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Learn to read in Spanish 5.1.2
C&C - CarrionCastillo
Learning to read in Spanish is the ideal application forelementaryschool children to learn to read in Spanish, to know thealphabetand to learn grammar easily and in a fun way in theireducation.Reading is not a game but your children can learn to readinSpanish in an entertaining and interactive way with LearningtoRead in Spanish. It consists of four sections to educatechildrenin the world of reading: - Introduction to Reading, wheretheconstruction of syllables is educated to learn to read inSpanish.- Vocabulary. With different sections that will becompleted: Learnto read in Spanish how different animals arewritten, Learn to readin Spanish how to write Garments, Learn toread in Spanish how theForms are written, Learn to read in Spanishhow musical instrumentsare written, etc. - Spelling rules. Anecessary tool in educationto learn to read and write effectively.- Readings narrated byPilar Castillo, writer and narrator of thesame. Thanks in advancefrom the C & C team - CarrionCastillo
READING AND WRITING FOR CHILDREN IS THE CONJUNCTION OF SEVERALWORK, THAT ALLOW CHILDREN identify syllables, words , and beginwritingproperly,INTENDED TO preschool and elementary level,although it isfriendly to the little ones.IF YOU ARE TEACHEREDUCATOR , find thisapplication a handy tool to enhance knowledge ,ENJOY THIS AND ALLOUR CHILDREN'S CONTENTSPANISH
Learn to read 20
aprender jugando
Learning to read is an educational game for tablets andsmartphonesthat is dedicated todevelopment of learning to readandwriteLearning to readIncludes:1. Instruction to each ofthegames.2. Result in each of the games where are detailedthesyllable type, time and the attempts.3. Lots of images withtheirrespective sounds to entertain children while they play.4.wordsaccording to the number of syllables:• monosyllabic•disyllabic•trisyllabic• polysyllabicThe game is ideal for learningto read andwrite , children become aware that words are dividedinto smallerunits called syllables and so the child will acquirethe ability toseparate them.In this way, the previous contens toreading andwriting are stimulating and working.The game is idealforelementary school children, pre-kindergarten, andkindergarten.-Web: GooglePlus:
Learn to Spell & Write 1.51
Orange Studios Games
Is a educational game for learning to write, read andimprovespelling. The game is designed for the whole family. Helpkidslearn how to spell and recognize words, in English andSpanish.With funny pictures, this game help improve her vocabularyskillsevery day. Kids and parents will spend endless hours offunDragging the big and colorful letters into their correctslots.With each correct word Spelled, they earn coins which can beusedto unlock other collections of words. When select each letter,apleasant voice says it, so the child will learn to pronounceit.Can choose between different levels of difficulty according totheage of the child or adult. The language to practice and the useornot of clues.In the "easy" level, the children will be guidedbythe application about how to spell every word, teaching themtoread and write. It works perfectly in all smartphones andtablets.*** FEATURES *** ★ All content is 100% FREE ★ 9 CollectionsofWords: Animals, Holidays, Food, Tools, Instruments,Christmas,Clothes, Home & Vehicles ★ Over 650 words to spell ineachlanguage ★ 3 Difficulty Levels ★ Use of Clues. ★Supportedlanguages: English and Spanish ★ Learn vocabulary hasnever been somuch fun ★ Learn the letters of the Alphabets ★ Learnthe spellingto popular and simple words ★ Learn how to pronouncethe letters ofthe alphabet ★ Learn to associate words with theirimages ★ Letterscan be dragged across the screen onto targets,helping to improveyour Kid hand-eye co-ordination ★ Voiceovers tohelp to learn howto say each Letter ★ Simple design and veryintuitive. *** DO YOULIKE OUR APP? *** Help us and take a fewseconds to rate it andwrite your opinion on Google Play. Yourcontribution will enable usto improve and develop new free games.
Read and Count 3.2.4_comAds
Apps Bergman
If your child is starting school, learning this application canhelpyou.Your child learn while having fun.ALPHABET Completealphabet andillustrated A-Z, children can learn to speak and writeeachletter.Alphabet activities are: - "We will complete thestraight.Drag the letters to the right places".- "Click thecorrect letter".-"Let's find the first letter". NUMBERS Childrencan also learn tospeak and write the numbers 0-100 and evencounting on fingers of0-10.The activities of the numbers are: -"We will complete thestraight. Drag the numbers to the rightplaces".- "Click the correctletter".- "Let's see if you learnedhow to count". ADDITION ANDSUBTRACTIONAddition and subtraction ina simple and easy to learnway.The activities of the numbers are:-Add.- Subtract.- Try to findout the result using dominoes.SIGNLANGUAGE Contains the entirealphabet in sign language. Signlanguage activities are: - Memorygame.- "Let's find out theletter".- "Let's find out the signal".VOWELS ANDCONSONANTSPresents for the children the group of vowelsand theconsonants, with activities to train where to use eachletter.Theactivities of the vowels and consonants are: - "Click ona vowel tocomplete the word".- "Click on a consonant to completethe word".GEOMETRIC SHAPESTeaches how to talk and draw the 4 maingeometricshapes (square, circle, rectangle and triangle) givingexamples ofobjects that have these forms.The activities of thegeometricshapes are: - Memory game.- "Click the right way".- "Howhas thisobject?" ANIMALS The children can learn the names ofanimals andsound that they make. Are 52 animals with real image.Theactivitiesof the animals are: - Memory game.- "Find out whatanimal". -Illustration to color.COLORSAre 12 colors, the mostpopular, with 2examples of each (which can help the child todifferentiate onefrom the other).The activities of colors are: -"Click the correctcolor".- "What color is this [example]?". - Blankcanvas to draw,talking about the name of each color tochoose.MUSICALINSTRUMENTSAre 30 musical instruments. Teach the nameof eachinstrument, with real image and the sound each does (2samples foreach instrument).The activities of the musicalinstruments are: -Memory game- "What instrument does that sound?" -Illustration tocolor.Liked it?And all in a single applicationabsolutelyfree!Available in Portuguese, Spanish and English.I'msure yourchild will love!
Alfabeto - Spanish Alphabet Game for Kids & Adults 14
Alfabeto en Español - Spanish Alphabet Flashcard Set(Abecedario).Ifyou want to learn Spanish, this Alphabet learninggame is for you.You can start to learn with a simple alphabetletter in the front& picture in the back. Click on the soundsbutton to hear theproper Spanish pronunciation of the word.Thegame includes basicSpanish words that everyone should learn.Theeducation game alsoincludes writing exercises that are designedfor teenagers andadults learning Spanish as a second language.Over free 100 Spanishalphabet and picture word flashcards plusover 400 Spanishhandwriting learning activities that can teachkids Spanish as wellas adults!This Spanish learning app is anindispensable educationaltool to help students of all ages. Fromthose just learning basicSpanish to those wanting to learn moreadvanced Spanish words.★Language: Spanish★Free Ad-supportedversion.★Age Level: 1-99★Title:Alfabeto en Español Studios
Super ABC! Learning games for kids! Preschool apps
Bini Bambini
Baby ABC for kids who want to learn letters and sounds of thewholealphabet! Kindergarten education with free learning gamesfortoddlers age 3 - 5!✍️👆📚 Learning to read is extremelyinterestingand very exciting with Super-fun game. Playing withamusing Superletters for kids, your children will get familiar withthe babyalphabet for toddlers. Your children will learn how towrite andpronounce letters, as well as develop beginning readingskills.👶There are many educational and fun games:📌 GETTINGACQUAINTED WITHLETTERS AND SOUNDS:"Pop up Bubbles with Letters!"Collect thecorrect letters in a bucket of paint.📌 LEARNING TOWRITELETTERS:"Write a Super Letter!" - write your animated letterswiththe help of the magic paint. Educational games for children.📌KIDSLEARN TO READ WORDS:"Letters in Boxes!"- catch running lettersandmake words out of them. Assemble a cute character fromconstructionpieces and watch it come to life! Abc sounds. 📌REINFORCING LEARNEDMATERIAL:"Friendly Chase!" - catch all of thecharacters that startwith the given letter and put them in theircorrect place.SuperABC! Free Learning games for kids! Preschoolapps:🔵 An entertainingform of tracing abc!🔵 Funny animations &amazing music!🔵Hilarious sound effects!🔵 A large variety of freelearning gamesfor toddlers age 3!🔵 Parental control🔵 No outsideadsEducationalgames for children whose parents are interested indevelopingattention span, fine motor skills, creativity andimagination.Learning letters and sounds.We are in absoluteconfidence thatalphabet will help your kids learn to readkindergarten, learnletters and sounds for kindergarten, andestablish a solidfoundation for good reading skills! Baby ABC forkids Learnalphabet for toddlers!This tracing ABC kids app has beencreated byBini Bambini, a software company which developseducational gamesfor preschoolers Our app is distinguished by highquality contentwith particular attention to design. The purpose ofall our gamesare aimed for all-round development. Kids games fortoddlers helppreschoolers to develop memory, attention span,vocabulary andspeech, as well as logic and fine motor skills.As acompany westrive to make our games for kids 3 years free practical.Our appsare oriented on all-round development.
