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Showcaller - Caller ID, Call Blocker & Tracker
Showcaller Studio
Showcaller specialized in identifying unknown (fake callerid)incoming calls and avoid spam, scam, telemarketing androbocalls. Apowerful mobile phone number tracker, call blocker,telephonenumber dialer, quick number book, phone number lookup andcallrecorder. More than 20 Million people trust! ★Only 4MB; Fast,Safeand Smart★ ★Caller ID working even offline★ It is the mostaccurate& easy-to-use call tracker can help you instantlyidentify theincoming calls(who called me) not in your contact list.Showcalleridentify most of the unknown calls(caller id faker) andshowdetailed true Caller ID info on incoming call, so you can seenamesand photos of people who is calling. Showcaller can helpyouidentify fake caller id calls, see who is calling with TrueCallerID info, block number, stop spam & telemarketers. It ispoweredby a database of a billion phone numbers and millions ofhappyShowcaller users who depend on the app daily. Why should youchooseShowcaller? • Caller ID - Phone number lookup function showsyouCaller ID and phone number location. Once a result is found,youcan add it directly to your phone book and number book. Findoutwho called, call location, name, carrier and more. Browsingnumbertags and user reviews can help you get more number details. •CallBlocker - Block number from known spammers or unwanted callers.Theapp also provides spam reports during incoming calls fromunknownand private numbers that could be used to block calls. Saygoodbyeto telemarketing, scam, fraud, sales, ads, harassment andmore! •Smart Dialer - Fast T9 search in your recent calls andcontacts,replace your stock system default free calling app, bringyourdialing experience to the next level! Make a phone callmoresmoothly and intelligently. • Call Tracker - The best mobilenumbertracker and phone number finder. All phone number searcheswithinSmart Search are stored. Perform a reverse phone numberlookup onan incoming call and copy a number anywhere to find outwho itbelongs to (call location). The most powerful phone numberlookupin Showcaller. • Quick Contacts - Easily have access toyourrecently or frequently contacts, call or text them, this makesyourcommunication fast and simple. You can also add or modifyyournumber book easily as you like. • Offline Database(Lightningidentification) - Fast phone number search andofflineaccessibility. Identify and show true caller IDwithoutnetwork(Caller ID working even offline) • Report Numbers -Reportspam numbers and leave a comment to create a reliablecommunicationnetwork. Help other users avoid spam, scams andtelemarketers. •Call Voice Recorder - Powerful auto call recorderfor you. InstallShowcaller to get best recording app at the sametime! Record anyincoming & outgoing calls with clear HD qualitycall recording.Enable/Disable call recorder to your needs. Reportand upload spamcall recordings help other users. • Easy to use -Quick to download(Only 4MB), easy to setup, it needs very littlespace to run,extremely fast and reliable. Showcaller is absolutelyfree calltracker and call blocker. If you enjoy it, feel free torate itaccordingly. Start protecting your phone communication nowandenjoy a pleasant calling experience. Showcaller works greatacrossall countries especially INDIA, INDONESIA, USA, UK, SAUDIARABIA,BRAZIL, IRAQ, ISRAEL, Nigeria and others. Showcallercurrentlysupports: Android 3.0 - Android 8.0. Perfectly supportAndroid 8.0now! Don’t hesitate to join in Showcaller and enjoy themostaccurate Caller ID service, I bet Showcaller for Androiddefinitelyworth your time and effort. Please don’t give us bad rateif youhave encountered with any problem. Your feedback always keepsusimproving with more and more cool features. COMMUNITY Hello,users! Please follow us: Facebook Page: onGoogle+:
Caller ID & Number Tracker
Nancy dexi
Perfect tool to track unknown Caller information.Caller IDandmobile number tracker allows you to search and locate anymobilenumber all over the world. You can block those numbers alsowithoutpicking them.Features :Find very easily caller IDidentification onevery Incoming and outgoing calls.Block unwantedcalls throughblacklist feature to ensure a risk freecallingexperience.Whitelist feature is special one to add yourfavoritenumber and allow those numbers to call and receive.Database withmore than 250 countries.Advanced features.FrequentCaller: Userwill have option to choose and either callback andblock thosecontacts. This feature will work like Speed dial.CallBlocker :Caller blocker is best feature that allows you to blockunwantedcalls such as telemarketers, spam callers, fraud, etc. Youcaneasily manage your whitepages and blacklist.Worldwide ISD andSTDcodes for dial : Our Caller ID & Block is powered by adatabaseof thousands of areas information in the world. We provideslots ofcities areas codes for subscriber trunk dialing(STD) andmanycountries codes for international subscriber dialing(ISD).Noweasily search and lookup almost all the cities codes, withdetailedlocation info.Caller id will allow Track any incoming callor calllog with caller location, service provider, location on mapandcaller name.Locate any mobile number information withsearchfeature and check location on map
Find caller location onmap.Trackinformation of caller state, service provider operator,gsm or cdmaetc.Track Name of caller person.Permission: Read/modifycontacts:This permission is only for caller ID feature.Read SDCard: Thispermission is only for showing Caller location onMAP.Locationservice: To show Caller Distance from currentlocation.Disclaimer :Caller ID & Number Tracker will notpresent the actual physicallocation/GPS location of the caller forindian user. Every locationinformation is at State/City level only.
