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Roll the Ball® - slide puzzle 1.7.46
Roll the Ball® will stay classy, yet challenging. Are you readytoroll? 🎱ROLL THE BALL-SLIDE PUZZLE FEATURES🎱 ●Athought-provoking'roll a ball' game to sharpen your brain! ●FREE TOPLAY game withsimple premises, yet with challenging to masterlevels! ●AnImpressive number of puzzles to solve with over 3,000+LEVELS! ●Nopenalties & No time limit! You can enjoy the classicpuzzle atyour own pace! ●Bonus rewards & hints are available todoublethe excitement! 🎱HOW TO PLAY🎱 ►Move the blocks with yourfingertipto create an optimal path for your ball to roll to thefinish line!►Aim to reach for the perfect 3-star rating on eachlevel to set anew record! -Roll the Ball-Slide Puzzle is availableon mobilephones & tablet PCs. -Roll the Ball-Slide Puzzlecontains adsvarying from banners, interstitials, videos to houseads. -Roll theBall-Slide Puzzle is free to play, however, you maypurchase in-appitems, such as Ad-free & coins. We value yourfeedback! Pleasecontact us at [email protected] for any questionsor suggestionsVisit Bitmango to check out more of our projects! our Facebook to enrich your gamingexperience! Let's get readyto rollsome balls!
Plumber ® 1.18.3
App Holdings
In the hottest desert water is a scarce resource. A littleflowerneeds water to survive. Construct a pipeline and bring watertosave the flower. Reveal your Plumber skills in this freepuzzlegame. Simply turn the different pipe pieces by touching themandconnect all of them to make a complete pipe (that's the work ofaplumber !) and make the water reach the flower !There is notimelimit but you have limited moves for each round and you havetosave the flower before running out of moves (touching 1 pipe =1movement). So think about a good plumbing strategy before youstartworking on the pipeline. Good tactics are crucial!PlumberPuzzlecontains 200 free levels with an increasing difficultyandadditional level pack of another 100 levels!If you likepuzzles,Match 3 games, riddles and brain games this one will alsomake youthink.This game is really fun and requires strategy to fixthepipeline in as few movements as possible to become the bestPlumberin the desert!
Pipe Lines : Hexa 2.4.65
The KING of BRAIN TEASERS, PIPE LINES returns with Hexa! Doyouenjoy the puzzle games? Do you like the lovely colors? Herecomesthe perfect game for you, PIPE LINES : HEXA! HOW TO PLAY •Connectsame colors with pipe! • Fill the all honeycomb cells! •Becareful! The pipes can be cut off by other pipe! • Challenge3stars on all levels! FEATURES • Daily Puzzle for FREE •DailyRanking - Compare your record with others! • Hundreds oflevels! •Totally Awesome Rotate Mode! • Beautiful Game Art! •Musical SoundEffects! • Daily Reward for you! • FREE updates! •Support bothPhones and Tablets NOTES • "Pipe Lines : Hexa" containsthe adslike banner, interstitial, video and house ads. • "PipeLines :Hexa" is free to play, but you can purchase In-app itemslike ADFREE and Hints. E-MAIL • [email protected] HOMEPAGE• on FACEBOOK • [Required Permissions] - none [Optional Permissions]-Photo / Media / File: required storage access permission tosavegame data [Permission setting and withdrawal method] -Android6.0+: Device Settings> Application Management> SelectApp>Revoke Access - Under Android 6.0: Can revoke access bydeletingapplication Let's CONNECT!