Monkey Junior: Learn to read English, Spanish&more 24.0.8
Early Start CO.,LTD
Monkey Junior is currently the #1 Learn-to-read programwithmillions of happy learners and counting. Children can learn6languages: English, Spanish, Chinese, French, Russian,andVietnamese. Monkey Junior has built a massive andcomprehensivelesson system so children are always ready to learnevery day. Eachlesson lasts around 10 minutes, and children canlearn one or morelessons each day. No preparation required forparents. It is fast,fun, and effective. The curriculum in eachlanguage is divided intodifferent levels, each of which guides yourlittle readers to learnfrom individual words and phrases tocomplete sentences along witha wide range of phonics rules.Children can simultaneously learnproper pronunciation, how tocombine tones to form words, how torecognize whole words, and howto apply recently learned words toparticular situations. Not onlydo your children improve theirvocabulary and their pronunciationbut they will also be enrichedwith encyclopedic knowledge. Ourreading program covers 30+ topicsfamiliar to kids, ranging frombasic topics such as animals,actions, body parts, and things athome to advanced ones such asoccupations, businesses, and science.Our reading program usessight, sound, and touch to keep yourchildren engaged in the wholelesson. We have a huge multimedialibrary with 48,000 images, and16,000 interactive videos that areused to illustrate all words andsentences. Monkey Junior alsoprovides a collection of diverseinteractive games and prizestickers after each lesson thatdefinitely attract and inspirechildren when they use the program.Monkey Junior is proudlyconsidered one of the most comprehensiveprograms available to teachchildren to read. SUBSCRIPTION: -Subscribe to unlock unlimitedaccess to all lessons in multiplelanguages. - Payment will becharged to iTunes Account atconfirmation of purchase. -Subscription automatically renewsunless auto-renew is turned off atleast 24-hours before the end ofthe current period. - Account willbe charged for renewal within24-hours prior to the end of thecurrent period and identify thecost of the renewal. - Subscriptionsmay be managed by the user,and auto-renewal may be turned off bygoing to the user’s AccountSettings after purchase. - Nocancellation of the currentsubscription is allowed during an activesubscription period. - Anyunused portion of a free trial will beforfeited when the userpurchases a subscription to Monkey Junior.MAIN FEATURES: - Learnmultiple languages - 5,500+ lessons in total- 3,000 categorizedwords; 6,000 sentences illustrated by 8,000images and videos ineach curriculum - Text highlighted along withaudio - Interactiveeducational games - Stickers as a reward aftereach lesson -Multiple profiles supported - No advertising, pop-upads, or linksto other sites DOWNLOAD MONKEY JUNIOR NOW TO HELP YOURCHILD LEARNTO READ! About Us Monkey Junior is developed by EarlyStart Co. Aswe specialize in early education, our motto is“Education starts atbirth.” We believe that education should bejoyful and engaging. Wehave helped millions of children becomeconfident early readers,and we can help your kids be one too.Support Have questions?Please email us at [email protected]
Learn to read 1.0.15
Edutalk Indo Studio
This application was introduced vowels and consonants and howtospell a word which has one syllable, two syllables, threesyllablesand example sentences and also a quiz to pratice childreninreading , In this game accompanied with pictures, soundandanimation so that children do not feel bored to learn toread.Alsoprovided sound mode on and off to facilitate learningforchildren's pet.For training modules, we add modulesquiz.Sebagaientertainment modules, we add modules rhymes inIndonesian andEnglish which is expected to serve as an educationaltool as well.
Starfall Learn to Read 3.11
The Learn to Read index content from the website isnowa FREE app!The Starfall Learn to Read FREE app is made possiblebythe member supporters of, a publiclysupportednonprofit. The activities at motivatethroughexploration, positive reinforcement, and play. Since 2002Childrenaround the world have learned to read with Zac the Rat —and yourchild will too! Each numbered section features a vowelsound andits related spelling. Your child will hear, touch, readandeventually master this sound-spelling through a variety ofengagingactivities, movies, and songs. Encourage your child to playandexplore! Your child will come to recognize the relationshipbetweenspoken and written language while having fun learning toread. Thisapp is excellent for emerging readers and Englishlanguagelearners.
ABCD for Kids: Learn Alphabet and ABC for Toddlers 1.3.2
ABCD for Kids - Learn Alphabet is one of our best educationalgamesfor kids which provides learning alphabet for kids andtracingletters in a playful manner so that preschoolers learn abcandletter sounds quickly, easily and with a lot of fun.What doesouralphabets learning app for kids teach your baby?- Ouralphabetgames for kids to learn make your kid learn letters ofenglishalphabet, learn russian alphabet and alphabets of someotherlanguages;- Alphabet sounds learning app teaches topronouncecorrectly vowels and consonants of the abc for toddlers;-Practicewriting letters: our kids alphabet games include tasks inwhich atoddler learns to trace letters;- Playing our alphabet gamesyourchild will develop phonemic hearing;- Abc toddler games containalot of new words, so your baby will expand vocabulary;- Babyabclearning games for infants stimulate fine motorskills.Killerfeatures of our a to z alphabet for kids:1) Ourtoddler abcincludes 100 vivid and memorable cards with images toillustratewords that begin with different letters;2) This abctoddlerprovides sequential study of each letter: listen, recite,writeuppercase and lowercase letters, learn the words that beginwiththis letter;3) Such abc baby games as learning abc has taskstoconsolidate the learned letters: outline puzzles in which kidsmovethe letter to the correct shape, and a quiz;4) Learn lettersandsounds for kindergarten: professional off-screen voice withperfectpronunciation spell the letters so that your kid receiveslearningthe sound and letters of the alphabet for free, andperceives allthe sounds to the ear and utters them correctly;5) Oureducationalgames for kids kindergarten like abc learning games makethealphabets of 4 languages available: Russian, English(englishalphabet for kids learning free), Spanish and Portuguese.Theknowledge of ABCs of foreign languages is useful for futurestudyat school. Apart from ABCs your baby will study manyforeignwords.6) Our ABC for baby can be downloaded for free. Ourfreevirtual abcd book will save your family’s budget andprovidevaluable education for your baby.Our abc for children canberecommended as:- learning games for toddlers age 2;- learninggamesfor toddlers age 3;- educational games for 4 to 5 yearkid;-learning games for kids 5 years of age.How to play our abclearninggames for kids preschool:Recognizing alphabet forkindergarten:let’s learn letters!1) Our abc learning letterstoddler begins inthe bathroom with bubble letters. At first, thereare only A, B,and C letters opened in the educational games forkids nursery. Butupon learning abcd for kids, the child will unlockother letters.After choosing a letter in our abc games for toddlersand babiesthere will be given 3 hilarious pictures of objects thatstart withit. The kid is to listen to the voice and repeat thewordsillustrating abc for babies. 2) Learning abc for baby -tracing andwriting letters.Our alphabet tracing games for kidsoffer to learnto write letters on the fence tracing the prompts. Inorder to abclearn and trace letters just take the brush and starttracingletters and numbers free with 3 capital and 3 small letterswithyellow paint!3) Guessing - a quizOnce you are finished,theeducation apps for kids with writing letters and numbersforkindergarten take your baby to the kitchen playroom. Here thetaskis to guess the picture that starts with the letter which yourkidis currently learning.4) Play with toddler alphabet writingandlearning - cut-outs.The last game among our learning gamesforkindergarteners is to position the letters into theircut-outs.Besides fixing the knowledge of ABC this game will trainyourbaby’s fine motor skills and develop attentiveness.The game,fullof bright colors and amusing virtual toys, has very clearandintuitive interface, so your toddler will cope with it easily.
Learn the vowels 22
aprender jugando
These are interactive games for preschool children, which areaimedto learn the vowels, improve their knowledge and stimulatelanguagedevelopment. The vowels are phonemes (sounds) that mayconstitutesyllables and even words, something that can´t do theconsonants.Its importance lies in the fact that they are thecentral base orstart of the whole reading - writing process,allowing the child tohave a comprehensive development in thismatter.These games consistin engage children in activities witheach of the vowels, startingfrom a visual approach, listening,vowels associations, listeningdiscrimination to recognition ofinitial, medial and final sound,among others.Learning throughplaying is fundamental as it enrichesthe teaching-learning process,increasing motivation and giving joyand satisfaction through theapplication.The games have educationalpurposes and are designed onthe needs of each child, whichpromotes a significant learning. Allsets have more than 200images, instructions and sounds. You areinvited to meet and havefun in “learningthroughplaying”.visit:www,aprenderjugando.clfacebook:
Learn to read Spanish 2.2.7 748
Educaplanet S.L.
