker 4.0
Welcome! Pregnancy is a wondrous and miraculousexperience.Pregnancyis an exciting time, but with so muchpregnancy informationavailable in books, in magazines, and onwebsites, how can you hopeto cover it all before givingbirth?We've made it easy for you toget all the pregnancy info youneed in one place.Each week ofpregnancy brings something new—foryou, for your baby, and for yourpartner! Find out what is going onwith your baby during yourpregnancy and what changes to expect inmom during pregnancy. Ourapplication "I'm Pregnant" will give youdetails on your baby'sdevelopment and what is happening to momduring her pregnancy.FEATURESI'm Pregnant is a comprehensivepregnancy app.PregnancyTracker and Calendar. It lets you trackweight gain, managepregnancy symptoms, and record prenatalvitamins and medications.You can also track your moods, bloodpressure, physical activity,and more. There’s also a section forpersonal notes. Your Week byWeek Pregnancy Guide. The app has ahandy pregnancy calendar thatyou can personalize to help you keeptrack of what week of pregnancyyou are in. Each week of pregnancyincludes a description of yourbaby's development, as well as anexplanation of the changes takingplace in your body. You'll alsofind helpful tips that will helpkeep you and your babyhealthy.Pregnancy Information. You will findinformation about thethree trimesters and other common topics. Wehope this informationhelps you during your pregnancy. Tips forrelieving pregnancysymptoms like nausea, fatigue, leg cramps, andcravings. Readarticles and advice from industry experts.PregnancyForum. Askquestions, learn from the experiences of others, andshare how youfeel. Other Features:✔ Pregnancy Diary✔ PregnancyTracker incalendar format✔ Bumpie Photo Diary✔ Reminders✔Contraction Timer✔Kick Tracker✔ Kegel Exercises✔ Prenatal Music✔Hospital BagChecklist✔ Healthy eating for conception and pregnancy✔Dailytracking of mood, energy, appetite and other notes✔ Baby nameswithgender, origin, and meaning✔ Boy or Girl✔ PregnancyExercises✔Weight Chart • chats about pregnancy and babies
Expecting? New mom? Join ourcommunityof moms and moms to be who chat, laugh, brag, cry andsupport eachother. Pregnancy tracker day by day: learn what toexpect whenyou’re expectingFind your kindred spirit at the same stage of parenting,frompositive pregnancy test and beyond.Fill your expecting log, share your baby bump photos, calculateduedate, join weekly contests and more. is one of thebestfree pregnancy apps around and can replace babycenter, thebump,and ovia pregnancy on your phone! is the app for moms. It’s real life, notthehighlight reel. Be authentic, candid and real in thislivemoderated social community of moms from pregnancy, baby stagesandbeyond. No mom shaming allowed!950,000 downloads to date and growing!FEATURESFind your mom squad by your city, maternitystageor child's age. Share your pregnancy or baby's app week-by-week. Ask questions, get to know whattoexpect when expecting or what to expect in the first year.Share tips and commiserate on everythingfromfertility, ovulation and IVF to my pregnancy, naturalchildbirth orc-section, breastfeeding, nutrition, trackers, thebest babyproducts, baby names and baby milestones using ourpregnancy andmom group chat in the app!Get answers to your questions, use ourweek-by-weekguide in real time - we are your pregnancy andbaby centerfor information. Need an advice or tips for gettingpregnant fast?Searching for a 9 months guide, pregnancy ultrasoundpics or unbornbaby apps? Twin pregnancy? Postpartum weight lossforbreastfeeding? Get and give parenting advice from asupportivecommunity of moms who are there for you in one of the topratedpregnancy and mom apps. Get and give tips on choosing afertilityclinic for IVF, a maternity hospital in your city. Get afriendlysupport in going through an emergency c-section orpostpartumdepression.Post your photos!Your daily bumps photos, pregnancy glow, milestones andcelebrationsfrom baby's first tooth or birthday to your toddler'sfirst day atpreschool. We're here for the journey.Beautiful and easy to use pregnancy calculatorfora pregnant mom.Use our pregnancy tracker app week by week or babytracker,pregnancy calendar, pregnancy tips, due date calculator,babygrowth, the bump pregnancy tracker, 9 months guide andspecialbreastfeeding tracker and bottle feeding – new moms receiveallthat they need in addition to parenting advice. Ourcommunityincludes married moms, single moms, pregnant women, twinmoms andmilitary moms.Find useful advice for staying on track before, during andafteryour pregnancy. Maintain a healthy pregnancy diet andnutritionthrough tips and recommended pregnancy food trackers frommoms likeyou. Learn about pregnancy fitness - pregnancy yoga, safepregnancyexercise and postpartum workout ideas.Want to chat? We have private chat, groupchats,mom chat, breastfeeding groups and much more.Join private, local moms-to-be groups for playdates, mommy andmeactivities, find out neighborhood info and more.
She Pregnant - Pregnancy Tracker Day by Day 5.1.7
What’s in the app?The Shepregnant gives you weekly informationonyour baby's development. As you learn the developments inthelittle one rapidly growing, you will witness the miracle thatgrowsinside you. Also, there will be weekly updates on your phoneaboutchanges an expectant mom is likely to experience. The app isasocial network and this is its most important feature. Whenyoucreate your own profile with a picture and enter chat rooms,youwill receive club recommendations suitable for you. You canmakenew friends and communicate with them by joining these clubs.Havenot you found a club you like? Then, start your own club. Writeadescription for your club and chat with the ones you wish toenlistas a member. Who knows, maybe your club will end up on the"PopularClubs" list. You will also be able to individually see theclubsthat you are a member of or those you've started yourself.Youcanchat in the same club with the participants by adding chattopicsinto the club. If you wish, you can message individually byaddingpeople as friends. By grouping “Friends” in the side menu,you canadd some of them up under the “My relatives” section.Whenever youwish, you can create an invitation in the "Myinvitations" sectionand send these to your friends. In the inbox,you can find incomingmessages and notifications, see friendrequests and incominginvitations, write and send new messages.TheShepregnant records adaily register of how much water you drink asa candidate formothers. Thanks to the '' Water Counter '', you canrecord in thisapplication every glass of water you drink, you cansee how much ofyour daily water needs are met. It warns you if youdrink too muchor too little. The Shepregnant continues to be withyou at thisstage to spend your pregnancy in the healthiest way.Ifyou think “Iam pregnant, but I don’t know how to exercise.”, dopregnancypilates at home by watching “Exercise of the Week”prepared by thePregnancy Yoga and Pregnancy Pilates expert, BanuDeğer.The“Preparation for Childbirth" section allows you to createyour ownshopping list and to prepare your own hospital bag. In thissectionyou can find articles about childbirth methods, you can alsolistyour requests, expressing yourself better to your doctor andbirthteam thanks to "Childbirth Plan". With this unique feature,you canprint your plan and share it with your doctor.To tell yourownchildbirth story or learn about others' stories, you can accessthe"Childbirth Stories" club here.“My Diary” section is agenuinerecord book for all stages of your baby's development. Youcanwrite about your longing for your baby in this diary, whichwillthen be a unique souvenir for you at the end of this adventure.Youcan also follow day-to-day the pictures added to "Take the Photoofthe Day" in this section. Also in this section is a calendarwhereyou can follow the number of days and weeks of yourpregnancy.Assoon as the little one starts moving, you can recordits movementswith the "Kick Counter". So you won't forget the timeof the firstkick. These kicks will be automatically saved in yourlog.Likewise, the "Contraction Counter" will automaticallyregisteryour contractions. Do not worry about your weight gain, allyourrecords will be kept in your diary daily. This will helpyourweight control. If your doctor asks to monitor your bloodpressure,you can record these in the “blood pressure measurement”section.Inthe "Pregnancy Complaints" section, you can create yourown archiveby recording your complaints weekly. While the "BabyNames List"section gives you ideas about names, the "ZodiacCalendar" tellsyour baby's possible zodiac sign. If you wish, youcan be a memberof your baby's horoscope club.