Mind Games Pro 3.0.5
Exercise Your Brain! This is the unlimited, ad-free, version ofthehit brain training app. Mind Games is a great collection ofgamesbased in part on principles derived from cognitive tasks tohelpyou practice different mental skills. This app includes allofMindware’s brain exercising games. All games include yourscorehistory and graphs of your progress. The main app shows asummaryof your best games and today’s scores on all games. Usingsomeprinciples of standardized testing, your scores are alsoconvertedto a comparison scale so that you can see where you needwork andexcel. The Training Center selects games for you to play inorderto maximize your progress and enjoyment. Mind GamesincorporatesMindfulness exercises. Previous research has shown thatMindfulnessmay provide improvements in focus, working memory, andmentalflexibility for some. Research indicates that there may alsobeemotional benefits of Mindfulness. The app provides instructiononhow to use Mindfulness during game play and in your life.Otheractivities are recommended that previous research suggests mayhelpcognition for some (such as aerobic exercise). You may alsolearnnew memory strategies. No scientific research has yetbeenconducted to determine if the app’s particular implementationofMindfulness and brain training games has cognitive benefits. Ataminimum you can have fun challenging your mind with ourgames,learning a new meditation practice, learning about strategiesthatmay enhance your retention of information, and gainingknowledge inthe knowledge-based activities.Mind Games is also nowavailable oniPhone/iPad and Windows.Languages available: English,Portuguese,Spanish, French, German, Arabic, Russian, Japanese.
Pipe Twister: Pipe Puzzle 2.1.1
AppTornado Games
Pipe twister: an addictive free puzzle game! You are workingwithplumbings by tapping pipes to make a pipeline to connectcoloredwater flows from a source to the matching output pipe. Trainyourbrain by connecting the pipes in many challenging levels.Thisfunpuzzle game features:- Two adventure tracks (easy and hard)withmany puzzles to solve- Unlimited free play with the fast"QuickGame" mode that lets you play a new level- Puzzle of the Day:everyday a new challenge- Over time a lot of special optionsareintroduced requiring hard thinking. Connect crossing flow,addT-piece pipes, and mix different color flow where you connectpipesconnecting 2 colored liquids that will mix into 1. - Controlsandbeautiful graphics make it simple and fast to turn the pipestoform the pipelineUse the in app payments to disable the ads orbuymore hints.Download this game now and build an awesomepipeline.It's a fun puzzle game for kids and adults.
Plumber 1.0.14
Magma Mobile
Plumber is a free easy-to-use puzzle game with HD graphics inwhichyour job is to prevent a flood from happening ! Simply turnthedifferent pipe pieces by touching them and connect them togethertoform a complete pipe. When you create a pipe, you will reducetheoverall water levels. Make sur you anticipate apossibleoverflow!Two game modes are available: - Arcade mode:adjust asmany pipes as you can before the water overflows(includingbonuses/penalties)- Challenge mode: evolve through aseries ofvarying difficulty levels (200 levels) With Plumber, youhave toshow adaptability by developing effective tactics to becomeanundisputed plumber! Time to fix leaks!
PipeRoll 1.9
Best Apps House Ltd.
★★★ Over 10 million downloads on iOS! We have been working hardonthe numerous new contents as a thank you to all of ourfans!★★★Your task is to close the pipeline system as fast aspossiblerotating the pipes in the right direction. There arehundred levelswhich contain from one to four different liquids anda lot oftricks. Features: - 160 unique designed levels - 4differentliquids - country and city environmentsDevelop your mindby acolourful pipe puzzle game.Control the flowing liquids as asmartplumber.The device with Passmark Rating 700 or higherisrecommended forproperrunning. contains 30 levels.PipeRoll LevelSolutions:
Plumber 2 1.6.6
App Holdings
A little flower needs water to survive. Construct a pipelineandbring water to save the flower. Reveal your Plumber skills inthisfree puzzle game.Simply turn the different pipe pieces bytouchingthem and connect them together to form a completepipe.There is notime limit but you have limited moves for eachround and you haveto save the flower before running out of moves(touching 1 pipe = 1movement). So think about a good plumbingstrategy before you startworking on the pipeline. Good tactics arecrucial!Plumber Puzzlecontains 400 free levels with an increasingdifficulty.New levelpacks for your favorite plumber game. Now youcan train yourself tobecome an expert plumber and also save alittle flower. We supplythe pipelines , you discover the design.