Reading is one of the most important skills that can be taughtinpreschool and the first years of Elementary because it is thebasisof everything that our little ones will make at school and inmostof their adult life.Kids love computers and tablets, theyaredigital natives. We should take advantage of this torevieworimprove what they are already working at theschool.METHODLearn toread Spanish with phonics is designed for kidsfrom the age of 3until 6 or 7 years old and even adults to improvepronunciation.This method is divided into a section for tracingletters and 30lessons, starting with vowels and continuing with L,M, S, T, P, N,D, F, H, C, Q, CH, G, GUE, R, -rr- - R, B, V, G, J,GE, GUE, Y, Z,CE, LL, X, K.Each lesson contains 11 games, allavailable in twodifferent levels. Ideal for parents and teacherslooking for a wayto practice and ask the kids the first syllablesand words inSpanish. Encourage the child to listen and resolve theexercises;it is not necessary to understand everything.Learning toread is along process, which can take more than one year. Werecommendpracticing a few minutes a day and from time to time backto whathas already been learned and always adapting the type andlevel ofexercise. It is very important to be perceived as agame.LEVELSAllgames have 2 difficulty levels, which can be changedat any time.The child progresses at his own pace, you can interruptthe gameand come back another time. As the games get resolved, thechildobtains fruits.The first level is suitable for three years andinsome cases even earlier with help from parents or educators.Ingames it can be solved with the help of the statement. Thesecondlevel is more complex. We must invite them to work it out astheyare able to do it, but always remember that learning is andmust befun.As parents or guardians, we recommend that thedifficulty suitsthe child's abilities. In no event pressexcessively to completethe level or move to the nextstage.ABILITIES★ Visual and auditorymemorization★ Identificationand Association★ Discrimination★Understanding★ LiteracyOPTIONSOnthe home screen:- Enable / Disablebackground music- Play fullscreenAt Tikis menus:- Change the font:uppercase, lowercase, andcursive handwriting.- Enable/Disableautomatic activity: activemeans that after a number of exercisesset, will automaticallyswitch to another game.- Shuffle: rearrangethesyllables.ACHIEVEMENTS You can create up to three profiles(avatars)for different children and for each of them you can seethe progressat each level as well as the rights and wrongs and thedeterminedpercentage of which is represented in the form offruit.Fruits are afun way to motivate kids to continue playing.When you have some inthe basket, click on it to give them to thelittle aliens. If youwant a more complete picture of progresspress on the repotrs buttonat tikis screen.GAMES** NEW ** THEALPHABET:Listen and learn towrite each of the letters of thealphabet, the syllables and somewords in different modes: trace,copy and free mode. Choose between3 different types of letters:upper case, lower case andhandwriting.For each lesson you willfind 11 games:1. DOLPHIN:Presentation of the word and its parts.2.BALLOONS: Identificationof the letters of the syllable.3. CLOUDS:lace shape of eachsyllable.4. CRABS: Formation of syllables fromletters.5.BUTTERFLIES: Identification of syllables.6. BEES:Identification ofthe initial syllable of words.7. SNAKE: Formationof words usingsyllables.8. MONKEYS: Formation of words fromletters.9. PARROTS:recognition and word reading.10. MOUSE: Theorder of the words andsentences reading.11. SNAILS: Formation ofsentences from words.Sendyour feedback or technical queries:[email protected]
my reading words 0.18
Pella Workroom
The purpose of "my reading words" is to facilitate the reviewofsight words during the reading learning process.The mostpopularlist of words are included, the "Dolch sight words list" andthe"Fry words list"; a third list can be created by addingthespecific word you want your child to review, e.g, the wordlistsgiven to your child at school.Select the list you want toreviewand the groups of each list will be displayed.The "Fry wordslist"is widely accepted and includes the words that are used themost inreading and writing. The list is divided into ten levels andthendivided into groups of twenty-five words, based on frequency ofuseand difficulty.The "Dolch sight words list" is a list offrequentlyused English words compiled by Edward William Dolch, amajorproponent of the "whole-word" method of beginningreadinginstruction. The list contains 220 "service words" that haveto beeasily recognized in order to achieve reading fluency intheEnglish language.In addition, there is a list of 95 nounsoffrequent use in the English language. These lists arestillassigned as sight words to be recognized in elementaryschools. Thewords are organized by levels with increased difficultytop tobottom and left to right. The last row corresponds to thelist ofnouns, divided in 5 blocks.The words in "my own list" areyour ownwords. Here you can include the list of words given to yourchildby the school. To add words to this list, tap on the groupwhereyou want to include the words and then tap on "display group".Youcan export the words of each group to a text file and importthem.You can use this feature to share these lists of words withtheparents of the class mates of your children.You can hear thewordsby tapping themNo Adverts
Addition and Subtraction 2.6
This app is designed to offer a fun and effectivelearningenvironment in which children can learn while they arehavingfun.In the Sums Game section and the Subtraction Game youwill findthe different levels at which the game is divided: easylevel,intermediate level and difficult level.In each one of thelevelsyou will find differents games that the child will graduallylearnto add because this app is designed so that pressing on anumberthis is lit in red color if the answer is a mistake and greenifthe answer is correct.When the child does the sum and pressthecorrect number and turns green they just have to press the"next"button to move to the next sum.In this way the child cancompleteall the sums for himself because the app shows him at alltimes ifthe answer was correct or if he made a mistake.
Writing the alphabet 2 1.7
aprender jugando
Learning the alphabet for children (abc kids), is aspecialeducational game to learn to write or draw the letters ofthealphabet through writing.This game has exercises to trace theshapeof alphabet letters, so your child can practice theschooleducational content at home.It's an application that teachesandhelps children learn the alphabet (abc), in a guided andfunway.features- Complete alphabets for two languages (Esp-Ing)-Drawletters- letter sound- Draw freeIf you liked this applicationoflearning to read and write, please rate us and leave us acomment,because it motivates us to work. Thank you so much :)Morefungameswww.aprenderjugando.clkids spelling and learninggamewordgames for kidsDraw lettersabc kids alphabet kindergartenkinderletter free toddler school educational learningletterstoddlersshape of number and letter AlphabetTracing drawinggames
হাতে খড়ি (Bangla Alphabet) 3.0.7
shurjoMukhi Limited
Hatekhori, which is an App to learn to read and writeBanglaAlphabet with animation, interactivity and audio, is here tohelpchildren learn Bengali Bornomala. This Android App is thebestanswer to the question, "How to learn Bengali alphabeteasily?". Itis a self-motivated Bengali learning and readingplatform. Anyone,either children or adults, can learn the Bengalialphabet withtheir correct pronunciation and begin to learn readingand writingBangla in a fun and interactive way through theHatekhori classicAndroid App.Users can learn not only Bengaliletters but words andtheir spellings, sentence making and also canpractice handwritingusing their fingers as a pen. The HatekhoriClassic Android App isespecially suited for pre-school children,just beginning to learnthe language and for adults, who wish tolearn as well. Also, youdon’t need any kind of internet connectionor mobile internet touse this app. You can use it offline. Bestpreschool learning appfor toddlers, also good for any earlychildhood education stage.
Educational Games. Word Search 1.8
Do you like Word Search? Kids will love this game!Word Searchforchildren is designed for children from 5 years old, helping themtolearn to read and write words, or improve their reading andwritinglevel.This game is a classic mental challenge for children.Findthe hidden words! 3 levels of difficulty, from very simpletochallenging. Edujoy's word search is perfect for hoursofentertainment and for training your mind.DIFFERENT LEVELSOFDIFFICULTYThis game has different levels of difficulty, whichmakesit perfect for any child to find words on the same subjectwithin acomplete chart of letters.Simple level: The grid is 5 X 5so it iseasy to find the words and solve the puzzle. In addition,the tracksystem helps the little ones continue with the game evenif theyget stuck.Middle Level: The grid in this case is 7X7. Idealforslightly older children as the difficulty beginstoincrease.Difficult level: The grid is 9X9 and the games begintoget complicated. This is a level aimed at children who havealreadyplayed word search previously.GAME FEATURES*This game iscompletelyfree* The game offers hints so children can use them whenblockedwith words.* Words in 6 languages. This game is availableinEnglish, Spanish, Italian, French, Portuguese and Russian.* 15wordcategories: Choose between different themes of drawings andwords:food, animals, professions, sports, numbers, and more.*Hundreds ofwords to play for hours.* 3 levels of difficulty forchildren ofdifferent ages.* Pronunciation of each letter and wordso thatchildren learn to read easily.* Helps to develop fine motorskillsand coordination by moving the letters on the board.You willneverplay the same word search! Infinite possibilities! Our systemofcreating random games makes it always a challenge for you andyourmind. Thus, your kids will never be bored and they will alwayshavea challenge.A lot of themes: food, animals, transport,home,colors, sports, etc. Are you ready to solve hundreds of funletterpuzzles?This game tests the ingenuity of children and helpsthemlearn new vocabulary and associate images with words. On onehand,children will learn to differentiate letters from the alphabetandon the other, be able to form words and relate them toobjects.Inaddition to stimulating intelligence and attention,children reviewthe letters of the alphabet and their writing, whilelearning newwords in different languages.PRONOUNCE WORDSThis gameoffers thepossibility to hear the sound of each word proposed. Inthis way,children will learn to read and spell all words in 6differentlanguages and to identify their sound. This app can beused by kidswith dislexia or other learning difficulties, helpingthem toimprove their reading skills. EDUJOY EDUCATIONAL GAMES Thisapp ispart of an educational games collection created by Edujoy inorderto help kids develop new intellectual and motor skillsfromelements of their environment.All of our games are createdbyprofessional educators and psychologists in order toprovidepedagogical content, necessary for the intellectualdevelopment ofbabies and children.We love creating educational andfun games foryou. If you have any suggestions or questions, feelfree to send usfeedback or leave a comment.