Pregnancy Tracker & Countdown to Baby Due Date 3.16.0
From the brand chosen by over 400 million expectingparents,BabyCenter's pregnancy tracker and baby developmentcalendar appguides you through the countdown to your baby’s duedate – week byweek and day by day – with pregnancy tips and fetaldevelopmentvideos timed for each stage of pregnancy.The BabyCenterapp is forevery period of the parenting journey:Whether you’re justbeginningto think about getting pregnant, trying to conceive,alreadypregnant, or maybe just curious about baby growth anddevelopment,make the BabyCenter app your go-to source for fertility&ovulation, prenatal, and new baby information.Allhealthinformation is reviewed and approved by the BabyCenterMedicalAdvisory Board. Pregnancy Tracker and BabyDevelopmentCalendar:Receive perfectly timed information about whatto expectthroughout your pregnancy by simply entering your baby'sdue date(or you can use our pregnancy due date calculator to findit). Getthe expert fetal development articles and videos you’dexpect fromBabyCenter in your daily maternity calendar, aninformativecountdown to your due date. You’ll receive a dailypregnancy newsfeed, food and nutrition ideas, health and pregnancyexerciseadvice, weekly checklists and reminders, and tips fordealing withmorning sickness and other pregnancy symptoms. Learnabout prenatalvitamins and healthy snacks and get workout tips tohelp keep yourpregnancy weight gain in a healthy zone. Explore funand helpfulpregnancy tools like the bumpie photo diary, baby namesfinder,baby kick counter, contraction timer, and birth planchecklist forexpecting mothers. Once your newborn arrives, yourpregnancy appautomatically turns into a daily parenting guide, withtools likethe baby growth tracker, to support you through yourfirst year asa parent with a new baby, week by week and month bymonth.CommunityGroups for Expecting and New Moms: Join your birthclub to connectwith other expecting moms with due dates in the samemonth. Askquestions, learn from the experiences of others, andshare how youfeel. Trade tips and advice with other pregnant womenabout earlypregnancy symptoms, ideas for baby names, ultrasoundexperiences,eating for two, baby products, and much more.FertilityTracking,Pregnancy, and Labor Features:• Ovulation Calculator&Calendar• Articles and advice about preparing to get pregnantandtrying to conceive• Baby Due Date Calculator• Bumpie PhotoDiary, asimple pregnancy photo tool to capture weekly belly picsand turnthem into an amazing time-lapse bumpie video to share, orkeep asyour personal pregnancy journal• Contraction Timer• BabyKickCounter• Baby Registry Checklist• Pregnancy Calendar withhundredsof informative BabyCenter articles• Inside the Womb videosand RealChildbirth videos• Fetal Development interactive images•Baby NamesFinder, a place to search for names you might like bymeaning,origin, theme, and moreBaby's First Year Features: • DailyBabyCalendar• Baby Growth Tracker• Mommy & Babyactivitysuggestions• Sleep Guide and Lullaby Music for babies•FeedingGuide with breastfeeding and formula tips• Baby Health &Safetyarticles and videos• Baby Care advice and tips for takingcare ofyourself, too
Pregnancy Week By Week 1.2.20
Pregnancy Week By Week is a very helpful app for a pregnantwoman.With Pregnancy Week By Week you can easily: - track yourpregnancyweek by week - get information about your baby - calculatecurrentweek of pregnancy - calculate due date (pregnancy date) -trackyour weight - track baby kicks - make notes with yourpregnancysymptoms ( morning sickness, changes with your body,doctorappointment )
My Kitty NewBorn Baby And Mommy Care : Kitty Grown 1.0.3
Have you ever seen a mommy kitty having a baby? If not, this gameisthe right game for you. In this NewBorn Baby and Mommy game,Kittymommy will give birth to her baby very soon and this time sheneedsyour attention. So are you ready to help her? Here in thismommycare game, you have the important role and you will have tolearnhow to take care of pregnant mommy and newborn baby. KeyFeatures:--Take care of pregnant mommy- Take care of NewBorn Baby-Iron theclothes & Put all things properly inside the bag- Call911emergency number- Give her proper medicine in this pregnantmommysurgery gameWe will be glad about your response. Contact usanytimefor any questions and suggestions at [email protected]
Princess Full-Body SPA 1.0.3
After a long day work and an exciting ball, the princess wastooexhausted. How about a relaxing full-body spa to drive awayalltiredness? Let’s make a cleaning face mask for regaining vigorandglow of skin, do a massage with natural volcano hot-stoneforrelieving fatigue, and enjoy a special fish pedicure toremovehorniness. With this full-body spa you can totally get ridoffatigue and come back to the glorious princess again! No reasontomiss this exclusive game!This is a girls' game & casualgame& fasion game & kids game! Find more free onlinegames,please browse the website No need to download!
Pregnancy Calculator and Calendar 1.84
Want to know what to expect during your pregnancy? You've cometothe right place! ✔ Our pregnancy due date calculator(babycalculator) quickly determine your due date. ✔ Ourillustratedpregnancy calendar is a detailed pregnancy week by weekguide toall the changes taking place in your baby — and in you!Each weekof pregnancy includes a description of your baby'sdevelopment, aswell as an explanation of the changes taking placein your body.You'll also find important medical info that will helpkeep you andyour baby healthy. ✔ Our due date countdown tickercounts the days,hours, minutes and seconds until your bundle of joyarrives! ✔ Onlyin our app! See how your baby's length and weightchange everysecond! ✔ Our articles cover a wide range ofinformation aboutpregnancy: - Early pregnancy symptoms (early signsof pregnancy) -Prenatal screening and diagnostic tests - Food anddrinks to avoidduring pregnancy - How much weight should I gainduring pregnancy?- Hospital bag checklist - Setting up the nurseryOur team wishesyou a healthy, full-term pregnancy and a safedelivery.
Pregnancy + 4.7.2
Health & Parenting
✯✯✯ Gold Award Winner of 2018 BMA March Awards - Best New MobileApp✯✯✯ Get the worldwide No.1 Pregnancy App. Want to seebeautiful,interactive images for every week of pregnancy? Joinmore than 18million users who already use this Pregnancy trackerApp to followtheir pregnancy week by week. Our Pregnancy+ App canalso bepersonalized for dads, grandparents and other familymembers.Everything you need in one Pregnancy App! - DAILYpregnancy info -Color and Scan images - Personal Diary - PregnancyWeight log - DocVisits log - Diet, exercise and labor info - KickCounter -Contraction Timer - Baby Shopping list - 1000s of Babynames - BabySize Visualizer - Pregnancy week by week info - Andmuch more …Health & Parenting supports you at every stage ofbeing aparent. --------------------------------------------------PrivacyPolicy: Use: App is notintended for medical use, or to replace the adviceof a trainedmedical doctor. Philips Consumer Lifestyle B.V.disclaims anyliability for the decisions you make based on thisinformation,which is provided to you on a general information basisonly andnot as a substitute for personalized medical advice. If youhaveany concerns about your pregnancy, consult with your doctorormidwife. The Health & Parenting team wishes you ahealthy,full-term pregnancy and a safe delivery.
First Time Pregnancy 2.8
The AppYou are pregnant for the first time, what happens next?Getthe world's most relevant timeline of your baby'sdevelopmentavailable right now.Especially during your firstpregnancy manyquestions and lack of information can lead toconfusion or evenanxiety about your own health. Our applicationoffers an excellentinsight into exploring the various aspects ofpregnancy byproviding a timeline, weekly information, due datecalculation andmilestones to keep you safe. We illustrate thejourney from embryoto newborn baby with beautiful images, photosand ultrasounds ofthe baby in your womb, whilst giving you weeklyupdates fromconception up to the birth of your child. The app wasdeveloped bya medical doctor with nothing but your health inmind.Ourapplication is offered as an educational tool to aid allinterestedto explore the fascinating and exciting world ofpregnancy.Get itnow and use it as your personal tracker.Pregnancy(by Wikipedia)Inhuman reproduction, pregnancy (or gestation) is thedevelopment ofone or more offspring, known as an embryo or fetus,in the uterusof a woman.Childbirth usually occurs about 38 weeksafterconception. In women who have a menstrual cycle length offourweeks, this is approximately 40 weeks from the start of thelastnormal menstrual period (LNMP). Health authorities recommendthatwomen not artificially begin delivery with labor inductionorcaesarean section before 39 weeks as this amount of timeisconsidered "full term" for the child to develop. Conception canbeachieved through sexual intercourse or assistedreproductivetechnology.An embryo is the developing offspring duringthe first 8weeks following conception, and subsequently the termfetus is useduntil birth. In many societies' medical or legaldefinitions, humanpregnancy is somewhat arbitrarily divided intothree trimesterperiods of three months each, as a means to simplifyreference tothe different stages of prenatal development. The firsttrimestercarries the highest risk of miscarriage (natural death ofembryo orfetus). During the second trimester, the development ofthe fetuscan be more easily monitored and diagnosed. The thirdtrimester ismarked by further growth of the fetus and thedevelopment of fetalfat stores. The point of fetal viability, orthe point in time atwhich fetal life outside of the uterus ispossible, usuallycoincides with the late second or early thirdtrimesters; babiesborn at this early point in development are athigh risk for havingmedical conditions and dying.