True ID Caller And Block 4.1
True ID Caller And Block App IsTheInternet'sFirst Free And Real Caller Id Service. If SomebodyCalledYou AndYou're Trying To Find Out Who Owns The Number, Use OurAppToQuickly Do A "Reverse Lookup" And Determine Who Called You.Now With Maps And Improved Geolocation!Most (If Not All) Cellular Phone Carriers Do Not OfferTheFullCaller Id Service That Exists For Landline Phones.WhenSomeoneCalls A Mobile Phone, The Cell Phone Caller Id LeavesOutThe Name,Only Showing The Phone Number And/or City Of TheCaller.RealLandline Caller Id Shows The Number & Name OfTheCaller.Finally, A Free & Real Landline Caller Id UtilityExistsForAndroid.This Tool May Only Be Used To Research Phone NumbersThatCalledYou. Map Areas Are Approximate.Main Features :Auto Spam DetectionProtect Yourself From Spam. True Caller Alerts You In Real TimeIfAScammer Or Spammer Is Calling So You Know Not To PickUp.SpammersConstantly Change Their Numbers To Avoid Detection, ButWeUpdateOur Spam List Multiple Times A Day To Give You TheMostCurrentInformation.Reverse Phone LookupCopy Numbers From Your Recent Call Log And Open TrueCallerToQuickly Know Who Called You.Spam-check DialerUse The Spam-check Dialer To Dial Unknown Numbers AndBeConfidentThat You’re Not Calling A Spammer Or A Scammer. IfThere’sNo SpamDetected, The Call Goes Through Automatically. But IfIt IsA KnownSpam Number, Truecaller Will Ask If You Want ToContinueTheCall.Blacklist NumbersCreate A Personal Blacklist Of Phone Numbers That You Don’tWantToPick Up. It’s An Easy Way To Avoid Ex-boyfriends,Ex-girlfriendsOrAnyone Else You Don't Want To Talk To.Report SpamHelp Other Users In The Community By Reporting Spam.TruecallerIdDetects Spam With The Help Of Millions Of Users WhoReportUnwantedCalls As They Receive Them.
True ID Caller & Gps Location 4.1
True Id Caller & Gps Location HelpsYouToTrack Any Phone Number Location, WithExactGeographicLocation(City Area, State, Country And EvenServiceProviders). OurTure Caller Id Will Improve Your CallingExperienceAnd GainControl Over Calls With Features Like Caller Id,MobileDialer AndCall Blocking.----------------------------------appFeature:---------------------------------★ Works Without Internet Connection.★ Track Any Mobile Number From OverallIndia,usa,canada,pakistanAnd View Location On Map.★ Implemented With Google 3d Maps.and Full Screen Map View.★ It Will Show Caller Location Information Like AreaAndOperatorDuring Incoming And Outgoing Calls.★ View List Of Your Contacts With Area And Operator Name.★ View List Of Your Call Logs With Area And Operato Name.★ Easily Track Caller Location With This App.★ Call And Message To Your Loved Once Directly From App.★ Search Any Std Code From Overall India WithAutoCompleteSuggestions.★ Find Any Isd Code From World.★ Caller Location Tracker App Is Completely Offline.★ Shows Caller Location Information During IncomingAndOutgoingCalls.★ Caller Id - Helps You Identify Who’sCallingBeforeAnswering.★ Best Caller Location Tracker App For Your Android Device.★ All Useful Codes In Your Pocket.★ Simple And Best Mobile Caller Location TrackerForYourDevice.★ If U Like This App. Please Share It To Your Friend
Mobile Number Tracker 1.1
Do you want to find from wherephonenumberis calling? you can use Mobile Number Tracker tolocatephonenumber (ISD code & telemarketers) of the cell phonespyandshow his location.App Feature :• Phone Number Track:Our app helps you to find Mobile Locator for your contactslistorcaller id, from any country in the world. The cityarea,countryand service operator of the cell phone spy will bedisplayedandthe geographic location will be shown with currentlocation.• Mobile Number Tracker:Easy to use phone number track of show whoscall. phonenumbertrackis the only app that displays mobile locator of calleridorcontacts list and locate phone number of caller Tracker.• Block Unwanted Calls:helps you to block call, you can shows what you wantfromblockunwanted calls (contacts+, cell phone spy, telemarketersorallmobile number tracker) you can edit the list later.• Call History:Our app helps you to manage and detailed area locationandserviceoperator and show all other mobile locator.• Search Offline:You can track geographic location of call history and showyouhislocation on map offline.