Pipe Puzzle
Train your brain with Pipe Puzzle and become thefastestplumber.-----------------------How to play Pipe Puzzle:- Tapthepipe to rotate it- Make a pipe connection from the start pointtothe end point before time run out.Features:- Clean interface-Above1000 levels.Enjoy Pipe Puzzle
Pipe - logic puzzles 1.07
Water pipe - logic puzzles. Fix the water leak and be as aplumber.The purpose of this game is to connect the pipes. like aplumberyou need to connect the pipes to the right colors so thewater willflow. the plumber need to close all the water exits withthe pipes.there are many levels, from easy levels to difficultlevels.solving several pipes colors in one level. this is a greatlogicpuzzles game to increase your IQ and thinking abilities. wehaveother logic puzzles games, so check them out.
Pipe Puzzle Brain FREE 1.0.5
Conafox games
Easy to play and pleasurable game for all challenger. SimplyDragthe pipe blocks, and fill up all pipe line and do not let thewaterrun out. From now on, let's enjoy a simple and addictivepuzzlegame! Try it for FREE now!HOW TO PLAY★ Drag Pipe puzzleblocks tofill up the line.★ The Pipe Blocks cannot be rotated.★ Usemore andmore pipe block puzzle to make an amazing line on the boardand getmore score.★ No time limit!FEATURES★ Simple rules andEasycontrol.★ Various stages.★ Smooth and delicate animation.★ 100ofUnblock pipe puzzles in total for you to enjoy, it will be alongsaga to complete all the addictive puzzles★ Keep track of allthepuzzles you've cleared★ Hint system that will guide you throughthepuzzle★ In App purchase so you can buy unlimit hints whenyoureally need them★ Hours of entertainment for FREE! WithmanyMillion downloads already, you can't go wrong with thissuperaddictive puzzle gameNOTE☆ Support both Phones and Tablets.☆Thisgame contains banner, interstitial ads.
Pipes Ultimate Plumber 1.13.0
Pipes Ultimate Plumber is a game in which you, as a plumber, haveatask to work out a various logic puzzles. But there’s plentyofgreat games about connecting pipes. So how this game standsfromothers?Water must flow!All the best game modes in one app! Areyoua fan of classic modes in which the water flows after fewseconds?Or maybe you prefer to reflect on the problem that somepuzzlesmake. Or maybe you just like to rotate the pipes and analyzethemost efficient ways? In this game you’ll find all of this andmore,as you can choose from four different modes.• Classic - youhave aone random pipe that has to be placed on board. Only then youcanplace the next one. You have a few bombs to use in case you madeamistake. • Rotate - you can only rotate pipes that are alreadyonboard. You can’t create new ones neither delete the existingones.• Repair - In this mode all pipes are placed on the board,butusually in a wrong places. Your task is to move them to therightplaces using Drag-n-Drop• Setup - in this mode the map isnearlyempty. It’s your job to connect water emmiters and wells inaproper way. You have infinite elements that can also befreelydeleted.Variety of elements is the strong advantage of thisgame.Getting water from point A to B is rare. Water can havedifferentcolors, be converted to another color or split into a fewstreams,which make the maps more challenging. Handmade maps. Areyou tiredof games with 1000 levels and all of them looking exactlythe same?In Pipes Ultimate Plumber maps are notprocedural-generated. Everymap is created by designers and isevaluated and tested with payingspecial attention to uniqueness,fun and difficulty level.150levels is not enough? Don’t worry!OxGames provides an update everyweek, bringing you a pack of greatnew maps (from 5 difficult to 15easy ones). If you want to knowabout the next update just look upin the menu. You’ll find out notonly when, but also what will youget in this nextupdate.Competition?Of course! Due to the game’sconnection to GooglePlay, you can unlock achievements and fightfor the highest rank.Every pack of maps has it’s own rank. So ifyou feel good at onlyone mode, show others that you are thebest!Connecting pipes hasnever been so ultimate!