Letters numbers and vocals 1.0
Robert Smart co.
This Novel game, help them identify their tots to the basics,suchas vowels, Numbers, Letters, Geometric Figures, Pets &Wild.Thegames contain very beautiful scenery, iterative sounds foreachobject, background music and awards medals per level.Allconsist ofa finger pressing the required indication, while theobjects arekept in motion.Each game contains several levelsidentified formedals and as it progresses and as many new items areadded tofinally get a trophy.Children will be entertained andacquirememory skills. While parents help them mark therequest.Gamescontain the first steps Children need for theireducation. Childrenolder than three (3) years.1. Members2. Letters(Alphabet).3.Numbers.4. Figures geometries.5. And Animals.The gamecan even helpadults starting with a new language, Spanish orEnglish.Example ofuse ..The game animals:By identifying the Animalthat will bepresented in a dialogue, its image will movements andsounds of theanimal, helping the child to familiarize image andsound of theAnimal ...The set of letters and vowels containsseveral types ofletters (uppercase, lowercase and italics) you canselect abuttonHave a nice experience with this iterativegame.Remember thatyour opinion is important to us, so we can shapethe game to yourliking.
Numeros 0-100 - Learning Spanish Numbers 11
A game designed for anyone learning Spanish.Learning towritenumbers in Spanish has never been easier!Numeros 0-100 -LearningSpanish Numbers, is a fun learning game for kids and adultsof allages. The basic numbers flashcard section is the designed toguideanyone starting to learn Spanish. While the new writingexercisesare designed for more advanced users and adults learningto writeSpanish numbers. Now includes 475+ new Spanish flashcardsand 1100+new Spanish writing activities for kids andadults!Language/Sounds:Spanish, Español, Castellano Pronunciation:European SpanishMenu:EnglishAd-Supported
Baby ABC in box! Kids alphabet games for toddlers!
Bini Bambini
Learning games for toddlers age 3 – unique method oflearningletters for kids & whole baby alphabet! Learn abc andlettersounds in ABC games for toddlers and babies with joyfulcharacters!📚 Your kid will catch living letters and puts themtogether intowords. There is also a construction kit of severalparts, a puzzlewhich can be assembled into a picture that depictsthe given word.As soon as the puzzle is ready, the picture comesmiraculously tolife! 🎁👶 📚 The animated, joyful letters in boxeswill help yourchild to learn the alphabet and to read more than 100differentwords! There are two learning modes of learning: readingbysyllables and reading by letters. 🤓 ✍️ There is a seriousapproachto teaching hidden inside of a humorous and entertainingalphabetgame for toddlers. Your child will love all those funnyanimatedletters, amusing animations, which will teach it thealphabet andhelp your child to learn reading. 😍 🤗 While playingwith theletters, your kid will easily learn the names of theletters andthe correspondent sounds, it will successfully read hisfirst wordsand also train his fine motor skills... 📌 "Baby ABC inbox! Kidsalphabet games for toddlers" is: 📕 26 animated charactersto learnletters and sounds for kindergarten! 📗 100 words to learnto read!📘 a two-in-one: learn the letters for kids and learn toread! 📙 afunny talking english: learning abc sounds 📕 learning thealphabetfor kids in two learning modes: read by letters, read bysounds 📗 agreat animated construction kit! 📘 100 cool puzzles forkids! 📙fascinating, playful learning in english! 📕 trains anddevelopsfine motor skills; 📗 sounds, letters and the whole alphabetforkids from 2 to 5 years. 📘 funny sound effects! 📙 theenglishalphabet for toddlers! 📕 original animated puzzles! 📗synchronizedletters and the whole alphabet! 📘 convenient interfacefor childrenfrom 3 to 4 years! 📙 pre-school learning for children!📕development of attention and imagination! 📗 parental control;📘ads-free. Abcd for kids with sound for 2 year baby helpwithspelling sounds and make first steps in learning to read! 🤓Aunique learning method: learn to read while assembling puzzlesandwords out of animated letters! 🎒We are in absolute confidencethatour apps will help your kids learn to read, learn abc andlettersounds and establish a solid foundation for good readingskills! 😉This app has been created by 🖐 Bini Bambini 🖐, a softwarecompanywhich develops kids games for toddlers 3 years ol andlearninggames for toddlers age 3. With our apps kids learn thealphabet,letters, numbers and phonics. The alphabet games preschoolhelp todevelop memory, attention span, vocabulary and speech, aswell asother basic skills. Children are exposed to learning abcsounds,writing and counting through building puzzles and doingsimplemath. Learn the letters for kids has never been so awesomeand fun!📚 👉 There is only a part of the content available in thefreeversion of the application. To gain access to the full version,youwill need to make a built-in purchase. 🙌 As a company we strivetomake our apps practical, instilling a desire forknowledge,interest in reading and studying. Our apps contain nothird partyadvertising and comply with the standards of “DesignedFor Family”.
LetterSchool - Learn to Write! 1.2.11
Download LetterSchool, the #1 handwriting app, and watchyourtoddler having a great time with this fun and educational gameforpreschoolers. Loved & played by more than 2 milliontoddlersand recommended by teachers & educational specialists.It’sbeen used at over 5,000 preschools and kindergartens toteachhandwriting to kids! • Learn how to write all letters of theABCalphabet and the numbers 1-10 with LetterSchool. • Playanddiscover 4 exciting preschool games per letter or number!•Practise essential phonics and writing skills. • LearnWORDSassociated with the letters! • Have fun while tracing letters&phonics! • Progress and settings stored for up to threeplayers. •Reach the gold level and discover new animations! Thislevel helpsyou keep track of your kids' results and it shows theexact copy oftheir handwriting! Important: The first 5 letters ofthe ABCalphabet, first 5 numbers, and 5 shapes you receivecompletely forfree, tracing and phonics, and in 3 font styles, it’sall included!The remaining letters can be easily added by making apurchase.That way we make sure we can keep on developing pre-kgames thatare available for everyone. HOW IT WORKS 1. Discover theshape,phonics, name, and sound of all the 26 letters of thealphabet, aswell numbers 1-10! 2. Tap the letter: learn where tostart to writethe letters and numbers and finish by tapping thedots. 3. Tracingthe letter: practice the letter trajectory bytracing games! Try itwith your toddler, it’s fun! 4. Write theletter: test yourknowledge by writing the ABC and numbers frommemory! WHAT’S IN IT• Uppercase and lowercase letters + numbers1-10 + shapes! • Choiceout of 3 most popular fonts in handwritingeducation. Our fonts arebased on the Handwriting Without Tearsstyle (HWT), D'Nealian styleand Zaner-Bloser style. • Two excitinglevels: Silver and Gold! •Portfolio of your kid's handwritingskills (the gold level). •Montessori materials & methods.LetterSchool is crafted withthe greatest care for preschool kids& toddlers. Parents andteachers can use LetterSchoolindependently, but a preschool thatteaches according to theMontessori principle can use LetterSchoolas a source for theirMontessori materials and methods as well.While there are many pre-kwriting apps available, we believeLetterSchool holds the best cardsfor learning pre-k childrenwriting their ABC's! Teachers inkindergarten are the fans ofLetterSchool, they know that learninghow to write is a tremendouschallenge for young children. They mustreproduce a huge number ofcomplex letter trajectories and memorizedozens of related phonics.Letter sounds must be associated withwords and numbers withvalues. LetterSchool ensures that kids absorball this knowledge asthey develop the fine motor skills they need.This optimalpreparation for handwriting gives them a head startupon enteringschool and kindergarten. PROUD OF OUR AWARDS: 🏆 WinnerTabby AwardsUsers’ Choice 2014 – Tabby Awards 🏆 Teachers With AppsCertified –TeachersWithApps 🏆 The app has been recognized worldwideby expertsas a tool for learning to read and write and it trulyshows! –iHeartThisApp 🏆 Learning a letter on this free educationalapp islike being on a great party, with disco lights, stars,andfireworks. Every letter is a surprise! – Apps4Kids 🏆 The kidsloveit! This app is right on track to help my son to be betterpreparedfor Kindergarten. - Kidz Let’s Play & Learn! G thispre-k gameand let your toddler discover the magical world ofletters andwords. Before you realize, they are writing the completeEnglishABC alphabet! Take action now and download this greateducationalkids app for free! If you have any question orsuggestions, pleasecontact us at [email protected] You canalso check our FAQpage on
Arabic 12.1
Learn Arabic : The app teaches you Arabic in a unique way basedonphonetic. It has everything you need : read, write,exercices,quran, learn clock in arabic. It's the best way to learnarabic andit's free arabic learning app it's as for beginners asfor advancedusers Arabic language, alphabet, arabic texts, time,writingarabic. there is also quran recitation with play, restart,loopfonctionnality. The Kids should start by learning how towritethere name and the names of the family members.