Live Mobile Caller-ID Tracker 1.8
Papaya Apps Studio
We daily receive lot of Spam and unknowncalls,we may not attend the calls in case we know the callerdetailsduring the incoming calls. Live tracker True caller-ID willhelp youto find the details of the caller id during the calls evenwithouthaving the caller's number in address book. Caller ID &MobileLocator will helps you to track any phone number's location,withGeographic location(city area, state, country includingserviceproviders).Features of Live True Caller-ID Tracker☆ Mobile number tracker: Our Mobile Number Tracker helps youtotrack and locate any phone number from USA, India, Russia,Brazil,Canada, Africa, Nigeria, Pakistan, Mexico, Indonesia evenany othercountry in the world. True Mobile Number Tracker willdisplay cityarea, state, country and service operator of the phonenumber withthe geographic location approx to state or city on themaps.☆ Global Mobile Tracker: You can easily switch between countriestosearch or track number, just head to country selection andselectthe country you are searching for.☆ Live True Caller ID: You can enable Caller ID feature forincomingand outgoing calls to see who is calling and identifyunknownincoming calls during the call via the true caller id withname andlocation information(country, State, city area and evenserviceoperator).☆ Live Mobile Number Tracker: Track any number to its owner nameandlocation for any country, just enter the number and view thecallerdetails with mobile service provider name.☆ Locate Number From Call History: Select any known mobilenumberfrom Call History logs and locate for its owner details withcallerinformation.☆ Mobile Number Track History: Live True Caller-ID Tracker willkeepan history of searches made by you for easy access of pasttrackresults. You can tap any track history record for moredetails aboutthe True Caller ID.☆ Attending Calls: Live True caller-ID feature will display nameandlocation of caller during phone calls so you can easily decidetoattend the call or not and save your time from responding tospamcalls.☆ Caller Location: Once you track a mobile from Live True CallerIDTracker you can view the location of Caller on Map anddirectionsfrom your location to caller in MAP.Permissions:1. Read/Modify Contacts: This permission is needed for for callerIDdetails feature.2. Location Service: To show Caller location on map withDistancefrom current location.3. Read Call Logs: To give you quick access to call history totrackany unknown caller.Disclaimer : Live Mobile Caller-ID Tracker will not presenttheactual physical location/GPS location of the caller,locationinformation would be approximate to State/City.
True Caller & Who's Calling Me 1.5
> Tired of getting calls fromunknownnumber? then this app is for you. If you want to find fromwherethat person is calling, you can use this app to find fromwhichstate and also telecom operator and mobile number belongs to.Itwould be easier for you to know the location of the person whoiscalling you.> You can track any Mobile number and view the location onMap.You can also view the list of your Contacts and call logswithlocation and operator name. It will show state location only.> This app, True Caller : Caller Blocker displayscallerlocation of every incoming & outgoing calls over callscreen.By that you can know that who is calling and the operatorname ofthe caller. Very easy to use and graphical baseduserinterface.> This app, True Caller : Caller Blocker also providesthecaller location and also having the options to find ISD andSTDCodes and it will show you the caller track information incalllogs also. It is an amazing app to find caller location withallother details. This application helps you to find callerslocationwith amazing user interface.> It has the option to block the calls from unwantednumbersand you can also block all calls while you are running busy.Youcan view the call logs and contacts. This application, TrueCaller: Caller Blocker will show Caller Location and Operator name.Thisapp helps to track caller location easily. You can activateanddeactivate incoming caller location and outgoing callerlocationoffline track services.Features:✔ Highly Customize your Caller Name Announcer.✔ Enable/disable speaking caller name.✔ Enable/disable incoming SMS sender name only.✔ Enable/disable incoming SMS sender name and contents oftheSMS.✔ Change repeat mode announcements.✔ Choosing delay time between announcements.✔ Turn off Announce while silent option is available.✔ Custom Ringtones settings.✔ Custom Volume Settings.