Pregnancy Week by week 8.00003
Pregnancy soft
Welcome to Pregnancy week by week apps! Here you willfindeverything you want to know about the world ofmotherhood,including planning or preparing for pregnancy, easy andcomfortablebirth, breast feeding, care of the newborn, and raisinga healthy,clever and happy child. Our intention is to give maximumusefulinformation for future and current parents. Visit Pregnancysectionof the app, if you are looking for any information relatedtopregnancy and its aspects, from first signs of pregnancy to howtocope with toxemia. You may be interested in articles devotedtopregnancy stuff such as choosing suitable maternity clothes,orpreparation for successful and painless birth. Sometimes thingscango wrong, and sometimes a woman does not know what is going onwithher. Articles on pregnancy health address the cases ofstillbirth,miscarriage, phantom pregnancy, infertility. Thisinformation willallow you to cope with difficulties and to preventthem. If you arenot planning to become a mother in the near future,articles onbirth control may be helpful for you in learning moreabout femaleand male contraception, effectiveness and side-effectsof differentbirth control methods. In articles on pregnancymilestones you willfind information on characteristics of eachtrimester and month ofpregnancy, what to do during each of them,what examinations topass, what to eat and what food to avoid, howto deal with stressor with postpartum depression. You will learnwhat hormonal changeshappen to a pregnant woman’s body, in whatcases cesarean sectionis made, and other stuff. If you are alreadya happy mother of anewborn, pay your attention to Breastfeedingsection. It includesissues related to a nursing period: right diet,foods to eat and toavoid, lactation, breastfeeding in public, mythsand tips onbreastfeeding. Baby section concerns the topic ofraising children.It will help to select a name for the newborn, tochoose a babystroller, clothes and toys for boys and girls. Hereyou can readabout development of a newborn, child’s health, feedingand sleep,childhood diseases, education methods, how to soothe acrying baby,how to care of the child and to express love to him orher. Thereare many other aspects of parenthood and they arediscussed inFamily section. Some of these topics are: useful booksfor pregnantwomen and parents, fitness, relationships in thefamily, pets,child adoption, and others. Hope you find the answersto youquestions here! A guide to conception, pregnancy, taking careofthe baby and being a parent. Anything you want to know onpregnancyand parenting - you may know here! Pregnancy Week by week.Also, inour application: pregnancy diet, pregnancy stages,pregnancy tips.Baby growth tracker during pregnancy. Best freepregnancy apps
Pregnancy Stages 9.0
This app will shows the information about Pregnancy Stages. Ouraimis to become the best pregnancy stages app. Pregnancy isawonderful and exciting experience. There is lot ofinformationavailable in books, websites to consume whilst you arepregnant -but this is too much to go through - by creating this appwe aim toease this process so that all pregnancy relatedinformation is oneplace.Find out what happens each week with yourbaby’s developmentand your body’s changes while you’reexpecting.This app covers thesymptoms and Pregnancy Stages. Thisapp has been developed foreveryone, all topics has been made tomake it useful andinteresting. Pregnancy Stages app includes:-Pregnancy Stages-Three Stages of Pregnancy (1st, 2nd, and 3rdTrimester)- FirstTrimester: Early Changes in a Woman's Body, etc-There are stunningimages and pictures of your pregnancy and baby ateach pregnancystage.- Every stage provides information about yourbody andbaby's, symptoms, thoughts, feeling , weight and tips-Thispregnancy stages app for expecting parents also providesacommunity of expecting parents, where you can ask andanswerquestions about your baby's and pregnancy development.Pleasedo notuse this app as alternative to medical advice from a doctor -incase of doubts, please consult a doctor
280days: Pregnancy Diary 1.7.1
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\★Use 280days to enjoy your pregnancy experience together!!★/Manageboth your health and memories well! The ultimatepregnancyapplication to watch baby's growth. * Baby chatters to youeveryday! * * Both partners make a pregnancy diary to enjoytogether! ** See illustrations of baby's growth in Mommy's belly! **Health/weight and maternity checkup management function! * *FREE*No membership or registration required! * 280days is apregnancydiary application that couples can share. We link theMommy-to-be,Daddy and the baby in Mommy's belly. Manage both dailyweight anddaily health in a single application. You'll enjoy thedays of yourpregnancy even more with the illustrated baby growthprocess andcontent related to each month of pregnancy. Request from280daysCustomer Support: We do not respond to every reviewsubmittedthrough the AppStore that describes a problem withthisapplication. As we are not aware of issues submitted in thisway,we cannot resolve these issues individually. If a problemoccurs,please contact us through this application, or [email protected] We will make everyeffort toaddress your issue. We sincerely regret any inconveniencethis maycause you. Thank you. *☆*゚♪゚*☆*゚♪*☆*゚♪゚*☆*♪゚*☆*゚♪*☆* ◆Hidingadvertising 280days offers users an in-app billing optionthat canbe used to pay to hide advertising content for a more fluiduserexperience. If you like this application, please use thisoption.280days links family during Mommy's pregnancy and nurturesnewties. Have the best 280 days of your life! From the280daysDevelopment Team ◆ Contact Us For information, requests, ortoreport bugs, send us an emailat:[email protected]
Ovia Pregnancy Tracker & Baby Countdown Calendar
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Expecting? Watch your baby grow every day with Ovia Pregnancy!OviaPregnancy’s personalized approach to tracking yourbaby’sdevelopment gives you an app as unique as your pregnancy —and it'sfree! KEY FEATURES◆ Daily & weekly updates on yourpregnancy& baby’s development◆ Illustrations of your baby'scurrent hand& foot size◆ 2000+ free pregnancy articles, tips,tools &information◆ Calculator to pinpoint your due date &a due datecountdown◆ Calendar center to organize & track allthingspregnancy, from baby bump photos to doctor appointmentreminders◆Personalized feedback & support based on yourpregnancy stage,BMI, age & health data◆ A safe, supportiveCommunity ofexpecting parents TOOLS FOR EXPECTING MOMS◆ Due datecalculator& countdown◆ Customizable health tracker: log thedata thatfits into your life!◆ Food safety lookup: Is this safe toeat?◆Medication safety lookup: Is this safe to take?◆ Symptomslookup:Is this normal?◆ Trimester & due date progress bar◆Calendar:pregnancy tracker in calendar format◆ Kick counter&contraction timer◆ Health assessment: unlock more tips &toolsCOMPREHENSIVE PREGNANCY TRACKERTrack all this data inyourcalendar!◆ WEIGHT— Track & chart your weight progress—Managegoals with clinical guidelines for your BMI◆ SYMPTOMS— Learncommonsymptoms to be expecting each week of pregnancy— Track100+possible symptoms— Get immediate alerts if your symptomsindicate ahealth risk◆ NUTRITION— Know what nutrients you need forbaby’sdevelopment— Record daily servings of protein, dairy,fruit,veggies, water— Find healthy recipes that includeessentialnutrients◆ PRENATAL VITAMINS & MEDICATIONS— Learnwhatmedications are safe or unsafe for pregnant moms— Trackyourmedications & vitamins◆ SLEEP TRACKER— Log your sleep ◆MOODJOURNAL— Log your moods daily◆ EXERCISE TRACKER— Trackworkouts—Connect with fitness trackers COMPLETELY PERSONALIZED◆Customizablebaby name, gender, due date calculator & data logpage◆ Dynamicapp timeline with articles, information &feedback◆ Week byweek reports on baby’s development◆ Pregnancymilestone trackingfor belly pics, ultrasounds, baby shower &more◆ Add photos& notes as you countdown to your due dateSUPPORT &COMMUNITY◆ Connect with other expecting parents inCommunity! Takepolls, answer questions & leave comments in asupportiveenvironment◆ Pregnancy loss information & support◆Postpartuminformation & support: receive free articles &tips in your4th trimester *OVIA HEALTH*In partnership withorganizations whoshare our goal of helping families live happier,healthier lives,we're proud to offer Ovia Health: a maternity andfamily benefitsupporting women and families at home and at work. Doyou have OviaHealth as a benefit through an employer or healthplan? DownloadOvia Pregnancy and enter your employer and healthplan informationto access to an expanded set of tools and features.These mayinclude health coaching, personalized content about yourbenefits,and health programs such as breastfeeding preparation,gestationaldiabetes prevention, mental health education, and more.ABOUTUSOvia Health is a digital health company that usesmobiletechnology to help women and families live healthier lives.TheOvia Health apps have helped millions of women and familiesontheir fertility, pregnancy, and parenting journeys. Withbillionsof data points collected and analyzed, Ovia Health usesdata-drivenscience to help women conceive up to 3x faster than thenationalaverage, have healthier pregnancies, and start familieswithconfidence. CUSTOMER SERVICEWe're always working to improveyourexperience with our products. Have an idea for Ovia? Let usknow!Email us at [email protected] DISCOVER MORE APPS BYOVIAHEALTHOvia Fertility: Track your fertility & getpregnantfaster (free!)Ovia Parenting: Track development, milestones&save a timeline of memories (free!)
iMom • Pregnancy & Fertility 2.6.4
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★★ iMom • Pregnancy & Fertility ★★ Is the first app designedforboth Mother and Gynecologist! ★★ Sensational ★★ By populardemand,the Fertility Calendar allows all Women to manage theirmenstrualcycle and their fertile periods. Developed incollaboration withqualified Medical Practitioners at aninternational level, offeringeveryone the opportunity to monitorand check the progress of theirpregnancy from their smartphone.