Spanish easy 1.9.8
natsamar APP
Free for a limited time. New to Android!TOP 10EducationaliPad/iPhone apps in Spain, Mexico, Argentina and othercountries¡¡EXPERT OPINIONS★ ★ ★ ★ ★".. Has all theingredientsneeded to make it educational, as well as fun. Providesthat thechild can play alone, without an adult with you to make thegamefun or effective feature that is not very common in this typeofapplications. It is undoubtedly one of the most recommended appsinthis category that are on the market. ""The illustrations areveryattractive visually and the audio is very exciting thanks totheuse of children's voices."Read Full Reviewat:★★★ ★ ★ AppsMama"If your children are beginning to learn lettersandto read this is your application ...""We would have found itveryuseful and an application with a very reasonable price for allthatit offers. Highly recommended. "Read Full Reviewat: to read is an educational gamefortablets and smartphones. Allows, with spectacular results,learnletters and improve reading, learning regardless of the stateinwhich you are. It is child's play, made for children, wheretheycan easily navigate through intuitive menus andstrikinghigh-definition images.The first level is aimed at childrenwho donot know the lyrics. After hearing a distinctive sound, thechildmust solve the puzzle, while learning the letters of thealphabetby playing and having fun. After solving it, appears aprettypicture that shows if you got hit while trying to guessthesound.The second level is for children who already know thelyrics.It is the best complement for how they form syllables andwords andallows them to quickly improve their ability to read.These formthe words that correspond to the sound heard. You have toplacethem in the correct order from left to right. If not, or iftheletter is placed in an inappropriate place, sounds an errormessageand the letter is placed below the rightful place really. Iftheletter is positioned correctly know the name of theletter.Giveyour child the opportunity to learn a multitude ofsounds andscenes of animals, atmospheric elements, transport, etc..
Kids learn ABC English 3.0.0
Ursa Games
ABC for kids is a fun and education application, which isdesignedto educate as well as to entertain, help children learnEnglishquickly and effectively. With this intelligent game, yourkids willremember new word better and pronounce correctly, developtheirmemory skills. Feature: - This education game has fourfunactivities : learn ABC, correct image, puzzle, quiz. * “LearnABC”: learn effectively 26 letters of the English alphabet andrelatedwords. Each letter come with a lovely picture, the letterandrelated words will be pronounced. * “Correct image” : findimagerelating selected letter. * “Puzzle” : Move the pieces to therightplace in order to recreate the letter. You can check childrenofmemory. * “Quiz” : arrange letter to make meaningful words,checkkids of vocabulary. - With colorful and attractive image,thiseducation game certainly makes learning more fun for yoursbabies,develops children of observation, concentration. Being somuch fun,it also will keep their attention for a long time. UrsaKids - wealways create the best fun and education game for kids.
Learn Korean Basic Words Free 3.7.9
Boreumdal Lab.
How to stick them:1. Select a course based on your level.2.Learnwords and phrases with sample sentences.3. Take tests toretrievewords in your brain.4. The words you answered wrong will beput ina list automatically and you can review them as much as youwant.5.Take tests anywhere anytime with the unlock screentest.Simpleretrieval practice improved results on various testsmore than manyother educational interventions.[ Features ]- Allcontents arefree- Over 1000 commonly used words and phrases- Everyword withsample sentences- Many tests: Listening, Speaking,Writing,Sentence Completion etc.- All contents are made by nativeKoreans.-Simple user interface[ Courses ]- Korean Alphabet:consonants-Basic Words series- Essential Adjectives...[ Tests ]-WordListening- Sentence Listening- Meaning Selection- WordSelection-Word Writing- Word Speaking- SentenceCompletionCopyright©Boreumdal Lab. All rights reserved.
Teach Your Monster to Read - Phonics and Reading 3.2.2
Teach Your Monster to Read is an award-winning phonics andreadinggame that’s helped millions of children learn to read. ●Covers thefirst two years of learning to read, from matchingletters andsounds to enjoying little books. ● Designed incollaboration withleading academics. ● Complements all syntheticphonics programmesused in schools. ● Suitable for school and homeuse. ● Now includesall 3 games! First Steps, Fun With Words andChampion Reader!Children create a monster and take it on a magicaljourney overthree extensive games - meeting a host of colourfulcharactersalong the way and improving their reading skills as theyprogress.The game is rigorous and works with any phonics scheme soit’sperfect for use in school and at home. It’s developedincollaboration with leading academics at the UniversityofRoehampton. It's commonly used in preschool, primaryschool,kindergarten and first grade as an interactive teachingresource.Features: ● Complements Phases 2-5 of UKGovernment-approvedLetters and Sounds and other major systematicsynthetic phonicsprogrammes. ● Absolutely no in-app purchases,hidden costs orin-game adverts. Perfect for kids! ● Available onAndroid phone andtablet. ● Suitable for ages 3-6. ● Designed incollaboration withreading experts from Roehampton University.
Multiplication Tables for Kids - Free Math Game 1.9.79
Multiplication Tables
Now doing multiplication is fun! Learn the tables while youplay.For children and adults. This free game is the best way tolearnyour multiplication tables (from 1 to 10) and improve yourgradesin elementary school while you play and have fun. It's a coolmathapp for children, school kids or adults that will help you tolearnyour times tables at home in an easy, step-by-step way.Thismultiplications game has: 1. A quiz game with 3 modes: normal(witha timer and lives), relaxed (without a timer) and learningmode(easy) 2. Head-to-head Mode: have fun with your friends inasplit-screen mode 3. Exam Simulator 4. Times tables referenceInthis math game, there are quizzes and tests to improve yourskills,measure your progress and stay on track to achieve yourgoals. Takeon the challenge and put your brain and your math skillsto thetest. Using this application will enable you tosignificantlyimprove your knowledge of the times tables. You'lllove doing yourmath homework! Multiplying won't be a problem!You'll ace yourexams. This app will help you get excellent gradesin math. Raiseyour child's IQ by helping them to understand theirmultiplicationtables and commit them to memory by getting thehighest possiblescore! It's perfect for primary school kids or foradults who needto refresh their basic math skils. Multiplicationtables are apractical educational game for everyone. Things will bea loteasier when you can solve and master multiplicationoperationswithout making mistakes. Train your brain, have funcompeting withfriends playing math quiz games, and enjoy math andtimes tables!With the app's new split-screen play mode, you cancompete againstyour classmates: who is the best math kid? Doingmultiplaction iseasy now!