✔ Caller Name Announcer is completely free download.Disclaimer:This app, True Caller : Caller Blocker will show thecallerlocation place means it will show state location only.Best Caller Location In Map Cellphones Or Mobile NumberMapLocation Find Numbers Location Location Of Mobile NumberLocationTracker By Number Locator Mob Locator Mobile Mobile NumberMobileNumber Tracker Mobile Tracker India Mobille Number LocaterMobuleNumber Locater Number Number Locator Number Tracker PakistanTraceLocationIndentificador De Numeros Caller Smart Caller IdIdentificationCaller Identifier Private Number Identifier PhoneCalls Caller IdBlocker Reveal Unknown And Private NumbersTruecaller Phone NumberId Unblock Unknown Or Private Phone NumbersFor FreeIndian Caller Info Colls Information Free DirectoryAssistanceCaller Info Caller Information AppsMobile Caller Location Tracker Call Tracker With LocationCallerLocation Incoming Call Location Finder Callers Location FreeApp ToTrack Location Of Cell Caller Call Tracker And CallerLocation InUsa Call Tracker And Caller Location Mobile CallerLocator CallerLocation Trace Caller Location TrackerPencari Lokasi No Handphone Mexico Area Codes Incoming CallLocationTrack Incoming Call Location Area Code Lookup And MobileTraceMobile Number And Phone Locator Geographical Location Of PhoneCallsNumbar Loction Locaton Of A Mobile NoPhone Number Map Locations Number Cell Number Location TraceTelephone Number Locator Free Phone Number Locator PhoneNumberTrackerLocator Tracker By Number Number Tracker And LocationBangladeshCaller Location And Name Rastreo De Llamadas IncomingCall LocationWith City Name Number Tracker And Location Call Id AndLocationRastreador De Celulares Por El NumeroCall Tracer
Caller ID & Call Blocker Free 1.5.1
Call Blocker & Caller ID is the best app foridentifyingandblocking numbers, unknown callers.As acontactswidget, CallBlocker & Caller ID works like amobilephone numbertracker, number locator and callernumberidentification tool. Wecan identify calls, track phone numberevenidentify unknowncallers so as to find the TrueCaller and showwho’scalling you —Including thecaller location. CallBlocker function,which is alsocalled call blocker, is basedon a huge data base, weblock numbersor unwanted calls from yourcalls blacklist. Thereserve phone numberlookup function allows yousearch any numberor name, track phonenumber. Call Blocker& CallerID also allows you tomake phone calls in the app,just like adialer. The call log showsyour recent calls, like whocalled you,the missed calls and noanswer calls. What’s importantis CallBlocker & CallerID is the best free androidphone app.From now on, you willhave the most delightfulfindingTrueCaller.Call Blocker & CallerID Features:★ FindtheTrue Caller - Caller identification&numberidentification- Real time identify who’s calling,regardlessof thereserve phone numbers or from unknown number.TheBlock numbersfunction & Caller ID mobile numberlocatorfunction shows thecaller name and caller location and actsasMobile Number Tracker.Figure out the TrueCaller by installingCallBlocker & CallerID. You will find it the best free Callblocker& phone numbertracker.★ Blacklist - CallsBlacklist -Block numbers,unwanted calls and contacts, by addingthem to callsblacklist.When the numbers from this calls blacklistcalls you, weidentifyunknown callers, unknown numbers, unwantedcalls and blocknumbersfor you automatically, that is called CallBlock orcallblacklist.★ Full Call Blocker &CallerIDinfo - -The true Call Blocker & CallerIDname,photo, birthday, SMS, social info etc through thismobilenumbertracker.★ Call Blocker & Caller ID LocationTracker-Nowfree yourself from unknown Callers calling fromUnknownLocations,Call Blocker & Caller ID helps you track phonenumberwithLocation Tracker.★ Themes - A lot of amazingthemesareavailable in Call Blocker & Caller ID. Now youcanpersonalizethe way you see your Call Blocker &CallerID.★ Contactswidget - Fast access to save theunknownnumbers or call backfrom the missed calls, completed callsor noanswer calls from thecall log.★True Call Blocker & CallerIDandLocation:  You can now easily see Who iscallingandidentify unknown incoming calls, track phone number,blocknumberwith the Call Blocker & Caller ID App.★ Dialer-Makephonecalls in the app directly. Now your Dialer is truly yourstoblocknumber.★ Reserve Phone Number Lookup - Searchforanynumber or name in an efficient way. Works like acallertraceapp. ★ Collection List- Mark the specialcontacts tothecollection list. Get a fast access to make phonecalls andblockcalls.★ Call Log - See all the call historyin therecentcalls. Including the missed calls, completed incomingandoutgoingcalls, no answer calls. As a mobile number locator,showsin detailthe caller name and caller location. Call blockfunctionaka callblacklist - call blocker blocks unwanted calls.These calllogswill also be shown. No unknown numbersanymore.★ Donotdisturb - Set a start time and an endtime, calls willbeblocked during this period. Under the protectionof CallBlocker& Caller ID. You can have a cozy night fromnowon.★ SMSBLOCKER - No worry about spam messagesconsumestorage spacewith blocker. Block text messages via adding toSMSblocker andblock calls.Call Blocker & Caller ID does notuploadyourphonebook to make your contact names searchable. Wealsodonot sell, share data with any third partyapplicationand/ororganization.Please don’t give us bad rating ifyouhaveencountered with any problem. Your feedback alwayskeepsusimproving with more and more cool features.