The sales leader in Italy, it hasalso conquered the hearts ofmany, many Women in Europe and SouthAmerica. ★★ Do you want achild? Download iMom • Pregnancy &Fertility ! ★★ 

iMom •Pregnancy & Fertility can help pregnantwoman in a variety ofways, ranging from purely clinical advice topsychological,nutritional, aesthetic and general tips. 
iMom •Pregnancy &Fertility is not meant to substitute a healthcareprovider butassist them in dispelling many myths and false taboosthat Womenaround the world are faced with during this delicateperiod intheir lives.

 • Revolutionary and captivating device forWomen •Useful advice and support, fun and intuitive for Mother
•Innovative and indispensable tool for the Gynecologist FortheGynecologist the app is ideal in terms of convenience andmanagingtheir patients.

 Functions for Women include: •Automaticmanagement of the menstrual cycle • Statistics andforecasts forovulation and fertility • Daily register of symptomsand states ofmind • Tracker for sexual relations • Notificationsforcontraception • Display of luteal phase • Super pregnancymodalityFunctions for Mother include: 
• Detailed information foreach weekof pregnancy • llustrations of the fetus in each of the 9months ofpregnancy 
• Calculation of expected delivery
 • Displayofduration of the cycle and pregnancy testing • Agenda • Registerofsymptoms and states of mind 
• Data registration 
• Pictures in3Dand 4D ultrasound 
• Recommended Foods • Hydration • Yogainpregnancy 
• Counting kicks 
• Register contractions 
• Babybagfor purchases 

Functions for the Gynecologist include:
•Obstetric rules 
• Database their patients 
• Planningandsynchronizing appointments 
• Fetal Biometry
 • Calculation ofthefetal weight
 ★★ iMom • Pregnancy & Fertility, anewopportunity for those who are giving birth to a new life! ★★
Ice Mommy NewBorn Ava Baby Grown Day Care 1.0.2
The pregnant mommy Ava is going to give birth soon, so you havetotake care of all the needs of the pregnant lady. Ice MommyNewBornAva Baby Grown Day Care is one of the best baby birth andcaregame, here you can perform tons of various educational tasks.Souse your caring skills in this baby birth and care &completeall the tasks & help Ava with all the different helpthat sheneeds.Room Cleaning Game:Mommy is pregnant so she cannotclean theroom. So you need to help her to clean the room by puttingsomeitems in the appropriate basket. The room is totally messed up.Allthe things are here and there in the room. You need torememberthat every item should be put in the right basket. So helpthispregnant lady in this room cleaning game and clean theroomproperly.Shopping Game:Pregnant Mommy has a long list ofshopping.But to shop these things, she needs to earn some money. Sohere inthis game for girls, your duty is to help her to earn somemoneyand amount should be more because her shopping list is long.Soearn as much as you can. Then you need to help her to shopherlist.Bag Packing:The whole family is going somewhere for achange.You need to help all of them to pack their bag. Because sheis notable to do all the things on her own. Put all the things inthe bagwhich she wanted to carry with her. Like dresses, glasses,smallbag. Then pack the bag for her husband and pack their bagswithoutmissing anything.New born Baby Check up Game:Mommy is gonefor theregular checkup. But she is feeling so nervous and in somuch fear.Because it's her first baby. So let's do checkup formommy in thispregnant mom take care game. Give her some tablets,check her bloodpressure, then apply some gel on her tummy, don'tforget to giveher proper oxygen and check the baby whether she isgood ornot.Room Decoration Game:Baby is about to born so mommywants todecorate the room for the baby. She wants everything in theroombefore the baby born. Use your decorating skills & Help hertodecorate the room with a beautiful wall, curtains,mosquitoprotection, a beautiful bed for newborn baby, a wind-chimeand achair with cushion. Decorate the baby's roombeautifully.AmbulanceView:Oh!! Mommy is feeling uncomfortable andrestless. Let's callthe ambulance. Mommy will need certain thingsbefore an ambulancearrives. She will need water, oxygen mask andher husband to bethere. She needs all the things. So give whatevershe needsotherwise her life can be in a danger.Baby Born Game:It'sthe timeto be a doctor and give the birth to a beautiful baby.Start thesurgery by applying the antiseptic liquid on her tummy,then giveher the anesthesia injection, make a mark for the cut,make the cutusing a scalpel and give birth to the beautifulbaby.Baby CareGame:Mommy needs some help to take care of the baby.Help her onthis one. Clean the swat using towel then give the babyinjectionand test the blood group of a newborn baby and lastlycheck herheartbeat that it is normal or not.Photo shoot:Capture theamazingphotos of the newborn baby with their parent. Take the bestphotosof this beautiful family. And give them a beautiful memory ofthisbeautiful baby.Play and enjoy this New Born Ava Baby Day Caregameand share it with all your friends and familymembers.AboutGameiMakeGameiMake brings you the latest creations ofmost lovedcategories of games and apps which are all hugely lovedby kids. Weare entirely devoted to build user friendly gamesrelated to funand learning for better educational familiarities andenjoyment forkids. Stay with us for the latest updates ofGameiMake.Follow us onGoogleplus: ourgamevideos:
Tinystep - Pregnancy & Parenting app
Tinystep - Everything you need to know about ParentingandPregnancy! Tinystep is an app for Parenting and Pregnancy,toconnect and to share. Tinystep is with you every step of thewayfrom ovulation calculation for pregnancy to the status ofyourpregnancy week by week. Where do you go for parenting tips orforadvice? How about using a parenting application! Moms who arepartof tinystep are always talking about parenting and life as aparentevery single day! No scrambling around for parenting tips.Babymilestones are at your fingertips too. Information feed withdailybaby & parenting posts will keep you engaged. Make momfriendsby joining groups like baby care, baby names, babyessentials,pregnancy, breastfeeding, pregnancy fitness, pregnancymyths,parenting tips and tricks and many many more.Growth chartswithbaby milestones, pregnancy tracker with pregnancy week byweekfeature and so much more! What's on Tinystep: While beingpregnantis just a few months long, the memories of pregnancy last alongtime. From the ovulation calculation for pregnancy topregnancyweek by week to actually holding the baby in your hands,pregnancyis a roller coaster. All you will need during this periodis ourPregnancy week by week feature. Know everything about yourchildbefore he or she is even here. Once, your child is here yourealizethat childcare is the hardest job! You could join Tinystepas aparenting app. For a new mom, the baby milestones andvaccinationsection will seem interesting and for an experienced momTinystepis packed with features to aid you in being an amazingparent anddeal with childcare! Imagine being part of the biggestparentingclub, being on Tinystep means just that! Tinystep helpsyouunderstand your pregnancy week by week, making sure youconnectwith other pregnant women or fellow moms who understand you.Newmoms seek out help from other new moms and experienced mothers.Itdoesn't matter if you know very little or a lot aboutparenting,Tinystep is still the best parenting application for you!QnA | Allyour pregnancy and parenting questions As a new mom or apregnantwoman, parenting or pregnancy are your biggest riddles. Youmaywonder about parenting tips, pregnancy cravings, babymilestonesand feeding your baby. Tinystep has the one stopdestination forall pregnancy and parenting queries- QnA. Questionsput up getanswered by experienced moms about pregnancy week by weekand alsoabout parenting. Chat | Talk about pregnancy and parenting!Whetherit's about ovulation, parenting, baby clothing or pregnancywear orpregnancy week by week, you can create your own group orjoinothers. You can talk about your ovulation days or yourinitialmonths of pregnancy or about how hard parenting is with yournewfound friends. Talk about pregnancy week by week. Discusspregnancyinformation. Make your own moms circle by connecting withmoms orexpecting ladies around you. Discuss parenting tips andfitnessthat will help you get through your pregnancy pain free andsafelyon the best parenting application! Journey | Save yourbaby’spictures Parenting is about creating and saving memories!Tinystepapp lets you store all your baby milestones on Journey.Consider ityour parenting haven, your baby’s first virtual album!Save yourbaby’s first steps, laugh, or your baby’s first tooth!Parentinghas never been so thrilling! Tinystep app is by your side,whetherit’s you are doing ovulation calculation for pregnancy or onthelookout for parenting tips on your journey as a new mom. Youdon’tneed another pregnancy app, the pregnancy week by week trackerisall you need! Tools like vaccinations and growth trackermakesTinystep app, an all rounder. This app is your go-to forallparenting or pregnancy concerns.