Preschool basic skills, numbers & shapes 4.31
Shapes, colors, counting games, numbers, basic skills… With“DinoTim” kids in preschool age (3, 4, 5 and 6 years old),primaryschool and kindergarten will learn with no effort whilehaving fun.The educational games are entirely translated intoEnglish but, ifyou wish so, you can also use Tim the Dino to learnSpanish,French, Italian... You only need to switch languages! Itsuitsperfectly to every age although it’s specifically suggestedforkindergarten, preschool and primary school (3-8 years) andadultsof all ages. The game has voiceover to help children learningtheirfirst words. The game is perfect for the entire family! Enjoytheadventure! Some funny witches have abducted Tim’s family. Becomeasuperhero and help him rescuing them! Thanks to the good witch,youwill be able to fly and collect figures that will allow you todomagic and turn the witches into animals!! Children and adultswillexperience an exciting adventure, solving puzzle games withcolorsand geometric shapes, running, counting, flying, learning,jumpingand doing magic to unblock all the dino-characters and allgamemodes. EDUCATIONAL TARGETS: - Learn to recognise geometricshapes:square, circle, rectangle, triangle, pentagon and diamond. -Learnto count numbers (1-10) with counting games for kids -Enhancespeed, attention and psychomotoricity with the colorrecognizinggame: red, green, blue, yellow, etc. - Learn firstwords, letters,consonants and vowels (literacy -abc-) in a funmanner in hisnative language (English). - Start learning a foreignlanguage(Spanish, French, Italian…) for kindergarten, preschool andprimaryschool children (3-12 years old). - Resolve educationalpuzzlesabout different geometric shapes and numbers: squares,circles,rectangles, triangles, trapeziums and rhombuses. - Learnandenhance coordination and fine motor skill in youngsters. -Developvisual perception of different shapes, numbers and objectsinmotion. - Develop attention and concentration in kids inpreschoolage and elementary school. Our development studio,EducaGames, haswide experience in developing educational games andapps thatcombine learning and fun. Are you looking for freeeducationalgames for your children to learn and enjoy at the sametime? Sodon’t miss it and download the free educational games: DinoTim!Parents can try out the game for free. We recommend purchasingthefull version for children. Web: GooglePlus:
Kids Educational Games - Learn English 1.1.6
Dunia Anak Indonesia
Kids Educational Games - Learn English App is one of themostcomplete English Learning Kit and Free Kids Educational Games.KidsEducational Games - Learn English App contain basic wordsandeducation such as : Learning Alphabet / Letters andWritingAlphabet ABC , Learning Numbers 123 and Writing Numbers 123,MATHfor Kids (Addition and Subtraction ), Learning Colors,Learningfruits , Learning Animal and Its Sound , Learning Humanbody parts, Learning Transportation type, Drawing/Coloring Book,EducationalGames for kid ( puzzle games , numbers and lettersgames, memorymatch), Popular English Kids Song etc.Kids EducationalGames -Learn English App are equipped with funny voice , manyanimations ,Educational Games and kids song , making it veryattractive .KidsEducational Games - Learn English App also can beused togetherwith others app like ABC for Kids – Learn Alphabet,ABC Kids -Tracing & Phonics, Belajar Membaca , Kids LearningAlphabet andNumbers, Popular Kids Song, Indonesian Kids Song, LearnEnglish,Belajar Bahasa Inggris untuk Anak and Paket BelajarLengkapAnak.Kids can learn numbers, letters/alphabet, sing withfavoritekids song and learning English language with thisEducational Gamesfor Kids - Learn English Application.This app canbe used byParents, Teachers and Kids for learning & teaching tokidsmaking learning process fun and entertaining.Educational GamesforKids - Learn English menus:-***** NEW *****- Math for kids,Addition and Subtraction - Learning Human Body Parts-LearningTransportation Type- Learning School Supplies- LearningClothes-Learning Musical Instruments- Learning Basic MATH: AdditionandSubtraction*****- Learning Numbers ( read and write numbers 123)-Learning Letters / Alphabet (read and write letters /alphabetABC)- Learning Colors- Learning Shapes- Learning Animalwith animalvoice- Learning Fruit- Exercise / Quiz Numbers andLetters-Coloring the object (fruit or animal )- Educational gamesuch aspuzzle , memory games- Nursery Rhythm, Popular English KidsSongoffline
Writing the alphabet 4.5
aprender jugando
ABC Learning letters"Learn playing" gives you a very good gametolearn how to write the alphabet (abc kids) bypracticingwriting.The game is about the child write each letter ofthealphabet in an interactive mode, where the child learns eachletterof the alphabet intuitively, guided and in a fun way. thegameteaches children to recognize shape of number andlettersfeatures-Complete alphabets for two languages (Esp-Ing)-Draw letters-animal sound- letter soundOnline educational games-Facebook: GooglePlus: kids alphabet kindergartenkinderletter free toddler school educational learningletterstoddlersshape of number and letter AlphabetTracing wordgames
PopPopping Korean 1.0.0
Learn to read Hangeul, making exciting rhythm by combiningonsetconsonants, vowels, and coda consonants, with animationsforimage-sound associative learning of pronunciation based ontheprinciples of creation of Hangeul.1. Introduction'PopPoppingKorean', made by Hansol Education Co., Ltd., a prominentHangeuleducation company in Korea, is an application for foreignerstolearn Korean in an easy and fast way with fun. 2. Characteristics:PopPopping Korean is an easy, fun and fast way to learn Koreanwithmobile devices.1) easy : Induces for the user to easilyandaccurately emulate the pronunciation of onset consonants,vowels,and coda consonants through animations on the pronunciationofarticulators, which other conventional Korean textbooks lack.Theuser becomes familiar to the pronunciation of Hangeulthroughinteresting letter animations related to the sound ofletters.2)fun : Rhythm Hangeul game for the user to make a rhythmbycombining onset consonants, vowels, and coda consonants and mixthepronunciation of Hangeul. Comic character animations that showwhena word is completed.3) fast : Allows the user to become abletoread Hangeul within a short period of time after once learningonthe basis of the principles of creation of Hangeul, notjustmemorizing the letters.3. Components 1) Hangeul Pronunciation :Youcan view animations on the pronunciation of Hangeul.-Onset/Vowels/ Coda : animations on the pronunciation ofarticulators ofeach letter - Syllables : Learning of syllables(Combining onsetconsonants with vowels or onset consonants withvowels and codaconsonants) 2) Rhythm Hangeul : You can play theRhythm Hangeulgame. - Fifty words related to the Korean wave -Making a rhythm bycombining the onset consonants, vowels, and codaconsonants of thewords you have selected. - Comic animations withthe meaning of thewords 3) Secrets of Hangeul- Page forintroduction of principles ofcreation of Hangeul (Greatness ofHangeul/ King Sejong/ Principlesof creation of consonants/Principles of creation of vowels)
Educational Games 4 Kids 2.4
New pescAPPs game! This fun application contains 12 gamesdesignedfor kids. In English, Spanish and Portuguese. With thisgame kidswill learn:- The animals name and sound- Distinguishshapes- Learnto paint and colors- Time: Hours and minutes- Theemotions: angry,surprised, happy…- Piano: Musical notes and 12songs- Improve theirmemory, logic and concentration - Play 3 in arow - Play 4 in aline- Solve mazes- Pinball: Motor skills andspatial vision.Perfectfor preschoolers!Thank you for downloadpescAPPs games, with ourgames children can learn while having fun.If you have anyquestions or suggestions please contact us.
Phonics and Reading I Lite
★ IT WORKS! ★ This is a complete phonics and reading curriculumforbeginners. Over 52 hours of lessons! The first 10 lessons arefree!From introducing letter sounds to reading complete stories,thisadaptation of the time-honored McGuffey reading method comestolife as a rich interactive learning experience! Rightaway,students are engaged in letter recognition accompanied bycharminganimations. Phonics Flashcards follow up each lesson.Studentslearn at a natural pace. New words are introduced rightafterteaching the individual phonetic components. The student thenreadscomplete stories accompanied by the beautiful originalcolorillustrations of Robert Schoolcraft. Comes with games andexercisesincluding: • Word Truckin’ - Load up your truck with therightletters, and she’s off! • Train for Words - The train iscoming upthe mountain! But it needs the right words to keep onchuggin’! •Phonics Blender - Hear your own word creations with thePhonicsBlender! Thousands of fun possibilities! Other greatfeatures: •Supports up to 10 students, and provides studentprogress savingand tracking. • Teaches to visual, kinetic andauditory learners •Designed for non-readers • Accelerate studentsto first-gradereading level • Includes special font for dyslexicreaders This appis authentic to the original school book,“McGuffey's EclecticPrimer Revised Edition”. Invest in a readingtutor with infinitepatience - “Phonics and Reading with McGuffey”.
Learn Reading, Speaking English for Kids - BiBo 1.2.9
Bibo Learn English
BiBo Speak English is an educational application designedfriendlyfor children to learn English with visual interactivemethod. Theapp has many lessons which are varied in differenttopics suitablefor children. Each lesson contains the averagenumber of new wordswith clear sound and cute images, which helpschildren to memorizebetter. MAIN FEATURES● Help kids speak theirlanguage without theirparents : children will have a greatexperience in exploring newlanguage on their own and develop theirlanguage ability well. ●Children play speaking game to learn how tospeak English :children can learn and play in a natural andcomfortable way, whichhelp them maximize their language learning. ●There are variouslessons, all suitable for children: children willlearn differentand interesting topics with average amount of newwords in aninteresting way.● Images and sound are designed forchildren only:they help children to acquire and speak languageeasily andeffectively so that children can achieve solidfoundations.Developed by BiBo Learn English Studio.
English Pronunciation - Awabe 1.1.2
Have you ever wished to have a pronunciation program thatteachesyou how to pronounce English properly and also checksyourpronunciation to make sure you do it right? If your answer isyes,you are at the right place.With this English PronunciationTrainingapplication, you will learn some important topics aboutspeakingEnglish properly such as:- Short vowels- Long vowels-Double vowelsounds- Voiced consonants- Voiceless consonants- Otherconsonants-Mouth and tongue positions when pronouncing sounds-Voiced andunvoiced soundsFEATURES• Commonly-used Englishvocabularies• Easyto store and manage your favorite items • PrettyUI, simple anduser-friendly,support multi language• Huge amount ofaudio content,video content• Remind learn words• Speaking English*VoicerecordingMoreover, there are some unique features that helpsyoulearn to pronounce English better:- You can hear thepronunciationand many examples about that.- You can tap on thewords in practicearea to hear the correct pronunciation of thatword- Pronunciationvideos with phonetics letters that helps youknow the right way topronounce a word*Easy to use, easy tounderstand, easy topractice!*Improve quickly listening skills, gainmore useful andpractical English*No internet connectionrequiredDeveloped byAwabe.