Contact Location Truecaller 1.0
Upset, with unknown call number?usethisapplication, you will know who is calling you.
Caller ID & Block 2.9.4
Take control of your phone! With Caller ID never answer anunknownnumber again. Caller ID features include: 1. Reveal the nameandphoto of all incoming and outgoing calls 2. Block Calls fromknownspammers and unwanted callers 3. Perform Reverse phone lookups4.Leverage a Worldwide database of over 1 billion numbers 5.Topmarkets include the US, Brazil, UK, France, Germany, Italy,Spain,Mexico, Canada, Japan, India, Holland, Argentina, Colombia,Turkey,Australia, Israel, Egypt and More
Track Caller Location Offline 2.0
TouTou Apps
Track Caller Location tracker Offlinethebesttruecaller app enable you to Track Caller locationofIncomingCalls, and get the Mobile Location Tracker Contacts,nowyou caneasily track Mobile Number & any Phone Number withtheoperatordetails & state information.Track Caller location of caller on every incoming calls oroutgoing.Great Features:Internet not required is this true caller app.Call mobile Location tracker with showing state & city.Show Telephone Operator for the mobile call tracker.Works for all CDMA or GSM without internet connection.Landline phone number initially assigned to truecaller.Track mobile number now on your device for free.Trace & Search any phone number with True CallerMobileLocationTracker.
Track Caller Location Tracker 5.2
Welcome to track caller locationtracker,thisapp will help you to track location of IncomingCalls,With Mobile Location Tracker Contacts, you can alsotrackcallerlocation tracker & shows operator details of anyphonenumber& state information,Track Caller location of caller for every incoming callswithshowingcity & state of call mobile Location tracker.Features:- Track mobile number- Caller Mobile Location Tracker & Search any phonenumber- landline phone number initially assigned to- Works for GSM or CDMA without internet connection- show Telephone Operator of the mobile call tracker
Tru Dialer Location 1.0
Commu Soft Inc
You can track any Mobile number andexaminethelocation on Map. you'll be able to conjointly read thelist ofyourContacts and call logs with location and operator'llshowstate location solely.Mobile Caller True locator can assist you to noticemobilecaller,telephone circuit callers identity, Location, CallerID,MobileNetwork name etc and show you these details whereasyoureceivingcalls.Mobile Caller True locator can notice all mobilenetworkscallsand show you the results however it'll not noticecalls fromsocialmedia and alternative app to app calls.track caller location tracker Offline themosteffectivetruecaller app change you to track caller locationofIncomingCalls, and find the Mobile Location trackerContacts,currentlyyou'll be able to simply track Mobile number& anysign withthe operator details & state data.Live Mobile Location tracker helps you to track anyphonenumberlocation, with actual Geographic location by townspace,state,country and even service suppliers. Our True caller IDcanimproveyour calling expertise and gain management over callswithoptionslike caller ID, mobile dialer.Displays Caller location of each incoming &outgoingcallsover call screen. mobile locator is that the solelyappthatdisplays caller location of caller and every one callersonCallLog Screen with custom created call log screen.
Caller ID & Call Block - DU Caller 4.0.8
DU Caller is the best caller ID app. It helps you identifyunknownnumber and block unwanted calls. With the world’s largestphonenumber database, DU Caller provides an easy and free way tosaygoodbye to harassing calls. DU Caller is totally FREE, withoutanyin-app purchases.DU Caller is multi-lingual, and with theworld’slargest phone number database, you can use it wherever youare! KeyFeatures:★ Caller IDDU Caller shows true caller IDs insteadofunknown numbers, so you can always know who is calling beforeyoupick up.- Shows full Contact ID info, including names,types,numbers, addresses, and operators.- A red-colored automaticwarningappears to indicate harassing calls. - Speedy phonenumberrecognition: the app provides a one-second phone numberrecognitionfunction.★ Call RecorderDU Caller provides high qualitysound foreasy call recording. This lets you record any phone callyou wantand choose which recordings to save, you can set whichcalls arerecorded and which are ignored.- Provides automatic callrecording,and allows you to delete recordings conveniently.- Usethe manualrecording functions to start recording in the middle ofaconversation.- Set password protection to keep yourrecordingssecure.- Manage your recordings easily. Viewrecordings bycontacts and dates.★ Call Blocker – BlacklistDU Calleris a perfectcall blocker, which can instantly hang up on numbers ontheblacklist. Just add a number to the blacklist and we’ll dotherest.- No more voicemai: Prevent spam callers fromleavingvoicemail.- Automatic spam blocker: Block calls fromcommonnumbers, hidden numbers, overseas numbers, and numbers thatare notin your contacts.- Block calls easily: It takes only oneclick toblock spam calls, or you can create a personal blacklist.-Customizable blacklist: You can add any numbers to theblacklist,including your ex, debt collectors, and salespeople.