Pregnancy watcher widget
Do you also constantly forget in which week of pregnancy youare?Then you are like me and my wife.This app shows to youafterentering some basic data your current week of pregnancy, howmanydays you're already pregnant, the current approximate sizeandweight of your baby and a few other important bits ofinformationsuch as the date of the first prenatal visit, when yourmaternityleave will start (based on the German regulation), or thedate onwhich it you can possibly feel the first child quickeningsetc..Inaddition, the app can be installed as a widget. So you cansee onyour screen at first glance the week in which you are in, howmanydays you're already pregnant, and how many days it willprobablytake give birth to your baby. To activate the widget, touchyourscreen for a few seconds and then select the entry "widgets"andthen the app "Pregnancy watcher".Units of weight and length canbechanged now.Contents, colors and transparency of the widgetareadjustable.If there is anything you are not satiesfied withyet,give me a chance to correct it ;-) In this case send me anemailwith the detected bug or the desired function!Thanks!
Momy Gives Birth 1.0.0
Power Girls
Camila is in her last pregnancy days and has a lot ofemotionsthinking about giving birth to her first baby. Now Camilagotpregnancy pain. So she is taken to the nearby clinic forherdelivery. Your mission in this newborn baby game is to treatCamilaand makesure that she and her baby are all right. Checkhertempreture, the bp and give her the before injection. Aftershegives birth take care of her new born baby with yourperfectmedical checkup.Have fun with momy and the newborn baby.It's freegame!
My Newborn Baby Kitten Games 1.1.3
Tik Tok
MEOW MEOW !!!! Pregnant mommy cats games for kids are availableonstore. Your job is to pet care these pregnant mommy catsandprepare them for FLUFFY KITTEN baby birth in this cat gamesforkids.After the Fluffy kitten baby Birth you have to pet careforboth mommy cats and baby cat. These virtual pet are existinvirtual world where you have to pet care virtually so noworriesfor parents. Now Pet mommy cat first need to be makeover inpetsalon. In pet salon there is makeup section, Pet Dress upsectionand last one is pet food section. Now go to pet vet clinicwhereyou have to check mommy cat from the pet vet doctor to see howthefluffy kitten baby are doing. In the pet vet clinic you cangivethe mommy cats an ultrasound, check their blood pressure andthemuch more! This cat games for girls is full of activitiesWhentheadorable & cute baby kittens are born, you can help mypetmommy cat to take care these fluffy Kitten babies which arenewbornbaby! Feed your baby kitten, change diapers, play withbabies andgive them a nice bath in pet salon. You can also dress uptheselittle kitten with cute items, shoes and clothes, and showyour catlove with these pregnant mommy with responsibility.FEATURE•4 Catmommy with Lovely animation• Mommy Cats brief checkup &healthcare• 8 Different and Unique levels in game• pregnant MommyCatsdress up• Funny sound effect • Fluffy Kitten Baby care unit•PetBaby dress up• Unique & interactive game play• Colorfulandbeautiful HD illustrationsThe best ever & cutest littlekittygames with pet story. Download now this cat games for girlsandboys especially little one kids.About Tik Tok Tik Tokarespecialize in kid’s games on mobile platform. Tik Tok aimtoprovide innovative & educational game to our kids. We helpthemto learn the basic life skills and good habits through ourgames.For more info please visit us at
Indian Pregnancy & Parenting Tips,The Babycare App
Healofy is for Indian Babies, Moms & Pregnant Moms.Frompregnancy week by week tracker, pregnancy calendartobreastfeeding, pregnancy tips, baby tips & baby care tipstoparenting tips, baby health to baby names, kick counter tobabygrowth, pregnancy milestones to baby milestones, bump or babybumpto baby growth tracker, baby vaccination reminder andbabyvaccination chart to baby food recipes, contraction timer topottytraining, ultrasound pics, baby nutrition to baby sleep,pregnancyyoga to peekaboo to baby lullaby songs or baby songs likeNani TeriMorni and more. It's a complete BabyCenter for your baby.SUPERPOWERS: 1. Daily Corner Learn from over 450+ Pregnancy, babycareand parenting topics which are based on your pregnancy monthorbaby month, baby health through reading the pregnancy tipsandtricks. No need to read the lengthy articles. TOPICS- BabyShower,Hospital Bag, Pregnancy, Post Delivery Menstruation Cycle,StemCell Banking, Stitches Care, Pre-Mature Baby, Stretch Marks,BabyHygiene, baby health, Baby Shopping like baby toys, teethingitemsand other baby products (from Firstcry and other babyshoppingwebsites), Baby diapers (clothes diapers & regulardiapers),Baby Yoga, Pregnancy Vaccinations, Travelling inPregnancy, Foodchart For Babies (Baby Solid Foods), Baby FeedingGuide, Hair Fallin Pregnancy, Postpartum Hair Fall, babyvaccination tracker, BabyBathing, Postpartum Depression, BabyMassage, Formula Feeding, ToDos for Normal Delivery, MorningSickness, Gestational Diabetes,Baby Colic, Labour & Delivery,Baby Cough & Baby Teething,Postnatal Yoga, Increase BreastMilk, Baby Growth, baby care,Pregnancy fitness, Pregnancynutrition, Pregnancy tips, Baby Cry,Belly Fat Reduction, Baby FunActivities and Baby games, FoodCraving, Post Delivery Healing, Do's& Don'ts in Pregnancy.These Topics are divided into HomeRemedies, Daadi Maa Ke Nushke,BabyCenter, Doctor's Say, DO's andDONT's in Pregnancy andParenting 2. Birth Club Topic wise Chat withExperts (Pediatriciansand Gynecologists) for FREE Discuss all yourdoubts regardingpregnancy, babycare & parenting on baby kicks,pregnancyexercise, formula milk, baby weight, fetal development,newborn,parenting, baby tips, pregnancy tips, pregnancy tracker,babyhealth, baby tracker and more with the experts according tothemonth of the due date or baby's birth date. 3. Daily Tip-MyPregnancy & Baby Today Under 'Tip for Today'- Getdailypregnancy tips, baby care tip and parenting tips. Also, getweeklytips to learn about baby's height, baby's weight, baby'ssize, babyhealth. It's a complete BabyCenter for your baby 4. Q/ACommunityAsk your pregnancy questions or parenting questions tootherexperts anonymously for FREE and get answers within 30minutes. 5.Baby Names: Indian Baby Names | Baby Boy Names | BabyGirl Names |Hindu Baby Names | Marathi Baby Names | Gujarati BabyNames |Bengali Baby Names | Kannada Baby Names | Tamil Baby Names|Malayalam Baby Names | Muslim Baby Names | Christian Baby Names|Sikh Baby Names | Punjabi Baby Names 6. Pregnancy & BabySongsGet baby lullabies like Nani teri morni ko mor le gaye song)andother interesting baby tunes, baby jingles, baby rhymes. 7.24/7offline access to the app even when you don’t haveinternetconnectivity. Now, we would love to hear from you. Drop usa mailat [email protected] Like us on Facebook at our Facebook Group (This is only formoms & expectingmoms) at Download theApp Now!
Pregnancy Test & Calendar 5.08b
In Nancy you do math tests to know if you are pregnant or not.Thismethod has helped more than 200 thousand users who areaccessingour network every day. How about doing your test now? TheApp usesclever algorithms that calculate all recorded situationsthatultimately give you the result where you can, or can notbepregnant.The Best Application for Pregnancy Testing is hereatNancy /o/⏱ Calendar Mega menstrual board easy to use!😍 NoLogin,register or anything Here we make it easy!📝 Dozens ofquestions toask questions🍸 Function drink water with notificationfor moms andtempting or not👙 Weight control using MeuPesoHj💡Calculator withprediction of baby's birth, period in which youbecame pregnant,gestational age among others.👸 Group with more than2000 activegirls per day😄 Feed with tips for you mom, tempting andfor thosewho do not want to get pregnant.🔓 Password SecurityDefault ifdesiredWe know how important this moment in your life isso we wantto create an incredible tool! Pregnant or not, temptingwill I bepregnant? Download the App and find out now!