Kids learn Spanish Words - practise to read, write 2.0.7
Brainy Ape Studio LLP
Word game to practise reading and writing (spelling) ofSpanishwords. Spanish is spoken in Spain and most of Latin Americaexceptin Brazil.1) Learn how to spell Spanish words: for each wordapicture is shown with the letters of the word in a randomorder.Guess the word and place the letters below the image in thecorrectorder,2) Reading Spanish words, 4 pictures and 1 wordaredisplayed. Select the right image for the word, like in aquiz.3)Vocabulary: learn Spanish words, all words are displayed onebyone. For each word an image is shown, like flashcards✔Vocabularyof 250+ words and pictures, more will be added✔ Helpsdevelopliteracy skills✔ Maximum word length can be set: from 4 upto 12letters. Change the difficulty by setting this word length.✔Wordsfrom different categories like: vehicles and animal names,toolsand types of furniture, fruits and vegetables.The latestversionalso has shapes, colours and numbers.✔ A fun way to learnwords andthe alphabet / ABC of a foreign language. ✔ Kids atelementaryschool can learn to read and write (spell) their firstwords✔ Theapp menus and texts have been translated to: English,Spanish,German, Dutch and HungarianThe app can be used by young andold tolearn to read and write Spanish words. For example for kidsatprimary school to learn to read and write (spell) their firstwordsin their native language. And it can be used by older childrenandadults to learn Spanish words if they are learning theSpanishlanguage.The free version has ads, the paid version doesnot.Besides the ads the versions are equal.The ads make thefreeversion less suitable for young kids like toddlers.If youfinderrors then please let us know by sending an email. If you likethegame then please rate it.Always try the free version beforebuyingthe full version.By downloading this app you agree to theLicenceTerms:
Abecedario en Español Alfabeto 1.0
PVA Games
Un moderno abecedario sonoro con un juego interesante eimágenescoloridas.La pantalla del abecedario está dividida en dospartes,lo cual hace que el proceso de aprendizaje sea más cómodoycomprensible tanto para los padres como para los niños siutilizanla aplicación solos.Cada letra tiene un juego interactivode«Estrellas» para reforzar el aprendizaje.A modern soundalphabetwith an interesting game and colorful images.ABC screen isdividedinto two parts, which makes the learning process morecomfortableand understandable for both parents and children if theyuse theapplication alone.Each letter has an interactive game of"stars" toreinforce learning.
Multiplication Table Kids Math
Learn Multiplication Table from 1 to 12, easy and fun. Math gameforyour kids. Practice multiplication and guess all math puzzles!Solvemultiply test and pass school exam. It's a cool math gamewhichhelps learning multiplication tables. Improve your grades atschooland master that kids math test! Test your brain andsolvemathematics quiz. ✔ With this math app your maths homeworkwon’t bea problem anymore! Kids learn multiplication table awayfromschool. Multiply your grades! ♥ 4 Times Tables modes:adventure,study, math challenge and duel. Play a cool kids mathquiz duelwith your friend (split screen) ★ Easy and hard mathpuzzles. Easychildren school multiplication tables and hard mathequations(addition, subtraction) It's a cool educational math gamewhichhelps kids in learning multiplication tables. Test yourbrain,raise your IQ and solve mathematics quiz. This app will helpyou tograduate! In story mode you have limited time foreachmultiplication table, try to pass a mathematics quiz withnomistakes and you’ll get a 3 star score! Don’t worry, along thetestyou’ll find many helpful boosts. In challenge mode you cantestyour skills! Try to get the highest possible score and thenimproveyour grade! Compete with friends who’s the best math kid inclass!Times tables can be easy and cool. Take your best guessandmultiply. Learn maths tables while playing! Help your childmakeprogress in school math. Your life will be a lot easier whenyoucan simply remember the math multiplication tables! We give youanapp about math kids will love! You won’t be able to stopplayingtimes tables. In kids school mathematics, a multiplicationtable (atimes table) is a mathematical table used to defineamultiplication operation for an algebraic system. Math quiz isaneducational game for everyone!
French Words for Kids 1.7
Want your kid to learn french words the easy way and with agoodaccent ? French words for kids is for you ! This app is usedbyfrench kids to learn to read and spell correctly words. •240word-picture-audio combinations to learn to spell andpronounceFrench words• Words have been chosen according to theirphoneticdifficulty and are classified accordingly, starting withwords thatare very easy to spell - 3 levels of difficulty• Thesoundassociated to a letter (phonic) is played when touching theletter- a great way to become familiar with spoken French•Phoneticdecomposition for all words : if you touch the whitesquares (whereletters must be dragged), you hear the correspondingletters soundin the current word• Letters sounds and words are readaloud by aNative French speaker• English audio is also provided foreach word- American native speaker• Based on a spelling activityfrom theMontessori method, using a Movable Alphabet to spell wordsofincreasing difficulty by associating the phonetic sounds ofletterswith their written symbol• 21 fun and interactive visualeffects toplay with when a word has been completed!• A standaloneMobileAlphabet is also provided to build all the words you want andplaywith letters!• 3 types of letters are provided : cursive,lowercaseand capital print• Solutions are available on-demand bytouching alabel• Support for multiple letters graphems(ch,en,ill,..)Note:french app title is "Dictée Montessori"
CVC Words to Help Kids Read 1.0
CVC Words to Help Kids Read is an important tool for helpingkidslearn how to read. It is appropriate for preschoolstudents,Kindergarten students, grade 1 and 2 students, and evenESL(English as a Second Language) and ELL (English LanguageLearner)students.The study of CVC Words is an important step inpracticingphonics and learning to read. The goal is for these wordsto bestudied until they can be sounded out by the reader.Studyingsimple CVC words is a powerful and quick way for readerstounderstand that words are composed of multiple letterswhichcorrespond to multiple sounds.Over 100 CVC words are includedinthis app. They are divided into 5 groups based on the middlevowelin each word. The groups include words with the short asound,words with the short e sound, words with the short i sound,wordswith the short o sound, and words with the short u sound.Thisappdoes contain advertisements via Google's AdMob service, but noadswill be displayed from categories that Google labels assensitive.The study of CVC Words aligns to the following CommonCore StateStandards:- CCSS.ELA-LITERACY.RF.K.3 - Know and applygrade-levelphonics and word analysis skills in decoding words.-CCSS.ELA-LITERACY.RF.K.3.B - Associate the long and shortsoundswith the common spellings (graphemes) for the five majorvowels.-CCSS.ELA-LITERACY.RF.K.2.D - Isolate and pronounce theinitial,medial vowel, and final sounds (phonemes) inthree-phoneme(consonant-vowel-consonant, or CVC) words.1 (This doesnot includeCVCs ending with /l/, /r/, or /x/.)Note that the processoflearning to read should not be limited to the study of CVCWords.It is also crucial to learn sight words, to practice phonics,andto read with others. Good luck and have fun!
Baby ABC in box! Kids alphabet games for toddlers
Bini Bambini
Baby alphabet learning games for toddlers age 3 - unique methodoflearning letters for kids! Learn letters and soundsforkindergarten in free puzzle games for kids with joyfulcharacters!Your kid will catch living letters and puts themtogether intowords. There is also a construction kit of severalparts, a puzzlewhich can be assembled into a picture that depictsthe given word.As soon as the puzzle is ready, the picture comesmiraculously tolife! 🎁👶 📚 The animated, joyful letters in boxeswill help yourchild to learn the alphabet and to read more than 100differentwords! There are two learning modes to learn abc andletter sounds:reading by syllables and reading by letters. ✍️ Inthis childdevelopment app there is a serious approach to teachinghiddeninside of a humorous and entertaining game. Your child willloveall those funny animated letters, amusing animations andexcitingpuzzles for toddlers free, which will teach it the alphabetandhelp your child to learn reading. While playing with theletters,your kid will easily learn the names of the letters andthecorrespondent sounds, it will successfully read his first wordsandlearn to write all letters of the alphabet and also train hisfinemotor skills...📌 ""Baby ABC for kids Learn alphabet fortoddlers!""is:🔵 26 animated letters for children (learning lettersfor kids)!🔵100 words to learn to read!🔵 a two-in-one: learn theletters andlearn to read!🔵 100 cool puzzle games for kids!🔵learning games fortoddlers age 3 train and develops fine motorskills;🔵 a funnytalking english alphabet for kids: learning abcsounds🔵 letters andthe whole alphabet for kids with spellingsounds🔵 Learning thealphabet in two learning modes: read byletters, read by sounds 🔵Original animated puzzle games fortoddlers!🔵 Learning abcd forkids!🔵 Development of attention andimagination!🔵 Parental controland ads-free.Kids preschool games forfree will certainly help yourkid with learning the alphabet forkids with spelling sounds andmake first steps in learning toread!Educational games for childrenalso develop attention span,fine motor skills, creativity andimagination.🎒We are in absoluteconfidence that baby alphabetlearning games for toddlers age 3 willhelp your kids learn toread, abcd for kids, learn abc and lettersounds (learn letters andsounds for kindergarten), and establish asolid foundation for goodreading skills! 👉 This child education apphas been created by BiniBambini, a software company which developstoddler educationalgames for kids 3 years free. Our childdevelopment app isdistinguished by high quality content withparticular attention todesign. The purpose of all our kids learninggames free for a 2year old are aimed for all-round development.Kids games fortoddlers help preschoolers to develop memory,attention span,vocabulary and speech, as well as logic and finemotor skills.Children are exposed to learning abc sounds, abcwriting throughbuilding puzzles for kids under 5 and playing oureducational gamesfor children.🙌As a company we strive to make ourtoddlereducational games for kids 3 years free practical. Ourkidslearning games free for a 3 year old are oriented onall-rounddevelopment.
sums Kids 9.0.0
Educational game for children in reviewing the sumsplaying,interacting with objects in the game.