- Youwill benotified of the call after we block it.★ SMS blocker - JunkSMSFolder- Automatically identify unknown SMS and block spamSMS-Quick view and reply the latest SMS.- Keep all your junk spamSMSaway from your Inbox★ Call History Scan – Have youeverchecked your call history and wondered: who called me? DUCallerscans every unknown caller to protect your security.★FriendsSearch– Not only can you search unknown callers by number, but youcanalso search names to find people you want to contact. WithDUCaller’s vast database of phone numbers, you can easily performareverse phone number search on any caller.★ SecretCallProtection - Hide your secret calls to protect yourprivacy.Add secret contacts to the protected list, and all the calllogsbetween you will automatically disappear.★ SmartDialer –Use our smart dialer to quickly search in your calllogs andcontacts, and enjoy the smoothest dialing experience! DUCallerdoes not replace, change or interfere with your phone’sdialingapplication.Why should you choose DU Caller - Caller ID&Recorder- What app will immediately give you a detailed callerIDfor an unknown number? It’s DU Caller.- When you don’t knowwhereto find your old friends, what app will help you search fortheirnumbers? It’s DU Caller.- When you need to record a phone callsaveas evidence, what app will record the call for you? It’sDUCaller.Download DU Caller – Caller ID, makes it quick and easytorecord and block calls!
True Call 16.0
Mobile Sport
True Call is simple and easy to use.
Indian True Caller ID 1.0
News Marathon Ltd
App feature:- Locates on google map, all Indian Phone Numbers- No internet required- So location on map of the mobile number.- View call log, dialer, contact list within the app.- Easy user interface.- Country code of all the countries of the world.- City/ Province code of all the cities of the world.- Create block/black list to block unwanted calls.
Real Dialer Location 1.0
Commu Soft Inc
real caller is that the best callerIDandprogramme for identifying real and true'sadditionalintelligence than different search engine. realcallerallows youto search on the far side your existing phone booklist,establishunknown incoming calls and names.Mobile Caller True locator can assist you todiscovermobilecaller, phone line callers identity, Location, CallerID,MobileNetwork name etc and show you these details whereasyoureceivingcalls.You can track any Mobile number and examine the'll be able to conjointly read the list of yourContactsandcall logs with location and operator name. it'llshowstatelocation solely.caller id and mobile number tracker allows you tosearchandlocate any mobile number all over the world. You canblockthosenumbers also without picking them.----------------App Feature:------------------☆ Phone number tracker☆ Truo caller id☆ Speed mobile dialer☆ Call Blocker☆ Call logs history☆ Contact manager☆ Worldwide area code and country code☆ call block / robocall block / SMS block☆ Report Numbers☆Offline Database
True Contact Pro 4.9.0
Appsbuyout apps
True Contact allows caller name lookup for over 100countriesincluding : USA, Germany, United Kingdom, Germany,Switzerland,Norway, Australia, India, Saudi Arabia ★ THISAPPLICATION DOES NOTCOLLECTING YOUR CONTACTS OR SHARING THEM WITHANY OTHER PARTY.TrueContact doesn't replace your dialer or anyother application withinyour device, so your usage experience won'tbe affected inanyway.True Contact fetches contact and callerinformation fromseveral resources including facebook.True Contactenriches yourbuilt-in dialer functionality by aggregatinginformation aboutcaller. Caller information displayed on the screenduring incomingcall in case it doesn't exists in your phone booklocally.TrueContact fully compatible with the most of androiddevices.TrueContact can be installed natively along with otherconnectivityapplications such as skype, whatsapp or voxer.TrueContact pay ahuge attention for performance and responsibility andthis meansthat fetching contact information will take no more thanjust fewseconds.In most cases contact information fetched within1-2seconds.This allows you to answer a call only when you know whoisthe person calling you!品質 アプリ スピーディー インスタント欠落 対面 ブラウジング 入力中 ゲイン
Real Caller Location 1.1
Commu Soft Inc
Real caller id and mobile numbertrackerallowsyou to search and locate any mobile number all overtheworld. Youcan block those numbers also without picking them.Live Mobile Location Tacker helps you to track anyphonenumberlocation, with exact Geographic location by cityarea,state,country and even service providers. Our True Caller IDwillimproveyour calling experience and gain control over callswithfeatureslike caller ID, mobile dialer.Mobile Call Number locator app is the best MobileNumberlocationapp helps to find STD codes and ISD codes also.Real caller location Tracker app and give yourcorrectdetails,sit relax,Whenever a You got incoming call or missedcallit willgives you that caller location--------------------------------- App Feature:---------------------------------☆ number Phone Tracker☆ True Caller ID and Location☆ Call Blocker☆ Contacts and Call Log☆ Worldwide
PIP Bubble Dialer + Caller ID 8.8
spirit developers