Boy or Girl - Gender Predictor 1.39
Am I Having a Baby Boy or a Baby Girl? This is the mostcommonquestion that pregnant mothers used to ask before the bigreveal(ultrasound). But, waiting for the results of the ultrasound,seemslike an eternity. Using our baby gender predictor app "Boy orGirl- Pregnancy Test" can predict your unborn baby's sex. Our Appisbased on multiple methods that include the "Chinese GenderChart","Blood Renewal", "Parents’ Blood -Type Method", "Maya*GenderPredictor Chart", and "The Japanese Birth Chart". We will beaddingmore, as we find them out. What Methods Do TheseApplicationsOffer? Chinese Gender Chart: The Chinese GenderCalendar wassupposedly discovered by a Chinese Scientist who drewthis chart,and it was buried in a Royal tomb about 700 years ago.To find thegender prediction, this method uses the mother's lunarage atconception and the month in which conception occurred.BloodRenewal: Baby’s gender prediction using the method ofbloodrenewal, considers taking into account the parents’ age at thetimeof conception. Human’s blood is being renewed all lifelong,however, in men it happens every 4 years, and women’s bloodisrenewed a bit faster — every 3 years. The gender of a futurebabyis usually determined by the calculations of the youngest bloodatthe time of conception. Parents’ Blood Type Method: Thismethodcombines the mother and father’s blood groups & Rhfactor. Forexample, according to this method a couple with A or Bblood groupis likely to have a girl; however, spouses with AB or Otypes willconceive a boy. Rh factor plays a very important role inthe wholeprocess. If it is negative or positive in both parents, itmeansyou will probably give birth to a girl. When parents havedifferentRh factors, it means you will probably give birth to aboy. MayaGender Predictor Chart: In ancient times, the Maya usedmath tocalculate various activities in their daily lives from theeclipseof the moon to calendar calculations. The Mayas determinedthe sexof the baby by taking the mother's age at conception and theyearof conception. If both are even or both are's a girl.Ifone is even and one odd it's a boy. Japanese Birth Chart:TheJapanese birth chart is a method of gender prediction based onthecorrelation of the mother and father’s months of birth withthemonth of conception. You can at any time: - Predict the genderofyour unborn baby using multiple methods. - Contact Us : Ifyouencounter any problem or if you have any suggestions/opinionstomake our app better. Please feel free to contact us. - ShareOurApp. - Rete Our App : If you like our app please take a momenttorate it. Credit: Background vector designed byFreepik
Pregnancy week by week. Pregnancy Calendar. 4.20
Welcome future mother, in our free application "Pregnancy"forweeks! In the application you will find everything you want toknowabout the world of motherhood, including planning or preparingforpregnancy, easy and comfortable birth, breastfeeding, caring foranewborn and bringing up a healthy, intelligent and happychild.Ouraim is to provide maximum useful information for futureand currentparents. Visit the "Pregnancy" section of theapplication if youare looking for any information related topregnancy and itsaspects, from the first signs of pregnancy beforedealing withtoxemia. You may be interested in articles on materialsforpregnant women, such as choosing suitable clothes forpregnantwomen or preparing for a successful and painlessbirth.Sometimeseverything can go wrong, and sometimes a woman doesnot know whatis happening to her. Articles on pregnancy healthconcern cases ofstillbirth, miscarriage, phantom pregnancy,infertility. Thisinformation will allow you to cope with thedifficulties andprevent them.If you do not plan to become a motherin the nearfuture, the articles on birth control can be useful toyou when youlearn more about contraception of women and men, theeffectivenessand side effects of different methods of birthcontrol.There isalso a pregnancy calendar that will help tocalculate thedevelopment of pregnancy and child by week, to findout whatchanges are taking place in the woman's body.In thearticles onpregnancy milestones you will find information onthecharacteristics of each trimester and month of pregnancy, whattodo during each of them, what examinations are taking, what toeatand what foods to avoid, how to cope with stress orpostpartumdepression, you will learn what hormonal changes occurwith thebody of a pregnant woman, in which cases a cesarean sectionismade, and other things.If you are already a happy mother ofanewborn baby, pay attention to the breastfeeding section.Itincludes questions related to the period of care: proper diet,foodand avoid, lactation, breastfeeding in public places, mythsandtips on breastfeeding.The children's section deals with thetopicof raising children. This will help to choose a name forthenewborn, choose a baby stroller, clothes and toys for boysandgirls. Here you can read about the development of thenewborn,about children's health, nutrition and sleep, childhooddiseases,methods of teaching, how to calm a crying child, how totake careof a child and express love for him or her.There are manyotheraspects of parenting, and they are discussed in the"Family"section. Some of these topics are useful books for pregnantwomenand parents, fitness, family relationships, pets, adoptionofchildren and others.I hope you find the answers to yourquestionshere!Guidance on conception, pregnancy, child care andparent.Everything you want to know about pregnancy and childbirth -youcan know here! Pregnancy week by week.In addition, inourapplication: diet for pregnant women, pregnancy stages,pregnancytips.Infant for the growth of an infant duringpregnancy.Futuremoms, we wish you a quiet pregnancy and easy birthfor you!
Egyptian Pregnant Princess 4.4.3
bxapps Studio
Hi, the most beautiful moment in a woman's life is the momentinwhich she knows her child. Do you like babies? If you like toplaywith babies you will be very happy here because you havetheopportunity to help a princess to give birth. This is a princessofEgypt and certainly you know a lot about this place andyoudefinitely are impressed by the wonderful pyramids. If youhavebrothers you know very well how babies are sensitive, they needalot of love and attention. The best thing would be for you touseall your skills in order to make her happy through this gametocare for babies. This kids game with princesses is the idealplacewhere you can entertain yourself very well. Here in this girlsgameyou have everything you need for everything to come out asweplanned.We are sure that you will be able to complete thismissiononly paying attention to all the details.Follow allinstructions ofthis game for children.Good luck!- Beautifulprincess is waitingfor you;- You have to help her to eat;- Give hersome fruits,vegetables and water;- Measures her belly;- Now shefeels bad andwants to go to hospital;- You can begin consultation;-Check ifyounger has fever;- Check blood pressure;- Makeultrasound;- Doanesthesia;- The child was born;- Check the weightand height;-Change the diaper;- Check heartbeat;- Wash the childwith specialsoap and warm water;- If he cries you'll have to giveto the childa toy;- Choose the most beautiful clothes;- Finally youwill haveto give to the child some milk and fruits;- Mother andbaby feelgood, you're a great friend.Thank you for help, pleasecome backdaily through this game.Have fun!
Pregnant Talking Cat Emma 1.9.5
Your fave virtual pets & talking pets, Emma the Cat andOscar,are expecting little kittens! My virtual cat, PregnantTalking CatEmma, needs your help to bring little talking kittiesinto theworld of virtual talking pets. Play my talking cat game& jointhe virtual pregnant cat Emma on her pregnancy journey.Help thismy talking cat organize a baby shower, treat your talkingkitty catwell and prepare virtual cat Emma to be a mom! Get this myvirtualpet game and have fun with Pregnant Talking Cat Emma! BE THEFRIENDPREGNANT TALKING CAT EMMA NEEDS IN HER VIRTUAL PET PREGNANCYMyvirtual pet games and my talking cat games have just gotmoreinteresting because talking cat Emma, your fun virtual pet,isabout to have three little talking kitties and she needs allthecare a pregnant cat can get. You’ll need to take thispregnantmommy cat to her pregnancy doctor so that the kitty catvirtual petcan do an ultrasound and other check-ups to make sureher talkingkitties are safe and sound. But that is not all! Take alook at thefeatures list of this talking cat virtual pet game andmake sureyou check out every item on there! PREGNANT TALKING CATEMMAFEATURES: 🐱 LISTEN TO this cute pregnat cat talking &repeatingevery word you say and have fun 🐱 CHECK-UP: take yourpregnant cat,a pregnant talking pet for an ultrasound, bloodpressure check-up,etc. 🎁 BABY SHOWER: surprise my talking cat Emmawith a gift partyfor her little talking kittens and collect all theitems to winawards 🐱 PLAY MUSIC to the three talking kittens whilethey are inEmma’s belly and help my virtual pet raise healthykitties 👗 DRESSUP your talking kitty cat Emma into lovely pregnancyclothes 🐱Advance through the levels and change room decor so thatyourpregnant cat virtual pet feels more comfy in her home 🎁 Wincoinsand diamonds, unlock levels and get fun awards in this virtualpetgame 💅 PET NAIL SALON: make your virtual pet turn into abeautifulpregnant cat 🐱 NAME my talking cat as you like 🎁 Playtalking kittycat games and win coins to progress 🐱 Share yourvirtual pet withthe world on popular social networks Oscar the Catand Emma aresuper happy to have three little talking kittiesvirtual pets jointheir family. With the newborn kittens, the worldof virtual petsand talking pets has just reached another level.REMEMBER: you haveto take care of virtual pregnant cat Emma, feedher, bathe her,take her to sleep because my talking cat needs allthe love andattention a virtual pet can get in this period! You canalso makeyour talking cat virtual pet feel more comfortable bychanging herroom decor or collecting the items Emma the Cat virtualpet willneed once the talking kittens are born. Get PregnantTalking CatEmma, a fun talking pet game, and help Emma and Oscar,yourfavorite virtual pets, get ready for the era of parenthood.Enjoy!Pregnant Talking Cat Emma virtual pet game has been developedbyPeaksel and published by DigitalEagle - all rights reserved.