Plumber Game 18
KeyGames Network B.V.
Where's my water? Asks the gold fish! Sam the plumber has receivedafish, but the tap is not working. In Plumber Game you mustconnectthe pipes in order to get water to the fish. There's ablank tilethat you can move. You can move pipes to this position.I NeedWater, the fish screams as the 40 levels increase indifficulty. Thefish needs a smarter plumber with each level!Connect all the waterpipes in order to finish each level on time.Fish Needs Plumber -Features:- 40 challenging plumber puzzlelevels- The fish is out ofwater, help the fish get water- Awesomeplumbers- Connect the waterpipes to make the water flowDo you likeour games? Follow us on
Pipe Mania! 2.0
It's time to bring out the plumber in you!Pipe Mania is a fantastic plumber game with 4 great modes foryouto choose from.Free Flow : Make a pipe connection from the start point totheend point ensuring that all available slots are visited intheprocess.Fast Flow : Similar to free flow, with the extra challengethatwater runs much more quickly. So make that pipeconnectionfast!Stock : You only have a limited number of pipes, so usethemwisely to make the pipe connection.Train : Guide a block of water from start point to endpoint,reusing the limited pipes given.So what are you waiting for? Download and start havingfunnow!
Connect Water Pipes 1.3.3
G Soft Team
Play a simple and engaging game of connect pipes. Your goal istoconnect as many pipes and water as many flowers as you can.Themore you connect, the bigger and bigger scores you get. Withover350 levels this game will provide you with an incredible amountofchallenges and fun.Ready to train your brain and put yourlogicalskills to the test? Download and play now this awesome andfreegame of connect pipes. 351 FREE levels for you to enjoy.★ ★★FEATURES ★ ★ ★ ✓ 351 free levels of exciting fun filledwithamazing challenges that will keep your brain active. Each newlevelwill present you with a different objective.✓ 3 gameobjectives: •water a certain number of flowers• connect a certainnumber ofpipes• or both✓ Each level must be completed within alimitednumber of turns ✓ 5 types of pipes✓ HD quality graphicsandanimations that will look great on your phone and tablet✓wonderfulsound effects and music✓ Engaging, progressively moredifficult asyou move up through the levels! ✓ Connect Water Pipesis completelyfree to play. You can complete all levels withoutmaking a singlepurchase. However, if you want to speed up yourprogress, you canmake in-app purchases to get extra turns. Theaccount owner shouldalways be consulted beforehand. By downloadingthis game, youconfirm that you agree to our terms ofservice:★ ★ Support and FeedbackIf youhaveany technical problems, please email us [email protected] Please, don’t leave support problems inourcomments – we don’t check those regularly and it will takelongerto fix any issues that you might encounter. Thank you foryourunderstanding!Already a fan of Connect Water Pipes? Like usonFacebook or follow us on Twitter for thelatestnews: least, a big THANK YOU goes out to everyone who hasplayedConnect Water Pipes!
Pipes Puzzle 10.2
Burning Daylight
Pipes Puzzle game. Plumber mania game ! Logic games for all.Mindpuzzle. Plumber's pipes in puzzle format. Build complexpipes,solve maze puzzles, enjoy gameplay and have fun! Plumberadventuregame.Leave your comments here or send [email protected] : Let us provide the bestgamingexperience :)
Pipe, Pipes and Plumber 7
Klapa Games
You are the plumber and you have to fix this piping! Pipes arenotin the order, rotate them and fix this mess! Pipe, PipesandPlumber is a logic puzzle game. As in all pipes games you willneedto rotate pipes so the piping is fixed and the water can go toeachpipe. Features:- each pipe can be rotated- unlimited numberofpuzzles- simple ui, easy to controlBe a plumber and fix thepiping!