Learn and play. American English words, vocabulary 5.7
This engaging game of skill is a mobile tutor for self-studyofvocabulary and phonetics on the beginner’s (elementary,basic)level. The word list includes words from various topics usedineveryday life (most common words). This self-teaching game helpstolearn productively correct pronunciation and orthographythroughvisual and audio support. The game consists of severalstages sothat the learning process is more efficient: • Training –learningthe alphabet ABC, parts of speech, such as nouns,adjectives andverbs with phonetic transcription through flashcardsand soundaccompaniment. • Language quiz – testing of the knowledgeof thewords happens through fun and simple games: 1. Readingandassociation: choosing the right word for the picture.2.Visualization: choosing the dynamic moving images for the words.3.Spelling test: writing words and spell check. Simple interface,HDtablet and phone support, graphic themed photos and highqualityvoice work by native speaker improve listening comprehensionandallow concentrating on the training material. This ensuresquickand efficient learning process. The app contains thefollowingtopics: vegetables and fruits, wild animals, domesticanimals,animal body parts, birds, sea life, home, bathroom,clothes,colors, transport, human, body parts, tableware, homeappliances,food, toys, school, nature, natural phenomena, insects,numbers andfigures, geometric shapes, musical instruments, tools,sport,summer sports, winter sports, travel, entertainments,office,infrastructure, shop, society, professions, informationtechnology,prepositions. With this interesting and entertaininggame you oryour child will be able to add new words from scratch totheirvocabulary through playing. The speaking vocabulary isthefoundation for good oral and writing skills. Interactive(adaptive)teaching is an easy and accessible way to study foreignlanguageeffectively. For kids, this course is not only a fast andeasy wayto learn to speak and write, but is also a way to buildupon theknowledge acquired at school or kindergarten. Parents canuse thisapp as preschool lessons by method of Glenn Doman'sflashcards.This learning app includes the translation of words morethan 10languages. This is practically an illustrated dictionaryandexercises for learning U.S. English that helps beginners,juniorsand children to learn English words with American dialectthroughplaying. Studying US English at home will help you quicklylearn toread and to speak English USA. Spoken American English fromscratchit's easy. Learn American English easily! This free appworks inoffline mode. The paid version has no ads and containsdetailedresults, helping you to analyze the level of languageproficiency.
Learn Quran – Arabic Learning App 4.4.7
Blu Yeti Inc
Learn to read, pronounce and understand Qur’anic Arabic withQuranIQ, the ultimate learning app that helps you learn the wordsof theHoly Quran and the Arabic Language. Learn Arabic withlessonstaught through visual and audio aids, quizzes and acompanionYouTube video series. Quran IQ makes learning to readArabic easy,with simple words, phrases and meanings from the HolyQuran aidingin learning and memorization. Grammar, pronunciationand more arecovered in a fun, simple guidebook.Memorize verses,deepen yourknowledge and become your own teacher by downloadingQuran IQ!Begin your journey to enhance your Qur’anic Arabicknowledgetoday.Quran IQ Features:Learn Arabic From the Holy Quran-Learningto read the Holy Quran is easy, with thousands of questionsto helpyou learn the fundamentals of Islam- Learn to read Arabic,memorizeroot words and study Muslim prayer with the aid ofthousands offully interactive lessons- Memorize Arabicpronunciation andvocabulary through fun memorization activities-Learn Arabic withyour friends and compete with one another on theweeklyleaderboards, or form online study groupsLearn to Read ArabicatYour Own Pace- Learn Quran through the translation of wordsandphrases (Beginner Mode) or by attaining deeper meaningthroughthose words and phrases (Advanced Mode)- Memorize Quranpassages bysetting goals and challenges to remind yourselfdailyTeacher’sGuidebook & Study Guide to Continue YourLearning- Learn Arabicthrough video with “Quran IQ” YouTube VideoSeries- Learn grammar,root words and more with our fully integratedcompanion Videolessons- Offline Mode (Premium feature)- Fast LessonNavigationsystem - Surah Progress tracker - Check your work as yougo along.-Audio/Video Library - a central location for our Arabicgrammarseries and audio summaries.- Add a friend - Support eachotherthroughout your Quran journeys.- Stats system - Check on yourownprogress.Join a fast-growing Quran learning community withQuranIQ. Suitable for both beginners and well-versed disciples-Download now and enter the gateway to learning the Quran.BluYeti’svision and aim is to develop the most engaging andtechnicallyadvanced applications that allow users to improve theirstudy ofthe Quran.Web: improve Quran IQ and leaveyour feedback andcomments:[email protected]
Hanzi Writer 1.2
ali LIM
This application shows you how to write a hanzi character,eachstroke after another.You can find hanzi character by usingtypingthe character or type the pinyin, such as NI or HAO orothers.Youcan also browse the available characters and find how itswriting.
Voscreen - Learn English with Videos 1.2.7
Selected as third best educational app by Wharton BusinessSchool(USA), Reimagine Education 2016.Voscreen is a free app tolearn andimprove English.Watch video clips from movies,documentaries, musicvideos and cartoons to improve your English.Voscreen makeslearning English fun and easy, so it accelerates yourlanguagelearning process. Voscreen increases your motivation thanksto itsnatural learning environment.On voStep menu, you can choosevideoclips from beginner to advanced to focus on your own levelofEnglish.On voStructure menu, you can practise any grammarpointsuch as “present simple” or “noun clause”. Watching andlisteningto videos, you get exposed to natural English and improvelisteningcomprehension as well as pronounciation.You can learn newwords andimprove your vocabulary.With its video-question design,Voscreenhelps you impove reading skills.Choosing“English-to-English”language mode, you can improve paraphrasing(restatement)skills.You can increase your understanding of synonymsandantonyms.Voscreen offers features for all, ranging from kidstoadults.You are recommended to play Voscreen at least 20 minutesaday for constant progress.Download the app now and join millonsofpeople worldwide improving English with Voscreen forfree.Pleasesend your feedback here:[email protected]
Tangoristo - Learn Japanese by reading 2.3.1
Javier Artiles
Learn to read Japanese with TangoRisto, a Japanese readerforlanguage learners. With easy to access furigana andEnglishdefinitions Tangoristo helps you learn Japanese faster.Newsarticles are updated and processed every day to give you freshandinteresting content to read. TangoRisto features: • Sortarticlesby their difficulty level • Tap a word to see itsEnglishtranslation • Furigana for all words + adaptative display byJLPTlevel • Highlight vocabulary by its JLPT level • Verbconjugationidentifier • Bookmark documents to read later • Bookmarkwords •Extracts vocabulary list for each text organized by JLPTlevel andpart of speech • Quick links to look up each word onreferencesites like, Tangorin, Japanese Exchange, etc. •Universalapp, Tangoristo runs on both iPhone and iPad! • Night modefor abetter reading experience in low light. • Listen to thespokenarticle text (available mostly on NHK Easy and Hukumusumefolktales). Text sources: • NHK News Easy analyzed and updatedeveryday • NHK News for advanced readers • Japanese folk tales •Matchatravel magazine In other words... TangoRisto analyzesshortJapanese texts from the web to facilitate your reading flow.Thisapp encourages you to read and explore the vocabulary inshorttexts from the Web. You can review the vocabulary for eachtext,filter it by your reading level and bookmark yourfavoritearticles. I find more often than not real learningbreakthroughshappen when observing language in context. Hopefullythis app willhelp you to take the knowledge you are acquiring inclass orthrough standard learning materials, and apply it to readrealtexts.
IELTS Writing 3.4.3
The aim of this IELTS Writing application is to provide useful,freepreparation materials and resources for self-study about theIELTSexam. IELTS Writing is equipped with offline mode, whichallows youto develop your writing techniques while you areactually offline.You will have interactive preparation materials,relevant examplescovering Academic and General Training part ofthe writing exam: ✔Lessons✔ Questions with answers✔ Practice Testwith answers✔ Lettersamples✔ Graph samples✔ Essay samples✔ Usefullinks✔ FAQFree,self-study lessons, samples, questions on IELTSWriting will provideyou with tips, exam information to helpprepare successfully foryour IELTS test and get the IELTS scoreyou need. Taking the quizzesand mock tests are useful and equallyeffective for a higher bandscore. As the application isself-paced, you can select the part youwant to focus on to preparefor the IELTS Writing test. You can readunlimited this applicationfeatures with no hidden costs. Pleasetake a quick minute to postan honest rating and review. I take myusers feedback veryseriously and I truly appreciate all of myreviews.Share YourExperience, Tell Us Your Score If You Can.Goodluck for your IELTSexam!
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