/ March 17, 2017
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This portal offers our partners rewards,product learning, and latest channel news.
ASUS now launches this mobile APP to partners, to make our servicemore easier, faster and convenient.

App Information ASUS Advantage (iChannel)


MyASUS - Service Center 3.4.7 APK
Try it for yourself! Exclusive support software created with theutmost care by ASUS just for you Want to buy ASUS products, butcan’t find your nearest retail outlet? You have bought an ASUSproduct, and want to streamline the registration process? Problemsusing your ASUS product, and need a simple, reliable and quick wayto contact our customer service department? Download MyASUS now!MyASUS enables you to receive new product information at any time,wherever you are, and check for nearby service locations. You canquickly register your product simply by taking a photo of it, andaccess services such as repair status inquiries, customer servicehotlines, and product usage instructions. MyASUS provides theanswer to any ASUS-related issue, big or small. Brand new MyASUSservices! * Get what you want immediately. Purchase online andenjoy fast delivery! * Enjoy outstanding customer service. Customerservice staff are available at any time to help you resolve issueson a one-on-one basis! Key features: * Even faster productregistration! Scan the product bar-code for quick and easyregistration of your ASUS product. * Even faster connection tocustomer service! Capture a photograph and send it to our customerservice department for immediate identification of the problem. *Enormous product database! Access product videos, diagrams,specifications, and everything else you could possibly need to getto know your ASUS product better. * Map look-up function! Quicklyfind your nearest ASUS retail outlet. * Latest product news! Getthe latest breaking news about product launches, special offers andexclusive discounts. * Problems using a product? Ask us! Use theTech Help feature to get quick answers from our customer servicedepartment about using your ASUS products. * Create a wish list!Bookmark and track your favorite products with the Wish Listfeature. * Social networking integration! Follow ASUS on Facebook,Twitter, Renren and Weibo and share ASUS news and productinformation with your friends Supporting Languages: TraditionalChinese, English, Simplified Chinese, Russian, Korean, French,German, Thai, Turkish, Vietnamese, Brazilian Portuguese, Italian,Portuguese, Spanish, Indonesian, Polish, Czech, Slovak, Dutch,Norwegian, Danish, Hungarian, Finnish, Swedish, Arabic, HebrewRecommended Models: For the best experience, we recommend usingdevices running Android OS 4.2 or later. *****Videos****** [Help! Ican’t talk…- MyASUS Online Chat] http://youtu.be/2Z-lsn6wqKo [Howdo I explain that? - MyASUS Online Chat]http://youtu.be/x80-Knm1vcU [When disaster strikes… -MyASUS ServiceLocations ] http://youtu.be/l0IoUmY76vs
Wi-Fi GO! Remote V1.1.25 APK
Wi-Fi GO! Remote is an exclusive ASUS softwarefor Android mobile devices, which applies to the functions of Wi-FiGO! on selected ASUS motherboards. Wi-Fi GO! Remote providesyouthe first-ever PC remote control experience, and a home cloudcomputing environment. With the installation of "Wi-Fi GO! Remote",your Android mobile devices transforms into a remote controller forthe following functions:*DLNA Media Hub provides support to the latest DLNA standard andallows you to share media files wirelessly anytime, anywhere.*Smart Motion Control allows you to remotely control yourcomputer through detecting your mobile device's motions.*File Transfer provides you with the easiest wireless filetransfer solution between your computer and mobile device*Remote Desktop allows you to view your computer’s desktop andremotely operate your computer in real-time from your mobiledevice.*Remote Keyboard & Mouse allows you to use your mobiledevice’s touch panel as a remote keyboard and mouse for yourcomputer.*Capture & Send allows to take screenshots and send them toanother Wi-Fi device.Note:Before using Wi-Fi GO! Remote as a remote controller of Wi-Fi GO!functions, you have to:1.Ensure to install Wi-Fi GO! on your ASUS selectedmotherboards.2.Ensure to install Wi-Fi GO! Remote on your Android mobiledevices to communicate with Wi-Fi GO! in PC.3.Set up the Wi-Fi connection between your computer and theAndroid mobile devices.
HiVivo for ASUS VivoWatch 5.6.32 APK
ASUS VivoWatch easily synchronizes with the ASUS HiVivo app,letting wearers see their full exercise & sleep history andsleep quality in detail.Features: 1. Data collection: Record yourexercise and sleep data by ASUS VivoWatch.2. Daily and weeklyrecords: Check your daily and weekly health records in the app.3.Watch face and alarm: Set your watch face and alarm clock of ASUSVivoWatch through ASUS HiVivo app.4. Auto upload to cloud: Autoupload your personal data from ASUS HiVivo app to ASUS Healthcarewebsite. Requirements: BLE-supported smartphone
ASUS HiPost 1.0.9 APK
Select the texts, images and websites you want to share, and tap"Share" to copy the selected items to ASUS HiPost. It is moreconvenient and secure to save and share your files among devicesvia OneDrive.
ZenFone VR: The Journey Begins 1.2 APK
Ever wanted to take a selfie in space? Inspired by GoogleCardboard, ASUS introduces ‘ZenFone 2 VR: The Journey Begins’ app,and lets you explore space like never before. With its unrivalledcamera functions, you can capture more details no matter where youare, and take the biggest selfie you’ve ever seen.Ready to See WhatOthers Can’t See? To fully enjoy the space journey, you’ll need aGoogle Cardboard viewer.What is Google Cardboard?Google Cardboardis a low-cost, easy-to-get virtual reality viewer that transforms aphone into a basic VR headset. Learn more about Google Cardboard atg.co/cardboardNo ads or in-app purchases.For app support contactASUS [http://www.asus.com/support/]@2015 ASUSTek Computer Inc.Google Cardboard is a trademark of Google Inc.
ASUS Media Streamer V3.00.04 APK
Enjoy your PC's multimedia content anywhere!Pipe music from your PC or stream a favorite movie to a smart TV.With ASUS Media Streamer, your entertainment goes wherever yougo.Enjoy your PC'smultimedia content anywhere! Pipe music from your PC or stream afavorite movie to a smart TV. With ASUS Media Streamer, yourentertainment goes wherever you go.
ASUS Heart Rate APK
With the latest contact measurement technology, you can now recordand keep track of your heart rate under various situations useembedded flashlight without any additional device.Non-contactmeasurement app can be download from belowlink:https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.asus.asusheartbeatBTW,It doesn't work if your device doesn't have flashlight.
ASUS Advantage 2.3.4 APK
This portal offers our partners rewards, product learning, andlatest channel news. ASUS now launches this mobile APP to partners,to make our service more easier, faster and convenient.KeyFeatures: (Different countries may apply different features)1. ASUSProducts: Explore all ASUS products' specifications.2. University:Take online courses to be an ASUS professional.3. Mileage: Getrewards from selling ASUS products by scanning serial number toregister products.4. News: Get notice of the latest channel News.5.Customer Support: Leave your query to get your problems solved.6.Distributor Query: Have our product service more quicker by gettingdistributor's information.7. Hit-Rate Check: Get informed aboutyour sales hit-rate regularly.