Plumber Deluxe 1.18
Spider Team
Plumber is a simple and classic puzzle game withDeluxe/HDgraphics.Rotate the pipes by touching them and connectthemtogether to let water flow to the overflow pipe.Keeps yourmindbusy. Its so much fun.Challenge the Brain limits, Are youready?Run Run.
Plumber Mania
Plumber Mania Returns!After Plumber 10k, Here comes PlumberMania.New Plumber Game from Puissant Apps. Do you like puzzles?Doyoulike Plumber/Pipes game? Did you always wanted more levels?Thisgame is for you.Plumber Mania has 10000 unique levels. ItsFun!!Thegoal of the Plumber Mania game is to connect the pipes toallow thewater flow from the top wheel to the bottom over flowpipe.Tricky.Keeps your mind busy. Its so much fun.Cannot solve thepuzzle? Trythe hints in the game.One of the best puzzles games onandroid.
The Room
Fireproof Games
Welcome to The Room, a physicalpuzzler,wrapped in a mystery game, inside a beautifully tactile3Dworld.*****************Praise for The Room:• Eurogamer “...resist hurrying and savour every sliding panelandtwist of a dial. The Room is the cave of mysteries fromeveryone'schildhood; a perfect encapsulation of the fear andpleasure ofdiscovery."• Gametrailers “The touchscreen controls really shine. A mustplay”Penny Arcade “This isn’t a title that is hindered by touchcontrolsas much as its set free by them"• Arcade Sushi "I couldn’t stop playing this fascinatingbrainteaser...beautifully crafted"• Indie Game Magazine "Fireproof Games has hit a home run"• Pocket Gamer “More suspense than a thousandbullet-riddledshooters"• Game Informer “Excellently produced, clever puzzlesandspine-tingling music"• Jaysisgames "The immersion overrides any sense ofyoursurroundings beyond the box" "The Room is eye candy forthemind."• IGN “The most realistically rendered objects in a mobile titletodate.”******How are you, old friend? If you’re reading this, then it worked.Ionly hope you can still forgive me.We’ve never seen eye to eye on my research, but you must putsuchthings behind you. You are the only one to whom I can turn.Youmust come at once, for we are all in great peril. I trustyouremember the house? My study is the highest room.Press forward with heart. There is no way back now.AS.******Fireproof Games are very proud to bring you our greatest creation,amind-bending journey filled with beauty, peril and mystery inequalmeasure. Be transported into a unique space that blendsspellbindingvisuals with intriguing problems to solve.• Unsettlingly realistic graphics: The most natural lookingvisualsever seen on a mobile device.• Spine-tingling single finger controls: touch controls sonaturalyou can play with one digit, to fully navigate thismysteriouslybeautiful 3D world.• Fantastical pick-up-and-play design: Easy to start, hard toputdown, the secrets of The Room will immerse you before you evenknowyou're playing.• Compelling layers of mystery: think you know what you'relookingat? Think again.