Newborn Twins Baby Care 1.0.10
Grown from a woman to mother is full with excitement, tension,payout, fatigue, joy and fun,not to metion twins. in the period,gothrough various checks, birth, bathing, dressing, feeding andothertedious work, but the birth of new life is very exciting!Whetheryou are about to become a mother, or have been a mother, ora childwill have to learn,review,experience the mother's hard workand joyof it!
Kids Newborn Twins Grows Up 1.0.3
Fun Casual Games LLC
Could you please help me take care of my new baby twins?Playthebest baby games on this planet! It is suitable for boys &girlsgames.There are so many Levels & Game Modes:1. Feed thetwins:The twins are hungry now. Please put them in the baby highchairsand make sure you have fastened their seat belts. And thenfeedthem milk, fruit juice and some other supplementary food. Thisisnot just a kids game, but also adult like to play fun games.2.Givethem a bath:The twins need a bath. Please adjust thetemperature ofthe water, fill the bath and then give them a warmbath.There aremany most funny games in it.3. Make them fallasleep:They are verysleepy. Please try your best to make them fallasleep.But also verysuitable for girls game. 4. Take them to thehospital:The twinsboth had colds and could not stop sneezing.Please take them to thehospital and give them some treatments.5.Clean the twins room:Thetwins’ room is in a mess. Please cleantheir room before theirparents come back. Thanks.6. Choose someclothes for the twins:Theyare going out to the park. Please choosesome beautiful clothes forthem.7. Take them to the park:Please takethem to the park and playsome interesting games with them. Havefun!Also it has several minigames except then main game for free toplay!Enjoy Best of all thisbaby games!About us:We are the top gamedeveloper founded in2010.We make lots of kinds games such as:Family Games,CasualGames,Cooking Games,Puzzle Games and so on.Visitus:http://www.6677g.comLike us: @6677gContact us:[email protected] MESSAGE FORPARENTS: This App is free toplay but certain in-game items mayrequire payment. You may restrictin-app purchases by disablingthem on your device.By downloadingthis App you agree to OurPrivacy Policy at that this Appmay include third parties services forlimited legally permissiblepurposes.
Pregnancy Tracker : Baby Stages, Calendar & Guide
Fitness Circle
Pregnancy time is the most important time which we should giveextracare and safety. Better care to the body will give a goodandperfect health to child. Sometimes we are not able to givemuchcare. Pregnancy care is a completely free app which helpspregnantwomen's to know about their pregnancy progress and otherchangesthat occur in the body. App Features 1. Detailedpregnancytrimester calendar 1.1 General pregnancy calendar 1.2Personalizedpregnancy calendar 2. Pregnancy weight gain calculator3.Conception Calculator 4. Ovulation calculator 5. Duedatecalculator(Considering last day of first menstrual period)6.Pregnancy workouts This free app will be the best companionforpregnancy women. Pregnancy care includes pregnancy calendar,weightgain calculator, conception calculator, due date calculatoretc.The calendar integrated in the app helps women's to know aboutthebaby's growth, current baby's information, baby's health ,whatfood want to eat and what not to eat, tablets which helpsbaby'sgrowth etc. We have a wide information on each week. Theweight ofpregnant women should be different in each week. Everyoneis notaware about the weight gained in each week. So weightgaincalculator help pregnant women to know about the respectiveweightwhich should be gained. Due date calculator helps to knowabout thedelivery date. There are personalized and generalcalendar.Personified calendar helps to acquire the personalinformation andgeneral calendar helps to know about the generalinformation. Howmany days you're already pregnant, the currentapproximate size andweight of your baby and a few other importantbits of informationsuch as the date of the first prenatal visit,your body's weight,baby's weight etc . Pregnancy Guide is one ofthe best freepregnancy week by week guide. If you are a first timepregnant thenthis app will be your best personal trainer. This appguides youthrough pregnancy day-by-day and week-by-week. Based onyour duedate, you'll receive personalized information. Download thebestpregnancy care : week by week app today !! A baby is a god'sgiftand we should give a proper care from the initial stage itself.
Pregnancy yoga Exercises 1.6
Home Fitness
- If you are pregnant, yoga poses are for you. In this app youwillfind some poses and exercises yoga and other relaxationtechniquesto do during pregnancy. Yoga exercises good for motherand baby.Youmay be happy and excited to find out that you'repregnant. And youmay be a little nervous or worried. If this willbe your firstchild, you may even feel overwhelmed by all of thethings you needto know about having a baby. There is a lot tolearn. But you don'thave to know everything right away. You canread all aboutpregnancy now, or you can learn about each stage asyour pregnancygoes on.- Learn how to achieve a healthy body doingYoga duringpregnancy. If you want to start with prenatal Yoga, orleanrelaxation exercises, you can start with this app. Get thebenefitsof Yoga Exercises when you are pregnant. Relaxation is goodfor youand the baby. Just follow our Prenatal Yoga Lessons andexercises,dedicated specially for pregnant women.- The pregnancyexercisesprovided by this application are usually safe forexpectant moms,although some may not work for you during the lastfew months orweeks of your pregnancy. Always consult yourhealthcare providerbefore beginning any new exercise regimen. Ifyou get the go-aheadto workout, listen to your body and be carefulnot to overdo it –stop if anything hurts or feelsuncomfortable.let's perform smallmovements to relax the muscles ofthe body and blood circulation.**Some Benefits**- Helps reducebackaches, constipation, bloating,and swelling- May help prevent,or treat, gestational diabetes-Increases your energy- Improves yourmood- Improves your posture-Promotes muscle tone, strength, andendurance- Helps you sleepbetteraway:- Contractions- Chest pain-Calf pain or swelling-Headache- Muscle weaknessRegular activityalso helps keep you fitduring pregnancy and may improve yourability to cope with labor.This will make it easier for you to getback in shape after yourbaby is born.I hope that it is useful forimprove your health andfitness.If you like this app, please ratefor us 5 star to supportus improve it better. Thanks so much!
Best Friends' New Babies 1.0.2
Laura and Lisa are best friends and they are both pregnant. Theyaregoing to have babies in a few days. But an accident happened tothemunfortunately. They need surgeries right now. Please take careofthem and their new babies.In this game, you could: 1. Take careofthe pregnant mommies. 2. Take photos of the pregnant mommies.3.Call the ambulance after the accident. 4. Give thememergencytreatment in the ambulance. 5. Help the best friends givebirth. 6.Take care of their new babies.Find more free online games,pleasebrowse the website No need to download!
Pregnancy Calendar 2.3.4
Vladimir Fedrushkov
This application will help you learn how to develop your babyduringpregnancy. The status of the future mother is also disclosedthat itwill happen and what you should pay attention. Informationissued byweeks of pregnancy. Support of multiple pregnancy tocalculate theprovisional date of delivery. There are built-incalendar to savenotes and events in the system calendar.Additional features: -Control of weight gain with theconstruction schedule; - Bellycontrol with the constructionschedule; - Counterperturbations; - Counterbattles; - Brief advice fornewborns.By default, the currentday is not included in the lastterm of pregnancy. If desired, itcan be included in "Pregnancyoptions".The choice of 5 themes:purple, gray, white, pink and blue,"White Summer".Widgets 2x1 and2x2 sizes.In the widget, you can put2 pictures option. Thanks fornew pictures to the userPeter.ATTENTION!Sometimes trial versionsare available with thechanges, improvements, fixes. These versionswill primarily onlyavailable to users of the "PregnancyCalendar".Joining the grouponGoogle+: software manufacturer to get involved in testing anapplication.After that may be available trial version for downloadfrom GooglePlay.Possible problems:- If the tab "The Kid" and"Woman" Black, thesettings need to change them on a whitebackground;- Timer incounter fights will show the wrong time whenthe device isreset.IMPORTANT INFORMATION:When installed on amemory card cancause problems with the display of the widget.Onsome devices, theapp is installed, the widget appears in the listonly after thereboot.Additional features:- The backup functionautomatically savesdata on weight, belly, and perturbations infiles. If you havemultiple devices, you can transfer files withbackup data to anotherdevice. Then, on the other device, the datais restored from thefile. In some cases, if the data on the newdevice is not yetavailable, the recovery can occurautomatically.Interface languages:Russian, English.For questionsand suggestions, please contact thedeveloper by e-mail.