⊙ Fast T9 Dial Pad with Water Bubble.⊙ Incoming and OutgoingCallerID with animated PIP Photos.⊙ Block or Unblock Contact withcallblocker.⊙ Privacy Hide Caller ID on incoming Calls.⊙ FullScreenIncoming HD Caller ID.⊙ Control on/off Outgoing &incoming fromsettings.⊙ Speed Dial.⊙ Change Custom Background orUse inbuiltTheme.⊙ Dual SIM Support.Bored with old Dialer ?? Do youwantsomething NEW ?? Do you want something excited ??Here weintroducePIP Bubble Dialer android app with All in one Dialer,Contacts + HDCaller ID.PIP Bubble Dialer change your screen toWater Bubbleanimation interface so if you like PIP Camera apps thenyou willdefinitely Love this app.⊙ So Many Features like:• SuperFastanimated T9 Dialer first time in android.• Water BubbleKeypadtouch sound.• Incoming Full Screen Caller ID.• Outgoingscreen withanimated water bubble effect.• Speed Dial For QuickCall.• Favoritecontacts can be added to Dial quickly.• Privacy HideIncomingCaller ID, by which you can hide your private contact forincomingcalls.• Recent contacts can be filtered with All and MissedCallscontacts.• USSD code supported.• When you receive a call youwillhave full UI of PIP Dialer effect.• PIP Bubble Dialer +contactscreen will give you your all contact list in which you cansearchyour contacts and see all contacts with new rich lookdesigned.• Ifyour device doesn't support Incoming or Outgoinglayout you candefinitely turn it off to run it smoothly.• You canBlock orunblock contact from call blocker in this app.• Do you wantto sendSMS from our app ? , Oh yes you can send SMS from our app.•Sendinstant message to caller when you are busy and all. You canputyour custom message from setting.• you can also turn off or turnonapp features from setting.Almost most of the dialerfunctionalityand beautiful design is replaced by this beautiful HDPIP BubbleDialer.If you love it then please make PIP Bubble Dialera bestrated app ever.If you have any kind of problem with this apppleasewrite us on [email protected] are happy to serveyoubest.
Caller ID Location & Block 1.0.0
AppsCity Ltd
Caller ID Location and Block give you the possibility to trackandlocate current caller id, whether Mobile Number or Fixed phoneallaround the world with over 236 countries.*************************App Feature *************************1-Give you the True Caller IDand Locations so that you can find whoand from where the call iscoming from, With our latest Databse ofover +7152632 Phone Numberaround the world you will definitly findwho is calling you,2- Youcan Block Caller and unwanted calls fromspammers with simpleclick.3- Our App can Caller id and locationoffline, so you don'tneed wifi, 3G, 4G to track calls, all theseinformations are savedin our database.So you can now mobilemonitoring smd and calls alsogives you the chance to recover alldeleted sms and calls.If anyFurther questions or features contactus at [email protected]
Live Mobile Number Locator 1.13
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Welcome to Live Mobile Number Locator Have frequent unknowncalls?Try our Live Mobile Number Locator to track any mobile numbertoits caller details. Mobile Number Lookup is Live Caller IDandLocation tracker: You can see who is calling and identifyunknownincoming calls via the caller id with name and locationinformationincluding operator, name, location, state. * Live MobileNumberTracker helps you to track any phone number from any countryin theworld. The city area, state, country and network operator ofthephone number will be displayed and the GPS location will beshownon the maps. * You can also search mobile numbers in offlinemodeas well, however the records may not be updated. * TrackMobileContacts, Cell callers, unknown callers with this usefultoolmobile tracking tool. * Search for any name or number. *Phonenumber Tracker: Our Phone Number Tracker helps you to searchanyphone number from USA, India, Russia, Brazil, Canada,Mexico,Indonesia and any other country in the world. The city,state,country and operator of the phone number will be displayedand thegeographic location will be shown on the maps with yourpresentlocation and distance. * Live Mobile Number Tracker willmaintain ahistory of your recent searches you performed. You canview thegeographic location of tracked number from your trackedhistory aswell. * Phone Number Tracker will helps you to trackMobile Numbersand Fixed or land Line Numbers from all over theworld and show youfrom where you’re getting the call. * Contacts& Call logs: Byusing option of Call Logs and Contacts, you canview the details ofcontacts like their Location of the TelecomCircle and ServiceProvider/Telecom Operator Name, location on mapetc. * CurrentLocation and Address Finder lets you view yourpresent location inMap and text to share with friends and family.Searching any mobilenumber is very easy, you can type the number orcan select thenumber from your call logs, Live Mobile NumberTracker will alsosuggest from your Address book to choose thenumber to performmobile number search. When you have this MobileNumber Trackerapplication in your device, you can easily get thecaller details.App Permissions: 1) Read/modify contacts: To findthe callerinformation. 2) Location service: For finding callerlocationaddress and display caller information on map.