∞ Infinity Loop 5.58
∞ Infinity Games
Simple, relaxing, endless game. People love it! ∞ Infinity Loopisthe most trending game in 2018. It can be considered a puzzlegameabout creating intricate looping patterns or just theapplicationof using a simple concept: "connecting multiple things"and makefun out of it. Some people say this game is a good puzzlegame butwith a great zen mode. The goal is to clear your mind,remove thestress from your daily life without any pressure ortension tosolve the levels. If you are looking for a stress reliefor arelaxing game type, enjoy the loop! FAQ How to Play InfinityLoop?Connect all the lines and corners to make perfect connections.Itis like killing the chaos and reaching perfection. Watch thevideoto overview how it works. Check on youtube as well whereseveralpeople post the solutions. Nonetheless, we suggest you totry tofind yourself how the game works and what are you supposed todo.How to Play the Infinity Dark Mode? The goal of the dark mode istomake disconnections, breaking it all and not leaving a singlepiececonnected. How many levels the game has? Infinite. How can Isavemy game progress? Make sure you connect the app with GooglePlayGames on the settings panel (the button is in the bottom ofthegameplay). This way your progress won't be lost. If youfacefurther issues reach us by e-mail. Do I need to pay anythingtoplay Infinity Loop? No. The original game is 100% free. There isnoneed to pay anything for the original game. The game is freeforunlimited levels. Only if you opt for the secondary game,called"black mode", you may need to pay a coffee for it after level100.I don't feel the game is challenging. Why? The challenge foruswould be making the game with increasing difficulty after acertainlevel while at the same time relaxing and allowing infinitylevels.So how could level 100.000 be more difficult than level10.000? Itis hard. So as we cannot have the best in all worlds, wehave optedto make it relaxing for now. Note: This game is alsoavailable onAndroid Wear and Android Watches. And it's very fun aswell!Concept and Development: Jonas Lekevicius, BalysValentukevicius& the WebAvenue LTD Team Design & LogoCopyright: AliceGmyrko & the WebAvenue LTD Team
Brain It On! - Physics Puzzles 1.6.6
Orbital Nine Games
Deceptively challenging physics puzzles for your brain! Drawshapesto solve challenging physics puzzles. They're not as easy astheylook. Care to give one a try? ◆ Dozens of brain bustingphysicspuzzles, with more being added all the time ◆ Compete withyourfriends for the Brain It On! crown ◆ Multiple ways to solveeachpuzzle, can you find the best solution? ◆ Share youruniquesolutions and compare with your friends All the levels canbeunlocked for free by earning stars in previous levels. Youcanalways find dozens of new player created free levels each dayonthe community screen. You can also purchase the game to removeallads, unlock all hints, unlock levels early, and unlock theleveleditor. Please note: purchasing the "No Popup Ads" optionjustremoves the ads between levels, purchasing the "Full Game"willalso remove the ads to get hints. If you like this game,pleaserate it and leave a comment. As an indie developer yoursupport isgreatly appreciated. Thank you for your help! If youdon't likesomething in the game, please email me [email protected] tell me why. I want to hear yourfeedback and comments so I cancontinue to make this game better.You can find me on Twitter [email protected], see the latest news onthe Facebook page at, or getall the details onthe website: I hope youenjoy Brain It On!
Brain Games 0.1.9
Train your memory skills! Best puzzle games to workout themindThisapp consists of quick games to test memory andconcentration -every game takes about 1 minute.These brain teaserscan bespecially useful between study sessions or work to distractthemind.Good games for kids, girls, boys, adults, aliens everyonewholoves puzzles, memory tests, brain puzzles, memory trainersandother cool things. :-)The games will always be free andhopefullythe app will be updated with more games. Quick summary:1st: makethe largest possible rectangles with blocks of the samecolor.2nd:remember the pattern and touch the squaresaccordingly.3rd:remember the numbers order and touch the circles inthe sameorder.4th: the numbers game with different time settings,to beused as a training mode.Please leave a comment if you likedit!Hopefully this app will help you in some way :-)
Brain Games 6.1
Godline Studios
**** MULTIPLAYER MODE **** - Play in real time against peoplefromall over the world. Your brain also needs exercise to stayfit!!With this application you can improve your short-termmemory,visual memory, concentration, speed, calculation,reasoning...Train to improve your results !! Brain Games consistsof 32 gamesthat will train the math, memory, logic and observation.Do thetest to find out what your skills and compare them withfriends andpeople around the world. Practice tests for a fewminutes a day forbest results. This is a game for both children andadults of allages. Try to unlock all the achievements of theapplication Connectwith Google Play Games and compete againstpeople from around theworld!! Available languages: - Spanish -English - French - Italian- Portuguese - Chinese - Japanese -Korean
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