Superhero Mommy's New Baby 1.0.1
Those super hero mothers are pregnant. They all made agreatcontribution to keep world safe, but right now they need yourhelp.Please escort pregnant super hero mom to labour room, do afullbody examination, and help deliver new baby. Since the motheristoo weak to take care of the baby, you need to help mom cleanthebaby, feed food and then dress beautiful clothes to the baby.Youwill enjoy a great pleasure that you never have before.Downloadthis unique game right now, let’s help the super heromoms!This isa girls' game & casual game & fasion game &kids game!Find more free online games, please browse No need to download!
Pregnant Mommy's Workout & Maternity Dressup 1.8
Kiddle Fiddle
Elsa has been pregnant for three months, and she needs to dosomeappropriate exercise to stay in perfect body shapewhilemaintaining good health diet. Please take her to the fitnessgymand help to keep her fit as a pregnant woman. Always checkweightto ensure health of mommy and newborn.Please give her a bathafterthe workout. Serve her with some juice and healthy items toeat.Also don't forget to take her for routine checkup till thenewbornis going to birth regularly. Dress her up properly to fitwith thecute belly bump she is carrying. Because all the mommysneed tostay fashion of style.Oh no! Looks like time is here to takeElsaat hospital. Call the ambulance now. After a wholebodyexamination, the doctor tells Elsa that she needs acaesareansurgery.The little one is newborn. So there are lots ofsteps thatneed to be finished before surgery gets completed. Pleasecompletethe treatment for both the mommy and the newborn.Thenewborn is socute. Please take care of him and give a proper tubwater bath.There are alot of cute newborn dresses and accessoriesto make thenewborn first homecoming so special for daddy. ►►☆☆☆AWESOMEFEATURES ☆☆☆◄◄☆ Give pregnant mommy Elsa instruction to workout.☆Give proper diet to eat for pregnant mommy after her workout.☆Takeher to routine checkups at hospital after proper dressup&makeup.☆ Make ultrasound scan to see little one condition.☆Performsuccessful C-Section surgery.☆ Play with her child &help herto dress newborn.☆ Make the newborn first homecomingspecial
Newborn Baby Triplets: Mommy Care Nursery 1.1.6
Tik Tok
It is tough and difficult to for mommy after her triplet babynewborn childbirth. Mommy just gave birth to triplet baby afterherpregnancy surgery at the hospital. It will be really hard formommyto handle the baby care alone so you have to help her out intakingcare of her triplet baby and babysit them with her.Tripletbabymeans three babies, all new born, that too after arecentchildbirth. This means it is really hard on mommy to giveproperbaby care now alone. Daddy is not here right now so he can’thelpmommy with triplet baby new born childbirth baby care. Now itis upto you to relieve mommy from childbirth stress. Give mommy abreakfrom her new born childbirth baby care routine and see how itworksto take care of babies through baby games. This way you canturnthe content of the game from baby to also mom care because in awaywhen you do baby care you also do mom care since you’reshoulderingher troubles. Now that you have taken over as thebabysitter atbaby care day care there are things you need to do formommy andbaby hospital nursery care game. The most important stepis toprovide the baby with food on time because food is theessential ofevery human being and a baby will cry if he doesn’t getfood ontime. Since the baby is little there’s not much he can eat.Thereare a lot of options to choose from. The food items in thegameinclude;- baby food- cereal - juice- fruits - vegetables-donutsAllfood items are made to fit the triplet baby diet andtendency toeat their baby food. Baby food is essential because babyfoodcontains all the compressed nutrients that we can’t give tobabiesin its raw form since it is solid and the triplet can’t chewon it.So make sure to give triplet baby their baby food. Baby foodisessential. In your triplet baby nursery day care babycarebabysitting course, the next step is cleaning which meansbathingthe triplet baby. IT is bath time!! First of all the babydiaperneeds to be changed so that the triplet baby can be ready fortheirshower time. Give them a shower in a row. The bath tubsceneincludes;- shampoo - soap - then towelling - whilst thetripletbaby play with toys. After the cleaning bathing it’s timeforpampering in which the triplet baby need to be dressed up foragood night. This includes; - putting on new diaper - babypowder-give them either a pacifier or a feeder - then put ondressing Youcan get toys for the triplet baby by using game coinsyou will earnthrough different activities in the game. And lastly,is thesleeping time. Set the triplet baby is their bed, give themtheirpacifier, cover them in a blanket and turn the lights off.Thatconcludes your baby care of the day. Thank you for helpingmommy inher process of every day baby care. She is really happy tohave ahelping hand in her triplet baby, baby care routine. You canjoinin again any time for more baby care to help the mommy as muchasyou want!! ***GAME FEATURES***Multiple mommy and triplet baby,babycare characters Different and fun baby care activitiesFeeding,cleaning, caring, playing and sleeping day care babycareactivitiesFun and exciting features and game play Cutesoundeffects to please the triplet baby and the babysitter
Indian Pregnant Mommy Emergency Surgery 1.4
D Union Games
The beautiful Indian Mommy is about to give birth to first childandis very happy. As its first delivery for the mother, itseemsdifficult and needs emergency surgery. If you like to be asurgeondoctor, you have the opportunity to show the world that youhavethe skills.The Indian Bride and Groom is just married beforeoneyear. They have mutually decided to give birth to a childthisyear. On the very first night after the wedding/Suhag rat,IndianGirl got pregnant. They got signs of pregnancy on the veryfirstmonth in first pregnancy test. If you want to become thedoctor ofpregnant mommys, come operate the Indian lady and have funwiththis surgical simulator game. Super Indian Barbie Girl ispregnant!She's having one last check up before the pregnancy. let'shelphelp pregnant mommys get a super baby!There are a lot of funtoolsyou can use to take her body temperature, make sure bloodpressureis under control and measure her heart beat. After you'vemade sureeverything is going well, go ahead and take blood samplesfor thefurther diagnosis. Prescribe Indian babi and suggest to eatfruitsto keep her vitamin levels up.use the ultrasound machine tosee ifthe baby is feeling well. Take the sonography and x-rayscannercheck up in this surgical simulator game. Countdown beginsas thedue date is coming near. Mom is expecting the natural babybirth.Visit the baby hospital for final maternity checkups. Doctorsaidthat pregnant mommy will give birth to a child verysoon.Doctornotifies that its an emergency situation for mom. Theyhave to dodelivery operation urgently. Doctors moved pregnant mommyto theoperation theatre for stomach surgery. Put her on the xrayscannertable. They have to rescue mommy and baby in pregnancyaffirmationsin the baby hispital. Take all pregnancy care for thePrincessmommy in this surgery games and operate the baby hospitalitself.Play on of the best emergency doctor games that includesfeatureslike heartbeat checkup, pregnancy care, baby birth,deliveryoperation, ovulation test, opk test and more. Play thisvirtualsurgery game on your phone to have real doctor experience ifyourdream is to become doctor. For a girl its very exciting andhappything becoming a mother. But for those mothers in labor,someemergency may happen. As an emergency doctor, please do yourbestto save her life. Bring health, care and safety to motherandbabies. Have fun in this emergency surgery gamesforfree!Everything is so virtual and realistic in this game thatwillamaze you and will make you play even more than you expected.Moreintense operations and virtual simulation surgeries to showthefuture doctors what it is like to be in an operation theatre.Workas the best doctor in town and show the other virtual doctorshowto operate in emergency situations.In BabyCenter take completecareof new born baby in this virtual family games. Indian youngwomanand her child is rescued from danger. Now you can handleemergencydoctor operation and operate now hospital for completefamily care.This is best kids games available on the store.
Pregnancy Music Collection 200 1.2.0
This app contains the best 220 music for pregnancyandbaby.Listening pregnancy music can reduce your stressandanxiety,and can develop your baby's brain. Make yourbabysmarter.Feature:-220 high quality pregnancy MusicCollection!-Manybeautiful pictures background!-Easy to use musicplayer!-You canadd Music to my favorite!-Sleep Timer-Continue toaddmusic!tag:Pregnancy,Pregnancy Music,Music forPregnancy,babymusic,music for babyNotice:If you are Android 7.0user, when thescreen turns off will go to dormant state and stopconnecting tothe Wifi. Please go to the setting and choose "Wifi",turn on thefunction "keep connecting the Wifi, even if dormantstate"then goto the "battery" setting, remove this app from the"SystemOptimization".Due to the System Optimization, the wificonnectionwill be cut off automatically while using the app.
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