TrueID Caller Name & Location 4.1
TrueID Caller Name & Location AppIsTheInternet's First Free And Real Caller Id Service.IfSomebodyCalled You And You're Trying To Find Out Who OwnsTheNumber, UseOur App To Quickly Do A "Reverse Lookup" AndDetermineWho CalledYou.Now With Maps And Improved Geolocation!Most (If Not All) Cellular Phone Carriers Do Not OfferTheFullCaller Id Service That Exists For Landline Phones.WhenSomeoneCalls A Mobile Phone, The Cell Phone Caller Id LeavesOutThe Name,Only Showing The Phone Number And/or City Of TheCaller.RealLandline Caller Id Shows The Number & Name OfTheCaller.Finally, A Free & Real Landline Caller Id UtilityExistsForAndroid.This Tool May Only Be Used To Research Phone NumbersThatCalledYou. Map Areas Are Approximate.Main Features :Auto Spam DetectionProtect Yourself From Spam. True Caller Alerts You In Real TimeIfAScammer Or Spammer Is Calling So You Know Not To PickUp.SpammersConstantly Change Their Numbers To Avoid Detection, ButWeUpdateOur Spam List Multiple Times A Day To Give You TheMostCurrentInformation.Reverse Phone LookupCopy Numbers From Your Recent Call Log And Open TrueCallerToQuickly Know Who Called You.Spam-check DialerUse The Spam-check Dialer To Dial Unknown Numbers AndBeConfidentThat You’re Not Calling A Spammer Or A Scammer. IfThere’sNo SpamDetected, The Call Goes Through Automatically. But IfIt IsA KnownSpam Number, Truecaller Will Ask If You Want ToContinueTheCall.Blacklist NumbersCreate A Personal Blacklist Of Phone Numbers That You Don’tWantToPick Up. It’s An Easy Way To Avoid Ex-boyfriends,Ex-girlfriendsOrAnyone Else You Don't Want To Talk To.Report SpamHelp Other Users In The Community By Reporting Spam.TruecallerIdDetects Spam With The Help Of Millions Of Users WhoReportUnwantedCalls As They Receive Them.
Bizno - Business Call Manager
Did you ever wonder how can you allow onlyhighpriority Calls ?In between meeting, did you feel it will be great ifselectedcontact can reach you ?Did some credit card call disturb your sleep ?Dont Worry . We have a Business Call Management Solution foryouand Its very simple.1. Create Groups. Family, Colleagues, Friends, ...2. Assign Contact to groups.3. Create Profiles. Meeting, Sleeping, ...4. Allow calls from people by assigning call groups.5. To inform others that you are busy, Assign messagegroups.Predefined SMS will be sent.6. Enable Profile.Key Features :1. Silence all notifications from other apps.2. Drop Low priority calls.3. Reply dropped calls with sms (Text message) withpredefinesmessages.4. Vibration mode for allowed calls.5. You can always allow all contacts to reach you.6. If you wish , you can allow unknown calls too.7. You can send drop message to all contacts who tried toreachyou.8. You can send drop message to unknown callers too.All above mentioned features are configurable by user andtheyare optional. These features are provided for bettercallmanagement.Notes :1. Calls other than contacts added in call groups willbedropped.2. SMS charges governed by your service provider areapplicableper message. Tahron has nothing to do with price.3. You can set disable profile message. This message issentafter disabling profile. Setting Disable message will help youininforming people that you are available. If people in messagegrouptries to reach you and their calls are dropped, thendisablemessages will be sent to only those contact who contactedyou.4. App is available for android version 4.0 and above . Ifanyuser faces problem in 4.0 (ICS) and recent android versions,Pleaselet us know.5. Bizno is not call blocking app. Bizno is call screeningapp.Its purpose is to allow only high priority calls when profilesareenabled.6. Please remember always, only numbers specified in callgroupsare allowed unless you select allow call from all contact/unknownnumber options in setting.7. Please remember always, only numbers specified inmessagegroups will get drop message unless you have opted for"allow callfrom all contact" and "allow call from unknown number"options inprofile setting.General Information:Bizno is concentrated and designed for major sections ofsociety,including Students, Business Professionals, Managers,Housewives ,Professors, Teachers, Doctors, Lawyers, Police. Wetried our best toaddress call management issue based onprofiles.Please Rate our approach in Playstore and share yourthoughtsabout how we can serve you better. We love to hear fromyoualways.Happy Call Screening !!!!For any queries, feedback, Please Contact : [email protected] .
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